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Education and demonstration

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11/13/2014 > 25 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140335478 - System and method for marksmanship training: A system and method for marksmanship training comprises a screen, a computer having a processor and a memory connected to the processor and adjacent the screen, a set of modified video images stored in the memory, a set of projectors for projecting the set of modified video images onto the... Agent:

20140335479 - System and method for marksmanship training: A system and method for marksmanship training comprises a screen, a computer having a processor and a memory connected to the processor and adjacent the screen, a set of modified video images stored in the memory, a set of projectors for projecting the set of modified video images onto the... Agent: Shooting Simulator, LLC

20140335480 - Using cloud-based data for industrial automation system training: A cloud-based performance enhancement service captures and collects data relating to interactions of users with industrial automation systems of multiple industrial customers for storage and analysis on a cloud platform. The service employs a performance enhancement component that analyzes the data to facilitate determining correlations between certain user interactions and... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20140335481 - Health management system, devices, and related methods: An electronic device for managing a health plan comprises an electronic display and a processor configured to maintain a meal plan to be displayed on the electronic display. The meal plan has a plurality of meals as guidance for a user to consume during a day. The processor is further... Agent:

20140335482 - Methods for providing a personalized list of dietary nutrients and supplements: The present invention provides methods for providing a personalized list of dietary nutraceuticals to an individual, wherein at least one of the nutraceuticals affects the bioavailability of at least one other of the nutraceuticals, the methods including adjusting the amount of the affected nutraceutical based on the influence of the... Agent:

20140335483 - Language proficiency detection in social applications: Social networking applications may be improved by incorporating a user's language proficiency to make content suggestions to the user. A language preference of a user, which may represent one of a plurality of signals, may be received. A signal may be, for example, an online activity of the user, a... Agent:

20140335484 - Method of teaching multiplication to mathematics students: A method of teaching multiplication comprises the steps of providing a pair of multi-digit numbers to be multiplied and diagrammatically arranging the numbers on a work area. The work area includes a Multiplication Zone, an Addition Zone and an Answer Zone. In the Multiplication Zone, the numbers are arranged such... Agent:

20140335485 - Methods and systems for training a crowdworker: Disclosed embodiments illustrate methods and systems implementable on a computing device for training a crowdworker on one or more skill sets. The crowdworker attempts a first set of tasks. The method includes determining an expertise gap between a current level of expertise possessed by the crowdworker in the one or... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140335490 - Behavior tracking and modification system: A behavior modification system includes a network of components that interact to collect various data and provide user feedback. The network may include a personal device, an Internet-enabled storage device and a hub capable of receiving communications from the personal device and communicating to the storage device. The personal device... Agent:

20140335486 - Comprehensive, structured and systematic attention training tutoring program: A method, apparatus and computer program product for attention training and tutoring is presented. Attention training and tutoring is provided which includes providing at least two of the group including behavioral therapy, parent training, development of routines to support attention, on-going feedback during the sessions, mindfulness and/or biofeedback, self-awareness of... Agent:

20140335488 - Device and method for providing medical information: A device and method for providing medical information to patients admitted in health care facilities such as hospitals, comprising a container with medical information relating to a medical condition provided on a display panel thereof, wherein the container can be used to store and transport a patient's personal items, wherein... Agent:

20140335489 - Methods for physiological monitoring,training, exercise and regulation: A computer assisted method for treating pain in a subject comprising measuring activity of one or more internal voxels of a brain of said subject associated with pain; communicating instructions to said subject which modulate activity of said voxel; and training said subject to control said internal voxel.... Agent:

20140335487 - Systems and methods for response inhibition switching task incorporating motion for enhancing cognitions: A method and apparatus for training attention ability aspects of cognitive ability of a user is disclosed which may comprise conducting, via a user computing device user interface display, a trial which may comprise: presenting, via the user computing device user interface display, a plurality of objects comprising a visually... Agent: Lumos Labs, Inc.

20140335491 - Observable data collection and analysis: An observable behavior data collection and analysis system including at least two database collection modules and an analysis module. The database collection module(s) include a parameter storage module, an observable behavior data prompt module, an observable behavior data collection module, a collection phase assignment module, and a server storage module.... Agent: George Mason Intellectual Properties, Inc

20140335492 - Ski restraint harness: Ski restraint harnesses and methods of using ski restraint harnesses are described herein. One ski restraint harness can comprise two vertical straps, at least one horizontal strap to position and tighten around a torso of the person when wearing the ski restraint harness, and a rear training ring connected to... Agent: Lola's Safeski Designs LLC

20140335493 - Training mannequin for use in sparring, self-defense, law enforcement, and combat sports training: A humanoid mannequin with jointed, positionable, and realistic reactive limbs. The mannequin is used in connection with sparring, self-defense, law enforcement, and combat sports training. The mannequin is constructed with a jointed endoskeleton frame that permits the mannequin limbs to be positioned in various training postures, and to realistically hold... Agent: Virtic Industries, LLC

20140335495 - Medicament delivery training device: A medicament delivery training device configured to provide stepwise instructions for using the device to a user in a sequence of steps is provided in an embodiment herein. The medicament delivery training device includes a housing, a sensor, a microprocessor, a storage medium component associated with the microprocessor comprising a... Agent:

20140335494 - Systems and methods for facilitating coaching and/or analysis of pressure-based treatment: Coaching and/or analysis of pressure-based treatment may be facilitated by a handheld treatment device. A force exerted on a body part of a subject may be quantified. The force may be exerted by a force exerting object (e.g., a hand) on the treatment device disposed between the force exerting object... Agent: Ez As A Drink Productions, Inc.

20140335496 - Human conducting airway model comprising multiple fluidic pathways: A multicellular fluidic enhanced airway model system of the conducting airways as a tool for the evaluation of biological threats and medical countermeasures is provided. The airway model system can include a first chamber having an inlet and an outlet and containing epithelial cells; a second chamber having an inlet... Agent: The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

20140335497 - System, device, and method of adaptive teaching and learning: Device, system, and method of adaptive teaching and learning. A computerized method includes operations performed in order to dynamically group and re-group students based on their monitored progress of interacting with digital educational learning objects; performing dynamic layout of components and elements of a digital learning object by taking into... Agent:

20140335498 - Generating, assigning, and evaluating different versions of a test: Method(s), stored instruction(s), and computing device(s) are provided for automatically generating different subsets of questions and/or automatically assigning the different subsets of questions to different test participants. The computing device(s) store information that includes test questions, test version generation criteria, and test version assignment criteria. The computing device(s) automatically determine,... Agent: Apollo Group, Inc.

20140335499 - Method and apparatus for evaluating educational performance: An improved method and apparatus for evaluating the performance of an individual. In one aspect, the invention includes a method of encoding questions used in an examination in order to accurately identify and evaluate deficiencies in an individual's knowledge. In another aspect, an improved method of evaluating responses to the... Agent:

20140335500 - Method and system for recording emotional state of a user: The present disclosure provides a method and system for recording emotional state of one or more users is provided. The method and system includes providing one or more pre-defined set of questionnaires for a web-based displayed content, recording responses of the one or more users pertaining to the web-based displayed... Agent:

20140335501 - Systems and methods for organizing and presenting skill progressions: Systems, methods, and devices for presenting and managing interrelated sets of skills are provided. In some embodiments, a map interface is provided that presents the interrelated skills to a user, and provides the user an opportunity to strategize regarding how best the skills may be acquired to advance on a... Agent:

20140335502 - Real-time video annotation learning system and method for the same: A real-time video annotation learning system and a method for the same are revealed. The real-time video annotation learning system includes a video management module, an annotation management module and a data storage module. A language learner can select videos stored in the data storage module by the video management... Agent: National Cheng Kung University

11/06/2014 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140329206 - System and method for simulated aircraft control through desired direction of flight: An aircraft control system for a user of a simulated aircraft. The system includes input devices for controlling the simulated aircraft, a video display having three-dimensional graphics, modeling software for determining position and orientation information based on desired direction of flight obtained through the input devices. User controls desired direction... Agent:

20140329207 - Consumption regulation: There is disclosed an apparatus for regulation of user consumption. In an embodiment, the apparatus includes a processor, a memory component, an input/output component, a hydration schedule component, a meal schedule component, a consumption speed regulator, and a profile component. The meal schedule component includes one or more meal prompt... Agent:

20140329208 - Computer-implemented communication assistant for the hearing-impaired: Computing systems are provided for facilitating communication to the hearing-impaired. The computing systems obtain and modify a video that includes a signer performing sign language about a topic. The video is then modified and presented to a viewer in such a way that the viewer can simultaneously view the sign... Agent: Brigham Young University

20140329209 - Device for early teaching of mathematics: A device for visual and tactile learning in mathematics. A set is comprised of twenty-two individual clear, square counters; eleven male (11) and eleven female (12), each set numbered respectively zero through ten. Raised numbers, and dots provide a learning platform for number recognition and counting. Raised addition and equals... Agent:

20140329210 - Learning management system: Systems and methods that support the creation and timely electronic scheduling and delivery of course materials for training of individuals in an organization, in which course recommendations, scheduling, and rollout are based upon a number of factors including, for example, specific individual and/or business day-to-day operational performance measures, sales performance,... Agent: Sears Brands, L.L.C.

20140329211 - Providing location-relevant goal fulfillment recommendations while inside a non-residential location: A method for providing location-relevant goal fulfillment messages to a mobile device can begin with a location-based goal coaching system receiving location data for a mobile device. When inside a non-residential location, a proximate area map for the mobile device can be dynamically generated using the received location data. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140329212 - Systems and methods for managing the toilet training process of a child: A computer system for managing toilet training of a person is provided. The computer system includes a memory device, a display device, and a processor in communication with the memory device and the display device. The processor is programmed to receive a first trigger event associated with a toilet training... Agent: Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

20140329213 - Systems and methods for managing the toilet training process of a child: A computer system for managing toilet training of a person is provided. The computer system includes a memory device, an input device, a display device, and a processor. The processor is programmed to provide a first set of enhanced functionality configured in an enabled status, wherein the first set of... Agent:

20140329214 - Physiological indicator monitoring for identifying stress triggers and certain health problems: Disclosed is a portable, wearable device for measuring parameters including blood oxygenation, galvanic skin response, skin temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and exertion level, and diagnosing stress and other conditions which cause stress-like physiological responses based on the results of the monitoring and on patient input of feelings and symptoms.... Agent:

20140329215 - Clinical assessment and training system: A system for medical training includes an anatomical simulator modeled after at least a portion of a body, the simulator including at least one external surface, and at least one cavity in fluidic communication with the external surface via a cavity. The system further includes at least one internal sensor... Agent:

20140329216 - Digestion system: The invention relates to a digestion system for analyzing the intestinal fluid. The system comprises a compartment containing the fluid content and a micro filter for filtering particles in the fluid content having a size beyond the micro range. The system further comprises a pertractor arranged downstream to the micro... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20140329217 - Surgical simulators and methods associated with the same: Surgical simulators and methods associated with the same are provided. In one aspect, a surgical simulator includes a rib cage including a plurality of ribs, internal tissue positionable within the rib cage, and external tissue adapted to cover at least a portion of the rib cage. In another aspect, a... Agent: Northwestern University

20140329218 - Computer-based tutoring method and system: Disclosed are a computer-based tutoring method and system in which an animated tutor, an animated avatar, and at least one animated group member selected by a user are displayed on a screen. A tutorial is presented by the animated tutor. During the tutorial, an interactive question is presented. An answer... Agent: Intellijax Corporation

10/30/2014 > 23 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20140322673 - Dry fire training devices and gun tracking systems and methods: A laser pointer or dry fire training device which may be activated by a control system based on accelerometer data and a library of event patterns. The event patterns may model fire arm training activities such as shooting, moving, weapon manipulation, reloading, and dry fire training. This invention also relates... Agent:

20140322674 - Methods and systems for managing a training arena for training an operator of a host vehicle: A method for managing a training arena for training an operator of a host vehicle includes the procedures of generating a training arena model, updating the training arena model according to gathered real time training arena data, and managing the selected virtual entity for simulating a real entity. The training... Agent:

20140322675 - Flight training system: The present invention provides a system for training a subject to recognise the onset of hypoxia, the system including (i) a flight simulation system, and (ii) a hypoxia induction system, wherein the flight simulation system is operably linked to the hypoxia induction system. The system provides a tool for pilot... Agent:

20140322676 - Method and system for providing driving quality feedback and automotive support: An approach for determining and scoring driving quality in real-time while supporting various in-vehicle services and leveraging information associated with and related to the driving experience includes collecting, in real-time, a plurality of contextual parameters associated with a user, classifying driving behavior of the user based on the contextual parameters,... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140322677 - Systems and methods for computer guided coaching: A computerized system and method provides for computer assisted coaching and education of individuals seeking to enhance their performance or reach a desired goal. According to one example embodiment, goals data units are provided that work with a goal coaching engine to provide computer guided assistance in achieving a goal.... Agent:

20140322678 - Presentation of food information on a personal and selective dynamic basis and associated services: A food media processing platform (FMPP) and a computer-implemented method, performed by a processor, are described for processing food nutrition information for presentation to a consumer. Original food nutrition information stored in a first database may be examined to determine key attributes of the original food nutrition information. The determined... Agent: Kitchology Inc.

20140322679 - Method and apparatus for writing form training: An apparatus and method for training writing position can be implemented in the form of a glove with fasteners that secure a thumb, forefinger and middle finger together in a desired writing grip position. A protrusion can be applied to an outer lateral portion of the user's writing hand between... Agent:

20140322680 - Educational system for creating mathematical operations: A system for learning mathematics related to the abacus method for both performing mathematical operations and storing a tally for the result of the latest operation. A computer display comprises a series of cells that are populated during a mathematical operation by dragging a finger or stylus across a cell... Agent:

20140322681 - Apparatus and method for tools for mathematics instruction: In a computer-implemented educational environment, four particular features are provided, which may be used separately or in combination, to drive the instruction of a particular curriculum, e.g. the instruction of fractions. In another implementation, educators and authors may use permutations and combinations of such features to construct in a graphical... Agent:

20140322683 - Devices and methods for competency training and use authorization for dispensing an agent: Devices and methods for competency training and use authorization for dispensing an agent are described, which include: an agent-dispensing device including a reservoir configured to store agents, a controllable agent-dispensing mechanism in communication with the reservoir, a locking mechanism coupled to the controllable agent-dispensing mechanism, a microprocessor including circuitry, use... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20140322682 - Systems and methods for competency training and use authorization for dispensing an agent: Systems and methods for competency training and use authorization for dispensing an agent are described, which include: an agent-dispensing device configured to dispense one or more agents to a user, and including a controllable agent-dispensing mechanism and a receiver configured to receive a signal and to activate or deactivate a... Agent: Elwha LLC, A Limited Liability Company Of The State Of Delaware

20140322684 - Virtual reality gtaw and pipe welding simulator and setup: A simulator facilitating virtual welding activity. The simulator may include a logic processor based subsystem operable to generate an interactive welding environment in virtual reality space that emulates welding activity by simulating a virtual weld puddle having dynamic, real time molten metal fluidity and heat dissipation characteristics, responsive to performing... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140322685 - Systems and methods for enhancing cognition via a physically intuitive spatial visualization task: A method and system for training cognitive ability which may comprise a system and method for training a spatial visualization aspect of the cognitive ability of a user, which may comprise conducting, via a user computing device user interface display, a trial that may comprise presenting, a container having a... Agent: Lumos Labs, Inc.

20140322686 - Methods for providing telemedicine services: The present disclosure relates to the use of telemedicine software and/or games to meet rehabilitation or physical training needs. More specifically, the disclosure relates to methods and systems that motivate and guide users in the course of a program which takes place at an institution, where the user initiates recovery... Agent: Rehabtics LLC

20140322687 - Computer system for providing physical therapy methods: A computer system providing information relating to the delivery of physical therapy services to a patient suffering from a musculoskeletal impairment or a neuro-musculoskeletal impairment is provided. The computer system comprises at least one data store comprising a plurality of stored pain patterns; a plurality of physical examination therapy examination... Agent: Clinical Pattern Recognition LLC

20140322688 - System for evaluating cardiac surgery training: A system for evaluating training 1 comprises a pulsating flow generating unit 11 for imparting a pulsating flow to a designated fluid, a coronary artery flow generating unit 12 that branches off from that pulsating flow generating unit 11 and by which a flow condition of that pulsating flow can... Agent: Ebm Corporation

20140322689 - Apparatus for soil box experiment making shape of variable landslide surface: Provided is an apparatus for a soil box experiment making a shape of a variable landslide surface. The apparatus for the soil box experiment making the shape of the variable landslide surface includes a soil box for realizing a slope on which landslide occurs, the soil box being inclinedly disposed... Agent: Korea Institute Of Geoscience And Mineral Resources (kigam)

20140322690 - Asynchronous art jurying system: A remote art jurying system in which art jurors independently evaluate works of art at different locations, times and places. A central database presents information about each work of art and/or the artist to an individual juror. The database provides images of the artwork along with relevant information. Each juror... Agent:

20140322691 - Automated training system: An automated training system comprising a database containing audio files and a training script that defines a sequence of the audio files making up a training call. The system includes a training engine that automatically makes a call to an external system via a first communications connection, executes the training... Agent:

20140322692 - Methods for online education: The present invention is generally directed to a variety of tools, programs and methods for presenting or enhancing an online learning environment for a student viewing or participating in an online learning session. One embodiment is directed to a method of matching instructors and students by utilizing commonalities (or lack... Agent:

20140322693 - Student-to-student assistance in a blended learning curriculum: A method of providing primary and/or secondary education using a blended learning curriculum. The method is implemented in a school comprising students of mixed-age and/or mixed-grade level. The students are provided with a curriculum that combines machine-guided teaching with face-to-face teaching. One or more of the senior students assist one... Agent:

20140322695 - Integration of an e-book e-report with data collection and control devices using apis that operate within a browser: An educational electronic book (e-Book) facility that may be suitable for use in public school classrooms and many other environments may be based on an encapsulated HTML technology to facilitate complete interactive operation without use or risks associated with an external network connection, such as the Internet.... Agent:

20140322694 - Method and system for updating learning object attributes: A method and system are provided for enabling one or more attribute values of a learning object to be derived and updated based upon learner actions taken by a plurality of learners on that learning object or on one or more related learning objects. To keep the attribute values current,... Agent: Apollo Group, Inc.

10/23/2014 > 29 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140315156 - Sighting apparatus and method: A remote camera target observation system and method of use, the system generally comprising one or more remote camera/wireless transmitter units comprising a video camera connected to a first wireless transmitter that can wirelessly transmit video signals from the video camera; one or more weather meter/wireless transmitter units comprising at... Agent:

20140315157 - Stationary hydraulically assisted device to teach motorcycle riding skills while under a controlled supervised environment: Some embodiments provide a hydraulically assisted stationary motorcycle training device for teaching motorcycle riding skills in a controlled and supervised environment. In some embodiments, the stationary motorcycle training device includes a set of equipment for responding to operations of a motorcycle positioned on the stationary motorcycle training device. In some... Agent:

20140315158 - Paper craft tool: A paper craft tool is disclosed. The paper craft tool is formed as a single piece, having a base that is formed generally in the shaped of a triangle with a rounded bottom section, a right side having an array of notched indentions, a corresponding left side having corresponding notched... Agent:

20140315159 - Banking services experience center: A system for creating an interactive banking experience includes: a facility for housing the interactive banking experience; a first electronic computing device for controlling the interactive banking experience, the interactive banking experience comprising one or more banking workflow scenarios; an environmental control system for creating ambient conditions corresponding to the... Agent: Wells Fargo Bank, N.a.

20140315161 - Information processing apparatus and storage medium: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a determination unit configured to determine whether a user is consuming food and drink or whether food and drink is present in a periphery of the user, and a control unit configured to carry out control to output a control signal to... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140315160 - Information processing device and storage medium: There is provided an information processing device including a detection unit configured to detect a plurality of pieces of food which are eating targets from an image obtained by imaging eating of a user, and a recommendation unit configured to recommend at least the food to be subsequently ingested in... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140315162 - System and methods for monitoring food consumption: The invention provides a system for monitoring food consumption of a subject, comprising: a registration system configured to receive food data comprising nutrients and/or calories contained in one or more food item served to the subject; an intake detection system configured to detect consumption of said one or more food... Agent:

20140315163 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for a group reading environment: The method includes receiving selection of text to be read in a group reading session; identifying a plurality of participants for the group reading session; and upon receiving the selection of the text and the identification of the plurality of participants, automatically, without user intervention, generating a reading plan for... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140315164 - System and method for improving operator performance: System and method for improving operator performance are provided. According to one embodiment, the method includes monitoring operation of a machine operated by an operator, analyzing performance of the operator based on the operation of the machine, rating the performance of the operator according to a plurality of skill levels,... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140315165 - System for cosmetic and therapeutic training: Systems and methods are disclosed for an apparatus and method for practicing injection techniques through an injectable apparatus. The injectable apparatus may contain a camera that is configured to detect the intensity and color of light attenuated from a testing tool after it is injected into a simulated human or... Agent:

20140315166 - Portable device to manage and control air traffic control training system: A portable electronic device (810) for controlling a training exercise executing on a simulator of an Air Traffic Control (ATC) system, a method of doing the same using a portable electronic device (810), and a computer program product are disclosed. The device (810) is capable of wirelessly communicating with the... Agent: Thales Australia Limited

20140315167 - Method and device for simulating an electrode welding process: The invention relates to a method and a device (1) for simulating an electrode welding process having an electrode holder simulator (2) and a simulated electrode (3) arranged thereon, a simulated workpiece (4), an input device (6), an output device (7) and a control device (10). For the ideal training... Agent: Fronius International Gmbh

20140315170 - Apparatus, system, and method to promote behavior change based on mindfulness methodologies: System, method, and article to prompt behavior change based on a mindfulness methodology are provided. Various aspects of the system include mindfulness promotion data generated and/or communicated from/to a device; a methodology module associated with software/processor to identify at least one behavior change methodology associated with the mindfulness promotion data;... Agent:

20140315169 - Computer generated three dimensional virtual reality environment for improving memory: The present disclosure relates to a computer generated 3D virtual environment for improving memory (e.g. spatial, temporal, spatial-temporal, working and short-term memory). In an aspect, there is provided a computer-implemented method for generating a 3D virtual reality (VR) environment for improving spatial memory. In an embodiment, the method comprises executing... Agent:

20140315168 - Facial expression measurement for assessment, monitoring, and treatment evaluation of affective and neurological disorders: Apparatus, methods, and articles of manufacture facilitate diagnosis of affective mental and neurological disorders. Extended facial expression responses to various stimuli are evoked or spontaneously collected, and automatically evaluated using machine learning techniques and automatic facial expression measurement (AFEM) techniques. The stimuli may include pictures, videos, tasks of various emotion-eliciting... Agent: Emotient

20140315171 - Swim simulator with breathing practice function: The invention is related to a swimming teaching apparatus which provides user to make a complete swimming like action on land. The special technical features are a body rotation mechanism, arms guide, a breathing sink and a kick pad for legs, all together to perform on land swimming exercise. All... Agent:

20140315173 - Simulation add-on device to allow anterior-posterior and/or anterior-lateral defibrillation: The present invention takes the form of a device for training a user in defibrillation technique. The device includes a non-conductive belt that encircles a chest of a typical training simulator. The device includes conductive studs disposed in the AP or AL position, and therefore allows for training of the... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140315172 - Systems and methods for interactive scenario-based medical instruction: Systems and methods for providing a framework (e.g. software, hardware, firmware, etc.) allow students and health professionals to learn and practice medical principles and refine essential skills in a virtual environment. The disclosed framework allows students (users) to interact with virtual patients in various scenarios, exposing users to medical illnesses... Agent:

20140315174 - Universal microsurgical simulator: A microsurgical simulation system includes a display for providing a virtual simulation of images of a model of a human eye and a hand-held tool for simulating a surgical tool. The hand-held tool comprises a position and orientation sensor for supplying positional signals to a processor to indicate a position... Agent: The Penn State Research Foundation

20140315175 - System for simulating lung function: A system for simulating a breathing lung is disclosed. The system comprises a lung model contained within an enclosure, wherein a main bronchus of the lung model is open to ambient air. In one embodiment, the system also comprises a vacuum pump connected to the enclosure, a first normally closed... Agent: Pulmonx Corporation

20140315176 - Vascular-access simulation system with receiver for an end effector: The illustrative embodiment is a simulation system for practicing vascular-access procedures without using human subjects. The simulator includes a data-processing system and a haptics interface device. The haptics device provides the physical interface at which an end effector (e.g., medical instrument, such as a needle, catheter, etc.) is manipulated to... Agent:

20140315177 - Grading device and method of remote teaching: A grading device used for grading a remotely-taught lesson includes a table generating module, a detecting module, a timing module, and a grading module. The table generating module generates a relationship table. The detecting module detects start events of the interaction segments, a start event of the lesson, stop events... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140315178 - Group formation and notification in an on-line course system: An on-line course system involves an On-Line Course Content Serving Web Server (OCCSWS). The OCCSWS serves, or otherwise enables the providing of, on-line course materials such as textual materials and/or a video to a large number of remotely located students. The students view the course materials and take part in... Agent: Coursera, Inc.

20140315181 - Academic integrity protection: Methods, systems, and devices for maintaining academic integrity are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, an academic integrity system can maintain user profile data and receive integrity data. The integrity data can include data identifying one or several attributes of an actual user. This integrity data can be compared to the... Agent:

20140315180 - Automated essay evaluation system: Automated essay evaluation includes receiving an essay in text form and determining, using a processor, curriculum data for the essay. The curriculum data includes evaluation criteria for the essay and specifies an instructor. A profile for the instructor including a writing preference for the instructor is retrieved. Using the processor,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140315179 - Educational content and/or dictionary entry with complementary related trivia: A fast convenient process for understanding a word or phrase displayed on a computer screen. A user selects the word and instantly triggers the display of an educational content such as a definition for the word. A complementary related trivia meant to be fun also is displayed. A pop-up space... Agent:

20140315182 - Media display stand device apparatus and methods: The present general inventive concept relates to the display of visual media by a media display stand apparatus and related methods. The apparatus accommodates and displays visual media, while simultaneously exposing the end-user participant to the presence of eye(s) or eye-like graphical representations. By including eye(s) or eye-like graphical representations,... Agent: Nashville Music Stand Company, LLC

20140315183 - System for exhibiting different motifs for facades of buildings: System for exhibiting different motifs for facades of buildings of the type intended to be superimposed on a facade of a building and comprising a large exhibiting surface and lighting means; which comprises—a plurality of transparent plates which are arranged on the outside and at a distance from a facade... Agent: Muro Cortina Modular Group, S. L.

20140315184 - Combination magnetic board and dry erase board: A combination magnetic and dry erase board includes a magnetic retaining portion having a planar substrate having properties to attract and retain a magnet thereon and a bleach-resistant covering disposed over the substrate. A dry erase portion includes a porcelain surface. The dry erase portion is adjacent to the magnetic... Agent:

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