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Education and demonstration

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04/16/2015 > 24 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150104757 - Driving assessment and training method and apparatus: A system for driver assessment and training comprising a simulator which can be operated by a driver or pilot under test or in training, the simulator displaying scenarios the driver or pilot must drive through or fly through. The inputs of the driver or pilot in reaction to the displayed... Agent: Mbfarr, LLC

20150104759 - Method and system for taking a survey with improved accuracy and effectiveness: A computer-implemented method of generating questions for a survey is presented. The method entails receiving user input regarding a relevant characteristic in response to a first question, and using the user input and a default item to determine items to be included in the second question, wherein the items are... Agent:

20150104758 - System and interface for patient discharge: A system for providing post-operative instructions to patients for discharge from a medical facility comprising a repository of instructions consisting of patient-anonymous data and a graphical user interface, the graphical user interface operative for selecting at least one instruction from the repository to assemble a tutorial. The system includes a... Agent: Abbott Cardiovascular Systems

20150104760 - Touch screen scholastic training system: An interactive scholastic teaching device may use first and second portions of a touchscreen for presenting problems and receiving answers to the problems from a user. The first portion of a touchscreen display is used for presenting one or more scholastic problems for a user during a problem session, and... Agent: Edison Gauss Publishing Inc.

20150104762 - Adaptive grammar instruction: A grammar teaching system maintains and updates a mastery estimate for a grammar skill and displays an updated visual indication of this estimation. Based on user answers to grammar problems, the system updates the mastery estimate for the grammar skill. Also, a step of a grammar problem is associated with... Agent: Apollo Group, Inc.

20150104764 - Adaptive grammar instruction for commas: Techniques are described for an automated grammar teaching system that displays sentences and allows a user to identify comma errors within the sentences, if any. The sentences may be presented as a set of sentences or a paragraph. When presented as a set, the sentences may employ similar or contrasting... Agent:

20150104765 - Adaptive grammar instruction for parallel structures: Techniques are described for an automated grammar teaching system that displays sentences and allows a user to identify parallel structure errors within the sentences, if any. The user may be asked to determine whether the sentences have a parallel structure error, to identify the items that should be made parallel... Agent:

20150104766 - Adaptive grammar instruction for pronouns: Techniques are described for an automated grammar teaching system that displays sentences and allows a user to identify pronoun errors or noun phrases that should be replaced with pronouns within the sentences, if any. The user may be asked to complete one or more of the following: to determine whether... Agent:

20150104761 - Adaptive grammar instruction for run-on sentences: An automated grammar teaching system displays one or more sentences and allows a user to identify a location of a run-on sentence error within a sentence. The system further allows the user to correct the identified run-on sentence error. In an embodiment, if a user incorrectly identifies a particular portion... Agent: Apollo Group, Inc.

20150104763 - Teaching students to recognize and correct sentence fragments: A method is provided for teaching students to recognize and correct incomplete sentences (also referred to herein as “sentence fragments”). A user is presented with one or more user interfaces that teach a user to determine whether a sentence is a complete sentence or an incomplete sentence. The interface may... Agent:

20150104767 - Computer-based method for 3d simulation of oil and gas operations: The present disclosure relates to a computer-based method for 3D simulation of oil and gas operations. According to an aspect, the method comprises:—selecting from a database comprising data related to a plurality of equipments and a plurality of environments, one environment and at least one equipment;—loading, using a processor, core... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20150104768 - Trainable skill practice planning and reporting system: A trainable skill practice planning and reporting system generates a practice plan to use in training a student to improve in the performance of trainable skills associated with an activity, such as an athletic activity. The system tracks the student's performance statistics, uses those statistics to determine trainable skills, and... Agent: Modernstat LLC

20150104769 - Location-based incentives in education: The present disclosure is directed to methods and systems for providing incentives for students to participate in educational opportunities.... Agent:

20150104771 - System and method for monitoring and training attention allocation: A method and a system for monitoring and training attention allocation by applying at least one sensory stimulus over a human subject, using at least one stimulation device, where the sensory stimuli is associated with at least one attentional bias; measuring at least one attention allocation index of the subject... Agent:

20150104770 - Systems and methods for personalized incentive-based health support: Systems and methods for creating a personalized health program are disclosed. The systems and methods may use a personalization engine to accept health data and condition specific actions and to output a list of at least one personalized action. The personalized actions may help patients in creating and sustaining behaviors... Agent:

20150104772 - Fitness device configured to provide goal motivation: A system configured to provide feedback to a user in order to motivate said user to reach one or more energy expenditure goals. The one or more energy expenditure goals may be associated with one or more of time periods, or activity sessions, and the feedback may be provided to... Agent:

20150104773 - Detecting insertion of needle into simulated vessel using a conductive fluid: A medical trainer simulator includes a plurality of simulated vessels filled with a conductive fluid representing, for example, veins or arteries. While performing a procedure using the medical trainer, a person inserts a medical instrument, e.g., a needle or scalpel, into a selected vessel, causing the medical instrument to contact... Agent:

20150104774 - Interactive educational system: An interactive educational system for elementary school age children is provided. There is a base module having a housing that has an outer configuration and may take a variety of shapes. The housing includes retaining sockets used to retain arms, legs, or other accessories or to the system. The base... Agent: Dynepic, LLC

20150104775 - Celestial globe: A celestial globe model includes several petal-shaped sheets and two circular sheets fabricated from transparent and flexible material. Each petal-shaped sheet has two opposite end portions respectively defining a notch and two long curved edges interconnected with corresponding long curved edges of an adjacent petal-shaped sheet to form a sphere... Agent:

20150104776 - Demonstration model for geologic event: A kit of components to form a model of geological processes is presented. The kit contains a first foam component defining a first concave internal surface, a convex first exterior surface, and a first locking surface therebetween. An upper member defines an aperture that accepts a reaction chamber. The reaction... Agent:

20150104777 - Context-sensitive and location-aware adaptive learning to improve test effectiveness: A context-sensitive and location-aware adaptive method and device. The method includes determining user's information relating at least one of context or location, adaptively altering at least one of data and image based on the determined user's information, and presenting the altered information.... Agent:

20150104778 - System and method for computer based mentorship: A computerized interactive learning system includes a display device and a compatible input device. The display device provides work items to a learner. The input device detects input activities from the learner in response to the work item. The system analyzes the input activities at two or more tiered levels... Agent:

20150104779 - Furniture objects including writable elements: A furniture object includes a writable element. The writable element is configured to provide for nonpermanent markings. The writable element is integral to the structure and/or the functionality of the furniture object.... Agent: Night And Day Furniture LLC

20150104780 - Multi-panel display device, blank, and method of forming the device: A multi-panel display device having a center panel positioned between a first side panel and a second side panel and a header panel and a blank for a multi-panel display device. In one aspect, the invention can be a blank for a multi-panel display device comprising: a center panel; a... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150099246 - Method and apparatus for identifying dietary choices: A method is provided for assigning a relative score number to foods. Assignment of a relative score number to foods allows consumers to select foods that will provide a desirable diet. Equations are provided which are effective to yield a predicted raw score based on measured characteristics. The predicted raw... Agent:

20150099245 - Method for monitoring an activity of a cognitively impaired user and device therefore: The method for monitoring an activity of a cognitively impaired user using a device having a body resting on a plurality of support areas and loadable by the cognitively impaired user, generally comprises the step of measuring a plurality of force values exerted by a weight of a load to... Agent:

20150099247 - Apparatus and method for aiding learning: Apparatus for aiding learning by a person comprises a cover or shield (1) for concealing from the person a part of the person's body, and a webcam (6) and a screen (10) for visually displaying to the person, during concealment of the concealed body part, images of a part of... Agent:

20150099248 - Reading performance system: A system for reading improvement has a computerized server connected to a network and coupled to a data repository and software executing on the computerized server from a non-transitory medium. The software provides interactive interfaces including a first interactive interface enabling the user to select a reading game from a... Agent:

20150099249 - Educational gaming platform: Described are systems and methods for providing an educational gaming platform. The educational gaming platform can include games and puzzles that users can solve. The educational gaming platform can also include an editor that permits users to modify the games and puzzles as well as create new games and puzzles.... Agent:

20150099250 - Prevention and intervention assistance system: Systems and methods for online assisted pre-intervention or “prevention” are described. A prevention system may provide the ability to initiate a prevention campaign in order to create a customized support forum for persons who may be afflicted by a harmful addiction. The prevention system can receive a request to initiate... Agent:

20150099251 - Ski training harness having rectractable leashes: A ski training harness comprising: (a) an adjustable, releasable waist strap; (b) a pair of retractable leashes connected to the waist strap at a left-side and right-side location relative to a child, wherein each of the retractable leashes comprises a handle adapted to allow an adult wearing ski gloves to... Agent:

20150099252 - Enhancing movement training with an augmented reality mirror: One embodiment of the invention disclosed herein provides techniques for controlling a movement training environment. A movement training system retrieves a movement object from a set of movement objects. The movement training system attains first motion capture data associated with a first user performing a movement based on the movement... Agent:

20150099253 - Rehabilitation using a prosthetic device: Disclosed are adjustable powered rehabilitation devices and methods for using the same to rehabilitate and/or train a user. The rehabilitation devices preferably have a plurality of selectable power settings that correspond to one or more rehabilitation-oriented actions or functions of the rehabilitation devices. For example, the power of the rehabilitation... Agent:

20150099254 - Information processing device, information processing method, and system: There is provided an information processing device including a content analysis unit configured to analyze a group of content by setting individual pieces of content included in the group of content as nodes of a graph structure and a link between the pieces of the content as a link of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150099255 - Adaptive learning environment driven by real-time identification of engagement level: Computer-readable storage media, computing devices, and methods associated with an adaptive learning environment associated with an adaptive learning environment are disclosed. In embodiments, a computing device may include an instruction module and an adaptation module operatively coupled with the instruction module. The instruction module may selectively provide instructional content of... Agent:

20150099256 - Intelligent teaching and tutoring test method: An intelligent teaching and tutoring test method is provided with a remote learning online test mode, a remote learning test paper test mode, a classroom teaching online test mode, and a classroom teaching test paper test mode. Based on the diversified data input methods and intelligent data analyzing process offered... Agent:

20150099257 - Empathy injection for question-answering systems: Exemplary methods and devices herein receive an inquiry and automatically analyze words used in the inquiry, potential answers, and data maintained by evidence sources using the computerized device to determine the sensitivity level associated with the inquiry. The sensitivity level associated with the inquiry represents an emotional and cognitive state... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150099258 - Shaving razor demonstration method: A shaving demonstration method having a step of providing a first shaving razor with a shaving surface having at least one blade with a cutting edge. A transparent first surface is provided. The shaving surface the first shaving razor contacts the transparent first surface. Another step includes illustrating the shaving... Agent:

20150099259 - Tablet with interconnection features: The present invention provides tablets with interconnection features and a system of multiple tablet assemblies removably interconnected to one another. The tablets may be removably mounted to a vertical surface or positioned on a horizontal surface. Features of the present invention allow a user to remove or move one tablet... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150093722 - Vehicle comparison system: A system for comparing energy usage of different vehicle platforms is provided. The system may include a processor to execute routines stored in a memory device. Further, in one embodiment the routines include routines configured to receive selection of a driving style by a user and to select a virtual... Agent:

20150093723 - Tracing figures from a display of an electronic device: A manufacture for tracing figures from a display of an electronic device includes a sheet of transparent or semitransparent material having a shape corresponding to the electronic device or the display, and first and second sides. The first and second sides include a tracing area in which a figure displayed... Agent:

20150093724 - System for the identification and selection of thread color for use in the machine embroidery of fabrics: A system for the determination of thread color includes a fabric having a surface thereon, a digitized embroidery chart stitched on the fabric so as to form a fabric chart, and a recording chart that corresponds to the fabric chart. The fabric has a solid color or multi-color pattern thereon.... Agent:

20150093725 - Diet adherence system: A system and method for providing dietary guidance is provided. The method includes receiving a selection of a health program for an individual, the health program including a dietary regimen, measuring the individual's caloric expenditure and change in body composition or body mass during the individual's participation in the health... Agent:

20150093726 - Systems and methods for tracking learning behavior: Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for tracking learning behavior and teaching individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other complex communication needs and learning disabilities. A demonstration of a task having a plurality of steps is provided on a graphical display of a computing device (e.g., a smartphone... Agent:

20150093727 - Vocabulary learning system and method: A computerized system and method of teaching vocabulary to a student includes an application that provides words to the student that he or she has previously used in a writing effort. The previously words are utilized to automatically create an individualized vocabulary assignment. The user is instructed to learn the... Agent:

20150093729 - Biometric-music interaction methods and systems: A system and method for the automatic, procedural generation of musical content in relation to biometric data. The systems and methods use a user's device, such as a cell phone to capture image data of a body part, and derive a biometric signal from the image data. The biometric signal... Agent: Biobeats Inc.

20150093728 - Learning estimation method and computer system thereof: A learning estimation method comprises tagging an identification tag on a learning object, recording a learning result corresponding to the learning object when a learner utilizes the learning object to process a learning operation, and obtaining an analytical result for the learner according to the learning result and a learning... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150093731 - Natural orientation induction tool apparatus and method: An apparatus for training learning disabled subjects, such as autistic children, induces sound waves into a body of a user through two paths, one heard by the ears through air and the other through a liquid or solid in contact with tissues, such as skin and skeleton on the back... Agent:

20150093730 - Systems and methods for a search driven, visual attention task for enhancing cognition: A method and apparatus for enhancing a cognitive ability of a user is disclosed, which may comprise: conducting, via a user interface display of a user computing device, a training session which may comprise: presenting, via the user interface display of the user computing device, a plurality of objects having... Agent:

20150093732 - System, apparatus and method for teaching skiing, snowboarding, and the like: A method of instructing an individual to ski includes attaching at least a portion of a bottom surface of a first apparatus to at least a portion of a top surface of a left ski. A top surface of the first apparatus may include indicia that instructs the individual how... Agent:

20150093733 - Software product using gaming protocols and technology to help people deal with chronic conditions: A software product using gaming protocols and technology to help people deal with chronic conditions is described herein comprising four modules. The first module presents a therapeutic component to teach condition management skills. The second module presents a query component to assess various conditions. The third module presents an activities... Agent:

20150093734 - Surgical assistance using physical model of patient tissue: A method for assisting with a surgical procedure upon a native patient tissue using a physical model of the native patient tissue includes providing a three-dimensional physical model of a patient tissue. At least one surgical action is performed upon the physical model. The at least one surgical action performed... Agent:

20150093735 - Scientific instrument trainer: A training system in which some parts of an instrument are virtualized while other parts are physical. Typically, those parts that are physical are those whose use requires a minimum level of user technique to obtain optimum results. An example of a physical component is a sample injection syringe. Those... Agent:

20150093737 - Apparatus and method for automatic scoring: An automatic scoring apparatus includes: an automatic scoring unit to receive scoring target data, apply a corresponding scoring model per each of evaluation regions, and automatically calculate a score per each of the evaluation regions with respect to the received scoring target data based on the applied corresponding scoring model;... Agent:

20150093736 - System and method for managing pedagogical content: A system and method for managing pedagogical content are provided. A system and method may capture a screenshot of a presentation of educational or pedagogical content and convert the captured screenshot to an image. A system and method may receive comments from a student and include the comments and image... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 25 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20150086944 - Driving training device: The invention relates to an obstacle for a driving training device comprising a unit which can be moved, essentially in a straight line, between a resting position and a working position. Accordingly, it is provided that the unit includes a flexible sleeve and a reset device for returning the sleeve... Agent:

20150086945 - Makeup application assistance device, makeup application assistance system, and makeup application assistance method: In order to appropriately assist with the application of makeup even when trends in makeup techniques change over time, a server of a makeup application assistance system includes: a makeup technique collection unit that collects information on practical makeup techniques from each of a plurality of people, said information representing... Agent:

20150086946 - Ndt file cabinet: A global information training and tracking system is provided for training of employees, clients or trainees. The system may include a data management system accessible remotely. The system may include various modules for training of specific skills and may include testing. The system may be configured to compile testing/evaluation information... Agent:

20150086948 - Behavioral change model with evidence-based, clinically proven communication skills and methods for providing the online education of the same: A model of patient/client/individual communication, health information and health behavior counseling can include a specific twelve step, twenty dimensions construct as part of a verbal and non-verbal communication skills set and interview process. The model of the present invention can be delivered to the user via a computer platform, thus... Agent:

20150086947 - Computer-based system and method for creating customized medical video information using crowd sourcing: A computer-based apparatus including a computer including a processor arranged to select a first video regarding a medical condition; create a second video including segments from the first video; transmit the second video for viewing by qualified medical personnel; receive input from the personnel; based on the input confirm accuracy... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20150086951 - Device and method for priming a person: The present invention relates to healthy lifestyle management. In particular to a device for priming a person (10), comprising a detector (2) for detecting when the person (10) expresses or should express a predetermined behavior, a stimulus unit (4) for providing the person (10) with a sensory stimulus (14, 16,... Agent:

20150086952 - Device and method for supporting a behavior change of a person: The present invention relates to healthy lifestyle management. In particular to a device for supporting a behavior change of a person (11), comprising a presentation unit (4) for presenting the person with a first stimulus (5) associated with a predetermined behavior and a second stimulus (6) having positive or negative... Agent:

20150086950 - Improving neuroperformance: A method of promoting fluid intelligence abilities in a subject includes: selecting one or more serial order of symbols sequences from a predefined library of complete symbols sequences and providing the subject with one or more incomplete serial orders of symbols sequences; prompting the subject to manipulate symbols within the... Agent: Aspen Performance Technologies

20150086949 - Using user mood and context to advise user: Various systems and methods for using a user's mood and context to advise a user are described herein. Data may be received at a mobile device, the mobile device associated with the user. A mood of the user is determined based on the data. An event involving the user is... Agent:

20150086953 - Skill building system and method of use: A system and method of use directed to a skill building system is disclosed herein. More specifically, the present invention relates to a system and method of use for a skill building system which can be utilized by coaches, teachers, and/or instructors in teaching, developing, coaching, and/or monitoring athletes' and/or... Agent:

20150086954 - Adding sounds to simulated ultrasound examinations: A system for performing audio-enhanced, simulated ultrasound examinations may generally include an ultrasound simulation device having at least one processor and associated memory. The memory may store pre-recorded audio-enhanced ultrasound data for at least one internal organ. The audio-enhanced ultrasound data may include a moving ultrasound image of the at... Agent:

20150086957 - Adjustable friction joint assembly for crash test dummy: An adjustable friction joint assembly for a crash test dummy includes a first joint member for connection to a first member of the crash test dummy and a second joint member for connection to a second member of the crash test dummy. The adjustable friction joint assembly also includes a... Agent:

20150086958 - Medical treatment simulation devices: Medical treatment simulation devices are disclosed. One medical treatment simulation device is configured to be secured to a subject and to cover at least a portion of a torso of the subject. The medical treatment simulation device includes a base member, a movable member, and at least one sensor. The... Agent: University Of Delaware

20150086956 - System and method for co-registration and navigation of three-dimensional ultrasound and alternative radiographic data sets: A co-registration and navigations system in which 3D and/or 2D ultrasound images are displayed alongside virtual images of a patient and/or CT or MRI scans, or other similar imaging techniques used in the medical field.... Agent:

20150086955 - Systems and methods for analyzing surgical techniques: A system for assessing performance of a procedure comprises a tissue model or a tool comprising assessment indicators applied thereto, one or more image-capturing devices for capturing one or more assessment images of the assessment indicators while or after a user performs the medical procedure, and a processor configured to... Agent:

20150086959 - Ultrasound loop control: A method for conducting ultrasonography training using ultrasound loop control may generally include providing for display a moving ultrasound image of an internal body part, wherein the moving ultrasound image is associated with an image frame loop including a plurality of individual image frames. The method may also include receiving... Agent:

20150086960 - Guiding construction and validation of assessment items: A method for guiding a user in a construction of an assessment item includes identifying a requirement of the assessment item, filtering a plurality of documents in accordance with the requirement to produce a set of relevant documents, presenting a workflow for use in constructing the assessment item, wherein the... Agent: Sri International

20150086961 - E-learning system and method therefor: An e-learning method is provided with allowing a teacher to use remote data processing device to communicate with users over the Internet; allowing the teacher and the users to access an online teaching database over the Internet by using the remote data processing device respectively wherein the online teaching database... Agent:

20150086962 - Methods and systems for testing and correcting: A computer-implemented method comprises receiving a data-input representative for a question/answer combination having an inherent question type, and, for processing the data input representative for a question/answer combination. The method includes identifying for the data-input, a set of data building blocks representative for the question/answer combination. The data building blocks... Agent:

20150086963 - Audio demonstration kit: An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular embodiment, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions. The paper speaker includes a backplate, a suspension, and a diaphragm cut from a single sheet of paper.... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150086964 - Audio demonstration kit: An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular example, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions. The paper speaker includes a backplate, a suspension, and a diaphragm cut from a single sheet of paper.... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150086965 - Audio demonstration kit: An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular example, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions. The paper speaker includes a backplate, a suspension, and a diaphragm cut from a single sheet of paper.... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150086966 - Audio demonstration kit: An audio demonstration kit encourages understanding of audio concepts by enabling children to construct and study speaker performance. In a particular example, the audio demonstration kit includes a paper speaker and instructions. The paper speaker includes a backplate, a suspension, and a diaphragm cut from a single sheet of paper.... Agent: Bose Corporation

20150086967 - Method and apparatus for providing predetermined slice thicknesses of deli products: A unique and carefully devised method and apparatus for defining, visualizing, and reproducing predetermined slice thicknesses of deli products makes it possible for deli personnel to fulfill a customer's request without iterative feedback from the customer. This is beneficial to both the customer and deli personnel—eliminating ambiguity, aggravation, wasted product,... Agent:

20150086968 - Education carrell for instruction and testing environments: An education carrel for instruction and testing environments. The carrel includes a non-transparent first panel, a second non-transparent panel, a first-and-second panel retention member, a non-transparent privacy panel, and a non-transparent privacy panel retention member which detachably engages the aforementioned components.... Agent:

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