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Education and demonstration

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10/02/2014 > 22 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140295380 - System and method for zeroing a weapon: A method of zeroing a weapon includes stabilizing a laser mounted weapon, aligning a laser corresponding to the bore path of the weapon to a second aim point and aligning the sights of the weapon to a first aim point.... Agent: Dynamic Animation Systems, Inc.

20140295381 - Retirement planning game: Disclosed is method and system for educating at least one player about financial planning through a financial planning game. In one implementation, to start the game, the player inputs player-associated data, based upon a plurality of life-stages and scenario for each life-stage to be configured. The scenario further comprises incomes... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140295382 - System and a method for generating a meal plan: There is provided a system (10) for generating a meal plan for one or more persons. The system comprises: an input device (134); a recipe locator (163); an ingredient locator (165); an ingredient quantity calculator (166); a meal plan generator (168); and an output device (138).... Agent: Food Ko Universe Pty Ltd

20140295386 - Computer-based language immersion teaching for young learners: Disclosed herein, in certain embodiments, are computer-based language immersion teaching systems, products, programs, and methods for learners aged about 3 to about 10 years comprising a digital processing device and a computer program that creates a language immersion teaching environment, wherein said environment comprises a plurality of learning activities associated... Agent:

20140295383 - Processes and methods to use pictures as a language vehicle: I disclose processes and methods that by combining pictures in specific ways could boost, enforce, and optimize language learning. Herein I disclose the combination of several pictures all of them related to the same word in order to elicit said word in the observer. Also, by showing a word together... Agent:

20140295385 - Speed reading book for learning chinese characters: Provided is a speed reading book for learning Chinese characters, which enables students to learn various Chinese characters while receiving speed reading training by writing figures in Chinese characters, the speed reading book including: study pages that include: a training element for the enlargement of a perceptible visual field; and... Agent:

20140295384 - Systems and methods for calculating text difficulty: Disclosed are systems, methods, and products for language learning that automatically extracts keywords from resources using various natural-language processing product features, which can be combined with custom-designed learning activities to offer a needs-based, adaptive learning methodology. The system may receive resources having text and then determine a text difficulty score... Agent:

20140295387 - Automated scoring using an item-specific grammar: Systems and methods are provided for scoring a constructed response. The constructed response is processed according to a set of grammar rules to generate a data structure. The grammar rules specify a set of preferred responses for the item. The grammar rules utilize a plurality of variables that specify legitimate... Agent: Educational Testing Service

20140295390 - Feedback systems and methods for communicating diagnostic and/or treatment signals to enhance obesity treatments: Feedback systems and methods communicate implanted sensor-based feedback signals to promote behavior modifications that ameliorate obesity and other eating disorders. The system and methods described may also be applicable to any treatment in which presenting feedback regarding patients' eating and exercise habits is desired. The present invention provides a method... Agent: Intrapace, Inc.

20140295388 - System for the development of communication, language, behavioral and social skills: A software application for use with a computing device assists disabled individuals with communication, social, or language skills by providing hybrid displays that integrate scenes and hot spots therein with grids that display choices relating to the scene. The application can be location aware, displaying scenes relating to the current... Agent: Specialneedsware, LLC

20140295389 - System for the development of communication, language, behavioral and social skills: A software application for use with a computing device assists disabled individuals with communication, social, or language skills by providing hybrid displays that integrate scenes and hot spots therein with grids that display choices relating to the scene. The application can be location aware, displaying scenes relating to the current... Agent: Specialneedsware, LLC

20140295391 - Work capacities testing apparatus and method: A portable work capacities testing apparatus comprising a portable computer, a hub releaseably interconnected with the portable computer, a dynamic strength and lifting device releaseably interconnected with the hub, a hand grip strength device releaseably interconnected with the hub, a finger pinch strength device releaseably interconnected with the hub, a... Agent:

20140295393 - Interactive rehabilitation method and system for movement of upper and lower extremities: An interactive rehabilitation method for movement of upper and lower extremities is disclosed. An identification label of an extracted image is detected to provide an operating position of an image of an extremity. A movement mode for a target image is determined according to the identification label and the target... Agent:

20140295392 - Virtual rehabilitation system and method: A system and method providing virtual physical rehabilitation services to a patient in the context of automated patient healthcare delivery is disclosed. The system/method are controlled by a patient healthcare plan (PHP) deployed from a host computer system (HCS) that triggers execution of a video script dataset (VSD) to coordinate... Agent:

20140295394 - Spinning rotation and meditation system, device and method: The disclosed device, system and methods relate to a spinning rotation and meditation device, having a rotating platform set at a nonzero angle from horizontal. Certain embodiments comprise a platform capable of rotation about a central hub which further comprises a plurality of legs, wherein the platform is set to... Agent: Weltha LLC

20140295395 - Multi-station system of motorized skeletal bone models for assessing landmark asymmetries: Paired bones are individually secured in an anatomically relevant manner onto independent, parallel positioned platforms, and configured into motorized models for the purpose of teaching and assessing clinicians' ability to identify and compare the relative positions of bony landmarks within the coronal and sagittal planes. One platform can be powered... Agent:

20140295396 - Device and method for learning support: A computer-readable storage medium storing a computer executable program that, when executed, causes a computer to perform a method for learning support includes collecting a first opinion information and a second opinion information from a plurality of information terminals of a group, determining whether a representative opinion information of a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140295397 - Fractal-based decision engine for intervention: A method/apparatus/system for educational intervention based on a response metric is disclosed. The notice is generated in response to the collection of user and question data, the sending of questions, the receipt of answers, the evaluation of the correctness of the answers, the generation of a response metric, the comparison... Agent:

20140295398 - Interactive computer system for instructor-student teaching and assessment of preschool children: A computer system contains and displays a cartoon-like story with a plurality of displayed components (such as cartoon characters, play items, etc.) recognizable by a preschool student on a first portion of the display screen along with an accompanying voice message on the speaker. Written instructions for teachers to follow... Agent:

20140295401 - Platform and method for automated phone education: A platform and method for providing telephonic education. The platform utilizes a telephone-server connection to provide automated registration, payment, course materials, and sending of a notice of completion.... Agent:

20140295400 - Systems and methods for assessing conversation aptitude: Systems and methods are described for providing an assessment of a conversational aptitude of a test taker. A system includes a computer-readable medium configured for storage of a conversational aptitude assessment data structure. A conversational aptitude assessment data structure includes conversation cycle data records describing a plurality of conversation cycles... Agent: Educational Testing Service

20140295399 - Systems and methods for evaluating susceptibility of automated scoring engines to gaming behavior: Systems and methods are provided for determining a susceptibility of a computer-implemented automated scoring engine to gaming strategies. A plurality of responses to a prompt are provided to a computer-implemented automated scoring engine to receive a first set of scores. A first transformation is performed on each of the plurality... Agent: Educational Testing Service

09/25/2014 > 21 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140287381 - System, method and apparatus for adaptive driver training: An application for an adaptive training system includes a computer interfaced to one or more graphics displays, one of more input/output devices and having access to a plurality of training segments. The input/output devices are in communication with a trainee. Software operates in either a simulation mode in which a... Agent: Advanced Training System LLC

20140287382 - Writing, braille and drawings board for blind or visually impaired persons: The invention relates to a board for blind persons, which makes it easier to write, draw and learn shapes through positive relief elements that can be reused. When writing or drawing, it is possible to check what has been done and to correct errors detected with the fingertip (4). Said... Agent: Kaparazoom, S.l.u.

20140287383 - Scoring server: A scoring server for assessing technical skills in a practical environment. A client application acts as a middle man between a terminal and an operating system to capture and forward all input from and output to students to the scoring server. The scoring server compares recorded student activity against a... Agent: Telecommunications Systems, Inc.

20140287384 - Method, system and apparatus for improved nutritional analysis: A system having an incorporated software program attempts to tailor a person's diet with the person's desired nutritional goal and their current food consumption. The system provides food exchange lists to assist a person making food choices from a category of food.... Agent:

20140287385 - Enunciation device: This invention relates an enunciation device comprising a hollow device shaped in a manner to fit a mouth. This enunciation device assists with improving enunciation, slowing speech, and strengthens mouth, tongue, and jaw muscles so that a user can build confidence while speaking.... Agent:

20140287386 - Method and apparatus for teaching and cognitive enhancement: The present invention is a teaching and learning tool built on the principle that the human sense of touch makes a significant contribution in the visualization of objects. Sighted individuals can produce visual images inside the brain (commonly referred to as the “mind's eye”) via the sense of touch, where... Agent:

20140287387 - Emotion recognition system and method for assessing, monitoring, predicting and broadcasting a user's emotive state: Systems and methods are provided for assessing, monitoring and predicting a person's emotive state based on the person's day-to-day social and physical activity, including biometric, geospatial and other data, and storing the emotive state in a form that can be used by others to enhance interaction with the person. Such... Agent: Emozia, Inc.

20140287388 - Interactive tumble gymnastics training system: A system for training and reviewing gymnast skills. A student performs a sequence of gymnastic maneuvers in front of a screen and a motion-capturing camera. The sequence of movements are captured by the camera and analyzed. The captured movements are projected alongside an animated silhouette character performing the defined movements... Agent:

20140287391 - Method and system for training athletes: A method and system is provided for training athletes using films or videotapes of game situations so that a player's reaction can be applied to such situations. The videos are taken from the player's eye-level perspectives on the field or court. The method and system can be used for various... Agent:

20140287389 - Systems and methods for real-time adaptive therapy and rehabilitation: Virtual reality-based adaptive systems and methods are disclosed for improving the delivery of physical therapy and rehabilitation. The invention comprises an interactive software solution for tracking, monitoring and logging user performance wherever sensor capability is present. To provide therapists with the ability to observe and analyze different motion characteristics from... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140287390 - Training device: This invention relates to a device for controlling of movement of limbs of a user in a substantially mirror symmetrical manner, a user's limb or limbs being held in position via support arms, said device comprising a bar (or bars) adapted to move about a point of rotation, said bar... Agent: Auckland Uniservices Limited

20140287392 - Board game instrument for learning: Provided is a board game instrument for learning. The board game instrument includes at least two projectiles, a launch pad, at least two baskets, a game board, and at least two magic cards. The projectiles are thrown in a basket using a launch pad. The launch pad launches the projectile... Agent: Korea Board Games Co., Ltd.

20140287393 - System and method for the evaluation of or improvement of minimally invasive surgery skills: A system to assist in at least one of the evaluation of or the improvement of skills to perform minimally invasive surgery includes a minimally invasive surgical system, a video system arranged to record at least one of a user's interaction with the minimally invasive surgical system or tasks performed... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140287394 - System, method, and apparatus for assisting in the development of good oral hygiene habits among young children: Brushing systems include a base configured to assist in keeping the system in an upright position. The base is coupled to a stand being sized, shaped, and positioned so as to couple the base and a support structure. The support structure is configured to provide support for a audio/video device... Agent: My Pet Flag, LLC

20140287395 - Method and system for medical skills training: A method for medical skills training is provided that includes simulating a current condition of at least one simulated patient wherein the current condition comprises dynamic physiology, appearance, and behavior of the patient using one or more physiology models; outputting the simulated patient in the current condition on a visual... Agent: Vcom3d, Inc.

20140287396 - System, method and apparatus for consolidating and searching educational opportunities: An application for a method and system providing educational seekers a search tool that finds education opportunities across a large number of educational/training providers. The search tool finds courses and/or programs of interest such as certifications, vocational programs, two-year programs, four-year programs, MBA programs, certain financial aide features, specific course... Agent: Geographic Solutions, Inc.

20140287398 - Computer implemented system and method for statistically assessing co-scholastic skills of a user: A system and method for assessing the co-scholastic skills of users have been disclosed. The system envisaged by the present disclosure envisages screening speechless short films to individuals in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses in co scholastic areas such as attitude towards life, moral values, critical thinking skills,... Agent:

20140287397 - Systems and methods for customized lesson creation and application: A computer-implemented method according to various aspects of the present disclosure includes: retrieving, by a computer system, a lesson module from a database; receiving, by the computer system, information regarding a student; modifying the lesson module, by the computer system, based on the information regarding the student; and providing the... Agent: Neuron Fuel, Inc.

20140287400 - Object-based system and language for dynamic data or network interaction including learning management: A system including an object-oriented programming language for building state-based applications with flow control, event loops, measures of similarity, and Boolean logic to dynamically control the interaction between members in a social network around content and, in particular, project-based activities, where the system collects and groups individuals who are members... Agent:

20140287399 - Systems and methods for learning and learning oriented assessment: The technique relates to a system and method for learning and learning oriented assessment of at least one learner based on a role to be performed by the at least one learner. This technique involves identifying knowledge areas related to a particular role to be performed by the learner. Under... Agent: Infosys Limited

20140287401 - Model: The present disclosure is directed to model figures of beings or objects, such as animate and inanimate objects. Animate objects include living beings, such as humans, animals, plants. Such models may comprise a wire frame formed of body segments movably connected with three-way, two-way and one-way joints. The frame may... Agent:

09/18/2014 > 116 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140272804 - Computer assisted training system for interview-based information gathering and assessment: A computer-assisted training system for interview-based information gathering and assessment. A GUI displays information pertaining to a training scenario and generates event messages based on student input. An Evaluation Engine compares event messages to rules embodying predetermined instructional content and generates evaluation comments. An Adaptation Engine processes the evaluation comments... Agent: Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of Canada, As Represented By The Minster Of National Defence

20140272805 - Individual gunnery trainer with sensing platform: A system and method are that includes a frame and a weapon mount on the frame that receives a weapon mock-up. The system also includes a substantially non-rotatable sensing platform, coupled to the frame, on which a single trainee stands, where rotational pressure applied to the platform by the trainee... Agent: Raydon Corporation

20140272806 - Weapon emulators, and systems and methods related thereto: A weapon emulator comprising: a body; an electro-mechanical actuator coupled to the body; a firing indicator coupled to the electro-mechanical actuator and designed to move relative to the body when the electro-mechanical actuator is activated.... Agent:

20140272807 - Interactive system and method for shooting and target tracking for self-improvement and training: A device configured to track and capture the movement data of a target as well as shooting and firearm movement activity of a hunter includes a housing, a camera, sensors, a processor, a memory, and a battery. The camera is disposed in close proximity to the housing to capture the... Agent:

20140272808 - Video capture, recording and scoring in firearms and surveillance: A video camera and recording device integrated with a real or toy weapon to provide video recording of the assault and aiming process of the weapon holder in operational training, actual combat, hunting, sports and gaming scenarios. A video camera is boresighted with the weapon, and a video memory stores... Agent:

20140272809 - Foldable flight simulator: The subject invention provides a flight simulator, having a folded state and an unfolded state, having a chassis, an inner display and support that may be stowed or deployed, and an outer display and support that may be stowed or deployed.... Agent: Indra Systems, Inc.

20140272810 - Real-time driver observation and scoring for driver's education: Driving skill data is gathered with one or more accelerometers during a driving session of a first student driver, including one or more of acceleration data, braking data, or steering data and wherein the driving skill data includes one or more of a timestamp or location stamp. A driving session... Agent:

20140272811 - System and method for providing driving and vehicle related assistance to a driver: Disclosed here are methods, systems, paradigms and structures for providing driving and vehicle related assistance to a driver of a vehicle. The method includes receiving information related the operation of the vehicle by the driver, where the received information is gathered by monitoring the driver, the vehicle and the proximity... Agent: Mighty Carma, Inc.

20140272812 - Driver training system using heads-up display augmented reality graphics elements: A driver training system includes a training controller, a heads-up display device, and a driving cue adherence controller. The training controller is configured to receive inputs related to an operational state of a vehicle and an environment surrounding the vehicle, and to determine a driving cue based on the received... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140272813 - Device for color matching a cosmetic composition with the skin shade of a person: A device for matching the skin shade of a person with the shade of a cosmetic composition includes a tape having a plurality of transparent and opaque portions. The opaque portions have different shades and unique shapes that are coded to so that each portion can be matched to a... Agent: Studio Dror, Inc.

20140272814 - Communication systems and related methods for notifying devices having a plurality of unique identifiers about missed communications: Apparatuses and methods for notifying a group of communication devices about a missed call are disclosed. Each communication device is associated with a group identifier that is shared with all the communication devices in a group. Each communication device is also associated with an individual identifier that is unique to... Agent: Sorenson Communications, Inc.

20140272815 - Apparatus and method for performing actions based on captured image data: An apparatus and method are provided for performing one or more actions based on triggers detecting within captured image data. In one implementation, a method is provided for audibly reading text retrieved from a captured image. According to the method, real-time image data is captured from an environment of a... Agent: Orcam Technologies Ltd.

20140272816 - Multi-day meal preparation instruction generation: A computing system accepts user selection and/or performs automatic selection of recipes. In various embodiments, the system produces shopping lists, task lists, pre-cooking-day preparation lists, labels for freezing, and the like so that preparation for several days' worth of meals can be accomplished by a given number of people in... Agent:

20140272817 - System and method for active guided assistance: Disclosed here is a technology for providing active guided assistance in culinary execution to consumers in real-time. The guided assistance can take the form of a platform system implemented on an electronic device that provides recipes, recipe details (e.g., timing, techniques, cooking tools, ingredients, steps), and one or more guidance... Agent:

20140272818 - Method and apparatus for teaching spanish: A method and system comprising an educational game board for teaching children and adults the following Spanish language skills features (vocabulary, phonetics, reading skills and orthography) in an entertaining way. The educational game consists of a game board with multiple word cards with printed words, at least two types of... Agent:

20140272819 - Computer-implemented language heuristics: A linguistic phrase including a plurality of adjacently positioned characters arranged in a first sequence may be displayed. A first command may be received to obscure the linguistic phrase by separating the plurality of adjacently positioned characters into constituent characters In response to receiving the first command, the constituent characters... Agent: Chinese Cubes Co. Ltd.

20140272820 - Language learning environment: A method of providing a language learning environment comprises accessing media content, and identifying a number of content objects associated within the media instance. An apparatus for providing a language learning environment, comprises a processor, and a memory communicatively coupled to the processor, in which the memory comprises of metadata... Agent: Media Mouth Inc.

20140272821 - User training by intelligent digital assistant: The method includes receiving, from a user, a first speech input spoken in a first language; inferring a user intent based on at least the first speech input in the first language; based on the inferred user intent, generating one or more alternative expressions of the first speech input in... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140272822 - Systems and methods for generating a high-level visual vocabulary: Systems and methods for learning a high-level visual vocabulary generate inter-visual-word relationships between a plurality of visual words based on visual word-label relationships, map the visual words to a vector space based on the inter-visual word relationships, and generate high-level visual words in the vector space.... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140272824 - System and method for improving spelling and vocabulary: A computer implemented system and method for teaching and evaluating language competency is disclosed and provides for the sorting, selection, testing and teaching of words based on previous demonstrated mastery and common word characteristics.... Agent:

20140272823 - Systems and methods for teaching phonics using mouth positions steps: A computerized method for teaching phonics using series of mouth positions specifying placement of lips, teeth and tongue includes, but is not limited to any one or combination of: obtaining predefined mouth positions and keywords for a plurality of sounds; identifying a sound, setting initial mouth positions to a predefined... Agent:

20140272825 - Electronic education system and method: Aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to a system and method for educating one or more individuals, and in particular, an electronic education system and method that is capable of being used by one or more students to learn, improve, and/or enhance fundamental literacy skills. In various aspects, one... Agent:

20140272826 - System and method for targeted strengthening of brain networks for fluent reading acquisition: Systems and methods for targeted strengthening of brain networks for fluent reading acquisition are provided. A task is delivered to assess neuronal connectivity of working-memory-network areas of a brain of a subject. Weaknesses in neuronal connectivity between working-memory-network areas of the brain are identified based on the assessment. Based on... Agent: The Carroll School

20140272827 - Systems and methods for managing a voice acting session: Various of the disclosed embodiments relate to systems and methods for managing a vocal performance. In some embodiments, a central hosting server may maintain a repository of speech text, waveforms, and metadata supplied by a plurality of development team members. The central hosting server may facilitate modification of the metadata... Agent: Toytalk, Inc.

20140272828 - Components for stem education: Provided herein are construction kits and methods of using the construction kits. The construction kit comprises one or more connector elements and one or more elongate members. Each connector element has a substantially regular prismatic shape and each face of each connector element has a substantially centrally-located opening located thereon... Agent: Blue Egg Advisory Group LLC

20140272829 - Educational toy number stacking blocks: The present invention includes a set of stacking blocks designed to resemble the Arabic numerals 1-10. Each number block is height proportional to its value, and they can be stacked vertically. This feature allows students to see the relationship between numbers, and discover math concepts as they stack or play.... Agent:

20140272831 - Device and method for simulating a transportation emergency: Devices for simulating a transportation emergency and kits for the same are disclosed. The devices have a base with a framework of interconnected supports extending therefrom as a skeletal portion of a simulated transportation device and defining a chamber configured to receive a human or a medical-training manikin. Within the... Agent: S&s Medical Products, LLC

20140272834 - Instrument skill instruction and training system: Technology is described for a system to provide skill training in various fields, including professional fields involving hand-held instruments. The system senses a user's manipulation of an instrument or tool using various sensors, e.g., for a dental tool, an array of pressure sensors in the tool's tip, grip sensors, and... Agent: Dh Cubed, LLC

20140272833 - Method and system for optimal curriculum planning and delivery: Methods and systems are disclosed for planning and delivering curricula and specifically for managing learning and development in organizations. In some embodiments, a method for conducting training in an organization comprises identifying a candidate project in the organization, wherein identifying the candidate project includes determining that the candidate project is... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20140272832 - Patient note scoring methods, systems, and apparatus: Aspects of the invention include methods of generating models for scoring patient notes. The methods include receiving a sample of patient notes, extracting a plurality of ngrams from the sample of patient notes, clustering the plurality of extracted ngrams that meet a similarity threshold into a plurality of lists, identifying... Agent: National Board Of Medical Examiners

20140272830 - System and method for professional education: A system and method for professional education through a business system of cooperating participants and other educational service providers, organized in order to effect incentive-based individual learning: namely, to engage the user as a learner by way of offering participation incentives. The associated educational service pertains to individualized programs for... Agent:

20140272836 - Calibration devices for a welding training system: A welding training system includes a welding surface, a computer configured to execute a welding training software, and a calibration device. The welding training system also includes a sensor communicatively coupled to the computer and configured to sense a position of the calibration device, an orientation of the calibration device,... Agent: Illinois Tool Works Inc.

20140272838 - Data storage and analysis for a welding training system: A welding training system includes a camera configured to capture video data corresponding to a welding training operation. The welding training system also includes a storage device configured to store the video data, and to store welding parameter data corresponding to the welding training operation. The welding training system includes... Agent:

20140272837 - Multi-mode software and method for a welding training system: A welding training system includes a welding training software having three or more modes. The three or more modes include a live-arc mode, a simulation mode, a virtual reality mode, an augmented reality mode, or some combination thereof. The live-arc mode is configured to enable training using a live welding... Agent:

20140272835 - Welding torch for a welding training system: A welding training system includes a welding training software having a first training mode configured to simulate a welding arc and a second training mode configured to use a live welding arc. The welding training system is configured to block welding power flow between a welding power supply and a... Agent:

20140272842 - Assessing cognitive ability: The subject matter of this specification can be implemented in, among other things, a method that includes receiving first cognitive ability levels for first persons. The first cognitive ability levels represent assessments of the first persons within a model of cognitive abilities. The method further includes receiving first user generated... Agent:

20140272839 - Behavior modification methods and systems: Methods and systems for altering behavior by providing a first stimulus to a subject. The first stimulus is an interactive activity requiring that the subject perform one or more actions to interact with one or more icons on one or more computing devices. The first stimulus is selected to correspond... Agent:

20140272843 - Cognitive evaluation and development system with content acquisition mechanism and method of operation thereof: A system and method of operation of a cognitive evaluation and development system includes: a cognitive puzzle having a video tile; a media clip linked to the video tile; a cognitive task based on the media clip; a user generated content based on the cognitive task; and a cognitive response... Agent: Healthtechapps, Inc.

20140272848 - Method and apparatus for teaching utilizing moving walkways: A room or area designed to facilitate a plurality of users moving while they learn, work, or participate in a simulation. sensor relays aid this process by sending and receiving user information to a central hub, a movement device, one another or any combination of the three, in order to... Agent:

20140272840 - Method and system for enhancing working memory: Apparatus and methods for enhancing a working memory of a human is provided. A computing system having a processor executing instructions out of a memory device presents a plurality of selectable working memory domains corresponding to cognitive functions of a human brain, where each working memory domain is associated with... Agent:

20140272847 - Method and system for integrated reward system for education related applications: Computer implemented systems, methods and computer program products for assessing and designing customized reward-based learning sessions. These technologies involve determining factors for a student's peak academic performance, such as: 1) their preferred type of reward trigger; 2) their preferred timing of the learning objective relative to the reward; and, 3)... Agent: Edulock, Inc.

20140272844 - Method for increasing the likelihood to induce behavior change in a lifestyle management program: A method and corresponding system for increasing the likelihood of inducing behavior change in a lifestyle management program for a user includes sensing at least one behavior parameter of a user; identifying at least one intention-behavior gap based on the sensing of the behavior parameter; via application of a genetic... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140272845 - Method for increasing the likelihood to induce behavior change in a lifestyle management program: A method and corresponding system for increasing the likelihood of inducing behavior change in a lifestyle management program for a user includes sensing at least one behavior parameter of a user; identifying at least one intention-behavior gap based on the sensing of the behavior parameter; via application of a genetic... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140272841 - Methods for resolving an issue and blindly resolving an issue: A method for resolving an issue and a method for blindly resolving an issue are provided. A method for resolving an issue, comprising: (a) providing a group, wherein the group includes at least three Mentors and a Focus; (b) evaluating the Focus by the at least three Mentors; (c) identifying... Agent: First Principles, Inc.

20140272846 - Systems and methods for altering an individual's behavior: Systems and methods for altering participants' behaviors associated with a health care system are provided. In one example, a method of altering a behavior of a participant associated with a health care system includes assessing activities of the participant over a network via at least one electronic device, determining a... Agent:

20140272849 - System and method providing positive social and economic motivators for goal achievement: Disclosed herein is system, method and architecture facilitating goal setting and achievement and providing positive social and economic motivators for goal achievement. Progress toward a goal is tracked and a determination may be made based the progress whether or not to initiate one or more actions to stimulate progress and/or... Agent:

20140272854 - Exercise mat: An exercise mat including a flexible sheet member. A plurality of targets are positioned on at least a first surface of the flexible sheet member. Each of the plurality of target includes a verbally-definable unique identifier.... Agent: Yoga By Numbers, Inc.

20140272850 - Method for relieving pain and a kit therefor: A kit for use in physical therapy by a person includes a tension release device and a set of instructions associated with the kit. The set of instructions is in the form of written instructions and/or audio/visual instructions. The set of instructions includes an instruction to place pressure on a... Agent: Get Your Back On Track LLC

20140272852 - Method for treating neurological impairment: Method having activities for treating persons having neurological impairment and kit for performing the method.... Agent:

20140272851 - Method of working with the body, and related teaching method: The present invention is directed toward a method of working with a subject's body comprising evaluating the upper and/or lower body with a series of defined steps. The invention also includes a method for teaching the method of working with the body.... Agent:

20140272853 - Motor function evaluation device and motor function evaluation method: To provide a motor function evaluation device and a motor function evaluation method capable of evaluating a motor function of a subject comprehensively and easily. A motor function evaluation device 1 of the present invention includes a measurement base 11, a load measurement unit 14 that measures load change over... Agent: Tanita Corporation

20140272855 - Selecting available exercises for customizing an exercise session: System, apparatuses, and methods can provide customized exercise sessions and customized videos corresponding to the exercise session. Exercise components that are available to a user for an exercise category can be determined. Certain available components can be selected to include in a customized session. Components of selected exercise categories can... Agent: Fitstar, Inc.

20140272856 - System and method for physical training through digital learning: A system and method for receiving sensor information regarding a user's physical expression, processing the sensor information using an analysis module and stored data, and displaying real-time or delayed training output to the user. The system may further include utilizing a hub module for communicating with external systems such as... Agent:

20140272858 - Leg spacer for skier: Apparatus for sport activity, in particular for skiing and/or snowboarding, usable for example by a skier, suited to splay the legs of the skier, includes a spacer element to which ends fastening mechanisms are coupled in order to couple the spacer element to each leg of the skier by the... Agent:

20140272857 - Skiing or skating training assist: Described is an apparatus to facilitate training for skiing, skating, rollerblading, and the like, where an experienced person may assist or direct a novice. The apparatus includes a central support bar with three crossbars, one for the experienced person to grasp and two for the novice to hold onto and... Agent:

20140272859 - Mobile application for multilevel document navigation: Embodiments provide a user-friendly mobile interface for presenting multistep exercises of a dynamic exercise layer in a multilayered textbook within a digital education platform. The mobile interface comprises a variety of elements facilitating navigating, commenting, rating and interacting with the multistep exercises. A first interface element of a picker tab... Agent: Chegg, Inc.

20140272860 - Decision support tool for use with a medical monitor-defibrillator: Work flows are modeled as a graph of interdependent tasks to be performed. The tasks to be performed are set by a task file module configured to enable interactions between tasks and including modules for event viewing, protocol assistance, smart messaging, smart indices, reference material lookup. A decision support manager... Agent: Physio-control, Inc.

20140272862 - Methods and systems for virtual problem based learning: A computer-implemented method includes selecting, by a virtual problem-based learning (PBL) system, information indicative of a medical profile of a patient; accessing, by the virtual PBL system, information indicative of a team of students using the virtual PBL system; generating, by the virtual PBL system and based on the medical... Agent:

20140272864 - Metrics engine for virtual reality surgical training simulator: Exemplary embodiments of a virtual reality surgical training simulator may be described. A virtual reality surgical training simulator may have a rendering engine, a physics engine, a metrics engine, a graphical user interface, and a human machine interface. The rendering engine can display a three-dimensional representation of a surgical site... Agent:

20140272861 - Patch pump training device: Described are methods and systems to train a user in the proper operation of a manual patch pump to ensure that the user can attach the patch pump to a suitable location on the skin of the user and actuate the pump correctly in accordance with a prescribed dosing schedule... Agent: Lifescan Scotland Limited

20140272865 - Physics engine for virtual reality surgical training simulator: Exemplary embodiments of a virtual reality surgical training simulator may be described. A virtual reality surgical training simulator may have a rendering engine, a physics engine, a metrics engine, a graphical user interface, and a human machine interface. The rendering engine can display a three-dimensional representation of a surgical site... Agent:

20140272867 - System and method for performing virtual surgery: A method and system are presented for performing virtual surgery simulations. The computer system includes a processor and a memory. The method includes receiving user input from a user via a user interface. The user input includes input representing surgical operations or non-surgical invasive procedures. The method also includes processing... Agent:

20140272863 - User interface for virtual reality surgical training simulator: Exemplary embodiments of a virtual reality surgical training simulator may be described. A virtual reality surgical training simulator may have a rendering engine, a physics engine, a metrics engine, a graphical user interface, and a human machine interface. The rendering engine can display a three-dimensional representation of a surgical site... Agent:

20140272866 - Visual rendering engine for virtual reality surgical training simulator: Exemplary embodiments of a virtual reality surgical training simulator may be described. A virtual reality surgical training simulator may have a rendering engine, a physics engine, a metrics engine, a graphical user interface, and a human machine interface. The rendering engine can display a three-dimensional representation of a surgical site... Agent:

20140272868 - Patient models for oral surgery: A model head including a jaw insert having layers of varying materials replicating the anatomical features of a human jaw. The jaw may include a mock nerve system that provides a signal to indicate the condition of the nerve. The jaw also may include a circulatory system including vessels that... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20140272869 - Platforms, systems, software, and methods for online cpr training and certification: Disclosed are web-based CPR training and certification platforms comprising: 1) a controller device comprising: a first mode for collecting student compression data; a second mode for collecting student breath data; and a software module for transmitting the data to a server application; and 2) a server processor configured to provide... Agent: Health & Safety Institute

20140272871 - Physical-virtual patient bed system: A patient simulation system for healthcare training is provided. The system includes one or more interchangeable shells comprising a physical anatomical model of at least a portion of a patient's body, the shell adapted to be illuminated from behind to provide one or more dynamic images viewable on the outer... Agent: University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140272870 - Responsive model with sensors: A flexible responsive model has a major surface and a sensor attached to and aligned with the major surface of the responsive model. The sensor may have piezoelectric body, such as an elastic body containing conductive nanotubes homogeneously distributed therein to form a conductive path and at least two electrodes... Agent: 7-sigma, Inc.

20140272872 - Device, system, and method for simulating blood flow: A device for simulating blood flow including an anatomical unit and a waveform generator for generating waveforms. The waveform generator includes a pump capable of pumping a fluid through at least one fluid line and thereby transmitting the waveform from the waveform generator through the fluid line. The waveform generator... Agent:

20140272874 - Interactive education system with physiological modeling: Patient simulator systems for teaching patient care are provided. In some instances, the patient simulator systems include a patient body comprising one or more simulated body portions. Generally, the patient simulator systems of the present disclosure provide physiological modeling. In one embodiment, the patient simulator includes a maternal simulator comprising... Agent: Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

20140272873 - Methods, systems and kit for demonstrating medical procedure: A teaching aid has visual indicia thereon simulating the circulatory system of an organism. The teaching aid includes (i) a template having visual indicia thereon simulating the circulatory system of an organism; and (ii) a plurality of connectors for connecting a medical device to the template. The template comprises (a)... Agent: Abbot Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

20140272875 - Appliance for simulating the chewing action of a mammal: The invention relates to an appliance for simulating the chewing action of a mammal, said appliance comprising two elements (21, 22) simulating a mobile lower maxilla and a fixed upper maxilla. The two elements are formed by two parallel disks (21, 22) aligned on a common axis (A-A′), a face... Agent:

20140272876 - Birthing simulation devices, systems, and methods: Devices, systems, and methods appropriate for use in medical training are disclosed. In some instances, a patient simulator system is provided that includes a maternal patient simulator and a fetal patient simulator. The maternal patient simulator includes an internal chamber sized to receive the fetal patient simulator and a birthing... Agent: Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

20140272877 - Birthing simulation devices, systems, and methods: Devices, systems, and methods appropriate for use in medical training are disclosed. In some instances, a patient simulator system is provided that includes a maternal patient simulator and a fetal patient simulator. The maternal patient simulator includes an internal chamber sized to receive the fetal patient simulator and a birthing... Agent: Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

20140272878 - Dynamically-changeable abdominal simulator system: A dynamically-changeable abdominal simulator system comprises a patient manikin having an abdominal cavity covered by a sheet of synthetic skin, an array of inflatable elements emplaced within the abdominal cavity covering respectively distinct areas of pressurization of the abdominal cavity and supplied with pressurized medium under separate and independent inflation... Agent: Smartummy LLC

20140272879 - Dynamically-changeable abdominal simulator system: A dynamically-changeable abdominal simulator system comprises a patient manikin having an abdominal cavity covered by a sheet of synthetic skin, a grid array of inflatable cells emplaced within the abdominal cavity covering respectively distinct areas of pressurization of the abdominal cavity and supplied with pressurized medium under separate and independent... Agent: Smsrtummy LLC

20140272880 - System for simulating diagnostic features of tension pneumothorax and cardiac tamponade within a medical training manikin: A system is configured to selectively and reversibly simulate diagnostic features of tension pneumothorax and cardiac tamponade. the system is configured to simulate deviation of the trachea. the system is configured to simulate jugular vein distension.... Agent: Operative Experience, Inc.

20140272881 - Method of producing a patient-specific three dimensional model having hard tissue and soft tissue portions: A method of producing a patient-specific three-dimensional model of a native tissue. A virtual replica of at least a portion of a native tissue is produced. A three-dimensional unitary replica of the portion of the native tissue is produced as a tangible representation of the virtual replica. The three-dimensional unitary... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20140272882 - Detecting aberrant behavior in an exam-taking environment: Systems and methods for detecting aberrant behavior in a testing environment involve receiving real-time audio-visual data from a detection device and executing an application stored in memory that, when executed by a processor, detect aberrant data within the real-time audio-visual data and reacting automatically to the aberrant data.... Agent: Kryterion, Inc.

20140272883 - Systems, methods, and apparatus for equalization preference learning: Systems, methods, and apparatus for equalization preference learning are provided. An example method includes receiving a first label for a first audio concept for a media object and applying active learning to select a first example not yet rated by a first current user. The example method includes collecting a... Agent: Northwestern University

20140272885 - Learning model for dynamic component utilization in a question answering system: Mechanisms are provided in a data processing system for utilizing algorithms based on categories in a question answering system. The mechanisms capture a history of performance and correctness metrics for identifying efficiency of respective algorithms for finding answers to questions in respective question categories in a question answering system. The... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140272884 - Reward based ranker array for question answer system: Mechanisms are provided for configuring a ranker array of a question and answer (QA) system. An initial configuration of a ranker array of the QA system is generated which comprises a plurality of rankers with each ranker applying a statistical classification function to candidate answers generated by the QA system.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140272886 - System and method for gamefied rapid application development environment: A gamification application development system. The system has specialized game development toolbars and a suite of tools. The tools are used to create gamification of continuing education training and are adapted to be used by individuals who are not game designers.... Agent:

20140272896 - Classroom management application and system: A classroom management system which includes a centralized cloud infrastructure, a first user interface having a geo-locating device in communication with the centralized cloud infrastructure, and a second user communication interface in communication with the centralized cloud infrastructure to define authorized users and authorized locations. The centralized cloud infrastructure transmits... Agent: Northcanal Group, LLC

20140272893 - Collaborative asynchronous online learning: A system and method of e-learning involving an online asynchronous interdisciplinary project-based curriculum where students are provided with learning content relating to an interdisciplinary project and complete role-based tasks relating to the project. The students work collaboratively to complete the project thereby developing core learning skills that foster the growth... Agent: Edison Learning Inc.

20140272895 - Collaborative learning environment: A collaborative learning environment receives an assignment from a first student user identity. In response to receiving the data representing the submission of the assignment, the collaborative learning environment sends a notification that the first student user identity has submitted the assignment to a plurality of student user identities and... Agent: Teachnow Inc.

20140272889 - Computer implemented learning system and methods of use thereof: A learning system including an information bus, a student information system, a content repository, a learning content management system, and a learning engine is provided. The student information system, the content repository, the learning content management system, and the learning engine each publish messages to the information bus and subscribe... Agent: Career Education Center

20140272890 - Conferencing organizer: A conference mode screen is displayed on a computing device. The conference mode screen includes a list of students. A selection of a student from the list of students is received from a user. In response to the selection of the student, a list of action buttons is presented. The... Agent: Amplify Education, Inc.

20140272888 - Engaging a plurality of users in an interactive activity in an educational environment: Engaging a plurality of users in an interactive activity in an educational environment includes receiving information that corresponds to an annotation entered by a first user of a first subordinate device of a plurality of subordinate devices. A representation of the annotation entered by the first user while the first... Agent:

20140272887 - Interactive asynchronous education: A system for asynchronous education content delivery is disclosed. A data store comprises education content associated with a course of learning and sequence data specifying an order for presentation of the content. Education content comprises video recordings of lectures, questions, and model responses. The system receives students' requests for data,... Agent: 2u, Inc.

20140272892 - On-line custom course builder: A custom course builder computer application allowing users to search, view, preview, and select e-learning course components based on specific achievement objectives to assemble e-learning custom courses using a repository of content and assessment items. The custom courses may be used for the particular curriculum or may be shared with... Agent: Edison Learning Inc.

20140272894 - System and method for multi-layered education based locking of electronic computing devices: Systems, methods and computer program products for managing multi-layer rewards and multi-device control in reward-based learning experiences for users having mobile electronic devices. These technologies require that a user complete education modules using his or her mobile electronic device before receiving a reward, such as access of certain features of... Agent: Edulock, Inc.

20140272891 - System and method for remote fitness training: Systems, methods, and apparatus for remote education. In one aspect, the disclosed method includes the steps of recording, at an instructor device, a lesson plan, the lesson plan including at least one lesson service identifier, associating the lesson plan with at least one student, storing, in a database accessible to... Agent:

20140272899 - Civics testing: Techniques for enhancing an individual's knowledge of civics topics in an interactive manner are described herein. In particular implementations, a user may interact with a computing device, such as a smart phone, tablet computer, or laptop computer, to take a test related to civics topics and to view information about... Agent: Nethercutt Enterprise, LLC

20140272897 - Method and system for blending assessment scores: A method and system for blending assessment scores for expressing the blended score as a single score while taking into account the non-compensatory nature of each assessment is disclosed. The method includes executing a test of a cognitive characteristic and a separate test of a non-cognitive characteristic. A cognitive test... Agent:

20140272900 - Synergistic computer-based testing system (scbts): This disclosure is drawn to methods, systems, devices and/or apparatus related to synergistic computer-based testing system. Specifically, the disclosed methods, systems, devices and/or apparatus relate to computer-based testing of one or more members of a group in a synergistic manner. In some examples, several test takers may form a group... Agent:

20140272898 - System and method of providing compound answers to survey questions: Embodiments disclosed herein include systems and methods which allow for the creation of online surveys in which answers to compound questions may be efficiently gather from online survey respondents using a space-efficient user interface configuration. The space-efficient user interface configuration reduces the perceived and/or actual time and effort needed to... Agent: Vision Critical Communications Inc.

20140272905 - Adaptive learning systems and associated processes: Adaptive learning systems and process are described herein for providing an online learning environment for delivering a course comprising a plurality of learning activities having different levels of difficulty to a user in a manner that supports user motivation. The systems and processes described herein dynamically adapt the selection of... Agent:

20140272904 - Combining different type coercion components for deferred type evaluation: In a method of answering questions, a question is received, a question LAT is determined, and a candidate answer to the question is identified. Preliminary types for the candidate answer are determined using first components to produce the preliminary types. Each of the first components produces a preliminary type using... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140272908 - Dynamic learning system and method: The invention contemplates a real time learning system and method with machine executed steps of creating a student learning profile based upon testing the student, and dynamically optimizing the learning profile based upon student responsive data to instruction. The method includes dynamically optimizing a curriculum based upon the dynamically optimized... Agent:

20140272911 - Educational network based intervention: Methods and systems for educational intervention are disclosed. The methods can include receiving a user response and analyzing the user response and other user data to determine a user typology. The user typology can be compared with risk data that indicates the user's risk of failing to achieve a target... Agent: Pearson Education, Inc.

20140272906 - Mastery-based online learning system: An online learning system includes a student engine, a courses engine and a reports engine. The student engine processes identification information for students registered in an online university. The courses engine includes a competencies engine, a challenges engine and a milestones engine. The competencies engine organizes online courses into topics... Agent:

20140272907 - Method for communicating and ascertaining material: A method for communicating and ascertaining material includes: (a) providing a plurality of assemblages, wherein an assemblage is comprised of a plurality of intelligences; (b) providing an issue and a plurality of material to the plurality of assemblages; (c) communicating and ascertaining the plurality of material between the intelligences of... Agent: First Principles, Inc.

20140272912 - Method of online learning for middle school curriculum: A comprehensive electronic learning program that evaluates student's learning style preferences and assesses the student's proficiency periodically prior to and/or during an electronic learning course. The information is used to determine subsequent content and supplementary resources for the next section of the course based on the student's learning style preferences.... Agent: Edison Learning Inc.

20140272913 - Methods and apparatus for efficient learning: A learning support method is provided. First, an n-th review of each of a plurality of learned items is provided, and the n-th review comprises at least one question. Then, an (n+1)-th review of each of the plurality of learned items is provided after a period of time determined based... Agent: Apexlearn Ltd.

20140272901 - Methods and apparatus for providing alternative educational content for personalized learning in a class situation: In one example embodiment, the learning content management system includes a processor configured to determine a local level of understanding for a learning object based on a plurality of received inputs. The local level of understanding indicates a collective understanding level of the learning object by a plurality of users.... Agent: Alcatel-lucent

20140272909 - Results of question and answer systems: Mechanisms are provided for modifying an operation of a question answering (QA) system. An input question is received and processed to generate at least one query to be applied to a corpus of information. The at least one query is applied to the corpus of information to generate candidate answers... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140272914 - Sparse factor analysis for learning analytics and content analytics: A mechanism for facilitating personalized learning. A computer receives graded response data including grades that have been assigned to answers provided by learners in response to a set of questions. Output data is computed based on the graded response data using a latent factor model. The output data includes at... Agent: William Marsh Rice University

20140272910 - System and method for enhanced teaching and learning proficiency assessment and tracking: A system and method for assessing and tracking learning proficiency that includes presenting a problem for solution by a student in a workspace displayed on a student processing device and assessing a plurality of lines entered by the student in the workspace for correctness and correspondingly providing scores for each... Agent: Inteo, LLC

20140272902 - System and method for generating and distributing a survey: A system and method for generating and distributing a survey includes an executable survey generation application. The survey generation application permits a survey designer to select at least one survey component template associated with a type of survey question from a repository pane of the survey generation application. Selection of... Agent: Research Metrics, LLC

20140272903 - System for identifying orientations of an individual: A system for identifying preferences of a user and demonstrating the preferences in a graphical manner, the system comprising an input apparatus to facilitate recording of answers to a plurality of groups of questions from the user, a processing apparatus to facilitate calculation of output parameters, each of the output... Agent:

20140272915 - Acceleration sensation presentation apparatus, acceleration sensation presentation method, and acceleration sensation presentation system: An acceleration sensation presentation apparatus includes: a frame to be worn on the head of a user; at least one or more weights provided to the frame; and a vibration driving unit configured to vibrate the weight to be moved.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140272916 - Miniature universal dynamometer educational tool: A miniature universal dynamometer for use in teaching and measuring horsepower of scaled down electronic vehicles and DC generators is provided. The miniature universal dynamometer relates generally to electro-mechanical vehicles that use DC energy and DC generators that produce electrical power. This miniature universal dynamometer relates specifically to vehicles that... Agent:

20140272917 - Glass non-glare marker board: An improved marker board with a glass substrate, a writing surface, and a rear surface. The writing surface roll coated or screen printed with a ceramic frit that is fired into the writing surface. An opaque ink is disposed on the rear surface. The ceramic frit provides glare reduction in... Agent: Glass Unlimited Of High Point, Inc.

20140272918 - Whiteboard assembly: A white board assembly including a wall mountable base structure upon which a frame structure constructed of a plurality of frame members that each have grooves defining a panel receiving space into which a display panel may be inserted through and removed from a slot provided by at least one... Agent:

20140272919 - Core board: The present invention is an improved core board, being lightweight for convenient use and having dual performance with two sides capable of accepting application of inks, paint, markings, lettering, design and glues, as well as being suitable for cutting and mounting.... Agent:

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20140255879 - Flight-icing simulator: This invention supplies a flight-icing simulator to train the pilots with skills under flight-icing conditions. This simulator is composed of several modules to provide pilots the information of ice distribution and strength on aircrafts, the distance of the aircraft to the icing dangerous zone, the perturbation of the points with... Agent:

20140255880 - Tactile graphic display: A tactile graphic display for providing a display representation of a graph or image generated by a graphic device for visually impaired users or other users who wish to access tactile information. The tactile graphic display includes a control and interface module in communication with a dot matrix, which is... Agent:

20140255881 - Method and apparatus for training a user of a software application: A method that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, detecting a game stimulus signal generated by a first gaming accessory device, determining a first game action result based on the game stimulus signal, analyzing the first game action result to provide a first coaching message to... Agent: Steelseries Aps

20140255884 - Incrementally-sized standard-sized eating-ware system for weight management: A diet management system, including a plurality of different-sized templates, each template having the same shape and defining a size of a food portion in accordance with a standardized eating system. Each template is collapsible for storage and/or transportation, and each template includes an indicia demarking the correspondence of the... Agent: Foqus, Inc.

20140255882 - Interactive engine to provide personal recommendations for nutrition, to help the general public to live a balanced healthier lifestyle: An algorithm and method to provide personal recommendations for nutrition based on preferences, habits, medical and activity profiles for users, and constraints. The algorithm can also be fed and takes into account real-time feedback from the user. The method allows creating a personal nutritional schedule based on a set of... Agent: Comocomo Ltd

20140255883 - System and method for automated monitoring of food and beverage intake, determining associated nutritional information and comparing with a predetermined dietary plan: A system for automated monitoring of food and beverage intake comprises a weighing assembly including a scale, a product identifier adapted to identify product IDs and a data transfer module in communication with the scale and product identifier. The data transfer module being adapted to receive product IDs associated with... Agent:

20140255885 - Language study system and method employing multifaceted block device representation system: A composition in the target language is parsed into plural different linguistic components, including sound level, grammar level and at least one functional grammar level component. The linguistic components are then expressed on different facets of an n-sided block device representation system according to predefined sets of rules. The facets... Agent: Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

20140255887 - System and method for expressive language, developmental disorder, and emotion assessment: In one embodiment, a method for detecting autism in a natural language environment using a microphone, sound recorder, and a computer programmed with software for the specialized purpose of processing recordings captured by the microphone and sound recorder combination, the computer programmed to execute the method, includes segmenting an audio... Agent: Lena Foundation

20140255886 - Systems and methods for content scoring of spoken responses: Computer-implemented systems and methods are provided for automatically scoring the content of moderately predictable responses. For example, a computer performing the content scoring analysis can receive a response (either in text or spoken form) to a prompt. The computer can determine the content correctness of the response by analyzing one... Agent: Educational Testing Service

20140255888 - Optical neuroinformatics: A method is provided for improving cognitive performance assessment in a smooth pursuit cognitive performance test by using measurement metrics including a lead/lag metric, a radial inbounding metric, a path dependent velocity metric, a path drift metric, a velocity variability metric, or a variance statistics metric.... Agent: Sync-think, Inc.

20140255889 - System and method for a comprehensive integrated education system: A gateway system for providing a comprehensive integrated education system. It is implemented through a cloud-computing platform, linking together learning and assessment systems, which provide learning, education, and evaluation services for a user, and reward systems, which provide rewards for a user for successfully completing learning and education processes, which... Agent: Edulock, Inc.

20140255890 - Patient support apparatus with physical therapy system: A patient support apparatus configured to enable an occupant of the patient support apparatus to perform a physical therapy routine while being supported by the patient support apparatus.... Agent: Hill-rom Services, Inc.

20140255891 - Skate trainer: An apparatus for improving ice skating technique comprises a body formed of at least one block having first and second sides and first and second elastic loops operably connected to and formed adjacent to each of the first and second sides of the body. Each loop is sized to receive... Agent: Bpro Sports Inc.

20140255892 - Device and method for tapering medications in post-operative patients: A device and method of tapering medication in a post-operative patient is provided. The system includes a stationary base having indicia thereon representative of a defined period of time; a first circular wheel concentrically positioned on the stationary base, the first circular wheel representative of a first medication being taken... Agent: Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare

20140255893 - Method and system for managing skills assessment: The present invention is directed to a method and skills assessment tool for managing a testing session in a clinical skills testing center comprising a plurality of assessment stations. The method according to the preferred embodiment of the present invention includes configuring the plurality of assessment stations by associating each... Agent: Atellis, Inc.

20140255894 - Inflatable exhibit of a human heart and method: An inflatable exhibit of a heart includes an inflatable infrastructure inflatable to a three-dimensional partial representation of the heart at a scale greater than at least, 10:1, but more preferably greater than 20:1, and most preferably, greater than 25:1. The infrastructure includes a cross-sectional plane thereacross. The exhibit further includes... Agent: Medical Inflatable Exhibits, Inc.

20140255898 - Assessing reading comprehension and critical thinking using annotation objects: A competency assessment system enables reading comprehension and critical thinking skills of a knowledge worker to be assessed. The competency assessment system enables a knowledge worker to create an assertion map based on one or more source literals. The assertion map comprises several assertion objects that link to different portions... Agent: Pandexio, Inc.

20140255896 - Automated testing and improvement of teaching approaches: Techniques are provided for testing alternative teaching approaches for specific portions of a curriculum. Test-triggering rules are established, each of which corresponds to a specific target-area. Each test-triggering rule specifies conditions which, if satisfied, indicate that a new teaching approach should be tested for the test-triggering rule's target-area. Once the... Agent: Apollo Group, Inc.

20140255897 - Learning management system: Disclosed is a “learning and doing” process-oriented learning management system designed to incorporate learning into collaborative work processes by managing work processes for users to submit, review, and approve work products; provide just-in-time access to learning resources for workers to learn how to complete the work products that are intended... Agent:

20140255895 - System and method for training agents of a contact center: A training system for providing training to agents of an enterprise is provided. The training system may include a retrieval module for retrieving content from at least one predetermined resource. The training system further may include a topic determining module for determining at least one topic based on the retrieved... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20140255899 - Communication tablet for teaching: A teaching device formed by the combination of a wireless communication terminal located in a classroom of an educational establishment and a set of communication tablets that each belong to a student or a teacher of the class. The tablet has two rigid flaps that are articulated about a hinge... Agent:

20140255901 - Apparatus, system, and method for displaying content: An apparatus, system, and method for displaying content. A portion of content may be displayed to a user. Personal and community data relating to the portion of content may be displayed alongside the portion of content. The personal and community data may include performance-related data. Furthermore, portions of content may... Agent: Fast Forward Academy, LLC

20140255900 - Dual task mental deficiency assessment systems and methods: Systems and methods for simultaneously conducting a non-reflex motor test and a cognitive test are described herein. This dual-test methodology compares a baseline performance for an individual to a diagnostic performance for the individual to determine whether an individual has suffered a concussion or other mental deficiency. The baseline performance... Agent: University Of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc.

20140255902 - Display board assembly: A display board assembly includes a display board having a planar surface and an edge extending along at least a portion of the planar surface. The display board assembly also includes a mounting member coupled to the display board. The mounting member defines a first gap adjacent the planar surface... Agent: Acco Brands Corporation

20140255903 - Durable glass articles for use as writable erasable marker boards: The invention relates to glass articles suitable for use as writable erasable marker boards. More particularly, disclosed is a strengthened glass article suitable for use as a writable erasable marker boards, wherein the glass sheet exhibits an ion exchanged glass having a front surface and a back surface and exhibiting... Agent: Corning Incorporated

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