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Education and demonstration

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01/22/2015 > 26 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150024347 - Driving simulator apparatus and method of driver rehabilitation training using the same: Provided are a driving simulator apparatus and a driver rehabilitation training method using the apparatus, the apparatus including: a display unit for displaying a preset simulation driving screen; a mode selecting unit via which a normal mode, an assist mode, or a resist mode is selected by a user; and... Agent: Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute Of Science And Technology

20150024348 - System to visually display and demonstrate hearing assistance device features: A method to playback media of a feature of a hearing aid may include establishing a communication link between a computing device and a hearing assistance device; obtaining, over the communications link, a parameter of a feature of the hearing assistance device; querying from the computing device, using the obtained... Agent: Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

20150024349 - Liquid consumption tracking: Liquid consumption devices, systems, and methods of using the same are described herein. One method of using a liquid consumption device can comprise determining a hydration plan for a user based on parameters of the user using a computing system, receiving data from a liquid consumption device at the computing... Agent:

20150024350 - Educational board game: An educational device comprising a game board demarcated with a plurality of positions, each position having associated with it and actuator, actuation of which causes the communication device to provide instruction to the player as to what the player is supposed to do. A player can activate a random number... Agent:

20150024351 - System and method for the relevance-based categorizing and near-time learning of words: A system and a method for timely learning of words and word units is provided, wherein annotations for the words and word units are offered and displayed in exact page synchronism with the source medium and the annotations can be selected by the user when reading the source medium. An... Agent: Belingoo Media Group S.a.

20150024352 - Noble's columns: An entire column, written in a specific numerical order, different from traditional multiplication tables, is shown one at a time until all three Noble's Columns of the multipliers and solutions appear together. Without even knowing how to multiply, one can write these columns that end up with multiplication solutions.... Agent:

20150024353 - Method and system of simulating critical incidences and media for preparedness exercises: A method and system of simulating real world incidents and emergencies and the corresponding traditional media and social media responses in an access-controlled media platform for emergency training and exercises.... Agent: Simulationdeck, LLC

20150024354 - Agricultural machine simulator: A simulator of an agricultural working machine has a computer unit coupled to a display unit and a control unit. The agricultural working machine to be simulated has adjustable working parts and control elements that implement adjustment of the working parts and a software module that is stored in the... Agent:

20150024356 - Apparatus and method for inducing neuroplasticity: Apparatus and method for stimulating neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity may be stimulated in functional brain tissue and used to improve or enhance function in adjacent, neuroanatomically-related, or otherwise associated dysfunctional brain tissue. The present apparatus and method may comprise a fully or partially automated system that can be programmed to detect and... Agent:

20150024355 - Lighter and method for monitoring smoking behavior: A lighter and a method for monitoring smoking behavior include a lighter having a housing and a lockable lighting element secured to the housing. A smoking reduction plan includes smoking reduction goals specific to the user of the lighter, such as a maximum number of daily cigarettes, and a time... Agent:

20150024357 - Perceptual-cognitive-motor learning system and method: The present disclosure relates to a perceptual-cognitive-motor learning system. The system includes an apparatus for evaluating or improving perceptual-cognitive abilities of a subject during a training sequence. The system also has a training sequence controller for adding in at least a part of the training sequence at least one of... Agent:

20150024358 - Stress assessment device, stress assessment method and recording medium: It is an object of this invention to provide a stress assessment device capable of assessing mental stress without requiring another previous knowledge or imposing a load on an observer or an employee. A stress assessment device (10) of this invention includes: a work behavior acquisition unit (101) for acquiring... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150024359 - Systems and methods for distinguishing between autism spectrum disorders (asd) and non-asd developmental delay: Methods and systems are presented herein to distinguish children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) from those with other forms of developmental delay (DD) based on patterns of gene expression levels in blood.... Agent:

20150024360 - Method and system for gaining balanced health and fitness regime: A system, method and computer program product for gaining a balanced health and fitness regime, including a user interface configured for receiving and displaying information regarding muscle recovery times of workouts of a user; and the user interface is configured in a form of a human body with selectable muscle... Agent:

20150024361 - Tracheostomy trainer device and related method thereof: A training device and related method designed to provide a user or trainee with a realistic tactile sensation or feel for inserting a penetrating device, such as a tracheotomy tube, into the stoma of a subject. The device and method provides a means for providing the user with a high... Agent: University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

20150024362 - Surgical simulation assembly: A surgical simulation assembly is provided for simulating realistic surgery on animal organs or human cadavers. The surgical simulation assembly comprises a generally flat tray having a central indentation for receiving an organ, at least one drainage aperture and at least one indented trough extending from the central indentation for... Agent:

20150024363 - Wearable partial task surgical simulator: A wearable device for simulating wounds and injuries received during a trauma event includes a raiment and vest for covering the torso of a person. The raiment has an outer surface with a color and a texture comparable to human skin. Mounted on the outer surface is at least one... Agent:

20150024364 - Ocular surgery training device: Disclosed is an ocular surgery training device including a base body, an eye means, and a surgery model component. The base body is provided with a receiving seat. The eye means is provided on the base body, and the eye means includes an eye base and a cover body. The... Agent:

20150024365 - Systems, devices, and methods for simulating fetal delivery: The present application relates to systems, methods, and devices for simulating the delivery of a fetus.... Agent:

20150024366 - Electronic learning system: A question item comprising: textual, visual or auditory subject matter; a query or instruction pertaining to the subject matter; and a representation of a response mechanism for receiving a user response to the query or instruction, may be retrieved from a data store. The subject matter, query or instruction and... Agent:

20150024367 - Cost-aware non-stationary online learning: Online learning of an ensemble of classifiers or regressors is performed to predict a non-stationary time-varying parameter over a time series of episodes. For an episode, an ensemble action is selected from a set of ensemble actions based on ensemble action quality values (Q values) at an error state for... Agent:

20150024368 - Systems and methods for virtual environment conflict nullification: The invention generally relates to virtual environments and systems and methods for avoiding collisions or other conflicts. The invention provides systems and methods for collision avoidance while exposing a participant to a virtual environment by detecting a probable collision and making a shift in the virtual environment to cause the... Agent:

20150024369 - Portable message board: A handheld message board is provided. The message board includes a front portion and a back portion. The front portion may be made of an erasable writing surface, such as a chalk board or a dry-eraser board. The present invention may further include a handle attached to the back portion... Agent:

20150024370 - Dry-wipe whiteboard capable of pasting repeatedly for both solvent-based pen and water-based pen: A dry-wipe whiteboard capable of pasting repeatedly for use with both solvent-based pens and water-based pens comprises a whiteboard layer, a plastic layer, a permanent adhesive layer, a plastic carrier layer, and an elastic adhesive layer. The whiteboard is light weight and easily portable and can be used at any... Agent: Shurtech Brands, LLC

20150024371 - Textured screen cover for tactile learning and method of use thereof: An improved screen cover that is configured for tactile learning and a method of utilizing the screen cover for tactile learning. The screen cover is sized and configured to be utilized over the useable area on the upper surface of a tablet, smart phone, computer screen or other touch screen... Agent:

20150024372 - Sports organizer: The present invention is an organizer with multiple functions and the ability to use tokens to represent players in a sports setting, such as a sports field. Said organizer may include a representation of the sports field on the organizer itself. Said tokens may then be affixed to the representation... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150017608 - Weapons firing range system and apparatus employing reflected imagery: A live fire weapons firing range includes a training area having a target wall, a rear wall and side walls extending between the target wall and the rear wall. An internal partition is oriented within the training area, so as to divide the training area into a shooter area, an... Agent:

20150017609 - Method and apparatus for generating or updating an aviation simulation scenario: Method and apparatus for generating or updating (e g , tuning) an aviation simulation scenario. One method for generating an aviation simulation scenario includes receiving user input corresponding to the aviation simulation scenario at a processing device. The method also includes accessing one or more input data sources collectively having... Agent:

20150017610 - Filtered dimension: A process for creating three-dimensional art using coffee filters in a way that creates texture, depth, and form to make a relief sculpture or decorative collage. The process includes applying color to paper coffee filters and folding the paper coffee filters to produce artistic effects.... Agent:

20150017611 - System and apparatus for financial education, entrepreneurship education and life management: An apparatus for financial education, entrepreneurship education and life management. The apparatus can include a housing, at least one storage compartment received within the housing and including an interior cavity, a coin acceptor assembly adapted to receive a coin, determine the denomination of the coin, and deposit the coin into... Agent:

20150017612 - Methods and systems for communicating colors to and from colorblind people: There are provided methods and systems of communicating colors to and from colorblind people using a colorblind spectrum based on the light reflections of the colors and a coding system to indicate the colors.... Agent:

20150017613 - Integrated health measurement and food service system: An infrared imaging service combined with a food service business serves to educate consumers about healthy eating and health in general, and provides viral marketing aspects to grow the food service business and associated healthcare practices. Customers at the food service business may scan a QR code located at a... Agent:

20150017614 - Method of managing fuel intake in individuals to enhance athletic performance: A method for assisting individuals with managing their fuel consumption at different points throughout athletic training or competitions is provided, which includes collecting information about the individual participating in the athletic event in addition to information about the event itself, providing feedback to the individual based on this information, monitoring... Agent:

20150017615 - Audio based learning system comprising a portable terminal connected to an audio unit and plurality of zones: An audio based learning system includes: at least one audio unit; and at least one portable terminal, wherein the at least one zone spans a bounded area around a geographical position and has an outside portion and an inside portion separated by a zone boundary area, the inside portion of... Agent: Gn Store Nord A/s

20150017616 - Empirical expert determination and question routing system and method: The system collects location tracking data about each user and analyzes the location tracking data to determine the level of expertise a user has for a specific venue/event or a specific geographic region at a particular scale on a map. The system receives questions about a specific venue/event or about... Agent:

20150017617 - System and method for language teaching: As one implementation example, a system is described which comprises a display media adapted to display a plurality of known words, which form a first grammatical unit, and a plurality of unknown words, which form a second grammatical unit. The plurality of known words and the plurality of unknown words... Agent:

20150017618 - Psychological profiling systems and methods: A system, method, and software product psychologically profile an athlete using a mobile device. Data collected from the athlete using an app running on the mobile device is received and processed to determine a psychological profile score and at least one activity to train the athlete is provided based upon... Agent:

20150017619 - Recording and communicating body motion: Recording and communicating human body motion may be provided. One or more wearable device may each include a set of sensors for characterizing motion, a set of vibrating elements placed at different locations, and a radio. Data may be received from the wearable devices and stored at a mobile device.... Agent:

20150017620 - Trueaim: I have invented a tool to enable a golfer to determine his/her TrueAim to the hole when putting. The premise of the invention is that no two sets of eyes see or aim in exactly the same fashion and the device allows the individual golfer to establish and practice his/her... Agent:

20150017621 - Breathing aid attachment for swimmer, swimming device, goggles and mask, goggle seal: A breathing aid attachment for swimming includes at least one first part for fixing the device to the head of a swimmer and a second part including a first substantially planar surface defined between a first edge and a second edge, the edges extending in a direction substantially perpendicular to... Agent: Epteo

20150017622 - Human body movements control using digital computer controlled light signals-written dance language: A high definition (HD) enabled digital light display system adaptable to allow an individual or group to participate in a dance, a march, a celebration, a sport, a game, or other activity requiring body movements is presented. The system comprises a display unit having a plurality of computer designed light... Agent:

20150017623 - Method and apparatus for neuromotor rehabilitation using interactive setting systems: The invention provides a method and an apparatus for neuromotor rehabilitation by using virtual and interactive environments which allow the subject or patient to carry out rehabilitative training, and to collect functional parameters concerning the neuromotor aspect. Said method offers in only one apparatus a play means, a rehabilitative equipment... Agent:

20150017624 - Molecular modeling device: A molecular modeling device that allows for the transformation of atoms in a tetrahedral bonding arrangement around a spherical central atom to a trigonal planar bonding arrangement, without the need for disassembly and reassembly and with using the same bonds, is disclosed herein. The present invention also provides visual representations... Agent: Kinetic Models, LLC

20150017625 - User device, server, system and computer-readable recording medium for preparing and reproducing contents for digital lesson and control method thereof: A method of controlling a user terminal is provided. The method includes displaying a graphic user interface (GUI) which includes items showing a plurality of class courses which are taught based on a lesson content, and items showing a plurality of activities or materials; selecting one of the displayed items... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150017626 - Automated educational system: A method and system for providing computerized education may provide a user with a first set of educational segments such as problem sets or presentations, and may further monitor the user's reactions and responses using electronic devices, including biometric sensors, to identify difficulty points. Reports may be generated and presented... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150010886 - Vehicle crew training system for ground and air vehicles: A computer based simulation system for virtual training for vehicle crews is disclosed. The Vehicle Crew Training System (VCTS) simulates crew positions for different military ground and air vehicles. Two or more crewman modules are networked together to support a partial or full vehicle crew. The crewman modules are self-contained... Agent: Raydon Corporation

20150010887 - Laser training shooting device for a firearm: A laser training shooting device adaptable for use in varying caliber barrels of a firearm insertable in said barrels simulating firing of the firearm without actuation of a trigger or a firing pin of the firearm. The laser device consisting of: a laser module composed of a transmitting assembly and... Agent:

20150010888 - Method for identifying, displaying, selecting, naming and matching colors: The color device has a core with hues that gradually change whiteness, respectively. The discs have hues covering an entire color spectrum at a certain level of whiteness. All hues of the first and second discs have the first and second level of whiteness, respectively. The discs extend perpendicularly outwardly... Agent:

20150010889 - Method for providing foreign language acquirement studying service based on context recognition using smart device: According to the method of the present invention for providing a foreign language acquisition and learning service based on context awareness by using a smart device, a service provider server receives user information from a user terminal, extracts foreign language learning content by using the user information, and transmits same... Agent:

20150010890 - System for improving brain function in order to prevent dementia and method for operating same: A system for improving brain function includes a brain-function-improving content storage unit that subdivides content for judging the degree of activation of human brain function into multiple classified regions and levels, and stores the subdivided content; a content selection unit that selects the content stored in the brain-function-improving content storage... Agent: Gavaplus, Co., Ltd.

20150010891 - Behavioral improvement method and reward system: A behavioral modification method and scoring system are disclosed. The method gives adults and children the process and framework to improve children's understanding of behavioral statements over time. The scoring system tracks their improvements on applying the behavioral statements, and provides the basis for rewards.... Agent:

20150010892 - System and method for maintenance of competence: A medical training system is disclosed comprising a medical simulation management module, a student record database having a plurality of records relating to training of students, wherein the student record database is connectable to the medical simulation management module, at least one medical training module executable on a training device... Agent:

20150010893 - Learning curve disaggregation by student mastery: Techniques are described for disaggregating learning curves by student mastery for refining and accurately evaluating automated tutoring models. A method comprises receiving performance data for users logging whether a correct response was provided for each opportunity to use a particular skill in a tutoring system, determining a plurality of subpopulations... Agent:

20150010895 - Performance management systems and methods: Performance management systems and methods may utilize a plurality of modules. A performance network module may receive a post from a user and cause the post to be displayed on a display, and receive a comment associated with the post from the user and cause the post to be displayed... Agent:

20150010894 - System and method for authoring and delivering online educational courses: A system and method for authoring and delivering online educational courses is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, a central computing system is provided with details related to a desired subject matter for which the course is to cover, a total duration of time allotted for the user to complete... Agent:

20150010896 - Study aids and methods of teaching a process to a student: It is an object of the invention to provide a study aid including: a blank flowchart including a plurality of states, but omitting text from the plurality of states; and a plurality of tiles bearing a description of each of the plurality of states. It is a further object of... Agent:

01/01/2015 > 26 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150004567 - Apparatus to simulate driving a land vehicle: Apparatus to simulate driving a land vehicle comprising a fixed base platform, a mobile platform disposed above said base platform, a mobile driver's position, associated with the mobile platform and in which a driver has his seat during normal use, and movement means associated with the base platform and with... Agent: Vi-grade Ag

20150004566 - Camera based scene recreator for operator coaching: A method for coaching an operator of a machine is disclosed. The method includes the controller collecting actual data related to an operation of the machine performed by the operator. The controller determines a type of operation being performed based on the actual data. The controller compares the actual data... Agent:

20150004568 - Drawing apparatus: A drawing apparatus for accurately generating a hand-drawn reproduction of an image or object is provided. The drawing apparatus includes a mirror and reflective filter arrangement that allows a user to view, through a single eyepiece, both the object being reproduced and the drawing surface where the user generates a... Agent:

20150004569 - Method for training staff in quality control: A method for training staff for quality control when filling amorphous products into primary packaging. The method includes a provision step during which a test set having a plurality of primary packages filled with an amorphous product is provided, wherein at least one of the filled primary packages is afflicted... Agent:

20150004570 - Block toy for learning foreign languages: The present invention relates to a block toy for learning a foreign language. The block toy for learning a foreign language includes word cards which have one or more geometrically-shaped coupling means and also words written thereon, and grammar blocks which have one or more geometrically-shaped corresponding coupling means that... Agent:

20150004571 - Apparatus, system, and method for facilitating skills training: Non-limiting embodiments of systems and apparatuses are provided in which one or more processors are communicatively coupled to a network. The one or more processors are configured to present to a first user a plurality of exemplary recorded presentations, record a presentation by the first user, and present to a... Agent:

20150004573 - Onboard operator coaching system with show me feature: A method is provided for coaching an operator of an earthmoving machine having a controller. The method may include the controller presenting a list of coaching points to the operator. The controller receives input to execute a coaching point selected by the operator. The controller accesses memory to retrieve a... Agent:

20150004574 - Prioritizing method of operator coaching on industrial machines: A system and method for coaching an operator of an industrial machine improves operator skill levels by providing prioritized coaching to the operator. The system and method identify operations performed during the work session and compare each operation to a model of the operation to identify operations that differ substantially... Agent:

20150004572 - Real-time operation-based onboard coaching system: A method for coaching an operator of an earthmoving machine is disclosed. The machine may have a controller in communication with a plurality of sensors configured to generate actual data indicative of real-time parameters associated with an operation of the machine. In this aspect, the method comprises the controller receiving... Agent:

20150004576 - Apparatus and method for personalized sensory media play based on the inferred relationship between sensory effects and user's emotional responses: The present invention provides an apparatus and method for personalized sensory media play based on the inferred relationship between sensory effects and user's emotional responses. The apparatus for sensory media play comprises a sensory media playing unit playing sensory media, an emotion inference unit inferring an emotional state of a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150004578 - Lifestyle companion system: Methods and systems for providing a lifestyle companion system are provided. The lifestyle companion system can provide a platform to conduct a user interview. Based on the user interview responses, the system can suggest activities, references, and/or plug-in modules. During performance of activities, the system can provide audio and/or visual... Agent:

20150004575 - Methods for improving patient adherence to a mobility program and devices thereof: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and a mobility program adherence device that obtains a mobility program for a patient including instructions for physical activities and an expected duration during a time period that the patient is to perform each of the physical activities. Data from an accelerometer of a... Agent: Wipro Limited

20150004577 - Physically intuitive response inhibition task for enhancing cognition: A method and system for enhancing a cognitive ability may comprise conducting, via a user interface display of a user computing device, a training session which may comprise presenting, via the user interface display of the user computing device, a variable stimuli go/no-go behavior response exercise, which may comprise establishing... Agent:

20150004579 - Exercise and diet monitoring system: An exercise and diet monitoring system that includes a monitoring unit that is operable to receive, store and transmit a multitude of parameters regarding an particular diet and exercise routine of a user. The exercise and diet monitoring system further includes a monitoring unit that is configured to receive inputted... Agent:

20150004580 - Training scripts: A training script device is described that conveniently allows a user to create a training script defining one or more steps of a workout routine, where each step may include an activity, a duration for performing that activity, and an intensity at which the activity is to be performed. Further,... Agent:

20150004581 - Interactive physical therapy: Persons recovering from injuries or surgeries today generally undertake physical therapy to regain usage of their muscles, joints and other portions of their body. Unfortunately such treatments often do not fully restore the patient's function, at least within constraints of the funds available. Added costs are also incurred by patients... Agent: Interactive Physical Therapy, LLC

20150004582 - Smart packaging and display system: An embodiment of a medicament training system configured to provide instructions for using a medicament device to a user in a sequence of steps is provided. The medicament training system includes including a medicament training container, a medicament device, wherein the medicament training container communicatingly connects to the medicament device,... Agent:

20150004583 - System for moving an anatomical model of a fetus inside a mannequin having a birth canal and a childbirth simulator: The present disclosure relates to a system for moving an anatomical model of a fetus inside a mannequin having a birth canal. The system comprises a descent mechanism and a rotation mechanism. The descent mechanism is integrated in the mannequin and can move an anatomical model of a fetus longitudinally... Agent: Cae Healthcare Canada

20150004584 - Modular patient simulating mannequin and method thereof: The present disclosure relates to a patient-simulating mannequin, which comprises at least one main smart board card. The main smart board card stores simulation scenarios. The patient-simulating mannequin also comprises at least one removable body part module having at least one peripheral smart board card in communication with the main... Agent: Cae Healthcare Canada

20150004585 - Method and apparatus for the dynamic generation of scientific problems from a primary problem definition: A method and apparatus for the dynamic generation of one or more scientific problems derived from a primary scientific problem is disclosed. In one embodiment, a computerized device is configured to receive an input of a primary scientific problem comprising a set of variable parameters and at least one physical... Agent:

20150004587 - Dynamic blended learning system: A system and method of e-learning. A series of custom learning objects is displayed, wherein the learning objects form at least part of an e-learning course that has a mix of modes of learning. The proficiency of the student relating to content of the custom learning objects is accessed. A... Agent:

20150004586 - Multi-level e-book: The present invention teaches an interactive e-book with a coherent type of content presented in multiple formats as tailored to students of varied skill levels and needs to permit a diverse range of students to be presented with a uniform coherent body of instructional material. Further improvements include a system... Agent:

20150004589 - Method and apparatus for automatically synchronizing electronic devices: A method for automatically synchronizing two different electronic devices is provided. The method includes when a user event is detected in a first electronic device, performing the user event; and generating status information corresponding to the user event, and transmitting the status information to a second electronic device to thereby... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150004590 - System and method for supporting training of airport firefighters and other personnel: A method includes generating a graphical user interface for presentation on at least one display device. The graphical user interface includes one or more first screens that display different types of aircraft. The one or more first screens include first controls that allow a user to navigate around both an... Agent:

20150004588 - Test size reduction via sparse factor analysis: A database of questions is designed to test understanding of a set of concepts. A subset of the questions is selected for administering to one or more learners in a test. One desires for the subset to be small, to minimize testing workload for the learners and grading workload for... Agent:

20150004591 - Device, system, method, and computer-readable medium for providing an educational, text-based interactive game: A method, device, system, and computer medium for implementing and/or providing an educational, text-based, interactive game are provided. For example, a server may be connected to a plurality of communication devices. The server may include: a receiver that receives a first text from a first mobile communication device; a message... Agent:

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