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Education and demonstration

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08/07/2014 > 34 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140220513 - Senior driver training: A driver training system comprising computerized means for presenting a user of the system with simultaneous footage of a driving environment recorded from cameras directed to four active visual zones comprising a driver's forward view, rear mirror view, and respective left and right side mirror views; computerized means for tracking... Agent:

20140220514 - Games for learning regulatory best practices: An apparatus, method, and program product are provided for games for learning regulatory best practices. A display module presents a virtual learning environment for an organization associated with an industry sector. A gaming module presents a game within the virtual learning environment that is designed to train and/or test a... Agent: Gamxing Inc.

20140220515 - Providing regulation information for games for learning regulatory best practices: An apparatus, method, and program product are provided for games for learning regulatory best practices. A display module presents a virtual learning environment for an organization associated with an industry sector. A gaming module presents a game within the virtual learning environment that is designed to train and/or test a... Agent: Gamxing Inc.

20140220516 - System and method for food item search with nutritional insight analysis using big data infrastructure: A nutritional insight recommendation system using map-reduce software to calculate increasingly large user base and food items to provide real-time updates on nutritional guidelines. The system provides a universal system that use and share data among end users, nutritionists and dieticians, food service providers (such as restaurants) and manufacturers, and... Agent: Foodcare Inc.

20140220517 - Apparel-based learning system: A group of vocabulary words are selected for students at an educational institution. The vocabulary words together with corresponding definitions are put on clothing items worn by different students at the educational institution. The students at the educational institutional are tested regarding the group of vocabulary words and their definitions... Agent:

20140220518 - Electronic reading device: An electronic device is provided which can be used, for example, by a user who is learning to read, to input a word in question and be provided with visual and audio output of the phonetic components of the query word, thereby assisting the learning of pronunciation of the word.... Agent:

20140220519 - Alphabet teaching aid: A teaching aid for children learning the alphabet of any language utilizing a combination of alpha characters each in a cluster with a word starting with the alpha character and a drawing that are drawn in a child's hand. A preferred configuration is an alphabet strip with irregular child drawn... Agent:

20140220520 - Intraoral tactile feedback methods, devices, and systems for speech and language training: An intraoral method, biofeedback system and kit are provided for supplying intraoral feedback representative of a speaker's pronunciation during sound production, which feedback may be used for training and enhancing a speaker's pronunciation accuracy.... Agent: Articulate Technologies Inc.

20140220521 - Pivotable vertical ventilation training systems and apparatuses: The present disclosure is directed to a simulated roof vertical ventilation training apparatus configured to be pivotably attached to a simulated roof. In some examples, the vertical ventilation training apparatus includes a frame pivotably mounted to an exposed rafter of the simulated roof. The frame is moveable between an open... Agent:

20140220522 - Systems and methods providing enhanced education and training in a virtual reality environment: Virtual reality arc welding systems that provide virtual reality simulations for training purposes. Virtual reality welding systems to aid in training welding students may provide a programmable processor-based subsystem, a rendering engine, an analysis engine, and recommended corrective actions based on virtual testing results.... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140220525 - Managing educational content based on detected stress state and an individuals predicted type: The methods and systems described herein may involve determining at least one lifeotype of at least one individual, analyzing the at least one lifeotype, and delivering content to at least one individual based on the analysis. The methods and systems described herein may involve providing a game, determining at least... Agent:

20140220523 - Methods of analyzing an individual's personality: Methods of analyzing the personality of an individual are disclosed and include at least one of assessing the relationship of the individual's face to four shapes, determining which one of four shades of red harmonizes best with the individual's face, determining which set of colored patterns harmonizes best with the... Agent: Alpha Element Institute, LLC

20140220524 - System and method for monitoring behavior of students in field trips: Provided is a system and method for monitoring a student behavior in a field trip. The system may include: a plurality of member terminals held respectively by a plurality of members conducting a group activity and provided with a plurality of sensors, an imaging device, and a data storage device... Agent:

20140220526 - Customer sentiment analysis using recorded conversation: A system is configured to receive voice emotion information, related to an audio recording, indicating that a vocal utterance of a speaker is spoken with negative or positive emotion. The system is configured to associate the voice emotion information with attribute information related to the audio recording, and aggregate the... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140220527 - Video-based system for improving surgical training by providing corrective feedback on a trainee's movement: An intelligent system that supports real-time and offline feedback based on automated analysis of a trainee's performance using data streams captured in the training process is disclosed.... Agent: Az Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Of The State Of Az, Acting For & On Behalf Of Az State

20140220528 - Training kit for dentists and oral surgeons: The present invention, in one embodiment, is a model and/or related kit for practicing surgical protocols in the maxillary and/or mandibular arch. The model and related kit comprises a base in the shape of at least a portion of a maxillary dental arch or mandibular dental arch including a defect... Agent:

20140220529 - Interactive education system for teaching patient care: A method of teaching patient care is provided. The method includes providing a medical simulator including a model of at least a portion of a human body. The simulator is configured to execute a simulated medical scenario. The method also includes defining a plurality of palette items, each of the... Agent: Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

20140220530 - Human surrogate neck model: A human surrogate neck model includes a spinal neck region containing cervical vertebrae. A biosimulant intervertebral material is inserted between the cervical vertebrae. The spinal neck region is surrounded by a first silicone material mixed with a polymeric cross-linking inhibitor. One or more elastic tension bands are anchored to a... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140220531 - Creator's organ clock: The invention relates to an improvement and advanced use of the 12 hour and 24 hour insert/facing of the clock to aid as a teaching tool to inform the individual of the time of day or night each organ comes on shift. The insert/facing of the clock will aid in... Agent:

20140220532 - Simulation apparatus: A medical simulation model is provided for use in medical training, and having a wall defining a chamber, and having a slit in the wall providing access to the interior of the chamber. A pair of rib-cage members is located within the chamber such that adjacent edges of each member... Agent: Royal Brompton & Harefield Nhs Foundation

20140220533 - Method of displaying electromagnetic field in hydrogen atom: The method assumes that a single solution or addition or subtraction of solutions of Schrodinger equation represented by polar or parabolic coordinates having its maximum value at the origin gives a wave function and an electric potential of a hydrogen atom. The method further: (1) regards the result of applying... Agent:

20140220534 - Multipurpose rotation structure: Disclosed herein is a multipurpose rotation structure which is installed indoors or outdoors to be utilized for multiple purposes such as experience teaching tools by using repelling force between magnets disposed in an outer ring frame having the shape of a ring and in a weight body rotating in an... Agent:

20140220536 - Computer implemented methods, systems and products for team based learning: Computer implemented methods, systems, and products uses learning cycles of individual and group work to emphasize the importance of collaborative behaviors and demonstrate the values of effective team work on outcomes. The computer implemented methods, systems, and products relate to team based learning with individual and group assessment for addressing... Agent: Virginia Commonwealth University

20140220537 - E-learning lesson delivery platform: Disclosed herein are e-learning lesson delivery platforms, products, programs, and methods comprising a digital processing device and a program that creates a lesson delivery server, wherein said server comprises: a plurality of learning activities, wherein said activities are organized according to an instructional plan designed to accomplish one or more... Agent: Age Of Learning, Inc.

20140220535 - Methods, systems, and computer readable media for tagging atomic learning units of instructional content with standards and levels of rigor and for using the tagged atomic learning units for dynamically generating a curriculum for individualized academic: A system for tagging atomic learning units of instructional content and for dynamically generating a curriculum tailored to an individual using the tagged units is disclosed. The system includes a tagging module for tagging atomic learning units of instructional content with at least one standard and at least one level... Agent: Vschoolz, Inc.

20140220538 - Audience response system data communication incorporating non user selection signals: A method for a response device to wirelessly communicate data in an audience response system having a plurality of response devices includes transmitting a first signal, receiving a first acknowledgement signal indicating to the response device to transmit non user selection signals. The method further includes transmitting a non user... Agent: Turning Technologies, LLC

20140220542 - Educational game: An educational tool is presented that provides a user with the ability to easily relate and understand how a complex subject's facts and concepts relate in a way which enhances the speed, ease, and depth a subject can be learned.... Agent:

20140220543 - Online educational system with multiple navigational modes: A web-based educational system comprising at least one area of skill, interest, or expertise, a plurality of activities associated with each area of skill, interest, or expertise, and at least three navigational modes, wherein the navigational modes comprise a sequenced navigational mode, a guided navigational mode, and an independent navigational... Agent: Age Of Learning, Inc.

20140220541 - Reporting results of games for learning regulatory best practices: An apparatus, method, and program product are provided for games for learning regulatory best practices. A display module presents a virtual learning environment for an organization associated with an industry sector. A gaming module presents a game within the virtual learning environment that is designed to train and/or test a... Agent: Gamxing Inc.

20140220540 - System and method for adaptive knowledge assessment and learning using dopamine weighted feedback: A services-oriented system for knowledge assessment and learning performs a method of receiving a plurality of two-dimensional answers to a plurality of first multiple-choice questions, determining, after a period of time, which of the answered multiple choice questions remain unfinished and which are completed, separating the unfinished questions from the... Agent: Knowledge Factor, Inc.

20140220539 - Usage of quantitative information measure to support decisions in sequential clinical risk assessment examinations: A computer-implemented method and apparatus for supporting decisions in sequential clinical risk assessment examinations, the method comprising receiving one or more first test results and a question, both associated with a patient; and assessing by a processor associated with a computing platform, information gain provided by a second test which... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140220544 - Electronic clipboard module with remote unit: An electronic clipboard with an optional associated remote personal unit worn by a player. The clipboard can include a flat electronic unit with an optionally writeable flat display. The associated unit can be a wrist or other unit with a small display worn by a player. A protective cover can... Agent:

20140220545 - Demonstrating an active vibration isolation system: Active vibration isolation (AVVI) systems are becoming more available in various markets, one such market being vehicle operator seating. Unfamiliarity with the performance of such systems may cause users initial perceptions of system performance to be unfavorable. AVI systems can include a demonstration system capable of providing simulations too users... Agent:

20140220546 - Guiding a child to perform tasks: The present disclosure describes one or more systems, methods, routines and/or techniques for guiding a child (or other person) to perform tasks. The present disclosure may help children (or other people) perform various tasks (e.g., taking a shower) without a parent having to be present with the child during each... Agent:

07/31/2014 > 34 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.
07/24/2014 > 20 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140205973 - Interactive genealogical charts: Presenting genealogical information. A method includes displaying a representation of a first individual. The method further includes displaying a ring chart for the first individual. The ring chart includes elements representing individuals with familial relationships to the first individual in a ring chart fashion. Displaying a ring chart includes displaying... Agent: Kinpoint, Inc.

20140205974 - Statistical machine translation framework for modeling phonological errors in computer assisted pronunciation training system: Methods and systems for teaching a user a non-native language include creating models representing phonological errors in the non-native language and generating with the models non-native pronunciations for a native pronunciation. The non-native pronunciations may be used for detecting phonological errors in an utterance spoken in the non-native language by... Agent: Rosetta Stone, Ltd.

20140205975 - Hoof mounting for farrier training system: A hoof mounting for a farrier training includes a positioning block with a fixture for attaching to a central shaft of an artificial horse leg. The block has a front surface, a rear surface and first and second side surfaces and first and second securing ledges that extend laterally from... Agent:

20140205976 - Tablet-based welding simulator: Embodiments of the present invention pertain to a computer program product and processor based computing system that provides processing means for executing coded instructions and input means for interacting with said processing means to create a virtual welding environment. The system establishes an objective to change a functional or operational... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140205978 - Method and system for safely guiding interventions in procedures the substrate of which is the neuronal plasticity: b

20140205977 - Visualizing the mood of a group of individuals: Techniques are described for visualizing the mood of a group of individuals. In one example, a graphical display is divided into regions representing different emotions. Input indicative of an emotion is received from individuals located in an area of interest. As the input is received, a set of indicators is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140205979 - Medical walk-regaining staff and related methods: A hand-held cane or walking staff, with a lower end pedestal positioned on the ground or a floor so that a low profile cross piece is located in front of one of the user's feet, stimulating the brain of the user to accommodate the lifting of the user's foot, followed... Agent:

20140205980 - Systems and methods for exercise animation software: An exercise system for use with a computing device to modify and demonstrate an exercise. The exercise system may be used to modify exercises and to collect and track data based on exercise performance. Modifications to exercises may include range of motion, timing, and exercise routine modifications to customize exercises... Agent: Kiio Inc.

20140205981 - Dialysis treatment simulation systems and methods: A dialysis treatment simulation system and method are provided that comprise a treatment simulator, a computing module, and a user interface. The treatment simulator generates an event notification that simulates a notification of an event related to an interaction between a dialysis treatment machine and a patient. The computing module... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140205982 - Method of treatment for persons with addictions: A method of treatment for persons with addictions. A first step of the method involves providing every person entering a treatment facility for treatment of an addiction with a tablet computer. A second step of the method involves using the tablet computer as a teaching aid containing course materials during... Agent:

20140205983 - Interactive education system for teaching patient care: An interactive education system for teaching patient care to a user is described. The system comprises a patient simulator; a virtual instrument for use with the patient simulator in performing patient care activities; means for sensing an interaction between the virtual instrument and the simulator, and means for providing feedback... Agent: Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

20140205984 - Systems and methods for monitoring learner engagement during a learning event: According to some aspects there is provided a learning system including at least one capture device for monitoring activity of at least one learner and at least one processor configured to: monitor the activity of the at least one learner during a learning event using the at least one capture... Agent: Desire2learn Incorporated

20140205985 - Method and apparatus for responding to an inquiry: Disclosed is a method and apparatus for responding to an inquiry from a client via a network. The method and apparatus receive the inquiry from a client via a network. Based on the inquiry, question-answer pairs retrieved from the network are analyzed to determine a response to the inquiry. The... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

20140205986 - Brain based learning method: A brain research-based learning method is provided. The learning method begins by a user viewing a presentation that provides a quantity of information to the user. During the viewing, the user may answer a plurality of periodic prompts on a computer relating to the presentation. After the presentation, the user... Agent:

20140205987 - Apparatus and method for enhancing academic planning and tracking via an interactive repository database: An apparatus and method to collect, integrate, and marshal the academic course offerings and requirements of secondary educational institutions, the admission requirements and preferences of postsecondary educational institutions, and the academic and career goals of current and prospective secondary students to assist and facilitate the creation of academic plans in... Agent:

20140205988 - System, software and associated method of use thereof for the transfer of information between a moderator adn recipients: The present invention relates to a web-based computer system, a web-based computer software, and a method of use thereof for the transfer of information between a moderator and a plurality of recipients either in a face-to-face environment or in a remote environment, and more specifically the use of a moderator... Agent: Radiological Society Of North America

20140205989 - System and method for detecting a point of originality in a writing: This paper proposes a new method for the objective evaluation of student work through the identification of original content in writing assignments. Using WordNet as a lexical reference, this process allows instructors to track how key phrases are employed and evolve over the course of a student's writing, and to... Agent:

20140205990 - Machine learning for student engagement: Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer program products are disclosed for determining student engagement. A method includes receiving data collected from interactions of a plurality of students with an electronic learning system. A method includes identifying a plurality of archetypal learning patterns in received data using machine learning. A method may... Agent: Cloudvu, Inc.

20140205991 - System and method for providing teaching-learning materials corresponding to real-world scenarios: A method is provided for providing teaching-learning materials corresponding to real-world scenarios. Teaching-learning materials are provided and stored in advance, wherein each item of the teaching-learning materials corresponds to coordinates marking locations for at least one landmark. A service request specifying the coordinates of a location for a specific client... Agent: Quanta Computer Inc.

20140205992 - System and method for demonstrating a path of a projectile: A system for demonstrating a path of a projectile comprises a flexible wire, a first attachment device connected to a first end of the flexible wire, a second attachment device connected to a second end of the flexible wire, a coupling assembly comprising a trajectory rod attachment device configured to... Agent:

07/17/2014 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140199661 - Threat training system and method using simulated projectiles: A participant is trained against potential threats by carrying a device on the participant which includes a light based sensor element arranged to determine a hit in response to receiving a coded light based signal representing a simulated projectile and an indicator element arranged to indicate a hit to the... Agent:

20140199662 - Driver, vehicle, and operational analysis: Disclosed are methods, systems, and software for operation a driver analysis system which includes receiving vehicle operation data corresponding to operation of vehicles by drivers from vehicle monitoring system, processing at least a portion of the vehicle operation data to determine driving performance of at least one driver, generating a... Agent: Cartasite, Inc.

20140199663 - Method and system for controlling context-aware cybersecurity training: A context-aware training system senses a user action that may expose the user to a threat, such as a cybersecurity threat. The system selects a training action from a collection of available training actions and causes the training action to be delivered to the user or a group of users.... Agent: Wombat Security Technologies, Inc.

20140199664 - Mock attack cybersecurity training system and methods: A training system senses a user action that may expose the user to a threat, such as a cybersecurity threat. The user action may be in response to a mock attack delivered via a messaging service, a wireless communication service, a fake malware application or another device, service, system or... Agent: Wombat Security Technologies, Inc.

20140199665 - Food selection system and method of using the same: A food selection system which includes a housing have at least one storage compartment and a plurality of air vents and an aroma creation device to create an aroma stored within at least one storage compartment, wherein an exterior surface of the housing resembles a food item, and the plurality... Agent:

20140199666 - Comprehension normalization: The Comprehension Normalization Method of the present disclosure exploits the differences in the meanings of words or ideas between Big Data sets to build insight. When the comprehension normalization method is performed between two big data sets, both data sets take turns rephrasing the material of the other data set... Agent: Hyperfine, LLC

20140199667 - Conversion of alphabetic words into a plurality of independent spellings: A method of automatically converting alphabetic text written in a text based language into a non-text based language. The method can include parsing the text to identify at least one word. The method also can include via a processor, identifying within a lexicon database data corresponding to the word, wherein... Agent:

20140199668 - Multiplication table training tool and method: A visual tool and method used to learn the multiplication tables of two single digit numbers, 1-9. The tool is a graphic grid divided into eighty-one equal size squares by nine vertical columns and nine vertical rows. The grid lines around each set of three columns and three rows are... Agent:

20140199669 - Systems and methods of training an individual to custom fit golf equipment: The present disclosure relates generally to training an individual for custom golf equipment fitting, and more particularly, to an education platform to train individuals to custom fit golf equipment.... Agent: Karsten Manufacturing Corporation

20140199671 - Classroom management and educational system and method: A classroom management and educational system and method, including accessing a database including a plurality of student behavior accounts, authenticating an authorized administrative user, accepting one or more modifications by the authorized administrative user to a selected student behavior account selected from the plurality of student behavior accounts, authenticating an... Agent:

20140199670 - Multimodal cognitive performance benchmarking and testing: Multimodal cognitive performance testing identifies a benchmark test administered at the beginning and the end of a battery of tests in which cognitive resource changes are detected and are used to correct additional tests sandwiched between the benchmark tests. A test sequence methodology is described for deriving a minimum number... Agent: Sync-think, Inc.

20140199672 - Training apparatus and methods: A system and apparatus for allowing a trainee to replicate the body movements of a trainer. A trainer's instructional body movements are recorded using sensors on the trainer's garment and then stored in a computer. A trainee's body movements are then recorded using a similar set of sensors on the... Agent:

20140199673 - 3d virtual training system and method: A method is provided for a 3D virtual training system. The 3D virtual training system includes a 3D display screen and an operating device, and the method includes initializing a virtual medical training session to be displayed on the 3D display screen, where 3D display contents include at least a... Agent: Superd Co. Ltd.

20140199674 - Combined curriculum and grade book manager with integrated student/teacher evaluation functions based on adopted standards: A combined curriculum and grade book manager with integrated student/teacher evaluation functions based on adopted standards is described. A curriculum managing module is configured to provide for display a plurality of course identifiers for courses taught by a teacher and a curriculum associated with each course identifier. Each curriculum includes... Agent: Empowered Schools, Inc.

20140199675 - Social network based education infrastructure and methods of implementing and using social network based education infrastructures: A method for enabling users to offer educational support in response to a designation of instructor identifier (ID) tags associated with network accessible learning documents. The method comprises selecting by a first user using a first client terminal a network accessible learning document, associating an instructor ID tag indicative of... Agent: Yeda Research And Development Co. Ltd.

20140199676 - Systems and methods for natural language processing for speech content scoring: Computer-implemented systems and methods are provided for scoring content of a spoken response to a prompt. A scoring model is generated for a prompt, where generating the scoring model includes generating a transcript for each of a plurality of training responses to the prompt, dividing the plurality of training responses... Agent: Educational Testing Service

20140199677 - Modular multi-element constructions from rearrangeable pieces and kits allowing construction of same: Board-based machines assembled from components including crank and winch attributes which allow for coupling between the components, and which allows the user to position various elements into desired positions. A kit of components including coupling attributes which allow for assembly into a large number of different types of machines and... Agent: Goldieblox, Inc.

20140199678 - Armored whiteboard device: An armored whiteboard device is provided having a strike face with a dry erase markable surface that can be written on and wiped clean, and a protection layer of ballistic material attached to the strike face. The strike face and the ballistic protection layer can be used as a defensive... Agent: Hardwire, LLC

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