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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150147728 - Self organizing maps (soms) for organizing, categorizing, browsing and/or grading large collections of assignments for massive online education systems: For courses that deal with media content, such as sound, music, photographic images, hand sketches, video, conventional techniques for automatically evaluating and grading assignments are generally ill-suited to direct evaluation of coursework submitted in media-rich form. Likewise, for courses whose subject includes programming, signal processing or other functionally-expressed designs that... Agent:

20150147729 - Pile manipulation game: A system and method is provided that enables children to learn and practice number sense and basic numerical operations. In one embodiment, children are invited to move objects that represent units, as well as objects that represent tens, in order to visualize the process of solving basic numerical operations. The... Agent:

20150147730 - Typing feedback derived from sensor information: An embodiment provides a method, including: operating a sensor of an information handling device to capture location information of a user; determining, using a processor to analyze the location information, a position of a finger of a user relative to a keyboard location; determining, using the processor, a difference between... Agent:

20150147732 - Method for achieving positive mental outlook for wholesome and better living: A system and method to follow for sound body and mind consisting of four steps that are followed over a four week period. Each week comprises a different focus and after the allotted time period the user has completed the method. The system focuses on the wellness of body, mind... Agent:

20150147731 - Shifting visual attention between multiple video displays to train attention and memory: An apparatus comprising an electronic control device capable of sending commands to play, stop and pause the media content, at least 2 devices capable of playing and pausing the media content in communication with electronic control device and at least 2 devices capable of displaying the media content. A method... Agent:

20150147733 - Apparatus and method for training movements to avoid injuries: This invention is directed to an apparatus and method for training a user, such as an athlete, a performer and/or any other suitable person, how to avoid injuries to the body, particularly so that there is no need for rehabilitation of an injured body part. At least two parameters of... Agent:

20150147734 - Movement assessor: A movement activity is assessed in a movement assessment environment. A processor receives user movement data, captured by a sensor, of a user in the movement assessment environment. The processor receives a match request from the user, wherein the match request includes a request for an instructor that matches the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150147735 - Nose blow training apparatus: A training apparatus for training a child how to blow his or her nose includes a tapered chute having proximal and distal ends. The tapered chute defines an internal passageway connecting the proximal and distal ends. The proximal end includes a proximal opening that is sufficiently wide to fit over... Agent:

20150147736 - Simulation module: Simulation systems for demonstrating and/or testing medical devices and methods for demonstrating and/or testing medical devices using simulation systems are disclosed. An example simulation system may include a simulation module. The simulation module may include circuitry and one or more indicators. The circuitry may be capable of establishing impedance levels... Agent: Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

20150147737 - Visualizing sound with an electro-optical eardrum: An educational system for visualizing sound by a student in a laboratory. The system includes a speaker powered by an audio amplifier. A function generator or a microphone controls the amplitude and frequency of pressure waves originating from the speaker. A model of the ear canal is suspended over the... Agent: The University Of Scarton

20150147738 - Methods and systems for teaching biological pathways: Described herein is an educational tool designed to teach a learner about biological pathways. The tool, in the form of an interactive learning module, allows a user to choose how to allocate limited resources. These allocation choices then have consequences, which result in a learner progressing closer to his or... Agent:

20150147739 - Learning system using oid pen and learning method thereof: The present invention relates to a learning system using an OID pen, the learning system including a plurality of textbooks, in which texts and drawings are formed in a dot code, an OID pen to read and decode dot code information formed in a corresponding area when a specific area... Agent:

20150147740 - Entropy-based sequences of educational modules: Techniques disclosed herein can determine sequences for educational units by evaluating entropies of multiple potential sequences and biasing selection of next units towards those associated with high sequence entropies. Further, an analysis can determine which units are under-represented (relative to a target proportion) in a past sequence and bias towards... Agent: Pearson Education, Inc.

20150147741 - Learning system self-optimization: A method/system for learning system self-optimization is disclosed. The learning system can include a plurality of learning objects that are connected to each other by a plurality of learning vectors. The learning vectors can identify a prerequisite relationship between the connected learning objects and include data indicating a likelihood of... Agent: Pearson Education, Inc.

20150147742 - System and method for assembling educational materials: An electronic system and method for providing educational course materials including rendering a graphical user interface comprising a plurality of separately rendered connected screens on the display device. The rendered screens of the graphical user interface include active areas selectable using the user input means to navigate between connected ones... Agent: Macat International Limited

20150147743 - Multi-panel display device, blank, and method of forming the device: A multi-panel display device having a center panel positioned between a first side panel and a second side panel and a header panel and a blank for a multi-panel display device. In one aspect, the invention can be a blank for a multi-panel display device comprising: a center panel; a... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 25 patent applications in 19 patent subcategories.

20150140518 - Training device: Disclosed is a portable target training device that offers a versatile means of conducting target training, which may be adapted for use on varying terrain, outdoors, indoors, in scenario training, and in conjunction with accessories that affect both the exterior and interior conditions of the training device. The present invention... Agent:

20150140519 - Method and system for computer aided selection of fashion items: Method and system for combined computerized and human experts aided outfit selection are provided herein. The method may include the following steps: presenting questions and receiving answers from users over the at least one user terminal, wherein the answers are indicative of fashion preference of the users; storing user profile... Agent: Stylit Technologies Ltd.

20150140520 - Color display system: Color display systems are disclosed, wherein the color display system includes a main display unit and a secondary display unit. The main display unit can include a plurality of rotatable color selection pods where one side of the color selection pod displays a color(s) and the other side of the... Agent:

20150140521 - Shopping assisting apparatus: An apparatus comprises a bag used for individuals with special needs (children and adults) and for typically developing children. The bag is used as a shopping list and schedules for what may happen on other community events to help with an easier transition on these activities for anyone that may... Agent:

20150140522 - Methods and systems for tactile code interpretation: Methods and systems (100) for tactile code interpretation are described herein. In an embodiment, a tactile code interpretation system (100) includes a tactile code device (102) having a plurality of tactile units (106). Each of the plurality of tactile units (106) includes a tactile code (108) for representing a notation... Agent:

20150140524 - Adaptive hand to mouth movement detection device: A hand to mouth bite counting device is provided that may be worn on a hand, wrist or arm of a user to silently and continuously count the number of bites of food taken by the user. The bite counting device may include a sensing device that collects data corresponding... Agent:

20150140523 - Computer implemented system and method for determining, managing and optimizing calorie intake of a user: A system and method for determining, managing and optimizing calorie intake of a user have been disclosed. The system determines the calorie intake of a user based on basal metabolic rate and body mass index of the user and accordingly generates a customized menu for the user. The customized menu... Agent:

20150140525 - Cognitive training method for semantic skills enhancement: A method for training a semantic ability of a subject, the method being performed by a computer the method comprising: a. Displaying a linguistic task to the subject on a display of the computer, said linguistic task comprising providing one or more words, wherein said linguistic task is directed to... Agent:

20150140526 - Systems and methods for career preferences assessment: The subject matter describes systems, software, networks, platforms and methods to create one or more applications to assess an aptitude or a preference of a user, to interact dynamically with the user in a setting of a virtual task, to record and evaluate the interactions, to provide a learning platform... Agent: The Language Epress, Inc.

20150140529 - Interactive cognitive-multisensory interface apparatus and methods for assessing, profiling, training, and/or improving performance of athletes and other populations: A cognitive/multisensory stimulation system simulates sports scenarios during real sports actions for assessing, profiling, training, or improving performance of athletes or other populations. Cognitive/multisensory training can be provided by: establishing with an athlete a sensory semantic language for relating a number of sensory signals to corresponding possible actions, the sensory... Agent:

20150140528 - Method, arrangement and computer program for enhancing cognitive function of a user: Method, arrangement and computer program in a noise generator (100), for enhancing a cognitive function of a user (110). The method comprises estimating (201) attention level of the user (110), determining (202) an optimal cognitive performance level of the user (110), predicting (203) a noise amount and amplitude that is... Agent:

20150140527 - Providing interventions by leveraging popular computer resources: A computer system is described for providing intervention suggestion information to a user, for the purpose of changing a psychological state of the user. The information suggestion information identifies at least one recommended intervention, selected from a pool of candidate interventions. Each candidate intervention, in turn, involves a type of... Agent:

20150140530 - Subjective linguistic analysis: A system and related method for the electronic processing of text onto a two-dimensional coordinate system to analyze the attitudinal mindset associated with the text. The system and related method may also be employed to generate text based on a desired attitudinal mindset to impart. The system includes a computer... Agent:

20150140531 - Smart early learning system: A method for developmental evaluation is provided. A user is presented with a menu of developmental activities. A user input selecting a developmental activity from the menu is received. A user performance of the selected developmental activity is recorded. Consequently, the user is awarded a point value to a user... Agent: Innoschool Finland Oy

20150140532 - Exercise systems: Disclosed exercise systems can provide a user with a plurality of exercise instructions, a plurality of cooking instructions, and a plurality of integration instructions correlating the exercise instructions with the cooking instructions. In this way, disclosed exercise systems can provide a user a simple, step-by-step method of performing exercises or... Agent:

20150140533 - Kit for instructing the proper use of sporting goods: The present invention relates to providing direct assistance and instruction to hand placement on balls and other sporting good equipment to improve the skills for those trying to learn the sport, including but not limited to young children where early habits are formed. Without proper assistance and instruction, bad habits... Agent:

20150140534 - Apparatus and method for gait training: Arrangement for training the gait, comprising a predetermined walking surface, kick-on location sensing means for determining actual kick-on locations where a patient kicks his feet on the walking surface, which kick-on sensing means are associated to the walking surface, a training program memory for storing a gait training program which... Agent:

20150140537 - Blood simulant for simulatoin-based medical trauma training: A non-biological simulant liquid that includes about 30 to about 95 parts by weight of a polymer dispersion or a wax emulsion or dispersion, about 5 to about 70 parts by weight of a rheology modifying agent, and a pigment or a pigment combination. The non-biological simulant has a viscosity... Agent: Spectra Group Limited, Inc.

20150140536 - Flexible optical film material and method for simulating one of a multiplicity of opthalmic conditions representative of a disease state: A flexible, yet self-supporting, optical film processed to include at least one curable resin cured on selected areas thereof. The processed film is useful in a method for simulating one of a multiplicity of opthalmic conditions representative of a disease state or vision disorder. The resin has a surface (or... Agent:

20150140535 - Hybrid image/scene renderer with hands free control: A system and method for converting static/still medical images of a particular patient into dynamic and interactive images interacting with medical tools including medical devices by coupling a model of tissue dynamics and tool characteristics to the patient specific imagery for simulating a medical procedure in an accurate and dynamic... Agent:

20150140538 - System and method for extended spectrum ultrasound training using animate and inanimate training objects: A system and method for extended spectrum ultrasound training using tags placed on animate and/or inanimate objects. The system combines the use of tags, a reader, and a 3-DOF motion tracker to train a user in finding image windows and optimal image views in an ultrasound simulation environment.... Agent:

20150140539 - Medical device and procedure simulation and training: A healthcare simulation system including a mannequin with active physiological characteristics, a display monitor adapted for displaying physiological parameters, and a computer for controlling the mannequin and the monitor. A healthcare simulation method including the steps of programming the computer with healthcare scenarios, operating active characteristics of the mannequin, and... Agent:

20150140540 - Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, portable terminal, and control method and control program thereof: There is provided an information processing apparatus that readily supports to provide hardware resources for implementing ICT education in the field of education. The information processing apparatus includes a device information receiver that receives, via a network, device information for identifying a device connected to a portable terminal, an education... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150140541 - Educational querying processing based on detected course enrollment and course-relevant query time: Techniques can construct a learner's educational context (e.g., course enrollments, subject-matter interests, and/or activity involvements) and tailor query processing using the educational context. For a given query, each concept in a set of concepts can be assigned a weight. The weight can depend on a query term in the query.... Agent: Pearson Education, Inc.

20150140542 - Robotic game system for educational competitions: Robotic game system for education of the electrical, mechanical, design and strategic arts containing elements for robotic remote control and autonomous action in inter-team competitions with illustrative examples of said education materials and components.... Agent: Visualedge, Inc.

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