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Education and demonstration

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04/10/2014 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140099606 - Control of vehicles in three dimensional space: Methods and systems for controlling vehicles within graphically simulated environments are described herein. A video game such as a vehicle-based combat game may have vehicles (such as airplanes) operating in a simulated three dimensional space. In a destination based control mode, users may partially control vehicles using two-dimensional input devices... Agent:, LLP

20140099607 - Driver performance analysis and consequence: Methods, systems, and software are disclosed for operating a driver analysis system, including receiving vehicle operation data corresponding to operation of vehicles by drivers, identifying a peer group associated with a target driver, processing at least a portion of the vehicle operation data to determine driving performance of the target... Agent: Cartasite Inc.

20140099608 - 2 and 3 column colour charts (x/y) and (y/x/z) with structure, numbering and templates to be used as hardcopy and software: Design 1: 2-Column structured Colour Chart on a horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis) showing harmony and complementary colours. In Design 4: 3-Column structured Colour Chart (y,x,z) and (z,y,x) structured as a protein molecule, showing harmony, complementary, triad and tetrad combinations. These charts have a unique system of numbering and viewing... Agent:

20140099609 - Reading system: A system including a data storage device connected to a server. The device stores identifiers associated with sounds in a selected language. As a result of advertising, the identifiers (e.g., logos) are well known to an audience including users. Each sound associated with one of the identifiers is included in... Agent:

20140099611 - Attention enhancing writing instrument accessory and method of use: A writing instrument accessory for use with a writing instrument includes a sleeve having a tubular configuration defining upper and lower ends, the sleeve being configured to receive the writing instrument. The accessory includes an elastic member coupled at one end to the sleeve and extending away from the sleeve... Agent:

20140099614 - Method for delivering behavior change directives to a user: One variation of a method for prompting behavior change includes: receiving a first set of user activity data collected on a wearable device and on a mobile computing device during a first time period; identifying a habit within the first time period based on the first set of user activity... Agent: Lark Technologies, Inc.

20140099613 - Methods circuits, devices and systems for personality interpretation and expression: The present invention includes methods circuits, devices and systems for personality interpretation and expression. A personality interpretation and expression system may include central processing logic in addition to a personality engine. The central processing logic may be adapted to generate a data set corresponding to collected user and/or environment information.... Agent:

20140099612 - Systems and methods for affirmation creation and delivery: A device for recording and playing back an affirmation, comprising a recording unit configured to record the affirmation; a setup engine configured to associate at least on of the following with the recorded affirmation: volume level, imagery that displays on a viewing medium during affirmation playback, sub-sonic sound types, subconscious... Agent:

20140099610 - Visualizing the mood of a group of individuals: Techniques are described for visualizing the mood of a group of individuals. In one example, a graphical display is divided into regions representing different emotions. Input indicative of an emotion is received from individuals located in an area of interest. As the input is received, a set of indicators is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140099615 - Auditory feedback device and method for swimming speed: There is provided an auditory feedback swim training device for use by a swimmer. The device includes a flow meter connectable to the swimmer and configured to measure a flow rate of fluid while the swimmer is swimming. A control unit determines a speed or distance of the swimmer from... Agent: Topcor, LLC

20140099616 - Patient education modules: A computer-implemented method comprising: retrieving, by one or more computer systems, a patient education module for educating a patient about a medical procedure; wherein a structure of the patient education module comprises a first educational section and a second educational section; where the first educational section comprises information and one... Agent:

20140099617 - Patient simulation system for medical services or diagnostic machines: A system, method, and apparatus for a patient simulator that interacts with a diagnostic or therapeutic medical device. The system includes a computing device coupled to a patient module. The patient module includes hydraulic equipment that simulates a baseline fluid interconnection with a therapeutic device. The computing device manages physical... Agent:

20140099618 - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (cpr) simulator enabling repeated defibrillation training: There is provided a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) simulator enabling repeated defibrillation training to allow a user to practice CPR and use of a defibrillator, and the CPR simulator includes a dummy in a body shape similar to a human body shape; a first magnet installed on a upper right part... Agent: Bt Inc.

20140099619 - Model for practicing cutting: A model for practicing surgical procedures which involve the cutting of skin and or tendons. A covering representing skin is stretched around a frame. A band can be added which represents tendons or ligaments. An elongated rod assists in maintaining the position of the covering and the band. Once the... Agent:

20140099620 - Modular pulse duplicator system for simulation of cardiovascular hemodynamic functions: A versatile multi-function modular pulse duplicator system having multiple modules each universally and fluidly connected to each other via universal connectors. Each module being detachable from another module and the plurality of modules can be rearranged in different sequence or quantity as the user desires for specifically designed hemodynamic simulations.... Agent:

20140099621 - Physical lung model to simulate organ function in health and disease: The invention relates to a lung simulator apparatus, as well as to a method to ventilate a lung simulator with a ventilator. The lung simulator apparatus comprises an air chamber with a variable volume for an exchangeable gas, which air chamber is connected in parallel with two air conduits, and... Agent: Organis Gmbh

20140099622 - Hierarchical learning environment: A design application allows one or more authors to create a learning path associated with a given topic. The learning path includes content curated from various online resources. The design application allows the authors to aggregate the content from the various online resources. The design application allows the author to... Agent: Autodesk, Inc.

20140099624 - Mentor-tuned guided learning in online educational systems: Computer-based systems, methods, media, and educational system assembling platforms comprising an educational environment which further comprises: at least one area of skill, interest, or expertise; a population of learning activities associated with each area of skill, interest, or expertise; and a guided learning mode comprising: a software module configured to... Agent: Age Of Learning, Inc.

20140099623 - Social graphs based on user bioresponse data: In one exemplary embodiment, a computer-implemented method of generating an implicit social graph is provided. The method can include the step of receiving a first eye-tracking data of a first user. The first eye-tracking data can be associated with a first component. The eye-tracking data can be received from a... Agent:

20140099625 - System and method for healthcare organizational ethics: The present invention (referred to herein as EthAssist) is a computer software application that delivers healthcare, life sciences, and academic industries professionals and educators an integration of academic and applied bioethics for daily use in their facilities. EthAssist provides a standardized methodology and process for gathering information supported by a... Agent:

20140099626 - Mechanism for automating the process of individual learner course selection in a learning management system (lms): Embodiments include a method, system and computer program product for automating individual learner course selection. The method includes accessing, by a computer processor, course descriptions for a plurality of variants of a course. The course descriptions include course variant characteristics and course variant titles. The course variant characteristics define target... Agent: Medical Risk Management LLC

04/03/2014 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140093844 - Method for identification of food ingredients in multimedia content: A method for identifying nutritional data related to food substances contained in a multimedia content item is provided. The method includes analyzing a received multimedia content item to identify multimedia elements containing food substance; generating at least one signature for each identified multimedia element; querying a deep-content-classification (DCC) system for... Agent: Cortica, Ltd.

20140093845 - Example-based error detection system for automatic evaluation of writing, method for same, and error detection apparatus for same: An error detection system for automatically evaluating writing includes: an example construction apparatus to collect example sentences including various literary styles, to break up the collected example sentences in units of morphemes, and to construct the example sentences in an example-based index database (DB); and an error detection apparatus to... Agent: Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.

20140093846 - Learning word game and method of instruction: A system and method for providing an educational grade-level based word game that incorporates kinesthetic, tactile, and auditory learning styles for use in teaching children and other learners how to spell in an entertaining manner. The game correlates grade appropriate words to the common core language arts standards. The game... Agent:

20140093847 - Automated teaching system using declarative problem solving approach: A system for solving problems in mathematics, natural science, engineering and like disciplines, online or on a computing device. The system includes an interface which employs a declarative approach to solution representation. The interface allows users such as students to enter their solutions by declaring main steps of a solution... Agent: The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technolory

20140093849 - Apparatus and method for learning emotion of robot: An apparatus for the learning emotion of a robot includes an internal state calculation unit for detecting external environment information and calculating an internal state vector value for one point of an internal state coordinate system; an emotion decision processing unit for generating an emotion value within each emotion value... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20140093848 - Method and apparatus for determining the attentional focus of individuals within a group: A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to effectively determine the attentional focus of each of a plurality of individuals, such as the members of a group. In the context of a method, information is received identifying an attentional focus of each of a plurality of individuals. The... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140093850 - Motivational bracelet: A method for providing ongoing motivation to users who are attempting completion of a goal through the performance of individual steps. In the method, for each completed step towards a determined goal which is completed, the user is awarded a charm engageable to a bracelet. The ongoing positive reinforcement of... Agent:

20140093851 - Horseback riding simulator and method for horseback riding simulation: Disclosed is a horseback riding simulator configured to operate in an adaptive manner with respect to a user and a method using the same, the horseback riding simulator including a user identification unit to identify a user through user identification information based on user facial information extracted from an input... Agent: Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute

20140093852 - Surgical training model for laparoscopic procedures: A model for practicing laparoscopic surgical skills is provided. The model includes a base having a plurality of practice stations at the upper surface. The practice stations include a cover having a first closed position in which a cavity is concealed beneath the cover and a second open position in... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140093853 - Cpr training system and methods: A system including a chest compression sensor configured to detect at least one parameter corresponding to chest compressions of a subject and an electrocardiogram signal simulator configured to generate a simulated electrocardiogram signal and combine and/or modify the simulated electrocardiogram signal with an output of the chest compression sensor to... Agent: Zoll Medical Corporation

20140093854 - Surgical training model for transluminal laparoscopic procedures: A model for practicing laparoscopic surgical skills is provided. The model comprises a body having an elongate lumen and a plurality of eyelets connected to an inner surface of the lumen. The plurality of eyelets defines at least one pathway for practicing the passing of at least one needle and... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140093855 - Systems and methods for treatment of learning disabilities: Methods, systems, apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable media for treating a user having a learning disability. In embodiments, the method comprises displaying, at a physical location on a display device, at least one graphic element associated with a virtual sound source position in a three dimensional soundfield corresponding to the... Agent:

20140093856 - System and method for providing a user with advisory information: According to embodiments, a method for providing a user with information includes storing one or more pieces of advisory information and identification information of each of the advisory information, recognizing a request for advisory information from the user, forming, on a sheet, the advisory information requested by the user, an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140093857 - Method of facilitating online and socially networked education between learning institutions: A method is provided of facilitating online education between learning institutions, including the steps of obtaining an e-learning course from a content provider learning institution; obtaining the approval of a subscriber learning institution for students enrolled at such institution to receive academic credit for the successful completion of such e-learning... Agent: Gryphon Digital Media Corporation

20140093858 - Method and system for evaluating electronic document: The disclosed embodiment relates to methods and systems for evaluating an electronic document. The computer implemented method includes receiving the electronic document containing a first set of answers corresponding to one or more pre-stored questions. The first set of answers are compared with a pre-stored second set of answers based... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140093859 - Intelligence crawling pad: The invention is a crawling pad for the babies with a replaceable intelligence patch. The characteristic lies in: The crawling pad is divided into several areas based on different colorful design with allocated pockets by suture. The LED lamination and sound chips formed an intelligence patch can be inserted into... Agent:

20140093860 - Method for enhancing memory skills: A system and method for assisting individuals in developing and refining memory skills is disclosed. The computer-base memory enhancing system provides users with a memory enhancing process, memory enhancing interface, memory enhancing files, and memory enhancing methods that provide users with tools to enhance memorization. Among the features and functionalities... Agent:

20140093861 - Four bar drive link system simulator: This invention relates to a mechanical fixture which simulates a four bar link drive system for pedal driven scooters and bicycles and the resulting drive system. A four bar drive link system simulator has a frame assembly, a proximal hinge attachment bracket, a bottom bracket simulator 0, a pair of... Agent: Zike, LLC

20140093862 - Method of simulating an environment: A method of simulating an environment has a back panel and at least one side panel. The method then selects a theme for the panels, selects a primary image for the back panel, and selects a related secondary image for the side panel. The primary and secondary images are asymmetric... Agent:

03/27/2014 > 23 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20140087334 - Device for spatially moving persons: A device for spatially moving persons includes a first support element, which includes a retaining device for at least one person and which is rotatable about a first rotational axis relative to a second support element. A second support element rotatably mounted about a second rotational axis relative to a... Agent:

20140087335 - Motor vehicle operating data collection and analysis: A method and apparatus for collecting and evaluating powered vehicle operation utilizing on-board diagnostic components and location determining components or systems. The invention creates one or more databases whereby identifiable behavior or evaluative characteristics can be analyzed or categorized. The evaluation can include predicting likely future events. The database can... Agent: Allstate Insurance Company

20140087336 - Physiology and exercise management system based on body weight difference and heartbeat rate: A physiology and exercise management system based on body weight difference and heartbeat rate uses a common portable electronic device in line with a built-in APP imputation software program to impute a user's basal metabolic rate (BMR) and ideal calorie intake according to a difference value between the user's current... Agent:

20140087337 - Persian alphabet teaching and learning game and method thereof: and being different from the western alphabets in that they are written from right to left. According to the embodiments of the present invention the letters of Persian (Farsi) alphabet are either used as, or printed on, chess pieces, are set on a chessboard and are used following the rules... Agent:

20140087338 - Methods and systems for translation: Latin-derived letters may be converted into Arabic letters by performing processing associated with causing, with a display module in communication with a processor circuit and a display, the display to display a wheel comprising a Latin-derived letter and a corresponding Arabic letter; performing processing associated with receiving, with a UI... Agent:

20140087339 - Toilet target and reward apparatus: A toilet training aide formed of a flushable, biodegradable material comprising a multi-layer pocket with a latent image revealed by locating the toilet training aide under a stream of liquid or urine, the toilet training aide further including a tab portion used to maintain the toilet training aide in a... Agent:

20140087340 - Vestibular stimulation systems and methods: A vestibular stimulation system, computer controls, methods, and doses are provided.... Agent: Ultrathera Technologies, Inc.

20140087341 - Exercise training system: An exercise training system for facilitating tempo-based exercising using a computing device. The system includes a music library module having a plurality of selectable music files stored in a data storage device. The system includes a video instruction library module including a plurality of selectable video instruction files stored in... Agent:

20140087342 - Training and testing system for advanced image processing: Techniques for providing medical image processing training are described herein. According to one embodiment, at least one medical image associated with a medical image processing training course (MIPTC) is displayed in a first display area. An instruction is displayed in a second display area, where the instruction requests a user... Agent:

20140087343 - Auscultation training device and related methods: An auscultation system is disclosed herein. The auscultation system includes an auscultation device. The auscultation system also includes a proximity device operable to detect the proximity of the auscultation device. The proximity device can also emit a signal in response to detection of the auscultation device. The auscultation system also... Agent:

20140087344 - Apparatus and method for demonstrating surgical procedures using dead body organs: An anatomical training apparatus secures a body organ for demonstrating and training a surgical procedure on a body organ. Tubes extend from apertures in a base to orifices in the body organ to stabilize the body organ for surgical training. Training heart surgery is further improved by extending tubes to... Agent: Adventist Health System/sunbelt, Inc.

20140087345 - Surgical training model for laparoscopic procedures: A surgical training model that includes a simulated tissue having a tubular shape that is connected to a tissue holder is provided. A portion of the simulated tissue overhangs the distal end of the tissue holder to simulate a cuff-like entry to the vaginal vault or resected intestine suitable for... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140087346 - Surgical training model for laparoscopic procedures: A surgical training model that includes a simulated tissue having a tubular shape that is connected to a tissue holder is provided. A portion of the simulated tissue overhangs the distal end of the tissue holder to simulate a cuff-like entry to the vaginal vault or resected intestine suitable for... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140087347 - Surgical training model for laparoscopic procedures: A surgical training device includes a model comprising a simulated tissue portion mounted in selectable tension onto a plurality of posts connected to a base. Each post includes at least one notch configured for retaining the simulated tissue portion. Mounting the simulated tissue portion that is in the form of... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140087348 - Surgical training model for laparoscopic procedures: A surgical training device is provided. The training device includes a practice model comprising a base with a plurality of eyelets connected to the outer surface of the base. The plurality of eyelets defines at least one predetermined pathway for practicing the passing of at least one needle and suture... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140087349 - Embeddable video playing system and method: An embeddable video playing system and method. A user interface executing the method generates a display window for displaying video content to teach a course. The course includes a plurality of selectable lessons. The method displays a play control to play the video content and control bars to play several... Agent:

20140087352 - Computer systems for capturing student performance: A method of capturing student performance can be provided that includes enabling a course creator to generate assessment data related to learning assessments for an online course and to generate learning outcomes for the online course, associating the assessment data with the learning outcomes, such that at least some of... Agent:

20140087351 - Computer-based approach to collaborative learning in the classroom: A system for providing educators an approach to peer learning that helps students develop skills in specific content areas and build their self-efficacy: (a) collaborative, (b) reward-based educational techniques, and (c) teacher feedback on skill building effectiveness in the classroom environment. The configurable problem settings, problem generator, leveling milestones, classroom... Agent:

20140087350 - Interactive test preparation platform: An interactive test preparation platform that provides test problems and solutions in an interactive and enhanced manner. For example, the platform can provide an interactive problem and solution user interface that presents solution notations across different selectable problem screens in a manner that enhances the user's understanding of the problem... Agent:

20140087353 - Systems and methods for evaluating technical articles: The system includes an evaluation server configured to receive an article from an author. The article is then distributed to one or more reviewers who are technically qualified to evaluate the article. Further, the reviewers are provided with a scorecard that provides for specific aspects to be evaluated. Each reviewer... Agent:

20140087354 - Systems and methods for evaluating technical articles: The system includes an evaluation server configured to receive an article from an author. The article is then distributed to one or more reviewers who are technically qualified to evaluate the article. Further, the reviewers are provided with a scorecard that provides for specific aspects to be evaluated. Each reviewer... Agent:

20140087355 - Gaming platform for the development and execution of customized games and game components: A computerized educational game includes multiple formats for questions on a variety of topics related to health, wellness and education and other topics. In one embodiment, questions and answers for the game are stored so that the individual questions can be downloaded in more than one format. For example, the... Agent: Gamemetrix Solutions, Inc.

20140087356 - Method and apparatus for providing a critical thinking exercise: Disclosed herein is a software application that provides a “critical thinking exercise” that presents a problem, solvable by a user exercising critical thinking skills. Each critical thinking exercise conforms to an archetype (e.g., a framework or a set of specifications) based on which each critical thinking exercise is created by... Agent:

03/20/2014 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140080098 - System and method of evaluating and reporting the driving acuity and performance of a test subject: Systems and methods for dynamically evaluating a test subject during operation/driving of a vehicle via an onboard evaluator are provided for herein. In particular, an onboard evaluator in the vehicle may be activated either automatically or manually by a user to dynamically evaluate the test subject of the vehicle and... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20140080099 - Performance-based simulation system for an aircraft: A method and apparatus for training in an aircraft. An apparatus comprises an aircraft, a display system associated with the aircraft, a sensor system associated with the aircraft, and a training processor configured to be connected to the aircraft. The training processor is further configured to receive information about an... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140080100 - Motor vehicle operating data collection analysis: A method and apparatus for collecting and evaluating powered vehicle operation utilizing on-board diagnostic components and location determining components or systems. The invention creates one or more databases whereby identifiable behavior or evaluative characteristics can be analyzed or categorized. The evaluation can include predicting likely future events. The database can... Agent: Allstate Insurance Company

20140080101 - Kit for forming printed message card with displayed origami structure and printed message card formed using same: A kit comprises a plurality of printed message cards, a plurality of envelopes, a plurality of sheets of material each from which an instance of an origami structure can be formed, and an article having instructions thereon for creating the instance of the origami structure using one of the sheets... Agent:

20140080102 - System and method for a personal diet management: A system and method for enabling a personal diet management service is disclosed. The system enables users to communicate with the system and receive recommendations throughout the day. The system recommends recipes and restaurants serving the recipes based on a plurality of factors comprising of the calorie and nutrient intake... Agent:

20140080103 - Method for teaching a second language using an infant situational approach: s

20140080104 - Kanji stroke order learning device, kanji stroke order learning support method, kanji stroke order learning system and recording medium in which kanji stroke order learning program is recorded: Disclosed is a kanji stroke order learning device including a kanji part stroke order storage unit which stores a plurality of stroke order data of kanji parts, a kanji part combination storage unit which stores kanji and kanji parts included in the kanji in association to each other, a kanji... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140080105 - Learning support device, learning support method and storage medium containing learning support program: A learning support device includes a storage unit, first display control unit, detecting unit and second display control unit. The storage unit stores identifying items to identify the type of a word problem which are detectable in the text of the word problem, and stores at least one relation between... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140080106 - Method and system for improving personal productivity in home environments: Method and system for improving personal productivity in home environments may store state information associated with an environment and one or more users in a knowledge base, detected activity of a user, infer location of the user based on the detected activity, and suggest one or more tasks to be... Agent: Telcordia Technologies, Inc.

20140080107 - Rosary: The invention provides an abbreviated rosary associated with a handheld item. The rosary includes end-indexers, a triad of indexers, a hexad of indexers, and an intermediate indexer interposed the triad and hexad. A religious icon can be further included. The rosary can be attached to, engaged with or integral with... Agent:

20140080108 - System and method for presenting customizable sports workouts: Disclosed is a web based portal system and method to construct one or more customizable workouts, each including at least one fitness exercises, sports specific skill drills, and a combination of correlated fitness exercise, and a sport specific skill drill, to enhance the performance level of a registered user in... Agent:

20140080109 - Immersive storytelling environment: Techniques for providing an immersive storytelling experience using a plurality of storytelling devices. Each of the storytelling devices may be configured to perform one or more actions based on a current context of a story and in response to a stimulus event. The actions include at least one of an... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140080110 - Automatically generating quiz questions based on displayed media content: In accordance with some implementations, a method for automatically generating quiz questions is disclosed. The method is performed on a server system having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors. The server system receives, from a client system,... Agent: Google Inc.

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