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Education and demonstration

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07/10/2014 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20140193778 - Dry fire practice training device: When a semi-automatic weapon is live fired, its firing pin is reset and is ready to be fired again. The shooter's hands remain in the firing position, and just the trigger finger and trigger are employed. But with dry fire practice, the shooter must remove a hand from the weapon... Agent:

20140193779 - Dry fire training device: A multi-function dry fire training device to be inserted into the chamber of a firearm, which comprises an illuminator for emitting, upon receiving a command from a controller, a beam of visible or invisible illumination from the barrel of the firearm, the beam being parallel to its central axis; a... Agent:

20140193780 - Training system and simulation method for ground travel in aircraft equipped with non-engine drive means: A training system and method for operating aircraft equipped with non-engine drive means during independent ground travel is provided. The system and method of the present invention is designed specifically to train pilots, ground personnel, and air traffic control to move an aircraft safely and efficiently on the ground during... Agent: Borealis Technical Limited

20140193781 - Facilitating fulfillment and verification of pre-licensing requirements of a motor vehicle agency for a student driver: Fulfillment and verification of pre-licensing requirements of a motor vehicle agency may be facilitated for a student driver. In certain implementations, a duration of time associated with driving of the student driver may be recorded. The recording occurs during the time associated with the driving. The time duration associated with... Agent:

20140193782 - Color education system for the visually impaired: The color education system for the visually impaired is a battery-powered device including a console having a plurality of color identification modules mounted on the top platform, each of the rectangular members being formed of a unique color and having a corresponding touchpad sensor mounted thereon. The touchpad sensor has... Agent: Umm Al-qura University

20140193783 - Method of providing meal plan using refrigerator and refrigerator using the same: Disclosed are a method for providing a meal plan using a refrigerator, and a refrigerator using the same. The method for providing a meal plan using a refrigerator comprises: storing information on food materials stored in a refrigerator; receiving personal information related to a user's health status; updating pre-stored personal... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140193784 - Interactive online laboratory: A wireless sensor probe is used for performing experiments in an interactive laboratory. The probe may include a plurality of sensors for collecting experimental data during an experiment and a transmitter for wirelessly transmitting the collected data to a receiver module. The receiver module is adapted for transferring the data... Agent: Bedford, Freeman & Worth Publishing Group, LLC.

20140193785 - Roping dummy apparatus: The present invention is a team roping dummy that encourages more correct roping via new innovations. The dummy has a relatively compact main body with collapsible legs, removable head, and internal body storage for head. The dummy head has a means for allowing the head to be rotated to different... Agent:

20140193786 - Keyboard training system and method: A computer console comprising a display, one or more speakers, a computer and a keyboard has key top stickers each applied each to a respective keyboard character key. Each respective key top sticker provides a cartoon image of an animal drawn in the shape of the underlying letter represented by... Agent: Latkey Ltd.

20140193787 - Reading incentive system: Methods, systems and computer readable media for providing a reading incentive system to encourage reading in children and/or adults are described.... Agent:

20140193789 - Cutting simulation device and cutting simulation program: A PC (1) comprises a tomographic image information acquisition section (6), a memory (9), a volume rendering calculator (13), a display unit (2), a mouse (4), and a voxel label setting section (18). The tomographic image information acquisition section (6) acquires tomographic image information. The memory (9) stores voxel information... Agent:

20140193788 - Method, a device and a computer program product for training the use of an auto-injector: The invention provides a handheld device for training a user in operating an auto-injector. The device has a screen and a sensor which can quantify a physical activity of the device. A visual representation of the auto-injector and a visual instruction for a desired use of the auto-injector are presented... Agent: Alk Ag

20140193790 - Early alert system and method for identifying and assessing students in need at an educational institution: The present invention relates generally to the field of increasing retention rates in an educational institution while significantly improving the educational experience of its students. More particularly, the present invention provides means for proactively identifying students in need, whether the need is emotional, physical, spiritual, or scholastic, and providing an... Agent: Pharos Resources, LLC

20140193793 - Method and system for distance education based on asynchronous interaction: The invention facilitates asynchronous interaction between a geographically separated facilitator and at least one user. The said invention provides asynchronous interaction between rural classrooms (teacher-student community) and expert teachers to increase the outreach of the expert teachers much beyond that is permitted with the teachings of the prior art.... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140193792 - Portal assessment design system for educational testing: A Portal Assessment Design System includes a system for designing assessment models and assessments (e.g., standardized tests). In assessment design, specifications are organized around three basic elements: 1) what knowledge, skill or abilities are important to measure; 2) what is necessary evidence of that knowledge, skill or ability; 3) what... Agent: Educational Testing Service

20140193791 - System and method for education including community-sourced data and community interactions: A system and method for education including community-sourced data and community interactions. The method can include registering a plurality of users in a database, presenting educational material to a user of the plurality of users, recording the performance of the user in regards to the educational material, collecting personal statistics... Agent:

20140193795 - Dynamic generation of electronic educational courses: A method of dynamically generating electronically presented educational courses. The automated method evaluates a user's skill levels and desires and dynamically constructs a lesson plan specifically tailored to the user's desires and understanding of the subject material. Also included are a software application utilizing the method and a mobile device... Agent: You Can Learn, Inc.

20140193794 - Systems and methods for generating adaptive surveys and review prose: Systems and methods are provided for generating adaptive surveys including questions and answer options selectable by users, and human-readable review prose based on answers to the questions. The survey may be related to an assessment of a business, and may be transmitted to a user electronic device. The generated survey... Agent: Viewpoints, LLC

20140193796 - Method and apparatus for providing differentiated content based on skill level: A system and method is disclosed for providing differentiated content to a user comprising determining a skill level of the user, obtaining unmodified content, aligning the unmodified content to a set of content standards, modifying the aligned content in accordance with the user's skill level, providing the modified aligned content... Agent: Achieve3000, Inc.

20140193797 - Ideaboard: The Ideaboard comes in two sizes and is truly portable with multiple whiteboard sheets fitted into a ring binder as opposed to the traditional whiteboard that are like pieces of furniture and can not be moved easily. It provides you multiple surfaces, as against one writing surface on a traditional... Agent:

07/03/2014 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140186801 - Instructor-lead training environment and interfaces therewith: An infantry training simulation system comprising at least one firing lane, with at least one display arranged substantially near the end of the firing lane. A trainee experiencing the simulation can carry at least one physical or virtual weapon, which is typically similar to a traditional infantry weapon. To facilitate... Agent: Dynamic Animation Systems, Inc.

20140186802 - Target device for determining received hits in a light based weapons simulation system: A target device is usable with a simulation system which includes a weapon simulator having a trigger, a chamber for firing a blank cartridge in response to the trigger, and a transmitter arranged to emit a light signal defining one or more activation codes of prescribed duration in response to... Agent:

20140186803 - Convertible push-bike: The teachings provided herein relate to an articulable crankset for converting a pedal-powered vehicle into a push-powered vehicle having the articulable crankset in a retracted position to provide at least less of an obstruction to a user's legs during use of the push-powered vehicle than a non-retractable crankset. The vehicle... Agent: Kroozn, LLC

20140186804 - Color wheel artistic implement: This invention is intended to spark an art renaissance in our youth by getting back to basic color blending. In the age of computer-generated graphics and 64-box crayons, our youth have lost the ability to create their own shades and hues in a meaningful way that imparts their emotion, psyche,... Agent:

20140186805 - Portion control aid and method of making and using same: A portion control aid and method of making and using the same includes a transparent base with portion-indicating markings. The portion indicating-markings form portion-indicating regions. The size of the portion indicating regions correspond with the size of a perimeter of a portion of food that is equal to a desired... Agent:

20140186806 - Pupillometric assessment of language comprehension: The present invention is a method for assessing a patient's linguistic comprehension using a pupil response system comprising at least one pupillometer configured to measure the patient's pupil responses. The method includes (a) providing the patient with a list of verbal stimuli comprising at least two sets of verbal stimuli,... Agent: Ohio University

20140186807 - Methods, systems, and devices for multi-user improvement of reading comprehension using frequency altered feedback: Multi-user portable electronic devices for improving reading ability and/or comprehension for a plurality of subjects are provided. The multi-user portable electronic devices may include a pitch shifter circuit configured to generate frequency altered auditory speech feedback (FAF) signals corresponding to respective auditory speech signals received from respective active microphones, and... Agent:

20140186808 - Interactive web-based platform for facilitating biomarker education and patient treatment analysis: A method and server device that facilitates biomarker education by obtaining, with an interactive web-based platform, educational content corresponding to a plurality of laboratory biomarkers from a plurality of content providers, the educational content comprising at least medical or technical information for each of the biomarkers. The educational content is... Agent: Foundation For Health Improvement And Technology

20140186809 - Surgical simulator, simulated organs and methods of making same: A surgical simulator is disclosed herein. The surgical simulator includes an artificial organ and an enclosure substantially enclosing the artificial organ. The artificial organ is substantially formed of platinum cured room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber (“PCRTVS”).... Agent: Colorado State University Research Foundation

20140186810 - Adaptive training system, method, and apparatus: A system and method for training a student employ a simulation station that displays output to the student and receives input. The computer system has a rules engine operating on it and computer accessible data storage storing (i) learning object data including learning objects configured to provide interaction with the... Agent: L-3 Communications Corporation

20140186811 - Apparatus and methods for medical patient role playing / simulation activity: A health care apparatus (10) and methods for rendering audio visual content to a medical patient in the patient's home, in which a content element storage (22) stores a plurality of audio visual content elements (28) to be rendered to the patient, including role playing simulation content elements (40) in... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140186812 - Secured computer based assessment: Systems and methods for secured computer based assessment are described. In one embodiment, the method comprises capturing of proctoring data at a candidate assessment device from a candidate at predefined time intervals during an examination. The proctoring data includes biometric data, still image, and surround sound associated with the at... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140186813 - Academia industry interface framework: The present subject matter relates to an academia industry interface framework. The method includes receiving collaboration instructions from an industrial organization. The method further comprises defining a plurality of collaboration parameters based on the collaboration instructions. The collaboration parameters comprise at least one of communication parameters, leadership influence parameters, influencing... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140186815 - System and method for what-if analysis of a university based on university model graph: An educational institution (also referred as a university) is structurally modeled using a university model graph. A key benefit of modeling of the educational institution is to help in an introspective analysis by the educational institute. Specifically, the model is quite beneficial for undertaking the analysis of the various issues... Agent: Srm Institute Of Science And Technology

20140186814 - Wireless access point with integrated assessment technology: A wireless access point includes a radio frequency adapter for transmitting and receiving data, a wireless network adapter for transmitting and receiving data, and a memory comprising a proctor assessment program. The proctor assessment program is configured to receive, via the radio frequency adapter, data representative of a response to... Agent: Turning Technologies, LLC

20140186818 - Computer based system and method for assisting an interviewee in remembering and recounting information about a prior event using a cognitive interview and natural language processing: A computer based system and method for assisting an interviewee in remembering and recounting information about a prior event that occurred using a cognitive interview and natural language processing.... Agent:

20140186817 - Ranking and recommendation of open education materials: A method of automatically ranking and recommending open education materials includes receiving a query. The method also includes calculating a content similarity measurement for each of multiple learning materials based on the query. The method also includes extracting multiple learning-specific features from the learning materials. The method also includes calculating... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140186816 - Systems and methods incorporating animated widgets in a virtual learning environment: Systems and methods for teaching in a virtual learning environment. In one example method comprises displaying a problem on a graphical user interface (GUI) of a computing system, receiving a user input of one or more potential solutions to the problem, animating, via the GUI, one or more graphical representations... Agent: Mind Research Institute

06/26/2014 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140178841 - Optical recognition system and method for simulated shooting: A shooting simulation system and method. The system includes a firearm associated with a user having a user computer and an optical system for capturing an image. The image provides information on a trajectory of a virtual bullet fired from the firearm. The optical system is aligned relative to a... Agent:

20140178842 - Gd & t landtm geometric dimensioning & tolerancing fundamentals board game: An entertainment and educational board game is disclosed which requires players to answer questions from the concepts of the ASME Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD & T) standards, and includes a playing board, a square shaped playing course on the playing board and formed from a plurality of joined spaces,... Agent:

20140178843 - Method and apparatus for facilitating attention to a task: A method and apparatus for facilitating attention to a task are disclosed. The method may include: detecting, with a sensor, one or more movements, estimating the task attention state based on the one or more movements, determining the workload based on the estimated attention state, and determining based on the... Agent: U.s. Army Research Laboratory

20140178844 - Automated systems, methods, and apparatus for breath training: Systems, methods and apparatus for breath training are disclosed. The systems and apparatus may comprise an output device, at least one sensor configured to detect physiological data from a trainee, and a data processor coupled to the output device and the at least one sensor, the data processor configured to... Agent: Halare, Inc.

20140178845 - System and method for electrical theory simulator: A circuit modeling simulator is provided as an educational tool substantially duplicating and expanding a hardware-based breadboard educational tool. To do so, the system and method provides a circuit modeling simulator that allows a user to create and test a simulated electronic circuit, and includes a library of schematic components,... Agent:

20140178847 - Connected multi functional system and method of use: The present invention relates to dynamic connected multifunctional system adapted to provide a user at least one of a learning experience, an entertaining experience, a social experience, and combinations thereof, the system comprising: a multi elements base comprising at least a base structure, at least one sensor, and a plurality... Agent: Seebo Interactive Ltd.

20140178846 - System and method for interactive education and management: A method and system for interactive education and management that includes storing, by a server including a processor, a plurality of different items of media content. The server receives first user input from at least one first user, associates at least one item of media content of the plurality of... Agent:

20140178848 - Method and apparatus for administering learning contents: Provided is a method and apparatus for generating learning contents. The method includes: receiving a setting on an examination paper condition from a first user terminal and providing a list of questions matching the examination paper condition to the first user terminal; receiving a selection of questions from the list... Agent: Teracle, Inc.

20140178849 - Computer-assisted learning structure for very young children: Systems, methods, and devices relating to an educational system for children as young as a few months old. The system has different modules which are geared towards different educational aims. Each module teaches a different educational area with the areas ranging from science, math, history, social interaction. The system provides... Agent:

20140178850 - Fractal-based decision engine for intervention: A method/apparatus/system for educational intervention based on a response metric is disclosed. The notice is generated in response to the collection of user and question data, the sending of questions, the receipt of answers, the evaluation of the correctness of the answers, the generation of a response metric, the comparison... Agent: Pearson Education, Inc.

20140178851 - Process for creating educational assessments using reusable modular components: Some embodiments include a process for creating educational assessments using modular or reusable widget components that enables a non-technical user to assemble a test experience and to define test scoring logic using simple WYSISYG approaches to UI design in some embodiments. In some embodiments, the process comprises an intuitive widget-driven... Agent:

20140178852 - Virtual lesson plan integration: A student personal computer (PC) presents educational questions at break points in a video game. It receives an identifier of a student. It receives a selection by the student of one of a plurality of video games, each of the video games including break points. It correlates the identifier of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140178853 - Testing system and method: A testing system for use in conducting testing of a structure, and a method for configuring a testing system are provided. The testing system includes a testing device that includes a presentation interface, a user input interface, a memory device and a processor coupled in communication with the presentation interface,... Agent: General Electric Company

06/19/2014 > 33 patent applications in 23 patent subcategories.

20140170601 - Data sharing system for aircraft training: A method and apparatus for managing data in a platform. A first permission level is identified for first data in the data generated by a source in the platform. A second permission level is identified for an intended recipient of the first data. The first data is modified to form... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140170602 - Vehicle activity information system: The disclosed apparatus, system, and method serve to modify a driver's behavior, reduce accident costs, and generate more revenue from a company vehicle. Risky behavior that often leads to accidents, personal injury, property damage, and loss of a driver's livelihood is highlighted in the disclosed system. By focusing on a... Agent: Alliance Wireless Technologies, Inc.

20140170603 - Line drawing apparatus: A line drawing apparatus includes a generally rectangular housing having a closed back, extending sides and a front panel. The front panel defines a screen aperture which is covered by a display screen. The inner surface of the display screen is coated with a phosphorescent material. A stylus is movably... Agent:

20140170604 - Coloring system and manufacturing process for artificial covering stones: A coloring system and a manufacturing process for coloring artificial covering stones are provided. A board layout represents a board of artificial covering stones. Several natural stone color patterns are provided, each being different from one another. The natural stone color patterns are associated with selected artificial stones of the... Agent: Oldcastle Building Products Canada Inc.

20140170605 - Reusable adherent labels and related methods: Reusable, PSA labels and related methods. Some labels comprise a layer of PSA and an information layer. The PSA layer defines bond and exposed surfaces wherein the exposed surface is removable and bondable to contact surfaces. Additionally, the information layer defines exposed and bond surfaces wherein the exposed surface is... Agent: Goodbrella, LLC

20140170606 - Systems and methods for goal-based programming instruction: A computer-implemented method according to various aspects of the present disclosure includes receiving, by a computer system, a selection of a programming goal; identifying a skill associated with the goal; and generating, by the computer system, a lesson module for teaching the skill, the lesson module including an ordered list... Agent: Neuron Fuel, Inc.

20140170608 - Method and system for diet management: A system and a method for diet management based on image analysis are provided. The system includes a database and a comparison device. The comparison device is coupled to the database. The comparison device performs similarity comparison in the database based on a supervector related to at least one diet... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20140170607 - Personalized compliance feedback via model-driven sensor data assessment: A method of providing personalized compliance feedback includes detecting user movement data using at least one data sensor, parsing the detected user movement data into segments indicative of potential activity, wherein each segment comprises event motion data occurring during a corresponding time interval, identifying at least one recognized activity from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140170609 - Personalized compliance feedback via model-driven sensor data assessment: A method of providing personalized compliance feedback includes detecting user movement data using at least one data sensor, parsing the detected user movement data into segments indicative of potential activity, wherein each segment comprises event motion data occurring during a corresponding time interval, identifying at least one recognized activity from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140170610 - Method and system for creating controlled variations in dialogues: A method and system for teaching a user a target language includes developing and constructing variable potential paths of nodes representing an exchange between two participants in a dialogue, prompting and selecting a path of nodes through a conversation graph of the target language, the path of nodes defining a... Agent: Rosetta Stone, Ltd.

20140170612 - Computer program method for teaching languages which includes an algorithm for generating sentences and texts: A method for computer program for studying a foreign language, which includes an algorithm that automatically generates words, word conjugations, word combination, sentences and texts in the relevant foreign language to provide the learner with a wide variety of words, word conjugations, word combinations, sentences and texts that may be... Agent:

20140170613 - Language learning system adapted to personalize language learning to individual users: A learning system and a method adapted to personalize language learning to individual users. An output device generates and presents learning related data to a user associated with a user ID. An input mechanism receives, in response to the learning related data, response data from the user indicating the users... Agent: Cooori Ehf

20140170611 - System and method for teaching pictographic languages: In some embodiments, methods and related systems for teaching pictographic languages are disclosed. The touchscreen of a touchscreen keyboard displays the pictographic characters to be learned by a user. The characters can be, e.g., several hundred of the most commonly used characters in that language. The characters are grouped into... Agent:

20140170614 - Providing a user-specific effort value associated with digital textual content: Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are provided for providing a user-specific effort value associated with digital textual content. Typical embodiments include identifying a user read speed value; identifying a complexity value for a particular work of authorship; and calculating, in dependence upon the user read speed value and the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140170615 - Providing a user-specific effort value associated with digital textual content: Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are provided for providing a user-specific effort value associated with digital textual content. Typical embodiments include identifying a user read speed value; identifying a complexity value for a particular work of authorship; and calculating, in dependence upon the user read speed value and the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140170616 - Career history exercise with \"flower\" visualization: Techniques and tools are described for facilitating user reflection on past decisions in order to determine trends and to assist in future decision-making. Technologies for administering a career history exercise and for visualizing results of the career history exercise are described. Visualizations include using a milestone circle, divided into portions... Agent: Sap Ag

20140170617 - Monitoring system for a machine: A system for reporting operator performance of a machine includes a plurality of sensors and a communications interface. A portable computing device is removably mounted on the machine and has a user identification data code unique to a machine operator. A controller determines an identity of the machine operator based... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140170618 - System and method for facilitating career growth in an organization: Assisting career growth in an organization comprises receiving a current skillset associated with an associate, wherein the current skillset comprises one or more current skills, and receiving an interested skill from a first computer associated with the employee. One or more intermediate skills between the current skillset and the interested... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140170619 - Apparatus and method for creating artificial feelings: An apparatus and a method for creating combined artificial feelings to which different basic feelings like a human being's combined feeling are reflected. The apparatus for creating an artificial feeling comprises a feeling value group creation part which is configured to create a feeling value group having a feeling value... Agent: Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

20140170620 - System and method for teaching basic ultrasound skills: A system and method that improves the speed and efficiency through which ultrasound practitioners acquire and develop essential basic ultrasound skills in a simulated environment without the need of actual patients or subjects. The system utilizes a simulator with an input device that manipulate a virtual transducer probe in a... Agent:

20140170621 - Device for teaching the taking of dental x-ray images: A teaching device 10 includes a radiopaque skull 30 and radiopaque teeth 24, covered with plastic foam and silicone skin 31 to simulate a human head having correct external anatomical form. Pliable lips 20, 21 and other anatomical features realistically reproduce the challenges of taking dental x-rays images.... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20140170622 - Training pad connector: An improved training pad connector device for connecting a disposable electrode training pad to an electrical cable using a very low profile, approximately 0.16 of an inch, which does not interrupt the external surface or dimensions of the training pad. The connector includes a top piece and a bottom piece... Agent:

20140170623 - Cataract surgical trainer: The invention could be a surgical cataract trainer and a process for constructing same comprising an artificial surgical practice media formed from malleable material and two polymer sheets; a holder comprising of a base and a column with two ends, the base attaches to one end while the other end... Agent:

20140170624 - Device and method to produce gravitomagnetic induction, mass spin-valve or gravitational rectifier: The invention pertains to a head-disk assembly device, “mass spin-valve” or “gravitational rectifier” and method of producing gravitomagnetic induction utilizing Nano-features; Nano-bumps and Nano-pits; fabricated on the surface of a hard disk. The device includes a computer hard disk; a piezoelectric glide head and/or a GMR read head; a typical... Agent:

20140170625 - System and method for facilitating an interactive story: A method for facilitating an interactive story includes a computer receiving data representative of an event in a story, the event corresponding to a first page number of a book. A computer communicates a task based on the event. A computer receives data representative of a response to the task.... Agent: J-lynn Entertainment, LLC

20140170626 - Analytical tools for evaluating student learning and performance: In various embodiments, tools, strategies, and techniques are provided for analyzing student performance and learning activity to facilitate enhancing the student experience in different learning environments. A learning analysis system can be provided that uses a statistical analysis framework for making inferences about the level of learning of both individual... Agent: Carnegie Mellon University

20140170627 - System and method for electronic test delivery: Systems and methods for electronic test delivery are described herein. A host computer is in electronic communication with one or more devices over a wireless private network. The host computer is configured to transmit data describing a plurality of test unit components to at least one of the devices. Each... Agent: Law School Admission Council, Inc.

20140170630 - Learning content-providing method: Provided is a method of providing learning contents by a server. The method includes providing a list of steps of review contents to a user terminal; receiving a selection of a step on the list of the steps of the review contents from the user terminal, and providing the review... Agent: Teracle, Inc.

20140170629 - Producing controlled variations in automated teaching system interactions: The content of an instructor-student interaction set in an automated teaching system is represented in a graph-based format. In a graph-based representation, not only can variations branch away from each other at a node (branching point), as in the tree-based representation, but they can also merge back together. Not only... Agent: Rosetta Stone, Ltd.

20140170628 - System and method for detecting multiple-intelligence using information technology: Provided is a multiple-intelligence detection system. The multiple-intelligence detection system includes an image detection device obtaining image information for evaluating multiple-intelligence from a user, a multiple-intelligence measurement model unit receiving the image information from the image detection device to perform multiple-intelligence evaluation through selection of one of a first reaction... Agent:

20140170631 - Electronic word wall system: An electronic word wall system and a method for displaying information such as vocabulary words with an electronic word wall. The electronic word wall system includes an electronic word wall for displaying the information. Further, it includes an interactive control to upload the information to the electronic word wall. Finally,... Agent:

20140170632 - Toilet training apparatuses: The present disclosure is directed to a toilet training apparatus for use by a user with a toilet including a bowl and a tank when the user is facing the tank and sitting on or squatting above the bowl. In some examples, the toilet training apparatus further includes a support... Agent:

20140170633 - Programming learning center: A programming learning center includes a learning center workshop and a learning module generator. The learning center workshop allows a user to create a computing program by connecting programming blocks portrayed visually within the learning center workshop as building blocks. The learning module generator generates a learning module from the... Agent:

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