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Education and demonstration

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09/04/2014 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140248587 - Shooting training assembly with infrared projection: A shooting target range assembly for use by a trainee marksman using IR night vision imaging equipment to view a target. The range may have at least one target support mechanism for supporting a target and an infrared (IR) light projector associated locally with the base for projecting an IR... Agent:

20140248588 - Portable device to control simulated aircraft in air traffic control training system: A portable electronic device (1410) for controlling a simulated aircraft in a training exercise executing in an Air Traffic Control (ATC) system having a simulator, a method of doing the same using a portable electronic device (1410), and a computer program product are disclosed. The device is capable of wirelessly... Agent: Thales Australia Limited

20140248589 - Depth-related help functions for a wheel loader training simulator: Methods and systems for training an operator. One system includes a computing device including a processing unit and computer-readable medium. The computer-readable medium stores a training simulator application that is configured to receive an operating command from the operator, generate a simulated working environment and a simulated wheel loader having... Agent:

20140248590 - Keyboard for entering text and learning to read, write and spell in a first language and to learn a new language: A novel keyboard made up vowel daisies is used to learn to read, write and spell in English. A story is presented in which a specific set of words that can be generated emphasized. Upon hearing the story, a user enters a response which is received by the device when... Agent: Learning Circle Kids LLC

20140248591 - Method and system for capturing reading assessment data: A method and system for assessing a student's reading ability is disclosed. An image-capturing device detects, from a worksheet comprising a position-identifying pattern, a first mark in a first region of the worksheet. The first mark is in a first indicator portion of the position-identifying pattern contained within a first... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140248592 - Methods and devices for intraoral tactile feedback: The present invention is directed to methods and devices for teaching the proper configuration of the oral articulators, particularly the tongue, corresponding to particular speech sounds by providing intraoral tactile feedback. Intraoral tactile feedback is achieved by placing nodes in the oral cavity of the patient in locations corresponding to... Agent: Articulate Technologies, Inc.

20140248593 - Systems and methods for computerized interactive skill training: The present invention is directed to interactive training, and in particular, to methods and systems for computerized interactive skill training. An example embodiment provides a method and system for providing skill training using a computerized system. The computerized system receives a selection of a first training subject. A training challenge... Agent: Breakthrough Performancetech, LLC

20140248595 - Online interactive fitness trainer: A method, and corresponding system, for providing a fitness program to remote subscribers includes receiving first data related to a fitness program. A virtual fitness session having a set of remote subscribers is established. An online fitness coach is assigned to the set of remote subscribers in the virtual fitness... Agent: Get Into Fit LLC

20140248594 - Smart boxing gloves and methods of use: A system, for training martial arts comprising a hand mounted accelerometer coupled to a martial arts glove, such as a boxing glove or mixed martial arts (MMA) glove, or a wrist band, operatively coupled to a processor capable of determining user hand position based on data collected from the accelerometer(s).... Agent:

20140248596 - Advanced surgical simulation constructions and methods: A surgical simulation system is provided. The system includes at least one simulated body organ placed upon the base of an organ tray and at least one covering layer placed over the simulated body organ. At least one of the simulated body organ and covering layer includes electro-conductive gel that... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140248597 - Interactive learning path for an e-learning system: Computer-based educational systems, methods, and media for a child aged about 1 to about 10 years, comprising: an educational environment comprising: at least three subjects appropriate for the child, wherein each subject comprises a plurality of levels of learning; a plurality of learning activities associated with each subject; wherein the... Agent: Age Of Learning, Inc.

20140248598 - Method for promoting collective achievement in a cooperative group: A method for promoting academic achievement in a group of individuals. The present disclosure is designed to enhance the effectiveness of scholarship programs through additional value-added services for scholarship candidates and recipients. The value-added services may include—but are not necessarily limited to—proactive intervention efforts such as mentoring, counseling and tutoring,... Agent:

20140248599 - Systems and methods for computerized interactive training: The present invention is related to interactive training. In one embodiment, a training system presents a stored scenario to a user via a terminal. The user is provided with the ability to intervene and stop the pre-recorded scenario to identify an error in handling the situation presented in the scenario... Agent: Breakthrough Performance Tech, LLC

08/28/2014 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140242553 - Real-time simulation system of the effects of rotor-wake generated aerodynamic loads of a hover-capable aircraft on the aircraft itself, and method thereof: A real-time simulation system of the aerodynamic loads generated by the wake of a rotor of a hover-capable aircraft on the aircraft itself is described, said system comprising: a cockpit seat for a pilot; a simulated control device of the aircraft able to receive a simulated command from the pilot... Agent:

20140242555 - Braille display device and method of constructing same: Disclosed is a Braille display device. The device supports an array of individual Braille cells with corresponding tactile pins. The pins can be selectively lifted by way of reeds to generate Braille characters that can be felt by the user. The Braille characters can correspond to visible characters, such as... Agent: Freedom Scientific, Inc.

20140242554 - System for enabling a visually impaired or blind person to use an input device having at least one key: System for enabling a visually impaired or blind person to use an input device having at least one key, comprising: at least one tactile sensor array, in particular a pressure sensor array, attachable to a fingertip of a visually impaired or blind person for acquiring a pressure distribution image of... Agent: King Saud University

20140242556 - Diet management system and method: The present invention relates to a diet management system and method, wherein individual information data about users going through diet management are received and users are classified by body morphology, and a user-specific customised solution is provided in accordance with user body morphology classification-based diet targets, lifestyle analysis results and... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

20140242557 - Audible dictionary device and method: An audible dictionary device defined by a device housing having a multipart screen display, an lock button, a command button, a headphone jack, a keyboard, a speaker, and a detachable stylus. Internally, the audible dictionary device includes a power source, a processor, non-volatile memory, an internal database of reference information.... Agent:

20140242558 - Bartender training method and apparatus: A bartender training method and apparatus is provided, wherein the same can be deployed as a training course adapted to train users the art of mixology and efficient bartending skills. In an exemplary embodiment, the present invention contemplates one or more bar stations set up for making and serving mixed... Agent:

20140242560 - Facial expression training using feedback from automatic facial expression recognition: A machine learning classifier is trained to compute a quality measure of a facial expression with respect to a predetermined emotion, affective state, or situation. The expression may be of a person or an animated character. The quality measure may be provided to a person. The quality measure may also... Agent: Emotient

20140242559 - Method and system for eeg-based task management: A method and system are disclosed for determining a task for a subject, which includes sensing electrical activity along a scalp of a subject; characterizing a mental state of the subject based on the electrical activity of the subject; comparing the mental state of the subject with a pre-defined task... Agent: Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

20140242561 - Method of treating spinal problems in humans: A medical non-invasive treatment of humans for treating spinal disorders, such as spinal curvature, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, and other related problems. The treatment includes formation of stable synaptic connections in the patient's mind by means of forming patient's conditional reflexes to the ideal way of performing an exercise, as shown by... Agent:

20140242562 - Electronic hand washing reminder: A motion detection device that offers an audio/video reminder to wash the hands is disclosed. The device is desirable for use in public restrooms or other environments where frequent hand washing is required. The device provides a product that can effectively increase hygienic hand washing while educating patrons of proper... Agent: Skana Global, LLC

20140242563 - Drug, surgical, and medical education processes: A national standardized protocol developed by interfacing the FDA, medical societies, pharmaceutical companies, surgical companies, and patient focus groups for education patients about medications and surgical procedures which can be modified as new risks are discovered is desirable. Linking patient metadata to received information and then being able to identify... Agent: Complete Consent, LLC

20140242564 - Portable laparoscopic trainer: A portable surgical training device is provided. The trainer includes a top cover spaced apart from a base to form a simulated body cavity for locating model organs that are substantially obscured from the field of view of the user. The top cover includes a video display, fixed insertion ports... Agent: Applied Medical Resources Corporation

20140242565 - Quality management system and problem solving learning environments and design for 21st century skills: A system for managing course content for a course includes a database configured to store course content. Course content includes problem-solving learning environments and design (PSLED) blocks. An interface is configured to provide information from a PSLED block for a student. An input and output module are configured to receive... Agent:

20140242566 - Techniques for use in communications of systems for targeted datacasting: A central server outside of a school network receives assignments from educator computing devices, where each assignment includes content for distribution to student computing devices and a schedule indicating when the assignment is active for distribution. A local server within the school network receives the assignments and stores the assignments... Agent: Tv Band Service, LLC

20140242567 - Underlying student test error detection system and method: A system for improving a student's knowledge or problem solving skills that identifies errors of a student's understanding of an underlying topic or application of a requisite skill needed to answer a test question correctly. The system includes a computer with a testing software program that presents a set of... Agent:

20140242568 - Apparatus for reproducing and erasing magnetic visual information: The invention relates to an apparatus for temporarily displaying visual information, comprising a frame, a plate of material included in the frame that changes colour due to local pressure and when exposed to a magnetic field, assumes its original colour, a magnet movable along the plate, guide means for guiding... Agent:

08/21/2014 > 21 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140234806 - Muzzle flash simulators: Muzzle flash simulators that combine visual, audio, and thermal signals synchronized to the firing of a rifleman's weapon to obscure his position by producing the illusion that the shot came from a location other than the rifleman's actual location. The system may be deployed by placement with a removable ground... Agent:

20140234807 - Weight management method: The invention is directed to a weight management method, designed to stabilise and optimise insulin levels.... Agent: Christopher Brian Lundin

20140234808 - Study games kit: A study games kit is disclosed. The study games kit may include a plurality of game pieces that correspond to each of the one or more player users playing one or more mini-games, the game pieces are moved on the spaces that may require the one or more player users... Agent:

20140234809 - Interactive learning system: The present invention provides a system and method for interactively teaching phonics via an electronic device. The present invention enables a user to provide at least two forms of user input: oral and written, and the system recognizes these forms of input to provide feedback and load subsequent content based... Agent:

20140234810 - Systems and methods for determining text complexity: Computer-implemented systems and methods are provided for determining a document's complexity. For example, a computer performing the complexity analysis can receive a document. The computer can determine the content words within the document and determine an association measure for each group of content words. An association profile can be created... Agent: Educational Testing Service

20140234811 - Systems and methods for learning using contextual feedback: A method of supporting vocabulary and language learning by positioning at least one microphone so as to capture speech in the listening environment of a learner. The microphone is monitored to develop a speech signal. The speech signal is analyzed to determine at least one characteristic of the speech or... Agent: Lena Foundation

20140234812 - Artificial horse leg stand: An artificial horse leg stand includes a planar base, outer and inner tubular members providing height adjustment with an angled bracket at an upper end of the inner member. The bracket has a mounting feature located adjacent the distal end for attachment of a rotating trunion and a lower shock... Agent:

20140234813 - Systems and methods providing enhanced education and training in a virtual reality environment: Virtual reality arc welding systems that provide virtual reality simulations for training purposes. Virtual reality welding systems to aid in training welding students may provide a spatial tracker, at least one mock welding tool, a user interface for the input of information into the system, and intelligent connections to web... Agent: Lincoln Global, Inc.

20140234815 - Apparatus and method for emotion interaction based on biological signals: An emotion signal detecting apparatus is provided, and the emotion signal detecting apparatus comprises a sensor unit configured to detect a biological signal, which occurs due to a change in an emotional state of a user, and an environmental signal; and a control unit configured to generate emotion information based... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140234818 - Automated protocol for determining psychiatric disability: A system for determining a psychiatric status of a person is described, the system including an activity module that outputs first data indicative of the person's activities of daily living, a social module that outputs second data indicative of the person's social functioning in a work-like setting, a persistence module... Agent: Qtc Management, Inc.

20140234814 - Instruction production: Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with instruction production are described. In one example, a system can comprise a difference component that makes an identification of a difference between an actual action of a user and a standard action for the user. The system also can comprise an instruction component... Agent:

20140234816 - Network-based system for social emotional learning: A network-based education system for providing social emotional education includes a computer storage that can store a plurality of competencies for social emotional learning and education scenarios for the plurality of competencies, and servers that can enable one of the education scenarios to be presented on a user device. The... Agent: Smartlyu, Inc.

20140234817 - Systems and methods for helping students achieve academic success and persist through college: Described herein are systems and methods for causing behavior modification of a large population of students by providing electronic messages, referred to as nudges, to the students. A program of nudges is assigned to each student based on collected background information and feedback from the students and/or third parties. A... Agent: Persistence Plus LLC.

20140234819 - Action presentation device, action presentation method, and recording medium: An updater (16) of a behavior presentation device (1), on the basis of performed-behavior information acquired by a behavior information acquirer (15) and indicating a behavior performed by a target group comprising a plurality of users or a single target user, updates a behavior list stored by a behavior list... Agent: Nec Corporation

20140234820 - Rosary: The invention provides an abbreviated rosary associated with a handheld item. The rosary includes end-indexers, a triad of indexers, a hexad of indexers, and an intermediate indexer interposed the triad and hexad. A religious icon can be further included. The rosary can be attached to, engaged with or integral with... Agent:

20140234821 - Simulator for simulation of surgical procedures, particularly in cardiac and thoracic surgery: A simulator for surgical procedures is disclosed. The simulator can include a frame having a first wall and a second wall, where a passage opening is disposed in the first wall. Additionally, a variable wall can be inserted on the second wall in at least two different positions and the... Agent: Fehling Medical Corporation

20140234823 - Assignment sharing device, assignment sharing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium: An assignment sharing device includes an assignment-related information storage unit configured to store assignment-related information including assignment information, challenger identification information, assignment approval information, and assignment achievement status information; an assignment information receiving unit configured to receive the assignment information and so forth; an assignment-related information accumulating unit configured to... Agent: Yahoo Janpan Corporation

20140234824 - Interactive learning system and method: Disclosed is an interactive learning system and method comprising a plurality of student computing devices and database(s) connected through a network with teacher computing device(s), each adapted to help teachers and students engage in real-time qualitative content engagement, and may also provide real-time quantitative content engagement and analytics, to help... Agent:

20140234822 - System for co-clustering of student assessment data: A system and method for making use of formative assessment data collected is disclosed that identifies clusters of students and concurrently determines the characteristics of the student clusters. A decomposition of the data is performed with spectral theories of graphs and fuzzy logic algorithms to identify the clusters of students,... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20140234825 - Computer-implemented method of administering and scoring integrated reasoning question formats: Automated methods and systems are provided for presenting and scoring items which are presented in different question formats that include graphics interpretation, two-part analysis, table analysis, and multi-source reasoning. There are a plurality of response opportunities for each item, and each response opportunity is independent of each other. In operation,... Agent: Graduate Management Admission Council

20140234826 - System and method for evaluating and training academic skills: System and method for improving reading speed and comprehension of a user that use a special software application operable through a computer processor. The method and system are configured for receiving personal details and reading level of the user; setting initial presentation pace and acceleration rate; presenting textual content over... Agent: Carmel-haifa University Economic Corp. Ltd.

08/14/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140227666 - Extreme optical shooting simulator: The extreme optical shooting simulator is used for team military games and sport competitions and as a tactical training device. It consists of a simulation ‘gun’ and a personal target. Two emitters are mounted on the simulation ‘gun’: a narrow-beam emitter (1) in which a laser or non-laser light-emitting diode... Agent:

20140227667 - Language teaching system that facilitates mentor involvement: Disclosed herein, in certain embodiments, are computer-based language immersion teaching systems, products, programs, and methods comprising a digital processing device and a computer program that creates a language immersion teaching environment, wherein said environment comprises: a plurality of learning activities associated with a target language; a software module for providing... Agent: Age Of Learning, Inc.

20140227668 - System to help teachers lead classroom conversations in mathematics: Introduced herein is a technique that includes digital opening math discussions (“openers”) and digital dosing math discussions (“closers”) through the use of manipulative models in combination with well-authored and strategically placed sticky notes that can contain teacher instructions (“teacher ‘i’s”) and through the user of strategic feedback. This technique allows... Agent:

20140227669 - Guided tool tips for expression calculation: A graphical object is displayed on a display screen of a student device. The student device may then display one or more data elements pertaining to the graphical object on a display screen of the student device. An expression entered by the student may then be displayed on the display... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140227670 - Systems and methods for probabilistically generating individually customized cognitive training sessions: A method, computing device, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium are disclosed for probabilistically generating individually customized cognitive training sessions. A probability calculator executing on a computing device determines user data, priorities, and game data. The probability calculator calculates initial probabilities that a neurocognitive game will appear in a session,... Agent: Lumos Labs, Inc.

20140227671 - Portable tablet computer based multiple sensor mount having sensor input integration with real time user controlled commenting and flagging and method of using same: An event recording system for multiple sensor integration with real time user controlled commenting and flagging includes a portable tablet computer including multiple source integrating recording software configured to i) capture at least one video image during at least part of the event, ii) capture at least one audio record... Agent: Kb Port LLC

20140227672 - Memory aid: A device to be used as a memory aid. The device consists of a microphone (FIG. 1) wired to an amplifier (FIG. 2) wired to a speaker (FIG. 3). Sound from the speaker (FIG. 3) is aimed at and pressed against a person's skin (FIG. 3). Ear plugs or muffs... Agent:

20140227673 - Method and system for implementing a comprehensive, nation-wide, cloud-based education support platform: A system is disclosed for a software-as-a-service platform supporting every level of a national educational system. The system organizes users into subgroups based upon the users' level and function in the educational hierarchy; for example, teachers or parents at school could share a user group. The system provides platforms for... Agent:

20140227675 - Knowledge evaluation system: A network based electronic-learning system, especially a network based electronic-learning system to collect, process, evaluate, report, visualize, and analyze learning data from students. Instructors and students may interact with each other via a website hosted on a server. The system has an instructor dashboard, at least one instructor class room... Agent: Yourlabs, LLC

20140227674 - System and method for managing continued attention to distance-learning content: Management of a user's continued attention to distance learning content using a general purpose computer having a central processing unit, an operating system configured to run multiple program applications concurrently, and a player suitable for presenting the distance learning content. A distance learning module comprises code executable on the central... Agent: Micron Systems

20140227676 - Interactive education and entertainment system having digital avatar and physical toy: An interactive educational and entertainment system comprised of a toy as an avatar in the physical world and a digital environment, where the represented avatar has a corresponding physical toy. The system enables three way communications among the player, the physical toy and the digital environment or the avatar presented... Agent: Science Ranger Corp.

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