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Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval

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02/05/2015 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20150036235 - Write current and fly height adjustment for compensating media coercivity variation: A data storage device with compensation for coercivity variations in a magnetic disk storage medium is disclosed. Two procedures are executed to perform the coercivity compensation. In a first procedure, typically performed prior to writing of data, the coercivity at a number of locations on the disk is measured and... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20150036236 - System and method for calculating data compression ratio without writing data to media: An information handling system includes a host processor and a tape drive, which in turn includes a controller and a compression buffer. The controller is in communication with the host processor, and is configured to receive a diagnostic command from the host processor, to switch the tape drive from a... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20150036237 - Controlling a tape speed to manage a tape drive buffer: Provided are a storage device, method, and program for controlling a tape speed to manage a tape drive buffer. A tape speed is increased from a current tape speed to a target tape speed on a predetermined speed-change timing to control the reading or writing of data between the buffer... Agent:

20150036238 - Method and apparatus for speed control of voice coil motor retract operation dependent upon available power: The back EMF (BEMF) of a motor is sensed and compared to a target back EMF (BEMF) to generate an error control signal. The circuit supply voltage is also sensed. A PWM motor control signal is generated in response to a comparison of the error control signal to a ramp... Agent: Stmicroelectronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

20150036239 - Tape recording medium and drive device: A tape recording medium includes: a tape member including a recording tape and an exposure tape that is connected to the recording tape and in which an exposure portion for exposing a portion of a head in a tape width direction is formed, the head doing at least one of... Agent:

20150036240 - Hard disk double lubrication layer: Systems and methods are illustrated for manufacturing hard disks with double lubrication layers that allow minimization of a HDD head DFH touchdown point while maintaining good tribology performance for HDD reliability. An exemplary hard disk includes a magnetic recording layer, a carbon overcoat, and a double lubrication layer: a bonded... Agent: Wd Media, LLC

20150036241 - Spindle motor and disk drive apparatus: A first capillary seal portion is positioned on a radially outer side of a bearing portion. A second capillary seal portion is positioned higher in an axial direction than the bearing portion and further on radially inner side than the first capillary seal portion. A seal cap covers a portion... Agent:

20150036242 - Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus: A magnetic recording medium includes a substrate, a magnetic layer including an alloy having a L10 type crystal structure as a main component thereof, and a plurality of underlayers arranged between the substrate and the magnetic layer. The plurality of underlayers include a first underlayer including two or more elements... Agent:

20150036243 - Method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus: A method for manufacturing a magnetic recording medium is provided. An orientation control layer is deposited on a non-magnetic substrate to control an orientation of a layer located directly thereon, and a perpendicular magnetic layer whose easy axis of magnetization is mainly oriented perpendicular to the non-magnetic substrate is deposited... Agent:

20150036245 - Magnetoresistive sensor: An apparatus disclosed herein comprises a magnetically free layer and a bottom shield, wherein a first portion of the bottom shield substantially adjacent the free layer is pinned perpendicular to an air-bearing surface (ABS) of the apparatus and a second portion of the bottom shield not substantially adjacent the free... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20150036244 - System and method of forming spacer structures using ultra narrow magnetic head fabrication: A magnetic head, according to one embodiment, includes a sensor structure extending from an air bearing surface end thereof in a stripe height direction, the sensor structure having sidewalls on opposite sides thereof, the sidewalls extending between a top and a bottom of the sensor structure, the sidewalls extending in... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20150036246 - Magnetoresistive sensor shield: Implementations disclosed herein allow a signal detected by a magnetoresistive (MR) sensor to be improved by providing for a region of reduced anisotropy within a synthetic antiferromagnetic (SAF) shield. The SAF shield includes first and second layers of ferromagnetic material separated by a coupling spacer layer. A distance between the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

01/29/2015 > 9 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20150029608 - Array-reader based magnetic recording systems with frequency division multiplexing: A magnetic recording system includes an array of analog inputs operable to receive analog signals retrieved from a magnetic storage medium, a modulator operable to combine the analog signals to yield a frequency division multiplexed signal, a demodulator operable to yield a plurality of demodulated signals from the frequency division... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150029609 - Spin valve element, hard disk head, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus: A spin valve element according to an embodiment includes: a nonmagnetic base layer; a first terminal including a first magnetic layer connecting to a portion near one of opposing end faces of the nonmagnetic base layer; a second terminal including a second magnetic layer disposed and connecting to the nonmagnetic... Agent:

20150029612 - Dual pass perpendicular magnetic recording: Dual Pass Perpendicular Magnetic Recording is an invention to increase the storage capacity of disk drives and provides faster data transfer when reading data from a disk drive operating in this mode. By using two passes of the recording head to write a data track, more magnetic states are created... Agent:

20150029610 - Magnetic head having a soft magnetic layer with a close-packed plane thereof being parallel or oblique to an air bearing surface: In one embodiment, a magnetic head includes a magnetoresistive sensor having a free layer and a soft magnetic layer adapted to control a magnetization direction of the free layer and a magnetic domain of the free layer, wherein a close-packed plane of the soft magnetic layer is positioned parallel to... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20150029613 - Pin-efficient reader bias enable control: Systems and methods are included for determining a presence of an upcoming reading field during a write mode of a storage device, and initiating a read-while write (RWW) mode of the storage device in response to the sensed reading field. Initiating the RWW mode comprises warming up the reader circuitry,... Agent:

20150029611 - Stitched pole having a tapered tip: In one general embodiment, a magnetic head includes a stitch pole; and a main pole formed adjacent the stitch pole, wherein an end region of the stitch pole closest to an air bearing surface of the head tapers towards the main pole. In another general embodiment, a magnetic head includes... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20150029614 - Disk drive device: A disk drive device includes a chassis, a top cover fixed to a chassis, a rotating body on which a disk retained in a disk retaining space formed between the chassis and the top cover is to be mounted, and a bearing body that supports the rotating body in a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Japan Advanced Tech. Co. Ltd.

20150029615 - Magnetic write head having a recessed high moment portion of the wrap-around shield: Approaches to improving hard disk drive far track interference problems include utilizing a wrap-around shield having recessed high magnetic moment layer(s). Embodiments include tapering the high-moment portion away from the air bearing surface (ABS) in the cross-track direction away from the write pole, thereby reducing exposure of high moment layers... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20150029616 - Wrap-around shielded writer with highly homogeneous shield material: A perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) head is fabricated with a main pole shielded laterally by a pair of side shields, shielded above by a trailing shield and shielded optionally below by a leading shield. The shields and the seed layers on which they are formed are formed of materials having... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20150022916 - Systems and methods for calibrating read and write operations in two dimensional magnetic recording: Systems and methods are provided for calibrating signals retrieved from a storage device using a first reader and a second reader. The systems and methods further include reading a first signal using the first reader and a second signal using the second reader. Control circuitry computes a calibration metric associated... Agent:

20150022917 - Adapting transfer rate of cached data to prevent stoppage of data transmission: A file system to controls access to a tape library that selectively loads and unloads a plurality of cartridges from a plurality of slots to a drive for transmitting to the file system archived data retrieved from a particular cartridge. The file system includes a cache and receives a request... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150022918 - Request management for rotating data storage media: A data storage system and associated method of use may generally be directed to a memory cache that stores a plurality of pending read and write requests. A processor can be configured to prioritize the read requests in the memory cache in response to a sensed acoustic or mechanical vibration... Agent:

20150022919 - Spindle motor, disk drive apparatus, and method of manufacturing spindle motor: In a method of manufacturing a spindle motor, a sheet preferably made of a thermoplastic resin is closely adhered to an upper surface of a base portion of a spindle motor such that the sheet covers a base hole of the base portion. Next, heat is applied to a region... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150015981 - System and method for disk sector failure prediction: A system and method for predicting the likelihood of failure of the individual sectors of a magnetic storage disk based upon the monitoring of adjacent sector performance in responding to access requests. The prediction for a specific target sector's fidelity can be made through the gathering of sector performance data... Agent:

20150015982 - Optimum tape layout selection for improved error correction capability: According to one embodiment, a system for selecting an optimum tape layout to store data on a tape medium may include a processor and logic integrated with and/or executable by the processor, the logic being configured to: select a family of data set layouts based on parameters associated with at... Agent:

20150015983 - Size adjustable inter-track interference cancellation: Technologies are described herein for cancelling inter-track interference in a storage device utilizing size-adjustable segments. Data is read from one or more sectors on a data track adjacent to a target sector on a target track of a recording medium of the storage device. The target sector is divided into... Agent:

20150015984 - Storage media inter-track interference cancellation: Described embodiments provide a method of cancelling inter-track interference (ITI) from one or more sectors read from a desired track of a storage medium. A read channel reads sectors in a desired track of the storage medium. A decoder of the read channel decodes the read sectors, and if the... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150015986 - Methods and apparatus for improved threshold adaptation for a euclidean detector: Improved threshold adaptation is provided for a predefined pattern in data. A detection threshold employed by a Euclidean detector to detect a pattern (such as a Servo Address Mark) in data is adapted by determining a minimum Euclidean distance metric Dp before the pattern is declared in a given portion... Agent:

20150015985 - Multi-format read drive: An apparatus according to one embodiment includes a plurality of modules configured to at least read data stored on a magnetic recording tape, each of the modules having an array of readers. One module is configured to read data on a magnetic recording tape which none of the other modules... Agent:

20150015987 - Prioritized spin-up of drives: A data storage system controller designates critical drives for staggered spin up and other, non-critical drives for spin up only when the controller notifies the appropriate expander. Each expander in the data storage system maintains configuration information for each PHY of the expander and reports completion of spin up when... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20150015988 - Tape storage device: A method, and apparatus configured to perform such method, according to various embodiments, includes writing data stored in a buffer onto a recording medium using a write head in a first round of writing. An interval marker is written on the recording medium in the first round of writing when... Agent:

20150015989 - Air bearing surface having temperature/humidity compensation feature: A slider for a head to read data from or write data to a magnetic media is disclosed. The slider includes an air bearing surface including raised bearing surface(s) elevated above recessed bearing surface(s) to pressurize air flow along the air bearing surface to provide a fly height for the... Agent:

20150015990 - Head stack assembly, hard disk drive, and method of connecting a head gimbal assembly to a flexible printed circuit assembly in a head stack assembly: A head stack assembly includes at least one head gimbal assembly and a flexible printed circuit assembly. A flexure tail of the head gimbal assembly includes a row of first bonding pads, a first dual stage actuator pad and a first dummy pad arranged at two sides of said row... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20150015991 - Magnetic index mark bias point offset: The embodiments disclose an orientation control bias point coupled to a magnetic index mark and having a bias point offset set at predetermined coordinates configured to substantially prevent concentricity run-out.... Agent: Seagate Technolgy LLC

20150015993 - Base assembly, spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same: There is provided a base assembly including: a base member formed by performing plastic deformation on a steel sheet to be at least partially bent; and a flexible printed circuit board disposed on a bottom surface of the base member, wherein a surface having the flexible printed circuit board disposed... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20150015992 - Magnetic recording head and disk apparatus with the same: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording head includes a main pole, a write shield facing the main pole with a write gap interposed therebetween, a recording coil, and a high-frequency oscillator including an oscillation layer provided within the write gap between an end portion of the main pole and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150015994 - Rotary device: A rotary device includes a fixed member including a shaft body having first and second shaft ends, a rotating member being rotatably supported by the fixed member and including a bearing body that accommodates the second shaft end, and a fitting part to which a recording disk is to be... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Japan Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.

20150015995 - Hard disk drive spindle motor cup: Approaches to maintaining hard disk drive spindle motor rigidity and performance in low profile HDD devices comprise using an enclosure base with a bottom opening in which a separate motor cup is fitted and configured to support the spindle motor. The motor cup may then be fabricated using a different... Agent:

20150015996 - Slider with self-assembled monolayer pattern: A slider, having a leading edge, a trailing edge, a working surface, and read/write heads proximate the trailing edge. The slider includes a protective overcoat over the working surface of the slider, and a self-assembled monolayer coating on the working surface of the slider and over the protective overcoat, the... Agent:

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