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05/31/2012 > 16 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120134042 - Systems and methods for signal polarity determination: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for determining head polarity. As an example, a head polarity detection circuit includes: a first computation circuit, a second computation circuit, and an inversion determination circuit. The first computation circuit is operable to sum an absolute value of each sample... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120134043 - Systems and methods for spiral waveform detection: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for determining a location of a spiral pattern. As an example, a location detection circuits is discussed that includes: a pattern detection circuit, a computation circuit, and a center determination circuit. The pattern detection circuit is operable to identify a... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120134044 - Magnetic disk device, signal processing circuit, and signal processing method: According to one embodiment, a signal processing circuit processes a signal read from a magnetic disk including a servo region and a user data region, the servo region including a servo address mark, the user data region including a data sector, and includes a counter and a gate controller. The... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134045 - Magnetic head and disk drive with the same: According to one embodiment, a magnetic head of a disk drive includes a head slider including a disk-facing surface, and an inflow end surface and an outflow end surface extending across the disk-facing surface, a write element and a read element in an end portion of the head slider on... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134047 - Head gimbal assembly and disk drive with the same: According to one embodiment, a head gimbal assembly includes a suspension, a head, and a conductor trace on the suspension, including one end portion electrically connected to the head and the other end portion includes a terminal area. The conductor trace includes a thin metal plate, a base insulating layer... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134046 - Magnetic head and disk drive with the same: According to one embodiment, a magnetic head includes a main pole configured to apply a recording magnetic field, a return pole opposed to a trailing side of the main pole across a write gap and configured to return magnetic flux from the main pole, a coil configured to excite magnetic... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134049 - Magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording medium includes a substrate, a soft magnetic layer, a multilayered underlayer formed on the soft magnetic layer, and a continuous film type magnetic recording layer formed on the multilayered underlayer. The multilayered underlayer includes a first underlayer made of copper and containing crystal... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134048 - Spin torque oscillator and magnetic recording apparatus: According to one embodiment, a spin torque oscillator includes a field generation layer, a spin injection layer including a first layer and a second layer, and an interlayer interposed between the field generation layer and the spin injection layer, wherein the first layer is interposed between the second layer and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134050 - Write head having recessed magnetic material in gap region: As track densities increase, it becomes increasingly important, while writing in a given track, not to inadvertently write data in adjoining tracks. This problem has been overcome by limiting the width of material in the ABS plane to what it is at the write gap. The part of the lower... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120134051 - Write head having recessed magnetic material in gap region: As track densities increase, it becomes increasingly important, while writing in a given track, not to inadvertently write data in adjoining tracks. This problem has been overcome by limiting the width of material in the ABS plane to what it is at the write gap. The part of the lower... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120134052 - Write head having recessed magnetic material in gap region: As track densities increase, it becomes increasingly important, while writing in a given track, not to inadvertently write data in adjoining tracks. This problem has been overcome by limiting the width of material in the ABS plane to what it is at the write gap. The part of the lower... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120134053 - Magnetic signal reproduction system and magnetic signal reproduction method: The magnetic signal reproduction system comprises a magnetic recording medium comprising a magnetic layer comprising a ferromagnetic powder and a binder on a nonmagnetic support; and a reproduction head, wherein a number of protrusions equal to or greater than 10 nm in height on the magnetic layer surface, as measured... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20120134054 - Magnetic recording head, magnetic head assembly, and magnetic recording apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording head includes a main magnetic pole generating a recording magnetic field in a magnetic recording medium, a return yoke paired with the main magnetic pole and a spin torque oscillator interposed between the main magnetic pole and the return yoke and including a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134055 - Head and disk drive provided with the same: According to one embodiment, a head includes a head slider including a bearing surface and configured to fly by an airflow between the recording medium surface and the bearing surface, and a recording element and a reproduction element arranged in an outflow end portion of the head slider with respect... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134056 - Disk drive flexure: A flexure includes a metal base and a wiring portion. The wiring portion is constituted of an insulating layer, a conductor group, and others. A tongue portion is formed to a main portion of the metal base. A slider including an attached electronic unit is disposed to the tongue portion.... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20120134057 - Magnetic element with improved stability: A magnetic element capable of detecting changes in magnetic states, such as for use as a read sensor in a data transducing head or as a solid-state non-volatile memory element. In accordance with various embodiments, the magnetic element includes a magnetically responsive stack or lamination with a first areal extent.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

05/24/2012 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120127599 - Magnetic disk and manufacturing method thereof: The magnetic disk of the present invention is a magnetic disk having at least a magnetic layer, a carbon protective layer, and a lubrication layer sequentially provided on a substrate, and the lubrication layer is a film formed by a lubricant that contains two types of compounds having a perfluoropolyether... Agent: Wd Media (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120127600 - Storage control device and rotation speed control method for storage device: A plurality of hard disk drives 1 is mounted in the device mounting unit 7. The rotation speed control unit 2 detects the mounting location of each hard disk drive 1, and determines the rotation speed in accordance with the location of each hard disk drive 1. The rotation speeds... Agent: Hitachi Ltd

20120127601 - Lubricant compound for magnetic disk and magnetic disk: p

20120127604 - Magnetic recording apparatus and data reading method: A magnetic recording apparatus includes: a magnetic disk; a drive device; a magnetic disk control device; a buffer; and a flag management table. The buffer reads data of a specific block unit from a designated read range on the magnetic disk. The flag management table stores a pointer indicating the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120127603 - Magnetic tunnel junction having a magnetic insertion layer and methods of producing the same: According to one embodiment, a magnetic head includes a barrier layer having a crystalline structure, a first magnetic layer above the barrier layer, a magnetic insertion layer above the first magnetic layer, and a second magnetic layer above the magnetic insertion layer, the second magnetic layer having a textured face-centered... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B. V.

20120127605 - Method and device for mapping the magnetic field or magnetic field sensitivity of a recording head: A method and apparatus for scanning a read/write head of a hard disk drive during manufacture are presented. The method includes: providing a magnetic sensor; moving the magnetic sensor relative to and in close proximity to the read/write head under test; obtaining measurements from the head under test or the... Agent: Xyratex Technology Limited

20120127602 - Novel thermal actuator design for thermal flying height control slider: This invention relates to a slider that includes a thermal actuator for controlling the flying height of the slider over a disk in a HDD. The thermal actuator comprises a thermal insulator, a thermal heater and a thermal conductor. The thermal heater is proximate a bottom surface of a slider... Agent: Hitachi Asia Ltd.

20120127606 - Self-describing a predefined pool of tape cartridges: Apparatus and associated method for loading a first tape cartridge into a tape drive, the first tape cartridge formatted to include a user data partition and also to include an index partition, different than and sized smaller than the user data partition, to store an index that self-describes user data... Agent: Spectra Logic Corporation

20120127607 - Efficient moves via repository: A storage library is described that includes a shelf system adapted to support a number of tape cartridges. The storage library further includes a tape drive adapted to read and write data to and from tape cartridges. The storage library further possesses a temporary repository near the tape drive that... Agent: Spectra Logic Corporation

20120127608 - Storage system controlling power supply module and fan: When a disk device corresponding to a logical volume is started, a disk system determines and starts a disk device and a fan to be started, while comprehensively considering heat quantity generated by the disk device to be started, the cooling capacity of the fan, and the electric power consumption... Agent:

20120127609 - System, method and apparatus for perpendicular magnetic recording media having decoupled control and graded anisotropy: A structure for high performance perpendicular magnetic recording media has a substrate with a plurality of sequential layers including an adhesion layer, a first soft underlayer (SUL), a coupling layer, a second SUL, a seed layer, a Ru layer, and an onset layer; at least one oxide layer on the... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120127610 - Magnetic recording method using microwave assisted head: A magnetic recording method for a recording layer of a magnetic recording medium uses a thin film magnetic head with a sub-coil or a microwave radiator. In the method, a microwave spread spectrum (SS) signal is applied to the sub-coil or the microwave radiator, the microwave SS signal including a... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120127611 - Modified shield design to eliminate the far-field wate problem: A shield design for a magnetic write head is described that eliminates the far-field WATE problem while still maintaining side shielding ability. This is achieved by moving all but the central sections of the three shields (LS, SS, and WS) and, optionally, the top yoke a short distance further away... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120127612 - Process to make pmr writer with leading edge shield (les) and leading edge taper (let): Methods for fabrication of leading edge shields and tapered magnetic poles with a tapered leading edge are provided. The leading edge shield may be formed by utilizing a CMP stop layer. The CMP stop layer may aid in preventing over polishing of the magnetic material. For the tapered magnetic poles... Agent:

20120127613 - Slider pad for contact mitigation: An apparatus and associated method for a slider pad that allows for contact to be mitigated without plastic deformation. Various embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to a slider that presents a transducer and has at least one air bearing surface (ABS) feature. The ABS feature comprises a... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120127614 - Method of testing fitted state of piezoelectric element and head suspension: A method of testing a fitted state of a pair of piezoelectric elements fitted to form an actuator between a base member and a movable member, the piezoelectric elements in the actuator being arranged side by side in opposite polarity and being electrically connected in parallel with each other, and... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20120127615 - Tmr reader structure and process for fabrication: The present invention generally relates to a TMR reader and a method for its manufacture. The TMR reader discussed herein adds a shield layer to the sensor structure. The shield layer is deposited over the capping layer so that the shield layer and the capping layer collectively protect the free... Agent:

20120127616 - Tmr reader without dlc capping structure: Embodiments herein generally relate to TMR readers and methods for their manufacture. The embodiments discussed herein disclose TMR readers that utilize a structure that avoids use of the DLC layer over the sensor structure and over the hard bias layer. The capping structure over the sensor structure functions as both... Agent:

05/17/2012 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120120517 - Data processing system having data reproduction independent of data processing: A processing unit performs a method including controlling a reading-out of data from a first storage medium at a predetermined read-out data rate to produce inputted data, and controlling a compression of the inputted data to produce first compressed data of a first compressed format. The method includes controlling a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120120518 - Spin-torque oscillator for microwave assisted magnetic recording: In a conventional type magnetic head that performs microwave assisted recording, since a difference in a demagnetizing field between an end and the center of a field generation layer (FGL) grows larger when saturation magnetization of the FGL grows larger, the FGL that generates a microwave is not oscillated in... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120120519 - Resistance temperature sensors for head-media and asperity detection: A temperature sensor of a head transducer measures temperature near or at the close point. The measured temperature varies in response to changes in spacing between the head transducer and a magnetic recording medium. A detector is coupled to the temperature sensor and is configured to detect a change in... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120120520 - Cpp-tmr sensor with non-orthogonal free and reference layer magnetization orientation: A CPP spin-valve magnetic head, according to one embodiment includes a ferromagnetic free layer having a bias-point magnetization nominally oriented in a first direction; a ferromagnetic reference layer film having a bias-point magnetization nominally oriented in a second direction that is not orthogonal to the said first direction; and a... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands, B.v.

20120120521 - Contact detection between a disk and magnetic head: A HDD including a magnetic disk, a magnetic head, an embedded contact sensor embedded in the magnetic head and configured to detect a contact between the magnetic disk and the magnetic head, and TFC embedded in the magnetic head and configured to facilitate in detecting the contact between the magnetic... Agent:

20120120522 - Head transducer with multiple resistance temperature sensors for head-medium spacing and contact detection: A head transducer, configured to interact with a magnetic recording medium, includes a first sensor having a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and configured to produce a first sensor signal, and a second sensor having a TCR and configured to produce a second sensor signal. One of the first and... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120120523 - Command suspension in response, at least in part, to detected acceleration and/or orientation change: In an embodiment, an apparatus is provided that may include circuitry to, in response at least in part to detected change in at least one of acceleration and orientation of storage, request suspension of at least one command currently stored in at least one pending command queue that is intended... Agent:

20120120524 - Temperature control apparatus for a hard disk drive and a method of varying the temperature of a hard disk drive: A temperature control apparatus for a hard disk drive includes: a thermal chamber for receiving a hard disk drive; and an oscillatory air movement generator for generating air movement within a region between the thermal chamber and the hard disk drive when received in the thermal chamber, thereby to facilitate... Agent: Xyratex Technology Limited

20120120525 - Motor and recording disk drive device: There is provided a motor allowing for an increase in the rigidity of a hydrodynamic bearing by controlling a gap between a shaft and a sleeve as well as minimizing power consumption and a recording disk derive device including the motor. The motor includes a sleeve having a cylindrical shape... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics, Co., Ltd.

20120120526 - Fluid dynamic bearing unit and disk drive device including the same: A first sleeve rotatably extends around a shaft. First and second flanges are fixed to the shaft. A second sleeve extending around the first sleeve is fixed thereto. A first annular member fixed to the second sleeve surrounds the first flange. A second annular member fixed to the second flange... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20120120527 - Asperity and head-media contact detection using multi-stage temperature coefficient of resistance sensor: A multi-stage sensor is situated on the head transducer and configured to interact with a magnetic recording medium. A first sensor stage of the multi-stage sensor has a temperature coefficient of resistance. A second sensor stage of the multi-stage sensor is coupled to the first sensor and has a temperature... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120120528 - Noise and particle shield for contact sensor in a slider: A slider comprising a contact sensor element configured to respond to a change in resistance due to a change in temperature, and a shield structure. The shield structure comprises a lower thermal conductivity than the contact sensor element and a greater hardness than the contact sensor element.... Agent:

20120120529 - Voice-coil motor with flux guide configured to reduce head vibrations in a disk drive: A voice-coil motor (VCM) with a flux guide configured to reduce vibrations of a head when accessing data in a disk drive. The VCM includes at least one VCM magnet, a voice coil, and at least one flux guide. The voice coil is disposed in proximity to a magnetic pole... Agent:

05/10/2012 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120113538 - Simulating discrete track media with continuous media for head evaluation: Approaches for a testing device for selecting a discrete track media (DTM) format for use with a particular head of a hard-disk drive (HDD). The testing device comprises a continuous magnetic-recording disk, rotatably mounted on a spindle, which stores data using a continuous media format. The testing device also comprises... Agent:

20120113539 - Skew compensation signal: The relative trajectory of a transducer head over bit-patterned media (BPM) may be skewed with respect to a down-track direction on the media (i.e., skew error). In order to resolve the skew error, the presently disclosed technology measures the skew error without adding additional patterning on the media. A detector... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120113541 - Magneto-elastic anisotropy assisted thin film structure: A method includes activating a stress-effecting layer of a thin film structure, having the stress effecting layer adjacent to a magnetic layer, to induce a magneto-elastic anisotropy in the magnetic layer.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120113540 - Modified field generation layer for microwave assisted magnetic recording: A spin torque oscillator is described in which the conventional Field Generation Layer (FGL) is replaced by a bilayer, one of whose members exhibits perpendicular magnetic anisotropy while the other exhibits conventional in-plane anisotropy. Provided the layer with the perpendicular anisotropy is the one that is closest to the spacer... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120113543 - Magnetic head and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus using the same: A magnetic recording head enabling both enhancement of a strength of a magnetic field from a main pole and provision of narrow-track recording to achieve a high recording density in a high-frequency magnetic field-assisted recording method is provided. An oscillator 110 that generates a high-frequency magnetic field is provided on... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120113542 - Oscillator in which polarity is changed at high speed, magnetic head for mamr and fast data transfer rate hdd: The present invention provides a magnetic recording head and a magnetic recording device that realize information transfer speed exceeding 1 Gbit/s in microwave assisted magnetic recording applied to a magnetic recording device having recording density exceeding 1 Tbit/in2. Concerning a reference layer that supplies spin torque to a high-speed magnetization... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120113545 - Motor and recording disk drive including the same: There is provided with a motor, including: a rotating member coupled with a shaft and rotating in connection with the shaft; a stationary member having the shaft inserted therein to support the shaft and having a convex part formed to be protruded from the outside surface thereof; and a wall... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120113544 - Wet etching silicon oxide during the formation of a damascene pole and adjacent structure: A magnetic head according to one embodiment includes a side gap layer comprising primarily silicon nitride, wherein outer sides of the side gap layer taper away from one another from a leading end of the side gap layer towards a trailing end of the side gap layer; a seed layer... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120113546 - Motor unit and disk drive apparatus: A motor unit for use in a disk drive apparatus includes a motor portion, a housing member including a through hole defined therein, and a circuit board. The motor portion includes a rotating portion, a base portion, and a stator fixed to the base portion. The circuit board is arranged... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20120113547 - Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof: A suspension board with circuit includes a metal supporting board; an insulating layer formed on the metal supporting board having an opening penetrating in the thickness direction formed therein; and a conductive pattern formed on the insulating layer including an external-side terminal electrically connected to an external board. The external-side... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120113548 - Voice coil motors and magnetic circuits therefor: A magnet of rectangular prism of parallelepiped prism shape is disposed on a yoke having a triangle shape or a frusto-triangular shape to construct a magnetic circuit for a voice coil motor. The magnetic circuits facilitate positioning and holding of a moving coil, and the voice coil motor is improved... Agent:

20120113549 - Manufacturing method for magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording/reproducing device: Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium having a clear magnetic recording pattern through a simple process. The method includes: forming a magnetic layer on the non-magnetic substrate; forming a mask layer which covers a surface of the magnetic layer; forming a resist layer on the mask... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

05/03/2012 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120105992 - Method and circuitry for programmably controlling degauss write current decay in hard disk drives: A control circuit to provide a control current to control an amplitude of a write current in a magnetic media drive. The control circuit has an output circuit for providing the control current with an amplitude dependent on a bias voltage. A bias current path provides the bias voltage to... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20120105993 - Reading multi-layer continuous magnetic recording media: A method and system for reading readback pulse shapes representing a magnetization state transition between such written magnetization states of a two-layer continuous magnetic recording medium. A readback pulse shape representing a written magnetization state transition is read. The written magnetization state transition is uniquely identified from the readback pulse... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120105994 - Inter-track interference cancelation for shingled magnetic recording: Inter-track interference cancelation is disclosed, including: receiving an input sequence of samples associated with a track on magnetic storage; using a processor to generate inter-track interference (ITI) data associated with a first side track including by performing a correlation between the input sequence of samples and a sequence of data... Agent: Link_a_media Devices Corporation

20120105995 - Writing data to a tape: A method and apparatus for writing data to a tape is disclosed. A plurality of data tracks are written onto a tape simultaneously. Any data tracks written to the tape that needs to be rewritten are identified. Each re-write unit that contains a data track that needs to be re-written... Agent:

20120105996 - Thermally assisted magnetic write head employing a near field transducer (nft) having a diffusion barrier layer between the near field transducer and a magnetic lip: A thermally assisted magnetic write head having a near-field transducer, a magnetic lip and a diffusion barrier layer between the near-field tranducer and the magnetic lip. The near-field transducer includes a transparent aperture constructed of a material such as SiO2 and an opaque metallic antenna constructed of a metal such... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120105997 - Induction of magnetic bias in a magnetic recording disk: Approaches for inducing a magnetic bias in a magnetic recording disk. A biasing apparatus comprises a soft magnetic material member having a shape comprising two opposing recesses, denoted an upper recess and a lower recess. A first magnet is disposed within the upper recess and a second magnet disposed within... Agent:

20120105998 - Method of detecting touchdown of magnetic head using timestamps, and magnetic disk drive to which the method is applied: According to one embodiment, a method of detecting contact of a magnetic head with a magnetic disk by changing the dynamic flying height of the magnetic head in a magnetic disk drive is disclosed. The method can change control of a spindle motor configured to rotate the magnetic disk, from... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120106000 - Head position control method and disk device: A track locus drawn on a disk discretely contains repeatable runout (RRO) components which are large in amplitude up to high-frequency band. In order to position a magnetic head along the track locus using filters good at suppressing RRO with resonance characteristics only at an integral multiple of a rotation... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120105999 - Integrated touch-down pad and touch-down sensor: In one general embodiment, a magnetic head includes a touch-down pad, comprising at least one shielding element positioned between a leading edge of a main magnetic pole and a trailing edge of a lower return pole; an embedded contact sensor (ECS) in an electrically isolating layer, the ECS positioned near... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120106001 - Shield with wine glass shaped cavity: A write element for magnetic recording includes a main pole and a shield. The main pole has first and second sides with respect to a down-track direction. The shield at least partially surrounds the main pole with a continuously concave inner sidewall. The angle between the inner sidewall of the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120106002 - Magnetic write heads with bi-layer wrap around shields having dissimilar shield layer widths: Magnetic write heads and corresponding fabrication methods for bi-layer wrap around shields resulting in dissimilar shield layer widths are disclosed. A gap structure is formed around a main write pole for a magnetic write head. A wrap around shield for the main write pole is fabricated to include a first... Agent:

20120106003 - Methods for providing persistent lubrication to a magnetic tape head and systems thereof: A magnetic tape head according to one embodiment includes a first section having a tape bearing surface (TBS) and portions that are recessed from the TBS; a thin film section coupled to the first section, the thin film section comprising transducers for at least one of reading from and writing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120106004 - Medium for use in a tape drive apparatus: A tape medium has an identification segment located on a transparent leader segment of the tape medium for optical detection of the segment identification pattern. The segment identification pattern and the medium identification pattern have a predefined spatial relationship, enabling photo-optical detection of the segment identification pattern and reading of... Agent:

20120106005 - Magnetic head suspension: A load beam part, which includes a plate-like main body portion facing a disk surface and paired flange portions bended from both side edges of the main body portion in a suspension width direction so as to extend toward a direction opposite from the disk surface, is bended at first... Agent: Suncall Corporation

20120106006 - Magnetic sensor having improved resistance to thermal stress induced instability: A magnetic read sensor having improved robustness to withstand thermal variations resulting from thermal fly height heating. Improved thermal robustness comes as a result of improved pinned layer pinning. The read head includes an AFM layer having an increased thickness to provide a higher blocking temperature. The read head further... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B. V.

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