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Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval April category listing, related patent applications 04/12

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04/26/2012 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120099216 - System, method and apparatus for storage architecture for bit patterned media using both erase band and shingled magnetic recording: Storage architecture for bit patterned media uses both erase band and shingled magnetic recording. A hard disk drive may comprise a disk having bit patterned media with a plurality of data tracks arrayed in architecture pages having at least one of erase band mode (EBM), shingled mode (SM) and unallocated... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120099217 - Split sector formatting of storage disks: A length of a separator to be skipped on the storage disk is compared with a threshold. The threshold is associated with a maximum value for which a timing loop is able to be paused without causing the timing loop to have inaccurate timing. If the length is greater than... Agent: Link_a_media Devices Corporation

20120099218 - Magnetic-recording head with first thermal fly-height control element and embedded contact sensor element configurable as second thermal fly-height control element: A magnetic-recording head with a first thermal fly-height control (TFC) element and an embedded contact sensor element (ECSE) configurable as a second TFC element. The magnetic-recording head includes a write element, a read element, a first heater element, and an ECSE. The write element is configured for writing data to... Agent:

20120099219 - Secure data storage device: A data storage device is disclosed with at least two partitions and a set of switches to separately enable and disable read and write operations to each of the partitions, wherein read and/or write operations for at least one of the partitions is disabled when the data storage device is... Agent:

20120099221 - Head stack assembly and hard disk drive with the same: An HSA comprises at least an HGA, a controlling circuit for controlling the HGA, and an actuator coil assembly comprising at least one top surface for mounting the HGA and a side surface for mounting the controlling circuit. The HGA has a first connection region parallel to the top surface,... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20120099220 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium (pmrm) and systems thereof: In one embodiment, a perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes a crystalline seed layer having a pseudo-hcp structure with stacking faults formed above a soft magnetic underlayer, a first interlayer comprising Ru and one of W, Ta, Mo, and Nb formed above the crystalline seed layer, a second interlayer formed above... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B. V.

20120099222 - Method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing device: A method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium having a magnetically separated magnetic recording pattern is provided, in which the surface of a magnetic layer is not oxidized or halogenated, the surface is not contaminated with dust, and the manufacturing process is not complex. The method of manufacturing a magnetic... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120099223 - Conical fluid dynamic bearings having improved stiffness for use in hard-disk drives: Approaches for a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) system for use within a hard-disk drive. A fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) system may comprise an upper conical bearing and a lower conical bearing that are both disposed along a stationary shaft on which a magnetic-recording disk is rotatably mounted. The upper conical... Agent:

20120099224 - Slider for a head gimbal assembly with an inverted dimple: Apparatus and method for forming a head gimbal assembly (HGA). In accordance with various embodiments, a slider is formed with opposing first and second side surfaces, an air bearing feature on said first side surface and a dimple extending from said second side surface adapted to facilitate multi-axial rotation of... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120099225 - Servo write robust and good altitude performance abs: A head slider for a disk drive storage device. In general, the head slider should fly at the target height above the disk without crashing onto the hard disk. The head slider has an outside flange that encloses a plateau and an inside flange that encloses a plateau. The two... Agent:

20120099226 - Compact microactuator head assembly: Method and apparatus for a head gimbal assembly (HGA) which incorporates a microactuator. In accordance with various embodiments, a gimbal assembly has a gimbal island disposed within an aperture of a gimbal plate, which is mechanically decoupled from the gimbal island. At least one microactuator element is attached between the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120099227 - Magnetoresistive sensor, magnetic head, head gimbal assembly and disk drive unit with the same: A MR sensor comprises a first shielding layer, a second shielding layer, a MR element and a pair of hard magnet layers sandwiched therebetween, and a non-magnetic insulating layer formed at a side of the MR element far from an air bearing surface of a slider. The MR sensor further... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

04/19/2012 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120092786 - Non-contact information processing device and non-contact card medium issuing machine: A non-contact information processing device and a non-contact card medium issuing machine that can easily and quickly judge whether an electromagnetic radiation function of a non-contact communication antenna is working properly or not. Concretely to describe, provided is a card reader that includes non-contact information processing means for recording and/or... Agent:

20120092787 - Magnetic head and disk drive with the same: According to one embodiment, a magnetic head includes a magnetic core including a main pole, and a return pole opposed to the main pole with a magnetic gap therebetween, and configured to return magnetic flux from the main pole and form a magnetic circuit in conjunction with the main pole,... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120092788 - Fluid dynamic bearing mechanism including communicating channel, spindle motor, and disk drive apparatus: A fluid dynamic bearing mechanism includes a stationary bearing portion including a sleeve portion, and a rotating bearing portion including an outer rotating portion. A lubricating oil is arranged between the stationary and rotating bearing portions. A first dynamic pressure groove array is arranged in an upper surface of the... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20120092791 - Head gimbal assembly and disk drive with the same: According to one embodiment, a head gimbal assembly includes a magnetic head for perpendicular, a suspension supporting the magnetic head, and a heating module configured to locally heat a recording area of the recording medium. A head section of the magnetic head includes a magnetic core including a main pole... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120092790 - Patterned perpendicular magnetic recording disk drive and medium with patterned exchange bridge layer below the data islands: A patterned perpendicular magnetic recording disk with discrete data islands of recording layer (RL) material includes a substrate, a patterned exchange bridge layer of magnetic material between the substrate and the islands, and an optional exchange-coupling control layer (CCL) between the exchange bridge layer and the islands. The exchange bridge... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120092789 - Thermal fly height control magnetic recording head having a novel heating element geometry: A heating element for use in a thermal fly height control magnetic recording head of a magnetic data recording system. The heating element has a centrally disposed portion with a straight front edge that is recessed by a substantially constant distance, and has first and second side portions that taper... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120092792 - Spindle motor, disk drive apparatus, and method of manufacturing spindle motor: A spindle motor includes a stationary portion, a bearing mechanism, and a rotating portion. The bearing mechanism is attached to the stationary portion. The stationary portion includes a base portion, a stator, and a wiring. The base portion is arranged to define a portion of a housing of the disk... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20120092793 - Patterned structure in a storage media: An embodiment of the invention provides an apparatus that includes: a storage media including a patterned structure, the patterned structure including a first groove, a first stopper in the first groove, wherein the first stopper is configured to interrupt the flow of gas in a section within the first groove.... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B. V.

20120092794 - Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof: A suspension board with circuit includes a metal supporting board, an insulating layer formed on the metal supporting board, and a conductive layer formed on the insulating layer. The insulating layer includes a first insulating layer and a second insulating layer. The conductive layer includes a first conductive pattern and... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

04/12/2012 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120087031 - Adaptive disturbance compensation with multi-rate synchronized sampling: An apparatus and method for providing adaptive disturbance compensation with multi-rate synchronized sampling is disclosed herein. The dynamic disturbance occurring in a media drive during read/write operations is attenuated using the adaptive disturbance compensation scheme. A plurality of compensation filters are used, each of the compensation filters configured to attenuate... Agent: Quantum Corporation

20120087032 - Pulse power during a shut down in a hard disk drive: A HDD including write components configured to operate within an operating voltage range, charging circuitry comprising a charging capacitor. The charging capacitor includes a higher voltage when charged than the operating voltage range. The HDD also includes pulse circuitry configured to pulse power from the charging circuitry to the write... Agent:

20120087033 - Systems and methods for identifying potential media failure: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for medium utilization control. As an example, a method for identifying potentially damaged media regions is discussed that includes receiving a data set; performing a data detection process on the data set to yield a detected output and a status... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120087034 - Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus using the same: According to one embodiment, a perpendicular magnetic recording medium includes a soft magnetic underlayer formed above a substrate, a lower seed layer formed above the soft magnetic underlayer, at least one upper seed layer formed above the lower seed layer, an interlayer formed above the at least one upper seed... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120087035 - Systems and methods for variable compensated fly height measurement: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for determining fly height.... Agent: Agere System Inc.

20120087036 - Patterned media with offset pes servo segments with length encoded track position: Patterned discrete track magnetic media compatible with the constraints imposed by the use of self-assembly technology are described in which the PES servo portion of each servo sector has at least one offset segment used for the position error signal (PES). The downtrack length of the PES offset segment systematically... Agent:

20120087037 - Patterned media with structured pes servo segments encoding local track position: Patterned magnetic media are described in which the servo sectors include at least two PES offset segments that can be used for the position error signal (PES) and identification of local track position. The two PES offset segments deviate from the track centerline in opposite directions. The lengths of the... Agent:

20120087038 - Partial ribs in disk base to stiffen a hard disk drive: A hard disk drive and a disk base are disclosed with the disk base including a first face configured to form a disk cavity for the spindle motor, disk(s) and a voice coil motor and a second face configured to couple with a controller Printed Circuit Board (PCB) including at... Agent:

20120087039 - Magnetic recording medium, method of manufacturing the same, and magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording medium includes a substrate, and a magnetic recording layer formed on the substrate. The magnetic recording layer includes recording portions having patterns regularly arranged in an longitudinal direction and containing cobalt and platinum, and non recording portions formed between the recording portions and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120087040 - Magnetic disk inspecting method and its system: The present invention provides a magnetic disk inspection method and its system suitable to supply magnetic disks stored in a cassette to a plurality of inspection devices and collects inspected magnetic disks from the inspection devices. The cassette in which uninspected magnetic disks are stored is taken out from a... Agent:

20120087041 - Suspension board with circuit: A suspension board with circuit includes a conductive region in which a conductive layer is formed and a mounting region for mounting a slider on which a magnetic head that is electrically connected to the conductive layer is mounted. The mounting region mounts the slider so that the slider is... Agent: Nitto Denko Corporation

20120087042 - Perpendicular magnetic recording head laminated with afm-fm phase change material: A PMR writer is disclosed that minimizes pole erasure during non-writing and maximize write field during writing through an AFM-FM phase change material that is in an antiferromagnetic (AFM) state during non-writing and switches to a ferromagnetic (FM) state by heating during writing. The main pole layer including the write... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120087043 - Magnetic head suspension: Each of side edges of a main body portion of a load beam part includes a proximal end region inclined at a first inclination angle so as to come closer to a suspension longitudinal center line as it goes from proximal to distal sides, and a distal end region inclined... Agent: Suncall Corporation

20120087044 - Tolerance ring with edge bump difference: A novel tolerance ring includes a hollow cylindrical body defining a longitudinal axis that passes axially through its center. A circumferential gap divides the hollow cylindrical body so that the hollow cylindrical body includes first and second longitudinal edges that define the circumferential gap. A plurality of bumps protrude radially... Agent: Intri-plex Technologies, Inc.

20120087047 - Piezoelectric actuator and head suspension: A piezoelectric actuator includes an actuator base that supports a load beam and has an opening accommodating a piezoelectric element, a receiver member that is laid on and fixed to the actuator base and forms a receiver that faces the opening and receives the piezoelectric element, an adhesive part formed... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20120087046 - Thin film magnetic head including soft layer magnetically connected with shield: A thin film magnetic head includes: a magneto resistance effect film of which electrical resistance varies corresponding to an external magnetic field; a pair of shields provided on both sides in a manner of sandwiching the MR film in a direction that is orthogonal to a film surface of the... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120087045 - Thin film magnetic head including spin-valve film with free layer magnetically connected with shield: A thin film magnetic head includes; an MR film that includes a pinned layer of which a magnetization direction is pinned, a free layer of which a magnetization direction varies, and a spacer that is disposed therebetween; a pair of shields that are disposed on both sides sandwiching the MR... Agent: Tdk Corporation

04/05/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120081810 - Magnetic disk drive using offset in positioning head to read data and head positioning method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic disk drive comprises a write count memory, a read offset setting module and a controller. The write count memory stores a write count for each track or for each zone on a disk. The read offset setting module sets, in accordance with a write... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120081811 - Disk drive and method of writing to disk using disk drive: A method of writing to a disk using a disk drive includes determining a first sensing value using a first output value output from a disturbance sensor during a writing operation for multiple servo sectors on the disk, and determining a second sensing value using a second output value output... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120081812 - System and method for improved free fall detection: An information handling system includes a free fall sensing system having an amplifier and sampling circuit, a sampling data analyzer, a sampling clock duration controller, and a sampling clock generator. The amplifier and sampling circuit is configured to sample data signals from the free fall sensor based on an initial... Agent: Dell Products, Lp

20120081813 - Wiring structure, data recording device, and electronic apparatus: A wiring structure includes: positive signal wires configured to transmit a positive signal of differential signals; and negative signal wires configured to transmit a negative signal of the differential signals. The positive signal wires and the negative signal wires are interleaved. A first gap length and a second gap length... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120081814 - Magnetic head cleaning mechanism and a magnetic tape apparatus: In a magnetic head cleaning mechanism applicable to a magnetic tape apparatus using a threading system, a cleaning member is placed at a cleaning position with high precision without excessively pushing the cleaning member. For this purpose, an arm to move a cleaning bristle to clean a magnetic head is... Agent: Nec Embedded Products, Ltd.

20120081815 - Wiring structure of flexure: A wiring structure of a flexure includes wiring that includes a trace of first polarity and a trace of second polarity and transmits signals to and from a head that is supported with the flexure and writes and reads data to and from a recording medium and an interleaved section... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

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