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Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110181975 - Method of manufacturing a master disk for magnetic transfer: A method of manufacturing a master disk for magnetic transfer is provided in which a pattern configuration does not change and burrs that require a polishing process are not generated. The method of manufacturing a master disk for magnetic transfer can include preparing a nonmagnetic body, forming a pattern of... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

20110181976 - Power-saving method and operating system for the same: A power-saving method adapted in a hard disk in a computer system having a CPU and a memory module is provided. The power-saving method comprises the following steps. A data-to-be-written is transferred from the memory module through the CPU to the hard disk filter. A determining module is provided to... Agent: Compal Electronics, Inc.

20110181977 - Method of writing servo pattern to disk of a hard disk drive and hard disk drive configured to perform the method: A method of writing a servo pattern of a hard disk drive includes measuring the speed of a head of the hard disk drive by reading a basic servo pattern written to only select ones of the data tracks of the disk, realizing a feedforward current profile when the difference... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110181978 - Disc drive data recovery utilizing off center track information: Disc drive data recovery methods and systems that utilize off center track information are provided. A disc drive data track is illustratively read at a first position along a width of the data track and at a second position along the width of the data track. The data read from... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110181979 - Shaped plasmon generators for thermally-assisted magnetic recording: A TAMR (Thermal Assisted Magnetic Recording) write head uses the energy of optical-laser generated plasmons in a plasmon generator to locally heat a magnetic recording medium and reduce its coercivity and magnetic anisotropy. To enable the TAMR head to operate most effectively, the antenna is formed in three portions, a... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110181980 - Library apparatus: A library apparatus includes a drive unit for writing data into or reading data from a cartridge, a cell unit having a plurality of cells to store the cartridges and a bottom plate in which a guide groove is formed, a movement unit for moving the cartridge along the guide... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110181981 - Method and system for rotational control of data storage devices: Embodiments of methods and systems for controlling access to information stored on memory or data storage devices are disclosed. In various embodiments, fluid-mediated modification of information or access to information is utilized. According to various embodiments, data storage devices designed for rotating access are described which include rotation-activated fluid control... Agent: Searete LLC, A Limited Liability Corporation Of The State Of Delaware

20110181982 - Servo write head, servo writer, and method for manufacturing magnetic tape with servo signal written thereon: A servo write head for writing a servo pattern on a magnetic tape is provided. A flat magnetic pattern writing surface has a magnetic gap contoured to correspond to the servo pattern, and is disposed to allow the magnetic tape to slidably contact therewith. Sloped surfaces are disposed upstream and... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110181983 - Method of centering a disk of hard disk drive: A method of centering a disk of a hard disk drive includes arranging a disk on an upper end portion of a hub on which a plurality of disks are rotatably assembled, and assembling the disk on the hub by vibrating the hub. Accordingly, the disks and/or spacers may be... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110181984 - Magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus, and method for manufacturing magnetic recording medium: m

20110181985 - Tape cartridge formatted with predetermined error patterns for testing a tape head of a tape drive: A tape drive assembly for data storage on a magnetic tape includes a tape head, a cartridge receiver and a controller. The cartridge receiver selectively receives a cartridge having a test tape formatted at a predetermined location with data errors with predetermined type, size and distribution representative of data errors... Agent: Saliba Technology Solutions, Inc.

20110181986 - Disk drive device provided with lubricant-filled fluid dynamic bearing: In a disk drive device, a hub has an outer circumferential wall portion configured to hold a recording disk. A base member has a cylindrical portion, whose central axis is the rotation axis of the hub, on a surface on the side of the hub. A fluid dynamic bearing holds... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20110181987 - Magnetic recording/reproduction head: Provided is a differential type reproduction head which can obtain a preferable bit error rate without causing a baseline shift even when two magnetoresistive elements have different maximum resistance change amounts. The differential type reproduction head has a layered structure formed by a first magnetoresistive element having a first free... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110181988 - Shield design for magnetic recording head: A method is disclosed for forming a magnetic shield in which all domain patterns and orientations are stable and which are consistently repeated each time said shield is exposed to an initialization field. The shield is given a shape which ensures that all closure domains can align themselves at a... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110176237 - Magnetic tape servo format allowing for increased linear tape density and systems thereof: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording tape includes a plurality of servo tracks, each servo track comprising a series of magnetically defined bars having an average height of between about 80 microns and about 120 microns, wherein an average stripe angle of the bars is between about 10° and... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110176238 - Apparatus for controlling writing data and method for the same: In a controller of a tape drive, when a command processor receives a command for moving to the end of data (“EOD”) or the like, an operation signal output unit suspends the moving of a tape and a cartridge memory (“CM”) input/output unit stores therein a state of the tape... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110176239 - Head stack assembly and disk drive unit with the same: Disclosed is a head stack assembly, which comprises a pivot bearing assembly having a main body which comprising a first end surface and a second end surface, and a flange extended from the main body and located between the first and second end surfaces, the flange having a first interface... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20110176240 - disk drive device that rotates a disk: A disk drive device comprises a hub on which a magnetic recording disk is to be mounted; a base rotatably supporting the hub through a bearing unit; a sintered core fixed to the base, the sintered core having a ring portion and nine teeth that extend radially from the ring... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20110176241 - Disk spacer for data storage device and hard disk drive having the same: A hard disk drive includes a hub on which a plurality of disks are rotatably assembled, and a spacer assembled to the hub to be alternately arranged with the disks to separate the disks and having at least one area of an inner wall surface that elastically contacts and is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110176242 - Electromagnetic heads, flexures, gimbals and actuators formed on and from a wafer substrate: Devices for reading or writing electromagnetic information include a wafer substrate piece disposed between an electromagnetic transducer and an electrostrictive or piezoelectric actuator. The substrate piece is shaped as a rigid body adjoining the transducer and as a flexible element connecting the body and the actuator. To fabricate, at least... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110170211 - Device and method for controlling bit density of magnetic card: A device and a method for controlling a bit density of a magnetic card (2) are provided. Said control device comprises a stepper motor (1) providing power to drive the magnetic card (2) or a recording magnetic head (15), a transmission mechanism transferring power to the magnetic card (2) or... Agent: Shandong New Beiyang Information Technology Co., L

20110170212 - Method and apparatus for preventing data loss in hard disk drive: A method of preventing data loss in a hard disk drive comprises detecting a write error, performing a write retry operation upon detection of the write error, and storing write retry information in a non-volatile memory before performing the write retry operation. The write retry information comprises location information and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110170213 - Magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording apparatus equipped with the magnetic recording medium, and transfer master carrier: A burst included in a burst pattern of a magnetic recording medium is a rectangular region. The rectangular region is constituted by a first signal region formed across a plurality of data tracks and is of a shape in which the length in the down track direction gradually increases in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110170214 - Systems and methods for correcting magnetic tape dimensional instability: Magnetic tape devices encounter read and/or write errors when the tape is not being passed across the head with the proper tension and/or skew angle. According to one embodiment, a system which corrects for these problems comprises a head having an array of at least one of readers and writers,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110170215 - Asymmetric disk clamp and spindle motor assembly including asymmetric disk clamp: A spindle motor assembly includes a spindle motor, a disk for storing data, the disk being installed on the spindle motor, and a disk clamp for fixing the disk to the spindle motor. The disk clamp includes a hollow formed in a central portion thereof, a coupling portion formed around... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110170216 - Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording: A magnetic layer for writing incorporates: a pole layer having an end face located in a medium facing surface; and an upper yoke layer. A first magnetic layer for flux concentration is connected to the pole layer at a location away from the medium facing surface, and passes a magnetic... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110164332 - Systems and methods for reducing low frequency loss in a magnetic storage device: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for reducing low frequency loss in a magnetic storage device. For example, a data processing circuit is disclosed that includes an amplifier, two filters and a summation element. The amplifier provides an amplified output that is filtered using a first... Agent:

20110164334 - Integrated focusing elements for tamr light delivery system: A device to facilitate Thermally Assisted Magnetic Recording (TAMR), and a method for its manufacture, are described. One or more cylindrical lenses are used to focus light from a laser diode onto a wave-guide and a nearby plasmon antenna. Five embodiments of the invention are described, each one featuring a... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110164333 - Thermally assisted magnetic head, method of manufacturing the same, head gimbal assembly, and hard disk drive: A thermally assisted magnetic head includes a main magnetic pole layer, a near-field light generating layer having a generating end part generating near-field light arranged within a medium-opposing surface, and an optical waveguide guiding light to the near-field light generating layer. The near-field light generating layer has a near-field light... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20110164335 - Magnetic sensor including a free layer having perpendicular to the plane anisotropy: A magnetic sensor includes a reference layer having a first magnetization direction and a free layer assembly having an effective magnetization direction substantially perpendicular to the first magnetization direction and substantially perpendicular to a plane of each layer of the free layer assembly. A spacer layer is between the reference... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110164336 - Patterned media and fabrication method thereof: Since the surface roughness of a recording layer get larger in the process of fabricating a patterned medium, the spacing between a head and the medium is widened. As a result, the recording performance and corrosion resistance of the medium are degraded. In the patterned medium, a recording layer includes... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110164337 - Substrate for magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus: In an example magnetic recording medium substrate, a plurality of recording tracks are formed on a substrate, each recording track being formed of a magnetic material. Non-recording sections are formed on the substrate, each non-recording section separating adjacent recording tracks. Each recording track includes a plurality of recording sections and... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110164338 - Magnetic tunnel junction transistor device: A magnetic tunnel junction transistor (MTJT) device includes a source-drain region comprising a source electrode and a drain electrode, a double MTJ element formed between the source electrode and the drain electrode and comprising a free magnetic layer at a center region thereof, and a gate region adjacent to the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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