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Dynamic magnetic information storage or retrieval April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110096429 - Master disk for magnetic transfer, a method of drawing a magnetic transfer pattern, and a magnetic recording medium having a transferred magnetic transfer pattern: A master disk for magnetic transfer of a reference servo signal in a spiral mode, having a pattern including a plurality of dots groups, which are disposed at different radial positions of the master disk with a first pitch, and correspond to the reference servo signal in the spiral mode.... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

20110096430 - Converting timing errors into symbol errors to handle write mis-synchronization in bit-patterned media recording systems: A method includes writing data to a bit-patterned media at times determined by a clock having a period that is offset from a bit island period by a fixed offset to create one insertion or one deletion approximately within a predetermined number of bit islands, reading the data, and correcting... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110096431 - Joint design of thermally-assisted magnetic recording head and patterned media for high optical efficiency: A system according to one embodiment includes a magnetic recording medium having a magnetic layer with features in a discrete track configuration or a bit patterned configuration and an underlayer adjacent the magnetic layer, the underlayer comprising a material capable of forming surface plasmon resonance; and a magnetic head having:... Agent:

20110096432 - Thin film structure with controlled lateral thermal spreading in the thin film: An apparatus includes a magnetic layer, a heat sink layer, and a thermal resistor layer between the magnetic layer and the heat sink layer. The apparatus may be configured as a thin film structure arranged for data storage. The apparatus may also include an interlayer positioned between the magnetic layer... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110096433 - Decoupling magneto-resistive asymmetry and offset loops: Signal correction is performed by determining an offset error based at least in part on a first portion of a signal within a first amplitude range. The offset error is associated with error due to offset in the signal. An signal error, associated with error due to offset and magneto-resistive... Agent: Link_a_media Devices Corporation

20110096434 - Systems having writer with deeper wrap around shield and methods for making the same: A method according to one embodiment includes etching an underlayer positioned under a main pole for reducing a thickness thereof and creating an undercut under the main pole; adding a gap material along sides of the main pole and in the undercut; and forming a shield along at least a... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20110096435 - Heat-assisted magnetic recording head with laser diode fixed to slider: A heat-assisted magnetic recording head includes a slider, an edge-emitting laser diode fixed to the slider, and an external mirror fixed to the laser diode. The laser diode has an emitting end face that includes an emission part for emitting laser light; a mounting surface that lies at an end... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20110096437 - Disk drive device having a laminated core: In A disk drive device, a magnetic recording disk is to be mounted on a hub. A base plate rotatably supports the hub through a bearing unit. A projecting portion is formed on the upper surface of the base plate. The projecting portion has a cylindrical side surface, the center... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20110096436 - Patterned magnetic recording disk with patterned servo sectors and method using block copolymers for making a master mold for nanoimprinting the disk: A patterned-media perpendicular magnetic recording disk has patterned servo regions and is nanoimprinted from a master mold made using directed self-assembly of block copolymers. The disk has patterned concentric circular data tracks of discrete data islands, with the tracks having a track pitch in the radial or cross-track direction. The... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20110096439 - Disk drive suspension: A disk drive suspension is provided with a load beam and a flexure. A tongue portion is formed on the flexure. The tongue portion comprises a slider mounting surface and a flat portion. A slider is mounted on the slider mounting surface. A dimple is formed on the flat portion.... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20110096438 - Head-gimbal assembly with trace configured to reduce stress on a microactuator and disk drive including the head-gimbal assembly: A head-gimbal assembly. The head-gimbal assembly includes a gimbal including a tongue, a stage forming a portion of the tongue, a head-slider bonded to the stage, first and second piezoelectric elements disposed on a rear side of the stage within an area of the tongue, and a trace formed on... Agent:

20110096440 - Head gimbal assembly with contact detection: An apparatus and associated method for a head gimbal assembly (HGA) that detects a contact event. Various embodiments of the present invention are generally directed to a load beam coupled to a plate via a gimbal. The plate has a cantilevered ramp limiter which extends forward from the gimbal to... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110096441 - Slider with improved robustness to particle contact: In a disc drive, a slider having electronic communication with the surface of a data disc, the slider having a first up-track mill transition that has a transition mill to remove oblique mill transitions so that the transition has a substantially perpendicular portion that impacts contaminant particles on or near... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110096442 - Hard disk drive: A hard disk drive includes a base, an actuator arm pivotably installed on the base, and a latch device to latch the actuator arm at a parking position. The latch device includes a latch stop that protrudes from a side wall of the base and has an inclined surface, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110096443 - Mtj incorporating cofe/ni multilayer film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy for mram application: A MTJ for a spintronic device is disclosed and includes a thin composite seed layer made of at least Ta and a metal layer having fcc(111) or hcp(001) texture as in Ta/Ti/Cu to enhance perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) in an overlying laminated layer with a (CoFe/Ni)X, (Co/NiFe)X, (Co/NiCo)X, (CoFe/NiFe)X, or... Agent: Magic Technologies, Inc.

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110090583 - Magnetic recording apparatus and magnetic recording medium: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording apparatus includes: an information recording module configured to record a predetermined number of lines of information with a predetermined length in an information recording region of a magnetic recording medium, each of the lines of information having a same recording start position with... Agent: Toshiba Storage Device Corporation

20110090584 - Signaling method and apparatus for write assist of high coercivity media using integrated half coil: A signaling method and apparatus for providing two write assist components for perpendicular thin film heads writing to high coercivity media is disclosed. The two components provided by the present invention include a media writing assist component and a head switching assist component. Circuit wiring configurations and waveforms for driving... Agent:

20110090585 - Method and apparatus for the disassembly and destruction of a hard disk drive: A method of destroying data on a data platter comprises performing at least one of degaussing at least a portion of the data platter, removing at least a portion of a recording surface of the data platter, or deforming at least a portion of the data platter, and performing at... Agent:

20110090586 - Disk drive and method for adjusting common-mode voltage of an element on a head-slider: A disk drive. The disk drive includes a disk configured to store data, a motor configured to rotate the disk, a head-slider and a controller. The head-slider includes a slider configured to fly in proximity to a recording surface of the disk, and an element on the slider. The controller... Agent:

20110090587 - Thermally-assisted magnetic recording head with plane-emission type light source: A thermally-assisted magnetic recording head includes a surface-emitting type light source for emitting substantially collimated beam, a first diffraction optical element for focusing the substantially collimated beam emitted from the surface-emitting type light source, a second diffraction optical element for collimating the light beam focused by the first diffraction optical... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110090588 - Write head with bevel structure and reverse nft for hamr: A magnetic recording head comprises a write pole tip adjacent to an air bearing surface and a return pole. In addition, a near field transducer is positioned adjacent the write pole in order to produce near field radiation to heat a portion of a recording medium to facilitate switching by... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110090589 - Magnetic heads having magnetic films that are more recessed than insulating films, and systems having such heads: A structure according to one embodiment includes a substrate having a media facing side; and a thin film stack formed on the substrate, the thin film stack including magnetic films and insulating films, wherein the thin film stack is recessed from a plane extending along the media facing side of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110090590 - Head position control device, magnetic recording evaluation apparatus, and head position control method: At time to start learning feed-forward control and under the status that servo-drive is not put in execution, a positioning error of repeatable runout is detected by means of a positioning error of repeatable runout operation section and on the basis of a value of the positioning error of repeatable... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20110090591 - Seek control method to avoid flex cable resonance during settle in hard disk drive: A hard disk drive with a circuit that can perform a seek routine by providing a seek current to a voice coil motor. The voice coil motor is coupled to a head that is coupled to a disk. The seek current provides a predetermined number of harmonics. The number of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110090593 - Apparatus and method for reducing turbulence of airflow in a hard disk drive: A sickle-shaped disk drive spoiler for reducing turbulence of airflow in a hard disk drive is provided. The sickle-shaped spoiler is configured to direct airflow generated by a rotating disk and includes a tapered first end portion configured to direct the airflow toward the inner diameter of the disk and... Agent:

20110090592 - Integrated upstream spoiler and particle filter in a hard-disk drive (hdd): Approaches for integrating an upstream spoiler with a particle filter in a hard-disk drive (HDD). According to an approach, a single part may comprise an upstream spoiler and an opening. The single part has a structure which enables an airborne particle filter to be positioned over or within the opening.... Agent:

20110090594 - Device for generating high frequency magnetic fields in a rest-frame of a magnetic medium: A magnetic head having a magnetic wiggler structure for initiating a high frequency magnetic oscillation in a magnetic to improve media-writeability and increase data density. The wiggler structure includes a plurality of magnetic layers that are antiparallel coupled with one another across non-magnetic antiparallel coupling layers. The wiggler structure is... Agent:

20110090596 - Integrated half coil structure for write assist of high coercivity media: A structure for providing two write assist components for perpendicular thin film heads writing to high coercivity media is disclosed. The two components provided by the present invention include a media writing assist component and a head switching assist component. The structure includes an auxiliary half coil surrounding the pole... Agent:

20110090595 - Magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording and method of manufacturing same: A main magnetic pole includes a first part extending from a medium facing surface to a point at a predetermined distance from the medium facing surface, and a second part other than the first part. An accommodation part for accommodating the main magnetic pole includes: a first layer having a... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110090597 - Head with slider suppressing back flow, head suspension assembly, and disk device provided with the same: According to one embodiment, a slider of a magnetic head is provided with a negative-pressure cavity formed in a facing surface, a leading step portion situated on the upstream side of the negative-pressure cavity, a pair of side portions opposed to each other, a trailing step portion situated on the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110090598 - Head-slider configured to fly with a variable fly pitch and a hard-disk drive including the head-slider: A head-slider. The head-slider includes a pair of leading-edge air-bearing surfaces formed on a leading-edge portion of a disk-facing slider-surface of the head-slider, a center air-bearing surface formed at a central portion of a trailing-edge portion of the disk-facing slider-surface, and a magnetic-recording head disposed at the central portion of... Agent:

20110090599 - Suspension having a short flexure tail, head gimbal assembly and disk drive unit with the same: A suspension for a head gimbal assembly comprises a flexure having a flexure having a tail with a plurality of electrical traces and a plurality of bonding terminals adapted for connecting with a flexible printed circuit formed thereon. Each of the bonding terminals comprises a connecting pad and a hole... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20110090600 - Suspension, head gimbal assembly and disk drive unit with the same: A suspension for a head gimbal assembly comprises a flexure having a suspension tongue and a welding portion separating from the suspension tongue, and a load beam supporting the suspension tongue and having a portion welded to the welding portion of the flexure so that the load beam and the... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20110090601 - Suspension with flexure tail and manufacturing method thereof, head stack assembly and disk drive unit with the same: A suspension for a head stack assembly, comprises a flexure with a suspension tongue, a flexure tail and a plurality of conductive traces extending between the suspension tongue and the flexure tail, each of said conductive traces having one end thereof terminated to an electrical pad formed on the suspension... Agent: Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

20110090602 - Head-gimbal assembly including a transmission-line structure for high-density magnetic recording: A head-gimbal assembly. The head-gimbal assembly includes a suspension, a head-slider coupled to the suspension, a magnetic-recording assistance element on the head-slider for applying an electromagnetic wave to a magnetic-recording disk, and a transmission line on the suspension for transmitting signals to the magnetic-recording assistance element. The transmission line includes... Agent:

20110090603 - Mamr head with self-aligned write element and microwave field generator: The invention discloses a MAMR head that has the STO stack placed at the trailing side of the write element, with both STO and write element completely self-aligned in the cross track direction. A method for defining both the MP and the STO stack geometries in a single step is... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110085258 - Magneto-resistive devices, information storage devices including the same and methods of operating information storage devices: An information storage device includes a magnetic track and a magnetic domain wall moving unit. The magnetic track has a plurality of magnetic domains and a magnetic domain wall between each pair of adjacent magnetic domains. The magnetic domain wall moving unit is configured to move at least the magnetic... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110085259 - Method for setting zone format of a disk for storing data and disk drive: A method for dividing a data area on a disk into a plurality of concentric zones and determining a format for each zone so that data tracks in the zone have the same number of data sectors. The method includes dividing a data area into a plurality of zones with... Agent:

20110085260 - Disk drive and servo control method for the disk drive that is responsive to vibration: A disk drive. The disk drive includes an acceleration sensor, a servo controller, a detection determiner, and a handling processor. The acceleration sensor has an associated resonant frequency. The servo controller is configured to perform servo control for head positioning using frequency components that are obtained by cutting off frequency... Agent:

20110085261 - Magnetoresistive magnetic head having a non-magnetic part on a medium facing surface side of the sensor: According to one embodiment, a magnetic head includes an upper magnetic shield, a lower magnetic shield,a magnetoresistive element having a magnetization-free layer formed therein formed between the shields, an upper magnetic shield restricting part formed on a medium facing surface side, a lower magnetic shield restricting part formed on the... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20110085262 - Dlc-head offset compensation while writing: In described embodiments, effects of frequency and phase error introduced at the outer diameter or inner diameter of the disk when a read head is used to maintain timing lock while the write head is used to write new data might be eliminated with a simple compensation circuit. Compensation circuits,... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110085263 - Library device: A library device includes: cells each containing a storage medium in a first or a second manner; a medium drive accessing and containing the medium differently from a manner of placing the medium in at least one of the cells; and a medium-transferring unit including a housing section housing the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110085264 - Patterned perpendicular magnetic recording medium with data islands having a flux channeling layer below the recording layer: A patterned perpendicular magnetic recording medium, such as a disk for use in hard disk drives, has a flux channeling layer (FCL) located below the recording layer (RL) in each of the discrete data islands. The disk includes a substrate, a soft underlayer (SUL) of soft magnetically permeable material on... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20110085265 - Magnetically shielded write transducers: A magnetic head according to one embodiment includes at least two write transducers for writing to a magnetic medium; and a shield structure having at least two magnetically connected shields which at least partially cover two opposite sides of the writer. A magnetic head according to another embodiment includes at... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110085266 - Perpendicular magnetic recording head: A perpendicular magnetic recording head is provided, which has a head structure that narrows the erase band width in shingled write recording. A perpendicular magnetic recording head has a main pole that generates a recording magnetic field, a trailing shield positioned on the trailing side of the main pole, and... Agent:

20110085268 - Magnetic recording medium, method of fabricating the same, and magnetic recording apparatus: According to one embodiment, there is provided a magnetic recording medium having a data region in which a plurality of recording tracks, each including magnetic dots arrayed in a down-track direction with a pitch p, are formed in a cross-track direction, and a servo region including a preamble in which... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110085267 - Media design for high tpi for write fringing reduction: A recording media design having discrete track recording structure where the trenches between tracks are filled with a soft magnetic material is provided. The soft magnetic material provides a low magnetic impedance path to the soft underlayer such that fringe fields from the write head are conducted to the soft... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110085269 - Disk drive suspension and manufacturing method therefor: An element accommodation portion is formed in an electrically conductive plate member which constitutes a part of a suspension. A microactuator element comprising a piezoelectric element is located in the element accommodation portion. An electrically conductive resin member is disposed in a region covering junctions for electrically connecting the conductive... Agent: Nhk Spring Co., Ltd.

20110085270 - Suspension for protecting a component from mechanical shock: Approaches for protecting a component when a hard-disk drive (HDD) experiences a mechanical shock. An HDD includes a suspension comprising a load beam, a gimbal, and a flexure tongue. A component, such as a microactuator, is mounted on the suspension. The flexure tongue extends to at least the edge of... Agent:

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110080668 - Closely coupled vector sequencers for a read channel pipeline: A system and method involving a read channel pipeline having a plurality of vector sequencers that may be used to control the processing blocks. In one embodiment, a read channel pipeline may include processing blocks that may be controlled a command word provided by vector sequencers. Incoming data may be... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20110080669 - Constrained on-the-fly interleaver address generator circuits, systems, and methods: An interleave address generation circuit includes a plurality of linear feedback shift registers operable to generate addresses for permuting a data block in a first domain to a data block in a second domain on a subword basis. The interleave address generation circuit is operable to generate the lane addresses... Agent: Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

20110080671 - Hard-disk drive including fly-height-adjustment heating element and position-adjustment heating element and method of controlling fly height: A hard-disk drive. The hard-disk drive includes a head-slider configured to fly in proximity with a recording surface of a magnetic-recording disk, and a fly-height variation compensator configured to generate a signal for compensating variation in fly height of a write element of the head-slider. The head-slider further includes the... Agent:

20110080670 - On head microelectronics for write synchronization: The presently disclosed technology teaches integrating disc drive electronics into a transducer head. Decreased electrical transit times and data processing times can be achieved by placing the electronics on or within the transducer head because electrical connections may be made physically shorter than in conventional systems. The electronics may include... Agent: Seagate Technology, LLC

20110080672 - Method for writing servo data to a disk and disk drive configured to write servo data utilizing the method: A method for writing servo sector sets that include a plurality of separate servo sectors on a disk so that servo sectors are present at same circumferential positions but different radial positions. The method includes reading a first servo sector set in a track with a read element such that... Agent:

20110080673 - Method manufacturing of fluid dynamic bearing using cutting tool that performs micro alternating drive, fluid dynamic bearing manufactured by using the method, and disk drive device using the bearing: A method manufacturing of a fluid dynamic bearing includes: forming a substantially linear groove having a length corresponding to a circumferential direction width of the dynamic pressure groove formed on the inner circumferential surface of a shaft housing hole portion, along the circumferential direction of a surface orthogonal to a... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20110080675 - Low hysteresis bearing: A low hysteresis pivot bearing suitable for a variety of applications. The relationship between torque and angular displacement is substantially linear, with negligible residual hysteresis. The pivot bearing includes a stationary shaft and at least one intermediate member pivotally connected to the stationary shaft by an intermediate member bearing. At... Agent: First Principles LLC

20110080674 - Magnetic azimuth adjustment for tonearm: A tonearm includes an arm wand having a pivot location on a longitudinal axis of the tonearm. A magnetic element is coupled to the arm wand and aligned with the pivot location. The magnetic element is arranged for correcting the azimuth of the tonearm on the fly via magnetic field... Agent:

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