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Dynamic information storage or retrieval

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12/04/2014 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20140355399 - Heat assisted magnetic recording head having wider heat sink and pole: In one embodiment, a system includes a magnetic head having a write portion having a main pole, a near field transducer comprising a conductive metal film having outer regions extending from an active region, and an optical waveguide for illumination of the near field transducer, wherein the conductive metal film... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140355400 - Noble metal surrounded magnetic lip and heat sink for heat assisted magnetic recording head: The embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a magnetic head having a magnetic lip. The vertical sides and the bottom of the magnetic lip are covered by one or more conductive layers. In one embodiment, the bottom of the magnetic lip is covered by a first conductive layer... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140355401 - Polarization rotator: Implementations disclosed herein allow a magneto-optical polarization rotator to couple light from a light source of a HAMR recording device to waveguide attached to a slider. According to one implementation, the magneto-optical polarization rotator has a magnetophotonic crystal structure with a number of thin film layers configured to rotate the... Agent:

20140355402 - Solid immersion mirror with fill material between inner and outer sidewalls: An apparatus includes a solid immersion mirror with opposing, reflective, inner sidewalls having inner surfaces facing a focal region and outer surfaces opposite the inner surfaces. The solid immersion mirror also include opposing outer sidewalls spaced apart from and facing the outer surfaces of the inner sidewalls, and a fill... Agent:

20140355403 - Optical information processing apparatus and optical information processing method, and adjustment device, adjustment method, and adjustment program for optical information processing apparatus: An optical information processing apparatus includes: a unit that radiates light onto an optical disc and detects the reflected light to output a reproduced signal; a unit that corrects spherical aberration of the light; a unit that adjusts a focus position of the light based on a focus adjustment value;... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140355404 - Optical medium reproducing apparatus and optical medium reproducing method: An optical medium reproducing apparatus that optically reproduces an optical medium on which a plurality of tracks is formed in which a beam returning from the optical medium is divided into a first region of an outside portion and a second region of an inside region, according to the shape... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140355405 - Disc drive testing signal generation device and related method: A testing signal generation device for testing performance of a disc drive includes a signal generating unit, a signal converting unit, and a signal transmitting unit. The signal generating unit generates at least one pulse signal for controlling the disc drive to work at predetermined working modes. The signal converting... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140355406 - Dual-sided optical discs with normally oriented and inverted text patterns: Disclosed is an optical disc with a first area to store data for playback and that is reflective or opaque to visible light, and a second area that is transparent to visible light and includes first and second concentric rings. In one embodiment, a method of printing information on the... Agent: Sony Dadc US Inc.

11/27/2014 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20140347965 - Disk drive calibrating dynamic fly height write profile for fly height actuator: A disk drive is disclosed comprising a disk and a head actuated over the disk, the head comprising a fly height actuator (FHA). The disk drive further comprises control circuitry including disk access circuitry, wherein during a calibration operation, the disk access circuitry is configured into a calibration mode that... Agent:

20140347966 - Data storage system & apparatus: A data storage system, having a data processor operable to convert digital data signals into ink dot patterns, and a data processor operable to receive the ink dot patterns and convert them into digital signals, the system having at least one print media receiving carrier or panel, a printing member... Agent:

20140347967 - Testing device and testing method for testing performance of disc player: A testing device for testing performance parameters of a disc player which includes a display, and a storage. The storage at least one sector table associated with a disc in the disc player, each sector table recording sector information corresponding to a plurality of physical sectors of the disc, a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140347968 - Method and system for disc authentication and security: A method and apparatus for disc authentication are disclosed. The authentication method includes measuring at least one physical property of a data disc, which includes at least one of an angle and an eccentricity parameter associated with two data layers of a data disc, and authenticating the disc by determining... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140347969 - Hard disk drive with contact detection using a spin torque oscillator: A hard-disk drive having a structurally efficient magnetic head slider utilizes a MAMR-based spin torque oscillator (STO) for head-disk contact detection and for flying height sensing. Contact detection and spacing estimation techniques consider the nominal temperature difference, and thus different criteria, between read and write operations.... Agent: Hgst Netherlands B.v.

20140347970 - Optical disc and optical disc device: In a multilayer optical disc having information layers conforming to a plurality of different optical disc standards, because the type of each information layer is not recorded in the other information layers, in read and write operations by a compatible optical disc device conforming to a plurality of optical disc... Agent:

11/20/2014 > 4 patent applications in 4 patent subcategories.

20140341006 - Information reproducing appparatus and information reproducing method: An information reproducing apparatus includes a photodetector (200A) divided by a dividing line parallel to a recording track scanning direction into a first light-receiving section (202, 203) that receives reflected light of a center section of a recording track and a second light-receiving section (201, 204) that receives reflected light... Agent:

20140341007 - Optical information device, cross-talk reduction method, computer, player, and recorder: A ratio Xm of an information item recorded on an adjacent track relative to an information item recorded on a main track included in a first signal obtained from a first light flux having passed through a center region (6c) is different from ratios Xs1 and Xs2 of the information... Agent:

20140341008 - Testing device and testing method for testing performance parameter of disc player: A testing device for testing performance parameters of a disc player includes a display, and a storage that records a plurality of types of different discs, a plurality of testing commands each corresponding to a type of discs, and a reference value range of each of performance parameters of the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140341009 - Image archive disc: Method and apparatus for storing archive images to a substrate, such as a rotatable optical disc. In some embodiments, the substrate stores a plurality of archived images in a human detectable form on a surface of the substrate and further stores control data associated with the archived images to facilitate... Agent: Doug Carson & Associates, Inc.

11/13/2014 > 9 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140334276 - Glass for magnetic recording medium substrate and usage thereof: An aspect of the present invention relates to glass for a magnetic recording medium substrate, which includes essential components in the form of SiO2, Li2O, Na2O, and one or more alkaline earth metal oxides selected from the group consisting of MgO, CaO, SrO, and BaO, wherein a molar ratio of... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20140334274 - Magnetic recording laser diode control: Controlling a laser diode involves activating a first current source in preparation for writing to a magnetic recording medium. The first current source applies a threshold current to a laser diode that brings the laser diode close to an operating point. Responsive to a write signal, a second current source... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140334275 - Transducer head temperature monitoring: Changes in the thermal boundary condition near a close point of an ABS to a media indicate proximity of the ABS with the media. Before contact, heat conduction from the ABS is primarily through convective and/or ballistic heat transfer to air between the ABS and the media. After contact, heat... Agent:

20140334277 - Light delivery apparatus: A light delivery system in a slider includes a channel waveguide, a mode-index refractive surface, a solid immersion mirror, and a near field transducer. The mode-index refractive surface shapes the angular spectrum of the light on its path to the solid immersion mirror in a manner so as to change... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20140334280 - Systems and methods for characterizing head contact: The present inventions are related to systems and methods for determining contact between two elements, and more particularly to systems and methods for determining contact between a head assembly and a storage medium.... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140334278 - Systems and methods for energy based head contact detection: The present inventions are related to systems and methods for determining contact between two elements, and more particularly to systems and methods for determining contact between a head assembly and a storage medium.... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140334279 - Testing method of a magnetic head, and testing apparatus thereof: A testing method of a magnetic head includes: applying a first magnetic field with a constant intensity in a first direction that is the same with that of the longitudinal bias field to the magnetic head, simultaneously applying a second magnetic field with variant intensities in a second direction traversing... Agent:

20140334281 - Systems and methods for data processor marginalization based upon bit error rate: Systems, methods, devices, circuits for data processing, and more particularly to data processing including operational marginalization capability, and/or operational improvement capability.... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20140334282 - Decoding device and decoding method: A decoding device includes: an interference canceling circuit (104) which extracts, from states of 2K-number (where K is a natural number) of detected signals that are likely within a range of K bit width where an interference between bits of the digital information occurs due to predetermined frequency characteristics, most... Agent:

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