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Dynamic information storage or retrieval July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 6 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120188859 - Thermally-assisted magnetic head: A thermally-assisted magnetic head that includes an air bearing surface facing a recording medium and that performs magnetic recording while heating the recording medium includes: a magnetic recording element including a pole of which one edge part is positioned on the air bearing surface and that generates magnetic flux traveling... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120188860 - Information storage medium and recording/reproducing apparatus and method using the same: An information storage medium and a recording/reproducing apparatus and method, the information storage medium includes: an area for recording information regarding a predetermined function applied thereto, wherein the information regarding the predetermined function includes specific information in which set information regarding the predetermined function is set by a recording/reproducing apparatus... Agent:

20120188861 - Power saving method and system applied in optical disk drive: A power saving method and a power saving system are applied in an optical disk drive. The power saving system comprises a power controlling unit for differentiating the specific sets of circuits not being used at a specific operation rate and powering them down. The sets of circuits not being... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20120188862 - Apparatus and method for certifying a magnetic recording disk: Apparatuses and methods for certifying a magnetic recording disk (102) are disclosed herein, in a described embodiment, the apparatus (100) comprises a certifier head (104) for testing the disk's magnetic properties and a product head (106) for testing the disk's mechanical properties and the apparatus (100) is configured to enable... Agent:

20120188863 - Optical recording method, optical recording device, master medium exposure device, optical information recording medium, and reproducing method: An optical recording method includes the steps of: encoding record data to generate encoded data which is a combination of marks and spaces; classifying the encoded data according to a combination of a mark length of the mark, a space length of a first space that immediately precedes the mark,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120188864 - Recording medium and reproducing apparatus: A recording medium includes a photosensitive layer, a nonphotosensitive layer, and a recording layer formation region in which the photosensitive layer and the nonphotosensitive layer are laminated. The photosensitive layer includes a recording layer in which interference fringes formed in parallel with a recording medium surface are deleted or changed... Agent: Sony Corporation

07/19/2012 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120182842 - Thermal-assisted-magnetic-recording head and magnetic recording system equipped with the same: Provided is a thermal-assisted-magnetic-recording head capable of irradiating a magnetic recording medium with light with a spot size reduced on the submicron order with high utilization efficiency. A spot size converter 13 for guiding light emitted from an optical source 4 into a magnetic head is provided at a position... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20120182843 - Devices and methods for protecting laser diodes from electrostatic discharge: In accordance with certain embodiments, an apparatus has a depletion-mode transistor electrically connected to a laser diode. The transistor provides a low impedance path for diverting electrostatic current away from the laser diode. In accordance with certain embodiments, a method for protecting a laser diode from an electrostatic charge includes... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120182844 - Optical unit protection on hga: An optical laser-activated TAMR (Thermal Assisted Magnetic Recording) slider, when normally mounted on a flexure, has an optical laser as well as other elements of its optical system exposed and subject to damage by mechanical shocks. The stand-off protective device disclosed herein, formed separately and attached to the flexure, or... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20120182846 - Device for recording, erasing and reading data on a multi-layer optical disc: The invention relates to three-dimensional optical memory devices and can be used in all areas of computing in which it is necessary to record large data files on compact carriers, and also for recording, erasing and reading video data, for example, in independent video viewing systems. The device comprises an... Agent: Everhost Investment Limited

20120182845 - Optical disc device and laser beam power controlling method for optical disc device: Erroneous data erasure owing to radiation of laser beam with excessive power to the recording layer of the multilayered optical disc upon servo-off while reproducing data of the disc is prevented. When detecting the servo-off based on the amplitude of the tracking error signal or the focus error signal, the... Agent:

20120182847 - Objective lens and optical pick-up device using the same: Provided is an objective lens that allows securing of a long working distance for a laser beam with a long wavelength and has a predetermined thickness or larger, and an optical pickup apparatus including the objective lens. In an objective lens of the present invention, a first region that focuses... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120182848 - Data storage: A data storage apparatus and method. The apparatus comprises a mounting structure, a motor mechanically attached to mounting structure, and a data storage platter mechanically attached to the motor. The apparatus additionally comprises a single actuator arm comprising a first and second read/write data head or multiple radial movement mechanisms... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120182849 - Method and apparatus for centring a disk on a spindle, method of testing with a spinstand and spinstand: There is disclosed herein a method and apparatus for centring a disk on a spindle, a spinstand and a method of testing with a spinstand. The method of centring includes attaching the disk to the spindle with a stick-slip clamp. A vector is determined by which the centre of the... Agent: Xyratex Technology Limited

20120182850 - Optical pickup apparatus and disc apparatus including the same: where: Yp1 is an interval between the first main beam and the first sub-beam when a first media corresponding to the first wavelength light is irradiated with the first main beam and the first sub-beam, and Yp2 is an interval between the second main beam and the second sub-beam when... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120182851 - Optical recording medium and recording method: Techniques for recording and reading information to/from a recording medium based on positions of a plurality of marks are described herein. Each of the plurality of marks may have the same length. The information may be recorded based on a mark interval between successive marks. Apparatus and a recording medium... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120182852 - Objective lens, optical head, optical disk apparatus, and information processing apparatus: An objective lens, an optical head, an optical disk apparatus and an information processing apparatus which can suppress deterioration of a focal spot caused by a drop in the diffraction efficiency are provided. An inner circumference area (111) and an outer circumference area (113) converge a laser beam having an... Agent:

20120182853 - Device for recording and reading data on a multi-layer optical disc: A three-dimensional optical memory device comprises an optical disc positioning system, two sources of radiation with wavelengths 21 and 22, a focusing system, an illumination system, focusing system positioning means, a spectrum splitter, an optical sensor, and a control unit. The radiation source with wavelength is an array of laser... Agent: Everhost Investments Limited

20120182855 - Objective lens and optical pickup device: Provided is an objective lens that enables the suppression of molding defects in a high NA lens, and an optical pickup device. As the objective lens (OBJ) includes a thick-flange section (FT), a thick-flange-section forming section (11c) can be formed on a first-flange-section transfer surface (11b) of a first mold... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20120182854 - Objective lens for optical pickup device, optical pickup device, and optical information recording and reproducing device: Provided is an optical pickup device capable of ensuring the compatibility among three types of optical discs, i.e., BDs, DVDs, and CDs, with a common objective lens and, in addition, capable of ensuring a sufficient working distance for CDs, and also provided are an optical information recording and reproducing device... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20120182856 - Spindle motor: A spindle motor includes a rotor including a rotary shaft and magnets, a stator including a bearing, which supports the rotary shaft, and an armature corresponding to the magnets. The rotor is caused to rotate by an electromagnetic force generated by the magnets and the armature. The stator includes a... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

07/12/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120176872 - Continuous playback on an optical media disc player: An optical media player is described that submits identifying information from an optical disc to network media servers in order to stream related music through the media player upon completion of the music on the optical disc.... Agent: Bby Solutions, Inc.

20120176873 - Data storage heater systems with diodes: An aspect of the disclosure relates to data storage heater systems with diodes. In one embodiment, data storage systems include a first electrical connection point, a second electrical connection point, a first electrical branch, and a second electrical branch. The first electrical branch is connected to the first and the... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120176874 - Light source unit including a photodetector, and thermally-assisted magnetic recording head: A light source unit includes a light source and a photodetector. The light source has an emission part for emitting light. The photodetector has a light receiving surface for receiving the light emitted from the emission part, and detects the light. The light source unit further includes a grating made... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120176875 - Dynamic system control method: A method of controlling a dynamic system including selecting at least one fundamental limiting parameter; selecting an input parameter of the dynamic system; generating a command for the input parameter causing the dynamic system to follow an output trajectory such that the fundamental limiting parameter does not substantially saturate during... Agent: Convolve, Inc.

20120176876 - Method and apparatus for detecting land pre-pits: Aspects of the disclosure provide a method for detecting land pre-pits. The method includes extracting a land pre-pit data stream from a signal responsive to land pre-pits on an optical medium based on a land pre-pit threshold, detecting a bit stream pattern from the land pre-pit data stream, comparing one... Agent: Marvell International Ltd.

20120176877 - Inspection method and inspection apparatus of magnetic disk: An inspection method and inspection apparatus of a magnetic disk are provided. A gliding test and a certification test are performed at the same time by simultaneously moving a head for the certification test and a head for the gliding test with a heat distortion utilization mechanism (a micro thermal... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120176878 - Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc, method of and apparatus for reproducing data from write-once disc, and write-once disc therefor: A write-once disc includes: a plurality of update areas in which a predetermined kind of updated information is recorded; at least one main access information area in which main access information is recorded, the main access information indicating a final update area in which finally updated information is recorded among... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120176879 - Disk drive device with hub having a rotational frequency of axial run-out smaller than 0.1 μm for improved shock resistance: The disk drive device includes a base plate, a hub on which a recording disk is mounted, a shaft bearing unit that is arranged on the base plate and that rotatably supports the hub, and a spindle drive unit that drives the hub to rotate. The spindle driving unit includes... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20120176880 - Optical information recording apparatus, optical information recording method, optical information reproducing apparatus and optical information reproducing method: An optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and an optical information recording/reproducing method that record information using holography, wherein the optical information recording/reproducing apparatus includes a signal generation unit that generates two-dimensional data by a two-dimensional encoding method in which a lower-limit value of a number of continuous ON/OFF pixels in an... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20120176881 - Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus applying the same: An optical pickup device is provided. The device includes a semiconductor laser light source which outputs linearly-polarized light having an elliptical shape, an objective lens which focuses light outputted from the semiconductor laser light source, forming an optical spot on an optical disc; and a polarization plate which is disposed... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120176882 - Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof: An information recording medium in which bottoms of a guide groove and a pit array formed on a disc substrate are allocated on a same flat plane and shaped in flat. Further, in a transition area from a pit array to a guide groove or from a guide groove to... Agent: Jvc Kenwood Corporation

20120176883 - Recording layer for optical information recording medium, optical information recording medium, and sputtering target: A recording layer for optical information recording medium excellent in recording property, an optical information recording medium including the recording layer and a sputtering target useful for formation of the recording layer are provided. A recording layer for an optical information recording medium on which recording is performed through irradiation... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel Ltd.)

07/05/2012 > 13 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120170429 - Apparatus for increasing data rates in a magnetic head: In accordance with certain embodiments, a magnetic head has a coil, which has a lead coil turn positioned between a yoke and an air-bearing surface. In certain embodiments, a magnetic head has a coil, which has a lead coil turn minimally spaced from a main write pole.... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20120170430 - Information recording medium, information recording apparatus, and information reproducing apparatus: An information recording medium (100) is provided with a plurality of recording layers (110, 120, 130, and 140) for recording data, wherein each of the plurality of recording layers corresponds to one of a plurality of record formats, and a first recording layer number (SLN) assigned to each of the... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120170431 - Optical head device, optical information device and information processing device: An optical head device includes a light blocking region (7y) which is disposed on a light flux of a reflected light beam resulting from reflection by a recording layer on which a blue light beam is focused, and blocks, when there are at least two recording layers on a blue... Agent:

20120170433 - Recording medium and recording/reproducing apparatus therefor: A recording medium (801) has an information area (101) in which is recorded, as recording/reproducing control information, set values of a recording pulse adopted when forming a recording mark including: preceding space-based set values that include a first reference value that is a set value of a recording pulse corresponding... Agent:

20120170432 - Read power control: Techniques are provided for controlling the reading of micro-holograms from a holographic disk based on a target data layer to be read in the disk. Reading a target data layer which is relatively deeper in the disk (e.g., farther from an optical head emitting a reading beam) may involve using... Agent: General Electric Company

20120170434 - Information recorder, information reproducer, recording media manufacturing system, and information recording media, method and program: The present invention provides an information recording configuration that achieves both difficulty in reading and highly accurate reading. Highly confidential additional information such as encryption key is recorded in a groove signal. During recording of the additional information, a groove signal is recorded that has an amplitude offset setting commensurate... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120170435 - Data storage device including self-test features: The application discloses a data storage device including one or more data storage media adapted to store data. The data storage device is connected to and powered by a power source of the host system. In the event of a loss of power from the host system, an auxiliary power... Agent: Seagate Technolgy LLC

20120170436 - Laser power control method and laser power control apparatus: During user data recording, a bottom driving current is set to a second bottom driving current value that is a current value of a threshold or less, so that the rise time and the fall time of the optical pulse can be shortened to perform the high-speed recording of the... Agent:

20120170437 - Non-binary holograms for increased capacity: Techniques are provided for increasing storage capacity in a holographic storage system. While typical holographic storage systems involve binary storage for each data position in a holographic disk, present techniques involve storing data such that more than two data levels may be recorded in each data position. In some embodiments,... Agent: General Electric Company

20120170438 - Servo structure in single-bit holographic volume recording and readout: Methods and systems are provided for recording micro-holograms in a holographic disk. Disk tilting or disk imperfections may cause counter-propagating recording and reference beams to deviate from the target data position in the disk. In some embodiments, a tracking beam is directed to a tracking position in the disk, and... Agent: General Electric Company

20120170439 - Objective lens element: t

20120170440 - Electromagnetic actuator of optical pickup head: An electromagnetic actuator is provided, including a movable part and a base part. The movable part further includes at least an object lens, an object lens holder, a wire set, a first focus coil set, a second focus coil, a tilt coil set, and a track coil set. The object... Agent: Topray Technologies, Inc.

20120170441 - Optical pickup apparatus: An optical pickup apparatus includes an objective lens having a numeric aperture and an incident face. An antireflection coating is formed on the incident face. A collimating lens converts laser light from a laser diode into parallel light, and causes the parallel light to be made incident on the incident... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

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