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Dynamic information storage or retrieval May archived by USPTO category 05/12

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05/31/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120134245 - Magnetic recording device, controller thereof, and magnetic recording method: According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording device includes: a magnetic recording medium provided with data regions for data recording; a light output module which outputs an optical signal to be applied to a recording position where recording data is recorded of the data regions; a write head which records... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20120134246 - Hard disk drive apparatus with thermally assisted head: A hard disk drive includes a recording medium and a thermally assisted type magnetic head. The controller determines one output current of a photodiode as a first saturated output current, the one output current being defined where temperature measured by a temperature sensor is a first temperature and where signal-to-noise-ratio... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120134247 - Information recording method, information reading method, and optical disc device: An optical disc device and information recording/reading method for an optical disc in which a recording layer is formed through volume recording by aligning recording tracks, which hold information, in a homogenous recording region that does not internally have a layer defining a recording position. The information recording method includes... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120134248 - Method for copy protection: A method for copy protection in which an audiovisual or audio data is divided into a plurality of portions. The plurality of portions is at least partly scrambled and prepared so as to be stored on a record carrier in the scrambled order. This is done so that a physical... Agent: Sony Dadc Austria Ag

20120134249 - Method for copy protection: A method for copy protection in which an audiovisual or audio data is divided into a plurality of portions. The plurality of portions is at least partly scrambled and prepared so as to be stored on a record carrier in the scrambled order. This is done so that a physical... Agent: Sony Dadc Austria Ag

20120134250 - Optical disc, optical disc manufacturing method, optical disc recording device and optical disc reproduction device: An optical disc includes a reflective film formed on concave and convex marks after the concave and convex marks are synchronized with the integral multiple of a channel bit length and formed in accordance with modulated main information. Thereafter, continuous or intermittent laser light synchronized with the integral multiple of... Agent:

20120134251 - System and method for precise servoing: A method for servoing when reading out a recorded holographic disk or recording in a preformatted holographic disk is disclosed. The method includes detecting a primary signal of a reflected primary beam from a target data track of a target data layer of the holographic disk, wherein the primary beam... Agent: General Electric Company

20120134252 - Method of generating tracking error signal, optical pickup device, and optical disc drive device adopting the method: A method of generating a 1-beam tracking error signal (TES), an optical pickup device, and an optical disc drive device adopting the method. A light-receiving element receives a single reflection beam and detects an alternating current (AC) component and a direct current (DC) component from each of areas formed on... Agent:

20120134253 - Optical disk device and optical disk recording method: An optical disk device and recording method of recording data on an optical disk by driving a laser light source with a driving current superimposed with a high-frequency current. The device and method includes a controller for disabling tracking servo and establishing conditions for reproducing a signal from a predetermined... Agent:

20120134254 - Optical pickup apparatus: Provided is an optical pickup apparatus that stably operates by accurately detecting a fluctuation in a light amount of a laser beam caused by movement of a collimating lens. In an optical pickup apparatus of the present invention, part of a laser beam emitted from a laser device is transmitted... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd

20120134255 - Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus using the same: Disclosed is an objective lens that favorably focuses multiple laser beams having different wavelengths on information recording layers of optical discs, and an optical pickup apparatus including the lens. The objective lens of the invention is provided with a first region for focusing laser beams of the BD, DVD and... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120134256 - Optical head, optical element with diffraction grating, optical disc device and information processing device: An optical head includes a blue-violet laser light source for emitting a blue-violet laser beam, a mirror with a diffraction grating for transmitting and reflecting the blue-violet laser beam at a predetermined ratio, and a front monitor sensor for receiving transmitted light or reflected light from the mirror with a... Agent:

05/24/2012 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120127838 - Thermally-assisted magnetic recording head: A thermally assisted magnetic recording head includes a magnetic recording element part for writing, a main waveguide for assistance for receiving light, and a dummy waveguide component part provided in parallel to the main waveguide. The dummy waveguide component part includes a pair of waveguides having the same shape and... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120127839 - Thermally assisted magnetic write head employing a plasmonic antenna comprising an alloyed film to improve the hardness and manufacturability of the antenna: A thermally assisted write head having a plasmonic heating device. The plasmonic heating device has a plasmonic antenna located at an air bearing surface of the thermally assisted write head. The plasmonic antenna is constructed of an alloy that is sufficiently hard to withstand the processes such as ion milling... Agent: Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Netherlands B.v.

20120127840 - Information recording medium, recording/reproducing device, recording/reproducing device control method, recording/reproducing device control program, and computer readable recording medium: In an optical disc (100) having a plurality of recording layers, layer specifying information is recorded for specifying a recording layer to be run first when the optical disc (100) is inserted into an optical disc device (1) which carries out recording or reproduction of information with respect to the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20120127841 - Pickup device and optical disc drive adopting the same: Provided are a single beam optical pickup device and a disc drive including the optical pickup device. The optical pickup device includes a light controlling device that prevents or limits stray light generated from a medium from being incident on a light sensor. The light controlling device may further include... Agent:

20120127842 - method and an apparatus for recording information, and an information recording medium: In a method for recording information on an information recording medium having a data recording area for storing user data and a test area used for test recording by a recording apparatus, it is detected whether the test area is unusable when executing the test recording. The test recording is... Agent:

20120127843 - Servoing system for master with parallel tracks in a holographic replication system: Techniques are provided for controlling the reading of optical data from a master disk in a holographic replication system. Imperfections in the master disk or movement of the disk during a recording process may cause source beams to deviate from target data tracks. In some embodiments, a detector system is... Agent: General Electric Company

20120127844 - Method of vertical deviation disc detection: A method for detecting whether vertical deviation of an optical disc occurs is provided. First, before a pickup head is successfully focused on the optical disc, a pickup head is actuated based on an input control signal so as to generate a focus error signal with a plurality of S-curves.... Agent:

20120127846 - Optical information device and interlayer movement method in optical information device: Provided is a method of, in movement between recording layers of an optical disc, resolving a problem caused by an increase in spherical aberration change as a result of widening of a layer interval at which the movement is made and executing appropriate interlayer movement. An upper limit value is... Agent:

20120127845 - Optical pickup: An optical pickup includes an objective lens, a lens holder which holds the objective lens, a focusing coil attached to the lens holder having the winding axis directed at the optical axis of the objective lens, and a magnet provided opposite the side surface of the lens holder. A protruding... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120127847 - Motor and recording disk drive including the same: There is provided a motor including a rotating member coupled with a shaft and rotating in connection with the shaft, and a fixing member having the shaft inserted thereinto to support the shaft and including a round part whose outer surface corresponding to the rotating member is formed to be... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120127848 - Recording medium, method of initializing the same, initializing device, and reproducing method: There is provided a method of initializing a recording medium having a first surface and a second surface which face to each other with a recording layer in between. The method includes forming interference patterns to have a pitch wider than λr/2N by applying initializing light of a plane wave... Agent: Sony Corporation

05/17/2012 > 7 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120120781 - Thermally-assisted head including surface-plasmon resonant optical system: Provided is a surface plasmon resonating optical system emitting near-field light (NF-light) with a higher light density. The system comprises: a waveguide through which a light for exciting surface plasmon propagates; a plasmon generator that couples with the light in a surface plasmon mode and emits NF-light from its NF-light... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120120780 - Thermally-assisted magnetic recording head comprising plasmon generator: Provided is a thermally-assisted magnetic recording head in which NF-light with sufficiently high light density can be applied to a medium while a write-field generating point and a near-field light (NF-light) generating point are close to each other. The head comprises a plasmon generator provided between a magnetic pole and... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20120120782 - Circuit for generating tracking error signal: A circuit for generating a tracking error signal is provided. The circuit includes a digitizing circuit, a short signal removing circuit and phase comparator. The digitizing circuit receives first and second pick-up signals outputted from a pick-up head, and respectively compares the first and the second pick-up signals with a... Agent:

20120120783 - Guide-layer separated optical disk, optical disk drive apparatus, and tracking control method: A guide-layer separated optical disk which includes a guide layer having a guide structure whose tracking guide tracks are divided into areas by discontinuous portions, the areas each having concentric guide tracks of arc shape at a regular track pitch, the guide tracks in adjoining two of the areas across... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

20120120784 - Systems and methods for sync mark detection metric computation: Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for data processing. As an example, a pattern detection circuit is discussed that includes a distance calculation circuit and a comparator circuit. The distance calculation circuit is operable to calculate a noise whitened distance between a reference signal and a... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20120120785 - Optical pickup device: Provided is an optical pickup device which suppresses the decrease of light amount and performs conversion to circular polarization light, wherein the optical pickup device includes a beam splitter and a raising mirror on each of which a layered member is formed, and the optical pickup device satisfies conditional expressions... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

20120120786 - Disc cartridge: A disc cartridge includes a case body for receiving disc-shaped recording media in an axial direction of a central shaft so that first and second shells respectively having a base surface portion parallel to a recording surface of the disc-shaped recording media are coupled separated by axial engagement/disengagement; and a... Agent: Sony Corporation

05/10/2012 > 26 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20120113768 - Heat-assisted magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage device: A heat-assisted magnetic recording medium that includes a substrate 1, underlayers formed on the substrate 1, and a magnetic layer 5 which is formed on the underlayers and contains either an FePt alloy having an L10 structure or a CoPt alloy having an L10 structure as a main component, wherein... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20120113769 - Recording head, method of manufacturing recording head, and information recording and playback apparatus: A near-field light generating element has a core that guides a laser light in a direction of a disk while reflecting the laser light, and a cladding that encapsulates the core in an inner portion, and lengths of a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction of an incident side end... Agent:

20120113770 - Head structure for thermally-assisted recording (tar) disk drive: A thermally-assisted recording (TAR) head structure has a semiconductor substrate as the head carrier with a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) on its front surface, a TAR head formed directly on the VCSEL, and a highly reflecting third mirror on its back surface. The semiconductor substrate serves as an extended cavity... Agent:

20120113771 - Heat-assisted recording head and heat-assisted recording device: In a thermally assisted recording head using a conductive scatterer as an optical near-field transducer, a propagation loss in a waveguide for guiding light to the scatterer is reduced. An optical near-field is generated by using the conductive scatterer having a width that gradually becomes smaller toward a vertex at... Agent:

20120113772 - Information recording medium, optical information recording and reproducing apparatus, optical information recording and reproducing method and manufacturing method of information recording medium: To provide an information recording medium which is capable of reducing damage to a recording layer while improving environmental resistance of the recording layer and which enables information to be recorded or reproduced at a high density and a high sensitivity, an optical information recording and reproducing apparatus, an optical... Agent:

20120113773 - Information recording device: A CAN driver receives vehicle information sent onto CAN. A diagnosis information acquiring module monitors whether an operation of a diagnosis record ECU itself is normal or not and thus generates diagnosis information. A timestamp information generating module generates timestamp information A per sec and generates timestamp information B in... Agent: Fujitsu Ten Limited

20120113774 - Optical information storage medium system and method of generating signal for controlling light power: An optical information storage medium system is provided. The optical information storage medium system includes an optical pickup, which comprises a photo-detector configured to control light power detected by receiving a portion of light emitted from a light source and obtains an output signal proportional to output light power of... Agent:

20120113775 - Recording apparatus: A recording apparatus includes: a light-emitting/receiving unit which emits a recording beam, an ATS beam, and a position control beam toward an optical disc recording medium via a common object lens; a tracking mechanism which drives the object lens in a tracking direction parallel to a radial direction of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120113776 - Spot position control device and spot position control method: A spot position control device includes a light irradiation and light sensing unit irradiating an optical recording medium with first light via an objective lens and sensing reflection light of the first light from the optical recording medium having a pit string where an interval between pit formable positions on... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120113777 - Recording apparatus and recording method: A recording apparatus includes: a light illumination and light sensing unit configured to illuminate an optical disc recording medium including a reference surface having address information recorded and a recording layer, with recording light and light for position control; a recording unit which performs recording on the recording layer; and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120113778 - Optical disc drive capable of changing mode and method for changing mode in the same: The present invention provides an optical disc drive and a method for changing a mode in the same. In an embodiment of the present invention, it can be determined whether to change a mode of the optical disc drive based on a command sent from a host connected through an... Agent:

20120113779 - Method for sending data in optical disc drive capable of changing mode: The present invention provides a method for sending data in an optical disc drive capable of changing mode. In one embodiment of the present invention, if a read command is received from a host connected, whether an address included in the command indicates a file system area of a predetermined... Agent:

20120113780 - Method and apparatus for accessing data from disc with linking area: An apparatus for accessing data from a disc with a linking area comprises a pick up head, a servo, a processing unit, a position predictor, and a control signal generator. The pick up head reads data from the disc and generates a read signal. The servo controls the pick up... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20120113781 - Optical disk apparatus: An optical disk apparatus according to the present invention includes: a drive selector 28 that makes a switch between a setting for sending a drive signal generated by a focus drive generation section 25 to a focus drive section 29, and a setting for sending a drive signal generated by... Agent:

20120113783 - Information recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and recording/reproducing method to distinguish between an original recording block and a replacement recording block: An information recording medium, and a recording/reproducing apparatus and a recording/reproducing method for the recording medium. Original data is sequentially updated by replacing an original recording block with one or more replacement recording blocks. A replacement recording block includes at least one of an original address field indicating a location... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120113782 - Storage media defect detection: Detecting a defect on a storage device is disclosed. Detecting includes receiving a signal read from a storage device, sampling the signal to obtain a set of signal samples, wherein the sampling starts at an arbitrary time, computing a defect value for a defect type using the set of signal... Agent: Link_a_media Devices Corporation

20120113784 - Optical pickup: An optical pickup having a first diffractive optical element that acts on light of a specific wavelength, the first diffractive optical element being arranged in an optical path for guiding reflected light from an optical disk to a photodetector. The photodetector comprises a first detector including a first main light... Agent:

20120113785 - Disk position system and method: A computing device and method determines a position of a disk when the disk works abnormally. The computer searches out problem disks by determining if each disk included in the just a bundle of disks (JBOD) works normally, and determining if the computer can obtain a serial number of each... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120113786 - Smart optimization of tracks for cloud computing: Optimization of tracks on a hard disk includes: determining I/O characteristics for data clusters to be stored on the hard disk; generating a set of solutions for each possible placement configuration; for each solution, calculating a plurality of cost functions using the I/O characteristics for the plurality of data clusters;... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120113788 - Information carrier comprising access information: An information carrier for holding user information includes access information for accessing the user information, the access information being stored in a pre-determined first region on the information carrier. The information carrier further includes at least one further region different from the first region, the further region comprising dummy information.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120113787 - Manufacturing method for optical recording medium, optical recording medium, optical information device, and information reproducing method: Shape-wise thicknesses tr1, tr2, . . . , and trN of a cover layer and first through (N−1)-th intermediate layers of an optical recording medium having refractive indexes nr1, nr2, . . . , and nrN are converted into thicknesses t1, t2, . . . , and tN which are... Agent:

20120113789 - Read-only optical recording medium: [Solving Means] Provided is a read-only optical recording medium (100) including: a substrate (101); an information recording surface onto which information is recorded by combining pits (P) and lands (L); and a metal reflective film (102) that is provided in contact with the information recording surface and represented by Al100-x-zXxZz,... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120113790 - Motor and recording disk drive device having the same: There is provided a motor including: a rotating member coupled to a shaft and rotating in connection with the shaft; a stationary member having the shaft inserted therein and supporting the shaft; a wall part protruding from a surface of the rotating member and allowing oil to be sealed between... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20120113791 - Spindle motor and storage disk drive apparatus: A spindle motor includes a stator unit and a rotor unit. The stator unit includes a stator, a base portion, and a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board has a connection portion and an extending portion extending from the connection portion. The base portion is provided on its lower... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20120113792 - Spindle motor and storage disk drive apparatus: A spindle motor includes a stator unit and a rotor unit. The stator unit includes a stator, a base portion, and a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board has a connection portion and an extending portion extending from the connection portion. The base portion is provided on its lower... Agent: Nidec Corporation

20120113793 - Optical recording medium, recording/reproduction apparatus, recording method, and recording/reproduction method: An optical recording medium provided with one or a plurality of recording layers includes an adjustment data recording area for recording therein adjustment data used for adjusting focus or spherical aberration of laser light used for recording/reproduction, the adjustment data recording area being disposed at a predetermined position on each... Agent: Sony Corporation

05/03/2012 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120106305 - Multilevel recording method and system thereof: The present invention discloses a multilevel recording method and system thereof. The multilevel recording method applied to a recording media comprises the following steps. At First, a plurality of beams are provided to a recording layer of the recording media, and the recording layer has a first structure and a... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20120106306 - Integrated circuit and optical disc apparatus: An integrated circuit is provided in an optical disc apparatus for drawing a visible image on an optical disc including a discoloration layer which is discolored by heat or light by irradiating the optical disc with laser light. The integrated circuit includes a tracking direction displacement section configured to execute,... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120106307 - Optical disc apparatus and defocus correcting method: An optical disc apparatus in which a bias of a focusing error signal is changed to a value according to a recording power at timing corresponding to a predetermined address position before starting the recording and a defocus of an opposite polarity is preliminarily caused so as to set off... Agent: Hitachi-lg Data Storage, Inc.

20120106308 - Optical recording medium and recording device: An optical recording medium in which recording is performed by a recording device that is configured such that tracking servo control of recording light is performed by irradiating the recording light and ATS light for an adjacent track servo and by an adjacent track servo based on reflected light of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120106309 - Elimination of duplicate written records: A storage device includes first and second buffers. A request to write a new record from a host is received. A hash value (new S) of the new record is calculated. The hash value (new S) of the new record is checked to determine if the hash value exists in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120106310 - Optical head device and optical disc device: An optical head device mounted in an optical disc device. The optical head device is provided with a diffractive optical element and a photodetector. The diffractive optical element has: a primary diffraction region at a location on which the positive and negative first-order components and some of the zero-order component... Agent:

20120106311 - Compatible optical pickup and optical information storage medium apparatus using the same: An optical pickup and an information storage medium system using the same. The optical pickup includes a light source that emits light having a plurality of different wavelengths. The optical pickup includes a diffraction device having a plurality of diffraction patterns corresponding to the plurality of different wavelengths to divide... Agent:

20120106313 - Optical disk device and optical disk discriminating method: An optical disk discriminating method and an optical disk device which can detect reflected rays for making discrimination among kinds of optical disks with high accuracies. By switching a plurality of lasers and moving a spherical aberration corrector while moving an objective lens to cause it to approach or keep... Agent: Hitachi. Ltd.

20120106312 - Optical pickup device: A first laser light source emits first laser light of a predetermined wavelength, and a second laser light source emits second laser light of a wavelength different from the wavelength of the first laser light. Reflected light of the first and second laser light is entered into an astigmatism portion.... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20120106314 - High density data storage medium, method and device: A composition of matter for the recording medium of nanometer scale thermo-mechanical information storage devices and a nanometer scale thermo-mechanical information storage device. The composition includes: one or more polyaryletherketone polymers, each of the one or more polyaryletherketone polymers having two terminal ends, each terminal end having two or more... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

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