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Dynamic information storage or retrieval December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110317527 - Method and system for providing thermal management in an energy assisted magnetic recording head: A method and system for providing energy assisted magnetic recording (EAMR) heads are described. The method and system include providing a substrate, at least one EAMR transducer, an overcoat layer and at least one laser. The substrate has a leading edge and a substrate trailing edge. The EAMR transducer(s) reside... Agent: Western Digital (fremont), LLC

20110317528 - Thermally-assisted magnetic recording head including plasmon generator: An outer surface of a plasmon generator includes: a plasmon exciting part that faces an evanescent light generating surface with a predetermined distance therebetween; and a front end face located in a medium facing surface. The plasmon generator has: first and second sidewall parts that are connected to the plasmon... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110317529 - Information storage medium, apparatus for reproducing recordings, and method for reproducing recordings:

20110317531 - Optical disk drive including non-volatile memory and method of operating the same: An optical disk drive includes a non-volatile memory. The optical disk drive is booted based on driving information stored in the non-volatile memory. When a write command is received from a host, the optical disk drive stores data to be recorded in an optical medium in the non-volatile memory and... Agent:

20110317530 - Playback device, playback method and program: A playback device of present invention includes a power switching portion that, when the necessity of switching of the reproducing condition is detected, switches the reproducing power to a minimum power which does not damage the data recorded on the multi-layer recording medium and with which the address of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110317532 - Power adjustment method, information write method and information write medium: An evaluation method and print wire method which includes (a) fitting a modulation characteristic formula M,m=Msat (1−(Pws−Pasy)/(Pw,m−Pasy)) having a saturated modulation Msat, write start power Pws, and asymptotic power Pasy as parameters to a relation between a plurality of kinds of write power Pw,m and a modulation M,m which is... Agent:

20110317533 - Recording and reproducing apparatus and laser driving pulse adjusting method: A recording and reproducing apparatus includes: an optical head unit irradiating a laser beam on an optical recording medium and performing writing and readout of information represented by marks and spaces on the medium; a laser-driving-pulse generating unit generating and supplying a laser driving pulse to the head unit, and... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110317534 - Optical disc reproduction power setting method, optical disc reproduction method, and optical disc device: According to a method for setting the laser beam power applied to reproduce information recorded on an optical disc, information recorded in a region on the optical disc is reproduced using three or more test reproduction powers (S22B), the number of reproductions until the degradation of the quality of the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20110317535 - Multilayered optical disk and its recording method: A multilayered optical disk an information recording method and information reproducing method utilizing the disk includes three or more recordable or rewritable information recording layers, which has, among the plurality of information recording layers, at least a first recording layer and a second recording layer located on a side nearer... Agent:

20110317536 - Current driving circuit and light storage system having the same: Disclosed herein are a current driving circuit and a light storage system having the same. The current driving circuit includes a plurality of channel circuits that include a first transistor into which the input current flows, a second transistor generating the output current by mirroring the input current, a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110317537 - Multilayer coaxial holographic storage system: An apparatus for reading from a multilayer holographic storage medium with a coaxial arrangement of a reference beam and a reconstructed object beam is described. The apparatus has an objective lens for focusing the reference beam into the multilayer holographic storage medium such that the reference beam has a focal... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20110317539 - Objective optical element and optical pickup device: Provided is an objective optical element which can appropriately correct degradation from spherical aberration upon fluctuation of a light source wavelength while maintaining light use efficiency, just by changing the magnification of the objective optical element, and which can record/reproduce information to/from different optical discs. Also provided is an optical... Agent:

20110317538 - Optical pickup assemblies and drive systems with the same: Disclosed are a pickup device assembly and an optical drive system. The assembly may comprise: a laser generator for generating laser beams; an objective lens; and at least one piezoelectric actuator for generating bending moments once applied with voltages, wherein the generated bending moments move the objective lens such that... Agent: The Chinese University Of Hong Kong

20110317540 - Vertical cavity surface emitting laser, vertical-cavity-surface-emitting-laser device, optical transmission apparatus, and information processing apparatus: A vertical cavity surface emitting laser including a substrate, a first semiconductor multilayer film reflector formed on the substrate, an active region formed on the first semiconductor multilayer film reflector, a second semiconductor multilayer film reflector formed on the active region, an electrode formed on the second semiconductor multilayer film... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

12/22/2011 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110310713 - Thermally assisted head having reflection mirror for propagating light: A magnetic head includes a magnetic head slider; and a laser diode that is positioned on a surface of a side opposite to a substrate of the magnetic head slider and that generates laser light; the magnetic head slider including: a core through which the laser light emitted from the... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110310714 - Sensorless motor drive device: A sensorless motor drive device has: a first operation mode of generating current waveforms including non-energizing times based on a first rotor position signal generated by detecting zero crossings in windings of a motor as a signal indicating the rotor position of the motor, and supplying currents to the windings... Agent:

20110310715 - Information storage medium, record reproducing device, and record reproducing method: Provided is an information recording medium including a plurality of recording layers. Each recording layer may comprise at least one optical power control (OPC) area, and each OPC area is allocated so as not to overlap an adjacent layer in a given radius.... Agent:

20110310716 - Method and device for detecting thickness of optical disc: A method for detecting a thickness of an optical disc is provided. Firstly, a beam intensity signal and a focusing error signal are generated. Then, a first time interval for a focus point of the laser beam to move from a first layer to a second layer of the optical... Agent: Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.

20110310717 - Method and apparatus for determining the number of data layers in an optical disc: The present invention provides a method and an apparatus for determining the number of data layers in an optical disc. Firstly, the objective lens of the optical pickup head is controlled so that it moves toward the optical disc. At the same time, a generated SBAD signal is recorded. The... Agent: Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.

20110310718 - Method and apparatus for judging blank area and data recorded-area of optical disc: An apparatus for judging an optical disc includes a gain controller, an amplitude detecting unit and an amplitude comparing unit. The gain controller is used for receiving a radio frequency signal from an optical pickup head; and processing the radio frequency signal into an amplified radio frequency signal with a... Agent: Sunplus Technology Co. Ltd.

20110310719 - Optical information reproducing device, optical information reproducing method and integrated circuit: An optical information reproducing device is provided with a light focusing unit (8) for generating near-field light, a signal quality measuring circuit (22) for measuring reproduction signal quality of the optical information recording medium using the near-field light generated by the light focusing unit, a gap length determining circuit (17a)... Agent:

20110310720 - Method of recording and playing back audio using handheld electronic pen: A method of recording and playing back audio using a handheld electronic pen. The method includes the steps of method comprising the steps of: recording audio via a microphone whilst interacting with an encoded substrate using the pen; and playing back the recorded audio by subsequently interacting with the encoded... Agent: Silverbrook Research Pty Ltd

20110310721 - Polymerizable compound, polymerizable composition, optical material, optical element and optical head device: provided that some or all of hydrogen atoms in the substituent V in the formula (2), the phenyl group and the substituent Y in the formula (3) and the alkylene group in the formulae (4) to (7) may be substituted by a methyl group, a methoxy group or a fluorine... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110310722 - Optical pickup: An optical pickup having a one-plane, two-wavelength diffraction grating and a two-wavelength laser generator is provided in which crosstalk noise caused by leakage of a track error signal into a focus error signal is reduced to improve focus control performance. A main beam and sub-beams generated by the one-plane, two-wavelength... Agent:

20110310723 - Optical information recording method, optical information reproducing method, optical information recording apparatus, and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus: An optical information recording method includes emitting light having a wavelength λ1 from a first light source with a pulse width of time tw1 or more and power P1, emitting light having a wavelength λ2 from a second light source with a pulse width of time tw2, a repetition interval... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110310724 - Damping vibrations within storage device testing systems: A storage device test slot includes a housing. The housing defines a test compartment for receiving a storage device for testing. One or more tuned mass dampers are connected to the housing. The one or more tuned mass dampers are configured to inhibit vibration of the housing at one or... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

12/15/2011 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110305121 - Near-field light generating device, recording head, and recording device: A near-field light generating device (10) which converts incident light into near-field light, includes: a metallic member (11) made of a metallic material; and a dielectric member (12) made of a dielectric material, the metallic member (11) having a first interface (16) and a second interface (18) that sandwich the... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110305122 - Recording device and recording method: A recording device performs recording on an optical disc recording medium having a reference face having a reflection film provided with a position guide, and a recording layer provided at a position of a depth different from that of the reference face and performing information recording by mark forming according... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110305123 - Optical pickup control circuit and optical disc drive device: An optical pickup control circuit includes an adding portion that adds a tracking driving signal which is for moving an objective lens, provided to face a discoid optical information recording medium, in a tracking direction of the corresponding optical information recording medium, to a tilt driving signal which is for... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110305125 - Data processor: A data processor according to the present invention can edit a content that has been written on a medium. The content is stored in a file as a data stream including multiple packets of the same packet size. And a file system for accessing data on a cluster size basis... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110305126 - Information storage medium, record reproduction apparatus, and record reproduction method: Provided is an information storage medium that has a plurality of recording layers, a recording/reproducing method, and a recording/reproducing apparatus. In the information storage medium, each of the plurality of recording layers includes an inner circumference zone and a data zone, and at least one of the recording layers includes,... Agent:

20110305127 - Recording device and recording method: A recording device includes: a rotation driving unit that rotates an optical medium having a reference face and a recording layer, at a constant velocity; a light irradiating unit that irradiates the optical recording medium with first and second light through a common object lens; an infocus position adjusting unit... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110305124 - Information erasing device and information erasing method: An information erasing device includes a recording section where recording is performed with regard to a disk-shaped recording medium, and a control section which controls the recording section so that the recording section overwrites a part of a erasing target sector so as not to overlap in a radius direction... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110305128 - Recording device, recording method, and program: A recording device includes: a recording unit that records information in a recording layer of an optical recording medium through laser beam emission performed based on a laser driving pulse; and a control unit that reads out setting information of a recording laser power and a laser driving pulse of... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110305129 - Recording device, recording method, and program: A recording device includes: a recording and reproducing unit that records or reproduces data stored on a recording medium; and a control unit that interrupts recording during recording performed by the recording and reproducing unit, acquires an evaluation value of a recording quality of a recorded portion, changes recording speed... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110305130 - Optic disc writer device: An optic disc writer device is an embedded type independent system. It has a host controller, a disc writer assembly, and a printer assembly. The disc writer assembly is electrically connected to the host controller and has a robotic arm, at least one disc writer, and an optic disc deposition... Agent: Acard Technology Corp.

20110305131 - Information recording medium, information supply system, and optical information device: An information recording medium includes a first information recording layer and a second information recording layer, to/from which information is recorded or reproduced using laser beam. The first information recording layer is formed at a laser beam entrance surface, and is configured so that information can be recorded thereupon and/or... Agent:

20110305132 - Management of air-borne vibration: A storage device testing system that includes a rack and a vibration management material. The rack includes at least one test slot that is configured to receive a storage device for testing. The test slot is substantially exposed to air on at least one side. The vibration management material is... Agent: Teradyne, Inc.

12/08/2011 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110299367 - Thermally assisted magnetic recording device: There is provided a thermally assisted magnetic recording device capable of preventing collision between a thermally assisted magnetic recording head and a disk due to thermal deformation of a near-field transducer. The thermally assisted magnetic recording device includes a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature in the vicinity of the... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110299368 - System for recording data in an optical disc: According to one embodiment, a system is provided for recording data in an optical disc having frames having different numbers. The system records data in each of the frames while writing synchronization information in each frame. The system is provided with an even/odd frame judgment unit, a synchronization information output... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110299369 - Optical disc device and optical disc recording/reproducing method: There are provided an optical disc device and its recording/reproducing method for managing the management information about plural optical discs efficiently. In the present invention, the management information about the plural optical discs is stored in a memory. Moreover, the management information about part or all of the optical discs... Agent:

20110299370 - Optical disk apparatus: An optical disk apparatus according to the present invention includes: a controller 111, which receives an instruction that a layer-to-layer jump be performed from a current layer to a target layer; a layer-to-layer jump control section 146, which adjusts a spherical aberration correction value to the target layer and then... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110299371 - Optical disk device, optical disk control method, and integrated circuit: To provide an optical disk device, an optical disk control method and an integrated circuit, which are capable of writing a recordable mark by changing the reflectance ratio of a reflective film formed on concave-convex pits without using an industrial special device or a high-power laser light source. A data... Agent:

20110299372 - Optical drive: An optical drive according to the present invention can write information on an optical disc, which includes a substrate on which a number of pre-pits (2) have been formed on its tracks (t1 to t8) and a recording film that is supported on the substrate. The optical drive includes an... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110299373 - Apparatus having switchable servo gains and offsets for optical disk drive and method thereof: An apparatus having switchable servo gains and offsets for an optical disk drive adjusts its gains and offsets through the coupling of a servo signal and a switch with several changeable paths. The servo signals are either designated to undergo signal reduction with respect to a first offset through the... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20110299374 - Multilayer optical disc: A multilayer optical disc which has three or more recording layers and enables easy positioning of a focused beam spot onto a particular recording layer in which a BCA is disposed. An inter-layer distance between a particular recording layer and a recording layer adjacent to the particular recording layer is... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110299375 - Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus: In a small-sized optical pickup device for enabling to obtain a stable servo-signal, as well as, a focus error signal and a tracking error signal, without receiving ill influences of stray lights from other layers, when recording/reproducing a multi-layer optical disc, a reflection light from the multi-layer optical disc is... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110299376 - Forming a visible label on an optical disc: A system, method, and medium for forming a visible label on an optical disc. Label data for a label track of the disc is received into a buffer of a disc drive. The label data is analyzed to identify the label track. A surface contour of the disc is mapped... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20110299377 - Lens and optical pick-up: A lens including: a lens body having first and second surfaces; a flange part formed to protrude from a periphery of the lens body and to have a cylindrical outer circumferential surface; a lens installation surface formed at an outer edge part of the flange part; a recessed part formed... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110299378 - Optical pickup having radially arranged lenses in a low profile construction: An optical pickup includes a first source which emits a first beam with a first wavelength; a second source which emits a second beam with a wavelength shorter than the first wavelength; a first collimate lens which collimates the first beam; a second collimate lens which collimates the second beam;... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

12/01/2011 > 11 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110292774 - Near-field light emitting device, optical recording head and optical recorder: Provided is a near-field light emitting device which emits near-field light efficiently by simple structure. A near-field light emitting device comprises a waveguide which is equipped with a core and a clad touching the core and is coupled with light having an electric field component in the direction perpendicular to... Agent:

20110292773 - Power control of tamr element during read/write transition: A slider mounted TAMR (Thermal Assisted Magnetic Recording), DFH (Dynamic Flying Height) type read/write head using optical-laser generated surface plasmons in a small antenna to locally heat a magnetic medium, uses the same optical laser at low power to pre-heat the antenna. Maintaining the antenna at this pre-heated temperature, approximately... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110292772 - Thermal assisted head using curved wave guide: A curved waveguide is a curved waveguide that propagates laser light entering from the laser diode as propagating light. The curved waveguide includes a core that is curved in one direction where the propagating light can be propagated and that includes outer surfaces along a propagating direction of the propagating... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110292775 - Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and method: An information storage medium, and a recording/reproducing apparatus and method, the information storage medium including a plurality of recording layers, each layer including a lead-in area or a lead-out area, a data area, a middle area, and a dedicated area, wherein the data area is flexibly allocated according to data... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110292776 - Optical disc apparatus and optical disc discriminating method: In an optical disk having multiple layers for which a correction of spherical aberration is required, a spherical aberration correcting element is set to a predetermined spherical aberration correction amount; a laser light source is turned ON; an objective lens is swept; when it is discriminated that the optical disk... Agent:

20110292777 - Method for calibrating tracking error signal in optical disk drive: A method is provided to start calibrating TE signals in an optical disk drive by checking the change of focus balance, outputting a first TE signal by adjust to a predetermined gain, measuring the peak and trough of the first TE signal, changing the laser power to output a second... Agent:

20110292778 - Optical pickup device: A tracking signal and a focusing signal are stabilized by eliminating multi-layer crosstalk. The diffraction position, with respect to a semiconductor detector, from a center region of a multi-region diffraction grating disposed along the return path of reflection light from the layer of interest is placed further away from the... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110292780 - Information recording medium evaluation method, information recording medium, method for manufacturing information recording medium, signal processing method and access control apparatus: A method for rating an information recording medium according to the present invention includes the steps of: receiving a digital read signal, which has been generated based on an analog read signal representing information that has been read from the information recording medium, and shaping the waveform of the digital... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110292779 - Method for identifying group of multilayer disc, and optical disc device: The present invention provides a method for determining what group a given multilayer optical disc belongs to. The disc is one of a number of multilayer optical discs, which are designed so that information stored is retrievable from any of the discs by irradiating the disc with a light beam... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110292781 - Method for detecting obliquity of optical disc drive: A method for detecting the obliquity of an optical disc drive is provided. The method includes the steps of calibrating balance gains of TE signals and CE signals with predetermined obliquities of the optical disc drive, curve-fitting and storing a relating function between the predetermined obliquities and the balance gains,... Agent: Quanta Storage Inc.

20110292782 - Optical pickup apparatus: An optical pickup apparatus comprising a first laser unit including a first laser light source and a second laser unit including second and third laser light sources, being respectively disposed on a reflection (transmitting) surface side and a transmitting (reflection) surface side of a first beam splitter, laser lights of... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

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