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Dynamic information storage or retrieval September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 21 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20110235478 - Wave guide that attenuates evanescent light of higher order tm mode: A waveguide has a core through which laser light can propagate in a TM mode, that has a rectangular cross section perpendicular to a propagative direction of the laser light, and through which the laser light can propagate in a fundamental mode in which only one portion exists on the... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110235479 - Thermally assisted magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording storage: Disclosed is a thermally assisted magnetic recording medium comprising a substrate, a plurality of underlayers formed on the substrate, and a magnetic layer which is formed on the underlayers and predominantly comprised of an alloy having an L10 structure, characterized in that at least one of said underlayers is predominantly... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110235480 - Direct waveguide light delivery to nft for heat assisted magnetic recording: A magnetic recording head comprises a write pole having a pole tip adjacent to an air bearing surface, a return pole, an optical near field transducer positioned adjacent the pole tip and an air bearing surface for exposing a portion of a magnetic storage medium to high energy radiation. The... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110235481 - Storage system and method for generating file system in the storage system: A storage system, which includes a plurality of ODDs, is configured so as to easily retrieving a predetermined file from files stored in a plurality of optical discs. The storage system includes a storage controller connected to the plurality of ODDs and a nonvolatile memory via a storage bus. Each... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110235483 - Disc apparatus: A disc apparatus is disclosed that includes a jitter-value detection unit configured to detect a jitter value based on a signal to be read from a medium. A detrack-value setting unit is configured to set a detrack value for focusing an objective lens in the medium based on the jitter... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110235482 - Optical information processing method and optical information processing apparatus: An optical information processing method and apparatus performs a light irradiating and receiving step, a signal processing step, and an adjusting step of a spherical aberration and a focus offset on the basis of shift amount of first and second control devices and a performance evaluation value. The performance evaluation... Agent:

20110235484 - Recording device and recording method: In one example embodiment, a recording apparatus includes a laser and a controller. In one example embodiment, the recording apparatus records a second recording track on a recording medium which includes a first recording track which was previously recorded on the recording medium. In one example embodiment, the second recording... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110235485 - Optical information reproducing device, optical information recording device, and method for recording optical information: Multi-level recording is quite effective for attaining a larger capacity and a higher transfer rate in the case of an optical disk; however, with conventional technologies, a SIGNAL-TO-NOISE RATIO of a signal deteriorates along with an increase in a multi-level degree, creating a factor for limitations to the multi-level degree.... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110235486 - Optical disc drive and method for detecting vertical deviation thereon: An optical disc drive includes a disc holder, a pickup head, a focus servo, an S-curve identifying unit, a first counter, a second counter, a judging unit, a disc identifying unit, and a system controller. The optical disc drive can detect whether a disc exhibits vertical deviation. Upon detection, the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20110235487 - Recording quality evaluation method of optical disk and optical disk storage system: There is provided a method of calculating the degradation over time of the quality of data recorded on an optical disk in a short time. In the method, when user data is recorded on a data area, a test signal including a component in which the signal level is smaller... Agent:

20110235488 - Super-resolution optical disc reader and read method optimized through amplitude measurement: The invention relates to the field of the optical recording of information on a medium, such as an optical disc. To read an optical disc in super-resolution mode, a procedure for optimizing the power of the read laser beam is implemented. This optimization is based on the observation that a... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20110235489 - Information recording/reproduction device and image forming method: An image formation width calculation circuit and an image formation shift amount determination circuit are provided so that, before a visible image is formed, an effective image formation diameter of an image formation laser spot is measured, and based on the result, a shift amount of the laser spot is... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110235490 - Amplitude-based approach for detection and classification of hard-disc defect regions: In a hard-disc drive, a defect region on the hard disc is classified as corresponding to either thermal asperity (TA) or media defect (MD) by generating two statistical measures. A first measure (e.g., ∝1) is based on (i) the magnitudes of one or both of signal values (e.g., equalizer input... Agent: Lsi Corporation

20110235491 - Optical recording medium and optical recording method: An optical recording medium having a good power margin during recording is provided. In an optical recording medium, a Cu recording layer that includes Cu as a main component, a first Si recording layer that is arranged adjacent to the cover layer side of the Cu recording layer and includes... Agent:

20110235492 - Optical head, diffraction device, objective lens, and optical disc apparatus: An object of the present invention is to reduce the influence of a stray light incident on a light receiving device by reflection of an unnecessary diffraction light not contributing to write or read on a disc surface at write or read of an optical disc having a large surface... Agent:

20110235493 - Collinear holographic storage method and apparatus: In the specification and drawings, a collinear holographic storage method is described and shown with a controlling step to control the temperature of the collinear holographic storage media such that the writing temperature of the collinear holographic storage media is from between about 5° C. to about 50° C. higher... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20110235494 - Optical pickup apparatus: An optical pickup apparatus includes: a laser diode configured to generate a laser beam; and an objective lens having an annular diffraction zone formed on an incident surface thereof on which the laser beam is incident, the annular diffraction zone being a zone configured to focus the laser beam on... Agent: Sanyo Optec Design Co., Ltd.

20110235495 - Optical head and optical recording/reproducing apparatus: Certain embodiments provide an optical recording/reproducing apparatus including: a slider that has a medium facing surface that faces an optical recording medium, and moves along a recording/reproducing face of the optical recording/reproducing medium; a metal nanoparticle structure that is provided in the medium facing surface of the slider; a light... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110235496 - Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and objective lens for the same: r

20110235497 - Optical pickup device: The aberration takes place according to the height of the image because the laser light tilts from the optical axis when it enters to the object lens in the optical pickup device which is equipped with a laser diode for BD and the monolithic laser diode capable of irradiating laser... Agent: Sanyo Optec Design Co., Ltd.

20110235498 - Optical disk device and power supply method: According to one embodiment, an optical disk device includes types of semiconductor laser diodes configured to emit laser light of different wavelengths, an output control circuit configured to control light output of each semiconductor laser diode, and a composite power source configured to generate voltages required for driving the types... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

09/22/2011 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110228649 - Method for manufacturing thermally-assisted magnetic recording head comprising light source unit and slider: A method for manufacturing a thermally-assisted magnetic recording head is provided, in which a light source unit including a light source and a slider including an optical system are bonded. A unit substrate is made of a material transmitting light having a predetermined wavelength, and an adhesion material layer is... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110228650 - Method for manufacturing thermally-assisted magnetic recording head comprising light source unit and slider: A method for manufacturing a thermally-assisted magnetic recording head is provided, in which a light source unit including a light source and a slider including an optical system are bonded. A unit substrate is made of a material transmitting light having a predetermined wavelength, and a unit adhesion material layer... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110228651 - Slider for heat assisted magnetic recording including a thermal sensor for monitoring laser power: An apparatus includes a light source, a slider including a sensor having a resistance or voltage that varies with the temperature of the sensor, the sensor being mounted to be heated by a portion of light emitted by the light source, and a controller controlling the light source power in... Agent:

20110228652 - Slider for heat assisted magnetic recording including a photo detector for monitoring laser power: An apparatus includes a slider including an air bearing surface and a waveguide configured to receive light from a light source, a sensor positioned to receive a portion of light emitted by the light source prior to the light exiting the slider at the air bearing surface, and a controller... Agent:

20110228653 - Light source unit for thermally-assisted magnetic recording capable of monitoring of light output: Provided is a light source unit that is to be joined to a slider to form a thermally-assisted magnetic recording head. The light source unit comprises: a unit substrate having a source-installation surface; a light source provided in the source-installation surface and emitting thermal-assist light; and a photodetector bonded to... Agent: Headway Technologies, Inc.

20110228654 - Optical disk apparatus: An optical disk apparatus includes an optical pickup and a signal processor. The optical pickup includes an actuator for driving an objective lens, and a detected light intensity signal output part for outputting a detected light intensity signal to the processor. The signal processor includes a servo signal generator for... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110228655 - Compensation method in radial direction on label side of optical disc: The disclosure discloses a compensation method in a radial direction on a label side of an optical disc. An optical disc is inserted into an optical disk drive. The data side of the optical disc is divided into at least one compensation area. An optical pick-up head (OPU) is moved... Agent: Quanta Storage Inc.

20110228656 - Method and apparatus for recording interference fringe pattern: In order to record an interference fringe pattern in a recording layer of a medium, a plurality of laser beams are caused to interfere so as to form interference fringes in the recording layer; and during a time period over which the plurality of laser beams are caused to interfere,... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110228658 - Information recording method, optical information recording/reproducing device, and optical information recording medium used for the same: An optical information recording reproducing apparatus precisely decides at least the time width of a recording pulse sequence so as to obtain a preferable signal quality by controlling a recording power and a pulse time width during a high-speed write. The apparatus includes: modulation instrument for generating a test pattern... Agent:

20110228659 - Collision prevention method and apparatus between recording medium and lens: A method and apparatus for preventing a collision between a recording medium and a lens are disclosed. The method for preventing the collision between the recording medium and the lens includes controlling a gap error signal (GES) between the recording medium and the lens to be maintained at a near... Agent:

20110228657 - Embedded virtual media: A method and an optical storage medium are provided for storing data to and accessing data from an embedded virtual medium within the optical storage medium. Information describing the embedded virtual medium may be stored on to the optical storage medium. Space for an embedded lead-in area of the embedded... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20110228660 - Method and apparatus for measuring a signal, method of testing with a spinstand, a method of writing a test data pattern and a spinstand: There is disclosed a method and apparatus for measuring a signal using a measurement system. The signal has a frequency component that is to be detected by the measurement. The frequency component has a varying phase. The signal has at least one interruption thereto. The method includes: processing the signal... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110228661 - Hybrid laser diode drivers: A hybrid LDD includes a read channel to selectively output a read current, a plurality of write channels, each to selectively output a different write current, and an oscillator channel to selectively output an oscillator current. Additionally, the hybrid LDD includes programmable LDD controller that receives the plurality of enable... Agent: Intersil Americas Inc.

20110228662 - Optical disk reproducing apparatus: The present invention relates to an optical disk reproducing apparatus, and provides a technology capable of supporting even a situation in which a reproduction signal characteristic is changed due to a factor other than recording density of an optical disk by using PRML of different constrained length and capable of... Agent:

20110228663 - Holographic recording method: calculating a bit error rate with a control unit to irradiate the hologram with the information beam if the bit error rate is larger than a prescribed value, or to stop irradiating the optical recording medium with the reference beam, the information beam and the pretreatment beam if the bit... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110228664 - Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus and objective optical system for the same: An objective optical system for information recording/reproducing, at least one of optical surfaces of the objective optical system comprising a diffraction surface including a first region contributing to converging first, second and third beams and including a diffraction structure formed such that use diffraction orders for the first, second and... Agent: Hoya Corporation

09/15/2011 > 14 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110222379 - Method for controlling overwriting of data by tape recording apparatus , program for controlling overwriting , and tape recording apparatus: A data-overwriting technique that facilitates determining whether data is new or old, when reading thereof. A tape recording apparatus includes: a receiving unit for receiving information on overwrite starting position and an overwrite request; a trying unit for trying to determine a beginning position of a data unit based on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110222380 - Optical disc apparatus, optical disc, recording method, and reproduction method: It takes time to read management information and the like from a recording layer in starting reproduction of an optical disc, thus posing a problem of poor usability. Moreover, a light beam needs to be largely moved in a radial direction in recording or reproducing the next layer, thus posing... Agent:

20110222382 - Optical disc drive and method for reading data from optical disc: An optical disc drive and optical disc reading method according to the present invention is designed to perform a read operation with good stability even on a slim disc that could produce a significant axial runout. For that purpose, the optical disc drive determines, by the time it has taken... Agent:

20110222381 - Write-once type multilayer optical disc, recording method, reproducing method, and recording device: Manufacturing of a higher quality write-once type multilayer optical disc is facilitated. The optical disc includes a plurality of recording layers in which recording or reproduction is carried out by a blue or blue-violet laser beam of a wavelength of about 405 nm. Each of the recording layers includes a... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110222383 - Writing method for optical disk drive: A writing method for an optical disk drive includes receiving a command to write a disc; implementing an optimum power control (OPC) test for a predetermined data transfer rate to obtain a relation of a beta parameter to writing power; acquiring a writing power for the predetermined data transfer rate... Agent:

20110222385 - Apparatus and method for testing spoke sensor: An apparatus and a method for testing spoke sensor are disclosed. A drive unit is started to rotate a test disc to a predetermined rotation speed. A module test unit is electrically connected to a spoke sensor under test of a spindle motor module. The module test unit is started... Agent: Quanta Storage Inc.

20110222384 - Optical disc device and optical disc device drive method: An optical disc apparatus of the present invention records and/or reproduces data to/from an optical disc where data is recorded on one of a groove track and a land track. The optical disc apparatus includes an identification section for identifying the type of the optical disc as being either an... Agent:

20110222386 - Optical disk drive: There is provided an optical disk drive that pursues power saving and simultaneously assures data recording quality. A servo processor of the optical disk drive has a low frequency equalizer, a high frequency equalizer, a limiter, and an adder. A limit voltage value of the limiter is set by means... Agent: Teac Corporation

20110222387 - Optically locked photon echo apparatus and method: Disclosed herein is an optically locked photon echo apparatus and method, which can solve the problem of limited echo efficiency and can overcome constraints on the conventional storage time being limited to the spin dephasing time. The optically locked photon echo apparatus of the present invention includes a nonlinear optical... Agent:

20110222388 - Odd raid driving method: This document relates to an optical disk drive RAID driving method. In an embodiment of this document, data to be suited for a RAID level is transformed and stored in a buffer area allocated in a storage and the data stored in the buffer area is distributively recording in a... Agent:

20110222389 - Laser converging apparatus, optical pickup device, and optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus: A laser converging apparatus includes a polarizing hologram element having a first area defined by a numerical aperture corresponding to a thickness of a first protective layer of a first disk medium and a second area inside the first area, the second area defined by a numerical aperture corresponding to... Agent: Sanyo Optec Design Co., Ltd.

20110222390 - Method and apparatus for selecting options located on a media disc: A method and apparatus for selecting options on a media disc containing data. In one embodiment, an option identifier associated with an external surface of the media disc by a sensor unit coupled to a media player is detected, wherein the external surface is an outer surface of the media... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110222391 - Method for manufacturing medium on which information is recorded in pit pattern: A method by which depressions and projections (pit pattern) can be formed directly and easily in a substrate made of inorganic material is provided. A method for forming a medium on which information is recorded in a pit pattern comprises the steps of: forming a recording material layer (21) over... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110222392 - Read-only optical information recording medium and sputtering target for depositing reflective film for the optical information recording medium: Provided is a read-only optical information recording medium (for instance, a dual-layer BD-ROM), which uses blue laser and is provided with a reflecting film which has sufficiently high reflectivity while ensuring optical transparency required in manufacture, has excellent reproduction stability when used for an optical information recording medium and has... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

09/08/2011 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110216634 - Heat-assisted magnetic recording head including plasmon generator: A plasmon generator has a near-field light generating part located in a medium facing surface. The plasmon generator has an outer surface including a plasmon exciting surface and a plasmon propagating surface that face toward opposite directions. The plasmon exciting surface is substantially in contact with an evanescent light generating... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110216635 - Head for thermal assisted magnetic recording device, and thermal assisted magnetic recording device: In a head for thermal assisted magnetic recording device, a semiconductor laser is mounted so that the total height of the head does not become larger and light power fluctuation due to wavelength fluctuation occurs less frequently. In addition, the rise in temperature of the mounted semiconductor laser is suppressed.... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110216637 - Method of, and apparatus for, recording address information to disc medium: In step S1, the address generator generates address information composed of a sync signal which is recorded on an optical disc, address data and an error correction code for the address data, pre-encodes and supplies it to a modulator. At the same time, a carrier signal generator generates a carrier... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110216636 - Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc and write-once disc therefor: A method of recording, and an apparatus for recording, data on a write-once disc, and the write-once disc used with the method and the apparatus. The write-once disc includes a plurality of update areas in which to record a predetermined type of updated information, at least one main access information... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110216638 - Optical disc device and tracking servo control circuit therefor: In an optical disc device, a way of canceling a lens shift due to an electric offset of an output of a tracking actuator driving circuit is desired. A tracking servo control circuit contains a first operation mode for setting an output current of the tracking actuator driving circuit to... Agent:

20110216639 - Detector and detection method: The present disclosure improves tracking characteristics of an envelope detected from an input signal to the input signal. A detector, which obtains an output signal from an input signal containing a target signal, and outputs the output signal, includes: a comparator configured to compare the input signal to the output... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110216640 - Universal multimedia distribution, storage, and playback systems, and methods: Universal multimedia distribution, storage, and playback systems, devices, and methods are disclosed herein. A media distribution kiosk located at a retail establishment provides a user with access to a multitude of different forms of digital multimedia that may be purchased and downloaded onto a portable media transporter device. The kiosk... Agent:

20110216641 - Optical pick-up: In an optical pick-up used in common with DVD/CD and BD, when the thickness is intended to be reduced by mounting a total reflection mirror, a cavity for passing through a laser light is necessary and, since this decreases the degree of freedom for arranging tracking coils and magnets and... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110216642 - Double electrode cantilever actuation for seek-scan-probe data access: A seek-scan-probe memory device, utilizing a media electrode to allow active cantilevers to contact the storage media, and a pull electrode to pull up cantilevers away from the storage media when in an inactive mode. Other embodiments are described and claimed.... Agent:

20110216643 - Recording layer for optical information recording medium, optical information recording medium, and sputtering target: A recording layer for an optical information recording medium, which has a high reflectance (initial reflectance) and excellent recording characteristics; an optical information recording medium comprising the recording layer; and a sputtering target useful for forming the recording layer. The recording layer for an optical information recording medium, on which... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

09/01/2011 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110211428 - Heat-assisted magnetic recording with shaped magnetic and thermal fields to minimize transition curvature: Devices and methods are provided for heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR). In an illustrative example, a device includes a magnetic write pole having a convex pole tip; a magnetic opposing pole longitudinally displaced from the magnetic write pole; and a thermal-source component disposed proximate to the magnetic write pole and comprising... Agent: Seagate Technology LLC

20110211429 - Optical pickup device and optical disc device: An optical pickup device includes a plurality of laser light sources emitting laser beams of different oscillation wavelengths, and a plurality of objective lenses on which the laser beams in the form of diverging beams emitted by the plurality of laser light sources are incident, and which directly focus the... Agent:

20110211430 - Disc discrimination apparatus and method: Detection is made as to at least one of a ratio between a tracking error and a focus error, and a duty cycle of an off-track signal with respect to an optical disc. A decision is made as to whether or not the optical disc is playable on the basis... Agent: J&k Car Electronics Corporation

20110211431 - Semiconductor integrated circuit and disk recording and reproducing drive using the same: The present invention enables a comprehensive evaluation from both of data read from a disk and a servo signal of a servo controller. The present invention provides a semiconductor integrated circuit mountable to a disk recording and reproducing drive, which comprises a signal processor of an RF signal read from... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110211433 - Recording/reproducing method, recording/reproducing apparatus and information storage medium: A recording and/or reproducing method, a recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and an information storage medium are provided. The method of recording data to an information storage medium includes: according to a change in a method of using the information storage medium, rearranging the order of a first information structure with... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110211432 - Optical disc and optical disc apparatus: The invention provides an optical disc apparatus which prevents that a laser beam whose power is set at a read power level causes erroneous data recording or deletion. The optical disc apparatus includes an emission controller which controls an amount of an electrical current that a current supply portion supplies... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110211434 - Method of recognizing track pitch of optical disk: A method of recognizing a track pitch of an optical disk, adapted for an optical disk player, is provided. The method includes the steps of driving an optical pickup head to a predetermined position, so that the optical pickup head and the spindle motor are a predetermined distance apart, reading... Agent: Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.

20110211435 - Laser attachment device and optical pick-up device using the same: A laser attachment device of the present invention is formed of a LD package and a LD holder housing it. A first inner wall of the LD holder to come into contact with a side surface of the LD package is an inclined surface. This allows the facing direction of... Agent: Sanyo Optec Design Co., Ltd.

20110211436 - Information processor device and storage medium: In an information storage device in which small partitions for storing information are three-dimensionally placed inside a solid, the invention aims at long-period storage, robustness, and rapid information reading. Accordingly, the stored three-dimensional information is divided into two-dimensional data for each layer, and two-dimensional inverse Fourier transform is previously applied... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110211437 - Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus: An optical pickup device including: a laser diode for emitting laser light; an objective lens which irradiates an optical beam emitted from the laser diode; an actuator which displaces the objective lens in a radius direction of the optical disc; a grating for branches an optical beam reflected by an... Agent:

20110211438 - Collimating lens unit and optical pickup device using the same: An optical pickup device that can reduce interlayer crosstalk, without changing the configuration of the optical system, and without excessively increasing the size of the optical system. The optical pickup device reproduces a signal from a multilayered optical information recording medium having a plurality of information recording layers. The optical... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

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