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Dynamic information storage or retrieval April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110096639 - Head for thermal assisted magnetic recording device, and thermal assisted magnetic recording device: The present invention suppresses temperature rise of an optical near-field generator while increasing optical near-field intensity in a thermally assisted magnetic recording head using a conductive scatterer as the optical near-field generator. The present invention uses a conductive scatterer having a cross-sectional shape in which its width is gradually reduced... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110096638 - Head-slider including a magnetic-recording assistance element, head-arm assembly including the head-slider, and hard-disk drive including the head-arm assembly: A head-slider configured to fly in proximity to a recording surface of a magnetic-recording disk. The head-slider includes a write element including a main pole configured to generate a magnetic-recording field from a pole tip of the main pole in a first localized portion of the magnetic-recording disk. The head-slider... Agent:

20110096640 - Method of drawing a pattern for magnetic transfer: A method of drawing a pattern for magnetic transfer on a substrate, including the steps of rotating the substrate and scanning the substrate, by an electron beam, in a circumferential direction thereof, deflecting, using a deflection signal, the electron beam in a radial direction thereof, and switching irradiation of the... Agent: Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd.

20110096641 - Optical disc, optical disc recording/playback apparatus, and information recording/playback method: For a disc on which recording is to be performed at a plurality of recording densities, a technique for easily reading out disc management information without an error is disclosed. An optical disc (1) includes a plurality of data recording areas (103,104) for recording information at data recording densities different... Agent:

20110096642 - Information storage medium, recording and reproducing apparatus, and recording and reproducing method: A computer readable medium, apparatus, and method for efficiently managing a space bitmap. A computer readable medium includes: a user data area on which user data is recorded; and a temporary disc management area on which a space bitmap indicating a recording status of recording and reproducing unit blocks of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110096643 - Information recording medium, recording device and reproducing device: An information recording medium according to the present invention includes three or more information recording layers. Each of the plurality of information recording layers includes a test recording area usable for adjusting a recording condition. One of the plurality of information recording layers includes a reproduction-only management data area in... Agent:

20110096644 - Optical disk and optical recording/reproducing device: A small-sized, large-capacity optical disk is provided which is superior in portability. The optical disk has a diameter less than 64 mm and a thickness less than 0.8 mm. Tracks are formed with a pitch less than 0.6 μm, and the record area is divided into a plurality of zones... Agent:

20110096645 - Optical head for optical recorder/reproducer: An optical head for recording or reproducing a signal on or from an optical recording medium including a light source, an objective lens for condensing light emitted from the light source to the optical recording medium, and a light-separating device arranged between the light source and the objective lens in... Agent:

20110096646 - Reproducing system for use with optical devices: A reproducing system reproduces data recorded on an optical record carrier. The system includes a light source driver unit that modulates and controls a light output by a light source, such as a laser, in order to read data from an optical record carrier. The system is configured to operate... Agent:

20110096647 - Optical disc apparatus: An optical disc apparatus including means for calculating a spherical aberration correction quantity of an object lens, reproduced information signal generation means and spherical aberration correction means conducts spherical aberration correction, finds a spherical aberration correction quantity suitable for another layer by calculation on the basis of the obtained spherical... Agent: Hitachi Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110096649 - Optical disk apparatus with an improved track jump performance: An optical disk device for recording or reproducing an optical disk has: an objective lens for irradiating a laser beam to the optical disk; an actuator for moving the objective lens in the radial direction of the optical disk; and a spindle motor for rotating the optical disk. After the... Agent: Hitachi-lg Data Storage, Inc.

20110096648 - Optical drive device and tilt detection method: An optical drive device for performing information recording or reproduction of recorded information by formation of a mark by focusing a first light at a necessary position in a recording layer of an optical recording medium by an objective lens includes a position control unit configured to focus a second... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110096650 - Method of generating memory disc in optical disc drive: A method of generating a memory disc in an optical disc drive is provided. A request for a change of an optical disc inserted in the optical disc drive into a memory disc is confirmed by detecting if a button included in the optical disc drive is operated. When the... Agent:

20110096651 - Evaluation apparatus and evaluation method: An evaluation apparatus includes: a signal reading block; a first waveform equalization block; a boundary detection block; a selective output block; and an evaluation value generation block.... Agent:

20110096652 - Phase error detecting device, waveform shaping device and optical disc device: A waveform shaping portion receives a digital reproduced signal generated from an analog reproduced signal reproduced from an information recording medium and shapes the waveform of the digital reproduced signal. A maximum likelihood decoding portion applies maximum likelihood decoding to the digital reproduced signal in the shaped waveform and generates... Agent:

20110096653 - Micro-holographic data storage system and method: A micro-holographic data storage system and method. Micro-holograms are written to a data storage medium with two counter-propagating beams via objective recording lenses which have a first numerical aperture (NA) to make the micro-holograms larger. Alternatively, elongated micro-holograms can be produced using counter-propagating beams with different focus points. The micro-holograms... Agent: Panasonic Boston Laboratory

20110096654 - Compatible optical recording medium: A compatible optical recording medium is described, which is designed in such a way that it has the appearance of a read-only optical recording medium for most players and recorders. Further described is a method for manufacturing the recordable optical recording medium. The optical recording medium has an essentially flat... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20110096655 - Forming light-transmitting cover layer for recording medium: An optical recording medium includes a recording layer in or on a substrate, a light-transmitting cover layer over said recording layer, and a disc rib over an outer periphery of a first side of the substrate and delimiting an outer diameter of the cover layer.... Agent: Cinram International Inc.

20110096656 - Multi-layer optical disc, and recording method and apparatus for multi-layer optical disc: Each layer includes a data recording area and a test writing area divided into a plurality of small areas, wherein the small areas of the test writing area are recorded in advance so that other each layer can make a combination of recorded and unrecorded states with respect to the... Agent:

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110090770 - Thermal-assisted-magnetic-recording head and magnetic recording system using the thermal-assisted-magnetic-recoring head: Provided is a thermal-assisted-magnetic-recording head capable of directing, to a magnetic recording medium, light in which the spot size is reduced to submicron order with high total optical propagation efficiency. A light coupling unit that guides light emitted from the light source into a magnetic head and a high-refractive-index core... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20110090772 - Drive apparatus for performing a sequential recording and reproduction on a write-once recording medium, and method of reproducing same: The drive apparatus of the present invention includes a recording/reproduction section and a drive control section. The drive control section determines a physical address indicating a location at which data can be recorded next in the determined track of a write-once recording medium as a next writable address, based on... Agent: Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

20110090771 - Multi-layered information recording medium, recording apparatus, and recording method: A multi-layered information recording medium including a plurality of recording layers, the multi-layered information recording medium comprising: a user data area for recording user data; and a plurality of spare areas including at least one replacement region, wherein when the user data area includes at least one defect region, the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110090773 - Apparatus for generating viterbi-processed data using an input signal obtained from reading an optical disc: An apparatus for generating Viterbi-processed data using an input signal obtained from reading an optical disc includes a Viterbi decoding unit and a control circuit. The Viterbi decoding unit is arranged to process the input signal and generate the Viterbi-processed data. In addition, the control circuit is arranged to control... Agent:

20110090774 - Write signal generator with delay calibration: An aligned write signal generator with alignment calibration utilizes an alignment unit to align a plurality of write signal. The aligned write signal generator includes a write signal generator for receiving an EFM signal and converting the EFM signal into a plurality of write signals according to a write strategy... Agent:

20110090775 - Motor driving circuit: An SPM driver drives a spindle motor. A VCM driver drives a VCM. A DC/DC converter (switching regulator) receives a power supply voltage from an external circuit, and generates a stabilized voltage. Linear regulators each receive a power supply voltage from an external circuit, and each generates a stabilized voltage.... Agent: Rohm Co., Ltd.

20110090776 - Optical head device, optical information processing apparatus, and signal detecting method: An optical head device includes a light source configured to emit a light beam, a light collecting optical system configured to converge the light beam onto an information recording medium, a hologram element configured to diffract the light beam reflected from the information recording medium, and a photodetector having a... Agent:

20110090777 - Optical reproducing apparatus connectable to optical pickups and method of controlling optical pickups: An optical reproducing apparatus connectable to optical pickups and a method of controlling an optical pickup thereof are provided. The optical reproducing apparatus measures resistance of an optical pickup on a port of a connection unit to which the optical pickup is connected, and determines the type of the optical... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd.

20110090778 - Optical information recording method, optical information recording device and optical information recording medium: The present invention provides an optical information recording apparatus and method capable of effectively determining appropriate recording parameters in a short time with favorable efficiency, when recording information onto an optical disk having different information recording conditions and information recording characteristics. An information recording condition or an information recording characteristic... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110090779 - Apparatus for generating viterbi-processed data: The invention discloses an apparatus for generating a Viterbi-processed data using an input signal obtained from an optical disk, including a Viterbi module and a binary signal enhancing module. The Viterbi module is configured to process the input signal according to a binary signal. The binary signal enhancing module is... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20110090780 - Information recording medium and method for producing the same, recording or reproducing method, and optical information recording and reproducing device: An information recording medium is provided that includes a recording portion (3), which is irradiated with a recording light or a reproducing light so that information is recorded or reproduced thereto or therefrom. The recording portion (3) contains a first phosphor and a photon-mode photosensitive material. The first phosphor has... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110090781 - Objective lens for optical pickup apparatus, objective lens unit for optical pickup apparatus and optical pickup apparatus using the same: The present invention relates to an objective lens, an objective lens unit and an optical pickup apparatus. The objective lens is provided for an optical pickup apparatus recording or reproducing information by converging a light flux with a wavelength λ1 emitted from a light source onto an information recording surface... Agent: Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110085425 - Waveguide, recording head, and recording device: Incident light can be efficiently converted into near-field light whose spot size is small. A waveguide 10 includes: a metallic member 11 made of a metallic material; and a dielectric member 12 made of a dielectric material. The metallic member 11 includes a first interface 16 and a second interface... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110085426 - Recording medium, method and apparatus for reproducing data on the recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording data on the recording medium: A recording medium on which data is recorded in units of clusters, a method and apparatus for reproducing data on the recording medium, and a method and apparatus for recording data on the recording medium, wherein each of the clusters includes a plurality of address fields, each address field includes... Agent:

20110085427 - Focus position control apparatus, optical disc apparatus using the same, and focus position control method: A focus position control apparatus includes a memory unit configured to sequentially store a control signal for controlling a focus position of an optical beam to a desired position in synchronization with a clock signal at an associated one of clock addresses whose one round is completed as an optical... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110085428 - Information recording medium and information recording apparatus: An information storage medium according to the present invention has n information storage layers (where n is an integer and n≧3), on which data can be written with a laser beam and which are stacked one upon the other. Each of the n storage layers has a test write zone... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110085429 - Recording and reproduction device: A recording unit records data read from a buffer for storing therein data reproduced by a CD drive apparatus capable of adjusting a data reproduction volume which is a volume of data to be reproduced per unit time. A decision unit generates a signal which adjusts the data reproduction volume... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110085430 - Optical disc drive, optical storage medium, optical storage medium inspection apparatus, and optical storage medium inspection method: An optical disc drive having an optical pickup head emitting a light beam to an optical storage medium, detecting the light beam reflected from the optical storage medium, and outputting a signal based on the received reflected light, having a jitter measuring unit measuring jitter in signals output from the... Agent:

20110085431 - Optical drive apparatus: An optical drive apparatus includes: a phase-difference detection-signal generating unit that generates PEDr based on PEROd and PEFOd obtained by delaying a phase-lead output signal indicating a phase lead amount of DA with respect to DB and X that is changed to high at a timing at which NAND of... Agent: Tdk Corporation

20110085432 - Grating element, optical pickup optical system and method of designing grating element: A grating element is provided with diffraction members wherein protrusions and recesses are periodically arranged, respectively, on one surface of each of transparent substrates. The diffraction members are laminated in the substantially perpendicular direction to the transparent substrates, the protrusions of the diffraction members are made of a dielectric multilayer... Agent: Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

20110085433 - Objective lens, optical pickup device, and optical disk drive: Provided are an optical pickup apparatus and an objective lens which can record and/or reproduce information for discs with different recording densities and can realize simplification of the structure of themselves and reducing cost. When the expression (1) is satisfied, step differences of a step structure can be further reduced... Agent:

20110085434 - Multi-layer optical disc, information recording method and information reproducing method: According to one embodiment, single-sided dual-layer recordable disc 100 may be used. Information recording is performed by forming mark and space portions on data area DA using modulated laser power. Pp denotes the maximum laser power or peak power for forming the mark portion, and Pb denotes the bias power... Agent:

20110085435 - Image recording media and imaging layers: Imaging layers, optical disks, and methods of preparation of each, are disclosed.... Agent:

20110085436 - Image recording media, methods of making image recording media, imaging layers, and methods of making imaging layers: Imaging layers, optical disks, and methods of preparation of each, are disclosed.... Agent:

20110085437 - Sheet for multilayer optical recording medium and multilayer optical recording medium using the same: Disclosed is a sheet for producing a multilayer optical recording medium having a repeating structure wherein a plurality of optical recording layers are laminated. The sheet for a multilayer optical recording medium has a structure having a unit wherein an optical recording layer and an adhesive layer are laminated, or... Agent: Lintec Corporation

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110080813 - Methods for overwite cycle improvement of optical storage medium and related machine readable media: A method of recording data onto an optical storage medium includes: before starting recording data onto the optical storage medium from an expected link point on the optical storage medium, setting a current recording condition corresponding to the expected link point according to at least one previous recording condition corresponding... Agent:

20110080814 - Optical disc apparatus and method of making layer-to-layer jump in multilayer optical disc: A layer-to-layer jumping method according to the present invention includes, after a layer-to-layer jump has been started in a multilayer optical disc, the step ST7 of detecting an S-curve signal from an information layer, which is located shallower than the target information layer of the layer-to-layer jump, with a spherical... Agent:

20110080815 - Optical recording and regenerating apparatus: The present invention achieves an optical recording and regenerating apparatus focusing two opposed beams of light at a same place in an optical recording medium to record a standing wave generated by interference of the two beams of light. In the apparatus, phase information is recorded in the optical recording... Agent:

20110080817 - Compatible optical pickup and optical information storage medium system employing the same: An optical pickup compatible with different types of optically recorded media and an optical recording and/or reproducing system employing the compatible optical pickup, the compatible optical pickup including: a short wavelength light source emitting a short wavelength light; a low-density optical system emitting a long wavelength light; an objective lens... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110080818 - Disc device: A disc device includes a first cam gear 13 having a cam groove 13d, and engaged with and released from one gear of a power transmission system, and a second cam gear 14 having a hole portion 14d corresponding to the cam groove 13d, laid on the first cam gear... Agent:

20110080816 - Optical disk apparatus and method of performing lead-in process thereof: An optical disk apparatus and a method of performing a lead-in process with respect to an optical disk thereof includes a feature where an optical pickup unit reads out information recorded on a file system area of the storage area of the optical disk, and performs a lead-in process using... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110080819 - Systems and methods for reliability testing of optical media using simultaneous heat, humidity, and light: Methods and systems for the rapid evaluation of optical media reliability are disclosed. Simultaneous exposure of optical media to heat, humidity, and light has been found to be an effective test to differentiate more stable media from less stable media in a reasonable amount of time.... Agent:

20110080820 - Method of setting zone layout of recording medium, and apparatus using method: A data storage device determines a zone layout based on a quality evaluation factor. The zone layout is designed such that a measurement value of the quality evaluation factor for each track in each zone is within a range between a predetermined upper limit and a predetermined lower limit and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110080821 - Coupled ring oscillator and method for initializing the same: In a coupled ring oscillator including q ring oscillators each including p inverter circuits connected together to form a ring shape, and a phase coupling ring including (p×q) phase coupling circuits each of which is configured to couple an output of one of the p inverter circuits of one of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110080822 - Optical disc drive: When a multilayered optical disc is used, the signal-to-noise ratio of a read signal is decreased as effective reflectance is extremely low due to the influence of reflection and absorption by front recording layers. Further, when a high-frequency modulation technology is used to suppress returned light noise of a laser,... Agent: Hitachi-lg Data Storage, Inc.

20110080823 - Disc structure for bit-wise holographic storage: An optical article is provided. The optical article includes a first layer. The first layer includes an active holographic layer configured to store holographic data. The first layer has a first surface and a second surface. A second layer includes a low birefringence material. The second layer also has a... Agent: General Electric Company

20110080824 - Sheet for producing a multilayer optical recording medium and multilayer optical recording medium: A sheet for producing a multilayer optical recording medium having a repeated structure in which a plurality of optical recording layers are laminated, wherein the sheet has a structure such that a unit comprising at least a release assisting layer, an optical recording layer having a thickness of 1 to... Agent: Lintec Corporation

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