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Dynamic information storage or retrieval March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110075525 - Hard disk apparatus and driving method therefor: Disclosed herein is a hard disk apparatus, including: a magnetic recording medium; a recording head adapted to record information on the magnetic recording medium; a semiconductor laser adapted to be controlled for light emission in a cycle of a recording clock to irradiate a light spot upon the magnetic recording... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110075526 - Optical element, arm mechanism, and information recording device: Proposed is a technique of guiding light to a waveguide, by which the light use efficiency is increased. In order to achieve the above object, adopted is an optical element comprising, at an outer edge portion thereof, an incident surface on which light from a light source is incident, a... Agent:

20110075527 - Head gimbal assembly using near-field light and information recording and reproducing apparatus including the same: Of side surfaces of a flexible substrate provided on a flexure, one surface opposing an optical fiber forms a mirror surface inclined by a predetermined angle with respect to the longitudinal direction of the optical fiber. Owing to this configuration, the optical fiber is optically coupled to a near-field light... Agent:

20110075528 - Optical disc apparatus: On each recording layer, it is determined on whether the correction value is obtained with the adjustment process or the correction value is obtained with calculation, depending on an arrangement of the recording layers on the optical disc. The arrangement of the recording layers means the thickness of substrate of... Agent:

20110075529 - Optical disc apparatus, focus control method and integrated circuit: An optical disc apparatus has: a spherical aberration correction unit (7) which corrects the spherical aberration generated in a light spot on a recording layer; a control unit (52) which focuses a light beam on a predetermined recording layer, and shifts the focal point position of the light beam from... Agent:

20110075530 - Controller and method employed in optical storage apparatus for generating control signals each having minimum transmission pulse length corresponding to more than one power symbol period: A controller of an optical storage apparatus for generating a plurality of control signals is provided. The controller includes a code generator implemented for determining a plurality of control codes according to an input data associated with data recording, and generating the control signals to deliver the control codes. Each... Agent:

20110075533 - Detection of data in burst cutting area of optical disk: An apparatus generates outgoing data (OD) to be provided on an optical disk (1) in a burst cutting area (2). The burst cutting area (2) further comprises markings (3) which cause a marking frequency spectrum (MFS) when reading out the burst cutting area (2). The apparatus comprises a channel coder... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110075532 - Optical disk device and optical disk discriminating method: An optical disk discriminating method and an optical disk device which can detect reflected rays for making discrimination among kinds of optical disks with high accuracies. By switching a plurality of lasers and moving a spherical aberration corrector while moving an objective lens to cause it to approach or keep... Agent: Hitachi-lg Data Storage, Inc.

20110075534 - Optical recording medium, and optical information device: An object of the invention is to provide an optical recording medium and an optical information device that enable to improve the quality of a servo signal and a reproduction signal. In the case where shape-wise thicknesses tr1, tr2, tr3, and tr4 of a cover layer (42), a first intermediate... Agent:

20110075535 - Method of accessing optical recording media, optical pickup device, and optical drive using the device: An optical pickup device corresponding to an optical recording medium having a plurality of recording layers, and an optical drive using the device are provided. The optical pickup device includes a collimator lens disposed between an object lens and a light source. The collimator lens adjusts a focal length with... Agent: Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Korea Corporation

20110075531 - Super-resolution optical disc reader and read method optimized through reflectivity measurement: The invention relates to the field of the optical recording of information on a medium, such as an optical disc. To read an optical disc in super-resolution mode, a procedure for optimizing the power of the read laser beam is implemented. This optimization is based on the observation that a... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique

20110075536 - Content recording method and apparatus: A method and apparatus for recording contents. The method includes recording contents on a disc; verifying whether an error occurs in the recording; and reducing the number of available recordings of the contents, which is included in recording authority information, by 1, if an error does not occur in the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110075537 - Holographic disc with improved features and method for the same: An improved holographic data storage disc is provided. The holographic data storage disc includes multiple multimedia content, wherein at least one of the multimedia is locked via one or more cryptographic keys.... Agent: General Electric Company

20110075538 - Optical recording condition setting method, optical recording/reproducing device, control program, and recording medium: In order to provide an optical recording condition setting method which reduces effects from uneven properties of a rewritable or recordable optical disk and an optical recording/reproducing device, and to provide an optical recording/reproducing device which executes the method, (i) a test writing is carried out with respect to an... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110075539 - recording medium recording/reproducing method and a recording medium recording/reproducing apparatus: The present invention provides a recording medium reproducing method comprising the steps of: irradiating light onto a recording medium, the recording medium including a data image and a reference pattern, the reference pattern being divided by a plurality of fractional regions, the fractional regions being in invert, rotational and symmetrical... Agent:

20110075540 - Recording apparatus and recording method: A recording apparatus that performs recording of data on a disc-shaped recording medium including a recording area, which is capable of recording user data therein, and a replacement area, which is replaced by a defect area included in the recording area, includes a setting section configured to replace a portion... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110075541 - Optical information recording/reproducing optical system and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus: An optical information recording/reproducing optical system where resin material has Tg>115° C., first, second and third films are on an optical disc side of an objective lens and surfaces of an optical element, respectively, a light source side of the objective lens has a fourth film having four or more... Agent: Hoya Corporation

20110075542 - Optical information recording/reproducing optical system and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus:

20110075543 - Object lens, optical pickup, and optical disc device: An optical pickup includes: a first emitting unit to emit an optical beam of a first wavelength; a second emitting unit to emit an optical beam of a second wavelength; a third emitting unit to emit an optical beam of a third wavelength; an object lens to condense optical beams... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110075546 - Objection lens and optical pick-up device: Provided are an optical pickup apparatus and an objective lens which can appropriately record and/or reproduce information on three types of discs with different recording densities and improve the light-utilization efficiency using a simple structure. A first optical path difference providing structure is formed on an optical surface of the... Agent:

20110075544 - Optical pickup device: An optical system of an optical pickup device includes an astigmatism element which imparts astigmatism to BD light reflected on BD and CD light reflected on CD, and a spectral element which disperses four light fluxes of BD light and four light fluxes of CD light by diffraction, the four... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110075545 - Optical pickup device: An optical pickup device is provided with a spectral element which imparts diffraction in such a manner that four light fluxes of the first laser light are separated from each other, when a light flux of the first laser light and a light flux of the second laser light reflected... Agent: Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

20110075547 - Motor and disk drive apparatus: There is provided a motor. The motor includes a shaft rotatably installed and supported by a sleeve, a rotor case coupled with the shaft and on which a disk is mounted, and a pressure difference generation portion disposed in a space between the disk and the rotor case and generating... Agent: Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

20110075548 - Optical recording medium, information recording method, and information reproducing method: According to one embodiment, an optical recording medium is provided in which interlayer crosstalk is low and in which stable and high-quality recording characteristics can be obtained. To this end, an optical recording medium comprises a first recording part which includes a first recording layer and a first light reflecting... Agent:

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110069592 - Access controlled optical disc and method therefor: An optical disc is disclosed having a set of primary tracks and a set of alternate tracks. At least some of the primary and alternate tracks are associated. When a CD-DA reader accesses the optical disc, it locates only the primary tracks. By contrast, when a data reader such as... Agent: H.t.a. High Tech Applications Holdings Limited

20110069593 - Method of identifying physical characteristic information of optical disc and related controller thereof: A method of identifying physical characteristic information of an optical disc includes: deriving a reading result by reading at least a first region of the optical disc, where a location of the first region is specified in a Blu-ray disc specification for recording information associated with recording management of a... Agent:

20110069595 - Azo metal chelate dye and optical recording medium: wherein the ring A represents a nitrogen-containing heteroaromatic ring containing a carbon atom and a nitrogen atom; X represents C—R1R2, an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom or N—R3, wherein each of R1, R2 and R3 which are independent of one another, represents a hydrogen atom, a linear or branched alkyl... Agent: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd.

20110069594 - Information recording medium and reproducing apparatus therefor: An environmental load information of an information recording medium is recorded on the information recording medium so as to recycle or dispose properly an information recording medium, which is not necessary any more. The information recording medium comprises a main information area (102) for recording or reproducing information and a... Agent: Victor Company Of Japan, Limited

20110069596 - Holographic recording method, a holographic recording medium and use of such medium: A method of recording content comprising the steps of: providing a content storage medium comprising a pre-recorded grating or hologram; and illuminating a pre-recorded grating or hologram with a single recording beam to record content in the grating or hologram. The recording beam may increase the diffraction efficiency of the... Agent:

20110069597 - Optical head apparatus, holographic optical device, optical integrated device, optical information processing apparatus, and signal detection method: An optical head apparatus including a holographic optical device which diffracts a light beam and includes a first diffraction region and a second diffraction region facing each other across a region dividing line passing through an optical axis of a light-collection optical system and extending in a radial direction of... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110069598 - Objective lens, an optical pickup, and optical information recording/reproducing apparatus: In the equation (1), TSA3 [λrm/μm] and TSA5 [λrm/μm] refer to a third-order thickness sensitivity level and a fifth-order thickness sensitivity level, which are generated when a thickness error from a predetermined thickness is +1 μm, respectively. DCm3 and DCm5 refer to a third-order decentering sensitivity level and a fifth-order... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110069599 - Optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus, optical information recording and/or reproducing method, optical information recording medium, and solid immersion lens: An optical information recording and/or reproducing apparatus comprises: a focusing unit (11) which collects generated near-field light on an optical disc (1); a first detector (17) which receives light reflected by the optical disc (1) and outputs an electric signal according to the quantity of the received light; and a... Agent:

20110069600 - Optical recording-reproducing apparatus: An optical recording-reproducing apparatus includes a laser light source, an objective lens for concentrating a luminous flux from the laser light source onto a disk medium, an actuator for controlling the position of the objective lens, a tilt-adjusting circuit for adjusting a tilt of the objective lens with respect to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20110069601 - Optical element, optical head, optical information device and method of controlling optical head: An optical head includes a laser light source of emitting laser, an objective lens which focuses the laser emitted from the laser light source on an optical recording medium and an optical element placed between the light source and the optical recording medium, of which the transmittance varies depending on... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110069603 - Multilayer information recording medium manufacturing method, multilayer information recording medium manufacturing apparatus, and multilayer information recording medium: The invention provides a multilayer information recording medium manufacturing method, a multilayer information recording medium manufacturing apparatus, and a multilayer information recording medium that enable to make a distance from a light incident surface of the multilayer information recording medium to a farthest information recording layer thereof uniform within a... Agent:

20110069602 - Production method for an optical recording medium, and optical recording medium: A production method for an optical recording medium including a substrate, an information recording layer, and a light transmission layer, includes: molding the substrate; forming on the substrate the information recording layer so as to have a multilayer structure including a layer that has been sputtered under a first deposition... Agent: Sony Corporation

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110063954 - Near-field optical recording apparatus, method and medium: An apparatus, a method and a recording medium for optical near-field recording are proposed. The apparatus includes a light source for generating a reading light beam, which is illuminated onto a near-field optical recording medium. The apparatus further includes a detector for generating a gap error signal from a light... Agent: Thompson Licensing

20110063955 - Standalone duplication system with network connection: A standalone duplication system with network connection has a casing, multiple recording devices, a control module, a bridge unit, a storage device and a network module, wherein the bridge unit connects between the control module, the storage device and the network module. When the bridge unit confirms that the control... Agent:

20110063957 - Optical disk apparatus: In an optical disk apparatus, an optical pickup includes an actuator for driving an object lens, and a sensed signal output part for making it possible to generate a tracking error signal and a lens error signal by addition/subtraction, and a signal processor includes a servo signal generator for generating... Agent: Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110063956 - Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus: An optical pickup device includes a polarization diffraction grating to diverge an optical beam reflected from an optical disc and an optical detector to receive the optical beam diverged by the polarization diffraction grating, a polarization of 0 order diffracted light diffracted through the polarization diffraction grating is substantially perpendicular... Agent:

20110063958 - Servo processor receiving photodetector signals: A servo processor for an optical disk drive is provided that includes: an analog-to-digital converter for converting versions of photodetector output signals into digital signals; and a digital signal processor configured to receive the digital signals, the digital signal processor being further configured to determine a focus error signal (FES)... Agent: Dphi Acquisitions, Inc.

20110063959 - Loader module of an optical access apparatus: A loader module of an optical access apparatus is provided. The optical access apparatus has a main control printed circuit board (PCB). The loader module comprises an optical pick-up head, a drive unit, a first signal line, a second signal line and a non-volatile memory (NVM). The first signal line... Agent:

20110063960 - Optical disc apparatus: An optical disc apparatus, being improved in a random access speed thereof and superior in a usability thereof, comprises: a virtual disc for memorizing data of at least one (1) pieces of an optical disc; a recording/reproducing means for executing reproduction of data from the optical disc and recording of... Agent:

20110063961 - Optical disc apparatus and optical disc recording/reproducing method: An optical disc apparatus includes an optical pickup including: a light source; an objective lens for converging a light flux emitted from the light source and forming an optical spot on an information recording plane of an optical disc; and an optical modulation unit divided into a plurality of areas... Agent:

20110063962 - Reproducing device and reproducing method: A reproducing device includes: a laser light irradiating section; a correction coefficient information retaining section; a correction coefficient obtaining section; a laser power setting section; and a driving signal outputting section.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110063963 - Method and device for optical recording onto optical disc medium: There is provided an optical recording method for directing a recording pulse train to an optical disc medium to form marks thereon and for recording information as information about the edge positions of said marks and the spaces between marks, the recording pulse train having been created by modulating laser... Agent:

20110063964 - Method of manufacturing a disk drive device having base member, bearing unit, drive unit and hub, and disk drive device manufactured by the manufacturing method: A method of manufacturing a disk drive device including: assembling a subassembly by fixing at least a bearing unit, a drive unit and a hub to a base member in a first clean room; cleaning the subassembly in a second clean room; and sealing the subassembly by a sealing member.... Agent: Alphana Technology Co., Ltd.

20110063966 - Compound, polymerizable liquid crystal composition, optical element and optical information writing/reading device: A compound represented by CH2═CR1—COO—R2-Cy-Ph-R3—OCO—CR4═CH2. R1 and R4 are each preferably a hydrogen atom. R3 is preferably a C1-6 alkylene group wherein an oxygen atom is present or not present at an end of the group to be bonded to a cyclic group, and wherein some or all of hydrogen... Agent: Asahi Glass Company, Limited

20110063965 - Multiplexed data storage method: The core of the present invention is a method and an apparatus for transformation of matter parameters through optical way. In course of said method, a multilateral pattern inside a sample matter is created by means of a specific imaging beam emitted by a light emitting device. The most significant... Agent:

20110063967 - Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus using the same: A diffractive optical element having a diffraction region for diffracting a part of a luminous flux is mounted and an unwanted luminous flux generated in a multi-layer optical disc is suppressed from entering a photodetector surface. Using the above-described structure, fluctuation of a tracking error signal can be suppressed from... Agent:

20110063968 - Optical pickup apparatus having multi-sectional polarizer: An optical pickup apparatus includes a light generating unit to generate a light to record or reproduce information, an objective lens to focus the light generated from the light generating unit onto a disk, and a multi-sectional polarizer disposed on a light path between the light generating unit and the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20110063969 - Semiconductor integrated circuit: The semiconductor integrated circuit incorporates a PLL circuit including a phase-frequency comparator 1, first and second charge pumps 2 and 3, a loop filter 4, a voltage-control oscillator 5 and a divider 6. The operation mode of the PLL circuit includes a standby state where locking is stopped, a lock... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110063970 - Moving apparatus and information recording/reproducing apparatus: A drive (1) for driving an object to be driven (14) in a predetermined direction comprises a plurality of guide means (18) which are fixed to a substrate (11) and extend in a predetermined direction, respectively, output means (2) for outputting the driving force in the direction along the direction... Agent: Pioneer Corporation

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110058458 - Magneto--optical switching device and method for switching a magnetizable medium: The invention relates to a magneto-optical switching device for switching magnetization in a medium, comprising a magnetizable medium. According to the invention, a radiation system suited for imparting angular momentum to the magnetic spin system of said magnetizable medium, so as to selectively orient the magnetization of said medium. In... Agent: Stichting Katholieke Universiteit

20110058459 - Method and device for adjusting tilt of recording medium: A tilt control method of a recording medium comprises fixing the recording medium to a recording reproducing apparatus; performing first tilt compensation in a state that the recording medium is stopped; and performing second tilt compensation in a state that the recording medium in which the first tilt compensation has... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20110058460 - Optical information storage medium reproduction apparatus and control method of the same: In an optical information storage medium reproduction apparatus (10) for reproducing an optical information storage medium including a plurality of information recording layers each including a recording mark having a length shorter than an optical system resolution limit, reproduction laser power for reading an information recording layer closest to a... Agent: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

20110058461 - Method of evaluating magnetic recording medium and method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium: Disclosed is a magnetic recording medium evaluating method capable of providing a discrete-type or bit-pattern-type magnetic recording medium that has stable head floating characteristics even when concave and convex portions remain on the surface and can respond to high recording density with high productivity. A method of evaluating a magnetic... Agent: Showa Denko K.k.

20110058462 - Phase error detection apparatus, phase error detection method, and reproduction apparatus: A phase error detection apparatus includes: a sampling block; a first phase error calculation block; a second phase error calculation block; and a selective output block.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20110058463 - Optical information recording medium and recording/reproducing method therefor: An optical information recording medium (100) of the present invention includes an information layer (011) that allows information to be recorded thereon and reproduced therefrom by irradiation with a laser beam (040). The information layer (011) includes a reflective layer (002), a first dielectric layer (003), a recording layer (005)... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20110058464 - Method and device for identifying optical disc: An optical disc identifying device includes an optical pickup head, a digital signal processor and a radio frequency amplifier. The optical pickup head has a plurality of laser diodes and a lens. During a start-up procedure, a non-blue laser diode of the optical pickup head is turned on to irradiate... Agent: Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd.

20110058465 - Microelectromechanical device having an electromagnetic micromotor, in particular mass storage device made by probe storage technology: A microelectromechanical device that includes a fixed supporting body, at least one semiconductor body, which is movable with respect to the fixed supporting body, and at least one micromotor for moving the semiconductor body with respect to the fixed supporting body, the micromotor having at least one permanent magnet and... Agent: Stmicroelectronics S.r.i.

20110058466 - Optical recording medium, apparatus and method of manufacturing optical recording medium, and apparatus and method of recording/reproducing data of optical recording medium: An optical recording medium, an apparatus and method of manufacturing an optical recording medium, and an apparatus and method of recording/reproducing data of an optical recording medium, allocated with a wobble address suitable for a capacity of a high density recording disc, the optical recording medium including a first area... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20110058467 - High-density optical storage structure: The present invention relates to a high-density optical data storage structure. The structure comprising a substrate provided with physical marks, said physical marks being covered by at least one active layer, the physical state of the active layer being modified when irradiated by a laser beam, the substrate consisting of... Agent: Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110051574 - Optical pickup device and optical disk device using the same: Of the beams reflected by an optical disk, only peripheral beams excluding the push-pull region are used to generate a DPD signal in order to optimize internal wire connections among the light receiving areas of the optical detector and thereby reduce the amplification factor of the lens error signal, required... Agent:

20110051575 - Focus jump method and optical disc apparatus: An optical disc apparatus includes a multilayer optical disc having a reproduction-only recording layer and a recording layer of the recordable area, on the disc, to record and reproduce the disc by the same wavelength laser light, so that a seek operation is performed rapidly, and a generation method tracking... Agent:

20110051576 - Optical disk device: An LPP detection unit detects an LPP from a wobble signal. A correction unit obtains a difference set by performing processing of calculating a difference in signal level between an LPP-present sync pattern portion and a non-LPP sync pattern portion having the same polarity, and executes correction on an RF... Agent:

20110051577 - Using an atmospheric pressure sensor in a hard-disk drive (hdd): Approaches for determining the likelihood that a hard-disk drive (HDD) will experience an imminent error in operation, and preventing the same, using an atmospheric pressure sensor are provided. The HDD comprises an atmospheric pressure sensor capable of determining the altitude at which the HDD is currently located. The HDD also... Agent:

20110051578 - Method for testing optical disk drive: The invention provides a method for testing an optical disk drive. The method comprises: resetting a successful number of a test and setting an upper limit for the successful number of the test; proceeding with a virtual writing by a laser beam with predetermined power; checking whether the output power... Agent:

20110051579 - Method for calibrating signal offsets on lightscribe disc: A method for calibrating signal offsets on a lightscribe disc is provided. Spoke signals of an inner ring are utilized as a counter in order to read information pattern signals of an outer ring in a predetermined marked area. Measure the signal offsets of the information pattern signals. Check whether... Agent:

20110051580 - Disk protrusion detection/flatness measurement circuit and disk glide tester: The present invention relates to a disk protrusion detection/flatness measurement circuit and a disk glide tester, in which protrusion detection and average value calculation can be performed without switching signal processing circuits of two systems, one for the protrusion detection of a disk and the other for the average value... Agent:

20110051582 - Predicting operational problems in a hard-disk drive (hdd): A method and apparatus for determining the likelihood that a hard-disk drive (HDD) will experience an imminent error in operation is provided. The HDD comprises a differential pressure sensor capable of measuring the difference in the pressure between the interior and the exterior of the enclosure. The differential pressure sensor... Agent:

20110051581 - Vibration analysis methodology using data storage devices: A method includes acquiring, by a data storage device, signals generated by one or more sensors that relate to a mechanical vibration of the data storage device. The one or more sensors are in electrical communication with the data storage device. The method includes storing a representation of the signals... Agent:

20110051583 - Equalization filter device, tap coefficient updating method, and reproduction apparatus: An equalization filter device includes: an equalization filtering section which has a digital filter and which performs equalization processing on an input signal and updates tap coefficients, which are set for multipliers provided in the digital filter, according to an error between an equalization signal generated by the equalization processing... Agent:

20110051585 - Manufacturing method for optical recording medium, optical recording medium, optical information device, and information reproducing method:

20110051584 - Optical recording mediums: Optical recording mediums, and methods and systems for manufacturing optical recording mediums are provided. The optical recording medium includes a substrate on which a recordable layer and a reflective layer are formed. The reflective layer includes a predefined proportion of at least copper and zinc, wherein the predefined proportion is... Agent:

20110051586 - Optical data storage media and methods for using the same: There are provided optical data storage media and methods of optical data storage using the same. The optical data storage media comprises a non-linear sensitizer capable of absorbing actinic radiation to cause upper triplet energy transfer to a reactant that undergoes change upon triplet excitation. The refractive index change (Δn)... Agent:

20110051589 - Optical disc, optical disc reproducing apparatus, optical disc apparatus, reproducing method and recording method: Where a hybrid disc has different types of media, the light spot moves among recording layers of the different media, after loading the disc into an optical disc apparatus, there is a problem that information on a media type of each recording layer should be recorded in DI etc. of... Agent:

20110051590 - Optical pickup device: An optical pickup device includes an objective lens portion which converges laser light at a first focal point and a second focal point; an actuator which positions the first focal point or the second focal point on a recording layer in a disc; an astigmatism element which sets a first... Agent:

20110051588 - Photo-curing type adhesive, optical pickup unit and manufacturing method thereof: An adhesive agent, which contains a light starting agent and is cured by light, is added with fillers in which the difference in refractive indices between the adhesive agent and the fillers is not larger than ±0.02. Even if the adhesive agent is added with functional fillers, this addition method... Agent:

20110051587 - Structure for optical pickup head: An optical pickup head is provided, including a laser diode set, an optical element set and an optical signal detector. The laser diode set is a laser light source capable of emitting single wavelength, two wavelengths or three wavelengths laser lights. Optical element set includes a low reflectivity beam-splitter and... Agent:

20110051591 - Fluid dynamic bearing, spindle motor having the fluid dynamic bearing, and storage apparatus having the spindle motor: A fluid dynamic bearing includes an auxiliary bearing portion, a first radial bearing portion and a second radial bearing portion arranged along an axial direction of the fluid dynamic bearing, wherein the auxiliary groove formed in the auxiliary bearing portion is shallower in depth than the radial dynamic pressure groove... Agent:

20110051592 - Optical information recording medium, information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, information recording method, information reproducing method and method for producing optical information recording medium: An optical information storage medium according to the present invention has at least one information storage layer. The optical information storage medium has a management area that stores at least one unit containing control information about the optical information storage medium. The control information includes a format number, which provides... Agent:

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