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Dushan Boroyevich patents

Recent patents with Dushan Boroyevich listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

Dushan Boroyevich - Related organizations: Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc. patents, The Boeing Company patents

Optimal battery current waveform for bidirectional phev battery charger

06/16/16 - 20160172877 - The present invention provides a battery charger and battery charging method controlled with a charging waveform input of an AC-DC switching circuit to a DC link and a DC-DC stage converter for outputting a regulated DC voltage. The method determining the charging waveform comprising the steps of selecting a Pulse
Inventors: Lingxiao Xue, Paolo Mattavelli, Dushan Boroyevich

Power-cell switching-cycle capacitor voltage control for modular multi-level converters

07/23/15 - 20150207434 - In a modular multi-level power converter, additional switching states are interleaved between main switching states that control output voltage or waveform. The additional switching states provide current from a DC-link to charge capacitors in respective modules or cells to an offset voltage from which the capacitor voltages are controlled toward
Inventors: Jun Wang, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich, Bo Wen

Anti-islanding protection in three-phase converters using grid synchronization small-signal stability

10/23/14 - 20140312882 - A small signal feedback loop or feed-forward loop having gain provides substantially unconditional instability in a phase locked loop when a reference phase signal is lost. The small signal feedback or feed-forward also modifies phase locked loop bandwidth when the reference phase signal is lost to increase rapidity of response
Inventors: Dong Dong, Dushan Boroyevich, Paolo Mattavelli, Bo Wen

Anti-islanding detection for three-phase distributed generation

07/31/14 - 20140210282 - Wobbling the operating frequency of a phase-locked loop (PLL), preferably by adding a periodic variation is feedback gain or delay in reference signal phase allows the avoidance of any non-detection zone that might occur due to exact synchronization of the phase locked loop operating frequency with a reference signal. If
Inventors: Dong Dong, Dushan Boroyevich, Paolo Mattavelli

Electrical power system stability optimization system

05/01/14 - 20140122050 - A method and apparatus for electrical power system stability optimization. An electrical power system comprising source elements and load elements is simulated to generate impedance data, wherein the impedance data identifies an impedance of the electrical power system. A stability profile of the electrical power system is characterized as a
Inventors: Sheau-wei Johnny Fu, Kamiar J. Karimi, Marko D. Jaksic, Bo Zhou, Bo Wen, Paolo Mattavelli, Dushan Boroyevich

Multilayer packaged semiconductor device and method of packaging

03/06/14 - 20140061879 - One embodiment is a packaged device having multiple layers. Another embodiment is a method of forming a packaged device having multiple layers. Conductive layers and insulating layers can be formed with openings exposing semiconductor devices. The semiconductor devices can be wire-bonded to the conductive layers. In some embodiments, parasitic effects
Inventors: Kaushik Rajashekara, Ruxi Wang, Zheng Chen, Dushan Boroyevich

System and method for impedance measurement using series and shunt injection

01/30/14 - 20140032148 - A method for impedance measurement in a three-phase AC system is provided. The method includes injecting a shunt perturbation signal into the three-phase AC system and collecting a response to the shunt perturbation signal, and injecting a series perturbation signal into the three-phase AC system and collecting a response to
Inventors: Jacob Verhulst, Mohamed Belkhayat, Zhiyu Shen, Marko Jaksic, Paolo Mattavelli, Dushan Boroyevich

System and method for impedance measurement using chirp signal injection

01/30/14 - 20140032147 - A method for impedance measurement using chirp signal injection is provided. The method includes injecting at least one chirp signal into the three-phase AC system, and collecting at least one response to the at least one chirp signal. The method further includes transferring the at least one response from abc
Inventors: Jacob Verhulst, Mohamed Belkhayat, Zhiyu Shen, Marko Jaksic, Paolo Mattavelli, Dushan Boroyevich

Dc-side leakage current reduction for single phase full-bridge power converter/inverter

09/12/13 - 20130235628 - Leakage current through stray or parasitic capacitance (which is particularly large in devices such as photovoltaic cell arrays and which are damaged by such leakage currents) due to common mode switching noise in a full bridge single phase power converter is reduced at high frequencies by magnetically coupling the two
Inventors: Dong Dong, Fang Luo, Dushan Boroyevich, Paolo Mattavelli

Algorithm and implementation system for measuring impedance in the d-q domain

04/25/13 - 20130099800 - A controller and infrastructure for an impedance analyzer measures responses to perturbations to respective phases of a multi-phase system at an interface between stages thereof (which may be considered as a source and load in regard to each other), such as a multi-phase electrical power system, to determine a transfer
Inventors: Gerald Francis, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich, Fred Wang, Zhiyu Shen, Paolo Mattavelli, Kamiar Karimi, Sheau-wei Johnny Fu

Method of evaluating and ensuring stability of ac/dc power systems

03/28/13 - 20130076332 - Approximating loci of eigenvalues or characteristic gains of a return ratio matrix of a model of a multi-phase power converter circuit by the loci of the d-d and q-q elements of said synchronous frame of reference applied to said model, allows determination and assessment of stability of the circuit or
Inventors: Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich, Fred Wang, Kamiar Karimi

Two-stage single phase bi-directional pwm power converter with dc link capacitor reduction

10/11/12 - 20120257429 - DC link capacitance in a bi-directional AC/DC power converter using a full-bridge or H-bridge switching circuit can be greatly reduced and the power density of the power converter correspondingly increased by inclusion of a bi-directional synchronous rectifier (SR) DC/DC converter as a second stage of the power converter and controlling
Inventors: Dong Dong, Dushan Boroyevich, Ruxi Wang, Fred Wang

Three-level active neutral point clamped zero voltage switching converter

08/30/12 - 20120218785 - A main circuit of a three-level active neutral point clamped voltage source converter having a pair of additional main switches provides two paths between an output node and a neutral point in which one of the paths involves only switches of an inner pair of switches that are operated at
Inventors: Jin Li, Dushan Boroyevich, Jinjun Liu

Electrical power system with high-density pulse width modulated (pwm) rectifier

02/04/10 - 20100027304 - An electrical power system includes an alternating current (AC) power source configured to output an AC signal, a single phase pulse-width modulated (PWM) rectifier coupled to the AC power source and to an electrical load; a DC link capacitor coupled in parallel to the load and the PWM rectifier; and
Inventors: Ruxi Wang, Fred Wang, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich, Kaushik Rajashekara, Stephen A. Long

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