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Drug, bio-affecting and body treating compositions

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04/10/2014 > 139 patent applications in 88 patent subcategories.

20140099254 - Combination therapy for inducing immune response to disease: The present invention concerns combinations of two or more agents for inducing an immune response to cancer or infectious disease. Agents may include leukocyte redirecting complexes, antibody-drug conjugates, interferons (preferably interferon-α), and/or checkpoint inhibitor antibodies. The leukocyte redirecting complexes have at least one binding site for a leukocyte antigen and... Agent: Ibc Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140099255 - Polymer based radionuclide containing particulate material: The invention relates to a particulate material having a diameter in the range of from 5 to 200 microns comprising polymeric matrix and stably incorporated radionuclide, processes for its production and a method of radiation therapy utilising the particulate material.... Agent: Sirtex Medical Limited

20140099256 - Radioactive luminescent nanoparticle compositions: An embodiment of the invention is directed to a composition comprising a luminescent noble metal nanoparticle, wherein the surface of the noble metal nanoparticle is coated with a ligand, and wherein the noble metal nanoparticle is about 2 nm to 5 nm in diameter and further wherein a portion of... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20140099257 - Androgen suppression, prostate-specific membrane antigen and the concept of conditionally enhanced vulnerability: Anti-androgen therapies represent the cornerstone of prostate cancer (PC) treatment. Yet all PC patients ultimately fail efforts to rein in the androgen receptor (AR). This invention is based on the discovery that prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), a highly PC-specific and clinically validated cell surface target, is AR-suppressed and up-regulated in... Agent: Cornell University

20140099258 - Camptothecin-binding moiety conjugates: The invention relates to therapeutic conjugates with improved ability to target various diseased cells containing a targeting moiety (such as an antibody or antibody fragment), a linker and a camptothecin as a therapeutic moiety, and further relates to processes for making and using the said conjugates.... Agent: Immunomedics, Inc.

20140099259 - Tumor-specific recognition molecules: The invention relates to recognition molecules which are directed towards tumors and can be used in the diagnosis and therapy of tumor diseases.... Agent: Glycotope Gmbh

20140099260 - Anti-cd79b antibodies and immunoconjugates and methods of use: The present invention is directed to compositions of matter useful for the treatment of hematopoietic tumor in mammals and to methods of using those compositions of matter for the same.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140099261 - Distinguishing benign and malignant indeterminate thyroid lesions: The application describes methods for accurately evaluating whether thyroid test samples, especially indeterminate thyroid samples, are benign or malignant.... Agent: Cornell University

20140099262 - Isotopically labeled cdp-choline and uses thereof: The present invention provides CDP-Choline (Citicoline) and any salt thereof comprising at least one isotopically labeled carbon atom directly bonded to at least one deuterium atom, a composition comprising said CDP-Choline, uses thereof, methods for diagnosing and evaluating a state, condition, or disease in a subject utilizing CDP-Choline of the... Agent: Brain Watch Ltd.

20140099263 - Polymer-agent conjugates, particles, compositions, and related methods of use: Described herein are polymer-agent conjugates and particles, which can be used, for example, in the treatment of cancer. Also described herein are mixtures, compositions and dosage forms containing the particles, methods of using the particles (e.g., to treat a disorder), kits including the polymer-agent conjugates and particles, methods of making... Agent: Cerulean Pharma Inc.

20140099266 - Magnetic fluid nanosystem: Targeting contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In preferred embodiments, self-assembled polyelectrolytes coated superparamagnetic iron oxide contrast agent particles are provided, which are labeled with targeting moieties, afforded enhanced relaxivity, improved signal-to-noise and targeting ability. Accordingly, the invention relates to a stable targeting contrast nanosystem applicable for magnetic resonance... Agent: Bbs Nanotechnology Ltd.

20140099264 - Means and methods for in vivo testing of therapeutic antibodies: The present invention provides methods and means for identifying a cancer-patient disposed to respond favourably to a therapeutic antibody as well as methods for in vivo selecting a xenograft tumor model which is most qualified for preclinical testing of a therapeutic antibody. These methods apply near-infrared fluorescence imaging which is... Agent: F. Hoffman-la Roche Ag

20140099265 - Method for avian sex determination: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for pre-hatch avian embryo sex determination. In particular, the invention relates to a non-invasive method and apparatus for in-ovo determining the sex of avian species while in the egg and allowing to sort the eggs into groups consisting primarily of either male... Agent: Van De Ven Beheer B.v.

20140099267 - Near infrared absorbers: An ink formulation having a marking component and a reduced indium tin oxide (r-ITO) is disclosed. The r-ITO in powder form exhibits a lightness (L*), according to the 1976 CIE (L*, a*, b*) space, of not more than 50.... Agent: Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

20140099268 - Cosmetic and pharmaceutical compositions and methods using 2-decarboxy-2-phosphinico derivatives: A method for treating hair loss in mammals uses compositions containing 2-decarboxy-2-phosphinico prostaglandin derivatives. The compositions can be applied topically to the skin. The compositions can arrest hair loss, reverse hair loss, and promote hair growth. Compositions containing 2-decarboxy-2-phosphinico prostaglandin derivatives can also be used to lower intraocular pressure and... Agent: Duke University

20140099269 - Chewing gum having sustained release of nicotine: The present invention relates to a chewing gum having a high Surface Area to Volume ratio (SAV ratio), wherein said chewing gum comprises a water insoluble gum base matrix, a water soluble bulk portion and nicotine, wherein the gum base matrix, nicotine and the bulk portion are mixed and extruded... Agent: Fertin Pharma A/s

20140099270 - Method of use and preparation of hsa fusion protein composition for skincare: The present invention provides a recombinant fusion protein which stimulates the rejuvenation and reactivation of skin and epidermal cells for improving skin appearance, smoothing wrinkles and freckles, and whitening skin. Particularly, the present invention provides various types of products for improving skin, which contain recombinant fusion protein of human serum... Agent: Tianjin Sinobiotech Ltd.

20140099272 - Dental care products comprising carbonate-substituted fluoro-hydroxyapatite particles: A dental care product comprising carbonate-substituted fluoro-hydroxyapatite particles having the formula: Ca(10-z-y-m)ZnxSryMm(PO4)(6-z)(CO3)z(OH)2-wFw wherein M is selected from the group comprising Mg, Se, K and mixtures thereof; x is a number comprised between 0 and 0.02; y is a number comprised between 0.0010 and 0.015; m is a number between 0... Agent: Coswell S.p.a.

20140099271 - Dental compositions comprising a fatty mono(meth)acrylate: Presently described are dental compositions comprising one or more fatty mono(meth)acrylates, methods of use, dental articles, and methods of making dental compositions. It has been found that a relatively low concentration of a fatty mono(meth)acrylate can improve the handling characteristics of a dental composition by reducing the tendency of the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140099274 - Extracts of darlingtonia californica: The present invention relates to an extract from plant parts of Darlingtonia californica, to a process for the preparation thereof, to the use of the extract in cosmetic or dermatological preparations and as self-tanning agent, and to preparations comprising an extract from plant parts of Darlingtonia californica and the preparation... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140099273 - Topical skin care formulations comprising plant extracts: Disclosed is a topical skin composition and corresponding methods for its use that includes an extract from Bauhinia glauca, an extract from Rhodendron siderophyllum, and an extract from Circidiphyllum japonicum.... Agent: Mary Kay, Inc.

20140099275 - Lightweight styling agents: A styling agent in a cosmetically acceptable carrier includes, based in each case on its weight: 0.01 to 3 wt % of at least one copolymer A as defined herein, and 0.05 to 10 wt %, by preference 0.1 to 7.5 wt %, more preferably 0.25 to 6 wt %,... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140099276 - Compositions having hase rheology modifiers: A monomer compound that contains at least one polymerizable functional group per molecule, and at least one bicycloheptyl-, bicycloheptenyl-, or branched (C5-C42)alkyl-polyether radical per molecule, wherein the bicycloheptyl- or bicycloheptenyl-polyether radical may optionally be substituted on one or more of the ring carbon atoms by one or two (C1-C6)alkyl groups... Agent: Rhodia Operations

20140099278 - Biocompatible polycaprolactone fumarate formulations: A polycaprolactone fumarate polymer useful as a matrix material for a biocompatible scaffold for tissue engineering applications is disclosed. The polycaprolactone fumarate polymer can be prepared by reacting caprolactone with an alkane polyol to prepare a polycaprolactone precursor, and then reacting the polycaprolactone precursor with fumaric acid or a salt... Agent:

20140099277 - Biodegradable polyurethane/urea compositions: The present invention relates to biocompatible, biodegradable polyurethane/urea polymeric compositions that are capable of in-vivo curing with low heat generation to form materials suitable for use in scaffolds in tissue engineering applications such as bone and cartilage repair. The polymers are desirably flowable and injectable and can support living biological... Agent: Polynovo Biomaterials Pty Limited

20140099279 - Metal alloys for medical devices: A medical device that is at least partially formed of a novel metal alloy, which novel metal alloy improves the physical properties of the medical device.... Agent: Icon Medical Corp.

20140099281 - Methods of treatment using an aminosterol composition: This invention relates to stable aminosterol phosphate compositions. The aminosterol phosphate compositions permit administration without associated tissue damage and achieve a sustained release effect.... Agent:

20140099282 - Modulating innate immune cell activity by lunasin and selected cytokines: This disclosure provides compositions and methods for enhancing innate immune system activities and responses by combining lunasin with at least one cytokine. The compositions synergistically enhance the effect of these selected cytokine(s), including but not limited to, activating NK cells, augmenting NK's cytotoxicity against vinises and tumors, regulating NK-mediated anti-allergic... Agent:

20140099280 - Novel superactive il-33 fragments, and uses thereof: The present invention discloses novel active polypeptide fragments of human IL-33 corresponding to natural forms generated by the proteases of human neutrophils (cathepsin G, elastase 2, proteinase 3), as well as the use thereof as a drug, in particular for the treatment of infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases,... Agent: Cenre National De La Recherche Scientifique

20140099283 - 2'-chloro nucleoside analogs for hcv infection: e

20140099284 - Modulation neural pathways: Provided herein are compositions and methods for the design of synthetic regulatory sequences and for subsequent modulation of neural pathways.... Agent: Eos Neuroscience, Inc

20140099291 - Methods and compositions for treatment of retinal degeneration: Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for treating retinal degeneration, such as occurs in retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration, using descendents of marrow adherent stem cells that have been engineered to express an exogenous Notch intracellular domain.... Agent: Sanbio, Inc.

20140099286 - Cell therapy for chronic stroke: A method of treating stroke in a patient who has undergone a stroke comprising administering at least 2 million suitable neuronal cells in at least one brain area involved in the stroke. The method comprises the step of using a twist drill or a burr to form a hole in... Agent: University Of South Florida

20140099285 - Composition for preventing or treating aids containing plant stem cell line derived from cambium of panax ginseng including wild ginseng or ginseng as active ingredient: The present invention relates to a composition for preventing or treating acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), comprising one or more of the following: a homogenous cell line, and a lysate, an extract and a culture thereof as an active ingredient. The homogenous cell line, the lysate, the extract and the culture... Agent: Unhwa Corporation

20140099290 - Endothelial scaffolds: Provided herein is an endothelial scaffold comprising, consisting of, or consisting essentially of decellularized corneal stroma. In some embodiments, the scaffold has cultured endothelial cells seeded thereon. Methods of treating a patient in need of corneal endothelial transplant are also provided, including implanting the scaffold as described herein onto a... Agent: Wake Forest University Health Sciences

20140099288 - Methods and devices for obtaining and providing combination cell therapy: The invention is directed to a method for isolating stromal cells to form a therapeutic composition; and administering said therapeutic composition to the subject. A further embodiment of the invention is directed to therapeutic compositions comprising isolated stromal cells.... Agent: Spinesmith Partners, L.p.

20140099287 - Plasma protein concentrate for cell delivery in regenerative applications: The invention is directed to concentrating autologously-derived plasma, using the concentrated plasma fluid to dilute the patient's cells and applying the combination of concentrated fluid with cells at a site of pathology or mixing the combination of concentrated fluid with cells with a particulate material like a bone void filler... Agent: Spinesmith Partners, L.p.

20140099289 - Tissue-engineered endothelial and epithelial implants differentially and synergistically regulate tissue repair: Endothelial implants restore vascular homeostasis after injury without reconstituting vascular architecture. Endothelial cells line the vascular epithelium and underlying vasa vasorum precluding distinction between cellular controls. Unlike blood vessels, the airway epithelium is highly differentiated and distinct from endothelial cells that line the bronchial vasa allowing investigation of the differential... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140099292 - Cd14+ cell compositions and methods of using same: The present invention provides CD 14+ cell compositions and methods of using same in treating disorders, such as inflammatory disorders, such as atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.... Agent: Aastrom Biosciences, Inc.

20140099293 - Method for ex-vivo separation of apoptotic chromatin fragments from blood or plasma for prevention and treatment of diverse human diseases: A method of prevention/treatment of pathological consequences of DNA damage triggered by incorporation of circulating apoptotic chromatin fragments into healthy cells of individuals/patients in need therefore, said method comprising ex vivo or extra corporeal treatment of blood/plasma for removal of circulating chromatin fragments released from apoptotic cells which apoptotic chromatin... Agent: Tata Memorial Centre

20140099294 - Biotherapy for pain: The present invention is directed to analgesic Clostridial neurotoxin derivatives comprising polypeptides having a long-lasting SNARE protein-selective endopeptidase activity. These derivatives selectively bind to and are internalized by non-neuronal cells secreting cytokines or sensory neurons in preference to motor neurons or autonomic neurons. The invention is also directed to nucleic... Agent: Dublin City University

20140099295 - Methods of treating glucose metabolism disorders: Compositions and methods for modulating levels of PLA2G12A are provided. Methods for treating various conditions, such as conditions that are associated with or that result in reduced muscle function and/or muscle mass, are provided. Methods for modulating glucose and/or insulin levels in glucose metabolism disorders are provided.... Agent: Ngm Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140099296 - Topically or orally applied aloe, distilled water, sodium chloride, and lysozyme mixture and method of producing the mixture: A skin and/or oral treatment mixture for treating tattooed or pierced skin such as that resulting from a body piercing, oral piercing, or tattoo procedure includes non-iodized sodium chloride, distilled water, aloe, and lysozyme. The distilled water is preferably a product of vapor or steam distillation. The Aloe is preferably... Agent:

20140099297 - Ace2 polypeptide: The present invention relates to recombinant ACE2 polypeptide, where the ACE2 polypeptide is present as a dimer. The dimer is formed specifically from glycosylated monomers and is used for producing pharmaceutical products with an extended half-life... Agent: Apeiron Biologics Ag

20140099298 - Botulinum toxin treatments of depression: Methods for preventing or treating depression including a depression mediated by the thalamus. Depression, including a thalamically mediated depression, can be treated by peripheral administration of a botulinum toxin to or to the vicinity of a trigeminal sensory nerve, thereby preventing or treating the depression.... Agent:

20140099301 - Antibody formulation: The invention provides a stable aqueous pharmaceutical formulation comprising a therapeutically effective amount of an antibody, optionally, not subjected to prior lyophilization, a buffer maintaining the pH in the range from about 4.0 to about 6.0, and an optional surfactant, methods for making such a formulation, and methods of using... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140099299 - Methods and compositions for cytomegalovirus il-10 protein: The present invention provides methods and compositions for treating and/or preventing a cytomegalovirus infection in a subject, comprising administering to the subject an effective amount of a cytomegalovirus IL-10 protein modified to have reduced functional activity while retaining immunogenicity. The present invention further provides nucleic acid molecules encoding a cytomegalovirus... Agent: Uab Research Foundation

20140099300 - Methods for predicting and improving the survival of gastric cancer patients: The present invention provides assays and methods for predicting the post-operative survival of a subject having an early stage gastric cancer after tumor surgery. The present invention also provides methods for treating a subject having an early stage gastric cancer by administering a combination therapy tailored to the signal transduction... Agent: Nestec S.a.

20140099303 - Methods of treating a tauopathy: The present disclosure provides methods of treating a tauopathy, involving administering an anti-Tau antibody. The present disclosure also provides anti-Tau antibodies, and formulations comprising same, for use in the methods.... Agent: Ipierian, Inc.

20140099304 - Methods of treating a tauopathy: The present disclosure provides methods of treating a tauopathy, involving administering an anti-Tau antibody. The present disclosure also provides anti-Tau antibodies, and formulations comprising same, for use in the methods.... Agent: Ipierian, Inc.

20140099302 - Methods to identify responsive patients: The present invention provides methods and kits for improving the progression-free survival of a patient suffering from gastrointestinal cancer and for assessing the sensitivity or responsiveness of the patient to treatment comprising bevacizumab.... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20140099305 - Compositions and methods for cancer immunotherapy: Provided is a cancer therapeutic agent comprising a cancer targeting molecule linked to a liver-expressed chemokine (LEC). In one embodiment, the cancer targeting molecule is an antibody that targets cancer cells or tumors in vivo. The cancer targeting molecule is associated non-covalently or covalently with LEC. The cancer therapeutic agents... Agent: University Of Southern California

20140099306 - Ctla4 fusion proteins for the treatment of diabetes: A method of treating, preventing, or delaying the progression of Type 1 diabetes mellitus autoimmunity by administering an effective amount of a cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA4) molecule is provided herewith. The CTLA4 molecule may be a fusion protein of a CTLA4 extracellular region and an immunoglobulin, such as abatacept.... Agent: Orban Biotech LLC

20140099307 - New dendritic cell co-stimulatory molecules: A novel costimulatory protein molecule, B7-DC, which is a member of the B7 family, is described as is DNA coding therefor and expression vectors comprising this DNA. B7-DC protein, fragments, fusion polypeptides/proteins and other functional derivatives, and transformed cells expressing B7-DC are useful in vaccine compositions and methods. Compositions and... Agent: The Johns Hopkins University

20140099308 - Novel egfr-binding molecules and immunoconjugates thereof: Novel anti-cancer agents, including, but not limited to, antibodies and immunoconjugates, that bind to EGFR are provided. Methods of using the agents, antibodies, or immunoconjugates, such as methods of inhibiting tumor growth are further provided.... Agent: Immunogen, Inc.

20140099309 - Use of a trans-signaling approach in chimeric antigen receptors: The present invention provides compositions and methods for inducing a CAR mediated trans-signal in a T cell. The trans-signaling CAR T cells comprise a first CAR having a first signaling module and a second CAR having a distinct second signaling module. The present invention also provides cells comprising a plurality... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20140099311 - Anti-il-6 antibodies, compositions, methods and uses: An anti-IL-6 antibody, including isolated nucleic acids that encode at least one anti-IL-6 antibody, vectors, host cells, transgenic animals or plants, and methods of making and using thereof have applications in diagnostic and/or therapeutic compositions, methods and devices.... Agent: Janssen Biotech, Inc.

20140099317 - Antibody polypeptides that antagonize cd40: Antibody polypeptides that specifically bind a novel epitope of human CD40 are provided. The antibody polypeptides do not exhibit CD40 agonist activity. The antibody polypeptides are useful in the treatment of diseases involving CD40 activation, such as autoimmune diseases. The antibody polypeptides may be domain antibodies (dAbs) comprising a single... Agent: Bristol-myers Squibb Company

20140099310 - Cancer targets and uses thereof: Methods and compositions are provided for assessing, treating, and preventing diseases, especially cancer, using cancer-associated targets (“CAT”). Methods and compositions are also provided for determining or predicting the effectiveness of a treatment for these diseases or for selecting a treatment, using CAT. Methods and compositions are further provided for modulating... Agent: Celera Corporation

20140099318 - Cd3-binding molecules capable of binding to human and non-human cd3: CD3-binding molecules capable of binding to human and non-human CD3, and in particular to such molecules that are cross-reactive with CD3 of a non-human mammal (e.g., a cynomolgus monkey) are presented. Uses of such antibodies and antigen-binding fragments in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune and/or inflammatory diseases and other conditions... Agent: Macrogenics, Inc.

20140099315 - Human oncostatin m antibodies and methods of use: Antibodies and compositions capable of neutralizing oncostatin M biological functions are useful in treating diseases and disorders associated with oncostatin M, such as osteoarthritis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.... Agent:

20140099313 - Interleukin-13 binding proteins: The present invention encompasses IL-13 binding proteins. Specifically, the invention relates to antibodies that are chimeric, CDR grafted and humanized antibodies. Preferred antibodies have high affinity for hIL-13 and neutralize hIL-13 activity in vitro and in vivo. An antibody of the invention can be a full-length antibody or an antigen-binding... Agent: Abbvie Inc.

20140099312 - Methods for treating hypercholesterolemia and reducing ldl-c using antibodies to pcsk9: The present invention provides methods for treating hypercholesterolemia and reducing LDL-C. The methods of the present invention comprise administering to a subject in need thereof a therapeutic composition comprising an anti-PCSK9 antibody or antigen-binding fragment thereof.... Agent: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140099316 - Novel piperidinyl monocarboxylic acids as s1p1 receptor agonists: The present invention relates to novel compounds acting as agonists at S1P (sphingosine-1-phosphate) receptors, compositions containing these compounds, use of these compounds in medicine and their process of preparation.... Agent: Bioprojet

20140099314 - S. aureus polypeptide and antibodies: The invention relates to antigenic polypeptides expressed by pathogenic microbes, vaccines comprising said polypeptides; therapeutic antibodies directed to said polypeptides and methods to manufacture said polypeptides, vaccines and antibodies.... Agent: Absynth Biologics Limited

20140099319 - Galactose-pronged carbohydrate compounds for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy and associated disorders: Methods and compositions of the invention relate to the treatment of diabetic nephropathy and associated disorders. In particular, the methods and compositions use a pharmaceutical-grade galactose-pronged carbohydrate or pharmaceutical compositions thereof alone or in combination with other therapeutic agents.... Agent: Galectin Therapeutics, Inc.

20140099320 - Human binding molecules having killing activity against enterococci: Described are human binding molecules specifically binding to enterococci and having killing activity against enterococci, nucleic acid molecules encoding the human binding molecules, compositions comprising the human binding molecules and methods of identifying or producing the molecules. The molecules can be used, for example, in the diagnosis, prophylaxis, and/or treatment... Agent: Crucell Holland B.v.

20140099322 - Anti-il-17f antibodies and methods of use thereof: This invention provides fully human monoclonal antibodies that recognize IL-17F and/or the heterodimeric IL-17A/IL-17F complex, but do not recognize IL-17A. The invention further provides methods of using such monoclonal antibodies as a therapeutic, diagnostic, and prophylactic.... Agent: Novimmune S.a.

20140099321 - Treating vascular disease and complications thereof: Administration of an antibody that specifically binds IL-1α is useful for reducing the chance or severity of a major adverse clinical event occurring in a mammalian subject having received or expected to receive surgical treatment for a stenosed blood vessel, and for reducing the chance of restenosis occurring (or increasing... Agent: Xbiotech, Inc.

20140099323 - Methods for treatment of inflammatory diseases: It provides methods and pharmaceutical compositions comprising antagonists to the protein Bile Salt-Stimulated Lipase (BSSL) for the prevention, prophylaxis and treatment of inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. It further relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising BSSL antagonists and their use in methods for the prevention, prophylaxis and treatment of inflammatory... Agent:

20140099324 - Herv-k antigens, antibodies, and methods: Methods and compositions for cancer diagnostics and therapy are provided. More particular, methods and compositions for detecting, preventing, and treating HERV-K+ cancers are provided. One example of a method may involve a method for preventing or inhibiting cancer cell proliferation by administering to a subject a cancer cell proliferation blocking... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

20140099325 - Human monoclonal antibodies to ctla-4: In accordance with the present invention, there are provided fully human monoclonal antibodies against human cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4 (CTLA-4). Nucleotide sequences encoding and amino acid sequences comprising heavy and light chain immunoglobulin molecules, particularly contiguous heavy and light chain sequences spanning the complementarity determining regions (CDRs), specifically from within... Agent:

20140099326 - Diagnostic methods and compositions for treatment of cancer: Disclosed herein are methods and compositions useful for the diagnosis and treatment of angiogenic disorders, including, e.g., cancer.... Agent:

20140099327 - Pharmaceutical composition comprising antibodies against catalase and superoxide dismutase for tumor therapy: The present invention is based on the unexpected finding that, in addition to catalase, SOD is also involved in protecting tumor cells, wherein the inhibition effects of the two protective enzymes support one another in a complementary manner. The invention thus relates to pharmaceutical compositions containing at least two antibodies... Agent: Universitaetsklinikum Freiburg

20140099328 - Antibody product comprising n specific antibodies: e

20140099330 - Method and system for treating biological tissue: A tissue prosthesis comprising a support structure having at least one surface, the support structure comprising a base material, the support structure further including an extracellular matrix (ECM) composition having at least one ECM material from a mammalian tissue source. The tissue prosthesis induces modulated healing of damaged biological tissue... Agent:

20140099329 - Treatment of diseases and disorders using self-renewing colony forming cells cultured and expanded in vitro: The present invention relates to methods and uses of cells for the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases and disorders and the repair and regeneration of tissues and organs using low passage and extensively passaged in vitro cultured, self-renewing, colony forming somatic cells (CF-SC). For example, adult... Agent: Garnet Biotherapeutics, Inc.

20140099331 - Zwitterionic immunomodulators for the teatment of asthma and allergy: Methods and products for treating and protecting against asthma and allergic conditions are provided. The methods and products are related to certain naturally occurring and synthetic zwitterionic polymers which are found to induce certain T regulatory (Treg) cells and to exert immunosuppressive effects in vitro and in vivo.... Agent: The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.

20140099332 - Diagnostic assays and kits for detection of folate receptor 1: The invention generally relates to antibodies that bind to human folate receptor 1 and diagnostic assays for folate receptor 1-based therapies. Methods of using the antibodies to monitor therapy are further provided.... Agent:

20140099333 - Pyrrolidinone derivatives as gpr119 modulators for the treatment of diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia and related disorders: The present invention relates to pyrrolidinone derivatives. The pyrrolidinone derivatives are GPR119 modulators and useful for the prevention and/or treatment of diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia and related disorders. The invention furthermore relates to the use of pyrrolidinone derivatives as active ingredients in pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them.... Agent: Sanofi

20140099334 - Anti-sema4d antibodies and epitopes: The invention relates to epitopes of SEMA4D and to binding agents, such as antibodies, that specifically bind to SEMA4D.... Agent: Vaccinex, Inc.

20140099335 - Dna vaccine: The present invention provides a therapeutic or improving agent for a lifestyle-related disease, containing an expression vector encoding a chimeric Hepatitis B virus core antigen polypeptide inserted with an amino acid sequence containing a specific epitope of the lifestyle-related disease-related factor, wherein the amino acid sequence containing the specific epitope... Agent: Osaka University

20140099336 - Methods for treating dependence: Provided are methods of treating patients suffering from or susceptible to at least one symptom of abuse of, dependence on, or withdrawal from at least one substance with Compound A. Also provided are methods of treating at least one phase of substance dependence on at least one substance in patients... Agent: Biotie Therapies, Inc.

20140099337 - Pneumococcal vaccine and uses thereof: The present invention relates to new pneumococcal vaccines. The invention also relates to vaccination of subjects, in particular immunocompromised subjects, against pneumoccocal infections using said novel pneumococcal vaccines.... Agent: Coley Pharmaceutical Group Inc.

20140099338 - Yeast expressed classical swine fever virus glycoprotein e2 and use thereof: The present invention provides a recombinant yeast system for expressing the glycoprotein E2 of classical swine fever virus (CSFV), in which the expression level of yE2 is improved by codon optimization and shortening coding region of E2 gene. The truncated E2 subunits are used as major active ingredient in anti-CSFV... Agent: Mao-xing Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

20140099339 - Vaccine against streptococcus pneumoniae: The present invention relates to a combination of 2 or more S pneumoniae proteins, their manufacture and use in medicine as a vaccine. Such combinations are particularly useful for the protection of infants and elderly against streptococcal infection.... Agent: Glaxosmithkline Biologicals S.a.

20140099340 - Compositions and methods for targeting stromal cells for the treatment of cancer: The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating cancer in a human. The invention relates to targeting the stromal cell population in a tumor microenvironment. For example, in one embodiment, the invention provides a composition that is targeted to fibroblast activation protein (FAP). The invention includes a chimeric antigen... Agent: The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

20140099341 - Modulated immunodominance therapy: The invention involves generating a T cell response to subdominant antigens and using the cells to therapeutically change the cellular homeostasis and nature of the immune response. In a preferred embodiment, the cells are generated outside of the patient avoiding the influence of the patient's immunologic milieu. By stimulating and... Agent:

20140099342 - Botulinum nanoemulsions: The embodiment described herein are related nanoemulsions comprising botulinum toxins. In one embodiment, the nanoemulsions are prepared by high pressure microfluidization and comprise a particle size distribution exclusively between 10 and 300 nm. The nanoemulsions contemplated by the present invention are useful for the cosmetic and medical treatment of muscular... Agent: University Of Massachusetts Lowell

20140099345 - Omega-3 diglyceride emulsions: The present invention relates to omega-3 diglyceride emulsions characterized in that the lipid phase comprises at least about 40 wt.-% of diglycerides. Preferably about 70 wt.-% of the acyl-groups of said diglycerides are eicoapentaenoic acid (EPA) groups and/or docasahexaenoic (DHA) groups. The invention further relates to methods of treatment using... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140099343 - Ophthalmic device, and method of use thereof, for increasing ocular boundary lubrication: The present invention provides an ophthalmic device, and method of use thereof, for an individual wearing an ophthalmic lens to increase ocular surface boundary lubrication. The invention device comprises an ophthalmic lens and a sacrificial mechanism disposed on the ophthalmic lens, wherein the sacrificial mechanism comprises a plurality of surface... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140099344 - Process for dispersing amino acids: A coated proteinaceous material can be produced by contacting the proteinaceous material with de-oiled phospholipids or mixtures thereof containing less than 20% triglycerides. The coating has between 0.1 and 1.5% by weight of the total proteinaceous material, of de-oiled lecithin. The proteinaceous material is hydrophobic, especially amino acids having a... Agent: N.v. Nutricia

20140099347 - Dentifrice containing zinc ions and polyphosphate ions: The invention includes a dentifrice composition that comprises a zinc ion source, a polyphosphate ion source, an anethole and a silica. The silica has a mean particle size of about 5 to about 12 microns, an Einlehner hardness of about 1 to about 20, and an oil absorption of about... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20140099346 - Iron oxide containing effect pigments, their manufacture and their use: An iron oxide containing effect pigment, and methods for producing and using the same are discussed. The iron oxide containing effect pigment may include an iron oxide coating in direct contact with a particulate substrate, which may have high levels of hematite, magnetite, or maghemite; and low amounts of toxic... Agent: Basf Corporation

20140099348 - Titanium dioxide photocatalytic compositions and uses thereof: Provided is a photocatalytic composition comprising zinc (Zn) doped titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles, wherein the ratio of titanium dioxide nanoparticles to zinc is from about 5 to about 150. The photocatalytic composition absorbs electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range from about 200 nm to about 500 nm, and the absorbance... Agent:

20140099349 - Wood protection agent having improved penetration and long-term stability: A water-based wood protection agent having a biocide-containing aqueous emulsion that contains at least one biocide active ingredient and at least one cationic emulsifier, and the at least one biocidal active ingredient is emulsified by the at least one cationic emulsifier to form active ingredient-emulsifier particles, which are each enclosed... Agent: Kurt Obemeier Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140099350 - Anti-biocontaminant products and processes for making the same: The present invention relates to micro-sized particles having anti-biocontaminant properties. Each particle is comprised of a central metal core, or support structure, (for example, alumina oxide) and has on its surface, one or more anti-biocontaminant metals and at least one redox agent.... Agent:

20140099354 - Biopassivating membrane stabilization by means of nitrocarboxylic acid-containing phospholipids in preparations and coatings: The present invention relates to nitro-carboxylic acid (s)-containing phospholipids, to be used for coating of medical devices such as stents, catheter balloons, wound pads or surgical suture material and for bio-passivating compositions, such as rinses, waterproofing solutions, coating solutions, cryoprotection solutions, cold preservation media, lyoprotection solutions, contrast media solutions, preservation... Agent:

20140099352 - Compositions, structures and methods for neural regeneration: A nerve regeneration device comprising a support structure having an outer surface and a plurality of conduits extending therethrough, the support structure comprising a first extracellular matrix (ECM) material from a mammalian tissue source, the support structure outer layer including at least a first layer comprising a first ECM composition... Agent:

20140099353 - Method for producing an implant coating, and corresponding implant: A medical implant which, on at least part of its surface, has a coating with an osteoinductive and/or osteoconductive top layer based on calcium phosphate and/or calcium carbonate, wherein an antibiotic active substance, which is soluble in aqueous medium, is coated over the osteoinductive and/or osteoconductive top layer in patches,... Agent: Deru Gmbh

20140099351 - Process for making controlled release medical implant products: A method (and the resulting product) of making a medical implant device for releasing self-contained drugs on a controlled basis wherein the method utilizes, at least in part, computer-controlled 3-D printing equipment to deposit via nozzles portions of one or more layers of the medical implant product. The implant has... Agent: Axxia Pharmaceuticals, LLC

20140099355 - Method and composition for the treatment of moderate to severe keratoconjunctivitis sicca: The present invention relates to topical ophthalmic compositions for treating or preventing epithelial lesions or ophthalmic disorders, including dry eye or keratoconjunctivitis sicca.... Agent:

20140099356 - Methods and compositions for treatment of disorders ameliorated by muscarinic receptor activation: Methods for the treatment of CNS disorders using combinations of muscarinic activators and inhibitors, and medicaments comprising muscarinic activators and inhibitors.... Agent: Pure Tech Ventures, LLC

20140099357 - Biologically efficacious compositions, articles of manufacture and processes for producing and/or using same: Compositions, solid polymeric compositions, and/or articles of manufacture are provided that can include a polymer matrix having a plurality of ion-exchange particles distributed therein. Products by process are provided that can include prior to solidifying the polymeric precursors, blending the precursors with ion-exchange particles to form a mixture, and solidifying... Agent:

20140099359 - Synthetic platelets: A synthetic platelet includes a biocompatible flexible nanoparticle that includes an outer surface and a plurality of peptides conjugated to the surface, the peptides including a plurality of von Willebrand factor-binding peptides (VBPs), collagen-binding peptides (CBPs) and an active platelet GPIIb-IIIa-binding peptides (GBPs).... Agent: Case Western Reserve University

20140099358 - Vaccines with enhanced immune response and methods for their preparation: The present invention is concerned with vaccines and their preparation. An effective long-term immune response, especially in mammals, can be produced using a vaccine comprising an antigen encapsulated in liposomes, a suitable adjuvant and a carrier comprising a continuous phase of a hydrophobic substance. The vaccine is particularly effective in... Agent: Immunovaccine Technologies, Inc.

20140099360 - Gas storage vessel, hydrogen-charging method, and hydrogen-charging apparatus: The present invention relates to a technique for delivering gases into the human body or generating gases inside the human body, such as a method for encapsulating gases and a gas storage vessel. The present invention relates to a gas storage capsule and to a method for producing the gas... Agent: Do Yoon Kim

20140099363 - Capsules comprising an emulsified syrup and methods of making the same: This invention provides capsules and, more specifically soft capsules, wherein the fill material comprises an emulsified syrup. In particular, the present invention provides a means of encapsulating honey in a gelatin, modified-gelatin or gelatin-free shell material. Furthermore, the capsules described herein are capable of being manufactured using a rotary die... Agent: R.p. Scherer Technologies, LLC

20140099361 - Controlled release formulations having rapid onset and rapid decline of effective plasma drug concentrations: The invention is directed to oral modified/controlled release drug formulations which provide a rapid initial onset of effect and a prolonged duration of effect. Preferably, the peak concentration is lower than that provided by the reference standard for immediate release formulations of the drug, and the duration of effect falls... Agent: Purdue Pharma

20140099362 - Natural combination hormone replacement formulations and therapies: Estrogen and progesterone replacement therapies are provided herein. Among others, the following formulations are provided herein: solubilized estradiol without progesterone; micronized progesterone without estradiol; micronized progesterone with partially solubilized progesterone; solubilized estradiol with micronized progesterone; solubilized estradiol with micronized progesterone in combination with partially solubilized progesterone; and solubilized estradiol with... Agent: Therapeuticsmd, Inc.

20140099364 - Controlled release pharmaceutical compositions comprising a fumaric acid ester: The present invention relates to controlled release pharmaceutical compositions comprising fumaric acid ester(s) as active substance(s). The compositions are suitable for use in the treatment of e.g. psoriasis or other hyperproliferative, inflammatory or autoimmune disorders and are designated to release the fumaric acid ester in a controlled manner so that... Agent: Forward Pharma A/s

20140099366 - Composition containing two anti-dementia drugs: An object of the present invention is to provide, for the case of implementing a therapeutic method in which at least two kinds of anti-dementia drugs are used together, a composition that has a good therapeutic effect on dementia, and also gives excellent compliance. Another object of the present invention... Agent: Eisai R&d Management Co., Ltd.

20140099365 - Novel pharmaceutical composition: Disclosed are novel pharmaceutical compositions containing N-{3-[3-cyclopropyl-5-(2-fluoro-4-iodo-phenylamino)-6,8-dimethyl-2,4,7-trioxo-3,4,6,7-tetrahydro-2H-pyrido[4,3-d]pyrimidin-1-yl]phenyl}acetamide dimethyl sulfoxide solvate, methods of using the compositions in therapy and processes for preparing the same.... Agent: Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property

20140099367 - Use of spironolactone-based composition that exhibits an inhibitory action on t-lymphocyte activation which is useful for preventing and/or treating multiple sclerosis: The present invention relates to the use of spironolactone for the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition intended for preventing and/or treating multiple sclerosis. Alternatively, the invention relates to the use of spironolactone directly in T-lymphocytes or dendritic cells obtained from a blood sample taken from a patient and then injected... Agent: Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile

20140099368 - Dosage forms of active ingredients containing hydroxystilbene for treating menopausal complaints: The invention provides novel hydroxystilbene-containing dosage forms, processes for producing these dosage forms and the use thereof for the treatment of menopausal symptoms in women, juvenile oligomenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, primary and secondary amenorrhea or endometritis.... Agent:

20140099369 - Tamper-resistant oral opioid agonist formulations: Disclosed is an oral dosage form comprising: (i) an opioid agonist in releasable form and (ii) a sequestered opioid antagonist which is not released when the dosage form is administered orally intact.... Agent: Purdue Pharma L.p.

20140099370 - Controlled release of biologically active compounds: The present invention relates to biodegradable polymers (e.g., polyesters and polyester amides) derived from functionalized biologically active compounds that can provide site specific delivery of bioactive compounds upon biodegradation in a controlled manner.... Agent: Bezwada Biomedical, LLC

20140099374 - Bioresorbable embolization microspheres: The present disclosure is generally directed to an embolic material which, in some embodiments, may be in the form of a microsphere or a plurality of microspheres. The embolic material generally comprises carboxymethyl chitosan (CCN) crosslinked with carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). In some embodiments, the embolic material may further comprise a... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20140099373 - Clay product and uses thereof: The present invention relates to a combination of an anti-toxin, The present invention relates to a combination of an anti-toxin, an immunomodulator and a component that provides energy to mucosal cells, which may be useful for decreasing effects of Clostridia sp. or coccidia sp based diseases or other enteric diseases... Agent: Oil-dri Corporation Of America

20140099372 - Crystalline microspheres and the process of manufacturing the same: The present invention relates to microspheres comprising a core material, wherein the microsphere is perfectly spherical and has a moisture content less than 1%, and the method of manufacturing the same. The present invention is useful in the manufacture of sustained and modified release active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) microspheres, as... Agent: Spi Pharma, Inc.

20140099371 - Medicinal carriers, and preparation method and uses thereof: A medicinal carrier is provided. The medicinal carrier comprises a first component, which is a biocompatible polymer with an amino group (—NH2); a saccharide; and a second component which is a biocompatible material. The saccharide grafts to the first component via the amino group (—NH2) of the first component, and... Agent: China Medical University

20140099375 - Methods of therapeutic treatment of eyes: Provided are electrokinetically-altered aqueous fluids (e.g., gas-enriched electrokinetic fluids) comprising an ionic aqueous solution of charge-stabilized oxygen-containing nanostructures in an amount sufficient to provide modulation of at least one of cellular membrane potential and cellular membrane conductivity, and therapeutic compositions and methods for use in treating an irritation, infection or... Agent: Revalesio Corporation

20140099377 - Continuous method for producing nanoparticles and nanoparticles obtained by means of said method: The invention relates to a continuous method for producing inorganic or organic nanoparticles having multiple nuclei functionalised with proteins, using a T-type reactor that operates at high pressure, the primary particles that form the nuclei of the nanoparticles being smaller than 10 nm and said primary particles being immersed in... Agent: Universidad De Antioquia

20140099376 - Sequestered antagonist formulations: Disclosed is an oral dosage form comprising (i) an opioid agonist in releasable form and (ii) a sequestered opioid antagonist which is substantially not released when the dosage form is administered intact, such that the ratio of the mean Cmax of the antagonist after single dose oral administration of the... Agent:

20140099378 - Modified release formulations of anti-irritability drugs: Modified or extended release formulations containing mesalamine compounds and associated methods are disclosed and described. In some aspects, such formulations may be substantially bioequivalent to known FDA approved mesalamine formulations such as PENTASA®.... Agent: Capricorn Pharma Inc.

20140099379 - Bio-compatible nano and microparticles coated with stabilizers for pulmonary application: Biocompatible nano- and microparticles of this invention have a stabilizer layer thickness ranging from 1 to 200 nm and contain an active substance. Said biocompatible nano- and microparticles of this invention can be synthesized for example using the emulsion method known to the expert with subsequent coating by mixing of... Agent: Justus-liebig-universitaet Giessen

20140099381 - Methods and compositions for administration of iron: The present invention generally relates to treatment of iron-related conditions with iron carbohydrate complexes. One aspect of the invention is a method of treatment of iron-related conditions with a single unit dosage of at least about 0.6 grams of elemental iron via an iron carbohydrate complex. The method generally employs... Agent: Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140099380 - Microparticle formulations for delivery to the lower and central respiratory tract and methods of manufacture: Microparticle formulations of a sialidase fusion protein are produced by contacting an aqueous solution of a protein or other active agent with an organic solvent, a counterion and a scavenging agent, and chilling the solution. The microparticles are useful for preparing stable, uniform pharmaceuticals of predetermined defined dimensions.... Agent:

20140099382 - Treatment using dantrolene: Provided are low-volume, safe for injection formulations of dantrolene yielding significant advantages over the currently approved and marketed dantrolene for malignant hyperthermia (MH) threatening anesthetic crisis. Once dantrolene can be made immediately available to patients triggered of MH, the anesthesiologist will be able to focus exclusively on the management of... Agent: Lyotropic Therapeutics, Inc.

20140099383 - Topical dermal formulations: An autologous topical formulation containing conditioned medium obtained from culture of autologous fibroblasts has been developed. Unlike other topical formulations, it is autologous since it is derived solely from cells obtained by the person who is to use the formulation. This avoids any possible reaction with proteins derived from the... Agent: Fibrocell Technologies, Inc.

20140099384 - Apparatus and methods for producing ozone: The invention relates to improvements in apparatus and methods for producing ozone. The apparatus comprises: a differential pressure injector, a means for circulating aqueous fluid through the differential pressure injector and programmable control means. An ozone generator is provided for connection to an oxygen source via an oxygen delivery conduit... Agent:

20140099385 - Inhibition of fatty acid and cholesterol uptake by carbon monoxide (co): An object of the present invention is to provide a composition for inhibiting fatty acid and cholesterol uptake in a living cell which is an inhibitor for fatty acid or cholesterol uptake by a living cell, comprising carbon monoxide (CO) or a compound capable of releasing CO in vivo.... Agent: Japan Science And Technology Agency

20140099386 - Compositions and applications of carotenoids of improved absorption and bioavailability: Micro-micelle forms of carotenoids and/or xanthophylls, which show improved absorption and biovailability by living organisms, provide higher levels of carotenoids in the blood stream, and consequently are deposited at the target tissues at a faster rate and more efficiently than crystalline carotenoids are provided. The micro-micelle forms do not contain... Agent: Industrial Org&#xc1 Nica, S.a. De C.v.

20140099387 - Compositions and methods for treatment: The present invention provides compounds and methods for the treatment of LFA-1 mediated diseases. In particular, LFA-1 antagonists are described herein and these antagonists are used in the treatment of LFA-1 mediated diseases. One aspect of the invention provides for diagnosis of an LFA-1 mediated disease and administration of a... Agent: Sarcode Bioscience Inc.

20140099388 - Delivery of functional ingredients: A primary composition comprising all essential nutrients of a fruit or a plant material, which has an increased stability, bio-availability and miscibility, and a process of forming same are provided. An oral composition containing the primary composition in a foodstuff, food supplement, cosmetic preparation or a pharmaceutical preparation is also... Agent: Nestec S.a .

20140099389 - Topical anti-inflammatory combination: Provided, among other things, is a method of treating or ameliorating an indication of non-mucosal topical tissue comprising periodically applying to such disease affected tissue a composition comprising: an effective amount of an appropriate composition of herbal bioactive comprising active(s) of one or more of Sambucus nigra, Centella asiatica or... Agent: Izun Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140099390 - Formulation of curcumin with enhanced bioavailability of curcumin and method of preparation and treatment thereof: Disclosure provides a formulation of curcuminoid with essential oil of turmeric to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin and to augment the biological activity of curcumin, wherein curcumin is the main constituent of curcuminoid and wherein Ar-turmerone is the main constituent of the essential oil of turmeric. An application of curcuminoid... Agent:

20140099391 - Synergistic salivation agents: Provides is a salivation cocktail that comprises a food acid and a tingling sensate. The combination of a food acid and a tingling sensate has been found to synergistically increase salivation.... Agent: Takasago International Corp. (usa)

20140099392 - Phaleria macrocarpa extract, extraction process and its use as cholesteryl ester transferase protein (cetp) inhibitor: An extract and/or herbal fraction and pharmaceutical preparation include extract of Phaleria macrocarpa which for the purpose of this invention, is referred to as DLBS1449. The herbal extract according to the teaching of this invention is effectively applicable to inhibit the expression and activity of Cholesteryl Ester Transferase Protein (CETP),... Agent: Pt Dexa Medica

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20140093449 - Method for preparing largazole analogs and uses thereof: Analogs of largazole are described herein. Methods of treating cancer and blood disorders using largazole and largazole analogs and pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same are additionally described herein. Methods for preparing largazole analogs are likewise described.... Agent: Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

20140093450 - Pretargeting kit for imaging or therapy comprising a trans-cyclooctene dienophile and a diene: Described is a pretargeting method, and related kits, for targeted medical imaging and/or therapeutics, wherein use is made of abiotic reactive chemical groups that exhibit bio-orthogonal reactivity towards each other. The invention involves the use of [4+2] inverse electron demand (retro) Diels-Alder chemistry in providing the coupling between a Pre-targeting... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140093451 - Coupled identification and treatment of cancer: Provided are methods to treat cancer, in which (1) a patient is first identified as having a cancer that is likely to be susceptible to gallium therapy, by the use of a gallium scan or other procedure that shows whether the cancer is gallium-avid, and (2) the patient is then... Agent:

20140093453 - Labelled analogues of halobenzamides as multimodal radiopharmaceuticals and their precursors: o

20140093452 - Magnetic resonance imaging cell labeling methods and compositions: The disclosure provides, in part, fluorocarbon imaging reagents and methods for image-guided treatment and/or diagnosis of a subject with a condition associated with an inflammatory response in an internal organ. The disclosure additionally provides methods for image-guided treatment of myocardial infarction (MI) in a subject.... Agent:

20140093454 - Human monoclonal antibodies against cd20: Isolated human monoclonal antibodies which bind to and inhibit human CD20, and related antibody-based compositions and molecules, are disclosed. The human antibodies can be produced by a transfectoma or in a non-human transgenic animal, e.g., a transgenic mouse, capable of producing multiple isotypes of human monoclonal antibodies by undergoing V-D-J... Agent: Genmab A/s

20140093455 - Method for treating and confirming diagnosis of exertional compartment syndrome: Described is a new method of treating chronic compartment syndrome in a muscle of a mammal, particularly exertional compartment syndrome. The method includes introducing an effective amount of a nerve-blocking toxin, such as human botulinum toxin into the muscle. Further in addition to treating chronic or exertional compartment syndrome, a... Agent:

20140093456 - Tumor model system useful to study multistage cancer: The present invention relates to a method of developing a Tumor Model System. The invention deals with a tumor model system with adhesion deprived cells. This observation provides a new method for primary detection of transformation of adhesion-deprived cells and tumorigenicity. The adhesion-deprived cells are capable of metastasizing at distant... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20140093457 - Compositions, methods and kits for remineralization and inhibition of dental caries in teeth: Methods, compositions and kits are provided for enhancing remineralization of a tooth or bone containing hydroxyapatite and inhibiting caries progression or loss of hydroxyapatite using a bisphosphonate or pyrophosphonate. The tooth or tooth surface contains a trauma or defect, for example the tooth contains a caries that is identified using... Agent: President And Fellows Of Harvard College

20140093458 - In vivo selection of therapeutically active antibodies: The present invention relates to non-invasive methods of in vivo selecting an antibody against a desired target on the surface of a mammalian cell of a subject by applying near-infrared fluorescence imaging (NIRF) as well as uses of NIRF in such methods. In addition, kits for the use in these... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20140093459 - Novel compound: Methods to to enhance solubility of butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane and/or bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine in a cosmetic oil suitable as a solvent for butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane and/or bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine are provided which include incorporating a solubility enhancing effective amount of a polyglycerol based UV filter in such cosmetic oil.... Agent: DsmIPAssets B.v.

20140093460 - Nail enamel composition: A nail enamel composition has a film-forming mixture and an accelerator mixture. The film-forming mixture includes 9-28% nitrocellulose, by weight, in a suitable solvent. The accelerator mixture includes acetone and/or ethyl acetate. The composition further includes less than 1% cyanoacrylate, by weight. The nail enamel composition is substantially free of... Agent:

20140093461 - Solid cosmetic composition in compact powder form: The present invention relates to a solid cosmetic composition in the form of a compact powder, comprising, in a physiologically acceptable medium, at least: —a pulverulent phase in an amount of greater than or equal to 35% by weight relative to the total weight of the composition, —a liquid fatty... Agent: L'oreal

20140093462 - Lip cosmetics: e

20140093463 - Use of charged surfactants for reducing textile staining by antiperspirants: Disclosed is a method of reducing or avoiding staining in or on clothing caused by a cosmetic or dermatological preparation comprising one or more antiperspirant substances and/or of improving the ability of stains in or on clothing which are caused at least in part by said preparation to be washed... Agent: Beiersdorf Ag

20140093464 - Use of charged surfactants for reducing textile staining by antiperspirants: Disclosed is cosmetic or dermatological preparation which is present as an aerosol spray and comprises one or more antiperspirant substances and one or more cationic surfactants.... Agent: Beiersdorf Ag

20140093466 - Hair care compositions and methods of use: Hair care compositions including from about 0.005% to about 5% apigenin; from about 0.15% to about 12% of a solubilizing agent, wherein the solubilizing agent comprises an amine functional group; and at least about 20 weight percent of an aqueous carrier, where the composition has a pH ranging from about... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20140093467 - Styling agents having maximum hold: Agents for the temporary shaping of keratinic fibers include in a cosmetically acceptable carrier—relative in each case to the weight thereof—1 to 20 wt. % of at least one crosslinked, amphiphilic, anionic polymer comprising at least one structural unit of formula (I) as described herein and at least one structural... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140093468 - Styling agents with an interesting texture: Agents for the temporary shaping of keratinic fibers are characterized by a pleasant product feel, light consistency and a lightweight application. The agents include in a cosmetically acceptable carrier, relative in each case to the total agent, 0.1 to 15 wt. % of monoesters of optionally alkylated sugars with C6-C30... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

20140093469 - Shine-producing hair-styling product with a strong hold, providing hair with a pleasant feel: Agents for treating keratin-containing fibers, in particular human hair, containing, in a cosmetically acceptable carrier: at least one anionic setting copolymer encompassing at least one structural unit of formula (I) and at least one structural unit of formula (II) and at least one structural unit of formula (III), in which... Agent: Henkel Ag & Co., Kgaa

20140093465 - Mascara for use with a vibrating applicator: compositions and methods: Compositions for use with a mascara applicator with vibrating applicator head. The frequency, amplitude and geometry of the vibrating head are sufficient to significantly alter the rheological properties of thixotropic and anti-thixotropic mascara compositions, including an effect that persists after the vibration has stopped. The mascara may be manipulated for... Agent:

20140093470 - Composition for preventing hair loss or promoting hair restoration, comprising soy extract: Disclosed is a composition for preventing hair loss or promoting hair restoration and for enhancing hair health, the composition comprising an active ingredient in the form of soy extract extracted using a C1 to C5 alcohol at a concentration of between 1% and 70% (v/v).... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

20140093471 - Air and fabric freshener: The present invention relates to a stable, aqueous freshener composition for the reduction or elimination of malodors in air and on fabrics. The composition comprises from about 0.1% to about 3.0% by weight, hydrogen peroxide as a malodor oxidant; an effective level of undecylenic acid (and/or derivative thereof) as a... Agent: Innovasource, LLC

20140093472 - L-histidine in ophthalmic solutions: The invention relates to an aqueous ophthalmic solution comprising 0.00001 to about 10.0 percent by weight L-histidine, 0.0001 to 3.0 percent by weight hydrogen peroxide, and optionally 0.1 to 500 parts per million of a preservative that provides superior preservative efficacy especially as against fungal microbes. These solutions may be... Agent: Fxs Ventures, LLC

20140093473 - Amphiphilic linear peptidepeptoid and hydrogel comprising the same: The present invention provides an amphiphilic linear peptide and/or peptoid as well as a hydrogel that includes the amphiphilic linear peptide/peptoid.... Agent:

20140093474 - Control of insect pests through rnai of pheromone biosynthesis activating neuropeptide receptor: Disclosed are dsRNA constructs and methods to control insects via double stranded RNA interference of insect PBAN receptor genes.... Agent: The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of Agriculture

20140093475 - Suppression of bone loss by introducing foxp3+ cd8 t-cells (tcreg): Systems and methods for inhibiting bone loss using FoxP3+ CD8 T-cells (TcREG). Osteoclasts are induced to produce FoxP3+ CD8 T-cells (TcREG) either in vivo or ex vivo. The FoxP3+ CD8 T-cells (TcREG) are provided to the patient to subsequently regulate osteoclast function, thereby establishing a bi-directional regulatory loop between osteoclasts... Agent: Saint Louis University

20140093476 - Methods for treating pain: Methods of treating pain by delivery of anti-inflammatory cytokines, proinflammatory cytokine antagonists, and agents that act to reduce or prevent proinflammatory cytokine actions, to the nervous system are described. These agents can be delivered using gene therapy techniques. Alternatively, the agents can be delivered in protein compositions.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

20140093477 - Modulating bacterial mam polypeptides in pathogenic disease: The disclosure relates to methods and compositions for preventing or inhibiting pathogenic bacterial infections in a subject caused by pathogenic bacteria expressing a multivalent adhesion molecule (MAM) polypeptide by administering to a subject a composition comprising a MAM polypeptide or a non-pathogenic bacterium expressing a MAM polypeptide, or a combination... Agent: The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

20140093486 - Method for preparing induced pluripotent stem cells and its applications: The present invention relates to a novel method for preparing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) by introducing three genes, Oct3/4, Sox2, and Parp1, into somatic cells. The present invention also relates to the iPSCs produced by the aforementioned method. Also provided is a method of rejuvenating cells by use of... Agent: Taipei Veterans General Hospital

20140093485 - Thymidylate kinase fusions and uses thereof: The application relates to a composition comprising: a stably integrating delivery vector; a modified mammalian thymidylate kinase (tmpk) wherein the modified mammalian tmpk increases phosphorylation of a prodrug relative to phosophorylation of the prodrug by wild-type human tmpk; and a detection cassette fused to tmpk. The application also relates to... Agent: University Health Network

20140093478 - Gut microbiome as a biomarker and therapeutic target for treating obesity or an obesity related disorder: The present invention relates to the gut microbiome as a biomarker and therapeutic target for energy harvesting, weight loss or gain, and/or obesity in a subject. In particular, the invention provides methods of altering and monitoring the relative abundance of Bacteroides and Firmicutes in the gut microbiome of a subject.... Agent:

20140093479 - Probiotic bacterial strains and symbiotic composition containing the same intended for infant food: Selection of probiotic strains belonging to the genus Bifidobacterium and to a symbiotic composition containing the same for use of feeding infants, is described.... Agent:

20140093487 - Synergistic antimicrobial effect: The present invention is related to the field of bioprotection, in particular to an antimicrobial composition comprising a Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain and/or a Lactobacillus paracasei strain. Furthermore, the present invention concerns uses for such an antimicrobial composition, food, feed and pharmaceutical products comprising such an antimicrobial composition, a method of... Agent: Chr. Hansen A/s

20140093483 - Composition of cultured grape cells: A pharmaceutical or nutraceutical composition comprising a cell line callus culture of grape berry cells grown in vitro, whereby the cell line callus culture of grape berry cells is derived from one or more of grape-berry cross section, grape-berry skin, grape-berry flesh, grape seed, grape embryo of seeded or seedless... Agent: The State Of Israel, Ministry Of Agriculture & Rural Development, Agricultural Research Organizat

20140093482 - Methods and apparatuses for isolating and preparing stem cells: The present invention relates to a method of preparing a population of stem cells for autologous implantation to a subject. The cells are activated by irradiating the cells with one or more wavelengths of yellow and red and/or green light. In particular, the cells are irradiated with 575-595 nm (5-20... Agent: Adistem, Ltd.

20140093480 - Novel mensenchymal stem cells and bone-forming cells: The invention relates to a new type of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) which co-express at least one mesenchymal marker, preferably at least CD105 and CD34. Also provided are bone-forming cells having an analogous phenotype. The invention also provides the cells and cell populations, as well as further products comprising such... Agent: Bone Therapeutics S.a.

20140093481 - Production of dentin, cementum and enamel by cells: One aspect provides a method of forming a mineralized material by co-culturing a epithelial cell, such as ameloblasts, and mesenchymal cells, such as osteoblasts or odontoblasts, in a mineral-stimulating medium. Another aspect provides matrix seeded with epithelial cells and mesenchymal cells and infused with a mineral-stimulating medium capable of forming... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20140093484 - Use of dextran sulfate: A graft composition intended for transplantation into a patient comprises an injection solution comprising an isolated cell transplant and dextran sulfate, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.... Agent: Tx Medic Ab

20140093488 - Tumor suppression using human placental perfusate and human placenta-derived intermediate natural killer cells: Provided herein are placental perfusate, placental perfusate cells, and placenta-derived intermediate natural killer cells, and combinations thereof. Also provided herein are compositions comprising the same, and methods of using placental perfusate, placental perfusate cells, and placenta-derived intermediate natural killer cells, and combinations thereof, to suppress the growth or proliferation of... Agent: Anthrogenesis Corporation

20140093489 - Nutritional supplements for eye health and related methods: A nutritional or dietary supplement composition that strengthens and promotes a general eye health benefit for aging adults, including retinal health through the prevention, stabilization, reversal and/or treatment of visual acuity loss by reducing the risk of developing late stage or advanced age-related macular degeneration in persons with early age-related... Agent:

20140093490 - Glutamate release from astrocyte: The present invention investigate the two modes of glutamate release and the releasing rate of glutamate, and thus can provide a useful technique for neuron protection and acceleration of neurotransmission by controlling the glutamate release in astroctye. Thus, the present invention provides an inhibitor of the fast-mode release and/or the... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140093491 - Recombinant or transgenic factor vii composition, each factor vii molecule having two n-glycosylation sites with defined glycan units: The invention is related to a composition of recombinant or transgenic Factor VII, each molecule of Factor VII of the composition exhibiting two N-glycosylation sites, wherein, among all the molecules of FVII of the composition, the rate of Galα1,3G al glycan moieties is comprised between 0 and 4%. The invention... Agent: Lfb Biotechnologies

20140093494 - Alpha synuclein toxicity: It is demonstrated that alpha synculein toxicity such as α-synuclein mediated cell death, and alpha synuclein induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) in a cell requires proapoptotic endonuclease G and that the deletion of the endonuclease G or suppressing of the endonuclease G apoptotic pathway attenuates or counteracts such alpha synuclein... Agent: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

20140093497 - Anti-cd40 antibodies and uses thereof: The present invention relates to antibodies specific for a particular epitope on CD40 and antibodies that bind CD40 and have particular functional characteristics. The present invention also relates to fragments of these antibodies, uses of the antibodies for reduction or treatment of transplant rejection and graft-versus-host disease, and methods for... Agent: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Inc

20140093504 - Anti-ricin antibodies and uses thereof: The present invention relates to anti-ricin antibodies and uses thereof. More specifically, the invention relates to anti-ricin antibodies and fragments thereof as well as their use in therapy or prophylaxis.... Agent: Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of Canada, As Repre Sented By The Minister Of National Defence

20140093496 - Fc-gamma-riib-specific fc antibody: An objective of the present invention is to provide a polypeptide containing an Fc region having maintained or decreased binding activities towards both allotypes of FcγRIIa, types H and R, and having enhanced FcγRIIb-binding activity in comparison with a parent polypeptide; a pharmaceutical composition containing the polypeptide; an agent for... Agent: Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha

20140093501 - Human-murine chimeric antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus: This invention relates to a human antibody which contains the one CDR from each variable heavy and variable light chain of at least one murine monoclonal antibody, against respiratory syncytial virus which is MAb1129 and the use thereof for the prevention and/or treatment of RSV infection.... Agent: Medimmune, LLC

20140093502 - Immunosuppressive combination and its use in the treatment or prophylaxis of insulin-producing cell graft rejection: A pharmaceutical combination comprising an accelerated lymphocyte homing agent in free form or in pharmaceutically acceptable salt form, and one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of an antibody to the IL-2 receptor, an immunosuppressive macrocyclic lactone and a soluble human complement inhibitor is used to treat or... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140093493 - Method and formulation for reducing aggregation of a macromolecule under physiological conditions: The invention provides a method for reducing aggregation and inhibiting flocculation of a macromolecule, such as a protein, under physiological conditions, by the addition of certain cyclodextrins (CDs). The invention also provides a method to minimize inflammation at the injection site during subcutaneous administration of a macromolecule and pharmaceutical formulations... Agent:

20140093492 - Method for preventing and treating cancer metastasis and bone loss associated with cancer metastasis: M-CSF antagonists are used to prepare compositions, including pharmaceutical compositions, for preventing or treating cancer metastasis and/or bone loss associated with cancer metastasis in a mammal.... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140093495 - Novel modulators and methods of use: Novel modulators, including antibodies and derivatives thereof, and methods of such modulators to treat hyperproliferative disorders are provided.... Agent: Stem Centrx, Inc.

20140093499 - Pharmaceutical combinations comprising dual angiopoietin-2 / dll4 binders and anti-vegf agents: The present invention relates to pharmaceutical combinations comprising dual Angiopoietin-2/Dll4 binders and anti-VEGF agents for use in treating diseases like cancer and ocular diseases.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20140093498 - Pharmaceutical combinations comprising dual angiopoietin-2 / dll4 binders and anti-vegf-r agents: The present invention relates to pharmaceutical combinations comprising dual Angiopoietin-2/DII4 binders and anti-VEGF-R agents for use in treating diseases like cancer and ocular diseases.... Agent: Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

20140093505 - Pyridonaphthyridine pi3k/mtor dual inhibitors and preparation and use thereof: The present invention relates to a pyridonaphthyridine compound as represented by general formula (I), which has a dual PI3K and mTOR inhibition effect, and its pharmaceutically acceptable salt, stereoisomer and deuteride thereof, wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 and X are as defined in the specification; the present... Agent: Xuanzhu Pharma Co., Ltd.

20140093500 - Rsv specific binding molecule: The invention provides antibodies and functional equivalents thereof which are capable of specifically binding RSV. Nucleic acid sequences encoding said antibody, as well as antibody producing cells and methods for producing said antibody are also provided.... Agent: Medimmune Limited

20140093503 - Taxane and abeo-taxane analogs: The present application discloses new taxane analogs, intermediates and methods for producing them. The present application is also directed to pharmaceutical formulations comprising abeo-taxanes and methods of treating cancer with the abeo-taxanes.... Agent: Arbor Therapeutics, LLC

20140093506 - Anti-fungal-agents: The present application relates to methods for reducing growth of a fungus having a coordination complex formed at the C-terminus of its dicer (dicer 1, ribonuclease type III) between an anion and the amino acids corresponding to the amino acids C1275, H1312, C1350 and C1352 of Dcr1 of S. pombe... Agent:

20140093510 - Chlamydia antigens: The invention provides Chlamydia antigens for use in the treatment, prevention and/or diagnosis of Chlamydia infection. In particular, the invention provides antigens CT733, CT1 53, CT601, CT279, CT443, CT372, CT456, CT381, CT255, CT341, CT716, CT745, CT387, CT812, CT869, CT166, CT175, CT163, CT214, CT721, CT127, CT043, CT823 and/or CT600 from C.... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140093507 - Diagnostics and therapeutics for diseases associated with g-protein coupled receptor adipor2 (adipor2): The invention provides human AdipoR2 which is associated with the cardiovascular diseases, dermatological diseases, gastroenterological diseases, cancer, hematological diseases, respiratory diseases, inflammation, neurological diseases, urological diseases. The invention also provides assays for the identification of compounds useful in the treatment or prevention of cardiovascular diseases, dermatological diseases, gastroenterological diseases, cancer,... Agent:

20140093511 - Optimization of antibodies that bind lymphocyte activation gene-3 (lag-3), and uses thereof: The present invention provides isolated monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind LAG-3, and have optimized functional properties compared to previously described anti-LAG-3 antibodies, such as antibody 25F7 (US 2011/0150892 A1). These properties include reduced deamidation sites, while still retaining high affinity binding to human LAG-3, and physical (i.e., thermal and chemical)... Agent: Bristol-myers Squibb Company

20140093509 - Screening method for the identification of agents capable of activating cd4+cd25+ regulatory t-cells through interactions with the hiv-1 gp120 binding site on cd4: The present invention relates specific activation of a regulatory T cell via a specific CD4 epitope and uses thereof, e.g. for the treatment of an autoimmune disease or an allergy or asthma or graft rejection or tolerance induction.... Agent: Tcf Gmbh

20140093508 - Toll-like 3 receptor antagonists: Toll Like Receptor 3 (TLR3) antibody antagonists, polynucleotides encoding TLR3 antibody antagonists or fragments thereof, and methods of making and using the foregoing are disclosed.... Agent: Janssen Biotech, Inc.

20140093512 - Pharmaceutical formulation comprising an antibody against p-selectin and a sugar selected from sucrose and trehalose: This invention relates to a pharmaceutical formulation of an antibody against P-Selectin, a process for the preparation of the formulation and uses of the formulation.... Agent: Hoffmann-la Roche Inc.

20140093513 - Methods of lowering proprotein conversate subtilisin/kexin type 9 (pcsk9): The invention relates to new methods of modulating cholesterol by inhibiting proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) with fatty acid derivatives; and new methods for treating or preventing a metabolic disease comprising the administration of an effective amount of a fatty acid derivative. The present invention is also directed to... Agent: Catabasis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20140093514 - Magea3 binding antibodies: The present invention relates to MAGEA3 binding antibodies.... Agent: Ct Atlantic Ltd.

20140093516 - Human antibodies that bind the p40 subunit of human il-12/il-23 and uses therefor: The invention provides human antibodies that bind to the p40 subunit of human IL-12 and/or IL-23. The invention further provides a method of treating psoriasis in a subject by administering to a subject an antibody that binds to the p40 subunit of IL-12 and/or IL-23.... Agent:

20140093517 - Oxidized ldl as a biomarker for neurological complications of pregnancy: Methods for diagnosing and treating conditions associated with life-threatening neurological complications are provided. The methods involve in some aspects the identification of oxLDL and LOX-1 as critical players in pregnant subjects and in some cases subjects having severe preeclampsia (early onset preeclampsia). Related products and kits are also provided.... Agent:

20140093515 - Process of afod and afcc and manufacturing and purification processes of proteins: Manufacturing and purification processes of proteins, KH 1-through KH-52, and more KH proteins are being discovered in good healthy cells—named KH CELLS. KH CELLS are good healthy cells in which the RNA synthesizes good proteins that: 1) Send signal to the damaged, sick, and bad cells that triggers that synthesis... Agent:

20140093518 - Chemically programmed vaccination: Provided herein is a method for chemically programmed vaccination. Methods include inducing a covalent-binding polyclonal antibody response in a subject and programming the polyclonal response with a targeting compound.... Agent: The Scripps Research Institute

20140093519 - Methods for pancreatic tissue regeneration: Disclosed are methods of expanding populations of pancreatic cells or inducing the generation of pancreatic progenitor cells in a subject or in culture using a therapeutically effective amount of a TWEAK receptor agonist. These methods may be used to treat diseases or conditions where enhancement of pancreatic progenitor cells for... Agent:

20140093520 - Vegf-d/vegfr2/3-mediated regulation of dendrites: The present invention relates to methods for modulating, i.e. increasing or decreasing, the length and/or the complexity of the dendrites of a neuronal cell by influencing the amount of vascular endothelial growth factor D (VEGFD)-related signaling. The present invention further relates to methods for treating age- and/or disease-related cognitive dysfunctions,... Agent: Universitat Heidelberg

20140093521 - Therapeutic dll4 binding proteins: Improved DLL4 binding proteins are described, including antibodies, CDR-grafted antibodies, human antibodies, and DLL4 binding fragments thereof, proteins that bind DLL4 with high affinity, and DLL4 binding proteins that neutralize DLL4 activity. The DLL4 binding proteins are useful for treating or preventing cancers and tumors and especially for treating or... Agent: Abbvie Inc.

20140093522 - Bio-orthogonal drug activation: The invention relates to a Prodrug activation method, for therapeutics, wherein use is made of abiotic reactive chemical groups that exhibit bio-orthogonal reactivity towards each other. The invention also relates to a Prodrug kit comprising at least one Prodrug and at least one Activator, wherein the Prodrug comprises a Drug... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140093523 - Anti-integrin immunoconjugates, methods and uses: The invention relates to conjugates of anti-integrin specific antibodies with cytotoxic compounds, the synthesis, selection, and use of such conjugates for use in cancer therapy or other diseases mediated by cell proliferation, cell migration, or inflammation and which pathology involves angiogenesis or neovascularization of new tissue. In addition the invention... Agent: Janssen Biotech, Inc.

20140093525 - Compositions and methods of treating opioid addiction: The present invention relates to conjugates and vaccine compositions for treatment of opioid addiction, and methods of use of these conjugates and compositions.... Agent: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

20140093524 - Modified chaperonin 10: The present invention relates to isolated Chaperonin 10 polypeptides possessing immunomodulatory activity, but lacking, or substantially lacking, protein folding activity.... Agent: Invion Limited

20140093527 - Compositions and methods for glioblastoma treatment: The present disclosure concerns an oncolytic virus for the treatment of cancer, such as in brain cancer, for example glioblastoma. The oncolytic virus may exhibit reduced levels of neurotoxicity. The oncolytic virus may be an isolated viral particle capable of producing a cDNA polynucleotide that includes a sequence according to... Agent: Children's Hopital Of Eastern Ontario Research Institute Inc.

20140093526 - Preparation of neutralizing antibody to human herpesvirus 6 glycoprotein q1 and analysis thereof: The present invention addresses the problem of providing a vaccine which as yet has not been provided for the disease HHV-6B, which is the cause of exanthema subitum in infants, and the problem of providing an effective screening method for other therapeutic drugs. The above-mentioned problems are solved by providing... Agent: National Institute Of Biomedical Innovation

20140093528 - Deletion of the beta 20-21 loop in hiv gp120 exposes the cd4 binding site for improved antibody binding and antibody induction: Disclosed herein are isolated immunogens including variant gp120 polypeptides. In an example, a variant gp120 polypeptide includes a deletion of at least 8 consecutive residues of the fourth conserved loop (C4) between residues 419 and 434 of gp120 according to HXB2 numbering. Also provided are isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding... Agent: The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health & Human Service

20140093529 - Immunogenic composition: The present invention relates to fusion proteins comprising fragments of toxin A and toxin B from Clostridium difficile, such as wherein the first fragment and the second fragment are adjacent to one another and wherein the first repeat portion and the second repeat portion have sequence similarity to one another.... Agent: Glaxosmithkline Biologicals, S.a.

20140093531 - Lutzomyia longipalpis polypeptides and methods of use: Substantially purified salivary Lu. longipalpis polypeptides, and polynucleotides encoding these polypeptides are disclosed. Vectors and host cells including the Lu. longipalpis polynucleotides are also disclosed. In one embodiment, a method is disclosed for inducing an immune response to sand fly saliva. In other embodiments, methods for treating, diagnosing, or preventing... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Department Of

20140093530 - Malaria vaccines: The present invention relates to a synthetic antigenic sequence which represents a combination of epitope-containing sequences from the highly polymorphic block 2 repeat region of K1-type Plasmodium falciparum merozite surface antigen (MSP1) and fusion proteins containing that sequence in combination with additional epitope-containing sequences capable of inducing antibody and cellular... Agent: London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine

20140093532 - Immunogenic compositions in particulate form and methods for producing the same: The invention relates to the field of immunology and vaccine development, in particular to the development of vaccines based on native antigen oligomers. Provided is an immunogenic composition in particulate form, comprising oligomers of a surface exposed polypeptide of pathogenic origin or tumour origin, or antigenic part thereof, said oligomers... Agent: Mucosis B.v.

20140093533 - Polypeptides and vectors for targeting her2/neu expressing cells and uses thereof: Various aspects of the invention provide for capsids, parvovirus capsids, hybrid parvovirus capsids, parvovirus vectors, hybrid parvovirus vectors, hybrid parvovirus particles and parvovirus particles containing polypeptides in which the sequence YCDGFYACYMDV (SEQ ID NO: 3) has been substituted into the VP2 loop of the B19 capsid protein. Polypeptides in which... Agent: University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

20140093534 - Compositions and methods of enhancing immune responses: Provided herein are Salmonella enteritidis 13A strains and compositions comprising these strains. Also provided are methods of enhancing an immune response against Influenza A and methods of reducing morbidity associated with an Influenza A infection. Methods of enhancing an immune response to a vaccine vector by expressing a polypeptide of... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Arkansas

20140093535 - Combined vaccines for prevention of porcine virus infections: The present disclosure provides vaccine compositions comprising a PRRSV vaccine and a second porcine vaccine, which are substantially free from immuno-inhibition against each other. The second porcine virus vaccine can be CSFV and/or PRV. The preparation methods for the vaccines and the formulations are also provided. The vaccine compositions provided... Agent: Sinovet (beijing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd

20140093536 - Compositions and methods for treatment of microbial infections: The present invention relates to methods and compositions for treatment of microbial infections and for the enhancement of resistance to infection. The invention comprises administration of an effective amount of a protein isolated from bacterial lysate compositions for the treatment of pathological conditions of microbial infections. The present invention can... Agent:

20140093537 - Immunogenic compositions comprising nanoemulsion and methods of administering the same: The present invention provides methods and compositions for the stimulation of immune responses. In particular, the present invention provides immunogenic nanoemulsion compositions and methods of administering the same (e.g., via a heterologous prime/boost protocol (e.g., utilizing the same nanoemulsion in each the prime and boost administrations)) to induce immune responses... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20140093538 - Method for priming of t cells: The present invention relates to an in vitro method for priming T cells suitable for administration to a patient having a viral infection. The invention is also directed to the composition obtained by the method and uses thereof.... Agent: Immunicum Ab

20140093539 - Protein a compositions and methods of use: Methods and compositions for modulating an immune response in a subject are provided. Methods include administering to the subject a composition comprising an effective amount of a lymphocyte differentiation factor, e.g., protein A (PA), sufficient to modulate the immune response. Compositions include a lymphocyte differentiation factor, e.g., protein A (PA),... Agent: Protalex, Inc.

20140093540 - Immunogenic compositions and expression systems: Immunogenic compositions and vaccines against Plasmodial infection comprising an Rh polypeptide or a fragment or variant thereof are disclosed. Also disclosed are Rh5 polypeptides or fragments or variants thereof capable of binding CD147 and conferring protection against infection and/or disease caused by multiple Plasmodial strains or Plasmodial species, inhibitors of... Agent: Genome Research Limited

20140093541 - Treatment for peanut allergy: The present invention relates to oral immunotherapy for the desensitisation of patients who are hypersensitive to peanut allergen. The immunotherapy comprises increasing the oral dose daily dose of peanut protein administered to the patient at intervals of at least 2 weeks in a series of increments from an initial dose... Agent: Cambridge Enterprise Limited

20140093542 - Regulators of nfat and/or store-operated calcium entry: Embodiments of the inventions relate to modulating NFAT activity, modulating store-operated Ca2+ entry into a cell and treating and/or preventing hyperactivity or inappropriate immune response by inhibiting the expression or activities of septin 4 (SEPT 4) and septin 5 (SEPT 5) proteins involved in the calcineurin/NFAT axis and T-cell activation.... Agent: Immune Disease Institute, Inc.

20140093545 - Antibacterial pharmaceutical preparation: The present invention refers to a pharmaceutical preparation for use as an antibacterial agent, where the pharmaceutical preparation is prepared by a method comprising the steps of bringing a full blood sample taken from a patient in contact with a vessel or container and incubating the sample.... Agent: Orthogen Ag

20140093546 - Implants for administering substances and methods of producing implants: A porous silicon implant impregnated with a beneficial substance, such as a micromineral required for healthy physiology, is implanted subcutaneously and is entirely corroded away over the following months/year to release the beneficial substance in a controlled manner. In a second embodiment the implant may have a large number of... Agent: Spimedical Limited

20140093543 - Method and vacuum container for preparing a bone graft: A vacuum container supports a cancellous device fully immersed within a solution of a bone growth promoting substance in a sealed chamber. The solution may include one of a Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) solution, a morphegenic protein solution, or a stem cell solution. A vacuum creating device is in fluid... Agent:

20140093544 - Solid oral sensorial products including stain inhibitor: A solid oral sensorial product includes at least one botanical material and at least one phosphate containing stain inhibitor. The botanical material is selected from the group consisting of tobacco, tea, coffee, cocoa, and combinations thereof.... Agent: Philip Morris Usa Inc.

20140093547 - Emulsion polymerisation method: The invention relates to a method for the production of silicone in water emulsions by emulsion polymerisation. The emulsion contains particles of an organopolysiloxane polymer having an average particle diameter of less than 1 μm. The method comprises: —combining a silanol end-blocked organosiloxane starting polymer, water, and a surfactant; said... Agent:

20140093548 - Method for decontaminating the skin with textile composite material: The present invention provides a method of decontaminating human skin from noxious substances without a washing and/or massage procedure, wherein the method comprises applying a textile composite to a contaminated skin area for a predetermined period of time, wherein a washing procedure or a massage procedure is not utilized; and... Agent: Sns Nano Fiber Technology, LLC

20140093549 - Surgical barriers having adhesion inhibiting properties: An adhesion inhibiting surgical barrier. The surgical barrier includes a wound-facing polymeric coating comprising an enteric polymer; and at least one flexible substrate, the at least one flexible substrate having at least one exterior surface, wherein the polymeric coating is applied to the at least one flexible substrate to substantially... Agent: Ethicon, Inc.

20140093550 - Nanoparticle - biocide treatment of biofilms: A system of stabilized metallic nanoparticles is described that includes metallic nanoparticles coated with a hydrophilic polymer that has been reacted with a catechol-based ligand. Also described are stable, metallic nanoparticles that can be used alone or in conjunction with biocides, antibiotics, or other treatment systems in a method to... Agent: Clemson University

20140093551 - Titanium dioxide photocatalytic compositions and uses thereof: Provided is a photocatalytic composition comprising zinc (Zn) doped titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles, wherein the ratio of titanium dioxide nanoparticles to zinc is from about 5 to about 150. The photocatalytic composition absorbs electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range from about 200 nm to about 500 nm, and the absorbance... Agent:

20140093552 - Multilayer biodegradable microparticles for sustained release of therapeutic agents: Microparticles are prepared by a method that includes: (a) forming a layer comprising a first polymer on a solid surface by depositing a first composition one or more times on the solid surface, wherein the first composition comprises the first polymer and a first solvent, and evaporating the first solvent... Agent: Sks Ocular, LLC

20140093553 - Solid pharmaceutical and vaccine dose: An elongate body for parenteral injection at low velocity from a device is described. The body has at least one pointed end and comprises at least one active material. In addition, the body has a compressive strength of greater than or equal to 5 Newton and the pointed end has... Agent:

20140093554 - Nutritional compositions with large lipid globule size: The present invention relates to a nutritional composition for infants and/or toddlers comprising a lipid component which has a large lipid globule size. The composition can be used to increase bone mineral content and/or bone mass density.... Agent:

20140093555 - Patch preparation containing amine oxide: e

20140093557 - Exosomal compositions and methods for the treatment of disease: An exosomal composition is provided that comprises a therapeutic agent encapsulated by an exosome. The therapeutic agent can be a phytochemical agent, a chemotherapeutic agent, or a Stat3 inhibitor. Pharmaceutical compositions comprising the exosomal compositions are also provided. Methods for treating an inflammatory disease or a cancer are further provided... Agent: University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

20140093556 - Immunological compositions against hiv: The disclosure relates to immunological compositions for vaccinating human beings against infection by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).... Agent: Px' Therapeutics

20140093558 - Stable crystal modifications of dotap chloride: The present invention relates to crystal modifications of racemic (2R,S)- and enantiomerically pure (2R)-resp. (2S)-DOTAP chloride, to processes for the preparation thereof, and to the use thereof for the preparation of pharmaceutical compositions.... Agent: Merck Patent Gmbh

20140093559 - Abuse-proofed dosage form: A solid administration form, protected from parenteral abuse and containing at least one viscosity-increasing agent in addition to one or more active substances that have parenteral abuse potential. The agent forms, when a necessary minimum amount of an aqueous liquid is added, on the basis of an extract obtained from... Agent: Grunenthal Gmbh

20140093560 - Methods and materials for the treatment of testosterone deficiency in men: The present invention relates to the use of compositions comprising trans-clomiphene for treating men with hypogonadism. The invention is also directed to methods for treating males with hypogonadism.... Agent: Repros Therapeutics Inc.

20140093561 - Oral dosage forms of cyclopropanecarboxylic acid -amide: Provided herein are controlled release oral dosage forms of poorly soluble drugs, methods of making the dosage forms, and methods of their use for the treatment of various diseases and/or disorders.... Agent: Celgene Corporation

20140093562 - Solid naproxen concentrates and related dosage forms: The invention provides a composition consisting essentially of a solid naproxen concentrate, wherein the solid naproxen concentrate comprises (a) a solid naproxen free acid and (b) a solid naproxen alkali salt, and wherein at least 90% of the weight of the solid naproxen concentrate is naproxen free acid and naproxen... Agent: Pharmaceutics International, Inc.

20140093563 - Febuxostat compositions: The present invention relates to an oral pharmaceutical composition of febuxostat which comprises an intragranular component and an extragranular component. Further, it relates to processes for the preparation of said composition and a method of using said composition.... Agent: Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited

20140093564 - Pharmaceutical compositions of combinations of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors with simvastatin: The present invention is directed to novel pharmaceutical compositions comprising fixed dose combinations of a dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor (DPP-4 inhibitor), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and simvastatin, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, methods of preparing such pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of treating Type 2 diabetes and hypercholesterolemia with such... Agent: Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp

20140093565 - A pharmaceutical composition comprising a hdac inhibitor and a steroid and the use thereof: The invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising a HDAC inhibitor, a pharmaceutically acceptable acid or a salt thereof or a mixture thereof and a steroid or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof as well use of said pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of cancer as a pretreatment prior to other... Agent: Valcuria Ab

20140093567 - Method for producing orodispersible tablets: A method for easily producing orodispersible tablets that secure an eluting behavior of a principal agent in the digestive tract and mask unpleasant taste in the oral cavity is provided. Provided is a method for producing orodispersible tablets which includes mixing an additive to a principal agent to form principal... Agent: Nipro Corporation

20140093566 - Pharmaceutical formulations of a substituted diaminopurine: Provided herein are pharmaceutical formulations, comprising 4-((9-((3S)-tetrahydro-3-furanyl)-8-((2,4,6-trifluorophenyl)amino)-9H-purin-2-yl)amino)-trans-cyclohexanol, including pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, isomers, isotopologues, tautomers and racemic mixtures thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient; and their use for treating or preventing disease.... Agent: Signal Pharmaceuticals, LLC

20140093568 - Combination therapies: The present invention relates generally to the fields of molecular biology and growth factor regulation. More specifically, the invention relates to therapies for the treatment of pathological conditions, such as cancer.... Agent: Genentech, Inc.

20140093569 - Morphine polymer release system: A pharmaceutical composition for controlled release of an active substance is provided. The active substance is released into an aqueous medium by erosion of at least one surface of the composition. The composition comprises i) a matrix comprising a) polymer or a mixture of polymers, b) an active substance and,... Agent: Egalet Ltd.

20140093572 - Active materials for prevention and treatment of fouled surfaces: A method, composition and structure to treat fouling. In one embodiment, the method of treating fouling includes providing a structure including a first component of a base material and a second component of an energetically activated nanostructure, and applying a stimuli to the structure that effectuates an increase or decrease... Agent: Ut-battelle, LLC

20140093571 - Kneadable and pliable bone replacement material: A kneadable and moldable bone-replacement material includes a mixture of calcium-containing ceramic particles and a hydrogel or a substance which can be swelled into a hydrogel. The ceramic particles are of fully synthetic origin and the individual ceramic particles have a structure which is at least partially cohesive and porous.... Agent:

20140093570 - Solid oral formulations and crystalline forms of an inhibitor of apoptosis protein: The present disclosure relates to crystalline form of (S)—N—((S)-1-cyclohexyl-2-{(S)-2-[4-(4-fluorobenzoyl)-thiazol-2-yl]-pyrrolidin-1-yl}-2-oxo-ethyl)-2-methylamino-propionamide, salts and hydrates thereof. This disclosure also relates to solid oral formulation of (S)—N—((S)-1-cyclohexyl-2-{(S)-2-[4-(4-fluoro-benzoyl)-thiazol-2-yl]-pyrrolidin-1-yl}-2-oxo-ethyl)-2-methylamino-propionamide, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates (including hydrates) thereof, as well as methods of treatment using the same.... Agent: Novartis Ag

20140093574 - Highly compactable and durable direct compression excipients and excipient systems: The present invention relates to solid dispersions including, but not limited to, co-processed carbohydrates with different solubilities and concentrations, which have a microcrystalline plate structure. The solid dispersions, excipient systems and formulations of the present invention are highly compactable and durable and when compressed into solid dosage forms demonstrate uniform... Agent: Spi Pharma, Inc.

20140093573 - Non-enteric coated pharmaceutical composition and use thereof: A non-enteric coated pharmaceutical composition having an enhanced bioavailability comprising an acid-labile active ingredient and a nanolized biocompatible polymer, wherein the acid-labile active ingredient is mixed with and trapped by the nanolized biocompatible polymer, and the acid-labile active ingredient is sustainably released from the nanolized biocompatible polymer.... Agent: National Taiwan University

20140093575 - Stable layer-by-layer coated particles: Systems and methods for coating a particle core with a layer-by-layer film are disclosed.... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20140093576 - Pharmaceutical dosage form with multiple coatings for reduced impact of coating fractures: The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition in a solid unit dosage form for oral administration in a human or lower animal comprising: a. a safe and effective amount of a therapeutically active agent; b. an inner coating layer selected from the group consisting of poly(methacrylic acid, methyl methacrylate)... Agent: Warner Chilcott Company, LLC

20140093577 - Compositions and methods of making sustained release liquid formualtions: The present invention includes compositions and methods for the controlled release of active agents in a shelf-stable liquid formulation by blending one or more controlled release microbeads comprising one or more active agents, preparing a dense, thixotropic solution having a density that is at, or about, the density of the... Agent: Neos Therapeutics, Lp

20140093579 - Long circulating nanoparticles for sustained release of therapeutic agents: The present disclosure is directed in part to a biocompatible nanoparticle composition comprising a plurality of non-colloidal long circulating nanoparticles, each comprising a α-hydroxy polyester-co-polyether and a therapeutic agent, wherein such disclosed compositions provide a therapeutic effect for at least 12 hours.... Agent: Bind Therapeutics, Inc.

20140093578 - Novel clonidine formulation: An oral clonidine dosage unit providing a twenty-four hour extended release profile following a single dose administration is provided. The dosage unit comprises a pharmaceutically effective amount of a coated complex comprising clonidine bound to a cationic exchange resin, which is characterized by a twenty-four hour release profile with a... Agent: Tris Pharma, Inc.

20140093580 - Silk-based drug delivery system: The present invention provides for novel sustained release silk-based delivery systems. The invention further provides methods for producing such formulations. In general, a silk fibroin solution is combined with a therapeutic agent to form a silk fibroin article. The article is then treated in such a way as to alter... Agent: Trustees Of Tufts College

20140093581 - Avian-based treatment for microbial infections: A method for treating or preventing microbial skin infections comprising the step of: administering to a subject in need thereof a composition comprising avian extract EP-2 in a therapeutically effective concentration together with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier and/or diluent.... Agent: Cocky Smart Pty Ltd

20140093582 - Formulation for treatment of dry mouth and mouth sores: Serum compositions for application to endothelial tissue are described which contain an amniotic fluid extract in combination with embryonic stem cells. Formulations containing the serum composition are also described. The serum compositions and formulations may be used to treat conditions of the mouth such as dry mouth and mouth sores.... Agent: Golden Pearl Investment LLC

20140093583 - Povidone-iodine topical composition: The present invention relates to a topical pharmaceutical composition comprising povidone-iodine, a tertiary amide, surfactant and coconut oil, useful for killing microbes and treating wounds or sores on the surface of the skin.... Agent:

20140093584 - Genetic test for liver copper accumulation in dogs and low copper pet diet: The present invention provides a method of testing a dog to determine the likelihood that the dog is protected from liver copper accumulation, comprising detecting in a sample the presence or absence in the genome of the dog of one or more polymorphisms selected from (a) SNP ATP7a_Reg3_F_6 (SEQ ID... Agent: Mars, Inc

20140093585 - Parp inhibitors for the treatment of cipn: The present invention relates to the method of treating chemotherapy-induced neuropathy in a subject in need thereof with the use of a poly(ADP-ribose)polymerase (PARP) inhibitor.... Agent:

20140093586 - Oral rehydration composition: Disclosed are oral rehydration compositions with sucrose, or alternatively fructose and glucose in a 1:1 ratio. The compostion further comprises an osmolarity of below 250 mOsm/L, and sodium below 75 meq/L. Further disclosed are methods of treatment using the same.... Agent: Drip Drop, Inc.

20140093587 - Peelable film-forming compositions and methods of using the same: The compositions and methods of this invention relate to peelable film-forming compositions that may be applied to and removed from the skin containing polyvinyl alcohols and adhesion-enhancing polymers.... Agent:

20140093588 - Combinations of nitric oxide and sulfide and methods of use and manufacture thereof: The present invention provides methods of reducing the cytotoxic effects of nitric oxide and sulfides comprising coadministering nitric oxide with sulfide. In addition, the present invention provides novel pharmaceutical compositions comprising both nitric oxide and sulfide. The methods and compositions of the present invention may be used in the treatment... Agent: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

20140093589 - Formulations containing a non-oxidative biocide and a source of active halogen and use thereof in water treatment: Novel formulations containing a non-oxidative biocide, such as DBNPA, and a source of an in situ produced active biocide, such as a concentrated aqueous solution of an inorganic halide salt, are disclosed. These novel formulations are particularly effective in the treatment of water, and are characterized by high stability, desirable... Agent: Bromine Compounds Ltd.

20140093590 - Bitter-taste inhibitor and ginseng composition comprising same: The present invention relates to a bitter-taste inhibitor containing indigestible maltodextrin, and to a ginseng composition comprising the bitter-taste inhibitor. According to the present invention, the particular bitter taste of ginseng may be eliminated without the loss of a marker component found in ginseng, thereby enabling the easy intake of... Agent: Amorepacific Corporation

20140093592 - Esketamine for the treatment of treatment-refractory or treatment-resistant depression: The present invention is directed to methods for the treatment of treatment-refractory depression or treatment-resistant depression comprising administering to a patient in need thereof, a therapeutically effective amount of esketamine as mono-therapy or as combination therapy with at least on antidepressant.... Agent: Janssen Pharmaceutica Nv

20140093591 - Plant extracts for treating neurodegenerative diseases: The invention relates to the use of ironwort extracts that can be obtained by means of extracting using water or water-alcohol solvents or mixtures thereof, for producing a formulation, and for treating or preventing neurodegenerative diseases.... Agent: Finzelberg Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140093593 - Decubitus treatment system: The present invention includes compositions and methods for cleaning, treating, protection and resolution of decubitus ulcers comprising: a first composition comprising a wound cleaning solution comprising aloe vera gel comprising at least 5,000 MPS, a balanced salt solution; and a second composition comprising a wound healing gel comprising aloe vera... Agent: North Texas Medical Associates

20140093594 - Composition to enhance the bioavailability of curcumin: A composition having a curcuminoid and an essential oil of turmeric. A composition having a curcuminoid and an essential oil of turmeric, wherein the essential oil is present in an amount sufficient to cause an enhancement of bioavailability of curcumin when the composition is administered to a human as compared... Agent: Arjuna Natural Extracts, Ltd.

20140093595 - Composition of extract of emblica officinalis and method of preparing the same: The present disclosure relates to a composition of an extract of fruits of Emblica officinalis selected from the group consisting of liquid juice of fruits of Emblica officinalis, a powder of an alcoholic extract of fruits of Emblica officinalis, a powder of a hydro alcoholic extract of fruits of Emblica... Agent:

20140093596 - Extracts from plants of the tsuga genus and uses thereof in the treatment of inflammation, irritation and/or infection: Extracts derived from plants of the Tsuga genus having anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are provided. The Tsuga extracts are suitable for the treatment of inflammation, irritation and/or infection. For example, for the treatment of dermatological conditions with an associated inflammatory component or infection; for combating the irritant or inflammatory effects... Agent: Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Inc.

20140093597 - Use of alcohol extract of longan seeds: The present invention provides use of alcohol extract of longan seeds for manufacturing a drug for treating kidney tissue dysfunction. Preferably, an ethyl acetate sub-fraction of the alcohol extract of longan seeds has a better effect in treating kidney tissue dysfunction.... Agent: Joben Bio-medical Co., Ltd.

20140093598 - Compounds and extracts from gnetum africanum and anti-inflammatory activity related thereto: The invention relates to extracts and compositions from Gnetum africanum and methods for obtaining the extracts, wherein the extracts comprise resveratrol and have anti-inflammatory activity. Methods of using the extracts for the prevention and/or treatment of inflammatory diseases, and compositions which comprise the extracts including cosmetic compositions are also encompassed.... Agent: Pharmafri-can Inc.

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