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Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

The following is a sampling of recent Dowell & Dowell, PC patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

February 2011 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20110041436 - Removable attachment system for buildings
20110041748 - Transformable, multifunctional and self-stowage watercraft
20110041912 - Phosphonium ionic liquids and coatings made therefrom
20110043636 - Method of determining an intrusion into a monitored area and a system therefore
20110046016 - Disposable reaction vessel with integrated optical elements
20110046736 - Intervertebral stabilization assembly for arthrodesis, comprising an impaction cage body, and an ancillary device for implanting same
20110035870 - Spa system with flow control feature
20110040296 - Driving device applicable to a conductor cable for intravenous treatments
20110030252 - Illuminated point of sale signage system
20110033225 - Method of manufacturing a link rod for aeronautical construction
20110034796 - Apparatus and method for substantially immobilizing a breast for medical imaging procedure
20110023283 - Mechanical joint assembly and a method of assembling such an assembly
20110025003 - Toe unit for alpine touring binding
20110027059 - Port storage and distribution system for international shipping containers
20110027165 - Distributed pre-enrichment method and apparatus for production of heavy water
20110027166 - Chlorate and chlorine dioxide systems adapted for the production of deuterium enriched water
20110028543 - Formulations and methods of using nitric oxide mimetics in cancer treatment

January 2011 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20110017760 - Adjustable closure for a container
20110018258 - Female coupling element and a quick coupling incorporating such an element
20110019293 - Driver, lens driver and mechanical apparatus
20110020124 - Tip-forming member for a wheel of a hydraulic machine, and wheel and hydraulic machine equipped with such a member
20110011354 - Methods and apparatus for using ammonia as sustainable fuel, refrigerant and nox reduction agent
20110005049 - Device for use in sewing
20110006031 - A stopper device for stopping a container neck
20110006495 - Stroller frame, particularly for transporting a child
20110008150 - Wheel for a hydraulic machine, a hydraulic machine including such a wheel, and an energy conversion installation equipped with such a hydraulic machine
20110000871 - Hinged stopper of plastics material
20110000872 - Stopper device comprising a supporting cap, and container provided with such a device
20110000928 - Device for plugging the neck of a vessel
20110001150 - Light emitting diode and method for fabricating thereof
20110001267 - Machine for injecting a heat curable material, in particular for rubber vulcanisation, and corresponding method for achieving same
20110001297 - Method of making an ice skate blade

December 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100330683 - Method for quantifying oxidative stress caused by different biological pathways
20100331188 - Dicamba herbicide composition
20100332710 - Hard disk drive having a bypass for sas/sata signals
20100320855 - Electric actuator for driving a home-automation screen
20100321027 - Methods and systems for detection using threshold-type electrostatic sensors
20100324273 - Compounds, complexes and uses thereof
20100324462 - Knee ergonomic device for resolving the vertical loads
20100316157 - Multi-cell processing architectures for modeling and impairment compensation in multi-input multi-output systems
20100316838 - Rotationally offset penetration-resistant articles
20100317479 - Chainset with interchangeable chainrings
20100308597 - Wind turbine with vertical axis and wind power plant
20100311692 - Pharmaceutical formulation containing choline alfoscerate
20100300255 - Punch form and method of die-cuitting with it
20100303615 - Hydraulic machine, an energy conversion installation including such a machine, and a method of adjusting such a machine
20100304097 - Internally supported modular and non-modular linked structures
20100306067 - Automated sell system

November 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100294086 - Method and member for tightening threaded fasteners, and fixing and tightening device
20100294183 - Seed depositing device and method for depositing seeds
20100291551 - Genemap of the human associated with crohn's disease
20100281727 - Shoulder fire arm
20100281802 - Translucent building block and a method for manufacturing the same
20100282402 - Marking or labeling machine and a marking or labeling method
20100282931 - Sheave supporting element for use in window regulator guide sections
20100287382 - Two-factor graphical password for text password and encryption key generation
20100275393 - Method of making a lasted skate boot
20100276255 - Multi-mode scroll cam conveyor system
20100276256 - Multi-mode and multi-pitch conveyor system
20100278951 - Manifold for distributing or for collecting fluid, and a molding installation including such a manifold
20100279244 - Method of removing an archwire from an orthodontic bracket and wire disengagement instruments for applying such method

October 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100270321 - Beverage container equipped with with straw
20100270742 - Deck of playing cards and methods of playing card games
20100272555 - hydraulic machine, an energy conversion installation including such a machine, and the use of a hydrostatic labyrinth-bearing in such a machine
20100257668 - Odourless toilet
20100258520 - Method and machine for making a stopper for the neck of a container, and stopper as produced by this method
20100260569 - Mill bed
20100260622 - Energy conversion hydraulic plant and method for controlling such plant
20100251979 - Fluid-regulating thermostat and method of manufacturing such a thermostat
20100254814 - Pelton turbine wheel, method for making same and pelton turbine including such wheel
20100255697 - Usb stick

September 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100242762 - Marking or labeling machine and method
20100247790 - Interactive enamelled visual communication panel
20100248401 - Kind of method of constituting light source using multiple light-emitting units
20100248719 - Self-configuring man-machine interface for a communication terminal
20100236891 - Spring-loaded brake for an actuator for driving a household screen and actuator equipped with such a brake
20100240724 - Edible film
20100241902 - System and method for performing automated testing of protective relay equipment
20100230215 - Link unit of brake assembly for bicycles
20100230399 - Heating cartridge and termostatic element including same
20100230504 - Heating cartridge for thermostatic element and method for manufacturing same, as well as thermostatic valve comprising such a cartridge
20100231445 - Apparatus and method for use in global position measurements
20100232476 - Apparatus and method for use in global positioning measurements
20100234683 - Therapeutic-sexual appliance for men
20100224632 - Plug device for a container and container provided with one such device
20100225547 - Vehicle concealed antenna
20100226527 - Watermark embedding and detecting methods, systems devices and components
20100227296 - Method of assessing oral health risk

August 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100206955 - Thermostatic single-unit faucet and method for making such a single-unit faucet
20100208205 - Eye-tracking method and system for screening human diseases
20100210521 - Compositions and methods for modulating ampa receptor-mediated excitotoxicity
20100211150 - Face and mouth muscle stimulator
20100202502 - Space-time block coding systems and methods
20100203511 - Retinoid metabolizing protein
20100196565 - Sanitizing of transported food product by spray application of sanitizing material in an auger system to increase surface coverage of said product by said sanitizing material during transport
20100198105 - Non invasive method for detecting an electronic parameter depending on the intralabyrinth pressure (pil) in a subject

July 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100186311 - Border block and apparatus for manufacturing the same
20100186831 - Thermostatic valve for mounting between a fuel tank and a combustion engine and related fuel circulation circuit
20100180988 - High strength aluminum alloys and process for making the same
20100184928 - Multiple continuous microfluidic reactors for the scaled up synthesis of gel or polymer particles
20100175733 - Machine comprising a solar heat source
20100171432 - Method and apparatus for preventing intrusion
20100171518 - Method and apparatus for non-destructive detection of defects in composite laminate structures
20100172494 - Encrypting a plaintext message with authenticaion
20100162513 - Central vacuum cleaner control, unit and system with contaminant sensor
20100162650 - Drywall construction method and apparatus
20100167285 - Methods and agents for evaluating inflammatory bowel disease, and targets for treatment
20100169117 - System and methods for managing medication the administration of a plurality of patients

June 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100154620 - Optical pickup for a musical instrument
20100160453 - High alcohol content foaming compositions
20100161312 - Method of semantic, syntactic and/or lexical correction, corresponding corrector, as well as recording medium and computer program for implementing this method
20100148059 - High sensitivity mass spectrometer interface for multiple ion sources
20100150284 - Gps receiver with improved immunity to burst transmissions
20100151428 - Energy-saving mode of freely staying in water
20100139171 - Electromechanical actuator for maneuvering an opening leaf and closing assembly including such actuator
20100139201 - Cold-formed steel joist
20100139506 - Method to control operation and safety of a hydraulic press, which hydraulic press works according to this method and uses the software and carrier applied to it
20100140901 - Apparatus for attaching climbing skins
20100144257 - Abrasive pad releasably attachable to cleaning devices
20100144532 - Process for manufacture of high purity d-(-)-n,n-diethyl-2-(alpha-naphthoxy) propionamide
20100144538 - Genemap of the human genes associated with schizophrenia
20100144821 - Compounds and methods for treating protein folding disorders
20100145469 - Bioceramic implants having bioactive substance
20100132361 - Thermostatic valve with sleeve, thermal engine associated with a cooling circuit including such valve and method for making the sleeve for such valve
20100132831 - Household appraratus for storing bottles,notably bottles of wine that have been opened and/or partially consumed
20100133158 - Liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed waste water treatment system for simultaneous carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus removal

May 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100129198 - Hydraulic machine including means for injecting a flow drawn from a main flow
20100129200 - Pelton hydraulic machine including means for injecting a flow drawn from a main flow
20100129201 - Hydraulic machine including means for injecting a flow drawn from a main flow
20100131010 - Extra discal intervertebral stabilization element for arthrodesis
20100131484 - Method, device and software for querying and presenting search results
20100116152 - Food processor of the citrus press or juicer type
20100116774 - Cap for the neck of a container and method for producing one such cap
20100117836 - Hand hygiene compliance system
20100118215 - Robust display device
20100119074 - Device and method for evaluating the sound exposure of an individual
20100120627 - Genemap of the human genes associated with psoriasis
20100120628 - Genemap of the human genes associated with adhd
20100121089 - Methods for preparing dioranozinc compounds
20100108440 - Fall arrest assembly
20100110185 - Method, system and apparatus for monitoring loading of a payload into a load carrying container
20100113901 - Contact lens integrated with a biosensor for the detection of glucose and other components in tears

April 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100104813 - Embossed monolayer particleboards and methods of preparation thereof
20100095800 - Articulated structure for a multi-axis robot, and a robot including such a structure
20100096838 - Apparatus, kit and method for trimming a climbing skin
20100098327 - 3d imaging system
20100098328 - 3d imaging system
20100099083 - Crohn disease susceptibility gene
20100089467 - Thermmostatic assembly for fluid flow adjustment, and method making for such assembly
20100089482 - Method for producing ductwork connecting components for air-handling systems, connecting components and air-handling system
20100094606 - System and method for ultrasonic testing
20100083987 - Cleaning device comprising a cleaning head and method for cleaning hose-type tube filters
20100085989 - Systems and methods for packet based timing offset determination using timing adjustment information
20100085990 - Systems and methods for a network device to update timing packets to reflect delay
20100087633 - Digital microfluidic method for protein extraction by precipitation from heterogeneous mixtures
20100088096 - Hand held speech recognition device
20100081129 - Genemap of the human genes associated with crohn's disease
20100081578 - Exchangeable sheets pre-loaded with reagent depots for digital microfluidics
20100082182 - Powered wheelchair
20100083173 - Method and system for applying metadata to data sets of file objects

March 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100073131 - Vehicle with controlled door operation
20100074105 - Multi-hop wireless backhaul network and method
20100067476 - Multi-hop wireless backhaul network and method
20100067609 - System, transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus for cancelling co-channel interferences and method thereof
20100070930 - Business document system
20100050575 - Device for stopping a container, container equipped with such a device and method for closing a batch of such containers
20100055270 - Method and process for the controll of water weight loss in spray chill operations with the subsequent reduction of airborne bacterial load in air utilizing specialized chemistry in an air wash system in protein-based food processing plants
20100056308 - Racket handle insert and corresponding handle and racket

February 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100044469 - Appliance for manual and localized spraying
20100038297 - Poly (vinyl alcohol) polymers, uses and preparation thereof
20100039949 - Methods and apparatus for data communication
20100040508 - Apparatus for producing amorphous silica ash
20100040702 - Chemical composition for skin care formulations
20100040909 - Bio-fuel cell system
20100041774 - Chemical compositions for skin care emulsions and heavy duty hand cleansers
20100032490 - Fluid regulation thermostatic valve, coolant circuit including such valve and method for making such valve
20100033124 - Method and apparatus for exporting power in a renewable energy system employing a battery charger
20100033300 - Apparatus, systems and methods for authentication of objects having multiple components
20100035089 - Method for generating electricity
20100025640 - Loading quantum dots into thermo-responsive microgels by reversible transfer from organic solvents to water
20100030120 - Vibrotactile devices for controlled somato sensory stimulus during functionalmagnetic resonance imaging

January 2010 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20100011550 - Controlled corrosion processes utilizing one atmosphere glow discharge plasma (oagdp) in the manufacture of lead acid batteries
20100013209 - Security device for confidential information
20100013218 - Coupling element with a shutter valve, and a coupling incorporating such an elelement
20100013232 - Solid particle separator device and a hydraulic installation including such a device
20100014663 - Strengthened public key protocol
20100015057 - Magnetoresonance preparations, device for individually selecting said preparations for increasing an organism life activity in actual environmental conditions
20100006169 - Insertion to a single-grip, rotation-operated mixing faucet
20100006240 - Motorized screen configuration and grouped control methods, automatic controller for implementing this method and home automation installation comprising such an automatic controller
20100007888 - Multiple path length transmittance measuring device
20100008082 - Led work light
20100009325 - Psychological testing or teaching a subject using subconscious image exposure
20100000118 - Laundry dryer/venting system interlock
20100000300 - Device for measuring physical and/or chemical parameters of water circulating in a treatment circuit of a leisure pool
20100001425 - Rapid rotational foam molding process
20100001746 - Method for selecting an item of equipment and control unit enabling this method to be implemented
20100002834 - Method and apparatus for assessing characteristics of liquids
20100004373 - Compositions and processes for producing durable hydrophobic and/or olephobic surfaces
20100004678 - Ambidextrous grasping system for a medical instrument

December 2009 - Dowell & Dowell, PC patents

20090320353 - Methods for concentration and extraction of lubricity compounds and biologically active fractions from naturally derived fats, oils and greases
20090320395 - Lower chord bearing cold-formed steel joists
20090320676 - Ceramic armour and method of construction
20090322072 - Connection assembly and method of connecting such an assembly
20090322076 - Clamping coupling element and a coupling including such an element
20090323525 - Priority aware policer and method of priority aware policing
20090326364 - Mri compatible robot with calibration phantom and phantom
20090326365 - Medical robot for use in a mri
20090314844 - Thermostatic cartridge with concentric temperature and flow rate controls, and a mixer fitted with such a cartridge
20090318626 - Preparation of supramolecular polymers containing sequence-selective hydrogen bonding subunits in their backbone which form double helices
20090308016 - Light steel trusses and truss systems
20090310083 - Method and apparatus for improved fundus imaging through choice of light polarisation
20090300839 - Shower base
20090300947 - Shoe, in particular a sports shoe, comprising a clamping device
20090301087 - System and method for producing power from thermal energy stored in a fluid produced during heavy oil extraction
20090301284 - Oriented polymer reeds for woodwind instruments
20090301987 - Stopper for stopping a receptacle neck, a receptacle fitted with such a device, a method of stopping such a receptacle, andmethod of manufacturing such a device
20090302072 - Anti drip device for liquid dispensers
20090305083 - Fuel cell bioreactor
20090305900 - Genemap of the human genes associated with longevity
20090306463 - Gastric ring
20090293618 - Acceleration sensor device
20090296092 - Method & apparatus for the stabilization of spectrometric transducers
20090296104 - Microcontroller-based imaging system utilizing a cmos image sensor array
20090296199 - Laser amplifiers with high gain and small thermal aberrations
20090297609 - Method of biomolecule immobilization on polymers using click-type chemistry


This listing is an abstract for educational and research purposes is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. is not affiliated or associated with Dowell & Dowell, PC in any way and there may be associated servicemarks. This data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Dowell & Dowell, PC with additional patents listed. Browse our Agent directory for other possible listings. Advertise on - Rates & Info

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