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Dla Piper LLP us patents

The following is a sampling of recent Dla Piper LLP us patent applications (USPTO Patent Application #, Patent Title) sorted by month.

February 2011 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20110038116 - Housing for notebook computer and method for making the same
20110038446 - Method and device for processing received data of a radio interface
20110027824 - Method and apparatus for analyzing body fluids

January 2011 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20110018624 - Integrated power detector with temperature compensation for fully-closed loop control
20110018634 - Method and apparatus for systematic and random variation and mismatch compensation for multilevel flash memory operation
20110021273 - Interactive music and game device and method
20110022226 - Open air vehicle cooling device and method
20110022382 - Adaptive reduction of noise signals and background signals in a speech-processing system
20110022905 - Test circuit and method for multilevel cell flash memory
20110014948 - Secure removable card and a mobile wireless communication device
20110010422 - System and method of disseminating electronic content utilizing geographic and time granularities
20110001396 - Compact pressure-sensing device

December 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100322015 - Split gate nand flash memory structure and array, method of programming, erasing and reading thereof, and method of manufacturing
20100325009 - Internet and mobile technologies based secured lottery system and method
20100325430 - Globally unique identification in communications protocols and databases
20100315848 - time domain voltage step down capacitor based circuit
20100312926 - Switch for a two way connection between a removable card, a mobile wireless communication device, or a computer

November 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100295268 - System and method for connecting parts
20100295818 - Capacitive touch panel
20100288832 - System and method for consumer control over card-based transactions
20100279058 - Building construction element made of bamboo

October 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100271136 - Digital control interface in heterogeneous multi-chip module
20100271184 - Apparatus and method for monitoring and communicating data associated with a product
20100266972 - High temperature fiber composite burner surface
20100268014 - Brachytherapy fiducial needle fixation system and method
20100259979 - Self limiting method for programming a non-volatile memory cell to one of a plurality of mlc levels
20100262950 - Editing of two dimensional software consumables within a complex three dimensional spatial application and method
20100254207 - Non-volatile memory device with plural reference cells, and method of setting the reference cells

September 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100242475 - Systems and methods of thermal-electric power generation including latent heat utilization features
20100250458 - Content based social networking system and method
20100231279 - Phase shift generating circuit
20100226170 - Non-volatile memory array having circuitry to complete programming operation in the event of power interrupt
20100226181 - Array of non-volatile memory cells including embedded local and global reference cells and system
20100218798 - Piggyback adapter system and method
20100220533 - Non-diffusion junction split-gate nonvolatile memory cells and arrays, methods of programming, erasing, and reading thereof, and methods of manufacture

August 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100206295 - Systems and methods of solar thermal concentration for 2-dimensional focusing concentrators including features of sequential heating, thermal loss reduction, and/or adjustment of operation or operating parameters
20100202200 - Power line compensation for flash memory sense amplifiers
20100203654 - Method of testing an integrated circuit die, and an integrated circuit die
20100205068 - Integrated electronic shopping cart system and method
20100205069 - Integrated electronic shopping cart system and method
20100205178 - Data management system and method to host applications and manage storage, finding and retrieval of typed items with support for tagging, connections, and situated queries
20100205194 - System and method of identifying relevance of electronic content to location or place
20100205226 - Unique referencing scheme identifier for location
20100205231 - Transaction-based storage system and method that uses variable sized objects to store data
20100195277 - Dual layer printed circuit board
20100198616 - Computerized system and method for rapid data entry of past medical diagnoses
20100198944 - Method and apparatus for transferring digital content from a computer to a mobile handset
20100199020 - Non-volatile memory subsystem and a memory controller therefor

July 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100188138 - Fast start charge pump for voltage regulators
20100188900 - Array and pitch of non-volatile memory cells
20100191226 - Method of patterned plasma-mediated laser trephination of the lens capsule and three dimensional phaco-segmentation
20100180414 - Internal hinge vertical axis wind turbine erection method
20100184292 - Systems, methods and slurries for chemical-mechanical rough polishing of gaas wafers
20100185309 - Product customization system and method
20100185968 - Business software application system and method
20100175533 - Hybrid neck mount
20100176336 - Systems, methods and solutions for chemical polishing of gaas wafers
20100171347 - Seat attachment device
20100173468 - Passive elements, articles, packages, semiconductor composites, and methods of manufacturing same

June 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100156605 - Wireless display tag (wdt) using active and backscatter transceivers
20100157687 - Method for erasing a flash memory cell or an array of such cells having improved erase coupling ratio
20100159133 - Gas dispersion shield method
20100147286 - Systems and methods including features of synchronized movement across and array of solar collectors
20100141371 - Magnetic core-coil device and method for making the same
20100142272 - Method and apparatus for testing the connectivity of a flash memory chip
20100133602 - Non-volatile memory cell with buried select gate, and method of making same
20100134218 - Attenuator with a control circuit
20100137850 - Method for patterned plasma-mediated modification of the crystalline lens
20100137982 - Method for creating incisions to improve intraocular lens placement
20100137983 - Intraocular lens
20100138588 - Memory controller and a method of operating an electrically alterable non-volatile memory device

May 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100126524 - Systems, methods and solutions for cleaning crystal growth vessels
20100127308 - Non-volatile memory cell with self aligned floating and erase gates, and method of making same
20100123520 - Low noise binary-coded gain amplifier and method for time-gain compensation in medical ultrasound imaging
20100124506 - Vertical axis wind turbine blade
20100125444 - Method and apparatus for reducing read latency in a pseudo nor device
20100125696 - Memory controller for controlling the wear in a non-volatile memory device and a method of operation therefor
20100125795 - Method and apparatus for concatenating audio/video clips
20100116196 - Systems, methods and substrates of monocrystalline germanium crystal growth
20100113114 - Method and system for providing real time sports betting information
20100114021 - Multi-function catheter and use thereof
20100115519 - Method and system for scheduling image acquisition events based on dynamic programming

April 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100101525 - Air horn for efficient fluid intake
20100103103 - Method and device for input of information using visible touch sensors
20100106283 - Embroidery system and method
20100097682 - Light beam delivery system with power, wavelength and spot size control
20100091567 - Test circuit and method for multilevel cell flash memory
20100088459 - Improved hybrid drive
20100081270 - Method and apparatus for strapping two polysilicon lines in a semiconductor integrated circuit device
20100081524 - Method and apparatus for analyzing a pitched ball

March 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100074325 - Video streaming apparatus with quantization and method thereof
20100074326 - Transcoder unit and method
20100074327 - Video quantizer unit and method thereof
20100076977 - System and method for analyzing and reporting extensible data from multiple sources in multiple formats
20100066748 - Method and apparatus for scheduling the processing of multimedia data in parallel processing systems
20100067308 - Sub volt flash memory system
20100067311 - Non-volatile memory device having high speed serial interface
20100069179 - Tennis training aid
20100064002 - Optimized image delivery over limited bandwidth communication channels
20100053202 - Systems and methods of image processing including removal of discontinuous ramp and/or smoothing features
20100054043 - Split gate non-volatile flash memory cell having a floating gate, control gate, select gate and an erase gate with an overhang over the floating gate, array and method of manufacturing
20100056842 - Brachytherapy multiple implantation device loading tray and method

February 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100049524 - Method and apparatus for providing search capability and targeted advertising for audio, image and video content over the internet
20100049707 - System and method for the structured display of items
20100039532 - In flight autofocus system and method
20100036753 - Product customization system and method

January 2010 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20100020515 - Method and system for manufacturing micro solid state drive devices
20100013830 - Processing of signals from global navigation satellite systems by a graphics processor
20100014993 - Electrical air pump assembly and inflatable product having the same
20100006582 - Container assembly
20100008639 - Media generating system and method
20100001288 - Low etch pit density (epd) semi-insulating gaas wafers
20100001765 - Sense amplifier for low voltage high speed sensing
20100002509 - Integrated flash memory systems and methods for load compensation

December 2009 - Dla Piper LLP us patents

20090323415 - Flash memory array system including a top gate memory cell
20090316056 - Digital picture frame device and system
20090309027 - Rf detector and temperature sensor
20090309182 - Electrostatic discharge protection structure
20090302830 - Integrated power detector with temperature compensation for fully-closed loop control
20090303803 - Independent bi-directional margin control per level and independently expandable reference cell levels for voltage mode sensing
20090304003 - Global virtual vpn
20090304004 - Regional virtual vpn
20090293663 - Robot arm


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