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Distillation: processes, separatory

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07/10/2014 > 1 patent applications in 1 patent subcategories.

20140190817 - Method for purifying water and water treatment system therefor: A method for purifying water involves heating impure water in a first reboiler, a second reboiler and a combustion steam generator to ultimately produce about 3 parts by weight of clean water and about 1 part by weight of clean steam for every 4 parts by weight of the impure... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Inc.

07/03/2014 > 6 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140183027 - Internal heat exchanger for distillation column: Systems and methods are described for improving energy requirements of a distillation column. The distillation column can include one or more heat exchange surfaces within a middle section of the column, through which a cooling fluid can be fed to allow heat exchange of vapor rising within the distillation column.... Agent: Fluor Technologies Corporation

20140183028 - Process for the treatment of a recycling stream from a plant for the production of polyarylene ether sulfones: giving a pure N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone stream (2) which can be returned to the plant for the production of polyarylene ether sulfones, via a final distillation in a final column (K), which comprises preceding the final distillation by a preliminary purification by evaporation in one or more evaporator stages for reducing the... Agent: Basf Se

20140183029 - Process for the treatment of a recyclying stream from a plant for the production of polyarylene ether sulfones: giving N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone which can be recycled via a distillation column , preceded by preliminary purification in evaporator stage(s), giving vapor stream(s) which are introduced as feed streams into the distillation column, the bottom stream from the last evaporator stage being discharged and the bottom stream from the distillation column being... Agent: Basf Se

20140183030 - Process for the purification of a crude solvent stream comprising an n-alkylpyrrolidone: N-alkylpyrrolidone and, as contaminant alongside this, the corresponding N-alkyl-succinimide, to give a pure solvent stream which meets the requirements for use in a process for the production of polymers, where compounds of higher and lower boiling point than the N-alkylpyrrolidone are removed by distillation, which comprises, prior to, during, or... Agent: Base Se

20140183031 - Process for the treatment of a recycling stream from a plant for the production of polyarylene ether sulfones: a

20140183032 - Process for the treatment of a recycling stream from a plant for the production of polyarylene ether: giving a pure N-alkyl-2-pyrrolidone stream (2) which can be returned to the plant for the production of polyarylene ether sulfones, via a final distillation, which comprises carrying out the final distillation process in a partitioned column (TK), with a partition (T) arranged in the longitudinal direction of the column and... Agent: Basf Se

06/26/2014 > 2 patent applications in 2 patent subcategories.

20140174903 - Stripping gas recycle system: A stripping gas recycle process for a stripper is fed a water containing glycol and a stripping gas. The stripping gas removes a water content from the water containing glycol to produce a dried glycol and a wet stripping gas. The recycle system includes at least one stripping gas separation... Agent: Process Group Technologies Pty. Ltd.

20140174904 - Method and apparatus for ethanol production: An integrated bioethanol production and evaporation process and system produce reduces high quality ethanol and concentrated stillage. The process and system provide a significant energy savings over conventional bioethanol production and evaporation systems by using the energy (“vapor”) that drives the distillation process to also drive a multiple effect evaporator,... Agent: Dx Resources LLC

06/19/2014 > 4 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20140166467 - Method and system for treatment of waste water: A method and device for reducing the volume of waste water through evaporation including a tank with a combustion pipe and burner unit, wherein water is injected into the combustion pipe, flash evaporated, and gases are projected into the tank to drive evaporative and water treatment functions.... Agent:

20140166468 - Portable and stationary distillation unit for the simultaneous production of distilled water and salt, enhanched by solar collectors: The invention describes a new and simple method of construction of a stationary distillation unit and of a small portable distillation unit. The evaporation pans are made of simple materials and are covered with a transparent film. Additionally in the small portable unit its evaporation pan has a double bottom,... Agent:

20140166469 - Dehydration of acetic acid by azeotropic distillation in the production of an aromatic acid: Disclosed is a process for the separation of water from a liquid phase medium containing an aliphatic carboxylic acid using azeotropic distillation in the presence of an entrainer. The entrainer, water, and organics are subsequently separated, wherein the entrainer is recycled back to the azeotropic distillation column and organics recycled... Agent:

20140166470 - Workup of a cyclododecanone cyclododecanol mixture in a dividing wall column: A process for removing a cyclododecanone-rich fraction from a dehydrogenation mixture comprising low boilers, cyclododecanone, medium boilers, cyclododecanol and high boilers is provided. According to the process, the cyclododecanone is separated from the cyclododecanol in a dividing wall column. The apparatus which is the dividing wall column is also provided... Agent: Evonik Industries Ag

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