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11/13/2014 > 14 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140335465 - Anterior development and postural trainer: An orthodontic appliance that postures the lower jaw forward and connects the lower jaw to the upper jaw, comprising two upper palate bases, a labial bow located in a front region of the appliance, a lower incisor support wire located in a front region of the appliance, an upper incisor... Agent:

20140335464 - Oral illumination systems and methods: An oral illumination apparatus configured for placement in a mouth. The oral illumination apparatus includes a housing configured to be coupled to a structure in the mouth. The housing including a processing circuit. The oral illumination apparatus further includes a sensor coupled to the housing and configured to detect a... Agent:

20140335466 - Treatment progress tracking and recalibration: The present invention relates to systems and methods of developing and tracking delivery and patient progression through an orthodontic treatment plan. One method includes identifying deviations from an orthodontic treatment plan, including receiving a digital representation of an actual arrangement of a patient's teeth after an orthodontic treatment plan has... Agent:

20140335467 - Vibration imparting device for dental use: A vibrating dental device vibrates a specific tooth in a dentition attached with a bracket, a wire or a mouthpiece as an orthodontic appliance. The vibrating dental device includes a vibration source, a connector connected to the orthodontic appliance, and a vibration transmitter, which transmits vibration generated by the vibration... Agent: Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20140335468 - Orthodontic appliance: An orthodontic appliance has a post attached to a first upper tooth, and a button with a recess attached to a second upper tooth. An elongated arm has an eye at one end through which the post is inserted to allow the elongated arm to rotate about the post, and... Agent:

20140335469 - Oral illumination systems and methods: An oral illumination apparatus configured for placement in a mouth. The oral illumination apparatus includes a housing configured to be coupled to a structure in the mouth. The housing including a processing circuit. The oral illumination apparatus further includes a sensor coupled to the housing and configured to detect a... Agent:

20140335470 - Dental preparation guide:

20140335471 - Capsule for dental restorative material: A dental restorative material capsule for mixing and dispensing two flowable materials and dispensing the resulting mixture, comprises a mixing chamber with a removable partition separating the flowable materials prior to use, a plunger for dispensing the contents of the mixing chamber and a dispensing tip for applying the resulting... Agent: Rhondium Holdings Limited

20140335472 - Porous three-dimensional structure of polytetrafluoroethylene (versions), dental implant, vascular implant and tissue implant for substitution plasty of soft tissues: A porous three-dimensional structure of polytetrafluoroethylene was created featuring an enhanced ability of soft tissue ingrowth, or, in the second embodiment, combining the properties of an enhanced ability of soft tissue ingrowth with a barrier for the deposition of the living tissue cells. In the first embodiment of the porous... Agent:

20140335473 - Lithium silicate glass ceramic and glass with transition metal oxide: The invention relates to a lithium silicate glass ceramic, which contains at least 8.5 wt.-% transition metal oxide selected from the group consisting of oxides of yttrium, oxides of transition metals with an atomic number from 41 to 79 and mixtures of these oxides. The invention also relates to a... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20140335474 - Floss device, a method of forming the floss device and a method of using the floss device: A floss device is disclosed which is designed to be used to floss between adjacent teeth in a person's mouth. The floss device includes a first portion joined to a second portion. The first portion has an arcuate configuration which terminates in a rounded tip. The second portion is linear... Agent:

20140335477 - Composition and method of using medicament for endodontic irrigation, stem cell preparations and tissue regeneration: A single intra-canal substance composition for tissue dissolution, disinfection, tissue degradation, tissue removal and disinfection is provided. The composition includes calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium thioglycolate or calcium thioglycolate, to form an effective single intra-canal substance capable of degrading a cell by disrupting its disulfide bonds. Further, the composition may... Agent:

20140335475 - Compositions for endodontic instruments: The present invention is directed to a dental composition, and specifically to an improved composition for endodontic instruments useful for filling root canals or sealing.... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20140335476 - Methods of treating dental patients using multi-polar magnetic devices: A method of treating a dental patient includes performing a dental procedure, conducting muscle response testing for indentifying a location for treatment, placing a magnetic device over the location identified during the muscle response testing, and aligning the magnetic device over the location for influencing energy flow in the patient.... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140329192 - Electronically enabled removable dental device: A dental device is provided in which the dental device comprises electronic components for ornamental functionality as well as orthodontic functionality. The dental device comprises components for light, sound, and video display for patients with braces, or for recreational users.... Agent:

20140329193 - Orthodontic appliance for bite correction: A bite-correcting orthodontic appliance attaches directly to the elements of braces (i.e., brackets and archwires); flexes in its distal 25-45% to stay away from the food bolus; has a smooth rectangular profile for patient comfort; and introduces gentle force vectors to the patient's upper and lower teeth that sweep in... Agent:

20140329195 - Method for positioning orthodontic braces: A method for positioning orthodontic braces includes scanning a patient's teeth by a computer in which installation locations of orthodontic braces for the teeth to be cured are arranged; carving out by a carving machine a denture mold and positioning members at the installation locations of the orthodontic braces on... Agent: Ezbond Co., Ltd.

20140329194 - Orthodontic treatment planning using biological constraints: The invention relates to planning orthodontic treatment for a patient, including surgery, using biological constrains such as those arising from bone, soft tissue, and roots of patient's teeth. The invention disclosed herein provides capability to vary the movement ratio between the teeth and bone and soft tissue through treatment simulation... Agent:

20140329196 - System and method for a bone engaging dental implant surgical stent placement system: A bone engaging dental implant surgical stent placement system comprising: a gingival depth impression pin, wherein the gingival depth impression pin is placed in a patient's bony ridge to establish a penetration site. An impression is then created of the patient's bony ridge by placing an impression material around the... Agent:

20140329197 - Surgical tool with flexible shaft: An implant system can include a first rotatable flexible shaft comprising a biocompatible material and configured to be used as an implant for placement in the human body, the implant including an implant driving element positioned at a proximal end; a second rotatable flexible shaft including a cutting drill positioned... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20140329198 - Full flow disposable syringe tip and connector: Syringe tips for use with dental syringes, connectors for connecting syringe tips to a dental syringe, and combinations thereof are described. In one embodiment, a syringe tip has an elastic inner tube with a flexible proximal portion extending proximally beyond a shoulder of an outer tube. An elongate fluid passageway... Agent:

20140329199 - Endodontic file having an outer spiral cord: An endodontic file (10) has a handle (11) and a spiral cord (15) of helically wound metallic wire wound in a predetermined direction around a central metallic cord (13) formed between opposite ends of the central cord so as to form an integrated structure (18) of generally conical cross-section including... Agent:

20140329200 - Device for attaching or removing dental or surgical components: The present disclosure relates to a device for seating or orienting a component relative to a dental fixture. The device comprises three arms, each having a gripping surface, for holding said component, and the device further comprises a driver tube and a driver having an interchangeable tip for engaging the... Agent:

20140329201 - Ridge lap dental implant: An asymmetrically placement designed to preserve bone by having the coronal aspect being compatible with the bony anatomy at the time of tooth extraction. The implant may be of either a single or two state design. By modifying the top of the implant fixture to partially mimic the bony anatomy... Agent:

20140329202 - Self-osteotomizing bone implant and related method: A bone implant includes a head and a core body extending from the head to a tip. An osteotomy blade extends outwardly from at least a portion of the core body to form a spiral thread. Channels form bone cutting edges of the implant. The implant, and particularly the osteotomy... Agent:

20140329203 - Method for seating a dental restoration: The present invention relates to a method for exceeding a dental restoration whereby the method includes measurement of the distance between a restoration and an adjacent tooth, resizing the restoration as needed, and permanently affixing the restoration in the mouth of the patient.... Agent:

20140329204 - Durable coating method for enhancement of surface scanning of dentition: A method is provided for enhancing the results of an optical scan of the surface of an object such as human dentition in which the surface may be dry or wet. The method includes the step of applying a composition to the surface, wherein the composition includes a volatile component... Agent:

20140329205 - One component self-adhesive dental composition, process of production and use thereof: The invention relates to a one-component self-adhesive composition for dental use comprising radically polymerizable component(s) with an acidic moiety as component A, radically polymerizable component(s) without an acidic moiety as component (B), an oxidizing agent comprising persulfate(s) as component (C), transition metal component(s) as component (D), photoinitiator system(s) as component... Agent:

10/30/2014 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140322661 - Diagnostic mouthpieces: Diagnostic mouthpieces and separate pads for same allow dental devices of various types to have a dual purpose. The diagnostic mouthpieces allow frequent use and early intervention.... Agent:

20140322663 - Method and device for causing tooth movement: A method of increasing movement of a tooth in a jaw having at least one tooth with an orthodontic brace thereon includes: (1) holding a handle of a device, the device having an elongate member extending from the handle and a screw tip at a distal end of the elongate... Agent:

20140322662 - Systems and methods for fabricating a dental template: A dental template to position an object on a patient's tooth includes digitizing the patient's tooth; adding virtual objects to predetermined locations on the digitized tooth; and fabricating the dental template to locate the object on the patient's tooth. The template can be used for etching or for positioning brackets... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20140322664 - Method and system for establishing the shape of the occlusal access cavity in endodontic treatment: A computer based method and system for defining and representing a shape and geometry of an occlusal access cavity to the tooth roots prior to endodontic treatment, include the step or elements for: loading onto the computer information of the geometry of a tooth obtained via one or more imaging... Agent:

20140322665 - Guiding template for dental implantology: A guiding template for dental implantology is disclosed. The guiding template includes a fixing base and at least one metallic ring. The fixing base has an inner side and an outer side, and the fixing base includes a guiding portion as an entry at the outer side. The guiding portion... Agent: Choice Biotech Inc.

20140322666 - Oral care gel dispenser systems: The invention provides an oral care system comprising a gel in a pen dispenser, the dispenser comprising a chamber which permits dispensing of a measured amount of the gel, wherein the gel exhibits a Herschel-Bulkley yield stress of 10 to 230 dynes/cm2, a Herschel-Bulkley viscosity of 3 to 500 poise,... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20140322667 - Oral teeth cleaning appliance with time-sequenced, customizable liquid bursts: An article and method for an oral care appliance which generates successive bursts of liquid adapted to provide cleansing of the teeth. The appliance includes a housing and a system for providing successive bursts of liquid, comprising a source of liquid, a nozzle with a spray exit opening and a... Agent:

20140322668 - Intraoral biofilm control apparatus: An intraoral biofilm control apparatus including a suction unit, a suction chamber positioned within and in communication with an inner space of the suction unit, a tubular connection member operably connected to and extending into the suction chamber, and an angular head member adjustably connected to an upper end of... Agent: Hankookin, Inc.

20140322669 - Dental handpiece control apparatus: A dental handpiece control apparatus including: a relay 17 that switches a polarity of a voltage applied to a motor 20, and thereby switches a rotation direction of the motor 20 to forward rotation and backward rotation, the motor 20 being incorporated in the dental handpiece to rotate a cutting... Agent:

20140322670 - Implant with internal multi-lobed interlock: A dental implant for supporting a dental prosthesis comprises a body portion and a top surface. The implant further comprises an internal cavity with an opening located at the top surface. The internal cavity comprises an interlock chamber having a depth measured from the top surface equal to a first... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20140322671 - Artificial tooth, a jig for arranging the same, an arrangement method of the same and a denture: Provided is a dental prosthesis formed as artificial molars designed for a lingualized occlusion, comprising the total of four teeth including a first premolar, a second premolar, a first molar and a second molar in a maxilla or a mandible, which are interconnected in a single prosthesis. An artificial maxillary... Agent: Heraeus Kulzer Japan Co., Ltd.

20140322672 - Root canal filling material containing mesenchymal stem cells and method for regenerating dental tissue using the same: A root canal filling material for a tooth extraction or tooth non-extraction process can be used clinically because of its easy availability and can efficiently enhance dental tissue regeneration; a method for regenerating dental tissue using the filling material is also provided. A root canal filling material 200 including mesenchymal... Agent: National Center For Geriatrics And Gerontonlogy

10/23/2014 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140315139 - Orthodontic device: Mobile orthodontic device of a functional type comprises a pair of posterior lateral bites (2) in the form of metal plates connected together by means of a metal wire (4). The posterior bites (2) are designed to be set freely floating between the upper dental arch and the lower dental... Agent:

20140315140 - Quick stop drilling tool for use with a medical or dental treatment device: A quick stop drilling tool for use with a medical or dental treatment device includes a drilling tool having a body extending between a connection end and a working end and having a longitudinal extension along a longitudinal axis of the drilling tool. The drilling tool has a hollow outer... Agent: W&h Dentalwerk B&#xfc Rmoos Gmbh

20140315141 - System for protection of soft tissues against a teeth whitening substance: The appliance includes a brushhead having conductive fiber bristles by which a potential is applied to electrochemically activate a teeth whitening substance, such as peroxide, in the vicinity of the teeth. An impedance appliance system (62) or an optical appliance system (27) provides information concerning whether the conductive fiber bristles... Agent:

20140315142 - Hand-held tooth whitening instrument with applicator reservoir for whitening composition and methods of using same: A hand-held, ergonomic instrument with an LED that emits actinic light in visible wavelengths mounts a replaceable applicator cup with a reservoir for a tooth whitening composition held in place against a user's tooth during a whitening procedure. Actinic light is directed onto the tooth surface through a window in... Agent: Oraceutical LLC

20140315143 - Self-cleaning dental mirrors: Dental mirrors which are self-cleaning are described. The dental mirror may include an interchangeable tip with a cleaning nozzle configured to direct a fluid such as water and/or air across a surface of a mirror. The dental mirror may also include a valve which can be rotated to adjust a... Agent:

20140315144 - Novel dental appliances and methods for their fabrication: The invention consists of a rapidly crosslinkable, two-component silicone elastomer together with a specially designed tray that serves as a form for the silicone resin and forms an integral portion of a dental appliance.... Agent:

20140315145 - Dental articulator: A dental articulator is provided in which at least one of the two arms thereof has a base member that is articulated with respect to a bracket element onto which a dental model may be mounted, allowing independent movement of the dental model with respect to the pivot axis hingedly... Agent:

20140315146 - Pre-charged prophy angle: A prophy angle is provided that includes a housing with a prophy cup at the distal end, a first drive mechanism positioned within the housing and including a drive shaft for delivering mechanical energy to the prophy cup, a chamber enclosed within the housing to store paste in a controlled... Agent:

20140315147 - Endodontic system and method: p

20140315148 - Dental forceps: Dental forceps include opposing gripping surfaces configured to grip a tooth or crown and a fulcrum pad adjacent the gripping surfaces. The forceps may act as a first class lever with the fulcrum pad to extract the tooth or crown when gripping the tooth or crown.... Agent:

20140315149 - Membrane for inducing regeneration of bone/tissue, and method for producing same: The present invention provides a membrane for guided regeneration of bone and tissue comprising an organic base material and a new bone formation guide layer on one or both sides of the organic base material, the new bone formation guide layer containing a hydrophilic polymer and calcium phosphate.... Agent:

20140315152 - Customised dental abutment formed of two customised parts: Disclosed is a dental prosthesis including an implant, a customised abutment, a restoration and an implant screw for securing the customised abutment to the implant, wherein the implant includes a screw bore extending from a first end of the implant for receiving at last a part of the implant screw,... Agent:

20140315151 - Implant structure: An object of the present invention is to provide an implant structure assuring that substances accelerating breeding of bacteria are hard to be induced. The implant structure comprises: an artificial tooth root including an artificial tooth root main body having a distal end portion and a proximal end portion and... Agent:

20140315150 - Laboratory implant: A method for the production of a dental implant with a post part which can be introduced into a jawbone and with a mounting part assigned thereto, on which a dental prosthetic piece can be mounted, is to allow the dental technician to perform a simple indexing of the mounting... Agent:

20140315153 - Fabrication of an orthodontic aligner from a negative mold designed by a computational device: Provided is a method in which a computational device generates a design of a negative mold of teeth. The negative mold of the teeth is fabricated from the design of the negative mold. An aligner is formed using the fabricated negative mold. Provided also is a negative mold of teeth... Agent:

20140315154 - Method for dimensional adjustment for dental scan, digitized model or restoration: A method for creating a substantially accurate dental restoration from scanning a negative dental impression of a patient's teeth or a positive dental stone model of the patient's teeth includes applying a compensation rate to compensate for the shrunk or enlarged scan of the patients teeth, to the scan of... Agent: B&d Dental Corporation

20140315155 - Molded dental root canal filling points/cones and process of making same: The present invention provides an improved root canal filling point/cone that can be manufactured precisely to result in better obturation with less micro-leakage. One aspect of the present invention is directed to a molded root canal filling point/cone. Another aspect of the present invention is directed to a thermo-pressure molding... Agent:

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