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07/10/2014 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140193765 - System and method for detecting deviations during the course of an orthodontic treatment to gradually reposition teeth: Method and system for detecting and correcting deviation during an orthodontic treatment plan is provided. The method includes the steps of receiving an un-segmented current teeth image representing a patient's teeth after an orthodontic treatment plan has begun and before the plan ends for the patient; matching a previously segmented... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20140193766 - Methods and systems for treating teeth: A system for repositioning teeth comprises a plurality of individual appliances used with braces. The appliances are configured to be placed successively on the patient's teeth and to incrementally reposition the teeth from an initial tooth arrangement, through a plurality of intermediate tooth arrangements, and to a final tooth arrangement.... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20140193767 - Tactile objects for orthodontics, systems and methods: Methods, systems, and apparatus's for improving orthodontic treatments. In an embodiment, an orthodontic system including a tactile object is provided for modulating an engagement between a tooth attachment and an orthodontic appliance.... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20140193770 - Dental osteotomy appliance and preparation method: A dental device is provided for guiding a drill bit. The dental device comprises a platform adapted to be mounted on a person's jaw. At least one drill guide is coupled to the platform and adapted for translational and rotational adjustment with respect to the platform. In one embodiment, the... Agent: Innodent LLC

20140193768 - Image processing apparatus and image processing method: A panoramic imaging apparatus functionally includes an image processing apparatus. In this apparatus, two planar images are produced, which are subjected to registration. A registration process is applied to overall areas of two planar images based on curves decided from positions designated on the two planar images respectively. The positions... Agent:

20140193769 - Multi-axial positioning dental drill guide assembly: A dental device is provided for guiding a drill bit. The dental device comprises a platform adapted to be mounted on a person's jaw. At least one drill guide is coupled to the platform and adapted for translational and rotational adjustment with respect to the platform. In one embodiment, the... Agent: Innodent LLC

20140193772 - Dental drill platform with adjustable drill bushing: A dental device is provided for guiding a drill bit. The dental device comprises a platform adapted to be mounted on a person's jaw. At least one drill guide is coupled to the platform and adapted for translational and rotational adjustment with respect to the platform. In one embodiment, the... Agent: Innodent LLC

20140193771 - Surgical guide system for dental implantology and method for making the same: Surgical guide system for dental implantology, comprising a plate (10) provided with one or more guide sleeves (2) delimiting corresponding through holes whose axes are oriented according to predetermined directions, and a drill (4) for osteotomy having a spindle that can be connected to a handpiece or similar tool and... Agent:

20140193773 - Application device for dental compositions: An application device for dental compositions. At the rear end, the application device is provided with a connection for a discharge container. A channel extends from the connection to a channel opening arranged at the front end. Flat protrusions are formed at the front end, which enclose therebetween a receiving... Agent: Transcodent Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140193774 - Irrigating device with variable pressure pulse: An irrigating device including a reservoir for storing fluid, a tip fluidly connected to the reservoir, and a pump operative to draw fluid from the reservoir and propel the fluid to the tip. The irrigating device further includes at least one reed valve positioned to regulate fluid between at least... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20140193776 - Body made of bone substitute material and method for production: The invention relates to a biocompatible body to be implanted into a cavity of a bone, comprising a main structure made of a bone substitute material. According to the invention, the body has a connecting element, said connecting element being embedded at least partially in the main structure of the... Agent: Regenhu Ag

20140193775 - Components for use with implants and related methods: A system for dental restorations may comprise an abutment comprising an implant engaging portion and a component supporting portion terminating in a coronal end of the abutment. The implant engaging portion may extend apically from the component supporting portion and may have an external surface feature configured to be received... Agent: Aeton Medical LLC

20140193777 - Dental fillers including a phosphorus-containing surface treatment, and compositions and methods thereof: The present application provides dental fillers, and methods of making and using dental fillers that include a treated surface that includes phosphorus and a divalent cation. Dental compositions including such dental fillers can be useful for delivering ions to the oral environment.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

07/03/2014 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140186788 - System and method for maxillary protraction in class iii malocclusion patients: The embodiments herein provide a maxillary protraction device is provided for treating Maxillary Transverse Discrepancies in young orthodontic patients and in skeletally mature patients using only local anesthesia and without administering general anesthesia. The maxillary protraction device comprises a hyrax provided with an adjustable screw and a plurality of bands... Agent:

20140186789 - Shapable bite plates: Improved shapeable bite plates for use with orthodontic vibratory devices and devices offering other treatment modalities. The shapeable bite plates can be manually shaped to fit the Euro arch, arch form I, the Roth arch, and even widest Damon Arch.... Agent:

20140186790 - Impression tray, and method for capturing structures, arrangements or shapes, in particular in the mouth or human body: The invention relates to an impression tray, which carries a deformable impression mass in order to prepare an impression of arrangements, shapes or dimensions, in or on the human body, in the mouth, and an impression of at least part of a tooth or of dental structures, wherein sensor devices... Agent:

20140186792 - Illumination system for dentistry applications: A dental illumination apparatus includes a lamp system mounted on a support structure. The lamp system includes a light source. A control system is provided for controlling the activation of the lamp system. A light guide shields soft tissues local to teeth of a subject from effects of ultraviolet radiation.... Agent: Discus Dental, LLC

20140186791 - Infrared dental imaging: Dental imaging systems include an optical scanner that scans one or more interrogation beams across a portion of at least one tooth to produce a dentally modulated light flux associated with light scattering, absorption, or other interaction of the interrogation beam and a tooth interior. The dentally modulated light flux... Agent: Luxray Dental Systems, Inc.

20140186793 - Device, system and methods for determining and measuring temporomandibular joint positions and movements: A device for determining or measuring temporomandibular joint positions and movements of a patient. A method for determining or measuring one or more than one temporomandibular joint position or movement of a patient. A method of diagnosing a condition or disease of a temporomandibular joint of a patient.... Agent:

20140186794 - 3d system and method for guiding objects: d

20140186795 - Dental implant pick up and drive assembly: The invention provides a dental implant pick up and drive assembly, comprising a dental implant and a pick up and drive device for picking up the implant and driving it into a patient's jawbone. The dental implant comprises a cavity disposed on one end of the dental implant, a first... Agent: Biodenta Corporation

20140186796 - Jigs for placing dental implant analogs in models and methods of doing the same: A placement jig for locating a dental implant analog in a physical model of a patient's mouth includes a base, a guide-strut receiving feature, a throughbore, and an angled receiving feature. The guide-strut receiving feature is positioned within the base and is configured to receive a guide-strut of the physical... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20140186798 - Porous implant device for supporting a denture: A dental implant device has an implant portion for being placed in a bore in bone. The implant portion has a coronal end portion and a porous metal portion. A metal coupling has a coronal end configured for connection to a denture support piece. The coupling also has an apical... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20140186797 - Screw and driver tool: The invention relates to a screw and corresponding screw driver for driving the screw into a dental implant at an angle from the longitudinal axis of the implant. The screw has a polygonal interface and the screw driver has a matching interface for driving the screw to rotate.... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services, Ag

20140186799 - Dental implant: The invention provides a dental implant including a body portion, an abutment portion and a connection portion. The body portion has a body outer diameter. The connection portion is connected between the body portion and the abutment portion. The body portion, the connection portion and the abutment portion are integrally... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

20140186800 - Dental implant: The invention provides a dental implant including a neck portion, a bottom portion and a body portion. The body portion connects the neck portion and the bottom portion. The body portion has a first end, a second end and a plurality of threads. The threads are disposed between the first... Agent: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

06/26/2014 > 13 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20140178829 - Clear aligner and manufacturing method thereof, traction device for clear aligner, and aid for traction device for clear aligner: The present invention relates to a clear aligner, a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for a clear aligner, and an auxiliary tool for a traction device for a clear aligner. More particularly, the present invention relates to a clear aligner (10), a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for... Agent:

20140178828 - Method for producing trays for brackets: The present disclosure relates to methods comprising: producing a real model, comprising a reproduction of at least sections of at least two tooth crowns of teeth in a jaw and contains bracket reproductions or brackets associated with the reproductions of the tooth crowns; and producing at least two trays by... Agent:

20140178830 - Guidance element for a tooth: Guidance element for a tooth for interacting with an orthodontic treatment splint, the guidance element having a tooth connection surface as well as at least one engagement surface for engagement in the treatment splint in order to exert orthodontic torques and/or forces onto the tooth during the engagement, and having... Agent:

20140178831 - Self-ligating brackets for orthodontics: Self-ligating bracket for orthodontics has a base, an occlusal wall extending from the base and occlusal ligature wing, a gingival wall extending from the base and gingival ligature wing, a slot, which separates the occlusal wall and the gingival wall from one another and extends continuously in the direction from... Agent: Bernhard F&#xd6 Rster Gmbh

20140178832 - System and method for providing compact navigation-based surgical guide in dental implant surgery: A system and method for providing compact navigation-based surgical guide for dental implant surgery is disclosed. According to one embodiment, a surgical guide system comprise includes a surgical guide comprising having a tracking marker. The surgical guide is fabricated to be custom fitted to a patient's mouth or jawbone. The... Agent: Anatomage Inc.

20140178833 - Device for the controlled supply of compressed air to at least one pneumatically operated dental instrument: The invention relates to a device for the controlled supply of compressed air to at least one pneumatically operated dental instrument (5, 5′, 5″, 5′″) from a supply and control unit (2), in which a dental instrument (5, 5′, 5″, 5′″) is connected by a supply hose (4, 4′, 4″,... Agent:

20140178834 - Colouring solution for selectively treating the surface of dental ceramic and related methods: The invention relates to a solution to be selectively applied to individual parts of the surface of dental ceramic(s) and a process for using the solution in the dental field. More specifically the invention relates to a solution comprising a) a solvent, b) an effect agent, and c) a complexing... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140178837 - Dental superstructure attaching system and methods for attaching a dental superstructure to a dental implant: A dental superstructure attaching system for use with a dental implant is provided. The system comprises a longitudinal member being connectable with an implant or an implant connecting member via an at least partially curved interface area. The longitudinal member comprises a main member forming the lingual part of said... Agent: Heraeus Dental Ab

20140178836 - Method of attaching a dental component to a dental implant: The present invention relates to a method of attaching a dental component having an angulated screw channel to a dental implant. The present invention also relates to a dental component having an angulated screw channel and a metal adapter.... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20140178835 - Multi functional implanting suite and implanting method thereof: A multi functional implanting suite for an implant utilized in tooth reconstruction, artificial tooth implanting or dental restoration is disclosed. The implanting suite comprises a cap and a fastening member, in which it may be equipped with multi functions including healing abutment, scan jig, mold taking suite, temporary crown or... Agent:

20140178838 - Polyaxial dental implant system: A dental implant system is described, including a lower implant body configured to be implanted in bone, and an upper implant body that couples to the lower body, thereby forming a cavity between upper and lower bodies. The system can further include a rotatable, swivelable anchor having a base at... Agent: Jbsg Management LLC

20140178839 - Removable dental implant bridge system: A removable dental implant bridge system configured for rigid detachable mounting of an implant removable bridge over a mini support bar, which in turn is configured for fixedly securing to the jaw bone of an individual, in a fashion facilitating fast and easy mounting yet fixedly supporting the implant removable... Agent: Kamil Tech Ltd.

20140178840 - Prosthetic device: A prosthetic device that securely joins with a tissue through the utilization of at least one pressure differential portion, such as suction cups. The pressure differential portion serves to form a vacuum between the device and the tissue for secure attachments. The device comprises a silicone shape and conforms to... Agent:

06/19/2014 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140170583 - Apparatus and method for optically scanning an object in registration with a reference pattern: A system for scanning a dental arch of a patient includes a reference element having a reference pattern thereon; a holding mechanism configured to hold the reference element in a fixed position inside the patient's oral cavity adjacent to and spaced from the dental arch, wherein the holding mechanism is... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20140170584 - Traction device and maxillary traction device: A traction device includes an engaging assembly engaging with a mouthpiece to be attached to a maxilla inside a mouth of a human body and a support assembly supporting the engaging assembly in contact with a face of the human body, wherein the engaging assembly pulls the mouthpiece in an... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Rampa Master Product

20140170585 - Orthodontic appliance anchoring method and apparatus: Orthodontic anchoring method and custom appliances affixed to teeth, TADs and/or tooth positioning, moving and stabilization appliances and/or orthodontic auxiliaries. Each appliance has mechanical fasteners structured to secure segments of a curable flexible resin rope called a flex fit module (FFM). The FFM is moldable and adaptable to the oral... Agent:

20140170586 - Connector for orthodontic arch-wires: A connector for orthodontic arch-wires which comprises a body that has two axial seats, each for an end of the wires that can be inserted therein, the two seats being divided by a partition that protrudes inside the body, a grip element for an elastically deformable element being able to... Agent:

20140170587 - Methods and systems for dental procedures: A device including a coded pattern for use in dental procedures is provided. Related methods and systems are also provided.... Agent:

20140170588 - Dental laser-emitting device and methods: Disclosed herein is a dental laser-emitting device capable of treating both soft tissue applications and hard tissue applications.... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20140170589 - Lighted teeth cleaning apparatus: A device for cleaning teeth with a light for the area being cleaned is described.... Agent:

20140170590 - Dual surface dental device for use in intraoral photography: The present invention describes a dual sided dental instrument for use in intraoral photography. Each side of the dental instrument forms a different surface providing the user the capability to use a single device for differing functions. In a preferred embodiment, the dual sided dental instrument for use in intraoral... Agent:

20140170591 - Dental arch model and method of making the same: A dental arch model and method for making the same is shown and described. The dental arch model includes a connector having opposite ends that connect to a respective one of the arch legs. The connector has a three-dimensional shape but does not include a surface that is both planar... Agent: Global Filtration Systems, A Dba Of Gulf Filtration Systems Inc.

20140170592 - Tray system and method of preparing a customized information sheet: The invention discloses a tray system and a method for preparing such tray system. The tray system including a tray with a base having holding arrangements for holding implant components, instruments and/or instrument holders, at least a first and a second information sheet which both are adapted to be independently... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20140170593 - Patch for non-invasive pain relief: Adhesive patches for non-invasive pain relief comprising a molded backing layer including first and second well portions. An adhesive composition (e.g., chitosan derived) is disposed within the first well composition, and a skin penetrating anesthetic composition is disposed within the second well portion. The first well portion surrounds the perimeter... Agent: Oltuse, LLC

20140170594 - Dual medicament carpule for dental syringes: A carpule for a dental syringe provides an internal piston disposed between a front septum and a rear plunger. The internal piston is hollow and includes a thin membrane front. The internal piston is designed to offer minimum resistance to movement in the carpule body to allow for aspiration and... Agent:

20140170595 - Disposable dental valve device: A disposable dental valve device is disclosed which comprises a valve body having a tip receiving end, a hose receiving end, a lumen formed between the tip receiving end and the hose receiving end, and a partial opening formed in the valve body, and a rotatable valve sealing body adapted... Agent: Stoma Ventures, LLC

20140170596 - Polyvinylsiloxane based curable dental retraction composition: Disclosed herein is a two part retraction system that can be inserted into the sulcus to form a semi-rigid porous elastomer releasing a hemostatic agent suitable for sulcus retraction such that a dental impression may be completed by a dental practitioner.... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20140170597 - Device, system and method for prosthodontic restoration: This disclosed subject matter relates to dental implants in general, and in particular to dental implants having an abutment for mounting a prosthodontic restoration thereon, wherein the abutment is customizable and/or adjustable that may be configured according an individual's morphology, clinical situation and related prosthodontic requirements.... Agent:

20140170598 - Unknown: The present invention relates to a cobalt-based noble-metal dental alloy for the SLM process, which is intended for the production of metallic components, a corresponding method of producing a metallic component and a corresponding metallic component.... Agent: Bego Bremer Boldscl&#xe4 Gerei Wilh, Herbst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20140170599 - Siloxane compounds containing composition, method of production and use thereof: The invention relates to a composition for taking dental impressions, the composition comprising a siloxane component (A) comprising terminal vinyl groups, a silioxane component (B) comprising Si—H groups, a catalyst (C) being able to catalyze a curing reaction between components (A) and (B) and a silicone oil (D), wherein the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140170600 - Methods and systems for making colored dental parts: The invention provides a method for forming a colored dental part comprising forming an oxide layer on a metal base material, and submerging the metal base material in an electrolyte solution to bring to completion the formation of the oxide layer and forming the colored dental part.... Agent: Park Istre Ii, LLC

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