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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150147710 - Laser etched sintered ceramic orthodontic brackets: The present disclosure is drawn to laser etched, sintered ceramic orthodontic brackets. Such a bracket can comprise a working surface including an archwire slot and a ligating structure. The bracket can also include a laser etched tooth attachment surface that is laser etched after sintering of the ceramic orthodontic bracket.... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

20150147711 - Vibrating dental devices: A variety of improvements to the vibrating devices for dental remodeling are provided, including improved bite plate designs that accommodate common patient bite structure, a connector for a bite plate, a sizing tray for same, as well as better motors providing improved performance characteristics for an extraoral vibrator, and a... Agent:

20150147712 - Air cooled dental photocuring light and method of using same: The invention comprises a dental tool. The dental tool comprises a hollow tool body having a light source disposed in one end thereof. The dental tool also comprises a hollow tube disposed within the hollow tool body, the hollow tube having a first end disposed adjacent the light source and... Agent:

20150147713 - Light for oral anesthesia injection syringe: A light for use with an oral anesthesia syringe that is received into a passageway of a barrel of the light. When the syringe is received into a first opening in a proximal end of the barrel's passageway, the needle of the syringe extends through a second opening at the... Agent:

20150147714 - Surgical location monitoring system and method: A position monitoring system comprises a single composite fiducial reference comprised of a fiducial key and a fiducial extension rigidly and removably attached to the fiducial key, a tracker for obtaining image information of the surgical site, and a computer system with processor, memory, a software program, and access to... Agent: Navigate Surgical Technologies, Inc.

20150147715 - Dental tool with penetration indicating bands: A dental instrument 1 adapted for performing osteotomy includes a mounting shank 2 and, in line therewith, a working portion 3 including cutting zones 3A, of which at least part is covered by a coating of carbon-enriched tungsten carbide except for a plurality of annular bands 10 distributed along the... Agent: Biotech Dental

20150147716 - Surgical guide system for dental implantology and method for making the same: A surgical guide system for dental implantology has a plate (10) provided with a guide sleeve (2) delimiting a through hole with an axis oriented to a predetermined direction. A drill (4) for osteotomy has a spindle connected to a handpiece with drilling portion (41), the drill (4) being for... Agent:

20150147717 - Oral irrigator with slide pause switch: An oral irrigator including a handle through which fluid flows to a tip. Fluid flows to the tip during irrigate mode, and fluid flow may be interrupted by selecting a pause mode. The handle includes a mechanically controlled actuator for selecting the pause mode. The actuator may include a rack... Agent:

20150147718 - Apparatus and methods for filling teeth and root canals: A dental apparatus is disclosed. The dental apparatus can comprise a pressure wave generator to be disposed at a treatment region of a tooth. The pressure wave generator can include an opening to deliver a flowable filling material to the treatment region. The apparatus can include a reservoir for supplying... Agent:

20150147719 - One visit denture: A denture is manufactured in a single visit using a pre-formed thermoplastic acrylic dental template chosen from a plurality of different sized dental templates, based on the size of a patient's alveolar edentulous ridge. The dental template includes a base thermoplastic acrylic with prosthetic teeth attached thereto. A viscous material... Agent:

20150147720 - Tooth-replacement implant: The present invention relates to a tooth-replacement implant, comprising: a main body portion and a root cervical portion, wherein the root body portion has a plurality of lateral pores and a hollow thorough hole at the bottom. Further, a collagen coating layer and an anti-bacterial coating layer are formed on... Agent:

20150147722 - Bionic fixing apparatus: A bionic fixing apparatus is provided. The bionic fixing apparatus includes a flexible portion having at least one trench. The trench is disposed on the surface of the flexible portion and has a first end and a second end. An interval is disposed between the first end and the second... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150147721 - Dental prosthesis system: A flexible dental prosthesis system which allows coupling various elements without having to use screws. The system of the invention comprises a longitudinally elongated flexible screw having a first end suitable for being fitted by means of threading in a dental implant and a second open end that can be... Agent: Dentisel, S.l.

20150147723 - Dental bridge attachment system and method: Provided is a removable bridge system for attachment to a plurality of dental implants, including a plurality of abutments, each including a seat portion conforming with a shape of a corresponding implant head and allowing fixedly positioning of the abutment to the implant, and an abutment head. At least one... Agent: Dental Innovision Ltd

20150147725 - Dental component, a dental fixture and a dental implant: The invention relates to a dental component, such as an abutment, an abutment replica, an abutment blank, a customized abutment, a scan abutment, a digital transfer coping, an impression pick-up element, a healing cap or a driver, comprises at least one first indexing element and at least one second indexing... Agent:

20150147724 - Dental implant system with ceramic implant: A dental implant system with a ceramic implant and with an abutment, which moreover includes an insert element for the ceramic implant. The insert element is either manufactured from non-ceramic material or is manufactured essentially of injection molded ceramic. The insert element matches with a recess a proximal region of... Agent:

20150147726 - Method for articulator adjustment and gnathological instruments for work under this method: The method for articulator adjustment and gnathological instruments for work under this method find application in dental medicine and laboratory dental techniques. These and other goals of this invention are achieved with the measurement of the individual parameters of the patient's mandibular transversal hinge axis in the three planes: transversal,... Agent:

20150147727 - Mechanical toothbrush: A mechanical toothbrush, including a housing portion extending along a longitudinal axis, a bristle shaft assembly including a shaft portion disposed within the housing and extending along the longitudinal axis, and a head portion disposed outside of the housing and having a plurality of bristles extending perpendicularly to the longitudinal... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150140500 - Clear aligner and manufacturing method thereof, traction device for clear aligner, and aid for traction device for clear aligner: The present invention relates to a clear aligner, a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for a clear aligner, and an auxiliary tool for a traction device for a clear aligner. More particularly, the present invention relates to a clear aligner (10), a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for... Agent: E-clear International Co., Ltd.

20150140501 - Clear aligner and manufacturing method thereof, traction device for clear aligner, and aid for traction device for clear aligner: The present invention relates to a clear aligner, a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for a clear aligner, and an auxiliary tool for a traction device for a clear aligner. More particularly, the present invention relates to a clear aligner (10), a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for... Agent: E-clear International Co., Ltd.

20150140502 - Intra-oral light-therapy apparatuses and methods for their use: In some embodiments, an apparatus comprises a housing, an emitter, and an electronic circuit. The housing is configured to fit within a patient's mouth. The emitter is at least partially encased within the housing. The emitter is configured to emit an effective amount of light to the alveolar soft tissue... Agent:

20150140503 - Apparatus and methods for cleaning teeth and gingival pockets: Various apparatus and methods for cleaning teeth and gingival pockets are disclosed herein. A fluid platform can include a pressure wave generator configured to propagate pressure waves through a treatment fluid. The pressure waves may be sufficient to remove undesirable dental deposits from a treatment tooth, neighboring gums, and/or spaces... Agent:

20150140505 - Computer-aided positioning and navigation system for dental implant: A computer-aided positioning and navigation system for dental implant includes a computer system having built therein a dental implant planning software and providing a 3D digital human tissues model to create an implant navigation information, a positioning assistive device including a body providing a positioning portion and a guide portion... Agent:

20150140504 - Soft-tissue laser surgery: In dentistry very often soft tissue has to be cut. It has become customary to cut soft tissue, in particular gum or gingiva, or to disinfect pockets in the gingiva that exist at the neck of teeth with the help of laser light. The same applies to a disinfection of... Agent:

20150140506 - Dental retractor for protecting a patient's teeth from contact with the inner side of a patient's mouth and tongue:

20150140507 - Dental implantation system and method: Drilling of an implant shaft is carried out with a handpiece tool whose location and angular orientation with respect to a radiographic working guide is updated in real time with respect to the radiographic working guide and anatomical structures of the patient, free of viewing obstructions. Prior to the drilling,... Agent:

20150140508 - Universal retrofit dental abutment: A new dental implant with allows for repair of an existing root form implant after a traumatic event, which reduces or eliminates the need for further surgery. The implant uses an abutment which comprises a threaded spindle having an integrated taper, a plurality of segments around the axis of the... Agent: Adaptall Manufacturing Inc.

20150140509 - Dental implant: There is provided a dental implant which can prevent peri-implantitis and in which an affinity of a jawbone embedded portion embedded into the jawbone with the jawbone is not degraded. In a dental implant, at least a region of a gingiva contacting portion which is in contact with gingiva, is... Agent: Kyocera Medical Corporation

20150140510 - Components for permanent removable and adjustable dentures and bridges: A locking cap for dental implants embedded in hard dental tissue, such as tooth stubs or bones. The locking caps are ovoidal in plan view and may be formed of materials, such as non-adherent polymers, that are rigid, but softer than the material of the dental implant.... Agent:

20150140511 - Devices and methods for enhancing bone growth: The present invention is generally related to implants for compensating bone loss in mammalian body, and to devices and methods for replacing or creating facial bone. The present invention relates to devices and methods for implanting an implantable device in a subject's body. The implantable device embodying features of the... Agent:

20150140512 - Retention insert and connection device for dental applications: A retention insert (1), for connecting a dental prosthesis structure to a dental implant or capping structure having a head designed for a press-fit connection, comprises a substantially circular disc-shaped end face (12), and a substantially ring-shaped retention edge (11), which protrudes from the end face (12) and has an... Agent:

20150140513 - Pre-sintered blank for dental purposes: Pre-sintered blanks based on lithium metasilicate glass ceramic are described which are suitable in particular for the preparation of dental restorations.... Agent:

20150140514 - Scanning jig: Provided is a scanning jig capable of improving replacement accuracy of three-dimensional data. Provided is a scanning jig 10 for attaching to an analog 20 embedded in a model or to an artificial tooth root 30 embedded inside an oral cavity, the scanning jig including: a main body 11 formed... Agent:

20150140515 - Method of simultaneously cleaning and whitening teeth: A tooth whitening method applies a light transmitting oxidizing composition to teeth in an oral cavity, after which a hand-held LED light source with a light transmitting lens and a cup forming a chamber having an open end is moved over the teeth so that the cup distributes the oxidizing... Agent:

20150140516 - Composition and method for using medicament for endodontic irrigation, stem cell preparation and tissue regeneration: A single intra-canal substance composition for tissue dissolution, disinfection, tissue degradation, tissue removal and disinfection is provided. The composition includes calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium thioglycolate or calcium thioglycolate, to form an effective single intra-canal substance capable of degrading a cell by disrupting its disulfide bonds. Further, the composition may... Agent:

20150140517 - In-situ dental restoration process and apparatus: A dental restoration method that eliminates time-consuming, labor-intensive steps conventionally needed to fabricate molds, and thereby facilitates dental restorations in a shorter time, while reducing the discomfort and embarrassment sometimes associated with provisional restorations involves scanning an existing dental structure to generate a three-dimensional digital model of the existing dental... Agent:

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