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04/10/2014 > 13 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20140099593 - Monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with locking catch devices: A monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with a locking catch device is provided. The bracket includes a base, at least one tie wing and at least one locking catch device placed on one surface of the base. A slot in the middle of the tie wing extends in a generally mesial-distal... Agent: Beijing Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

20140099594 - Methods, systems, and products for monitoring health: Methods, systems, and products monitor a person's regimen for medicinal and dietary restrictions. When the person's regimen requires a liquid medication or supplement, an oral instrument is commanded to dispense a dosage of fluid. The oral instrument stores a reservoir of the fluid. If the oral instrument is a spoon,... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20140099595 - Sensor for use in an apparatus for dental implant fixture location determination: A sensor for use in an apparatus for accurate dental implant fixture location determination including an inductive Eddy current effect based dental implant fixture location sensor, a shield operative to cancel out the effects of variable and unpredictable capacitance generated by uncontrollable factors, and a protective casing made of bio-compatible... Agent:

20140099596 - Light curing device: The invention relates to a light curing device for dental purposes having a plurality of semiconductor light sources, each light source includes a light-emitting chip, wherein said chips are mounted on a common and chip-cooling substrate. Each chip is surrounded by an individual reflector body connected to the substrate and/or... Agent:

20140099597 - Apparatus and methods for cleaning teeth and gingival pockets: Various apparatus and methods for cleaning teeth and gingival pockets are disclosed herein. A fluid platform can include a pressure wave generator configured to propagate pressure waves through a treatment fluid. The pressure waves may be sufficient to remove undesirable dental deposits from a treatment tooth, neighboring gums, and/or spaces... Agent: Sonendo Inc.

20140099598 - Bone carving tool for creating convex ridge for inner border of initial hole for placement of implant hole: The present invention relates to a bone carving tool for creating a convex ridge for the inner border of the initial hole for placement of an implant hole, and comprises: a bone carving unit with tapering diameters ranging from 2 to 7 mm, which has a plurality of triangular-shaped projections... Agent: Innobiosurg

20140099599 - Cradle for positioning a final dental prosthesis and a system incorporating the same: A cradle, assembly, system and method for installing a prosthesis at a surgical site. The cradle temporarily engages the prosthesis and holds it in the correct orientation and position adjacent the surgical site. An aperture is defined in the cradle and a portion of the prosthesis is received therein. In... Agent:

20140099601 - Dental regenerative device made of porous metal: A regenerative device can include a first side section, a second side section, and a top section extending between and connecting the first side section and the second side section. The top section and the first and second side sections can each be formed from a porous material that retains... Agent: Zimmer Trabecular Metal Technology, Inc.

20140099602 - Insertion tool: Insertion tool for co-operation with a dental implant, said implant having at least one anti-rotation surface, the insertion tool extending along a longitudinal axis and having at its distal end a resilient sleeve, said sleeve having at least one torque transmission surface and being adjustable between a first, rest position,... Agent:

20140099600 - Method of installing a final dental prosthesis: A cradle, assembly, system and method for installing a prosthesis at a surgical site. The cradle temporarily engages the prosthesis and holds it in the correct orientation and position adjacent the surgical site. An aperture is defined in the cradle and a portion of the prosthesis is received therein. In... Agent:

20140099603 - Process of tooth whitening and apparatus therefor: A process of whitening a tooth provided by the invention includes the steps of providing a delivery device for mechanical dispensing of a predetermined amount of a whitening composition to an applicator tip; dispensing the amount of whitening composition to the applicator tip; applying the amount of whitening composition disposed... Agent:

20140099604 - Dental marking product with varying widths and thicknesses for gauging and marking occlusal clearance to facilitate fabrication and installation of a dental restorative element: A dental marking product for gauging and marking occlusal clearance between a prepared tooth or teeth and an opposing tooth or teeth or dental restoration to facilitate fabrication and installation of a dental element. The product includes flexible tapes, strips, or paper which include a marking agent. Each strip has... Agent:

20140099605 - Unextracted tooth root canal filler and dental tissue regeneration method for unextracted tooth: Disclosed is a root canal filler for non-extracted tooth which causes no internal resorption or external resorption in a tooth with complete root formation, shows no odontoclast, and contributes to the regeneration of a dental tissue in which odontoblasts are smoothly aligned on the dentin wall. After pulpectomy or enlargement/cleaning... Agent: National Center For Geriatrics And Gerontology

04/03/2014 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140093832 - Concurrent treatment of oral and systemic maladies in animals using electrical current: A method and apparatus for the concurrent treatment of multiple oral diseases and defects while promoting general oral hygiene utilizing electricity are provided for non-human animals. Electrodes are used to deliver an electrical current to the gingival tissues of a mouth in order to achieve a number of therapeutic, prophylactic,... Agent: Biolectrics LLC

20140093833 - Delivery systems for orthodontic chains: Delivery systems suitable for dispensing orthodontic chains. Such a delivery system includes a housing assembly adapted to enclose an orthodontic chain within an interior cavity of the delivery system defined by and between individual components of the housing assembly. The delivery system further includes an advancement mechanism adapted to engage... Agent:

20140093834 - Repositioning appliance: A mandible repositioning appliance is provided comprising an anterior member adapted to receive anterior teeth; first and second posterior members, each adapted to receive posterior teeth, wherein each posterior member comprises an occlusal pad support; and a positioning guide formed between the anterior member and each of the first and... Agent:

20140093835 - Estimating a surface texture of a tooth: Embodiments for estimating a surface texture of a tooth are described herein. One method embodiment includes collecting a sequence of images utilizing multiple light conditions using an intra-oral imaging device and estimating the surface texture of the tooth based on the sequence of images.... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20140093836 - Hands free oral hygiene system: An oral hygiene system for cleaning teeth and gums includes a mouthpiece having at least one arcuate channel adapted to receive and surround the teeth. The mouthpiece includes at least two modalities chosen from a group consisting of a mechanical modality, an iontophoretic modality, and a disinfection modality, wherein the... Agent:

20140093837 - Dental implant jig, set thereof, drilling bar, and set thereof: The present invention provides a dental implant jig, a dental implant jig set, a drill bar, and a drill bar set, which can safely and easily achieve accurate drilling at low costs. The dental implant jig according to the present invention is provided at a drill bar of a dental... Agent: Eintellex Co., Ltd.

20140093838 - Dental implant positioning system: A system is disclosed for installing a dental implant in a jawbone of a patient. The system includes a threaded drive shaft rotatable about an axis and guide means for supporting the drive shaft with its axis oriented in a path along which the implant is to be installed. The... Agent:

20140093839 - Medicinal implant device and cartridge: The invention includes a device for inserting a medicament within a body cavity of a mammal, and a cartridge for containing the medicament within the device, where the cartridge includes a housing, a retractable chamber for containing medicament disposed within the housing, and a substantially stationary member disposed within the... Agent: Orapharma, Inc.

20140093840 - Electric-motor arrangement for a dental handpiece: An electric-motor arrangement for a medical, in particular dental, handpiece that has a motor housing and a rotor which is arranged in the motor housing so that it can be rotated about an axis via a first bearing and a second bearing. A stator is arranged around the rotor in... Agent:

20140093841 - Button for implnat healing abutment and implant healing abutment having pressing part: A button for an implant healing abutment includes a button body coupled to an implant healing abutment; and a pressing part projecting sideward from the button body, wherein the pressing part covers, fixes and heals an incised gingival flap including attached gingiva. An implant healing abutment having a pressing part... Agent:

20140093842 - Dental implant with laser-etched platform switching beveled collar surface: A dental implant system including a dental implant with a micro-pattern surface treatment and an abutment with a micro-pattern surface treatment. The abutment cooperatively engages the dental implant during use.... Agent: EvollutionIPHoldings, Inc.

20140093843 - Method and apparatus for hard tissue treatment and modification: A device and method for forming a texture on a surface of a hard material. Spatial patterns, such as an array of microbeams, are delivered to the tissue through the handpiece. The plurality of microbeams illuminate and ablate the hard material simultaneously. Each of the microbeams has of a sufficient... Agent: Rejuvedent LLC

03/27/2014 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140087323 - System and method for digital tooth imaging: Method and system for managing multiple impressions of a patient's jaw for an orthodontic treatment is provided. The method includes scanning at least a first impression and a second impression of same jaw for the orthodontic treatment; determining if the first jaw impression and the second jaw impression have distortion... Agent:

20140087324 - Tooth movement measurement by automatic impression matching: The present invention relates to systems and methods for detecting deviations from an orthodontic treatment plan. One method includes receiving a tracking model, performing a matching step between individual teeth in a plan model and the tracking model, comparing the tracking model with the plan model, and detecting one or... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20140087325 - Composite material for medical devices and method of manufacturing the same: A composite material for medical devices includes a superelastic shape memory alloy configured or constituting a matrix and a metal oxide which is dispersed in the matrix.... Agent: Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140087326 - Apparatus and method for dental implant fixture location determination: An apparatus for accurate dental implant fixture location determination including an inductive Eddy current effect based dental implant fixture location sensor and a handle. For detection and determination of the dental implant fixture location, the apparatus with the sensor is inserted into a patient mouth and moved in a scanning... Agent:

20140087327 - Prosthetic tooth support: Prosthetic tooth support (1) with at least one prosthetic tooth (2), in particular with several prosthetic teeth (2), wherein a crown area (3) of the prosthetic tooth (2) or of the prosthetic teeth (2) is embedded, preferably cast, at least partially, preferably completely, in a support layer (4).... Agent: Amann Girrbach Ag

20140087328 - Dental suction tubing: A dental suction tube having a plurality of apertures in a distal portion of the tube is provided. The apertures are provided in a pattern to allow suction performance even when a portion of the distal end of the tube is abutting a portion of the mouth or other item... Agent:

20140087329 - Drive motor of dental handpiece: A drive motor of a dental handpiece for driving a cutting tool of the handpiece is provided that is connected to the dental handpiece on its front end side and includes a cylindrical casing; a rotor unit, which is rotatably supported inside the casing and outputs a driving force; a... Agent: Nakanishi Inc.

20140087330 - Dental retraction cord facilitating absorption and blood clotting: A retraction cord for use in a dental procedure for widening the gingival sulcus containing kaolin. The kaolin acts as a hemostatic agent and an absorber or hydrophilic agent to reduce bleeding and dry the gingival sulcus. A binder may be used to aid in retention of the kaolin on... Agent:

20140087331 - Dental implant having a first, conical, screw part and a second, cylindrical, screw part: The invention relates to a dental implant having a first conical screw part and a second cylindrical screw part, wherein the first screw part has a progressive thread and the second screw part has a fine thread and there is a circumferential groove at the thread termination of the fine... Agent:

20140087332 - Multilayer mouthpiece, manufacturing method and manufacturing device thereof: e

20140087333 - Periodontal treatment system and method: Methods and apparatuses for treating a root canal in a tooth or hard and/or soft tissue within a tooth and surrounding tissues by pulsing a laser light into a reservoir, preferably after introducing liquid fluid into the reservoir, so as to disintegrate, separate, or otherwise neutralize pulp, plaque, calculus, and/or... Agent: Medical Dental Advanced Technologies Group LLC

03/20/2014 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140080083 - Functional dentofacial orthopedic apparatus: The invention relates to a functional dentofacial orthopedic apparatus (1) made of a flexible material and comprising two grooves, the general outer shape of each of which is a flared U when viewed horizontally, the two grooves being separated by a substantially horizontal partition (6). Each groove defines an alveolar... Agent:

20140080082 - Light cure bite plate for orthodontic remodeling devices: Improved customizable bite plates using curable resins, especially light curable resins, for use with orthodontic vibratory devices.... Agent: Orthoaccel Technologies Inc.

20140080084 - Cyclic interruptive force orthodontic device and system: Provided herein is a cyclic interruptive force orthodontic device and a system comprising the same. Methods of making and using the same are also provided.... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20140080085 - Arrangement introduced in bracket with curvilinear ridges: Arrangement introduced in bracket with curvilinear ridges comprises one bracket for fixed braces that belongs to the orthodontics and, unlike conventional brackets, has unique geometry with specific functionalities, such as a clip that detaches close to the basis and rounded edges. The bracket with curvilinear ridges comprises two pieces, the... Agent: Dental Morelli Ltda.

20140080086 - Image navigation integrated dental implant system: An image navigation integrated dental implant system includes a control unit for storing and transmitting data streams, a scan module electrically connected to the control unit for scanning and taking the pictures of the soft tissue and hard tissue of the parenchyma of the oral cavity of a patient and... Agent:

20140080087 - Laser based computer controlled dental preparation system: A dental tissue treatment apparatus and associated methods includes a feedback-controlled beam guidance system for directing treatment to a defined area of dental tissue.... Agent: Convergent Dental, Inc.

20140080088 - Dental articulator: Provided is a dental articulator, and more particularly, a dental articulator, in which a tray keeping a shape and dimensions of a dental model is fitted into an upper portion of a base member to which the dental model is coupled. Particularly, the tray coupled to a top surface of... Agent: Dentsoll Korea Co., Ltd.

20140080089 - Device and method of manufacture thereof for creating a positive pressure environment for treatment of oral biofilms associated with periodontal disease: A medicament delivery tray and method for treating periodontal disease include fitting of a tray about the teeth and gums wherein the tray includes a seal that creates a substantially airtight seal against the gum line and a substantially airtight treatment chamber about the enclosed teeth and gums, the tray... Agent:

20140080090 - Dental micro-tornado tissue cutting and removal method and apparatus: A method and apparatus is disclosed for treating teeth associated with tooth structure removal and disinfection, in particular for endodontic procedures such as root canal tissue removal and decay treatment. Traditional methods involve the use of files, reamers, chemicals, drills, and burs, which have many disadvantages. The disclosed method and... Agent:

20140080091 - Alveolar bone augmentation kit: An alveolar bone augmentation kit includes lateral and vertical augmentation sets. The lateral augmentation set is made of a bone graft material. The lateral augmentation set can be implanted in an alveolar bone. The vertical augmentation set includes two attachment units and an adjustment and lift unit. The first attachment... Agent: Chan Pik-chi

20140080092 - Temporary dental prosthesis for use in developing final dental prosthesis: A method of manufacturing a permanent prosthesis for attachment to a dental implant installed in a mouth of a patient includes scanning a patient specific temporary prosthesis (PSTP) to obtain scan data. The PSTP is attached to the dental implant in the mouth of the patient. Gingival tissue surrounding the... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20140080093 - Customized dental prosthesis for periodontal or osseointegration, and related system and methods: Dental prosthesis, systems, and methods of forming and using a dental prosthesis, are provided. An example of a dental prosthesis includes a first manufactured portion shaped to substantially conform to the three-dimensional surface of a root of a tooth to be replaced and a second manufactured portion shaped to substantially... Agent: Natural Dental Implants Ag

20140080094 - Denture and method and apparatus of making same: A method for making a denture comprising a base and a plurality of teeth joined thereto. The method comprises forming a first cavity in a block of a denture base material, the first cavity being formed to match the contour of natural teeth as arranged on maxillae or on a... Agent:

20140080095 - Temporary dental prosthesis for use in developing final dental prosthesis: A method of manufacturing a permanent prosthesis for attachment to a dental implant installed in a mouth of a patient includes scanning a patient specific temporary prosthesis (PSTP) to obtain scan data. The PSTP is attached to the dental implant in the mouth of the patient. Gingival tissue surrounding the... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20140080096 - Guided tissue regeneration membrane: A guided tissue regeneration membrane has a top surface, a bottom surface and the two surfaces are characterized by the plurality of through conical holes. Each of the plurality of through holes has a base opening on the top surface and a tip opening on the bottom surface. The diameter... Agent: Bioeconeer, Inc.

20140080097 - Removable adhesion material: The present invention relates in a first aspect to an adhesion material for use in an individual containing encapsulated phase-change material. In particular, the adhesion material is for cosmetical or medicinal use in the body of an individual. The adhesion material contains encapsulated phase-change material having preferably a phase transition... Agent: Rheinisch-westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen

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