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05/21/2015 > 18 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150140500 - Clear aligner and manufacturing method thereof, traction device for clear aligner, and aid for traction device for clear aligner: The present invention relates to a clear aligner, a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for a clear aligner, and an auxiliary tool for a traction device for a clear aligner. More particularly, the present invention relates to a clear aligner (10), a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for... Agent: E-clear International Co., Ltd.

20150140501 - Clear aligner and manufacturing method thereof, traction device for clear aligner, and aid for traction device for clear aligner: The present invention relates to a clear aligner, a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for a clear aligner, and an auxiliary tool for a traction device for a clear aligner. More particularly, the present invention relates to a clear aligner (10), a manufacturing method thereof, a traction device for... Agent: E-clear International Co., Ltd.

20150140502 - Intra-oral light-therapy apparatuses and methods for their use: In some embodiments, an apparatus comprises a housing, an emitter, and an electronic circuit. The housing is configured to fit within a patient's mouth. The emitter is at least partially encased within the housing. The emitter is configured to emit an effective amount of light to the alveolar soft tissue... Agent:

20150140503 - Apparatus and methods for cleaning teeth and gingival pockets: Various apparatus and methods for cleaning teeth and gingival pockets are disclosed herein. A fluid platform can include a pressure wave generator configured to propagate pressure waves through a treatment fluid. The pressure waves may be sufficient to remove undesirable dental deposits from a treatment tooth, neighboring gums, and/or spaces... Agent:

20150140505 - Computer-aided positioning and navigation system for dental implant: A computer-aided positioning and navigation system for dental implant includes a computer system having built therein a dental implant planning software and providing a 3D digital human tissues model to create an implant navigation information, a positioning assistive device including a body providing a positioning portion and a guide portion... Agent:

20150140504 - Soft-tissue laser surgery: In dentistry very often soft tissue has to be cut. It has become customary to cut soft tissue, in particular gum or gingiva, or to disinfect pockets in the gingiva that exist at the neck of teeth with the help of laser light. The same applies to a disinfection of... Agent:

20150140506 - Dental retractor for protecting a patient's teeth from contact with the inner side of a patient's mouth and tongue:

20150140507 - Dental implantation system and method: Drilling of an implant shaft is carried out with a handpiece tool whose location and angular orientation with respect to a radiographic working guide is updated in real time with respect to the radiographic working guide and anatomical structures of the patient, free of viewing obstructions. Prior to the drilling,... Agent:

20150140508 - Universal retrofit dental abutment: A new dental implant with allows for repair of an existing root form implant after a traumatic event, which reduces or eliminates the need for further surgery. The implant uses an abutment which comprises a threaded spindle having an integrated taper, a plurality of segments around the axis of the... Agent: Adaptall Manufacturing Inc.

20150140509 - Dental implant: There is provided a dental implant which can prevent peri-implantitis and in which an affinity of a jawbone embedded portion embedded into the jawbone with the jawbone is not degraded. In a dental implant, at least a region of a gingiva contacting portion which is in contact with gingiva, is... Agent: Kyocera Medical Corporation

20150140510 - Components for permanent removable and adjustable dentures and bridges: A locking cap for dental implants embedded in hard dental tissue, such as tooth stubs or bones. The locking caps are ovoidal in plan view and may be formed of materials, such as non-adherent polymers, that are rigid, but softer than the material of the dental implant.... Agent:

20150140511 - Devices and methods for enhancing bone growth: The present invention is generally related to implants for compensating bone loss in mammalian body, and to devices and methods for replacing or creating facial bone. The present invention relates to devices and methods for implanting an implantable device in a subject's body. The implantable device embodying features of the... Agent:

20150140512 - Retention insert and connection device for dental applications: A retention insert (1), for connecting a dental prosthesis structure to a dental implant or capping structure having a head designed for a press-fit connection, comprises a substantially circular disc-shaped end face (12), and a substantially ring-shaped retention edge (11), which protrudes from the end face (12) and has an... Agent:

20150140513 - Pre-sintered blank for dental purposes: Pre-sintered blanks based on lithium metasilicate glass ceramic are described which are suitable in particular for the preparation of dental restorations.... Agent:

20150140514 - Scanning jig: Provided is a scanning jig capable of improving replacement accuracy of three-dimensional data. Provided is a scanning jig 10 for attaching to an analog 20 embedded in a model or to an artificial tooth root 30 embedded inside an oral cavity, the scanning jig including: a main body 11 formed... Agent:

20150140515 - Method of simultaneously cleaning and whitening teeth: A tooth whitening method applies a light transmitting oxidizing composition to teeth in an oral cavity, after which a hand-held LED light source with a light transmitting lens and a cup forming a chamber having an open end is moved over the teeth so that the cup distributes the oxidizing... Agent:

20150140516 - Composition and method for using medicament for endodontic irrigation, stem cell preparation and tissue regeneration: A single intra-canal substance composition for tissue dissolution, disinfection, tissue degradation, tissue removal and disinfection is provided. The composition includes calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, potassium thioglycolate or calcium thioglycolate, to form an effective single intra-canal substance capable of degrading a cell by disrupting its disulfide bonds. Further, the composition may... Agent:

20150140517 - In-situ dental restoration process and apparatus: A dental restoration method that eliminates time-consuming, labor-intensive steps conventionally needed to fabricate molds, and thereby facilitates dental restorations in a shorter time, while reducing the discomfort and embarrassment sometimes associated with provisional restorations involves scanning an existing dental structure to generate a three-dimensional digital model of the existing dental... Agent:

05/14/2015 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150132707 - Braces to aligner transition in orthodontic treatment: Braces placed on teeth are retained, until a predetermined criteria is satisfied. A plurality of aligners are ordered while retaining the braces on the teeth, in response to the predetermined criteria being satisfied. The braces are replaced with a first aligner of the plurality of aligners.... Agent:

20150132708 - Method and system for providing dynamic orthodontic assessment and treatment profiles: Method and system including receiving one or more parameters associated with an orthodontic condition, receiving a treatment goal information associated with the orthodontic condition, and providing a predefined template associated with the received treatment goal information, wherein the predefined template includes at least one orthodontic condition related information, are provided.... Agent:

20150132709 - Teeth whitener: Disclosed is a tooth whitening apparatus including: a mouthpiece to which a gel for applying hydrogen peroxide is applied; a lamp unit disposed at an inner tip of a grip case to whiten teeth by using light; a secondary battery disposed on a lower side of a PCB control board... Agent:

20150132710 - Device and procedure for implanting a dental implant: Various tools and procedures are provided for implantation of an implant at a target site. The procedure can comprise performing an osteotomy at the target site; placing a guide sleeve into the osteotomy; inserting a coring tool into the guide sleeve; coring the target site up to a depth less... Agent:

20150132711 - Plasma treatment device: A plasma treatment device comprises a body portion housing a battery, a gas cylinder, a power supply circuit and a plasma generator comprising a pair of electrodes. The device includes a detachable applicator portion and an elongate duct extending from the generator to convey generated plasma to an outlet of... Agent:

20150132712 - Apparatus and methods for treating root canals of teeth: Apparatus and methods for endodontic treatment of teeth provide effective cleaning of organic material (such as pulp and diseased tissue) from the root canal system. In an embodiment, a compressor system generates high pressure liquid (e.g., water) that flows through an orifice to produce a high-velocity collimated jet of liquid.... Agent:

20150132713 - Dental handpiece with vortex-washer-driven particulate discharge: A dental handpiece has a turbine head housing a chuck assembly with a burr tube secured to and rotated by a gas-driven handpiece motor assembly supported by a bearing assembly having a first bearing. A portion of the burr tube passes through the housing end wall forming an opening concentric... Agent: Dentalez, Inc.

20150132714 - Force applying attachment, kit and method for pre-loosening a tooth in order to facilitate removal thereof: The present invention discloses a tool, kit and method for applying loading, torsional/twisting, oscillatory or vibration induced forces to a bond line established between a tooth root surface and an associated bone defined socket within which the tooth is held. Forces are applied typically for a given number of cycles... Agent: Beak And Bumper, LLC

20150132715 - Vibrative anesthesia device for pain reducing: A vibrative anesthesia device for pain reducing comprises: a grip, for hand gripping; an electrical component, set inside of the grip with a protruding cable; a vibration component, electrically connected with the electrical component for setting in the oral cavity; thereby, with vibration generated by the vibration component, pain reducing... Agent:

20150132716 - Method for creating a virtual jaw image: A method for generating a virtual jaw image includes performing a movement recording method to obtain a movement record which comprises producing at least one position data record over a defined time. A position data record describes a spatial position of a lower jaw to an upper jaw at a... Agent:

20150132717 - Dental prostheses devices and methods: Root canal abutment devices and methods which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured within a pulp chamber of a pre-existing tooth. The abutment assembly has a projecting abutment... Agent: Rodo Medical, Inc.

20150132718 - Method for preparing a partial or full dental prosthesis: o

20150132719 - Porous metal dental implant: A porous metal augment is sized for use in mandibular or maxillar bone. The porous metal material of the augment facilitates and promotes ingrowth of the surrounding bone into the porous metal structure, thereby rebuilding a suitable foundation for affixation of dental implants. A non-porous core or insert can be... Agent:

20150132720 - Surgical location monitoring system and method: The present invention involves a surgical hardware and software monitoring system and method which allows for surgical planning while the patient is available for surgery, for example while the patient is being prepared for surgery so that the system may model the surgical site. In one embodiment, the model may... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 27 patent applications in 21 patent subcategories.

20150125801 - Dual head connector: An orthodontic remodeling device, having an extra-oral driver, a bite plate or other intra-oral orthodontic appliance, and a dual headed connector for connecting the two.... Agent:

20150125802 - Orthodontic device: An orthodontic device including positioning aligner, devices allowing incremental movement of teeth and continuous tooth movements appliances is described herein. In particular, it provides an appliance including at least one shell for receiving at least one tooth for repositioning, the shell including a tooth receiving cavity, in which, during use,... Agent:

20150125803 - Tube for orthodontics: The orthodontic tube of the present invention has an enhanced external shape that better adapts to the teeth's geometry and therefore, it offers enlarged area of contact between the flat outer section of the orthodontics tube and the tooth; in addition, this flat outer section lessens the volume of the... Agent:

20150125804 - Constructive disposition applied to self-ligating brackets: A self-ligating bracket for orthodontic treatment, which includes a closed housing on the bracket body for a sliding lock, which prevents the sliding lock from slipping from the bracket body when unlocking, and a system for fixing the sliding lock on the bracket using a straight groove on the bracket... Agent:

20150125806 - Methods and systems for treating teeth: A system for repositioning teeth comprises a plurality of individual appliances used with braces. The appliances are configured to be placed successively on the patient's teeth and to incrementally reposition the teeth from an initial tooth arrangement, through a plurality of intermediate tooth arrangements, and to a final tooth arrangement.... Agent:

20150125805 - Orthodontic appliance shield: A protective shield is removably mounted over an orthodontic appliance in a user's mouth and includes an outer resilient compressible material layer joined to an inner adhesive layer. The shield is flexible for easy installation over all exposed surfaces of the orthodontic appliance; but is removable after a period of... Agent:

20150125808 - Apparatus and method for mineralising biological material: An apparatus for mineralising a biological material includes an ultrasonic source, operable to generate an ultrasonic signal, an ultrasonic probe and one or more mineralising probes, operable to receive a mineralising agent. The mineralising agent is transferred from at least one mineralising probe to the biological material using the ultrasonic... Agent:

20150125809 - Medical or dental handpiece: A medical or dental handpiece comprises a lighting device for the emission of radiation, in particular of visible light, onto a treatment site, a temperature sensor preferably located in the interior of the handpiece, and at least one shared electrical signal line provided in the handpiece for the lighting device... Agent: W&h Dentalwerk B&#xfc Rmoos Gmbh

20150125807 - Method for cutting or abrading with a tool, and related drivers and systems: A method for cutting with a tool comprises rotating the tool in a first direction. Then, at a predetermined moment, quit rotating the tool and allow the tool to coast in the first direction. While the tool coasts, a parameter is determined that represents drag experienced by the tool as... Agent:

20150125810 - Device for fixation at a dental site: A reshapable retention device for insertion at a dental site and contact with adjacent dental surfaces, for the controlled delivery to the dental site of at least one material having a predetermined intraoral activity. The retention device comprises at least one matrix containing the material. The retention device is adapted... Agent: Colldent Y.a. Ltd.

20150125811 - Apparatus and method for endodontic treatment: An apparatus for endodontic treatment, used for cleaning and/or abrading a root canal using at least one angled fluid jet. In some embodiments, the apparatus comprises a nozzle that is shaped to create one or more angled fluid jets, for example including an internal cone and an external cone. In... Agent:

20150125812 - Handpiece for endodontic treatment: Handpiece (1) for endodontic treatment, characterized in that it comprises an irrigation device for conveying an irrigation solution from a reservoir (10) to a head (5) for the purpose of ejecting the solution into a root canal, and in that it comprises an agitator device for setting in motion an... Agent: Itena Clinical

20150125813 - Topical anesthetic applicator, and method for numbing a dental area: An oral care kit is provided. The oral care kit is designed to be used to treat a painful area of a patient's mouth, such as a tooth, an area of a lip, or an area along a gum line. The oral care kit generally includes a topical anesthetic, a... Agent: Dentek Oral Care, Inc.

20150125814 - Powder composition for air polishing the surface of hard dental tissue: The invention is directed to a powder composition for air polishing the surface of hard dental tissue comprising a powder of water-soluble organic particles as component A, a powder of inorganic anti-caking agent(s) particles as component B and a powder of antihypersensitive acting particles as component C, the mean particle... Agent:

20150125815 - Surgical system, in particular dental surgical system: Surgical system, in particular a dental system including a surgical instrument, in particular a dental instrument and a device for controlling the electronic instrument. The device for controlling the electronic instrument includes a first electronic module. The instrument includes a rotary motor for driving the tool and a second electronic... Agent:

20150125816 - Dental instrument: A dental instrument device includes a middle body with two ends, a pair of removable instrument tips, a pair of securing collets, and a pair of removable end caps. Each end of the middle body terminates in a middle body/instrument tip connection interface that receives a right-handed instrument tip only... Agent:

20150125817 - Dental wedge with asymmetric sides: A dental wedge (10) includes symmetrical sides (22, 24). The dental wedge (10) includes a restorative tooth side (24), the restorative tooth side (24) having a generally longitudinally extending planar wall (44) defined in part by an upper edge (34) and a lower edge (42), the planar wall (44) is... Agent: Rhondium Holdings Limited

20150125818 - Sub-periosteal extension for a dental implant: A dental implant comprising a subperiosteal extension, said extension extending radially beyond a radius of a post of said dental implant. A device for mounting onto a dental implant configured to extend said dental implant to comprise a subperiosteal extension, said device extending radially beyond an interface between bone and... Agent: Medintal Ltd.

20150125819 - Spring clip mounted to withdrawable artificial tooth and removable artificial tooth assembled with same: The present invention provides a spring clip mountable to a withdrawable artificial tooth and a removable artificial tooth that is assembled through the spring clip. The spring clip mounted to the withdrawable artificial tooth can clamp a projection block formed on a corresponding internal crown or a neighboring tooth to... Agent:

20150125820 - Spring clip mounted to withdrawable artificial tooth and removable artificial tooth assembled with same: The present invention provides a spring clip mountable to a withdrawable artificial tooth and a removable artificial tooth that is assembled through the spring clip. The spring clip mounted to the withdrawable artificial tooth can clamp a projection block formed on a corresponding internal crown or a neighboring tooth to... Agent:

20150125821 - Process for producing a zirconia based dental implant: The invention relates to a process for producing a zirconia based dental implant, the process comprising the steps. providing a zirconia based dental implant precursor having a density of below about 4 g/cm3, conducting a first surface treatment step to at least a part of the surface of the zirconia... Agent:

20150125822 - Blank for producing a dental prosthesis: e

20150125823 - Dental compositions with calcium phosphorus releasing glass: The present application provides a glass composition comprising 10-50% by weight CaO, at least 15% and less than 50% by weight P2O5, less than 3% by weight Al2O3, less than 10% by weight Li2O, Na2O, and K2O combined, and 0-60% by weight of SrO, MgO, BaO, ZnO, or combinations thereof;... Agent:

20150125824 - Application system for facile 3-dimensional application of medical, cosmetic or drug-containing dental care products: The invention discloses a partially elastic shaped body in the form of a negative image of a dental arch containing a matrix based on a gel containing an active substance or a system with a mineralizing effect as well as an application system for the treatment of teeth. The application... Agent:

20150125825 - Spring clip mounted to withdrawable artificial tooth and removable artificial tooth assembled with same: The present invention provides a spring clip mountable to a withdrawable artificial tooth and a removable artificial tooth that is assembled through the spring clip. The spring clip mounted to the withdrawable artificial tooth can clamp a projection block formed on a corresponding internal crown or a neighboring tooth to... Agent:

20150125826 - Spring clip mounted to withdrawable artificial tooth and removable artificial tooth assembled with same: The present invention provides a spring clip mountable to a withdrawable artificial tooth and a removable artificial tooth that is assembled through the spring clip. The spring clip mounted to the withdrawable artificial tooth can clamp a projection block formed on a corresponding internal crown or a neighboring tooth to... Agent:

20150125827 - Handheld viscous dental paste dispenser: An apparatus for dispensing a viscous dental paste that includes a barrel member, a dispensing tip, and a platform. The barrel defines a chamber for containing a viscous material. The dispensing tip extends from the barrel member to a dispensing end and defines a passageway open to the chamber. The... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 19 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150118633 - Method of assembling a distalizer: Method of assembling a distalizer comprising a mesial element and a distal element, and an arm connecting the distal element with the mesial element, the arm comprising a ball member at one end of the arm and the distal element comprising a receptacle for receiving said ball member, the method... Agent: Orthodontic Research And Development, S.l.

20150118634 - Rectangular orthodontic arch wire appliance and manufacturing method of rectangular orthodontic arch wire appliance: A connecting wire is a wire having a circular cross-section and made of shape memory alloy or the like. Individual blocks have a cross-section configured to engage with an orthodontic bracket and have a through hole to insert the connecting wire. Because a torque is applied separately to each of... Agent:

20150118635 - Wire for correcting bimaxillary protrusion, and bimaxillary protrusion correction system comprising same: Disclosed are an orthodontic wire of giving orthodontic force to anterior teeth in order to correct bimaxillary protrusion, and an orthodontic system with the same. The orthodontic wire for correcting bimaxillary protrusion includes a lingual arch wire which is curved corresponding to a set of the anterior teeth so as... Agent:

20150118636 - Foot pedal controller for dental scaler: A method for controlling a dental instrument includes a foot pedal responsive to commands from a user. An operating mode is selectable between normal and boost cycle. A conventional mode is selectable by pressing and holding the foot pedal to a first level to operate in normal mode. The foot... Agent:

20150118638 - Intraoral imaging apparatus: An intraoral apparatus and method of using the same. The apparatus includes a tray for positioning within an oral cavity of an individual to receive a dental arch of the individual. Data acquisition elements coupled to the tray are for acquiring data usable for generating images of intraoral features including... Agent:

20150118637 - Portable noninvasive inspection device: The present invention discloses a portable noninvasive inspection device, which comprises a light source illuminates an target to generate an optical inspection signal; a probe head provides an optical path for said light source to receive said optical inspection signal; at least one switched filter module arranged in the optical... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150118639 - Iontophoretic device and a method of delivery for dental applications: An iontophoretic dental device that positions electrodes at buccal and lingual gingiva is described herein. The iontophoretic dental device includes an electrode locating member and electrodes that are attached to the electrode locating member. Further described herein is an iontophoretic dental system for simultaneously positioning electrodes at the buccal and... Agent:

20150118640 - Intra oral dental motion recording device and method for the digital diagnosis, computer design and manufacture of dental devices: An intra oral dental device and method for recording the 3D envelope of motion of a patient and translating the recording into digital information used to diagnose, computer design and manufacture dental restorations. The dental device is comprised of upper and lower tracing members having tracing pins on one member... Agent:

20150118641 - Titanium and titanium alloys for a dental matrix band: A matrix band, including a straight, contoured or sectional matrix band for use in dentistry is described. The matrix band includes a metal or metal alloy strip constructed from titanium, titanium alloy or stainless steel plated with titanium or titanium alloy, which initiates coagulation of the blood, while the polymer... Agent: Fly Cast Technologies, Inc.

20150118642 - Container for orthodontic appliances: Provided packaged orthodontic assemblies and methods compressively retain an orthodontic appliance in a container along opposing sides of the appliance adjacent the bonding surfaces of its base. This can be done using a mechanism that limits contact between the appliance and the container while accommodating a substantial range of transverse... Agent:

20150118643 - Antibacterial dental cleaning apparatus: A combination which augments and renders a forceful water stream apparatus an effective antibacterial device using only ordinary tap water. A micro-bubble generator is configured as an addition to the water stream apparatus so that the water stream comprises a large number of micro-bubbles. The micro-bubble generator produces air bubbles... Agent:

20150118644 - Applicator for dispensing materials through a water-jet device: An applicator for dispensing materials therethrough when using a water jet device, which includes: a dispensing member comprising a cannular member having an inner cavity therein, having a recess formed therein, where cannular member comprises openings thereover; and a cover covering the cannular member such as to enclose the recess... Agent:

20150118645 - Applicator for dispensing materials through a water-jet device: An applicator for dispensing materials through a water jet device comprising a dispensing member having an inner cavity therein, the dispensing member comprises a plurality of openings thereover for allowing water and dispensing materials to enter and exit the cavity; and a cover serving as a removable tip of the... Agent:

20150118646 - Application tip and system for dispensing a dental material: An application tip for dispensing a dental material has a tubular dispensing end made of a plastic material. The dispensing end being formed of a circumferential wall having a thickness T1 and which forms a dispensing opening of a diameter Di1 and having a diameter-to-thickness-ratio Di1:T1 at the opening which... Agent:

20150118647 - Device for emovable attachment of dental prosthesis: The present invention relates to a device for the attachment of dental prosthesis, consisting of a male component which can be anchored into a jaw and a removable attachable female component for receiving the artificial teeth. The device includes at least one spring element and at least one retention element.... Agent:

20150118648 - Shaped sintered ceramic bodies composed of y2o3-stabilized zirconium oxide and process for producing a shaped sintered ceramic body composed of y2o3-stabilized zirconium oxide: Disclosed is a ceramic sintered shaped body containing Y2O3-stabilized zirconia with a sintered density of at least 99% of the theoretical sintered density and having a mean grain size of <180 nm. The zirconia fraction of the sintered shaped body comprises tetragonal and cubic phases. Also disclosed is a process... Agent:

20150118651 - Dental prosthetic assembly comprising a dental implant and a transfixed dental prosthesis: The radial wings (6a) and the protuberances (16a) are configured and dimensioned in such a way as to cooperate by rotation of the lock (5) in order to keep the dental prosthesis (3) transfixed on the dental implant (2a, 2b), and in such a way as to allow the lock... Agent:

20150118650 - Prosthetic element for bone extremities such as fingers or toes, or for teeth, and corresponding production method: Prosthetic element for bone extremities such as fingers or toes, or teeth, comprising a trabecular part (20, 40, 120) and two end parts or stumps (12, 34, 112; 15, 39, 115).... Agent: Limacorporate Spa

20150118649 - Surface treatment method for implant: The present invention relates to a surface treatment method for an implant, comprising: providing an implant; and forming a ceramic layer on a surface of the implant by atomic layer deposition, wherein the ceramic layer has a thickness of 5-150 nm; a root mean square roughness increase in a range... Agent: National Taiwan University

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