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02/05/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150037747 - Orthodontic bracket and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed is an orthodontic bracket and a method of manufacturing the same in which a bonding pattern is formed by irradiating a laser beam onto a base face of the orthodontic bracket that a machining process has been completed, and the bonding pattern formed on the base face is coated... Agent:

20150037748 - Dental color key: The invention relates to a dental color key comprising at least two different color patterns or samples with different tooth colors. The entire surface area of the color key (10) may be smaller than the buccal and/or labial surface area, that is to say the vestibular surface area of two... Agent:

20150037749 - Closed system mouthpiece with light and heat generation to activate a formulation to increase its volume: A closed system mouthpiece uses light and heat generation to activate a gel formulation to increase its volume. The gel formulation is coated into the mouthpiece, which is inserted into the user's mouth. Application of heat above a threshold temperature causes the gel to transform into foam and expand out... Agent: Jbl Radical Innovations, LLC

20150037751 - Image acquisition device for dental handpiece, imaging apparatusf or dental handpiece, dental handpiece and dental handpiece system: Provided is an image acquisition device for dental handpiece capable of acquiring a clear image even though cooling water is supplied. An image acquisition device (11) detachable to a dental handpiece body (1), the device including a light inlet part having a light acquisition port capable of acquiring light, a... Agent: Gc Corporation

20150037750 - Methods and systems for generating color images: Systems for generating in-focus color images are provided. Related methods and devices are also provided.... Agent:

20150037752 - Syringe for injecting solid granular material: A syringe for injecting solid, hard and rough granular material includes: a longitudinal injection chamber having constant section and an internal diameter of less than 4.5 mm, having a distal outlet mouth for the flow out of the material, whose surface is the same as the injection chamber, and a... Agent: C.g.m. S.p.a.

20150037753 - Removable dental mandrel guard: A removable dental mandrel guard comprising a collar portion extending from a first open end to a transition region, which may include a first tapered portion, the transition region reducing from a first to a second interior diameter; a shaft guard extending from a first end rigidly connected to the... Agent:

20150037754 - Dental retraction cord with local anesthetic agent: A dental retraction cord is used within dental procedures as the dental retraction cord is impregnated with at least one dental anesthetic agent and/or a vasoconstrictor agent so that the dental retraction cord is able to reduce the pain and discomfort during the cord packing process. A plurality of interlocking... Agent:

20150037755 - Dental extraction burs for extraction of a tooth or a portion of a tooth: Various Dental Extraction Burs are provided to practitioners to assist them in the extraction of a tooth or a portion of a tooth. Some Extraction Burs are embedded in a hole drilled in the tooth or portion of tooth, while others are attached to the surface of the tooth. After... Agent:

20150037756 - Method for pre-operative visualization of instrumentation used with a surgical guide for dental implant placement: The invention relates to manufacturing a surgical guide to be placed in a patient's mouth. The patient's mouth is scanned to obtain surgical-region scan data at a region where an implant is to be located. The patient's mouth is also scanned in the opened position to acquire dental conditions opposite... Agent:

20150037758 - Dental implant system: An improved dental system is disclosed for implanting into a jawbone of a patent comprising a dental implant having a coronal end and a small apical end with an orifice extending from the coronal end toward the apical end. An orientation portion is disposed in the orifice for aligning an... Agent:

20150037757 - Method for attaching a dental prosthesis having multiple abutments: A method for attaching a dental prosthesis is disclosed. The prosthesis has multiple implants with different trajectories. In use, each implant is disposed within a patient's jawbone and their relative locations are mapped. The prosthesis is formed from multiple abutments with each abutment having a protrusion. The protrusions are machined... Agent:

20150037759 - Dental implant system and method for producing a dental implant system: A dental implant system (1, 1′, 1″) comprising a first implant part (2, 2′, 2″), provided for introduction into a jawbone, and comprising a second implant part (4) associated therewith, provided for attaching a tooth replacement part, the implant parts (2, 2′, 2″, 4) being mechanically interconnectable via a connection... Agent:

20150037761 - Method of designing and fabricating patient-specific restorations from intra-oral scanning of a digital impression coping: Taking a digital implant or abutment level digital impression by means of intra-oral, computed tomography or other imaging method provides the restorative doctor and laboratory accurate and effective data for determining the implant position, angulation and locking feature orientation without a physical impression. Such data is correlated with a digital... Agent:

20150037760 - System and process for duplication of dentures: Systems and processes for the duplication of dentures from existing dentures. The interior and exterior of the dentures are scanned and a best fit procedure is used to create a fully digitized denture. The denture teeth are selected from a library that is the closest fit to the original denture... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20150030989 - Handheld device for delivering photodynamic therapy: The present invention relates to a handheld dental device that provides photodynamic therapy. The device of the present invention may have an elongated housing; an applicator tip extending from the distal end of the housing; wherein the applicator tip has a lumen defined by a wall; an optic fiber extending... Agent: The Forsyth Institute

20150030990 - Electronic register device for recording jaw movements: An electronic register device for recording movements of the lower jaw of a person relative to the upper jaw of the person, the device having a bite fork for recording a position of the upper jaw relative to reference points on the head of the person, wherein the bite fork... Agent:

20150030991 - Nano bubble generator for cleaning root canal of tooth and dental apparatus comprising the same: Provided are a nano bubble generator for irrigating a root canal of a tooth and a dental device including the nano bubble generator. The nano bubble generator may include a generator configured to generate nano-scale bubbles within a fluid, a nozzle connected to the generator and configured to move the... Agent:

20150030992 - Dental wax applicator: A system enabling precise control of dental wax application by fine temperature control includes a PID thermostatic controller, at least one cartridge heater and a temperature sensor. The cartridge heaters are embedded in a heater block containing heating that transfers heat to a barrel of a wax applicator when the... Agent:

20150030993 - Dental implant, abutment, implant system and implant set: A dental implant for insertion in a jaw bone has a receiving opening arranged on a coronal end of the dental implant for an abutment, the receiving opening when viewed from the coronal end having a taper section and an indexing section, the indexing section having at least one outwardly... Agent:

20150030994 - Dental implant: The invention provides dental implants for fixed and removable prosthetic devices, and for other devices such as orthodontic devices, and has application to single tooth replacement, e.g., caps and crowns, and multiple tooth replacement using one or more implants, e.g., bridges, and multiple implants for full and partial prosthetic devices.... Agent:

20150030995 - Method for calculating the final position of a dental implant to be implanted in a patient's mouth in a hole made with the aid of a surgical template: The method includes the steps of: a) providing a surgical template (10) having a bushing (12) positioned and orientated so as to define the axis of the hole, the bushing (12) being adapted to receive drill guide sleeves with which drills of progressively increasing diameter are to be guided for... Agent:

20150030996 - Hdz golden smile gold inlay/onlay pfm optional tooth tattoo: Hernandez Dental Studio presents the new paradigm for pure gold brilliance. Cut gold fees in half or more using this revolutionary dual alloy method in ceramo-metal dental ceramics. By the incorporating of matching CTE's of all its parts, gold is back in dentistry, and all purities of gold are now... Agent:

20150030997 - Method and device for the determination of the centric position of a human set of teeth: The invention concerns methods and a device for the determination of the centric position of a human set of teeth with improved precision. This is needed for the adjustment of an articulator in the production of dentures. For this purpose a plurality of successive bite movements or displacement movements of... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150024332 - Anchor plate in orthodontics: Disclosed is an orthodontics element which may be interdependent of a jaw bone. The orthodontics element includes firstly a plate (1) with a general parallelepipedal shape provided at one end with a first set of orifices and at the other end with a second set of orifices on the one... Agent:

20150024334 - Rapid palatal expander: Rapid palatal expander which comprises an actuator element (2) provided with a drive head (3) and two sterns (4) with opposite threads, as well as a first and a second main body (5, 6) provided with aligned female threads (7, 8), each, engaged by a threaded stern (4) of the... Agent:

20150024333 - Rapid palatal expander and method for the assembly thereof: Rapid palatal expander which comprises an actuator element (2) provided with a drive head (3) and with two stems (4) with opposite threads, as well as a first and a second main body (5, 6) provided with aligned female threads (7, 8) that are each engaged by a threaded stem... Agent: Visottica Industrie S.p.a

20150024335 - Illuminated intra-oral delivery device: A medical syringe with a light source mounted on a distal end of the syringe to provide illumination of an injection site, a battery pack receiver configured to receive a battery pack with magnetic attraction a proximal end of the syringe, and a control circuit that is configured to illuminate... Agent:

20150024336 - Combining depth-maps from different acquisition methods: A method and system capturing three-dimensional information of a scene on a structure includes operating a light pattern projector to project a known light pattern onto the scene; using at least two cameras, taking images of the scene, the images being two-dimensional images taken chronologically synchronous; using first and second... Agent: A.tron3d Gmbh

20150024337 - Voxel level new information updates using intelligent weighting: A method of integrating new information from depth maps into an existing three-dimensional representation of an object surface, the representation being a truncated signed distance function (TSDF) noted in individual voxels, the TSDF indicating, to respective coordinates within a defined volume, a distance to a next surface, includes obtaining a... Agent: A.tron3d Gmbh

20150024338 - Vertically adjustable rotational stabilizer for a disposable articulator: A vertically adjustable rotational stabilizer (10) for a disposable articulator is provided. The articulator comprises a hinged pair of support arms, each support arm having a proximal end and a distal end, with the proximal ends of the support arms being hingedly fitted together. Each arm defines an opening or... Agent:

20150024339 - Periosteal elevator and implant spacing instrument: A periosteal elevator has a shaft and a head portion connected to the shaft. The head portion has a blade at a distal end for elevating periosteum from a bone during surgery. The head portion has a distal section, a central section and a proximal section, the distal section being... Agent:

20150024341 - Device and a method for delivery of a dental composition: A device for use in retracting a gingiva from a human tooth by widening a gingival sulcus with a dental composition. The device comprises a cannula with a free end having an opening for dispensing the dental composition. The free end is shaped to be inserted with its front in... Agent:

20150024340 - Teeth cleaning device and method: A device for cleaning teeth, allows the simultaneous cleaning of the teeth of at least one arch. The device includes: a single or a double arc-shaped tray which can enclose the teeth of one arch or both arches at once and which, via the free edge(s) thereof, can be fitted... Agent:

20150024342 - Endodontic instrument with narrow radial lands: An improved endodontic instrument has a uniform tapered working length with at least two helical shaped flutes and spiraled lands having a land width no greater than 0.101 mm as measured in a plane perpendicular the central axis of rotation of instrument. The land width is preferably constant along the... Agent:

20150024343 - Diversion of mechanical oscillations: A device for deflecting mechanical oscillations, at an oscillation receiver location may be set into oscillation along a first axis, and transmits such an oscillation into an oscillation along a second axis at an oscillation output location, wherein the first and the second axis form an angle to one another.... Agent: Woodwelding Ag

20150024344 - Dental implant with interlocking and centering threads: A dental implant device for insertion into a bore defined in bone for use with a prosthetic tooth or dental appliance includes an abutment with a plurality of male keys disposed about the distal end of the abutment capable of being affixed to the prosthetic tooth or dental appliance, an... Agent:

20150024345 - A milling blank and a method for fabricating dental bridgework using milling blank: The various embodiments herein provide a dental mill blank for fabrication of dental appliance and restorations. A method for fabricating dental bridgework from the mill blank is also provided. The mill blank comprises a hard inner core and wherein the hard inner core provides resistance against a normal occlusal force,... Agent:

20150024346 - Method of removing oral root tip: The present disclosure relates generally to the field of oral surgery and, more particularly, to a minimally invasive method of extracting fractured root tips of teeth from the corresponding tooth socket. In some embodiments, the method comprises the steps of selecting a broken root tip removal instrument which comprises a... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150017595 - Orthodontic tool for opening a self-ligating bracket: The invention relates to an orthodontic tool for opening a self-ligating bracket, having a body (10) which carries on its end a tappet (12) for displacing a clamp (5) of the bracket out of its closed position and into its open position, an annular groove (13) being situated between the... Agent: Bernhard F&#xf6 Rster Gmbh

20150017596 - Thermoplastic-based materials in orthodontic applications: An adjustable orthodontic bracket is described which includes a body member having an orthodontic archwire fixing member and a first faying surface; a bonding base member having a second faying surface and a tooth bonding surface; and a connecting member that includes a layer of a thermoplastic polymer, and which... Agent:

20150017597 - Orthodontic archwire bracket: The orthodontic archwire bracket comprises a base body (10) having a base element (11) to be fixed to a tooth and a bracket body (20) having a socket element (25) surrounded by a perimetric wall (32) including two opposed slot portions (21a, 21b) forming a slot (21) to receive an... Agent:

20150017599 - Handheld laser device for medical purposes: A handheld laser device for medical, in particular dental treatment purposes, comprising a handpiece having a handpiece body accommodating a laser and a removable handpiece attachment. The handpiece attachment is slidable over at least a major portion of the handpiece body and the device is adapted such that air and/or... Agent:

20150017598 - Video-based auto-capture for dental surface imaging apparatus: In an exemplary method for obtaining a contour image of a tooth, which can be executed at least in part by a computer, movement of an intra-oral camera can be detected by acquiring a first video image frame that includes the tooth and processing the first video image frame to... Agent:

20150017600 - Universal scanning member for use on dental implant and dental implant analogs: A scanning member includes a head portion and a body portion. The head portion has an at least partially flat top surface indicative of a first characteristic of a dental implant, an at least partially flat first side surface indicative of a second characteristic of the dental implant, and a... Agent:

20150017601 - Device for delivery of a tooth whitening agent: A delivery device (12, 140) includes a source (16) of pressurized fluid and a nozzle (24) which defines an outlet (22). A fluid pathway (20) fluidly connects the source of pressurized fluid with the nozzle outlet (22) for delivery of a spray of fluid from the nozzle outlet. A delivery... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150017602 - Regulated periodontal dispensing apparatus and multiple dose applicator with a semilunar valve.: The present invention is a hand-held device for dispensing multiple controlled dosage of powered material having a main body, a cavity in the main body constructed and arranged to be operatively associated with an actuator for dispensing a medicament, an actuator constructed and arranged for dispensing said medicament from said... Agent:

20150017603 - Medical device for dental prosthetic systems, a dental prosthetic system, use of the medical device and a forming method of prosthetic devices: A medical device (1) for dental prosthetic systems (2), the dental prosthetic system (2) being of a type comprising: a dental product (3) comprising a housing seating (6) longitudinally extending along a height of the dental product, an implant (5) destined to be installed in a seating made in a... Agent:

20150017604 - Top piece for a corresponding pin-shaped dental implant: Top piece for a corresponding pin shaped dental implant with a platform, which features a first platform surface and a second platform surface, a retention pin placed onto the first platform surface, for the mounting of the mesostructure, a connecting pin for the connection of the platform with a pin... Agent:

20150017605 - Dental implant with high combining stability: A dental implant comprises a shank and a threaded section spirally disposed on the shank. The shank includes a first section extending from a first end toward a second end of the shank and a second section connecting the first section and extending to the second end. A shank diameter... Agent:

20150017606 - Palladium based alloys: A palladium-based alloy having a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of about 12.0 to about 13.0 and having one or more of the following additive metals: platinum, gallium, molybdenum, tin, silicon, ruthenium, rhenium, indium, tungsten, niobium, boron and lithium.... Agent:

20150017607 - Stabilized, water-jet slurry apparatus and method: A method for removing dental material is disclosed. The method may include suspending, by a hydrated polymeric material, a quantity of abrasive media. The hydrated polymeric material and suspended abrasive media may then be pressurized. Accordingly, an abrasive stream may be formed by expelling, under pressure, the hydrated polymeric material... Agent:

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