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04/16/2015 > 3 patent applications in 3 patent subcategories.

20150104754 - Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same: The present invention provides a healing abutment for attachment to a dental implant with marking locations thereon. The marking locations either lack or have markers that provide a binary code system for retrieving unique information about the healing abutment and the underlying implant.... Agent:

20150104755 - Winged implant: A winged implant for implantation within osseous tissue or bone, comprising an implant body having a first external threading, and a second external threading parallel to the first external threading; a first wing member projecting radially outwardly of said implant body, as a smooth continuation of said first external threading;... Agent: Cortex Dental Implants Industries Ltd.

20150104756 - Temporary abutment with combination of scanning features and provisionalization features: A lower region of a temporary abutment includes an anti-rotational feature for non-rotationally mating with a dental implant. An upper region of the temporary abutment includes a first anti-rotational structure and at least one retention groove. A top surface of the temporary abutment includes one or more informational markers that... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150099237 - Bracket extension system: An orthodontic bracket extension system for orthodontic braces, the orthodontic bracket extension system including a plurality of bracket base extensions adapted for coupling one each to a corresponding plurality of brackets to increase a bracket bonding surface area for greater securement of each of the plurality of brackets to each... Agent:

20150099238 - Retrievable detent retained dental prosthesis system and methods: The disclosure relates to dental prostheses assemblies. Specifically, the disclosure relates to retrievable detent-retained dental prostheses assemblies, kits and methods of their use in the restoration and rehabilitation.... Agent:

20150099239 - Endosseous implant and method for production thereof: An endosseous implant for an implantation in a periodontal tissue made of a sintered ceramic material. The first surface of the implant is configured to be implanted in an alveolar bone tissue. The first surface texture has patterns of recessed alveolar cavities with a closed outline whose average width lies... Agent:

20150099240 - Set of fixtures, an implantation system and a method of selecting a fixture from a set of fixtures: The present invention relates to a set of fixtures for installation in bone tissue. Each fixture provides a static strain to the bone which is different from the static strain provided by the other fixtures of the set. The difference in static strain may be at least with respect to... Agent:

20150099241 - Method of manufacturing surgical template positioning device: A surgical template positioning device is provided, and has a template and a dental mold. The template has a first surface formed with at least three spherical recesses, a second surface, and a guiding hole. The dental mold has at least three spherical portions partially embedded in the at least... Agent:

20150099242 - Implant abutment: Provided are related to implant abutments. The implant abutment that is coupled to a fixture that becomes an artificial tooth root by being implanted to an alveolar bone, the implant abutment includes: a main body; a first rotating member that is coupled to the main body to be able to... Agent:

20150099243 - Axially elongate dental machining portion: An axially elongate dental machining portion includes a machining region machinable by a dental machining device, and a fixing region for fixing the machining portion to a holder of the machining device. In the fixing region is a fixing projection oriented transversely relative to the longitudinal axis. In a condition... Agent:

20150099244 - Substances and method for replacing natural tooth material: A substance that sets in a relatively short time for use in general dentistry and in endodontics to replace natural tooth material, the substance comprising untreated mineral trioxide aggregate and milled mineral trioxide aggregate, or comprising untreated mineral trioxide aggregate, milled mineral trioxide aggregate and water. A method of making... Agent: Loma Linda University

04/02/2015 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20150093713 - Release agent receptacle: The present disclosure includes method, system, apparatus, and indicator embodiments. One apparatus includes an appliance for placement over one or more teeth and a release agent receptacle including an outer portion provided on appliance surface, an inner portion provided within the outer portion, and one or more apertures formed in... Agent:

20150093714 - Method, system and model for indirect bonding: A physical model of at least a portion of a patient's dentition has model dental surfaces corresponding to real dental surfaces of the patient's dentition. The physical model includes one or more targets, each configured for facilitating placement of an 5 orthodontic appliance on the model at a desired location.... Agent:

20150093715 - Viscous material container with expandable bend: Provided herein is a viscous material container that is not likely to form continuous streaks or asperities on the surface of a viscous material discharged from the viscous material container even if the viscous material is highly viscous. A third section of a housing includes a wall having a wall... Agent: Shofu Inc.

20150093716 - Patient controlled dental device and method: A device for helping maintain a mouth of a patient in an open position during a dental procedure may include a tooth engaging portion including at least one groove for accepting at least one lower tooth of the patient's lower jaw, an extension portion that extends away from the tooth... Agent:

20150093717 - Devices and methods for enhancing bone growth: The present invention is generally related to implants for compensating bone loss in mammalian body, and to devices and methods for replacing or creating facial bone. The present invention relates to devices and methods for implanting an implantable device in a subject's body. The implantable device embodying features of the... Agent:

20150093718 - Housing for dental implants: Described herein is a housing that releasably connects a dental prosthetic device, such as a full or partial denture, to a dental implant. The housing is at least partially constructed of a resilient material, at least providing the denture with machinability relative to prior art metal housings. A method of... Agent:

20150093719 - Method of manufacturing an article: A method of manufacturing an article including taking an article in an initial state formed using an additive manufacturing process, the article including at least one set of mounting features; performing a second manufacturing process to transform the article into a second state, which includes mounting, via the at least... Agent:

20150093720 - Method of manufacturing an article: A method of manufacturing an article, including taking an article formed in an initial state via an additive manufacturing process and performing a second manufacturing process to transform the article into a second state, which includes mounting the article in a holding device, processing at least one first feature on... Agent: Renishaw PLC

20150093721 - Dental blank to be machined, metal powder for powder metallurgy, dental metal frame for porcelain bonding, and dental prosthesis: A dental blank is provided for yielding a metal frame having a desired shape according to a dental CAD/CAM system and a machining process. The dental blank is formed from a metal powder sintered body and contains Co as a main component, Cr in a proportion of 26% by mass... Agent:

03/26/2015 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20150086935 - Orthodontic appliances for correcting teeth irregularities and for retaining the position of teeth: Orthodontic appliances for correcting teeth irregularities and for retaining the position of teeth are disclosed. According to an aspect, an orthodontic appliance may include an arch component configured to engage one of teeth and gums of a patient. Further, the orthodontic appliance may include a spring having a teeth engaging... Agent:

20150086936 - Bracket system: A bracket system for orthodontic appliances including a bracket combinatorial library having a plurality of brackets each interchangeably fixedly mountable to each of a plurality of teeth within a dentition group in a dental arch, whereby the plurality of brackets can be configured to provide incremental variation in tipping force... Agent:

20150086937 - Dental treating apparatus and driving method for the same: A dental treating apparatus according to the present invention includes: a hand piece; a head unit; a driving unit; a control unit; a load specifying unit; and a load comparing unit. The hand piece drivably holds a cutting tool on the head unit. The driving unit drives the cutting tool... Agent:

20150086938 - Attachment for a photopolymerization device and charging station therefore: A photopolymerization apparatus comprising a charging station and a hand-guidable photopolymerization device, wherein the photopolymerization device comprises at least one reservoir for electrical power and at least one attachment having at least one charging contact, wherein at least one of (i) the at least one attachment is securable to the... Agent: Heraeus Kulzer Gmbh

20150086939 - Automated production of dental restoration: A method for manufacturing a dental restoration for a patient, where the method includes: obtaining a 3D scan of at least a restoration site of the patient's mouth, where the manufactured dental restoration is adapted for fitting to the restoration site; obtaining a CAD design of the dental restoration; milling... Agent:

20150086940 - Hand apparatus, in particular for dental purposes, for dispensing a pasty filler mass: The invention concerns a hand apparatus (1), in particular for dental purposes, for dispensing a pasty filler mass (M) the viscosity of which can be reduced by supplying vibration energy, having an apparatus housing (5), having a container (4) for the pasty filler mass (M), having an exit nozzle (11)... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20150086941 - Dental treating apparatus: A dental treating apparatus according to the present invention includes: a hand piece; a head unit; a driving unit; a resistor for load detection; a load comparing unit; and a control unit. The hand piece drivably holds a cutting tool on the head unit. The driving unit drives the cutting... Agent:

20150086942 - Tooth implant: The present invention relates to a dental implant fixture for implanting a correction tooth as a dental implant into alveolar bone. Particularly, the dental implant fixture has self-vertical drilling, self-horizontal drilling, self-cutting, self-condensing, and self-direction changing functions. The dental implant fixture can increase primary stability and penetration performance, has good... Agent:

20150086943 - Two-part implant with a hydroxylated soft tissue contact surface: Two-part implant for attachment of artificial teeth comprising a base body having a bone contact surface and a soft tissue contact surface. The soft tissue contact surface is at least partially hydroxylated or silanated which results in an improved soft tissue integration.... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

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