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10/02/2014 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20140295369 - Orthodontic accessory: The present invention relates to an orthodontic accessory (1) having a fixing base (2), which has a support (3) with a slot (31) for an orthodontic wire (7), the slot (31) comprises a cover (4); and a clip (6) attached to the support (3), transversely to the slot (31).... Agent:

20140295370 - Medical irrigation device: A device for treating a root canal in a tooth including a fixture piece having a lumen and a distal tip, a first electrode in communication with the lumen, and a sonic or ultrasonic energy source. The first electrode is configured to deliver electrical energy to an irrigating fluid passing... Agent:

20140295371 - Impressionless dental modeling systems and methods: Dental systems and methods related to impressionless dental modeling. A dental modeling system includes a dental model base and a mounting plate. The dental model base includes a plate support surface and a plurality of pin receiving apertures formed in the support surface. The mounting plate includes a plate portion... Agent:

20140295372 - Device of computerized dental measurement and measuring method usable with said device: This device comprises a measuring clamp (1) for teeth (20) and dental spaces (21), comprising a set of mobile arms (2) ending in some exploration extremities (3), which exploring displacement along the teeth (20) and dental spaces (21) determines the joint displacement of the mobile arms (2). A transducer (11)... Agent:

20140295373 - Device for treating gingiva/ mucosa at teeth or implants: A device for “treating” gingiva/mucosa at teeth/implants comprises at least one segment comprising a contour surface formed according to an individual geometry of a patient's dentition for closely contacting a region of an outer surface of a tooth and an adjacent region of a gingiva, whereas the regions in particular... Agent:

20140295374 - Integrated dental implant component and tool for placement of a dental implant component: An integrated dental component, carrier and affixation tool provides a clinician with a large object to hold the dental component, and allows for single-handed orientation, placement and fastening with the integration of an affixation tool.... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20140295375 - Tooth replacement: The invention relates to a tooth replacement comprising at least one posterior tooth having a mesial contact surface, a distal contact surface, and an occlusal surface. The occlusal surfaces comprises a least one buccal cusp having a buccal cusp tip, a lingual cusp having a lingual cusp tip, a central... Agent:

20140295376 - Dental material set and a dental membrane for obscuring a metal color of a dental metal, and a preparing method thereof: Provided are opaque materials exhibiting a good adhesive strength and a good color tone reproduction comparable with natural dental crowns as well as having a good operability. In addition, the opaque materials may exhibit a stain-resistance property in rebuilding-up a dental composition on the opaque materials in a cured form... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Shofu

20140295377 - Dental treatment devices comprising silicone-like elastomeric material: Non-customized dental treatment trays used to provide a desired treatment are formed from elastomeric silicone or silicone-like material. They may be molded from a two-part liquid silicone composition or a silicone-like TPE material (e.g., preferably SEBS and/or VERSAflex thermoplastic elastomer). The dental treatment trays possess high adaptability, flexibility, softness, and... Agent:

20140295378 - Bio-resorbable debride or implant cleaning tool and method of manufacturing the same: The present invention is directed to a debridement and/or implant cleaning tool (1) in which the means for cleaning (4) is made of a biodegradable material. Thus, if parts of the means for cleaning (4) come loose during use, these will be degraded by natural processes in the body and... Agent: Labrida As

20140295379 - Assortment of teeth and method for preparing teeth: An assortment of manufactured teeth are disclosed which are fabricated according to their function and color. The outer dimensions of the teeth, especially in the marginal area, are larger than those of a prepared tooth. The teeth are preferably made of plastic, ceramic or hybrid materials. Adjacent teeth can be... Agent:

09/25/2014 > 5 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20140287376 - Orthodontic bracket placement using bracket guide features: Bracket guide features and use of such features to guide placement of orthodontic brackets.... Agent:

20140287377 - Guided dental implantation system and associated device and method: A dental implantation system is provided, comprising an implantation device adapted to prepare a site within a mouth of a patient for receiving a dental implant. A guidance device is operably engaged with the implantation device and is adapted to operably engage the mouth of the patient. The engagement between... Agent: Neocis, Inc.

20140287378 - Dental curing lights and related methods: Embodiments of the present invention include dental curing lights comprising a battery, and a fire resistant mesh bag at least partially enclosing the battery therein. Additionally, the battery and fire resistant mesh bag may be located within the dental curing light. Additional embodiments of the present invention include methods of... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

20140287379 - Determination of a three dimensional relation between upper and lower jaws with reference to a temporomandibular joint: An apparatus including a bite frame and a bite shaped member is provided. The bite frame includes one or more arcuate frame elements defining an opening for accommodating a mesh element or the bite shaped member that receives a bite registration material for registering a bite impression. The bite shaped... Agent: Hankookin, Inc.

20140287380 - Oral care gels: The invention provides an orally acceptable plaque indicator gel comprising a dye in sufficient concentration to visibly stain plaque upon application, optionally for use in combination with an orally acceptable plaque removal gel comprising an antiplaque agent in sufficient concentration to remove plaque and or kill bacteria upon application, in... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

09/18/2014 > 55 patent applications in 26 patent subcategories.

20140272749 - Orthodontic appliances with tapered archwire slots: Provided are orthodontic appliances and related methods in which at least one region of at least one sidewall of an archwire slot is tapered relative to an opposing sidewall. This feature can allow the archwire slot to conform to the slight twist that occurs in the archwire when the archwire... Agent:

20140272751 - Orthodontic bracket assemblies with torque-adjusting drums: Orthodontic bracket assemblies with torque-adjusting drums. The drum defines at least a majority of the archwire slot of the corresponding bracket assembly, and the drum may be selectively rotated about its longitudinal axis to adjust the prescriptive force that is applied to a patient's tooth during orthodontic use of the... Agent:

20140272750 - Self-ligating orthodontic appliance: Provided are orthodontic appliances including a bonding base, a body extending outwardly from the base and an elongated slot thereon extending along a generally mesial-distal direction, and first and second protrusions disposed on the body on opposite sides of the slot. A clip is slidably engaged to the body and... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20140272754 - Orthodontic archwire: An orthodontic archwire is configured to be inserted into an archwire slot of an orthodontic bracket and is configured to be elastically compressed in a plane that is generally parallel to the plane of the arch form of the archwire. The archwire may include a first exterior surface, a second... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20140272753 - Self-ligating bracket: A self-ligating bracket includes a bracket body with a mesial and a distal channel. A spring clip includes a distal arm with a distal arm body and a distal finger and a mesial arm with a mesial arm body and a mesial finger. The spring clip is slidably secured within... Agent: American Orthodontics Corporation

20140272752 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket and method of using the same: A self-ligating orthodontic bracket includes a bracket body, a slide member, and a resilient member. The slide member is movable relative to the bracket body between an opened position, a first ligating position, and a second ligating position. In the first ligating position and in the second ligating position, a... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20140272755 - Pin connector for orthodontic force module: A pin connector for attaching an orthodontic force module to an orthodontic appliance is configured to preferentially bend in a middle segment along an elongate pin body of the pin connector. The pin connector includes an elongate pin body and an extension rod extending laterally from an end of the... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

20140272756 - Device for treating the temporomandibular joint: The invention relates to a device for treating the temporomandibular joint, comprising a pad (1) for resting against the occlusal surface of the molar on the left-hand side and a pad (1) for resting against the occlusal surface of the molar on the right-hand side, wherein the pads (1) are... Agent:

20140272757 - Orthodontic device and method: A device for moving at least one tooth includes at least one grip bonded to the at least one tooth and a strip including at least one receiving feature. The strip is configured to receive the at least one grip for attachment to the strip, and attachment of the strip... Agent:

20140272758 - Connector for coupling an orthodontic appliance to a patient and associated methods: An orthodontic appliance includes a first connector member, selected from one of a connector element and an element receiver, and a second connector member, selected from the other of the connector element and the element receiver, is coupled to a patient. The connector element and element receiver cooperate to secure... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20140272759 - Method and apparatus for treating malocclusions and teeth alignment: A method and apparatus for moving malpositioned teeth to orthodontically correct positions and simultaneously positioning the lower dental arch of a patient relative to the upper dental arches that includes providing braces for securing to the upper and lower arches and providing a four section spring loaded telescopic rod for... Agent:

20140272760 - Archwire assembly with non-linear crimpable orthodontic stop and method of manufacture: An archwire stop defines a non-linear path through the stop that results in a bend moment between an orthodontic stop and the portion of an orthodontic archwire passing through the stop. The bend moment is accommodated by elastic deformation of the archwire and stop, resulting in a predictable frictional engagement... Agent: Ultimate Wireforms, Inc.

20140272761 - Massaging or brushing bite plates: An orthodontic remodeling device, wherein the bite plate is modified to have textured teeth and gum facing surfaces so as to provide cleaning, massaging or acupressure effect when in use.... Agent: Orthoaccel Technologies, Inc.

20140272762 - Apparatus and method for determining tooth shade: A method for determining natural tooth shade is also disclosed. Images of the target tooth are captured with the shade guides placed adjacent to the target tooth. Preferably, additional images are captured to provide additional data, including images when the patient's lips are formed in a smile; in the M... Agent: Bruce Henry Properties, LLC Dba Bonadent

20140272763 - Shade guide kit for matching dental composites to a person's teeth: Dental shade guide systems include an elongate holder with a plurality of receptacles for holding a plurality of shade guide sticks, and a plurality of shade guide sticks. Each shade guide stick may include an elongate dentin body portion comprising a dental composite that is relatively opaque so as to... Agent: Uitradent Products, Inc.

20140272765 - Feedback control mechanism for adjustment of imaging parameters in a dental imaging system: Provided are a system, method, and computer readable storage medium in which data is received from a dental imaging system. The received data is analyzed to adjust one or more imaging parameters of the dental imaging system.... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20140272769 - Fluid activated switch for oral irrigator: An oral irrigator including a reservoir, a handle, and a tip connected to the handle and in fluid communication with the reservoir. The oral irrigator also includes a base unit including an operating assembly configured to selectively provide a first fluid from the reservoir to the tip. The operating may... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20140272766 - Head mounted display for an intra-oral imaging system: Provided is a head mounted display system that communicates with an intra-oral imaging system. Data received from the intra-oral imaging system is displayed in at least one head mounted display unit of the head mounted display system. Provided also is an intra-oral imaging system that in communication with a head... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20140272768 - Oral screening toothbrush: An oral screening toothbrush is provided for screening for oral diseases such as oral cancer and dental caries. The toothbrush emits blue light into the oral cavity and captures an image of the reflection of blue light. Image processing techniques are used to analyze the images to screen for oral... Agent: Beam Technologies, LLC

20140272764 - Spatial 3d sterioscopic intraoral camera system background: Spatial 3D stereoscopic video is generated with a dual camera subassembly in a hand held device. The 3D Left-Right Multiplexed Spatial Stereoscopic video stream is wirelessly coupled to a processing system for simultaneous visualization comparison with intraoral cavity digital dental impression 3D CAD formatted files, Cone Beam Panoramic Computed Tomography... Agent:

20140272767 - System and method for optical imaging, magnification, fluorescence, and reflectance: A laser-based dental treatment system also provides for imaging of the treatment area during treatment thereof, without requiring the operator to switch between different devices. A laser beam delivery subsystem and an imaging system are coupled such that at least a portion of the path along which the light reflected... Agent:

20140272771 - Dental laser unit with communication link to assistance center: A medical treatment apparatus includes a power and control (PAC) device. The PAC device provides electrical power through a cable to a laser handpiece assembly to electrically power a laser source within the handpiece assembly. The PAC device controls operation of the handpiece assembly and detects an identification of the... Agent:

20140272773 - Image guided navigation system: An image guidance system for tracking a surgical instrument within the oral cavity. The image guidance system includes a plurality of cameras adapted to be located within the oral cavity to provide intraoral images of optically visible patterns within oral cavity. A processing system receives and processes the intraoral images... Agent: X-nav Technologies, LLC

20140272770 - Phototherapy mouthpiece for enhancing the replication of gum cells: A phototherapy mouthpiece includes a mouthguard including a light source and a power pack extending power therethrough a cable to the light source mounted for converting the power to red or near-red photon light, in order to convert the photon energy to proton-motive energy in the gum margin, so that... Agent:

20140272772 - Registering shape data extracted from intra-oral imagery to digital reconstruction of teeth for determining position and orientation of roots: Provided are a system, method, and computer readable storage medium for using a digital reconstruction of a tooth, wherein the digital reconstruction includes a crown and a root. An image of the crown of the tooth is acquired, subsequent to a movement of the tooth. The shape data of the... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20140272774 - Scanning sequence for an intra-oral imaging system: Provided are a system, method, and computer readable storage medium for generating an intra-oral scan of a dentition. A contiguous scan of an occlusal surface of at least a part of one arch of the dentition is generated. At least one additional surface is associated to the contiguous scan of... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20140272775 - System and method for imaging in laser dental treatment: A device for determining a contour of a dental treatment area during treatment thereof includes a laser beam guidance system and an imaging system. The laser beam guidance system can guide a laser beam and, optionally, a scanning light to a dental treatment area, and the imaging system, which can... Agent:

20140272776 - Apparatus and system for making dental impressions: A system for making dental impressions is provided. The system includes a first dental tray and an adjustable dental tray mount for maintaining the first dental tray in a fixed position relative to an upper dental arch of a patient. The adjustable dental tray mount is capable of being mounted... Agent:

20140272777 - Precision-milled denture teeth and method and devices for making same: A device for making artificial teeth for a denture. The device is comprised of a nest comprised of a lower portion formed of a rigid material and having an upper planar surface, and an upper portion contiguous with the upper planar surface of the lower portion, and formed of an... Agent: Cmp Industries LLC

20140272778 - Bone foundation guide and method of use: One possible embodiment of the invention could be a combination of a bone foundation guide and a dental implant surgical guide and a method of use, the guide comprising a body having a buccal wall and a lingual wall that is continuously connected by a first end and second end... Agent:

20140272780 - Dental surgical implant guide and prosthesis combination and method of use: One embodiment of the invention could be a combination dental surgical implant guide/prosthesis and use method, comprising a dental implant surgical guide sandwiched between and enclosed between a prosthesis cover fitted over a prosthetic base; the dental implant surgical guide is comprised of two or more double open-ended hollow master... Agent:

20140272779 - Paired templates for placing dental implants and enhancing registration for denture prosthetics attached to the implants: A denture is registered and secured to implants with the help of paired surgical-prosthetic implants fabricated based on 3D imaging of the patient's mouth and the denture. The surgical template has guide holes that are located and oriented to guide dental instrumentation forming accurately located and oriented osteotomies for the... Agent:

20140272781 - Devices, kits, and methods for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: Devices, kits, and methods useful in the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are described. Example devices include a jig, a first needle, a second needle, and a third needle. An example jig comprises a drill guide and a tongue depressor. A first needle comprises an elongate shaft that defines... Agent:

20140272782 - Oral irrigator with massage mode: An irrigating device, such as an oral irrigator or a nasal irrigator. The irrigating device includes a pump and a motor connected to the pump and configured to selectively drive the pump. Additionally, the irrigating device includes a massage module in communication with the motor. During a normal mode, the... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20140272783 - Suction system and methods of making and using same: A suction system for removing fluid from an individual. The suction system has a container assembly, a suction tube, an output hose and a suction valve assembly. The container assembly is connectable to an air source and a container is configured to receive the fluid from the individual. The suction... Agent:

20140272785 - Absorbent device for teeth cleaning and oral surgery: Disclosed is an endotracheal tube having an absorbent device attached so that the absorbent device is able to absorb and block any procedure produced debris. The absorbent device has strings that are attached to a device around an endotracheal tube so that the absorbent device is properly dislodged at the... Agent: Turrou Enterprises, LLC

20140272784 - Tear-resistant dental dams: A tear-resistant dental dam is provided. The tear-resistant dental dam includes a first elastomeric sheet and a second elastomeric sheet disposed on the first elastomeric sheet. The first and second elastomeric sheets have a grid pattern of weld joint regions configured to couple together the first and second elastomeric sheets.... Agent: Easydam, LLC

20140272786 - Device for dental, cleaning, or other procedure: A device for use in an oral healthcare or other procedure includes a ring having a base and two arms extending in opposite circumferential directions. An upstanding receptacle having a flexible wall is mounted on the base. The two arms may partially overlap. Each arm may include a radial tab... Agent:

20140272787 - Dental devices and systems and methods for making the same: Dental devices and systems and methods for making the same are provided. In at least one embodiment, a method for fabricating an arch-shaped device for coupling to a patient's mouth is provided. The method can include disposing each of a plurality of teeth into respective teeth receptors of an inlay... Agent: Miradent Group Sales, Inc.

20140272792 - Conversion abutment for dental implants: A conversion abutment that cements onto one-piece dental implants that convert the one-piece implant use to a retrievable screw retained implant use in retaining complete dentures, hybrids, partial dentures, or fixed screw retained crowns or bridges, allowing the flexibility to retain and remove these restorative prostheses. These conversion abutments can... Agent:

20140272791 - Dental implant with improved prosthetic interface: Dental implants, dental abutments, and dental systems are disclosed. A dental implant can include an implant body having a longitudinal axis, a coronal end, and an apical end. An internal bore can be provided within the implant body, and can have a coronal end, adjacent to the coronal end of... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20140272789 - Method for conducting a guided sinus lift procedure: A method of conducting a sinus lift procedure is provided. A secure and physical interaction is formed between a fiducial device and a site within a patient's mouth to form a fiducial marker. A virtual incising plan is formed for incising the patient's maxilla, with respect to the fiducial marker,... Agent: Neocis Inc.

20140272788 - Twist lock interface for abutment and implant assembly: A dental restoration system is disclosed. The system includes an implant having a tip and an opposite cylindrical socket. The socket has an interior surface having a sloped rim surface and a groove with a vertical and horizontal channel. The system includes a dental component such as an abutment having... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20140272790 - Universal digital dental implant scanning code and method: A universal digital implant scanning code (UDDISC) is provided on a dental implant body and/or any device attached to the dental implant body (e.g., the dental implant carrier). Implant bodies and platforms are available in many different types of sizes and configurations from many different companies. The UDDISC allows for... Agent:

20140272795 - Arrangement for increasing the stress resistance of implants and one such implant: An arrangement and an implant are provided for increasing the stress resistance of the implant arranged in an upper jaw bone. The implant has access via parts to the sinus cavity. At said parts, the implant is arranged with a convex or rounded front surface which, upon access, lifts the... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20140272793 - Dental implant instrumentation and methods: Embodiments of the invention described herein include various instrumentation components designed to install a dental implant. They are provided in order to secure a base platform and to accurately prepare a central opening which receives an implant screw that secures the base platform to the patient's jawbone.... Agent: Grant Dental Technology Corporation

20140272794 - Surface modified dental implant: A dental implant provided herein includes a body including titanium or titanium alloy and a diamond-like coating on the body. The diamond-like coating has a surface kurtosis Rku value of at least 1.5, a surface skewness Rsk value of at least 1.2, or a combination thereof to have an increase... Agent: Clarion University Of Pennsylvania

20140272797 - Apparatuses and methods for making a final hybrid prosthesis to be attached to dental implants: The present invention includes apparatuses and methods for making a final hybrid prosthesis to be attached to one or more dental implants. One preferred method includes the step of making a temporary hybrid prosthesis and at about the same time also making a duplicate temporary hybrid prosthesis. The duplicate temporary... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20140272800 - Dental crowns and bridges and method of making same: Dental prostheses and methods for making them are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method comprises a sequence of steps including milling a cavity in a block of a coping material, filling the cavity with a green ceramic material, milling a portion of the green ceramic material away to leave a... Agent: Cmp Industries LLC

20140272798 - Stress-reduced denture base disc: A method and apparatus for making a denture base disc that is used subsequently to form a removable denture. A vessel with an elastomeric lining is used to form the denture base disc so that the compression of the elastomeric material is approximately equivalent to the shrinkage of the denture... Agent: Cmp Industries LLC

20140272796 - System and process for manufacturing of dentures: A layered denture having at least one of an integrated layer, balanced occlusion, and a root approximating structure is disclosed. The resulting denture may be suitable for use without an underlying reinforcement bar and may provide enhanced aesthetics by approximating natural dentition and roots both above and below the gum... Agent: Global Dental Science, LLC

20140272799 - Yttria-treated porcelain veneer: A dental component comprising a modified porcelain veneering coating thereon is provided, wherein the porcelain veneering coating can comprise a plurality of crystalline inclusions. The crystalline inclusions can serve to strengthen the porcelain veneering coating and the dental component as a whole. A method for the preparation of such treated... Agent: Research Triangle Institute

20140272801 - Lab analog with indexing for insertion into plastic models with corresponding counter-indexing: The invention relates to a method for producing a three-dimensional model of at least a part of a jaw in order to produce a dental prosthesis, wherein a laboratory implant is arranged in a recess of the model, a cylindrical or conical recess being produced in the model according to... Agent:

20140272802 - Multi-taper dental root canal filling points/cones and process of making same: The present invention provides an improved root canal filling point/cone having a structure that can be manufactured precisely to result in better obturation with less micro-leakage. One aspect of the present invention is directed to a molded root canal filling point having progressively decreasing tapers from the smaller tip end... Agent:

20140272803 - Root canal for tissue in-growth: A composition and method useful in forming a physiologic root canal seal and a method of endontic repair.... Agent:

09/11/2014 > 30 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20140255864 - Indirect bonding tray and method of manufacture thereof: An indirect bonding tray includes a least on tooth position each tooth portion includes an occlusal surface that conforms to an occlusal surface of an associated tooth of a patient's dentition. At least one of bracket arm includes a bracket arm tip configured to engage an orthodontic bracket. The at... Agent: American Orthodontics Corporation

20140255865 - Orthodontic appliance: An orthodontic appliance consisting of a two-component bracket assembly and a customized wire where the tooth component of the bracket assembly is semi-permanently glued to the tooth surface and the wire component of the bracket assembly is securely attached to the customized wire. The customized wire has a configuration that... Agent:

20140255866 - Telescopic orthodontic appliance: An orthodontic appliance includes a telescopic assembly with an end tube and a telescopic member. A distal connector secured to the end tube at a generally distal end of the telescopic assembly. An end cap engages the distal end of the end tube. A spring is secured to the end... Agent:

20140255867 - Device and system for dental applications and method relating thereto: The present invention relates to various devices, systems, kits and methods having dental applications. For instance, a dental tray is provided for use in taking an impression of a person's teeth. A dental shade chart is also provided and includes a shade sticker for use in determining the shade of... Agent: Dental Lab Aesthetics, LLC

20140255868 - Holding device for an intraoral scanner: A holding device with a base element for a handpiece of an intraoral scanner, which has a head area (3), has a receiving area (5) of the base element (1), in which the head area (3) can be snugly accommodated at least partially. The receiving area (5) has an interior... Agent: A.tron3d Gmbh

20140255869 - Device for treating peri-implantitis: A device includes: a cylindrical first main body having a bottom surface, an inner side surface, and an outer side surface, the first main body having at least one electromagnetic wave irradiation port and at least one antiseptic discharge port, the at least one electromagnetic wave irradiation port being provided... Agent: A-z Ltd.

20140255870 - Dental and medical suction tools: A suction apparatus has a tube. The tube has an end to be inserted in a user's body. The tube has another end for coupling with a vacuum hose to remove air. A check valve coupled is to the tube. The check valve is configured to prevent a back pressure... Agent:

20140255871 - Dynamoelectric converter and medical or dental device having a dynamoelectric converter: Fluid-operated dynamoelectric converters for medical or dental devices are described. The dynamoelectric converters have: a fluid line which is designed in one piece with an outer sleeve of the dynamoelectric converter and protrudes at its end which faces away from the dynamoelectric converter beyond a connecting end of the medical... Agent: W&h Dentalwerk B&#xfc Rmoos Gmbh

20140255872 - Dental implant with angled head and bending zone: A dental implant includes an enossal implant body, a head, and a neck or bending zone and a prosthetic platform or an abutment equator, and at least one rotation securing engagement surface or parts thereof that come to rest underneath the prosthetic platform or the abutment equator. The implant head... Agent: Biomed Est.

20140255873 - Simplified protocol for fixed implant restorations using intra-oral scanning and dental cad/cam: A method of creating implant-supported dentures without physical impressions is provided. Digital impressions may be obtained from scanning the oral cavity, its structures, landmarks, and implant positions. These scans together provide a highly accurate, digital model from which a digital patient model may be designed. Digital denture designs may be... Agent: James R. Glidewell Dental Ceramics, Inc.

20140255874 - Method of manufacturing a functionalized implant, and functionalized implant: A method of manufacturing a functionalized implant, in particular a dental implant, is provided, including first providing a substrate for the implant and applying a highly porous, hydrophilic coating which contains at least one of the following materials for functionalization: zirconium or titanium or zirconium alloy or titanium alloy, zirconium... Agent: Dot Gmbh

20140255875 - Method and device for the production of a dental prosthesis part: The method for the production of a dental prosthesis part comprises the provision (11) of a dataset (2) for a dental prosthesis part (6) for use in a CAD/CAM technique, the provision (12) of reference data (3) for optical properties of different dentin materials and translucent enamel materials for the... Agent: Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

20140255877 - Impression device and method for three-dimensional acquisition of intraoral structures, and corresponding scanning device: The invention relates to an impression device and a method for three-dimensional acquisition of intraoral structures as well as a corresponding scanning device. The impression device of the invention comprises an impression sleeve, which has an open and a closed end, and at least one marker which is three-dimensional and... Agent: Ludwig-maximilians-universitaet Muenchen

20140255876 - Systems and methods for analyzing dynamic dental occlusions and making dental appliances: Systems and methods for analyzing dynamic occlusion during replicated excursions of virtual three-dimensional representations of a dental patient's occlusal complex are provided. The method may include scanning a patient's jaws and teeth configuration using a medical imaging system such as CBCT, laser scanners, or traditional dental impressions; creating a virtual... Agent: Poly Virtual Occlusion, LLC

20140255878 - Method for optical acquisition of the three-dimensional geometry of objects: In the case of a method for optical acquisition of the three-dimensional geometry of objects, in particular teeth (4), with a scanner (14), which has a scanning head (13), the three-dimensional geometry that is acquired in a virtual three-dimensional space (1) in the course of scanning is noted. In this... Agent: A.tron3d Gmbh

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