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12/18/2014 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140370452 - Orthodontic system: An orthodontic system includes a dental appliance and an auxiliary arrangement unit. The dental appliance includes a main body defining a receiving space for receiving at least a portion of a dentition of a user therein. The main body is formed with a main projection projecting outwardly away from the... Agent:

20140370453 - Translucent zirconia sintered body, process for producing the same, and use of the same: A subject of the invention relates to providing a powder for a translucent zirconia sintered body which is necessary for the production of a zirconia sintered body having a high sintered-body density and high strength and giving an excellent sense of translucency, without conducting any special sintering, such as HIP... Agent: Tosoh Corporation

20140370454 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket with rotatable closure member: An orthodontic bracket for coupling an archwire with a tooth includes a bracket body configured to be mounted to the tooth and having an archwire slot adapted to receive the archwire therein. A rotatable closure member is movable relative to the bracket body between an opened position in which the... Agent:

20140370455 - Passive active ligation system for orthodontic brackets: The invention provides a bracket having horizontally extending tabs that allow the arch wire to be ligated in either an active or passive manner using a ligation device such as an elastomeric band, metal ligature tie or the like. For an active ligation the ligation device is wrapped behind the... Agent:

20140370456 - Device for dental prostehsis: A device adapted for adjusting the inclination of an entire articulator in relation to a support plane includes a support element on the support plane, a fastening device attached to the articulator, and a mechanism configured to adjust the distance between the fastening device and the support element.... Agent:

20140370457 - Tooth loosening and removal apparatus with a motion transfer member: An apparatus including a transducer head and a motion transfer member, and a method for rupturing connective tissues that attach a tooth to an alveolar bone socket are provided. The transducer head generates and transfers vibrational and tapping movements to the motion transfer member. The motion transfer member, extending from... Agent: Hankookin, Inc.

20140370458 - Structure design of ceramic drill for dental implant surgery: A drilling structure is disclosed. The disclosed drilling structure may include a drill head. A bottom end of the drill head may be provided with a connecting portion for connecting an adjoining portion of the dental implant hand piece, and a top end of the drill head may be implemented... Agent:

20140370459 - Dental implant and dental component connection: A dental implant, components, and kit are provided. The implant can comprise a body, attachment means for attaching the implant to bone, and a recess. The recess can be disposed within the body and open towards a proximal end thereof. The recess can comprise a proximally-disposed receiving chamber and a... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20140370460 - Expandable bone implant: d

20140370462 - Dental implant system: An implant comprising two internal anti-rotational features. One anti-rotational feature is adapted to engage a driving tool, while the other anti-rotational feature is adapted to engage an abutment. An implant abutment system is provided with an angled abutment adapted to mate with one of the anti-rotational features. A second, straight... Agent:

20140370461 - Implant surface with increased hydrophilicity: A method of increasing the hydrophilicity of an implant to be implanted into living bone. The method comprises the act of depositing non-toxic salt residuals on the surface of the implant by exposing the surface to a solution including the non-toxic salts. The method further comprises the act of drying... Agent:

20140370463 - Method for producing a denture: The invention relates to a method for producing a denture. In one embodiment, a prosthetic baseplate (4) and multiple tooth stump prostheses (6) are produced by applying a CAD model and pre-fabricated veneers (8) are affixed on the tooth stump prostheses (6), whereby the thickness values of the veneers (8)... Agent: Heraeus Kulzer Gmbh

20140370464 - Prosthetic element: b) transferring energy to the basic body to induce conversion of a starting phase of the material of the basic body into at least one crystalline phase in a confined region. According to the invention, energy is transferred to the confined region of the basic body by laser irradiating said... Agent:

20140370465 - Cad-cam agp splint- a method of automatically producing or reproducing a customized agp (anterior guidance package) equipped splint for a patient with/without a severe malocclusion via one time dentist visit: A method of automatically producing or reproducing a customized AGP (Anterior Guidance Package) equipped splint for a patient with or without a severe malocclusion is provided. The method of automatically producing or reproducing an AGP equipped splint according to current invention comprises of combining Virtual Articulation, CAD (Computer Aided Design)-CAM... Agent:

12/11/2014 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20140363777 - Orthodontic composition with polymeric fillers: Orthodontic adhesives are claimed which use polymeric filler particles with defined particle size characteristics. The particle size characteristics are controlled such that these adhesives provide comparable mechanical retention and cohesive strength of conventional orthodontic adhesives when used to bond orthodontic appliances to teeth. Because polymeric fillers are generally softer than... Agent:

20140363778 - Orthodontic ffm resin rope appliance: A curable orthodontic FFM resin rope appliance connecting orthodontic anchoring and custom appliances affixed to teeth, TADs and/or tooth positioning appliances, which serve in moving and stabilization if teeth by connecting said appliances and/or orthodontic auxiliaries. The FFM resin rope appliance is moldable and adaptable to the oral cavity and... Agent:

20140363779 - Adjusting a tooth position: The present disclosure provides methods, devices, and systems for adjusting a tooth position. A system for adjusting a tooth position can include an attachment configured to be attached to a tooth to be moved, a dental appliance including a guide slot configured to receive the attachment and to define an... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20140363780 - Oral care compositions: Described herein are aqueous and substantially non-aqueous oral compositions comprising a cationic steroidal compound and methods of making and using the same.... Agent: Brigham Young University

20140363781 - Orthodontic appliance: An orthodontic appliance having an outer wall and an inner wall, and a web extending between the inner and the outer walls for treating a class three malocclusion is disclosed. The inner and outer walls and the web define upper and lower channels within which the respective arches of a... Agent:

20140363782 - Customized orthodontic bracket system: A customized orthodontic bracket system is provided. The system can include a bracket having a customized bracket bonding pad for bonding the bracket to a tooth of a patient and a bracket slot adapted to receive a customized archwire. The customized archwire is adapted to be positioned in the bracket... Agent:

20140363783 - Occlusion correction improvement instrument and correction improvement method using the instrument: An occlusion correction improvement instrument includes an upper mold-mounting member provided with a plate-shaped member that is parallel to a Camper's plane of an upper model having a tooth model-shaped surface of a maxillary tooth row and with a plane parallel to the Camper's plane when the upper mold-mounting member... Agent:

20140363784 - Dental laser apparatus and method of use with interchangeable hand piece and variable foot pedal: A dental laser system for treatment of hard and/or soft tissue includes a main chamber housing optical and primary fluid supply subsystems, for directing a laser beam and fluid to a treatment area. A hand piece affixable to the main chamber, includes mating optical and secondary fluid supply subsystems. The... Agent:

20140363785 - Method for making an impression tray for dental use: A pre-printed semifinished product (130) to make an individual impression tray for obtaining an impression of a dental arch. The pre-printed semifinished product is substantially U-shaped and has a recess (101) on one side arranged to receive an impression material (80) in a thermoformable material and a protrusion (102) on... Agent:

20140363786 - Stabilizer for lower dental appliances: The present invention extends to a dental appliance having a set of rigid flanges conforming to a patient's mandibular bone structure and a stabilizer for securing and resisting movement of the dental appliance once set. The stabilizer reduces movement of a lower denture. The stabilizer extends perpendicularly from a flange... Agent:

20140363789 - Endosseous implant of the improved type: An endosseous dental implant, of the type having a head equipped with a collar and a prosthesis connection, includes a body and an apical portion provided with an end, wherein the end has an edge with a sharp profile and a bottom having an elliptical form. In comparison to known... Agent: Imax3 S.r.l.

20140363787 - Expandable dental implant and method of use: An expandable dental implant for implantation in the bone of the jaw of a patient includes a body which has a longitudinal axis. An opening is disposed in the body. An anchor is slidably received by the opening, the anchor being slidable in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal axis.... Agent:

20140363788 - Hybrid temporary anchorage device implant system and associated methods: A hybrid temporary anchorage device implant system and method of use is disclosed. A temporary anchorage device (TAD) implant includes an external hex head, a cupped inner portion, a threaded core, a platform, and an implant portion. A first abutment is installed on the implant portion. The first abutment may... Agent:

20140363790 - Method for producing a surface structure on an implant, and such an implant: A surface structure is produced on an outer surface of an implant or a fixture and forms a base structure in a range of implants related to different types and qualities of jaw bone. During production of the surface, parts of a turning tool are placed against the implant or... Agent:

20140363791 - Implantable replica of natural tooth: A tooth implant comprises a tooth body sized to correspond to a tooth to be replaced and a layer of microscopic protrusions on an outer surface thereof. A method for preparing a dental implant comprising obtaining an model of the tooth to be replaced forming a tooth body corresponding to... Agent:

20140363792 - Process for the preparation of dental restorations: The invention relates to a process for preparing dental restorations, wherein a lithium silicate glass ceramic or a lithium silicate glass is used which contains at least 8.5 wt.-% transition metal oxide selected from the group consisting of oxides of yttrium, oxides of transition metals with an atomic number from... Agent:

20140363793 - Apparatus for evacuation of root canal: In an endodontic procedure, after the working of a root canal by instruments to remove material and shape the walls of the canal, irrigant is supplied via a microcannula. A vacuum is applied via a tube which is inserted partway down the root canal. The irrigant is supplied in a... Agent: Ormco Corporation

12/04/2014 > 19 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20140356797 - Dental implant and method for producing same: The purpose of the present invention is to provide a dental implant which enables the formation of a functional periodontal tissue around the implant after the implantation of the implant. The dental implant according to the present invention is characterized in that a cell mass originated from a tooth germ... Agent: Organ Technologies, Inc.

20140356798 - Milling block with orthodontic auxiliary: A milling block fitted with, or directly milled into said block at least one orthodontic auxiliary. These auxiliaries include but are not limited to orthodontic fasteners, buttons, cleats, tubes, brackets, springs, tad fastening clamps flex fit modules (FFM) or flex fit wafers (FFW) to be placed within the mouth and... Agent:

20140356799 - Lingual orthodontic appliance with removable section: An aesthetic, partially removable orthodontic appliance is described, including a polymeric body that conforms to the lingual soft tissue and at least one wire member extending from the polymeric body. Each wire member releasably engages with a respective anchor that is, in turn, connected to the lingual surface of a... Agent:

20140356801 - Reduced-friction buccal tube and method of use: An orthodontic appliance includes features for reducing friction between an interior of an archwire slot portion of the appliance and an archwire to be placed within the archwire slot. Other embodiments include a rounded exterior occlusal surface. Embodiments further include one or more receptacles for receiving an installation tool.... Agent:

20140356800 - System of tube and resin for orthodontics: A system of tube and resin for orthodontics includes a tube that serves as a conduit for a wire; and a resin, wherein the resin surrounds the tube, wherein the resin can attach to a tooth, and wherein both ends of the tube have perimeters larger than a perimeter at... Agent:

20140356802 - Intraoral light emitting appliance: An intraoral light emitting appliance having an external surface including opposed bite surfaces adapted for removable engagement by the upper and lower teeth to prop open the mouth of a patient.... Agent:

20140356803 - Light for oral anesthesia injection syringe: A light for use with an oral anesthesia syringe that is received into a passageway of a barrel of the light. When the syringe is received into a first opening in a proximal end of the barrel's passageway, the needle of the syringe extends through a second opening at the... Agent:

20140356804 - Light mixture: The invention relates to a light mixing device for a medical or dental-medical lighting device, in particular for a light curing device for the polymerisation of dental masses, which device comprises a housing with a light generation device, as well as a light conductor. The light mixing device (2) comprises... Agent:

20140356805 - Radiographic guide with radio-opaque features: A blank for forming a radiographic guide is formed from a material substantially translucent to x-rays and has external surfaces. The blank encases portions of one or more radio-opaque features, wherein the one or more radio-opaque features are embedded within the blank and extend at least between the external surfaces... Agent: Trophy

20140356806 - Components, system & method for making dentures in a single visit: Creating a denture by using the patient's mouth as an intra-oral articulator by use of an upper and/or lower dental impression tray for creating the impression of the edentulous mouth, the trays having platforms or support surfaces which magnetically hold a main frame therebetween. The orientation of the main frame... Agent:

20140356807 - Applicator and method for applying a tooth whitening composition: The method of the present invention is directed to the storage and dispensing of a peroxide containing tooth whitening composition. During storage and subsequent use the composition in the storage chamber must be maintained segregated from the applicator surface. This is accomplished by delivering the peroxide containing tooth whitening composition... Agent:

20140356808 - Irrigation tip adaptor for ultrasonic handpiece: An adaptor for coupling a dental irrigation tip to an ultrasonic dental handpiece is disclosed. The dental handpiece is connected to a fluid source. The adaptor comprises an elongated body having a distal end for connection to the irrigation tip and a proximal end for connection to the dental handpiece.... Agent:

20140356809 - Reamer with an improved blade for root canal preparation: The invention relates to a reamer with an improved blade for use in root canal preparation, the blade being spiral-shaped with a pitch increasing towards the tip, and with a cutting or non-cutting tip. At given points along the length of the spiral of the blade, there is a plurality... Agent: Sweden & Martina Spa

20140356810 - Positive drive chuck and bur arrangement for a dental handpiece: A chuck assembly for a dental handpiece includes a hollow cylindrical tube portion having a first internal bore, and a chuck portion having a second bore. The chuck portion is supported within the first bore co-rotational with the tube portion about a common axis. The chuck portion has an annular... Agent:

20140356811 - Dental wedge: A dental wedge (10) having a wedge body (11) and a gripping portion (12). The wedge (10) also has a longitudinal axis (13). The body (11) extends from a first end (14) to a second end (15), with the gripping portion (12) attached to the first end (15). The body... Agent:

20140356812 - Anchor and toothscrew systems: An anchoring receiver is implanted into a jaw bone region of a user and a novel screw and false tooth may be threadably inserted into the anchoring receiver. As the screw and false tooth member is screwed into the anchoring receiver, a biasible slit that bifurcates a bottom portion of... Agent:

20140356814 - Dental implant having enhanced early stability and method for manufacturing same: The present invention relates to a dental implant having an enhanced early stability and a method for manufacturing same, and more specifically to a dental implant and a method for manufacturing same which assure early stability and fixation power of an implant by suppressing early osteolysis after an implant procedure,... Agent:

20140356813 - Endosseous single tooth implant: The invention concerns a single tooth implant for a fixed tooth replacement having a substantially cylindrical base body which can be inserted into a bore made in a jaw bone, an abutment which can be inserted into the annular recess of the base body and having a bore for receiving... Agent:

20140356815 - Blank and method for producing a dental prosthesis: Embodiments relate to a dental prosthesis molding block for producing a dental prosthesis part, to a corresponding method for producing a dental prosthesis part, and to such a dental prosthesis part. The dental prosthesis molding block has a dentin zone, which is embedded into an enamel region, a boundary surface... Agent:

11/27/2014 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20140349241 - Orthodontic device-setting tool: An orthodontic device-setting tool is provided with: a fitting section having a fitting surface, which covers and fits together with at least one of the incisal margin, the dental cusp, or the occlusal surface of a tooth; a foundation section, which has a back surface that adheres closely to the... Agent:

20140349242 - Systems and methods for varying elastic modulus appliances: The present invention provides improved devices, systems and methods for repositioning teeth from an initial tooth arrangement to a final tooth arrangement. Repositioning is accomplished with a system comprising a series of polymeric shell appliances configured to receive the teeth and incrementally reposition individual teeth in a series of successive... Agent:

20140349243 - Dental orthotic strut having multiple axes of movement: A dental orthotic strut having at least one multi-axis rotable joint connecting the strut to either a maxillary and/or mandibular retainer attached to the teeth. Jaw advancement may be accomplished by periodically replacing the strut with a new strut having a slightly longer minimum length, thereby advancing the resting position... Agent:

20140349245 - Bite tab for dental sensors: A positioning bite tab for a dental sensor, said positioning bite tab comprising: a base element, said base element defining a substantially plate-shaped biting portion; and a strap movable between a strap open configuration and a strap closed configuration, wherein, in said strap open configuration, said strap is generally planar,... Agent:

20140349244 - Syringe sleeve: A sleeve may be attached to a syringe. The sleeve may include a hollow tube configured to slide on, or attach to, a syringe. The sleeve may also include a plurality of lighting devices located near a distal end of the hollow tube. The plurality of lighting devices may be... Agent:

20140349246 - Oral care appliance with hydrodynamic cavitation action: An appliance body which includes a fluid delivery system providing a fluid flow to the appliance body and an exit for the fluid. A cavitation assembly is responsive to the fluid flow, and includes a constriction or obstruction member, wherein the flow rate to and through the cavitation assembly and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20140349247 - Endodontic procedure using self-adhesive resin cements and sealers or self etching adhesives and chemically bondable obturators: A method of filling and sealing a root canal during an endodontic procedure, the method comprising: a) filling the root canal with a combination comprising: i) an obturator composed at least in part of a chemically-bondable material; and ii) a self-etching adhesive or self-adhesive resin-based cement or sealer; and b)... Agent: Heraeus Kulzer Gmbh

20140349248 - Programmable dental device: A multiuse programmable dental device that allows the user to selectively program various fluid delivery regimens and methods of using and programming the irrigator device. The irrigator may also be operated manually, as desired by the operator. Other features, such as selective delivery of various fluids, monitoring fluids levels of... Agent:

20140349249 - Oral cavity suction device: A disposable saliva ejector for connection with a slow-speed suction device has a suction end and a discharge end. The tapered ejector has an ovate shape. A retention orifice helps secure the ejector within the patient's mount, while a larger extraction orifice removes fluid and debris. Placement of the saliva... Agent:

20140349250 - Channel formation for the fixing element of a dental superstructure and method of making the same: Channel formation for the fixing element of a dental superstructure. The superstructure (1) is fixed to the implantation (3) integrated in the jaw bone by means of a fixing element (2). A channel (7) is formed in the superstructure (1). The axis line (8) of the channel (7) is shaped... Agent:

20140349251 - Dental membrane: A dental membrane disposed in a deficient region of an alveolar bone to form a space for regeneration of the alveolar bone or to surround a bone graft, wherein the dental membrane is fixed by an insert inserted and fixed in the alveolar bone and a cover member combined to... Agent:

20140349252 - Prosthetic retention system for edentulous patients consisting of a prefabricated bar and two implants: A prosthetic retention system for edentulous patients comprising a prefabricated bar and two implants; where the said bar consists of a tubular central piece that has a round or ovoid cross section and two hollow capsules at its ends; and where the implants are formed by one single piece, with... Agent: Universidad De Concepcion

20140349253 - Oral composition for removing tooth stain: The object of the present invention is to provide an oral composition, which can remove tooth stain effectively. The object of the present invention is also to provide an oral composition, which scarcely damages teeth and gums and can be easily applied. An oral composition for removing tooth stain, which... Agent:

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