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Dentistry November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/12

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11/29/2012 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120301838 - Tooth top part: The invention relates to a tooth top part for a tooth correction means (1), with a base body (2) at which a tooth support surface (5, 25, 45) is formed for being fixed at a tooth surface (3) by bonding, and which is provided with a guide recess (12, 32,... Agent:

20120301840 - Endodontic device: An endodontic device is described including: a file adapted to remove by abrasion the dental material by a rotary working motion; an AC or DC motor, adapted to drive the file in the working motion according to two opposite verses of rotation; a pair of optical or magnetic encoders controlling... Agent:

20120301839 - Method and apparatus for the assessment of pulpal vitality using laser speckle imaging: The invention includes a noninvasive method for characterizing dental pulpal vitality of a tooth including the steps of irradiating the tooth with at least partially coherent light, and speckle imaging to provide quantitative feedback to an end user of pulpal blood flow in the tooth, and the tangible records made... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of California

20120301841 - Handpiece comprising a body including a hollow sleeve: A handpiece includes a head for receiving a tool, a rear sleeve for coupling the handpiece to a motor, and a body connecting the head to the rear sleeve. The body includes a hollow sleeve in which mechanical members are mounted in order to transmit a rotating movement to the... Agent: Micro Mega International Manufactures

20120301842 - Method and apparatus for hard tissue treatment and modification: A device and method for forming a texture on a surface of a hard material. Spatial patterns, such as an array of microbeams, are delivered to the tissue through the handpiece. The plurality of microbeams illuminate and ablate the hard material simultaneously. Each of the microbeams has of a sufficient... Agent: Rejuvedent LLC

20120301843 - Dental handpiece with switching valve for fluid lines: Disclosed is a dental handpiece wherein the chip air line is selectively switched to the ON-state for using both water and chip air, and to the OFF-state for using only water. The dental handpiece has a switching valve provided between the circumferential chip air channel and the chip air line... Agent:

20120301844 - Foot pedal controller for dental scaler: A method for controlling a dental instrument includes a foot pedal responsive to commands from a user. An operating mode is selectable between normal and boost cycle. A conventional mode is selectable by pressing and holding the foot pedal to a first level to operate in normal mode. The foot... Agent: Dentsply International, Inc.

20120301845 - Endodontic obturator with a handle: An endodontic obturator with a handle is formed by an obturator needle and a handle for handling and allowing the application of the needle in the corresponding root canal. The handle and needle is attached by an intermediate rod through which the sectioning for removing the handle is carried out... Agent: Luis Florit Marti

20120301846 - Dental treatment aid device: In one aspect, the present invention is directed to a dental treatment aid device, comprising: a substantially annular frame (14) having at least two resilient opposite points on the frame; and a gauze (16) enclosed by the frame (14) and attached to the frame (14); wherein the dimensions of the... Agent:

20120301847 - Sun shine: The current invention refers to a device for the removal of residues that have not been removed after the repair of teeth. It enables easier sanding between teeth, provides greater support, and requires less time for the oral cavity to be open. It is lubricant, electricity, and battery free. The... Agent:

20120301848 - Dental composite packing instrument: A dental instrument that has a first shaft, and a first operative end that defines a generally flat face. The face has a generally oval shape with opposite narrow ends. The instrument can have two shafts that are each adapted to be coupled to a handle; each shaft has such... Agent:

20120301850 - Dental implant, abutment for a dental implant and combination thereof and an implant set: The invention relates to an implant (10) serving to receive an abutment (110). The implant (10) has a receiving opening (15) in which a connection region (115) of the abutment (110) can be inserted. The receiving opening (15) and the connection region (115) have a conical section (17) or (117)... Agent: Camlog Biotechnologies Ag

20120301849 - Zirconium oxide dental implant with internal thread and polygonal tapering section, and the mold for molding the same: A zirconium oxide dental implant is manufactured by injecting a zirconium oxide paste in a mold for obtaining a green body and sintering the green body to be the zirconium oxide dental implant. The green body is formed integrally with a first external thread section, a first none-thread section, a... Agent:

20120301851 - Delivery system: Provided herein is a toothpaste composition, tube, and delivery system/kit. The disclosure also provides methods for use of the toothpaste composition and/or delivery system/kit.... Agent:

20120301852 - Dental strip for administration of oral treatment: Described herein, are dental strips comprising a film backing, and an adhesive layer, the adhesive layer comprising a water-swellable polymer and at least one active agent; and uses thereof.... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

11/22/2012 > 18 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120295211 - Method and apparatus for vacuum-formed dental appliance: An appliance and methods are described that include embodiments of a mandibular advancement or positioning device which can use elastic bands to pull the jaw forward. The appliance has an upper plastic tray conforming to the patient's upper teeth and including a set of retention hooks coupled to the upper... Agent: Frantz Design, Inc.

20120295212 - Therapeutic dental mouthpiece-forming substrate and preforming method thereof: A therapeutic dental mouthpiece-forming substrate includes: a flexible board on which an electrical component used for dental arch treatment is mounted; and a thermosoftening resin sheet in which the flexible board is embedded in an airtight or watertight state.... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120295213 - Orthodontic bracket system: The orthodontic bracket system includes a bracket having a base for attachment to a tooth surface, a stem above the base, tie wings extending from the stem for securing ligatures, and an archwire slot for receiving an archwire defined by the stem and tie wings. Distal and mesial side surfaces... Agent:

20120295214 - Dental auto-mixing methods, devices, and compositions: A method of dispensing a hardenable dental composition comprising 1) providing a two-part hardenable dental composition, and 2) extruding the composition through a static mixer in fluid communication with a first reservoir containing the first part and a second reservoir containing the second part, wherein a plunger is positioned in... Agent:

20120295215 - Device for dispensing a material: A device for dispensing a material comprises a piston for extruding the material. The device further has a spindle and a cooperating nut that are rotatable relative to each other to displace the piston axially to a rotation axis of the spindle. The device is adapted for rotationally driving the... Agent:

20120295216 - Diagnostic oral health care implement and system: A diagnostic oral health care implement and system are provided for use during oral health care activities. The diagnostic oral health care implement has a diagnostic sensor. The diagnostic sensor provides diagnostic measurements in a plurality of formats including the biofilm thickness of dental plaque. The diagnostic oral health care... Agent: Beam Technologies, LLC

20120295217 - Intra-oral scanner: An intra-oral scanner includes an optical output unit; an optical output control unit configured to rotate the optical output unit along a first reference axis or moves the optical output unit so as to control an emission position of the output light; an optical system configured to reflect the output... Agent: Theo Dental

20120295218 - System and method for teeth cleaning: Embodiments are described wherein a system for brushing the teeth of a person comprises a master input device; a flexible teeth tray configured to at least partially encapsulate one or more of the teeth in a flexible substrate material, the flexible teeth tray comprising one or more vibratory transducers removably... Agent:

20120295219 - Dental articulator for positioning the arcades without the use of plaster: This patent application refers to a mechanical equipment that, when used in conjunction with a device to determine the position of the superior arcade of the patient, based on landmarks on the skull of the same, allows accurate reproduction of the position of the dental arches, represented by plaster models... Agent:

20120295220 - Oral irrigator with hand conforming housing: An oral irrigator has a pump, a discharge nozzle and a pressure control. The pump has a generally constant operating speed and feeds the discharge nozzle. The pressure control is adapted to modify a discharge pressure at the nozzle without a significant change in pump speed. The pressure control modifies... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20120295221 - Mixing and dispensing container: A container (10) for mixing and dispensing material comprises a body (12) having a main chamber (17), a dispensing nozzle (26), a liquid receptacle (16) and a plunger (18). The liquid receptacle (16) has a front portion arranged to break away upon hydraulic pressure being applied by the plunger (18)... Agent: Sdi North America Inc

20120295222 - Insertion material intended for widening the gingival crevice: c

20120295223 - Temporary abutment with combination of scanning features and provisionalization features: A lower region of a temporary abutment includes an anti-rotational feature for non-rotationally mating with a dental implant. An upper region of the temporary abutment includes a first anti-rotational structure and at least one retention groove. A top surface of the temporary abutment includes one or more informational markers that... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20120295225 - Condensing skeletal implant that facilitate insertions: A dental implant that facilitates insertion includes a body having a coronal end and an apical end opposite the coronal end. An implant-prosthetic interface region is provided adjacent the coronal end. A tapered region is adjacent the apical end. A variable profile helical thread extends along the tapered region. The... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20120295224 - Implant arrangement with an internal socket for a turning tool: An implant is provided with an upper portion in which an internal socket extends. The implant can be tightened by a turning instrument which has first lateral surfaces that can cooperate with corresponding second lateral surfaces in the internal socket. One or more of the first and/or second lateral surfaces... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20120295226 - Temporary abutment with combination of scanning features and provisionalization features: A lower region of a temporary abutment includes an anti-rotational feature for non-rotationally mating with a dental implant. An upper region of the temporary abutment includes a first anti-rotational structure and at least one retention groove. A top surface of the temporary abutment includes one or more informational markers that... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20120295227 - Disulfide monomers comprising ethylenically unsaturated norbornyl groups suitable for dental compositions: Dental compositions and disulfide monomers described. The disulfide monomer comprises a disulfide backbone group wherein each of the sulfur atoms are bonded to a group terminating with an ethylenically unsaturated norbornyl group; and at least one other monomer comprising at least two ethylenically unsaturated groups.... Agent:

20120295228 - Disulfide monomers comprising ethylenically unsaturated groups suitable for dental compositions: Dental compositions and disulfide monomers are described. The disulfide monomer comprise a disulfide backbone group wherein each of the sulfur atoms are bonded to an ethylenically unsaturated group via a divalent linking group and the linking group comprises at least one heteroatom; and at least one other monomer ethylenically unsaturated... Agent:

11/15/2012 > 17 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120288813 - Anti-microbial orthodontic compositions and appliances and methods of production and use thereof: Anti-microbial orthodontic apparatus and anti-microbial orthodontic compositions comprise an effective amount of a selenium compound. Kits containing apparatus and/or compositions are disclosed, along with methods of producing and using said anti-microbial orthodontic apparatus and anti-microbial orthodontic compositions.... Agent:

20120288814 - Method and device for causing tooth movement: A device for increasing movement of a tooth in a jaw includes a handle, an elongate member extending from the handle, a screw tip at a distal end of the elongate member, and a sleeve. The screw tip is configured to drill into cortical bone of the jaw to increase... Agent:

20120288815 - bondable molar tube: An improved bondable molar tube is provided having a base and a tube structure supported on the base, where the base is configured having a first portion that is to be bonded to a mesial cusp of a molar and second portion that is bonded to a distal cusp of... Agent:

20120288816 - Self ligating orthodontic bracket having a rotatable member: The present disclosure is directed, at least in part, to a self ligating orthodontic bracket having a rotatable member for securing an archwire within a slot of the bracket. Embodiments of the orthodontic bracket disclosed herein include a bracket body containing the archwire slot as well as tie wings for... Agent: Rmo, Inc.

20120288818 - Method of managing an orthodontic aligner schedule: A method of managing a schedule of orthodontic aligners (30) using an aligner manager (20). The method includes calculating the orthodontic aligner schedule (30) according to a plurality of scheduling formulas, and presenting an interactive profile page (32) on a graphical user interface for displaying a summary of the calculated... Agent:

20120288817 - Orthodontic devices: Orthodontic splint devices may include one or more bases and connectors. Various attachment members configured to, during use, couple the device to a portion of the patient's mouth may also be included on the device. In some implementations, a base may include an attachment member that includes a conduit and... Agent:

20120288819 - Dental imaging system with orientation detector: This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for dental imaging. In one aspect, a hand piece, having a lens for capturing light for an image sensor, is configured for obtaining images of teeth in a mouth. The hand piece is provided with an orientation sensor, such as a gyroscope. The... Agent: E. Ron Burrell Dental Corporation

20120288820 - Dental rf coil, head-fixing unit, and magnetic resonance imaging system including same: The invention relates to an MRI system, comprising: an examination table including a cradle in which a patient may be positioned; a magnetic assembly disposed in the examination table and including first and second electrode assemblies, the respective electrode surfaces of which are disposed so as to be perpendicularly spaced... Agent: Catholic University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation

20120288821 - Dental vacuum: An in-treatment room dental vacuum system includes a vacuum producer and an operator tool including an evacuator tip. A separator is coupled with the vacuum producer and is disposed between the vacuum producer and the operator tool. A hose assembly connects the operator tool and the separator. In use, the... Agent:

20120288822 - Dental hand instrument having an elongate handle sleeve: A dental hand instrument having an elongate handle sleeve, at the front end of which there are disposed means for holding a treatment tool, for example a dental drill, there are disposed inside the handle sleeve means for driving the treatment tool, which driving means have at least two rotatably... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voight Gmbh

20120288823 - Dental handpiece: A dental handpiece has a head section, a neck section, a grip section connected to the grip section, and a drive unit connected to the grip section. The handpiece also has detent means for preventing relative rotation between the neck and grip sections. The detent means includes a detent pin... Agent:

20120288825 - Abutment for a dental implant: d

20120288824 - Dental implant: In order to allow an adjustment of the tooth restoration structure to properties of a natural tooth the dental implant comprises a jacket member consisting at least in part of an osseo-integratable material and enclosing a cavity in an apical direction, and a filling member consisting of fiber reinforced material... Agent:

20120288826 - Dental implants and methods for their insertion into patients: A dental implant includes a threaded fixture, at least a portion of which is configured for implantation into bone in a patient's jaw, and an abutment configured for coupling to the threaded fixture, at least a portion of which is configured to remain above the patient's gum line. The threaded... Agent:

20120288827 - Polyaxial dental implant system: A dental implant system is described, including a lower implant body configured to be implanted in bone, and an upper implant body that couples to the lower body, thereby forming a cavity between upper and lower bodies. The system can further include a rotatable, swivelable anchor having a base at... Agent: Jbsg Management LLC

20120288828 - Surface treatment process for implants made of titanium alloy: A titanium 6 Al/4V alloy is provided with a surface topography that is similar to the Osseotite® surface produced on commercially pure titanium. Native oxide is removed from the Ti 6Al/4V alloy, followed by contacting the metal at ambient temperature with an aqueous hydrochloric acid solution containing a relatively small... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20120288829 - Micro-abrasive blasting device for dental applications and methods: A micro-abrasive blasting device comprises a mixing chamber, a delivery conduit extending from external the mixing chamber to the mixing chamber and a discharge conduit extending from the mixing chamber. Abrasive material may selectively be sealed in the chamber by positioning the discharge conduit to abut the inlet port. The... Agent:

11/08/2012 > 10 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120282565 - Dental appliance with tension band and method for making: A method of making an orthodontic appliance for repositioning teeth or as a retainer according to the present invention includes preparing a dental model for the fabrication of an orthodontic aligner, placing the dental model on a thermo-forming machine, thermoforming a soft flexible material onto the dental model, the soft... Agent:

20120282566 - Probes and biofluids for treating and removing deposits from tissue surfaces: An apparatus is used to perform disinfection procedures on target tissues within root canal passages and tubules. The apparatus can include an electromagnetic radiation emitting tip having a distal end and a radiation emitting region disposed proximally of the distal end. According to one aspect, the apparatus can include a... Agent:

20120282567 - System and method for planning a first and second dental restoration: A computer-based method and system of virtually planning a dental restoration in a patient are disclosed, including steps, units or code segments for virtually planning a first dental restoration. First production data is based on the planned first dental restoration for production thereof or of a product related to a... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20120282569 - Filling station for self-contained dental water supply systems and method of use: One possible embodiment of the invention could a filling station for fluid containers used in self-contained dental water supply systems comprising at least one pressurized fluid supply; at least one low pressure gas supply; the first valve circuit continuously connecting to the at least one pressurized fluid supply; the second... Agent:

20120282568 - Self-regulating fluid dispensing cap system and method of use: A cap system for connecting a fluid container to a self-contained dental water supply system of a dental work station comprising of a cap that attaches to an open end of a fluid container, a cap holder comprising a manifold and a manifold holder, the manifold connects to the self-contained... Agent:

20120282570 - Toothcleaning device: Equipment for daily dental care: teeth are cleaned by water jet with admixed softly abrasive media for the dissolution of plaques. A particular mixing chamber for the transfer of the ingredients from tabs may be branched either to by passes on faucets or showering mixing taps or to hereditary water... Agent:

20120282571 - Endodontic instruments and methods of manufacturing thereof: A method for manufacturing a nonlinear superelastic file comprising the steps of: providing a superelastic file having a shaft and a file axis; providing a fixture including a file groove being defined by one or more displacement members, the file groove configured for receiving the shaft; inserting at least a... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20120282572 - Methods, apparatuses, computer programs, and systems for creating a custom dental prosthetic using cad/cam dentistry: A procedure for creating a dental prosthetic includes registering three-dimensional (3D) dental impression image data of a tooth restoration site and 3D x-ray image data of the tooth restoration site, and removing image data corresponding to soft tissue in the tooth restoration site from the 3D dental impression image data.... Agent: Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

20120282573 - Tooth scaffolds: Provided is an acellular mammalian tooth-shaped scaffold comprising a compound that is chemotactic, osteogenic, dentinogenic, amelogenic, or cementogenic. Also provided is a method of replacing a tooth in the mouth of a mammal, where the tooth is absent and a tooth socket is present in the mouth at the position... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20120282574 - Device for generating gaseous species: The device has a housing 28 for the plasma generator 16, a battery 116 and a signal generator 58 for energising the plasma generator. The gas capsule 12 docks with the housing 28. The device is adapted to be hand-held, typically by the gas capsule 12, and operated to allow... Agent: Linde Aktiengesellschaft

11/01/2012 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120276496 - Rotating orthodontic bracket with locking mechanism: An orthodontic bracket mountable on a tooth for use in retraction mechanics to facilitate movement of teeth along an arch, which includes an archwire-receiving member rotatably mounted on a base and structured to freely rotate when tipping a tooth during sliding of the bracket along an archwire thereby minimizing friction... Agent:

20120276497 - Apparatus and methods for root canal treatments: Apparatus and methods for root canal treatments are provided. In some embodiments, an aiming element may be used to position a high-velocity liquid jet near a desired location in the tooth. Embodiments of the aiming element may include an interrupter that deflects or impedes the liquid jet when it is... Agent: Sonendo, Inc.

20120276498 - Disposable dental handpiece: A sterile, substantially maintenance free disposable dental handpiece is constructed from two shells and a center core, the center core having a flow deflector on one end. The shells are joined around the core with mating protrusions and/or tapered walls to form the body and head of the handpiece. A... Agent: Axenic Dental, Inc.

20120276499 - Treatment device: An interdental treatment device comprises a generator 16 for generating a non-thermal gaseous plasma at a temperature suitable for use in oral treatment and an applicator 18 of the non-thermal plasma. The applicator 18 may comprise a hollow needle member for directing a jet of the non-thermal plasma interdentally. Alternatively... Agent:

20120276500 - Root canal instrument and method of making the root canal instrument: A root canal instrument includes a twisted strip having a titanium-nickel alloy or a plastics material. The strip has a cross-section having three exterior surfaces or four exterior surfaces. A coating is disposed on at least one exterior surface, the coating includes abrasive particles. A method of making the root... Agent:

20120276501 - Disposable osteogenesis and osseointegration promotion and maintenance device for endosseous implants: A disposable osteogenesis and osseointegration promotion and maintenance device that includes : a dental abutment; a stimulation circuit positioned within a space defined at least partially by the dental abutment; and at least one externally disposed electrode that is spaced apart from a dental implant that is connected to the... Agent: Cellectric Medical Ltd.

20120276502 - Design and manufacture of dentures: Manufacturing dentures for a patient includes preparing a dentition plan; designing dentures based on the dentition plan; and fabricating the dentures. To fabricate the dentures, one or more patterns of the dentures may be produced, tooth substitutes may be assembled on the pattern, and one or more denture bases may... Agent: Geodigm Corporation

20120276503 - Curable dental compositions and articles comprising polymerizable ionic liquids: Presently described are curable dental compositions comprising a polymerizable ionic liquid. The polymerizable ionic liquid comprises one or more ethylenically unsaturated (e.g. free-radically polymerizable) groups. Various embodiments of curable dental compositions are described. In some embodiments, the polymerizable ionic liquid is a monofunctional polymerizable ionic liquid comprising an ethylenically unsaturated... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

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