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10/25/2012 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120270172 - Bone augmentation device and method: A bone augmentation device includes at least one axial member defining a longitudinal axis and a plurality of transverse members. Each transverse member extends from a first end, or removably connected to the at least one axial member to a second end configured for fixation with bone. The transverse members... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120270173 - Aligners for incrementally moving teeth, and methods and apparatus of making and using such aligners: Apparatus for repositioning teeth from an initial tooth arrangement to a final tooth arrangement, comprising a series of individual appliances comprising an introductory appliance that conforms to the initial tooth position, and remaining appliances of the series designed to incrementally reposition the teeth from an initial tooth arrangement, through a... Agent: Clear Correct Holdings, Inc.

20120270174 - Orthodontic working arch wire, and orthodontic treatment system including said arch wire: The invention relates to an orthodontic working arch wire (2) for moving at least one tooth of a dental arch of patient to he treated from a first spatial configuration toward a second spatial configuration, including an element for connecting (42) to the tooth to be treated, which is intended... Agent:

20120270175 - Self-ligating bracket for orthodontic treatment: A self-ligating orthodontic bracket assembly has a bracket with an archwire slot extending in a mesial-distal direction for receiving an archwire; a vertical slot extending into the bracket to intersect the archwire slot; and a retentive boss in the vertical slot. A retentive pin slides in the vertical slot between... Agent: Specialty Appliance Works, Inc.

20120270176 - Method for producing a dentist tool: A method for producing a dentist tool for use in removing tooth structure is provided. The method includes acquiring three-dimensional data relating to a shape of a tooth and part of a neighbouring tooth. The method includes processing the data to determine an overlay fitting the tooth and part of... Agent: Den-mat Holdings, LLC

20120270177 - Dental ultrasonic drug delivery system and dental ultrasonic drug delivery method: A dental ultrasonic drug delivery system capable of accurately cleaning the inside of root canals and killing bacteria in dentin tubules is provided. The dental ultrasonic drug delivery system delivers a drug to a target using an ultrasonic delivery device 800. The drug is delivered in a mixed state with... Agent: National Center For Geriatrics And Gerontology

20120270178 - Guidance assembly tip for a liquid droplet spray teeth cleaing appliance: The guidance assembly is used for precise cleaning of interproximal spaces of teeth. The guidance assembly includes a base portion (30) for contacting the surfaces of teeth and gum region, adjacent the interproximal space, the base portion being approximately 12 mm in diameter to provide stable contact with the teeth... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120270179 - Method of providing a patient-specific dental fixture-mating arrangement: The present invention relates to a method of providing a patient-specific dental fixture-mating arrangement, such as a dental abutment. According to the method, an arrangement is provided which can only be arranged in one rotational position with respect to a fixture in the jawbone of a patient. The arrangement is... Agent: Astra Tech Ab

20120270180 - Set of dental components: According to an aspect of the invention, in a set of male dental components, such as abutment screws, each male dental component has a threaded portion with different core diameter. Each male dental component is to be connected to a mating female dental component, such as an abutment. The smaller... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20120270181 - Locking implant: An implant assembly for supporting a prosthesis, the assembly comprising: a implant comprising: a body portion located at a distal end of the bladed implant; a collar portion located at a proximal end of the implant; a central bore extending through the collar portion and into the implant body portion,... Agent:

20120270182 - Dentition score: Methods, systems, algorithms, and uses for dentition scores having clinical applicability for an individual patient are described herein. The scores increase as a condition worsens and decrease with treatment. The score can be used to communicate the status of a patient's dentitions to the patient, to an insurer, or to... Agent: Previser Corporation

20120270183 - Method of treating and/or preventing conditions caused by microorganisms using an oral light device: Generally regarded as safe (GRAS) dyes can be used as photosensitizing dyes in oral compositions to provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory efficacy. Embodiments include oral care compositions including photosensitizing dyes, methods of making the compositions, methods of using the compositions, and kits containing the compositions and light emitting devices.... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20120270185 - Dental apparatus: The present invention provides a dental apparatus (1) for strengthening a tooth, comprising a heating means (15) for heating the dentin of the tooth. The dental apparatus (1) of the present invention can safely and effectively reinforce a tooth from which the dental pulp has been removed.... Agent: Osaka University

20120270184 - Endodontic sealing composition: This invention relates to a composition resulting from the mixture of a solid phase, comprising at least one calcium derivative powder in association with at least one radioopacifier and at least one polymer and optionally at least one non-radioopaque filler, all in powder form; and aqueous phase comprising water, at... Agent: Septodont Ou Septodont Sas Ou Specialites Septodont

10/18/2012 > 10 patent applications in 5 patent subcategories.

20120264077 - Dental tools for photo-curing of dental filings: A dental tool for use in photo-cured filling processes. The dental tool includes a tool tip formed from a material that allows the transmission of ultraviolet and visible light wavelengths through the tool tip without significant distortion or reflection. The material is also relatively high strength so not to shatter... Agent:

20120264078 - Kit containing photosensitizing dyes: Generally regarded as safe (GRAS) dyes can be used as photosensitizing dyes in oral compositions to provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory efficacy. Embodiments include oral care compositions including photosensitizing dyes, methods of making the compositions, methods of using the compositions, and kits containing the compositions and light emitting devices.... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20120264079 - Dental evacuation tool: Devices for connection to a dental evacuation system and methods of manufacturing the same. In one example, a dental evacuation device for connection to a dental evacuation system includes an elongated body having a central passageway extending through the body, a protective tip disposed over and extending from an end... Agent: Jessy S. Sidhu, Professional Corporation

20120264080 - Dental high volume suction tube with protective cap: The crown shaped cap facilitates retraction of the tongue, cheeks or lips within, and about, the oral cavity. It also enables a dentist to work on teeth without the danger of causing tissue plug injury to the retracted tongue, cheek or lips, while still allowing suction of larger particles. The... Agent:

20120264081 - Healing abutment system for bone contouring: The present invention uses an anatomically shaped bone graft contouring abutment in place of a conventional healing abutment to control the bone graft for optimal height. The extraction site aesthetics, in the form of enhanced gingival growth, are facilitated by the optimal bone graft placement.... Agent:

20120264082 - Device and method intended for holding a prosthesis in dental implantology: The invention relates to a device intended for connecting a prosthesis to a dental implant or directly to the jawbone of a patient, of the type including a pier (1) provided with a frustoconical head (13) with a half-cone angle (A) and a linking capsule (3) provided with a frustoconical... Agent:

20120264084 - Fixture: The present invention relates to a fixture for insertion into a bore hole arranged in bone tissue, comprising a threaded leading portion and a threaded trailing portion located coronally of the leading portion.... Agent:

20120264086 - Fixture and a fixture set: A fixture for insertion into a bore hole arranged in bone tissue is provided. The fixture has a threaded leading portion provided with at least one cutting edge for creating a female thread in the bone tissue, and a threaded trailing portion following the leading portion in the created female... Agent:

20120264083 - Fixture and a fixture set and a method: The present invention relates to a fixture, such as a dental fixture, for insertion into a bore hole arranged in bone tissue, comprising a threaded leading portion and a threaded trailing portion located coronally of the leading portion. By a widened threading at the trailing portion, the bone tissue is... Agent:

20120264085 - Fixture, a thread maker and a fixture set: The invention relates to a fixture, such as a dental fixture, for insertion into a bore hole arranged in bone tissue. The fixture has two condensation portions which may be designed to provide the same or different tensile strain levels to the cortical and cancellous bone tissue, respectively. The invention... Agent:

10/11/2012 > 16 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120258417 - Elastic bands for orthodontic use: An orthodontic band is provided made from an elastomeric material wherein the band has a shape which simulates the profile of an object with an open area within the band. In its unstretched condition the outer perimeter of the band is of a shape which is not a smooth continuous... Agent:

20120258416 - Method to define, measure, and display mesiodistal angulation and faciolingual inclination of each whole tooth: This is directed to systems, processes, machines, and other means that determine the mesiodistal angulation and the faciolingual inclination of each whole tooth in three-dimensional space in the field of orthodontics and displaying the results in constructed panoramic views.... Agent:

20120258418 - Portable simultaneous tooth prophylaxis and bleaching system: A portable dental prophylaxis and bleaching system is provided for simultaneous tooth polishing and bleaching. It includes an oscillatory driving handpiece, a dental angle with a disposable rubber cup assembly, a dual-component dispenser, and a disposable mouthpiece. The battery-powered handpiece transforms a continuous rotation through a driving cam into a... Agent:

20120258419 - Medicine delivery system: An injection assembly for injecting medicine. The assembly includes a selectively collapsible elastomeric bulb having a hollow interior and an outlet. The bulb is collapsible from an expanded configuration in which the hollow interior has an expanded volume to a collapsed configuration in which the hollow interior has a collapsed... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120258420 - dispensing device for a dental material and a method of filling the device: A dispensing device for a dental material, comprises a container that has a passageway with a front opening for releasing the dental material, and a rear opening. The device has a first fill opening in the passageway arranged between the rear opening and the front opening. The device further has... Agent:

20120258421 - Anesthetic syringe: A syringe assembly for dispensing medicine from a cartridge having a diaphragm and a piston opposite the diaphragm. The assembly includes a barrel having a hollow interior, an open proximal end, a closed distal end, and an outlet. The assembly also includes a cartridge receiver slidably receivable in the hollow... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120258423 - Capsule and delivery tip with transition portion for dispensing viscous reactive dental materials: A material capsule containing a reactive or caustic dental material and a separately attachable delivery tip having a metal cannula. A material capsule for placement in a syringe contains a reactive or caustic dental material for dispensing through a metal cannula. The material capsule is sealed for storing the caustic... Agent: Centrix, Inc.

20120258424 - Dental auto-mixing method, device, and composition for temporary cements: The abstract has been amended as follows: A method of dispensing a hardenable dental composition, which can form a temporary bond, comprising 1) providing multi-part hardenable dental composition comprising part (A) in the form of a paste comprising acid-reactive glass particles and a liquid selected from the group consisting of... Agent:

20120258422 - Mixing and application capsule for producing a dental preparation: A mixing and application capsule for producing a dental preparation is described. The mixing and application capsule can have a capsule body with a mixing space for receiving a mixture component and for mixing the dental preparation from the mixture component and a fluid and with an outlet orifice for... Agent: Voco Gmbh

20120258425 - Apparatus for removing enamel or debris from a tooth: An apparatus for removing enamel or debris from a tooth includes a blade having an abrasive surface and a handle portion. The handle portion includes a support portion for mounting the blade and a shank having a proximal end connected to the support portion and a distal end. The shank... Agent: Sdc Switzerland Sa

20120258426 - Dental prosthetic device with remoldable base: A dental prosthetic device (10,110) having a base (12,112) constructed of an inexpensive remoldable material, such as, for example, ethylene vinyl acetate, to allow for inexpensive and quick fitting and refitting to accommodate changes in dental structure (122). Harder teeth-like structures (14,114) are associated with a mounting surface (20,120) of... Agent:

20120258427 - Dental abutment including fillet: Exemplary embodiments relate to a dental abutment and methods of forming the same. The abutment may include a head portion located at an upper end of the abutment and constructed to support a prosthetic tooth replacement and soft tissue adjacent the head portion, an anti-rotation feature located at a lower... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20120258429 - Dental implant system with a bone superstructure and method for manufacturing such a bone superstructure: The invention concerns a method for manufacturing a bone superstructure (4) and a dental implant system with an implant (5) and a bone superstructure (4) to at least partly fill bone defects (2) in a jaw (1), whereby the bone superstructure (4) has a bone side (11) which is intended... Agent:

20120258428 - Modulating laser focal length to optimize surface texturing on multiple surfaces: A system and method for applying a uniform micro-textured surface treatment to a deep-thread dental implant by rapidly modulating the focal point of a laser to laser etch surfaces of both the thread peaks and the thread valleys in a single pass.... Agent:

20120258430 - Production of individual dental prosthesis via cad/cam and rapid manufactoring/rapid prototyping from data of the digital impression: A method for automated manufacture of dentures including providing a digital data set of the individual denture to be produced, a digital separation of the model into dental arch and gingival, producing the dental arch from a ceramic or plastic material using cutting technology, producing the denture base through generative... Agent: Heraeus Kulzer Gmbh

20120258431 - Method and system for tracking jaw motion: Methods are provided to record and utilize jaw motion data using low-angle photogrammetric techniques. A method is described based on using an extraoral imaging apparatus to capture images of texture placed on tooth or soft tissue surfaces. Upper and lower textural surface regions of the oral cavity are imaged simultaneously,... Agent:

10/04/2012 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120251969 - Method of forming an orthodontic transfer tray: An orthodontic bracket having an opening for receiving a wire, but without a base to create a lever arm when the bracket is oriented in free space at a customized angle relative to a tooth surface. The bracket can be embedded into or encapsulated by an adhesive that is bonded... Agent:

20120251970 - Removable bite plane appliance: A convertible oral bite plate appliance has at least one removable occusal shim attached and conforming to the outer surface of a base. The removable occlusal shim is preferably attached by complementary ribs and grooves on the lingual and buccal/labial portions of the occlusal shim and the base. Elastic bands... Agent:

20120251971 - System for protection of soft tissues against a teeth whitening substance: The appliance includes a brushhead having conductive fiber bristles by which a potential is applied to electrochemically activate a teeth whitening substance, such as peroxide, in the vicinity of the teeth. An impedance appliance system (62) or an optical appliance system (27) provides information concerning whether the conductive fiber bristles... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120251973 - light guide for a dental light device and a method of making the light guide: A light guide adapted for use with a dental light device has a reflector tube for receiving light from a light source of a light device and for guiding the light toward an end of the reflector tube. The light guide comprises further a reflector plate adjacent the end of... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120251972 - Laser assisted periodontium and osseus regeneration protocol: A protocol of treating gum disease using a soft tissue diode laser which generates a beam of light having a wavelength in the infrared range at 0.5 to 1.2 watts, used with intermittent stops to control tissue temperature, to decontaminate the gum tissue and biostimulate the periodontium nonsurgically when used... Agent:

20120251974 - Method and kit for dental implant drilling guides: Method and kit for producing implant drilling guides positioned at the proper orientation to avoid inadvertent damage to critical regions of the patient's jaw when drilling to place dental implant screws. The method works by placing a small post device with x-ray visible depth markers in the root socket of... Agent:

20120251975 - Oral care apparatus: An oral care apparatus is an apparatus for performing care on an oral cavity using a care member, and includes an accelerometer, a driving unit for vibrating the care member, and a vibration frequency detection unit for detecting a vibration frequency of the care member. The vibration frequency detection unit... Agent: Omron Healthcare Co., Ltd.

20120251976 - Two-part dental implant: A two-part dental implant includes distal and proximal stem portions which in an interconnected condition at least indirectly adjoin each other at a connecting location and have mutually facing surfaces in the region of the connecting location. A sealing body is provided between the mutually facing surfaces of the distal... Agent:

20120251977 - Endosseous dental implant: Dental implant, comprising a central body (1) with a substantially conical or frustoconical shape and having, extending from the end with a larger cross-section, a connection seat (701) able to receive a stump pin; this central body (1) is provided with a blade (2) positioned in a longitudinal mid-plane of... Agent:

20120251978 - Method and kit for producing dental implant drilling guides: A method and kit for producing implant drilling guides positioned at the proper angle and orientation so as to avoid inadvertent damage to critical regions of the patient's jaw when drilling to place dental implant screws. The method works by placing a small post with x-ray visible depth markers in... Agent:

20120251979 - Dental implant mill blank articles and methods: Methods of fabricating a dental restoration from dental mill blanks that further comprise a dental implant abutment integrated therein are described. Also described are dental mill blanks and dental prosthesis articles and methods of making dental mill blanks.... Agent:

20120251980 - Method of forming patient specific implants with improved osseointegration: A patient-specific bone implant has a porous body with a core material covered with tantalum. It is made with unique outer dimensions selected to match a specific patient.... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20120251981 - Device and method for administering teeth whitening and antimicrobial compositions: The disclosure relates to a method for treating or preventing periodontal disease, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. The method may comprise the steps of a) providing a composition disposed within a reservoir, the reservoir being fluidly connected to an exterior surface of an applicator having a frictional stress value sufficient... Agent: Klox Technologies Inc.

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