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Dentistry September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 14 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120244486 - Dental tool with adjustable head: A dental tool may include a head that may include a working portion and a neck. The neck may include a first end and a second end, and the working portion may extend from the first end. A handle may include a clamp and a socket. The socket may be... Agent:

20120244487 - Head positioning instrument: A head positioning instrument is provided for accurately modeling the position of a patient's jaw for orthodontic treatment planning. The horizontal distance between a pair of reference points that are visible on an x-ray are measured. These reference points are then utilized to ensure that substantially true vertical and substantially... Agent:

20120244488 - Computer automated development of an orthodontic treatment plan and appliance: A computer is used to create a plan for repositioning an orthodontic patient's teeth. The computer receives an initial digital data set representing the patient's teeth at their initial positions and a final digital data set representing the teeth at their final positions. The computer then uses the data sets... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20120244489 - Ultrasonic orthodontal monitoring system and method: An ultrasonic orthodontal monitoring system and method of use is described herein, featuring an intraoral ultrasonic transducer and an ultrasonic monitoring apparatus configured to connect to the intraoral ultrasonic transducer, generate and send electrical pulse signals to the intraoral ultrasonic transducer, receive measured signals from the intraoral ultrasonic transducer, and... Agent:

20120244490 - Head positioning instrument: A head positioning instrument is provided for accurately modeling the position of a patient's jaw for orthodontic, prosthodontic, dental, or orthognatic surgery treatment planning The horizontal distance between a pair of reference points that are visible on an x-ray are measured. These reference points are then utilized to ensure that... Agent:

20120244491 - Device and method for teeth brightening: The disclosure relates to a device for applying a tooth brightening composition to a tooth that includes a reservoir fluidly connected to an applicator, wherein the applicator has a frictional stress value sufficient to cause mechanical displacement of a biofilm present on a surface of the tooth. Alternatively or in... Agent:

20120244492 - Medical air-driven handpiece with anti-retraction stop: The invention relates to a medical turbine handpiece, in particular a dental turbine handpiece, having a drive shaft rotatably mounted in the front end region of the handpiece and to which a tool can be connected, as well as a turbine wheel arranged so as to be non-rotatable on the... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120244493 - Screw syringe as well as a syringe barrel and female part for a screw syringe: Screw syringe comprising a piston spindle with an external thread, a syringe barrel, comprising a sleeve with a piston end, and a female part with an internal thread. The female part slides in a radial sliding direction onto the piston end. The female part has a flange that creates a... Agent: Voco Gmbh

20120244494 - Apparatus and method for removing enamel from a person's tooth: According to one embodiment, an apparatus for removing enamel from a person's tooth includes a blade portion and an arch portion coupled to the blade portion. The blade portion includes an abrasive surface having a repeating pattern of recesses, and the abrasive surface is adapted to remove enamel from the... Agent:

20120244495 - Clamping device for a dental tool in a dental turbine handpiece: A clamping device for a dental tool in a dental turbine handpiece having at least one clamping lever that is supported in a fulcrum and that extends along the axis of a tool shank to be clamped, wherein the clamping lever is designed and arranged such that the tool shank... Agent: Minebea Co., Ltd.

20120244496 - Dental polishing device and method: The invention provides a dental method including forming a polishing member sufficient, when rotated, to polish a cut unpolished dental tooth surface to a surface roughness of less than 0.07 sRa μm and, to polish an unpolished dental restorative material supported by a tooth in a patient's mouth to a... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20120244497 - Fluted osteotome and surgical method for use: A surgical method and tool for expanding an initial osteotomy (42) to receive a dental implant (44). An osteotome (22) having a tapered working end (28) is inserted into the initial osteotomy (42). The initial osteotomy (42) is enlarged by simultaneously rotating and pushing the working end (28) of the... Agent:

20120244498 - Formable resorbable biomaterial interface for dental implant devices: A method is provided for forming a three-dimensional resorbable product contoured to a bone defect in a mandible or maxilla. The product is also provided. At least one surface of a resorbable biomaterial element is textured to allow the element to be bent and formed into a three-dimensional shape that... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20120244499 - Forrest sponge aided sinus membrane lift technique: The technical considerations of my invention are the use of medical grade polyurethane foam in sinus membrane surgery by a dentist, physician, or a veterinarian, as a non-cutting surgical instrument. The invention is use of various shapes to do the job of cutting loose the sinus membrane from the sinus... Agent:

09/20/2012 > 17 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120237887 - Orthodontic bracket for use on deciduous teeth: The present invention relates to an orthodontic bracket specifically designed for use with the deciduous teeth and method for its use. The bracket is unique in providing a debonding tab which reduces the potential for damage to the tooth due to the application of excessive force during the debonding process.... Agent:

20120237890 - Apparatus for caries detection: An apparatus for obtaining an image of a tooth having at least one light source providing incident light having a first spectral range for obtaining a reflectance image from the tooth and a second spectral range for exciting a fluorescence image from the tooth. A polarizing beamsplitter in the path... Agent: Carestream Health, Inc.

20120237888 - Dental probe with bristles: What is disclosed is a dental tool having a probe and a portion configured to disguise the dental probe from a patient.... Agent:

20120237889 - Device for recording images of three-dimensional objects: A device for recording images of three-dimensional objects (10), in particular teeth, has a light source (22) and a camera (32) for recording images of the object (10), whereby in the beam path of the light source (22), at least one transparent vehicle (36, 37) is arranged with a pattern... Agent: Atron3d Gmbh

20120237892 - Electronic register device for recording jaw movements: An electronic register device for recording movements of the lower jaw of a person relative to the upper jaw of the person, the device having a bite fork for recording a position of the upper jaw relative to reference points on the head of the person, wherein the bite fork... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120237891 - Temporomandibular joint dislocation reduction roller: A medical/dental instrument that is a temporomandibular joint dislocation reduction roller is provided. The temporomandibular joint dislocation reduction roller assists reduction of a dislocated temporomandibular joint. The temporomandibular joint dislocation reduction roller reduces the risk of injury to the patient as well as to the health care professional during the... Agent:

20120237893 - Apparatus, methods, and compositions for endodontic treatments: Examples of apparatus, methods, and compositions for endodontic treatments are described. The apparatus can include a fluid platform configured to substantially retain fluid in a tooth chamber during treatment. The fluid platform can help maintain fluid circulation in the tooth chamber as fluid flows into and out of the tooth... Agent: Sonendo, Inc.

20120237894 - Dental apparatus: A dental apparatus for removing fluid from a patient's mouth during a dental procedure, the dental apparatus includes an intraoral tip having a wall defining a cavity, the wall having a plurality of apertures and at least one opening, the apertures being distributed over the wall; and a hollow tube... Agent: University Of Manitoba

20120237895 - Ultrasonic scaler tip: An ultrasonic scaler tip, capable of effectively removing tartar or the like adhered around an artificial tooth root, is provided. An ultrasonic scaler is also provided, which prevents metal material (for example, ion), except for titanium or titanium alloy, from adhering around the artificial tooth root and disturbing tissue growth... Agent: Yugen Kaisha Seista

20120237897 - Dental appliance for abrading dental resin: A dental appliance for abrading dental resin, particularly in the interproximal space, is characterized by a length of dental tape formed of a supple, synthetic monofilament material of a rectangular cross section having an abrading material on an exterior portion thereof suitable for abrading dental resin, and a plastic threading... Agent:

20120237896 - Flexible band file with improved control for dental work in orthodontics, in conservative dentistry and in prophylaxis: A flexible band file with improved control for dental work in orthodontics, in conservative dentistry and in prophylaxis comprises a flexible abrasive foil, extending mainly longitudinally, and provided at both ends with grip elements fixedly connected to the foil to constitute a single piece.... Agent: Sdc Switzerland Sa

20120237900 - Conically tapered dental implant: A dental implant (1) is intended to be inserted into the maxillary or mandibular bone of a patient, extending between a distal connection end (1a) and a proximal anchoring end (1b). The dental implant (1) has a maximum outside diameter (D) less than 3 mm over its entire length (L)... Agent: Anthogyr

20120237899 - Dental implant assembly: The present invention relates to a dental implant assembly, comprising a fixture for insertion into a jawbone which is provided with a first thread with a first thread start, and a dental component which is not axially symmetrical and which is provided at its apical end with a second thread... Agent: Astra Tech Ab

20120237898 - Multi-stage dental implant: A dental implant is provided having a longitudinal axis, and comprising an elongate body portion at an apical portion of the implant and a neck portion at a coronal portion of the implant. A first helical thread profile is around a first portion of the elongate body, at the apical... Agent: Paltop Advanced Dental Solutions Ltd.

20120237901 - Denture adhesive remover for intraoral and extraoral use: Described herein are all-natural compositions and methods of using them for removing denture adhesive from both the denture apparatus and the oral cavity. The compositions comprise acetic acid and water. The invention includes wipes premoistened with a composition of the invention.... Agent:

20120237902 - Techniques for providing custom-formed implants: Techniques for providing medical implants that have been custom-formed for a particular patient for surface treatment to alter properties of a surface of an implant component. A dental abutment implant component, custom-formed by removing or adding material or by providing an electronic or other specification for its fabrication, is provided... Agent: Joseph Maniscalco Dds PC

20120237903 - Dental model: A dental modal for making a dental prosthesis has a base body formed with model teeth and model gingiva and with a cutout in an edentate area and with a hole in a floor of the cutout. A plate is releasably fittable complementarily in the cutout and is formed with... Agent:

09/13/2012 > 15 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120231408 - Orthodontic appliance with low profile clip: Provided is an improved self-ligating orthodontic appliance and methods of assembling the same. The improved orthodontic appliance uses at least one resilient clip to releasably couple an archwire to the body, where a portion of the clip is rigidly coupled to the appliance body in a position and orientation that... Agent:

20120231409 - Archwire assembly with stops: An archwire assembly comprises an archwire with a crimpable sleeve adapted to slidably move along the archwire so as to be positioned between two adjacent brackets of orthodontic braces. The archwire assembly further includes a stop applied to the archwire and adapted to limit the movement of the sleeve along... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20120231410 - Device for dispensing a dental material: A device for dispensing a dental material comprises a plunger for extruding a component of the dental material, and a motor for driving the plunger. The device has two electric circuits for powering the motor to drive the plunger forward or backward. A selector switch is arranged in the device... Agent:

20120231411 - Dental probe with curette: There is described a hand-held dental instrument for detection of carious lesions which includes a handle portion defining a longitudinal axis therethrough and at least a first working end, mounted on the handle portion, which includes a probe body extending from the handle portion and a probe tip disposed at... Agent: The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University

20120231412 - Oral appliance for medical treatment: An oral treatment apparatus is provided. A dental mount for mounting on teeth within a mouth is provided. A compartment is connected to and supported by the dental mount. A fluid absorbent substrate is within the compartment. The compartment may be formed by a permeable membrane. The compartment may be... Agent: The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

20120231413 - Endodontic instrument and method of manufacturing: An endodontic instrument for use in a root canal procedure. The instrument is formed from a substantially hollow tube with at least one elongate slotted aperture extending along a portion of a length of the tube. One or more of the edges of the slotted aperture provide cutting surfaces for... Agent:

20120231414 - Fatigue-resistant nitinol instrument: A fatigue-resistant Nitinol instrument has a working portion in the deformed monoclinic martensitic state and an austenite finish temperature in the range of 40° to 60° C. Because the operating environment of the instrument is about 37° C., the working portion remains in the monoclinic martensitic state during its use.... Agent:

20120231415 - Dental handpiece with air-foil bearings: A dental handpiece of the type having a bearing supporting a turbine. At least one of the bearings is an air-foil type.... Agent:

20120231416 - Periodontal scaler and planer combined instrument: Provided is a periodontal instrument adapted for use in debridement of a root surface of a tooth having an axially elongated shaft and a shank. The shank is disposed at an end of the shaft and has a body extending distally relative to the shaft. The body includes a plurality... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120231417 - Process for preparing a ceramic body having a surface roughness: A process for preparing a ceramic body having a surface roughness, said process comprising the step of depositing particles of a ceramic material on the surface of a ceramic basic body. The process is characterized in that separate agglomerates comprising at least two particles and a binder binding the particles... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20120231418 - Dental implant system and method of use: A dental implant system includes an implant having a well, an abutment having a post shaped to be received in the well, and a collar modifiable to the gingival anatomy and the tooth restoration anatomy. Both the implant and the abutment are made from a millable ceramic, and the abutment... Agent:

20120231419 - Dental implant fixture and implant system having the same: Provided are a dental implant fixture and an implant system including the same. The implant system includes at least two fixtures. The at least two fixtures includes a first fixture including a first body and a first thread part, the first thread part having a spiral shape and disposed on... Agent: Megagen Implant Co., Ltd.

20120231420 - Dental shade mapping: A method and apparatus for obtaining a color mapping of a dental object. Illumination is directed toward the object over at least a first and second wavelength band, one band at a time. An image of the dental object is captured at each wavelength band to form a set of... Agent: Carestream Health, Inc.

20120231421 - Digital dentistry: The systems and methods disclosed herein employ a scanning system for capturing highly detailed digital dental models. These models may be used within a dentist's office for a wide array of dental functions including quality control, restoration design, and fitting. These models may also, or instead, be transmitted to dental... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120231422 - Sealbio: a novel non-obturation regenerative technique of endodontic treatment: This invention relates to a novel non-obturation, regenerative technique “SealBio” of endodontic treatment involving regenerative potential of stem cells and signaling molecules, locally available in the peri-radicular region of teeth, wherein they are stimulated to induce healing and deposition of a natural barrier (seal) at the root apex.... Agent: All Indian Institute Of Medical Sciences

09/06/2012 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120225397 - Device for placing a dental splint: A device (1) for placing a dental splint (2) which is intended to be fixed at the level of the lingual, palatal or vestibular surfaces of at least two adjacent teeth (10) to immobilize the teeth. The placing device (1) comprises at least one flexible and elongated guiding support (3)... Agent: Dynadent Sarl

20120225398 - Orthodontic archwire and bracket system: The invention is an archmatrix. In one embodiment the archmatrix of the invention comprises: an occlusal wire; an apical wire; and a plurality of connecting elements located between the occlusal wire and the apical wire (see, e.g., FIG. 3). The connecting elements serve to connect and maintain the configuration of... Agent:

20120225399 - Methods for orthodontic devices: Embodiments presented herein provide methods for forming and coupling an attachment device onto teeth. An embodiment of a method comprises providing a template including a prescribed number and placement of apertures, disposing the template over the teeth exposing tooth surface through each aperture, and disposing an attachment mold through each... Agent: Teasdale Design LLC

20120225401 - System and method for detecting deviations during the course of an orthodontic treatment to gradually reposition teeth: Method and system for detecting and correcting deviation during an orthodontic treatment plan is provided. The method includes the steps of receiving an un-segmented current teeth image representing a patient's teeth after an orthodontic treatment plan has begun and before the plan ends for the patient; matching a previously segmented... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20120225400 - System and method for positioning teeth: Methods and apparatus fit a set of upper and lower teeth in a masticatory system by generating a computer representation of the masticatory system and computing an occlusion based on interactions in the computer representation of the masticatory system.... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20120225402 - Novel dental appliances and methods for their fabrication: The invention consists of a rapidly crosslinkable, two-component silicone elastomer together with a specially designed tray that serves as a form for the silicone resin and forms an integral portion of a dental appliance.... Agent:

20120225403 - Stand for dental technical material: e

20120225404 - Process for cleaning teeth: The present invention is in the field of tooth cleaning devices, especially electrical toothbrushes. The invention further relates to the use of an air/water jet for the cleaning of teeth. A process for cleaning teeth that incorporates a water jet for cleaning teeth remains to be desired, especially a single... Agent:

20120225405 - Plunger for a syringe and method of making such a plunger: A plunger for advancing a substance in a syringe toward a dispensing nozzle. The plunger has a plunger rod and a seal and being formed of a plastic composition. The plastic composition comprises a polymer and a filler which is non-uniformly distributed within the polymer to provide the plunger rod... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120225406 - Endodontic tool and method: A reciprocating endodontic hand tool in which the torque applied to an instrument such as a debriding file does not exceed the elastic limit of the file. This reduces or eliminates opportunities for plastic distortion, fatigue and breakage of the file during the canal debriding/cleaning/shaping process. The rotational limits of... Agent:

20120225408 - Flexible spring fastener: A connector includes a body having a helix configured to change circumferentially in response to a change in force applied to the connector, external and internal surfaces of the helix are configured to have a substantially planar contact surface, at least part of the body is hollow in an axial... Agent:

20120225407 - Restorable zirconium dioxide-based one piece dental implant: A restorable zirconium dioxide-based one piece implant includes an implant root made of zirconium dioxide and having a bottom coarse thread portion mounted in a gum of a patient and a top fine thread portion at a top side of the bottom coarse thread portion, an abutment formed integral with... Agent:

20120225409 - Method for producing individual drilling templates for dental implant surgery in a patient's jawbone: A method for producing an individualized drilling template for dental implant surgery in a patient's jawbone is disclosed. The clinical user (dentist or dental technician) is provided with a transfer template with the aid of which the drilling template can be made on-site. The process is intended for use in... Agent:

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