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Dentistry August inventions list 08/12

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/30/2012 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120219922 - Dental appliance: Embodiments include dental appliances, dental appliance systems, and methods of making and using such appliances. In one embodiment, a dental appliance includes a shell having a number of cavities to receive one or more teeth, each cavity having an inner surface. Fewer than all cavities are scaled-up in size by... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20120219923 - Dental instrument: A dental instrument includes a housing a first part with a circumferential wall and defining a hand-piece for holding, preferably by a single hand, a light source, electrical components for operating the light source, and a tip portion which supports a light guide that receives light from the light source.... Agent: Cms Dental Aps

20120219924 - Illuminating dental instrument, coupling and method of use: A dental instrument, or a coupling connectable to the dental instrument, comprises an illuminator having a plurality of light emitting diodes that are each capable of emitting light at a selected wavelength in a range 260 to 880 nm. White or near white light emitting diodes may also be included... Agent: Topstore Pty Ltd

20120219925 - Dental impression apparatus: A dental impression apparatus for obtaining a patient's dental impression is provided. The dental impression apparatus includes a support frame of a predefined shape, a partially permeable membrane mounted on the support frame, and absorbent barrier members. The support frame includes a distal member, a buccal edge member, and a... Agent:

20120219926 - Cleaning device for teeth and mouth, and cleaning methods: A flossing device cleans inside a mouth and essentially uses a water jet rather like a string of dental floss, to accomplish removal of particles between teeth. The device includes a mouthpiece that fits over the teeth. Advantageously no suction pump, nor power source, is included or needed in the... Agent: S2l, LLC

20120219927 - Endodontic rotary instruments made from hollow tubes and methods of manufacturing thereof: A method for manufacturing a hollow instrument comprising the steps of: providing a hollow tube having a longitudinal tube axis; forming at least one opening along a shaft portion of the hollow tube following a predetermined pattern thereby defining a plurality of fingers; and deforming at least a portion of... Agent:

20120219928 - Jaw implant: A jaw-mounted dental implant with an implant body. The implant body includes an attachment fastening structure arranged in the implant body which fastens an implant attachment on an implant body longitudinal end facing away from a jaw. An attachment plane is arranged at the implant body longitudinal end facing away... Agent:

20120219929 - Method for fixing a superstructure on implants and set for applying this method: The invention relates to a method for mounting a superstructure (19) of a dental prothesis on implants (1) which are provided in the bone (24) of a patient's lower or upper jaw (25), whereby these implants (1) form loadable (1a, 1c) and non-loadable (1b) implants. The superstructure (19) is fixed... Agent:

20120219930 - Machining of ceramic materials: Milling strategies for machining dental ceramic materials are provided that reduce milling time while maintaining strength, accuracy and marginal integrity.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent, Ag

08/23/2012 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120214120 - Intermaxillary fixation device and method of using same: A medical apparatus including a bar with a first attachment loop, a second attachment and a plurality of hooks, wherein the medical apparatus is an arch bar.... Agent:

20120214121 - Orthodontic treatment integrating optical scanning and ct scan data: A process for creating a dental model to avoid periodontal defects during planned dental work includes obtaining CT scan data and optical scan data of a patient's dentition and integrating the CT scan data and the optical scan data by at least one of surface to surface registration, registration of... Agent: Greenberg Surgical Technologies, LLC

20120214122 - Method and apparatus for whitening teeth: An apparatus for whitening teeth comprises a mouth tray comprising a horseshoe-shaped trough sized to accommodate a dental ridge. A planar projection extends from the outer side of the trough so that its far end is external of the mouth. A light box containing a plurality of LEDs couples with... Agent: Whiten, LLC

20120214123 - Oral appliance for delivering a medicament: An oral appliance is provided for delivering a medicament to at least a portion of teeth and/or soft tissue areas inside a mouth, the oral appliance comprising an interior surface having a porous material disposed on at least a portion of the interior surface of the oral appliance, the porous... Agent:

20120214124 - High volume carpule system: A high volume carpule system for storing and dispensing a high volume of anesthetic to a patient. A preferred embodiment of the high volume carpule system generally includes a syringe having a modified carpule cavity comprised of an upper ring member and a lower ring member which are linked together... Agent: Dr. Bryan W. Mclelland

20120214125 - Endodontic burs, kits, and methods for using endodontic burs: A conical dental bur for endodontic procedures, including exploration, deep troughing, enlargement of orifices, and canal navigation is presented. The bur of the present invention has a narrow, conical bur head with cutting members along its length. The head of the bur of the present invention is mounted to a... Agent: Ss White Burs, Inc.

20120214126 - Adjustable angle prophy angle adapter: An adjustable angle adapter for a prophy angle comprises a nose, a rotating member, a body, a shaft, and a multi-axis rotation joint. The nose is configured to receive a portion of a prophy angle. The rotating member is positioned within the nose. The body is adjustably connected to the... Agent: Angstrom Manufacturing, Inc.

20120214127 - Dental implant system with separable drive and method: A dental implant system includes an abutment including a first portion configured for disposal within an inner cavity of a dental implant and defining an outer surface configured for fixation with an inner surface of the dental implant. The abutment includes a second portion having a drive configured to separate... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120214130 - Abutment and abutment systems for use with implants: An abutment for supporting a prosthesis relative to an implant includes an implant engaging portion configured to engage with a dental implant and a component supporting portion having a key feature on an external surface portion thereof. The key feature is configured to provide keyed mating engagement with a complimentary... Agent: Aeton Medical LLC

20120214129 - Connecting arrangement between a tooth prosthesis and an implant post: In a connecting arrangement between a tooth prosthesis crown and a head of an implant post between which an intermediate element is arranged engaging both the crown and the implant post head, the intermediate element consist of a spring elastic metal material with inner circumferential segments which elastically project into... Agent:

20120214132 - Dental implant abutment made of titanium: To provide a dental implant abutment made of titanium, which is mounted on the intraoral side of a dental implant fixture embedded in a jawbone and coming to be an artificial tooth root, penetrates through gingiva, and comes to be a base of an upper structure. The dental implant abutment... Agent: Gc Corporation

20120214131 - Dental jaw implant to affix dentures: A dental jaw implant for supporting at least one of a replacement tooth neck and a crown portion includes a monolithic implant body comprising an ingrowth section comprising an ingrowth structure configured to grow together with a patient's jaw bone. An insertion opening is arranged at a coronal axial end.... Agent:

20120214128 - Porous implant device for supporting a denture: A dental implant device has an implant portion for being placed in a bore in bone. The implant portion has a coronal end portion and a porous metal portion. A metal coupling has a coronal end configured for connection to a denture support piece. The coupling also has an apical... Agent: Zimmer Dental

20120214133 - Method for fabricating a custom implant abutment: A system and method for fabricating custom implant abutments uses an implant abutment connector to secure a partial blank with respect to a milling tool of a CNC milling machine. The implant abutment connector has an implant interface geometry of an implant. The partial blank can have a prefabricated implant... Agent:

20120214134 - Shaded zirconium oxide articles: A dental article includes yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline ceramic, and no more than about 0.15 wt. % of one or more coloring agents of one or more of: Fe, Er, Co, Pr, Tb, Cr, Nd, Ce, V, Eu, Ho, Ni, and Cu, oxides thereof, and combinations thereof, whereby the... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

08/16/2012 > 7 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120208143 - Interactive/passive bracket system: Interactive/passive bracket system developed to provide orthodontic treatment in a more comfortable, efficient and faster manner. Its function with the orthodontic wire may be determined by an orthodontist in order to make it interactive or only passive. It is something innovative because no bracket system can provide these two features... Agent:

20120208144 - Orthodontic archwire with integral elements exerting force on the teeth: An orthodontic appliance applicable to traditional appliances includes a transparent brace aligner or a traditional arch wire, generally of metal, and of plates or brackets that are fixed to the vestibular or lingual wall of the teeth. The orthodontic appliance includes a wire forming a second arc or arc portion... Agent: Michele Recchia

20120208146 - Fluted reamer comprising a plurality of helical cutting lips: A new reamer has a cut blade including a plurality of helical cutting lips, wherein a number of helical cutting lips varies along a longitudinal axis of the cut blade.... Agent: Micro Mega International Manufactures

20120208145 - Medical instrument with modified memory and flexibility properties and method: Medical instruments, particularly, endodontic instruments with unique limited memory characteristics, and methods for making such instruments. One embodiment includes heat treating a finished endodontic instrument. A related embodiment includes electropolishing a finished endodontic instrument and then heat treating the endodontic instrument.... Agent: D & S Dental, LLC

20120208147 - Dental instrument: A dental instrument includes a head (2) having cutting edges (1) and made of a ceramic material, and a shaft (3) which can be clamped into a driving member and is made of a metal material. The head (2) includes a mounting plug (4) having an external thread (5) and... Agent: Gebr. Brasseler Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120208148 - Drug alluding dental implant: A dental implant has an implant body that releases drug(s) to the patient. In some embodiments, the dental implant body may be coated with drugs, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and/or anti-infective/antibiotic drugs. The drugs may be formulated in a time released or extended released formulation so as to deliver the... Agent:

20120208149 - Dental composite material and applications thereof: A dental composite material comprises a composite resin and an adjuvant with a concentration of more than 10% by weight of the dental composite material, wherein the adjuvant comprises more than 20% 1,6-Hexanediol Diacrylate (HDDA) by weight of the adjuvant, more than 20% Tripropylene Glycol Diacrylate (TPGDA) by weight of... Agent: National Taiwan University

08/09/2012 > 13 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120202162 - Direct placement system for tooth extrusion: An orthodontic apparatus for direct placement of a ligature for tooth extruding. The apparatus comprises a body having a first end and a second end wherein the first end has a reservoir for receiving adhesive and a ligature having a first end and a second end wherein the first end... Agent:

20120202163 - Orthodontic bracket: An orthodontic bracket includes a body contoured to fit a tooth surface and a lumen extending horizontally across the body to engage orthodontic wires. Different embodiments of the orthodontic bracket are disclosed herein.... Agent:

20120202164 - Orthodontic maxillary micro implant: An orthodontic maxillary micro implant includes a plate and a corrective accessory. The plate is implanted into the keratinized epidermal tissue in the maxilla of the orthodontic patient's oral cavity. First and second locking elements are passed through first and second locking holes situated at both ends of the plate... Agent: Best Medical & Dental International Inc.

20120202165 - Apparatus and method for measuring dentin hypersensitivity: An apparatus for measuring dentin hypersensitivity is provided. The apparatus comprises a dental probe configured to apply force increasingly on a tooth until the applied force corresponds to a threshold force. The apparatus further comprises a load cell that is positioned in the dental probe. The load cell is configured... Agent:

20120202166 - Vibrating dental instruments: A vibrating dental instrument is provided that may be used with different styles of tips for performing different dental procedures. The dental instrument has an elongated body and a tip that is releasably coupled to the elongated body. The dental instrument further has a vibrating apparatus for vibrating the tip... Agent: Kerrhawe Sa

20120202167 - Device and method for lasering biological tissue: Device and method for lasering biological tissue. In a general aspect, the device for lasering a biological tissue may include a source configured to provide a pulsed laser beam, an outcoupler configured to couple the laser beam towards the tissue, and an outfeeder configured to feed a photosensitizer in a... Agent: Lumera Laser Gmbh

20120202168 - Dental hygiene device: An improved dental hygiene device for wearing in the mouth over the teeth and along gums has a flexible open-support structure. The flexible open-support structure has two opposing facing bases, an inner base and an outer base. Each base extends the length of the device and has a curvature to... Agent:

20120202170 - Dental implant articles and methods: Presently described are dental implant articles, including kits, methods of making dental implant articles and methods of use. The dental implant articles (200) described herein comprise preformed dental implant abutment (210) integrated therein. The preformed dental implant abutment comprises a subgingival implant anchor-receiving end and an opposing end wherein the... Agent:

20120202169 - Implant bite registration jig and bite impression fabrication method using the jig: An implant bite registration jig includes a coupling portion configured to produce a clear impression in bite impression material; a connecting portion that connects the implant jig with a fixture embedded in a patient's gums; and a body that is formed between the coupling portion and the connecting portion. The... Agent: Osstem Implant Co., Ltd

20120202171 - Dental appliance: This invention provides a dental appliance for concealing a missing tooth that is easy and inexpensive to fabricate and does not require the patient to spend a lot of time in the dentist's chair or make multiple visits to the dentist's office to be fitted for the appliance. The device... Agent:

20120202172 - Dental hygiene device: A dental hygiene device for wearing in the mouth over the teeth and along gums has a flexible open-support structure and a fabric covering overlying the support structure. The flexible open-support structure has two opposing facing bases, an inner base and an outer base. Each base extends the length of... Agent:

20120202173 - Abutment devices and methods for natural teeth: Root canal abutment devices and methods which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured within a pulp chamber of a pre-existing tooth. The abutment assembly has a projecting abutment... Agent: Rodo Medical, Inc.

20120202174 - Process for laser treatment of dental cavities, biomaterial for realisation and use thereof: The object of this invention relates to a procedure for treatment, both preventive and corrective, of dental cavities. Said procedure consists fundamentally in irradiation of the dental surface to be treated with a Neodymium YAG laser in conformity with specific parameters and conditions, signifying an advance in respect of the... Agent:

08/02/2012 > 9 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120196243 - Orthodontic appliance: An orthodontic appliance 1 for promoting development of a dental arch form in a patient. The appliance 1 includes an arch-shaped base member 2 that is made of a resiliently flexible material, and a teeth engaging member 5 that encloses at least part of the base member 2. The teeth... Agent:

20120196244 - Shaded zirconium oxide articles: A dental article includes yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia polycrystalline ceramic, and no more than about 0.15 wt. % of one or more coloring agents of one or more of: Pr, Tb, Cr, Nd, Co, oxides thereof, and combinations thereof, whereby the dental article is provided with a color corresponding to... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20120196245 - Endodontic instrument and method: An endodontic instrument with an elongate shaft and a plurality of inverted frusto-conical sections with radial cutting edge disposed along a working portion of the shaft.... Agent: D&s Dental, LLC

20120196246 - Reflected gingival tissue retractor device for surgical dental procedures, kit and method for use thereof: A gingival tissue retractor for retracting gingival tissue away from tooth and bone during a surgical procedure having an alveolar bone grip having an open frame structure positionable over at least one tooth and along a predetermined segment of an alveolar bone and providing an inward resilient force about opposite... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120196247 - Dental implant and kit including said dental implant: Dental implant for insertion in the jaw bone of a patient, comprising an elongated body having a longitudinal axis and a coronal end, an interior bore extending longitudinally from the coronal end, and a plurality of longitudinally extending anti-rotation structures formed at the inner circumference of the interior bore, with... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20120196248 - Artificial tooth root: An artificial tooth root includes a root body adapted to be embedded in a jawbone, and a nano-structure layer having a base portion disposed on the root body, and a plurality of separated nanodots that are formed on the base portion and that protrude from the base portion oppositely of... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20120196249 - Dental temporary superstructures and materials for production thereof and corresponding methods: A dental material, a dental mixture or a dental multi-component system for making the material of or core for a temporary superstructure for a dental implant by polymerization hardening, consisting of one, two or a plurality of polymerizable (meth)acrylates, and optionally further constituents. The dental material, the dental mixture or... Agent: Voco Gmbh

20120196250 - Angled dental platform assembly and methods: A dental implant system comprises a base member that is adapted to be embedded within a patient's jawbone at a treatment site. The base member has a generally flat top defining an outer periphery, a buccal side, a lingual side, a bottom, and a central opening. The lingual side or... Agent: Grant Dental Technology Corporation

20120196251 - Electrosurgical system and method for treating hard body tissue: A method of preparing a target hard body tissue, such as osseous or dental tissue, to receive an implant component including; positioning an active electrode in proximity to a target tissue and proximate an electrically conductive fluid, followed by applying a high frequency voltage between the active electrode and a... Agent:

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