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Dentistry July category listing 07/12

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07/26/2012 > 18 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120189970 - Orthodontic aligner removal tool: An orthodontic aligner removal tool and kit. An embodiment of the tool includes a shaft including a proximate end and a distal end. A C-shaped portion is positioned at the proximate end of the shaft. The C-shaped portion includes a top hook and a bottom hook. The top hook extends... Agent:

20120189971 - Dental positioning appliance having metallic portion: Embodiments are provided for utilizing metallic portions in dental positioning appliances. One embodiment includes a removable dental positioning appliance having a shell having one or more cavities shaped to receive and reposition one or more teeth from a first orientation to a successive orientation and where at least a portion... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20120189972 - Aesthetically enhanced temporary anchorage device and method of use thereof: A temporary anchorage device is disclosed having a head located at an exposed end of the device, a square neck attached to the head, a tapered shaft having threads at an implanted end which is opposite the head, and a transmucosal collar positioned between the tapered shaft and the square... Agent: Ingenious Concepts, Inc.

20120189973 - Catch device for catching particles in oral fluid originating in the mouth of a patient in dental treatments: A collecting arrangement for collecting particles from oral fluid from the mouth of a patient during dental treatments, has a) a first particle separating device for separating particles from the oral fluid, wherein the first particle separating device is arrangeable in a flow path of the oral fluid, and b)... Agent:

20120189974 - Fish bone tray: The present invention provides a plastic dental impression acquisition bite tray having a metallic reinforcement inserted into a central connection link and a body area of an impression acquisition frame; and in particular, a dental impression acquisition bite tray in which the top, bottom, left and right walls of the... Agent:

20120189975 - Device and method for locating a pulp chamber in a tooth: A pulp chamber locator assists a dentist in performing a root canal procedure. The device includes a generally circular plate and a plurality of struts extending from the plate. The plate has a hole in the vicinity of its center. The device is inserted over a tooth, such that the... Agent:

20120189976 - Oral care devices and systems: A system and device for providing a beneficial effect to the oral cavity of a mammal, the system including means for directing a fluid effective to provide the beneficial effect onto a plurality of surfaces of the oral cavity; and the hand-held device, the hand-held device being suitable for providing... Agent:

20120189977 - Applicator for a dental liquid: An applicator for a one-handed operation for storing and applying a dental liquid, including a container for the dental liquid and a tubing for guiding the dental liquid from the container to an applicator tip. The container is made of foil, which can be punctured by a mandrel. The dental... Agent: Heraeus Kulzer Gmbh

20120189978 - Ultrasonic dental insert and lighted handpiece assembly: A two-part, modular dental handpiece cable connector system that provides a convenient method for fast field replacement of worn or defective handpiece cables without disassembling the dental device. The two parts include a female connector element that mounts within the device housing and a male connector element to attach the... Agent:

20120189979 - Chuck mechanism for dental handpiece and dental handpiece using the mechanism: A chuck mechanism for a dental handpiece and a dental handpiece with the chuck mechanism are disclosed. The chuck mechanism holds the columnar rotary tool for dental care rotatably with an annular rotor of the dental handpiece and the columnar rotor tool is concentrically detachable to the annular rotor which... Agent: J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation

20120189980 - Assembly of a dental implant and an insertion tool: Combination of a dental implant and an insertion tool for inserting the dental implant into a bone of a patient. The dental implant includes an anti-rotation means having a non-circular cross-sectional contour with at least one planar force transmission surface in the form of an anti-rotation surface (7a, 7b, 7c,... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20120189983 - Calcium aluminate based paste for stabilizing dental implants and restoring tissue attachment after surgery and methods therefore: The present invention relates to a calcium aluminate based paste forming a chemically bonded biomaterial on hydration thereof for in vivo anchoring of new implants, or stabilizing of existing implants in situ to an adjacent bone tissue, which paste provides a controlled pH value and temperature as well as initial... Agent: Doxa Ab

20120189981 - Method for manufacturing dental implant components: A method for making a rapid prototype of a patient's mouth to be used in the design and fabrication of a dental prosthesis. The method takes an impression of a mouth including a first installation site having a dental implant installed in the first installation site and a gingival healing... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20120189982 - Method for manufacturing dental implant components: A method for making a rapid prototype of a patient's mouth to be used in the design and fabrication of a dental prosthesis. The method takes an impression of a mouth including a first installation site having a dental implant installed in the first installation site and a gingival healing... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20120189985 - 3-plans articulated bar to use in dental implants: “3-plans articulated bar to use in dental implants” is a mobile structure consisting of a bar (1) with three dimensional movement (X, Y, Z), that is, on the three geometrical plans, made viable by the retractile and articulated (α) arms (2 and 3) in relation to the anchoring rings (4... Agent:

20120189984 - Apical cutting thread dental implant: An endo-osseous implant has a roughly cylindrical shape with a threaded exterior surface and an internal cavity at the apical end. The internal cavity is open toward the apical end and it has threaded walls that taper toward the exterior surface of the implant to form an apical cutting edge... Agent:

20120189986 - Generating a chemical agent in situ: A method of cleaning teeth by providing a device for generating a chemical agent in situ on an as-needed basis via the application of an electrical potential across a pair of conductors in communication with an electrolyte. The chemical agents may include ozone, hydrogen peroxide, peroxide, chlorine and/or hypochlorite. The... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20120189987 - Simplified chemically bonded ceramic biomaterial comprising two binder systems: The present invention generally relates to chemically bonded ceramic biomaterials, preferably a dental material or an implant material, comprising two binder systems. The main binder system forms a chemically bonded ceramic upon hydration thereof, and comprises powdered calcium aluminate and, optionally, minor amounts of calcium silicate. The second binder system... Agent: Doxa Ab

07/19/2012 > 12 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20120183916 - Elastic ring mounting pistol: The invention relates to a ring installation pistol (1), which is used to automatically install orthodontic rings made of elastic material, which are molded onto a strip (7). By pulling the trigger (2), which is installed in a pistol-shaped housing (3), the working piston (4) is pressed forward. There, the... Agent:

20120183917 - Orthodontic bracket with a pad: Bracket with a pad for affixing it to a tooth of a patient, with a bracket body that has a slot for receiving an orthodontic wire, and with a channel-like wire guide which has wire guide surfaces for guiding the wire and which is assigned a lateral insertion area for... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120183918 - Apparatus for detecting infected tissue: An apparatus and method for detecting infected tissue are disclosed. The apparatus comprises a light source for producing a light beam and an optical element having an input end optically coupled to the light source and an output end arranged to direct the light beam as a confocal beam into... Agent: Osspray Ltd.

20120183919 - Mouthpiece that adjusts to user arch sizes and seals from oxygen exposure: A mouthpiece that adjusts manually to accommodate a broad range of different size sets of upper and lower teeth in the mouth and yet seals the treatment area from oxygen exposure. The mouthpiece includes light emitting diodes and heat generating resistors all arranged in an array. A series of parallel... Agent:

20120183920 - Apparatus and method used in teeth whitening procedure: An apparatus and method for teeth whitening is disclosed that utilized a reflective cheek retractor. The retractor has reflective properties and is flexible enough to be inserted and removed from a patient's mouth. The advantage of the reflective retractor is that the back of the teeth receives better exposure to... Agent:

20120183921 - Dental product comprising at least one veneer: Certain embodiments relate to an individualized dental product ready for application. The dental product can include at least one tooth veneer which is of a ceramic material, is plate-like and has a plate thickness of at least about 0.08 mm. In some embodiments, the thickness is less than 0.2 mm,... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20120183922 - Guide block for a dental implant procedure and guide block assembly, and implant procedural technique using same: A guide block for a dental implant procedure, a guide block assembly, and a dental implant procedural technique using the guide block, which enable a dental implant procedure to be accurately performed by allowing one or more surgical holes to be quickly and accurately bored during a boring process in... Agent:

20120183923 - Dental implant and surface treatment method of dental implant: A dental implant is made of a mono metal body from inside to outermost surface of the implant, and the implant surface has macro pores having an inner diameter with the level of several tens of μm, micro pores having an inner diameter of 1 to 2 μm, and nano... Agent: Gc Corporation

20120183924 - Prosthetic dental device with bridge having clasping arm: A prosthetic tooth having a bridge clasping arm and a clasping structure is disclosed. The prosthetic tooth includes a prosthetic tooth and at least one bridge clasping arm. The bridge clasping arm is connected to one side of the prosthetic tooth and includes a first clasping portion, which is formed... Agent:

20120183925 - Dental hydrostatic relief apparatus and method: A narrow channel is provided in the abutment mating surface of a dental prosthesis undercase to allow excess dental cement to flow out of the interstitial space between the dental abutment and the overlying prosthesis. During the seating of the prosthesis the excess dental cement is channeled to and extruded... Agent:

20120183926 - Dental treatment apparatus and method: An apparatus is disclosed for providing dental care using pressurized fluid. The pressure is obtained from the effervescence effect of the reaction of two active materials in the presence of the fluid. The pressurized fluid is provided to the mouth in a constant pressure and the apparatus is handy and... Agent:

20120183927 - Dental compositions for improving brushing habits: Dental compositions including a dye, and in some embodiments dental plaque-disclosing dye, and an adhesive agent. Kits and methods involving the compositions help users to determine proper brushing habits in terms of time, pressure, and brush used based on the removal from tooth enamel of the dye and adhesive mixture... Agent:

07/12/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120178041 - Windowed muzzle to facilitate oral inspection: The device allows for an opening to be procured on either or both sides at one time on a muzzle that is at the same time being used to hold the mouth of the animal closed. The opening will allow the health professional such as a veterinarian to observe the... Agent:

20120178042 - Dental articles using nanocrystalline materials: Dental articles are produced using relatively low sintering temperatures to achieve high density dental articles exhibiting strengths equal to and greater than about 700 MPa. Ceramic powders comprised of nanoparticulate crystallites are used to manufacture dental articles. The ceramic powders may include sintering agents, binders and other similar additives to... Agent: Ardent, Inc.

20120178043 - Surgical drills: A series of drills are provided for creating progressively larger and/or deeper holes in a dental implant procedure based upon a single drill guide. In one embodiment, the drills are monolithic or single-piece drills. In another embodiment, drills are held in drill extensions that provide control of depth independent of... Agent:

20120178044 - Dental prosthesis removal tool: A dental prosthesis removal, tool comprising a handle portion and a top portion, the top portion comprising a head portion and a beak portion. The beak portion is configured to engage both a maxillary dental prosthesis and a mandibular dental prosthesis without the tool needing to be reoriented. The dental... Agent:

20120178045 - Dental device and method of use thereof: A unitary dental device constructed from a suitable thermoplastic or thermosetting material allowing the dental device to be heat molded by a dental practitioner sitting chair side to a patient. The dental device includes a single-piece, shell-like analogue having the appearance of contoured, individual teeth. The dental device may also... Agent: Global Dental Impression Trays, Inc.

20120178046 - Dental prosthesis: A dental prosthesis is described which includes two separable halves with three rigid wires extending through the halves and protruding beyond them and providing a resin to anchor the prosthesis to adjacent teeth.... Agent:

20120178047 - Ceramic/metallic dental abutment: A ceramic/metallic dental abutment for use with an implant, the abutment generally including a ceramic body portion having a base region, a transgingival region, and a supragingival region. The base region includes an anti-rotational implant interface, such as an external polygonal fitting, for engaging a cooperating internal polygonal fitting of... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20120178049 - Dental component, a dental fixture, a dental implant assembly and a dental implant system: The present invention relates to a dental component, which can only be connected in one indexing position in one type of dental fixture, but in any one of a plurality of indexing positions with another type of dental fixture. The dental component is provided with primary projections which are not... Agent: Astra Tech Ab

20120178048 - Dental implant with multiple thread patterns: A modified dental implant fixture designed with a multiple of three or more thread or groove patterns which provide adequate wall thickness for a deep female conical connection such that the threads or grooves transition from smaller to larger moving in the apical direction along the long axis of the... Agent:

20120178050 - Artificial tooth with multiple internal crowns: The present invention provides an artificial tooth with multiple internal crowns, which includes a plurality of the internal crown members, a plurality of the connection bars, and at least one external crown member. The internal crown members are respectively fit to a plurality of the abutments. Each of the connection... Agent:

20120178051 - Anesthesia delivery system: An anesthesia delivery system comprising a nanosphere forming a bubble into which an anesthesia is introduced and delivered with a swab of absorbent material to a site to be treated.... Agent:

20120178052 - Structure of artificial tooth: An artificial tooth includes an internal crown member and an external crown member. The internal crown member includes a recess and a peg. The recess is formed in a top surface of the internal crown member. The peg is formed in the recess. The peg has a top end forming... Agent:

07/05/2012 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120171634 - Image analysis method: A method for detecting indications of dental caries in an image of a tooth. The method comprises fitting a model to the image to identify a part of the image representing an outside edge of the tooth. Image variations are analysed in an area of the image to detect said... Agent:

20120171635 - Assembly of a dental product and a holding system for transport of the dental product: Certain embodiments relate to an assembly of a dental product and a holding system for temporarily holding the dental product. The holding system can include a first and a second part for sandwiching the dental product therein between. The first part can be provided with a shape which is substantially... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20120171636 - Pressure-regulating handheld adapter for dental abrasive blasting device: A pressure-regulating, handheld adapter receiving pressurized air from a coupling of a dental chair. A disposable, micro-abrasive dental blasting tip fits into the handheld adapter. The adapter regulates air pressure being supplied to the tip, and is adjustable. The resulting combination/assembly of adapter and tip constitutes a pressure-regulated, micro-abrasive, dental... Agent:

20120171637 - Disposable hand-held dental tool: A hand-held dental tool with a main body, an isolated weight inside the main body, and at least one implement. The at least one implement is partially molded inside the main body leaving part of the implement exposed. A main body cap with threads that mate with threads on the... Agent:

20120171638 - Holding piece for an implant: A housing (35) for an implant (25), a holding piece (1) to connect the implant (25) to the housing (35), and an insertion tool (20) for inserting the implant (25) into an implant site. The holding piece (1) includes at least one resilient element (45) for detachably connecting to the... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20120171639 - Dental bridge attachment system and method: Provided is a removable bridge system for attachment to a plurality of dental implants, including a plurality of abutments, each including a seat portion conforming with a shape of a corresponding implant head and allowing fixedly positioning of the abutment to the implant, and an abutment head. At least one... Agent: Dental Innovision Ltd.

20120171640 - Dental device material preparation: The present invention is a dental device comprising natural and sustainable materials. These materials are derived from the nut of the tangua palm tree that may be fashioned into devices for human and animals when replacing one or more teeth of the subject.... Agent:

20120171641 - Teeth whitening composition and methods: Disclosed herein are teeth whitening compositions generally including an oxidizing agent (e.g., a peroxide), and an activating agent that has an emission wavelength between about 400 nm and about 570 nm (e.g., Eosin B). Methods of employing these compositions to whiten teeth, methods of making these compositions and kits that... Agent: Klox Technologies Inc.

20120171642 - Method for producing denture parts or for tooth restoration using electronic dental representations: The invention relates to a method for producing denture parts or for tooth restoration. According to said method, to reconstruct a tooth requiring repair or a defective condition, at least some of the missing exterior surfaces of denture parts or tooth restoration are adapted to the existing residual tooth material... Agent: Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

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