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Dentistry June invention type 06/12

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06/28/2012 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120164593 - Surgical drill guide and index system: b. a set of rotational position indicators on the tissue and mouth sides respectively of the base part for each of the drill guide holes, the rotational position indicators of each set being at the same rotational position about the central axis of the drill guide hole.... Agent:

20120164594 - Dental separator and matrix system for producing dental restorations: A dental separator device for applying pressure against adjacent teeth to separate the teeth from one another so that a dental restoration can be made. The separator device increases the interproximal space between the adjacent teeth giving the dental clinician improved visibility and working space. The invention also encompasses a... Agent:

20120164595 - Articulator: A denture articulator is provided for coupling denture casts to allow for occlusal adjustment of the casts. The articulator includes a base, a cross bar, and a top. The casts are mounted to the top and base by cast holder seats or cast retainer seats for simulation of mastication and... Agent:

20120164596 - Periodontal scaler: A periodontal scaler is provided, comprising an arcuate shank and an arcuate blade. The arcuate blade being designed to conform to the roughly cylindrical surfaces found on the roots of teeth. This conforming feature of the instrument's blade increases its cleaning efficiency by maximizing contact between the blade's surface and... Agent:

20120164597 - Dental wedge with tooth guard and method of restoring a tooth using the same: The present invention relates to dental devices utilized during the restoration of teeth and more particularly a dental wedge, for use in the inter-proximal space between adjacent teeth, the dental wedge comprising: a wedge body; and a guard releasably engaged to the wedge body, wherein the guard is transformable between... Agent: Tri-dent Innovations Limited

20120164598 - Dental fulcrum: A dental fulcrum comprised of soft material, such as foam, containing a slit for the insertion of incisors, and used as a pivot for scaling, or other treating, teeth by an oral hygienist or dentist. The dental fulcrum protects the fingers of an oral hygienist or dentist from calluses, or... Agent:

20120164602 - Abutment for a dental implant: An abutment (10) for supporting a dental prosthesis including a post (30) and a shoulder (10a), wherein the shoulder comprises a concavely curved chamfer surface extending radially outwards from a base of the post, the post comprising at least one flat surface (35) which runs directly into the chamfered surface... Agent: Sraumann Holiday Ag

20120164599 - Dental fixture, a dental component and a dental implant assembly: The present invention relates to a dental fixture for insertion into a jawbone, said fixture comprising a holding portion which is arranged and configured for holding an engagement portion of a dental component, the holding portion being provided with an indexing section, wherein the shape of the mating contour of... Agent: Astra Tech Ab

20120164601 - Prosthetic attachment: Improved prosthetic attachment (1) for its securement by cementing to an aesthetic prosthetic element, in which the prosthetic attachment (1) has at least a shotpeened area (2), the rugosity of said shotpeened area (2) being comprised between Ra=0,8 μm and Ra=2,5 μm, so that the degree of union between the... Agent:

20120164600 - Screw head: Fastening system including a screw component (10) and a seating component (20). The screw component having a shaft (12) of maximum radius R1, a threaded section (13), and a head (14) having a bottom end (15) having a larger maximum radius R2 than the screw shaft such that an exposed... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20120164603 - Dental implement having lumen and distal threading: Apparatus is provided that includes a dental implement, which is shaped so as to define a lumen therethrough, a distal end of which lumen opens through at least one distal opening on a distal end of the dental implement; and a lateral external surface, at least a portion of which... Agent: Maxillent Ltd.

20120164604 - Unextracted tooth root canal filler and dental tissue regeneration method for unextracted tooth: Disclosed is a root canal filler for non-extracted tooth which causes no internal resorption or external resorption in a tooth with complete root formation, shows no odontoclast, and contributes to the regeneration of a dental tissue in which odontoblasts are smoothly aligned on the dentin wall. After pulpectomy or enlargement/cleaning... Agent: National Center For Geriatrics And Gerontology

06/21/2012 > 21 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20120156631 - Dental prosthesis for bovine animals with fully or partially worn down teeth: The invention relates to a standard dental prosthesis for bovine animals with fully or partially worn down teeth. For bovine animals with partially worn down teeth, the prosthesis is a laminar plate consisting of a rigid material, bent forwards (1), with an upward fold having a sawn edge along its... Agent:

20120156632 - Method and apparatus for dental device: An apparatus including a device including fluoride is provided. The device may be configured to be held by a dental bracket and to hold a dental arch wire in place. The device may alternatively, or additionally, include calcium phosphate. The device may be a dental ligature or a dental cap.... Agent:

20120156633 - Tooth positioners, method of making the same, and method of positioning teeth using the same: A method for forming a tooth positioner for repositioning at least one tooth of a patient includes providing a dental arch cast of a patient, separating at least one tooth from the dental arch cast, fixing a pin in a stump part of the at least one separated tooth, and... Agent:

20120156638 - Assisted dental implant treatment: Embodiments of systems and methods for planning and/or delivering an oral or facial endosseous implantation in a patient are described. In certain embodiments, systems according to the invention include a processing module; a bone imaging module that communicates bone data about the patient to the processing module; a surface imaging... Agent:

20120156637 - Hand-held dental device: A hand-held light curing apparatus is used with a housing (12), a light source (14), in particular at least one LED, which is connected to a control unit (36), an energy source (20) and at least one energy storage unit in the form of at least one double layer capacitor... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20120156634 - Intraoral imaging devices and methods: Disclosed is an intraoral imaging method that includes providing an intraoral imaging device having at least one biteplate including a dental impression material and a track, at least one carriage assembly that travels along at least a portion of the track, and imaging equipment which is secured to the at... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

20120156636 - Method and measuring arrangement for the three-dimensional measurement of an object: Method for measuring the shape of a section of a semi-transparent object such as one section of a tooth, using a light source for generating light with a broadband spectrum in a device for generating a multifocal illumination pattern, a lens with a large chromatic aberration for imaging foci of... Agent: Degudent Gmbh

20120156635 - Optical therapeutic treatment device: Methods and devices for Live Biofilm Targeted Thermolysis (LBTT) are disclosed. The disclosed LBTT methods can be used for thermolysis and coagulation of the live periodontal Biofilm with incandescent light and a targeting agent as heat sink. A delivery assembly can be used to deliver the incandescent light generated through... Agent: Nomir Medical Technologies Inc

20120156639 - Gypsum tray: An improved gypsum tray is provided, which includes a body. The body has an indented accommodation basin, and gypsum is poured into the accommodation basin to form a tooth mold. The present invention can join a fixing base to a bottom of the body, and the improved gypsum tray is... Agent:

20120156640 - Devices and methods for creating a positive pressure environment for treatment of oral biofilms associated with periodontal disease: A medicament delivery tray and method for treating periodontal disease include fitting of a tray about the teeth and gums wherein the tray includes a seal that creates a substantially airtight seal against the gumline and a substantially airtight treatment chamber about the enclosed teeth and gums, the tray further... Agent:

20120156641 - Vibrational frequency adjustment device and water flow type oral cavity cleaning device using same: A vibrational frequency adjustment device comprises, as a vibrational frequency adjustment means (22): a first conversion means (40) which is provided with an input-side rotating member (41), an output-side rotating member (42), and a one-way clutch (44) for transmitting only the rotational motion in one direction of the input-side rotating... Agent: Sunstar Suisse Sa

20120156642 - Dental handpiece: A dental handpiece (10) of the type having a body (11), a head (13) and a neck (12), is improved by having at least one portion of the handpiece (10) formed by metal injection molding or MIM. The use of MIM allows for improved fabrication and function. According to one... Agent:

20120156643 - Prophy angle and adapter: A dental prophy angle includes a housing and a rotor. The dental prophy angle adapter can include a drive shaft with a tip. The drive shaft of the adapter can be coupled to a gear at the same end of the tip with the rotor of the prophy angle being... Agent: Angstrom Manufacturing, Inc.

20120156644 - Bone augmentation device and method: A bone augmentation device includes at least one axial member defining a longitudinal axis and a plurality of transverse members. Each transverse member extends from a first end, removably connected to the at least one axial member to a second end configured for fixation with bone. The transverse members are... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120156645 - System and method for prevention and treatment of peri-implant infection: A system, method and device design to prevent, treat and maintain dental periimplant infections including a dental implant to be inserted into a jawbone of a patient that includes a base segment provided at one distal end of the implant which is configured to be put inside and come in... Agent:

20120156647 - Dental implant fixture: An implant fixture that is inserted into a bone tissue formed of a cortical bone and a cancellous bone while rotating on a central axis to thereby form an artificial tooth root, the implant fixture including a first portion that is inserted into the cortical bone and includes a first... Agent: Osstemimplant Co., Ltd.

20120156646 - Implant with porous sleeve including anti-rotation features: A modular dental implant including a body portion, a sleeve, and an end cap. The sleeve may be formed of porous material, such as a porous metal material to promote bone ingrowth. The sleeve is positionable around a core of the body portion and the end cap is attached to... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20120156648 - Apparatus and method for delivering a therapeutic agent to dental tissue: An apparatus for delivering at least one therapeutic agent to a dental tissue of a subject includes at least one electrode, a medicament layer including at least one therapeutic agent, an electrical signal source, and logic configured to control the electrical signal source. At least one electrode has oppositely disposed,... Agent: Buckeye Dental, LLC

20120156649 - Methods for treating dental diseases, disorders, and injuries: Methods for preventing, reversing, ameliorating or treating dental diseases, disorders or injuries are provided. In particular, methods for preventing, reversing, ameliorating or treating dental diseases of the gingival (gums) and bone are provided. Such methods utilize novel compositions including, but not limited to, extraembryonic cytokine-secreting cells (herein referred to as... Agent:

20120156650 - Dental crown and a method of fabricating and installing such a dental crown in one patient visit: A process to make/seat a permanent crown in only one patient visit, without the need for a temporary crown, after a digital scan or other impression has been taken prior during a dental cleaning appointment or status check up. The dental information is filed and can be used whenever the... Agent: James R. Glidewell Dental Ceramics, Inc.

20120156651 - Restoration of anterior endodontically treated teeth: Endodontically treated teeth can be restored with porcelain facial veneer restorations made of Zirconia, IPS emax Ceram layering ceramic and other porcelain materials. The facial and incisal surfaces of teeth are prepared minimally into enamel and the access opening for the root canal, closed with an inlay core preparation and... Agent:

06/14/2012 > 19 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20120148970 - Cushion comfort cushion system for use with orthodontic protraction face masks: the naomi pillow: A Cushion Comfort System which improves the comfort and use of an orthodontic protraction face mask appliance. It is comprised of a pair of cushions, one shaped specifically to cover the forehead rest and the other shaped specifically to cover the chin cup. The forehead cushion and chin cup cushion... Agent:

20120148971 - Orthodontic appliance: The present invention concerns an orthodontic appliance for accelerating the tooth aligning effect and shortening the treatment period, and has an object to provide an appliance which can bring about higher aligning effect than usual ways by giving vibration to tooth to be aligned to activate bone remodeling of the... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20120148972 - Low force orthodontic arch wire having blocks for improved treatment: Low force orthodontic arch wires (100) include a core wire (102) formed of a material having shape memory that extends along a generally curved arch wire axis between a first end (102a) and a second end (102b). The arch wire (100) further includes a plurality of bracket engagement blocks (104)... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

20120148973 - Orthodontic brace system and method: An orthodontic brace system includes brackets having a diamond-shaped tie-wing configuration that defines two parallel, horizontal slots, each of which is adapted to receive an archwire. Each slot is angled with respect to the base of the bracket to produce a specific, maximum torque value, and generally, the maximum torque... Agent:

20120148974 - Orthodontic gripping device: The present invention relates to an orthodontic gripping device having a body made of a superelastic metal alloy, cold worked titanium beta III, or solution heat treated and aged titanium beta III. The body has first and second, spaced apart arm portions connected to each other. Each arm portion includes... Agent: Strite Industries Ltd.

20120148975 - Method and apparatus for regulating tooth movement: A method is provided for regulating tooth movement, comprising extra-orally administering an effective amount of light transdermally to the maxillary or mandibular alveolar bone of a patient in need thereof. The repetitive dosage can be in the range of 24 J/cm to 200 J/cm. The light can have a wavelength... Agent: Biolux Research Ltd.

20120148976 - Methods and apparatuses useful for regulating bone remodeling or tooth movement using light therapy, a functional appliance, and/or vitamin d: Methods are provided for regulating bone remodeling or tooth movement, comprising allowing a functional appliance to exert a force on oral or maxillofacial bone, muscle, or soft tissue, or one or more teeth of a patient in need thereof; and administering an effective amount of light to the oral or... Agent: Biolux Research Ltd.

20120148977 - Dental implant detector: A dental implant detector comprising an inductive sensor arranged to detect a position of a dental implant in a jaw within a specified range by applying a magnetic field to the surroundings of the inductive sensor; an ergonomic handle connected to the inductive sensor and arranged to allow positioning the... Agent:

20120148978 - Impression tray: A dental impression tray having a tray bottom, an inner wall and an outer wall, which together form the dental mold, whereby the inner and/or outer wall, on their side facing away from the tray bottom is provided at least in sections with a resilient, in particular, elastic element consisting... Agent: Kettenbach Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120148979 - Apparatus for cleaning a root canal system: An endodontic tool is provided to facilitate the removal of the smear layer and to enhance deep lateral cleaning of a root canal system. The tool is comprised of a sonic or ultrasonically driven activator which is made from a strong, flexible, non-metallic, and non-cutting material. The activator can be... Agent: Endo Inventions, LLC

20120148980 - Device for dispensing a dental material: A dispensing device comprises a compartment for receiving a dental material, a piston for extruding the material from the compartment and a spindle drive for moving the piston and the compartment relative to one another. The spindle drive comprises a spindle and a link which are adapted for disengageable engagement... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120148981 - File for working on the interproximal space in orthodontics as well as in conservative treatments and prophylaxis of teeth and relative device able to be connected to an oscillating handpiece: A file for working on the interproximal space in orthodontics as well as in conservative treatments and prophylaxis of teeth comprises a tool-holding structure and an abrasive plate, wherein the tool-holding structure is shaped in an arc and provided at the ends with two tubular portions and wherein the abrasive... Agent: Sdc Switzerland Sa

20120148982 - Oral implant placement system and method: An oral implant system and method. The system includes a positioning tool, a transfer band, a transfer screw, and a transfer drill to provide for accurate placement of a dental implant parallel to other implants and or existing teeth and at predetermined depths. A model is made of the patient's... Agent: Immediate Implant Technologies, LLC

20120148983 - Dental implant: The present invention relates to a dental implant and to a process for fabricating the dental implant.... Agent: The University Of Liverpool

20120148984 - Implants and methods for performing gingiva and bone augmentation and preservation: Embodiments described herein are related to fillers that are placed within an extraction site in need of bone augmentation and preservation. The fillers encourage sufficient new bone growth in order that normal jaw bone deterioration following tooth removal is prevented. The fillers create, arrange, and assemble an ideal growth environment... Agent:

20120148985 - Method for machining a dental prosthesis: A method for machining a dental prosthesis that reduces the likelihood of forming tool failure includes machining a workpiece to form a top surface and a side surface of the dental prosthesis, machining a connector between a proximal end of the dental prosthesis and a proximal end of the workpiece,... Agent:

20120148986 - Method for identification of dental caries in polychromatic images: A method for identification of caries, executed at least in part on data processing hardware, obtains an original digital tooth image that has a plurality of color channels and generates an adjusted image by adjusting intensity values of the original digital tooth image to a range between a minimum value... Agent:

20120148987 - Method for producing tooth replacements and auxiliary dental parts: In a method for forming a dental part, a laser beam is guided over a powder layer of biocompatible material. The laser is guided by a computer controlled laser scanning system based on data representing the shape of the cross-section through the shaped body. The powder is substantially melted by... Agent: Bego Bremer Goldschlagerei Wilh. Herbst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120148988 - Indirect restoration technology: Dental restorations such as crowns, are made from lithium silicate glass ceramic that is heated and pressed onto a metal substrate, the latter being shaped to an impression or scan of the area of the mouth to receive the restoration. The metal substrate is made from an alloy selected to... Agent: James R. Glidewell Dental Ceramics, Inc.

06/07/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120141948 - Aesthetic self-ligating orthodontic bracket: A self-ligating orthodontic bracket for captivating an archwire with a tooth. The bracket includes a bracket body mountable to a tooth and a self-ligating mechanism having an archwire slot and a ligating slide. The ligating slide is movable between an open position in which an archwire is insertable into the... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20120141949 - System and apparatus for haptically enabled three-dimensional scanning: Described herein is a three-dimensional scanning system that features a camera integrated with a user-guided haptic interface device. The system allows an operator, through the sense of touch, to intuitively and interactively identify optimum locations for obtaining images or scans of an object. The system then assembles these scans to... Agent:

20120141950 - Track lighting system: A pendant mounted track lighting system includes an electronic display for use in an operatory environment. In particular, the invention is directed towards a pendant mounted track lighting system that incorporates and integrates intraoral illumination for illuminating a patient's mouth area, general room or ambient lighting in the operatory environment... Agent:

20120141951 - Universal scanning member for use on dental implant and dental implant analogs: A scanning member includes a head portion and a body portion. The head portion has an at least partially flat top surface indicative of a first characteristic of a dental implant, an at least partially flat first side surface indicative of a second characteristic of the dental implant, and a... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20120141952 - Irrigating device with reed valve: An irrigating device including a reservoir for storing fluid, a tip fluidly connected to the reservoir, and a pump operative to draw fluid from the reservoir and propel the fluid to the tip. The irrigating device further includes at least one reed valve positioned to regulate fluid between at least... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20120141953 - System for dental cleaning: A dental hygiene system includes a feed line for a liquid that engages and dissolves a dental cleansing compound before being discharged from a nozzle connected to the feed line and sprayed on the teeth for cleaning.... Agent:

20120141954 - Hands-free oral cleaning appliance: The hands-free dental appliance includes upper and lower tray members (12, 14) for receiving the teeth of the user, the tray members having teeth contact members such as bristles. A power assembly (28) moves the tray member in a reciprocal manner, resulting in cleaning of the surfaces of the teeth... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120141955 - Hybrid dental implant: The present invention provides for a hybrid dental implant having a screw body with at least one external thread, which comprises an upper portion with an open ceiling configured to receive an unhardened cement, a middle portion having an inner cavity and one or more side openings extending from the... Agent: The Ohio State University

20120141956 - Method for fixed crown and bridge restorative cases using endo-post dental implant system (i-loc) with screwless abutment fastening within implant and with multiple implants with try-in heads: A dental implant system with screwless abutment fastening within an implant includes an implant having a tubular implant side wall and an implant bottom wall sealingly secured to the implant side wall for surgical insertion into the jaw of a patient; and an abutment having a cylindrical abutment anchor portion... Agent:

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