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05/31/2012 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120135364 - Orthodontic bracket with auxiliary slot: An orthodontic bracket includes a slot for attaching auxiliary attachments. The slot is formed into the pad of the bracket rather than being included in the bracket body. By forming the slot into the pad of the bracket rather than incorporating it into the bracket body, the slot may have... Agent: American Orthodontics, Inc., A Wisconsin Corporation

20120135365 - Intraoral orthodontic corrector: Provided are orthodontic corrector devices, related assemblies and methods which direct forces within the oral cavity. These corrector devices and assemblies include a flexible cantilever which is coupled to both a connector component and a force module. The cantilever acts to isolate adjacent components from mastication forces encountered during treatment.... Agent:

20120135366 - Easy orthodontic slider: An orthodontic slider apparatus is disclosed. The orthodontic slider is used to apply intra or inter maxillary forces to distalize or mesialize teeth. The orthodontic slider of the current invention can easily be applied to the archwire of the fixed brackets of an orthodontic appliance without having to remove the... Agent:

20120135367 - Wire arches for orthodontics: The invention relates to a wire arch for use in orthodontics wherein a white or tooth-colored shrink tube is shrunk onto the wire arch.... Agent:

20120135368 - Modified-ouput fiber optic tips: A laser handpiece is disclosed, including a shaped fiber optic tip having a side-firing output end with a double bevel-cut shape. The shaped fiber optic tip can be configured to side-fire laser energy in a direction away from a laser handpiece and toward sidewalls of a treatment or target site.... Agent:

20120135369 - Method and impression tray for producing a dental mold: The invention relates to a method for producing a dental mold on the basis of a thermoplastic film (4), and to an impression tray (1) for producing such a dental mold (2). The impression tray (1) is charged with a kneadable, malleable material (3) on which the thermoplastic film (4)... Agent: Kettenbach Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120135372 - Manufacturing method of a guiding template for dental implantology, guiding template manufactured thereby and reference device for the execution of such method: The present invention relates to a method for making a guiding template for dental implantation. The method provides for associating a base template to a reference device, subjecting the patient to CAT, loading the data to a computer program, making an implant planning, generating the volume model, coupling the volume... Agent: Studio Dentistico Dr. Jacotti Michele

20120135371 - Scanbody for detecting the position and orientation of a dental implant: Scanbody for detecting the position and orientation of a dental implant. A scanbody including a bottom section capable of being connected to an implant, and also a three-dimensional scannable region having an asymmetrical geometry permitting unequivocal detection of its surface from different scanning directions in relation to a longitudinal center... Agent:

20120135370 - Transfer copings and related methods for taking implant impressions: A transfer coping configured to take an impression of an implant is disclosed. The transfer coping has an impression material contact portion and an implant mating portion. The implant mating portion has at least one support portion and at least one deflection portion configured to be received within an opening... Agent: Aeton Medical LLC

20120135373 - Dental positioning stent, and manufacturing method, using method and components for the same: A dental positioning stent for drilling an implant hole and a manufacturing method, a using method and components for the same are provided. The manufacturing method includes: slicing a tooth mold and a false tooth model along a preset slice plane; fixing two markers in the preset slice plane on... Agent:

20120135374 - Emergence profile guide for a dental bur: There are disclosed apparatus and method for obtaining a proper emergence profile for a dental implant. An emergence profile guide may be seated into an osteotomy and a dental bur may be guided onto and along the emergence profile guide. The emergence profile guide may include a pilot, and the... Agent:

20120135375 - Dispensing device for a dental substance: A dispensing device for a dental substance which comprises a body formed in a single piece. The body connects a first passageway and a second passageway which extend along different paths. The body further comprises a nozzle with a free dispensing end. The second passageway extends into the nozzle and... Agent:

20120135376 - Collagen biomaterial wedge: A biocompatible, resorbable collagen membrane having a wedge shape with a thick edge of relatively higher strength and rigidity and a thin edge of relatively higher deformability and elasticity, which membrane is bendable to a desired configuration and is sufficiently rigid to retain the bent configuration upon implantation at a... Agent: Osseous Technologies Of America

20120135377 - Dental obturator point: Dental obturator point having an obturation body containing a composite material comprising (a) a polymer and b) a particulate filler, whereby the obturation body has a radio opacity of at least 3 mm/mm Al, characterized in that the composite material has (i) a tensile strength of from 5 to 70... Agent:

20120135378 - Fastening screw for prosthetic components in implantodontics: Fastening screws for prosthetic components are provided with a thread achieved by a rolling process (thread rolling). These fastening screw are connected to the fitted screw of universal trunnion CM, angled universal trunnion CM, angled conic mini pillar CM over the dental implant CM (Morse Cone system) intraorally placed. The... Agent:

20120135379 - Alveolar bone graft processing method and alveolar bone graft therefrom and method for treatment using alveolar bone graft: The present invention discloses an alveolar bone graft, a processing method thereof, and a method of treatment using the same. The processing method of the present invention comprises the steps of: (a) separating the tooth gathered from a patient into a crown and a root; (b) removing soft tissues and... Agent:

20120135380 - Implant analog: The invention relates to an implant analog for placing in a jaw model for modeling a dental prosthesis by means of the jaw model. Said analog comprises a sleeve extending in an axial direction and comprising an axial inner bore having an internal thread for threading in a fastening screw... Agent:

05/24/2012 > 20 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20120129116 - Removable rodent intraoral device: A removable intraoral device is useful for longitudinal in vivo biofilm research. The device is adapted to allow it to be retained in the oral cavity long enough for biofilm to form and to affect the oral mucosa. The device is readily removable to facilitate longitudinal observations. The device is... Agent:

20120129117 - Orthodontic teeth positioning appliances: An Orthodontic teeth positioning appliance comprising an anterior positioning component, a posterior component and a resilient means connecting the anterior and posterior components. The anterior positioning component is configured to be in contact with, in order to push against, the lingual faces of a plurality of anterior teeth, when worn... Agent: Ortho-pro-teknica Limited

20120129118 - Orthodontic buccal tube: Provided is an orthodontic buccal tube, which is capable of preventing glue from flowing out towards a boundary between a tooth (300) and a base (100), being firmly attached to a face of the tooth (300), and being easily removed from the face of the tooth (300) after being used.... Agent:

20120129119 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket having undercuts and related methods: A method of manufacturing an orthodontic appliance may include molding a plurality of green bodies in plurality of molds and coupling the green bodies so as to form an intermediate green body. The orthodontic appliance may be an orthodontic bracket body. The plurality of green bodies may be molded so... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20120129120 - Set of brackets for orthodontics: The invention concerns a set of self-ligating brackets for orthodontics the brackets include a base, a block arranged on the base, an occlusal wall extending from the block and having at least one occlusal ligature wing, a gingival wall extending from the block and having at least one gingival ligature... Agent:

20120129122 - Device for orthodontic arch and brackets: Orthodontic device comprising an orthodontic arch or a wire and a set of brackets which have conduits through which said orthodontic arch passes characterized in that either of the following: a surface of the conduit of at least one bracket that is aimed to come into contact with the wire,... Agent: Orthodontic Research And Development, S.l.

20120129121 - Orthodontic treatment tube: t

20120129123 - Multi-coordinate orthodontic implant positioning device: A multi-coordinate orthodontic implant positioning device includes a measuring reference member having a predetermined thickness and being provided thereon with measuring scales formed of a radiopaque material. The measuring reference member is connected at an edge to a fixing member for fixedly attaching to the patient's teeth. The measuring scales... Agent:

20120129124 - Handpiece having an electrical connection means: A dental handpiece (1) includes a head (2) suitable for driving a tool, a body (3) having a proximal section (4) extending in a longitudinal direction (I-I) and intended to be connected, by a proximal end surface (5), to a distal surface of a drive motor, an indexing device (8)... Agent: Anthogyr

20120129125 - Dental matrix band: A dental matrix band device may be applied in a single step without the need for additional instruments for its application. The matrix band device may include a conventional matrix band, such as a Tofflemier™ band and a wire attached to the band. The band may be used to separate... Agent:

20120129126 - Device and procedure for implanting a dental implant: Various tools and procedures are provided for implantation of an implant at a target site. The procedure can comprise performing an osteotomy at the target site; placing a guide sleeve into the osteotomy; inserting a coring tool into the guide sleeve; coring the target site up to a depth less... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20120129127 - Device for storing and dispensing a material and method of making such a device: A device for dispensing a dental material comprises a container for containing the material and an outlet which is closed by a closure. A breakable seal is arranged between the closure and the container. The device further is operable between a storage position in which the outlet is closed and... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120129128 - Vacuum level control valve for a dental vacuum system: A control valve for a dental vacuum system includes a housing having a first end, a second end and a sidewall therebetween, which define a cavity of the housing. An imaginary central longitudinal axis extends from the first end to the second end and generally parallel to the sidewall. A... Agent: Ramvac Dental Products, Inc.

20120129129 - medical cleaning kit: The present invention relates to the field of cleaning and/or conditioning of biological and dental implant surfaces. More particularly, the invention relates to a kit comprising a) a cleaning device said cleaning device (1) comprising: an elongated base member (2) formed of at least two wires (3) being twisted with... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20120129130 - Torque wrench and kit for implant dentistry: e

20120129132 - Expandable bone implant: An expendable bone implant has a first member with a coronal end portion configured for supporting a prosthesis. A second member is at least partially porous, engages the first member, and is configured to expand outwardly upon a longitudinal force being applied to at least one of the first and... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20120129133 - Implant pellets and methods for performing bone augmentation and preservation: Embodiments described herein are related to pellets that are placed within an extraction site that is in need of bone augmentation and preservation. The pellets are typically cylindrical in shape and comprise a material and a polymer coating. The goal of the pellets are to encourage sufficient new bone growth... Agent:

20120129131 - Medical implant ii: E) The colored or color containing polymers (A), or those polymer layers that border on the reflecting coatings (A), the color substance receiving coatings (D) or the coatings consisting only of a color layer can be warmed-up and softened by electromagnetic radiation, while the remaining parts of the implant maintain... Agent: Synergy Biosurgical Ag

20120129134 - Light-curable bone growth material for treating dental bone defects: Improved compositions comprising a mixture of particulate bone growth material and polymeric carrier are provided. The particulate is preferably porous, resorbable, anorganic bone material. The polymeric carrier can be light-cured to form a cross-linked, biodegradable hydrogel. In one version, the bone growth material is a synthetic peptide bound to anorganic... Agent:

20120129135 - Novel type of anion-containing calcium phosphate compound for dental remineralization: p

05/17/2012 > 8 patent applications in 6 patent subcategories.

20120122050 - Orthodontic bracket: An orthodontic bracket mountable on a tooth for use in retraction mechanics to facilitate movement of teeth along an arch, which includes an archwire-receiving member rotatably mounted on a base and structured to freely rotate when tipping a tooth during sliding of the bracket along an archwire thereby minimizing friction... Agent:

20120122051 - Dental device with hand-held instrument and light source: In a dental device with a hand-held instrument at the front end of which there is arranged a removable attachment having at least one light source, the light source is arranged inside a closed housing in the attachment, with current transfer means acting between the attachment and the instrument for... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120122053 - Dental system for trans-illumination of teeth: In a dental system for the transillumination of teeth having a light source for producing examination radiation, irradiation means for directing the examination radiation at a tooth to be examined, and means for acquiring an optical image of the tooth illuminated by the examination radiation, the irradiation means includes light-guiding... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120122052 - Medical, in particular dental, diagnostic device having image capture means: A medical, in particular dental, diagnostic device having an elongate handpiece with means for image acquisition as well as an optical system having at least one optical element for deflecting a light beam that is incident from the side of the handpiece to the means for image acquisition, wherein the... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120122054 - Container for dispensing a pasty filling compound for use with a hand-held device and hand-held device: A container for use with a hand-held device, in particular for dental purposes, for dispensing a pasty filling compound, the viscosity of which can be reduced by supplying vibration energy, wherein the container is designed to receive the pasty filling compound and comprises a discharge opening at the front end... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120122055 - System for endodontic treatment: Provided is a system for endodontic treatment of a root canal. The system includes a handpiece containing a rotary motor adapted to rotate an endodontic file secured by the handpiece. A control unit executes a regime of motion of the motor to produce a regime of file motion in which... Agent: Forum Engineering Technologies (96) Ltd.

20120122056 - Dental implant: A dental implant, in which a crown made of zirconia is coupled and joined to an abutment by first and second joining holes that are concentrically formed in the crown and the abutment and a joining pin that is inserted into the first and second joining holes. Thus, the crown... Agent:

20120122057 - Dental implant: The invention provides dental implants for fixed and removable prosthetic devices, and for other devices such as orthodontic devices, and has application to single tooth replacement, e.g., caps and crowns, and multiple tooth replacement using one or more implants, e.g., bridges, and multiple implants for full and partial prosthetic devices.... Agent: Ch Scientific, LLC.

05/10/2012 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120115100 - Orthodontic braces: Orthodontic braces include at least one thread 2 and at least one tightener 3, wherein the thread 2 is wound around one or more teeth “D” and is appropriately tensioned by the tightener 3, so as to exert at least one force on the one or more teeth “D” in... Agent:

20120115101 - Fluid-operated medical or dental handheld element: A fluid-operated medical or dental handheld element is disclosed, having a connecting device for connecting the handheld element to a fluid source so that a first impeller can be induced to rotate by a fluid stream to cause a tool to execute a driving motion, a fluid conducting device arranged... Agent: W & H Dentalwerk Burmoos Gmbh

20120115102 - Hydraulic tooth cleaner: A hydraulic tooth cleaner includes an upper tooth mold and a lower tooth mold respectively configured for attaching to the user's upper teeth and lower teeth, and a water press detachably connectable to nozzle tubes in a downward tooth groove in the upper tooth mold and an upward tooth groove... Agent:

20120115103 - Device for a dental substance: A dispensing device for a dental substance which has a container for receiving the dental substance, a piston movable in the container, a catch for engagement by an applicator, and further a resilient resilient adapter. The device may be used in different types of applicators and is relatively inexpensive.... Agent:

20120115104 - Multi-rooted tooth extraction device: A multi-rooted tooth extraction device can include a cutting tool that can be inserted between the roots of a tooth to be extracted. A bracing tool can be coupled to the cutting tool to brace against the crown and a pressure can be applied such that the tooth can be... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120115105 - Gingiva former and method for producing a design of a gingiva former: The invention relates to a gingiva former (1), which has a connecting geometry (5) to an implant (10) and comprises a tailor-made edge (2), a tapering lower part (4) that is located beneath and has a tailor-made shape, and a tapering upper part (8) having a lateral surface (9), wherein... Agent: Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

20120115106 - Dental compositions having special functionality and a tri-barrel packaging and delivery system therefor: A self-cure, dual-cure or tri-cure polymerizable dental composition is provided with at least one functional chemical. The dental composition is divided into a three-part composition to avoid stability issues caused by degradation and/or loss of function of one component in the extended presence of another component, and the three parts... Agent: Kerr Corporation

20120115107 - System and method for automated manufacturing of dental orthotics: The present invention provides a motion analysis system for manufacturing of dental orthotics and prosthetics using computer aided means. The process includes measuring the relative function of one anatomical structure to another based on optical data and in some cases enhanced with other sensor data. The components of hard and... Agent:

20120115108 - Polymerizable phosphoric acid derivatives comprising a polyalicylic structure element: Certain novel polymerizable phosphoric acid derivatives (hereinafter referred to as monomers) comprising a polyalicyclic structure element, mixtures comprising one or a plurality of these compounds and corresponding curable blends and products as well as their respective use as a dental material or for the preparation of a dental material are... Agent: Voco Gmbh

20120115109 - Dental material with color indicator and methods of using same: A dental material is provided that exhibits a color change upon or after mixing or contacting components of the composition. The composition includes an acidic component in one part, and a basic component in another part that upon contact with the acidic component initiates a chemical reaction thereof that alters... Agent: Kerr Corporation

05/03/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120107760 - Self-ligating bracket: The invention relates to a bracket (1) comprising a base plate (10) on which two retaining wings (11) are formed running parallel to one another and defining an intermediate space (3) in which a wire bow (2) may be held. The intermediate space (3) has a trapezoidal structure such that... Agent:

20120107761 - Device for generating gaseous species: e

20120107762 - Method and system for operating a medical, in particular a dental, handpiece: A method and corresponding system for operating a dental handpiece, wherein the handpiece comprises a motor for driving a tool. the method comprises (a) sequentially capturing values of a physical parameter, which—at least approximately—represent the power or energy fed to the motor, (b) forming an integration value by integrating the... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120107763 - System , method and article for measuring and reporting craniomandibular biomechanical functions: m

20120107764 - Method for preparing a surgical mask for the installation of dental implants: A method for preparing a surgical mask for the installation of a dental implant, including: arranging a pliable material on a support (20) to be positioned in the mouth cavity of a patient to realize the impression (11) of a dental arch and extracting the support with the obtained impression... Agent:

20120107765 - Atomized liquid oral cleaning appliance: The oral cleaning appliance includes an assembly for generating low-pressure bursts of gas in the range of 2-7 bar, directed to a mixing chamber portion of the appliance. A pump provides successive doses of liquid to the mixing chamber. The mixing chamber includes an outlet for liquid droplets produced by... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120107766 - Endodontic system and method: e

20120107767 - Ultrasonic dental treatment system: The present invention is a personal ultrasonic dental hygiene device. A handle with an ultrasonic transducer is provided with differing dental hygiene attachments for personal use. The device may be powered through a battery or through direct wall socket communication. A variety of controls may be provided to adjust ultrasonic... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

20120107768 - Dental protective device and method of use: The present invention relates generally to the protection of a wearer of an installed dental appliance, such as braces, against pain, discomfort and injury due to the lips, cheek and tongue of the wearer rubbing against a rough or sharp edge of the braces. A dental protective device is used... Agent:

20120107769 - Dental prophylaxis angle and handpiece assembly: A dental prophylaxis angle and handpiece assembly for cleaning and polishing teeth is provided. The dental prophylaxis angle is removably attached to the dental handpiece by an interlocking mechanism that includes extension locking tabs, a locking annular member, and an interlocking drive member in the handpiece. The prophy angle is... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20120107770 - Area-specific dental instrument: An area-specific dental instrument is provided, which comprises an arcuate S-shaped shank and an arcuate blade further comprising a sharpened convex surface. This instrument can be capable of cleaning plaque and calculus from the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth and concave surfaces between teeth at the cemento-enamel junction.... Agent:

20120107771 - Removable partial dental prosthesis: The present invention is a removable partial dental prosthesis comprised of a plastic framework. One or more acrylic prosthetic teeth are chemically bonded to the framework using dental acrylic.... Agent:

20120107772 - Mounting structure of internal and external crowns: A mounting structure is provided between internal and external crowns of a prosthetic device, in which a tenon-mortise type engagement is formed for fixing the crowns. The internal crown forms an internal coupling section and the external crown forms an external coupling section that corresponds to the internal coupling section.... Agent:

20120107773 - Fiber abutment material and structure of dental implant: A fiber abutment material and structure of dental implant includes: a fiber resin abutment equipped with plural fiber center shafts, such as glass fiber center shaft, carbon fiber center shaft, quartz optical fiber center shaft, or glass fiber optics center shaft, in which the single, dual-layer or multi-layer fiber multiply... Agent:

20120107774 - Zirconium oxide-based dental implant and method for producing said dental implant: A dental implant for a patient includes an anchoring part to anchor the dental implant in the bone and an abutment that is designed for fixation of a crown or similar supraconstruction and is or can be connected to the anchoring part. The anchoring part and the abutment are manufactured... Agent: Zv3-zircon Vision Gmbh

20120107775 - Methods of using botanical-based compositions to treat microbial dental disease: The present invention relates to methods of using botanical-based compositions to treat or prevent microbial dental disease. The claimed invention is directed to methods of using botanical-based compositions in a rinse, gel- or paste-like form to prevent microbe invasion of dental cavities, including the root canal.... Agent:

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