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Dentistry March listing by industry category 03/12

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03/29/2012 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120077139 - Orthodontic device: An orthodontic device includes a generally U-shaped metal wire whose two ends are at different vertical heights and which therefore has a 3-dimensional recumbent S shape in front view. The U-shaped metal wire is secured, by an elastic band or a cover, to each of a plurality of orthodontic brackets... Agent:

20120077140 - Periosteal mesher: Apparatus is provided for use with a gingival periosteum lining a bone. The apparatus comprises a periosteal mesher, which comprises a mesher surface, and a plurality of cutting elements distributed over the mesher surface, which are configured to cut the gingival periosteum to increase flexibility thereof. Other embodiments are also... Agent: Rainbow Medical Ltd.

20120077141 - Dental apparatus and method for dentures: A dental apparatus and method of use for producing edentulous dentures, each including a lower dental tray having a removable modular contact plate with an upwardly extending shoulder surrounding a tapered opening, a ball nut retained in the tapered opening, and a post adjustably secured to the ball nut. A... Agent: Global Dental Impression Trays, Inc.

20120077142 - Dental retraction composition, method of production and use thereof: The invention features a composition which can or is to be used in a dental retraction, the composition comprising liquid a liquid and a layer type 1:1 silicate mineral and a layer type 2:1 silicate mineral in a ratio from about 50/50 to 5/95 wt.-% with respect to each other.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120077143 - Oral care cleaning and treating device: A device for directing a liquid onto a plurality of surfaces of the oral cavity, the device including a handle, a neck, and a head, where the head includes a cleaning component including a chamber for maintaining the liquid proximate the surfaces, where the chamber is defined by front and... Agent:

20120077144 - Oral care cleaning and treating device: A device for directing a liquid onto a plurality of surfaces of the oral cavity, the device including a handle, a neck, and a head, where the head includes a cleaning component including a chamber for maintaining the liquid proximate the surfaces, where the chamber is defined by front and... Agent:

20120077145 - Oral care instrument: Disclosed is an oral care instrument which can maintain a sufficient support strength of a long neck, leaves little residue of a medicant after using, has a low contamination risk from nozzle tip, allows smooth spouting of a medical solution from the beginning, prevents excessive supply of a gelatinous or... Agent: Sunstar Inc.,

20120077146 - Oral care instrument including an oral care agent: An oral care instrument includes at least one oral care agent. In one embodiment, the oral care agent can be provided on one or more surfaces of the oral care instrument or included within cavities within the head or in one or more surfaces of a head. In other embodiment,... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20120077147 - Swivel head microimplant wrench: The present invention relates to an instrument used to insert microimplants and more particularly, to a microimplant insertion wrench that has a head on the instrument that allows the head to swivel and rotate upon the handle. The end of the head of the instrument comprises a receptacle that receives... Agent:

20120077148 - Hand instrument for dental care: The invention relates to a hand instrument for manual use in dental care, which comprises a substantially elongated handle (2), to at least one end of which is arranged a construction for detachably connecting a head part (3) extending substantially from the central axis of the handle (2) and possibly... Agent:

20120077150 - Dental abutment system: A dental implant screw for holding an abutment on a dental implant includes a head and a shaft. A proximal end of the shaft is coupled to the head. The shaft includes a threaded section, an outwardly tapered section leading into a recessed section, and a stop section directly between... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20120077149 - Dental implant system: The invention relates to a dental implant system comprising a dental implant (28), a dental restoration part (12), a connector (24) with a central through-hole (58) and a circumferential, radially outwardly projecting collar (30) and with a screw (52) passing through the through-hole (58) by means of which at least... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20120077151 - Morse taper dental implant: A morse taper dental implant with possibility for adaptation of components directly on the implant platform, the implant is a morse taper implant with grooves, which together with the surface treatment, promote adhesion of bone tissue to the implant, and further on the outside details, the implant has a platform... Agent:

03/22/2012 > 10 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20120070794 - Functionalized adhesive coated orthodontic appliances: Provided are methods for making adhesive coated orthodontic appliances having a silane treated metallic bonding surface, and related assemblies. Exemplary methods of making an adhesive coated orthodontic appliance include providing a metallic bonding surface on the orthodontic appliance for attachment to a tooth surface, sand blasting the bonding surface with... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120070795 - Orthodontic appliance: An orthodontic appliance having an edgewise slot with a height between 0.0189 and 0.020 inches and having a depth between 0.025 and 0.030 inches, with a preferred embodiment being a height of 0.019 inches and a depth of 0.028 inches. The slot is preferably rectangular in cross-sectional shape thus having... Agent:

20120070796 - Orthodontic appliance: The low profile orthodontic appliance generally has a height between and generally not including 0.0190 and 0.020 inches and having a depth less than 0.026 inches, with a preferred embodiment being a height of 0.0195 inches and a depth of 0.025 inches. The slot is preferably rectangular in cross-sectional shape... Agent:

20120070797 - Orthodontic appliance and method for class ii and class iii malocclusion and dental asymmetric correction: An orthodontic correction system is disclosed for correcting Class II malocclusions, Class III malocclusions, dental asymmetries and/or dental related skeletal anomalies wherein the patient's dentition is permanent or near permanent. The correction system attaches to a patient's dentition via a novel orthodontic appliance that is affixed to, e.g., pre-installed upper... Agent: Rmo, Inc.

20120070798 - Light protection shield for light delivery system: A dental shield for lessening unwanted hazardous reflections of light in a wavelength band between 400 nm and 500 nm. The dental shield is similar to a traditional shield used on a hand held light delivery device, however the shield is antireflective coated on one or both sides to protect... Agent:

20120070799 - Method and apparatus for reducing pain and patient discomfort at an injection site: An apparatus and a method for reducing pain and the discomfort experienced by a patient as a consequence of a needle stick during the administration of an injection. The pain-reducing apparatus includes a handle and a disposable fork detachably connected thereto. The fork has a pair of outstretched fingers that... Agent:

20120070800 - Dental drill bit: The present invention relates to a dental drill bit, covered by a multilayered protective coating, comprising at least one substrate (2) which is made of durable metal, at least one metal coating (3) which is placed on the substrate (2), at least one ceramic coating (4) which is placed on... Agent:

20120070801 - Dental implant locating device and method of use.: An improved method for determining the final position of a prosthetic crown and method for drilling a hole suited for a dental implant in a patient's jawbone includes the use of a spacer device. The spacer device comprises a vertical cylindrical barrel portion that selectively couples to industry-standard drill and... Agent:

20120070802 - Dental implant fabrication and insertion methods and personalized dental implant for use therein: Dental implant fabrication and insertion methods and a personalized dental implant for use in such methods. Such a personalized dental implant is prefabricated by a computer-operated milling machine using a computer model generated using digital images taken of a dental patient's natural tooth in situ. After the natural tooth is... Agent:

20120070803 - Prosthesis manipulation in dental prosthesis design: Herein are provided methods, systems, computer-readable media, techniques and processes for crown or prosthesis manipulation in dental prosthesis design. These include presenting a 3D model of a multi-tooth prosthesis relative to an area to be reconstructed. An operator may manipulate one or more prosthetic teeth in that 3D model in... Agent: Nobel Biocare Ab

03/15/2012 > 17 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120064474 - Methods of manufacturing a convertible orthodontic bracket by machining: Convertible orthodontic brackets (100) with a selectively removable labial web (112) are formed by machining. A circular pilot hole is formed so as to extend mesially-distally through the body of the orthodontic bracket (100). One or more shaping broaches are then pushed or pulled through the pilot hole so as... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

20120064475 - Orthodontic brackets including a ceramic or polymer bracket base and a metal insert having a selectively removable labial web cover: Convertible orthodontic brackets (100) of the present invention include a bracket base (102) formed of a ceramic and/or polymeric material (104) and a metal insert (105) defining an arch wire hole or tube received within a slot of the bracket base. The metal insert (105) includes a gingival sidewall (105a),... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

20120064476 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket: An orthodontic bracket for coupling an archwire with a tooth comprises a bracket body, a hinge pin, and a latch. The bracket body includes a first surface configured to be mounted to the tooth and an archwire slot in a second surface. The hinge pin includes a first shaft portion... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20120064477 - Impression tray, and method for capturing structures, arrangements or shapes, in particular in the mouth or human body: The invention relates to an impression tray, such as in particular a dental impression tray, which carries a deformable impression mass in order to prepare an impression of arrangements, shapes and/or dimensions, in particular in or on the human body, preferably in the mouth, and further preferred an impression of... Agent: Medentic S.a.

20120064478 - Method and accessory for use during dental procedure including mirror for patient: In a first aspect, the invention is directed to an accessory for use by a dental professional. The accessory includes a mirror and a connector. The connector has a connector body having a first end and a second end. The connector includes an eyewear mount at the first end and... Agent:

20120064479 - Dental retention systems: Dental retention systems which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured to an anchoring implant bored into the bones within the mouth. The abutment assembly has a projecting abutment... Agent: Rodo Medical, Inc.

20120064480 - Oral irrigation and/or brushing devices and/or methods: An integrated or combined oral care device having an oral cleaning device including a handle, and one or more cleaning head assemblies and a fluid irrigation assembly attached or attachable to the oral cleaning device.... Agent:

20120064481 - Composite delivery system: A syringe delivery system for dispensing a highly viscous material through a syringe delivery opening includes a syringe barrel having a delivery opening, a plunger stem including a threaded shaft that threadably engages a proximal end of the syringe barrel for selectively dispensing a viscous material through the delivery opening,... Agent:

20120064482 - Dispensing device for a dental substance: A dispensing device for a dental substance is provided which has an outlet for the dental substance, and a valve for opening and closing the outlet. The device is switchable between a storage mode and an operative mode. In the storage mode a cannula is locked in the device and... Agent:

20120064483 - Hard-wired and wireless system with footswitch for operating a dental or medical treatment apparatus: A hard-wired and wireless system for operating a dental or medical treatment apparatus is provided. The system includes a footswitch device and a dental/medical base unit, each having a communication element for transmitting and receiving signals. The footswitch and base unit are each programmed to have an initial identification address... Agent:

20120064484 - Inferior alveolar nerve (ian) protector instrument: The various embodiments of the present invention provide an inferior alveolar nerve (IAN) protector instrument for proper protection of neurovascular bundle and to prevent the traumatic injuries during oral and maxillofacial surgeries. The IAN protector instrument made of stainless steel has a shank, a blade and a handle. The shank... Agent:

20120064486 - Dental abutment with a force transducer interfacing with a nerve: The presently disclosed subject matter has application in the fields of Medicine, Neurology, Stomatology, Dentistry, Maxillofacial Surgery and Gerontology, using electronics nanotechnology and biomechanics technologies. The disclosed subject matter includes a bionic device of transduction of the mastication pressure into an electrical stimulus, capable of being perceived by the organism... Agent:

20120064485 - Fabrication and installation of a dental implant: A dental implant and a method and system for fabricating and installing the dental implant are provided. The dental implant comprises an implant member for insertion into a periodontal bone socket, and an anchoring assembly. The anchoring assembly is positioned within a hollow axial cavity of the implant member. The... Agent: Hankookin, LLC

20120064488 - Dental abutment with cover: A dental implant assembly comprises an implant body adapted for securement within a bore in a jaw bone of a patient. The implant body has a portion with an external thread for engaging the bore. An abutment has a top portion and a bottom portion. The top portion of the... Agent:

20120064487 - Dental securing mechanism with varying thread size: A dental implant assembly comprises an elongated tubular body adapted for securement within a bore in a jaw bone of a patient. The body has an expandable bottom portion. The expandable bottom portion has an outer thread on an outer surface. The outer thread has a major diameter that gradually... Agent:

20120064489 - Customized dental prosthesis for periodontal or osseointegration and related systems: Custom dental prosthesis or implants each individually designed and manufactured to replace nonfunctional natural teeth positioned in a jawbone of a specific pre-identified patient are provided. An example dental prosthesis/implant includes a dental implant body having a prosthesis interface formed therein to receive an occlusally-facing dental prosthesis component. The prosthesis... Agent: Natural Dental Implants, Ag

20120064490 - Inorganic-inorganic composite material and method for producing the same: s

03/08/2012 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120058442 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket and method of making same: An orthodontic bracket for coupling an archwire with a tooth comprises a bracket body configured to be mounted to the tooth and a clip. A clip slot extends through the bracket body transversely to the archwire slot. Upon deflection of the clip, it contacts the bracket body at locations that... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20120058443 - Orthodontic device and method for mounting and removing orthodontic cap: In an orthodontic device 10 according to the invention, an orthodontic attachment 11 includes an engaging portion 17 formed in a side portion of an archwire slot 16, and an orthodontic cap 13 is mounted on the orthodontic attachment 11 while covering the whole of the archwire slot 16 and... Agent:

20120058444 - Variable extension spring for orthodontics: A variable extension spring with two anchoring ends. Each anchoring end connected to an anchoring mechanism having engagement mechanisms. Engagement mechanisms may be eyelets. Engagement of the engagement mechanisms to intraoral features at different engagement positions allows variability in the extension length of the spring. Such variability allows the user... Agent:

20120058445 - Dental instrument and method of use: A dental instrument for use in removing unremineralizable carious dentin from a tooth while generally maintaining remineralizable carious dentin. The instrument comprises an instrument body and an instrument head having scraping elements made of plastic. Also, a method of removing unremineralizable carious dentine from a tooth while generally maintaining remineralizable... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120058446 - Chucking device for a medical or dental handpiece: A medical or dental handpiece comprising a tool holding/releasing device with a hollow shaft that can be put into a drive motion for holding a treatment tool, wherein the hollow shaft extends along a central axis and has a tool receptacle opening, a first holding unit and a second holding... Agent:

20120058447 - Interdental wedge: The invention relates to an interdental wedge for use with a matrix band when preparing a filling on a tooth to be restored and/or for use with a rubber dam, by inserting the interdental wedge into an area near the gingiva between the tooth to be restored or to be... Agent: Voco Gmbh

20120058448 - Prosthesis mounting device and carrier tool for use in mini implant fixed/removable prosthodontic applications: A prosthesis mounting device (30) for mounting onto mini dental implants (50), of generally frusto-conical shape with an axial recess (20), which base (21) has overhang (33) over the collar (34) of a mini implant (50). Together with a two stage cement removal process this provides a prosthodontic solution to... Agent:

20120058451 - Dental securing mechanism with taper seal: A method comprises attaching an abutment to an implant body so as to form a seal and cover the implant body, the implant body having a top portion with an external tapered surface and a bottom portion secured within a jaw bone of a patient. The abutment has a top... Agent:

20120058449 - Machined overdenture bar: Overdenture bars secured to a portion of a jaw bone provide a mounting platform for dental prosthetics. One method to form an overdenture bar includes obtaining a digital image of a portion of a mouth, transferring the image to a computer and forming a three dimensional image of the portion.... Agent: Sterngold Dental, LLC

20120058450 - Osteointegrative interface: Dental implant with biomimetic osteointegrative interface has a substrate of biocompatible material with a first layer thereon, having a first concentration of oxide of the biocompatible material, enriched with a second concentration of phosphorus and with a third concentration of calcium. The ratio between the concentration of calcium and the... Agent: Politecnico Di Milano

20120058452 - Comfort head mini dental implant: A one piece screw type mini dental implant (20) with a supragingival comfort head (10) that is generally frustoconical in shape and smooth in contour and outline, with rounded edges (11). The diameter of the base (12) is bigger than the diameter of the screw portion (1) by a factor... Agent:

20120058453 - Hot melt dental materials and devices and methods for using the same: Example embodiments of the present invention include hot melt dental adhesive materials that can create a reversible bond. In addition, example embodiments of the present invention include hot melt dental impression materials that can be used to accurately and efficiently obtain a dental impression. Moreover, example embodiments of the invention... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

03/01/2012 > 9 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20120052458 - Removable orthodontic or orthopedic appliance with inlaid design piece and the method of construction: The invention relates to a removable orthodontic or orthopedic appliance for wearing on a dentition comprising a metal wire and an acrylic polymer body, wherein at least one design piece is inlaid into the acrylic polymer body, and the design piece is die cut from an acrylate plate. The appliance... Agent:

20120052459 - Monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with locking catch devices: A monolithic metallic self-ligating bracket with a locking catch device is provided. The bracket includes a base, at least one tie wing and at least one locking catch device placed on one surface of the base. A slot in the middle of the tie wing extends in a generally mesial-distal... Agent: Beijing Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

20120052460 - Dental handpiece swivel coupling with an autoclavable illuminator assembly: A swivel coupling for coupling a dental handpiece to a dental-handpiece hose assembly. An optical transmission element extends from the chamber. An illuminator assembly is removably retained in the chamber. The illuminator assembly has an emitter in register with the optical transmission element. The emitter is mounted on a substrate... Agent: Dentalez, Inc.

20120052461 - Ergonomic hand-held teeth whitener: A hand-held light emitter for employment in combination with a gel applied to teeth for a whitening enhancement during employment by a user. The device features a housing surrounding an interior cavity holding LED's or other light projecting components which provide illumination to the user's mouth through an aperture communicating... Agent:

20120052462 - Holding element for a dental implant: Holding element for a dental implant including: an engagement section adapted for engagement with a manipulating tool; a retention section joined to the engagement section and adapted for engagement with a package, in particular an ampule; and a clamping section joined to the retention section and adapted for connecting the... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20120052463 - Device and method for capturing dental records: The present invention relates to a device and method for making dental records, particularly bite registrations for confirming the location, size, height and/or orientation of dental implants. More specifically, the present invention relates to a device and method for making a bite record for restoring teeth using internally configured dental... Agent:

20120052464 - Anti-rotational abutment screw cap and a method for using the same: An anti-rotational abutment screw cap includes a generally cylindrical-shaped body, the cylindrical-shaped body having a socket-end portion and an insert-end portion; a blind recess socket located on an end of the socket-end portion for receiving a torque wrench driver, the blind recess socket having an interior configuration; a retentive edge... Agent:

20120052465 - Dental model and method for its manufacturing: A dental model includes a base unit having a shape of a section of a jaw and gums of a patient, and at least one removable tooth component which is inserted along a z-axis into a dedicated tooth component recess of the base unit, wherein the removable tooth component includes... Agent: Wieland Dental + Technik Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120052466 - Dental adhesive composition comprising adhesion promoting polymer additive and method: Presently described are dental adhesive compositions and methods of use. The dental adhesive compositions described herein comprises a major amount of a hardenable component comprising a polymerizable organic component (i.e. having ethylenically unsaturated moieties) and a minor amount of a (e.g. water dispersible) polymer that comprises repeating units comprising polar... Agent:

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