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Dentistry February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/12

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02/23/2012 > 11 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120045729 - Illuminated orthodontic retainer and case therefor: A standard orthodontic retainer is modified on its surface opposite the palate and facing the patient's tongue with a light, a small battery to provide power for the light means, and a frame beneath the light that allows a template to be removably slid into the frame. The template consists... Agent:

20120045730 - Oral irrigator appliance with radiant energy delivery for bactericidal effect: An oral irrigator includes a base having a pump mechanism, a reservoir housed within the base and fluidically connected with the pump mechanism. A handle with a jet tip is connected with an outlet from the pump mechanism to receive a pressurized fluid stream from the reservoir to direct a... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20120045731 - Guided pin system trephine drill: A guided pin system (GPS) trephine drill may be used for the placement of a dental implant while simultaneously collecting a substantial volume of autogenous bone that otherwise would have been discarded off during the current method of sequentially enlarging diameter spade drills. A method for preparing a dental implant... Agent:

20120045732 - Dental paste dispensing device and method of use: A dental paste dispensing device having a modified dispensing end for atraumatic contact with soft tissue is disclosed. The dispensing device has a metal needle with an attachment end adapted to be attached to a capsule containing the dental paste and a dispensing end with a terminal edge for dispensing... Agent: Kerr Corporation

20120045733 - Dental appliance: The dental appliance includes a pouch for an index finger with a dentifrice carrying pad. The pouch covers the index finger to at least a midsection region. The dentifrice pad is atop the user's finger pad surface. The pouch has an elongated tail which extends proximally to at least beyond... Agent:

20120045734 - Dental wedge device with guiding wire: A dental wedge device for pulling between teeth. The device features a wedge component having a first end and a second end, the first end being generally pointed; and a generally flexible guiding wire. The guiding wire traverses the wedge component and the first end of the guiding wire extends... Agent:

20120045735 - Implant repair system and method: A dental implant system includes bone growth promoting material configured for disposal within a body cavity about an implant. A protective element is configured to overlay the bone growth promoting material. Methods of use are also disclosed.... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120045736 - Anchoring implant: An implant includes a collar configured for disposal within tissue. The collar defines an axial bore. A shaft extends between a first end and a second end. The shaft is configured for disposal with the bore of the collar. A base defines an axial bore having an inner surface configured... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120045737 - Metal/plastic housing: A metal/plastic housing useable for releasable denture attachment to an o-ring abutment of a dental implant, within which an elastomeric o-ring is seatable, wherein the elastomeric o-ring is an elastomeric orthodontic o-ring.... Agent:

20120045738 - Method for enhancing viability of periodontal tissue cells: In a method for enhancing viability of periodontal tissue cells associated with more than one tooth, the periodontal tissue cells are irradiated simultaneously by an LED (light emitting diode) module having a light emitting range covering the associated teeth, wherein the irradiating energy is between 0.1 J/cm2 and 10 J/cm2.... Agent: Jetts Technology Co., Ltd.

20120045739 - Oral hygiene tool: An oral hygiene tool comprising a wand extending from an end to an attachment end, an absorbent swab connected to the wand at the attachment end; where the absorbent swab collects a layer of saliva within a mouth of a person, a textured bottom of the absorbent swab, a domed... Agent:

02/16/2012 > 13 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120040301 - Mandibular advancement: There are provided various appliances for human mandibular advancement. One appliance comprises a frame having a first end adapted to be secured against a fixed part of the body of a subject; a second end equipped with a pulling platform; and an intervening length to present the pulling platform outside... Agent: Joachim Nigiam, As Trustee For Joachim Nigiam Trus Fund Abn

20120040300 - Vibrating dental plate and accessories: Vibrating dental devices and accessories are provided, including a unique snap fit dental plate and vibrator connection; risers for adjusting the thickness of a dental plate; a pointer or wand that can be clamped onto a dental plate to reach even severely misaligned teeth; a cushioned dental plate having a... Agent: Orthoaccel Technologies, Inc.

20120040302 - Self-ligating non-metalic orthodontic bracket: The orthodontic bracket includes a base surface mountable to a tooth and with a primary channel formed in an outer surface opposite the base surface. The primary channel is configured to receive an arch wire therein. An axle support such as a tube is located within a lower groove within... Agent:

20120040303 - Notched pontic and system for fabricating dental appliance foruse therewith: A pontic having a prefabricated notch, channel or slot to physically engage and ensure a secure mechanical lock with the dental appliance. The invention also pertains to a method of fabricating a dental appliance and a kit for facilitating the same. The invention has particular application to thermoformed, removable appliances.... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20120040305 - Imaging device for dental instruments and methods for intra-oral viewing: The present application relates to an apparatus and method in the field of dentistry and in particular to optical tools for diagnosis and imaging. It is a problem of the prior art that the use of fibre optic components yield a bulky dental camera with poor resolution. It is an... Agent: Denstply International Inc.

20120040304 - System and method for post-exposure dosimetry using electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy: An apparatus and method for triaging patients according to radiation exposure operates by measuring electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of fingernails, toenails, and/or teeth. When operating in vivo, radiation induced spectra are obtained from intact fingernails, toenails, or teeth placed within a magnet and with pickup coils located over nails between... Agent:

20120040306 - Endodontic procedure employing simultaneous liquefaction and acoustic debridgement: An ultrasonic liquefaction endodontic system having a graspable hand piece includes a contra-angle tip assembly that has an insert and an internal fluid flow passageway. A portion of the fluid flow passageway passes through a C-shaped receiver located at the end of the receiver so that an ultrasonic frequency may... Agent:

20120040307 - Dental whitening device composition: A dental whitening device includes a pair of flexible foil sheets of substantially identical structure superimposed over one another and permanently fastened together to define there between an internal region for confining a dental whitening composition and an outlet to the internal region from which to express the dental whitening... Agent:

20120040308 - Hand-held teeth treatment device: The present invention provides a hand-held teeth treatment device 1. The device 1 comprises a base unit 2 which is configured to be hand-held and operated and at least one applicator 3 comprising an applicator head 4 for applying treatment to teeth. The applicator comprises a connecting portion 5 for... Agent:

20120040309 - Dental implant assembly comprisig a magnetic temporary screw: The present invention relates to an apparatus for dental implants that incorporate a temporary screw (4) made of NdFeB permanent magnet to generate, for the entire permanence in the cavity obtained in the patient's bone, a magnetic field suitable to favor the sudden healing of the bone.... Agent:

20120040310 - Saliva-cured dental restorative material: Disclosed herein are dental temporary filling material and cement formulations comprising a hydrophobic matrix of a hydrophobic material in which an inorganic hardening material and fine, hydrophilic, water-insoluble solid particles are dispersed. The hydrophilic particles serve to conduct water into the hydrophobic matrix to increase the depth and degree of... Agent: Scientific Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

20120040311 - System and method for aligning virtual dental models: A method of aligning a virtual model of an upper jaw (502) and a virtual model of a lower jaw (504) in a bite position includes matching first facial surfaces (520b) of a virtual model of a side impression (506) with facial surfaces (520a) of the virtual model of the... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20120040312 - Dental ultrasonography: Methods and devices are described that enable real-time, hand-held diagnostic ultrasonography for use in dental practice. The methods and devices utilize circumferential surface wave modes that are highly sensitive to small surface and near surface flaws. In addition, these surface waves can propagate between the teeth, following the curvature of... Agent: College Of William And Mary

02/09/2012 > 8 patent applications in 7 patent subcategories.

20120034572 - Surface modification for enhanced silanation of ceramic materials: A coated medical implant, such as a coated dental component, is provided, the coated medical implant including a substrate surface formed of a material comprising available hydroxyl groups and a silicon oxide coating layer chemisorbed on the substrate surface. A method for the preparation of such coated implants is also... Agent: Research Triangle Institute Nova Southeastern University

20120034573 - Medical, in particular dental, diagnostic device having image capture means: A medical, in particular dental, diagnostic device having means for image capture and a hand piece that has a window located in the optical path of the means for image capture, wherein there are means for heating the window formed by a resistance heater.... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20120034574 - Dental implant system and method: A dental implant system and method for inserting a threaded implant in both edentulous and partially edentulous space of a patient's jaw bone in the form of a threaded implant having at least one hole adapted along its longitudinal axis for insertion of an abutment post and a drilling gauge... Agent:

20120034575 - Combination rotating dental cleaning brush and paste device: The combination rotating dental cleaning brush and paste device. The device includes a housing having a rotating shaft therethrough. A compressible tube has two opposed ends, a first end which is rotated by the shaft and a second end having an opening therethrough. A brush is integral with, connected to,... Agent:

20120034576 - Dental cleaning device: A dental cleaning device (10) comprising cleaning elements (12) arranged in a spaced relationship and angled generally towards one another such that a space (14) is defined there between. The cleaning elements (12) being movable to increase the space (14) to thereby enable the cleaning elements (12) to be located... Agent:

20120034577 - Dental implant with osteoinductive carrier system: A dental implant has a first coronal portion having a first width and a second apical portion having a second smaller width, where a taper between the coronal and the apical portions is of constant slope. A threaded arrangement on an outer surface of the dental implant is provided with... Agent:

20120034578 - One piece dental implant and use thereof in prostodontic and orthodontic applications: The specification describes one-piece dental implants comprising a threaded shaft, optionally a non-circular abutment and a head having a shape which is capable of accepting a keeper cap or an O-ring, or which is capable of accepting and retaining a dental wire. The implants have dimensions that permit their use... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120034579 - Apparatus for evacuation of root canal: In an endodontic procedure, after the working of a root canal by instruments to remove material and shape the walls of the canal, irrigant is supplied via a microcannula. A vacuum is applied via a tube which is inserted partway down the root canal. The tube and microcannula pass through... Agent: Discus Dental, LLC

02/02/2012 > 20 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20120028204 - Correction of alveolar cleft with calcium-based bone graft materials: The present disclosure describes the use of calcium-based bone graft material in patients with, for example, congenital alveolar clefts. Calcium-based bone graft material facilitates the primary alveolar cleft repair in relation to the secondary grafting. Calcium bone graft materials in secondary alveolar cleft grafting may also be facilitated.... Agent:

20120028205 - Dental orthotic: A dental orthotic covering a plurality of teeth is provided for improving various obstructive syndromes of the human upper airway. The orthotic may be relatively thickened on the lingual side of the orthotic, compared to the facial or occlusal side; and in particular may relatively thickened in the more posterior... Agent:

20120028207 - Orthodontic connector providing controlled engagement with an orthodontic wire: The present invention provides an orthodontic connector, along with related assemblies, used in coupling an orthodontic wire to an orthodontic auxiliary such a force module. The connector includes a slot with rigid and opposing walls and one or more flexible clips, which independently engage the wire. The combination of rigid... Agent:

20120028206 - Self ligating bracket system: A self ligating orthodontic bracket system includes a bracket, a slidable ligating member and at least one wedge locking ramp. The bracket includes an archwire slot defined therein, which is configured to receive an archwire therein. The ligating member slides along a slide path defined on the bracket and which... Agent:

20120028208 - Interarch force module with link for orthodontic treatment: A force module is interconnected between upper and lower dental arches of an orthodontic patient in order to move the positions of the arches relative to each other. The force module includes at least two sliding members that move relative to each other along with a link for connecting one... Agent:

20120028209 - Ultrasonic dental insert and lighted handpiece assembly: An ultrasonic dental handpiece and insert assembly is provided. Scaler inserts that can be used to clean and polish tooth surfaces are particularly preferred. A sleeve is removably mounted on the handpiece. The handpiece contains a primary coil and the sleeve encloses a secondary coil, which are inductively coupled together... Agent:

20120028210 - Stents and method for dental restoration using same: A method for dental restoration that includes disposing a flowable and curable tooth restoration composition into an open cavity of a stent that defines contours of a final design model of a patient's teeth and includes an interproximal contact that has been thinned along an interproximal contact zone but not... Agent: Turn Key Dental Academy, Inc.

20120028211 - Occlusion template: The invention relates to an occlusion template having position markers comprising prescribed dimensions, applied to prescribed locations of the template, and recognizable as position marks on an image of the jaw or a jaw area of a patient. In order to be able to analyze locally limited X-ray images, the... Agent:

20120028212 - Stopper housing case: In a hard material made stopper housing case to house a plurality of cylindrical stoppers for defining a drill blade entering depth of a dental implant fixture embedding hole at a jawbone when performing a dental implant treatment, the stopper has a spring-like locking part to be locked with a... Agent: Gc Corporation

20120028214 - Accessory for the production of dentures: An accessory (100) for the production of dental implant-carried dentures in the dental technician's laboratory has an essentially smooth outer face and a connection geometry (115), corresponding to a dental implant, for dentures. The outer face has, further, a conical portion (120). The conical portion (120) allows an axially and... Agent: Vanotech Sagl

20120028213 - Method and apparatus for bending a guide post used in forming a template for locating a dental inplant hole: An apparatus and method for bending a guide post used in forming a template for locating dental implant hole. The guide post includes at least one face on a distal end for registering the orientation of the guide post. The apparatus includes a base plate having protractor-like indicia, a supporting... Agent:

20120028215 - Systems and methods for reconditioning implants in situ: A system for reconditioning a dental implant in situ comprising a buffer member and a drive member. The buffer member is operable in an open configuration in which the buffer member may be placed over a portion of the implant and a closed configuration in which the buffer member is... Agent:

20120028216 - Hand apparatus, in particular for dental purposes, for dispensing a pasty filler mass: The invention concerns a hand apparatus (1), in particular for dental purposes, for dispensing a pasty filler mass (M) the viscosity of which can be reduced by supplying vibration energy, having an apparatus housing (5), having a container (4) for the pasty filler mass (M), having an exit nozzle (11)... Agent:

20120028217 - Capsule and piston: A capsule for receiving and delivering high-viscosity dental materials has a housing which defines an interior chamber. The housing and the interior chamber have a first section, a transition area, and an exit nozzle. The interior chamber of the transition area tapers continuously towards its second end. The interior chamber... Agent: Transcodent Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120028218 - Wireless control device for controlling a surgical apparatus: A wireless control device for controlling, with a human foot, an apparatus for multiple surgical functions. The device includes a base having small dimensions, at least two modules mounted on the base for generating specific control signals for each of the surgical, a transmitter for transmitting the control signals, a... Agent: Sarl Dentalhitec

20120028219 - Bioadhesive for periodontal gingival and/or bone tissues: The invention is directed to an adhesive strip, particularly an adhesive strip or bandage for use in periodontal treatments. The biocompatible adhesive strip comprises a flexible barrier with a biocompatible adhesive for use in an oral environment, wherein the adhesive is in a non-tacky state when dry and becomes adherent... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120028220 - Preventing interference between tooth models: Systems and methods are disclosed to prevent interference between two physical tooth models in a physical dental arch model by acquiring the coordinates of a plurality of points on the surfaces of each of the two physical tooth models and digitally representing the surfaces of each of the two physical... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20120028221 - Dental splint device and methods for making and using same: A dental splint, a method for fabricating and installing same is disclosed for stabilizing mobile or unstable teeth. The dental splint comprises a one-piece extracoronal component customized to the dentition of a patient, wherein the one-piece extracoronal component is adhered to the lingual aspect of the teeth and substantially non-visible... Agent:

20120028222 - Characterization of an antibiotic imregnated delivery systems as an intracanal medicament in endodontic therapy: Endodontic fibers comprising a biocompatible polymer vehicle permeable to medicaments, or combinations of medicaments are described. Such fibers can be used, for example, in a method for the local delivery and sustained release of medicaments to periodontal or intracanal treatment sites. Endodontic fibers described include modified periodontal fibers and intracanal... Agent:

20120028223 - Methods for using dental compositions containing fluorescent agents: A method of applying a dental composition to tooth surfaces is provided. The dental composition, comprising polymerizable resin and fluorescing compound, is applied to a tooth surface and cured so that it hardens. The composition is preferably used as a dental sealant that provides a hard, glossy surface finish over... Agent:

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