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Dentistry January recently filed with US Patent Office 01/12

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01/26/2012 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20120021370 - Biodegradable stents and methods for treating periodontal disease: Biodegradable stents and methods for selectively guided tissue regeneration in treating a periodontal defect adjacent to a root of a tooth are provided. The biodegradable stents and methods comprise a coronal portion and a transverse portion or shelf, which reduce unwanted migration of gingival epithelium, gingival connective tissue, and soft... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120021369 - Periodontal disease space maintenance devices and methods: Devices and methods are provided for maintaining space to treat a periodontal defect adjacent to a tooth, the devices and methods comprise a supporting structure comprising a pin, or suture or mesh having a body configured to extend over the periodontal defect and hold gingival tissue above the defect, the... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20120021371 - Spray nozzle and dental cleaning system: A dental cleaning system for providing a liquid jet for a mouth rinse includes a nozzle member, a nozzle attachment coupled to the nozzle member to define an axially extending chamber, a liquid duct configured to supply pressurized liquid to the chamber, a pressure piece disposed within the chamber, and... Agent:

20120021372 - Dental hand piece with directional guider cross reference to related application: A dental hand piece includes a reference line generator attachable to the face of a patient to generate a reference line in parallel to the top surfaces of the teeth of the patient, and a directional guider, for example, laser guider located on the front end of the hand piece... Agent:

20120021373 - Multi-purpose dental instrument: A dental mirror tool having a body comprises a manifold disposed on the tool body proximate the mirror, a plurality of output ports disposed in an outlet side of the manifold and disposed to emit streams of light and fluid and air or suction toward a predetermined target, and a... Agent:

20120021374 - Oscillating spray tip for oral irrigator: An oral irrigator tip defines a main fluid passage and first and second side fluid passages on a opposite sides of the main fluid passage. Each side fluid passage has an inlet and an outlet both in fluid communication with the main fluid passage. First and second island structures may... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20120021375 - Devices and methods for collecting and analyzing fluid samples from the oral cavity: Devices for collecting a fluid sample from the oral cavity, the device including a mouthpiece that includes a chamber, the chamber including front and rear inner walls; and means for collecting the fluid sample from the oral cavity; and methods of collecting and analyzing samples of fluid from the oral... Agent:

20120021376 - Gutta-percha remover: A gutta-percha remover (10) includes a shaft (12), a tapered working portion (13) connected to the shaft (12), and one, two, or more screw-shaped grooves (14) formed in the working portion, wherein as to cross sections (13a, 13b) of a base end and a tip of the working portion, the... Agent:

20120021377 - Electric implant torque wrench: An electric implant torque wrench includes a main unit, having a torque generating mechanism for outputting a torque and a control knob for adjusting and setting the torque, a handle having a flexible tube connected to the main unit for receiving the torque outputted by the main unit, and a... Agent:

20120021378 - Dental prosthetic and restoration removal system and method: A system for removing dental prosthetics and restorations effectively and efficiently without damaging the dental prosthetic or restoration and with minimal discomfort to a patient is disclosed. The system features central holder designed for receiving and securely supporting a single or plurality of support arms in a spaced apart arrangement,... Agent:

20120021380 - Area-specific dental instrument: An area-specific dental instrument is provided, which comprises an arcuate S-shaped shank and an arcuate blade further comprising a sharpened convex surface. This instrument can be capable of cleaning plaque and calculus from the lingual surfaces of anterior teeth and concave surfaces between teeth at the cemento-enamel junction.... Agent:

20120021379 - Periodontal scaler: A periodontal scaler is provided, comprising an arcuate shank and an arcuate blade. The arcuate blade being designed to conform to the roughly cylindrical surfaces found on the roots of teeth. This conforming feature of the instrument's blade increases its cleaning efficiency by maximizing contact between the blade's surface and... Agent:

20120021381 - Dental implant and dental component connection: A dental implant, components, and kit are provided. The implant can comprise a body, attachment means for attaching the implant to bone, and a recess. The recess can be disposed within the body and open towards a proximal end thereof. The recess can comprise a proximally-disposed receiving chamber and a... Agent:

20120021382 - Accessory head for a powered toothbrush and toothbrush incorporating the same: A replaceable accessory head for a powered toothbrush. The user selects one of a plurality of dental care accessory assemblies for flossing, brushing teeth, or for stimulating the gums. That assembly is engaged with the head which in turn is engaged with the handle and is locked thereto. This locking... Agent: Brushpoint Innovations Inc

20120021383 - Radically curable urethane dimethacrylates and compositions thereof for tougher dental prosthetics: A radically curable polyurethane composite for dental restorations, including provisional restorations, includes polyurethane dimethacrylate prepolymers that have at least one flexible unit within a polyurethane dimethacrylate backbone, and one or more dimethacrylate monomers. Composite materials made with polyurethane dimethacrylate prepolymers of the invention exhibit superior and optimal properties of flexural... Agent: Pulpdent Corporation

20120021384 - Characterization of an antibiotic imregnated delivery systems as an intracanal medicament in endodontic therapy: Endodontic fibers comprising a biocompatible polymer vehicle permeable to medicaments, or combinations of medicaments, wherein the biocompatible polymer vehicle comprises one or more biocompatible and/or biodegradable polymers are described. Such fibers can be used, for example, in a method for the local delivery and sustained release of medicaments to periodontal... Agent:

01/19/2012 > 18 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20120015314 - Systems and methods for varying elastic modulus appliances: The present invention provides improved devices, systems and methods for repositioning teeth from an initial tooth arrangement to a final tooth arrangement. Repositioning is accomplished with a system comprising a series of polymeric shell appliances configured to receive the teeth and incrementally reposition individual teeth in a series of successive... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20120015315 - Customized orthodontic bracket system: A customized orthodontic bracket system is provided. The system can include a bracket having a customized bracket bonding pad for bonding the bracket to a tooth of a patient and a bracket slot adapted to receive a customized archwire. The customized archwire is adapted to be positioned in the bracket... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120015316 - Unified three dimensional virtual craniofacial and dentition model and uses thereof: A method and apparatus are disclosed enabling an orthodontist or a user to create an unified three dimensional virtual craniofacial and dentition model of actual, as-is static and functional anatomy of a patient, from data representing facial bone structure; upper jaw and lower jaw; facial soft tissue; teeth including crowns... Agent:

20120015318 - Method for material processing and laser processing device for material processing: A method for material processing and laser processing device for material processing. The laser machining device has a laser beam source to provide a pulsed processing laser beam, a laser beam aligning unit to output couple the laser beam in the direction toward a area of material to be machined,... Agent: Lumera Laser Gmbh

20120015317 - Suction device for evacuating fumes: A suction device for evacuating fumes includes a tongue depressor having a pair of opposed walls; at least one suction tube connected to the tongue depressor; an elongated support member to which the suction tube is connected; and a connecting member attached to an end of the suction tube for... Agent:

20120015319 - Tapered fused waveguide for teeth whitening: A radiation emitting apparatus is disclosed that emits a substantially homogenous beam of radiation from an irregularly shaped output end. As described herein, a radiation emitting apparatus includes a bundled fiber guide coupled to an energy distribution tuner. The bundled fiber guide is coupled to the energy distribution tuner to... Agent: Biolase Technology, Inc.

20120015320 - Tips for protecting the tongue, bite block, and intraoral illumination device having a saliva-sucking function: A bite block, an illumination device having a saliva suction function, and a TIPS for protecting the tongue of a patient are disclosed. The present invention guides the tongue of the patient such that when dental treatment is performed, the tongue of the patient can be safely and comfortably protected.... Agent:

20120015321 - Method of grinding denture, program for calculating grinding portion of pre-grinding denture, occlusal condition reconstructing device, denture data measuring equipment, denture grinding machine, artificial tooth for automated grinding, method for determi: A jaw-relation reproduction condition is determined by measuring a jaw movement of a patient, and reproducing a jaw state of the patient on an occlusion-state reproducing apparatus in accordance with the jaw-relation reproduction condition. Dentures are arranged on the apparatus in accordance with the jaw-relation reproduction condition to prepare pre-grinding... Agent:

20120015322 - Tooth whitening ii: A method of cosmetically whitening teeth in vivo comprises exposing the teeth to be whitened to a flow of non-thermal gaseous plasma at a temperature acceptable for oral administration of the non-thermal gaseous plasma and for a time sufficient for the non-thermal gaseous plasma to have a tooth-whitening effect. Repeated... Agent:

20120015323 - Package for dental material: A package (10) for the storage and dispensing of a plurality of materials includes a first and a second longitudinally juxtaposed barrels (11, 12). Each barrel (11,12) having a first and a second end (20, 21). Each first and second barrels (11, 12) having a quantity of at least one... Agent:

20120015324 - System for preparing and displacing tissue: A dental handpiece to which various tools forming a tool set can be coupled, and more precisely a handpiece coupling, which can be driven by a drive in the dental handpiece at least for an axial oscillating motion The coupling is constituted for a connection of the tools by insertion... Agent:

20120015325 - Restorable one piece implant: A restorable one piece implant includes an implant root having a bottom coarse thread portion for mounting in the gum of a patient and a top fine thread portion at the top side of the bottom coarse thread portion, an abutment formed integral with the top end of the top... Agent:

20120015326 - Dental restoration system and method thereof: The invention provides a dental restoration system comprising a crown base such as a dentin or an abutment and a shape determiner that surrounds and measures the shape of an apical part in the crown base. The invention also provides a method of dental restoration, which comprises measuring the shape... Agent:

20120015327 - Composition for attaching a dental facing on a dental support structure, process and use thereof: The present invention relates to a composition for attaching a dental facing on a dental support structure comprising water, a glass and/or glass ceramic material, a rheological modifier with a molecular weight above about 500,000. The invention also relates to a process comprising the steps: providing a dental facing precursor... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20120015328 - Library selection in dental prosthesis design: Presented herein are techniques methods, systems, devices, and computer-readable storage media for library selection in dental prosthesis design. Embodiments include presenting two or more dental morphology libraries for use in a dental plan and receiving a selection of one or more tooth morphologies from one of the presented dental morphology... Agent: Biocad Medical, Inc.

20120015329 - Dental navigation techniques: Apparatus and methods are described, including at least one tool configured to be placed inside a subject's mouth. A first optically-visible marker is coupled to the tool. A second optically-visible marker is coupled to a structure inside the subject's mouth. A plurality of optical cameras are coupled to the tool,... Agent: Rainbow Medical Ltd.

20120015330 - Method of designing a dental prosthetic, and computer readable medium for performing a method of designing a dental prosthetic: A method of designing a dental prosthetic is provided. The method includes converting a scanned model of at least part of a mouth of a patient into an object file adapted to be read by a three dimensional sculpting software application, and importing the object file into the three dimensional... Agent:

20120015331 - Scaffold: The present invention provides a polymeric scaffold containing an antibacterial photoactive drug and optionally comprising seeded cells such as stem cells. The invention also includes methods of using the scaffold for tissue regeneration, prevention or reduction of infection whilst tissue regeneration occurs, methods for improving graft or implant survival, promoting... Agent:

01/12/2012 > 10 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20120009537 - Orthodontic appliance: The present invention provides an orthodontic appliance and wearing the orthodontic appliance can change the occlusion so as to solve the problem of conventional orthodontic appliance that might take long treatment duration. Through providing the orthodontic appliance to children with deciduous tooth, the permanent first molar can protrude from current... Agent:

20120009538 - Orthodontic bracket: Provided is an orthodontic bracket that is capable of a more effective three-dimensional motion and particularly an effective motion on the tooth surface. Specifically provided is an orthodontic bracket which comprises a substrate surface that is bonded to the tooth surface and an arch wire retaining portion that is configured... Agent: Gc Corporation

20120009539 - Intraoral light-emitting device: The present invention relates to methods, systems, kits and devices that emit light to the oral cavity. The device includes a light source; a power source in electrical communication with the light source; and a bite actuated switch in electrical communication with the power source and the light source. The... Agent:

20120009540 - Led tooth whitening device and method of tooth whitening using the device: In an embodiment, a tooth whitening device includes a body having at least one LED disposed at an end of the body, and a mouthpiece removably attached to the body adjacent the LED. The mouthpiece can include an insertion end having a shape complimentary to an arch of upper and... Agent: Gosmile, Inc.

20120009541 - Device for holding a model: Device for holding a model of a dental prosthesis part, such as an abutment, including a first portion in which the mode of the dental prosthesis part can be modeled on and a second portion which allows a definite position identification of the holder, as well as a device for... Agent: Institut Straumann Ag

20120009542 - Apparatus, system, and method for removal of dental prosthesis: An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for facilitating removal of a dental prosthesis. A recess on a dental prosthesis is included and the dental prosthesis is mountable on one or more dental studs. The one or more dental studs are each connected to a dental implant in the jaw... Agent:

20120009543 - Dental tool: A dental tool includes a working head 3 rotatable about a rotational axis 1 and attached to a shaft 2, which working head is provided with cutting edges 4, 5. Cutting edges 4 of a first toothing are formed about a complete periphery of the working head 3, cutting edges... Agent: Gebr. Brasseler Gmbh & Co. Kg

20120009544 - Guide pin for dental implantation: The guide pin in accordance with the present invention has an elongated body made from a ceramic material capable of bone density indication and comprising multiple coaxial cylindrical sections of different heights and diameters.... Agent:

20120009545 - Device for indicating the position and orientation of a dental implant: A position locator for use in dental restorative procedure is described. The position locator is inserted into a replica of a dental implant or into a replica of an abutment. The position and orientation of the implant replica can be determined by scanning the model with the implant replica and... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20120009546 - Semi-worked piece for production of dental/odontoiatric devices, namely for posts, stumps and dental crowns: A semi-worked piece of composite material for producing artefacts/devices for dental and/or odontoiatric use such as posts and/or stumps and/or dental crowns for example, comprises a polymeric matrix and a multiplicity of mechanically resistant fibres nested in the polymeric matrix; in this semi-worked piece the resistant fibres are arranged in... Agent: Bioloren S.r.l.

01/05/2012 > 12 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20120003600 - Orthodontic corrective appliance, especially for correcting malpositioned molars: An orthodontic corrective appliance for correcting malpositioned molars, wherein one end of the appliance is mounted on a supporting device, and the other end is applied to the given molar with spring loading includes a pusher element which is guided axially in a sleeve and is acted upon by a... Agent: Promedia A. Ahnfeldt Gmbh

20120003601 - Jet injector use in oral evaluation: A tooth treatment device includes a detector that detects a marker of oral health and a fluid ejector that ejects fluid against teeth in response to the detected marker. The device can include a housing configured to be held on hand, the fluid ejector being positioned at an end of... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20120003602 - Device for observation of the oral cavity: A device for observation of the oral cavity having a mirror arrangement with at least one mirror element assigned to a certain observation zone in the oral cavity area and a positioning structure for positioning the mirror arrangement in the oral cavity in a reproducible manner.... Agent:

20120003603 - Air water vacuum syringe and method of use: An air water vacuum dental instrument includes a handle; a head; an air control carried by at least one of the handle and the head; a water control carried by at least one of the handle and the head; a vacuum control carried by at least one of the handle... Agent:

20120003604 - Occlusal adjustment system: Occlusal-surface shape data and occlusal-surface position data of dentures are acquired on a dentist side, and the data is then transmitted to a grinding data provider side. A maxillomandibular occlusal state data is reproduced from the occlusal-surface shape data and the occlusal-surface position data on the grinding data provider side.... Agent:

20120003605 - Endodontic diagnostic instrument: An endodontic diagnostic instrument includes a handle configured for receiving a clamp or retainer which engages and clamps an applicator, which may be made of open-celled foam and which is saturated with a coolant or refrigerant. By utilizing the instrument, a doctor may place or selectively position the applicator against... Agent:

20120003606 - Connection of a prosthesis structure with an implant structure: A connection device for connecting a prosthesis structure with an implant structure comprises a holding shell and a retention insert. The retention insert comprises an end side and a substantially ring-shaped retention rim projecting therefrom. The holding shell comprises an end side and a substantially ring-shaped holding rim projecting therefrom.... Agent:

20120003608 - Apparatus for fastening a dental prosthesis: The device for fastening a dental prosthesis includes a bar patrix (20) and a connecting part (10), which can be attached to the dental prosthesis and has a recess into which the bar patrix can be inserted and which is surrounded by two side walls (11, 12) connected via a... Agent: Cendres+metaux Sa

20120003607 - Detachment-prevented removable double-crown prosthetic appliance: A detachment-prevented removable double-crown prosthetic appliance includes an internal crown member, which has an outside surface to which two resilient retention clamping strips are mounted, each of the resilient retention clamping strips including a root section that is fixed to the outside surface of the internal crown member and a... Agent:

20120003609 - Dental implant: A dental implant includes a dental implant body which is a cylinder body having a first end and a second end, an asymmetric thread being provided around the dental implant body, an apex lock being formed at the first end for inserting into a sinus of a desired position, and... Agent:

20120003610 - Apparatus and digital methodology for preparation of a dental implant surgical site for the promotion of a desired emergent sulcus: One possible embodiment of the invention could be a methodology of creating a proposed sulcus emergence profile for a dental implant surgical site, comprising of the following steps obtaining data of a specific patient's mouth needed to create a computer-generated virtual model of that patient's mouth; processing said obtained data... Agent:

20120003611 - Multifunctional acrylates used as cross-linkers in dental and biomedical self-etching bonding adhesives: This invention describes an adhesive used for bonding dental and medical biomaterials to hard tissues via a molecular bridge formed from calcium-reactive amines and acrylic or methacrylic ester monomers to hard tissues such as enamel, dentin, and bone. This formulation consists of an acid-stable polymerizable compound with multi-functional acrylate cross-linkers.... Agent:

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