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Dentistry December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/11

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12/29/2011 > 16 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110318699 - Self-ligating brackets for orthodontics: Self-ligating bracket for orthodontics has a base, an occlusal wall extending from the base and occlusal ligature wing, a gingival wall extending from the base and gingival ligature wing, a slot, which separates the occlusal wall and the gingival wall from one another and extends continuously in the direction from... Agent: Bernhard F&#xf6 Rster Gmbh

20110318700 - Method and apparatus for dental thermal sensitivity tester: A method and apparatus for a dental thermal sensitivity tester have been disclosed. A dental wand has an end that is positionable against a dental feature and has a thermal generation unit in thermal communication with the dental wand end.... Agent:

20110318701 - Dental probe: A dental probe according to the invention is provided with a tip portion including a water flow path, an air flow path, a multi-lumen tube including a duct formed therein in which an optical fiber is inserted, and the optical fiber inserted in the duct. The optical fiber includes a... Agent: Fujikura Ltd.

20110318702 - Dental shield apparatus: A dental shield apparatus includes a first portion of flexible tubing having proximal and distal ends. A handle is operably coupled to the distal end of the first portion of flexible tubing. The dental shield apparatus includes a transparent shield. Second and third portions of flexible tubing operatively couple the... Agent:

20110318703 - Denture grinding machine: A denture grinding machine includes: a denture-holding table for holding dentures; a grinding tool for grinding the dentures held on the denture-holding table; a main body for holding the grinding tool; a moving mechanism for causing relative movement between the denture-holding table and the main body; and a driving mechanism... Agent:

20110318704 - Endosseus implant for use in a jaw cavity and template for making the cavity: An endosseous jaw implant for insertion into a cavity formed in a jaw bone has a central implant body onto which at least one anchor wing is integrally molded. The anchor wing has a wedge-shaped cross section, and at least a front edge and/or a back face or an axis... Agent:

20110318705 - Hydro clean auto floss: The Hydro Clean Auto Floss provides a molded mouth-guard type mouthpiece configured in a U shape to conform to the contours of a set of human teeth, having a trough to receive the teeth, further comprising an irrigation water flow component at the front thereof consisting of an attachable tubing... Agent:

20110318706 - dental implant, a dental implant kit and a method of securing a dental bridge to the jaw of the patient: The application relates to an implant for insertion into a structure, a method for connecting a superstructure to the implant, and a kit comprising the implant and a superstructure. The implant can include a body having an external surface for apposition to bone, an apical end and a coronal end,... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20110318708 - Ceramic dental implant: A dental implant is disclosed comprising an anchoring part for anchoring within a bone and comprising a mounting part for receiving a prosthetic build-up construction, wherein the anchoring part and the mounting part are configured integrally of a material comprising zirconia, wherein at least the anchoring part is treated at... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20110318707 - Dental implant having a recessed surface for sealing: Apparatus is provided that includes a dental implant having a central longitudinal axis, a lateral external surface, and a distal implant portion that extends from a distal implant end along up to 50% of a longitudinal length of the implant. The implant being shaped so as to define a lumen... Agent: Maxillent Ltd.

20110318709 - Artificial tooth: An artificial tooth where an occlusal surface is formed by grinding has a reference point that represents a position and an angle of the artificial tooth when an occlusal surface of the artificial tooth is obtained by an occlusal-surface form measuring apparatus. The reference point is a convexed spherical surface... Agent:

20110318710 - Two-piece dental abutment system: The present inventions is an abutment for use with a dental implant. The abutment comprises a prosthetic portion adapted to support a prosthesis thereon and an insert. The prosthetic portion has a subgingival end and a supragingival region for protruding beyond gingiva adjacent to the dental implant. The prosthetic portion... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20110318711 - Implant prosthetic part set and method of manufacturing replication plaster model including abutment using the same: Provided are an implant prosthetic part set and a method of manufacturing replication plaster model including an abutment using the same, which can take an impression of the location and the shape of a fixture in an oral cavity without using a typical impression copping, in order to manufacture an... Agent: Innobiosurg Corporation

20110318712 - Method for cleaning the oral cavity: A method for cleaning an oral cavity by positioning a device suitable for detecting and removing plaque from a surface within the oral cavity having applied thereto a fluorescent agent capable of binding to plaque on the surface, substantially simultaneously cleaning and irradiating the surface with a light of a... Agent:

20110318713 - Method for cleaning the oral cavity: A method of cleaning an oral cavity, the method including positioning a device suitable for detecting and removing plaque from a surface of the oral cavity within the oral cavity, cleaning and irradiating the surface of a tooth in the oral cavity, the tooth having applied thereto a fluorescent agent,... Agent:

20110318714 - Implant material and method for manufacturing the same: An implant material includes a base material, and a silicon-containing carbon thin film formed on a surface of the base material. The carbon thin film contains a C—C component in which carbon atoms are bonded, and a SiC component in which carbon and silicon atoms are bonded, and a ratio... Agent: Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd.

12/22/2011 > 16 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110311932 - Orthodontic device: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations at least one tooth-bonding-pad is directly attached to an archwire.... Agent: Parker Orthodontics

20110311933 - Orthodontic device: Systems, methods and apparatus are provided through which in some implementations at least one tooth-bonding-pad is slidably mounted to an archwire. In some implementations, the archwire passes through the at least one tooth-bonding-pad and in some other implementations, the archwire passes through at least one tubular holder that is mounted... Agent: Parker Orthodontics

20110311934 - Orthodontic bracket and arrangement for correcting irregularities of the teeth: An orthodontic bracket comprises a body portion and a locking portion. In the orthodontic bracket there is a surface against the tooth and a surface facing away from the tooth. In the body portion there is an archwire slot for the archwire. There is a locking portion slot in the... Agent:

20110311935 - Orthodontic connector assembly and a method for treating teeth: An orthodontic connector assembly 10 including a plurality of substantially identical connecting members, such as members 12, 14 which include a movable but biased portion 20 which is adapted to selectively and removably receive a pocket portion 44 which is deployed on at least one bracket, such as bracket 40.... Agent:

20110311936 - Device for articulating an orthodontic system capable of causing the movement of a mandible in relation to a maxilla: An orthodontic assembly articulation device for causing a mandible to move relative to a maxilla includes a lower splint fitted with a lower reinforcement and an upper splint fitted with an upper reinforcement. The reinforcements are connected by a system of rods mounted with sliding capability. A ball joint couples... Agent: Orthogem

20110311937 - Orthodontic space closing appliances: An orthodontic space-closing appliance has an anterior component that can be secured to the anterior part of one of the patient's dental arches; a posterior component that is slidably connected to the anterior component and that can be secured to teeth in the patient's dental arch distal to the teeth... Agent: Ortho-pro-teknica Limited

20110311938 - Non-custom dental treatment trays having improved anatomical features: A non-custom, dental tray device includes a moisture-resistant barrier layer having a labial-buccal wall, a lingual wall, and a bottom wall. The dental tray device includes at least one of the following structural features to enhance the fit of the device; (1) the bottom wall includes an abrupt reduction of... Agent:

20110311939 - Plaque removal and differentiation of tooth and gum: A method of tooth treatment includes sensing a surface condition of tooth or gum and controlling ejection of a fluid jet against the tooth based on the sensed condition. The fluid may be a liquid and may be carried in a self-contained reservoir in a handle of a fluid ejection... Agent: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

20110311940 - Apparatus and method for simulating the mobility of a tooth: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method which makes it possible to simulate a realistic, reliable, and repeatable measurement of the mobility of a tooth and use the test results as a basis for producing and adjusting tooth prostheses. A goal is achieved by an apparatus for simulating... Agent: Ludwig-maximilians-universitat

20110311941 - Stent including elastic part using for surgical operation of implant: A stent for implant surgery is provided. The stent includes a support part surrounding a buccal side, lingual side and occlusal side of at least one tooth, and a treated part having a through hole through which a drill for drilling alveolar bone passes. The support part extends further from... Agent:

20110311942 - Intra-oral device and method: An intra-oral device includes a tongue shield aspirator, a bite member, a bite grip, and an evacuation tube. The tongue shield aspirator may include a tongue retractor portion and a cheek retractor portion, and may be an open, unitary, and/or flexible component made of position-memory material. The bite member includes... Agent:

20110311943 - Power varying pedal: A system and method for providing variable power is disclosed. The system includes a power supply which provides power to at least one instrument. A pedal comprises a variable resistor that is configured to produce a resistance value within a predetermined range based on an amount of pressure which is... Agent:

20110311944 - System and method for determining structural characteristics of an object: The present invention relates generally to a system and method for measuring the structural characteristics of an object. The object is subjected to an energy application processes and provides an objective, quantitative measurement of structural characteristics of an object. The system may include a device, for example, a percussion instrument,... Agent: Perimetrics, LLC

20110311945 - Ring for use in preparing teeth for restoration: The invention is an open-ended dental ring with varying height used in the preparation of a tooth for a restorative procedure. The ring is used in conjunction with a shield to ensure the shield between a tooth to be restored and an adjacent tooth. The result is a close contact... Agent: Danville Materials,inc.

20110311946 - Mutallic dental implants and prosphetic appliance having colored ceramic surfaces: The present invention provides a dental, oral or maxillofacial implant, implant component and any other prosthetic appliance having an oxide ceramic coating on a metal surface. The oxide ceramic coating is preferably colored similar to the color of the surrounding tissues (e.g. similar to the color of bone, teeth or... Agent:

20110311947 - Tooth implant with machinable construction: e

12/15/2011 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110306003 - Methods and systems for determining the positions of orthodontic appliances: A multiple-function peripheral device includes a packet-switched network interface and an autonomous application programming interface. The application programming interface requests image information from a remote server via the packet-switched network interface in a first mode of operation. The application programming interface sends image information to a remote device via the... Agent:

20110306004 - Methods for whitening teeth: In a tooth whitening method, a whitening composition is applied to at least one tooth. The whitening composition is maintained on the at least one tooth for a first time period. After the first time period, a light radiation is directed toward the at least one tooth for a second... Agent:

20110306005 - Virtual dental operatory: Embodiments of the present invention include methods, devices, and systems that light and magnify a treatment site within the oral cavity without interfering with a dental treatment procedure. In particular, example embodiments of the present invention provide a virtual operatory system that includes an image capture subsystem connected to an... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

20110306006 - Device for providing a flow of active gas: A device 10, typically hand-held, provides a flow of partially ionised gaseous plasma for treatment of a treatment region. The device comprises an applicator head 52 housing a miniature plasma cell 16 in which gas flowing through the cell from a gas source 22 can be energised to form a... Agent:

20110306007 - dental instrument, system and method: A dental instrument, suitable for use when creating a dental filling is provided. The dental instrument comprises a wedge and a matrix. The matrix is fixedly attached to the wedge, and the wedge is adapted to be inserted into the approximal space between two teeth of a patient. The wedge... Agent: Directa Ab

20110306008 - Components for use with a surgical guide for dental implant placement: The present invention is a surgical guide for guiding the insertion of a dental implant into a desired location in a patient's mouth. The implant includes a non-rotational structure. The surgical guide includes a structure and a master tube. The structure has a negative impression surface to be fitted on... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20110306009 - Components for use with a surgical guide for dental implant placement: The present invention is a surgical guide for guiding the insertion of a dental implant into a desired location in a patient's mouth. The implant includes a non-rotational structure. The surgical guide includes a structure and a master tube. The structure has a negative impression surface to be fitted on... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20110306010 - Dental device adapter system, dental hygiene system, and method of operating a dental hygiene system: Provided is a dental handpiece adapter connection system, dental handpiece adapter connection method, and a dental handpiece adapter. The dental handpiece adapter includes a first portion configured to engage a dental device having a first geometry and a second portion configured to engage a dental handpiece having a second geometry.... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20110306011 - Fluid driven dental handpiece with hydrostatic bearings: A dental handpiece uses a single airflow input to drive both a rotor and provide a hydrostatic bearing. The fluid flow in the form of compressed air is applied first to the hydrostatic bearings and then subsequently to the turbine blades of the rotor without the use of any moving... Agent:

20110306012 - Tool for the treatment of surfaces of dental materials: The tool for the treatment of surfaces of dental materials with liquids, includes an abrasive body that includes a carrier material and abrasive particles embedded therein. In order to achieve a vibration-free treatment of said dental surface the carrier material is cellulose-based and the cellulose-based material is prepared in such... Agent:

20110306013 - Abutment for a dental implant: Abutment for a dental implant (50), with an apical end (4) and with a coronal end (6) arranged opposite the apical end in the longitudinal direction. In the area of the apical end (4), the abutment has an insert portion (8) which is designed to be received by an opening... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20110306015 - Abutment extender for one piece implant: An abutment extender for use with a one piece implant in a dental implant surgery is disclosed to have a plug member insertable into the top hole of the one piece implant, an extension member located on the top side of the plug member and having a diameter equal to... Agent:

20110306014 - Components, systems and related methods for temporary prosthetics: An impression coping may include an implant-engaging portion configured for engagement with a dental implant, and a coronal post comprising at least one impression feature configured for embedding in impression material and at least one retention feature configured to matingly engage a corresponding retention feature of a temporary restoration to... Agent:

20110306016 - Dental fixture: The invention relates to a dental fixture for insertion into a human jawbone. The fixture comprises a bone-contacting surface, wherein at least 15% of the bone-contacting surface is designed such that when a Gaussian 50 μm high-pass filter and a Gaussian 3 μm low-pass filter is applied to an original... Agent: Astra Tech Ab

20110306017 - Method, system, and composition for coloring ceramics: A system, method and composition for coloring dental ceramics. The system, method, and composition resulting in natural color matching without drying time between color layers. The system, method and composition also resulting in good color preparation on restorations of about 0.001 mm-1.000 mm thickness.... Agent:

20110306018 - Methods for improving pregnancy outcomes: The present invention relates to promoting whole body health in humans and animals by using topical oral compositions comprising a safe and effective amount of an antimicrobial agent in admixture with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, said compositions being effective in controlling bacterial-mediated diseases and conditions present in the oral cavity... Agent:

12/08/2011 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110300500 - Adjustable orthodontic bracket positioning device and method thereof: An adjustable orthodontic bracket-positioning device includes an adjustable bracket-positioning jip, a positioning vernier and a dental crown vernier. First, using the crown vernier to measure the crown height value of patients' tooth, and labeling the measured center height value of clinical dental crown on the positioning vernier, correctly position the... Agent:

20110300501 - Ligating device for arch wires or orthodontic wires and respective method for the application of an arch wire or an orthodontic wire: The invention relates also to a method for the application of an arch wire or an orthodontic wire (5), characterized in providing the insertion of said arch wire or orthodontic wire (5) in a plurality of ligating devices (1) for arch wires or orthodontic wires, along a gingival-occlusal, or occlusal-gingival... Agent: Orthodontic Manufacturer Sia S.r.l.

20110300502 - Self-adjustable, self-ligating orthodontic bracket: A self-adjustable, self-ligating orthodontic bracket is disclosed. The bracket comprises a base with a tooth face bonded to a surface of a tooth. A linking body comprises a body connection. The linking body is in physical communication with an archwire transmitting a force to the linking body. A connector applies... Agent:

20110300503 - Device for fixing orthodontic devices: A fixing device (1; 20) for orthodontic devices comprising; a screw (2; 44) complete with an operating head (3; 42) with longitudinal slots (4; 45) for the insertion of orthodontic devices and a threaded shank (5) designed to be screwed inside the patient's oral cavity; means for fixing orthodontic devices... Agent: Hdc S.r.l.

20110300505 - Dental curing light having unibody design that acts as a heat sink: A dental curing light includes a device body that efficiently conducts heat away from the light emitting diode portion of the curing light. The device body includes a proximal gripping end and a distal head end. The device body is formed from a thermally conductive body material. Excellent heat conduction... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

20110300504 - Method and laser processing device for processing tissue: Method and laser processing device to process tissue. In a general aspect, the method to process tissue may include applying a photosensitizer into an area surrounding a region of the tissue to be processed, and irradiating the region of the tissue to be processed with the pulsed processing laser beam,... Agent: Lumera Laser Gmbh

20110300506 - Endodontic file with working length adjustment scale: An endodontic file is provided for use during root canal therapy. The endodontic file has a handle, a blade, and a marker. The marker provides a working length adjustment scale that is integrated with the handle and the blade. After adjustment of the endodontic file to a desired working length,... Agent: Inven LLC

20110300507 - Elastically flexible coupling body: The invention relates to a coupling body that can convert a linear input movement into a linear output movement transversal to the input movement. The coupling body includes two parallel flexional arms of the same length, the ends of the flexional arms being connected by means of transversal connection arms.... Agent:

20110300508 - Process for producing resin composition and process for producing molded article: A medical resin composition is produced by mixing a powder of a polymer (A) comprising repeating units having an ester group and a liquid of a vinyl ester monomer (B) having 6 or more carbon atoms to increase a viscosity and, according to demand, further performing a polymerization reaction. The... Agent: National University Corporation Okayama University

20110300509 - Method and kit for preparing a dental abutment: A method and kit and components thereof for forming an abutment for interfacing a dental prosthesis to a dental implant or duplicate inserted into a patient's jaw or model thereof. An intra-implant element that is or may be bonded to an intra-crown element via a resilient bonding material to form... Agent:

20110300510 - Dental implant: The present invention discloses a dental implant which allows an immediate masticatory function just after being implanted in a bone structure, does not need a secondary operation, and can be effectively applied even in thin and short alveolar bone. The dental implant comprises a body portion to be inserted in... Agent: Neobiotech Co., Ltd.

20110300511 - Fiber-reinforced composite post: A fiber-reinforced composite post having an inner core section or rod fabricated of fibers impregnated in a resin matrix and an outer sheath of fibers arranged in the form of a mesh. The outer sheath comprises an interior and an exterior surface, the exterior surface is dry and unembedded fibers,... Agent: Pentron Clinical Technologies, LLC

20110300512 - Apex locator mountable on a handpiece: f

20110300513 - Apparatus and method for root canal obturation: The present invention is directed to root canal obturation in a tooth. In one embodiment, a plug is positioned in a root canal and bonded to the root canal by applying a light-curing adhesive to the canal and exposing the plug to a light source to bond the plug to... Agent:

12/01/2011 > 9 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110294088 - Tool for orthodontic appliance: An orthodontic tool for an orthodontic appliance includes a handle and at least one distal end having a finger. The finger has a manipulator, which may include a pin or a plurality of pins, and a probe for engaging a rotary archwire cover. Using the tool, the orthodontist may open... Agent:

20110294089 - System and method for detection and removal of dental tartar: A dental tartar detection and removal device (10) comprises a powered tartar removal instrument (12) adapted to be displaced along a tooth (T), illumination means (14) for illuminating with an incident light a region on the examined or periodontal site, detection means (16) for collecting the light reflected there at,... Agent: Dentsply Canada Ltd.

20110294090 - Non-invasive reference device: Non-invasive reference device to be temporarily fixed on a tooth. The reference device is made of biocompatible, radiopaque material and allows the determination of anatomical structures in a jaw.... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20110294091 - Syringes for dispensing multi-component material: A syringe (1) for dispensing a multi-component material comprises: a syringe cartridge (3) having a first end and a second end, and respective compartments (5, 7) for components of the multi-component material; a static mixer (9) connected to the first end of the cartridge, the mixer having a dispensing outlet... Agent:

20110294092 - System and method for dental implant surgery: A method for performing an inferior lift in the sinus includes preparing an initial opening in the bone that is drilled to a depth just prior to reaching a sinus floor. Using a sonic drilling device, a final portion of the sinus floor is removed until a schneiderian membrane is... Agent:

20110294093 - Implant analog: The present invention refers to an analog implant for a dental model which has such a geometry as to allow its height positioning, axial positioning and angular orientation in a bore or blind hole of a dental model, the analog implant having a distal portion and a proximal portion, where... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20110294094 - Implant and method: The abstract of the disclosure is submitted herewith as required various rules and regulations of different Patent Offices. A purpose of the abstract is to enable the Patent Offices and the public generally to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The abstract... Agent:

20110294095 - Tooth stump structure, production method and design thereof: A method for producing a tooth stump structure that is to be anchored in a root canal comprises the following steps: flexible needles are introduced one after the other into a recess in the form of a root canal or into an exposed cavity; the length of the protruding ends... Agent: Adm A.s.

20110294096 - Acoustic monitoring of oral care devices: A device is disclosed for acoustically determining one or more characteristics of a powered oral care (POC) implement. The device comprises a transducer and a processor, wherein: the transducer receives sound generated by the POC implement and converts the sound into a signal representative of the sound; the transducer is... Agent: The Procter & Gamble Company

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