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Dentistry November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/11

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11/24/2011 > 12 patent applications in 9 patent subcategories.

20110287376 - Device for circumdental wiring intraoral objects and related oral structures: The present disclosure provides for a device for circumdental wiring intraoral objects and related oral structures during a dental procedure, the device includes a predetermined length of dental wire and a predetermined length of guiding member attached to the dental wire thereby increasing the efficiency of the dental procedure and... Agent:

20110287377 - Orthodontic clasp: A new and useful orthodontic clasp that is more resistant to breakage, and when in use is unlikely to separate from its associated orthodontic appliance should breakage occur, comprising two metal wires crossed at an angle and held together with a weld/solder joint, said weld/solder joint having four wire segments... Agent:

20110287378 - Orthodontic appliance with encoded information formed in the base: The present disclosure is directed, at least in part, to a self ligating orthodontic bracket having a rotatable member for securing an archwire within a slot of the bracket. Embodiments of the orthodontic bracket disclosed herein include a bracket body containing the archwire slot as well as tie wings for... Agent: Rmo, Inc.

20110287379 - Display method and system for enabling an operator to visualize and correct alignment errors in imaged data sets: A method to visualize and correct alignment errors between paired 2D and 3D data sets is described. In a representative embodiment, a display interface used for dental implant planning includes one or more display areas that enable the operator to visualize alignment errors between the paired 2D and 3D data... Agent: D4d Technologies, LLC

20110287380 - Clinical root canal therapy instrument equipped with illumination: A clinical root canal therapy instrument equipped with illumination comprises a handgrip and a therapy element. The handgrip includes a hollow lighting section which has a coupling portion fastened to the therapy element. The therapy element can be a root canal oral mirror. The lighting section holds at least one... Agent:

20110287381 - System, method and apparatus for implementing dental implants: A system, apparatus, device, tools and method is provided for the insertion of improved anatomically corrected modular design anterior and posterior dental implants, the apparatus including a root component and a head/abutment component, wherein the root component is inserted into the jawbone using precision surgical guide tools in combination with... Agent: Mid Corp.

20110287383 - Dental implant: A dental prosthesis comprises an implant, an abutment and a crown. The implant has distal and proximal portions with the implant proximal portion including distal and proximal segments. The implant proximal segment has an outer surface. The abutment has distal and proximal segments and defines an abutment shoulder therebetween. The... Agent:

20110287382 - Methods of making and using dental articles for tooth implants and preformed dental articles: Methods of affixing a dental article to a tooth implant are described and preformed dental articles (e.g. suitable for tooth implants) including kits. In some embodiments, the dental article lacks supragingival exterior surfaces and may be characterized as a healing cap. In other embodiments, the dental article comprises supragingival exterior... Agent:

20110287385 - Dental implant with axial and/or coronal movement and method for affixing it: Dental implant that in the event of external pressure is able to absorb said multidirectional pressure, being provided for this purpose with a main body that comprises a hollow screw inside which there is a lower end join, a lower elastic join, an intermediate nut with internal threading and a... Agent:

20110287386 - Implants, tools, and methods for sinus lift and lateral ridge augmentation: Apparatus is provided that includes a dental implant having a proximal implant end and a lateral external surface. The implant is shaped so as to define a lumen therethrough having a lateral opening through the lateral external surface. The apparatus further includes an applicator, which is removably coupled to the... Agent: Maxillent Ltd.

20110287384 - One-piece obliquely implanted dental implant: A one-piece obliquely implanted dental implant having an implant body integrally formed with an abutment; a first central axis of the implant body forms a tilting angle against a second central axis of the abutment, which angle is 5˜25°, and an engaging recess extends from the abutment downwards along the... Agent:

20110287387 - System and method for detecting tooth cracks: A method for imaging the surface of a tooth, the method executed at least in part on a computer records a first set of images of the tooth, wherein each image in the first set of images is illuminated according to a pattern oriented in a first direction. A second... Agent: Carestream Health, Inc.

11/17/2011 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110281228 - Polycrystalline ceramic orthodontic component: The invention relates to a method for producing an orthodontic component (1) formed by a polycrystalline ceramic structure, wherein the powder that is used is formed into a green body and subsequently sintered in a temperature range having a lower limit of more than 1900° C., in particular 2100° C.,... Agent: Pbd, Patent & Business Development Ag

20110281229 - Systems and methods for treating patients: Systems and methods for treating a patient at a treatment provider's office include digitally scanning the patient at the treatment provider's office and generating at the treatment provider's office one or more appliances to treat the patient.... Agent:

20110281231 - Fluid controllable laser endodontic cleaning and disinfecting system: An endodontic probe is used to perform disinfection procedures on target tissues within root canal passages and tubules. The endodontic probe can include an electromagnetic radiation emitting fiber optic tip having a distal end and a radiation emitting region disposed proximally of the distal end. According to one aspect, the... Agent: Biolase Technology, Inc.

20110281230 - Transparent dentifrice for use with electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush system: A cleaning and whitening system for teeth having an electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush and a dentifrice with a photosensitive agent is disclosed. The toothbrush has a cleaning surface, such as bristles. The toothbrush is also adapted to direct electromagnetic radiation toward the cleaning surface. The electromagnetic radiation may be monochromatic... Agent: Biolase Technology, Inc.

20110281232 - Medical or dental handpiece: A medical or dental handpiece comprises a grip sleeve, a handpiece head, an engagement element and a retaining member. The handpiece head comprises a head housing and a hollow connecting sleeve extending from the head housing for connecting the handpiece head to the grip sleeve. The engagement element has a... Agent: W&h Dentalwerk B&#xfc Rmoos Gmbh

20110281233 - Cosmetic prosthesis and methods for making the same: A cosmetic prosthesis designed to provide non-invasive, removable enhancement of upper and lower lip, being intended to contour and push the facial skin around the mouth and jaw outward, reducing the appearance of wrinkles or aging lines.... Agent:

20110281234 - System and methods for removing a loose tooth: A device for removing a loose tooth, the device including a handle, a base structure, and a retention strap, wherein the retention strap is secured about an outer surface of the loose tooth such that the base structure forms an interface with the tooth. The device further including features for... Agent:

20110281235 - Components for permanent removable and adjustable dentures and bridges: A locking cap for dental implants embedded in hard dental tissue, such as tooth stubs or bones. The locking caps are ovoidal in plan view and may be formed of materials, such as non-adherent polymers, that are rigid, but softer than the material of the dental implant.... Agent:

20110281236 - Dental implant system and method of placement: This new system includes a dental implant that has a cylindrical shape for most of its length, ending in a tapered apical portion. The cylindrical portion of the dental implant is divided in two areas, one that is rougher and threaded, and one that is smoother and not threaded. The... Agent:

20110281237 - Surfactant-containing composition for dental impression: A composition for obtaining dental impressions and methods of using and making the same are disclosed. The compositions can include curable base compositions and surfactant systems. The surfactant system can include (i) 0.5 to 3 wt-% of a first surfactant comprising end-capped polyoxyethylene alkyl ether, end-capped polyoxypropylene alkyl ether, end-capped... Agent: Voco Gmbh

20110281238 - Methods for removing adhesive resin from a dental tooth: A method of removing an adhesive resin from a dental tooth which method comprises contacting the dental tooth with a bioactive glass using an air abrasion system.... Agent: Osspray Limited

20110281239 - Sealing particulate matter in a micro-abrasive blasting device: A micro-abrasive blasting device comprises a mixing chamber, a delivery conduit extending from external the mixing chamber to the mixing chamber and a discharge conduit extending from the mixing chamber. Embodiments having delivery and discharge conduits extending from the same, or from opposite ends of the mixing chamber are disclosed.... Agent:

20110281240 - Method for whitening teeth: Tooth whitening compound includes a whitener and a carrier selected for adhering the carrier and whitening composition to a user's teeth. The whitening compound may be applied by the method including painting, washing, sponging, coating, daubing, spraying, wiping, rubbing, and by any movement relative to a horizontal or vertical axis... Agent: Dentovations Inc.

20110281241 - Aluminous cement-based composition for application in endodontics and cementitious product obtained thereof: The present invention provides a composition based on calcium aluminate cement (CAC) for application in endodontics, comprising: (a) a cement—Al2O3 (>68.5 wt %), CaO (<31 wt %), SiO2 (0.3-0.8 wt %), MgO (0.4-0.5 wt %), and Fe2O3 (<0.3 wt %); (b) additives: dispersant at a content of 0.4 to 0.8%... Agent: Fundacao Universidade Federal De Sao Carlos

11/10/2011 > 11 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110275025 - Circuit board for controlling wireless dental foot pedal: A system, method, and apparatus including a printed circuit board with electronic circuit components mounted thereon and configured for wireless communication between the various components and devices used in a wireless dental device.... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20110275026 - Systems and methods for providing a decorative dental tip: A decorative dental tip is provided for a dental syringe. The decorative dental tip includes a molded, outer surface portraying an object selected to alleviate an anxiety of a patient. The dental tip further includes a molded, inner lumen in fluid communication with a dental syringe.... Agent:

20110275027 - System including a wireless dental instrument and universal wireless foot controller: A wireless, remote foot controller and a wireless instrument in direct communication with one another and method of operation. The remote foot controller can determine the wireless instrument in the hand of the dental professional and can determine whether the instrument is operational in an continuously variable mode or whether... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20110275028 - Gingival tissue retraction device and method: A method and a device for effecting the cordless retraction of the gingival sulcus tissue that includes a dam shaped to be fitted onto a tooth. In one embodiment, the well of the dam is pre-filled with a predetermined amount of a flowable retraction material having a heavy viscosity or... Agent:

20110275029 - Design method of surgical scan templates and improved treatment planning: This invention introduces calibration features to design and make a scan template, and accordingly the workflow to perform treatment planning with the template. Calibration features are geometric form features or their patterns. Iterations are utilized to make sure the reconstructed model of a scan template can replicate or match with... Agent:

20110275030 - Dental implant: Dental implant, comprising an abutment (2) for connection with a fixture (1) by means of a Morse-taper coupling, with the installation of a truncated-cone shank (21) of the abutment (2) into a corresponding cavity (11) exhibited by the fixture (1), the said abutment (2) being provided with an appendix, having... Agent:

20110275031 - Method of producing a dental restoration, dental restoration and use thereof: The invention relates to a method of producing a dental restoration (40), the method comprising the steps of providing a metallic frame (21) having an inner and an outer surface, applying one or more opaque layer(s) (23) or composition on the outer surface of the metallic frame, providing a facing... Agent:

20110275032 - Method and device for placing dental implants: The invention relates to a method and device for placing implants using a surgical template which is made from tomographic cuts in the patient's jawbone. Step drills and calibrating drills, having a single standard diameter for each type of implant, are guided through drill bushings which are inserted into bores... Agent: Materialise N.v.

20110275033 - Palladium-cobalt based alloys: A nonmagnetic alloy is provided based on a palladium-cobalt binary system with the addition of gold, has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of about 13.8 to about 15 and may include one or more of the following additive metals: aluminum, boron, chromium, gallium, lithium, rhenium, ruthenium, silicon, tantalum, titanium,... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc.

20110275034 - Method and apparatus for detection of caries: A method for forming an enhanced image (60) of a tooth (20) making use of the tooth (20) fluorescence and/or reflectance effects, employs a morphological image processing technique, and reduces susceptibility to overall intensity variations in the image (60).... Agent:

20110275035 - Dental compositions: A self-etching and self-adhesive dental restorative composition is described herein. The composition includes a polymerizable compound having at least one phosphorus containing acidic group, a polymerizable compound having at least one carboxylic acid group, and a copolymerizable multi-functional (meth)acrylate monomers. Compositions described herein demonstrate adhesion to dentin and enamel and... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

11/03/2011 > 15 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110269091 - Patterned dental positioning appliance: Embodiments are provided for a patterned dental positioning appliance. One method embodiment includes receiving a dental mold of a patient's dentition, applying a pattern to a portion of the dental mold, and applying a material to the dental mold to form the removable dental positioning appliance that includes either the... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20110269092 - Reinforced aligner hooks: Orthodontic positioning devices, and related methods and systems, are disclosed for use with one or more orthodontic elastic members. The disclosed devices are configured to couple with an orthodontic elastic member so as to react a force from the elastic member into the appliance to, for example, generate traction forces... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20110269093 - Orthodontic bracket and elastomeric insert system: An orthodontic bracket has a base, a fixed jaw extending from the base, and a movable jaw slidably engaging the base. The region between these jaws is designed to receive an archwire. A camming mechanism drives the movable jaw toward the fixed jaw to capture the archwire in the region... Agent:

20110269094 - Non-compliant orthodontic system: An orthodontic appliance for correction of Class II or Class III malocclusion of maxillary teeth and mandibular teeth of a non-compliant patient. The orthodontic appliance may include an elastic member such as a tension spring for providing a continuous biasing force. A first mounting element is connected to one end... Agent:

20110269097 - Method and system for comprehensive evaluation of orthodontic care using unified workstation: A method and system for orthodontic treatment planning, evaluation and quality measurement is provided comprising a workstation having computing platform, a graphical user interface, a processor and a computer storage medium containing digitized records pertaining to a patient. The digitized records include image and other types of data. The computer... Agent: Orametrix, Inc.

20110269095 - Osteogenetic-pneumopedic appliance, system, and method.: One embodiment of the present invention consists of a non-rigid, epigenetic-pneumopedic appliance comprising a wire-type framework supporting bow, bands, brackets or a clasp. The appliance includes active elements adapted to provide brief doses of cyclic forces to induce sutural osteogenesis. The active elements are vibrational, ultrasonic or oscillatory components. The... Agent:

20110269096 - Polyhedral tool and method of using the tool for producing an orthodontic appliance: The invention relates to a polyhedral tool for producing an orthodontic appliance, comprising one upper and one lower surface which are parallel to each other, and at least one pair of nonparallel, opposing lateral surfaces. One of the two nonparallel surfaces of the polyhedral tool is configured to have an... Agent:

20110269099 - Dental and medical treatments and procedures: A method treating a root canal in a tooth by introducing into the pulp chamber of a tooth and pulsing a laser light into the fluid reservoir so as to disintegrate pulp within the root canal without generation of any significant heat in said liquid fluid so as to avoid... Agent: Medical Dental Advanced Technologies Group, LLC

20110269098 - Surface mapping and generating devices and methods for surface mapping and surface generation: A surface mapping and generating device which has devices for the process and/or cost optimization, in particular raw material recovery devices, an automatic control of the intensity of a used laser light, devices for carrying out a calibrating procedure by evaluating overlap errors at matching points, devices for archiving especially... Agent: Institut Straumann Ag

20110269100 - Orthognathic implant and methods of use: An implant for use in orthognathic surgery of a maxilla may include a longitudinal plate member and a plurality of pre-shaped fingers extending from an upper edge of the plate member. The longitudinal plate member is pre-shaped to correspond to the pre-operative shape of the maxilla; and the fingers are... Agent:

20110269101 - Electric motor arrangement for use in a medical, in particular in a dental handpiece and dental handpiece part: The invention relates to an electric-motor arrangement for a medical, in particular dental, hand piece which has a motor housing (2) and a rotor (4) which is arranged in the motor housing (2) so that it can be rotated about an axis (L) via a first bearing (6) and a... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20110269102 - Electric motor for use in a sterilizable dental handpiece: In a dental, dental-medical or dental-technical handpiece, having an elongate grip sleeve there are provided at the rearward end of the grip sleeve coupling elements for the connection of the handpiece to a supply hose to be connected with a dental supply arrangement, and there are provided at the forward... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20110269103 - Expandable implant: An implant includes a body having a longitudinal axis, at least one expandable portion configured to move between an unexpanded configuration and an expanded configuration, and at least one linearly and non-rotatably movable expander member configured to contact the at least one expandable portions such that linear movement of the... Agent: Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

20110269104 - Method for pre-operative visualization of instrumentation used with a surgical guide for dental implant placement: The invention relates to manufacturing a surgical guide to be placed in a patient's mouth. The patient's mouth is scanned to obtain surgical-region scan data at a region where an implant is to be located. The patient's mouth is also scanned in the opened position to acquire dental conditions opposite... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20110269105 - Abutment for an implant system: An abutment for an implant system including a root section that can be anchored in an implant and a head section for the accommodation of a prosthetic item, characterized in that a peripheral surface of the head section is rotationally symmetrical in relation to a longitudinal center axis (L) of... Agent: Nt-trading Gmbh & Co. Kg

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