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Dentistry October categorized by USPTO classification 10/11

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10/27/2011 > 8 patent applications in 8 patent subcategories.

20110262878 - Dental matrix: A dental matrix comprising a band with an edge for placement toward the gingival margin of a tooth to be restored, and a strip of dental floss attached to and extending along an edge of the band. In the preferred embodiment, buccal and lingual extensions are located beyond a central... Agent:

20110262879 - Oral irrigation and/or brushing devices and/or methods: An oral hygiene device having, in one implementation, a unique, peristaltic pump water streaming or jet action; and in another implementation, a multi-headed toothbrush may also be disposed on the end of a handle on which the jet nozzle or nozzles are disposed.... Agent:

20110262880 - Method for filtering and treating dental solid waste: The present application discloses a method of separating solid dental waste from liquid dental waste including capturing the solid dental waste in a permanently filtration unit while the liquid dental waste passes through the filtration unit, transferring the filtration unit to a central storage container; storing the central container until... Agent:

20110262881 - Dental appliance for constraining the tongue: Aa dental appliance includes an attachment mechanism suited to attach the appliance on the teeth of a patient's upper jaw. The appliance includes a constraining mechanism linked to the attachment mechanism, where the constraining mechanism is suited to limit the movement of a central zone of the tongue and allow... Agent:

20110262882 - Natural tooth replacement (ntr): an alternative to tooth root canal (rct) therapy and immediate root-form implant placement into extraction socket: The present invention relates to the method of replacing an infected, broken, decayed tooth that would otherwise require extraction or root canal therapy with a duplicate ceramic tooth implant uncoated or coated with a series of treatments and manufactured for compatibility by obtaining CAT-SCAN images of the tooth prior to... Agent:

20110262883 - Fixture mount-abutments, ball impression screw and fixture mount-abutment drivers: A wide latch type fixture mount driver, comprising a shank which is a cylinder body having a latch type end, a body which has a upper hexagonal body and a round lower body with color coding and a hex cylinder shank with a snap ring next to the flat apical... Agent:

20110262884 - Soft tissue models and method of making for dental implant applications: The present invention relates to laboratory components that are used in the field of dental prosthesis and for dental implant fabrication and in particular to a spacer means such as a band, ring, or sleeve forming a soft collar which slips over the analog and slides up to the base... Agent:

20110262885 - Surface mapping and generating devices and methods for surface mapping and surface generation: A surface mapping and generating device which has devices for the process and/or cost optimization, in particular raw material recovery devices, an automatic control of the intensity of a used laser light, devices for carrying out a calibrating procedure by evaluating overlap errors at matching points, devices for archiving especially... Agent: Institut Straumann Ag

10/20/2011 > 16 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110256495 - Methods and related kits for treating and regenerating tooth pulp and periapical tissues in a mammal: In one embodiment, a method of regenerating tooth pulp in a mammal is provided. The method comprises removing at least a portion the existing tooth pulp of a mammal and adding amelogenin protein to the existing tooth pulp of the mammal to regenerate tooth pulp in a mammal. In another... Agent: University Of Southern California

20110256496 - Intelligent dental handpiece control system: An intelligent dental handpiece control system is disclosed. The handpiece includes a sensor which detects a vibration, sound, force or torque_frequency/time signal produced by the handpiece in use and signal processor which produces or determines secondary signal characteristics such as the handpiece torque, force or angular velocity. A controller analyzes... Agent:

20110256497 - Dental tools for photo-curing of dental fillings: A dental tool for use in photo-cured filling processes. The dental tool includes a tool tip formed from a material that allows the transmission of ultraviolet and visible light wavelengths through the tool tip without significant distortion or reflection. The material is also relatively high strength so not to shatter... Agent:

20110256498 - Dental tools for photo-curing of dental fillings: A dental tool for use in photo-cured filling processes. The dental tool includes a tool tip formed from a material that allows the transmission of ultraviolet and visible light wavelengths through the tool tip without significant distortion or reflection. The material is also relatively high strength so not to shatter... Agent:

20110256499 - Dental mirror: A dental mirror having an elongate handle and a mirror angularly disposed from one end of said handle. The mirror has an outer perimeter of at least two straight sides—which provides expanded surface area—which meet at a corner having a radius such that the corner retracts the cheek of a... Agent:

20110256500 - Apparatus for providing implantation sites to be provided in dental surgery, and a method to be performed with such apparatus: d

20110256501 - Delivery syringe for flowable dental compound: The present invention provides a delivery syringe and a set of delivery syringes for flowable composite materials that overcome the difficulties associated with currently available composite delivery methods. Specifically, the present invention provides a flowable composite delivery syringe with a vibratory mechanism. The vibratory mechanism allows the composite material to... Agent:

20110256502 - Dental fulcrum wrench: A dental wrench device to loosen and extract teeth, comprising a handle with a fixed tapered jaw. A moveable jaw is also coupled to the handle. The tapered jaw is positioned along the root of a tooth selected to be extracted. The moveable jaw has a blunt contoured shape configured... Agent:

20110256503 - Ultrasonic teeth cleaning appliance having spatial, temporal and/or frequency variations: The appliance includes an appliance body (12) as well as a system for producing microbubbles (20) and a system for producing an ultrasound signal beam (22) in a frequency range which activates at least some of the microbubbles. The appliance includes at least one of the following: (a) an array... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110256504 - Safe egde ipr disk: The present invention relates to a dental safe edge interproximal disk for stripping the interproximal contact area of adjacent teeth wherein an abrasively coated circular disk has an uncoated periphery which facilitates the initial entry of the disk between the contact points.... Agent:

20110256505 - Ultrasonic tips: An ultrasonic tip for use in dental procedures comprising a hub portion, a tip portion and an intermediate portion, the tip having one or more bends between the hub and the tip, the one or more bends providing an offset of the tip from the location of the hub.... Agent:

20110256506 - Stump for dental implants: The present invention relates to a stump for dental implants provided at approximately half of its height with a large disk in horizontal position to favour the balanced stable support of a crown.... Agent:

20110256507 - Computerized method for coloring porcelain tooth: A computerized method for coloring a porcelain tooth includes a color difference comparison step, a first computer aided process, and a second computer aided process, for precisely controlling the color of the porcelain tooth. Each parameter is obtained from data comparison. The first computer aided process forms a first layer... Agent:

20110256508 - Assisted dental implant treatment: Embodiments of systems and methods for planning and/or delivering an oral or facial endosseous implantation in a patient are described. In certain embodiments, systems according to the invention include a processing module; a bone imaging module that communicates bone data about the patient to the processing module; a surface imaging... Agent:

20110256509 - Light-based toothbrush: Described herein are light-based devices for use in the detection of plaque or delivery of a whitening effect; and, inter alia, toothpaste formulations containing ultraviolet brighteners that provide a whitening or bleaching effect when exposed to ultraviolet radiation.... Agent: Colgate-palmolive Company

20110256510 - Use of quaternary ammonium compounds to inhibit endogenous mmps in tooth dentin: Disclosed are compositions and methods of using such compositions for inhibiting matrix metalloproteinase activity in dental tissue. The compositions, methods and uses may prevent degradation of the bonding between restorative materials and dental tissues, thereby increasing durability and longevity of the restorative material-dental tissue bonds. For example, the compositions, methods,... Agent:

10/13/2011 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110250556 - Mounting arrangement with mounting aid and orthodontic bracket: The invention concerns a mounting arrangement for mounting an orthodontic bracket on a tooth. The mounting arrangement comprises an orthodontic bracket and a mounting aid, wherein the mounting aid can be detachably connected to the orthodontic bracket with positive engagement by pushing it onto the bracket in such a way... Agent:

20110250557 - Dental adhesive and method of use: A dental adhesive composition comprising (i) at least one non-acidic polymerizable monomer having at least one ethylenically unsaturated group, (ii) optionally one or more acidic compounds, (iii) at least one photoinitiator, (iv) at least one solvent, and (v) about 0-40% by weight of one or more fillers; wherein the weight... Agent: Kerr Corporation

20110250558 - Dual-curing, multi-component dental composition: d

20110250559 - Efficiency-modulated ultrasonic instrument inserts: Efficiency-modulated ultrasonic dental inserts (12) are disclosed for preventing the overpowering of power-sensitive tips (18). The inserts (12) are useful in a handpiece (10) having an induction coil (20) disposed about a well and operable with an adjustable power supply having a maximum power output setting. An efficiency-modulated magnetostrictive element... Agent:

20110250560 - Dental and medical ultrasonic tip and method of manufacturing the same: Provided are a dental and medical ultrasonic tip that may enhance a durability and a reliability and may simplify a manufacturing process, and a method of manufacturing the same. The method of manufacturing the dental and medical ultrasonic tip may include: providing a molding mixture including powder; manufacturing an intermediate... Agent: Cetatech. Inc.

20110250561 - Dental drill for flapless implant surgery: A dental drill is intended for performing flapless implant surgery by being mounted on a drill device. The dental drill comprises a drill body and a mounting portion for mounting the drill body to a drill device. The drill body comprises: a cutting part for providing a side blade having... Agent: Megagen Implant Co., Ltd.

20110250562 - Medical or dental handpiece: A medical or dental handpiece has a grip 3. The grip 3 includes first to third rotation shafts 101, 201, and 301. The first and second shafts are connected through a first gear mechanism 1000 and the second and third shafts are connected through a second gear mechanism 2000 so... Agent: J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation

20110250563 - Interdental device: An interdental wedge includes a base body. A cross section of the base body decreases along a length of the base body, at least in places. The base body is three-dimensionally curved, at least in places. An interdental device may include two interdental wedges. One or more interdental wedges may... Agent:

20110250564 - Dental implant: A dental implant includes a dental implant body which is a cylinder body having a first end and a second end, an asymmetric thread being provided around the dental implant body, 3 plurality of apex indentations increasing cutting efficiency, an trepanelevation tip being formed at the lowermost end for elevating... Agent:

20110250565 - Prefabricated composite layers for duplication of tooth structure and mucosal tissue: The process for duplicating mucosal tissue or tooth structure for use in a prefabricated dental restoration includes first selecting a characterization strip and a base layer having a desired oral cavity color or characteristic. The selected characterization strip is then placed on the selected base layer and the two are... Agent: Dental Illusions, Inc.

20110250566 - Process for fabricating tooth restoration: A process for fabricating a tooth restoration includes mixing a high fusing ceramic material, a low fusing ceramic material and a base material into a viscous liquid. The viscous liquid is applied to a tooth restoration base. Thereafter, the low fusing ceramic material is melted to adhere the high fusing... Agent: Dental Illusions, Inc.

20110250567 - Process for oral tissue prototyping: A process for oral tissue prototyping includes the steps of forming a prototype of an oral cavity and placing a sealer on an oral tissue area of the prototype. Thereafter, the sealer is painted with a tissue-colored paint and any other remaining details are added to the prototype to mimic... Agent: Dental Illusions, Inc.

20110250568 - Dentin anchor: A fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) dentin anchor is disclosed comprising a frusto-conical shaped coronal portion, to which a tooth restorative material may be secured, and a frusto-conical shaped dentinal portion, adapted to be received in a pre-drilled hole in tooth dentin. The dentinal portion may be adapted to chemically bond to... Agent: The Ohio State University Research Foundation

10/06/2011 > 19 patent applications in 15 patent subcategories.

20110244413 - Systems and methods for orthodontic devices: Embodiments presented herein provide apparatus and methods for forming and coupling an attachment device onto one or more teeth. A system comprises a template including a shell having a cavity defining a shape that is operable to receive one or more teeth. The template comprises an aperture at one or... Agent:

20110244414 - Segmental distalization element for orthodontic treatments: The segmental distalization element includes a smoothly arcuate central body equipped at one end with a head for adaptation to the canine and at the other end with a head for adaptation to the molar, connected to the arcuate body of the element via a zone of reduced cross-section to... Agent: Orthodontic Research And Development, S.l.

20110244415 - Method and system for orthodontic diagnosis: A method for generating a cephalometric analysis of an orthodontic patient is disclosed. A sequence of images that may each correspond to a specific anatomical plane of the patient is received. Then, a volumetric representation of the patient is derived from a combination of the sequence of the images. One... Agent:

20110244416 - Apparatus, method and system for dental implants: A dental implant that can have a number of manners of being inserted and seated. The dental implant can include a base or platform coupled to any number of roots projecting there from which can be used to seat the implant in the mouth of a patient.... Agent:

20110244417 - Device for selective targeting of a substance to a body part: The current device and method provides an apparatus for targeting a substance to a patient, such as a dental patient. The apparatus includes a support member including engagement surfaces for engaging portions of a site to which the substance is to be administered. A rotating means is coupled to the... Agent:

20110244418 - Non-pressurized system fore creating liquid droplets in a dental cleaning appliance: The appliance (10, FIG. 1) includes a body portion (27) and a nozzle portion (30) through which a spray of liquid droplets exits from a distal end thereof for cleaning of dental regions. The nozzle includes an orifice (36) at a proximal end thereof adjacent the body portion, as well... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110244419 - Medical instrument assembly and a method of manufacturing the same: To reduce the production costs for medical instruments (preferably endodontic root canal files) and increase their attractiveness to dentists/doctors, a medical instrument assembly is provided, which is made by metal injection molding and comprises at least two medical instruments (1-6) and a runner (7a, 7b) that interconnects said at least... Agent: Tofft Promotion Aktiebolag

20110244420 - Dental device adapter system, dental system, and method of operating a dental system: Provided is a dental handpiece adapter connection system, dental handpiece adapter connection method, and a dental handpiece adapter. The dental handpiece adapter includes a first portion configured to engage a dental device having a first geometry and a second portion configured to engage a dental handpiece having a second geometry.... Agent: Dentsply International, Inc.

20110244421 - Dental matrix clamp: A dental matrix clamp comprising an elongate body (1), a matrix band (27) mountable relative to the body (1) so as to form a loop projecting at one end of the body (1). The clamp has a tensioning device operable on the band (27) to tighten the N loop, and... Agent:

20110244422 - Carry and drive device and method for dental implant and/or components thereof: A carry and drive device and method for a dental implant or a dental implant component with a driving recess. The device includes a drive end with a configuration substantially matching the drive recess and with an interference surface frictionally engageable with a portion of the driving recess.... Agent: Keystone Dental, Inc.

20110244423 - Apparatus, method and system for dental implants: A dental implant that can have a number of manners of being inserted and seated. The dental implant can include an artificial tooth and a base or platform coupled to the tooth. The platform may then have any number of roots projecting there from which can be used to seat... Agent:

20110244426 - Healing components for use in taking impressions and methods for making the same: The present invention provides a healing abutment for attachment to a dental implant with marking locations thereon. The marking locations either lack or have markers that provide a binary code system for retrieving unique information about the healing abutment and the underlying implant.... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20110244424 - Tooth implant: The invention relates to a multi-part tooth implant with at least a proximal implant part and a distal implant part that are to be connected to each other such that a connection site is obtained when the two implant parts are in the connected state. An annular sealing element is... Agent: Mehrhof Implant Technologies Gmbh

20110244425 - Universal healing abutment: Universal dental healing abutments, kits for installing universal dental healing abutments, and methods of installing universal dental healing abutments are disclosed. The universal dental healing abutment may have a circumferential body attachable to a dental implant, and a crown attachable to the body. The body may have an upper section... Agent:

20110244428 - Apparatus, method and system for dental implants: A dental implant that can have a number of manners of being inserted and seated. The dental implant can include an artificial tooth and a base or platform coupled to the tooth. The platform may then have any number of roots projecting there from which can be used to seat... Agent:

20110244427 - Dental implant: A dental implant includes a dental implant body which is a cylinder body having a first end and a second end, an asymmetric thread being provided around the dental implant body, an apex lock being formed at the first end for inserting into a sinus of a desired position, 3... Agent:

20110244429 - Method of making a dental restoration, and system for design and manufacturing a dental restoration: A method of making a dental restoration is provided. The dental restoration comprises a frame and a veneer. An inner veneer surface and an outer frame surface are adapted to be mated with one another to form the dental restoration. The method in particular comprises steps of (a) providing an... Agent:

20110244430 - Tooth remineralisation: There is herein described a film and a method of using a film for tooth remineralisation. More particularly, there is described a film comprising a bioactive glass and a water soluble polymer and a method of using such film for tooth remineralisation.... Agent:

20110244431 - Dental hydraulic temporary sealing material composition: To provide a dental hydraulic temporary sealing material composition setting faster than conventional composition, excellent adhesiveness with cavity, and extremely good operativity of filling in an oral cavity, the dental hydraulic temporary sealing material composition includes calcium sulfate, a vinyl acetate resin, an inorganic filler, alcohols having a boiling point... Agent: Gc Corporation

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