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Dentistry September class, title,number 09/11

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09/29/2011 > 14 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20110236847 - Orthodontic appliance: A palatal expansion orthodontic appliance comprising, an advancer for advancing the upper front teeth, an expansion screw for controlling the expansion of two acrylic halves that each contain a Hang Clasp and optionally a molar intrusion wire. The two acrylic halves share and anchor the wire ends of the advancer,... Agent:

20110236848 - High/low bracket placements on lingual surfaces: An orthodontic bracket system used on the anterior lower teeth includes a plurality of alternating high-low brackets which is made up of a subplurality of high brackets and low brackets. The plurality of alternating high-low brackets are fixed to the anterior teeth, namely the subplurality of high brackets is fixed... Agent:

20110236849 - System and method for incrementally moving teeth: A dental model kit includes a set of dowel pins for successive use with at least one tooth die that is part of the dental model kit. Each dowel pin includes an upstanding tooth anchor section that is configured to be fixedly attached to the tooth die; and a main... Agent:

20110236851 - Dental light device: A light device for curing a dental composition, comprising a light-source, a housing, a passive heat sink, first and second thermal pathways enabling heat transfer between the light source and the heat sink as well as between the heat sink and the housing. The first thermal pathway is dominated by... Agent:

20110236850 - Device and method for lasering biological tissue: Device and method for lasering biological tissue. In a general aspect, the device for lasering a biological tissue may include a source configured to provide a pulsed laser beam, an outcoupler configured to couple the laser beam towards the tissue, and an outfeeder configured to feed a photosensitizer in a... Agent: Dr. Anton Kasenbacher

20110236852 - Dental paste holder: A dental paste holder and kit are disclosed that include a bowl, stem, and base. The holder includes structure dimensioned to fit between fingers during use. A disposable version of the present invention includes an integral bowl, stem, and base, whereas a partially disposable version of the present invention includes... Agent:

20110236853 - Dental drill extension: An extender for a dental apparatus comprises a distal connecting portion, a proximal connecting portion, and an elongated portion disposed between the distal connecting portion and the proximal connecting portion, wherein the distal connecting portion is configured to connect to a dental drill bit or the proximal connecting portion and... Agent: Klad Corporation

20110236854 - Impression cap for a dental implant: Impression cap for a dental implant, with a recess (8) extending in the longitudinal direction between two end areas (4, 6) of the impression cap. The recess is configured in such a way that it can receive a fastening element, which is intended to connect the impression cap to the... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20110236855 - Multi-colored shaped body: The present invention relates to a multi-colored shaped body having layers arranged on top of one another for producing dental restorations, a process for its production and its use for the manufacture of dental restorations.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20110236856 - Removable denture and method of producing the same: A removable denture includes a denture base that is made of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene and is formed in a predetermined shape by a molded object of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene being cut; and artificial teeth that are arrayed at the denture base.... Agent:

20110236857 - Multi-colored shaped body: The present invention relates to a multi-colored shaped body having layers arranged on top of one another for producing dental restorations, a process for its production and its use for the manufacture of dental restorations.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20110236858 - Dental device, such as bridge or insert: A dental bridge and a dental device. The dental device may include a structural portion extending along an axis and connectable to at least one tooth. A truss portion may depend from the structural portion and be operable to support a pontic, the truss portion may define a plurality of... Agent:

20110236859 - Oral care composition containing oxidase enzyme: Oral care compositions comprising an oxidase, polyethyleneimine, and an orally acceptable carrier are described, along with methods of use thereof. The oral care composition may be applied to a tooth surface to produce peroxide.... Agent:

20110236860 - Dental ceramic article, process for production and use thereof: The invention describes a dental article comprising zirconium oxide and at least two different colouring substances A and B, substance A showing a light emission in the range of about 470 nm to about 510 nm and substance B showing a light absorption in the range from about 520 nm... Agent:

09/22/2011 > 22 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20110229838 - Orthodontic composition with polymeric fillers: Orthodontic adhesives are claimed which use polymeric filler particles with defined particle size characteristics. The particle size characteristics are controlled such that these adhesives provide comparable mechanical retention and cohesive strength of conventional orthodontic adhesives when used to bond orthodontic appliances to teeth. Because polymeric fillers are generally softer than... Agent:

20110229839 - Treatment unit: A treatment unit includes: a communication part that receives through a communication cable information about a root canal length acquired by a root canal length measuring unit as an external diagnostic unit; a display device on which the information about a root canal length is displayed; and a treatment unit... Agent: J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation

20110229840 - 3-d imaging using telecentric defocus: An apparatus for obtaining 3-D surface contour image data of a tooth has a double telecentric optical system disposed to form an image of the surface of the tooth onto an image detector array. A focus adjustment mechanism is actuable to adjust the position of either or both the double... Agent:

20110229841 - Dental laser radiation chip: A dental laser radiation chip includes an optical fiber including a fiber center section having a core and a clad and also including a jacket for covering the fiber center section. The dental laser radiation chip radiates a laser light having a wavelength of around 3 μm. A tip section... Agent: J. Morita Mfg. Corporation

20110229842 - Method and device for three-dimensional measurement of a dental model: A new three-dimensional modelling system for dental surfaces has presently been discovered. The modelling system may include a light source and a camera. Once a three-dimensional model is produced, it can be used, for example, to assess the performance of tooth cleaning products.... Agent:

20110229843 - Dental instrument servicing system: Dental instrument servicing systems and cushions are disclosed. The dental instrument servicing systems may include a holder and a cushion. The holder may include a passage extending from a first opening to a second opening. The cushion may include first and second portions, with the first portion being configured for... Agent: Jordco, Inc.

20110229844 - Water pressure type water jet teeth cleaning device: A water pressure type water jet teeth cleaning device, which has a nozzle with a curved tip including a hand held unit and a connecting tube. Attached to the connecting tub is a connector for connecting to the faucet. The water pressure type water jet teeth cleaning device of the... Agent:

20110229845 - Ultrasonic dental implant tool set: An ultrasonic dental implant tool set includes an ultrasonic machine, a hand piece connected to the ultrasonic machine and tool members selectively mounted on the hand piece for providing vibrations and a compressed fluid. Each tool member has a connection base, a pole and a cutter tip. The spray nozzle... Agent:

20110229846 - Ultrasonic sinus membrane/periosteum separation tool set: An ultrasonic sinus membrane/periosteum separation tool set consisting of a cutting tool and a spray nozzle for use with a hand piece of an ultrasonic machine is disclosed. The cutting tool has a connection base, a pole and a cutter tip. The spray nozzle has a connection base, a pole... Agent:

20110229847 - Dental appliance with prop member and saliva ejector: A dental appliance includes a dental prop member and a saliva ejector member. The dental prop member has a first surface for engaging one or more maxillary teeth, a second surface for engaging one or more mandibular teeth, a posterior side, an anterior side, and a passageway extending between the... Agent:

20110229848 - Tooth-whitening appliance: An appliance for activating a tooth-whitening agent has a source of ultrasonic vibration having an active ultrasonically agitated tip. A holder is fittable over the tip and carries a vibration-conducting fork engageable between the upper teeth and lower teeth of a patient and in contact with the tip for transmitting... Agent:

20110229849 - Dental retraction device and process of its production: The invention relates to dental retraction device having the shape of a yarn comprising twisted staple fibers, the twisted staple fibers comprising an alginate containing component, wherein the length of the staple fibers is in a range of about 10 to about 200 mm and/or wherein the staple fiber fineness... Agent:

20110229850 - Dental coping and assembly with aligning anti-rotation feature: An impression cap or other dental coping is designed to removably engage a dental component such as an abutment, implant and/or and analog in an aligned orientation. The coping includes at least one substantially rigid aligning rib that extends from the inner coronal and side surfaces of the coping and... Agent:

20110229851 - Coupling device and method for coupling in an implant system: A coupling device for an implant system, for coupling with a corresponding coupling part, wherein the coupling device is provided with at least one wall extending about a central axis, and at least a part of said at least one wall operatively abuts at least one corresponding wall of said... Agent: Accura Holding B.v.

20110229854 - Abutment for connecting a dental implant with a dental prosthesis and production thereof: A process is disclosed for producing a connector (1) for connecting a dental implant (2) with a dental prosthesis, wherein said connector (1) comprises a body portion (11) at whose one end a prosthesis attachment structure (13) and at whose opposite end an implant attachment structure (12) are configured. The... Agent:

20110229855 - Dental prosthesis: A dental prosthesis has an abutment, a screw, and an implant, the bearing surface of which is embedded into bone tissue. A projection with a vertical thread hole for the screw connecting the implant with the abutment is positioned on the bearing surface of implant. The abutment has receptacle hole... Agent:

20110229856 - Deposition of discrete nanoparticles on a nanostructured surface of an implant: A method of forming an implant to be implanted into living bone is disclosed. The method comprises the act of roughening at least a portion of the implant surface to produce a microscale roughened surface. The method further comprises forming a nanoscale roughened surface on the microscale roughened surface. The... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20110229852 - Medicated dental implant: A dental implant is disclosed of the type having a threaded pin and a temporary closing screw (30) which has a shape capable of retaining, between the closing screw and the upper surface of the threaded pin, an insert of biologically inert material (31) embedding, in a slow-release manner, a... Agent: Giesse Technology S.r.l.

20110229853 - Screw for tooth implanting: A screw used in tooth implanting, it is used to screw tight an implant root and an abutment, and is comprised of a threaded shank and a screw head; the threaded shank has a screw thread on its surface; and the screw head is formed on the top end of... Agent:

20110229857 - Blank with coding for the production of tooth-technical shaped parts and procedures for the identification of a blank: s

20110229858 - Composite ceramic block: Methods of producing a composite block intended for the production of a dental prosthesis including the following steps: a) impregnating a porous support with a liquid resin and b) curing the liquid resin impregnating the support are provided. In such methods of producing a composite block intended for the production... Agent:

20110229859 - Dental gypsum cast: A method is disclosed for forming an accurate stone cast from a dental impression, used for the purpose of prosthetic fabrication, such as dental crowns and dentures. The initial step of this unique method is to first acquire a suitable amount of dental stone setting catalyst. One type of a... Agent:

09/15/2011 > 12 patent applications in 10 patent subcategories.

20110223554 - Cantilever arm for orthodontic anchorage: An orthodontic cantilever arm includes a wire segment with an outer end portion having a generally “C”-shaped configuration. One leg of the outer end portion is received in a passageway of an orthodontic anchorage device such as a temporary implant and the other leg bears against an outer surface of... Agent:

20110223555 - Jet device: A jet device for use in dentistry has a tool holder providing an abrasive working fluid jet and a spray jet. The working fluid jet contains sharp-edged small abrasive particles suspended in a fast carrier air flow. The spray jet has small water droplets. The working material jet and the... Agent:

20110223556 - Sulcus impression tip: A sulcus impression tip for use in injecting dental impression material for making dental impressions. The apparatus includes a body having a gripping portion and a discharge tip. The body includes a needle cannula in fluid communication with a flange, wherein the flange receives and holds the dental impression material... Agent:

20110223557 - Extension tool for applying a torque to a dental implant: Extension tool (1) for applying torque to a dental implant, which comprises an elongated body (2), means of connection to a dental implant at one end of the body (2), means of connection to a torque wrench at the other end of the body (2), and a longitudinal through hole... Agent: Biotechnology Institute, I Mas D, S.l

20110223558 - Implant extraction method and trephine drill bit for enabling the extraction: Method for extracting an implant installed in a bone, which comprises the application of a torque on an extraction tool in order to thread it in the interior of the implant until the implant-bone connection is broken, with the specific feature that the torque is applied in phases. In each... Agent: Biotechnology Institute, I Mas D, S.l.

20110223559 - Dental handpiece system with replaceable treatment tips: A dental hand piece with replaceable tips at either end of a tubular handle, each of the replaceable tips including a tip assembly having an instrument working tip end at a distal end of a main tip body and a shank extending from the instrument working tip end to a... Agent: Hu-friedy Mfg. Co., Inc.

20110223560 - Method of storing and reusing hard tissue of teeth: A method of storing and reusing hard tissue of a tooth. The method includes low-speed freezing and storing the hard tissue of the tooth; low-speed thawing the frozen hard tissue when the stored hard tissue is to be reused; and reusing the hard tissue. Accordingly, the hard tissue of the... Agent:

20110223562 - Dental implant: In a dental implant (1) comprising a post part (2) which can be placed in a jaw bone and comprising a structural part (4) associated with said post part, to which structural part a denture piece can be attached, the structural part comprising an integrally moulded contact pin (8) which... Agent:

20110223561 - Fixture of dental implant and method of manufacturing the same: Provided are a fixture of a dental implant and a method of manufacturing the same, and more particularly, a method of manufacturing a fixture of a dental implant easily that allows fast bone formation at an early stage and prevents infection and inflammation, and a fixture of a dental implant... Agent:

20110223563 - Denture adhesive compositions: Denture adhesive compositions having good hold and improved taste containing a salt of a copolymer of alkyl vinyl ether-maleic acid or anhydride. Compositions containing from about 25% to about 45%, by weight of the composition, of a salt of a copolymer of alkyl vinyl ether-maleic acid or anhydride containing a... Agent:

20110223564 - Magnetic connector: The high magnetic force of rare earth magnets provide adequate force to retain dentures. While there are many advocates who claim that magnets attached to various body parts do wonderful things, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that verifies these claims. Likewise there is the possibility that high magnetic fields... Agent:

20110223565 - Moldable resin for dental use: The present invention includes a novel shapeable material or resin, specifically for dental use. It is an improvement over conventional dental resins because it is strong, safe, does not encourage the propagation of bacteria and contains no bisphenol A (BPA). Also, it is the preferred resiliency for use in the... Agent:

09/08/2011 > 13 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20110217665 - Surface structure modification: A method of forming an optical fibre tip, the method including, roughening at least part of an end portion of the optical fibre; and, etching the roughed end portion to thereby form an optical fibre tip.... Agent: The University Of Queensland

20110217666 - Heated mouthpiece: A heated mouthpiece includes an upper trough and optionally a lower trough for interfacing with teeth of a user and a heat retention mass that is thermally and physically interfaced to the trough(s). External heat is provided to the heat retention mass from, for example, by immersion in hot water... Agent: Creative Sourcing & Development Inc.

20110217667 - Custom linkable imaging and multifunctional tray: A multifunctional diagnostic tray configured to clasp an oral structure when positioned in a mouth. The tray may be digitally designed from surface scan data of the mouth and manufactured. The tray provides a temporary positioning reference location that may be viewed in a tomography scan data set. The tray... Agent:

20110217668 - Positioning assist device for drilling multiple dental implant holes: A positioning assist device for drilling multiple dental implant holes is disclosed, which includes a main arm unit and an extension arm unit. The main arm unit has an arm body with two opposing ends, in which a reference shaft is pivoted on a first end, and an extension arm... Agent:

20110217669 - Dental obturator: Dental obturators are used in the preparation of root canals in teeth. The subject obturators are so constructed that they bind at a particular distance into the canal, thereby precluding possible damage at the end of the canal. The obturator is used for positioning of a sealing material placed on... Agent:

20110217670 - Device for supplying a dental retraction cord, a method of making and using such a device, and a method for gingival retraction: The invention relates to a device for supplying a dental retraction cord. The device comprises a cannula for dispensing a dental substance, and comprises a dental retraction cord disposed within the cannula so that the dental retraction cord is entrained by the dental substance dispensed through the cannula. The invention... Agent:

20110217671 - Liquid droplet interproximal cleaning apparatus with gas stream protection: The interproximal cleaning apparatus includes a gas reservoir (12) containing a compressed gas, such as CO2, in both liquid and gaseous states. A siphon tube (20) extends down into the liquid region of the gas reservoir when the apparatus is in an upright position. The siphon tube connects the reservoir... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110217672 - Self-evacuating dental dam: A fluid evacuating dental dam is disclosed, the fluid evacuating dental darn including a manifold having at least one aperture formed therein, a dental darn selectively attached to the manifold, a suction device in fluid communication with the manifold, and selectively removable cover members disposed over the aperture of the... Agent:

20110217673 - Endodontic instruments for preparing endodontic cavity spaces: Methods and apparatus providing a critical set of endodontic instruments. The set includes a first endodontic instrument, a second endodontic instrument, and a third endodontic instrument. Each endodontic instrument includes a working portion that has a cone-like shape. Each working portion having an effective contact area defined by the exposed... Agent:

20110217674 - Mandibular manipulator: Described is a mandibular manipulator instrument as a standalone tool or with associated mouthpiece that includes two interlocking laterally sliding frames comprising a movable upper and a lower incisor pull, shaped for receiving a patient's central incisor teeth and a pair of pinion shafts for driving the upper and lower... Agent:

20110217675 - Screw to fix a prosthesis on a dental implant, surgical driver, kit and torque key (as amended): Screw (100), surgical driver (400), kit and torque key (500) to fix a prosthesis (200) on a dental implant (300). The screw (100) has a pin comprising fixing means arranged to fix the screw (100) in the implant (300) in a detachable way; a head, to house the prosthesis (200).... Agent: Oriol Farre Berga

20110217676 - Compositions containing cleaning particles: A composition, containing a carrier medium and particles based on a metal compound with a weight-average particle diameter of 1 nm to 10 μm is useful to clean metal or ceramic surfaces which are part of a dental restoration or of an implant abutment.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Ag

20110217677 - Single-part, light-curable, self-adhering dental restorative composition and method of using the same: A dental restorative composition comprises: (A) polymerizable monomer(s) selected from hydroxyethyl (meth)acrylate phosphate, hydroxypropyl (meth)acrylate phosphate, hydroxybutyl (meth)acrylate phosphate, dipentaerythritol penta(meth)acrylate phosphate, pentaerythritol tri(meth)acrylate phosphate, phenyl (meth)acryloxyethyl phosphate, and a combination thereof; (B) polymerizable monomer(s) having a molecular weight of 100-250, at least one hydroxyl group, and at least one... Agent: Kerr Corporation

09/01/2011 > 15 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20110212406 - Hot melt dental materials and devices and methods for using the same: Example embodiments of the present invention include hot melt dental adhesive materials that can create a reversible bond. In addition, example embodiments of the present invention include hot melt dental impression materials that can be used to accurately and efficiently obtain a dental impression. Moreover, example embodiments of the invention... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

20110212407 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket assembly: A clip for a self-ligating orthodontic bracket assembly has a lifting element between the labial surface of the bracket and the labial portion of the clip that can be rotated to provide a range of adjustability in lifting the labial portion of the clip with respect to the bracket. The... Agent:

20110212408 - Buccal tube with square or rectangular auxiliary slot: A buccal tube with a square or rectangular auxiliary slot/tube is provided. The square or rectangular auxiliary slot/tube allows for the attachment of auxiliaries of similar shapes, and thus prevents rotation of square or rectangular auxiliary within the buccal tube. An orthodontic auxiliary such as a headgear facebow, which is... Agent:

20110212409 - Hot melt dental materials and devices and methods for using the same: Example embodiments of the present invention include hot melt dental adhesive materials that can create a reversible bond. In addition, example embodiments of the present invention include hot melt dental impression materials that can be used to accurately and efficiently obtain a dental impression. Moreover, example embodiments of the invention... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

20110212410 - Phototherapy method for treating psoriasis: A system and method for phototherapy, including skin tanning, lupus phototherapy, teeth whitening, hair growth and psoriasis therapies, are provided. The system includes a chamber adapted for at least one type of phototherapy and at least one UV LED, at least one nanostructure UV light emitting device or a combination... Agent: Ledeep LLC

20110212411 - System and method for optical fiber diffusion: An optical fiber diffusion system and a method of manufacturing an optical fiber diffusion device that has a precisely-controlled emission region are disclosed. An optical fiber diffusion device is produced by subjecting a light emission region of an optical fiber to a series of controlled cycles of stress, heating, elongation... Agent:

20110212412 - Dispensing assemblies, arrays and systems for dental articles: Dispensing assemblies for dental articles such as orthodontic brackets include a supply tube having a generally omega-shaped configuration. The supply tube receives a carrier strip as well as a number of containers that are releasably connected to the carrier strip. A dispenser array includes a plurality of supply tubes that... Agent:

20110212413 - Rotary endodontic file with frictional grip: An endodontic file has at least a central longitudinal cord, a helically wound wire at least partially surrounding the cord and an elastomeric grip partially covering the helically wound wire near a first end thereof. The elastomeric grip has an outer diameter that is slightly wider than an internal diameter... Agent: Medic Nrg Ltd.

20110212414 - Method for restoring missing tooth and method for producing restorative material: A method of producing a restorative material used to restore a tooth-deficient area in an oral cavity, the method comprising: positioning, in a support carrier, a first cell mass formed from either mesenchymal cells or epithelial cells and a second cell mass formed from the other of the mesenchymal cells... Agent: Organ Technologies Inc.

20110212416 - Implant having circumferentially oriented roughness: A self-tapping implant includes a shaft including a coronal end, an apical end, an outer surface having a first axial section and a second axial section, and a self-tapping configuration at the first axial section. The first axial section may be located coronally of the second axial section. Each of... Agent: Astra Tech Ab

20110212417 - Insertion part of a two-part implant with insertion instrument: The invention provides a method for inserting an insertion part of a two-part zirconium-like implant into the jawbone at high force without breaking in order in this way to increase the primary stability of the implant in the jawbone. This is made possible by providing an insertion part at the... Agent: White Implants Development Corp

20110212415 - Sinus lift implant: A dental implant is provided that has a proximal-most part, a lateral external surface, and a distal implant portion that extends from a distal implant end along up to 50% of a longitudinal length of the implant. The implant is shaped so as to define a lumen therethrough (a) having... Agent: Maxillent Ltd.

20110212418 - Methods for forming tooth root and periodontal tissue unit, and regenerated tooth: A method for forming at least a tooth root in a tooth containing a tooth crown, including: forming a culture core containing the tooth and a cell-containing base material, the tooth being wrapped with the cell-containing base material, and culturing the culture core in a medium to form at least... Agent: The Nippon Dental University

20110212419 - Method, apparatus and computer program for producing a dental prosthesis: A method for producing a tooth replacement and corresponding computer programs and devices are described. The method can comprise generating a tooth replacement having a core and an outer layer which define a boundary surface between each other. To ensure that the prepared tooth replacement is technically acceptable independent of... Agent:

20110212420 - Method for dental restoration and related kit: The disclosure generally relates to a method for forming a dental mold. The method generally includes: (a) scanning an existing dental structure to generate a three-dimensional first digital model of the existing dental structure, (b) modifying the first digital model of the existing dental structure to generate a three-dimensional second... Agent:

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