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Dentistry August inventions list 08/11

Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below.
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08/25/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110207071 - Automatic maxillary expander and transfering apparatus: An automatic Maxillary Expander, which is a bone-borne distractor for expanding the maxillary bone in adult and adolescents having transversal maxillary hypoplasia. It fixes itself to the palatal vault in a way without any need for screwing, by the asymmetrical triangular prism-shaped spikes on the anterior, posterior columns. Both being... Agent:

20110207070 - Orthodontic system: An orthodontic system includes a tap, a screw and a tool. A user can maneuver the tool to drive the tap and screw. The tap is used to make a hole in an alveolus bone. The screw is used for firm insertion in the alveolus bone through the hole made... Agent: Nei-chang Yu

20110207072 - Bracket system and method for planning and producing a bracket system for the correction of tooth malpositions: The invention relates to a method for planning a bracket system (1) for the correction of malpositions of teeth (2), comprising a plurality of brackets (3) and an arch (4) wherein at least one platelet (6) per tooth is mounted on certain tooth surfaces (5) of the teeth to be... Agent: Sirona Dental Systems Gmbh

20110207073 - Occlusion correction improvement instrument and correction improvement method using the instrument: An occlusion correction improvement instrument includes an upper mold-mounting member provided with a plate-shaped member that is parallel to a Camper's plane of an upper model having a tooth model-shaped surface of a maxillary tooth row and with a plane parallel to the Camper's plane when the upper mold-mounting member... Agent:

20110207074 - Dental imaging system and method: A dental slurry is used with a digital camera to create a three dimensional model of target teeth. The dental slurry includes granular particles suspended in a pharmacologically acceptable carrier. The slurry is used to cover target teeth with a large number of particles. Overlapping digital images are taken of... Agent:

20110207076 - Intraoral device adapter: An adapter for connecting a vacuum source to an intraoral device has a plug portion and a connection portion extending proximally from the plug portion. The plug portion is configured for releasable mating engagement with a connection section of an intraoral device which communicates with one or more evacuation channels... Agent:

20110207075 - Method and apparatus for regeneration of oral cavity tissues: A method comprises creating a predetermined pattern of treatment microzones in oral tissue affected by a condition, applying energy of predetermined characteristics to the soft tissue through a tip being limited by at least one dimensional feature of the oral tissue. The application of energy to the oral tissue after... Agent: Laser Abrasive Technologies, LLC

20110207078 - Appliance for delivering liquid to a gas stream for creating droplets in a dental cleaner: A dental appliance having a passive arrangement for drawing liquid from a reservoir (22, 33, 54) in the appliance by action of a stream of gas, which can be provided by a source of compressed gas (31, 34) or other system. The liquid mixes with the gas, resulting in liquid... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110207077 - Nozzle assembly for liquid droplet based interproximal cleaner: The cleaning apparatus includes a source of gas under pressure (12) and a source of fluid (14), along with associated gas (26) and fluid (34) chambers, adapted for successive single uses. A user-operated metered valve (22) connects the gas reservoir to the gas chamber, while a liquid pump (30) and... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110207079 - Coated surgical and dental implements and implants with superior heat dissipation and toughness: The present application describes apparatus and methods for coating a base surgical or dental implement with a nickel boron or nickel phosphorous coating.... Agent:

20110207080 - Dental device for temporarily filling the toothless gap following the extraction of a tooth and method for using said device: A dental device (10) for temporarily filling a toothless gap (50) following extraction of a tooth. The dental device is arranged so as to be located in a space between two adjacent teeth (30, 40) bordering, on each opposed side, the toothless gap. The dental device comprises a central block... Agent: Dynadent Sarl

20110207081 - Endodontic drill bit: Embodiments of the present invention include devices and methods that provide an effective endodontic drill bit to drill postholes for use in root canals and similar or related dental procedures. In particular, example embodiments of the present invention provide an endodontic drill bit that can be used by a dental... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

20110207083 - Dental implant for insertion into a jawbone and for fastening a tooth replacement: A dental implant inserted into a jawbone in order to fasten a tooth replacement is characterized by a shape corresponding to two partially overlapping cylinder-like members (29, 30) that have significantly different diameters. The axis of symmetry (14) of the first member (29) having the larger diameter extends perpendicular to... Agent:

20110207082 - Methods and apparatuses for restoring and in-office customizing of dental implant abutments with a dental prosthesis: Methods for providing a dental prosthesis to a mouth or to prepare a mouth for receiving a dental prosthesis include obtaining an impression of an installed implant abutment and the surrounding portion of a mouth. The implant abutment is then removed from the mouth, installed in an additional fixture, and... Agent:

20110207084 - Method and apparatus for bone distraction: The described embodiments relate to a transport prosthesis and a distraction device, which is surgically implanted against a bone, for the purpose of growing new bone through the process of distraction. The transport prosthesis is designed to be affixed to a patient's jaw to support the distraction device. The distraction... Agent:

20110207085 - Set of artificial teeth of anterior teeth linearly contacting with each other: In a set of artificial teeth, at least one of mutually adjacent artificial anterior teeth includes abutting faces which contacts linearly with the other one so as to form abutting lines and capable of continuously moving the positions of the linear contact, the abutting faces being formed of any one... Agent:

20110207086 - Dental composition comprising biphenyl di(meth)acrylate monomer comprising urethane moieties: Dental compositions and biphenyl di(meth)acrylate monomers are described. The dental compositions comprise at least one biphenyl di(meth)acrylate monomer comprising two aromatic rings connected with a C—C bond wherein the rings each comprise a substituent comprising a urethane moiety and a (meth)acrylate end group.... Agent:

20110207087 - Preformed malleable dental articles and methods: Protected hardenable dental article comprising a hardenable dental article comprising a base and at least one outer surface extending from the base, wherein at least the base and the at least one outer surface of the hardenable dental article comprise a hardenable dental material; and a multi-layer polymeric film in... Agent:

08/18/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110200959 - Electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush and dentifrice system: A device includes a handle coupled with an activated textured surface that can be implemented using a repetitive movement mechanism and a treatment energy source, such as an electromagnetic radiation source. The handle may be used to provide detection, treatment and/or management of sundry conditions including, for example, tooth discoloration,... Agent: Biolase Technology, Inc.

20110200960 - Therapeutic tooth bud ablation: An ablation procedure. The ablation procedure may be applied to tooth buds 120 and result in tooth agenesis. The ablation procedure may be applied to lesions or tumors. A tooth bud ablation system for use in a tooth bud ablation procedure that results in tooth agenesis. A method for volume... Agent:

20110200961 - Therapeutic tooth bud ablation: An ablation procedure. The ablation procedure may be applied to tooth buds 120 and result in tooth agenesis. The ablation procedure may be applied to lesions or tumors. A tooth bud ablation system for use in a tooth bud ablation procedure that results in tooth agenesis. A method for volume... Agent:

20110200962 - Improved dental model baseplate: A dental model baseplate for use in the manufacture of a working dental model. The baseplate includes a connector element to fix a dental model articulator. An apparatus includes a plate portion and an adapter portion extending from the plate portion, the adapter portion configured for connecting to a portion... Agent:

20110200963 - Dental element for abrading dental composite resin: An abrading dental floss is characterized by dental floss formed of a circular fiber or fibrous material having a dental abrasive on the exterior portion thereof suitable for polishing, sanding and/or finishing (abrading) dental restorative material particularly dental composite resin. The dental abrading material is impregnated into or provided onto... Agent:

20110200964 - Stainless steel bur: A stainless steel bur, which can cut minute depressions etc. and even healthy dentin when necessary, allowing a technician to detect when cutting the healthy dentin is provided. It includes a removable handle (11) connected to a hand piece on the base side, a working section (12) to which a... Agent:

20110200965 - Dental attachment quality testing device: The invention relates to a method and apparatus for testing attachment quality of a dental crown attached to a tooth and/or implant. The method comprises the steps of: detecting at least one resonance frequency of a member when it is in contact with said crown or a part attached to... Agent: Osstell Ab

20110200966 - Machining of ceramic materials: Milling strategies for machining dental ceramic materials are provided that reduce milling time while maintaining strength, accuracy and marginal integrity.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent, Ag

20110200967 - Dental healing abutment: A dental healing abutment assembly having a tubular holder and a plurality of removable nestable shells. Each nestable shell has a proximal end and a distal end open to permit the nesting of the shell with the holder or other nestable shells. The proximal end of each nestable shell is... Agent: Procerex Dental Lab LLC

20110200968 - System and method for fabricating a dental healing abutment: A dental healing abutment assembly having a tubular holder and a plurality of removable nestable shells. Each nestable shell has a proximal end and a distal end open to permit the nesting of the shell with the holder or other nestable shells. The proximal end of each nestable shell is... Agent: Procerex Dental Lab LLC

20110200969 - Band of connective tissue grooves for use with a dental implant or a separate abutment for a dental implant: The present invention is a dental implant system that has a band of connective tissue rings and grooves on an external surface of the dental implant system. The connective tissue band grooves have a depth of from greater than about 25 μm to about 600 μm. The dental implant system... Agent:

20110200970 - Methods for placing an implant analog in a physical model of the patient's mouth: A method of placing a dental implant analog in a physical model for use in creating a dental prosthesis is provided. The physical model, which is usually based on an impression of the patient's mouth or a scan of the patient's mouth, is prepared. The model is scanned. A three-dimensional... Agent: Biomet 3i, LLC

20110200971 - Dental compositions with fluorescent pigment: The invention features a dental composition containing a fluorescent organic pigment, e.g. a hydroxyl substituted aryl guanamine an or a fluorescent compound encapsulated in a thermo plastic or thermo set polymer, in an amount that provides the composition with fluorescence resembling that of natural teeth.... Agent:

20110200972 - Oral care and delivery device: A device for providing oral care. The device is formed to have surface features for delivery of medication or other compositions to the mouth, the throat, the gums and the cheeks. Blisters or cavities are formed on a surface of the device to contain and deliver a material, such as... Agent:

20110200973 - Light- and dual-cure dental resins and adhesives with increased cure and color stability and low color: Various embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a light-cure and dual-cure resin that have low color and is color stable over conventional light, self and dual-cured resins. Additionally, the light-cure resin has enhanced degree of cure over conventional light-cure resins. Finally, due to the low color and enhanced... Agent: Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

08/11/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110195370 - Dental retainer having improved joint: The invention relates to a dentition retaining apparatus that includes a joint between a holding member and a supporting member. The holding member is elastically deformable and terminates in an end segment having a length with an outer diameter. The joint includes a coil extending from the supporting member and... Agent:

20110195371 - Orthodontic component, especially bracket: The invention relates to an orthodontic component (1) having a base (2) which comprises a visible surface (3), an interspaced basal surface (4) and lateral faces (5 to 8) extending in between, a receiving groove (11) for receiving a bracing wire (12) being arranged in the base (2). The receiving... Agent: Pbd, Patent & Business Development Ag

20110195372 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket: An orthodontic bracket having a bracket body configured to be mounted to a tooth includes an archwire slot having a base surface defining a base plane and a slide engagement track defining a translation plane. The translation plane is angled with respect to the base plane. A ligating slide is... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20110195373 - Template for selecting orthodontic arch wires and method of placement: A dental arch template includes a transparent fitting plate having a perimeter shaped to fit inside the human mouth of a patient with the fitting plate being Y-shaped with a stem and a pair of spaced side legs extending away from said stem, and at least one image of an... Agent:

20110195374 - Mobile surgical dental chair and method of manufacture: According to one embodiment, a mobile surgical dental chair includes an adjustable backrest, an adjustable headrest, a plurality of locking wheels configured to provide mobility to the mobile surgical dental chair, dental tools integrated with and coupled to the mobile surgical dental chair, and connect hook-ups configured to connect the... Agent: Boren Pediatric Surgical Solutions, Inc.

20110195375 - Internal broaching tool: An internal broaching tool for broaching profiles delimited by a root and flanks in one aspect arranges a relief part between the toothed part and the calibration part. The calibrating broaching teeth in adjacent rows on the calibration part have a guiding flank (without a clearance angle or with a... Agent:

20110195376 - Multipurpose therapeutic mouthpiece assembly: An multipurpose mouthpiece assembly is disclosed for use in diagnosing and treating a variety of termporomandibular disorders. The assembly can include both a maxillary appliance and a mandibular appliance that are optionally configurable to function as a discluder, for diagnosing and treating wearers suffering from bruxism, tension headaches, and common... Agent:

20110195377 - Bur and method of making same: A bur for use with a machine comprises a head and a shank that are made of dissimilar materials with a joint between the head and the shank. The material of the head has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than the material of the shank. The shank has a... Agent: Sybron Canada Lp

20110195378 - Composite bio-ceramic dental implant and fabricating method thereof: A composite bio-ceramic dental implant and fabricating method thereof are disclosed. The composite bio-ceramic is sintered at a temperature between 1000 and 1800° C. using the nearly inert bio-ceramic powder and the active bio-ceramic powder or the completely resorbable bio-ceramic powder. The bioactive bio-ceramic material is dispersed in the inert... Agent: National Taipei University Of Technology

20110195379 - Dental implant bar system: The present invention relates to an adjustable dental implant bar system. There is provided a dental implant bar which can be adjusted and which may have articulated and telescopic anus and which can be further secured to implant heads already installed in the patient's mouth or alternatively on a manufactured... Agent:

20110195380 - Self-clearing self-cutting implant: The invention relates to methods of stabilizing bone implants, comprising inserting a self tapping implant having at least two helical grooves running in opposite directions around the implant.... Agent: Intra-lock International, Inc.

08/04/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110189622 - Colored alumina sintered body of high toughness and high translucency, and its production method and its uses: Because fracture toughness and translucency of translucent colored alumina sintered body of the past were low, the alumina sintered body was not suitable for uses such as dental materials, which require high toughness. The present invention relates to providing a translucent colored alumina sintered body that contains transition metal oxides,... Agent: Tosoh Corporation

20110189623 - Orthodontic bracket: Disclosed herein is an orthodontic bracket which can be firmly attached to a tooth surface and can also be easily detached from the tooth surface after having been used. The orthodontic bracket includes a plurality of channels formed in a bonding surface of a base. Each of the channels is... Agent:

20110189624 - Layered orthodontic bracket and method of making same: An orthodontic bracket has an archwire slot adapted to receive an archwire therein and comprises a core and an overmolded polymeric cover that covers the core. The polymer of the overmolded polymeric cover is cross-linked. The thickness and the cross-linked density of the cover are sufficient to limit chemicals found... Agent: Ormco Corporation

20110189625 - Dental occlusion analysis tool: An electronic 3D model of at least a portion of a maxillary arch of a patient is displayed. Inputs indicating a peak of a mesiobuccal cusp of a maxillary first molar are received for both the patient's right and left sides. In addition, an electronic 3D model of at least... Agent:

20110189628 - Dental laser system and treatment method: An improved dental laser system has been developed to cut enamel quickly and precisely, without detrimental residual energy, to provide a replacement for conventional high speed rotary burrs and commercially available dental laser systems.... Agent: Convergent Dental, Inc.

20110189627 - Root canal filling materials and methods: In various embodiments of a method for filling root canal spaces, the root canal spaces are cleaned and irrigated, for example, by any suitable endodontic procedure, and the irrigating liquid is not removed from the canal spaces prior to filling. In some embodiments, a hydrophobic filler material is introduced into... Agent: Sonendo, Inc.

20110189626 - Teeth whitening system, apparatus, and related method: A teeth whitening system includes a head unit adapted to be worn on a user's head, a light housing supported by the head unit proximate to the user's mouth, the light housing including a light source, and a mouth piece including a tray portion adapted to surround the user's teeth.... Agent: Engineered Cosmetic Solutions, LLC

20110189629 - Dental matrix band: The dental matrix band includes an elongated body having first and second opposing ends adapted to wrap around a tooth to be restored, and having first and second opposing longitudinal edges extending between the first and second opposing ends. The dental matrix band further includes a first line of weakness... Agent: Kerrhawe Sa

20110189630 - Device for injecting a filling material in the fluid phase into a canal space: The invention relates to a device for injecting a filling material in the fluid phase into a canal space, the said device comprising an adaptor, an automatic mixer connected to the said adaptor, an intra-oral injection tip fitted at the upper end of the said automatic mixer, and is characterized... Agent:

20110189632 - Dental compositions crosslinkable/polymerizable by cationic process: Improvedly storage stable dental compositions useful for the preparation of dental prostheses and for dental restoration containing a uniquely pretreated dental filler material.... Agent: Bluestar Silicones France

20110189631 - Movable novelty teeth and method thereof: An improved novelty teeth device for use with a user's teeth movable between a first concealed position and a second visible position. The novelty teeth device has a pair of spaced apart tooth wells for receiving the user's teeth. Between the tooth wells is a central lever element that connects... Agent:

20110189633 - Dental implant with female frustoconical connector: The present invention relates to a dental implant comprising an intra-bone anchorage footing which has means for fixing to a support post of a prosthetic tooth, characterized in that said fixing means comprises an internal frustoconical cavity made in the upper part of the footing of which the outer periphery... Agent: Tekka

20110189635 - Dental implant, and superstructure therefore: This invention pertains to a superstructure (300) for a dental implant. The superstructure comprises a fastening portion (30) with a joint socket in form of a spherically shaped cavity with a fastening surface (32), and a main portion (31). This superstructure (300) is intended to be joined to an osseointegrated... Agent: Simply Dental Ab

20110189634 - Method and system for dental implantation: A modular dental implant that includes multiple segments that are connected to each other in a sequential manner to form the modular dental implant; wherein the multiple segments comprise an abutment, at least one implant body segment and at least one other segment; wherein the at least one other segment... Agent:

20110189636 - Molded member made of form-stabilized material and method for the manufacture thereof: Molded member made of form-stabilized material, comprising at least one first component and one second component, characterized in that the second component has a different pigmentation than the first component and the second component is disposed inside the first element, forming a boundary surface, in such a way that the... Agent:

20110189637 - In situ foamable dental bleaching compositions and methods, systems and kits for bleaching teeth using such compositions: In situ foamable dental bleaching compositions include a dental bleaching agent, thickening agent, polyol, and in situ foaming agent. The foamable dental bleaching compositions are initially dispensed as a dental bleaching gel. Upon placement of the dental bleaching gel onto a person's tooth surfaces, the in situ foaming agent causes... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

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