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Dentistry July category listing 07/11

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07/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110183280 - Orthodontic appliance systems: Orthodontic appliance systems including self-ligating orthodontic brackets and/or orthodontic brackets that include a prescription-altering insert that is configured to be removably coupled to the bracket. The prescriptive insert may be optional in some embodiments. In some embodiments, the prescriptive insert may define and/or alter the prescription of the bracket, such... Agent:

20110183281 - Ceramic surface coatings for dental applications: Disclosed herein are methodologies and compositions for coating materials, which can be used in a variety of dental applications.... Agent: University Of Arkansas

20110183282 - Dental imaging instrument having an air stream auxiliary: A dental instrument and method for imaging the three-dimensional topography of one or more teeth in the oral cavity of an individual is provided. The instrument includes a probe insertable into the oral cavity to receive the image of these surfaces which can then be processed. Combined with the probe... Agent: Cadent Ltd.

20110183283 - Dental laser treatment device: Described are a handpiece, a coupling, and a device with a laser source and handpiece for emitting a laser beam for dental treatment. In order to avoid damage to the healthy tooth tissue, an improved determination of the tooth temperature by measurement of at least part of the heat radiation... Agent: W&h Dentalwerk B&#xfc Rmoos Gmbh

20110183284 - Dental clinical apparatus and plasma jet applying device for dentistry: A dental clinical apparatus having a function which conventional instruments for dental treatment have not had and having a novel constitution. The dental clinical apparatus includes a syringe which has a fluid jetting system for dental treatment and a plasma jet applying means for producing a plasma jet from the... Agent:

20110183285 - Dental articulator with independent vertical height adjustment for gap spacing: An improved dental articulator includes an independent vertical adjustment, thereby maintaining a proper plane of occlusion. The vertical height adjustment mechanism enables the upper and lower bows to be spread apart and brought together regardless of the settings of the hinge mechanism. The mechanism may include a single, central threaded... Agent:

20110183286 - Handpiece for dental or surgical use: Handpiece for dental or surgical use including fixed (2) components and moveable components, characterized in that at least some of said fixed (2) and/or moveable components are made from a composite material resulting from the association of at least two distinct basic materials, namely a matrix and a reinforcing agent,... Agent: Bien-air Holding S.a.

20110183287 - Bone infuser for an osseous tissue implanting syringe: The present disclosure provides a dental device comprising: a tube having a cone-shape protrusion; a first bone infuser containing a spiral groove formed at the top end, a spiral hole formed on a cylindrical body, and an introduction groove formed in the first bone infuser; and a second bone infuser... Agent:

20110183288 - Tongue retractor and fluid/particle barrier: Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to a tongue retractor and fluid/particle barrier for use in medical procedures performed in and around a patient's mouth. In one embodiment of the present invention, a kidney-shaped tongue retractor and fluid/particle barrier, with an insertion end and a handling end, is... Agent:

20110183289 - Method for manufacting dental implant components: A method for making a rapid prototype of a patient's mouth to be used in the design and fabrication of a dental prosthesis. The method takes an impression of a mouth including a first installation site having a dental implant installed in the first installation site and a gingival healing... Agent: Implant Innovations, Inc.

20110183290 - Dental implant adaptor: A dental implant adaptor which is particularly suitable for dental crown implantation using a screw-retained protocol has a hollow body that can be mounted on a dental implant. The body includes a crown-receiving portion on which a dental crown can be mounted. The portion has a distal end and a... Agent: Southern Implants (pty) Ltd

20110183292 - Material with a repetitive pattern of micro-features for application in a living organism and method of fabrication: An assembly configured for implantation in a living organism is provided. In some embodiments, the material includes a mechanical surface that has long range ordered micro-features. A repetitive pattern of hierarchical micro-features is incorporated in some embodiments, and in some embodiments the micro-features are composite in nature, and may include... Agent:

20110183291 - Medical implant and method of implantation: A medical implant and a method of implanting a medical implant are disclosed. In some embodiments, the medical implant can comprise an apical bone anchoring portion for bone apposition and an unthreaded coronal portion. The coronal portion can have a length (L2) exceeding or equaling a length (L1) of the... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20110183293 - Kit for fabricating and maintaining dentures and dental apparatus and for personal and professional tooth whitening by autonomous dental impression taking: The present invention relates to a kit for whitening teeth and a kit for fabricating a dental apparatus and/or denture without visiting the dentist or stomataologist.... Agent: Dentalwig LLC

20110183295 - Method and system for providing automated high scale fabrication of custom items: Method and system for providing volume manufacturing of customizable items including receiving a data package including a plurality of manufacturing parameters, each of the plurality of manufacturing parameters associated with a unique item, verifying the received data package, and implementing a manufacturing process associated with the received data package is... Agent:

20110183294 - Method for preparing a physical plaster model: Provided is a method for creating a physical teeth model. Further, the method includes providing a virtual three dimensional (3D) representation of a patient's dentition that includes at least a region of the teeth that includes a tooth stump on which a crown is to be fitted or a region... Agent: Cadent Ltd.

20110183296 - Vial for delivering contents onto a substrate: Dispenser for dispensing a substance onto a substrate, such as a tooth treatment compound onto teeth, includes a vial including a pair of thin members forming a cavity therebetween in which the substance is arranged and a conduit defining an internal dispensing channel communicating with the cavity, an applicator tip... Agent:

20110183297 - Porous, silicate, ceramic body, dental restorations and method for the production thereof: The present invention relates to a porous, silicate, ceramic body, possibly with different colors, with a first density, which can be sintered into a silicate, ceramic body with a second density, wherein the ratio of the first density to the second density is 2/5 to 98/100, and the three-point bending... Agent:

20110183298 - Methods for making dental restorations using two-phase light-curing materials: Methods for making dental crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, fillings, and other restorations are provided. The methods involve using a two-phase light curing (TPLC) material. Preferably, the TPLC material used to form the dental restoration comprises a blend of polymerizable compounds; photopolymerization systems (a) and (b), and particulate filler materials... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

07/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110177467 - Adaptable device for detecting and treating dental pathologies: There is disclosed a tartar removal tip having a ceramic distal portion and a metal proximal portion. An optical dental pathology detection system has a housing that mates with a handle of a tartar removal instrument. A replacement tip for a tartar removal device has integrated optical components and a... Agent: Dentsply Canada Ltd.

20110177468 - Method and device for removing metallic fragments and metallic elements from dental root canals: The invention relates to a method and device for removing metallic fragments and elements from dental root canals using electrodes that must be coupled to a power supply and control module and be in contact with a solution having a variable composition, wherein one of the electrodes must be in... Agent:

20110177469 - Dental tools for guided surgery: Surgical tool for use in guided surgery comprising a distal end portion having a functional element, a shank on the opposite end of the tool, and a substantially circular cylindrical guide portion. The guide portion is located between the functional element and the shank and has at least one visual... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20110177470 - Hygiene cover: A cover for a dental tool holder including a cover portion adapted for fitting over a receptacle of the tool holder so as to prevent direct contact between a dental tool and the dental tool holder when the tool is held within the holder.... Agent: Adventech Pty Limited

20110177471 - Method and apparatus for tooth crack detection by means of acoustic emission: In a method and apparatus for detecting a crack in a human tooth, especially one covered by a restoration, such as a crown, the approach is to stress the suspect tooth and, by means of acoustic emission techniques, analyze the characteristics of the resultant acoustic emission from the tooth. To... Agent: Kallis Technical Services

20110177472 - Trephine drill for implant: Disclosed is a trephine drill for an implant. The trephine drill for the implant includes: a perforating body which comprises a first end part provided with a cutter for perforating the alveolar bone and a second end part formed with a through hole; and a rod body which couples with... Agent: Megagen Implant Co., Ltd

20110177473 - Disposable dental handpiece: A disposable dental handpiece, including a first handle portion; a second handle portion; a vibration dampening portion, the vibration dampening portion located interposed between the first handle portion and the second handle portion. In another embodiment, a multi-layer disposable dental handpiece, including a first layer of material having an outer... Agent: King Saud University

20110177474 - Handpiece for a magnetostrictive power generator: A magneto strictive sterilizable handpiece (14) with an electric connector (44) selectively engageable with a power cable includes a non-conducting inner core (30) having an outer surface, a conducting wire deposited on the outer surface of the inner core in a helical manner to form a coil (42) with a... Agent: Hu-friedy Mfg. Co., Inc

20110177475 - Expandable polymer dental implant and method of use: Systems and methods for a dental implant system suitable for an endosteal implant into a jawbone are provided. The systems and methods make use of an expandable polymer sheath insertable into a jawbone, an implant insertable into the sheath and causing expansion of the sheath upon insertion, and an abutment... Agent: Incumed, Inc.

20110177476 - Dental prosthesis: Dental prosthesis to be fixed on implants (103) is arranged in a dental arch (100), completely or partially edentulous. The prosthesis (1) includes a primary structure (200) which is configured to be screwed on the implants (103) of the dental arch (100) and which has primary inserts (410, 420, 430,... Agent: Justo Manuel Rubio Cebria, S.l.

20110177477 - Denture system kit and method: To fabricate a new denture from an existing denture, the existing denture for a patient is sensed. The existing denture corresponds to one or more of a mandibular edentulous ridge, maxillary edentulous ridge, and palate of the patient. In addition, a model is generated of the one or more of... Agent:

07/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110171591 - Orthodontic composition with heat modified minerals: The invention provides an orthodontic composition, related methods and packaged articles that include a hardenable component, a hardener, and a heat-modified inorganic mineral filler. The composition displays improved hardened remnant cleanup compared with compositions using traditional hard mineral fillers, while maintaining acceptable handling, bond strength and mechanical properties. Bond strength... Agent:

20110171592 - Method of direct fabrication of intraoral devices: A method of direct fabrication of intraoral devices provides an easy, cost effective way of making a variety of appliances intraorally. The use of a thin layer of unset plastic or thermoplastic material on a flexible tray allows for a customized fit to any palate, directly in the oral cavity.... Agent:

20110171593 - Dynamically adjustable dental impression devices and methods for using the same: The present invention describes systems and methods to provide dynamically adjustable dental impression devices. In an exemplary embodiment, the present invention provides a dynamically adjustable dental impression device including a facial portion having at least a first wall and a lingual portion having at least a first wall. The facial... Agent:

20110171594 - Centrifugal deflection device for a surgical or dental handpiece for removing foreign matter: Centrifugal deflection device intended to be fitted to a surgical or dental handpiece (1) to prevent the penetration of foreign matter that results from an operation, said centrifugal deflection device including a ring (10; 10″1) coupled in rotation either directly or via a tool shank (6) to a drive shaft... Agent: Bien-air Holding S.a.

20110171595 - Dental bur: The invention relates to an improved bur for use in handpieces having a rotatable chuck with a tool bore for receiving the bur, a friction grip member for frictionally retaining the bur in the chuck and a torque lock seat of non-circular cross-section and permitting length adjustment of the bur... Agent: Tti Turner Technology Instruments Inc.

20110171596 - Dental wedge: The present invention relates to dental wedges that may be used for creating space between adjacent teeth. In one form, the dental wedge includes an elongated body extending from an outer end to an opposite inner end. The body has a longitudinal intermediate wall, a longitudinal first side wall connected... Agent:

20110171597 - Method for in-situ simultaneous shaping of adjacent matrix bands and tools: A dental instrument with arms pivotally connected for scissors pivot action between closed and open positions is disclosed. A pair of tines extends from distal ends of the arms and at least one shaping surface on one of said tines is supported so that it is operable to shape an... Agent:

20110171598 - False teeth positioning device: A false teeth positioning device being embedded in the false teeth to attach the false teeth onto guns and comprising: a base including a concave surface to be attached onto the gums, the concave surface including a cavity formed thereon, the base including a hole fixed on one side surface... Agent:

20110171599 - Shape memory dental retention systems: Shape memory dental retention systems which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured to an anchoring implant bored into the bones within the mouth. The abutment assembly has a... Agent: 725 San Aleso Ave. Suite #1

20110171601 - Additional stabilization device for endo-osseous dental implant: An additional stabilization device intended to be used in combination with an endo-osseous dental implant, such an endo-osseous implant which has at least one endo-osseous anchoring foot adapted to an installation in a jaw bone of a patient so as to cooperate with an external pillar intended to be fixed... Agent:

20110171600 - Bio-implant having a screw body with nanoporous spiral groove and the method of making the same: A bio-implant having a screw body selectively formed with nanoporous channels structure in a spiral groove and the method of making the same are disclosed. Nanoporous channels structure formed into the spiral groove of the bio-implant is carried out by the heat treatment in vacuum firstly and anodic treatment secondly.... Agent: National Taipei University Of Technology

20110171602 - Implant, in particular dental implant: A metal implant, in particular a dental implant, with a hydrophilic surface for at least partial insertion into a bone, and a method for the production of said implant are described. A particularly advantageous hydrophilic surface for improved osteointegration properties is made available if it is briefly treated, at least... Agent: Thommen Medical Ag

20110171603 - Implant abutment material for tailor-made and method for manufacturing abutment using the same: For this purpose, an abutment material of the present invention is a product including: a cylindrical body; a grip integrally formed at the end of the body to be used to clamp the body to a machine when manufacturing a tailor-made abutment by machining the body; a coupling portion formed... Agent: Raphabio Co., Ltd.

20110171604 - Method for manufacturing and supply of dental prosthesis: Systems and methods are disclosed for manufacturing a dental restorative prosthesis by capturing 3D dental data from a patient; sending the 3D dental data to a laboratory for fabricating a restoration blank, the blank having material below a preparation area; receiving the restoration blank from the laboratory; determining a reduction... Agent:

20110171605 - Dental treatment devices: A non-custom dental treatment device includes a moisture-resistant barrier layer that is flexible so as to conform to a plurality of differently-sized and shaped dental arches during use. The moisture-resistant barrier layer comprised of wax, paraffin wax and/or polyolefin. The dental treatment device also includes a substantially solid dental treatment... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

20110171606 - Dental treatment devices: Dental treatment trays or strips include a moisture-resistant barrier layer that is flexible so as to conform to a plurality of differently-sized and shaped dental arches during use. The moisture-resistant barrier layer comprised of wax, paraffin wax and/or polyolefin. The dental treatment device also includes a substantially solid dental treatment... Agent: Ultradent Products, Inc.

20110171607 - Biopulp: Provided are methods for performing a dental, endodontic or root canal procedure on a mammalian tooth in need thereof. Also provided are matrices, materials or scaffolds suitable for insertion into a tooth pulp chamber. Additionally provided are uses of any of the above matrix, material or scaffolds in a dental,... Agent: The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

20110171609 - Dental composition comprising biphenyl di(meth)acrylate monomer: Dental compositions and methods of treating an oral surface are described. The dental compositions comprise at least one biphenyl di(meth)acrylate monomer.... Agent:

20110171608 - Self etch all purpose dental cement composition and method of use thereof: A self etching, dental cement composition is provided having the advantage of not requiring a separate etching and bonding step. The cement composition comprises a polymerizable (meth)acrylate trimellitic acid/anhydride, a phosphoric acid (meth)acrylate, a hydroxyalkyl(meth)acrylate, copolymerizable multi-functional (meth)acrylate monomers, a diluent, fillers, and a curing system. These cement compositions are... Agent: Pentron Clinical Technologies, L.L.C.

07/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110165532 - Orthodontic device with a self-ligating fixing system for orthodontic apparatuses with a filiform part, related system and orthodontic kit: The invention relates to an orthodontic screw with a self-ligating fixing system for orthodontic apparatuses with a filiform part comprising a head equipped with at least one longitudinal slot for the insertion of said filiform part, a threaded shank to be applied to the bone of the mouth and a... Agent: Hdc S.r.l.

20110165533 - Method and system for providing alternating use orthodontic aligners: Method and system for providing a first appliance configured for positioning substantially around one or more teeth during a first portion of a recurring time period to apply one of a first predetermined force or a predetermined tooth movement on the one or more teeth, the first appliance formed of... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20110165535 - Handpiece finger switch for actuation of handheld medical instrumentation: A handpiece for a medical instrumentation device is formed with manually deformable ribs on an outer sleeve. The ribs align with conductive surfaces inside the handpiece that make contact with an internal flexible electronic circuit to activate the device when force is applied to the ribs. Removing the force deactivates... Agent: Biolase Technology, Inc.

20110165534 - System and method for detection of dental tartar: A dental tartar detection system (10), especially for detection of subgingival tartar (S), comprises a probe (12) adapted to be displaced along a tooth (T) an illumination system (14) for illuminating with an incident light a region on the tooth (T), a detection system (16) for collecting the light reflected... Agent: Dentsply Canada Ltd

20110165536 - Alveolar ridge augmentation: Apparatus is provided for use with a gingival periosteum lining a bone. The apparatus comprises a periosteal mesher, which comprises a mesher surface, and a plurality of cutting elements distributed over the mesher surface, which are configured to cut the gingival periosteum to increase flexibility thereof. Other embodiments are also... Agent: Rainbow Medical Ltd.

20110165537 - Dental obturation system: A dental obturation system, which is configured such that a power terminal unit is installed between a rotary unit and a cartridge unit such that a heating unit can heat a filling material and a needle member, mounted to the front end of a main body having a battery therein,... Agent: Dxm Co., Ltd.

20110165538 - Apparatus and method of irregular bone defect detection of dental implant: A non-contact apparatus and method detect irregular bone defects around a dental implant. Structural resonance frequency is produced and received to recognize a quality, a direction and a depth of an irregular bone defect. Thus, an interfacial osseointegration can be evaluated, and the present invention is of great help to... Agent: National Central University

20110165539 - Method and composition for adhering to tooth structure: A dental adhesive composition has an adhesive component and an activator component. The adhesive composition has a volatile organic solvent component, one or more polymerizable (meth)acrylate compounds optionally containing fillers, and a polymerization photoinitiator. The adhesive component may also be a substantially homogeneous mixture of one or more polymerizable (meth)acrylate... Agent:

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