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Dentistry June invention type 06/11

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06/30/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110159452 - Positioning method for orthodontic appliance and structure thereof: A positioning method for orthodontic appliance and structure, mainly provided with base units molded by plastic injection. During the fabricating process, a crossed reference line is first drawn on a dental mold of the patient, after heating, the orthodontic appliance is embedded to the base unit, and a flexible member... Agent:

20110159451 - Prosthodontic and orthodontic apparatus and methods: System and method for developing a treatment plan for achieving a treatment goal including creating a virtual model of a dental patient's dentition; transforming the virtual model of the dentition using virtual prosthodontics to facilitate achievement of the treatment goal; transforming the virtual model of the dentition using virtual orthodontics... Agent:

20110159453 - System for detection, treatment and coverage feedback of oral health conditions: The oral health appliance (10) includes a source of light (16) having a wavelength which is suitable for determination of oral health conditions, as well as treatment thereof. An assembly (16) in the appliance directs the light to selected dental regions of the mouth. A light receiver and sensor (16)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110159454 - Ultrasonic dental tool having a light source: An ultrasonic dental insert having at least one light source. A first transducer generates ultrasonic vibrations. A connecting body has a proximal end and a distal end having a tip attached thereto. The proximal end is attached to the first transducer so as to receive the ultrasonic vibrations therefrom and... Agent: Discus Dental, LLC

20110159455 - Surgical guide and method: A method for preparing a surgical guide for positioning of a dental implementation. The method includes positioning a positioning device relative to a model jawbone, translating the positioning device in a BL direction, adjusting a BL angle of the positioning device about a BL pivot axis corresponding to a desired... Agent:

20110159457 - Blood absorbing device: The present invention proposes an apparatus (1) for collecting blood or a different fluid escaping from a wound area, the apparatus (1) comprising a contact device (17) for contacting blood or fluid within the wound area, wherein the contact device (17) comprises a multitude of pores (19) for absorbing the... Agent: T.a. Dental Innovations S.a.r.l.

20110159456 - Oral care suction device with suction control port cover: An oral care suction device that includes a suction control port cover. The oral care suction device includes a body having a fluid flow passage formed therethrough. The body has a suctioning feature is located on or joined at its distal end. The body also has an attachment feature located... Agent:

20110159458 - Endodontic instrument with modified memory and flexibility properties and method: Medical instruments, particularly, endodontic instruments with unique limited memory characteristics, and methods for making such instruments. One embodiment includes heat treating a finished endodontic instrument. A related embodiment includes electropolishing a finished endodontic instrument and then heat treating the endodontic instrument.... Agent:

20110159460 - Systems and methods of analyzing vibrations imparted to tissues and teeth: Systems and methods are disclosed for performing dental diagnostics by inducing vibrations in a first dental object using a vibratory transducer; picking up at a receiver vibrations transmitted by the vibratory transducers; capturing vibrations from an second dental object and comparing the captured vibrations against a database of known dental... Agent:

20110159459 - Tooth extraction tool: A tooth extracting tool including an elongated handle and a pair of tooth engaging members extending out of one end of the handle and a pneumatic or hydraulic piston for tightly gripping the tooth to be extracted between the pair of tooth engaging members. The tool also includes a mechanism... Agent:

20110159461 - Toothbrush employing acoustic waveguide: A power toothbrush (10) is disclosed having a handle (15), battery (12), ultrasonic drive circuit (14), motor (16), control unit (18), and toothbrush head (20). The toothbrush head includes bristles (26) and a waveguide (24) that is operatively connected to an ultrasonic transducer (22). The waveguide facilitates the transmission of... Agent: Ultreo, Inc.

20110159462 - Therapeutic agent for periodontal diseases and method of treating periodontal diseases: A therapeutic agent is provided for periodontal diseases by which a biofilm formed inside hard tissues in an oral cavity is removed and the hard tissues are re-calcified. The biofilm formed in a fine fracture within contaminated tooth hard tissues is chemically dissolved and removed and calcium ions contained in... Agent: Hirofumi Asano

06/23/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110151390 - Orthodontic bracket: An orthodontic bracket is provided for correcting teeth alignment. The orthodontic bracket allows for not relying on how an operator is skilled in ligation and also for minimizing the friction. The orthodontic bracket includes a slot having an opening into which an orthodontic wire can be inserted, and a shutter... Agent:

20110151391 - Orthodontic brackets and devices: The invention relates to a bracket for fixing to the exterior face of a tooth, the bracket having a base, which lies against the tooth and in which a trapezoid shape slot is configured to receive a wire bow. The base of the slot runs essentially perpendicularly in the oral... Agent:

20110151392 - System of tube, resin and stops for orthodontics: The present invention provides an orthodontics system that comprises the tube, resin, stops, and wire, wherein the system allows for standardization of the resin and tube, according e.g., to each tooth, either by means of a prefabricated set of resin and tube or by making the resin with the tube... Agent:

20110151393 - Device and method for delivering therapeutic substances to the maxillary sinus of a patient: The present invention is directed to devices and methods for administering at least one effective dose of at least one therapeutic substance to at least one of the maxillary sinuses of a patient in need thereof. Alternate embodiments may comprise administration of the at least one effective dose of at... Agent: Healthpartners Research Foundation

20110151395 - Light emitting device and dental handpiece device: A light emitting device is provided in a dental handpiece device for illuminating an area in the vicinity of a dental care tool at a tip of the dental handpiece device. The light emitting device includes a light emitting section including a light emitting diode element and an electrode, and... Agent: J. Morita Manufacturing Corporation

20110151394 - Plaque toothtool and dentifrice system: A disclosing system for teeth having an electromagnetic radiation emitting toothtool and a dentifrice with a photosensitive agent is disclosed.... Agent:

20110151396 - Tongue isolator equipped with lighting: A tongue isolator equipped with lighting comprises a handgrip and an expanding portion which includes a connecting member and a first expanding wall and a second expanding wall that are connected to two sides of the connecting member to jointly form a U-shape with an opening facing forward. The handgrip... Agent:

20110151397 - Oral appliance activation devices and methods: Oral appliance activation devices and methods which are used to facilitate the securement, adjustment, or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured to an anchoring implant bored into the bones within the mouth.... Agent: Rodo Medical, Inc.

20110151398 - Dental tray and method for fabricating the same: A dental tray and a method for fabricating the same are presented. The dental tray includes a thermoplastic material and a fabric bonded to the thermoplastic material. The method for fabricating a dental tray includes preparing a thermoplastic material and a fabric, and bonding the thermoplastic material to the fabric.... Agent: Easting Biotechnology Company Limited.

20110151399 - Method and transfer element for manufacturing a superstructure and a corresponding template: Method for manufacturing an aligning plate (3) with at least one opening (4) designed for drilling a bore hole (5) in a specific place in the bone of a lower or upper jaw (1) through said opening (4) to thus fix an implant (9,10) in the bore hole (5) in... Agent:

20110151400 - Dental bone implant, methods for implanting the dental bone implant and methods and sytems for manufacturing dental bone implants: A dental bone implant that comprises a first fitted bone graft sized and shaped to fit tightly to a buccal surface of a periodontal alveolar bone around at least one tooth and to reconstruct at least a portion of one or more periodontal bone defect and a second fitted bone... Agent: Andy Boiangiu

20110151401 - Single component tooth root sealer: Example embodiments of the present invention include compositions, materials, and methods that provide a single component tooth root sealer. The single component tooth root sealer can be designed to moisture cure at temperatures found within the human mouth. Examples of the single component tooth root sealer can include silicone compositions,... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

20110151403 - Device and a method for delivery of a dental composition: A device for use in retracting a gingiva from a human tooth by widening a gingival sulcus with a dental composition. The device comprises a cannula with a free end having an opening for dispensing the dental composition. The free end is shaped to be inserted with its front in... Agent:

20110151402 - Structure for connecting a mixing tip to an impression cartridge: In a mixing tip of an impression material cartridge, a top connective plate is on the center of the top of a pair of cylinders, with an impression material cartridge installed with the connecting end of each of a pair of mixing tips facing each other located on each side... Agent: Sell Global Co., Ltd.

20110151404 - Suction oral brush: A suction oral brush. The oral brush can include a handle having a longitudinal direction and a lumen, and can be adapted to be coupled to a suction source. Bristles can extend outwardly of a first side of a distal end of the handle. A proximal aperture can be formed... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110151405 - Suction swab and method of making same: A suction swab and a method of making a suction swab. The suction swab can include a shaft, a pad coupled to the shaft, and an aperture formed through the pad and the shaft. The shaft can be elongated and can have a lumen, a longitudinal direction and an outer... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20110151406 - Dental articulating paper forceps: Dental forceps for holding dental articulating paper has dual elongated spring arms, moveable toward and away from each other. The spring arms each have a lower handle section, an intermediate section extending from the lower handle section, and an upper section with a cantilevered member extending from the top end... Agent:

20110151408 - Dental platform assembly and methods: A dental implant system comprises a base member that is adapted to be embedded within a patient's jawbone at a treatment site. The base member has a generally flat top side defining an outer periphery, a bottom side, and a central opening. At least one recess is included in the... Agent: Grant Dental Technology Corporation

20110151407 - Implant system: The invention concerns an improved implant system, comprising a self-threading screw, preferably comprised of titanium, to be inserted and Osseo-integrated within the patient jaw, and having an inner upper threading, and a pin, preferably comprised of titanium, threading above said self-threading screw on said inner threading, and on which pin... Agent: H&f Srl

20110151410 - Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of teeth: Optical characteristic measuring systems and methods such as for determining the color or other optical characteristics of teeth are disclosed. Perimeter receiver fiber optics are spaced apart from a source fiber optic and receive light from the surface of the object/tooth being measured. Light from the perimeter fiber optics pass... Agent:

20110151409 - Device and method for detecting plaque in the oral cavity: The present invention regards methods and devices for detecting plaque on a surface in the oral cavity to which a fluorescent agent capable of binding to plaque has been applied, whereby a radiation source emits incident radiation for contacting the surface, reflected light and fluorescent emission resulting from contact of... Agent:

20110151411 - Dental appliance, process for producing a dental appliance and use thereof: The invention relates to a process for producing a dental appliance, the process comprising the steps of a) providing a mixture of a liquid, an inorganic binder precursor being able to undergo a sol/gel reaction and a glass or glass ceramic powder, b) casting the mixture into a mould, c)... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

06/16/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110143299 - Method for removing an orthodontic bracket from the surface of a tooth: The invention relates to a method and pliers for removing an orthodontic bracket from the surface of a tooth.... Agent:

20110143300 - Dental device for correcting upper jaw transversal micrognathism in adult patients and procedure for building the device and a surgical: A dental device for the correction of upper jaw transversal micrognathism in adult patients, which makes it possible to apply a slow expansion orthopedic technique, without osteotomy with osseo fixation by means of micro-implants, which comprises an expansion component, bilateral palatine support components, and a fixation component. The expansion component... Agent:

20110143301 - Single continuous spring orthodontic bracket and system: A novel orthodontic bracket system comprised of orthodontic appliances, such as brackets or buccal tubes, with a buccal-labial slot orientation. Brackets in the system include a base for bonding the appliance to a tooth and a body extending from the base. An arch wire slot extends across the body in... Agent:

20110143302 - Orthodontic tooth retention system: An orthodontic retainer system including retainer modules that are applied to adjacent teeth in a patient's mouth, and a method and apparatus for delivering the system. The retainer modules may be provided in the form of mutually attracted members, such as magnets, that are temporary coupled on opposites sides of... Agent:

20110143303 - Dental composite applicator and related methods: A vibrating applicator is provided for applying a dental composite material onto a tooth. The applicator has an elongated body and a tip that is coupled to the elongated body to apply the dental composite material onto the tooth. The applicator further has a vibrating apparatus for vibrating the tip... Agent: Kerrhawe Sa

20110143304 - Adaptor for lighted dental device: Embodiments of an adaptor for a lighted magnetostrictive device, a lighting system for a hand-held dental delivery device including an adaptor, and a method of providing light at a magnetostrictive hand-held device using an adaptor are disclosed. The adaptor may securely connect to a hand-piece of the device, and may... Agent: Hu-friedy Mfg. Co., Inc.

20110143306 - Intraoral device: An intraoral device includes a one-piece, flexible, injection molded body made of a single homogeneous material. The body includes upper front and rear flaps, and lower front and rear flaps. Upper edges of the front flaps and lower edges of the lower flaps are sealed by respective upper and lower... Agent:

20110143305 - Medical or dental treatment device for dispensing a medium: A medical or dental treatment device for dispensing a medium having a base part with a power supply unit and an electrical or electronic control device and at least one delivery part that can be connected detachably to the base part via a coupling device and which has a sound... Agent: W&h Dentalwerk Burmoos Gmbh

20110143307 - Stent, a reproducing method using the stent, and a method for positioning a wire: The stent includes a detachably attachable guide member 1 that includes a fitting portion 2 to be fitted to a tooth portion of the mockup and an actual tooth portion of a patient corresponding to the tooth portion of the mockup, and a covering portion 3 covering a mucosa surface... Agent:

20110143308 - Piezo insert for implant surgical operation: This disclosure provides a piezo insert for implant surgical operation comprising an insert pole having a water supply passage formed therein for supplying water to lift up a maxillary sinus membrane; and an insert tip comprising a plurality of water squirt holes provided along a circumferential direction of the insert... Agent: Gangnam Chicago Dental Clinic , 7f

20110143309 - Dental device and method of use: A prophy device incorporating a shaft and one or more corrugated members eliminates the need for plastic gears. The corrugated members effectively transfer rotational energy from a shaft to an applicator. In another version, a flexible paste chamber contains polish within a housing of the device. A difference between a... Agent:

20110143310 - Lorentz-force actuated cleaning device: A method of surface treatment includes sensing a surface condition and controlling ejection of a fluid jet against the surface to treat the surface based on the sensed condition. The fluid may be a liquid and may be carried in a self-contained reservoir in a handle of a fluid ejection... Agent:

20110143311 - Combination vertical rotary vane suction pump and liquid separator: A compact suction and separation device is shown and described. The suction and separation device includes a pump and a separator. The pump includes a vertically oriented rotary vane pump comprising a suction inlet and an exhaust outlet. The separator includes a collector configured to receive combinations of solids, liquids... Agent: Gast Manufacturing, Inc.

20110143312 - Combination vertical rotary vane suction pump and liquid separator: Dental dressing assemblies are formed from hydrophilic polymer sponge structures, such as a densified chitosan biomaterial. The invention also contemplates systems and methods that can be used in conjunction with stents and periodontal dressings to promote hemostasis and secondary healing in free gingival graft palatal donor sites and all other... Agent: Hemcon Medical Technologies, Inc.

20110143313 - Dental implant device: A dental implant device is adapted for use in dental implant operations to engage the dental prosthesis. The dental implant device includes a hollow main body and an external thread. The hollow main body has top and bottom ends, an inner peripheral surface disposed between the top and bottom ends... Agent:

20110143315 - Adapter for transmitting a torque to the mounting part of a dental implant: Adapter (10, 110) for transmitting a torque from a screwing instrument to a mounting part of a dental implant, in particular for screwing the dental implant into a bone or for screwing the mounting part into an anchoring part. The adapter (10, 110) has a head portion (20, 120), which... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20110143314 - Dental device: A dental device including a handle and a channel. An applicator positioned within the handle via the channel, the channel including ribs and bulges that secure the applicator into a number of different positions and/or lengths.... Agent:

20110143316 - Dental implant driver and carrier removal system: The present invention is directed to a tool package for use with bone and/or dental implant systems. The tool package includes of two mating tools. The first tool is designed to engage an implant and carrier assembly and place the implant into the osteotomy. Once the implant is fully seated,... Agent: Designed Dental Systems LLC

20110143317 - Straight conic mini pillar used in outer hexagon implants: It is specifically a single body mini pillar, i e, a conic mini pillar body plus a fastening screw in a single piece, thus simplifying its installing process and superseding the model currently in use The new conic mini pillar prosthetic component has attained improvements on the screw region, obviating... Agent:

20110143318 - Winged implant: A winged implant may be provided with at least one wing extending generally radially away from a implant body adjacent a distal end thereof. During an implant procedure, the winged implant may be implanted in a crater, whereby the at least one wing may offer an enhanced support of the... Agent:

06/09/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110136070 - Vibrating compressible dental plate for correcting malocclusion: A improved vibrating dental plate that allows accelerative forces in addition to vibrating forces to assist in remodeling is provided.... Agent: Orthoaccel Technologies,inc.

20110136071 - Brace cap: Vibrating dental devices and accessories are provided, including a unique snap fit dental plate and vibrator connection; risers for adjusting the thickness of a dental plate; a pointer or wand that can be clamped onto a dental plate to reach even severely misaligned teeth; a cushioned dental plate having a... Agent: Orthoaccel Technologies, Inc.

20110136072 - Tactile objects for orthodontics, systems and methods: Methods, systems, and apparatus's for improving orthodontic treatments. In an embodiment, an orthodontic system including a tactile object is provided for modulating an engagement between a tooth attachment and an orthodontic appliance.... Agent: Aligan Technology, Inc.

20110136073 - Dental measuring device: Dental devices are disclosed which allows a dental laboratory to accurately create upper front teeth and dentures to the dentist's specific instructions. The interpupillary line and the incisal lines are used to fabricate teeth which are more symmetrical and therefore are more esthetically pleasing than prior devices and procedures. The... Agent:

20110136074 - Apparatus and method for removing enamel from a person's tooth: According to one embodiment, an apparatus for removing enamel from a person's tooth includes a blade portion and a handle portion. The blade portion includes an abrasive surface adapted to remove enamel from the tooth in response to reciprocating movement of the abrasive surface against the enamel of the tooth.... Agent:

20110136075 - Dental instrument for cutting soft tissue: Disclosed is a dental instrument for cutting soft tissue. The dental instrument for cutting soft tissue according to the present invention includes: a main body having an inlet portion for inserting soft tissue to be cut into the main body; a cutter blade arranged in the main body such that... Agent: Megagen Implant Co., Ltd.

20110136076 - Identification device: The invention provides an identification device, which comprises a dental implantation carrier and an information storage element therein. The identification device has good privacy and bio-compatibility. The invention also provides a method for identification by using the device.... Agent:

20110136078 - Implant body, method of manufacture of same, and dental implant: To obtain improved bio-affinity and high bone attachment in an implant body, a method of manufacture for the implant body, and a dental implant. The implant body is fixed in a contact configuration to bone, and includes the base material formed from zirconia, and a surface layer formed on the... Agent: Nanto Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

20110136077 - Method for making a dental prosthesis and related surgical guide: The invention relates to a method for making dental prostheses and related surgical guides, that comprises making the prosthesis and/or the surgical guide based on a model that reproduces the bone portions of the jaw using a first material and the mucosa portions of the jaw using a second material... Agent:

20110136079 - Abutment for dental magnetic attachment: To attract a magnet in a denture to a keeper fixed at an embedded implant fixture with a complete closed magnetic circuit and without care to metal allergy, an abutment 1 for a dental magnetic attachment is made of a titanium or alloy, and has a male screw part 1a... Agent: Gc Corporation

20110136080 - Method for modeling an individual dental prosthesis: Method for modelling an individual dental prosthesis, which includes an abutment, wherein a first geometry is ascertained by a detection device, wherein an auxiliary element is affixed to at least one manipulation implant/implant, and a first data set is determined therefrom. A second data set describing a geometry having at... Agent:

20110136081 - Gum saver toothbrush system: Gum Saver Toothbrush is a battery or otherwise electrically powered toothbrush. The toothbrush includes a handle and a removable brush head. The bristles on the brush head are designed to roll over the teeth and gums. There is a switch on the handle that allows the user to change the... Agent:

06/02/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110129785 - Orthodontic device: The orthodontic tensioning device preferably is applied by the orthodontist thus eliminating any dependency on the patient to faithfully wear his elastics. This provides control by the dental professional, and generally may improve results by reducing or eliminating tendencies of those who fail to replace or use elastics. It's all... Agent:

20110129786 - Removable orthodontic appliance: A removable orthodontic appliance and methods of use and manufacturing of the removable orthodontic appliance for repositioning teeth of an upper jaw or lower jaw are provided. The removable orthodontic appliance comprises a trough shaped arch tray that defines an interstitial space between the sides of the arch tray for... Agent:

20110129787 - Dental tray and method: A method for creating a custom dental tray is made by filling a dental tray with an elastomer material, obtaining a first impression of a patient's teeth in the elastomer material by pressing the elastomer-filled dental tray against the patient's teeth, heating a polymer sheeting, and placing the heated polymer... Agent:

20110129790 - Dental restoration conditioning apparatus and method: Provided is a dental restoration conditioning apparatus including a housing formed with a liquid-tight dental restoration treating space including a liquid drain. The housing is configured with a disposable dental restoration grip including at least one resilient vacuum cup, each of the at least one vacuum cup being in fluid... Agent: Naym 55 Dental Technologies Ltd.

20110129789 - Drill and flavored fluid particles combination: A medical apparatus is constructed to have a proximal end and a distal end, with the distal end including a source of mechanical tissue disruption that is configured to treat or ablate a target surface. The source of mechanical tissue disruption includes a tissue-disrupting distal end, and the medical apparatus... Agent: Biolase Technology, Inc.

20110129788 - Fiber optics dental post: A fiber optics dental post includes a resin body and plural fiber optics center shafts; wherein the resin body includes an outer peripheral face, a receiving irradiation portion, and a bottom; each of the fiber optics center shafts pierces through and is fixed in the resin body, and has a... Agent: Taiwan Fiber Optics, Inc.

20110129791 - Systems and methods for obtaining dental impressions: Certain embodiments of the present invention provide an apparatus to facilitate obtaining a dental impression including a compressible body. The compressible body has a top surface, a bottom surface, and an outer border. The bottom surface is configured to abut a maxillary dental impression tray. The top surface of the... Agent:

20110129792 - Method of creating an accurate bone and soft-tissue digital dental model: A method of creating a 3-D anatomic digital model for determining a desired location for placing at least one dental implant in a patient's mouth. The method comprises the act of obtaining a first dataset associated with hard tissue of the patient's mouth. The method further comprises the act of... Agent:

20110129793 - Endodontic files and obturator devices and methods of manufacturing same: An endodontic file, or a series of endodontic files, and an endodontic obturator or series of obturators, and methods of manufacturing same. Regarding the endodontic files, they may include a file body extending from a tip region to a shank region, at least one helical flute extending from the tip... Agent:

20110129794 - Device for dispensing a dental composition: A device for dispensing a dental composition is provided. The device comprises a plunger for extruding dental composition from a container, an energy accumulator for advancing the plunger, and an actuator for charging the energy accumulator. The force for actuating the actuator is lower than the force at which the... Agent:

20110129795 - Device for the axial retention of a dental instrument extremity having an axis crossed by at least one locking pin: The invention relates to a device for axial retention of a dental instrument shank and for transmitting the rotational driving of the instrument. The device is arranged in a head of a contra-angle or handpiece. The shank has an annular groove in which at least one stud is able to... Agent: Micro Mega International Manufactures (societe Anonyme)

20110129796 - Dentures, dental arches and methods of manufacture: Dentures, dental arches, and methods of manufacture are disclosed as well as supports for dental arches and artificial teeth. The support for a dental arch comprises an elongate member curved to substantially follow a curve of a dental arch and can comprise one or more apertures through the elongate member... Agent:

20110129798 - Device for mounting an impression cap on a tooth implant: Secondary part or securing an impression cap (72) releasably on a tooth implant (10). The secondary part (40) is secured on the latter by means of a screw connection. The secondary part (40) has elastically deformable spring fingers (44) that cooperate with a wall (76) of the impression cap (72).... Agent: Straumann Holding Ag

20110129797 - Tooth implant: A tooth implant which has an implant body, which is, preferably embodied as a single piece with a support which is anchored in the bone tissue, in addition to a journal which is secured to one end of the implant body which is used to secure a constructional component. The... Agent:

20110129799 - Dental implant system and additional methods of attachment: Disclosed in this specification is a dental implant assembly with an abutment head integrally joined to an implant body. The top section of the abutment head a shape formed by a linear wall adjacent to an arcuate wall; a ledge is located beneath the top section of the abutment; and... Agent:

20110129800 - Accurate analogs for prosthesis using computer generated anatomical models: Pre-surgical planning for cranial and facial reconstruction includes preparing a computer generated jaw or skull model for determining a locational position for a dental implant, a surgical bone implant to repair missing bone in the cranium, install ear prostheses, and/or install nose prostheses. The computer generated jaw or skull model... Agent:

20110129801 - Compositions and methods to prevent and treat dry socket post-operatively after tooth extraction surgery: The invention describes and claims compositions and methods for their use in the prevention and treatment of alveolar osteitis (dry socket) after tooth extraction surgery.... Agent:

20110129802 - Dental material and methods of use: A dental filling material comprising a polybutylene polymer having a molecular weight of about 10,000 to about 100,000 and being viscoelastic at about 20° C. The composition may include other polymeric resins, fillers, plasticizers and other additives typically used in dental materials. The filling material is used for the filing... Agent: Pentron Clinical Technologies LLC

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