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Dentistry May archived by USPTO category 05/11

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05/26/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110123941 - Tabbed dental appliance: Embodiments include dental appliances, dental appliance systems, and methods of making and using such appliances. In one embodiment, a dental appliance includes a number of tooth apertures for the placement of teeth therein and a tab representing a position of a tooth that has not fully erupted and oriented to... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20110123942 - Rotating clip orthodontic bracket: The present invention is directed to a locking orthodontic bracket that contains a mechanism that rotationally locks an orthodontic archwire fully or partially within the bracket archwire slot.... Agent:

20110123944 - Systems and methods for improved engagement between aligners and teeth: A system and method for repositioning teeth in a patient jaw includes an attachment bonded to a tooth. The attachment has at least one force receiving component for receiving a force. A polymeric shell repositioning appliance is positioned over at least some of the teeth in the patient jaw. The... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20110123943 - Tracking teeth movement correction: Embodiments are provided for tracking teeth movement correction. One method embodiment includes using a set of positioning appliances shaped to move teeth through a number of successive stages of arrangements of an expected teeth arrangement model where each stage corresponds to a particular positioning appliance, mapping a current teeth position... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20110123945 - Dental retention systems: Dental retention systems which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured to an anchoring implant bored into the bones within the mouth. The abutment assembly has a projecting abutment... Agent: Rodo Medical, Inc.

20110123946 - Dental implant system and methods: According to one embodiment, a dental implant system for implanting a dental implant in bone tissue using an implant drill driver includes a shank and a drill guide. The shank is removably coupleable to the implant drill driver and includes an internal passage that has a non-round cross-sectional shape. When... Agent:

20110123947 - Dental implant comprising a male conical connector: The invention relates to a dental implant comprising an intraosseous anchoring base (1) provided with means for connecting to a support pillar (2) for a prosthetic tooth, said connecting means comprising a neck (11) provided with an annular groove (10) extending upwardly by a tenon (12). Said implant is characterised... Agent: Tekka

20110123949 - Dental implant: The invention relates to a dental implant comprising an implant body provided with a central receiving opening, a structural element provided with a journal engaging in the receiving opening, and a tension bolt which penetrates a borehole of the structural element and is screwed into an inner thread located in... Agent: Friadent Gmbh

20110123950 - Dental implant and positioning device therefor: A positioning device is used to place an implant in the proper vertical position within the soft tissue and bone, provide space for subsequent procedures, and create a proper emergence profile for the final restoration. The lower portion of the positioning device has substantially the same outer shape as that... Agent:

20110123948 - Two-part rotational dental implant abutment for use with existing implant bases: A two-part abutment for attachment between a dental implant and a restorative fixture may be oriented at an angle of between 0° and 35°, and manipulated between four to twelve directions or positions in addition to the directions in which the implant itself may be manipulated so that the restorative... Agent:

20110123953 - Fixture of two-piece dental implant: A fixture of a two-piece dental implant and a method of use are provided. The implant can comprise a apical portion, a top portion arranged opposite the apical portion, an internal threaded cavity, and a coronal portion. The apical portion can define a bone length and a helical thread having... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20110123952 - Implant for insertion into the jawbone, prosthetics pillar and implant system: The present invention relates to an implant for insertion into the jawbone. The implant (1) is characterized in that it comprises a helical body (101) for receiving at least part of a prosthetics pillar (11). The invention further relates to a prosthetics pillar as carrier of an artificial tooth (T)... Agent:

20110123951 - Porous implant device with improved core: An implant device has an exterior portion forming an exterior surface of the implant. The exterior portion is made of a porous material defining passages through the exterior portion. An inner portion has an outer surface with a treated area that is accessible from the exterior surface through the passages.... Agent: Zimmer Dental, Inc.

20110123956 - Graded glass/ceramic/glass structures for damage resistant ceramic dental and orthopedic prostheses: The present invention provides a functionally graded glass/ceramic/glass sandwich system especially useful in damage resistant, ceramic dental and orthopedic prosthesis. The functionally graded glass/substrate/glass composite structure comprises an outer (aesthetic) residual glass layer, a graded glass-ceramic layer, and a dense interior ceramic. The functionally graded glass/substrate/glass composite structure may further... Agent: New York University

20110123954 - Method of designing dental-implant prosthesis: A method of designing a dental-implant prosthesis includes the steps of arranging a referential jig and combining the referential jig into a fixture installed in a patient's oral cavity, the referential jig having at least one feature point, the fixture having a connection interface, the referential jig having an opposite-joint... Agent: Pou Yu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

20110123955 - Method of preparing digital model and artificial tooth applied to dental implant: A method of preparing a digital model and an artificial tooth applied to dental implant includes the steps of a) combining a jig into a fixture in a patient's oral cavity and scanning the patient's oral cavity by an oral scanner to acquire a first oral digital data and saving... Agent: Pou Yu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

20110123957 - Disposable dental applicator: An applicator principally for use in the dental profession, for the placement of different materials in a post hole as may be required. The applicator includes an elongated handle having an applicating end portion formed as a brush and/or a flocked applicating end portion. The flock may extend from the... Agent:

20110123958 - Device for personal use in phototherapy: There is provided an applicator cartridge for delivery of a photoactivatable composition to a treatment site, having an applicator head and a reservoir adapted to receive the composition, which may be used with a photodynamic therapy device comprising an illuminating member. Methods of using the applicator cartridge and the device... Agent:

20110123959 - Force redirecting dental core system: A dental core and post system for restoration of teeth includes a core device and a dental post formed as a rod-like member extending along a central vertical axis between a coronal end and an apical end. At least one portion of the rod-like member including the apical end is... Agent:

05/19/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110117515 - Device and method for tooth and gum cleaning for pets using a pen delivery and tooth gel: A device and method for tooth and gum cleaning in pets with a novel pen delivery and tooth gel.... Agent:

20110117516 - Surgical guide, and a method for positioning a drill using the surgical guide: A wire 31 is mounted to a mockup 30 at the orientation an implant fixture should be embedded at. A guide member 11 of a surgical guide 10 is fitted to a tooth portion of the mockup 30. The optical axis of an irradiated light beam L guided by a... Agent:

20110117517 - Liquid jet apparatus and methods for dental treatments: Systems and methods for using a liquid jet apparatus for dental treatments are disclosed. In one implementation, the liquid jet apparatus may include a handpiece configured to deliver a high velocity liquid jet to a desired location in the mouth of a patient. The handpiece may include a positioning member... Agent: Dentatek Corporation

20110117518 - Applicator tip: Methods and devices for delivering precise metered amounts of dental material during a dental procedure. The invention provides devices and methods for restricting the delivery area of the exit of a dental compule or capsule, thereby providing a specific amount of dental material. The devices include applicator tips having a... Agent:

20110117519 - Sinus membrane lifting and lateral separation instrument: A sinus membrane lifting instrument comprising a longitudinally extending handle portion, an angled neck extending longitudinally from the handle portion and a disc-shaped tip extending from the angled neck, the angled neck including means for sensing tension in a sinus membrane as it is being lifted by the instrument from... Agent:

20110117521 - Biological regenerate: The present invention relates to the field of microvascular reconstruction surgery of bone defects. More specifically, the invention relates to a biological jaw regenerate and to methods of preparing said jaw regenerate. Furthermore, the invention relates to a method of reconstructing a jaw defect in a patient in need thereof.... Agent: Tampereen Yliopisto

20110117520 - Implants and methods for performing gums and bone augmentation and preservation: Embodiments described herein are related to fillers that are placed within an extraction site in need of bone augmentation and preservation. The fillers encourage sufficient new bone growth in order that normal jaw bone deterioration following tooth removal is prevented. The fillers create, arrange, and assemble an ideal growth environment... Agent:

20110117522 - Dental implant system: The invention provides a screw type dental implant system (1), comprising three components namely-Dental implant fixture (2), Multifunctional component (3) and the Abutment screw (4). The invention includes screw shape dental implant fixture with external surface having Buttress threads on the body and micro threads at the collar of particular... Agent: Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

20110117523 - Abrasive agents: The present invention relates to the use of a polyalkenoate acid, such as polyacrylic acid or polymaleic acid, in the manufacture of an air abrasive agent for use in conditioning dental tissue, methods of using such air abrasive agents, dental compositions comprising a polyalkenoate acid, air abrasive agents comprising a... Agent: Kings College London

20110117524 - Universal dental crown and system and method of restoring a tooth using a universal dental crown: The present invention relates to dental crowns for use in restoring a prepared tooth wherein the dental crown comprises a universally sized crown shell and crown matrix to enable the sizing and fitting of the dental crown to the patient in a single sitting and without an impression or laboratory... Agent: Tri-dent Innovations Limited

05/12/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110111358 - Orthodontic apparatus and method: An orthodontic device includes a bracket having a body and the body includes external surfaces. An archwire passageway is formed in the body. An aperture extends from one of the external surfaces of the body to the passageway. A pawl is attached to the body and includes stop and cam... Agent:

20110111359 - Dental extracted tooth replacement method: This application relates to the field of dentistry, and in more particular to the field of prosthetic dentistry. The application describes the same day insertion of a novel tooth socket dental implant following the atraumatic extraction of a tooth. The nonmetallic implant is manufactured of UHMWPE to be a biological... Agent:

20110111360 - Method for determining 3d data from at least one prepared maxillary area: A process for determining 3-D data of at least one prepared jaw area, such as a prepared tooth stump, by mechanically scanning the jaw area and digitizing the measured values determined during the scanning. The jaw area is prepared with a dental instrument having positions which are optically measured during... Agent: Degudent Gmbh

20110111361 - Device for the detection of non-cavitated early dental caries lesions: The invention provides a device for detecting non-cavitated caries lesions, including a measuring electrode having an electrically conductive tip. The tip is dimensionally configured to fit within a fissure and provide electrical contact with a patient's tooth. A reference electrode is also included, the reference electrode being configured for electrical... Agent: The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York

20110111364 - Computer-aided design of a drill guide with a window: A drill guide uses a hole in a layer to guide a drill along an axial trajectory while permitting off-axis excursions of the drill during use. A number of such drill guides at varying heights from a target surface may be used sequentially or concurrently to enforce the axial trajectory... Agent:

20110111363 - Method for realizing an axial trajectory in a surgical drilling process: A drill guide uses a hole in a layer to guide a drill along an axial trajectory while permitting off-axis excursions of the drill during use. A number of such drill guides at varying heights from a target surface may be used sequentially or concurrently to enforce the axial trajectory... Agent:

20110111362 - Surgical guides: A drill guide uses a hole in a layer to guide a drill along an axial trajectory while permitting off-axis excursions of the drill during use. A number of such drill guides at varying heights from a target surface may be used sequentially or concurrently to enforce the axial trajectory... Agent:

20110111365 - Apparatus and methods for root canal treatments: Apparatus and methods for root canal treatments are provided. In some embodiments, an aiming element may be used to position a high-velocity liquid jet near a desired location in the tooth. Embodiments of the aiming element may include an interrupter that deflects or impedes the liquid jet when it is... Agent: Dentatek Corporation

20110111366 - Method for improving productivity and personalization for dental prostheses: The present disclosure describes a method for increasing the speed in setting artificial teeth in full dentures or dental prostheses, the method comprising providing premade tooth segments, the premade tooth segments comprising at least one tooth that may be preset into a gingival roll manufactured with either the individual teeth... Agent: Myerson, LLC

20110111367 - Nanocoupling for improvement of coating adhesion of polymer on metal substrates: Disclosed is nanocoupling of a polymer onto a surface of a metal substrate for improving coating adhesion of the polymer on the metal substrate, and in vivo stability and durability of the polymer. In accordance with the present invention, the polymers can be grafted via a chemical bonding on the... Agent:

20110111369 - Anchor and method: An anchor is designed to thread-in an osseous tissue, and tends to resist unscrew and/or pull or extracting and/or pulling or extraction by featuring reverse flutes which, when attempting unscrew and/or pull or extracting and/or pulling or extraction, tends to develop an inwardly-directed equivalent force.... Agent:

20110111368 - Dental implant: An implantable dental device comprising polymeric shape memory material for implantation into a cavity within alveolar bone of the jaw or within the root canal space of a tooth.... Agent: Smith & Nephew PLC

20110111370 - Tooth implant: The invention relates to a tooth implant having an implant body with at least one intraosseous region that can be anchored in the bone, a penetration region for penetrating the soft tissue, and a coronal region with retention pegs, the regions being adjacent in the longitudinal axis of the implant... Agent:

20110111371 - Computer-aided design of a thin-layer drill guide: A drill guide uses a hole in a layer to guide a drill along an axial trajectory while permitting off-axis excursions of the drill during use. A number of such drill guides at varying heights from a target surface may be used sequentially or concurrently to enforce the axial trajectory... Agent:

20110111372 - Method for creating a temporary tooth: A method of forming a temporary tooth by fusing a plurality of polymer pellets. The plurality of pellets are fused and molded into the shape of a tooth. Additionally, the formed tooth shape comprises of a adapter shape that allows the formed tooth to be secured to the adjacent teeth... Agent:

20110111373 - Full arch dental treatment devices and systems: Example embodiments of the present invention include methods, devices, and systems that provide effective dental treatments to all tooth surfaces of the entire dental arch. In particular, embodiments of the present invention include treatment devices and systems that are capable of treating the entire arch by covering and delivering active... Agent: Cao Group, Inc.

05/05/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110104629 - Apparatus and method for adjusting orthodontic wire: A handheld apparatus for adjusting orthodontic wire includes first and second handle portions and a jaw portion. The first handle portion pivotably couples to the second handle portion such that the first and second handle portions are capable of pivoting with respect to each other at a pivot axis. The... Agent:

20110104630 - Generating a dynamic three-dimensional occlusogram: Methods and systems for generating a three-dimensional occlusogram are disclosed. One method includes determining a virtual three dimensional (3D) mesh model object of at least one tooth of a patient and displaying the determined virtual 3D mesh model object of at least one tooth of a patient wherein the 3D... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20110104634 - Dental care apparatus: The invention relates to a dental care apparatus which comprises a dental care unit (4) and a patient chair (5) arranged in the immediate vicinity of each other and to which is structurally connected at least a treatment arm (7) for dental care instruments (9) and/or an arm for holding... Agent:

20110104631 - Methods for effecting oral treatment of teeth or gums: A method for effecting an oral treatment of teeth and/or gums using an intra-oral device that has a mouthpiece in which is embedded a flexible circuit board and arrays of spaced apart lamps. The mouthpiece has a curvature. The lamps may be light emitting diodes that generate electromagnetic radiation, preferably... Agent:

20110104633 - Mouthpiece that adjusts to user arch sizes and seals from oxygen exposure and methods for effecting an oral treatment: A mouthpiece that adjusts manually to accommodate a broad range of different size sets of upper and lower teeth in the mouth and yet seals the treatment area from oxygen exposure. The mouthpiece includes one or more light emitters and one or more heat generators. A series of parallel texture... Agent:

20110104632 - Therapeutic tooth ablation: An ablation procedure. The ablation procedure may be applied to tooth buds 120 and result in tooth agenesis. The ablation procedure may be applied to lesions or tumors. A tooth bud ablation system for use in a tooth bud ablation procedure that results in tooth agenesis. A method for volume... Agent:

20110104635 - Reshapable device for fixation at a dental site: A reshapable retention device for insertion at a dental site and contact with adjacent dental surfaces, for the controlled delivery to the dental site of at least one material having a predetermined intraoral activity. The retention device comprises at least one matrix containing the material. The retention device is adapted... Agent: Coll Partners Ltd.

20110104636 - Air-driven rotary cutting tool: The air-driven rotary cutting tool comprising a grip part, a head part provided at a distal end of the grip portion; and a rotor of double-wheel type rotatably supported to a hollow portion formed in the head part around its rotary axis with a bearing, in which the rotor has... Agent: J.morita Manufacturing Corporation

20110104637 - Variably mountable implant with stepped socket: An implant for supporting a prosthetic tooth in an anatomically correct shape of a maxillary and/or mandibular central or lateral incisor includes a post for securing to a mandible of a patient; an abutment; and a socket having a bifurcated stepped shape. The bifurcated stepped shape defines a schematic-anatomical analog... Agent: Dentatus, Usa, Ltd.

20110104638 - Implant, in particular dental implant: A metal implant, in particular a dental implant, with a hydrophilic surface for at least partial insertion into a bone, and a method for the production of said implant are described. A particularly advantageous hydrophilic surface for improved osteointegration properties is made available if it is briefly treated, at least... Agent: Thommen Medical Ag

20110104639 - System and method for aligning teeth: A dowel pin and sleeve combination for use with a tooth die that is part of a dental model includes a dowel pin and a sleeve that receives the pin. The dowel pin includes a tooth anchor section that is configured to be fixedly attached to the tooth die and... Agent:

20110104640 - System and method for aligning teeth: A dowel pin and sleeve combination for use with a tooth die that is part of a dental model includes a dowel pin and a sleeve that receives the pin. The dowel pin includes a tooth anchor section that is configured to be fixedly attached to the tooth die and... Agent:

20110104642 - Jig device and apparatus and method of making a dental prosthesis or pattern therefor: A jig device holding a work piece is used with a milling machine that cuts from the work piece a prosthesis having a surface essentially free of defects. The jig device is inserted repeatedly into the machine in the same predetermined location, even upon inverting the jig device. This maintains... Agent:

20110104641 - Shell forms for making provisional and long-term dental restorations: The invention provides methods of making provisional and long-term dental restorations, particularly dental veneers, implants, crowns and bridges. A shell or restoration form made of polymerizable material having good dimensional shape-stability in its uncured condition is used to make the dental restoration. A polymerizable material is introduced into the cavity... Agent:

20110104643 - Multicolor dental blanks and related methods: A dental blank of the present invention has at least an inner zone (or layer) of a first color and an outer zone (or layer) of a second color wherein the inner and outer zones are concentric The inner zone can be surrounded in its entirety by the outer zone... Agent:

20110104644 - Methods of treatment of the dental pulp and filling root canals using water-based material: Improved compositions comprising a mixture of particulate materials with water-based liquids containing water-soluble polymers and surfactants are provided. Examples of particulate powders include mixtures of calcium silicate, calcium aluminate, calcium sulfate, and hydroxyapatite. Examples of water-soluble polymers include polyvinyl alcohols, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, partially hydrolyzed polyvinyl acetates, polyacrylic acid, and polymethacrylic... Agent:

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