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Dentistry April category listing, related patent applications 04/11

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04/28/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110097682 - Method for producing a customised orthodontic device, and device produced in this manner: the elements are digitally designed so as to give them a shape which corresponds to the space which would separate the tooth and the curved member when the tooth had assumed its corrected position and the arch wire had returned to its initial shape.... Agent: H 32

20110097683 - Dental water jet with storage container reservoir cover: A dental water jet provides a pressurized water stream for cleaning gums and teeth. The embodiment includes a base unit defining a cavity. The cavity contains a pump, which may move pressurized water from a reservoir to a tip in fluid communication with the pump. A flow control knob may... Agent: Water Pik, Inc.

20110097684 - Biodegradable micro-applicator: A disposable dental micro-applicator includes an elongated, rigid, biodegradable handle with first and second ends and an applicator mechanically fastened to the first end of the handle. The applicator includes a chemically resistant application tip.... Agent:

20110097685 - Gingival cord tucker for use with dental implants: A dental apparatus and methods of use for placing a cord beneath a gum line proximate to a dental implant abutment, attachment, or fixture, the dental apparatus including a handle and a cord tucking tool secured to at least one end of the handle. The cord tucking tool is provided... Agent:

20110097686 - Gingival retraction system: A gingival retraction system for retracting gingival tissue surrounding a selected tooth within the mouth of a subject is disclosed. In one aspect, the gingival retraction system has a gingival retraction cord and a handle. The gingival retraction cord has at least one lead portion and at least one retraction... Agent:

20110097688 - Implant for fixing dental prostheses: An implant for fixing dental prostheses, such as dental crowns, bridges, dentures or the like, including a support to be screwed into a receptacle prepared in the jawbone. The implant has a stump pin that is associated with the free end of the support; the support includes at least two... Agent:

20110097689 - Introduced-in enhancement in morse cone mini pillar: The subject utility model patent application concerns with an innovator Morse cone mini pillar provided with a peculiar connection since it has a Morse cone technology that enables a connection with a dental implant conic cavity.... Agent:

20110097687 - Spacer element: Various embodiments for a spacer element that may be used in a dental implant assembly are described. In one example, the spacer element has a single aperture therethrough. Further, the single aperture includes an implant screw access bore and an offset abutment screw bore, longitudinal axes of which intersect within... Agent: Neoss Limited

04/21/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110091832 - Rapid prototyped transfer tray for orthodontic appliances: The present invention is directed to computer-implemented methods of making a transfer tray using rapid prototyping techniques, where the gingival edge of the tray is defined to intersect with at least one receptacle for receiving an orthodontic appliance. This tray configuration helps to minimize the travel distance of the tray... Agent:

20110091833 - Orthodontic appliance: An orthodontic appliance 1 for promoting development of a dental arch form in a patient who has an underdeveloped dental arch form is disclosed. The appliance 1 includes an arch-shaped base member 2 that is made of a resiliently flexible material, and a teeth engaging member 5 that encloses at... Agent:

20110091834 - Dental measurement apparatus and system: An apparatus for measuring mandibular position is disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a first slide operable to adjustably couple to a second slide, such that the second slide is operable to travel in a direction substantially parallel to a long axis of the first slide, and an indicator... Agent: Airway Technologies, LLC

20110091835 - Mouthpiece that adjusts to user arch sizes and seals from oxygen exposure: A mouthpiece that adjusts manually to accommodate a broad range of different size sets of upper and lower teeth in the mouth and yet seals the treatment area from oxygen exposure. The mouthpiece includes light emitting diodes and heat generating resistors all arranged in an array. A series of parallel... Agent:

20110091836 - Dental template: To provide a dental template capable of safely, easily forming an embedding hole for a dental implant fixture at a jawbone and being removed easily after drilling of the embedding hole, the dental template is a hard dental template mounted along an alveolar ridge including at least a lost tooth... Agent: Gc Corporation

20110091837 - Dental scaler: An ultrasonic dental scaler comprising a handpiece and a control unit. The handpiece includes include a tip, and a water irrigator for providing water to the tip, the handpiece being constructed and arranged to vibrate the tip. The control unit is in communication with the handpiece and receives electrical feedback... Agent:

20110091838 - Instant dental bridge: The instant dental bridge is one used in surgical operations in areas of missing teeth between abutment teeth includes: an artificial tooth or teeth (2) formed with slots (6) in recessed parts near to the gum; a connecting body (1) which has through holes (3) formed in positions corresponding to... Agent:

20110091839 - Profile body for dental cleaning: The present invention relates to a strand-like profile body for dental cleaning, wherein the cross-section of the profile body comprises a bottom section (10) and first wall sections (12) and second wall sections (14), which adjoin the bottom section and are arranged opposite of each other, and wherein furthermore the... Agent: Bayer Material Science Ag

04/14/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110086321 - Jaw hold open appartus: This document discloses, among other things, an apparatus for preventing closure of an animal mouth. A harness is fitted around the neck and the lower jaw of the animal and maintains an intraoral piece at a position in the back of the mouth. It also includes a method for holding... Agent:

20110086322 - Method for designing orthodontic apparatus: A method of producing a customized orthodontic appliance (1), including brackets (12) fixed to teeth (13) of a dental arch of a patient and an orthodontic archwire (11). Each bracket (12) is fixed to a surface of a tooth (13) of the dental arch by a bracket bonding pad (121)... Agent:

20110086323 - Self-ligating bracket for orthodontics: m

20110086324 - Method for making and using a template for locating a dental implant and components relating thereto: A method for making a template for a dental implant osteotomy in an edentulous space of a patient's mandible or maxilla, and components relating thereto. The method includes the steps of forming a dental cast of the patient's mandible or maxilla, drilling a hole into the dental cast wherein the... Agent:

20110086325 - Implant and a method for using the same: A dental implant for coupling an artificial tooth to a jawbone of a patient is provided. The dental implant comprises an elongated body having a first end threaded bone-engaging portion for engaging the dental implant with the jawbone and a second end, and wherein the dental implant is adapted to... Agent:

20110086326 - Dental prosthetic device and accessory thereof: Provided is a dental prosthetic device that are adapted for replacing a lost tooth and recovering a damaged tooth. An adjusting member is attached to an adjacent tooth to the lost or damaged tooth to adjust the slope and undercut of the adjacent tooth and to install an artificial tooth.... Agent: Dentapia Co., Ltd.

20110086327 - Combination ucla impression coping and installation procedure: A UCLA castable abutment and impression taking component are combined into one unit. The shape of the plastic distal end of the UCLA abutment is fabricated so that it will have one or more undercuts as well as one or more anti-rotation features to allow it to be used while... Agent:

20110086328 - Method and apparatus for producing a dental implant: A dental implant may be produced having an organic shape corresponding to the root shape of a tooth the implant replaces. Following atraumatic extraction of the tooth, the implant may be inserted and subsequently graft to the root socket. Features of the implant maximize compatibility and positive outcomes.... Agent:

20110086329 - Device and method for delivering an oral care agent: An oral care agent delivery device is provided which comprises a permanently deformable backing layer, an oral care layer, and a non-woven binding material with a first part that is substantially invested in the oral care layer and a second part that is substantially invested in the backing layer. The... Agent: Ranir/dcp Corporation

04/07/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110081622 - Self-ligating bracket with universal application: A compact orthodontic bracket that employs a simple method of self-ligation, is compatible with both permanent and deciduous teeth and is less expensive to manufacture than existing commercial brackets. The bracket utilizes a rotary plate that covers an arch wire slot when closed and can be pivotably opened to allow... Agent:

20110081623 - Self adjusting instrument: The invention is an instrument for cleaning and/or shaping and/or widening a channel that exists in or through a solid object. The design of the instrument the superelastic and shape memory properties of the material from which it is made, allow the inner volume enclosed by the instrument, its outer... Agent: Redent-nova Ltd.

20110081624 - Cordless dental handpiece, system including a cordless dental handpiece, and method of connecting a cordless dental handpiece: A cordless dental handpiece, a system including a cordless dental handpiece, and a method of connecting a cordless dental handpiece are disclosed. The cordless dental handpiece includes a first module and a second module. The second module is configured to detachably engage the first module. The second module includes a... Agent: Dentsply International Inc.

20110081625 - Denture: A denture is adapted to communicate with a radio frequency identification (RFID) reader. The denture includes a denture main body and at least one RFID tag embedded in the denture main body for storage of identification information of a user of the denture. The RFID tag transmits the information to... Agent: China Medical University

20110081626 - Dental implant: A dental implant is provided for supporting a dental prosthesis. The implant can comprise a body having an outer surface, a distal end, and a proximal end. The dental implant can include at least one thread located on at least a portion of the outer surface of the body. The... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services Ag

20110081627 - Methods for making provisional and long-term dental crowns and bridges: The invention provides methods of making provisional and long-term dental restorations, particularly dental veneers, crowns and bridges. In one embodiment, the restoration can be fabricated indirectly by a dental laboratory. In another version, a dental practitioner can make the restoration chairside for a patient in a dental office. A polymerizable... Agent:

20110081629 - Oral brushing devices and/or methods: An oral hygiene device having two toothbrushes connected or connectable to the end of a handle, the one or more toothbrushes providing a desirable fit about the teeth and/or gums and/or providing a desirable brushing action. An oral hygiene device hereof may provide for mechanically providing the brushing movements of... Agent: Cra Labs, Inc

20110081628 - Oral care compositions, methods, devices and systems: Oral care treatments are provided, including multi-component oral care compositions and methods for delivering such compositions to the oral cavity. Oral care devices and systems for implementing such oral care treatments are also provided.... Agent:

20110081630 - Dental veneer system and method: A system and method of manufacturing prefabricated dental veneers in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for a more economically feasible application of high-quality dental veneers, and a related process for selecting an appropriate veneer for a particular patient's tooth or teeth for application on the same day as... Agent:

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