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Dentistry March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110076633 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket: A self-ligating orthodontic bracket has an archwire slot, two outer tracks extending in an occlusal-gingival direction on the outer lateral surfaces of the bracket, and a vertical trough extending in an occlusal-gingival direction between the outer tracks. A clip has two parallel outer arms and a central tongue between the... Agent: Orthodontic Design And Production, Inc.

20110076634 - Orthodontic appliance: The present invention provides an orthodontic appliance having a load applying mechanism. To correct malocclusion, the load applying mechanism may include a projection fixed to the specified tooth in the teeth so as to project from the specified tooth in the teeth.... Agent: Panasonic Electric Works Co., Ltd.

20110076635 - Activatable dental appliance: An activatable dental appliance. A concave trough conforms to a plurality of teeth when placed over the plurality of teeth. A first force applying region is configured to apply a first force to at least one tooth of the plurality of teeth for repositioning the tooth. A second force applying... Agent: Align Technology, Inc.

20110076636 - Device and method for dental whitening: Embodiments of the invention provide a portable dental whitening device. The device comprises a flexible mouthpiece including a bite platform having a horseshoe shape adapted to receive a plurality of mouth shapes. The mouthpiece comprising at least one lighting element for generating light, at least one heating element for generating... Agent:

20110076637 - Device for reducing pathogenic microbes: The invention relates to a device that is simple to operate, for reducing pathogenic microbes using the antimicrobial effects of silver ions, without engaging additional medicinal treatment, for effectively treating the human body in case of illness or as a preventive measure. The aim is achieved by a device comprising... Agent:

20110076638 - Apparatus for cleaning teeth using a variable frequency ultrasound: The apparatus includes a source of gas (air) bubbles (14) in a liquid medium, the gas bubbles having a size range which is associated with the size of bacteria alone or in colonies, on teeth or other surfaces. A source of ultrasound signals (16, 18) has a range of frequencies... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110076639 - Powder jet device for applying dental material: A nozzle head (5) for a powder jet device (1), for use in applying dental material, comprises a first fluid flow path (8) for delivering a powder/fluid mixture to a first discharge nozzle (8A). A second fluid flow path (6) is provided for delivering a liquid to a second discharge... Agent:

20110076640 - Orally implantable intraosseous port: An apparatus for intrasosseous injection of medication to the medullary cavity of a jawbone and for the extraction of medullary bone contents is disclosed. It comprises an implant housing component, a drill bit component and a seal plug component. The implant housing component is implanted into the cortical bone of... Agent:

20110076641 - Dental polishing devices and method of polishing dental surfaces: A two-unit system for finishing and polishing a target surface such as a dental restoration or appliance. A two-unit system and the method of employing such a system may include a finishing unit that combines gross reduction and final contouring capabilities into the single finishing unit that still results in... Agent:

20110076642 - Dental implant fixture: Provided is a dental implant fixture with 3 or more ridged portions having mutually different pitches to distribute load uniformly across osseous tissue. The pitches of the ridged portions (200) progressively decrease in one direction. The ridged portions (200) include a larger ridged portion (220) that contacts spongy bone with... Agent:

20110076644 - Locking ring: Various embodiments related to a locking ring for a dental implant assembly are disclosed. In one example, the locking ring is adapted at one end to engage with an implant screw, such as the head of the implant screw, and at an opposite end is adapted to engage with a... Agent: Neoss Limited

20110076643 - Two-part dental implants made of biocompatible ceramics: The present invention relates in general to the field of implant dentistry, namely to the design of a two-part medicinal device made of biocompatible ceramics, wherein said two-part medicinal device provides a basis for a crown or superstructure, which is easy to handle by a dentist. More precisely, the present... Agent:

20110076645 - Process for laser treatment of dental caries, biomaterial for realisation and use thereof: The object of this invention relates to a procedure for treatment, both preventive and corrective, of dental cavities. Said procedure consists fundamentally in irradiation of the dental surface to be treated with a Neodymium YAG laser in conformity with specific parameters and conditions, signifying an advance in respect of the... Agent:

20110076646 - Dental gel etchants: Etching compositions, curable compositions, packaged products and methods of use for the treatment of bone substrate, i.e., teeth, are described. The etch compositions generally include a gelling agent, an inorganic acid, an organic acid and either a solvent, a surfactant or mixtures thereof. The curable composites include reactive monomers and... Agent: John A. Kanca

20110076647 - Dental element coding: Dental identifier and coding method for a human or animal. The dental identifier includes a coding arranged on at least a portion of a dental element, while the method includes applying a coding to a dental element.... Agent: Ditzel Gmbh & Co. Kg Grundstuecks-und Beteiligungsgesellschaft

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110070553 - Light source for a dental device: A light source for use in a device, for example in a dental device, comprising a semiconductor element disposed in a housing wherein the semiconductor element comprises a light-emitting surface. The light source further comprises a socket that extends from a side of the semiconductor element opposite the light-emitting surface,... Agent: Kaltenbach & Voigt Gmbh

20110070554 - Method and system for providing feedback data useful in prosthodontic procedures associated with the intra oral cavity: Feedback data useful in prosthodontic procedures associated with the intra oral cavity is provided. First, a 3D numerical model of the target zone in the intra oral cavity is provided, and this is manipulated so as to extract particular data that may be useful in a particular procedure, for example... Agent: Cadent Ltd.

20110070552 - Use of secondary optical emission as a novel biofilm targeting technology: Provided herein are methods and compositions useful for the treatment of periodontal disease exploiting optical and thermal emissions of near-infrared laser systems and fibers in order to target chromophore-stained biofilm while minimizing damage to healthy tissues.... Agent: Nomir Medical Technologies Inc

20110070555 - Matrix band for dental applications: A matrix band for dental applications comprising a base material and a coating. The base material has an outer surface and a tooth contact surface as well as a perimeter. The coating is applied to the tooth contact surface and extends to the perimeter of the tooth contact surface. The... Agent: Garrison Dental Solutions

20110070556 - Micro evacuator and method of use: An evacuation and/or irrigation device for use in connection with a vacuum source and used in a relatively localized surgical area. The evacuation device has a main body connected to a dental tool and a hook-like evacuation needle connected to the body. The needle has a plurality of spaced apart... Agent: Inter-med, Inc.

20110070557 - Dental implant: A dental implant for anchoring in a jawbone to support an abutment for mounting a dental prosthesis is described. The dental implant comprises a collar portion located at an open proximal distal end, a mid portion integrally connected to the collar portion and a base hollow portion integrally connected to... Agent:

20110070558 - Dental implant fixture: The present invention relates to a dental implant fixture, and more particularly, to a dental implant fixture which rotates about a central axis thereof, and thus is inserted into a bone tissue constituted by a cortical bone and a spongy bone to form an artificial tooth root, wherein the dental... Agent: Osstemimplant Co., Ltd.

20110070559 - Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of teeth: Color measuring systems and methods such as for determining the color or other characteristics of teeth are disclosed. Perimeter receiver fiber optics are spaced apart from a central source fiber optic and receive light reflected from the surface of the object/tooth being measured. Light from the perimeter fiber optics pass... Agent:

20110070560 - Tooth-whitening method: A method of whitening teeth has the steps of applying chlorine dioxide to surfaces of the teeth, leaving the solution on the teeth for a predetermined time, rinsing the solution from the teeth, repeating previous two steps at least once, and applying tubule sealant to the surfaces.... Agent:

20110070561 - Dental-plaque detection system and dental-plaque detection method: A dental-plaque detection system and dental-plaque detection method which are excellent in the detection accuracy of dental plaques and also capable of improving the situation to stain sites other than dental plaques (such as interdental parts and gums) are provided. The dental-plaque detection system includes a dental-plaque staining agent, which... Agent: Lion Corporation

20110070562 - Dental prosthesis manufacturing process, dental prosthesis pattern & dental prosthesis made thereby: A dental prosthesis is made by first forming a model of a patient's dentition. A three dimensional digital data corresponding to the surfaces of the model is then created. Based on this data, a three dimensional digital data file is then created substantially corresponding to the dental prosthesis to be... Agent: Geodigm Corporation

20110070563 - Easily removable dental curable composition: d

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110065060 - Orthodontic methods and devices: The present invention provides methods for moving a tooth to a desired position within a patient's mouth using orthodontics including perforating tissue in the oral cavity sufficient to induce an inflammatory response. The perforations may be made in any area of the maxilla or mandible, and any number of perforations... Agent:

20110065061 - Periodontal interdental delivery tray and periodontal medicament tray syringe: The present invention relates to a periodontal interdental tray and to a periodontal medicament tray syringe that can be used in conjunction with the periodontal interdental tray of the present invention, or can be utilized by itself or in conjunction with other periodontal trays already on the market. In one... Agent:

20110065062 - Apparatus and method for hands-free fluid evacuation: Disclosed is a lightweight, autoclavable, dental suction apparatus used to evacuate fluid from a patient's mouth during dental procedures. In particular, the apparatus is useful for hands-free operation in combination with high volume suction and slow speed suction and in combination with popular disposable suction devices. Further, the apparatus is... Agent: Blue Boa LLC

20110065063 - Dental prophylaxis handpiece: An improved low cost dental hygiene handpiece with high reliability coupling mechanism for disposable prophy angles and doriot type dental tool heads. The disposable prophy angles and dental tool heads are designed with non circular input shaft endings, engaging a matching non circular power output driver of the handpiece. The... Agent: Robert T. Bock Consultancy LLC.

20110065064 - Two-part dental implant: The present invention relates to the field of dentistry. In particular, the invention relates to a two-part dental implant, in particular to an anchoring part and an abutment of a two-part dental implant. The invention further relates to an inserting pole for inserting an anchoring part into a bone.... Agent:

20110065065 - Blank and method for producing a dental prosthesis: The invention relates to a blank for producing a dental prosthesis (tooth crown) comprising a mechanically processable material block and a holder connected thereto for clamping in an automatic processing tool. Said block is provided with a sub-gingival anatomic implant connecting part which is protrusively arranged thereon and in which... Agent:

20110065066 - Grinding apparatus and grinding method: A grinding apparatus (100) includes: a rotating grinding tool (102) for grinding a workpiece (101) immersed in a cooling liquid (106); vibration generating mechanisms (107a) to (107f) for applying vibrations to the cooling liquid (106) and generating cavitation; and a controller (108) for causing the vibration generating mechanisms (107a) to... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110059413 - Method for deriving shape information: A method for deriving shape information of a person's skull and dentition, comprising the steps of: taking an impression of the person's dentition, taking a first scan of the person's head, while the person is wearing the impression, taking a second scan of the impression alone, combining the scans, deriving... Agent: Medicim Nv

20110059414 - Orthodontic bracket: The invention relates to an orthodontic component (1), in particular a bracket, with a main body (2) comprising a visible surface (3), a base surface (4) spaced at a distance apart from it and side faces (5 to 8) extending in between. A groove-shaped retaining slot (11) is provided in... Agent: Pbd, Patent & Business Development Ag

20110059415 - Method and device for laser machining biological tissue: A method of laser machining biological tissue including the provision of a pulsed processing laser beam and the processing of tissue by radiation using the pulsed processing laser beam, wherein the processing laser beam has a wavelength of the laser pulses ranging between 700 nm and 1400 nm, a time... Agent: Dr. Anton Kasenbacher And Lumera Laser Gmbh

20110059416 - Assistant apparatus for oral treatment and unit chair with the same: Provided is an assistant apparatus for oral treatment including dental treatment and a unit chair equipped with the same. The assistant apparatus includes an oral cavity insertion member positioned in the oral cavity in front of the uvula of a patient, or preferably, on the soft palate, such that washing... Agent: Mediwide Co., Ltd.

20110059417 - Fluid and pulsed energy output system: A fluid conditioning system is adapted to condition the fluid used in medical and dental cutting, irrigating, evacuating, cleaning, and drilling operations. The fluid may be conditioned by adding flavors, antiseptics and/or tooth whitening agents such as peroxide, medications, and pigments. In addition to the direct benefits obtained from introduction... Agent:

20110059418 - High speed ball bearing for dental or medical handpieces: A bearing assembly (20) for use in a medical, surgical, or dental handpiece (10) that enables spindle rotation for a supported rotary tool (36) at high speeds. The bearing assembly (28) incorporates annular gap shields (50, 54) at each axial end to prevent contaminate ingress and to retain lubricating grease... Agent: The Timken Company

20110059419 - Gingiva incising device: To easily incise a gingiva particularly at a tongue side and a lip side of a jawbone formed as a bank shape, a gingiva incising device has a cylinder portion, which is longer than a thickness of a gingiva and has approximately the same diameter as a diameter of a... Agent: Gc Corporation

20110059420 - Dental prophylactic paste: A dental prophylactic paste having excellent flowability during the manufacturing process, minimal to no splattering during use, and remineralization characteristics is provided. The prophylactic paste includes at least one water soluble calcium salt; a water soluble phosphate salt, a water soluble silicate; and a moisture retention agent. The paste has... Agent: Preventive Technologies, Inc.

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110053108 - System of tube and resin for orthodontics: The present invention provides a tube and an orthodontics system that comprises the tube, resin and wire, wherein the system allows for standardization of the resin and tube, according e.g., to each tooth, either by means of a prefabricated set of resin and tube or by making the resin with... Agent:

20110053109 - Orthodontic anchoring screw: A fixing wire, in particular for applying treatment forces to a tooth, is intended to be protected in an extremely simple manner against translatory and rotational displacements and against being dislodged, with the mounting and dismantling time kept short. For this purpose, the fixing wire has a widened region produced... Agent:

20110053110 - Apparatus for measuring dental occlusion: An apparatus for measuring a dental occlusion includes: a position sensor (30) for detecting a position and posture of a lower jaw (12) relative to an upper jaw (11) and; an arithmetic circuit (31) for computing a posture relative to a translation distance in a state of occlusal contact. The... Agent:

20110053111 - Separator apparatus: A separator apparatus for separating a pair of adjacent teeth of a patient to facilitate the later placement of a molar band between the teeth. The apparatus includes a separator unit and a cooperating separating mechanism for manipulating the separator unit. The separator unit includes a length of separator material... Agent:

20110053112 - Drill with banded markings: A dental drill is used for preparing an osteotomy and includes a socket operably received in a hand piece; a shaft for cutting the osteotomy. The shaft has a tip end and bands that have a first and second edge. The second edge is further from the tip end than... Agent:

20110053113 - Implant and method for the manufacture thereof: What is described is an implant that comprises a coating, at least in areas, in the implanted state in the surface areas that are at least directly in contact with skin and/or soft tissue. The implant is preferably characterized in that the coating comprises both a statin, such as simvastatin,... Agent:

20110053114 - Human body implant structure, method of assembling the structure and method of disassembling the structure: A human body implant structure includes: a support anchor which is embedded into a bone body; a support base which is placed on and fixed to an upper portion of the support anchor; and a lost-part compensation part which is mounted on an upper portion of the support base, wherein... Agent:

20110053115 - Dental implant: The invention relates to an implant for anchoring a prosthesis in the jaw of a patient, having a base body (1) and a post (2) connecting to the top thereof, wherein the post (2) engages with a recess opening (3) of the base body (1) in a positive and non-positive... Agent:

20110053116 - Dental composition containing a polyfunctional (meth)acrylate comprising urethane, urea or amide groups, method of production and use thereof: The invention relates to a dental composition comprising a) a hardenable compound (A1), b) a filler (B1), c) an initiator (C1) being able to initiate curing of compound (A1), compound (A1) having the structure A-(-S1-U-S2-MA)n, with A being a connector element, S1 being a spacergroup comprised of units connected with... Agent:

20110053117 - Root canal filling material: The invention describes polymerisable compositions which contain higher molecular weight di(meth)acrylates, curing agents and X-ray-opacifying additives, which result in fully cured, readily removable materials and which are especially suitable for filling and sealing root canals.... Agent:

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