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Dentistry November recently filed with US Patent Office 11/10

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11/25/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100297569 - Dental brace with brackets having a latch type sliding cover for positioning arch wire: A dental brace includes a plurality of pairs of bracket and sliding cover. The bracket includes an attaching base attached to a tooth, a support extending upward obliquely from the attaching base, a top jaw, a transverse groove in the support, two side inclined grooved rails on the support, and... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20100297570 - Handle for crimpable orthodontic archwire stop, archwire assembly and method of using: A handle for releasably retaining tubular sleeve-like crimpable stops is disclosed. The handle includes an elongated body with opposed ends and at least one receptacle positioned at one end of the body. The receptacle has an inside surface and defines an entry opening. The receptacle may be configured to mechanically... Agent: Alix Yale & Ristas LLP

20100297571 - Endotontic instrument for root canal filling and heating tip adapted to the same: Provided is an endodontic instrument for root canal filling including: a body having DC power source and printed circuit board; a heating tip connected to the body; a switch; and a control circuit for switching on/off power supply to the heating tip. The heating tip includes: a first metal part... Agent: Ip & T Group LLP

20100297572 - Method and apparatus for preparing denture: A dental impression tray assembly includes an upper tray and a lower tray operable with the upper tray, and the lower tray includes a first piece configured to measure jaw relations of a patient's mouth and a pair of second pieces detachably attachable to the first piece. The first piece... Agent: Lee, Hong, Degerman, Kang & Waimey

20100297573 - Stent fixture for an implant for accurate guidance-insertion: The invention relates to a stent fixture for implant for precision-guided insertion by which it is possible to stably, precisely, and rapidly perform puncturing for implant placement. In this technique, the implant is inserted into the gums and the bone through a stent. The stent fixture includes a fixing screw... Agent: Hamre, Schumann, Mueller & Larson, P.C.

20100297574 - Ct-based, side-loading surgical and laboratory dental implant guide system and methodology of use: One possible embodiment of the invention could be a dental surgical guide and a methodology of operating same, the dental surgical guide could be comprised of a body with a set of walls, a top portion, and a bottom portion and at least one open-sided channel, the open-sided channel continuously... Agent: Long & Chybik

20100297575 - Device for infiltration of approximal enamel lesions of teeth: The device for infiltration of approximal tooth surfaces, with a flexible planar element and with a holder into which the planar element is clamped, is characterized in that the planar element is a liquid-impermeable plastic film which has a surface area for taking up a liquid to be used for... Agent: Alix Yale & Ristas LLP

20100297576 - Powder for powder blasting, powder mixture and method of use for the treatment of tooth surfaces: A powder and a powder mixture, respectively, preferably for powder blasting with a powder-jet device, said device mixing the powder or the powder mixture with air to a powder/air mixture, wherein said powder and powder mixture is an alditol or contains such alditol. Preferably, mannitol and/or erythritol are used; because... Agent: Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen

20100297577 - Strainer/filter unit for an aspirating filtration system and method thereof: A strainer/filter unit for effectively collecting solid, liquid or gaseous substances at the source and the method of using the strainer/filter unit. The strainer/filter unit includes a housing, a one-way valve at one end of the housing, and a filter having a certain depth and thickness within the housing. The... Agent: Miskin & Tsui-yip LLP

20100297578 - Endodontic file combining active and passive cutting edges: An endodontic reamer/file for cleaning/shaping a tooth root canal having an elongated shank with a proximal end portion, a distal end and a tapered working portion having a longitudinal axis, the external surface of the shank working portion being defined by a plurality of at least two equally spaced apart... Agent: Gable & Gotwals

20100297579 - Brace for holding a patient's mouth open during dental procedures: A dental device includes a generally C-shaped member with upper and lower arms and a central spring arm extending therebetween. Rubber cradle members on the upper and lower arms comfortably engage the top and bottom teeth, while the spring arm urges the arm members apart. In a preferred embodiment, the... Agent: Robert M. Downey, P.A.

20100297580 - Blank with encoding and method of manufacturing a molded dental component: Blank for manufacturing dental moulded components, wherein the blank has a blank body (2) composed of tooth repairing material from which the moulded component which is to be manufactured can be produced by removing material by means of a tool (6, 7), wherein the blank has an encoding with at... Agent: Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto

20100297581 - Nanowire photodetector and image sensor wth internal gain: A denture is manufactured in a single visit using a pre-formed dental template chosen from a plurality of different sized dental templates, based on the size of a patient's alveolar edentulous ridge. The dental template includes a base acrylic with prosthetic teeth attached thereto. A viscous material such as an... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain

20100297582 - Dental implant system: Dental implant system having an anchoring part adapted for anchoring the dental implant system within bone, said anchoring part having a bone contacting surface. The bone contacting surface is at least partially made of a metal selected from the group of niobium, tantalum and a niobium-tantalum alloy. Said metal is... Agent: Rissman Hendricks & Oliverio, LLP

20100297583 - Dental superstructure, and a method of manufacturing thereof: A dental superstructure, and a manufacturing method thereof, comprising a screw-channel (1), through which screw-channel a screw member is to be inserted, and a screw member seat (3), for providing support to the head of said screw member during fixation of said dental superstructure to a spacer element or an... Agent: Merchant & Gould PC

20100297584 - Laterally inserted dental implant assembly and method for securing a dental prosthesis: A dental implant assembly kit and method for insertion into a bone, the assembly serving to support a dental prosthesis or other dental structure. The assembly includes a base plate having a bone-facing surface and a pillar-supporting surface that defines an off-center region; a ledge depending from the bone-facing surface... Agent: Brooks Kushman P.C.

20100297585 - Process for making a dental restoration and resultant apparatus: A process for making a dental restoration includes forming an image which represents a natural oral cavity characteristic. The image may be formed on a computer by an artist or by capturing a photograph of an oral cavity. The computer-based image may be modified with a computer-aided software program. The... Agent: Kelly Lowry & Kelley, LLP

20100297586 - Dental composites: Colorless dental compositions for restoring the enamel layer of a tooth are disclosed. The colorless enamel compositions are combined with pigmented dentin compositions to provide a true color match and natural esthetics. Methods that utilize the compositions in placement/build-up techniques in direct restorations are also disclosed.... Agent: Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.

20100297587 - Dental crowns: The present invention provides a dental crown formed of an elastically thermoplastic polymer material, said crown comprising: a tooth shaped top surface; and flexible side surfaces, at least one of which includes inwardly directed bottom portion.... Agent: The Nath Law Group

20100297588 - Dental compositions with natural tooth fluorescence and methods: Hardenable dental compositions which include a fluorescent diether terephthalate and a resin system, such that when hardened, the compositions have a natural tooth fluorescence, methods of making the compositions, and dental articles made from the compositions are disclosed.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

11/18/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100291502 - Dental hand tool with disinfection reactor: A dental hand tool including a main body having a main body proximate end, a main body distal end, at least one dental utility conduit associated with the main body proximate end, and a dental disinfection system associated with the main body that disinfects dental fluid at a point of... Agent: Beusse Wolter Sanks Mora & Maire

20100291503 - Tongue block: The invention is a device for use as a prop to hold the mouth open which consists essentially of a bite block with an elongated portion that is deflected and to provide a physiologically shaped elongated portion extends along the buccal border of the tongue to form a tongue depressor... Agent: J. Richard Shih (jeng-kang Richard Shih)

20100291504 - Device for positioning and immobilizing a surgical guide in a patient's mouth: The invention relates to a positioning and immobilization device for positioning and immobilizing a mandibular or maxillary surgical guide (3) on a patient, which guide is adapted to preparing for and to fitting at least one dental implant and is provided with link means (4) designed to extend outside the... Agent: Clark & Brody

20100291505 - Haptically enabled coterminous production of prosthetics and patient preparations in medical and dental applications: The invention provides a method and system for substantially coterminous modification of a patient situation and a manufactured prosthetic to achieve the desired fit. Rather than utilizing a serial approach, a parallel approach is taken where both patient situation and prosthetic device can be modified at the same time (or... Agent: Goodwin Procter LLP Patent Administrator

20100291506 - Device for debridement of implants, and a method for debridement of implants using the device: A device (10) for debridement of dental implants, which are arranged into bone tissue and are surrounded by gingiva of a jaw of a human being, has a debriding element (11) and an axle (12) with a fastener (13) for attachment to a rotational apparatus The debriding element (11) has... Agent: Fish & Richardson PC

20100291508 - Biocompatible shell for bone treatment: There are provided systems, methods and apparatuses related to bone augmentation shells. In particular, in accordance with an aspect, there is disclosed an apparatus for bone augmentation. The apparatus includes a biocompatible body being shaped to fit over basal supporting bone structure. The body has an interior surface defining a... Agent: Dorsey & Whitney, LLP Intellectual Property Department

20100291507 - Polyaxial dental implant: A polyaxial dental implant includes an abutment member that includes a channel bored through a longitudinal axis of the abutment member, and an outwardly protruding and expandable round bulbous body coupled to an end of the abutment member. The implant includes a fixture member coupled to the bulbous body, where... Agent: Rahman LLC Mohammad Rahman

20100291509 - Method and arrangement for forming a dental bridge: Certain embodiments of the invention relate to a method of manufacturing a dental bridge. In certain embodiments of the method, a pre-sintered blank made from a green body of ceramic material is subjected to a machining operation that transforms the blank into an intermediate product with a bridge structure and... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20100291510 - System and method for calibrating optical characteristics: A miniaturized spectrometer/spectrophotometer system and methods are disclosed. A probe tip including one or more light sources and a plurality of light receivers is provided. A first spectrometer system receives light from a first set of the plurality of light receivers. A second spectrometer system receives light from a second... Agent: Christie, Parker & Hale, LLP

20100291511 - Method of maxillary sinus bone grafting for placement of implant: A method of maxillary sinus bone grafting for placement of an implant in which upon placement of the implant, a vertical hole is formed and enlarged with ease in a maxillary sinus floor, a maxillary membrane is easily lifted in an always-stable state using a piezotome and gel type bone... Agent: Thomas M. Galgano

20100291512 - Root canal filler composed of mineral trioxide aggregate and method of manufacturing the same: Disclosed is a root canal filler, which is powdery and is composed of mineral trioxide aggregate including a CaO—SiO2—Al2O3 compound, with a residual CaO content of 0.7 wt % or less. This root canal filler is suitable for use in orthograde canal filling, prevents root fracture from occurring, is of... Agent: Ampacc Law Group

11/11/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100285417 - System for securing intraoral objects and related oral structures: The present disclosure provides for a system for securing intraoral objects and related oral structures during a dental procedure, the system includes a predetermined length of wire having a first end portion and a second end portion; and a first sleeve defining a cavity for slidably engaging the first end... Agent: Gagnon, Peacock & Shanklin, P.C.

20100285418 - Orthodontic ligature systems and methods: Ligature systems retain an arch wire within a slot of an orthodontic bracket. According to some embodiment, the ligature system retains an arch wire within a slot of an orthodontic bracket by means of a retaining element which is capable of being unidirectionally mechanically locked within the slot of the... Agent: Nixon & Vanderhye, PC

20100285419 - Orthodontic article having partially hardened composition and related method: An orthodontic article is provided for bonding to a tooth structure comprising an orthodontic appliance, a layer of partially hardened hardenable composition adjacent the appliance, and a bonding adhesive adjacent the partially hardened hardenable composition. A method of making an orthodontic article for orthodontic bonding is provided, comprising partially hardening... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100285420 - Orthodontic bracket having a lingually biased closure member and associated method: An orthodontic bracket includes a bracket body having an archwire slot configured to receive the archwire and a base surface that at least in part defines the archwire slot. A movable member is engaged with the bracket body and movable between an opened position and a closed position. A resilient... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP

20100285421 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket: A self-ligating orthodontic bracket with a replaceable closing spring member detachably connected to the upper structure of a tooth-attachable base member. Particular preferred embodiments relate to the form of detachable connection of the closing spring member with the upper structure, with one particularly preferred embodiment being torsion tabs that are... Agent: Jansson Shupe & Munger Ltd.

20100285422 - Low profile orthodontic bite corrector: A bite corrector for moving the relative positions of the jaws includes a telescoping assembly with an outer member and an inner member received in the outer member. The outer and inner members have matching, curved configurations. Both of the members remain in close proximity to the patient's dentition during... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100285423 - Dental hand-held instrument for generating measurement results: A dental diagnostic system comprising a hand-held instrument that is equipped with means for detecting measured values and a transmission unit which is integrated into the housing and is used for wireless transmission of said measured values by means of infrared signals, and an external display and/or evaluation unit. The... Agent: Marshall, Gerstein & Borun LLP

20100285424 - Dental applicator device: A dental applicator device is disclosed. Generally, the dental applicator device includes a trough comprising a first wall, a second wall, and a floor, wherein at least one of the first wall, second wall, and floor comprises a contact surface, wherein at least a portion of the contact surface comprises... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100285425 - Air activated impression syringe to deliver impression material around tooth in crown preparation: where the cylindrical body defines a bore to accept the air driven piston, a channel on one end of the syringe and a source of pressurized air. The syringe includes a disposable tip pre-loaded with dental impression material attached to the channel such that a second bore in said syringe... Agent: Gary K. Price, Esq. Terrell, Baugh, Salmon & Born, LLP

20100285426 - Coupling assembly, particularly for dental implants: A coupling assembly, particularly for dental implants, comprising at least one pin, which can be coupled rigidly to a bone portion, and a supporting element, which can be associated with a prosthesis. The pin has, at its end portion that lies opposite the one designed for connection to the bone... Agent: Modiano & Associati

20100285427 - Dental implant fixture mount-abutment and ball impression screw: A dental implant ball impression screw, comprising a bolt which is a cylinder body having the apical end, wherein the apical end of the bolt is designed to insert through the DIFMA into the dental implant, the bolt and the dental implant have a metal to metal contact which is... Agent: Aidi Biomedical, LLC A.k.a Id.i Biomedical

20100285428 - Dental implant that increases bone support: This describes an implant design that increases the amount of bone around the implant by increasing its length in order to place a longer implant without the need for a sinus elevation surgery in the posterior maxillary region where bone stock is not sufficient by employing the principles of displacement... Agent: Sughrue Mion, PLLC

20100285429 - Compound smc dental mill blanks: A dental mill blank is formed from a number of different self-supporting, malleable, curable (SMC) materials distributed within the blank so that a dental article machined from the blank closely resembles natural dentition in appearance or function. When in an uncured state, a single mill blank can be adapted to... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

11/04/2010 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20100279243 - Methods and apparatus for applying dental sealant to an orthodontic patient's teeth: A set of orthodontic appliances is releasably connected to wall portions of a bonding tray that is used in an indirect bonding procedure. A quantity of dental sealant is applied to wall portions of the tray, and is subsequently transferred to enamel surfaces of the patient s teeth when the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20100279244 - Method of removing an archwire from an orthodontic bracket and wire disengagement instruments for applying such method: A method for removing an archwire from a slot of an orthodontic bracket having at least one retentive component involving creating a gap either between portions of a retentive component or between the retentive component and another component of the bracket and removing the archwire from the slot through the... Agent: Dowell & Dowell P.C.

20100279246 - Orthodontic activator: An odontological device and device series to guide an individual's occlusion and a method to be used in selecting an occlusion guidance appliance device to be used in orthodontic treatment. This kind of device contains a U-shaped arch with a lower surface on the side of the lower jaw and... Agent: Cozen O''''connor

20100279245 - Removable orthodontic appliance and method of forming the same: According to one embodiment, a method of forming an orthodontic appliance includes forming an arch configured to custom fit a plurality of teeth. The method may further include coupling a plurality of wire receptors to at least two of: a first surface of the arch corresponding to the lingual surfaces... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P.

20100279247 - Self-ligating orthodontic bracket: A self-ligating orthodontic bracket including a base mountable on a tooth and having upstanding hinge members with aligned slots defining an archwire slot and for pivotally and slidably receiving a pair of openable and closable jaws and a spring member engaging said jaws and actuable upon opening and closing said... Agent: Lloyd L. Zickert

20100279248 - Device and method for predicting the likelihood of caries development: A hand-held intra-oral dental device and method are described for the detection of pre-caries lesions and the prediction of evolution and prognosis of same. The present invention has as its foundation a low-cost tool for predicting the likelihood of the development of Early Childhood Caries (ECC), in contrast to other... Agent: Christensen, O'connor, Johnson, Kindness, PLLC

20100279249 - Dental oral mirror: A dental oral mirror has a handgrip with a holding end and a gripping end, and a mirror frame connecting to the holding end. The handgrip and the mirror frame form a selected angle between them. The mirror frame has two opposite holding sides to hold respectively a mirror so... Agent: Ching-ling Huang

20100279250 - Programmable dental device: A multiuse programmable dental device that allows the user to selectively program various fluid delivery regimens and methods of using and programming the irrigator device. The irrigator may also be operated manually, as desired by the operator. Other features, such as selective delivery of various fluids, monitoring fluids levels of... Agent: Ryan Kromholz & Manion, S.c.

20100279251 - Flexible needle housing: A flexible or adjustable housing for a surgical needle and a needle assembly that includes the housing. Adjustment of the length of the housing allows the needle to accommodate tooth canals of varying lengths, while providing the requisite support for the needle, without needing to adjust the actual length of... Agent: Ryan Kromholz & Manion, S.c.

20100279252 - Apparatus and method for removing enamel from a person's tooth: According to one embodiment, an apparatus for removing enamel from a person's tooth includes a blade portion and a handle portion. The blade portion includes an abrasive surface adapted to remove enamel from the tooth in response to reciprocating movement of the abrasive surface against the enamel. The handle portion... Agent: Baker Botts L.L.P.

20100279253 - Self-contained dental tool with extendable handle: A compact dental appliance includes a protective cap which is reversibly attachable to either end of the appliance, so that removal of the cap exposes a dental hygiene tool, and re-attachment of the cap to the appliance in the opposite orientation re-configures the cap as a handle or handle extension.... Agent: Thompson Hine L.L.P. Intellectual Property Group

20100279254 - Dental prosthesis fabrication: A method is disclosed for forming an accurate stone cast from a dental hydrocolloid impression, used for the purpose of prosthetic fabrication, such as dental prostheses. The dental stone catalyst, calcium sulfate dihydrate, is engaged onto the internal surface of set hydrocolloid impression. This catalyst, placed in the area between... Agent: Dennis J. White

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