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Dentistry February patent applications/inventions, industry category 02/09

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02/26/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090053666 - Apex locator for endodontic procedures: An electronic device for locating the apex of a root canal within a tooth of a dental patient has a display screen on a display component to provide an image indicating when the apex of a root canal has been located. A free end of a first electrical lead is... Agent: Koppel, Patrick & Heybl

20090053668 - Novel dental dam and methods of using same: The present invention is a system for performing a dental procedure that reduces or eliminates particulates produced during the procedure from being deposited in the mouth of the patient or about the area where the dental procedure is performed. This system comprises, an enclosed dental dam having a semi-rigid upper... Agent: Young B. Kim

20090053667 - System and device for identifying optical characteristics of a tooth and method used thereby: A device for identifying the optical characteristics of a tooth, which comprises a light source for sequentially emitting a plurality of radiations of different wavelengths; an optical conductor for conducting the radiations onto the tooth; a sensor for collecting radiations reflected by the tooth; a comparator for determining whether the... Agent: Kamrath & Associates P.A.

20090053669 - System and methods for casting physical tooth model: A casting chamber for casting a physical tooth model representing a patient's tooth includes a chamber body and a lid. The chamber body includes a cavity adapted to hold a negative impression of the patient's tooth and to receive a cast material, wherein the negative impression and the chamber body... Agent: Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP

20090053670 - Occlusal plane analyzer, articulator, and occlusal plane analyzing method: An occlusal plane analyzer 5 is composed of an analysis board 7 made of a magnetic material and held above a lower jaw model 2, a magnet 8 which can attract the analysis board 7 with magnetic force and which has a circular support hole 15 going through in an... Agent: Wenderoth, Lind & Ponack, L.L.P.

20090053671 - Chewing determination kit and chewing determination method: To provide a chewing evaluation method capable of easily measuring chewing by an easy method without using a special expensive apparatus, together with a chewing determination kit, the chewing determination kit comprises testing food which contains ascorbic acid, an ascorbic acid derivative, and/or ethanol as detection components, and an indicator... Agent: Oblon, Spivak, Mcclelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.

20090053672 - Variable temperature dental irrigator: Variable temperature (operator controlled) dental irrigator constructed of three pieces of stainless steel or high-grade aluminum housing two water supply tubes (cold and hot) sealed with O-Rings. The calibrated temperature control valve located on the discharge end of the dental irrigator allows the user (dentist or technician) to adjust the... Agent: Steven L.cornelius

20090053673 - Method for localized treatment of periodontal tissue: A method for localized treatment using a microneedle array to controllably administer a dose of a bone anabolic drug localized at a dental implant site. The bone anabolic drug enhances alveolar bone growth at the dental implant site. Examples of drugs that may be used include, but are not limited... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP (zimmer)

20090053674 - Dental drill: The invention relates to a dental drill comprising a shaft as well as a head being provided with a plurality of cutting edges extending lengthwise of the head, wherein the cutting edges are provided with at least one cross-cut at a middle portion of the head.... Agent: Pearne & Gordon LLP

20090053675 - Refractory model system an indirect system for capturing tooth and/or dental implant shapes and relative positions utilizing pre-fabricated parts and refractory cements: This is a system which answers the need to provide pre-fabricated components of various materials that constitute a unique Refractory Model System designed to be used in, but not limited to, the fabrication of fixed dental restorative and prosthetic devices.... Agent: Nancy L. Moskow, Ici

20090053676 - Dental restoration with gold plating: A gold-plated, full porcelain-coverage crown and a method to create that crown. The crown may be formed from a metallic coping mimicking the shape of the human tooth, such as one made from a nickel-chromium alloy. The intaglio of the crown is plated in gold. The exterior of the crown... Agent: Michael P. Mazza, LLC

20090053677 - Method for designing a plurality of adjacent tooth restorations using cad/cam technology: A method for designing a plurality of adjacent tooth restorations using CAD/CAM technology The invention relates to a method for designing a plurality of adjacent tooth restorations using CAD/CAM technology. In a first step, the virtual model of a first tooth restoration at the first border of the restoration site... Agent: Dykema Gossett PLLC

02/19/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090047614 - Dental retainer: The invention provides a dental retainer 100, suitable for use in retaining a user's teeth (not shown) in position, said dental retainer 100 comprising a curved labial bow member 110 suitable for abutment against the labial side of a row of teeth of a user, said bow member 110 being... Agent: Wells St. John P.s.

20090047615 - Orthodontic ligature: An orthodontic ligature to be applied in fixed appliance orthodontic treatments, such as dental braces (also known as orthodontic braces), that eliminates friction at an archwire/bracket interface by forming a channel between a bracket and a ligature, an archwire being displaced in the channel, so as to facilitate tooth movement.... Agent: Michael A. O'neil, P.C.

20090047616 - Dental handpiece with a root canal length measurement function: A handpiece for measuring root canal length comprises an outer sleeve that is substantially non-insulating, a connecting device, an instrument carrier, at least one transmission element within the outer sleeve, a length measuring circuit portion, a contact portion and an insulating portion. The instrument carrier is configured to receive a... Agent: Klarquist Sparkman, LLP

20090047617 - Multiple position hand-piece holster for a delivery unit: A multiple position tool receptacle may be incorporated within a medical delivery unit, such as a dental unit head, allowing for positioning of a hand-held device in one of two or more seats. The receptacle may include a switching device operatively coupled in the receptacle to “activate” the medical delivery... Agent: Trask Britt

20090047618 - Handset and optical tip for photosynthesis: A handset includes a high power LED and a vibrator. An optical tip includes a stepwise tapered portion for insertion into a root canal. The optical tip is used in combination with the vibrator for distributing a photosynthesizer in a root canal. The optical tip is used in combination with... Agent: Crockett & Crockett, P.C.

20090047619 - Cordless complex root canal plugger for dental clinic: A cordless complex root canal plugger for dental clinics is disclosed. The root canal plugger includes a battery charger; a pen-type vertical spreader having a rechargeable battery unit and a control unit therein; and a gun-type injection device having both a rechargeable battery unit and a control unit therein. The... Agent: Greer, Burns & Crain

20090047620 - Anti-microbial dental impression material: The invention relates to plastics which are self-disinfecting. The invention relates in particular to polyether or silicone based dental plastics and impression materials in which a biocidal material is incorporated. The dental impression material ace. to the invention comprises at least a polymerizable base paste BP and a non-aqueous catalyst... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090047621 - Tray accessible dental articulators: A dental articulator (1) having an upper tray (2) and a lower tray (3) connected together with an articulator arm (7) having an upper arm (27) and a lower arm (28) wherein an upper access cover (4) is removably secured to the upper tray (2) and a lower access cover... Agent: Edward M. Livingston, Pa

20090047622 - Syringe and method for dosed dispensing of materials: The invention relates to a syringe (1) for dosed dispensing of material, in particular of free-flowing and/or pasty dental material, comprising a sleeve (10) for accommodating material and a piston (15) which can be inserted into the sleeve (10) and which comprises a piston member (15′), a frictional engagement element... Agent: Roylance, Abrams, Berdo & Goodman, L.L.P.

20090047623 - Cutting insert for a vibrating dental instrument: Vibratory tip (100) comprising a body (110) having a first end (111) adapted to be mechanically coupled rigidly with a surgical handpiece (101) generating vibrations and a second end to which there is fixed a tool holder (112) intended to reproduce the vibrations transmitted by the handpiece. The tip furthermore... Agent: Bacon & Thomas, PLLC

20090047624 - Ultrasonic scaler: A RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) reader is installed in the main unit of an ultrasonic scaler, which synchronizes with the antenna installed in the handpiece. Inside of The TIP (Insert or Piezo hand piece) consists of a tag, which uses RFID technology to read, write, and identify the information of... Agent: Bruce H. Troxell Troxell Law Office PLLC

20090047625 - Unitized modular ultrasonic handpiece cable connector: A two-part, modular dental handpiece cable connector system that provides a convenient method for fast field replacement of worn or defective handpiece cables without disassembling the dental device. The two parts include a female connector element that mounts within the device housing and a male connector element to attach the... Agent: Dentsply International Inc

20090047626 - Touch-operated brake release for a delivery unit articulating arm: A hand-operated brake release may be incorporated within a medical delivery unit, such as a dental unit head, having an articulating apparatus allowing for improved ergonomic positioning of the delivery unit. The hand-operated brake release includes a sheath covering a switching element coupled to a handle in order to provide... Agent: Trask Britt

20090047627 - Partial denture: A partial denture of a novel type excellent in feelings in use and easy to manufacture is provided. The partial denture has an artificial tooth 1, a denture base 11 holding the artificial tooth, and a clasp 25 fixed to the denture base, wherein the clasp includes a back-side arm... Agent: Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch

20090047628 - Device for transferring the position of an angled abutment from a model to an implant: A device, a method, and a kit of components for transferring the position of an angled abutment from a model to an implant installed in the jawbone of a patient. The device comprises an attachment member operative to temporarily attach the device to a first implant installed in the jaw... Agent: Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP

20090047629 - Method for manufacturing the one body abutment of implant: A method of manufacturing an abutment of an artificial tooth, which includes an implant fixture installed in a jaw bone and a crown defining a contour thereof. The abutment is fixed to the implant fixture to connect the implant fixture to the crown. A three-dimensional image of an oral cavity... Agent: Abelman, Frayne & Schwab

20090047630 - Method for forming a dental prosthesis: A method of creating a provisional dental prosthesis on an implant placed in bone retains a conical abutment to the implant. A first intermediate component secures to the conical abutment. A second intermediate component attaches to the first intermediate component. The second intermediate component comprises a polymeric material. A prosthetic... Agent: Daniel J. Burnham Nixon Peabody LLP

20090047632 - Arrangement for implants bearing growth-stimulating substance or substances, and one such implant: An implant bears growth-stimulating substance(s), here called GSS, which can be released when the implant is arranged in a jaw bone hole. The release takes place in interaction with secreted, cell-containing body fluid so as to form new bone alongside the implant. The implant is arranged with an outer surface... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP

20090047631 - Arrangement for using osteoinductive or bioactive material to induce bone and/or increase the stability of implants in the jaw bone, and an implant intended for this purpose: The stability of an implant (5) which is fitted in a jaw bone hole created by tooth root extraction is increased using osteoinductive material. Bone formation in the space between the implant and the bone wall is also stimulated. In an initial stage, the implant is anchored or fined in... Agent: Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP

20090047633 - Dental compositions for coating restorations and tooth surfaces: Dental compositions comprising a polymerizable compound, filler system of nanometer-sized silica particles, and polymerization system capable of being activated by light are provided. The compositions further contain a solvent such as a mixture of 1-butanol and acetone and may contain water. The nanometer-sized silica particles, having an average particle size... Agent: Dentsply International Inc

20090047634 - Apparatus and method for root canal obturation: The present invention is directed to root canal obturation in a tooth. In one embodiment, a plug is positioned in a root canal and bonded to the root canal by applying a light-curing adhesive to the canal and exposing the plug to a light source to bond the plug to... Agent: Black Lowe & Graham, PLLC

20090047635 - Isoelastic endodontic pin: An isoelastic endodontic pin for the long-term endodontic restoration of teeth is based on a single-piece, fibre-reinforced plastic base body having deformation zones and at least one zone designed in such a way that it possesses reduced flexural and torsional strength; displacement elements, preferably channels, for a fastening material are... Agent: Norris, Mclaughlin & Marcus, P.A.

02/12/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090042158 - Method for regenerating bone in the maxillary sinus: The present invention relates to a method of treating bone loss in the posterior maxilla. Adequate bone is required in the posterior maxilla to facilitate tooth replacement with dental implants. The Lateral wall of the maxilla is exposed and an osteotomy is performed to expose the sinus membrane. Pneumatic pressure... Agent: Gregory Gene Steiner

20090042159 - Orthodontic appliance: The present invention aims to provide an orthodontic appliance capable of efficiently applying vibration to teeth to be aligned and enabling a treatment to be easily and safely continued even at home. This appliance is provided with a load applying mechanism and a vibration generating actuator. The load applying mechanism... Agent: Greenblum & Bernstein, P.L.C

20090042160 - Orthodontic arch wire: An orthodontic arch wire having an oval or elliptical cross section. The orthodontic arch wire is configured such that the major axis of the orthodontic arch wire is orientated generally perpendicularly to the face of the tooth.... Agent: Marc E. Hankin, Esq.

20090042162 - Dental tool adaptor assembly: A disposable extension member for joining a dental handtool to a disposable, hollow, dental tip. The dental handtool includes a chuck for releasably retaining the extension member. The extension member has at least one fluid-tight passageway extending through its body for fluid flow from the dental handpiece to the dental... Agent: Ryan Kromholz & Manion, S.c.

20090042161 - Reshapable device for fixation at a dental site: A reshapable retention device for insertion at a dental site and contact with adjacent dental surfaces, for the controlled delivery to the dental site of at least one material having a predetermined intraoral activity. The retention device comprises at least one matrix containing the material. The retention device is adapted... Agent: Kevin D. Mccarthy Roach Brown Mccarthy & Gruber, P.C.

20090042163 - Endodontic procedure employing simultaneous liquefaction and acoustic debridgement: An ultrasonic liquefaction endodontic system having a graspable hand piece includes a contra-angle tip assembly that has an insert and an internal fluid flow passageway. A portion of the fluid flow passageway passes through a C-shaped receiver located at the end of the receiver so that an ultrasonic frequency may... Agent: Paul H. Johnson Gable Gotwals

20090042164 - Driver tip for engaging and releasing an orthodontic bone screw: An orthodontic driver tip according to the invention is configured for screwing and unscrewing an orthodontic bone screw. Such a driver tip includes an elongated inner rod having an enlarged diameter front tip portion with a frontwardly opening recess, which tip portion comprises at least two frontwardly extending resilient arms... Agent: Philip G. Meyers Philip G. Meyers Law Office

20090042165 - Dental instrument: A dental instrument comprises a handle member and a tool assembly. The handle member includes a first end, a second end and a longitudinal axis. The tool assembly extends from the first end of the handle member. The tool assembly comprises a tool arm, a first blade member and a... Agent: The Watson Intellectual Property Group, PLC

20090042166 - Abrasive tool including agglomerate particles and an elastomer, and related methods: Abrasive tools (particularly dental tools), and methods of using and making such tools, wherein the abrasive tools include an elastomeric binder (e.g., one prepared from a fluoroelastomer) and agglomerate particles that include an oxide matrix (preferably, silica) and abrasive particles (preferably, diamond).... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090042167 - Method of manufacturing and installing a ceramic dental implant with an aesthetic implant abutment: The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a tooth prosthesis, for insertion in a jawbone, including an implant and an abutment on top of the implant. The method includes: defining a shape of the prosthesis and its location in the jawbone by using first data from a first... Agent: The Webb Law Firm, P.C.

20090042168 - Tooth locating within dental images: In a method, computer program, and system a dental target, such as a tooth, is located within a digital dental image. A reference object that was placed in the patient's mouth is segmented within a digital dental image to provide a segmented reference. The reference object has a predetermined size... Agent: Susan L. Parulski Patent Legal Staff

20090042169 - Predominantly platelet-shaped, sparingly water-soluble calcium salts and/or composite materials thereof comprising them: The invention relates to sparingly water-soluble calcium salts and/or composite materials comprising them, characterized in that the calcium salts are present in the form of single crystals or in the form of particles comprising a multitude of said crystals and having a mean particle diameter in the region of below... Agent: Paul & Paul

20090042171 - Fluid controllable laser endodontic cleaning and disinfecting system: An endodontic probe is used to perform disinfection procedures on target tissues within root canal passages and tubules. The endodontic probe can include an electromagnetic radiation emitting fiber optic tip having a distal end and a radiation emitting region disposed proximally of the distal end. According to one aspect, the... Agent: Kenton R. Mullins Stout, Uxa, Buyan & Mullins, LLP

20090042170 - Gingival retraction with light curable composition: A method for temporarily widening a gingival sulcus. A composition comprising a polymerizable monomer having at least one ethylenically unsaturated group, a photo polymerization initiator, and a fine inorganic powder is inserted within a gingival sulcus to be widened, and the composition is thereafter irradiated in situ to polymerize the... Agent: Wood, Herron & Evans, LLP

02/05/2009 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20090035714 - Methods and systems for concurrent tooth repositioning and substance delivery: The present invention provides devices, systems and methods for orthodontic treatment using elastic repositioning appliances while concurrently providing dental and periodontal therapies. Such therapies are traditionally provided with the use of a variety of accessories and devices which are applied when the repositioning appliance is removed from the patient's mouth.... Agent: Brooks, Cameron & Huebsch , PLLC

20090035715 - Orthodontic attachment module for intra-oral bite correctors: A module for attaching an orthodontic bite corrector to an orthodontic buccal tube appliance includes two segments, and each segment includes a rotation stop for limiting undesired rotational movement of bite corrector during movement of the patient's jaws. The segments are movable relative to each other during installation of the... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090035716 - Methods and apparatus to position and align teeth using an exo-shell: Methods and related apparatus for positioning and aligning any portion of the dento-facial region of a person. In one embodiment the method includes (a) providing or measuring any aspect of one or more alignment appliances to a person; (b) casting a shadow or making a mark on one or more... Agent: Greenberg Traurig LLP (la)

20090035717 - Electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush and transparent dentifrice system: A cleaning and whitening system for teeth having an electromagnetic radiation emitting toothbrush and a dentifrice with a photosensitive agent is disclosed. The toothbrush has a cleaning surface, such as bristles. The toothbrush is also adapted to direct electromagnetic radiation toward the cleaning surface. The electromagnetic radiation may be monochromatic... Agent: Stout, Uxa, Buyan & Mullins LLP

20090035718 - Dental isolation block: A dental isolation block adapted for maintaining the mouth of the dental patient open, while keeping the work field dry and exposed with the lip retracted and the tongue suppressed to facilitate performance of a dental procedure by a dental practitioner. The dental isolation block includes a first and second... Agent: Fellers Snider Blankenship Bailey & Tippens

20090035719 - Disposable prophylaxis angle: A dental prophylaxis angle includes a body, a drive gear and a driven gear. The body has a sleeve with an open rear end, a neck, a head, a first axial bore, and a second axial bore. The first axial bore is located in the neck, and the second axial... Agent: Mcdermott, Will & Emery LLP Attn:IPDepartment

20090035720 - Cure through laminate veneer applicator: An instrument to compressively place and bond a restorative covering to the surface of a tooth comprising a gripping body (4) with a gently tapered mildly angled neck (6) having thereon an applicator holder (8) with an attached compressible applicator with one or more at least one traversing photo cure... Agent: Brian D. Viscomi

20090035721 - Dental implant and dental impression-taking device assembly: The invention relates to an assembly formed by a dental implant (1) formed by a threaded body (2) extending into a head (3) provided with a boss (4) which can be fitted in a cavity (13) made in a distal part (11) of a dental impression-taking device (10). The cavity... Agent: Albert Bordas, P.A.

20090035722 - Hydroxyapatite coated nanostructured titanium surfaces: Nanotubular structured titanium (Ti) substrates have been coated with nanoparticulate hydroxyapatite (nano-HA). The nano-HA surface is highly adherent to the nanotubular Ti surface and is free of microparticles. The nano-HA coated nanotubular Ti surface promotes osteoblast cell adhesion and is particularly suitable for orthopedic and dental implants where deposition of... Agent: Chameleon Scientific Corporation Aka Ionic Fusion Corporation

20090035723 - Material with a repetitive pattern of micro-features for application in a living organism and method of fabrication: A material configured for implantation in a living organism. In some embodiments, the material includes a mechanical surface that has long range ordered micro-features. A repetitive pattern of hierarchical micro-features is incorporated in some embodiments, and in some embodiments the micro-features are composite in nature, and may include nano-structures. One... Agent: Ornl-utb-luedeka, Neely & Graham

20090035724 - Site specific intra-oral application apparatus: An apparatus (7) for localised application of a substance to a site within the oral cavity has a reservoir (9) for receipt of the substance to be applied, and a mounting arrangement (11) a for mounting the apparatus within the oral cavity. The mounting arrangement (11) is configured to place... Agent: Dann, Dorfman, Herrell & Skillman

20090035725 - Photodisinfection of oral cavity: A composition for photodisinfection of the oral cavity comprising toothpaste and a photosensitizing composition encapsulated within microspheres, wherein the microspheres release the photosensitizing composition into the oral cavity upon contact with liquid and/or force and the photosensitizing composition includes a photosensitizer that upon irradiation of at least one predetermined wavelength... Agent: Dobrusin & Thennisch PC

20090035726 - Dental prosthesis: The method for producing ceramic coping of the present invention comprises the following steps: (i) covering a tooth model with at least one layer of plastic; (ii) coating a plastic covered tooth model from step (i) with alumina gel and letting it dry to form a ceramic coping in green... Agent: Volpe And Koenig, P.C.

20090035727 - Dental device: A dental device including an elongated handle and an access handle formed along the elongated handle. A tip portion is formed at a distal end of the access handle and tapers to a point flocked with a plurality of bristles. A weakened portion is formed between the access handle and... Agent: Kevin D. Erickson Pauley Peterson & Erickson

20090035728 - Self-etching emulsion dental compositions and methods: The present invention is directed to dental compositions that can be used as adhesives for bonding a dental material to a dental structure surface and/or as a dental restorative material. The dental composition is preferably applied to a dental structure surface under conditions effective to etch the dental structure surface.... Agent: 3m Innovative Properties Company

20090035729 - Apparatus for chewing obstruction: In one aspect, the present invention is directed to an apparatus for chewing obstruction, the apparatus comprising: a pad, the contour of which corresponds to the contour of one or more molar or premolar teeth; and an adherent, for adhering the pad to one or more molar teeth. Preferably, the... Agent: Haim Factor Ofek Group Inc.

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