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David James FABIAN patents

Recent bibliographic sampling of David James FABIAN patents listed/published in the public domain by the USPTO (USPTO Patent Application #,Title):

09/29/16 - 20160282575 - Opto-electric module for backplane connector
An opto-electric (OE) module having a front and back orientation and comprising a connector having a front end configured to mate with a connector, an optical interconnect comprising an optical conduit with first and second ends, the first end being terminated by at least one first ferrule, the first ferrule...
Inventors: Kyle Gary Annis, James Leo Barry, David James Fabian, Benjamin Michael Grab, James Patrick Mosier, Douglas Harold Rohde, Rodney Shawn Smith (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

04/14/16 - 20160104993 - Rotary crimping tool assembly
A method of crimping a structure may include positioning a portion of the structure to be crimped into a crimping chamber of a rotary crimping tool assembly, compressing one or more crimp wheels into the portion of the structure to be crimped, wherein the compressing includes forming one or more...
Inventors: Matthew Steven Houser, Robert Neil Mulfinger, John Louis Mckibben, Kevin Michael Thackston, Lynn Robert Sipe, Marissa Jayne Feinman, David James Fabian (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

02/12/15 - 20150041211 - Low resistance insert
A conductive insert which provides a low resistance bond between low conductive materials. The insert includes a first surface and an oppositely facing second surface. A plurality of openings extends between the first surface and the second surface. At least one first projection extends from the first surface proximate respective...
Inventors: Kimberly Debock, David James Fabian, Brian Todd Klinger (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

01/29/15 - 20150031228 - Quick connect power connector
An electrical connector for connecting to a terminal post. A contact is provided in electrical engagement with the terminal post regardless of the orientation of the contact with respect to the terminal post. A locking slide is moveably mounted to the housing body. A first reference member is provided on...
Inventors: Lawrence Se-jun Oh, John Louis Mckibben, David James Fabian, Chong Hun Yi, Robert Mulfinger, Brent David Yohn (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

06/12/14 - 20140161401 - Field-installable optical slice
An optical splice for optically coupling two fibers, the splice comprising: (a) a housing having two ends and defining a reservoir; (b) a fiber clamp for clamping two fibers together disposed in the housing; (c) two cable clamps, one on each end of the housing, the cable clamps comprising a...
Inventors: Michael Lawrence Gurreri, Frederick Sauers, Douglas Harold Rohde, David James Fabian (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

05/08/14 - 20140126862 - Terminus assembly for terminating an optical cable
An optical cable assembly includes an optical cable having an end that extends a length. The optical cable includes a plastic optical fiber (POF) and a buffer surrounding the POF along a portion of the length of the end of the optical cable. A terminus assembly terminates the end of...
Inventors: James Leo Barry, David James Fabian, Kyle Jay Glatfelter, Jun Li, James Patrick Mosier (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

05/08/14 - 20140126859 - Terminus assembly for terminating an optical cable
A terminus assembly is provided for terminating an optical cable that includes a plastic optical fiber (POF) having a tip segment that includes a tip surface. The terminus assembly includes a shell that includes a cable passage. The cable passage is configured to receive at least a portion of a...
Inventors: David James Fabian, Jun Li, James Patrick Mosier, Dwight David Zitsch (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

05/08/14 - 20140126858 - Pin and socket terminus assemblies for terminating optical cables
An optical cable assembly includes an optical cable having an end. The optical cable includes a plastic optical fiber (POF) having a tip segment that includes a tip surface. The optical cable assembly also includes a socket terminus assembly that terminates the end of the optical cable and is configured...
Inventors: David James Fabian, Jun Li, James Patrick Mosier (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

12/12/13 - 20130330052 - Universal fan-out device
A universal fan-out device comprising a housing having first and second openings, the housing comprising first and second housing components, each of the first and second housing components having a first end and a second end, a channel running between the first and second ends, and sides along each side...
Inventors: Kevin Michael Thackston, Robert Neil Mulfinger, Richard Paul Walter, David James Fabian, James Leo Barry (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

09/12/13 - 20130236142 - Multi-fiber connector with ferrule float
A connector comprising: (a) at least one multi-fiber ferrule having a front face presenting a plurality of fiber end faces, and a back face having a first surface and defining a first orifice through which the fibers pass; (b) a retainer for holding the at least one multi-fiber ferrule, the...
Inventors: David James Fabian, John Anthony Fulponi, Ronald Patrick Heberle, James Patrick Mosier (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

10/25/12 - 20120270434 - Cable clamp for cable connector
A cable connector includes a cable clamp having a cable end and a mating end. The cable clamp has an upper housing and a lower housing joined to the upper housing. An aperture is formed in at least one of the upper housing or the lower housing. The upper housing...
Inventors: David James Fabian, Thomas Dean Ratzlaff, Paul Craig Tally, William H. Bernhart (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

03/22/12 - 20120071039 - Interconnect and termination methodology for e-textiles
A connector for an e-textile having a conductive layer that includes conductors includes a terminal and a base separately provided from the terminal. The terminal has a mating end and a mounting end. The mounting end is terminated to the e-textile's conductors. The mating end is configured to be mated...
Inventors: Kimberly Ann Debock, David James Fabian, Richard P. Walter (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

03/22/12 - 20120071015 - Connectors for e-textiles
A connector for an e-textile that has conductors that define a conductive layer of the e-textile includes a terminal subassembly that has terminals configured to be electrically connected to corresponding conductors of the e-textile. The terminal subassembly has an insulator holding the terminals. The terminals have mating interfaces. A shell...
Inventors: Kimberly Ann Debock, David James Fabian, James Scott Showers (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

05/19/11 - 20110117794 - Insulation displacement crimp connector
An electrical connector assembly includes a first connector portion for supporting a plurality of insulated electrical conductors, and a second connector portion removably engageable with the first connector portion. The first connector portion includes a plurality of detent elements to secure the electrical conductors to the first connector portion, and...
Inventors: John Michael Landis, David James Fabian (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

01/27/11 - 20110021085 - Electrical contact with wire trap
An electrical terminal includes a body having a first end, a second end, and a channel having an axis. The channel extends at least through the first end toward the second end, the channel configured and disposed to receive an electrical conductor. A contact gripping element intermediate the first and...
Inventors: Donald M. Baughn, Timothy L. Kocher, David James Fabian, John Michael Landis, John Steven Wilson, Donald Alan Diemer

01/28/10 - 20100022137 - Contact with twist pin interface
A contact includes a conductive portion, a wire-receiving portion and a bundle of wound wires. The conductive portion has a compliant portion extending from a first end thereof. The compliant portion is configured to be positioned in an opening of a panel. The wire-receiving portion has a wire-receiving channel provided...
Inventors: Matthew Richard Mcalonis, Thomas Gartlan, David James Fabian (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

07/30/09 - 20090191769 - Contact with improved retention member
An electrical terminal (2) includes a body (4) having a locking member (6) and the locking member extends through an aperture (10) and backs up to the body. The locking member is configured to abut the housing, in one embodiment the locking member is disposed through the channel defined by...
Inventors: Donald Alan Diemer, David James Fabian, Donald Michael Baughn

06/04/09 - 20090142972 - Spring-loaded contact for electrical conductors
A contact for use with electrical conductors is provided. This contact includes a stationary engagement member; a flexible engagement member; and a biasing member (e.g., a spring) disposed between the stationary engagement member and the flexible engagement member. The action of the biasing member displaces the flexible engagement member from...
Inventors: David James Fabian (Tyco Electronics Corporation)

05/07/09 - 20090117775 - Wire retention connector system
A wire retaining connector, connector system and method of connecting wires to connectors to reduce or eliminate unintentional wire disconnection from wire connectors, including disconnection of poke-in connectors. The connectors and connector systems include a connector body having at least one opening configured to receive a wire, the wire including...
Inventors: Timothy Lee Kocher, Christopher George Daily, John Steven Wilson, John Michael Landis, David James Fabian, Kenneth Aaron Reigle, Jr.

Tyco Electronics Corporation

(*May have duplicates - we are upgrading our archive.)

20100022137 - Contact with twist pin interface


The bibliographic references displayed about David James FABIAN's patents are for a recent sample of David James FABIAN's publicly published patent applications. The inventor/author may have additional bibliographic citations listed at the is not associated or affiliated in any way with the author/inventor or the United States Patent/Trademark Office but is providing this non-comprehensive sample listing for educational and research purposes using public bibliographic data published and disseminated from the United States Patent/Trademark Office public datafeed. This information is also available for free on the website. If David James FABIAN filed recent patent applications under another name, spelling or location then those applications could be listed on an alternate page. If no bibliographic references are listed here, it is possible there are no recent filings or there is a technical issue with the listing--in that case, we recommend doing a search on the website.


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