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David J. Hoyle patents

Recent patents with David J. Hoyle listed as an inventor - additional entries may be under other spellings.

David J. Hoyle - Related organizations: Qualcomm Incorporated patents, Texas Instruments Incorporated patents

Vector indirect element vertical addressing mode with horizontal permute

09/18/14 - 20140281372 - An example method for placing one or more element data values into an output vector includes identifying a vertical permute control vector including a plurality of elements, each element of the plurality of elements including a register address. The method also includes for each element of the plurality of elements,
Inventors: Ajay Anant Ingle, David J. Hoyle, Marc M. Hoffman

Cycle sliced vectors and slot execution on a shared datapath

09/18/14 - 20140281368 - An example method for executing multiple instructions in one or more slots includes receiving a packet including multiple instructions and executing the multiple instructions in one or more slots in a time shared manner. Each slot is associated with an execution data path or a memory data path. An example
Inventors: Ajay Anant Ingle, Lucian Codrescu, David J. Hoyle, Jose Fridman, Marc M. Hoffman, Deepak Mathew

Operations for efficient floating point computations

03/06/14 - 20140067894 - Systems and methods for efficiently handling problematic corner cases in floating point operations without raising flags or exceptions. One or more floating point numbers that will generate a problematic corner case in floating point computations, such as division or square root computation, are detected. Fix-up operations are applied to modify
Inventors: Erich James Plondke, David J. Hoyle, Swaminathan Balasubramanian

High accuracy sin-cos wave and frequency generators, and related systems and methods

07/18/13 - 20130181753 - High accuracy sin-cos wave and frequency generators, and related systems and methods. In non-limiting embodiments disclosed herein, the sin-cos wave generators can provide highly accurate sin-cos values for sin-cos wave generation with low hardware costs and small lookup table requirements. The embodiments disclosed herein may include a circuit to conduct
Inventors: David J. Hoyle

Fast minimum and maximum searching instruction

03/28/13 - 20130080490 - An apparatus, system and method of determining an extremum are disclosed. A reference location identifier and a reference extremum are coupled. An input extremum of an input data set is determined and a corresponding location identifier of the input extremum is also determined. The input extremum is compared with the
Inventors: Erich J. Plondke, Lucian Codrescu, Mao Zeng, Swaminathan Balasubramanian, David J. Hoyle

Low density parity check code row update instruction

07/01/10 - 20100169735 - Apparatus for optimizing low-density parity check (“LDPC”) decoding in a processor is disclosed herein. A processor in accordance with the present disclosure includes an LDPC decoder row update execution unit. The LDPC decoder row update execution unit accelerates an LDPC row update computation by performing a logarithm estimation and a
Inventors: Eric Biscondi, David J. Hoyle, Tod D. Wolf

Local memories with permutation functionality for digital signal processors

10/08/09 - 20090254718 - A digital signal processor (DSP) co-processor according to a clustered architecture with local memories. Each cluster in the architecture includes multiple sub-clusters, each sub-cluster capable of executing one or two instructions that may be specifically directed to a particular DSP operation. The sub-clusters in each cluster communicate with global memory
Inventors: Eric Biscondi, David J. Hoyle, Tod D. Wolf

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