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20150148984 - Apparatus and corresponding method for the automatic identification of entities moved together: Apparatus for the automatic identification of entities moved together by a transport vehicle comprising a first element, constrained to the transport vehicle which moves the entities together, and configured to acquire in digital form a trend within a first time interval of the acceleration, or first acceleration profile, to which... Agent: Eurotech Spa

20150148987 - Method and control device and detection device for checking for plausibility of wrong-way driving of a motor vehicle: A method and a control device and detection device are provided for checking for plausibility of wrong-way driving of a motor vehicle having a wireless receiving unit on a directional roadway, at least one signal of a wireless transmitting unit of one other motor vehicle being received, a driving direction... Agent:

20150148986 - Method, apparatus and system for detecting narrow road: A method for detecting a narrow road includes calculating relative heights of points from a distance measuring sensor to a ground based on distance information. A left boundary point and a right boundary point, at which a difference in relative heights from adjacent points becomes maximal, are acquired. A road... Agent:

20150148985 - Vehicle driving assistance device and automatic activating method of vehicle driving assistance function by the same: The present invention provides a vehicle driving assistance device, including: a collecting unit which collects vehicle safety information including positional information of a vehicle; a determining unit which determines a kind of driving road on which the vehicle is driven using the positional information; and a control unit which activates... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150148988 - Methods and systems for alerting and aiding an emergency situation: Embodiments described herein may relate to systems and methods for navigating to an emergency situation. An alert device may be controlled to issue alerts to draw the attention of bystanders to associated supplies for a situation. An illustrative method involves (a) receiving, by a computing system, a transmission indicating a... Agent: Google Inc.

20150148990 - Mobile telephone for remote operation: A mobile telephone capable of controlling a remote keyless system is provided. The mobile telephone is loaded with an executable program that enables the mobile telephone to control the remote keyless system using frequencies and systems already used by the remote keyless system. The complex functionality a mobile telephone allows... Agent:

20150148989 - System and method for implementing a vehicle configuration based on parameters that are specified by a mobile computing device when outside of a vehicle: A mobile computing device is operated to control a vehicle. A digital key for accessing a vehicle is stored for accessing the vehicle. Profile information is associated with the digital key for configuring operation and/or use of a vehicle. The profile information may include one or more outside parameters for... Agent:

20150148995 - Aircraft power management system and method for managing power supply in an aircraft: An aircraft power management system includes an electrical power supply input configured to be coupled to an electrical power supply, a first power supply bus bar coupled to the power supply input, at least one primary electrical equipment including a primary load coupled in parallel to the first power supply... Agent: Airbus Operations Gmbh

20150148992 - Determining a profile for an aircraft prior to flight using a fuel vector and uncertainty bands: A weight and center-of-gravity profile for an aircraft is determined prior to flight. An uncertainty band is determined for each of a plurality of points along a fuel vector for the planned flight. Each of the points along the fuel vector is compared to a predetermined flight limit (e.g., an... Agent: Aerodata, Inc.

20150148994 - Engine control computer of aircraft, and aircraft: The invention deals with the restriction on the mode change of an engine due to latching in the case of restarting the engine that has stopped in flight. A FADEC that controls an engine of an aircraft in accordance with a mode, includes a latch operating section that latches the... Agent:

20150148996 - Flight management system of an aircraft: A flight management system architecture with two separate modules is proposed. In the core module, generic functionalties relative to the flight management of the aircraft are implemented. In the supplementary module, supplementary functions are implemented. The supplementary functionalities include functionalties specific to an entity to which the aircraft belongs such... Agent:

20150148998 - Flight management system of an aircraft: A flight management system with core and supplementary modules is proposed. The core module may include generic applications that implement generic functionalities related to a flight management of the aircraft. The supplementary module may include supplementary applications that implement supplementary functionalities specific to an entity to which the aircraft belongs.... Agent:

20150148991 - Method and apparatus for optimizing a load in a flight control system while an aircraft is on the ground: A method, apparatus, and computer program product for managing movement of a flight control surface on an aircraft. A control signal is received to move the flight control surface to a position. Travel in a number of actuators in a plurality of actuators coupled to the flight control surface is... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150148997 - Method for fusing data from sensors using a consistency criterion: The disclosure relates to a data fusion method for fusing the measurements of a parameter, for example an aircraft flight parameter, that are taken by a plurality of sensors comprising a set of main sensors and sets of secondary sensors. The discrepancy between each main measurement and the secondary measurements... Agent:

20150148993 - Method for providing predefined drive characteristics in an aircraft, and associated drive device: The invention relates to a method for providing predefined desired drive characteristics (38, 50) in an aircraft, characterized by the following steps: —driving a thrust generation element of the aircraft by means of an electric motor that has actual drive characteristics (34) which include at least some of the desired... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150148999 - Mission management system of an aircraft: A mission management system to manage both ground and flight phases of a mission of an aircraft is proposed. The mission management system may be implemented in flight management system architecture with core and supplementary modules distinct from each other. The core module may implement a set of generic functionalities... Agent:

20150149000 - Unkown: The drone comprises: a vertical-view camera (132) pointing downward to pick up images of a scene of the ground overflown by the drone; gyrometer, magnetometer and accelerometer sensors (176); and an altimeter (174). Navigation means determine position coordinates (X, Y, Z) of the drone in an absolute coordinate system linked... Agent:

20150149001 - Maneuver processing: A computing device may detect that a space object has undergone a maneuver and may attempt to calculate a solution to that maneuver based in part on start and stop times and thrust uncertainties associated with the detected maneuver. However, the computing device may sometimes be unable to calculate an... Agent:

20150149002 - Method and device for constructing a vertical profile for a descent and/or an approach of an aircraft: This relates to a method and device for constructing a vertical profile for an aircraft descent and/or approach. The construction device comprises a data-capture unit configured to provide, for at least one of a plurality of parameters, a value relating to a user strategy. A construction unit is configured to... Agent:

20150149003 - Control system for fuel tender of locomotive: A control system for a fuel tender of a locomotive includes an input module, a sensor module, a processor unit, and at least one actuator. The input module is configured to generate a first signal based on one or more inputs received from an operator of the locomotive. The sensor... Agent: Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

20150149004 - Underwater vehicle equipped with electrochemical means of electrical power generation: The invention concerns an underwater vehicle equipped with electrochemical means of electrical power generation, characterised in that it comprises a data processing unit (2) with inputs connected to sensors (4) of a parameter selected from amongst temperature, pressure, and hydrogen concentration, water in the area of the vehicle, and the... Agent: Dcns

20150149006 - Chainless electric bicycle: Disclosed herein is an electric bicycle. The electric bicycle includes a battery, a generator to generate voltage by operation of pedals, and a pedal load adjustment unit to adjust pedal load applied to the pedals by controlling voltage generated from the generator and used to charge the battery. The pedal... Agent:

20150149012 - Drive system and method for charging of a battery of a hybrid vehicle: A drive system and a method of driving a vehicle, wherein the drive system includes a combustion engine, a motor control function, a gear box, an electric machine, an energy storage and a planetary gear. A control unit receives information concerning the charge level of the energy storage and determines... Agent:

20150149010 - Engine start control device and engine start control method for hybrid electric vehicle: An engine start using an electric motor during a vehicle travel is performed by increasing an output torque of the electric motor in a slip state where a second frictional engagement element 3 connecting the electric motor 1 and a driving wheel slips. A controller determines a requested acceleration amount... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150149015 - Information output method, information presentation device, and information output system: Provided is an information output method that outputs information when swapping a secondary battery for powering a vehicle. The information output method includes comparing a rank related to the performance of a first battery unit (battery unit A) on board a vehicle to a rank related to the performance of... Agent:

20150149011 - Method for energy management in a hybrid vehicle: A method for managing energy in response to a request of a driver for torque on a power train of a hybrid vehicle including a heat engine and at least one electric motor powered by a battery, capable of recovering energy during deceleration in accordance with a management rule distributing... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150149013 - Method for simultaneous control of torque from combustion engine and electric machine in a hybrid vehicle: A method for driving a vehicle having a propulsion system comprising a combustion engine with an output shaft, a gearbox with an input shaft, an electric machine comprising a stator and a rotor, and a planetary gear comprising a sun gear, a ring gear and a planet wheel carrier. The... Agent:

20150149014 - Method of controlling a mild hybrid electric vehicle: A method is disclosed for controlling the operation of a mild hybrid electric vehicle having an engine and high and low voltage power systems selectively connectable via a DC to DC converter. The method comprises whenever possible using only a low voltage battery forming part of the low voltage power... Agent:

20150149016 - Power unit and saddle-riding type vehicle: A power unit includes an engine, an electric-powered generator configured to regenerate power and to provide power assistance, a stepped or stepless transmission mechanism configured to perform a shift change operation during transmission of rotational power output from the engine and the electric-powered generator, an output shaft configured to output... Agent:

20150149005 - Torque monitoring system and method: A method according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, controlling a vehicle using an estimated torque of an electric machine, the estimated torque based on one or more parameters associated with the electric machine that are independent from measured current feedback.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150149008 - Transmission control apparatus for belt type mild hybrid vehicle and transmission control method using the same: A transmission control method for a belt type mild hybrid vehicle includes collecting, by an integrated control unit, shifting information, setting, by the integrated control unit, a target torque of a motor generator in accordance with the shifting information, and controlling, by a motor control unit, the motor generator. In... Agent:

20150149009 - Vehicle control device: A control device of a vehicle includes an engine, an electric motor, and a first clutch connecting/disconnecting a power transmission path between the engine and the electric motor, and a second clutch configured to achieve a mechanically directly-coupled state of a power transmission path between the engine/the electric motor and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150149007 - Vehicular control system and its operating method: A vehicular control system includes a charger configured to charge a battery of a vehicle from an external power supply source. A controller is configured to be activated when the charger starts charging in an ignition off state of the vehicle and blocks a high voltage system of the vehicle... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150149019 - Autonomous vehicle identification: A computer in a first vehicle is configured to receive data relating to a second vehicle. The computer may use the data to determine that the second vehicle is being operated at least partially autonomously. Further, the computer may cause the first vehicle to take an action to autonomously operate... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150149017 - Autonomous vehicle modes: A vehicle operator is identified. Based at least in part on the operator's identity, one or more parameters are determined specifying a mode for autonomously operating the vehicle. The vehicle is autonomously operated at least in part according to the one or more parameters.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150149020 - Method and apparatus for monitoring use of mobile communications in a vehicle: A system and method for analyzing a driving pattern. A vehicle sensor monitor may be configured to receive information related to a vehicle driving system. A detector module may be configured to detect activity from a mobile device used while in a vehicle, wherein the information comprises mobile information while... Agent:

20150149022 - Methods for dense parking of remotely controlled or autonomous vehicles: A method of moving autonomous or driverless vehicles being parked or accessed in a parking area is disclosed. The vehicles are parked in columns spaced too closely to allow drivers to enter or exit. The movements of the vehicles are coordinated by a central computer which computes a set of... Agent:

20150149021 - Robotic vehicle control: A vehicle includes a detection system, configured to acquire data regarding operation of the vehicle, and a robotic driving device, configured to provide robotic control of the vehicle. The vehicle also includes a control system configured to determine whether the robotic driving device is activated, such that the vehicle is... Agent:

20150149018 - Wearable computer in an autonomous vehicle: A wearable computing device in a vehicle is identified by a vehicle in a computer. Collected data is received relating to autonomous operation of the vehicle. A message is sent to the wearable computing device based at least in part on the collected data.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150149023 - Modified autonomous vehicle settings: A vehicle includes at least one autonomous driving sensor configured to monitor at least one condition while operating in an autonomous mode. The vehicle further includes a processing device configured to identify at least one occupant, select a profile associated with the occupant, and autonomously operate at least one subsystem... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150149025 - Indicating instrument for vehicle: An indicator indicates a vehicle state value in accordance with a rotational position between a zero position and a maximum position. A step motor rotationally drives the indicator on application of a drive signal in accordance with an electrical angle to a field winding. A control unit that controls the... Agent:

20150149024 - Latency tolerant fault isolation: A method of latency tolerant fault isolation is provided. The method includes receiving, by a maintenance data computer, evidence associated with a test failure. The maintenance data computer accesses metadata to identify a system failure mode associated with the evidence and other potential evidence associated with the system failure mode.... Agent: Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

20150149026 - Crane monitoring system: A crane monitoring system is for determining crane service conditions is disclosed. The crane monitoring systems includes a sensor for measuring acceleration, a processing unit operably coupled to the sensor and a data store storing computer executable instructions. The computer executable instructions, when executed by the processing unit, cause the... Agent:

20150149027 - Wear prognosis method and maintenance method: A wear prognosis method and a maintenance method for an earth working machine are disclosed, along with an apparatus for performing the method. Provision is made that the current wear state of one or more earth working tools is sensed. The residual wear capacity until the wear limit is reached... Agent:

20150149028 - Diagnostic tool with smart camera: A diagnostic tool that includes a smart camera. The smart camera can be used to capture an image of the part that needs to be replaced. The image can also include the bar code that may be attached to the part. The image can be used to search a parts... Agent:

20150149029 - Torque estimation method for transmission clutch: A method of estimating a torque of a transmission clutch may include correcting an error by deducing an engine transient torque based on an engine angular velocity measured using a sensor, an engine static torque deduced using a data map, and a load torque depending on a driving load, deducing... Agent: Kia Motors Corp.

20150149030 - Offset correction method for automobile oil pressure sensor: An offset correction method for an automobile oil pressure sensor determines whether or not an engine start signal is applied. An offset value of the oil pressure sensor installed on an oil pressure line connected to an oil pump is detected within a first preset period after the start signal... Agent:

20150149031 - Method for testing a vehicle or a component of a vehicle: For a method for testing a vehicle or components thereof which is as flexible as possible, it is proposed that a test control unit 3 generates or plays back a virtual world which contains both a virtual vehicle state and a virtual vehicle environment, and the test control unit 3... Agent: Avl List Gmbh

20150149032 - Engine control method of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle: An engine control method of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle may include accumulating an EV accumulated driving distance or an EV accumulated driving time. The EV accumulated driving distance or the EV accumulated driving time is compared with each of reference values. An engine is operated for inspection if the... Agent:

20150149033 - Method to test equipment with variable geometries of an aircraft engine: The invention relates to a method for testing equipment with variable geometries of an aircraft engine, especially turbomachine. In a first phase, a computer tests the chain of controls of the fuel dosage function. In a second phase, said computer tests the jacks of the chains of controls of equipment... Agent: Snecma

20150149035 - Motor vehicle with a control device for an extravehicular computer system: A motor vehicle has a control device that is designed to change over an operating state of an extravehicular computer system for office applications between an active state, in which the computer system executes at least one piece of office application software, and a passive state, in which the computer... Agent: Audi Ag

20150149034 - Systems and methods for auxiliary power outlet control: Methods, systems are provided for controlling an auxiliary power outlet in a vehicle. The method includes connecting the battery powered device to the accessory power outlet, synchronizing communications between the battery powered device to a computing device of the vehicle, and determining when the battery powered device is connected to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150149036 - Apparatus and method for controlling lane keeping of vehicle: A lane keeping assistance system (LKAS) is a system that detects a lane through a sensor and prevents a vehicle from deviating from the lane by changing positional information of the detected lane to a torque value. Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for controlling lane keeping of a... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150149037 - Braking control system and method for vehicle: A braking control system and a method for a vehicle are provided. The braking control method includes sensing, by a controller, a rear-side collision risk and a lane change and determining a lane change intention based on a steering change of a vehicle. In addition, the controller is configured to... Agent:

20150149039 - Method and control device for situation-related steering assistance in a lane keeping assistant for a vehicle: A method for situation-related steering assistance in a lane keeping assistant for a vehicle includes: importing a collision signal; ascertaining a correction signal for adapting an intervention torque for the lane keeping assistant, in order to provide a situation-related steering assistance in the lane keeping assistant. The collision signal represents... Agent:

20150149040 - Method and device for maneuvering a trailer: A method and a device for maneuvering a combination of a towing vehicle and a trailer, wherein the trailer is connected to the towing vehicle by a non-steerable tow-bar, and the towing vehicle observes the rear surroundings, including the trailer, by a rear-view camera. The method includes the steps: a)... Agent: Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

20150149038 - Method for operating a steering apparatus of a motor vehicle comprising an electromechanical steering-assistance device: A method for operating a steering apparatus of a motor vehicle includes detecting interference-induced vibrations which act on a torsion bar of the steering apparatus and analyzing a frequency and amplitude of the interference-induced vibrations. A steering-stabilization function of the steering-assistance device is activated when a limit value for the... Agent:

20150149041 - Centripetal phase shift isolation control system, in deflection, dampen, dissipation, transposition and isolation of a stochastic vector: A CPS dampen, dissipation, deflection and isolation control system includes a first structure comprising at least one chamber 121; a second structure comprising at least one chamber 122, wherein the chamber of the first structure 121 and the chamber of the second structure 122 are interposed by an elastic element... Agent:

20150149042 - System and method for configuring an interior of a vehicle based on preferences provided with multiple mobile computing devices within the vehicle: In response to detecting the entry condition, a determination is made as to when multiple mobile computing devices are present within the vehicle. An occupancy zone is determined for each multiple mobile computing device that is determined as being present within the vehicle. Profile information is determined for each mobile... Agent:

20150149043 - Method and system for adjusting grille shutters based on temperature and position feedback: Methods and systems are provided for adjusting vehicle grille shutters based on engine coolant temperature. In one example, a method includes adjusting grille shutters based on engine coolant temperature and additional engine operating conditions when engine coolant temperature is below a threshold and adjusting the grille shutters base on the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150149044 - System and method for controlling vehicular rear vision: Disclosed herein are a system and a method for controlling a rear vision assembly (RVA) of a vehicle, the system comprising a sender, receivers, an orientation device, a controller, and a motor. At least one said receiver disposed at the RVA may receive a reference signal from the sender to... Agent: Wistron Corp.

20150149046 - System and method of controlling adjustable spoiler: A system of controlling an adjustable spoiler includes an ignition detector configured to detect whether an engine is turned on or off. A vehicle speed detector is configured to detect a vehicle speed. A weight detector is configured to detect a vehicle weight that is changed when the number of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150149045 - Vehicle headlamp light distribution control apparatus: In a vehicle headlamp light distribution control system which changes a shaded range so as to track a position of a forward vehicle and terminates the tracking when the forward vehicle moves away from the front of a system-mounted vehicle by a tracking limit, how right and left margins of... Agent:

20150149048 - Agricultural harvester: An agricultural harvester is provided with a pivotable discharge elbow that conveys picked-up and processed crop into a transport container of a transport vehicle. An electro-optical device is correlated with the discharge elbow. An electronic evaluation and control processing unit is connected to the electro-optical device and processes signals received... Agent:

20150149051 - Harvester with automatic depth and level control: In one aspect, the disclosure describes an apparatus that harvests crops as the apparatus moves in a direction of travel across a field. The apparatus includes a crop harvesting assembly configured as a line of implements, the line being transverse to the direction of travel. First and second devices for... Agent:

20150149050 - Motorized feeding vehicle: An animal feeding vehicle includes a movement control system, a GPS receiver for generating a first set of parameters including location information, a proximity sensor for generating a second set of parameters including spatial information, a position sensor for generating a third set of parameters including motion information, a feeding... Agent:

20150149049 - Wear part monitoring: A process and tool for monitoring the status, health, and performance of wear parts used on earth working equipment. The process and tool allow the operator to optimize the performance of the earth working equipment. The tool has a clear line of site to the wear parts during use and... Agent: Esco Corporation

20150149047 - Work machine management device: A work machine management device includes: a receiving unit that receives, from a work machine, sensor data indicating states of various sections of the work machine, and alarm data indicating that the work machine has determined that an abnormality has occurred in the work machine; and an operating level classifying... Agent: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150149052 - System for controlling shift of vehicle: A shift control apparatus for a vehicle may include a GPS sensor detecting a vehicle location, a navigation device outputting short-distance road information and long-distance road information using the vehicle location, a vehicle controller restoring forward road information using the short-distance road information and the long-distance road information, and determining... Agent: Kia Motors Corporation

20150149054 - Automatic differential control system with manual override mode: A method of controlling a differential assembly of a machine is disclosed herein. The differential assembly may be locked by use of a differential lock. The differential lock is adapted to operate in at least one of an automatic mode and a manual override mode. The differential lock is activated... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150149053 - Supplemental power attachment for a vehicle: A vehicle attachment and control system for a vehicle attachment are described. The attachment includes a chassis configured to be attached to a vehicle with an onboard power source. The attachment includes an attachment power source supported by the chassis and an energy storage device supported by the chassis and... Agent: Deere & Company

20150149055 - Braking control system: The present invention relates to a brake control system for a motor vehicle having front and rear axles. The brake control system includes a controller operable in response to a braking request signal. The controller is configured to control a front axle braking system for applying a front axle braking... Agent:

20150149056 - Vehicle brake system and method of control: A vehicle brake system and a method of control. The vehicle brake system may include a friction brake and a secondary brake that may be applied to slow rotation of a vehicle wheel when a wheel slip condition is detected.... Agent: Arvinmeritor Technology, LLC

20150149057 - System and method for protecting drive shaft: A system and method for protecting a drive shaft that include a vehicle state detector configured to detect vehicle information including currently selected shift speed, hydraulic pressure signal detected by a hydraulic pressure detector mounted to a hydraulic pressure power steering assembly, vehicle speed, and engine RPM. In addition, a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150149058 - Vehicle control system: A vehicle control system is provided. The vehicle control system is applied to a vehicle having a clutch device adapted to selectively connect and disconnect a power transmission route between a prime mover and drive wheels. The vehicle control system disconnects the power transmission route during running to allow the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150149059 - Automatic speed controllable vehicle and method for controlling speed thereof: Disclosed are an automatic speed controllable vehicle and a speed controlling method thereof. The vehicle collects vehicle information and transmitted collected vehicle information to an RSE, and the RSE receives vehicle information from each vehicle within a management section and transmits again, to each vehicle, information required for each vehicle... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150149060 - Method for controlling an internal combustion engine: A method controls an internal combustion engine that includes a drive output shaft coupled to an input shaft of a transmission, where the internal combustion engine and the transmission are encompassed by a drivetrain for the drive of a motor vehicle. The method includes steps of determining an acceleration of... Agent:

20150149061 - Method for controlling an internal combustion engine: A method controls an internal combustion engine having a drive output shaft that is coupled to an input shaft of a transmission. The internal combustion engine and the transmission are encompassed by a drivetrain for the drive of a motor vehicle. The method includes determining a rotational speed of the... Agent:

20150149062 - Injector control: A method for controlling the operation of a valve of a fuel injector. The method may include selecting an electrical current waveform from a plurality of selectable electrical current waveforms. The selected electrical current waveform is provided to the valve, which may be operated to control a characteristic of an... Agent:

20150149063 - Method for analyzing injector performance: Injector drift for a diesel engine are detected by reconfiguration of injection patterns from one pattern into a pattern with a different number of pulse points while attempting to hold total fuel injected constant. If a particular injector is subject to drift then changes in the pulse pattern result in... Agent:

20150149065 - Method for controlling an internal combustion engine: A method controls an internal combustion engine that has a drive output shaft connected to an input shaft of a transmission. The internal combustion engine, the transmission and a drive wheel are encompassed by a drivetrain for the drive of a motor vehicle. The method includes determining a rotational acceleration... Agent:

20150149064 - Method for controlling four wheel driving of vehicle: A method of controlling traveling of a vehicle may include a measuring step that measures a longitudinal acceleration sensing value by a longitudinal acceleration sensor on a vehicle, a longitudinal acceleration calculating step that calculates a longitudinal acceleration of the vehicle from a speed of the vehicle, a slope degree... Agent: Hyundai Wia Corporation

20150149066 - Engine knock signal transmissive element: Embodiments may provide an engine knock monitoring system that may include an engine block including an engine block body and a cylinder wall defining at least a portion of a combustion chamber. A space may be defined between a top of the cylinder wall and a top of the engine... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150149067 - Knocking control method based on separation learning range: A knocking control method based on a separation learning range may include (a) designating a learning cell in a driving range represented by a load-rotating number, (b) dividing the learning cell into individual cells, (c) designating a knocking cell of a partial load and a knocking cell of a full... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150149069 - Drive-pattern evaluation device and drive-pattern evaluation method: An object of the present invention is to provide a drive-pattern evaluation device for appropriately evaluating energy-saving performance of a drive pattern. A drive-pattern evaluation device of the present invention is a drive-pattern evaluation device which evaluates a past actual drive pattern of a moving body based on energy consumption,... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150149068 - Methods and systems for auto predicting using a navigation system: Methods and systems are provided for communicating navigation information to a user. In one embodiment, a method includes determining a trip that is performed by a vehicle; determining a time and a route associated with the trip; and sending the time and the route associated with the trip from the... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150149070 - System for providing traffic information: A system for providing traffic information to a plurality of mobile users connected to a network. The system comprises a plurality of traffic monitors, each comprising at least a traffic detector and a transmitter, the traffic detector generating a signal in response to vehicular traffic and the transmitter transmitting the... Agent:

20150149071 - Information processing system for vehicle: Disclosed is an information processing system for a vehicle that calculates a recommended position of a driving operation in a predetermined area in which the driving operation is supported. The information processing system for a vehicle includes storage means for storing driving operation information of a driver and position information... Agent:

20150149072 - Vehicle position detection device and program: To acquire a direction error of a vehicle so that a more appropriate result is acquired in subsequent processing, a vehicle position detection device includes: a start/end point calculation part for acquiring a turning start point on a pre-turning link, and acquiring a turning end point on a post-turning link;... Agent:

20150149073 - Positioning device: An object of the present invention is to provide a positioning device which can more reliably and frequently correct a own vehicle position earlier, reliably detect an error matching state or a straying state earlier and correct the position to a correct position. The positioning device according to the present... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150149074 - Method and system for determination of a route for a ship: A computer-implemented method is disclosed for determination of a route for a ship by defining one or more performance variables of the ship and dynamic input parameters that affect to the performance variable. Information of ship operation and measurement results from sensors during the operation of the ship are obtained... Agent: Abb Technology Ag

20150149076 - Method for determining a course of a traffic lane for a vehicle: c

20150149075 - Terminal device and guidance program: A navigation device includes a GPS receiver, map data including tunnel data and periodically acquires a vehicle's speed to provide guidance on the current position N acquired at the GPS receiver, and when GPS radio waves become unreceivable after the vehicle passes a tunnel entrance, calculates a travel distance according... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20150149077 - User-controlled alternative routing: A user may indicate a preference of a route when alternative routes are available between an origin and a destination. The mapping system may enable a user to identify a region, a point or a set of points to help control, guide or otherwise influence the determination of a route... Agent:

20150149078 - Apparatus and method for route searching: Embodiments of the present invention provide a one-to-many route searching method comprising searching map data to select links to form a plurality of routes from a departure node according to a cost function, and determining an extent of each route according to an objective function, wherein the searching of the... Agent:

20150149079 - Vehicle heads-up display navigation system: Heads-up display system-equipped vehicle includes a steering wheel, a positioning system that determines its position that is considered a position of the vehicle, a map database containing data about roads on which the vehicle can travel, and a heads-up display system that projects content into a field of view of... Agent:

20150149080 - Generation of intersection information by a mapping service: Some embodiments provide a method for generating intersection data for paths in a map region. The method receives a set of junctions at which paths intersect in the map region. For a particular junction of at least two paths, the method automatically determines whether any of the other junctions in... Agent:

20150149081 - Methods for enhancing the display of electronic nautical charts with depths corrected for tide: A collection of related methods are claimed for enhancing the display of electronic nautical charts as viewed within an electronic chart display system by correcting the charted depth values for the effects of tide, and displaying actual depths and derivative graphical information, for a specified date and time. Height clearances... Agent:

20150149082 - Storage device, navigation device, and map database creation method: A storage device includes a map database having at least two specified sub-blocks and at least one non-specified sub-block. Each specified sub-block is correlated to a measurement position coordinate obtained from an external server by a measurement. The measurement position coordinate of each specified sub-block is stored in the storage... Agent:

20150149083 - Apparatus for controlling complementing position of vehicle, and system and method for complementing position of vehicle with the said apparatus: Disclosed are a system and a method for complementing a position of a vehicle and an apparatus for controlling complementing a position of a vehicle that select a representative vehicle within divided areas and complement a position of an own vehicle from a representative vehicle by using a DGPS complementation... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150149084 - Positioning control method: A positioning control method, suitable for an electronic device moving along with a vehicle, is provided in this disclosure. The electronic device includes an image-capturing module and a satellite-based positioning module. The positioning control method includes steps of: capturing a first image; extracting an icon object from the first image;... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150149085 - Method and system for automatically generating location signatures for positioning using inertial sensors: A device, method and computer readable medium is disclosed for generating a plurality of location signature is disclosed. The method includes seeding a device with an initial position and utilizing an inertial positioning system to propagate user position, and generating location signatures.... Agent: Invensense, Inc.

20150149086 - System and method to confirm participation in a car pool: A method and an apparatus for confirming that two or more individuals' participation in a carpool where acceleration datum is collected from the individuals' associated devices. The acceleration datum of the devices is compared to determine that a first individual that is associated with the first device and at least... Agent:

20150149087 - Determining transportation status using network connections: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for determining travel information. One of the methods includes obtaining flight information for each of a plurality of users, the flight having a flight identifier and associated with a particular scheduled departure time and departure location; based on... Agent:

20150149088 - In-vehicle path verification: A vehicle is operated at least partially autonomously. A predicted path of the vehicle is monitored to identify an object with which the vehicle is likely to collide. A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided that includes the predicted path, a proposed path for the vehicle to avoid a collision... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

05/21/2015 > 110 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20150142205 - Actions prediction for hypothetical driving conditions: An information system includes a prediction engine for predicting an action based on a set of driving state parameters, and a driving history, and a simulation engine for generating a hypothetical scenario by simulating one or a combination of at least one driving state parameter and at least part of... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20150142206 - Imaging system including dynamic compensation for color attenuation for vehicle windscreens: An imaging system for a vehicle is disclosed having an image sensor positioned in the vehicle for capturing images through a windscreen of the vehicle and for generating image data corresponding to the captured images, and a processor coupled to the image sensor for receiving and analyzing the image data... Agent:

20150142207 - Method and driver assistance device for supporting lane changes or passing maneuvers of a motor vehicle: In a method for operating a driver assistance device for supporting lane changes and/or passing maneuvers of a motor vehicle, route information of motor vehicles participating in a traffic situation is acquired; a target trajectory for a possible lane change or a possible passing maneuver, as well as at least... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150142209 - Monitoring using vehicles: A monitoring arrangement including vehicles, a locating system in each vehicle that provides location data about the vehicle, a sensor system in each vehicle that detects presence of at least one chemical in the air at a location at which the vehicle is situated when the sensor system is analyzing... Agent:

20150142208 - Target recognition apparatus: A target recognition apparatus includes a detecting unit and an estimating unit. The detecting unit detects an object that is present in a traveling direction of a vehicle, and acquires information for estimation that is used to perform an object type estimation to presume whether or not the detected object... Agent:

20150142212 - Method for controlling at least one function of a motor vehicle: A method for controlling a function of a motor vehicle (18) employs a use module (4) at a storage location (6, 8) for a device outside the motor vehicle (18). The use module (4) and the storage location (6, 8) have recognition interfaces (10, 12, 14). The motor vehicle (18)... Agent:

20150142213 - Remote control method and terminal: The present application discloses a remote control method and apparatus for controlling the state of a movable object and/or a load carried thereon. The remote control method comprising: receiving, via an apparatus, a state signal that corresponds to a user's position; remote-controlling the state of the a load being carried... Agent:

20150142210 - Surveillance system: The vehicle once deployed is capable of autonomous flight paths, with basic inputs to change the circular flight paths, so as to build up surveillance for an area of interest. The vehicle comprises at least on optical sensor, which may be IR or visible range, to survey the area of... Agent: Bae Systems PLC

20150142211 - System and method for controlling unmanned aerial vehicles: A system is provided comprising a control station for remotely controlling unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”). The control station is configured to display vehicle status data received from each UAV, including displaying a location of each UAV in a single interface. Through the single interface, the control station may receive a... Agent:

20150142222 - Apparatus and method for tracing flight plan status: An apparatus and a method for tracing a flight plan status are disclosed. The apparatus for tracing a flight plan status includes: a flight plan structure generation unit configured to generate a flight plan status transition structure based on received flight plan information; a flight plan setting unit configured to... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150142217 - Brake control initiation using tire runway friction map data: In various embodiments, a method for utilizing a determined coefficient of friction along a portion of a runway is disclosed. The method may include receiving, by a brake control unit, friction estimation map data for a specific runway. The method may include setting, by the brake control unit, a condition... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150142215 - Fly-by-wire engine power control system: According to one embodiment, a method of managing pilot and copilot control of engine power in an aircraft includes receiving, from a first pilot input device, a first signal representative of a pilot selection of an increase power position or a decrease power position and receiving, from a second pilot... Agent: Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

20150142216 - Gas turbine engine turbine blade tip active clearance control system and method: A system and method of controlling turbine blade tip-to-static structure clearance in a gas turbine engine includes processing aircraft data to determine when the aircraft is flying at altitude cruise conditions. When the aircraft is not flying at altitude cruise conditions, then compressor discharge air is directed to impinge upon... Agent:

20150142218 - Guiding method for aircraft docking process: A guiding method for aircraft docking process, which is used to detect an aircraft when docking to a stop line along a J-line on apron, includes steps as followed. According to response distances of different positions from a laser scanner, a distance between the aircraft and the stop line and... Agent: Unibase Information Corp.

20150142219 - Low speed autogyro yaw control apparatus and method: Apparatus and methods for controlling yaw of a rotorcraft in the event of one or both of low airspeed and engine failure are disclosed. A yaw propulsion device, such as an air jet or a fan may be used. A pneumatic fan may be driven by compressed air released into... Agent: Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc.

20150142220 - Method and device for automatically guiding an aircraft taxiing on the ground: A device comprises a monitoring unit configured to automatically monitor the actuation of a manual control member suitable for controlling an aircraft on the ground, so as to be able to detect a releasing of the control member in a neutral position. A computation unit is configured to compute a... Agent:

20150142221 - Method for determining a result path of an aircraft, associated device and computer program product: d

20150142214 - Monitoring and control system for enhancing ground movement safety in aircraft equipped with non-engine drive means: An improved monitoring and control system capable of providing automatic control of ground movement in an aircraft equipped with non-engine drive means for autonomous ground movement to enhance airport ground safety and efficient ground travel is provided. The monitoring and control system is installed on aircraft equipped with non-engine drive... Agent: Borealis Technical Limited

20150142223 - Evaluating aileron deflection while an unmanned aerial vehicle is in flight: A technique is directed to operating a UAV. The technique involves launching (or guiding) the UAV into flight. The technique further involves performing a series of aileron (or other control surface) deflection evaluations while the UAV is in flight. The technique further involves performing a UAV remedial operation in response... Agent: Aai Corporation

20150142224 - Method and system for displaying meteorological events along a flight plan of an aircraft: Method and system for displaying meteorological phenomena encountered by an aircraft flying along a flight plan. The display system includes a display device configured to present on a screen a meteorological indicator, the meteorological indicator comprising a time line representing a time scale relating to the duration of the flight... Agent:

20150142225 - Railroad interlocking system with distributed control: A system includes a transceiver for receiving one or more communications from a communication device in a railway vehicle; a microcontroller that is configured for communication with the transceiver and that is configured to control a position of a switch in the railway; and an electronic subsystem for interfacing with... Agent:

20150142226 - Apparatus for controlling speed in railway vehicles: An apparatus for controlling speed in railway vehicles is disclosed, the apparatus estimates a future train speed and determines a control input (first speed control) configured to control a train speed based on a TTSLC {Time-To-Speed-Limit Crossing, a time taken by a train from a current time to exceed an... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150142227 - Dynamic positioning systems and methods: Dynamic positioning systems and methods for controlling thrusters of a vessel. A dynamic positioning system includes a controller configured to predict position and heading of the vessel and efficiently control the the thrusters based on the predicted position and heading.... Agent: Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd

20150142232 - Control device for hybrid vehicle: A control device of a hybrid vehicle includes an electric motor outputting a running torque at the time of motor running and a starting torque at engine start, in a state of the motor running using even the starting torque, the control device being configured to give a notification of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150142234 - Control device for hybrid vehicle: Provided is a control device for a hybrid vehicle, which makes it possible to manually select a degree of acceleration in tune with user's preferences and user's intended running quality. Provided is a control device for a hybrid vehicle 1 including an engine and a motor for assisting the engine... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150142233 - Control device for vehicle drive device: A control device for a vehicle drive device includes performing neutral travel control in which disengagement/engagement elements are disengaged with the wheels rotating so the state of a speed change mechanism is controlled into a neutral state where transfer of a drive force between the input member to the engine... Agent:

20150142241 - Electric bicycle and control method thereof: Disclosed herein are an electric bicycle and a control method thereof. The electric bicycle includes a hub motor including a motor housing configured to rotate with a wheel, a sprocket connected to a chain so as to rotate by receiving rider pedaling force through the chain, a first speed detector... Agent: Mando Corporation

20150142238 - Electric mobile body, power supply/reception system, and power receiving method for electric mobile body: A power control apparatus 10 to supply power, which can be packet transmitted/received, having predetermined identification information in a header part, to a plurality power consumption apparatuses 70 from outside includes (a) an identification information separation apparatus 20 for receiving the identification information and separating it, (b) a power reception... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150142240 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle includes a slip ratio estimator to estimate a slip ratio of a drive wheel on a road surface based on a detection value indicating a vehicle travel speed and a drive wheel rotational frequency; an applied torque estimator to estimate an entire torque applied to the drive... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20150142229 - Hybrid controls architecture: Apparatuses, methods and systems for hybrid powertrain control are disclosed. Certain example embodiments control an internal combustion engine and a motor/generator of a hybrid electric powertrain. Example controls may determine a total output demanded of a powertrain based at least in part upon an operator input, a battery output target... Agent: Cummins Inc.

20150142243 - Location-based vehicle powertrain regulation system: A vehicle control system to control operation of a vehicle includes a powertrain system operable according to a plurality of operating modes that drive the vehicle. A sensor is mounted to the vehicle to detect a quality of air surrounding the vehicle. A vehicle control module is configured to select... Agent:

20150142236 - Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine: A method for operating a drive train which has an electric motor for producing a mechanical target torque corresponding to an electric desired power level includes: specifying, as a function of a state of charge of a power battery, the electric desired power level, the electric desired power level being... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150142230 - Method for a vehicle having an electric machine: The present invention relates to a method for a vehicle (10) having an electric machine (11). The electric machine (11) is coupled to at least one wheel (16) of the vehicle (10). The vehicle (10) can optionally be operated in at least a first operating mode (21) and a second... Agent:

20150142231 - Method for calibrating exhaust gas probes and fuel dosing devices in a hybrid vehicle: In a method for calibrating a measuring signal of an exhaust gas probe or a control signal of a fuel dosing device of a vehicle equipped with a hybrid drive including an internal combustion engine and at least one electric motor, the vehicle being able to be driven also by... Agent:

20150142239 - Method for driving a hybrid vehicle in connection with start of the combustion engine of the vehicle: A method for driving a hybrid vehicle with a propulsion system including a combustion engine, an electric machine with a rotor and a stator and a planetary gear with three components including a sun gear, a ring gear and a planet wheel carrier, where an output shaft of the combustion... Agent:

20150142237 - Power system of electric vehicle, electric vehicle comprising the same and method for heating battery group of electric vehicle: A power system of an electric vehicle, an electric vehicle including the power system and a method for heating a battery group of the electric vehicle are provided. The power system of the electric vehicle includes: a battery group; a battery heater connected with the battery group; a battery management... Agent:

20150142242 - Vehicle: A vehicle includes a wheel, an electric motor that drives the wheel, a drive torque operator that is operated by an operator, a slip detection unit that detects a slipping state of the wheel, a torque command value calculation unit that calculates a torque command value for the electric motor,... Agent:

20150142228 - Vehicle diagnostic system and method for detecting incorrect cable connections: A method according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, controlling a vehicle in response to a diagnostic test performed to detect an incorrect cable connection of the vehicle.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150142235 - Vibration damping control apparatus: A vibration damping control apparatus is mounted on a hybrid vehicle provided with an engine and a motor generator connected to the engine. The vibration damping control apparatus is a vibration damping control apparatus configured to control the motor generator to generate vibration damping torque which suppresses vibration of the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150142244 - Apparatus and method for managiing failure in autonomous navigation system: An apparatus and method for managing failure in an autonomous navigation system are provided. The method includes collecting, by a controller, failure information in the autonomous navigation system and a monitoring a driver condition. The controller is configured to collect the failure information in the autonomous navigation system, and determine... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150142248 - Apparatus and method for providing location and heading information of autonomous driving vehicle on road within housing complex: Disclosed herein is an apparatus and method for providing location and heading information of an autonomous driving vehicle on a road within a housing complex. The apparatus includes an image sensor installed on an autonomous driving vehicle and configured to detect images of surroundings depending on motion of the autonomous... Agent:

20150142246 - Autonomous vehicle with reconfigurable interior: A vehicle includes a steering wheel located in a passenger compartment. The steering wheel is configured to be moved from an operational position to a stowed position. In the event of a collision, a first airbag is configured to deploy when the steering wheel is in the operational position and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150142245 - Autonomous vehicle with reconfigurable seats: A vehicle includes a passenger compartment and at least one seat located in the passenger compartment. The seat can be moved from a front-facing position to a rear-facing position for when the vehicle is operating in an autonomous mode. The vehicle may further include autonomous driving sensors and an autonomous... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150142249 - Coordinated transport robot system: A coordinated transport robot system according to an embodiment includes: first and second robots each including a mobile unit and a movement control unit; first and second position error absorption mechanisms provided on the first and second robots; an impedance model estimating an external force from the amount of displacement... Agent:

20150142247 - Dual airbags in vehicle with reconfigurable interior: A steering wheel in a vehicle can be in one of an operating position and a stowed position. Crash sensor data is monitored to detect a first and second frontal collision. Upon detecting the first frontal collision, a selected one of a first airbag and a second airbag is deployed... Agent:

20150142250 - Robotic platform and method for performing multiple functions in agricultural systems: An autonomous vehicle platform and system for selectively performing an in-season management task in an agricultural field while self-navigating between rows of planted crops, the autonomous vehicle platform having a vehicle base with a width so dimensioned as to be insertable through the space between two rows of planted crops,... Agent:

20150142252 - Autonomous robot for a mobile device: A robotic device includes a housing configured to house a mobile device. The robotic device also includes an articulating image director aligned with a field of view of a camera of the mobile device. The housing of the robotic device is positioned at an angle to provide a forward view... Agent:

20150142251 - Vehicle control based on colors representative of navigation information: Vehicle control based on colors representative of navigation information are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes receiving an image of an object surface having multiple colors thereon that are representative of data for use in navigating a vehicle along a pathway. Further, the method includes controlling the vehicle... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150142253 - Method, device and system for the realization of an application program for a vehicle: In order to realize at least one application program for a vehicle, data of the vehicle is transmitted by the vehicle to an administrative unit via a wireless interface. Each application program acquires the data of the vehicle from the administrative unit via an interface of the administrative unit. Each... Agent: Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

20150142254 - System and method for detecting and isolating faults in pressure sensing of flush air data system (fads): A system and method for detecting and isolating faults in pressure ports (2) and pressure transducers (3) of a pressure sensing system are disclosed. The system comprises a set of pressure ports (2) flushed to a nose cap (1) of a space vehicle in crucifix form. Three pressure transducers (3)... Agent: Indian Space Research Organisation

20150142256 - Method and system for facilitating service at service centers: Methods and systems for improving the efficiency of vehicle servicing at a vehicle service center are described. A customer identifies a vehicle on a smart device. A service history for the vehicle is retrieved and transmitted to the smart device. The customer, using the smart device, identifies a concern with... Agent:

20150142255 - Vehicle customization and personalization activities: A service request is received by a remote trouble analysis server from a vehicle control and interconnection system installed in a vehicle, indicating that the vehicle is in need of assistance. An analysis is performed by the trouble analysis server based upon the service request, a remote service center is... Agent:

20150142257 - Methods and systems for providing vehicle repair information: Methods and systems for providing. In an example, the computing device may be configured to receive vehicle information including identification information of a vehicle and/or information describing condition of the vehicle. The computing device also may be configured to match the vehicle information to content of a vehicle repair database... Agent:

20150142258 - Mining machine management system and mining machine management method: A mining machine management system includes: a position information detection unit detecting position information related to a position of a mining machine; and a determination unit determining a second route corresponding to a plurality of pieces of the position information is identical to a first route based on at least... Agent:

20150142259 - Wheel position detecting device and tire air pressure detecting apparatus including the same: In a wheel position detecting device, a first controlling section of a transmitter transmits a frame when an increasing or decreasing direction of values of gravitational acceleration components included in detection signals of an acceleration sensor, which is detected at predetermined intervals, is continuously the same direction. A second controlling... Agent:

20150142260 - Apparatus that supports starting-failure-handling and method of handling starting failure: A method and system of handling starting failure of a vehicle are provided. The method includes detecting, by a controller, a failure occurring in vehicle starting and sensing, by a voltage sensing circuit, the voltage value at at least one point on a fuel pump circuit. In addition, the controller... Agent:

20150142263 - Imaging unit, attached matter detector, control system for vehicle, and vehicle: An imaging unit includes a light source placed on one surface of a light transmissive plate-like element to project a light to the one surface of the plate-like element, an imaging element to capture an image of an attached matter on the other surface of the plate-like element illuminated with... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150142261 - Method and systems for an audio pass integrated vehicle safety system: A system and method are disclosed herein for providing an integrated safety system for a vehicle. The system comprises a vehicle audio and infotainment system having software code to allow a mobile device to connect to it such that certain features of the mobile device can be controlled by the... Agent:

20150142264 - Vehicle customization and personalization activities: Information is provided to a vehicle by receiving, from a data center, a set of travel related services that are specific to an individual, where the travel related services are received into a control and interconnection system of a vehicle. The control and interconnection system comprises a vehicle interface that... Agent:

20150142262 - Vehicular simulation: Vehicle profiles allow drivers of vehicles to select any vehicle they desire to simulate. A graphical dashboard may be reconfigured to assume a graphical interface of any vehicle. A prospective buyer of an electric vehicle may configure the dashboard of a conventional, internal combustion vehicle to visually simulate an electric... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150142269 - Hand wheel angle from vehicle dynamic sensors or wheel speeds: A method of controlling a power steering system of a vehicle is provided. The method determines a yaw rate of the vehicle. The method generates a hand wheel angle signal that indicates a position of a hand wheel of the vehicle based on the yaw rate. The method controls the... Agent:

20150142267 - Parking assistance system and method for vehicle: Disclosed is a parking assistance system and method for a vehicle. The system for assisting parking for a vehicle includes: an image composition unit configured to generate a composed image in a form of a top view or an around view; a parking line detection unit configured to detect a... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150142266 - Rollover prevention apparatus: The rollover prevention apparatus defines an adaptive steering range limiting device comprising a control unit and a pair of opposing unidirectional brake assemblies mounted to a steering column position detection disc. The rollover prevention apparatus prevents the steering wheel of the vehicle from being turned beyond the threshold of vehicle... Agent:

20150142265 - Selective auto start/stop delay during low speed maneuvers based on electric power steering current: A vehicle includes an electric power steering (EPS) system coupled to a steering wheel of a vehicle. A current sensor senses EPS current drawn by the EPS system. A engine control module controls operation of an engine of the vehicle and includes an auto start/stop module to selective y start... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150142268 - Systematic abnormality detection in control commands for controlling power steering system: A method of mitigating abnormalities in a first control command for controlling a power steering system is provided. The method generates a range signal indicative of a range of command values based on a plurality of input signals. The method determines whether the first control command is out of the... Agent:

20150142270 - Self tuning universal steering control system, method, and apparatus for off-road vehicles: At least one example embodiment discloses a method of controlling steering of a vehicle. The method includes identifying a reduced-order vehicle model, the reduced-order vehicle model representing a vehicle transfer function in which a least one high-frequency pole is removed. The method further includes generating target closed loop pole locations... Agent:

20150142271 - Flexible optical impact detection sensor for front rail mounted airbag: A flexible optical impact detection sensor is mounted on an outboard portion of the front bumper for signaling an offset rigid barrier impact event to a forward corner of a motor vehicle and deployment of a small offset rigid barrier airbag mounted on the front rail. The airbag is attached... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150142272 - Clutch operating system: Disclosed are a clutch operating system and a driving method of a clutch operating system. The system may include a clutch master cylinder connected to a clutch pedal and generating hydraulic pressure by operation of the clutch pedal, a piston provided in the clutch master cylinder and reciprocally moving according... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150142273 - Autonomous vehicle with reconfigurable seats: A vehicle includes a passenger compartment with an instrument panel located near a front of the passenger compartment. The vehicle further includes at least one seat located in the passenger compartment. The seat can be stowed under the instrument panel for when the vehicle is operating in an autonomous mode.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150142274 - Sunroof controller: A panorama sunroof controller has a user interface, a sunroof glass, a sunshade, a first motor for driving the sunroof glass, a second motor for driving the sunshade and a driving module including a single chip microcomputer, a second relay driver and a sensor module. The single chip microcomputer and... Agent:

20150142275 - Vehicle lamp control device: In a vehicle lamp control device, a control unit is configured to: a) hold a road surface angle reference value and a vehicle posture angle reference value in a volatile manner; b) generate an optical axis adjusting signal using a vehicle posture angle in response to variation in a total... Agent:

20150142279 - Control system to automatically raise collection mechanism of side loading commodity collection vehicle: A control apparatus to automatically raise the collection mechanism of a side loading apparatus to a parked position spaced sufficiently above the roadway to prevent the collection mechanism from striking the roadway when raised or other uneven roadway surfaces are encountered.... Agent:

20150142277 - Determining movement distance of lifting device: A current operating mode of a lifting device is determined as the lifting device is moving a load in an operating area. An object in the operating area is positioned, in whose area the operation of the lifting device is restricted in comparison with the operating area around the object.... Agent: Konecranes PLC

20150142278 - Reverse drive handle for lift truck: A drive handle located behind an operator seat comprises a throttle used to drive a lift truck in reverse without requiring the operator's foot to actuate a floor-based throttle.... Agent:

20150142276 - Shovel provided with electric swiveling apparatus and method of controlling the same: A swiveling body is installed on a base in a swivelable manner. An electric motor for swiveling swivels the swiveling body. An inverter supplies electric power to the electric motor for swiveling. An obstacle detector detects an obstacle around the base and transmits a detected result to a control unit.... Agent: Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

20150142280 - Control system for four-wheel drive vehicle: A disconnect mechanism is configured to disconnect a predetermined rotating element from an engine and an auxiliary drive wheels while the vehicle is traveling in a two-wheel drive mode. The predetermined rotating element is configured to transmit power to the auxiliary drive wheels while the vehicle is traveling in a... Agent:

20150142281 - Braking management system for a transmission incorporating a cvp: A braking management system for a vehicle having a driveline that has a transmission featuring a continuously variable planetary variator, the braking management system comprising a processor adapted to actuate one or more braking mechanisms based on current state of the vehicle and a braking input from a vehicle operator.... Agent:

20150142282 - Method of controlling shifting of gears in hybrid vehicle: A method of controlling the shifting of gears in a TMED-type hybrid vehicle may include a stage in which, in a case where it is required that a power-on upshift operation is performed simultaneously when engagement of an engine clutch is carried out in order to convert the driving mode... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150142283 - Shift range switching apparatus: There is provided a shift range switching apparatus that can perform appropriate fail-safe control when a power source supplied to an electronically controlled shift range switching apparatus is instantaneously interrupted. When due to instantaneous interruption of a power source supplied to the shift range switching apparatus, the shift range switching... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150142288 - Control apparatus for electric parking brake: A control apparatus for an electric parking brake, including an electric motor to generate a brake force by contacted friction materials upon a brake request, includes a no-load current detection unit to detect a current with the no-load electric motor; a voltage monitor unit to detect a voltage applied to... Agent:

20150142285 - Driving support system: In a driving support system, a target speed profile computing unit determines a target speed on the basis of a safe-condition confirmation end point that is set to a predetermined position in a travel direction of a host vehicle. The safe-condition confirmation end point is a point at which the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150142284 - Electrically driven set and release hand brake for rail cars: An apparatus for a hand brake includes a gear assembly, an electric motor coupled to the gear assembly, one or more sensors configured to sense at least one of the released and set states, a controller coupled to the electric motor and to the one or more sensors, the controller... Agent:

20150142287 - Method for a driver assistance system of a vehicle: A driver assistance system of a vehicle for controlling a distance from the vehicle to a further vehicle. In the method, a distance between the vehicle and the further vehicle and a relative speed between the vehicle and the further vehicle are determined. When the vehicle approaches the further vehicle,... Agent:

20150142289 - Vehicle: The vehicle includes a seating section provided in a main body and configured such that a driver is able to take a seat by straddling the same, foot placement sections located beneath the seating section to be respectively provided at left and right positions of sides of the main body... Agent:

20150142286 - Vehicle control device and vehicle control method: A vehicle control device controls a vehicle that has an electric oil pump, executes idling stop control for stopping a drive source when predetermined conditions are satisfied, and is capable of applying a braking force in a state where a brake pedal is released. The vehicle control device determines whether... Agent: Jatco Ltd

20150142290 - Vehicle throttle and brake control system employing instinctive driver response for enhanced vehicle control: An improved motor vehicle speed and braking control system configured to maximize performance and response times for braking to a driver's instinctual physiological and psychological response to a perceived need to decelerate. The system provides a throttle pedal and brake pedal system configured to cause braking and an immediate change... Agent:

20150142291 - Method of operating an in-line six cylinder engine in a vehicle: An internal combustion engine having six in-line piston and cylinder assemblies providing a center pair, an intermediate pair and an outer pair, each pair having crankshaft connected pistons mounted in cylinders through simultaneous repetitive strokes four of which together constitute simultaneous repetitive cycles including a drive event injectors selectively (1)... Agent:

20150142292 - Vehicle travel control apparatus: A vehicle travel control apparatus includes a utility function determination unit, which determines a utility function fu representing a relationship between the manipulated variable for vehicle speed control of an own vehicle and an effectiveness degree, a travel inhibition degree function determination unit, which determines a travel inhibition degree function... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150142294 - Internal combustion engine inner-cylinder pressure estimation apparatus: An internal combustion engine inner-cylinder pressure estimation apparatus includes a detection unit that detects an operation condition of an internal combustion engine, a calculation unit that calculates an ignition delay that is an interval from an ignition timing to a starting timing of heat generation by combustion, based on an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150142293 - System and methods for diagnosing premature refueling shutoff: A method for localizing restrictions in a fuel system during refueling, comprising: monitoring fuel tank pressure, fuel vapor canister temperature, and evaporative leak check module pressure during a refueling event; and responsive to a premature shutoff event, indicating a location of a restriction among a plurality of locations based on... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150142295 - Monitoring method for monitoring a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle: Disclosed is a method for monitoring a fuel injector, the injector including a piezoelectric actuator controlling a valve unit to open or close the injector, the fuel injector including an actuator play. The method includes: measuring a plurality of compensation times of the actuator play during a simulation step preceding... Agent:

20150142296 - Multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and method for operating a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine: A method for partial cylinder cutoff is provided. The method comprises operating a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine with applied ignition, in which an odd number n of cylinders is arranged in line, and during partial-load operation when engine load is below threshold, enabling a partial cutoff of the cylinders, the... Agent:

20150142297 - Control system for internal combustion engine of vehicle: When the temperature in a cylinder of an engine is low, the fuel injection amount of fuel that has a low vapor pressure and is less likely to be vaporized is increased, and the fuel injection amount of fuel that has a high vapor pressure and is more likely to... Agent:

20150142298 - Relative trajectory cost: Methods and systems for determining routes in a Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP) enabled Air Traffic Management system are disclosed. A first trajectory with a lowest Network Cost and having an assumed ground delay is identified. A Relative Trajectory Cost of zero is assigned to the first trajectory. A second... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150142299 - Steering risk decision system and method for driving narrow roads: The present invention provides a steering risk decision system and method that determine and provide a steering risk of a vehicle to a driver. The system includes an obstacle sensor that senses an obstacle to generate first sensor data and a driving state sensor senses a driving state of a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150142300 - Determining alternative route by navigation system: Systems and methods for determining alternative navigational routes. An example method may comprise: determining a first route to a destination, the route comprising a plurality of edges of a graph representing a map of navigable paths, wherein each edge represents a path connecting two vertices and each vertex represents at... Agent: Red Hat Israel, Ltd.

20150142301 - Navigation system acquisition and use of cellular coverage map data: A mobile device can obtain wireless network signal strength map data that indicates, for various nearby geographical regions, the wireless network signal strength in each such region. A mobile device can transmit that data to a vehicular navigation system responsible for automatically selecting a high-quality route of vehicular travel between... Agent:

20150142302 - Route search device and route search method: A technology for searching for a recommended route matched to a search condition is provided for route search that involves substitution with a learned route. A route search device comprises: a storage means to store therein, as learned routes, routes corresponding to sections where traveling deviated from recommended routes have... Agent: Clarion Co., Ltd.

20150142303 - Navigation device: Disclosed is a navigation device which extracts an entrance and exit section which exists ahead of a vehicle and in which a vehicle is permitted to make a lane change between an HOV lane and a normal lane on the basis of position information about the position of the vehicle... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150142304 - Navigation apparatus: An object of the present invention is to perform continuous guidance in which guidance on a first guidance point which is a guidance point subsequent to a current position and guidance on a second guidance point which is a subsequent guidance point are continuously performed at one time in a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150142305 - Navigation apparatus: A navigation apparatus utilized in an electric vehicle includes a position obtaining section subsequently obtaining present position of the electric vehicle, a display controller displaying an electronic map on a display device, an available travel range calculation section, an estimation available travel range calculation section, and a progress calculation section... Agent:

20150142306 - Road learning device: A road learning device includes: a map data storage device; an own vehicle location detection portion; a travel data storage device; an unregistered road travelling determination device; an unregistered road travel data storage control device; a potential unregistered road track creation device; a first correction device that corrects a potential... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150142307 - Route search system, route search method, and route search program: A route search system according to one embodiment includes a receiving unit, a first search unit, a determination unit, a second search unit, and an output unit. The receiving unit receives search criteria. The first search unit searches for a first route and time required based on the search criteria... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20150142308 - System and method for automatically generating vehicle guidance waypoints and waylines: A guidance system for a mobile machine includes a location determining device for determining a location of the machine, a user interface and a controller. The controller is configured to receive location information from the location determining device, detect a path followed by the machine using the location information and,... Agent:

20150142309 - Parking garage environment detection and ehpe determination for vehicular navigation: Implementations of the present invention contemplate obtaining a more accurate estimated horizontal position error (EHPE) under conditions in which the telematics unit of a vehicle cannot receive GNSS signals. In particular, the invention contemplates determining that a vehicle is entering a parking garage and obtaining a more accurate estimated horizontal... Agent: General Motors LLC

20150142310 - Self-position measuring terminal: An information processing apparatus including a positioning unit that determines a position of the information processing apparatus based on an external signal; a sensor unit that detects a change in position of the information processing apparatus; and a processing unit that measures, according to a change in position detected at... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications, Inc.

20150142311 - Vehicular gps/dr navigation with environmental-adaptive kalman filter gain: A method is provided for estimating position using an integrated Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)/dead reckoning (DR) (GNSS/DR) navigation system in a vehicle. The method includes: determining a current environment of the vehicle from a plurality of environments based on at least one parameter; calculating a Kalman filter-related parameter based... Agent: General Motors LLC

20150142312 - Method and apparatus for estimating moving direction of user and computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon the method: A method of estimating a moving direction of a user of an apparatus is provided. The method includes obtaining change information of acceleration according to motions of the user from an acceleration sensor mounted in an apparatus for estimating the moving direction of the user, calculating a reaction vector of... Agent:

20150142314 - Rendering road signs during navigation: Some embodiments of the invention provide a navigation application that presents road signs during a navigation presentation. In presenting the road signs, the application of some embodiments differentiates the appearance of road signs at junctions that require a change of direction from road signs at junctions that do not require... Agent:

20150142313 - Systems and methods for generating and using dynamic and localized route-based environmental information: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for generating localized environmental information along a route of travel are generally described, for example, to notify users of travel conditions along a specific route and/or to generate alternative routes based on the environmental conditions. In some embodiments, an environmental information route mapping system may... Agent:

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