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Data processing: vehicles, navigation, and relative location

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01/22/2015 > 99 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20150025705 - Driver profile control system for motor vehicles: A driver profile control system includes a driver identification module configured to receive a driver specific identifier, and a driver profile manager module operatively connected to the driver identification module. The driver profile manager module includes one or more driver profiles. One of the one or more driver profiles is... Agent:

20150025707 - Method and apparatus for diagnosing inertia sensor: A control system adapted to be mounted on a motor vehicle for control of a motor vehicle system in accordance with the inertial state of the motor vehicle. The control system includes an inertial sensor providing an inertial measurement output in accordance with the inertial state of the motor vehicle,... Agent:

20150025706 - Separation controller for motor vehicles: A separation controller for motor vehicles, having a localization device for measuring separations from preceding vehicles, an actuator system for intervention in the longitudinal guidance of the own vehicle, and an electronic control device for applying control to the actuator system and for regulating to a target separation the separation... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150025708 - Leader-follower fully-autonomous vehicle with operator on side: The illustrative embodiments provide a method and apparatus for controlling movement of a vehicle. Movement of an operator located at a side of the vehicle is identified with a plurality of sensors located in the vehicle and the vehicle is moved in a path that maintains the operator at the... Agent: Deere & Company

20150025710 - Method and apparatus for returning moving body: A method for returning a moving body in a moving body returning apparatus includes detecting a remote control signal from a remote controlling apparatus; acquiring data corresponding to a reference direction to return the moving body when the control relevant to the remote control signal is not feasible; and carrying... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150025711 - Method of sharing set data for vehicle control: A method of sharing set data for a vehicle control includes reflecting requirements of a user and generating the set data for the vehicle control by a smartphone. The set data for the vehicle control is transmitted to a vehicle mounted terminal according to a request of the user. The... Agent:

20150025709 - Spatially and/or distance defined light-based communications in a vehicle/roadway environment: Techniques are disclosed for providing spatially-defined and/or distance-defined light-based communications within a vehicle/roadway environment. In some embodiments, the techniques can be used to vary the data content of a given transmitted light-based communications signal based on factors such as position, distance, and/or proximity of the transmitting source and the receiver.... Agent: Osram Sylvania Inc.

20150025712 - System and method for communicating in a vehicle consist: A system and method communicate a command message from a lead vehicle in a vehicle consist having remote vehicles and the lead vehicle. The command message includes a directive for controlling operations of the remote vehicles. The command message is received at the remote vehicles and reply messages are communicated... Agent:

20150025713 - Autonomous vehicle and method for coordinating the paths of multiple autonomous vehicles: A non-transitory processor-readable medium storing code causes a processor at a first vehicle (e.g., a first autonomous vehicle) to generate a first planned path based on a current position of the first vehicle and a mission requirement assigned to the first vehicle. A first planned path associated with a second... Agent: Proxy Technologies, Inc.

20150025717 - Communication system for a rail vehicle and method for communicating with a rail vehicle: A communication system for a vehicle includes a transceiver assembly, a selection module, and a monitoring module. The transceiver assembly selectively communicates a data signal over a plurality of communication channels. The data signal is related to distributed power operations of the vehicle. The selection module is communicatively coupled with... Agent:

20150025714 - Control systems for a rail-bound driving robot and procedures to operate: A process for the control of movement of rail-based automated transport vehicles (2a, 2b) in a multi-branch rail system (1) that contains in particular switches (4), lifts (10, 11) and other integrated rail-based units, including stations for loading and unloading, with a depiction of rail system (1) in the control... Agent:

20150025716 - Embedded system for generating a rail vehicle location signal: It is characterized by said subsystem being a first subsystem (230) for generating a first location signal (SL1), the system comprises a second subsystem (240) for generating a second location signal (SL2) from said first and second currents, and by said subsystem comprising an arbitration means (250) designed to generate... Agent: Alstom Transport Technologies

20150025715 - Machine for maintenance of a track: A machine for cleaning a ballast bed has, in front of a take-up device relative to a working direction, a first signal receiver—suitable for position determination in a global navigational satellite system—for scanning an actual track position. A second signal receiver connected to the machine for scanning a new track... Agent: Franz Plasser Bahnbaumaschinen-industrie- Gesellschaft Mbh

20150025718 - Device and method for displaying information: When an information display layout is created, a touch panel device displays information display areas icons. A user can create the information display layout by dragging the icons to the information display areas. After the drag operation, information corresponding to the icons is displayed in the respective information display areas.... Agent: Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

20150025719 - Wakeboat hull control systems and methods: Wakeboat hull control systems and methods are provided to monitor the orientation of the wakeboat hull in the surrounding water, and to automatically control wakeboat ballast components to achieve or maintain desired hull orientations. Systems and methods are provided to measure, store, and recall hull orientation. Systems and methods are... Agent:

20150025729 - Drive system for vehicle: A drive system for a vehicle includes a first motor, a second motor, and a differential mechanism that includes a first rotation element connected to the first motor, a second rotation element connected to the second motor, and a third rotation element connected to driving wheels, the first rotation element... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150025726 - Hybrid construction machine: Provided is a hybrid construction machine preventing an electrical storage device from overcharge, including a hydraulic actuator, a hydraulic pump, a generator-motor which performs electric generator and motor actions, an engine, an electric actuator which generates regenerative electric power, an electrical storage device which performs a charge-and-discharge action with the... Agent: Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

20150025721 - Hybrid vehicle engine warm-up: A hybrid powertrain system includes an engine, an electric machine, a battery pack, and at least one controller. If the controller detects that a temperature associated with the engine is less than a predefined value, it may request power output by the engine to increase such that the temperature increases... Agent:

20150025722 - Leak detection based on fuel level: Methods and systems for fuel system leak detection are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises, during an engine-on condition, delivering fuel from a fuel tank to one or more cylinders of the engine while the fuel tank is sealed off from atmosphere, and indicating a leak based on... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150025720 - Method and apparatus for fault mitigation in a torque machine of a powertrain system: A powertrain system includes a torque machine rotatably coupled to an internal combustion engine via a pulley mechanism. The torque machine and the internal combustion engine are configured to transfer torque to a driveline and include a first sensor configured to monitor rotation of the engine and a second sensor... Agent:

20150025730 - Method and system for more efficient operation of plug-in electric vehicles: A more efficient and/or flexible operation of plug-in electric vehicles is disclosed. An automobile having an energy conversion unit, an energy storage unit, a user selection unit, a global positioning system, and a control unit. The automobile can operate in a default charging mode, which is either the charge depletion... Agent:

20150025727 - Method for optimizing the power usage of a vehicle: A method is provided for optimizing power consumption of a vehicle which may include sending data from a vehicle Electronic Control Unit and vehicle Global Positioning System receiver to a network cloud and/or server upon starting the vehicle, calculating a most probable final destination and most probable optimized route of... Agent:

20150025723 - Methods and systems for operating an engine: Systems and methods for improving operation of a hybrid vehicle are presented. In one example, engine operation is adjusted in response to a change in engine operating conditions that result in a fractional amount of cylinder charge comprised of exhaust gas changing by more than a threshold percentage. The approaches... Agent:

20150025724 - Methods and systems for restarting an engine: Systems and methods for improving operation of a hybrid vehicle are presented. In one example, torque output of a motor is controlled to include a reserve torque for starting an engine that may be selectively coupled to the motor. Additionally, the motor torque compensates for disconnect clutch closing.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150025725 - Vehicle and control method for vehicle: An inverter converts input DC power into AC power and supplies the AC power to a motor generator. An inverter control unit executes shutdown control for stopping power conversion by the inverter, when operation of the motor generator is not requested. A transmission control unit controls the transmission. When a... Agent:

20150025728 - Vehicle control apparatus: In an apparatus for controlling a vehicle having driving sources, a driver request torque command is calculated based on driver operation information, driving-source commands used to control the sources are calculated by dividing the request torque command among the sources, a driver request torque monitor value used to monitor an... Agent:

20150025732 - Apparatus and method for controlling automatic parking: An automatic parking control apparatus and method are disclosed. The automatic parking control apparatus includes a selection unit, a processing unit, and a control unit. The selection unit selects a parking slot within a parking map received through a parking map reception unit. The processing unit computes a base point... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150025731 - Interactive automated driving system: A system, device, and methods of interactive automated driving are disclosed. One example method includes receiving a current value from one or more sensors disposed on a vehicle and determining a current vehicle state based on the current value. The method also includes generating a target vehicle state based on... Agent:

20150025734 - Driver risk assessment system and method employing selectively automatic event scoring: A Driver Risk Assessment System and Method Employing Selectively Automatic Event Scoring. The system and method provides robust and reliable event scoring and reporting, while also optimizing data transmission bandwidth. The system includes onboard vehicular driving event detectors that record data related to detected driving events, selectively store or transfer... Agent:

20150025733 - Vehicle control device and method: A vehicle control method according to an embodiments includes: collecting data in a first communication data format from at least one electronic unit in a vehicle; converting the data collected in the first communication data format into a second communication data format in order to be transmitted to a pre-connected... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150025735 - Aircraft brake health monitoring system and method: A system method of estimating health of aircraft brake system friction material includes sensing a temperature of the friction material, and supplying the sensed temperature to a processor-implemented thermal model that is configured to estimate friction material temperatures at one or more locations on the friction material. The estimates of... Agent:

20150025736 - Data acquisition device for a vehicle: A data acquisition device for a vehicle includes a first body and a second body. A first body includes a first casing, an antenna member, and two cushion pads. A terminal of the first casing forms a recession and two lateral walls of the recession have two pivot members. The... Agent:

20150025737 - System and method for monitoring braking effort: A method (e.g., for monitoring a braking system of a vehicle system) includes monitoring fluid pressures of a braking system and modeled braking efforts of the braking system in a vehicle system traveling along a route, identifying one or more time periods at least one of before a brake event... Agent: General Electric Company

20150025739 - Control apparatus and control method for vehicle electric oil pump: A control apparatus and a control method that controls an electric oil pump that supplies oil to a power transmission device transmitting a drive force to an axle. The control apparatus changes a PWM frequency in a PWM control of the electric oil pump to a lower frequency, when a... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150025740 - Method and device for the control of functions in a vehicle using gestures performed in three-dimensional space, and related computer program product: A method to control functions in a vehicle using gestures carried out in three-dimensional space. When it is determined that a first gesture carried out in three-dimensional space is detected by an image-based detection procedure, it is determined whether the first gesture is a gesture directed towards a virtual object... Agent:

20150025738 - Methods and apparatus for automatic climate control in a vehicle based on clothing insulative factor: An automatic climate control system of a motor vehicle, and related operating methods, are provided. The automatic climate control system determines a clothing insulative factor for an occupant of the motor vehicle; calculates a model temperature condition based on a temperature set-point and the clothing insulative factor; obtains a current... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150025741 - Operating method for an active suspension of a motor vehicle: In a method of operating an active suspension of a motor vehicle having a predetermined axle kinematics, the active suspension is controlled by a controller such that a desired yaw moment is generated by adjusting a roll angle of the motor vehicle. The desired yaw moment is a result of... Agent:

20150025742 - Systems and methods for variable steering assist: Methods and apparatus are provided for controlling a steering assist unit of a vehicle. The method includes receiving sensor data indicating a wheel position of a wheel relative to a frame of the vehicle, and determining a travel limit value for the steering assist unit based at least on the... Agent:

20150025746 - Vehicle controller and vehicle control method: A vehicle controller has a brake operation detector that detects operation of a brake of a vehicle, a contact detector that detects contact of hands with a steering part of the vehicle, an authentication unit that makes wireless communication with a portable device having authentication information and authenticates the portable... Agent: Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150025743 - Vehicle steering device: A vehicle steering device including a steering torque detection unit that detects a steering torque, the vehicle steering device controlling an electric current value, which is applied to an electric motor, and applying an assist torque to a steering system based on the steering torque, includes a one-side pull response... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150025744 - Vehicle steering device: It is determined whether or not a vehicle is in a first vehicle state based on a detected steering torque and a detected yaw rate (step S1), one-side pull is decided if the yaw rate is within a range from 2 deg/sec to 10 deg/sec (step S4) for 1 second... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150025745 - Vehicle steering system: A vehicle steering system can keep the comfort of steering feeling for a driver, even in a situation, such as traveling on a cant road or in a crosswind, where a unidirectional-drift behavior of a vehicle occurs, and includes an electric motor, a steering angle sensor, a steering torque sensor,... Agent:

20150025747 - Vehicle vision system with yaw rate determination: A vision system for a vehicle includes a camera having a forward field of view to the exterior of the vehicle through the vehicle windshield. A control includes an image processor that is operable to process captured image data to determine lane delimiters present in the field of view of... Agent:

20150025749 - Integrated vehicular system for low speed collision avoidance: A method of providing range measurements for use with a vehicle, the method comprising the steps of: a) visually sensing (2) the area adjacent the vehicle to produce visual sense data (22); b) range sensing (26) objects around the vehicle to produce range sense data; c) combining the visual sense... Agent:

20150025748 - Multi-level vehicle integrity and quality control mechanism: The processor-implemented control system for automotive vehicles assigns master control functionality separately to each controlled direction of motion. Within each master control, a multi-layered control architecture is implemented. At control level 0 multiple localized actuators associated with the controlled motion direction are monitored to ensure integrity but are otherwise allowed... Agent: E-aam Driveline Systems Ab

20150025750 - Techniques for robust park lock control: A technique includes receiving, at a controller of a vehicle, the controller including one or more processors, a first request to calibrate a park lock system of the vehicle. The calibration can include commanding, by the controller, a first actuator to move a second actuator to maximum engagement/disengagement positions indicating... Agent:

20150025751 - Vehicle door opening and closing apparatus and method of controlling the same: A vehicle door opening and closing apparatus includes: a first detector installed in a vehicle, and detecting a foot portion of a detection target in the vicinity of a door of the vehicle a second detector detecting the detection target standing in a predetermined range from the door; and a... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150025756 - Dump truck body hoisting state display device: A body hoisting state display device to be mounted on a dump truck includes: an angle detection unit that detects a rotation angle of the body with respect to the frame; a seating detection unit that detects whether or not the body is seated on the frame; a calculation unit... Agent:

20150025758 - Farm implement having a frame supported by a lift wheel assembly and a pair of gull wings: A method and apparatus for automating some of the tasks that heretofore required operator action at headland turns or similar events are provided. The present invention automates operation of lift assist wheels and/or gull wings, such as those found on a stack-fold implement, based on the position of the tractor... Agent:

20150025759 - Method for automatically folding a farm implement: A method and apparatus for automating some of the tasks that heretofore required operator action at headland turns or similar events are provided. The present invention automates operation of lift assist wheels and/or gull wings, such as those found on a stack-fold implement, based on the position of the tractor... Agent:

20150025757 - Multi-mode control system for rectangular baler and related method: A rectangular baler having a bale-forming chamber, a piston that is reciprocatable in the bale-forming chamber for compressing biomass to form bales. The dimensions of part of the interior of the bale-forming chamber are adjustable under the influence of at least one actuator the energization of which is controllable. A... Agent: Cnh Industrial America LLC

20150025752 - System and method for creating agricultural tramlines: A system for creating an agricultural tramline, comprising an agricultural planter, an application executing on a computer terminal, one or more seeding units mounted on the planter, a location sensor, and a planter control system, whereby an operator can use the application to create a file specifying the location of... Agent: Appareo Systems, LLC

20150025754 - Vehicle network, device and method for the coordination thereof: A device for coordinating a first vehicle with a transfer device and a second vehicle with a loading chamber that is filled by the transfer device includes a monitoring device for monitoring the transfer from the first vehicle to the second vehicle and a control unit. The control unit relies... Agent:

20150025753 - Work vehicle: A work vehicle includes an engine, an idling stop execution portion, a determination portion, a counting portion, and an idling stop time period adjustment portion. The engine can rotate in a first idling state and a second idling state in which the engine rotates at the number of rotations higher... Agent:

20150025755 - Yard maintenance vehicle obstacle avoidance / notification system: A riding yard maintenance vehicle may include a positioning module. The positioning module may include processing circuitry configured to receive information indicative of vehicle position of the riding yard maintenance vehicle, receive an indication of a triggering event that indicates a presence of an obstacle proximate to the riding yard... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20150025760 - Control apparatus of vehicle: Disclosed is a control apparatus of a vehicle which can control an internal combustion engine and a continuously variable transmission. The control apparatus is partly constituted by an ECU adapted to calculate a required drive force and a fuel consumption amount G. The ECU then calculates a time required for... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150025761 - Magnetic field sensor, actuating device and method for determining a relative position: A magnetic field sensor consists of a transmitter device for producing a magnetic field and a detecting device for detecting the magnetic field. The transmitter device and the detecting device are arranged in such a way that they can move in relation to each other. The detecting device consists of... Agent:

20150025762 - Music-based indication for electronic transmission range selection: Music-based electronic transmission range selection for a vehicle is provided. A first signal from a first electronic control unit (ECU) is received that is indicative of an initiation of an electronic park function. The first ECU generates a signal when an operator presses an electronic park button on an electronic... Agent:

20150025763 - Driving force transmission control system: A driving force transmission control system includes: an electric motor; a multi-disc clutch; a cam mechanism that converts rotation output from the electric motor into cam thrust force that is axial force in the axial direction of the multi-disc clutch; a pressure-conversion mechanism that converts reaction force against the cam... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20150025764 - System and method for distributing torque and a powertrain using the same: An apparatus and a method for distributing torque from a power source to a plurality of vehicle wheels, where the method can include obtaining data indicative of a rotational velocity of one of the wheels and data indicative of a position of the accelerator, determining a wheel acceleration based on... Agent:

20150025765 - Method and device for preventing unintentional acceleration of a motor vehicle: A method for monitoring a motor vehicle includes: monitoring whether a speed of the motor vehicle indicates a stopping condition of the motor vehicle; detecting whether at least one vehicle operating condition indicating an imminent unintentional acceleration of the vehicle exists; and triggering a fault response if (i) the vehicle... Agent: Bmw Ag

20150025767 - Method for operating a brake system for motor vehicles, and brake system: A method and system for operating a motor vehicle brake system, including several wheel brakes, an electrically controllable pressure supply device, dispenses a pressure medium volume for actuating the brakes, and an analogized or analog-controlled inlet valve, arranged in each wheel brake between the pressure supply device and wheel brake,... Agent:

20150025766 - Trailer access point pairing: A trailer electronic braking system includes a braking device capable of generating a braking force on a wheel on the trailer, a brake force into the brake cylinders being controllable by a braking ECU. The braking ECU is connected to a standards compliant communication bus on said trailer and is... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fur Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20150025768 - Vehicle travel control apparatus: Provided is a vehicle travel control apparatus, mounted on a host vehicle, which performs travel control of the host vehicle on the basis of a positional relationship between the host vehicle and a preceding vehicle traveling ahead of the host vehicle, the vehicle travel control apparatus including a millimeter wave... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150025770 - Method and control unit for monitoring traffic: The present invention relates to a method of identifying the hand of traffic applicable to a subject vehicle (3). The subject vehicle (3) travels in a first direction and has a first side and a second side. The method comprises tracking at least a first object vehicle (V) on the... Agent:

20150025769 - Vehicle speed control system and method: A system for controlling vehicle speed in accordance with a current value of vehicle set-speed. The system responds to user input to change the current value of vehicle set-speed to a different value and is configured to store the current value of set-speed in a memory as a stored set-speed... Agent:

20150025771 - Apparatus and method for correcting offset of yaw rate sensor and system for controlling speed of vehicle with the said apparatus: The present invention suggests an offset correcting apparatus of a yaw rate sensor which corrects an offset of a yaw sensor in accordance with a status of a vehicle in a cruise control system, a method thereof, and a vehicle speed control system including the apparatus.... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150025773 - Fuel supplying controller: A fuel supplying controller detecting a clogging of a fuel filter includes a period setting portion setting a non-detection period where a clogging detection is prohibited, an ambient-temperature detection portion detecting an ambient temperature of an exterior of a vehicle, and a residual-fuel detection portion detecting a residual-fuel quantity in... Agent:

20150025772 - Position indicator device: Also a position indicator device (10) comprising at least one pulse-induction affecting target (12), at least one pulse-induction coil (18), and pulse-induction indicator circuitry (22) connected to the said at least one pulse-induction coil (18) to provide a signal dependent upon the output thereof indicative of the position of the... Agent: Gill Corporate Limited

20150025774 - Fuel mixture system and assembly: A system and attendant structural assembly operative to establish a coordinated mixture of gaseous and distillate fuels for an engine including an electronic control unit (ECU) operative to monitor predetermined engine data determinative of engine fuel requirements and structured to regulate ratios of the gaseous and distillate fuel of an... Agent:

20150025775 - Fuel mixture system and assembly: A system and attendant structural assembly operative to establish a coordinated mixture of gaseous and distillate fuels for an engine including an electronic control unit (ECU) operative to monitor predetermined engine data determinative of engine fuel requirements and structured to regulate ratios of the gaseous and distillate fuel of an... Agent:

20150025776 - Fuel supplying controller: In a fuel supplying controller detecting a clogging of a fuel filter, a timer count portion includes a steady count portion and an unsteady count portion. The steady count portion adds a steady count value to a timer counter in a steady state where a vehicle-state value is less than... Agent:

20150025779 - Control apparatus for internal combustion engine: When a stop position of a piston resulting from the automatic stop is in a range that is on an advance side of a threshold in terms of crank angle, fuel injection is performed at beginning of the automatic restart-up in the cylinder that is in the intake stroke and... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150025778 - Gas-sensor-control device and control device of internal combustion engine: A constant current is made to flow between sensor electrodes by a constant current circuit provided in the outside of the oxygen sensor, whereby the output characteristics of an oxygen sensor can be changed. Further, when a specified current-switching-permission condition is met, a value of current flowing between the sensor... Agent:

20150025777 - Method and system for increasing vacuum generation by an engine: A method and a system for providing vacuum via an engine are described. In one example, introduction of a gaseous fuel is ceased in response to a request for the engine to provide vacuum to a vehicle vacuum system.... Agent:

20150025780 - Methods and systems for improving engine starting: Systems and methods for restarting an engine are presented. In one example, fuel is injected to cylinder ports before the engine is stopped such that the injected fuel is not inducted into the cylinders before an engine restart is requested. The method may improve fuel vaporization during engine restarting.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150025781 - Canister purge valve leak detection system: System for detecting leakage within a canister purge valve of an evaporative emission control system. The system includes a power train control module connected to the canister purge valve, configured to command the canister purge valve between open and closed positions. In addition, the system includes a flow meter having... Agent:

20150025782 - Method for controlling an engine: A device for controlling an engine includes: a first control circuit having a first controller, and a second control circuit having a second controller, the controllers being designed to control a state variable of the engine in each case. The second controller is disposed in such a way that it... Agent:

20150025783 - Method of displaying a map view and navigation device: Techniques of displaying a map view (200) for navigation of a vehicle are described. The map view includes graphical representation of predictive traffic information (220-1, 220-2, 220-3) respectively at an estimated time of passing of a corresponding road segment (210).... Agent:

20150025784 - Intelligent forward collision warning system: In an intelligent forward collision warning system that takes into account not only a first preceding vehicle traveling immediately ahead of the ego vehicle but also a second preceding vehicle traveling immediately ahead of the first preceding vehicle, a warning signal is produced upon detecting a critical state of the... Agent:

20150025785 - Method and system for obtaining emission and fuel consumption data: calculating (S6) an expected emission and/or fuel consumption for a typical vehicle on said road segment on the basis of an emission or fuel consumption model that indicates the emission or fuel consumption as a function of the value of the at least a first and a second parameter weighted... Agent: Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast- Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

20150025786 - Method and device for determining the speed and/or position of a vehicle: A method for determining the speed of a vehicle equipped with at least one surround sensor that determines environment data of the vehicle relative to at least one motionless object includes: receiving, by the vehicle, through wireless vehicle-to-environment communication with the at least one motionless object, a transmitted piece of... Agent:

20150025787 - Method for monitoring and signaling a traffic situation in the surroundings of a vehicle: A method for monitoring and signaling a traffic situation in the surrounding environment of a vehicle, a sensor acquiring a surrounding environment of the vehicle, an object at risk being recognized in the acquired environment, a collision probability and a prediction reliability being determined for the recognized object at risk,... Agent:

20150025788 - Systems, apparatus, and methods for acquisition and use of image data: Systems and methods for mapping. In one version mapping can be carried out. Vehicles may carry scanners used for mapping and three-dimensional modeling. Surveillance and monitoring methods and apparatus are also disclosed.... Agent:

20150025789 - Technique for lane assignment in a vehicle: A technique for assigning lanes on a road to objects moving in a vicinity of a vehicle on the road is proposed. A method embodiment of the invention comprises the steps of providing trajectories, wherein the or each trajectory represents a time sequence of positions of a moving object; selecting... Agent:

20150025790 - Geo-location services: A method for geo-location services is described. In one embodiment, the method includes storing in a database an appointment with one or more attendees and monitoring, via a sensor, a location of an attendee in relation to a time and location of the appointment. In some embodiments, the method includes... Agent:

20150025791 - Method for operating a safety system for a motor vehicle and safe system for a motor vehicle: A method for operating a safety system for a motor vehicle is disclosed. The method includes determining when there is a possible hazard situation in a part region of a road with a limited switching possibility for motor vehicles to switch to a region arranged adjacent to the road. A... Agent:

20150025792 - Dynamic navigation service: Systems and methods may provide for implementing a dynamic navigation service. In one example, the method may include generating user behavior data for a user, generating community user behavior data, generating a user suggested route, and generating a community user suggested route.... Agent:

20150025793 - Route selection by drag and drop: The various embodiments of the present invention may be directed to a system for facilitating data processing in a visual manner. An application may include, inter alia, a basket component for visually representing the particular data items that a user desires to be processed by an application. The application may... Agent:

20150025794 - Goggles for use in water: Goggles for use in water that are configured to guide a person along predetermined courses. The goggles can have a pair of indicators that can be in communication with a microprocessor. The microprocessor can actuate the indicators selectively to guide a person wearing the goggles along a predetermined course.... Agent:

20150025795 - Method for operating a motor vehicle and motor vehicle: A method for operating a motor vehicle is disclosed which includes determining of a current position of the motor vehicle and accessing a data of map data stored in at least one vehicle-external storage device. The accessed data set contains map data of surroundings of the determined current position of... Agent:

20150025796 - Aircraft location system for locating aircraft in water environments: A method and apparatus for an aircraft location system comprising an aircraft structure and a number of acoustic reflectors associated with the aircraft structure. The number of acoustic reflectors is configured to generate first sound signals in response to receiving second sound signals.... Agent:

20150025797 - Precision multiple vehicle navigation system: A method and apparatus for managing movement. A navigation system comprises a first inertial measurement unit enabled global positioning system device having a first inertial measurement unit with a first level of accuracy in a first vehicle and is configured to provide first information that identifies a position of the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150025798 - Probabilistic reverse geocoding: The accuracy of a reverse geocode for a GPS fix in a mobile phone navigation device is improved significantly by considering together the user's last known location on an original route, the elapsed time between the last known location on the original route and the latest GPS fix, and the... Agent:

20150025799 - Point-of-interest latency prediction using mobile device location history: A latency analysis system determines a latency period, such as a wait time, at a user destination. To determine the latency period, the latency analysis system receives location history from multiple user devices. With the location histories, the latency analysis system identifies points-of-interest that users have visited and determines the... Agent: Google Inc.

20150025800 - Method for monitoring vehicle driving state and vehicle navigation device for achieving the same: A method for monitoring a vehicle driving state, includes obtaining a first image for a scene in front of a vehicle so as to recognize a lane the vehicle currently travels in, obtaining a second image having a driving-restriction board, and recognizing, from the board, driving-restriction information for a region... Agent:

20150025801 - Gyro drift cancelation: Methods, devices, and systems are presented for compensating for gyroscopic drift in a stabilized gimbal system mounted on a vehicle. When the vehicle is parked and the gimbal is not being commanded to move by an operator, encoders or resolvers of the gimbal stabilized system are read and periodically read... Agent: Drs Sustainment Systems, Inc.

20150025802 - Navigation apparatus: A navigation apparatus includes a control unit for determining whether an approach route to a branch point, which is a route guidance object, and an exit route from the branch point correspond to a learned road link of a learned road data. The control unit provides a normal guidance, instructing... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150025803 - Method and apparatus for providing traffic information associated with map requests: A method and apparatus for enabling users who request a map of a specified route to invoke a data session to see images of the key markers and a video session to see live views of key points along the route are disclosed. If traffic appears congested, the subscriber can... Agent:

01/15/2015 > 91 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20150019042 - Device and method for operating a vehicle: A device for operating a vehicle includes: a vehicle movement module for forming control signals for a control unit of an actuating system of the vehicle; an energy management module for managing energy which is available for a vehicle operation, the energy management module being configured to form further control... Agent:

20150019043 - Computer-implemented method and system for controlling operation of an autonomous driverless vehicle in response to obstacle detection: A computer-implemented method and system for controlling operation of an autonomous driverless vehicle in response to detection of a hazard in the path of the vehicle.... Agent: Jaybridge Robotics, Inc.

20150019044 - Method and a system for controlling and monitoring operation of a device: A method of controlling and monitoring operation of a device is disclosed. The method includes communicating an authorization code via a management source to a processor having a memory. The processor is configured for regulating operation of the device, and is operatively connected to a keyless start arrangement configured to... Agent:

20150019045 - Safety system and method: A safety system for a boat includes a base unit securable to the boat and operably connected to one or more of the boat steering, engine and throttle controls. The base unit comprises a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader and speed measuring means. The safety system also includes a portable unit... Agent:

20150019046 - System for controlling power trunk or power tailgate: Disclosed is a system for controlling a power trunk or a power tailgate provided in a vehicle. The system includes: a rear sensing device that senses an object approaching a vehicle from a rear side of the vehicle within a predetermined distance; a smart key module (SKM) that recognizes a... Agent:

20150019047 - Display systems and methods for providing displays having an integrated autopilot functionality: A method for providing a display to a flight crew of an aircraft includes providing a horizontal navigation display that includes data regarding the movement of the aircraft in a horizontal direction and an aircraft icon indicating a position of the aircraft in the horizontal direction. The method further includes... Agent:

20150019048 - Display systems and methods for providing displays having an adaptive combined vision system: A method for providing a display to a flight crew of an aircraft includes the steps of providing a synthetic image comprising a first field of view forward of a direction of travel of the aircraft and providing a sensory image overlaying at least a first portion of the synthetic... Agent:

20150019050 - Method and device for displaying in real time a pitch instruction on an aircraft during manual piloting: A device comprising a display unit which is configured to display, on a screen of the cockpit of the aircraft, a pitch bar illustrating a pitch order and means for adapting the direct gain of the pitch law used to the effective manual behavior of the pilot in order to... Agent:

20150019049 - Passenger aircraft emergency procedures: Passenger aircraft includes seats, display screens facing the seats, and oxygen masks. When oxygen masks are deployed, imperative imagery is displayed that urges the passenger to at least don their oxygen mask, then optionally help others, etc. In some of these embodiments, the passenger aircraft further includes input devices. Each... Agent:

20150019051 - Real-time fault detection in an instrument landing system: An electronic system with real-time fault detection is provided. In one embodiment, the system includes analog circuitry, having a first input coupled to receive an input signal and a second input coupled to receive a test signal. The test signal is at an edge of a selected band that contains... Agent:

20150019052 - Transmission control device and transmission control method: A train state retriever acquires the state of a train. Based on the state of the train, a transmission priority determiner determines a transmission priority in transmitting transmission data serving as a transmission object to a transmission path. A transmitter transmits the transmission data to the transmission path in accordance... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150019053 - Communication with an underwater vehicle: A method of communicating with an underwater vehicle comprising a propulsion system for propelling the vehicle through the water. A series of data sets are encoded and transmitted to the underwater vehicle in a series of signal bursts, and decoded at the underwater vehicle. The propulsion system is operated in... Agent:

20150019061 - Control device for hybrid vehicle: A control device for a hybrid vehicle is configured to enter a driving mode in which a preset engine-start condition is met, and is configured to enter electric vehicle mode when a preset engine-stop condition is met, and includes an engine-start-condition-controlling device which, during travel in the electric vehicle mode,... Agent:

20150019056 - Method and device for driving a motor vehicle with hybrid drive: A method for driving a motor vehicle includes selecting a drive mode. The motor vehicle has a hybrid drive including an internal combustion engine and an electric machine for providing a drive torque (t) for driving the motor vehicle. The motor vehicle is drivable by a torque of the internal... Agent:

20150019054 - Method and system for a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle: Methods and systems are provided for displaying a recommended engine fuel fill amount to an operator of a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. In one example, the recommended engine fuel fill amount is determined based on an actual amount of fuel consumed over a particular duration and displayed to an operator... Agent:

20150019062 - Pedal assisted bicycle and method of controlling the pedal assisted bicycle: A pedal assisted bicycle a first and a second wheel; a pedaling assembly mechanically decoupled from the first and second wheels by which an user can supply a pedaling power; an electric motor mechanically coupled to at least one of the wheels capable of taking a motor power; a generator... Agent:

20150019059 - Power converter for vehicle generator-motor and method for controlling vehicle generator-motor: Provided are a power converter for a vehicle generator-motor and a method for controlling a vehicle generator-motor, which is used for a field winding type vehicle generator-motor configured to perform control in accordance with an external operating command in which a power converter is connected to a rotating electrical machine... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150019058 - Regenerative braking regulation in automotive vehicles: The invention relates to a self-learning regenerative control system that adapts to the user's driving style. The system receives as input a signal that is indicative of the friction brake usage and adapts the degree of regenerative braking accordingly. When the friction brake usage is high, the system will make... Agent:

20150019055 - Techniques for synchronous rectification control of dc-dc converters in electrified vehicles: Techniques are presented for synchronous rectification control (SRC) of a DC-DC converter in an electrified vehicle (EV) can include determining a required output current for the DC-DC converter based on a secondary voltage of a secondary battery system of the EV, the DC-DC converter being configured to convert a primary... Agent:

20150019060 - Travel control device: A travel control device selects the travel modes of the hybrid vehicle that includes a battery configured to be charged with electric power from an external power source, an MG configured to generate a driving force for running with the electric power of the battery, and an engine configured to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150019057 - Vehicle equipped with regenerative generator: A vehicle includes a power storage unit, a regenerative generator, and an electronic control unit. The regenerative generator is connected to the power storage unit and is configured to perform regenerative power generation. The electronic control unit is configured to perform regeneration amount enlargement control in which positions of stopping... Agent:

20150019064 - Apparatus and method for controlling driving of vehicle: An apparatus and a method for controlling driving of a vehicle are provided and the apparatus includes a sensor unit that has at least one sensor disposed at sides of a vehicle. In addition, a controller uses sensing information received from the sensor unit to confirm whether the vehicle enters... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019063 - Post-impact path assist for vehicles: An environment monitor has a plurality of sensors for detecting predetermined safety risks associated with a plurality of potential destination regions around a vehicle as the vehicle moves over a roadway. The environment monitor selects one of the potential destination regions having a substantially lowest safety risk as a target... Agent:

20150019065 - System, method, and apparatus for scheduling aircraft maintenance events: Systems, methods, and apparatuses for scheduling aircraft maintenance events. One system includes a user interface and at least one processor. The system is configured to receive an indication that an unscheduled maintenance event for an aircraft is to be scheduled, and to determine, using the at least one processor, a... Agent:

20150019066 - Leak detection for canister purge valve: Methods and systems for detecting a leak in a canister purge valve are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises indicating a leak in response to a temperature change in a fuel vapor canister coupled to a fuel tank in an emission control system while the engine is in... Agent:

20150019067 - System and method for detecting anomaly associated with driving of a vehicle: Disclosed are a device, system and methods for detecting an anomaly associated with driving of a vehicle. Z-axis acceleration data is determined at the device. Based on the Z-axis acceleration data, jerk energies are computed and transmitted to the system for analysis. Further, the jerk energies are received for a... Agent:

20150019068 - Vehicle component identification and configuration registry reporting system: A method and system for utilizing a telematics unit on a telematics-equipped vehicle as a register for ECU Critical Information (ECI) associated with the ECUs in the vehicle, which may include their serial numbers, configurations, software images, and other data includes the telematics unit querying ECUs within the telematics-equipped vehicle... Agent:

20150019069 - Reverse event signature for identifying hit and run vehicles: Identifying a vehicle involved in a hit-and-run accident may comprise generating a damage signature associated with a first vehicle that is left behind with collision damage in a hit-and-run accident. A reverse event signature may be generated that indicates a position of impact and severity of damage associated with a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150019070 - Method of analysing flight data: The invention relates to a method of analysing flight data recorded during N flights of at least one aircraft, by means of a flight data recorder of an aircraft, the data being grouped together by flight i in a signature vector of the flight Xi of size d, the components... Agent: Sagem Defense Securite

20150019071 - Method and apparatus for detecting abnormality of vehicle: A vehicle abnormality detecting apparatus 1 includes wheel load sensors 11 that are attached to right and left rails R constituting a track to measure wheel loads of wheels 3 provided in a vehicle 2; and a calculation unit 12 that is connected to the wheel load sensors 11. An... Agent:

20150019072 - Head-up display and method with speed sensitive light intensity: A head-up display light source intensity control for a vehicle can include sensing an ambient light intensity condition and providing ambient light intensity data indicative of the ambient light intensity condition to a controller. A speed of the vehicle is sensed and vehicle speed data indicative of the speed of... Agent:

20150019076 - Method for identifying redundantly received information items, vehicle-to-x communication system and use of the system: A method for identifying redundantly received information in which the information is contained in vehicle-to-X messages, one vehicle-to-X message comprising at least one item of information, a plurality of vehicle-to-X messages being received by a receiver, and at least one portion of a total number of items of information being... Agent:

20150019073 - Oil pump system of hybrid vehicle and method for controlling the same: An oil pump system of a hybrid vehicle may include an electric oil pump which supplies operating hydraulic pressure to the transmission based on a speed command; a data detector which detects data for controlling the electric oil pump; and a controller which sets a driving mode of the electric... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019074 - System and method for controlling a speech recognition system: A method and system can control a speech recognition system in a vehicle. The method includes monitoring adaptive feature data about interactions between a user and the speech recognition system. The method includes determining a first group of samples of the adaptive feature data and creating a control chart based... Agent:

20150019077 - Vehicle having electrical consumers integrated with a physical onboard power supply system: A vehicle with an internal combustion engine, with a physical onboard power supply system and with at least one electrical energy source, wherein electrical consumers are integrated in the physical onboard power supply system and the physical onboard power supply system comprises a switchable terminal 15, wherein, when the terminal... Agent:

20150019075 - Wiper control: A method for cleaning and drying a transparent pane is described. The method uses a hydrophobic coating in order to wipe off the residual moisture, wherein the quantity of water on the outside of the pane is measured after the vehicle engine has been switched off and, in the event... Agent: Saint-gobain Glass France

20150019082 - Control apparatus for vehicle: An apparatus for controlling a vehicle provided with a steering apparatus is provided with: a first target controlled variable setting device for setting a first target controlled variable regarding the steering apparatus for track control which makes a track of the vehicle follow a target track; a controlling device for... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150019080 - Driver assistance system for a motor vehicle: A driver assistance system and method are disclosed which provides improved determination of possible collision objects. The system includes at least one sensor and a classification device. The threshold value of the classification device for classifying an object sensed by means of the at least one sensor as possible collision... Agent:

20150019078 - Electric actuator-integrated electric power steering system and method of controlling the same: An electric actuator-integrated electric power steering system may include an integrated motor which provides rotational force, a hydraulic pump connected to one end of the integrated motor and supplied with the rotational force from the integrated motor to pump working fluid that is used to transmit steering force, and an... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019081 - Guidance and control of vehicle travel path and components: A vehicle, a tool carriage assembly, and a system are disclosed. The vehicle includes drive wheels and a steering assembly which are responsive to control signal(s) to substantially correct a displacement error of the vehicle relative to an intended travel path. The tool carriage assembly includes a support section operatively... Agent:

20150019079 - Method of inhibiting an automatic engine stop during steering maneuver: A method of inhibiting an automatic engine stop in an automotive system is disclosed. The automotive system includes a controller for automatically stopping and starting an internal combustion engine, and an electric steering system. An automatic engine stop is inhibited if a supply current (Isuppl) for the electric steering system... Agent:

20150019085 - Control system: The invention relates to a control system for driving a motorized closure element of a motor vehicle, wherein a control arrangement and at least one distance sensor are provided in order to detect operator control events, wherein a distance from a user can be detected by means of the distance... Agent:

20150019083 - Method and system for hands-free operation of a power window of a vehicle: A method for hands-free operation of a power window of a vehicle, comprising: determining an order of activation of a first sensor and a second sensor, the first sensor and the second sensor being spaced apart and located inside the vehicle proximate the power window; when the first sensor is... Agent: Magna Closures Inc.

20150019084 - Method, system, and vehicle with controlled door opening: In a door opening control method executed in a vehicle, an association between a ratio of a size of a moving object in an image to a size of the image and a distance between the moving object and the vehicle is established. A first image and a second image... Agent:

20150019086 - Blade control device, working machine and blade control method: When a blade load is reduced from a value greater than or equal to a first set load value to a value less than the first set load value, a blade control device is configured to set a virtual designed surface to be closer to a blade than a designed... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20150019087 - System and method of vector drive control for a mining machine: Controlling a digging operation of an industrial machine. The industrial machine includes a dipper, a crowd motor, and a hoist motor. The control includes determining a torque associated with the crowd motor and a torque associated with the hoist motor and determining a dig force vector for the dipper based... Agent:

20150019088 - Apparatus and method of processing road data: An apparatus for processing road information includes: a global positioning system (GPS) sensor configured to detect a location of a vehicle; a navigation device configured to output short-range road information and long-range road information according to a location of the vehicle; and a vehicle controller configured to restore forward road... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019089 - Data monitoring system for final drive: A data monitoring system for a final drive is disclosed. The final drive includes a first planetary gear assembly and a cover plate. The data monitoring system includes a first probe, a second probe, a data acquisition system, a wireless router, and an engagement member. The first probe and the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150019090 - Transmission clutch control using lumped inertia modeling: A vehicle powertrain includes an engine, transmission, torque converter assembly, and controller. The controller includes recorded lumped inertia models of the powertrain and instructions for executing a clutch-to-clutch shift using these models. The models collectively reduce powertrain dynamics to two or three degrees of freedom. The controller executes a method... Agent:

20150019091 - Vehicle control system: Disclosed is a vehicle control system capable of selectively setting one of a normal mode and a sport mode as a vehicle travel mode, wherein normal-mode and sport-mode target acceleration characteristics are set in such a manner that a sport-mode target acceleration is greater than a normal-mode target acceleration, when... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20150019092 - Work vehicle and inching control device thereof: An inching control device reliably protects the clutch during inching operation while not interfering with workability during inching operation. The device includes an allowable heat generation rate acquiring means for acquiring the allowable heat generation rate for the clutch plate, an operation amount detecting means for detecting the amount of... Agent:

20150019093 - System and method of controlling transmission for vehicle: A system and a method of controlling a transmission for a vehicle can protect the transmission by controlling an oil temperature in the transmission when driving on a long uphill road. The system may include: an engine generating driving torque; a transmission converting and outputting the driving torque generated at... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019094 - Traction control system for 4wd/awd vehicles equipped with onboard camera: A method controls a powertrain that directs power from an engine and a transmission to all four wheels or to just front wheels or to just rear wheels. The method includes monitoring information transmitted over a communications network. The method determines whether one or more components of the powertrain are... Agent:

20150019095 - 2-speed transmission clutch learning system for hybrid vehicle and method thereof: A 2-speed transmission clutch learning method for a hybrid electric vehicle may include detecting whether the 2-speed transmission clutch may be operated through an actuator by driving a motor, learning an open position, a slip position, and a lock-up position of the 2-speed transmission clutch by detecting the amount of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019100 - Control device and method for transferring brake fluid into at least one wheel brake cylinder of a brake system of a vehicle: A method for transferring brake fluid into a wheel brake cylinder of a brake system of a vehicle includes: controlling a switchover valve, via which a brake circuit having the wheel brake cylinder is connected to a main brake cylinder, into a closed state; subsequently reducing a booster force of... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150019097 - Control system for vehicle: A control system for a vehicle includes a rotary electric machine and an electronic control unit. The rotary electric machine is configured to generate regenerative braking force at a wheel by generating electric power with the use of power from the wheel during braking of the vehicle. The electronic control... Agent:

20150019099 - Electric parking brake control device, control method and control program, and brake system: A control device for an electric parking brake controls a motor for driving a friction member of the electric parking brake. The control device includes a processing unit which starts the motor in order to drive the friction member to a direction for placing the electric parking brake in a... Agent:

20150019096 - Motor initialization method and apparatus for electric booster brake system: A motor initialization method for an electric booster brake system may include: determining, by a control unit, whether a key on signal of a vehicle is inputted; turning on a warning light and determining a battery voltage state of the vehicle, when the key on signal is inputted; and performing... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150019098 - Signal transmitter, system and method for highlighting objects in road traffic, use of the system, and use of the signal transmitter: A signal generator for highlighting objects in road traffic, including a marker and a carrier material. The marker is arranged on the carrier material in such a manner that the marker covers one surface side of the carrier material and/or is added to a substance of the carrier material. The... Agent:

20150019101 - Method for ensuring a braking effect: A method for ensuring a braking effect utilizes a service brake system and a parking brake system of a vehicle. The service brake system is configured to be actuated irrespective of a driver input, and the parking brake system is activated by an extraneous force, for example in an electromechanical... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20150019103 - Mobile robot having friction coefficient estimation function and friction coefficient estimation method: A mobile robot configured to move on a ground. The mobile robot including a contact angle estimation unit estimating contact angles between wheels of the mobile robot and the ground and uncertainties associated with the contact angles, a traction force estimation unit estimating traction forces applied to the wheels and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150019102 - System and method of controlling starting of vehicle: A system and a method of controlling vehicle starting may include a wheel speed sensor detecting a speed of at least one wheel among wheels of the vehicle, a vehicle speed detector detecting a vehicle speed, an acceleration detector detecting a vehicle acceleration, a vertical acceleration sensor detecting a vertical... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019104 - Gas turbine engine controller with event trigger: A feedback control system is provided and includes a controller to control an operation of a motive element in accordance with current and previous measured states. The controller includes a servo, a processor and an event trigger controller. The event trigger controller is configured to cause the processor to command... Agent:

20150019105 - Variable cam phaser: A cam phaser includes a rotor, a stator, and a cover. The rotor defines a first hole and a second hole and can rotate relative to the stator between a first intermediate position and a second intermediate position. The cover is mounted on the stator and defines a first lock... Agent:

20150019108 - Filtering method for intermittent ultrasonic level sensors: Methods are provided for determining an exhaust fluid level in an exhaust fluid storage tank based on a signal, and a quality of the signal from an exhaust fluid level sensor located in the exhaust fluid tank of a vehicle.... Agent:

20150019109 - Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine: In a method for controlling the stopping behavior of an internal combustion engine, after a stop request, an air metering device initially reduces the volume of air supplied to the internal combustion engine during the stop and subsequently increases this volume of air again at an opening crankshaft angle (KWopen),... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150019106 - Method and system for an engine for detection and mitigation of insufficient torque: A method comprises in response to an oil pressure below a threshold oil pressure, and an engine speed below a threshold engine speed, restricting cam movement while the vehicle is moving, and during a vehicle stopped condition, overriding the restricted cam movement.... Agent:

20150019107 - Method of inferring start-up misfires due to the build-up of ice and melt water in the intake system of a vehicle engine: Methods are provided for determining ice formation during cruising under cold weather conditions at the intake manifold or throttle body of an engine system and for enabling engine misfire diagnostics upon detection of dissipation of the formed ice.... Agent:

20150019110 - Fuel injection control device and fuel injection control method for internal combustion engine: An electronic control unit detects a manner of fluctuation of a fuel pressure with injection of fuel by a fuel injection valve with the use of a fuel pressure sensor, and calculates a tendency of deviation of an actual fuel injection characteristic of the fuel injection valve with respect to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150019112 - Control device for internal combustion engine: Knocking and misfire are judged by detecting combustion ions generated in a combustion chamber with an ion sensor, obtaining an integral signal by integrating the ion signal, and comparing the integral signal with a misfire judgment value and a knocking judgment value based on a signal obtained by averaging integral... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150019111 - System and method for alerting and suppression of detonation and/or pre ignition phenomena in internal combustion engines by monitoring rpm fluctuation: An engine system with advance detection of detonation and/or pre ignition, the system comprising an engine, operative for propulsion of a vehicle by generating rotational motion, whose rotational velocity over time is monitored; and a detonation and/or pre ignition detector operative to provide an alert for impending detonation and/or pre... Agent:

20150019114 - Method of controlling engine of isg vehicle: Provided is a method of controlling an engine of an idle-stop and go (ISG) vehicle. The method includes allowing, when an engine stop condition is satisfied, the engine to idle-stop and maintaining, when an engine stop signal is transmitted from an outside, an idle-stop state of the engine although an... Agent: Lsis Co., Ltd.

20150019113 - System and method of controlling starting of vehicle: A system of controlling starting of a vehicle may include a vehicle speed sensor detecting vehicle speed, an accelerator pedal position sensor detecting position of an accelerator pedal, a brake pedal position sensor detecting when a brake pedal may be operated or not, a distance sensor detecting a distance from... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019116 - Synchronized driving assist apparatus and synchronized driving assist system: A synchronized driving assist apparatus includes: a first acceleration power spectrum acquisition section that acquires a first acceleration power spectrum according to acceleration of a first vehicle; a second acceleration power spectrum acquisition section that acquires a second acceleration power spectrum according to acceleration of a second vehicle; a cross... Agent:

20150019115 - System and method for providing driving information of electric vehicle: A system for providing driving information of an electric includes a telematics terminal configured to collect driver information, internal state information, and external environment information, and transmitting the collected driver information, internal state information, and external environment information. A path information server is configured to transmit road information and traffic... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019117 - Method for regulating the distance of a vehicle from a preceding vehicle: A method for regulating a distance of a vehicle from a preceding vehicle (vehicle ahead) based on available information for the subject vehicle's speed, for the distance and for the speed of the vehicle ahead and on data regarding route information includes determining a fuel-saving situation for a fuel saving... Agent: Man Truck & Bus Ag

20150019118 - Method for determining an expected consumption value of a motor vehicle: A method for determining an expected consumption value of a motor vehicle for a predetermined driving situation—includes detecting actual consumption values and storing these values upon each occurrence of the predetermined driving situation, and further estimating the expected consumption value on the basis of the stored consumption values. Furthermore, a... Agent:

20150019119 - Apparatus and method for detecting narrow road in front of vehicle: An apparatus for detecting a narrow road in front of a vehicle includes: a narrow road determination processor configured to generate circular arcs passing between obstacles, select a circular arc closest to the middle of the obstacles among the generated circular arcs, and generate an offset curve which is a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019120 - Apparatus and method for driving guide of vehicle: An apparatus and method for a driving guide of a vehicle are provided and include a sensor unit that has at least one sensor mounted within the vehicle. In addition, a controller is configured to sense obstacles positioned at a front and side of the vehicle using sensing information received... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150019121 - Intelligent map combination for venues enabling indoor positioning: Methods and devices are described for merging maps. In one potential embodiment a method may comprise receiving an indication of at least one plurality of geographically proximate points, where each of the at least one plurality of geographically proximate points are determined by at least one access point in communication... Agent:

20150019123 - Method for estimating location and apparatus using the same: A method and apparatus for displaying a map are provided. The method includes receiving user input for displaying a map, receiving location information regarding surrounding apparatus from each of at least one of the surrounding apparatus using short range wireless communication, in response to the user input, and displaying a... Agent:

20150019122 - Navigation system with multi-layer road capability mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a navigation system includes: detecting a current location for locating a vehicle; determining a road type as multi-layered at the current location for identifying a multi-layer road structure; calculating a first average speed outside an intersection location; calculating a second average speed at the intersection... Agent:

20150019125 - Gps navigation directions display device, system, and process with points of interest: Some embodiments include a navigational process for alerting a user of a portable navigational device of an upcoming point of interest. The navigational process may be implemented as a navigational software application that runs on the portable navigational device. In some embodiments, a wide-area global positioning system (GPS) provides navigational... Agent:

20150019124 - System and method for locating, tracking, and/or monitoring the status of personnel and/or assets both indoors and outdoors: A system and method for locating, tracking, and/or monitoring the status of personnel and/or assets (collectively “trackees”), both indoors and outdoors, is provided. Tracking data obtained from any number of sources utilizing any number of tracking methods may be provided as input to a mapping application. The mapping application generates... Agent:

20150019126 - Providing navigational support through corrective data: A method and system for providing navigational support through corrective data includes monitoring a user's current position and travel pattern. A likelihood that the user is lost may be calculated based on the user's travel pattern and current position. If the likelihood exceeds a threshold value, the user may be... Agent:

20150019127 - Systems and methods for displaying navigational information: Systems and methods for displaying navigational information are provided. An exemplary navigational device can include a processor, a memory, a user interface, a positioning system, and a network interface. The processor can adjust a scale of a map displayed on the display to reflect the minimum of a first distance... Agent:

20150019128 - Method and system for representing traffic signals in a road network database: A method and system for representing traffic control signals in a road network database is provided. The database may include lane-level modeling, intersection modeling, and traffic signal modeling of a road network. An individual traffic signal is represented in the database with data indicating the traffic signal's geographic location and... Agent:

20150019129 - Portable device for determining azimuth: A device is described herein for determining azimuth comprising a MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU), a GPS system comprising a GPS antenna and receiver, and a processor configured to receive data from said IMU and from said GPS system, said processor being configured to process said IMU data and said... Agent:

20150019130 - Dual function focal plane array seeker: A system and method of tracking an object is disclosed. Light is received from the object at a lens having an optical axis, a non-linear off-axis (peripheral) portion and an on-axis portion. The received light is directed onto a photodetector array via the non-linear peripheral portion of the lens. A... Agent:

20150019131 - Location-based security: In one disclosed embodiment, a portable user-carried device includes wireless communication circuitry capable of determining a relative direction of a wireless signal in a vehicle. A processor may be programmed to determine a location of the device within a vehicle based upon the relative direction of the wireless signal as... Agent: Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.

20150019132 - System and method for vehicle routing using stochastic optimization: A vehicle system enabling a processor to calculate the most efficient route to a destination based on estimated energy usage, vehicle data, and other inputs until the final destination is reached. The vehicle system may receive location related data that may include the current vehicle location and one or more... Agent:

01/08/2015 > 63 patent applications in 36 patent subcategories.

20150012152 - Location information exchange between vehicle and device: Methods and systems for a complete vehicle ecosystem are provided. Specifically, systems that when taken alone, or together, provide an individual or group of individuals with an intuitive and comfortable vehicular environment. The present disclosure builds on integrating existing technology with new devices, methods, and systems to provide a complete... Agent:

20150012153 - Brake control system comprising tire/runway friction property estimation mapping: Systems and methods for a tire/runway friction property estimation method based on measured wheel speed, calculated acceleration, wheel reference and tire normal force estimation are disclosed. Based on the resulting estimations, a map and/or function of position for the friction properties may be formed and transmitted to external systems after... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150012154 - Aircraft: A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (101) for transporting persons or loads, including a plurality of preferably equivalent and redundant electric motors (3) and propellers (2), substantially arranged in one surface, wherein each propeller is assigned an individual electric motor to drive the propeller, the aircraft being characterized in that... Agent: E-volo Gmbh

20150012155 - Aircraft comprising a measuring probe and method for determining flight parameters of such an aircraft: The invention relates to an aircraft including a fuselage and a first measuring probe including means for measuring the local incidence, means for measuring the static pressure, and optionally means for measuring the total pressure. The fuselage includes at least one first zone where the pressure coefficient of the aircraft... Agent: Thales

20150012156 - System and method for configuring a direct lift control system of a vehicle: Systems and methods for configuring a direct lift control system of a vehicle are disclosed. An example system provided herein includes a spoiler coupled to an aircraft, a direct lift control schedule to generate a plurality of spoiler deflection commands and a controller to control an actuator coupled to the... Agent:

20150012157 - Method and system for using dynamic boundaries to manage the progression of ride vehicles that have rider control inputs: A method for controlling vehicle progression along a ride path of an amusement park ride. The method includes receiving inputs from a passenger of a vehicle on the ride path and processing the received inputs to determine a vehicle state change. The method includes determining a present or predicted vehicle... Agent:

20150012160 - Damping control device and damping control method for vehicle using electric motor: A damping control method of a vehicle using an electric motor for suppressing vibration of the vehicle using the electric motor as a power source includes setting a drive torque target value based on vehicle information of the vehicle, and performing filter processing on the drive torque target value using... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150012158 - Electric vehicle: An electric vehicle is provided which allows an output torque to be automatically adjusted during travelling even when there is a difference in output characteristic between two traction motor units (6, 6) that independently drive left and right drive wheels (2). The electric vehicle includes the motor units; a torque... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20150012161 - Power conversion apparatus, electronic steering system, electric vehicle, electronic control throttle and power brake: An object is to prevent the motor from carrying out a regeneration braking operation even if any of phase output lines is short-circuited to VB or GND in addition to a short-circuit failure occurring in a MOSFET of an inverter. The semiconductor switching devices of a power conversion apparatus each... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd

20150012159 - Speed change control system and speed change control method for hybrid vehicle: A speed change control system for a hybrid vehicle comprised of a first motor-generator, a differential mechanism that distributes a power of an engine to the first motor-generator and to an output member and that changes an engine speed in accordance with a speed of the first motor-generator, and a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150012163 - Autonomous mobile platform for service applications: In some embodiments, a coupling exists on the base unit to attach additional structures and mechanisms. These structures may comprise a means for carrying packages or other items, robotic manipulators that can grab and move objects, interactive audio and video displays for telepresence applications, a means for serving food and... Agent:

20150012167 - Control device for an autonomous land vehicle: A control device for an autonomous land vehicle, in particular truck or passenger car, which controls actuators of the vehicle to perform autonomous navigation on the basis of surroundings data acquired by sensors. The control device controls the actuators in accordance with input from the sensors and with a desired... Agent:

20150012164 - Method and apparatus for controlling driving of robot: A method includes constructing map information by obtaining information of environment of a target mowing area, generating a 3-D space path along which the robot having mowing equipment mounted thereon is to move in the target mowing area based on the constructed map information, driving the robot so that the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150012166 - Method and apparatus for operating a motor vehicle in an automated driving mode: A method for operating a motor vehicle in an automated driving mode includes: identifying, using two devices, the current position, the objects and open spaces currently present in the vehicle surroundings; respectively identifying, by the two devices, a trajectory for independent vehicle guidance; and in two regulation devices, control signals... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150012162 - Robotic-mounted monument system for metrology systems: A method and apparatus for aligning a number of measurement systems to a reference coordinate system. In one illustrative example, an apparatus may comprise a number of robotic vehicles and a number of monuments associated with the number of robotic vehicles. The number of robotic vehicles may be configured to... Agent:

20150012168 - Semi-autonomous dolly: Various systems and methods are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a system comprises a track comprising one or more sections, the track including track indicators readable by a track indicator sensor and used to determine a dolly's position on the track, and the dolly including one or more sensors and... Agent:

20150012165 - Vehicle system, a vehicle and a method for autonomous road irregularity avoidance: A vehicle, a vehicle system and a method for allowing a host vehicle to autonomously avoid road irregularities are provided. The system communicates vehicle sensor data relating to detected road irregularities and host vehicle position information with an external database. A processor is arranged to determine a trajectory for the... Agent:

20150012169 - System and method for pre-evaluation vehicle diagnostic and repair cost estimation: Systems and methods are provided for estimating a diagnosis of a vehicle in need of repair in advance of performing any diagnostic tests on the vehicle. The invention further estimates the costs for a repair to a vehicle in need of repair in advance of performing any diagnostic tests to... Agent: Precision Auto Repair Center Of Stamford, LLC

20150012170 - Processing of automobile data on a smartphone: A device for determining an operating state of an automobile from automobile data available on a CAN network of the vehicle, the device including a computer for mathematically processing the data to determine the operating state of the vehicle. The computer is hosted in a smartphone, a specific application for... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150012171 - Assembly inspection system and method: A method for inspecting assembly of components in a structure includes acquiring a visual representation of at least a portion of the structure, and saving an electronic file of the visual representation on a computer readable medium. A three-dimensional design of the structure, which contains information on a proper position... Agent:

20150012172 - Method for calibrating a plurality of environment sensors in a vehicle: The invention relates to a method and a device for calibrating a plurality of environment sensors in a vehicle. To this end, traffic light signals are detected and identified from the data of at least one environment sensor. The plurality of environment sensors are calibrated when it has been determined... Agent:

20150012173 - Method and system for displaying braking information: A method and system for displaying braking information such as energy dissipation braking information and regenerative braking information. The automobile including an energy dissipation braking system, a regenerative braking system, an energy dissipation braking sensor, a regenerative braking sensor, an energy conversions system, an energy storage unit, an energy storage... Agent:

20150012176 - Detection method for operating gestures: A method for operating a function in a motor vehicle employs a sensor arrangement with at least two spaced sensors for detecting operations caused by a user. Signals of a first sensor are monitored until a first characteristic signal answer is detected. A user-carried identification device is queried to verify... Agent: Huf Hulsbeck & Furst Gmbh & Co. Kg

20150012174 - System and method of controlling state of charge of battery in vehicle: Provided is a system and method for controlling a state of charge of a battery including: an electrical load detector configured to detect information about voltages demanded by a plurality of electrical loads mounted in a vehicle; an alternator configured to generate a voltage with power of an engine, and... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150012175 - Vehicle power supply device: When the fuel supply to an internal combustion engine has stopped due to a vehicle starting to decelerate or the like, and the speed of the vehicle is greater than a predetermined speed, then a controller causes a power generator to operate in a first power generating mode. The controller... Agent:

20150012177 - Method for controlling a torque of a roll stabilizing system: A method for controlling a torque of a roll stabilizing system which acts on a wheel suspension system of a chassis for a vehicle in order to correct a rolling inclination of the bodywork of a vehicle, wherein a spring travel value of at least two wheels of the vehicle... Agent:

20150012183 - Control device for steer-by-wire steering mechanism: Provided is a control device for a steer-by-wire steering mechanism, the control device including: a tire lateral force detection unit configured to detect tire lateral forces acting on left and right wheels; and a toe angle control unit configured to control toe angles of left and right wheels independently of... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20150012179 - Driving assist controller for vehicle: Feed-forward control amounts of an electric motor, which are necessary for a vehicle to travel along the target course under the feed-forward control, are calculated on the basis of the road shape. The prediction time is variably set to be shorter as the present displacement between the target course and... Agent:

20150012180 - Electric power steering system: An electric power steering system includes a motor that generates an assist force; and an ECU that computes a basic current command value corresponding to the assist force, based on a steering torque, and that controls the motor based on the basic current command value and a stabilization current command... Agent:

20150012182 - Method and device for assisting a driver of a vehicle in a bottleneck: A method for assisting a vehicle driver in a bottleneck, including the tasks of reading in, evaluating, and providing. In the reading in, a piece of information about a negotiable corridor in the bottleneck, a piece of information about an instantaneous trajectory of the vehicle in the bottleneck, and a... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150012178 - Rotary electric machine control apparatus having abnormality detection function: A rotary electric machine control apparatus controls driving of a motor, which generates assist torque in accordance with steering torque inputted by steering operation on a steering wheel. An abnormality detection part acquires a voltage detection value related to an operation parameter, which varies when the motor is being supplied... Agent:

20150012181 - Vehicle having a plurality of steering programs: An agricultural vehicle has steerable front and rear wheels and a steering control unit for controlling a steering pole of the wheels on a basis of direction-of-travel information. The steering control unit is configured to switch between two or more steering programs that respectively implement different interrelationships between the direction-of-travel... Agent:

20150012184 - Method for power management of wireless automotive modules: A satellite sensor system for a vehicle includes an application motion sensor for sensing vehicle motion for the purpose of activating a vehicle safety system, a low power consumption motion sensor for monitoring vehicle motion when the vehicle is parked or otherwise not in a driving mode, and an RF... Agent:

20150012185 - Vehicle system for control of vehicle safety parameters, a vehicle and a method for controlling safety parameters: A vehicle, a method and a vehicle system for control of vehicle safety parameters is provided. The system is arranged to determine a closing velocity between a host vehicle exterior portion and an external object in a road environment where the host vehicle and the external object approach each other.... Agent:

20150012186 - Systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for monitoring health and ergonomic status of drivers of vehicles: Provided are embodiments of systems, computer medium and computer-implemented methods for monitoring a status of a driver when driving a vehicle. A system including a set of sensors configured to be disposed in the vehicle to collect driver status data. The system processing the driver status data to determine whether... Agent:

20150012190 - Combine side shake cleaning control system: A combine side-shaking control system and a method for controlling operation of a side-shaking mechanism in a combine. The control system includes at least one sieve for separating crop material from other materials and a movable side-shaking mechanism coupled to the at least one sieve and configured to move the... Agent:

20150012188 - Crane controller: The present invention shows a crane controller for the semi-automatic control of a rotary crane, the crane comprising at least a slewing actuator for creating a slewing motion of the crane and/or a luffing actuator for creating a luffing motion of the crane, the crane controller comprising an input unit... Agent:

20150012187 - Industrial vehicle and method for controlling industrial vehicle: An industrial vehicle implements an automatic engine stop function that automatically stops an engine installed on a vehicle body. The industrial vehicle includes an engine starting battery arranged in the vehicle body to start the engine, an operator seat arranged on the vehicle body, a seating detector adapted to detect... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

20150012189 - System and method for controlling soil finish from an agricultural implement: An agricultural implement system is provided that includes a row unit configured to deposit agricultural material into soil along a direction of travel. The agricultural implement system also includes a sensor configured to output a signal indicative of soil displaced by the row unit, and an implement controller communicatively coupled... Agent:

20150012191 - Automatic transmission: An automatic transmission capable of causing first and second clutches and a connection/disconnection device to properly operate during stoppage of a vehicle, thereby enabling preventing vibration and improving marketability as well as obtaining excellent vehicle startability. When a shift position is switched to a forward travel position, first and second... Agent:

20150012192 - System and method of selecting optimum gear of automobile: A system and method of selecting optimum gear of automobile is provided. The system includes a data processor; a running vehicle data collection module; an output module; and a memory. The memory is stored with universal characteristic curve of an engine, gear ratios of a gearbox, speed reduction ratios, and... Agent:

20150012193 - Transmissions with torque and/or speed sensor arrangements: A transmission includes sensors positioned adjacent respective pairs of magnetized bands on a shaft of the transmission for detecting magnetic flux emanating from the bands in response to torque on the shaft. The transmission further includes an electronics interface assembly configured to respectively provide drive signals to the sensors and... Agent:

20150012194 - Method for operating a manual transmission in a motor vehicle: A method for operating a manual transmission in a motor vehicle, includes recognizing in driving states of the motor vehicle in which no gear is engaged in the manual transmission a condition indicating that a gear is to be engaged; and displaying which gear is to be engaged in the... Agent: Audi Ag

20150012198 - Device for controlling vehicle: A device controls a vehicle moving around a parking lot and communicates a signal with a facility transceiver placed on the parking lot. The device comprises a vehicle transceiver installed in the vehicle that transmits the signal to the facility transceiver and receivers the signal from the facility transceiver. The... Agent:

20150012197 - Enhanced regenerative braking control method for brake booster pressure build-up delay compensation: A regenerative braking control method. An illustrative embodiment of the method includes selecting a vehicle speed at onset of transition from regenerative braking to friction braking of a vehicle, comparing the vehicle speed to a threshold value, applying a delayed regenerative braking torque ramp out to a hybrid powertrain and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150012196 - Method, system and device for controlling a vehicle brake system: To operate an electrically controlled pressurized-fluid brake system, an external brake request signal is received, a curve radius of a vehicle track of the vehicle is determined, at least one limit value is determined based on the curve radius, at least one variable representing a brake pressure to be supplied... Agent: Wabco Europe Bvba

20150012195 - System and method for detecting an on ground condition of an aircraft: Systems and methods for detecting an on ground condition of an aircraft are disclosed. A weight on wheel system may determine that an aircraft is on the ground. Wheel speed sensors may measure the speed of the aircraft wheels. Axle reference speeds may be calculated for each landing gear based... Agent:

20150012200 - System and method for traffic signal recognition: Detecting traffic signaling of a mobile environment includes receiving image frames captured by an imaging device to detect a traffic signal candidate therefrom based on at least a vehicle location. A score having a predefined value is established for the traffic signal candidate. The traffic signal candidate is tracked by... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150012199 - Trailer access point: A trailer electronic braking system includes a braking device capable of generating a braking force on a wheel on the trailer, a brake force into the brake cylinders being controllable by a braking ECU The braking ECU is connected to a standards compliant communication bus on said trailer and is... Agent: Knorr-bremse Systeme Fur Nutzfahrzeuge Gmbh

20150012201 - Brake control system comprising runway friction property estimation mapping: Systems and methods for detecting the onset of wheel skids and controlling brake torque to achieve efficient and smooth braking performance are described herein. A brake control system may utilize an algorithm, along with substantially real-time measured values to assist with controlling brake torque to achieve efficient and smooth braking... Agent:

20150012202 - Controlling the speed of a vehicle during parking: Regulating a speed of a motor vehicle during an automated parking operation comprises measuring a speed of the motor vehicle during the automated parking operation, comparing the measured speed with a predefined speed value, reducing an engine power of an internal combustion engine of the motor vehicle and increasing a... Agent:

20150012203 - Method and system for controlling a driving distance: A method is provided for controlling a driving distance between a host vehicle and a first vehicle driving in front of the host vehicle, the host vehicle driving at a driving speed and at the driving distance to the first vehicle. The host vehicle includes a system for controlling the... Agent: Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

20150012204 - Method for determining an emergency braking situation of a vehicle: To determine whether an emergency braking situation exists for a vehicle, the vehicle determines at least the following state variables: its own velocity, its own longitudinal acceleration, its relative distance from an object in front, and the speed and acceleration of the object in front. A suitable evaluation method to... Agent:

20150012205 - Control unit for vehicle driving device: A control device of a vehicle drive device includes an engine having a supercharger and an automatic transmission outputting power of the engine to drive wheels. When an upshift of the automatic transmission is performed by executing an acceleration operation, if a progress status of a supercharging pressure increase in... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150012206 - Method and apparatus for determining traffic status: To ascertain traffic status data, a speed of a vehicle is acquired multiple times at predefined time intervals. The respective acquired speed is assigned to a first speed range when the respective acquired speed of the vehicle is greater than at least one predefined speed threshold. Furthermore, a first count... Agent:

20150012207 - Vehicle range projection estimation: Vehicle range projection estimation is implemented by a computer processor of a vehicle having logic executable thereon. The logic receives vehicle range projection data from a remote system over a network as a network service. The vehicle range projection data represents a bounded geographic area in which the vehicle is... Agent:

20150012208 - Trip routing software and method for identifying and contacting contacts within a predetermined distance from the trip route: An application and method can takes a trip route and maps the addresses of a user's contacts along the route. The application and method can identify which contacts are within a predetermined distance from the route, maps them, and can instantly email these contacts to notify them that the user... Agent:

20150012209 - Position recognition methods of autonomous mobile robots: In some example embodiments, a position recognition method of an autonomous mobile robot may include: dividing a grid map into a plurality of spaces; extracting, by a processor, learning data of each of the plurality of spaces; generating, by the processor, space models of each of the plurality of spaces... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150012210 - System and method for journey planning, finding k shortest paths through a time/space network: A method and apparatus for selecting a path defining a journey through a time-tabled transportation network comprises determining forming a data set comprising a sequence of K shortest paths through the transportation network from an origin location “o” to a destination location “d”, each path with an increasing cost; and... Agent:

20150012211 - Apparatus and method for optimally recording geographical position data: The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for optimally recording or transmitting positional data and events of an object, said apparatus including input means to continuously provide positional data to a microprocessor and a memory device to store selected positional data wherein the microprocessor is programmed to compares... Agent: Geotab Inc

20150012212 - Electric bus and electric bus battery exchange system: Provided is an electric bus and an electric bus battery exchange system. The electric bus according to the present invention includes: a battery exchange hole disposed on top of the electric bus for exchanging a discharged battery for a charged battery; a front camera unit taking front images in the... Agent:

20150012213 - Method, system and computer-readable storage mediums for estimating a route: The method estimating said route between an origin location and a destination location of a cell phone user requesting said route by using a computer device receiving as inputs location data from a base station tower, said computer device: creating a plurality of perturbations of at least one of said... Agent: Telefonica Digital Espana, S.l.u.

20150012214 - Method and apparatus for identifying geographic locations: Embodiments of the present invention provide a computer-implemented method for assigning identifiers to geographic locations within digital map data, comprising selecting a region within the map data, dividing the region into a first plurality of cells each uniquely addressable by an identifier of a first length, selecting a portion of... Agent:

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20150005981 - Methods of operation for plug-in wireless safety device: An aftermarket plug-in safety device that allows a vehicle to communicate with other vehicles or infrastructures in a V2X communications system. The device includes a radio for transmitting and receiving signals and a GPS receiver for receiving GPS signals and providing vehicle position data. The device also includes a memory... Agent:

20150005982 - Smart active tyre pressure optimising system: Smart Active Tyre Pressure Optimising System [TPOS] 102 is a highly time sensitive design and technique that acts instantaneously in sensing and controlling the tire pressure particularly in imminent and inevitable critical driving situations to reduce emergency & high speed breaking distance, mitigate—loss of traction, hydroplaning, roll over, loss of... Agent:

20150005983 - Vehicle state estimation system, vehicle state estimation method, and operation support system: According to the present invention, a state estimation control device installed in a vehicle manages a rule set, which is a set of defined rules that are defined by rough set theory, which uses various vehicle data as conditional attributes and the state of the vehicle as the determining attribute.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150005987 - Matrix code symbols for accurate robot tracking: A method for accurately tracking and controlling robots includes capturing a first image of a first matrix code labeled on a first mobile robot at a first time by one or more stationery cameras, wherein the first matrix code is encoded with an identification that uniquely identifies the first mobile... Agent:

20150005985 - Modular automotive camera and image processing system for automated portal entry: Described herein is a system and method for vehicle portal activation without a user having to use a manually activated mechanism. In one embodiment, a modular automotive camera solution (MACS) module in conjunction with an image processing system is used for automated portal entry. The MACS module recognizes the presence... Agent: Flextronics Automotive Inc.

20150005984 - Remote start system for a motor vehicle: Vehicle remote start system includes a vehicle power plant (VPP) connected to a starting system (SS) and a geographic location system. Starting system includes a geo-bounded on state electrically enabling the VPP to provide tractive power to a drive wheel as long as the vehicle remains within a predetermined geographical... Agent:

20150005986 - Vehicle security locking system having a driving function locking device: A vehicle security system has a driving function locking device movable between a locked position for disabling a driving function of a vehicle and an unlocked position. The vehicle security system includes a controller, a remote control and a chip card. The controller is connected to an electrical power supply... Agent:

20150005991 - Deterministic ethernet for an aerospace distributed control system: A control system for an aircraft may include a master node and a plurality of slave nodes in communication with each other. The master node and the plurality of slave nodes may each have a processor. The control system may also include at least one data bus connection that enables... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20150005988 - Electric vehicle traction control system and method: A traction control system and method are provided for electric vehicles with at least one drive wheel powered by an electric drive motor to maintain optimum maximum traction while the vehicle is driven on the ground. The traction control system includes drive means capable of transmitting torque through a vehicle... Agent: Borealis Technical Limited

20150005990 - Intelligent integrated propulsion control system and method: Control systems and methods for an aircraft propulsion system are disclosed in which the propulsion control system is integrated to intelligently control aircraft propulsion and minimize transient effects from the power demands of other aircraft subsystems.... Agent: Rolls-royce Corporation

20150005989 - Secure aircraft-based mobile device connectivity systems and methods: An aircraft-based mobile device connectivity system generally includes a housing, an avionic systems interface integrated into the housing, a wireless interface integrated into the housing, and a data security module. The avionic system interface is configured to be communicatively coupled to an avionics system external to the housing. The wireless... Agent:

20150005992 - Method and device for calculating a flight plan of an aircraft in a runway approach phase: A method for calculating a flight plan used by a flight management system of an aircraft in a runway approach phase comprises: loading an initial procedure ending at a first end point not corresponding to a threshold of the runway and a first associated missed approach procedure; determining an additional... Agent:

20150005993 - Method and device for measuring speed in a vehicle independently of the wheels: A method for determining the speed of a vehicle is described. In this method, at least one object present in the environment of the vehicle is detected and a relative speed of the detected object in relation to the vehicle is measured. In addition, the speed of the vehicle is... Agent:

20150005994 - System and method for controlling movement of vehicles: A method includes determining an operational parameter of a first vehicle traveling with a plurality of vehicles in a transportation network and/or a route in the transportation network, identifying a failure condition of the first vehicle and/or the route based on the operational parameter, obtaining plural different sets of remedial... Agent:

20150005995 - Electronic system and method of automating, controlling, and optimizing the operation of failsafe energy storage for electric outboard motors and for marine hybrid propulsion systems: A method of integrating, optimizing and combining in a marine electric or hybrid system, the operation and safety of one or more energy storage units, a combination of one or more electric outboard(s) and ICE outboard(s) in a propulsion systems through use of an Energy Management Computer. One aspect of... Agent: Hybrid Innovation Technologies LLC

20150006005 - Autonomous unmanned road vehicle for making deliveries: An autonomous unmanned road vehicle and how it can be used to make deliveries. The unmanned vehicle is capable of operating autonomously on paved roadways. The vehicle has a control system for autonomous driving and a perception system for detecting objects in its surroundings. The vehicle also has one or... Agent:

20150006007 - Control device for vehicle: A control device of a vehicle including an engine, an electric motor directly or indirectly coupled to the engine, and an engagement device non-rotatably fixing the engine, the vehicle further including an electric circuit controlling giving/receiving of electric power related to operation of the electric motor and having an electric... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150005996 - Control method to bias hybrid battery state-of-charge to improve autostop availability for light-electrification vehicles: Method for adjusting a state-of-charge within an electrical energy storage device of a hybrid powertrain system includes monitoring a plurality of electrical energy storage device parameters and determining a discharge power capability of the electrical energy storage device based on the monitored plurality of electrical energy storage device parameters. If... Agent:

20150006000 - Control system and control method for hybrid vehicle: A control system and control method for a hybrid vehicle, which properly determine based on a predicted charge amount whether or not to change a speed position, to thereby obtain a larger charge amount, thereby making it possible enhance fuel economy of the hybrid vehicle. A first charge amount is... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150006001 - Control system and control method for hybrid vehicle: To provide a control system and a control method for a hybrid vehicle, which make it possible to cause the hybrid vehicle to efficiently travel to thereby make it possible to improve fuel economy. A control system for a hybrid vehicle V includes an ECU. The ECU calculates four total... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150005998 - Driving control method for hybrid vehicle: A driving control method for a hybrid vehicle has state of charge (SOC) ranges including a high SOC range, an intermediate SOC range and a low SOC range, and a plurality of power distribution strategies corresponding to the respective SOC ranges. The driving control method controls the hybrid vehicle using... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150006008 - Electric automobile and integrated control system thereof: An electric vehicle and an integrated control system thereof are provided. The control system comprises: a power battery; a high-voltage distribution box connected with power battery; an integrated driving and charge-discharge controller connected with the power battery via the high-voltage distribution box, connected with a motor and a charge-discharge socket... Agent: Shenzhen Byd Auto R&d Company Limited

20150006006 - Electrical machine control method and apparatus: Method for controlling an electrical machine (14), in particular for an electric or hybrid drive train (12) of a motor vehicle (10), wherein the electrical machine (14) can provide a torque (T) both at positive and at negative speeds (n), having the steps of: using a characteristic curve (M; G)... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150006010 - Hybrid work vehicle: A hybrid work vehicle includes: a work device; a traveling drive device; a lever operation quantity detection unit that detects a lever operation quantity of a control lever operated to control the work device; an engagement state detection unit that detects an engaged state and a non-engaged state of the... Agent:

20150006003 - Method and system for determining state variables of an electric motor for driving a motor vehicle: A method for determining state variables of an electric motor for driving a motor vehicle, comprising the procedural steps: measuring (102, 104) data (103, 105) which comprise information about a current state of vehicle components (10, 12, 30, 40); converting (110) the measured data (103, 105) into data (111) related... Agent:

20150005997 - Method and system for laser ignition control: Methods and systems are provided for closed-loop adjusting a laser intensity of a laser ignition device of a hybrid vehicle. The laser intensity applied over consecutive laser ignition events is decreased until a flame quality is degraded for a threshold number of cylinder combustion events. The laser intensity is then... Agent:

20150006011 - Methods and systems for a vehicle driveline power take off: Systems and methods for improving operation of a power take off are presented. In one example, the power take off may be rotated in two different directions. The approaches may improve operation of a power take off device.... Agent:

20150005999 - System and method for controlling driving mode of hybrid vehicle: A system and method for controlling a driving mode of a hybrid vehicle are provided. The method includes setting, by a controller, an engine-on control level based on an SOC (state of charge) of a battery and calculating a compensation factor based on a speed of the vehicle and a... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150006004 - Torque transfer system: A first shaft has one end coupled to an engine. A damper has a spring coupled the other end of the first shaft. A second shaft has one end coupled to the spring. A third shaft rotates in correspondence to a final output shaft. A fourth shaft has one end... Agent:

20150006002 - Transportation management system for battery powered vehicles: A method for managing a transportation service along a plurality of routes with a plurality of vehicles, includes allocating a vehicle to a first route, calculating an amount of power to be used by the vehicle while the vehicle is providing transportation service along the first route, determining a range... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150006009 - Vehicle control apparatus: In a host controller included in a vehicle control apparatus, a generator-torque-command generating unit monitors an abnormal operation of the engine on the basis of an engine power generation command and a detection signal of a rotating speed detector, switches, when the abnormal operation of the engine is detected, a... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150006013 - Device for the automated driving of a motor vehicle, motor vehicle having such a device and method for operating a motor vehicle: It is an object of the present invention to enable clear operation of a driver assistance system for the fully automated driving of a motor vehicle. The device according to the invention has a control unit for generating control signals for actuators of the motor vehicle, said actuators being designed... Agent:

20150006012 - Methods and systems for a vehicle driveline power take off: In a method for safely parking a vehicle, it is checked whether an emergency situation is present, and the vehicle is driven by the driver assistance system to a road shoulder upon recognition of an emergency situation. In controlling the driving operation, information is requested from an external database and... Agent:

20150006014 - Motor vehicle having a driver assistance device and method for operating a motor vehicle: An object of the present invention is to ensure clarity when operating a driver assistance device in a motor vehicle having a driver assistance device which can completely or partially independently guide the motor vehicle. In the motor vehicle according to the invention, the driver assistance device has an operating... Agent:

20150006015 - Robot confinement: An autonomous coverage robot system includes an active boundary responder comprising a wire powered with a modulated current placed along a perimeter of a property, at least one passive boundary responder placed on a property interior circumscribed by the active boundary responder, and an autonomous coverage robot. The robot includes... Agent:

20150006016 - Service robot and method of operating same: In accordance with aspects of the present invention, a service robot, such as a robotic cleaner, can be configured to more effectively service an environment. The service robot can include one or more sensors that sense its location, the location of objects, or both, and can also include noise reduction... Agent:

20150006017 - Fault diagnosing system and method for coolant switching device for vehicle: A fault diagnosing system method for a coolant switching device for a vehicle are provided. The fault diagnosing system includes a first coolant pipe line that passes through an electronic device and an interior heating device. A second coolant pipe line branches off the first coolant pipe line and passes... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150006018 - Detecting operating mode of hybrid vehicles: A method for detecting the operating mode of a hybrid vehicle using roadside cameras, said method including the analysis of thermal images of parts of the vehicle and/or exhaust fumes, in combination with associated images of the number plates obtained using visual camera(s) operating in synchronism with said thermal camera... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150006020 - Method for detecting a failure of at least one sensor onboard an aircraft implementing a baro-inertial loop, and associated system: A method for detecting a failure of at least one sensor onboard an aircraft implementing a baro-inertial loop is provided. The method includes implementing a baro-inertial loop including obtaining a computed vertical speed, then a short-term baro-inertial altitude, based on a double integration of the measured vertical acceleration; and developing... Agent:

20150006019 - Method for detecting a failure of at least one sensor onboard an aircraft implementing an anemo-inertial loop, and associated system: A method for detecting a failure of at least one sensor on board an aircraft is provided. The method includes implementing an anemo-inertial loop including obtaining a computed horizontal speed, based on an integration of a measured horizontal acceleration and obtainment of a short-term anemo-inertial speed from the computed horizontal... Agent:

20150006021 - Method for detecting a failure of at least one sensor onboard an aircraft implementing wind detection, and associated system: A method for detecting a failure of at least one sensor onboard an aircraft implementing wind detection is provided. The method includes measuring an airspeed of the aircraft; measuring a geographical speed of the aircraft; determining an instantaneous wind vector, based on the measured airspeed and geographical speed; establishing an... Agent:

20150006022 - Electronic device and vehicle monitoring method: An electronic device determines whether an accident happens to a vehicle according to a change of a speed of the vehicle, or a change of a gradient of the vehicle and location information of the vehicle. The electronic device generates rescue information upon the condition that the accident happens to... Agent:

20150006023 - System and method for determination of vheicle accident information: Described herein is a system and method for determination of vehicle accident information. In accordance with an embodiment, a vehicle can be equipped with a portable device equipped with a data collection and assessment environment, including one or more data collection devices that used to capture data and information and... Agent:

20150006024 - Isolation adapter for a vehicle component test and test method for a vehicle component: In the development of a vehicle component, provision may be made for a component to be tested during a test drive. Thus, the behavior of the vehicle component in the event of failure of a sensor, for example, can be tested. The aim is to enable systematic checking of a... Agent:

20150006025 - Lawn care vehicle with modular ride information system: A riding lawn care vehicle may include a docking station and a detachable information unit. The docking station may include a receiving cavity disposed at a portion of the riding lawn care vehicle. The receiving cavity may include an electrical contact in communication with one or more devices of a... Agent: Husqvarna Ab

20150006029 - Control structure of vehicle: An object of the present invention is to provide a control structure of a vehicle capable of reliably responding to an operation intention of a user outside the vehicle. The structure includes: a reflective optical sensor 5 configured to detect an entry of a detection target 4 into a recessed... Agent: Alpha Corporation

20150006027 - Leveling method and system with learn function: A system 11 and method 12 include electric actuators 22-25 operated by controllers 32, 33 to level a vehicle 10. During initializing function steps 41-58, reference current draws unique for each individual actuator are measured and saved at measured temperature and actuator actuating duration times. The reference current draws are... Agent: Parker-hannifin Corporation

20150006028 - Method for a driver assistance system for autonomous longitudinal and/or lateral control of a vehicle: The invention relates to a method for operating a driver assistance system and to a driver assistance system designed for autonomous longitudinal and/or lateral control of a vehicle, wherein at least one control task for longitudinal and/or lateral control of the vehicle can be transferred from the vehicle operator to... Agent:

20150006026 - Relay control between power distribution center and body control module: Electrical devices in a vehicle engine compartment are controlled from the vehicle passenger compartment over a serial data bus that extends between a relay controller located in the engine compartment and a body control module located in the passenger compartment and which receives commands from various passenger compartment devices. A... Agent:

20150006030 - Look ahead vehicle suspension system: An active suspension system senses roadway defects and adjusts an active and controllable suspension system of the vehicle before tires come in contact with the defect. The active suspension system identifies a type of defect or debris, e.g., pothole, bump, object, etc., along with the size, width, depth, and/or height... Agent: Enpulz, L.L.C.

20150006031 - Vehicle control device and vehicle control method: A vehicle control device includes a friction brake orientation control device, a damping force control device, a state quantity detection device, and an orientation control device. The damping force control device calculates a brake orientation control amount for a friction brake to change the orientation of a vehicle body to... Agent:

20150006035 - On board vehicle installation supervisor: The present disclosure describes a microprocessor executable installation supervisor operable to determine, for a selected computational component to be installed in the vehicle, whether the selected computational component satisfies a requirement and/or restriction associated with the selected computational component, when installed, and, when the selected computational component can satisfy the... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20150006036 - Vehicle and steering apparatus: A vehicle has a rear wheel drive device for driving rear wheels independently of a front wheel drive device. A drive mode control unit performs at least one of a first switching operation for switching between a front-wheel-only-drive mode and a rear-wheel-only-drive mode, a second switching operation for switching between... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150006034 - Vehicle control device: A vehicle control device includes: a weight calculating unit configured to estimate a weight of the vehicle; a traveling state calculating unit configured to estimate a turning characteristic of the vehicle; a guard setting unit configured to change and set at least one of an upper limit value and a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150006032 - Vehicle generating system: A vehicle includes a processor for controlling the angular velocity of the shaft, whereby a transmission and gears are not used to change the velocity or direction of the vehicle. The processor operatively joins with the shaft, and signals to a shaft conversion device the desired velocity, acceleration, deceleration, and... Agent:

20150006033 - Vehicle steering control apparatus: A steering control apparatus of a vehicle includes a steering unit having an input shaft, a turning unit having an output shaft, a clutch for connecting or disconnecting between the input shaft and the output shaft, and a control unit for controlling the turning unit based on an output from... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150006037 - Integrated sensing system for parking aid and pedestrian impact detection: A vehicle sensing system may include a plurality of sensing components, each component including a housing configured to maintain a first sensor and a second sensor, an interface connected to each of the first sensor and the second sensor, and a first module and a second module connected to the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150006038 - Method and a device to start and sustain structural vibrations in a structural component: The invention refers to a method and a device to start and sustain structural vibrations in a structural component having a compliance and a deformation behaviour, using a vibration actuator for generating vibrations, and a vibration sensor. The vibration actuator is controlled in response to the vibration sensor in such... Agent: A2 Research Ab

20150006039 - Control apparatus and method for regenerative braking of eco-friendly vehicle: A variable control apparatus and method of the amount of regenerative braking of a vehicle using a paddle shift are provided. The method includes sensing, by a controller, positive (+) and negative (−) shifting in a manual mode based on a signal from a shift-operating unit during regenerative braking with... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150006040 - Control of operation of an automotive gear shift system: The present invention relates to a gear shift system for a motor vehicle with a steering wheel. Said gear shift system comprises gear shift devices rotationally integral with the steering wheel, each of which is operable by a driver of the motor vehicle to carry out at least one respective... Agent: Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.a.

20150006041 - User programmable motor vehicle driving parameter control system: A user programmable motor vehicle driving parameter control system includes a motor vehicle including at least one active aerodynamic control element, and a user/vehicle interface member, and a controller including a memory having stored therein a user defined deployment schedule and a processor configured and disposed to selectively deploy the... Agent:

20150006044 - Device for controlling automatic transmission: A device for controlling an automatic transmission including a first frictional engagement element that is engaged at a first gear shift stage and is released at a second gear shift stage, the device including a piston stroke return determination means for determining a released state of a piston that is... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150006043 - Electronic bicycle system: An electronically servo-assisted bicycle gearshift is disclosed, comprising a derailleur and control electronics to drive the derailleur in accordance with a table of command values, wherein the derailleur is configured to emit a derailleur model identification signal, and the control electronics is configured to receive the derailleur model identification signal... Agent: Campagnolo S.r.l.

20150006042 - Shift position detecting device: A shift position detecting device where a shift position determining member is provided for determining a shift position based on a combination of switching modes of three switches corresponding to at least one of a plurality of projection rows each having a plurality of projection portions in a one-by-one basis,... Agent:

20150006045 - Vehicle control apparatus: Provided is a vehicle control apparatus that can improve a gasoline mileage without imparting the sense of discomfort to a driver. When an ECU determines that the brake is turned ON during an N inertia travel control (“YES” in step S11), the ECU stores a current position and a current... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150006047 - Device for controlling automatic transmission: The object of the invention is to impart a suitable target slip amount depending on a state of change in an output from a driving power source to a torque converter, while simplifying control. A controller has a calculation part for calculating an engine torque change rate that is a... Agent:

20150006046 - System and method of controlling shift: A shift control system and method that determine whether an ABS is operating in a running vehicle to operate a transmission of the vehicle are provided. The system determines whether the vehicle can be shifted to a neutral stage (N) based on vehicle conditions. A shift control signal is then... Agent:

20150006048 - System and method for inhibiting top gear at winding road driving: A control system having at least one sensor collecting data from a vehicle component such as a steering wheel. A processor determines if the data collected from the sensor is above or equal to a predetermined level. If the processor determines that the data is above a predetermined level, the... Agent:

20150006049 - Vehicle control device: A vehicle control device is applied to a vehicle having a driving mechanism for transmitting a driving force to a plurality of wheels, a braking mechanism having an electronic parking brake for generating a parking brake force for at least one of the plurality of wheels, and a coupling state... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150006050 - Lock-up clutch control device: In a lock-up clutch control device, base hydraulic pressure calculation device calculates base hydraulic pressure Pb for engaging a lock-up clutch based on input torque from an engine, correction factor calculation device calculates correction factor α, which is greater than 0 but less than 1, for correcting the base hydraulic... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150006051 - Apparatus and method to dynamically adjust electronic braking using tpms: The dynamic footprint of a tire is received and the dynamic footprint is determined by and received from a tire pressure monitoring (TPM) sensor. A weight or load of the secondary vehicle attached to the primary vehicle is calculated based at least in part on the footprint. Instructions to alter... Agent:

20150006052 - Deceleration factor estimating device and drive assisting device: A deceleration factor estimating device that estimates a deceleration factor of a vehicle includes a road load calculating unit configured to calculate a road load estimated value, and a filtering calculating unit configured to perform filtering processing of extracting a predetermined frequency component of the road load estimated value calculated... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150006053 - Method and device for autonomous braking of a vehicle following collision: A method for controlling a vehicle braking system includes commanding vehicle brakes to provide braking torque based on a driver braking request in response to a detected collision and an anticipated application of a driver-actuated brake pedal after the collision. The method additionally includes activating the vehicle brakes in the... Agent:

20150006054 - Device having a measuring apparatus for measuring forces and/or loads: A component of a machine. The component has a measuring fixture for measuring forces and at least one metallic, magnetic portion. The measuring fixture includes at least one field-generating member for producing an electromagnetic alternating field and at least one detection member for detecting changes of the magnetic field produced.... Agent:

20150006055 - Module and method pertaining to mode choice when determining reference values: A reference value for controlling a vehicle's speed is obtained by: receiving a choice from two selectable driving modes, each driving mode having a unique set of settings that influence the calculation of the reference value; making a first prediction, based on an engine torque Tret that retards the vehicle... Agent:

20150006056 - Speed control method and system: Autonomous cruise control is provided to permit one vehicle to follow another at a predetermined separation regardless of gradient. A system and method is disclosed which continually determines the separation distance of the vehicles, the speed of the leading vehicle and the location of the leading vehicle, to the intent... Agent: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

20150006057 - Method and a device for protecting an overspeeding rotorcraft engine: A method of stopping an overspeeding engine (4) of a rotorcraft (1). A protection device stops the overspeeding engine (4) on condition of a comparison between a mechanical power requirement (19) of the rotorcraft (1) and a predefined power threshold (22). Stopping of the overspeeding engine (4) is authorized by... Agent:

20150006058 - System and method for conditioning noisy signals: There is provided a system and method for conditioning a noisy signal. A sensing signal is received during each one of a plurality of successive control cycles, the sensing signal comprising a measurement component indicative of a measurement of at least one engine parameter and a noise component. A curve-fitting... Agent: Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

20150006059 - Method for detecting water-in-fuel after refueling event: A method, comprising generating a water-in-fuel indication responsive to a water-in-fuel content increasing more than a threshold amount within a threshold time of a refueling event is presented.... Agent:

20150006061 - Fuel injection control method for internal combustion engine: A fuel injection control method for an internal combustion engine includes instantaneous injection that injects fuel to a predetermined cylinder is executed immediately when it is determined that a predetermined condition is satisfied after cranking of the engine is started. A leaning influence ratio which is a ratio of a... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150006060 - System and method for controlling engine fuel cut: A system including a sensor, data storage unit to store data relating to the positioning of the accelerator pedal, a processor connected to determine if the data relating to the accelerator pedal reaches a predetermined level. If the data reaches the predetermined level, a controller sends a signal to the... Agent:

20150006062 - Method and system for pre-ignition control: Methods and systems are provided for addressing cylinder pre-ignition. Each cylinder of an engine may be operated in either a split injection mode or a single injection mode based on the pre-ignition history of the cylinder. The timing and number of injections in the split injection mode is adjusted based... Agent:

20150006063 - Control device: A control device that controls a vehicle drive device in which a first engagement device, a rotary electric machine, and a second engagement device are arranged in this order from an internal combustion engine on a power transmission path that connects the internal combustion engine to wheels. The control device... Agent: Aisin Aw Co., Ltd.

20150006064 - Motor vehicle and method of control of a motor vehicle: In one aspect of the invention there is provided a motor vehicle comprising an engine, the vehicle being operable automatically to stop the engine responsive to a determination that the engine is not required to provide torque to drive the vehicle, wherein the vehicle comprises control means operable to monitor... Agent:

20150006065 - Control device of vehicle: An ECU starts an engine when an operation to deactivate the hybrid system has been performed during travel of the hybrid vehicle and then an operation to activate the hybrid system is performed before a hybrid vehicle stops.... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150006066 - Active tuning system for engine control unit: A method for an engine control unit to update internal tables based on feedback from the engine without external computing, comprising the steps of establishing flash memory and RAM memory in the ECU, assigning a portion of the RAM memory to storage of a table of engine conditions from the... Agent:

20150006067 - Wirelessly communicating with vehicle converters: In some implementations, a method for wirelessly communicating includes receiving, from a transceiver, a message associated with a value for a dynamic attribute of the vehicle. The message associated with the value for the dynamic attribute is wirelessly transmitted by a converter to a wireless device. The converter is connected... Agent:

20150006069 - Data quality assessment and real-time evaluation of gps probe data: Quality assessment of probe data collected from GPS systems is performed by a system and method of determining a value of data points provided by different vendors of such data. Incoming raw probe data is initially analyzed for removal of extraneous data points, and is then mapped to roadway links... Agent:

20150006068 - Traffic speed estimation using temporal and spatial smoothing of gps speed data: Estimation of traffic speed includes applying data processing functions to determine missing speed information by smoothing spatial and temporal GPS data to achieve an accurate estimation of link speed over all links of a transportation network at all time periods. This estimation of traffic speed uses one link's observed speed... Agent:

20150006070 - Object recognition system: Provided is an object recognition system including: a transmitting unit configured to include one or more light emitting unit to transmit laser light having different wavelengths to an object; a receiving unit configured to receive light reflected from the object to acquire information on the reflected light of a size,... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150006071 - Mobile trip planner and live route update system: A method for providing trip planning and route update is provided. The method includes receiving traffic demand data including a plurality of planned trips, each including an origin location, a destination location, a planned route, a planned departure time, and an end time. The method further includes building a traffic... Agent: Sap Ag

20150006072 - Dynamically optimized transportation system: A comprehensive system to optimize utilization of transportation resources, including public vehicles such as municipal buses, quasi-public vehicles such as university and corporate campus shuttles, private vehicles, and freight carriers (all participating vehicles collectively, “Transportation Assets”) and provide superior, expedient, efficient, and economical transportation options to prospective passengers or cargo... Agent:

20150006073 - Methods and systems for determining the location of an electronic device using multi-tone frequency signals: Embodiments of the present invention include a method of determining a location of a mobile device. The method comprises transmitting a signal between a plurality of known locations and receiving signal at device of unknown location such as a mobile device. The signal may include multiple tones having different frequencies... Agent:

20150006074 - Pointing and navigation system and process for calibrating the pointing and navigation system: b

20150006075 - Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for determining a parking route near a user's destination: Provided are systems, methods, and computer-readable media routing users for determining a parking route near a user's destination. A request for parking near a destination and user parking criteria are obtained. A list of parking spaces based on the destination and near the user parking criteria are determined, and a... Agent: Google Inc.

20150006078 - Handle bar route extension: A handle bar route extension mechanism for creating or modifying a flight route. The handle bar route extension mechanism can allow a user to create or modify a flight route using a destination point. The handle bar route extension mechanism can be automatically rendered in a display in response to... Agent:

20150006076 - Identification of location of a target address using position information transmitted by position identifying transmitter in vicinity of target address: Methods and apparatus are provided for navigating a vehicle to a target address using position information transmitted by a position identifying transmitter in a vicinity of the target address. A location of a target address is determined by receiving position information for the target address, upon entry of a searching... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150006077 - Navigation route scheduler: Various embodiments relate to scheduling a future navigation route. A user may select one or more points of interests (POIs) along a route to be routed to in the future. The one or more POIs may be within a geographic vicinity of the vehicle in which the user is travelling... Agent:

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