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Data processing: vehicles, navigation, and relative location

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05/14/2015 > 109 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories.

20150134142 - Apparatus, method and article for providing vehicle event data: Detected events such as impacts, accidents, breakdowns, and types of driving behaviors based on feedback from tilt, gravity, accelerometers and/or shock sensors within a portable electrical power storage device such as a battery and/or within a vehicle (e.g., an electric scooter) are communicated to the user's mobile device, dashboard display... Agent:

20150134141 - Vehicle and method for controlling the same: A vehicle includes a vehicle interface unit, an output of which is controlled according to user manipulation. A vehicle information acquisition unit is configured to acquire information about a vehicle state and an output of the vehicle interface unit in the vehicle state. A storage is configured to store the... Agent:

20150134148 - Floor cleaning or burnishing machine with pointing devices: A floor cleaning or burnishing machine has at least one motor controller electrically connected to a pointing device control, right and left software driven motor control logic units, an electrical power source, and right and left electrical drive motors. These motors are mechanically connected to respective rear steering drive wheels.... Agent:

20150134145 - Method and apparatus for controlling movement of medical device: A method for controlling a movement of a medical device includes: acquiring location information of an object by using an ultra-wideband (UWB) location tracker; acquiring location information of the medical device by using a sensor disposed in the medical device; generating a movement path of the medical device based on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150134147 - Method and apparatus for positioning a vehicle: A method for remotely controlling a plurality of vehicles includes receiving at an external control system, under an indexing mode of operation, a first signal from off-board vehicle indexing equipment. The method further includes establishing in the external control system a positioning mode of operation in response to the first... Agent: General Electric Company

20150134143 - Novel tracking system using unmanned aerial vehicles: The present disclosure relates to systems and methods of tracking persons and objects and capturing video, still images and other data in real time of the same. The present disclosure includes an unmanned aerial vehicle (e.g., UAV) which follows a trackable system coupled to an object or on individual's person.... Agent:

20150134146 - Remote vehicle control system and method: A system includes an operator control unit having a point-and-click interface configured to allow the operator to control the remote vehicle by inputting one or more commands via the point-and-click interface. The operator control unit displays a 3D local perceptual space comprising an egocentric coordinate system encompassing a predetermined distance... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20150134144 - System and method for guiding a robot cleaner along a path: Disclosed is a method of guiding a mobile robot, comprising: providing a transmitter (110), and having said transmitter transmit a guide signal (300) into a spatially bounded guide signal reception field (302); providing a mobile robot (200) including two mutually adjacently disposed guide signal sensors (210a, 210b), each configured to... Agent: Koninklijke Philips N.v.

20150134150 - Aircraft avoidance method and drone provided with a system for implementing said method: A method enabling an aerial drone not having a TCAS system to avoid an intruder aircraft, the method including the steps of acquiring the position of the intruder aircraft in order to determine the distance between the aerial drone and the intruder aircraft, measuring the angular speed of the intruder... Agent:

20150134151 - Engine fuel delivery system: This invention concerns a fuel delivery system for an aircraft engine, including a fuel delivery regulator arranged to receive fuel from a plurality of fuel sources for supply to the engine. An engine operating condition sensor reading is received by a control unit arranged to control operation of the regulator.... Agent:

20150134152 - Integrated remote aerial sensing system: A system for high temporal and high spatial resolution monitoring of a field of plants is disclosed. Illustratively, the system includes a plurality of ground based reference objects, a balloon adapted to be positioned above the field of plants, and a balloon positioning system coupled to the balloon and configured... Agent:

20150134149 - Pilot interface for aircraft electric taxi system: A pilot interface panel may comprise at least one input mechanism configured to receive at least one user input, generate at least one input signal corresponding to the at least one user input, and send the at least one input signal to a controller. The controller may be configured to... Agent: Honeywell International, Inc.

20150134153 - Supervision device for an aircraft, associated supervision system, supervision method, computer program product and non-transitory computer readable medium: A supervision device for an aircraft including a plurality of avionics systems, each avionics system being able to generate parameters representative of its operation on a reference date, includes a plurality of prediction modules, each prediction module including a computer for computing projections representative of the trajectory of the aircraft... Agent:

20150134154 - System for activating the distress beacon of an aircraft: A system for activating the distress beacon determines a positional difference between a theoretical position of the aircraft determined from data of the flight plan and a real position of the aircraft determined from the navigation and monitoring equipment installed in the aircraft. This system delivers an instruction to arm... Agent:

20150134155 - Dynamic wheel diameter determination system and method: A system and method provide the capability to dynamically measure the diameter of a train wheel. An onboard sensor signals detection and loss of detection of a proximity plate having a predetermined length and placed along a direction of travel of the train. A signal generator generates a signal indicating... Agent:

20150134156 - Methods and systems for controlling engine operation through data-sharing among vehicles: Various embodiments of methods and systems are provided for enhancing engine operation through data-sharing among vehicles. In one embodiment, a method includes determining whether a first value of a first operating parameter produced by a first vehicle is corrupted or unavailable; receiving a second value of the first operating parameter... Agent:

20150134157 - Method for controlling a compressed-air braking device of a rail vehicle in the case of automatic, quick, or emergency braking: A method controls a compressed-air braking device of a rail vehicle in the case of automatic, quick, or emergency braking, said compressed-air braking device having a controlled electropneumatic braking device having brake pressure control, an uncontrolled brake pressure control device for producing an uncontrolled brake pressure, and at least one... Agent:

20150134158 - Ice alert system and method of evacuating an arctic floating platform from a hazardous ice condition: An ice alert system includes an ice floe monitoring system, and an ice floe forecast system operatively connected to the ice floe monitoring system. The ice floe forecast system is configured to determine a hazardous ice condition. An evacuation system is operatively connected to the ice floe forecast system. The... Agent:

20150134164 - Apparatus and method for charging battery: An apparatus and method for charging a battery are provided. The apparatus includes a controller that is configured to select a driving mode based on a user operation. In addition, a BMS (Battery Management System) is configured to execute a charge type based on the selected driving mode and charge... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150134169 - Apparatus for controlling driving of a motor: An apparatus includes a controller to output a signal through an interface. The signal may control at least one parameter of a motor based on a state of capacity degradation of a battery for driving the motor. The at least one parameter may be motor torque. Also, the signal may... Agent:

20150134165 - Charger including a dc-dc converter: The invention relates to a charger (2) for a motor driven apparatus (8), the motor driven apparatus (8) including a battery (5) and pieces of equipment (7a, 7b, 7c), said charger (2) including: a first conversion module (3) for converting an alternating input current into a direct current having a... Agent:

20150134172 - Charging system for all-solid-state battery: An objective of the present invention is to provide a charging system, capable of increasing the rapid charging capacity of an on-vehicle all-solid-state battery, and reducing the effect of confining pressure on the all-solid-state battery. This is achieved by a charging system for an all-solid-state battery to be mounted in... Agent:

20150134166 - Control device for hybrid vehicle: When an engine is stopped in a state in which a supercharger is overheated (step S21: YES), a control device performs rotation processing for rotating a crankshaft of the engine under a condition in which the supply of fuel to the engine is stopped (step S23). After the rotation processing... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150134170 - Device and method for setting password: A password setting device includes a selection button and a plurality of light-emitting elements. The selection button determines a state of charge of a battery pack and is also used to enter various types of information including symbols of a password. The light-emitting elements to emit light depending on the... Agent:

20150134163 - Electric drive control system: An electric drive control system for a machine is provided. The electric drive control system includes a sensor and a drivetrain control module operatively coupled to the sensor. The sensor is configured to determine one or more operational parameters associated with the machine. The drivetrain control module is further operatively... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150134171 - Hybrid vehicle: A control device is configured to control an engine to be started and stopped such that when a hybrid vehicle is required to output a vehicular required power smaller than an engine starting threshold value the control device operates to stop the engine and use only a motor generator to... Agent:

20150134173 - Hybrid vehicle and control method for the same: A control method of a hybrid vehicle is provided and includes determining whether a current vehicle driving mode is an EV mode, whether a current vehicle driving state satisfies a kick-down shift condition, and whether the current vehicle driving state satisfies a driving mode conversion condition for conversion into an... Agent:

20150134161 - Load-based vehicle operating control: A hybrid electric vehicle includes an engine and an electric machine, both capable of providing propulsion power. A clutch is configured to selectively couple the engine to the electric machine. At times, the vehicle may be subject to excessive loads, such as a large amount of weight in the vehicle... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150134162 - Load-based vehicle operating control: A hybrid vehicle includes an engine and an electric machine, both capable of propelling the vehicle. The electric machine is electrically connected to a high voltage traction battery. The state of charge of the battery can decrease if the battery is used to power the electric machine, and can increase... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150134160 - Method and system for selecting an engine operating point for a hybrid vehicle: A vehicle includes a powertrain having an engine and an electric machine (M/G) connected by an upstream clutch, and a gearbox connected to the M/G by a torque converter. A controller is configured to, in response to a Park or Neutral gear selection and an electrical power request from the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies LLC

20150134174 - Optimization of extended range electric vehicle: Disclosed is a computer-implemented method and system for operating an auxiliary power unit (APU) in a range-extended electric vehicle between a minimum state of charge (SoC) limit and a maximum SoC limit of the battery pack, including predicting expected energy use profile of said vehicle; predicting change in SoC for... Agent: Emerald Automotive LLC

20150134167 - System and method for managing electric vehicle: Disclosed are a system and method for managing an electric vehicle. The system includes: a vehicle state information collecting device collecting vehicle state information from one or more sensors; a terminal device receiving the vehicle state information from the vehicle state information collecting device and transmits the received information together... Agent: Sk Planet Co., Ltd.

20150134159 - System for controlling overall coasting torque in a hybrid electric vehicle: A hybrid vehicle is provided that includes an engine, a reversible electric machine capable of generating and providing electric power, and a clutch for selectively engaging the engine to the electric machine. While the vehicle is traveling, an operator of the vehicle may release (“tip-out”) the accelerator pedal, indicating a... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150134168 - Vehicle travel control apparatus: A vehicle travel control apparatus is provided that is capable of improving fuel economy by exerting control so as to attain a specified speed without starting the engine during acceleration, and by increasing the regenerative energy recovery amount during deceleration, during the travel control. A vehicle travel control apparatus (100)... Agent: Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

20150134176 - Apparatus and method of controlling automatic driving of vehicle: Provided are an apparatus and a method of controlling automatic driving of a vehicle, which adjust an operation mode of a map-supported system to a limited operation, a normal operation, and an emergent operation according to a driving situation for a safe operation of a map-supported driving assistant or automatic... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150134177 - Apparatus and method of controlling traveling of automatic guided vehicle: Provided are an apparatus and method of controlling traveling of an automatic guided vehicle. The method includes: receiving information about a start point and a target point from and to which the automatic guided vehicle is to move; obtaining information about a shortest path between the start point and the... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150134180 - Autonomous driving control apparatus and method using navigation technology: An autonomous driving control apparatus and method using navigation technology are disclosed. The autonomous driving control apparatus includes a driving mode setting unit, a navigation unit, and an information provision unit. The driving mode setting unit sets the driving mode of a vehicle. The navigation unit offers guidance on a... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150134178 - Autonomous mode vehicle control system and vehicle comprising such a control system: A vehicle control system including human-control members generating signals for manual piloting of actuators of the vehicle, an automatic control module generating signals for automatic piloting of the actuators of the vehicle, and a switching module to select the manual-piloting signals in a manual mode of operation and the autonomous-piloting... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150134183 - Intuitive driver interface for trailer backup assist: A trailer backup steering input apparatus is coupled to a vehicle. The trailer backup steering input apparatus comprises a rotatable control element (e.g., a knob) and a rotatable control element movement sensing device. The rotatable control element biased to an at-rest position between opposing rotational ranges of motion. The rotatable... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150134175 - Location-based material gathering: A computer-implemented method and control system for gathering material is described. One or more vehicles may include an intake mechanism for material and a location-tracking system. A current orientation of the intake mechanism is identified based upon location information from the tracking system. A current orientation of the material is... Agent: Deere & Company

20150134181 - Position estimation and vehicle control in autonomous multi-vehicle convoys: Techniques are provided for providing position estimations in an autonomous multi-vehicle convoy. Those techniques include initializing a convoy state, selecting a next sensor reading; predicting a convoy state, updating the convoy state, and broadcasting the convoy state to vehicles in the multi-vehicle convoy.... Agent:

20150134182 - Position estimation and vehicle control in autonomous multi-vehicle convoys: Techniques are provided for providing position estimations in an autonomous multi-vehicle convoy. Those techniques include initializing a convoy state, selecting a next sensor reading; predicting a convoy state, updating the convoy state, and broadcasting the convoy state to vehicles in the multi-vehicle convoy.... Agent:

20150134179 - Self-traveling electronic apparatus: The self-traveling electronic apparatus includes a housing, a drive wheel disposed at a bottom of the housing and coming in contact with a floor surface so that the housing travels on the floor surface, a follower wheel disposed on the bottom of the housing and coming in contact with the... Agent:

20150134184 - Management system and management method: A management system includes a position detection device, installed in a haul machine that travels at a mine, capable of detecting position information of the haul machine, and a processing device to which the position information of the haul machine detected by the position detection device is to be output,... Agent: Komatsu Ltd.

20150134185 - Method of generating optimum parking path of unmanned driving vehicle, and unmanned driving vehicle adopting the method: A method of generating an optimum parking path of an unmanned driving vehicle which is performed by a controller in the unmanned driving vehicle, wherein the controller changes a moving distance for a plurality of operations in a reference parking path, finds a parking path in which an average obstacle... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150134186 - Information sharing system, on-vehicle diagnosis terminal, and display terminal: An information sharing system (1) including a plurality of on-vehicle diagnosis terminals (10) and one or a plurality of display terminals (20) and sharing diagnostic information over wireless communication. The terminals (10, 20) include a first determination unit S7, S8 and a second determination unit S34, S35 configured to determine... Agent: Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

20150134187 - Robust systems and methods for improving passenger jet aircraft fuel economy: A method for improving fuel economy on a passenger jet aircraft comprises automatically receiving a communication from the aircraft to a ground station comprising at least one subsystem operating parameter measured during the current flight, detecting whether the operating parameter meets predetermined criteria and, if the criteria are met, automatically... Agent: Alaska Airlines, Inc.

20150134188 - System and method for managing electric vehicles: A system and method for managing a plurality of electric vehicles with a fleet management portal is described herein. In one embodiment, a machine implemented method for managing one or more fleets of electric vehicles includes monitoring one or more fleets of electric vehicles using a fleet management portal associated... Agent:

20150134189 - Systems and methods for remaining useful life predictions in drivetrains: Systems and methods for continually determining the remaining useful life of a drivetrain. The remaining useful life is continually determined during real-time operation of the drivetrain by determining a duty cycle based on torque and rotary speed measurements of the drivetrain. The duty cycle is converted into a useful life... Agent: Ricardo, Inc.

20150134190 - Methods and apparatus for lost connection handling: A computer-implemented method, executable by a vehicle computing system (VCS), includes determining that a connection between a wireless device and a VCS has been lost. The method further includes determining if a driver is present in the vehicle, upon a lost link detection. The method additionally includes waiting until an... Agent:

20150134191 - Inspection device of vehicle driver assistance systems: An inspection device for vehicle driver assistance systems (DASs) mounted on a vehicle may include: i) a frame unit including pillar frames, where vehicles forwardly enter and backwardly exit, at respective corners of a base frame, and an upper frame is coupled to upper end portions of the pillar frames;... Agent:

20150134192 - External diagnosis device, vehicle diagnosis system and vehicle diagnosis method: An external diagnosis device, vehicle diagnosis system and vehicle diagnosis method assess the degree of degradation of a vehicle for diagnosis in relation to items for diagnosis, by comparing: multiple threshold values that, for items for diagnosis that are mutually identical, have been set in accordance with the degree of... Agent:

20150134193 - Method for communicating vehicle data of a vehicle: A method for communicating vehicle data relating to a vehicle automatically determines whether a vehicle is in a predefined surrounding area of a service facility. If this has been detected, a predefined set of vehicle data is provided via a communication interface of the vehicle for transmission to a vehicle... Agent:

20150134194 - System and method for fault diagnosis of aircraft: An aircraft failure diagnostic method and system includes a group of at least one smart mobile device, mobile in relation to the on-board equipment of an aircraft. The smart mobile device transmits a request for measurement data to an on-board equipment, following a tree structure of measurement data to be... Agent:

20150134195 - Inspection method for inspecting electric drive apparatus: An inspection method of the present invention performs a step of giving the electric motor an instructing for rotating a foot shaft in a reverse direction and checking whether the foot shaft is rotating in the reverse direction, and a step of checking whether hydraulic pressure acting on the hydraulic... Agent:

20150134196 - Hybrid construction machine, controller, and write processing method for nonvolatile memory: A hybrid construction machine includes a hydraulic apparatus having a pump; a regeneration apparatus configured to generate power using energy discharged from the hydraulic apparatus; a nonvolatile memory configured to store condition information indicating whether a condition of at least one of the hydraulic apparatus and the regeneration apparatus is... Agent: Kayaba Industry Co., Ltd.

20150134197 - Tire inflate/deflate indication method and system: Systems and methods for indicating conditions for the appropriate inflation and/or deflation of tires are disclosed. Some systems and methods include measuring a variable affecting the internal gas temperature of a tire, calculating by the processor an estimated internal gas temperature of a tire, and determining whether a tire is... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150134198 - Method for monitoring a degradation of an on-board device of an aircraft with automatic determination of a decision threshold: A method for monitoring degradation of an on-board device of an aircraft includes comparing an abnormality score obtained for a given aircraft flight to a decision threshold and emitting an alarm when the decision threshold is exceeded. The decision threshold is determined automatically for a given alarm probability Pa, corresponding... Agent: Snecma

20150134200 - Apparatus for performing specific task of vehicle and method of controlling the same: A vehicle includes an input configured to receive a touch signal input by a user. A controller is configured to determine whether the input touch signal continues for a reference time or more and execute a specific task corresponding to the input touch signal when the input touch signal continues... Agent:

20150134199 - Component control system for a vehicle: A vehicle includes a chassis, a modular component, and a central operating system. The modular component is supported by the chassis. The central operating system includes a component control system, a primary master controller, and a secondary master controller. The component control system is configured for controlling the modular component.... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150134203 - Control method of vehicle, and vehicle adopting the method: Provided is a method of controlling a vehicle equipped with individual steering devices and individual rotational force generating devices for respective wheels. According to the method, operation of at least one group of the steering devices and the rotational force generating devices is controlled in response to electrical control signals... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150134202 - Method of controlling steering of a ground vehicle: A method of controlling steering of a vehicle through setting wheel angles of a plurality of modular electronic corner assemblies (eModules) is provided. The method includes receiving a driving mode selected from a mode selection menu. A position of a steering input device is determined in a master controller. A... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150134201 - Tire windup compensation: A system for measuring and compensating for tire windup occurring in road wheels during parking events. A controller receives data comprising a steering motor current and steering system component movement, from that data determines the amount of tire windup is present, and controls the motor to turn a road wheel... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150134204 - Vehicle cruise control device: A vehicle cruise control device is provided that obtains a target trajectory of a vehicle based on white lines 102 and 104 as traveling route specification targets contained in information acquired by a device that acquires at least information in front of the vehicle, and performs traveling trajectory control so... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150134205 - Vehicle steering control apparatus and steering control method: A vehicle steering control apparatus and vehicle steering control method make it possible to suppress a steering state of a steering operation element from being different from the driver's intention, in starting the driving source. A backup clutch, which is switchable between a release state where a torque transmission path... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. A Japanese Corporation

20150134206 - Vehicle energy management device: In a vehicle energy management device, a travel route calculator calculates a travel route of a vehicle, and an energy consumption-related information obtaining unit obtains energy consumption-related information along the travel route. An energy consumption amount computing unit calculates, based on the energy consumption-related information, an estimated value of an... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150134207 - Apparatus and method for controlling opening and closing of vehiicle windows: An apparatus and a method for controlling an opening and closing of vehicle windows are provided. The method includes receiving, by a controller, an open signal for at least one window disposed within the vehicle. Further, the controller detects a rainfall at an exterior of the vehicle using a sensor... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150134208 - Method for controlling a closure element arrangement of a motor vehicle: The invention relates to a method for actuating a closure element arrangement (1) in a motor vehicle, wherein the closure element arrangement (1) has a closure element (2), a drive arrangement (3) associated with the closure element (2), a control arrangement (4) and a sensor arrangement (5) having at least... Agent:

20150134209 - Bucket movement control device for automatically shaking off foreign substances and method therefor: An apparatus for controlling bucket movement for automatically shaking off foreign substances is disclosed, which includes a bucket movement control unit controlling the bucket movement by determining whether to output an automatic control signal for automatically driving the bucket forward and backward at a predetermined speed even if an input... Agent: Volvo Construction Equipment Ab

20150134210 - Synchronization of a twin row planting system: There is disclosed a single and twin and multiple row planting system configured to be adapted to a planter including a motor drive seed dispenser that is controlled by a planting controller that deposits seeds with a predetermined seed spacing that accommodates differing individual planter row speeds and terrain. In... Agent:

20150134211 - Method for avoiding or reducing chatter vibrations: The present invention relates to a method for avoiding or reducing chatter vibrations in a drivetrain of a motor vehicle having an automated transmission with which two transmission stages are engageable simultaneously, wherein in particular when driving in a first transmission stage a different transmission stage is specifically engaged, synchronized... Agent:

20150134212 - Control device, vehicle including control device, and control program: A gearbox of a twin clutch includes dog portions of a movable gear and a fixed gear which may be disengaged and reengaged with each other. A control device for a vehicle including the twin clutch includes a shift actuator control unit that, when shifting a gear to another speed... Agent:

20150134213 - Control device for vehicle: In a control device for a vehicle on which is mounted a continuously variable transmission capable of mechanically locking a primary pulley at the time of a maximum gear ratio (maximum Low), an idle rotational speed is not always set high to increase a hydraulic pressure at the time of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150134214 - Vehicle integrated control device: An object of the present invention, in a vehicle integrated control device, is to cause a request torque having an appropriate magnitude and change speed to be given to an engine control unit from a drive system manager. To this end, according to a vehicle integrated control device according to... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150134215 - Vehicle startup control device and startup control method: A device for controlling a start of a vehicle includes a rotation speed obtaining unit that obtains an actual engine rotation speed of the engine, a target rotation speed computing unit that computes a target rotation speed of the engine in the slip control, a control target value computing unit... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150134219 - Device and method for saving energy during accelerations of motor vehicles: A device for saving energy during an acceleration of a motor vehicle, the motor vehicle having an acceleration pedal sensor for sensing a position of an acceleration pedal, a vehicle speed sensor for sensing a speed of the motor vehicle and an electronic control unit (ECU) for controlling an engine... Agent:

20150134218 - Driving support device: The driving support device includes: a recognition section configured to recognize each positions of a specific object and a road marking with reference to peripheral information of a own vehicle acquired by a sensor section configured to acquire the peripheral information; and a control section configured to perform different controls... Agent:

20150134217 - Method for securing the braking effect of a brake: A method for securing the braking effect of a brake includes a brake contact surface and a one brake pad including a friction surface, wherein a braking effect therebetween is caused by a braking pressure acting therebetween, the method including capturing the braking effect of the brake, attributing the braking... Agent: Saf-holland Gmbh

20150134216 - System, controller and method for testing a solenoid: Various embodiments for determining a voltage rating of a solenoid in an electropneumatic valve are disclosed. A braking system controller comprises a power switch electrically connected to an associated first solenoid. The power switch provides a low current regulated voltage to the associated first solenoid. The current through the solenoid... Agent: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC

20150134220 - Braking pressure threshold limiting method of brake traction control system: Disclosed is a braking pressure threshold setting method of a brake traction control system. The method includes steps of: determining whether a slip occurs in a driving wheel; initiating a BTCS control when the slip occurs in the driving wheel; determining whether instability occurs in a high-frictional driving wheel; cumulatively... Agent:

20150134221 - Control method, computer program and control device of a tracked vehicle: A control method of a tracked vehicle having a track belt and configured to advance the tracked vehicle provides for acquiring the driving speed of the tracked vehicle; acquiring the speeds of the tracks with respect to the tracked vehicle; calculating a range of expected values of traveling speed as... Agent:

20150134223 - Adaptive cruise control apparatus of vehicle with sensing distance regulation function and method of controlling the same: Provided are an adaptive cruise control (ACC) apparatus of a vehicle with a sensing distance regulation function, in which, when a target vehicle is selected so as to maintain a proper distance between his or her own vehicle and a target vehicle, a target vehicle candidate present within a deceleration... Agent:

20150134224 - Automotive cruise controls, circuits, systems and processes: A cruise control includes an input (225) for speed-related data, a hill angle sensor (230), and a cruise controller (210) having a throttling control output (215) and control conditions responsive to both the speed-related data and to the hill angle sensor (230) to determine whether to increase or decrease the... Agent:

20150134222 - System for controlling speed of vehicle on curved road and method thereof: Disclosed is a system and method for controlling a speed of a vehicle on a curved road according to the present invention. The system for controlling a speed of a vehicle on a curved road according to the present invention includes: a trace corrector configured to correct a trace of... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150134225 - Vehicle running control apparatus and program therefor: A vehicle running control apparatus includes a following distance control unit for maintaining a following distance between an own vehicle on which the vehicle running control apparatus is mounted and a preceding vehicle, an accelerating unit for accelerating the own vehicle at a set acceleration so that a speed of... Agent:

20150134226 - Vehicle fuel consumption monitor and feedback systems: Excess fuel consumption monitor and feedback systems for vehicles include sensor arrays of two primary types including those sensors deployed as part of a vehicle manufacturer established sensor suite and sensors deployed as after-market sensors. Together, these sensor suites include sensors coupled to vehicle subsystems and operating environments associated with... Agent: Smartdrive Systems, Inc

20150134229 - Compressor pre-spin control method: A method is provided for controlling a pre-spin operation of a compressor of an internal combustion engine provided with a turbocharger. The presence of a turbocharger imposes additional requirements on the method. The wear of a compressor clutch is proportional to the transferred energy when the clutch is engaged. In... Agent:

20150134228 - Method and device for limiting the torque build-up of an engine: A method for limitation of torque build-up of an engine (230) in a motor vehicle (100, 110), including the steps of continuously identifying (s410) a pattern pertaining to a maximum permissible torque (Tqmax); responding to torque demand (s420) by guiding torque build-up towards desired torque (Tqreq); responding to torque demand... Agent:

20150134227 - Torque management techniques for engine systems having belt-driven starter generators: A method can include determining a desired torque output from an engine system in response to a torque request, the engine system including an engine and a belt-driven starter generator (BSG). The method can include determining a current engine torque capacity. When the desired torque output is greater than the... Agent:

20150134230 - Method for operating an internal combustion engine, and internal combustion engine: A method for operating an internal combustion engine is provided. The internal combustion engine has a compressor for adjusting a charge density in an intake pipe of the internal combustion engine and has an adjusting device, such as a variable valve gear, for adjusting a volumetric efficiency of the internal... Agent:

20150134231 - System and method for vehicle start-stop: A start-stop module for a vehicle can include a capacitor, one or more switches and a controller. The switches can be configured to connect the capacitor in parallel or in series with a battery of the vehicle. The controller can receive an input voltage having a magnitude based on a... Agent: Yazaki North America, Inc.

20150134232 - Systems and methods involving features of adaptive and/or autonomous traffic control: Systems and method are disclosed for adaptive and/or autonomous traffic control. In one illustrative implementation, there is provided a method for processing traffic information. Moreover, the method may include receiving data regarding travel of vehicles associated with an intersection, using neural network technology to recognize types and/or states of traffic,... Agent:

20150134233 - Systems and methods for identifying traffic intersection restrictions: Embodiments include a computer-implemented method for determining restrictions at an intersection of two roads. The method includes receiving location data from one or more devices used to traverse the intersection via a plurality of paths, identifying the plurality of paths through the intersection from the location data, classifying each of... Agent: Google Inc.

20150134234 - Apparatus for determining motion characteristics of target and device for controlling driving route of vehicle including the same: Disclosed are an apparatus for determining motion characteristics of a target, which determines whether a target positioned in front of a vehicle is a moving object and a movement direction of the target when the target is the moving object and adjusts a driving route of the vehicle based on... Agent:

20150134235 - Method and apparatus for displaying geographic location: The present disclosure relates to a method and an apparatus for displaying a geographic location. The method comprises providing a terminal device to a user, wherein the terminal device includes a processor and a screen. Through a processor of the terminal device, the method comprises receiving a positioning instruction from... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150134236 - Image display system, mobile terminal, server, non-transitory physical computer-readable medium: An image display system includes: a server having a storage device that stores images; and a mobile terminal having a display device that displays the images acquired from the server. The mobile terminal includes: an operation input device that input a refinement condition of images and selects a display image;... Agent:

20150134237 - Navigation system with destination selection mechanism and method of operation thereof: A method of operation of a navigation system includes: determining candidate locations for the location query; determining a candidate associated location specific to each of the candidate locations; determining a waypoint destination from an instance of the candidate locations based on a selected instance of the candidate associated location specific... Agent:

20150134238 - Navigation device and navigation program product: A navigation device includes a travel road specification portion acquiring a current location of a vehicle and specifying a travel road actually traveled by the vehicle, a continuity determination portion determining an existence of a continuity between the travel road and a first road connected to an end point of... Agent: Denso Corporation

20150134239 - System and method for searching vehicle: A method for searching a vehicle is provided. The method includes the following steps: determining whether or not there is a searching instruction from the vehicle locking device; acquiring the current position information of the vehicle locking device from the positioning unit when there is the searching instruction from the... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20150134241 - Geographic identification system: Geographic identification systems and methods of displaying geographic locations on maps and providing related location based services in accordance with embodiments of the invention are disclosed. One embodiment includes a GEOID server configured to communicate with a database containing GEOIDs, where each GEOID comprises a label and geographic information. In... Agent:

20150134240 - Imitation sound generation system and map database: An imitation sound generation system is provided that accurately informs a user of a road environment corresponding to a current location, by an imitation sound. A navigation apparatus, which serves as an imitation sound generation system, includes a map data storage apparatus that stores road network data including data regarding... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150134242 - Navigation system and navigation method of electronic device: An electronic device (3) includes: a facility genre setting part (302) that displays first route information from a departure position to a destination, and sends a genre of facilities at which a user wants to stop to a navigation server (1); a facility setting part (303) that scrollably displays facility... Agent:

20150134243 - Lane change monitoring: A method for detecting a lane change by a moving vehicle is disclosed. In one embodiment, it is detected that a first heading of a moving vehicle has met a parameter defining a stable heading. It is then detected that a second heading of the moving vehicle has subsequently met... Agent:

20150134244 - Method for predicting travel destinations based on historical data: The embodiments of the invention provide a method in a navigation system, for predicting travel destinations according to a history of destinations. A model used for the prediction incorporates a database of destinations, which can include favorite, i.e., most probable, destinations for a user. The model also uses a context... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

20150134245 - Method and system for generating synthetic location information: A method including receiving a first location for a mobile device at a first time; receiving a second location for the mobile device at a second time; determining a most likely route for the mobile device based on the first location, the second location, and a time interval between the... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20150134247 - Electronic guide system, contents server for electronic guide system, portable electronic guide device, and information processing method for electronic guide system: Tour guide contents stored in a tour guide apparatus carried by a user at a tour destination are provided with points of interest information and map data. This information includes latitude and longitude information for the site of each point of interest, and information on the providers of the information... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150134246 - Multi-path routing telematics system and method: A multi-path routing telematics system and method are provided. The method includes receiving, by a controller, a route request from a navigation device and connecting to one or more route-providing servers based on corresponding plug-ins. In addition, the controller is configured to collect routes and transmit them to the navigation... Agent:

20150134248 - Vehicle and method of controlling the same: A vehicle is provided in which, when an estimated driving time for a destination set by a user exceeds a predetermined time, a stop at which the user can take a break when the predetermined time elapses after driving starts is searched for, and information on the stop is provided... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150134249 - Wearable electronic device: A wearable electronic device is provided. The wearable electronic device includes a gravity sensor, a processor and an input/output module. The gravity sensor is used for sensing a moving direction of the wearable electronic device. The gravity sensor and the input/output module are electrically connected to the processor, respectively. The... Agent: Asustek Computer Inc.

05/07/2015 > 71 patent applications in 39 patent subcategories.

20150127189 - Method and system for autonomous tracking of a following vehicle in the lane of a leading vehicle: A method and system for autonomous tracking of a following vehicle on the track of a leading vehicle. A lead message is received by the following vehicle and rejected by the following vehicle or confirmed with a follow message. After receipt of the follow message, a first element of coordination... Agent: Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

20150127190 - Method for preventing a collision of a motor vehicle with a vehicle driving the wrong way and a control and detection device for a vehicle to prevent a collision of the motor vehicle with a vehicle driving the wrong way: A method for preventing a motor vehicle from colliding with a vehicle driving the wrong way includes a wrong-way driver warning received by the motor vehicle, the traffic situation ahead of and beside the motor vehicle is detected with a sensor system, and it is checked, based on the detected... Agent:

20150127191 - Vehicular network: Disclosed herein are techniques for determining a vehicle-based reputation. A driver of a remote vehicle is identified at a navigation system. Driving of the driver is characterized based on the occurrence of one or more events. Transmission of the characterization is caused to a remote server. Also disclosed herein are... Agent:

20150127194 - Device and method for repairing an elongate body: A device (110) and a method for locally repairing or reinforcing an elongate body (100), said device (110) being intended for winding one or a plurality of layers of pre-impregnated polymerizable strip around the elongate body (100), said device (110) comprising:—releasable means (112, 113) of attachment around the elongate body... Agent:

20150127193 - Vehicle power systems activation based on structured light detection: A method and apparatus for activating a vehicle entry power system using structured light detection are described herein. The method may include waking up the vehicle entry power system utilizing keyfob detection, waking up a smart camera, turning on, by the smart camera, a laser diode, wherein the laser diode... Agent: Flextronics Ap, LLC

20150127192 - Wireless vehicle control system: A vehicle control system for a vehicle having a plurality of sensors and a plurality of actuators. The control system includes a sensor-actuator-transceiver (SAT) associated with each sensor and/or actuator to read and transmit and value of the sensor or receive a target value for the actuator and generate a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd

20150127195 - System and method for independent braking system enablement: Described herein is a system and method to enable braking system operation independent of conventional aircraft signals, such as those tied to the hibernation commands. Stated another way, the present disclosure relates to the enablement of a braking system in response to an initiation signal. In this way, the crew... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150127196 - System and method for alerting of remaining runway upon landing based on deceleration: A system and method are provided for alerting of remaining runway based on deceleration, following, for example, a landing or discontinued takeoff. An advisory system compares the current aircraft deceleration value to a predetermined threshold value when proceeding down the runway. If the current aircraft deceleration is less than the... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150127198 - Ship having a window as computer user interface: A method of controlling a ship as well as to a ship, where the ship includes at least one data collecting unit configured to collect operational data of the ship, at least one control computer for controlling an operation aspect of the ship, at least one window facing a view... Agent: Abb Reasearch Ltd.

20150127197 - Use of center engine for docking: In a marine propulsion control system for controlling a set of propulsion units carried by a hull of a vessel, cavitation typically occurs on the propulsion unit with reverse gear engaged, and in a triple propulsion unit installation the normally idle center propulsion unit can be used to increase the... Agent: Cpac Systems Ab

20150127200 - Driving force control system for vehicle: A driving force control system for a vehicle having a mechanism for changing an engine speed continuously. The driving force control system basically controls said mechanism in a manner such that the engine speed is adjusted to optimize fuel economy. The driving force control system is configured to determine an... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150127201 - In-vehicle charger: The present invention is an in-vehicle charger for detecting ground faults originating in sections in which alternating current is flowing. This device is an in-vehicle charger (100) for charging a vehicle-mounted battery, wherein the device is provided with: a bridge rectifier (14) for converting alternating current supplied from a power... Agent:

20150127205 - Method for starting a battery management system: A method for starting a battery management system (1) is disclosed. The battery management system includes a central controller (2) and at least one battery module (4) with a sensor controller (14) and at least one cell sensor (16) which is assigned to at least one battery cell (8). The... Agent:

20150127204 - Navigation device having a range indicator for an electric driving operation and motor vehicle having a navigation device: A navigation device has an evaluation unit for determining a maximal range, which can be traveled in the current driving operation mode with an amount of energy stored in an energy storage device of the motor vehicle, and a display unit for displaying a road map, on which a border... Agent: Audi Ag

20150127199 - Spatial domain optimal electric and hybrid electric vehicle control with path forecasting: A vehicle engine, electric machine and battery are operated, in certain examples, such that a predetermined route is segmented based on varying criteria to determine target battery state of charge at the segment endpoints along the route. The endpoints are a superposition of endpoints defined by predicted powertrain operating mode... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150127207 - Switched reluctance generator integrated controls: A control system for a generator of an electric drive is provided. The control system may include a converter circuit configured to communicate with one or more phases of a stator of the generator, and a controller in communication with the converter circuit and an engine associated with the electric... Agent:

20150127206 - Vehicle and battery pack: A vehicle includes a plurality of detachable battery packs that accommodate a rechargeable battery module and a battery management system (BMS) in a case. In a state where the battery pack is installed in the vehicle, the BMS performs information communication with another BMS, and one BMS is a master... Agent:

20150127203 - Vehicle travel control assistance device: An electronic control unit installed on a vehicle acquires, via a smart center provided outside, a power failure occurrence notification for notifying a state in which a power failure has occurred in a house that is an own house or a power failure recovery notification for notifying a state in... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150127202 - Vehicle vibration suppression control device and vehicle vibration suppression control method: A vehicle vibration suppression control device includes: a first torque target value calculation unit that inputs a motor torque instruction value and that uses a previously modeled transmission characteristic of the vehicle to calculate a first torque target value; a second torque target value calculation unit that includes a filter... Agent: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

20150127208 - Remote-controlled maneuvering of a motor vehicle with the aid of a portable communication device: The invention relates to a manoeuvring system (2) for the automated manoeuvring of a motor vehicle (1), including an on-board control device (3) which is designed to provide control signals (S) to a drive device and/or steering device (5) of the motor vehicle (1) and thereby to carry out a... Agent: Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

20150127209 - Bird repellent system: The bird repellent system is particularly adapted to repel various species of birds on and around airports, but may be readily adapted for use in other environments where birds have become a nuisance or hazard. The system includes both a ground vehicle and an airborne vehicle to optimize the effect... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150127210 - Vehicle information display device: A main control section of a mobile information terminal determines a traveling state of a vehicle between a stopped state and a traveling state. When the vehicle is stopped, an acquisition purpose of various types of information by a user is to acquire detailed information, and the main control section... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150127211 - Measuring system and data processing infrastructure: The present invention relates to a measuring system for detecting measurement data, particularly for detecting measurement data in a vehicle, comprising a measuring device which has a first network interface that is designed at least to couple the measuring system to a data processing infrastructure, and a first coupling device... Agent:

20150127212 - Dynamic safety system: A rollover detection system is provided that comprises a device, a sensor and/or a group of sensors and a warning system for use in a vehicle to reduce or prevent the likelihood of a rollover during operation of the vehicle. The rollover detection system can provide a driver of a... Agent: Desarrollo Techologico Agroindustrial

20150127213 - Fault diagnostic system for internal combustion engine and fault diagnostic method for internal combustion engine: A learning unit learns a difference between a detected value ECT and a detected value RCT when it is determined that the detected value ECT and detected value RCT are stable while an engine is at a stop. A diagnostic unit performs a fault diagnosis for the engine based on... Agent:

20150127214 - Stop lamp switch abnormality detecting device: A stop lamp switch abnormality detecting device includes a stop lamp switch which is turned on and off in conjunction with ON operation and OFF operation of a brake pedal so as to switch a lighting state of a stop lamp; a control determining unit which determines whether a vehicle... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150127215 - Adapting vehicle systems based on wearable devices: Embodiments are described for an in-vehicle computing system, and methods of controlling vehicle settings using the in-vehicle computing system based on input received from a wearable device. Input may also be received from a mobile device. The in-vehicle computing system may automatically adjust one or more vehicle settings based on... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20150127217 - Apparatus and method of assisting parking: Disclosed are an apparatus and a method of assisting parking, and the apparatus for assisting parking includes: an around view monitoring (AVM) system including a plurality of cameras mounted in a vehicle, and configured to combine images photographed by the respective cameras, and output a combined image signal in a... Agent:

20150127219 - Control device and control method for the drive unit of a windshield wiper system: The invention relates to a control device (160) for a drive unit (120) of a vehicle windshield wiper system (100) comprising at least one wiper arm (140). The control device (160) is designed to determine a load quantity (L) of the drive unit (120) and to set the wiping frequency... Agent:

20150127216 - Electronic interface control system: An electronic interface control system with indicators and switching controls being adapted to be disposed efficiently in a vehicle in communication with a pneumatic vehicle safety lift system to conveniently lift a vehicle aground to repair and/or change a tire. Further, a carrying case namely encasing a; safety strut with... Agent:

20150127218 - Method for driver personalization based on tunnel detection for a single-tuner system: A method of operating a vehicle includes receiving a radio frequency signal and determining that the radio frequency signal has at least one characteristic indicative of the vehicle entering a tunnel. A setting of a vehicle system is automatically modified in response to the determining step.... Agent: Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

20150127223 - Apparatus, systems, and methods for determining the location of a roadway mark or portion thereof not meeting standards: An apparatus, system, and method for determining the geographical location of a roadway mark or portion thereof not meeting roadway mark standards data. The system includes a GPS antenna; a GPS receiver responsive to the GPS antenna for determining the geographical location of the GPS antenna; and a system responsive... Agent: Limntech LLC

20150127220 - Method for compensating the play in the gearing between a steering wheel and a steering valve: An operating method for a hydraulic servo steering system of a motor vehicle includes a steering cylinder that applies the supporting force to a steering gearing is integrated into a hydraulic circuit by means of a steering valve. The steering valve opening specifies the supporting force, wherein the supporting force... Agent: Tedrive Steering Systems Gmbh

20150127221 - Method for securing the control of the rear wheels of a motor vehicle provided with an electric power steering system: A method for securing control of rear wheels of a motor vehicle including an electric power steering system, the method including: measuring or calculating, using a motor-angle sensor, at least angular position of the electric power steering motor, and measuring or calculating, using a steering-wheel angle sensor, at least angular... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150127222 - Parking signaling system: A system is disclosed to communicate in vehicular traffic an intention of a driver of a vehicle to execute a parallel parking maneuver. The system includes a display generating a signal to indicate to other drivers the intention to execute the parallel parking maneuver to either a left side of... Agent:

20150127224 - Advanced weight responsive supplemental restraint and occupant classification system: Advanced supplemental restraint system associated with occupant detection and weight responsive classification system operable for controlling resistance of the supplemental restraint system such that in an accident, an occupant of the vehicle impacts the supplemental restraint system without injury. The supplemental restraint system is associated with a weight-sensing unit mounted... Agent:

20150127225 - Seat apparatus for vehicle: A seat apparatus for a vehicle includes a load detection device placed at a front and a rear of one of a right-left pair of the attachment members so as to be spaced apart from each other, the load detection device measuring a load applied to a seat to distinguish... Agent: Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150127226 - Brake control device for vehicle: A brake control device for a vehicle which can prevent occurrence of hunting or stepping during braking control operation and includes a pressure increasing or decreasing characteristic selecting portion which selects a pressure increasing characteristic when a target wheel cylinder pressure increases continuously for a predetermined operation judgment period and... Agent:

20150127227 - Method for automatically adapting vehicle lighting to a surrounding area of a vehicle, lighting apparatus and vehicle having lighting: A method for automatically adapting vehicle lighting to the surrounding area of the vehicle is provided. According to the method, an image of an illuminated surrounding area of the vehicle is acquired. It is determined whether a road sign is present in the surrounding area of the vehicle. Once the... Agent:

20150127228 - Sound qr system for vehicular services: A user device includes a storage device that stores a program for a vehicular service, a signal generation unit that generates a certain sound wave signal depending on the vehicular service, and a signal emission unit that emits the generated sound wave signal. When one component of a vehicle receives... Agent:

20150127230 - Method for controlling wing tool bars of an agricultural implement: A method for lifting wing tool bars of an agricultural implement includes receiving a fluid at an input port of a fluid control system. The fluid is configured to induce raising a central tool bar of the agricultural implement using a first actuator extending between the central tool bar and... Agent:

20150127229 - System and method of preventing articulated machine roll-over: An articulated machine having a first frame and a second frame supported by first and second wheel assemblies respectively is provided. The machine includes a first sensor and a second sensor to provide position information of the first frame and the second frame respectively. The machine includes a drive train... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20150127231 - Method for executing of a gearshift: Method for executing a gearshift in an automatic transmission (1) with several shifting elements, whereas, upon the execution of the gearshift, a first frictional-locking shifting element (B, C, D, E) is open or switched off and a second positive-locking shifting element (A, F) is closed or switched on, whereas, if,... Agent:

20150127232 - Traction control device: A traction control device reducing an output of an engine unit for suppressing a spin of a driving wheel of a motorcycle, includes: a first spin detection unit detecting a spin of a rear wheel based on a vehicle speed calculated from a rotation of a front wheel being a... Agent: Suzuki Motor Corporation

20150127235 - Brake actuation recognition device and method for detecting an actuation of a brake actuating element of a brake system: A brake actuation recognition device has an evaluation device by which at least one provided modification quantity relating to a temporal change in an actual quantity relating to a pressure in a pressure chamber of a brake booster of a brake system is compared with a specified comparison quantity range... Agent:

20150127238 - Braking system for supplemental or emergency use: A braking system for supplemental or emergency use in conjunction with traditional braking methods increases resistance of the rotation of a wheel of a moving vehicle. The braking system for supplemental or emergency use slows the vehicle down more quickly and safely than traditional braking means through the use of... Agent:

20150127233 - Electromechanical actuator strain gauge temperature compensation device: The EMA may comprise an EMA housing, a strain gauge coupled to the EMA housing, the strain gauge comprising a Wheatstone bridge, the Wheatstone bridge comprising a first group of resistors coupled in parallel with a second group of resistors, a controller coupled to the strain gauge, a variable resistance... Agent: Goodrich Corporation

20150127239 - Mapping techniques using probe vehicles: Vehicle-mounted device includes an inertial measurement unit (IMU) having at least one accelerometer or gyroscope, a GPS receiver, a camera positioned to obtain unobstructed images of an area exterior of the vehicle and a control system coupled to these components. The control system re-calibrates each accelerometer or gyroscope using signals... Agent:

20150127234 - Method and control device for controlling a haptic accelerator pedal of a motor vehicle by means of a position control: A method and to a control device for controlling a haptic accelerator pedal in a motor vehicle includes displacing a pedal lever in an actuation direction between a rest position and a maximally actuated position. The pedal lever is configured to be excited by an actuator by exerting a counter... Agent:

20150127236 - Method and control unit for controlling a haptic accelerator pedal of a motor vehicle with an activation condition, and computer program product for carrying out the method and computer-readable medium therefor: A method for controlling a haptic accelerator pedal in a motor vehicle includes determining a current rate of change of the pedal at which a pedal lever of the pedal changes its position between a first position of rest and a second position of maximum activation when the pedal lever... Agent:

20150127237 - Vehicle and method of control thereof: Embodiments of the present invention provide a control system for a motor vehicle, the control system being operable to determine a vehicle speed value corresponding to a speed of travel of the vehicle over a surface according to a value of a speed of a wheel of the vehicle, the... Agent:

20150127240 - Saddle-straddling type motor vehicle and wheel force acquisition device: A saddle-straddling type motor vehicle on which an object is loadable for traveling with the motor vehicle. The motor vehicle includes a main body having a wheel, a motor that generates driving force for moving the main body, a wheel force calculator configured to calculate wheel force exerted between the... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150127241 - Engine response adjustment: Methods and systems are provided for adjusting an engine output delivered in response to an operator pedal actuation based at least on a grade of vehicle travel. During uphill travel, in the presence of headwinds, and/or in the presence of a vehicle payload, the output may be increased while during... Agent:

20150127242 - Control apparatus for vehicle, vehicle, and motor: A control apparatus of a vehicle obtains information indicating a relationship between an instruction value to be provided to an actuator in accordance with a driving condition of a vehicle and a torque capacity of a clutch. The control apparatus includes a table holding unit that stores a correction table... Agent: Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha

20150127244 - Dynamic location referencing segment aggregation: In one embodiment, road segments are aggregated for DLR. A plurality of connected road segments and corresponding traffic information for each of the connected road segments are identified. A processor aggregates the connected road segments into a fewer number of dynamic location reference (DLR) segments than the plurality. By testing... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150127243 - Traffic data simulator: In one embodiment, traffic data that originates from sensors, cameras, or observations is analyzed. The traffic data is associated with multiple repeating time epochs or intervals. The traffic data is divided into clusters using a clustering technique. The clustering technique may include clusters of variable sizes. Each of the clusters... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150127245 - Traffic data simulator: In one embodiment, traffic data that originates from sensors, cameras, or observations is analyzed. The traffic data is associated with multiple repeating time epochs or intervals. The traffic data is divided into clusters using a clustering technique. The traffic data may be collected on specific days such as holidays. The... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150127246 - Method and system for detecting state of a two-wheel balance vehicle: A method and a system for detecting the state of a two-wheel balance vehicle are provided. The method comprises the following steps: S1, detecting pressure output by pedals of the two-wheel balance vehicle in real time after starting; S2, judging if the pressure increases; S3, if the pressure increase is... Agent: Inmotion Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150127247 - Navigation system, recording medium recording computer program, and current position calculation method: When a narrow-angle branch point PA at which a road branches at a narrow angle gets closer, routes from the narrow-angle branch point to all points a-c reachable by traveling for a distance L after passing of the narrow-angle branch point in a current traveling direction. When the narrow-angle branch... Agent:

20150127248 - Electric vehicle charging network services: To provide remote services, including dynamic, interactive assistance to electric vehicle (EV) users, a central server is arranged for electronic communications with EVs (15) and with client devices (11). The server also communicates with at least one EV charging station network, which in turn communicate with individual charging stations (30).... Agent:

20150127249 - Method and system for creating a current situation depiction: The invention relates to a method for creating a current situation depiction, particularly a current city-centre situation depiction, in which environment data and/or map data and/or position data describing a locally bounded situation are sent to a database by a multiplicity of vehicles using vehicle-to-X communication means. The environment data... Agent:

20150127250 - Method for determining location of vehicle: A method for determining the location of a vehicle may include: determining, by a controller, whether first location information of a vehicle is normally received through a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receiver; determining whether two or more infrastructure devices exist within a reference distance from the vehicle; and determining... Agent:

20150127251 - Streetwise navigation system using infrastructure elements: A system and method for providing directional information to a user using existing infrastructure elements (150) is disclosed. The method comprising determining a route of infrastructure elements (150) between a current location and a remote location, wherein the current location is associated a first element in the route and the... Agent:

20150127252 - System for interaction of navigation and connectivity applications and personal information management applications: A system and method for providing fluent interaction between connectivity applications, personal information management applications and navigation applications. The present invention enables a user to launch navigation application directly from a “Contacts” application. This invention also enables the same result to be achieved in reverse, enabling direct access from a... Agent:

20150127253 - Mileage tracker: A mobile device for tracking mileage, including a software mobile application (“app”) that launches a service, which permits relatively uninterrupted tracking of mileage even during incoming telephone calls to the mobile device.... Agent:

20150127254 - Apparatus and method for providing search service: Systems and methods for providing a search service are provided. A search service providing apparatus includes a search word obtaining unit for receiving a search word from an input device of a user terminal; a search result obtaining unit for obtaining a place search result corresponding to the search word;... Agent:

20150127255 - Method for operating an optical display device of a vehicle: A first aspect of the invention relates to a method of operating an optical display device of a vehicle. Here, a dataset is determined as a function of a specified navigation information, the dataset having a specified metadata structure which is suitable for textually characterizing the navigation information. The dataset... Agent:

20150127256 - Systems, methods, and software for providing wayfinding orientation and wayfinding data to blind travelers: To support the independence and mobility of blind pedestrians, the present inventors devised, among other things, free systems, methods, and software for providing narrative blind-ready wayfinding information. One exemplary system receives user input identifying a starting landmark and ending landmark in a particular selected geographic region, such as a city,... Agent:

20150127257 - System and method for vehicle life logging and searching: A vehicle computer implemented method and system for life logging and searching in a vehicle including receiving a request for a vehicle life moment from a vehicle occupant in the vehicle and determining a vehicle life moment from a data store based on the request. The determining includes extracting one... Agent: Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

20150127258 - Method and system for providing real-time assistance to a traveler: A method and system for assisting a traveler. The method initiates a travel segment and interfaces with providers of data regarding geolocation, points of interest, or traffic. During execution of the method, the system monitors geolocation data. The system can predict a route of travel, basing that prediction on past... Agent: Soundhound, Inc.

20150127259 - Systems and methods for optical sensor navigation: Systems and methods are disclosed for determining a navigational constraint for a portable device using an optical sensor. The navigational constraint may be used to supplement other navigational solutions or may be used independently. The optical sensor may capture a plurality of samples to be processed to determine the constraint.... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 112 patent applications in 49 patent subcategories.

20150120081 - Cognitive state supported automotive travel: A method, system, and computer program product for cognitive state supported automotive travel are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A detection is made that an event in a vehicle is outside of acceptable bounds for that event. A determination is made whether the event being outside of acceptable bounds is... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150120087 - Data transmission for an internet of vehicles system: The present invention discloses a data transmission method and apparatus. The method comprises: obtaining information of a vehicle, the information comprising a current location of the vehicle; predicting a possible location of the vehicle in a future period of time and corresponding communication connection quality; predicting changes of the communication... Agent:

20150120082 - Method and apparatus for visual accident detail reporting: A system includes a processor configured to request vehicle sensor data upon crash detection. Further, the processor is configured to assemble the data into a graphic representation of a vehicle, including graphic representations of conditions represented by sensor data. The processor is also configured to send the graphic representation to... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120084 - Method and device for monitoring an energy reserve and safety device for a vehicle: A method for monitoring an energy reserve for a safety device for a vehicle includes the task of evaluating a change of a voltage present in the energy reserve between a starting value suitable for operating the safety device and a test voltage value suitable for operating the safety device... Agent: Robert Bosch Gmbh

20150120088 - Method of dynamically changing content displayed in a vehicular head unit and mobile terminal for the same: A method of dynamically changing content in a head unit mirroring a mobile terminal by dynamically changing content displayed in the mobile terminal, and a mobile terminal for the same, the method including receiving state information indicating a current state of a vehicle equipped with the head unit from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150120083 - Methods, systems and apparatus for determining whether any vehicle events specified in notification preferences have occurred: Computer-implemented methods, systems and apparatus are disclosed for monitoring and reporting notification preferences. A processor of a vehicle determines whether any vehicle events specified in notification preferences have occurred. The notification preferences can be defined by an owner of the vehicle and specify vehicle events that the owner wants to... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150120085 - Smart system: In a smart system, an onboard system transmits a request signal. A portable device receives the request signal. An LF demodulation portion demodulates the request signal to acquire request data and returns an answer signal based on acquisition of the request data. The onboard system receives the answer signal and... Agent: Nippon Soken, Inc.

20150120086 - Vehicle control apparatus: An equipment operation controller implements control to disable an operation of equipment that is operated inside a vehicle cabin and not perform functions of the equipment according to such the operation, when a vehicle is traveling at or above a prescribed speed. However, even when the vehicle is traveling at... Agent: Fuji Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120089 - Removable vehicle operation instrument with remote control capability and related method: A system including an instrument and a vehicle control system is provided. The instrument can include a display and a vehicle controller in communication with the vehicle control system. The instrument can be docked in a docking station of the vehicle, for example in a driver space, and used as... Agent:

20150120091 - Computer implemented method of aircraft selection: A computer implement method of aircraft selection involves providing parameters and a set of logic rules reflecting laws, regulations and policies relating to safe operation of an aircraft, along with a database of aircraft relating to a fleet of aircraft of the same type. There is input into a computer... Agent:

20150120095 - Flight management method and system: A method is provided for managing the flight of an aircraft flying a trajectory calculated by a flight management system. The trajectory necessitates at least one transition between two different aerodynamic configurations of the aircraft. The method comprises: extraction of performance data of the aircraft from a database, at least... Agent:

20150120092 - Ice and supercooled water detection system: A system for detecting ice or supercooled large droplets within an area of interest having a detection system measuring radiance or reflectance of the area of interest when exposed to shortwave infrared radiation having a wavelength in the range of about 2.05 μm to about 2.30 μm. The detection system... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20150120093 - Ice and water detection system: A system for detecting ice or water within an area of interest having a detection system measuring radiance or reflectance of the area of interest when exposed to shortwave infrared radiation having a wavelength in the range containing a crossover point between the curves representing the absorption of electromagnetic radiation... Agent: The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

20150120090 - Methods and systems for displaying aircraft information: A method and an instrumentation system for an aircraft are provided. The method of presenting aircraft information includes activating a master indicator in response to a trigger event associated with operation of the aircraft, receiving a user input associated with the master indicator, and displaying information associated with the trigger... Agent: Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

20150120094 - Unmanned aerial vehicle delivery system: This disclosure describes an unmanned aerial vehicle (“UAV”) configured to autonomously deliver items of inventory to various destinations. The UAV may receive inventory information and a destination location and autonomously retrieve the inventory from a location within a materials handling facility, compute a route from the materials handling facility to... Agent:

20150120096 - Angles-only initial orbit determination (iod): A methodology for initial orbit determination of an object about an astronomical body searches a grid of possible boundary values on the range-to-object over the observation interval to find the grid point and corresponding initial orbit that best fits all of the three or more (N) angles-only observations according to... Agent: Raytheon Company

20150120097 - Integrated communication and application system for aircraft: A method of transferring aircraft data from an aircraft to a portable electronic device entails receiving at the portable electronic device the aircraft data from a data connection with an aircraft data source without writing data back to the aircraft or from a user interface while being capable of receiving... Agent:

20150120098 - Aircraft stopping performance display and warning: A system and method for determining a predicted stopping performance of an aircraft moving on a runway. A predicted stopping force acting on the aircraft to stop the aircraft is determined by a processor unit as the aircraft is moving on the runway. A predicted deceleration of the aircraft moving... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150120099 - Airplane off ground advisory system: An airplane off ground advisory system employs at least one position sensor attached for detection of an extended condition and a compressed condition of a main landing gear. A control system receives an input from the position sensor. The control system records a toggling of the input from an extended... Agent: The Boeing Company

20150120100 - Method for aiding navigation for an aircraft during descent and during approach at reduced thrust: A method for aiding navigation for an aircraft between a descent start point and a computation end point, comprises the computation steps of: collecting a flight plan consisting of a succession of waypoints and of the associated vertical constraints; determining a corridor consisting of a floor trajectory and of a... Agent:

20150120101 - Speed profile generation apparatus and driver assistance system: A speed profile generation apparatus includes: an input unit that receives train performance, route information, information regarding a landmark, a starting position and ending position of generating a speed profile, and a starting time and target ending time of the speed profile; and a speed profile generator that generates the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20150120102 - Turning progress display apparatus, autopilot device and method of displaying turning progress: A turning progress display apparatus is provided. The turning progress display apparatus includes an azimuth information acquiring module configured to acquire azimuth information that is at least one of information of an orientation of a movable body, information of a traveling direction of the movable body, and information that changes... Agent:

20150120117 - Bicycle control apparatus: A bicycle control apparatus is basically provided for controlling a bicycle having a drive assistance electric motor. The bicycle control apparatus includes a manual drive force detector, a rotational state detector and a controller. The manual drive force detector detects a manual drive force. The rotational state detector detects a... Agent:

20150120119 - Bicycle control apparatus: A bicycle control apparatus is basically provided with a manual drive force detecting device, a rotation state detection device and a controller. The manual drive force detecting device detects a manual drive force. The rotation state detection device detects a parameter relating to crankshaft rotation of a crankshaft. The controller... Agent:

20150120118 - Charge depleting mode control system for plug-in hybrid vehicle and method thereof: A charge depleting mode control apparatus of a plug-in hybrid vehicle includes a driving information detector, a mode determining unit, a shift-speed determining unit, a shift determining unit. The driving information detector detects driving information of a vehicle. The mode determining unit determines whether a charge depleting (CD) mode is... Agent:

20150120113 - Control device for vehicle: A control device of the invention is applied for a hybrid vehicle comprising an internal combustion engine, a motor and a rotational position detector to detect a rotational position of a rotary shaft of the motor. The control device performs a procedure for obtaining an offset amount according to a... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120123 - Electric automobile: An electric vehicle includes a motor unit configured to drive a wheel, the motor unit including motor coils; a control system including an inverter; a temperature sensor configured to sense temperature of the motor coils or the inverter; and a limiter configured to, if the temperature sensed by the temperature... Agent: Ntn Corporation

20150120120 - Electric drive vehicle: During traveling of an electric drive vehicle 100, if a quantity of regenerative power generated by a synchronous motor generator 40 is greater than a first predetermined value, a slip frequency S of an induction motor generator 50 is changed while maintaining a torque output of the induction motor generator... Agent:

20150120110 - Fuel system canister purge control: Methods and systems are provided for improving canister purging during the limited engine operation time in a hybrid electric vehicle. Prior to a transition into an engine-on mode, a canister heater is operated to heat the canister to an optimum temperature based on vehicle operating conditions. Upon transition into the... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120122 - Hybrid vehicle control device: A hybrid vehicle having a power-transferable combination of an engine and a motor-generator is controlled to prevent a vehicle vibration while preventing an over-revolution of the engine when the engine is started. In such control, while the engine is determined to be in a starting state, an instruction value correction... Agent:

20150120105 - Method and apparatus for controlling an electrically powered hydraulic pump in a powertrain system: A powertrain system includes a transmission employing an electrically-powered hydraulic pump providing pressurized hydraulic fluid to a hydraulic circuit. A method of operating the powertrain system includes monitoring a temperature of the hydraulic pump. In response to the temperature exceeding a threshold temperature, power output from an electrically-powered motor coupled... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150120111 - Method and apparatus for controlling cold start of fuel cell vehicle: A method for controlling a cold start of a fuel cell vehicle includes detecting and storing temperatures at an inlet and an exit of fuel cell cooling water a plurality of times after turning-off of the fuel cell vehicle. A start sequence is controlled based on the lowest temperature of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150120114 - Method and device for actuating a mobile work machine: A method of controlling a mobile work machine having a reversing gearbox. The driving direction reversal is initiated by detecting a driving direction reversal command. A change of the torque transmission from a current driving direction to a new driving direction is carried out as a powershift. Braking for the... Agent:

20150120108 - Method for purging of air intake system hydrocarbon trap: Methods and systems are provided for improving air intake system hydrocarbon trap purging during engine-off time in a hybrid electric vehicle. One method includes opening the throttle during vehicle motion under battery operation and allowing airflow through the trap to purge its contents into the fuel canister via the canister... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120112 - Method of managing the charging of a traction battery and corresponding devices: A method of managing charging of a traction battery and corresponding devices, the traction battery including a thermal regulating system, the thermal regulating system including a compressor, the method including transmitting information between a control device for the compressor and a device for managing the charging of the traction battery,... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150120109 - Methods and systems for charging an electric vehicle: A system for use in controlling a charging system for an electric vehicle is provided. The system includes a computing device. The computing device includes a memory device and a processor coupled to the memory device. The processor is configured to store, in the memory device, data relating to at... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20150120121 - Movement control device for vehicle: A movement control device for a vehicle comprises a yaw-acceleration calculation portion to calculate a target yaw acceleration of the vehicle, a turn-back steering determination portion to determine whether a turn-back steering of the vehicle is conducted or not, and a drive-force control portion to a drive force of the... Agent: Mazda Motor Corporation

20150120107 - Phev energy management control with trip-oriented energy consumption preplanning: A driving pattern based plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) energy consumption preplanning process enables a PHEV trip-oriented energy management control (TEMC) to utilize scalable levels of available trip foreknowledge in order to optimize the onboard energy (fuel and electricity) usage. The preplanning process generates an optimal battery state-of-charge (SOC) depletion... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120103 - Slip-responsive vehicle drive system: A drive and control system is provided for a towing vehicle pulling a towed implement, such as a tractor pulling a scraper. The drive system includes an engine which drives a generator for generating electric power. A towing vehicle electric drive motor is connected to driven wheels of the towing... Agent: Deere & Company

20150120116 - System and method for monitoring the torque of a motor vehicle engine: A method for monitoring torque produced by a motor vehicle engine, or an electric engine, including: comparing an estimated or measured value of torque produced by the engine with a low limit value or high limit value to detect excessive braking or acceleration and/or a lack of braking or acceleration;... Agent: Renault S.a.s.

20150120115 - System to control the torque of an internal combustion engine during a gear change: An electronic control unit executes throttle torque reduction control for decreasing an engine torque by reducing a throttle opening degree during an upshift of an automatic transmission with respect to the throttle opening degree before a start of the upshift. During the upshift of the automatic transmission, the electronic control... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120104 - Vehicle battery pre-charge feature: A system and a method for a hybrid vehicle for pre-charging the battery. A hybrid vehicle includes a battery having a state of charge (SOC), an engine configured to charge the battery, an actuation device having an on state and an off state, and a processor configured to activate the... Agent: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

20150120106 - Vehicle dynamic controls coordination system for dual-axle driven electric vehicles: An electric vehicle (HEV/BEV/EV) includes a dynamic traction control (DTC) system configured to perform a DTC process and an electric motor enhanced dynamic wheel torque control by brake (eDWT-B) system configured to perform an eDWT-B process. A controller selects according to a vehicle criterion a combination of the DTC and... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120124 - Process and device to enable or disable an automatic driving function: A method and apparatus for activating or deactivating an automatic driving function of a technical system for assisting the driver of a motor vehicle, referred to as pilot below, based on system states of the pilot and between which predefined transitions are possible on the basis of predefined conditions.... Agent:

20150120125 - Systems, methods, and industrial vehicles for determining the visibility of features: According to the embodiments described herein, an industrial vehicle can include an Environmental Based Localization (EBL) sensor communicatively coupled to one or more processors. The EBL sensor can detect objects within a field of view. The one or more processors execute machine readable instructions to access a feature set and... Agent: Crown Equipment Limited

20150120126 - System and method for multiple vehicles moving a common payload: A system and method are provided for controlling a plurality of vehicles to affect positioning of a common payload. The system comprises of multiple vehicles having positioners to change the location of the common payload, where the group of vehicles form a swarm that is controlled by a driver or... Agent:

20150120128 - Autonomous coverage robot: A mobile floor cleaning robot includes identifying, using a controller, a location of an object on a floor surface away from the robot, and issuing a first drive command from the controller to a drive system of the robot to drive the robot across the floor surface to clean the... Agent: Irobot Corporation

20150120127 - Mobile unit, method of moving mobile unit, robot system, and method of producing processed product: A mobile unit according to an embodiment includes a main body, a moving mechanism, a sensor, a recognizer, a first movement adjuster, a second landmark recognizer, and a second movement adjuster. The moving mechanism moves the main body. The sensor detects a distance and a direction to an object around... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

20150120129 - Method for controlling vehicle driving: A method for controlling vehicle driving is provided. The method for controlling vehicle driving enables stable continuation of driving or stable stopping even when a communication fault occurs. The method for controlling vehicle driving includes: determining whether a fault has occurred in a first network between a master controller and... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20150120130 - Vehicle control system: A system includes a contactor system, a vehicle control unit, and a fault diagnostic system. The contactor system includes one or more contactors. The vehicle control unit is coupled to the contactor system via a first connection and a second connection. The vehicle control unit is configured to provide a... Agent:

20150120131 - Communication system between electric bikes and communication method thereof: The present invention provides a communication system between electric bikes and communication method thereof. The communication system comprises a plurality of electric bikes. Each of the electric bikes comprises a monitor module and a portable electric device, wherein the portable device further comprises a storing unit and a WiFi module.... Agent: National Chiao Tung University

20150120132 - System and method to instrument and gather three-dimensional (3-d) vehicle tracking and operating information: A vehicle monitoring system and method of monitoring a vehicle has, in part, a monitoring device which couples to a vehicle by way of a cigarette adapter, universal serial bus port, or the like. Once coupled to the vehicle, the device draws and in some cases stored power from the... Agent:

20150120134 - Characteristic change detection device for steering transmission system: A steering angle zero point detection unit 102 detects a zero point of a steering angle of a steering wheel. A zero point history holding unit 104 records a detection history of zero points. A characteristic change determination unit 116 determines whether or not a characteristic change occurs in the... Agent:

20150120133 - Cooling fan assisted engine-off natural vacuum test: A method for a vehicle fuel system, comprising: during an engine-off condition, including an ambient temperature within a threshold range, operating a cooling fan to increase a fuel tank vacuum; and indicating leaks in the vehicle fuel system based on the increased vacuum. In this way, an EONV test may... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120135 - Method and apparatus for assigning profile data to one or more vehicle sub-systems of a vehicle: This disclosure relates to a method, performed in an apparatus 300 for profile control, for switching profile data in one or more vehicle sub-systems 401, 402 of a vehicle 406. Each vehicle sub-system 401, 402 comprises a vehicle sub-system data storage 403, 404. The method comprises: detecting a presence of... Agent: Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

20150120136 - Smart device executing application program by occupant detection: A smart device that determines whether an occupant is present within a vehicle is provided. The smart device includes a boarding detector that is configured to detect whether an occupant is present within a vehicle by detecting a connection with a connectivity module disposed within the vehicle or connectivity module... Agent:

20150120139 - Characteristic change detection device for steering transmission system: A steering torque sensor detects steering torque of a steering wheel. A steering angle sensor detects a steering angle of the steering wheel. An abnormality determining unit determines that a characteristic change is caused in the steering transmission system, when it is determined that the steering torque is smaller than... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120144 - Method for lane-keeping support for automobiles: The invention relates to a method for providing lane-keeping support in automobiles during the operation of a fully automatic driver assistance system designed for driver-independent vehicle guidance by means of a control unit which controls the actuatorics of a steering system during operation of this driver assistance system such that... Agent:

20150120143 - Method for moving backwards a combination and assembly for assisting the backward movement of the combination: A method is provided for moving backwards a combination and an assembly is provided for assisting the backward movement of a combination into an area, which might be surrounded by obstacles. The combination includes a propelled vehicle and an implement. The implement can pivot with respect to the vehicle. The... Agent: Forage Innovations B.v.

20150120141 - Methods and systems for configuring of a trailer maneuvering system: A system for configuring a trailer model for a trailer maneuvering system is disclosed. The system comprises a controller having a memory and being operable to communicate with the trailer maneuvering system. The controller is configured to receive trailer dimensional data from a mobile device. The trailer dimensional data may... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120137 - Path planning for evasive steering maneuver in presence of target vehicle and surrounding objects: A method for calculating a virtual target path around a target object that includes providing scan points identifying detected objects and separating the scan points into target object scan points and other object scan points. The method identifies a closest scan point from the target object scan points and identifies... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150120138 - Path planning for evasive steering manuever employing a virtual potential field technique: A system and method for calculating a virtual target path that is used to calculate an evasive steering path around a target object, such as a target vehicle, stopped in front of a subject vehicle. The method includes determining a potential field using a plurality of scan points that is... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150120142 - Steering control apparatus having function of determining intention of driver and method of operating the same: The present invention relates to a steering control apparatus and a method of operating the apparatus. The steering control apparatus of the present invention includes a sensor unit for sensing movement of an autonomous driving vehicle or a limited autonomous driving vehicle, and calculating movement information. A determination unit determines... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150120140 - Steering device, steering control device, and steering control method: A steering device (1) includes: a steering member (4) that is provided in a vehicle (2) and configured to be rotationally operated; an actuator (8) that generates a torque assisting a steering operation on the steering member (4); a detection device (9) that detects a torque applied to a steering... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120145 - Fault tolerant apparatus and method for an independent controlled steering in a four wheel drive system: The present disclosure relates to fault management apparatus and method for an independently controlled steering system in a four wheel drive system. The apparatus includes: a steering system unit that is disposed at four wheels of a vehicle, controls steering of the wheels, and collects and transmits the state information... Agent:

20150120146 - Apparatus and method for adjusting monitoring area of remote monitor: An apparatus for adjusting a monitoring area of a remote monitor according to the present disclosure comprises a storage for storing a viewing angle and an irradiation angle of the remote monitor depending on a type of a road. A road determiner determines the type of the road on which... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150120147 - Vehicle collision determination apparatus: A vehicle collision determination apparatus includes a sensor disposed on a mounting surface in a cabin of a vehicle, and a determining part that determines whether or not a collision of the vehicle has occurred, on the basis of an output from the sensor. The output from the sensor includes... Agent:

20150120148 - Electric implement power management system: An electric implement power management system includes an electronic controller that monitors total electric implement load and commands a transmission to reduce the speed of the traction drive wheels below the desired traction drive speed if the total electric implement load reaches a maximum allowable load.... Agent: Deere & Company

20150120150 - Anti-pinch system for vehicle seating: An anti-pinch system for vehicle seating includes a front seat that has an actuator configured to automatically slide the front seat between the driving position and entry/exit position. A rear seat is fixed rearward from the front seat and has a seatbelt that releasably engages a clasp. A memory module... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120152 - Method for controlling an articulated turntable ladder of a rescue vehicle: The present invention relates to a method for controlling an articulated turntable ladder (12) of a rescue vehicle (10) wherein the ladder (12) comprises a plurality of telescopically extendable ladder parts (14) by including a tip ladder part (18) pivotable around a horizontal first pivot axis (28) by means of... Agent:

20150120149 - Vehicle occupant comfort: Data is collected related to motion of a vehicle. Based on the collected data, it may be determined that a threshold associated with motion sickness is exceeded. An adjustment for a component in the vehicle may be adjusted based at least in part on the collected data.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120151 - Vehicle system for activating a vehicle component: A vehicle system for activating at least one vehicle component to provide access to a vehicle. A first receiver is operative to obtain a wireless signal at least comprising first identification data of an electronic device; a memory device storing at least second identification data; at least a second receiver... Agent: Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

20150120153 - Method and device for ascertaining a height profile of a road situated ahead of a vehicle: A method for ascertaining a height profile of a road situated ahead of a vehicle includes: reading in a movement profile of an object which is provided by an image sensor, the movement profile being read in as a plurality of images; reading in at least one parameter with regard... Agent:

20150120154 - Speed change control system for vehicles: A speed change control system for reducing shift shocks of clutch-to-clutch shifting is provided. The control system is applied to a vehicle in which a transmission having a plurality of engagement devices is connected to an output side of a prime mover, and in which a gear stage of the... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120155 - Speed change control system for vehicles: A speed change control system for reducing shift shocks of clutch-to-clutch shifting is provided. The control system is applied to a vehicle in which a transmission having engagement devices is connected to an output side of a prime mover, and in which a gear stage of the transmission is shifted... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120156 - Method for controlling a dual clutch transmission: A method of controlling a dual-clutch transmission having two partial transmissions that can be connected to a drive engine such that a target gear, in a respective load-free partial transmission to be engaged following the currently active gear, can be preselected. To reduce the energy consumption caused by transmission losses,... Agent:

20150120158 - Pitch-based shifting: A computer-implemented method and a control system are described for controlling the shifting of a vehicle, at least in part, according to its pitch. The method includes using a pitch-detection mechanism to determine one or more indicators of the pitch of the vehicle. The method includes receiving, at one or... Agent: Deere & Company

20150120157 - Road grade estimation for a trailered vehicle: An example vehicle control method includes, among other things, controlling a towing vehicle based upon a trailered vehicle road grade.... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120162 - Abnormality detection apparatus for braking force detector: A braking force detector detects the braking force of a vehicle or a value based on which the braking force can be calculated. A steering torque sensor detects a steering torque of a steering wheel. A lateral acceleration sensor detects a lateral acceleration of the vehicle. A turning/braking judgment unit... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120163 - Brake apparatus: When a system of a control means (19) is restarted after system control is ended, a brake apparatus drives an electric motor (43) so as to achieve a corrected target thrust force calculated by setting a greater thrust force than a target thrust force set according to a temperature estimated... Agent:

20150120161 - Cylinder device and hydraulic brake system: When a brake switch is switched from OFF to ON, current is applied to a brake ECU, and a command to switch a master cylinder from a second state to a first state is issued after a lapse of preparation time, so that switching-time change suppression control is performed. A... Agent: Advics Co., Ltd.

20150120159 - Determining effective brake pedal position: Methods, systems, and vehicles are provided for determining an effective brake pedal position for a vehicle. A determination is made as to whether. automatic braking is occurring for a vehicle. If the automatic braking is occurring, a measure of braking is determined for the vehicle. The effective pedal position of... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150120160 - Method and device for detecting a braking situation: A method for detecting a braking situation of a vehicle located on a traffic route, which has a task of ascertaining a red component of at least one image area of an image which depicts at least one section of the traffic route, and includes a task of determining the... Agent:

20150120164 - Wheel speed sensor interface, operation method thereof, and electronic control system including the same: Provided is a wheel speed sensor interface. The wheel speed sensor interface includes: a speed pulse detection circuit configured to receive a plurality of sensor signals including wheel speed information of a vehicle, detect a plurality of speed pulses on the basis of the plurality of the received sensor signals,... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150120165 - Evaporative emission control system monitoring: A monitoring sub-system coupled to an evaporative emission canister fluidically coupled to a fuel tank and an engine of a machine includes one or more temperature sensors and a control module coupled to receive sensory output from the temperature sensors. The temperature sensors measure temperature within the evaporative emission canister.... Agent:

20150120166 - Method and systems for storing fuel for reduced usage: Various methods and systems are provided for initiating and executing a fuel routine for reducing a pressure of gaseous fuel in a gaseous fuel system for a vehicle. In one embodiment, a control system for a vehicle comprises a controller operable to: determine a required pressure relief event is needed... Agent:

20150120167 - Method and apparatus for evaluating abnormal combustion events of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle by regression calculation of a physical variable: A method for evaluating abnormal combustion events of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle by regression calculation of a physical reference variable, in which method a recognition variable of the abnormal combustion event is calculated from a measured sensor signal. In a method with which abnormal combustion processes... Agent:

20150120168 - Vehicle control apparatus: A vehicle control apparatus performs an in-excess determination control by monitoring a drive power in-excess indicator at a time when a temporary in-excess state occurs which indicates that a drive power excess amount exceeds a predetermined value. As such, when a vehicle-dynamic safety parameter fulfills a prescribed condition, the vehicle... Agent:

20150120169 - Control means and method for operating an internal combustion engine: A method for operating an internal combustion engine is described in which a combustion air ratio (λ) is determined and used to determine a deviation of this combustion air ratio from an in particular default or determined set point combustion air ratio. Spontaneous ignition of the internal combustion engine are... Agent:

20150120170 - Control apparatus for internal combustion engine: Invention suppresses deterioration of emission if there is air-fuel ratio imbalance among cylinders. Apparatus (100) controlling an engine including first and second air-fuel ratio sensors respectively disposed on upstream and downstream of catalyst, has: first determining device determining first F/B controlled variable according to deviation between output value and target... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20150120171 - Control apparatus for internal combustion engine: A method for controlling a pressure control valve which controls the pressure in a high-pressure accumulator of a fuel metering system of an internal combustion engine, fuel being metered into the combustion chambers of the internal combustion engine from the high-pressure accumulator, and the pressure control valve being connected to... Agent:

20150120172 - Spark plug degradation detection: Methods and systems are provided for identifying and indicating degradation of an engine cylinder spark plug. In response to a cylinder misfire event during selected engine operating conditions, followed by an occurrence of a threshold number and/or rate of pre-ignition events in the same cylinder, a controller may determine that... Agent:

20150120173 - System and method for controlling a powertrain in a vehicle: A system and method for controlling a powertrain in a vehicle includes a controller configured to control vehicle speed around a plurality of target vehicle speeds based on respective accelerator pedal positions. This control operates when the vehicle is operating outside of a constant speed control process. The current target... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120174 - Traffic volume estimation: Method, systems, and devices are described for determining traffic volume of one or more path segments. A computing device may receive probe data associated with a road segment from one or more sources. The computing device selects either a free flow algorithm or a congestion algorithm for the probe data,... Agent:

20150120176 - Systems and methods for distance and congestion-aware resource deployment: Computer-implemented systems and methods are disclosed for distance and congestion-aware resource deployment. In some embodiments, a method is provided to estimate a vehicle deployment region. The method includes constructing a graph data structure using at least in part a single invocation of a form of Dijkstra's algorithm. The method additionally... Agent: Palantir Technologies Inc.

20150120175 - Systems and methods for estimating traffic signal information: Systems and methods for estimating traffic signal information are provided. According to one aspect, positioning system data is obtained from a plurality of vehicles. Each data set includes the position and the velocity of a vehicle as functions of time. For an intersection having a traffic signal, an average acceleration... Agent: Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

20150120177 - System and method for maintaining aircraft separation based on distance or time: A system and method are provided for displaying an enhanced longitudinal scale providing user interface and awareness for executing the Next Gen Flight Deck Interval Management (FIM) and the Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI) application Enhanced Visual Separation on Approach (VSA) to provide a required spacing between aircraft based... Agent:

20150120179 - Navigation apparatus and navigation method: A navigation apparatus includes a positioning unit configured to measure a current position, a route guidance screen generation unit configured to generate a route guidance screen used for route guidance for a retrieved route from the current position to a destination and display the route guidance screen on a display... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150120178 - System for determining clearance of approaching overhead structure: A vehicle system for detecting low clearance locations may include a controller configured to access a geographical information database configured to maintain a plurality of predefined points of interest defined by a clearance height. The controller may communicate with a first sensor to detect a low clearance structure and determine,... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150120180 - Method and apparatus for providing location based service: An electronic device offers acquired location information to a point-of-interest (POI) management server when a predetermined condition is satisfied. The POI management server offers POI identification information to the electronic device when the location information is matched to one of registered POIs. When the POI identification information is received from... Agent:

20150120181 - Method, system and vehicle for conducting group travel: A method for conducting group travel, wherein a subsequent group travel participant follows a group travel participant travelling ahead or the subsequent group travel participant drives to a current destination of group travel participant travelling ahead, includes the steps of: assigning a group travel identifier for a journey of the... Agent: Audi Ag

20150120182 - Near field communication mobile device and navigation device communication system: A mobile device and navigation device communication system utilizing near field communication to easily capture and transfer address data and simplify programming of the navigation device is disclosed. When a mobile device receives a text message a mobile navigation communication application determines if there is an address included in the... Agent:

20150120183 - Automatic handover of positioning parameters from a navigation device to a mobile device: Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed herein that may be utilized, in whole or in part, to facilitate or support one or more operations or techniques for automatic or more dynamic handover of one or more positioning parameters from a navigation device, such as a personal navigation... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150120184 - Location based tracking: Location information is used to build a database of locations having associated audio, video, image, or text data. In some implementations, a device includes a touch-sensitive display and collects data associated with a geographic location of interest. The geographic location of interest can be displayed on a map using an... Agent:

20150120187 - Apparatus and method of generating travel route of vehicle: Provided are an apparatus and a method of generating a travel route, which generate a travel route by using fixed objects positioned at a front side. The apparatus for generating a travel route includes: a space information obtaining unit configured to obtain information on a space, in which a driver's... Agent:

20150120186 - Distance calibration by event points: An electronic device for tracking a distance traveled by a user along a course comprises a location determining element, a memory element, and a processing element. The location determining element is configured to receive location signals from a satellite-based positioning system and to determine a current geolocation of the user.... Agent: Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

20150120185 - System for post processing gnss/ins measurement data and camera image data: A system for performing post processing of GNSS and INS measurement data and image data to provide highly accurate location information for a camera, an INS measurement unit or both performs first processing operations using the GNSS and INS measurement data, to determine position, velocity and attitude solutions. The system... Agent: Novatel Inc.

20150120188 - Vehicle location tracking device and method: A vehicle location tracking device may include: a GPS (Global Positioning System) module configured to detect location information and time information of an owner vehicle using a GPS satellite; a transmitter/receiver configured to transmit/receive a tracking message required for vehicle tracking; a main processor configured to generate a tracking message... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

20150120189 - Antenna structures and methods thereof for determining locations to improve wireless communications: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may include, for example, an antenna structure of a base station including an antenna element for communicating with a communication device via radio frequency signals and a circuit coupled to the antenna element. The circuit detects a location of the communication device. The... Agent:

20150120190 - Method for operating a vehicle: In a method for operating a vehicle, a location assigned to a driving route of the vehicle is transmitted from the vehicle to an external server, and the server checks whether a zone is assigned to the transmitted location for which navigation data exist for at least partially automated vehicle... Agent:

20150120191 - Navigation system and method thereof: A navigation system is disclosed. The navigation system includes an image capturing device, a positioning device, and a processing device. The image capturing device is configured to capture an image of an object fed by a user. The positioning device is configured to obtain positioning information of the navigation system.... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20150120192 - Navigation guidance including provision of stops: Methods, apparatuses and storage medium associated with providing navigation guidance that may include stops, are disclosed. An apparatus, in one embodiment, may include one or more processors; and a navigation application to be operated by the one or more processors to provide navigation guidance to a destination. The navigation application... Agent:

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