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Data processing: structural design, modeling, simulation, and emulation March listing by industry category 03/11

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03/31/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110077914 - Computerized tool and method for the automated creation of a cutter ramp curve: An automated and computerized technique as disclosed herein can be utilized to generate a modeled cutter ramp curve for a flange component. The technique can be utilized in conjunction with any suitable CAD system to render a cutter ramp curve on the modeled flange component. The system obtains a selected... Agent: The Boeing Company

20110077912 - Hybrid element enabling solid/sph coupling effect: Hybrid elements that enable coupling effects between SPH particles and FEM solid are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, hybrid elements are configured to facilitate coupling effect of solid element based on finite element method (FEM) and one or more corresponding particles based on smoothed particle hydrodynamics... Agent: Livermore Software Technology Corporation

20110077913 - System and method for improved dental geometry representation: A digital data set representing a pre-scanned tooth geometry, including generic crown data, is merged with data representing a scanned patient tooth crown image, which lacks sufficient data to completely represent a complete tooth crown.... Agent:

20110077920 - Method and system for determination of horizontal stresses from shear radial variation profiles: Described is method and system of determining horizontal stress from radial profiles of dipole shear together with the far-field estimate of the Stoneley shear modulus. The system and method include selecting an optimal number of regression points on measured radial profiles for obtaining reliable estimation of maximum and minimum horizontal... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110077916 - Method of distributing a random variable using statistically correct spatial interpolation continuously with spatially inhomogeneous statistical correlation versus distance, standard deviation, and mean: Methods for modeling a random variable with spatially inhomogenous statistical correlation versus distance, standard deviation, and mean by spatial interpolation with statistical corrections. The method includes assigning statistically independent random variable to a set of seed points in a coordinate frame and defining a plurality of test points at respective... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110077918 - Method of predicting natural fractures and damage in a subsurface region: A method for predicting localized damage and naturally occurring fractures in a subsurface region is provided. This invention uses a hybrid FEM-DEM (i.e. finite-discrete element) framework combined with a fracture risking analysis and fracture initiation and propagation criteria, to model the transition of rock from a state of continuum to... Agent:

20110077919 - Method of recognizing activity on basis of semi-markov conditional random field model: A method of recognizing an activity on the basis of a semi-Markov conditional random field (CRF) model is provided. The method includes segmenting an input signal measured by an accelerometer to output frame sequences, extracting training feature vectors from the frame sequences, building a codebook containing kernel vectors from the... Agent: Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation Of Kyung Hee University

20110077924 - Methods and systems for mitigating drilling vibrations: Methods and systems of reducing drilling vibrations include generation a vibration performance index using at least one frequency-domain model having a velocity-dependent friction relationship. The vibration performance index may be used to aid in the design or manufacture of a drill tool assembly. Additionally or alternatively, the vibration performance index... Agent:

20110077915 - Modeling a matrix for formal verification: A reference model may be defined to refer to a matrix of a target computerized system. The reference model may comprise a reference index and a reference matrix. The reference index may have a non-deterministic value enabling the reference matrix to refer to the matrix using a fewer number of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110077923 - Physics simulation apparatus and method: A method and apparatus wherein complex physical interactions and collisions are modeled at a high level of detail while reducing the computational demands placed on the processing system. In one embodiment the method comprising the steps of defining a first object and a second object, each object adapted for colliding... Agent: Telekinesys Research Limited

20110077921 - Print color predicting method, print color predicting apparatus, computer-readable recording medium with print color predicting program recorded therein, and profile generating method: First spectral data (spectral reflectance) of a printed object is obtained, and second spectral data (optical material characteristic value) of a laminating film is estimated. Then, using the first spectral data and the second spectral data, fourth spectral data (spectral reflectance) is predicted.... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20110077922 - System and method for performing oilfield simulation operations: The invention relates to a method of performing an oilfield operation of an oilfield having at least one wellsite, each wellsite having a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation for extracting fluid from an underground reservoir therein. The method includes determining a time-step for simulating the reservoir, the reservoir being represented... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110077917 - Variation distribution simulation apparatus and method, and recording medium: A circuit simulation apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention calculates a set value of a SPICE parameter of a MOSFET to carry out a variation analysis on a semiconductor circuit including the MOSFET. The apparatus includes a storage part configured to store an intermediate model expression that... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20110077927 - Generalized constitutive modeling method and system: A method of modeling a material using a generalized constitutive model includes assembling a plurality of behaviors the plurality of behaviors including distinct stress derived loading and unloading behaviors, the plurality of behaviors assembled without reference to a particular material to be modeled, and assembling a plurality of couplings, each... Agent:

20110077925 - Method and apparatus for optimization of sprinkler head positions and nozzle sizes in an irrigation system: A method and apparatus provides optimized installation site specifications for sprinkler head position and nozzle size for center pivot and/or linear movement type irrigation systems in which a plurality of sprinkler heads are typically mounted at multiple adjacent lateral positions along a water supply boom/line. A sprinkler head spacing and... Agent:

20110077926 - Simulation system and method for a technical installation: A simulation system has a first simulator for simulating a first physical process and configured to store first CAD-based data, a second simulator for simulating a second physical process and configured to store second CAD-based data, and a server configured to process the first CAD-based data from the first simulator... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20110077928 - Methods and systems for design and/or selection of drilling equipment based on wellbore drilling simulations: Methods and systems may be provided for simulating forming a wide variety of directional wellbores including wellbores with variable tilt rates and/or relatively constant tilt rates. The methods and systems may also be used to simulate forming a wellbore in subterranean formations having a combination of soft, medium and hard... Agent:

20110077930 - Computer-implemented method for providing a personalized tool for estimating 1,5-anhydroglucitol: A computer-implemented method for providing a personalized tool for estimating 1,5-anhydroglucitol is provided. An electronically-stored history of empirically measured glucose levels is maintained for a patient over a set period of time in order of increasing age. A predictive model of estimated glycated hemoglobin is built on a computer workstation.... Agent:

20110077929 - Method and system for modeling durability of insecticidal crop traits: Systems, methods and other means for evaluating durability of genetic traits for the control of damage by pests are provided. Inputs parameters associated with the genetic traits, pests, and one or more fields may be received by a computer and/or other type of machine, which may apply a computer-implemented model... Agent: E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

20110077931 - Methods and apparatus for identifying disease status using biomarkers: Methods and apparatus for identifying disease status according to various aspects of the present invention include analyzing the levels of one or more biomarkers. The methods and apparatus may use biomarker data for a condition-positive cohort and a condition-negative cohort and select multiple relevant biomarkers from the plurality of biomarkers.... Agent:

20110077932 - Modular telephone: A self-configuring communication system includes a portable memory device that stores personalization data. The self-configuring communication system includes a local instrument. The local instrument includes an interface for the portable memory device. The local instrument includes a processor to establish a link through the interface to the portable memory device... Agent:

03/24/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110071805 - Automated method and system for object configuration: An automated system and method is provided for configuring an object (e.g., a room). In accordance with a preferred embodiment, configuration is facilitated through the use of layering functionality and frame-based inferences to evaluate stored knowledge of object attributes. The frame-based inferences may be supplemented by a rules-based inference system.... Agent:

20110071798 - Cad system for assessing blank size: In general the invention is directed to computer implemented systems and methods for assessing the size of a dental restoration blank. In one embodiment, the invention provides a computer-readable medium comprising dental CAD application code which implements the following procedures: generating in a computer memory a three dimensional digital rendering... Agent:

20110071799 - Grid models: A method of forming grid models, and in particular, grid models of geological structures. In an embodiment, the method includes forming a grid model of a geological structure by forming a grid, and cutting the grid along a surface to form a grid model. The method may include identifying fault... Agent:

20110071801 - Method and apparatus for displaying a representation of a traffic intersection: A method and apparatus for displaying a representation of a traffic intersection on a display of a computer is disclosed. The method involves receiving operator input defining a relative orientation between a first roadway and a second roadway, the first and second roadways forming an intersection area therebetween. The method... Agent: Transoft Solution, Inc

20110071806 - Method and device for determining center hole of crankshaft: A method of determining a center hole of a material crankshaft, which is obtained through molding with first and second molds, includes: obtaining first shape data of a first portion of the material crankshaft molded by the first mold and second shape data of a second portion of the material... Agent: Komatsu Machinery Corp.

20110071804 - Method and the associated mechanism for 3-d simulation stored-image database-driven spectacle frame fitting services over public network: A method of spectacle frame 3-D simulation fitting over public network, such as Internet, based upon database of product information and digitized user images as acquired via devices connected to computer. Particularly, consumers can take advantage of present method to choose spectacle frames from wide variety of selections, expeditiously by... Agent:

20110071802 - Patient-adapted and improved articular implants, designs and related guide tools: Methods and devices are disclosed relating improved articular models, implant components, and related guide tools and procedures. In addition, methods and devices are disclosed relating articular models, implant components, and/or related guide tools and procedures that include one or more features derived from patient-data, for example, images of the patient's... Agent:

20110071800 - System and method for providing efficient schematic review: A system and method for providing schematic reviews is provided. The method includes providing a schematic design, selecting a signal, where the signal is a graphical representation, previewing the signal, obtaining relevant information on components constituting the signal, and controlling the signal to obtain relevant information on the components. Controlling... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110071803 - System and method of sub-surface system design and installation: The system and method of the present invention provides comprehensive design and installation management for agricultural water management systems. Maps and grade profiles are created from data collected by Global Positioning devices in the field. Latitude, longitude, and elevation are triangulated from GPS data to develop contour, grade, and profile... Agent:

20110071807 - Analysing spectral data for the selection of a calibration model: The invention relates to a method of analyzing spectral data for the selection of a calibration model, relating spectra of a substance to a physical or chemical parameter of the substance, over a predetermined range of the physical or chemical parameter, comprising the steps: a) capturing spectral data of the... Agent:

20110071808 - Gnss ephemeris with graceful degradation and measurement fusion: A method for providing an extended propagation ephemeris model for a satellite in Earth orbit, the method includes obtaining a satellite's orbital position over a first period of time, applying a least square estimation filter to determine coefficients defining osculating Keplarian orbital elements and harmonic perturbation parameters associated with a... Agent: Purdue Research Foundation

20110071809 - Model generation based on a constraint and an initial model: A model may comprise finite paths in respect to a constraint. The model and the constraint may be modified such that a portion of the limitations induces by the constraint is injected to the model. Adding the limitation directly to the model may be expressed by a reduction of a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110071810 - Method for controlling fluid production from a wellbore by using a script: In one aspect, a method is provided for controlling fluid flow in a wellbore containing a plurality of production devices, wherein the method includes the steps of defining a first setting of each production device in the plurality of production devices, defining a change in a parameter relating to fluid... Agent: Baker Hughes Incorporated

20110071811 - Using event correlation and simulation in authorization decisions: Performance impacting operations (e.g., maintenance operations) performed on a system can, depending on a current state of the system, heavily impact the performance of the system, thus affecting a customer's experience with the system. Functionality can be implemented to control execution of the performance impacting operations based on simulating the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110071812 - Small-signal stability analysis at transient time points of integrated circuit simulation: Simulation method and system for analyzing the stability of a modeled electronic circuit. Simulation of the transient response to a desired input stimulus is performed in a piece-wise fashion, in a sequence of transient time points. At one or more user-specified time points (“tpunch” points) within the transient interval, the... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20110071815 - Host cell spatially aware emulation of a guest wild branch: A instructions of a Guest program to be emulated by a Host computer occupy one or more Guest cells of Guest memory, each Guest cell having a corresponding Host cell in Host memory. The emulator selects a Host cell for emulating a Guest instruction. When the Host cell corresponds to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110071816 - Just in time compiler in spatially aware emulation of a guest computer instruction set: A selected group of Guest machine instructions in an emulation environment are translated to a semantic routine of Host machine instructions, wherein Guest cells corresponding to an opcode portion of a Guest instruction are mapped to corresponding Host cells, wherein the semantic routine of Host machine instructions are patched into... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110071813 - Page mapped spatially aware emulation of a computer instruction set: Dynamic creation of a spatially aware emulation environment comprising Host cells of Host pages corresponding to Guest cells of Guest pages of Guest instructions. Each Host cell comprises a semantic routine for emulating a corresponding Guest instruction located at the corresponding Guest cell of the guest page.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20110071814 - Self initialized host cell spatially aware emulation of a computer instruction set: A plurality of Guest cells of Guest instructions are provided with corresponding Host cells for emulating Guest instructions, each Guest instruction having a Guest cell corresponding to a Host cell. Each of the Host cells are initialized with an initialization routine for discovering a corresponding semantic routine for emulating the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

03/17/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110066404 - Method for creating a 3d rock representation using petrophysical data: The present invention enables the use of a global optimization method for performing joint-inversion of multiple petrophysical data sets, using forward models based on first principle of physics, to generate a 3D rock representation of a subsurface rock structure. The resulting 3D rock representation captures the internal structure, and honors... Agent: Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

20110066406 - Method for generating real-time haptic response information for a haptic simulating device: A method is provided for generating real-time haptic response information for a haptic simulating device during a surgery simulation performed by a virtual tool on an object volume that includes tissue voxels, null voxels, and object boundary points. The method includes: (a) receiving a select input of a selected virtual... Agent: Taipei Medical University

20110066405 - System and method for providing a time-based representation of data: A method is provided for obtaining a model of data describing a physical structure. The method comprises obtaining a set of time instance objects from a domain object. The method also comprises obtaining data describing a physical structure and time interval data related to the physical structure from each member... Agent:

20110066410 - Circuit simulation method: m

20110066408 - Method and apparatus for determining the illumination beam dose in surgical field illumination: A method is disclosed for determining an illumination beam dose in surgical field illumination. Said method comprises the following steps: at least one actual illumination-relevant value is sensed; and an illumination beam dose is calculated from said sensed actual value. Sensing of the actual illumination-relevant value includes sensing of a... Agent: Carl Zeiss Surgical Gmbh

20110066409 - Network attack visualization and response through intelligent icons: A network activity visualization system can include an MDL grammar database adapted to store a plurality of MDL grammars, and a pattern matching module adapted to match a received network activity data set against the MDL grammars by calculating a distance of the network activity data set from each MDL... Agent: Lockheed Martin Corporation

20110066411 - Signal judgment method, signal judgment apparatus, program, and signal judgment system: Provided is a high-accuracy signal judgment method for noise or vibrations of a living environment. Provided is a signal judgment method associated with noise or vibrations of a living environment. The signal judgment method includes: inputting, into a model equation of a to-be-measured/analyzed target, unknown data; and obtaining an output... Agent:

20110066407 - Systems and methods for determining volume of activation for spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation: This document discloses, among other things, systems and methods for determining volume of activation for spinal cord stimulation (“SCS”) using a finite element model (FEM) circuit to determine a FEM of an implanted electrode and a spinal cord in which the electrode is implanted, a Fourier FEM solver circuit to... Agent: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

20110066412 - System and method for processing application logic of a virtual and a real-world ambient intelligence environment: The invention relates to the processing of application logic of a virtual and a real-world ambient intelligence environment. An embodiment of the invention provides a system (10) for processing application logic (12) of a virtual and a real-world ambient intelligence environment, wherein the virtual ambient intelligence environment is a computer... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110066413 - Method for creating coordinated non-matching products: This invention is a unique method to manufacture, package, market, distribute and sell coordinated non-matching items which have traditionally been matched. This invention includes the creation and use of a system for coordinating the non-matching items. It further includes the packaging of the coordinated non-matching products in both traditional and... Agent: Miss Matched, Inc.

20110066414 - System and method of computing and rendering the nature of molecules,molecular ions, compounds and materials: A method and system of physically solving the charge, mass, and current density functions of pharmaceuticals, allotropes of carbon, metals, silicon molecules, semiconductors, boron molecules, aluminum molecules, coordinate compounds, and organometallic molecules, and tin molecules, or any portion of these species using Maxwell's equations and computing and rendering the physical... Agent:

20110066417 - Electronic load for simulating characteristics of an led and method for operating the same: An electronic load simulates an LED is to output a simulation signal after receiving an input signal. The simulation signal has a voltage value and a current value approximating to a characteristic curve of a real LED. The electronic load comprises a processor, an amplifier, and a control unit. The... Agent: Chroma Ate Inc.

20110066416 - Method and system for simulation and verification of communication devices: Aspects of a method and system for simulation and verification of communication devices are provided. In this regard, a wireless communication system that comprises at least a wireless signal source and the wireless communication device may be simulated utilizing a plurality of configurable modules that comprises: a module under test,... Agent:

20110066415 - Method, computer program product, and apparatus for comparing traffic pattern models of a complex communication system: Traffic pattern models of a complex communication system are compared. A normalized transmission parameter is computed for each traffic pattern model. Model parameters are also computed for each traffic pattern model. The model parameters for each traffic pattern model represent anticipated traffic flow through the complex communication system over a... Agent:

20110066418 - Circuit simulation method: A exemplary aspect of the present invention is a simulation method for a semiconductor circuit that includes: a semiconductor resistor; a plurality of contacts arranged at regular intervals in a longitudinal direction and in a width direction of the semiconductor resistor on a terminal region of the semiconductor resistor; and... Agent: Renesas Electronics Corporation

20110066419 - Method to simulate a digital system: A simulator is partitioned into a functional component and a behavior prediction component and the components are executed in parallel. The execution path of the functional component is used to drive the behavior prediction component and the behavior prediction component changes the execution path of the functional component.... Agent:

20110066420 - System and method for system integration test (sit) planning: A method is implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code tangibly embodied on a computer readable storage medium having programming instructions. The programming instructions are operable to receive a system architecture model of a system and receive trigger coverage rules. Additionally, the programming instructions are operable to determine... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

03/10/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110060560 - method for designing and/or selecting a device and/or material for implanting in tissues of the human or animal body and a device and/or material obtained thereby: A method for designing a device and/or bio material for implanting in tissues of the human or animal body, comprising the acquisition of a digital image of the structure of the recipient tissue and its breakdown and processing in fractal elements that enable the classification of the type of tissue... Agent:

20110060561 - Capacity planning: Included are embodiments for capacity planning. At least one embodiment includes a computer fluid dynamics (CFD) component configured to model a data center, the data center including at least one component and a monitor component (283) configured to receive data associated with the modeled data center and translate the received... Agent:

20110060555 - Computer based models for absorbent articles: Methods of using computer based models for simulating the physical behavior of bodily fluids with absorbent articles.... Agent:

20110060557 - Method and system for testing a vehicle design: A method and device for testing a vehicle design under predefined ambient conditions. A test driver is subjected to impressions of movement, which are generated as a function of the vehicle design and the ambient conditions, the vehicle design being present during the generation of the impressions of movement exclusively... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20110060556 - Method for registering 3d points with 3d planes: Three-dimensional points acquired of an object in a sensor coordinate system are registered with planes modeling the object in a world coordinate system by determining correspondences between the points and the planes. Points are transformed to an intermediate coordinate system using the correspondences and transformation parameters. The planes are transformed... Agent:

20110060558 - Repositioning of components related to cranial surgical procedures in a patient: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are disclosed herein for virtually planning a cranial guided surgery in a subject. These include, in some embodiments, generating a first data set based on input data obtained of a reference structure having a defined fixed relation to a bone structure of said subject and... Agent: Nobel Biocare Services, Ag

20110060559 - Spatial planning system: The present invention relates to a spatial planning systems and methods thereof. The spatial planning system is conveniently comprised of an information interface means for storing information of at least two nodes (100), a spatial organizing component for arranging the stored information in order such that spatial relationship between two... Agent: Universiti Putra Malaysia

20110060563 - Carbonaceous chemistry for continuum modeling: A system and method of calculating fuel gasifier reactions is disclosed. The method and system model combustion/gasification within a gasifier by using an Eulerian-Eulerian flow field. The flow field is updated as the combustion/gasification progresses to account for the use of fuel as well as other reactions, mass transferred, and... Agent: United States Department Of Energy

20110060566 - Method and apparatus for scatter correction: A method and apparatus of image reconstruction correcting for photon scatter is provided. A direct physical measurement of scattered photons is used in conjunction with a physical model of the photon scattering process to make the corrections.... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20110060564 - Method and device for classification of sound-generating processes: Sound-generating processes are classified using at least one sensor for detecting sound signals caused by the sound-generating processes. A storage stores a reference model which has statistical distribution parameters for predetermined characteristics of a sound signal. An adaptation unit extracts the characteristic from the detected sound signals of the processes... Agent:

20110060562 - Method of determining the elastic modulus of coatings: The method of determining the elastic modulus of coatings utilizes numerical modeling and simulation methods to determine physical characteristics of coatings based upon comparisons of measured flexural characteristics with the numerical models and simulations. Particularly, the method of determining the elastic modulus of coatings utilizes a numerical modeling technique, such... Agent:

20110060565 - System for smart management of an electrochemical battery: The present invention relates to a system for smart management of an electrochemical battery using a method of estimating the internal state of the battery, by use of mathematical models for management of an electrochemical battery during operation thereof, and notably for estimating the characteristics of the battery that are... Agent:

20110060568 - Component adaptive life management: A framework for adaptively managing the life of components. A sensor provides non-destructive test data obtained from inspecting a component. The inspection data may be filtered using reference signatures and by subtracting a baseline. The filtered inspection data and other inspection data for the component is analyzed to locate flaws... Agent: Jentek Sensors, Inc.

20110060569 - Real-time, model-based autonomous reasoner and method of using the same: An apparatus and method for detecting and classifying in real-time characteristic of a system component is provided. A sensor senses the system component and outputs a first quantity of data corresponding to a characteristic of the system component. A modeler receives the first quantity of data, converts it to a... Agent: Ridgetop Group, Inc.

20110060567 - Steam-using facility simulation system and method for searching approach for improving steam-using facility: A steam-using facility simulation system for efficiently searching a facility improving approach that is effective in overall improvement of a steam-using facility and a method for searching an approach for improving a steam-using facility are provided. The system includes storage means configured to store steam usage state information of the... Agent: Tlv Co., Ltd.

20110060570 - Computer based models for absorbent articles: Methods of using computer based models for simulating the physical behavior of bodily fluids with absorbent articles.... Agent:

20110060571 - Thermal-fluid-simulation analyzing apparatus: A thermal-fluid-simulation analyzing apparatus includes an execution unit that generates an analysis model using analysis conditions to conduct a first thermal fluid simulation analysis based on the generated analysis model, an analysis-condition collecting unit that collects analysis conditions when a predetermined period passes after the first thermal fluid simulation analysis,... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20110060573 - Decision management system and method: A system and method may be configured to support the evaluation of the economic impact of uncertainties associated with the planning of a petroleum production project, e.g., uncertainties associated with decisions having multiple possible outcomes and uncertainties associated with uncontrollable parameters such as rock properties, oil prices, etc. The system... Agent:

20110060572 - Dynamic subsurface engineering: An example system includes interconnected modeling modules that share knowledge to create a unified earth model dynamically representing a subsurface site. The system models and may simulate subsurface operations associated with, for example: hydrocarbon production and stimulation, natural gas storage, carbon capture and storage, aquifer maintenance, geothermal energy production, and... Agent: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

20110060578 - Comprehensive modeling of the highly networked coagulation-fibrinolysis-inflammatory-immune system: An agent-based modeling system (ABMS) is employed to quantitatively analyze individual components of each system of the coagulation-immune/inflammatory-fibrinolysis system at every point of simulation. ABMS is a dynamic modeling and simulation tool that allows the study of dynamic non-linear networked systems. ABMS represents a non-reductionist approach of studying the biologic... Agent: Virginia Commonwealth University

20110060574 - Computer-based modeling and designing of phosphofructokinase 1 (pfk) modulators: The subject matters of the invention are: a crystallographic model of the binding site and a modulator regulating the catalytic activity of phosphofructokinase (PFK), a method of designing, selecting and producing a PFK modulator, a computer based method for the analysis of the interaction between the modulator and PFK, a... Agent: Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej Pan

20110060576 - Method and system for computational modeling of the aorta and heart: A method and system for generating a patient specific anatomical heart model is disclosed. A sequence of volumetric image data, such as computed tomography (CT), echocardiography, or magnetic resonance (MR) image data of a patient's cardiac region is received. A multi-component patient specific 4D geometric model of the heart and... Agent: Siemens Corporation

20110060575 - Method for generating information of a 3-dimensional molecular structure of a molecule: A method for generating information of a 3-dimensional molecular structure of a molecule, said method being executable by a computer under the control of a program stored in the computer, said method comprising the steps of: (a) receiving a 3-dimensional representation of the molecular structure of said molecule, comprising a... Agent: Technische Universiteit Delft

20110060577 - Methods of use of a nonwoven keratinous tissue mimic: In one embodiment, a method of modeling interactions with keratinous tissue may comprise the steps of providing a nonwoven mimic and performing an act on the mimic as may be performed on keratinous tissue. The nonwoven mimic has a surface energy representative of keratinous tissue. In another embodiment, a method... Agent:

20110060579 - Ultrasound simulation apparatus and method: A method includes receiving data values associated with one of a position and orientation of a simulated scanner relative to an object. Image values are calculated, substantially in realtime, based on the data values. A simulated ultrasound image is rendered in a graphical display based on the image values. The... Agent:

20110060580 - Lxr ligand binding domain (lxr lbd) crystals: The present invention relates to co-crystals of Liver X receptor beta ligand binding domain (LXRβ-LBD) with agonists and to the three-dimensional X-ray crystal structures derived thereof.... Agent:

20110060581 - Method for evaluating the extent of the protection area granted by a lightning capturing device: A method for evaluating the extent (D) of the protection area granted by a lightning capturing device (1) based on a leader stroke progression model wherein each leader stroke is modeled by a succession of electrically charged segments (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15). The method... Agent:

20110060582 - Diversity and defense-in-depth simulation apparatus: A simulator system transfers parameters between a power plant simulator and a safety control simulator. Problems concerning software common mode failure, interface interactions errors, software failure complexity, and so on, are evaluated. Thus, diversity and defense-in-depth are analyzed and safety is improved.... Agent: Atomic Energy Council-institute Of Nuclear Energy Research

03/03/2011 > patent applications in patent subcategories.

20110054850 - Composite laminate construction method: A method for creating a design of an airfoil made of a plurality of plies has several steps including inputting a spatial definition of an exterior of the airfoil, inputting a parameter of a ply to be used in the design, using a protocol for the data describing each of... Agent:

20110054849 - System for automatically generating package designs and concepts: A method and system for automatically generating a package design. Packaging information may be obtained. A processing module and a semantic knowledge base may automatically generate one or more graphical layout rules and one or more structural design rules based on the packaging information. A three dimensional representation of a... Agent:

20110054860 - Adaptive analytics multidimensional processing system: A system includes a multidimensional data processing system storing meta data identifying a plurality of variables, a plurality of dimensions for each variable describing attributes of the variable, and a plurality of levels in each dimension. The meta data also identifies a hierarchy of the dimensions and levels for each... Agent:

20110054852 - Determination of elbow values for pcr for parabolic shaped curves: Systems and methods for processing PCR curves, and for identifying the presence of a parabolic-shaped PCR curve. Use of a piecewise linear approximation of a PCR curve enables a more realistic elbow value to be determined in the case of parabolic shaped PCR curves.... Agent:

20110054856 - Equivalent device statistical modeling for bitline leakage modeling: Mechanisms are provided for modeling a plurality of devices of an integrated circuit design as a single statistically equivalent wide device. An integrated circuit design is analyzed to identify a portion of the integrated circuit design having the plurality of devices. For the plurality of devices, a statistical model of... Agent:

20110054857 - Gridless geological modeling: Systems and methods perform gridless geological modeling. A system provides an interactive visual model that performs fast modeling of subsurface geological properties without spending processor resources calculating a three-dimensional grid. The system receives structural data, selects points for modeling a property of a subsurface earth volume, and propagates values for... Agent:

20110054863 - Method and system for empirical modeling of time-varying, parameter-varying, and nonlinear systems via iterative linear subspace computation: Methods and systems for estimating differential or difference equations that can govern a nonlinear, time-varying and parameter-varying dynamic process or system. The methods and systems for estimating the equations may be based upon estimations of observed outputs and, when desired, input data for the equations. The methods and systems can... Agent:

20110054851 - Method for detecting information relevant for the characterization of joint movements: The present invention concerns a method of detecting information relevant to the characterization of joint movements, wherein markers fitted on both sides of a body joint are used for the analysis of joint movements and wherein the method includes: determining a mean marker configuration and determining time-dependent discrepancies from the... Agent:

20110054858 - Method for measuring humidity dissipation properties of an absorbent article: A method of calculating the humidity dissipation of an absorbent article including the steps of collecting relative humidity data from an absorbent article for a selected period of time, generating a graph plotting relatively humidity versus time for the absorbent article, differentiating the relative humidity versus time graph to obtain... Agent:

20110054855 - Method for microbiological quasi-chemical kinetics growth-death modeling in food: A food safety management tool that utilizes a mathematical model based on differential equations that is generalized for describing the continuous growth-death kinetics of microbial populations in foodstuffs. The method is used to provide a way to control target microorganisms when designing product formulations of minimally processed foodstuffs or when... Agent:

20110054859 - Method of developing a petroleum reservoir from optimized history matching: A method of developing a petroleum reservoir from a reservoir model and optimized history matching is disclosed having application for petroleum reservoir characterization. A global objective function measuring the differences between the measured historical data and the simulated historical data is defined according to M parameters. The global objective function... Agent:

20110054861 - Methods for calculating multimode fiber system bandwidth and manufacturing improved multimode fiber: An improved algorithm for calculating multimode fiber system bandwidth which addresses both modal dispersion and chromatic dispersion effects is provided. The radial dependence of a laser transmitter emission spectrum is taken into account to assist in designing more effective optical transmission systems.... Agent:

20110054862 - Multimode fiber having improved reach: A means of improving the performance of laser optimized multimode fiber optic cable (MMF) to achieve improved optical margin and channel reach for use in high-speed data communication networks is described. The disclosed method can be used to improve the performance of both OM3 and OM4 grades of MMF.... Agent:

20110054864 - On-site analysis system with central processor and method of analyzing: A method of analysis, analysis system, program product, apparatus, and method of supplying analysis of value incorporating the use of at least one data acquisition device, a central processor, and a communication link that is connectable between the data acquisition device and the central processor. The central processor is loaded... Agent:

20110054853 - Recovering the structure of sparse markov networks from high-dimensional data: A method, information processing system, and computer readable article of manufacture model data. A first dataset is received that includes a first set of physical world data. At least one data model associated with the first dataset is generated based on the receiving. A second dataset is received that includes... Agent:

20110054854 - Systems and methods for generating dimensionally altered model objects: Embodiments relate to a unified management interface and related resources for generating dimensionally altered model objects. A modeling client can host modeling logic and an application programming interface (API) to create, access, manipulate, and import/export modeling objects used in modeling applications, such as engineering, medical, financial, and other modeling platforms.... Agent:

20110054867 - Detecting deviation from compliant execution of a template: A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: detecting deviation from a compliant execution of a template by an end user, the template designed to facilitate the end user to achieve one or more target outcomes when one or more emulatable aspects included in the template are emulated,... Agent:

20110054866 - Personalized plan development: A computationally implemented method includes, but is not limited to: receiving a request for a personalized plan designed to facilitate an end user to achieve one or more target outcomes when one or more emulatable aspects indicated by the personalized plan are emulated, the request identifying at least a source... Agent:

20110054865 - Simulator with user interface indicating parameter certainty: In a computer-implemented process modeling and simulating environment, an analyzer receives a process model with parameters in combination with data from previous or planned process performances. An analyzer receives a simulation target from a user, calculates evaluation results that represent the influence of the parameters in view of the simulation... Agent:

20110054868 - Atmospheric flow simulation method considering influence of terrain elevation data resolution: Provided is an atmospheric flow simulation method for reducing a simulation error of wind speed caused due to an influence of different terrain resolutions using a numerical simulation; and, more particularly, an atmospheric flow simulation method which can compensate the wind speed of the atmospheric flow field using low-resolution terrain... Agent:

20110054869 - Modeling dynamic systems by visualizing and narrowing a parameter space: A method for modeling a dynamic system (e.g., geological system) comprises: constructing an input parameter space for a model of the geological system, the input parameter space including more than three dimensions, and the model associated with response data, representing the input parameter space visually with three or fewer dimensions,... Agent:

20110054870 - Vision based human activity recognition and monitoring system for guided virtual rehabilitation: A system, method, and computer program product for providing a user with a virtual environment in which the user can perform guided activities and receive feedback are described. The user is provided with guidance to perform certain movements. The user's movements are captured in an image stream. The image stream... Agent:

20110054874 - Distributed processing-type simulator: A simulator simulates the behavior of a plurality of agents existing in the virtual space. Each of a plurality of calculators, communicable with one another, includes a space allocation storage that stores space allocation information, a space allocation control part that updates the space allocation information, an allocation change candidate... Agent:

20110054872 - Optical simulator using parallel computations: Systems and methods are provided for performing optical simulations using parallel computations. In some embodiments, the optical simulations can be performed on a computer system using raw image data provided by a camera. The computer system may include a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics processing unit (GPU), where... Agent:

20110054873 - System and method for creation of function-based mechatronic objects: A system, method, and computer readable medium. A method includes receiving requirements for a mechatronics object and receiving functions for the mechatronics object. The method includes assigning the functions to respective ones of components and operations and linking the requirements to respective ones of the functions. The method includes storing... Agent:

20110054871 - Thermodynamic process control based on pseudo-density root for equation of state: The density root is determined as a pseudo-density in a phase two when the specified pressure is greater than the second departure point pressure and in a phase one when the specified pressure is less than the first departure point pressure. When executed by the processor, the thermodynamic process simulation... Agent:

20110054875 - Design specifications-driven platform for analog, mixed-signal, and radio frequency verification: A design specifications-driven platform (100) for analog, mixed-signal and radio frequency verification with one embodiment comprising a client (160) and server (150) is presented. The server comprises an analog verification database (110), a code and document generator (1020), a design to specifications consistency checker (103), a symbol generator (104), a... Agent:

20110054876 - Physical realizations of a universal adiabatic quantum computer: Devices, methods and articles advantageously allow communications between qubits to provide an architecture for universal adiabatic quantum computation. The architecture includes a first coupled basis A1B1 and a second coupled basis A2B2 that does not commute with the first basis A1B1.... Agent:

20110054877 - Analysis support computer product, analysis support apparatus, and analysis system: A non-transitory, computer-readable recording medium stores therein an analysis support program that causes a computer to execute receiving disposal position information indicative of respective disposal positions for jigs in information indicative of disposal positions set on a surface of an object model modeling an object; creating, using the object model... Agent:

20110054878 - Automated performance prediction for cloud services: Embodiments of automated cloud service performance prediction are disclosed. The automated cloud service performance prediction includes extracting a parental dependency graph (PDG) for a webpage. The PDG encapsulates one or more dependency relationships for each web object in the webpage. The prediction further includes determining an original page load time... Agent:

20110054879 - Accelerated execution for emulated environments: The illustrative embodiments provide a computer implemented method, apparatus, and computer program product for accelerating execution of a program, written in an object oriented programming language, in an emulated environment. In response to receiving a request for an accelerated communications session from a guest virtual machine in the emulated environment,... Agent:

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