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Data processing: software development, installation, and management

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04/16/2015 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20150106783 - Parallel dynamic programming through rank convergence: The techniques and/or systems described herein implement parallel processing of a dynamic programming problem across stages and/or clusters by breaking dependencies between stages and/or clusters. For instance, the techniques and/or systems may identify dependencies between sub-problems of the dynamic programming problem and group the sub-problems into stages. The techniques and/or... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150106782 - Using spreadsheets as a basis for enhanced application development: Systems, methods, and software are disclosed herein for designing applications. In an implementation, a method comprises examining a spreadsheet to identify a plurality of spreadsheet components of the spreadsheet with which to generate a plurality of application components for potential inclusion in a software application under design. The method also... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150106781 - Verification of uml state machines: A method, apparatus and computer-implemented method, the method comprising: receiving a statechart comprising a complex feature; and replacing the complex feature with a transformed feature, thereby transforming the statechart to a second statechart, wherein replacing the complex feature comprises: creating an auxiliary variable or a default state; changing a value... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150106784 - Device, system, and method of communication: A system for creating an application for a portable electronic device includes: a template selector to select an application template from a repository of application templates; a step-by-step creator module to receive user input, and to insert the user input at one or more placeholders in said application; a button... Agent:

20150106785 - Visual development environment for implementing logic modules: Logic modules may be developed to automate or simplify a variety of business tasks and applications. For example, a logic module of a shopping cart process may be developed to handle transactions between an online retail service and online shoppers. As the complexity of logic modules increases, the developmental time... Agent:

20150106786 - Symmetrical dimensions in context-oriented programming to optimize software object execution: A method, system, and/or computer program product optimizes execution of a computation. Multiple slots, each of which is a container for information, are defined. A coordinate tuple is defined for each of the multiple slots. The coordinate tuple describes a position of a slot along multiple dimensions in a slot... Agent:

20150106787 - Elastic application framework for deploying software: Software is deployed to, and executed at, one or more computing devices in a computing system based on current conditions in the computing system and the capabilities of the different computing devices to handle the software. A request to run a software process calls a manager which determines an optimal... Agent:

20150106788 - Dual tagging between test and pods: A method of applying test routines to pods in an automated application test suite may include receiving a selection of a pod representing an operating environment for an application from among a plurality of pods. The pod may be associated with one or more first required tags and/or one or... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150106789 - Continuous monitoring and analysis of software events: A set of entry blocks is allocated. An entry block is configured with a set of monitoring attributes to store monitoring data corresponding to a monitoring request. The entry block is updated with an identifier supplied in the monitoring request. The entry block is used to store the monitoring data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150106790 - Detecting merge conflicts and compilation errors in a collaborative integrated development environment: A method, system, and computer program product for detecting merge conflicts and compilation errors in a collaborative integrated development environment are provided in the illustrative embodiments. Prior to at least one user committing a set of uncommitted changes associated with a source code to a repository, the computer receives the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150106791 - System and method for automating build deployment and testing processes: A system and computer-implemented method for automating build deployment and testing processes related to development of software is provided. The system comprises a user interface configured to facilitate users to provide input parameters for build deployment and testing. The system further comprises a build manager configured to facilitate deploying code... Agent: Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

20150106792 - Method of presenting trace data with improved efficiency by using hosted formatted output commands: A system and method of debugging application software operating on a system-on-chip processor (SOC) with a system trace macrocell.... Agent: Asset Intertech, Inc.

20150106793 - Detecting byte ordering type errors in software code: An approach is provided in which an endianness violation detection sub-system detects endianness violations between hardware units. The endianness violation detection sub-system tracks memory operations performed by multiple hardware units via debug channels and generates lookup table entries that are stored in a lookup table. When the endianness violation detection... Agent:

20150106794 - Transparent performance inference of whole software layers and context-sensitive performance debugging: Methods and systems for performance inference include inferring an internal application status based on a unified call stack trace that includes both user and kernel information by inferring user function instances. A calling context encoding is generated that includes information regarding function calling paths. Application performance is analyzed based on... Agent:

20150106795 - Software analysis framework: Presently described is a decompilation method of operation and system for parsing executable code, identifying and recursively modeling data flows, identifying and recursively modeling control flow, and iteratively refining these models to provide a complete model at the nanocode level. The nanocode decompiler may be used to determine if flaws,... Agent: Veracode, Inc.

20150106796 - Class loading device for a java runtime environment, cluster system and method of executing a function: A class loading device for a Java runtime environment, wherein the class loading device is configured to load predetermined source code written in R programming language to parse the R source code and, based on the parsed R source code, generate corresponding bytecode at least of a first Java class... Agent:

20150106797 - Dynamic code selection based on data policies: In a method for dynamically replacing code within a software application on a device, an annotated code segment that performs a function according to a first data policy is received. The computer determines an alternate segment that performs the function according to a second data policy.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150106798 - Sharing dynamic variables in a high availability environment: Methods and systems are provided that utilize compiler technology in identifying changed critical variables in work assignment code that cause synchronization issues between a master system and another server. The identified changed critical variables are shared by the master server in a high availability environment. In general, the sharing of... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150106799 - Rendering interface objects defined by a separate application: An application system provides a specification to render and update interface objects to a first application on one or more computing devices. The first application receives a request to provide instructions for presenting an object from a second application operating on the one or more computing devices. The first application... Agent: Google Inc.

20150106800 - Installation controlling device, and method thereof: An installation controlling method includes: receiving an installation request, wherein the installation request includes a network address of a gateway device to which a terminal device needs to install the operating system connects, and information of the operating system to be installed; establishing a virtual private network (VPN) channel between... Agent:

20150106801 - Recommending applications to portable electronic devices: Various embodiments of systems and methods for recommending applications to portable electronic devices are described herein. Initially a context change of an application identification parameter is detected. Based on the detected context change, a target application, from a plurality of applications, may be identified. A similarity value is then computed... Agent:

04/09/2015 > 17 patent applications in 11 patent subcategories.

20150100941 - Method, system, and computer program product for efficient resource allocation: The present disclosure relates to a tool for increasing efficiency of development and upskilling of developers of software. The system may be configured to identify minimum skills for development of a software tool, identify elements of the software tool to be provided, establish a maximum timeline for completion of the... Agent: American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

20150100940 - System and method for prioritizing and remediating defect risk in source code: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for identifying and remediating risky source files. An example system configured to practice the method can gather data describing each file in a source code repository, and generate, using a weighted algorithm based on empirical relationships between the data and customer-found... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150100942 - Uml model integration and refactoring method: The UML model integration and refactoring method steps include extending the metamodels, composing an integrated UML model derived from the extended metamodels, defining refactoring opportunities and transformation operations during the integrated UML composition, and applying a set of composite refactorings to remove an identified smell from the integrated UML model.... Agent: King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

20150100943 - Dynamically evolving cognitive architecture system based on contributions from third-party developers: A dynamically evolving cognitive architecture system based on contributions from third-party developers is described. A system receives a span of natural language annotated with an object from a first third-party developer. The system forms an intent based on a user input, which includes a natural language span which corresponds to... Agent:

20150100944 - Systems and methods for realtime creation and modification of a dynamic media player and disabled user compliant video player: Methods and systems for a disabled user compliant video player for an end-to-end streaming web video solution affording accessibility for disabled users, including blind users and those with partial or poor vision, colorblind users, deaf users and those limited to only keyboard/voice input. Another embodiment of the present invention is... Agent:

20150100945 - Resuming a software build process: A computer resumes a software build process following a build process fail. Upon a failure of a build process executing a build plan, the computer saves the state of the build process. After the computer receives an indication from a versions control system that a source code module has been... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150100946 - Using mock data to validate applications: The disclosure generally describes computer-implemented methods, software, and systems for using mock application data to validate applications. A particular application to be validated is identified, wherein the particular application is generated via a user interface for generating new applications, and wherein the particular application is consistent with a data model... Agent:

20150100947 - Build-time resolving and type checking references: Build-time resolution and type-enforcing of corresponding references in different code that references the same value. In response to detecting a directive within the code itself that a first reference in first code is to be correlated with a second reference in second code, and in response to detection that the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150100948 - Irreducible modules: An approach to generating irreducible modules. The approach includes a method that includes receiving, by at least one computing device, data associated with a specification. The method includes defining, by the at least one computing device, a pattern on the received data. The pattern reduces a set of rules into... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150100949 - Processing method: A method for processing computer program code to enable different parts of the computer program code to be executed by different processing elements of a plurality of communicating processing elements. The method comprises identifying at least one first part of the computer program code, which is to be executed by... Agent: Codeplay Software Limited

20150100950 - Method and apparatus for instruction scheduling using software pipelining: A method for scheduling loop processing of a reconfigurable processor includes generating a dependence graph of instructions for the loop processing; mapping a first register file of the reconfigurable processor on an arrow indicating inter-iteration dependence on the dependence graph; and searching for schedules of the instructions based on the... Agent:

20150100951 - System and method for matching synthetically generated inner classes and methods: A system and method for transforming name synthesized classes in response to dynamic class updates to existing classes, featuring the ability to provide replacement synthetic names for reloaded name synthesized classes. According to a preferred embodiment, the name synthesized classes are anonymous classes. The method stores and tracks the synthetic... Agent:

20150100953 - Electronic control device for vehicle and method of controlling vehicle: An electronic control device for a vehicle and a method of controlling the vehicle are provided. The electronic control device includes a communication unit that is connected to an electronic control device of a second vehicle and transmits data thereto. A memory stores a first program that controls a first... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150100955 - Method and system for updating software: A method, system and computer readable storage medium for updating software are disclosed. The method includes the following steps: sending upgrade query information to a server by a client, the upgrade query information including client version information; receiving update information from the server by the client when the server determines... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150100952 - Runtime version access infrastructure: In one embodiment the present disclosure includes a runtime access component that receives requests specifying a particular version of a particular runtime program to be executed. The requests are converted and sent to destinations capable of executing the specified version of the runtime program. In one embodiment, a received request... Agent: Sap Ag

20150100954 - Systems and methods for application program and application program update deployment of a mobile device: The present invention comprises a system and method for receiving at an application server a request for a software application from a mobile device wherein the request includes an indicator that allows the application server to tell whether the mobile device currently has a software application interpreter installed, sending the... Agent: Mfoundry, Inc.

20150100956 - Prioritization of application component distribution: A method, system and apparatus for the prioritized distribution of application components based upon computing process impact. An application component distribution system which has been configured in accordance with the present invention can include a resource management system configured to manage communicatively coupled client computing devices over a computer communications... Agent:

04/02/2015 > 32 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150095874 - Software development kit for capturing graphical image data: A software development kit for capturing graphical image data is provided. The SDK is arranged to be employed in a device that includes computing hardware that is operable to execute one or more software applications for generating graphical image data. The SDK is arranged to execute concurrently with the software... Agent: Applifier Oy

20150095875 - Computer-assisted release planning: A compute-implemented method and apparatus for assisting release planning, including steps of: obtaining remaining requirements that are expected to be included in a current release plan; obtaining the release plan, which comprises a set of planned requirements that are already included in the release plan and a set of release... Agent:

20150095876 - Software development activity: Disclosed herein is a system and method that determine whether activity pertaining to a software development project violates at least one development rule whose associated severity level exceeds a predetermined threshold.... Agent:

20150095877 - Reusable component in a modeling environment: In an embodiment, a modeling component generated in a first modeling environment can be implemented in a second modeling environment. The modeling component is executed in the first modeling environment. A first behavior of the modeling component in the first modeling environment is obtained based on the executing. The modeling... Agent: The Mathworks, Inc.

20150095878 - Visualization of data dependency in graphical models: In an illustrative embodiment, an apparatus, computer-readable media, or method may be configured to suggest determine relationships. Interaction with a block diagram model may include receiving a first portion of a block diagram model. The block diagram model may include a plurality of blocks. Each of the plurality of blocks... Agent:

20150095879 - Code tracing processor selection: A system for tracing operations during application execution and executing the traced operations on a second processing unit. The tracing involves identifying attempts to execute software that performs particular functions that would benefit from execution on a particular piece of non-compatible hardware and, rather than executing the code, recording the... Agent:

20150095881 - Computational design method and interface: A method, system, apparatus, computer program product, and computer readable storage medium provide the ability to define an object in a parametric modeling application. Geometric parametric objects are authored and organized into a family definition. Via a user interface, enhanced computational logic is defined. The logic is compiled into the... Agent: Autodesk, Inc.

20150095880 - Facilitating software development tools on mobile computing devices in an on-demand services environment: In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for facilitating dynamic software development tools on mobile computing devices in an on-demand services environment in a multi-tenant environment according to one embodiment. In one embodiment and by way of example, a method includes initiating an application building tool to... Agent:

20150095882 - Method for the utilization of environment media in a computing system: Methods for utilizing environment media in a computing system use environment media objects to create, modify and/or share any content. The environment media objects that have a relationship to at least one other object can communicate with each other to perform at least one purpose or task.... Agent:

20150095883 - System and method for computer programming with physical objects on an interactive surface: A system and method are provided for creating a computer program by building a physical structure with a plurality of objects in conjunction with an interactive surface that recognizes such objects and translates the physical structure into a computer program.... Agent:

20150095884 - Automated test runs in an integrated development environment system and method: A method, computer program product, and computer system for editing code, by a computing device, via an integrated development environment. The code is determined to be syntactically valid. While editing the code, a subset of automated tests associated with the code is executed in response to determining that the code... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150095885 - Integrating search with application analysis: Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to searching. In aspects, a software package may be received and transformed into searchable data. Static and dynamic analysis may be performed on code and data included in the software package. A data structure is created that may index the code, metadata,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150095890 - Automated management of software requirements verification: An exemplary system for electronically managing requirements for software development includes a projects module, a requirements module, a mapping module and a verification module. The projects module is configured to establish a software development project. The requirements module is configured to define requirements for the project based on requirements information... Agent: Ldra Technology, Inc.,

20150095889 - Evaluation system, evaluation device, and evaluation method: A test using a virtual date and time is to be performed without restriction imposed, depending on the implementation status of another test using a virtual date and time. A control section 220 outputs a specified layer identifier and a date and time conversion instruction. Then, when the date and... Agent: Biglobe Inc.

20150095886 - Progressive black-box testing of computer software applications: Testing computer software applications by performing a first black-box test on a computer software application, identifying any instructions of the computer software application that were reached by a payload of the first black-box test, determining a degree of success of the first black-box test in accordance with predefined success criteria,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150095888 - Progressive black-box testing of computer software applications: Testing computer software applications by performing a first black-box test on a computer software application, identifying any instructions of the computer software application that were reached by a payload of the first black-box test, determining a degree of success of the first black-box test in accordance with predefined success criteria,... Agent:

20150095887 - Systems and methods for fixing software defects in a binary or executable file: This disclosure relates generally to application development, and more particularly to systems and methods for fixing software defects in a binary or executable file. In one embodiment, a software defect management system is disclosed, comprising: a processor; and a memory disposed in communication with the processor and storing processor-executable instructions... Agent: Wipro Limited

20150095891 - Eliminating redundant interactions when testing computer software applications: Testing computer software applications includes comparing multiple execution paths associated with multiple interactions performed with a computer software application during execution of the computer software application in order to determine which of the execution paths are similar in accordance with a predefined similarity criterion, identifying a subset of the interactions... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150095893 - Optimizing test data payload selection for testing computer software applications that employ data sanitizers and data validators: Testing computer software applications is implemented by probing a computer software application to determine the presence in the computer software application of any data-checking features, and applying a rule to the data-checking features that are determined to be present in the computer software application, thereby producing a testing set of... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150095892 - Systems and methods for evaluating a change pertaining to a service or machine: Techniques for evaluating the performance of a service or machine after a change that pertains to the service or machine are described. For example, an indication of a change that pertains to a service or machine is received. In response to the receiving of the indication of the change, using... Agent: Linkedln Corporation

20150095894 - Detecting race condition vulnerabilities in computer software applications: Testing computer software applications is performed by identifying first and second executable portions of the computer software application, where the portions are configured to access a data resource, and where at least one of the portions is configured to write to the data resource, instrumenting the computer software application by... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150095895 - Testing framework for policy-based workflows: A system comprehensively tests each feasible path in a policy-based Extensible Markup Language (XML) workflow. The system may receive an input workflow and parse workflow (or proxy code of the workflow) to construct a policy control flow graph. The system may identify paths in the policy control flow graph, such... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20150095896 - Runtime dispatching among a heterogeneous group of processors: Systems, apparatus, articles, and methods are described including operations for runtime dispatching among a heterogeneous group of processors.... Agent:

20150095897 - Method and apparatus for converting programs: Methods and apparatuses of converting a program, which may enhance an execution speed of a computer program, are provided. The method may include receiving a program, detecting at least one loop statement including at least one branch statement within the program, determining whether the loop statement may be split into... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150095899 - Dynamic release control: Dynamic release control is performed by identifying a plurality of software application instances installed on a mainframe system, identifying a compatibility level for each software application instance, designating a common execution level based upon a lowest one of the identified compatibility levels, configuring each software application instance to conform to... Agent:

20150095898 - Method and apparatus for tailored wireless module updating: A system includes a processor configured to receive a request from a technician for a software configuration. Further, the processor is configured to send a current software configuration responsive to the request, while maintain verbal communication between the technician and a vehicle occupant. The processor is also configured to receive... Agent: Ford Global Technologies, LLC

20150095900 - Utilizing a multi-system set configuration to update a utility node system set: A system set of a utility node device, such as a kernel and/or root file system, may be updated by utilizing a multi-system set configuration. For example, the multi-system set configuration may include a first system set that is generally configured to act as an “active” set, a second system... Agent:

20150095901 - Systems and methods for controlling application updates across a wireless interface: Various embodiments of the present invention are directed to systems, methods, and computer program products for managing connections between a mobile device and a network server over a network connection in a bandwidth-efficient manner. In one embodiment, a mobile device includes a processor, and there are a plurality of services... Agent:

20150095902 - Initiating use of software as part of a messaging window: Disclosed is a novel system and method for initiating trial use of a software application. One or more trial software icons are displayed on a messaging window of a graphical users interface on a display coupled to a computing device. Each trial software icon represents a trial software application, such... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150095903 - Product deployment system: A product deployment system of an electronic document is described. An example product deployment system includes a deployment processor, a remote execution module, and a plan manager. The deployment processor may be configured to receive a request to deploy an application, generated a deployment plan, provide the deployment plan to... Agent:

20150095904 - System and method for expedited loading of an image onto a storage device: Embodiments of an image loading system are disclosed for installing testing software on a storage device. In one embodiment, the system includes a network storage that stores testing software for storage devices, a software loader operating on a storage device, and a testing manager. In an embodiment, the testing manager... Agent: Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

20150095905 - Method and apparatus for remotely delivering software: A computer implemented method and apparatus for remotely delivering software. The method comprises installing a provisioning application on a first device, in response to accessing an advertisement for a software product; determining one or more second devices that are synchronized with the first device, wherein the one or more second... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

03/26/2015 > 27 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150089466 - Method and system for implementing an action command engine: Disclosed are improved methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing an action command engine to simplify an end user's experience in executing processes in applications by enabling an action command engine to guide a user through the process in a step by step fashion. Embodiments of the invention can... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150089467 - Design language notification generator: Computer-implemented methods relating to interactive graphical designs are provided. One method includes adding a widget to a graphical instantiation of a web page design that is being displayed in a graphical design environment. The method also includes generating an encoded instantiation of the web page design using a compiler and... Agent:

20150089468 - Assisting parallelization of a computer program: A parallelization assistant tool system to assist in parallelization of a computer program is disclosed. The system directs the execution of instrumented code of the computer program to collect performance statistics information relating to execution of loops within the computer program. The system provides a user interface for presenting to... Agent: Cray Inc.

20150089469 - Computer-aided development of native mobile application code: A method, system, and computer program product for computer-aided software application development. A synthesizer commences upon receiving a mobile device identifier and additional information such as an application identifier, an object model, and/or a form identifier, then analyzing the additional information to determine what form(s) to implement on the mobile... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150089470 - Rule-based automatic class generation from a json message: A method, system, and computer program product for Java development environments. The method commences upon receiving a set of one or more rules to be applied to one or more JSON messages, then generating of one or more Java classes respective to received JSON messages. The received JSON messages can... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150089471 - Input filters and filter-driven input processing: Input filters correlate to target components. For a given target component, the input filter defines input validation information. The input filter might also define conversions or transformations to be applied to valid input prior to being provided to the target component. At build time, code is accessed that contains the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150089472 - Software discovery by an installer controller: A method for performing software discovery by an installer controller is provided and may include detecting, at a computer, an attempt by a software installer to execute on the computer, wherein during execution, the software installer modifies software on the computer. A Software Asset Management (SAM) computer server may be... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150089473 - Software discovery by an installer controller: A method for performing software discovery by an installer controller is provided and may include detecting, at a computer, an attempt by a software installer to execute on the computer, wherein during execution, the software installer modifies software on the computer. A Software Asset Management (SAM) computer server may be... Agent:

20150089475 - Runtime customization infrastructure: In various embodiments, methods, systems, and non-transitory computer-readable media are disclosed that allow developers to allow runtime customizations of documents developed using a desktop integration framework. Workbook metadata is a set of information that describes how a given workbook is integrated with a particular web application. When a workbook is... Agent:

20150089474 - Runtime generation and injection of java annotations: An annotation generator utility is implemented. The annotation generator utility reads, from a properties file, configurations of a Java component. The annotation generator utility generates annotations corresponding to the configurations. The annotation generator utility injects the annotations into compiled source code of the Java component. In one aspect, the annotations... Agent:

20150089476 - Program integration that accommodates restrictions on merge-locations: Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for program integration are provided herein. A method includes identifying each varying portion of a customized version of a program as compared to a standard version of the program; identifying each common portion of the customized version as compared to the standard version; merging... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150089478 - Systems and methods for extracting cross language dependencies and estimating code change impact in software: The technique relates to a method, device, and non-transitory computer readable medium for extracting cross language dependencies and estimating code change impact in software based on a plurality of dependency graphs, a network of the plurality of co-committed files and one or more predefined graph metrics. This technique involves extracting... Agent:

20150089477 - Understanding computer code with human language assistance: Methods and arrangements for providing human-language descriptors for computer code. An interface is used to input computer code, and a human-language descriptor is automatically associated with at least one code identifier in the computer program code, wherein the human-language descriptor is obtained to assist a user in determining a meaning... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150089480 - Device, method of generating performance evaluation program, and recording medium: A device for generating a performance evaluation program includes: a memory; and a processor coupled to the memory. The processor is configured to: analyze a source code of a target program that is subject to performance evaluation, translate the source code into a binary code based on an analysis result... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150089479 - Method for pre-testing software compatibility and system thereof: A method for pre-testing software compatibility is illustrated. A system and software information of an operating system is extracted. While that a patch or new software will be installed in the operating system is detected, whether a compatibility test should be executed is determined. While that the compatibility test should... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150089481 - Methods, systems and computer-readable media for quantifying a bug detection efficiency of a bug prediction technique: The present invention provides a method and system for quantifying a bug preventability measure of a bug prediction technique. In accordance with a disclosed embodiment, the method may include applying a weighted recursive function, on an actual bug count of each version of an application, for computing a golden bug... Agent:

20150089482 - Automated identification of redundant method calls: Embodiments of the invention may provide for collecting specified data each time that a call to a given method occurs, wherein a given call to the given method is associated with a set of arguments comprising one or more particular argument values for the given method, and the collected data... Agent:

20150089483 - Method for ordering text in a binary: In general, in one aspect, embodiments of the invention relate to a method for generating executable binary. The method includes analyzing a test executable binary generated from source code, wherein the source code comprises a plurality of functions, generating, based on analyzing the test executable binary, a code call tree... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150089484 - Fast, combined forwards-backwards pass global optimization framework for dynamic compilers: The various aspects provide a dynamic compilation framework that includes a machine-independent optimization module operating on a computing device and methods for optimizing code with the machine-independent optimization module using a single, combined-forwards-backwards pass of the code. In the various aspects, the machine-independent optimization module may generate a graph of... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150089485 - System and method for generation of event driven, tuple-space based programs: In a system for automatic generation of event-driven, tuple-space based programs from a sequential specification, a hierarchical mapping solution can target different runtimes relying on event-driven tasks (EDTs). The solution uses loop types to encode short, transitive relations among EDTs that can be evaluated efficiently at runtime. Specifically, permutable loops... Agent:

20150089486 - Method of firmware upgrade: A method of firmware upgrade for an embedded device includes performing a boot procedure to read a boot address, determining whether the boot address is a first address, determining whether a first system image is executable if the boot address is the first address, loading the first system image to... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150089487 - Terminal software maintenance method, service client and service server: Disclosed are a terminal software maintenance method, a service client, and a service server. The method comprises: the service client acquires software information of a terminal on the basis of a software maintenance triggering instruction from the terminal, and submits to the service server; and, the service server compares the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150089488 - Analytics based patch management and distribution: In a method for determining a time to deploy and install patches one or more processors receive a request to deploy a patch by a target deployment time and install the patch by a target installation time, for at least one computing device of a plurality of computing devices on... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150089489 - Methods and apparatus for adjusting a variable rate of requesting software data from a vehicle: A method for adjusting a variable rate of requesting software data for a computer system onboard a vehicle is provided. The method determines a number of ignition cycles executed after first software data has been retrieved; and when the number of ignition cycles is greater than a threshold value, reduces... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20150089490 - Information processing system, information processing apparatus, device, software installation method, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus stores a saving instruction for a script and data containing its identification information in a USB storage, in the case where the image forming apparatus detects that the script and the data required for software installation corresponding to itself does not exist in the USB storage... Agent:

20150089491 - Software installation method, terminal, and computer storage medium: A software installation method is provided by the present disclosure. According to the software installation method, a simplified installation request for software is received; a first installation package which only contains a basic function of the software is downloaded, the software including the first installation package and at least one... Agent:

20150089492 - Co-locating remotely-served application programming interface instances: Technologies are provided for locally installing remotely-served API instances. In some examples, a scale-out service may receive a request to provide an installation of a remotely-served API at a particular datacenter. In response to a determination by the scale-out service that a local instance of the remotely-served API can be... Agent:

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