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06/11/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
06/04/2015 > patent applications in patent subcategories.
05/28/2015 > 17 patent applications in 16 patent subcategories.

20150149978 - Method of providing embedded software development tool for supporting embedded software development environment based on native building, and apparatus thereof: Disclosed are a method of providing an embedded software development tool for supporting an embedded software development environment based on native building, and an apparatus thereof. The method includes extracting information about a toolchain according to a request by the host system, and providing the extracted information to the host... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150149979 - Dynamic model based software application development: A system and method of dynamically generating software is provided. Applications are created in a set of workflow models which are tested in an interpretive test environment. The models are stored in a versioning repository and code generation templates created for the models. Source code is generated and compiled for... Agent:

20150149980 - Service model-oriented software operation platform and operation method thereof: A service model-oriented software operation platform and an operation method of the present invention are easily extensible and learnable with a high development efficiency and a low maintenance cost. The software operation platform includes a server-side system architecture and a client-side system architecture; the server-side system architecture includes a service... Agent: Tongling Yucheng Software Technology Co., Ltd.

20150149982 - Automatic computer code parallelization: A method for computer code parallelization, comprising: providing sequential computer code by a user; defining structure of the sequential computer code, the structure comprises a plurality of code processes; generating automatically a plurality of parallelized computer codes corresponding to the sequential computer code, each having different configuration of parallelizing the... Agent:

20150149981 - Intelligent data source selection in application development: A method, system, and computer program product for amorphous data preparation for intelligent data source selection in application development are provided in the illustrative embodiments. A set of keywords is selected from a code portion of a source code. Using a subset of the set of keywords, an expected circumstance... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149983 - System and method for automatically determining relationships between software artifacts using multiple evidence sources: A method (which can be computer implemented) for inferring whether at least a first relationship exists between at least first and second entities includes the steps of applying a first assessor to obtain a first confidence level pertaining to putative existence of said at least first relationship between said at... Agent:

20150149984 - Determining instruction execution history in a debugger: Determining instruction execution history in a debugger, including: retrieving, from an instruction cache, cache data that includes an age value for each cache line in the instruction cache; sorting, by the age value for each cache line, entries in the instruction cache; retrieving, using an address contained in each cache... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150149985 - Testing of inactive design-time artifacts: A system includes reception of an instruction to commit a design-time artifact of a database server application to a repository of a database server, storage of the design-time artifact in the repository of the database server in association with an inactive flag, reception of a request from a user to... Agent:

20150149986 - Systems and methods for loop suspension in java programming: System and methods are provided for loop process suspension. One or more loop instructions associated with a loop process are loaded in a code cache. One or more branch instructions associated with a branch of the loop process in the code cache are determined. A suspension event is detected. The... Agent:

20150149987 - Method and apparatus for compiler processing for a function marked with multiple execution spaces: A method for processing a function with a plurality of execution spaces is disclosed. The method comprises creating an internal compiler representation for the function. Creating the internal compiler representation comprises copying substantially all lexical tokens corresponding to a body of the function. Further, the creating comprises inserting the lexical... Agent:

20150149988 - Method for obtaining execution frequency information on execution paths in control flow graph, and computer and computer program for obtaining the information: The present invention is a technique for obtaining execution frequency information on execution paths in a CFG, including preparing a CFG from a source code read into a memory, preparation of the CGF including modifying the CFG by assigning path value zero to an edge v→w between a precedent basic... Agent:

20150149989 - Server system and update method thereof: A server system and an updating method of firmware are provided, and the updating method includes: acquiring a configuration file which includes firmware packet data which corresponds to a node in the server system; sending a notification signal to a web server of the node described in the configuration file;... Agent: Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

20150149990 - Communication apparatus, communication system, communication method, and recording medium: A communication apparatus includes a receiver configured to receive metadata, the metadata including information associated with update data capable of being executed after the receiver has received the metadata, and a determination part configured to determine whether an update of the update data is executable in accordance with the metadata.... Agent:

20150149991 - System for firmware upgrade in ami and method thereof: A system and method for firmware upgrade in an AMI are provided. A remote server provides a firmware image file. After receiving the firmware image file and verifying the remote server, a data concentrator transmits at least one encoding symbol generated from the firmware image file to at least one... Agent: Industrial Technology Research Institute

20150149992 - Firmware management: Aspects of the subject disclosure provide a card reader for receiving payment card information at a mobile point-of-sale terminal. In some implementations, a reader of the subject technology can include a memory, a conditioning module and a 3.5 mm audio plug including an audio bus that is configured for insertion... Agent:

20150149993 - Methods and systems for building a software appliance: A computer implemented method may include installing a software appliance on a first computer system, the software appliance including database software and a business application. The software appliance may be configured on the first computer system to a predetermined configuration of the business application and the database software. The configured... Agent:

20150149994 - Information processing device and information processing system: An information acquirer acquires identification information to identify an application to be activated in a portable game machine from a stationary game machine. A determiner determines whether or not the portable game machine has the application identified by the identification information. If the portable game machine has the application, an... Agent:

05/21/2015 > 35 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150143327 - Project management tool: An example project management tool, which is a computer-implemented system configured to provide a real-time view of a product change with respect to its status within a testing process, is provided. In operation, the project management tool receives a request to create a new project for a particular product change,... Agent: Linkedin Corporation

20150143328 - Open source software development tools: Various tools for use in connection with software projects that may contain open-source software code therein. The tools may include systems and methods for improving results regarding scans of the software projects based on insight data obtained from at least one user's analysis of the results of a previous scan.... Agent:

20150143329 - Methods and arrangements for processing and presentation of information: Embodiments may implement processing and presentation of information with, e.g., standalone and/or application integration, object-oriented, hierarchical architecture, in the form of, e.g., an add-in application or a computing platform for creating, modifying, interpreting, compiling, and/or executing an application. Embodiments may be implemented as a discrete computing platform or as an... Agent:

20150143330 - Implicit parameters and implicit arguments in programming languages: An embodiment of the present invention consists of methods for parameter declaration in implicit way and of methods for argument usage in implicit way. An embodiment of the present invention is useful in programming languages which support at least one concept that can be interpreted as a method. This invention:... Agent:

20150143331 - Template generating method and template generating apparatus: A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium stores a template generating program for causing a computer to execute a process. The process includes specifying common script portions and non-common script portions from a plurality of templates for each of a plurality of categories, each of the plurality of templates include scripts related... Agent:

20150143332 - Functional architecture pattern for safety applications: A process for decomposing safety software involves the steps of providing a first software module associated with a first logical unit, providing a second software module associated with a second logical unit, instructing the first software module to implement a first safety goal based on a quality management level, and... Agent: Dana Belgium N.v.

20150143334 - Message exchange pattern rendezvous abstraction: A rendezvous abstraction that is used to correlate messages within message exchange. The rendezvous abstraction may be instantiated to correlate messages regardless of the type of message exchange pattern, and regardless of the underlying protocols used to communication message. Messages exchanges of primitive protocols are modeled as unilateral message exchanges.... Agent:

20150143333 - Native application variation: From one aspect, a computer implemented method, apparatus and computer program product is provided for varying at least one element of a plurality of elements of a viewable area of a native software application during runtime on a first computing device, the method comprising highlighting at least one element of... Agent:

20150143336 - Software configuration control wherein containers are associated with physical storage of software application versions in a software production landscape: According to some embodiments, a source version of a software product may be established in connection with a software production landscape. A first container, representing a first uniquely addressable physical location in the software production landscape, may then be associated with the source version. An executable derivative version of the... Agent:

20150143335 - System and method for identifying, analyzing and integrating risks associated with source code: The various embodiments herein provide a system and method for identifying, analyzing and integrating the risks associated with a source code. The system comprises a code coverage module for collecting and transforming the code coverage information by a file name, a source code analyzer module for collecting and transforming source... Agent:

20150143337 - Development of multiple classes of user interfaces for a software application: Methods and systems for developing multiple classes of user interfaces for a software application are disclosed. A master view of a software application is displayed, at a computer system, for use in developing multiple classes of user interfaces for the software application wherein each of the multiple classes pertain to... Agent: Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

20150143338 - Spatial layout of hierarchical shared resources: A hierarchical shared resources spatial visualization system and method including a visualization runtime user interface that quickly and efficiently displays a spatial layout of a shared resource having a hierarchical nature. The user interface provides a spatial layout of the hierarchical shared resource and overlays salient activity information of a... Agent: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC

20150143339 - Callpath finder: Techniques and systems for creating a function call graph for a codebase are disclosed. Graph creation includes identifying functions in the codebase by a function signature and representing a function as a first node in the call graph. For that function, identifying call-to functions, call-from functions, and inheritance parents and... Agent: Google Inc.

20150143340 - Method of classifying application in android operating system and computer-readable recording medium having program for classifying application in android operating system recorded thereon: A method of classifying an application in an Android operating system includes analyzing system service performed by a system service module in advance, the system service module being basically mounted to provide core functions of a system in the Android operating system, recognizing a relationship between the application and the... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20150143341 - Selective object testing in a client-server environment: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for testing objects in a client-server environment. A server computing system receives at least one modification to a set of objects. The server computing system registers the at least one modification with a user identifier. The server... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150143342 - Functional validation of software: Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to software validation. In aspects, a baseline may be created by instrumenting code of a software application or runtime, executing the code of the software application a plurality of times to generate a plurality of logs, determining invariant characteristics of the logs,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143343 - Trace-data processing and profiling device: A trace-data processing device comprises an input to receive source-specific trace data streams comprising trace messages carrying execution-flow information on a program execution flow performed by a source device under test or under observation, hereinafter DUT. A trace-data processing unit (526, 1100) derives from the trace data stream runtime information... Agent:

20150143344 - Diagnosing production applications: A debugging and diagnostics system allow for dynamic code generation that inserts code into a production application to identify snappoints or breakpoints that cause snapshots to be taken if predefined conditionals are satisfied. The snappoints are associated with locations in source code for the production application and include conditional statements... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143345 - Application version release management: Implementations of the disclosed subject matter provide systems and methods for providing one or more versions of an application to one or more subsets of users based on measured performance of the one or more versions of the application. A method may include providing a first version of an application... Agent: Google Inc.

20150143346 - Constructing test-centric model of application: A test-centric model of an application is constructed. Each resource specified by each test governing an application is added to the test-centric model. The test or tests specifying an resource are linked to the resource within the test-centric model. A composition of the application is defined using the one or... Agent:

20150143347 - Software development environment and method of compiling integrated source code: A software development environment (SDE) and a method of compiling integrated source code. One embodiment of the SDE includes: (1) a parser configured to partition an integrated source code into a host code partition and a device code partition, the host code partition including a reference to a device variable,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150143348 - Hybrid dynamic code compiling device, method, and service system thereof: An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure illustrates a hybrid dynamic code compiling device having a parser, a native code generator, and a dynamic code rewriter, wherein the parser is coupled to the native code generator and the dynamic code rewriter. The parser receives and parses a first dynamic code... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150143349 - Method for divergence analysis of pointer-based program: A method comprises generating an intermediate representation of a pointer-based program; providing a control flow graph of the intermediate representation; selecting an analysis candidate from the intermediate representation as a traced variable and a root node; determining a definition site of the trace variable according to a use-define chain and... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150143350 - Multistate development workflow for generating a custom instruction set reconfigurable processor: Systems and methods which implement workflows for providing reconfigurable processor core algorithms operable with associated capabilities using description files, thereby facilitating the development and generation of instruction sets for use with reconfigurable processors, are shown. Embodiments implement a multistage workflow in which program code is parsed into custom instructions and... Agent:

20150143351 - Streaming from a media device: A technique for streaming from a media device involves enabling a local device to function as a streaming server. An example of a method according to the technique includes inserting a removable storage device that includes programs associated with a streaming application, running one or more of the programs, ensuring... Agent:

20150143353 - Firmware overwriting method in paired use wireless microphone and receiver: A firmware overwriting method for paired use wireless microphone and receiver is disclosed. The firmware update method comprises building a wireless connection between the at least one wireless microphone and the at least one receiver; and executing the determining program by the receiver processing module to determine if the installed... Agent:

20150143352 - Image forming apparatus that performs updating of firmware, control method therefor, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus having a firmware update technology that realizes updating of firmware using an encrypted file and reduces a downtime using a differential update. When a first update instruction to perform an update using a first firmware including an encrypted plurality of files is accepted, a content list... Agent:

20150143356 - Architecture for field upgrade of a health monitoring system: An architecture allows individual system components to be developed and tested individually, i.e., as distinct modules, and to be subsequently combined through standardized electrical and communication interfaces. Any combination of these modules can be implemented to form different products that provide any number of functions, such as an integrated system... Agent:

20150143357 - Method of managing external devices, method of operating external device, host device, management server, and external device: Provided is a method of a host device managing at least one external device connected to the host device through a management server. The method includes: obtaining measurement information measured by the at least one external device; requesting authorization by the management server; transmitting the obtained measurement information to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150143355 - Service oriented architecture version and dependency control: This disclosure is directed to techniques for providing version control functionality for web services of one or more service oriented architecture (SOA) systems. According to these techniques, a version control service (VCS) may receive an indication of a version update for a first web service. In response to the received... Agent:

20150143354 - Zero downtime deployment and rollback: A system and method for zero or near zero downtime deployment and rollback are provided. In an example embodiment, a second application is deployed to an application server that is running a first application bound to a port of the server computer. The second application is started without binding the... Agent:

20150143358 - Configuration and installation automation: A processor may be configured to process a first and second set of configuration statements. The processor may also be configured to at least partially rebuild a software product based, at least in part, on the processed first set of configuration statements. The processor may also install or reinstall the... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20150143359 - Software signature discovery: In a method for determining signatures for a software package, a processor compares files on a computer system after an installation of a software package to files on the computer system before the installation. The processor determines a signature of the software package. The signature includes an indication of files... Agent:

20150143360 - Comparing system engram with product engram to determine compatibility of product with system: A system engram encoding an existing configuration of a target system is received. The existing configuration includes one or more of hardware and software of the target system. The system engram is originally acquired by a first processing device and is received by a second processing device. The second processing... Agent:

20150143361 - Software roaming system, method and computer readable storage medium thereof: A software roaming system, method and a computer readable storage medium thereof are disclosed herein. The software roaming system includes a first electronic device having a plurality of widget software. The first electronic device includes a device description data. The device description data includes virtual units corresponding to the widget... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

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