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Data processing: software development, installation, and management

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02/05/2015 > 24 patent applications in 20 patent subcategories.

20150040097 - Systems and methods for defining a simulated interactive web page: The system includes a novel software application interactive representation modeling language, a software application (82) operative to use the modeling language to create, read and modify interactive representation models of the proposed applications, a memory (86) to store requirement data and interactive representation model data, a software application (92) operative... Agent:

20150040098 - Systems and methods for developing and delivering platform adaptive web and native application content: Systems and methods for developing and delivering platform-adaptive web and native application content are disclosed. A hierarchy of templates is provided in which each template includes content compatible with a device that has various associated characteristics, such as particular hardware and software configurations. At least one of the templates has... Agent:

20150040099 - Extensible applications using a mobile application framework: In an example embodiment, a mobile application framework is provided. This includes a core component configured to expose one or more application program interfaces (APIs) that initialize the mobile application framework when executed. This also includes a user interface component configured to encapsulate a metadata-driven view for the mobile application.... Agent: Sap Ag

20150040100 - Creation and deployment of restful web services in a graphical programming language: Method and memory medium for generating a web service. A plurality of graphical data flow programs may be provided, and user input selecting one or more of plurality of graphical data flow programs for inclusion in a web service may be received, The web service may be generated based on... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20150040101 - Collaborative awareness in software development: Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for supporting concurrent activities in distributed development processes. In some implementations, actions include providing source code for display to a first developer, receiving first status information associated with the source code, the first status information being received in response to a determination that a... Agent: Sap Ag

20150040102 - System and method for software interoperability: A software interoperability system includes at least one processor, at least one computer-readable tangible storage device, and program instructions stored on the at least one storage device for execution by the at least one processor. The program instructions include first program instructions configured to map a program operation of a... Agent:

20150040103 - Data component in a mobile application framework: In an example embodiment, one or more configuration files are defined for an extensible application, the one or more configuration files including metadata for the extensible application. Then code defining behavior of the extensible application is combined with a mobile application framework, the mobile application framework including a data component... Agent: Sap Ag

20150040104 - Tiles in a mobile application framework: In an example embodiment, a mobile application framework is added to a metadata-driven application. The mobile application framework includes generic libraries having one or more references to one or more configuration files stored on a platform server. Then the one or more configuration files can be updated to include one... Agent: Sap Ag

20150040105 - System and/or method for computing interprocedural dominators: According to an aspect of some embodiments of the present invention there is provided a computerized method of analyzing code of a software program for dominance relationships between a plurality of functions of the software program, the method comprising: receiving source code of a software program, the source code having... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150040106 - Compiler and method for global-scope basic-block reordering: An embodiment method of global scope basic-block reordering includes profiling an application having a source code decomposable into a plurality of basic-blocks. The profiling yields a global basic-block sequence. The method also includes generating a hierarchical locality model according to the global basic-block sequence. The method also includes generating a... Agent:

20150040108 - Parallel program analysis and branch prediction: Systems and methods for predicting execution paths of at least one target program of a plurality of programs that are run in parallel are described. In one method, execution flows of programs are generated by conducting a static analysis. In addition, the programs are executed to obtain debug logs from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150040107 - Solving an optimization problem using a constraints solver: Systems and techniques are described for solving an optimization problem using a constraints solver. A set of constraints that correspond to the optimization problem can be generated. Next, a set of upper bound constraints can be added to the set of constraints, wherein the set of upper bound constraints imposes... Agent: Synopsys, Inc.

20150040109 - Method and apparatus for generating executable file or multi-instance service: The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for generating an executable file of a multi-instance service. The method includes: performing compilation for a source file corresponding to a multi-instance service, to obtain a first-class object file, where the multi-instance service includes N instances, and N is a... Agent:

20150040110 - Systems and methods for incremental compilation at runtime using relaxed guards: Techniques provided herein facilitate just-in-time compilation of source code, such as a script, during execution. According to some embodiments, a tracelet is limited to a single basic block of code. The data types of variable values provided by one or more variables used in the single basic block of code... Agent:

20150040111 - Handling precompiled binaries in a hardware accelerated software transactional memory system: A method and apparatus for enabling a Software Transactional Memory (STM) with precompiled binaries is herein described. Upon encountering an access operation in a transaction, an annotation field associated with a memory location referenced by the access is checked. In response to the memory location representing a previous similar access... Agent:

20150040112 - Enabling interoperability between software applications by utilizing partial binaries: Methods, devices, and systems for creating interoperability between applications that are not designed to be compatible by modifying a binary (or library binary) to encompass necessary functionality without an in-depth understanding of the additional content. A computing device may be configured to identify a function associated with a first binary... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150040113 - Operating system replacement for in-vehicle computing system: Embodiments are disclosed for a method of replacing an original operating system with a new operating system. In one example embodiment, a method to selectively replace a first in-vehicle operating system includes receiving a temporary update including a second in-vehicle operating system for storage in a memory location of the... Agent:

20150040114 - Information processing apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method, and program: An information processing apparatus includes a communication unit, a storage, and a controller. The communication unit is capable of communicating with a server. The storage is capable of storing data used for predetermined processing. The controller is capable of controlling the communication unit to receive notification information from the server,... Agent:

20150040115 - System and method for accelerated software upgrades: A method and apparatus of a device that updates a software image for a network element is described. In an exemplary embodiment, a device receives a signal to update the network element with the new software image, where the network element includes a plurality of hardware forwarding engines and a... Agent:

20150040117 - Deploying updates to an application during periods of off-peak demand: Update preferences might be utilized to specify that an update to an application should not be applied until the demand for the application falls below a certain threshold. Demand for the application is monitored. The update to the application is applied when the actual demand for the application falls below... Agent:

20150040116 - Method and system for software delivery service: Provided herein are techniques for distributing software. An embodiment operates by receiving a software product request including a unique identification information, verifying the unique identification information, and distributing a software product associated with the unique identification information in response to the request.... Agent: Sap Ag

20150040118 - System and method for automatically updating the software of a networked personal audiovisual device: A method for automatically updating software executed by an electronic device is disclosed herein. The method includes receiving, at the electronic device, an update indication from a server that updated software is available for the electronic device. The method further includes modifying, in response to the update indication, a boot... Agent:

20150040119 - Computer system and device driver installation method: A computer system includes: storing a first file management table that stores a record associating a device driver that can be installed in the computer system with identification information of a logic area in which the particular device driver is stored; reading a second file management table stored in a... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150040120 - Method and system for selecting a program for download: A system selects an application program for download. The system includes a host system, such as a personal computer, having a disk sub-system storing a plurality of application programs. The disk sub-system includes a file storing a plurality of identifiers, with each of at least some of the identifiers being... Agent:

01/29/2015 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150033202 - Method and apparatus for porting source code: A method of porting source code for use in a runtime environment including a tool chain with a compiler for building the source code, in which the method comprises obtaining a source code fragment associated with a build error during the source code build in the runtime environment; creating a... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150033203 - Method for generating executable code: The invention relates to a method for generating executable code (10, 10′) that is intended to be executed on a mobile end device (12, 12′) having at least one app builder unit (16) with at least one memory unit (18) in which at least one base code (24, 24′) is... Agent: Paade Gmbh

20150033204 - System-construction-procedure generating device, system-construction-procedure generating method, and program thereof: A construction procedure of a system which is constructed by performing operations of plural types with respect to each of plural program modules is generated. A system-construction-procedure generating device (100) includes a dependency relationship storing unit (111), an operating procedure storing unit (112), and an operating procedure generating unit (102).... Agent: Nec Corporation

20150033205 - Debugging remote software applications across wan connections: The present disclosure describes methods, systems, and computer program products for providing remote debugging of a software or cloud application across a wide area network. A method includes transmitting, from a remote communication device to a client or cloud computing device, instructions to adjust a running application to a debugging... Agent: Sap Ag

20150033207 - Debugging visual and embedded programs: SMAPs are generated for use in debugging visual paradigms. A system can debug a non-Java source, or a visual paradigm, embedded inside another distinct paradigm. The system may include a visual object ordering system that determines an order number for each of a plurality of visual objects in the visual... Agent:

20150033206 - Minimizing database repros using language grammars: Described is automatically processing an initial database repro (text representing a bug when corresponding script is executed in a database engine) into a min-repro (a subset of the text) that is simplified version of the initial repro yet still contains the bug. A parse tree representative of the initial database... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150033208 - Validating a specification associated with a software application and/or a hardware: System and method for validating a specification associated with a software application and/or a hardware is disclosed. The specification comprising expected behaviour requirements specified in a specification language and the semantics in the tabular notation is received. In order to validate the specification, a string may be identified for the... Agent:

20150033209 - Dynamic cluster wide subsystem engagement using a tracing schema: A method of invoking an action in response to encountering a tracepoint of an executing application including: encountering a tracepoint of an executing application at a processor of a computer node; receiving tracepoint data at a tracepoint interpretation utility, wherein the tracepoint data includes metadata that describes the state of... Agent: Netapp, Inc.

20150033210 - Method and system for debugging a change-set: Exemplary embodiment of include methods and systems for debugging a change-set. The method includes obtaining a change-set for debugging; calculating a code change region by using the change-set and generating breakpoints for debugging the change-set based on the code change region. In exemplary embodiments, breakpoints in a change-set can be... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150033211 - Program debugger and program debugging: Debug information records associated with a weak function of the program are obtained. In response to receipt of an instruction of setting a breakpoint for the weak function in the program, breakpoint addresses corresponding one-to-one with each of the at least one debug information record are obtained. In response to... Agent:

20150033212 - Testing program, testing method, and testing device: A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein a test program that causes a computer to execute a process comprising: starting a test of a test-target program containing a plurality of modules by executing a plurality of individual tests, the plurality of individual tests being associated with the plurality of... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20150033213 - Compiling method, storage medium and compiling apparatus: A compiling method for reading, by a computer comprising a processor and a memory, a source file therein and outputting an executable binary file, the compiling method including: a first step of receiving, by the computer, an interface file including a process and a module constructing a business process, input/output... Agent: Hitachi, Ltd.

20150033214 - Method and system for compiler optimization: Aspects of the disclosure provide a method for code compilation. The method includes receiving instructions of a loop code for compiling, allocating one or more registers to variables before compiling the instructions into a loop body for the loop code, and compiling the instructions into the loop body based on... Agent: Marvell World Trade Ltd.

20150033215 - System and method for dynamic class management: A system and method of dynamic class management includes starting a skeleton application by loading a main class of the skeleton application and executing the main class, detecting a request for a requested class made by a referencing class, loading a class file associated with the requested class from a... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20150033216 - Applying hot fixes for metadata customizing user interactions based on a software program deployed in multiple versions: An aspect of the present disclosure provides for applying hot fixes to metadata customizing user interactions based on a software program. In an embodiment, a hot fix containing new files is received. Each new file contains a corresponding modified metadata. The user is presented for selection, differences between each new... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150033217 - External platform extensions in a multi-tenant environment: Methods and systems are described for allowing third party developers to add extensions to a cloud service provider's software as a service (SaaS) services by editing an ‘empty’ config file according to a schema provided by the cloud service provider to form a delta file and then merging the delta... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20150033218 - Generating and using constraints associated with software related products: A computer implemented method and apparatus is provided for generating and using constraints that are associated with software programs or other software entities intended for use in a specified data processing system or environment. One embodiment is directed to a method that includes the step of extracting metadata pertaining to... Agent:

20150033219 - Method and system for displaying a non-installed android application and for requesting an action from a non-installed android application: A method of operating an Android appliance in which code of a calling application is operative to send an Android operating system or other application an Intent object. The Intent object encapsulates a “Activity Action” string and optional auxiliary data relating to the Intent object. The user is presented with... Agent:

01/22/2015 > 18 patent applications in 14 patent subcategories.

20150026658 - Systems, methods and media for dynamic creation and update of activation context for component object model: Systems, methods and media are provided for dynamically creating/updating an activation context at runtime. One method includes receiving a request to create a component object, the request including a component identification of the requested component. The method also includes accessing a type library associated with each of multiple executable files.... Agent:

20150026659 - System and method for programming and controlling instruments: A system comprising one or more program control processors, and a non-volatile computer readable medium storing a computer program instructions operable to cause the one or more program control processors to perform operations is disclosed. The operations include receiving an instruction code, executing the instruction code, and synchronizing one or... Agent:

20150026660 - Methods for building application intelligence into event driven applications through usage learning, and systems supporting such applications: Certain example embodiments relate to application intelligence gathering systems and/or methods, e.g., in connection with Event Driven Applications and/or the like. More particularly, certain example embodiments relate to the effective recording of application evolution and usage information for usage learning and/or event auditing purposes. With respect to usage learning, certain... Agent:

20150026661 - Binding between a layout engine and a scripting engine: Various embodiments provide an interface between a Web browser's layout engine and a scripting engine. The interface enables objects from the layout engine to be recognized by a memory manager in the scripting engine and interact in a streamlined, efficient manner. In accordance with one or more embodiments, the interface... Agent:

20150026662 - Method and apparatus for configuring control software for radar systems having different hardware architectures and related software products: Techniques and systems are provided for generating radar control software for radar systems having a variety of different hardware architectures in an efficient manner. A base radar control program may be provided, that is configurable using architecture-specific configuration data. A database may also be provided, that includes configuration data associated... Agent:

20150026663 - Mobile application optimization platform: A device may receive configuration information for an experiment associated with optimizing an application. The configuration information may identify a group of experimental treatments and information identifying a target event. The device may identify an experimental treatment to be implemented in the application, and may implement the experimental treatment in... Agent:

20150026665 - Automated test on applications or websites in mobile devices: A method and a system to test one or more applications respectfully installed in a plurality of devices at the same time are provided. The system may include a server, which is coupled to the devices and receives a test script configured to test an application of the devices. The... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20150026664 - Method and system for automated test case selection: A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computer system for intellectually and automatically selecting test cases for testing software that has been changed. In this invention, the automated selection of the subset of the test cases is based on determination of what software under test has been changed, what test... Agent:

20150026666 - Analysis system, analysis method, and computer program product: According to an embodiment, a system includes an analysis generator, a trace difference generator, a program difference generator, and an analyzer. The analysis generator is configured to generate program information required in executing a program, generate trace information providing a description of an execution at particular timing, based on the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150026667 - Network development and testing as a cloud service: Presented herein are techniques to receive configuration instructions for elements of a network topology to be simulated and tested. In response to receiving and in accordance with the configuration instructions, a plurality of software images (for a plurality of virtual network elements of the network topology) are configured via an... Agent:

20150026669 - Metaphor based language fuzzing of computer code: The disclosed subject matter provides for software testing using metaphor based language fuzzing. Metaphor based language fuzzing can decompose a code segment into a metaphor representing the code segment. The metaphor can be mutated based on determined logical perturbations to any element of the metaphor. The mutation of the metaphor... Agent:

20150026668 - System and method for translating business application functions into dbms internal programming language procedures: A system and method for generating a database management system (DBMS) internal program language function from a foreign program language function. The method includes loading the foreign function into a DBMS server, an internal program module unit, examining the foreign function to determine whether the foreign function is annotated for... Agent:

20150026670 - Decision tree ensemble compilation: In one embodiment, a decision tree is evaluated in interpreted mode while statistics are collected. The decision tree is then represented as source code, and each decision in the decision tree is annotated with instructions determined based on the collected statistics. The source code is compiled into machine code, and... Agent:

20150026671 - Mechanism for facilitating dynamic and efficient fusion of computing instructions in software programs: A mechanism is described for facilitating dynamic and efficient fusion of computing instructions according to one embodiment. A method of embodiments, as described herein, includes monitoring a software program for a program region having fusion candidate instructions for a fusion operation at a computing system; evaluating whether the macro operation... Agent:

20150026672 - Information processing apparatus, and information processing method: An apparatus in which at least two pieces of software capable of controlling a device may be installed, each of the pieces of software capable of controlling a device, the apparatus including a setting unit provided by a first piece of software, the setting unit being capable of controlling the... Agent:

20150026674 - Driver installation method and apparatus for terminal device: A method and apparatus for installing a driver of a terminal device are provided. The method includes: calling a driver installation program, and setting the driver installation program to directly search for a driver program in a local machine; and searching for the driver program in the local machine through... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150026673 - Enforcing external install requirements during software deployment: A method, system and article of manufacture are disclosed for policy-based enforcement of business requirements for a software install. The method comprises the steps of determining a policy infrastructure analogous to one or more business requirements; and embedding the policy infrastructure in a software installation process for installing a given... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150026675 - Light installer: A light installer can be utilized to improve the installation process of a client-side application. A light installer can be an installer containing only the necessary information to initiate the installation process, such as information necessary for prompting the user for required data and authorizations, communicating with the content management... Agent: Dropbox, Inc.

01/15/2015 > 22 patent applications in 13 patent subcategories.

20150020042 - Adaptive developer experience based on project types and process templates: Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for providing an adaptive application development environment (ADE). An embodiment operates by receiving a selection of either a simple or complex project type corresponding to an application development environment (ADE). One or more development tools for generating executable code are... Agent:

20150020043 - Graphical specification and constraint language for developing programs for hardware implementation and use: System and method for specifying and implementing programs. A graphical program is created in a graphical specification and constraint language that allows specification of a model of computation and explicit declaration of constraints in response to user input. The graphical program includes a specified model of computation, a plurality of... Agent:

20150020045 - Method, device and computer-readable storage medium for closure testing: A method for closure testing is disclosed. The method includes: acquiring an identification of a closure to be tested; generating code to be inserted based on the identification of the closure to be tested; searching and obtaining a corresponding annotation based on the identification of the closure to be tested,... Agent:

20150020044 - Productized approach for developing multi instance single code base product/application with centralized management: The embodiments herein relate to product/application customization and, more particularly, to develop multi instance single code base product/application with centralized management. The central repository present in the system fetches and holds all differentiation information for various instances of the application. Then the synchronization framework allows the differentiation data to be... Agent: Hcl Technologies Ltd.

20150020048 - Component discovery from source code: A method for component discovery from source code may include receiving source code, and determining business classes by excluding packages and classes in the source code identified as belonging to a presentation layer, as belonging to a data access layer, as models and/or as utilities. The method may further include... Agent:

20150020046 - Logging and profiling content space data and coverage metric self-reporting: A computer-implemented method for generating user stories for a software product, includes collecting, by a processor, a plurality of requirements, creating, by the processor, a plurality of content space specification files that includes the plurality of requirements, processing, by the processor, the plurality of content space specification files to generate... Agent:

20150020047 - Software product licensing based on a content space: A computer-implemented method for generating software license types, includes collecting, by a processor, a plurality of software product functions, creating, by the processor, a plurality of content space specification files that includes the plurality of software product functions, processing, by the processor, the plurality of content space specification files to... Agent:

20150020054 - Automated data collection, computation and reporting of content space coverage metrics for software products: One or more test results and one or more user stories are received. For each test result in the one or more test results a set of content space coordinates of the one or more test results is compared to a set of content space coordinates of the one or... Agent:

20150020050 - Automated verification of appliance procedures: For automated verification of appliance procedures using a processor device in a computing environment, a testing configuration is dynamically configured for automatically testing software by adding and/or removing at least one application device from one of the testing configurations for creating a plurality of appliance configurations.... Agent:

20150020053 - Integration of a software content space with test planning and test case generation: A computer-implemented method for test planning and test case generation, includes collecting, by a processor, a plurality of requirements, creating, by the processor, a plurality of content space specification files that includes the plurality of requirements, processing, by the processor, the plurality of content space specification files to generate a... Agent:

20150020051 - Method and apparatus for automated conversion of software applications: The invention relates to data processing apparatus and methods for automated conversion of software applications between computing platforms when said platforms do not support common set of programming languages. The Conversion System (CS) consists of several components. The Converter is a computer system that translates source application's code into target... Agent:

20150020052 - System and method for automating testing: According to some embodiments, a method and apparatus are provided to receive browser automation code to automatically test a software application executed in a web browser and receive a first parameter to indicate a first type of web browser and a second parameter to indicate a second type of web... Agent:

20150020049 - Test framework for computing jobs: According to one embodiment of the present invention, a system tests jobs in a computing environment. The system creates a test case for one or more existing executable jobs without modifying the job design or recompiling the executable itself, wherein the test case includes one or more capture points in... Agent:

20150020055 - System, method, and computer program product for automated stability testing of device firmware: A method, system, and computer-program product are provided for automatically performing stability testing on device firmware. The method includes the steps of copying a binary file corresponding to a version of a firmware to one or more nodes that each include a testbench, causing the one or more nodes to... Agent:

20150020056 - Methods and systems for file processing: The present disclosure relates to a method and system for file processing. The file processing method may include the steps of scanning a source files, identifying a target code block, and generating a first abstract syntax tree (AST) reflecting the structure of the target code block. The file processing method... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150020057 - Controlling application features: A facility is provided for controlling application features. In various embodiments, the facility assembles an indication of features, starts a controlled application, and provides the assembled indication of features to the controlled application so that the controlled application can disable a feature of the controlled application. The facility can include... Agent:

20150020058 - Method and system for prompting application update: A method, device, and system are provided for suggesting application update. In the method, the device obtains version information of a running application installed on the terminal device and reports the version information. The terminal device receives a version prompting message based on the version information and stores the version... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150020059 - Migration services for systems: Systems and methods for systems migration are provided. A migration engine to perform system migration operations is provided. One or more processors may be configured to execute instructions to perform one or more of the following. Information indicative of one or more migration candidates corresponding to one or more system... Agent:

20150020060 - Robust firmware update with recovery logic: The updating of firmware components on a client device is described. Operations may include facilitating parsing of a firmware update configuration file on the client device, wherein the firmware update configuration file identifies an update repository, one or more firmware updates, and update package information for each of the firmware... Agent:

20150020061 - Forming an upgrade recommendation in a cloud computing environment: A method, system, and computer program product for forming cloud upgrade recommendations. The method commences by initiating an environment monitoring agent to run on a plurality of nodes within a cloud environment. The monitoring agent checks periodically for changes in the environment. When changes are detected, a process forms an... Agent:

20150020062 - In-band hypervisor-managed firmware updates: A software update manager running on an information handling system over a type 1 hypervisor operating system retrieves a virtual firmware update through a primary network interface. The virtual firmware update executes over the hypervisor to initiate a download of a firmware update to a management processor of the information... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150020063 - Deploying an application in a cloud computing environment: A technique for deploying an application in a cloud computing environment includes: collecting, when a user is deploying an application, metadata and instructions on deploying the application, the metadata comprising service metadata, application metadata and topology metadata, wherein the service metadata comprise metadata on a service required for deploying the... Agent:

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