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Data processing: software development, installation, and management

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05/21/2015 > 35 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150143327 - Project management tool: An example project management tool, which is a computer-implemented system configured to provide a real-time view of a product change with respect to its status within a testing process, is provided. In operation, the project management tool receives a request to create a new project for a particular product change,... Agent: Linkedin Corporation

20150143328 - Open source software development tools: Various tools for use in connection with software projects that may contain open-source software code therein. The tools may include systems and methods for improving results regarding scans of the software projects based on insight data obtained from at least one user's analysis of the results of a previous scan.... Agent:

20150143329 - Methods and arrangements for processing and presentation of information: Embodiments may implement processing and presentation of information with, e.g., standalone and/or application integration, object-oriented, hierarchical architecture, in the form of, e.g., an add-in application or a computing platform for creating, modifying, interpreting, compiling, and/or executing an application. Embodiments may be implemented as a discrete computing platform or as an... Agent:

20150143330 - Implicit parameters and implicit arguments in programming languages: An embodiment of the present invention consists of methods for parameter declaration in implicit way and of methods for argument usage in implicit way. An embodiment of the present invention is useful in programming languages which support at least one concept that can be interpreted as a method. This invention:... Agent:

20150143331 - Template generating method and template generating apparatus: A non-transitory computer-readable recording medium stores a template generating program for causing a computer to execute a process. The process includes specifying common script portions and non-common script portions from a plurality of templates for each of a plurality of categories, each of the plurality of templates include scripts related... Agent:

20150143332 - Functional architecture pattern for safety applications: A process for decomposing safety software involves the steps of providing a first software module associated with a first logical unit, providing a second software module associated with a second logical unit, instructing the first software module to implement a first safety goal based on a quality management level, and... Agent: Dana Belgium N.v.

20150143334 - Message exchange pattern rendezvous abstraction: A rendezvous abstraction that is used to correlate messages within message exchange. The rendezvous abstraction may be instantiated to correlate messages regardless of the type of message exchange pattern, and regardless of the underlying protocols used to communication message. Messages exchanges of primitive protocols are modeled as unilateral message exchanges.... Agent:

20150143333 - Native application variation: From one aspect, a computer implemented method, apparatus and computer program product is provided for varying at least one element of a plurality of elements of a viewable area of a native software application during runtime on a first computing device, the method comprising highlighting at least one element of... Agent:

20150143336 - Software configuration control wherein containers are associated with physical storage of software application versions in a software production landscape: According to some embodiments, a source version of a software product may be established in connection with a software production landscape. A first container, representing a first uniquely addressable physical location in the software production landscape, may then be associated with the source version. An executable derivative version of the... Agent:

20150143335 - System and method for identifying, analyzing and integrating risks associated with source code: The various embodiments herein provide a system and method for identifying, analyzing and integrating the risks associated with a source code. The system comprises a code coverage module for collecting and transforming the code coverage information by a file name, a source code analyzer module for collecting and transforming source... Agent:

20150143337 - Development of multiple classes of user interfaces for a software application: Methods and systems for developing multiple classes of user interfaces for a software application are disclosed. A master view of a software application is displayed, at a computer system, for use in developing multiple classes of user interfaces for the software application wherein each of the multiple classes pertain to... Agent: Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

20150143338 - Spatial layout of hierarchical shared resources: A hierarchical shared resources spatial visualization system and method including a visualization runtime user interface that quickly and efficiently displays a spatial layout of a shared resource having a hierarchical nature. The user interface provides a spatial layout of the hierarchical shared resource and overlays salient activity information of a... Agent: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC

20150143339 - Callpath finder: Techniques and systems for creating a function call graph for a codebase are disclosed. Graph creation includes identifying functions in the codebase by a function signature and representing a function as a first node in the call graph. For that function, identifying call-to functions, call-from functions, and inheritance parents and... Agent: Google Inc.

20150143340 - Method of classifying application in android operating system and computer-readable recording medium having program for classifying application in android operating system recorded thereon: A method of classifying an application in an Android operating system includes analyzing system service performed by a system service module in advance, the system service module being basically mounted to provide core functions of a system in the Android operating system, recognizing a relationship between the application and the... Agent: Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

20150143341 - Selective object testing in a client-server environment: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for testing objects in a client-server environment. A server computing system receives at least one modification to a set of objects. The server computing system registers the at least one modification with a user identifier. The server... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150143342 - Functional validation of software: Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to software validation. In aspects, a baseline may be created by instrumenting code of a software application or runtime, executing the code of the software application a plurality of times to generate a plurality of logs, determining invariant characteristics of the logs,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143343 - Trace-data processing and profiling device: A trace-data processing device comprises an input to receive source-specific trace data streams comprising trace messages carrying execution-flow information on a program execution flow performed by a source device under test or under observation, hereinafter DUT. A trace-data processing unit (526, 1100) derives from the trace data stream runtime information... Agent:

20150143344 - Diagnosing production applications: A debugging and diagnostics system allow for dynamic code generation that inserts code into a production application to identify snappoints or breakpoints that cause snapshots to be taken if predefined conditionals are satisfied. The snappoints are associated with locations in source code for the production application and include conditional statements... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143345 - Application version release management: Implementations of the disclosed subject matter provide systems and methods for providing one or more versions of an application to one or more subsets of users based on measured performance of the one or more versions of the application. A method may include providing a first version of an application... Agent: Google Inc.

20150143346 - Constructing test-centric model of application: A test-centric model of an application is constructed. Each resource specified by each test governing an application is added to the test-centric model. The test or tests specifying an resource are linked to the resource within the test-centric model. A composition of the application is defined using the one or... Agent:

20150143347 - Software development environment and method of compiling integrated source code: A software development environment (SDE) and a method of compiling integrated source code. One embodiment of the SDE includes: (1) a parser configured to partition an integrated source code into a host code partition and a device code partition, the host code partition including a reference to a device variable,... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20150143348 - Hybrid dynamic code compiling device, method, and service system thereof: An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure illustrates a hybrid dynamic code compiling device having a parser, a native code generator, and a dynamic code rewriter, wherein the parser is coupled to the native code generator and the dynamic code rewriter. The parser receives and parses a first dynamic code... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150143349 - Method for divergence analysis of pointer-based program: A method comprises generating an intermediate representation of a pointer-based program; providing a control flow graph of the intermediate representation; selecting an analysis candidate from the intermediate representation as a traced variable and a root node; determining a definition site of the trace variable according to a use-define chain and... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20150143350 - Multistate development workflow for generating a custom instruction set reconfigurable processor: Systems and methods which implement workflows for providing reconfigurable processor core algorithms operable with associated capabilities using description files, thereby facilitating the development and generation of instruction sets for use with reconfigurable processors, are shown. Embodiments implement a multistage workflow in which program code is parsed into custom instructions and... Agent:

20150143351 - Streaming from a media device: A technique for streaming from a media device involves enabling a local device to function as a streaming server. An example of a method according to the technique includes inserting a removable storage device that includes programs associated with a streaming application, running one or more of the programs, ensuring... Agent:

20150143353 - Firmware overwriting method in paired use wireless microphone and receiver: A firmware overwriting method for paired use wireless microphone and receiver is disclosed. The firmware update method comprises building a wireless connection between the at least one wireless microphone and the at least one receiver; and executing the determining program by the receiver processing module to determine if the installed... Agent:

20150143352 - Image forming apparatus that performs updating of firmware, control method therefor, and storage medium: An image forming apparatus having a firmware update technology that realizes updating of firmware using an encrypted file and reduces a downtime using a differential update. When a first update instruction to perform an update using a first firmware including an encrypted plurality of files is accepted, a content list... Agent:

20150143356 - Architecture for field upgrade of a health monitoring system: An architecture allows individual system components to be developed and tested individually, i.e., as distinct modules, and to be subsequently combined through standardized electrical and communication interfaces. Any combination of these modules can be implemented to form different products that provide any number of functions, such as an integrated system... Agent:

20150143357 - Method of managing external devices, method of operating external device, host device, management server, and external device: Provided is a method of a host device managing at least one external device connected to the host device through a management server. The method includes: obtaining measurement information measured by the at least one external device; requesting authorization by the management server; transmitting the obtained measurement information to the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150143355 - Service oriented architecture version and dependency control: This disclosure is directed to techniques for providing version control functionality for web services of one or more service oriented architecture (SOA) systems. According to these techniques, a version control service (VCS) may receive an indication of a version update for a first web service. In response to the received... Agent:

20150143354 - Zero downtime deployment and rollback: A system and method for zero or near zero downtime deployment and rollback are provided. In an example embodiment, a second application is deployed to an application server that is running a first application bound to a port of the server computer. The second application is started without binding the... Agent:

20150143358 - Configuration and installation automation: A processor may be configured to process a first and second set of configuration statements. The processor may also be configured to at least partially rebuild a software product based, at least in part, on the processed first set of configuration statements. The processor may also install or reinstall the... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20150143359 - Software signature discovery: In a method for determining signatures for a software package, a processor compares files on a computer system after an installation of a software package to files on the computer system before the installation. The processor determines a signature of the software package. The signature includes an indication of files... Agent:

20150143360 - Comparing system engram with product engram to determine compatibility of product with system: A system engram encoding an existing configuration of a target system is received. The existing configuration includes one or more of hardware and software of the target system. The system engram is originally acquired by a first processing device and is received by a second processing device. The second processing... Agent:

20150143361 - Software roaming system, method and computer readable storage medium thereof: A software roaming system, method and a computer readable storage medium thereof are disclosed herein. The software roaming system includes a first electronic device having a plurality of widget software. The first electronic device includes a device description data. The device description data includes virtual units corresponding to the widget... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

05/14/2015 > 15 patent applications in 12 patent subcategories.

20150135158 - Isolated testing of distributed development projects: Computer systems and methods for isolated testing of distributed development projects to enable test-driven development are described. In one aspect, a build of the distributed project is generated based on locally available resources. A number of unit tests are identified related to program code developed locally as part of the... Agent:

20150135159 - Event based code generation: Techniques for generating software code for event processing applications are described herein. In one example, a method can include detecting, via a processor, a concept model, wherein the concept model comprises concept data related to an actor, an event, a domain, and a fact. The method can also include detecting,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150135161 - Injecting features into an application: A method of injecting a feature into an application is disclosed. A definition of the feature of the application is received. It is determined that the feature is an injection feature of a view of the application. It is detected that an instance of the view of the application is... Agent:

20150135160 - System and method for providing an application development and distribution social platform: A computer network implemented application development platform is provided that includes or links to a social networking environment and that includes an application development utility. The application development utility enables one or more development users to develop, publish and/or distribute one or more applications using one or more resources of... Agent:

20150135162 - Data processing system, input support method, and input support program: Guide information according to a hierarchy of a given character string is sequentially acquired in response to an input of character strings for describing a source program, and only the guide information is displayed depending on an input status of the character string. Characters input from an input device for... Agent:

20150135163 - Server providing cloud service, terminal for developer and method for supporting application development using the same: Disclosed are a server providing a cloud service, a terminal for a developer and a method for supporting application development using the same, the method of supporting application development using a cloud service. The method including: accessing an integrated system providing a cloud service; selecting a developing environment corresponding to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150135165 - Debugging a web application locally during development: A web application intended to be called by a cloud service is debugged locally in a developer's machine. A debugging session is configured to initiate execution of the web application in its intended cloud context by utilizing a reverse proxy mechanism to forward network traffic from a calling cloud service... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150135164 - Integrated software testing management: The present disclosure relates to an integrated software testing management workflow for associating manual test cases with automated test cases. One example method includes identifying a manual test program associated with a software application, the manual test program including instructions operable to perform a test operation on the software application;... Agent: Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

20150135166 - Source code generation, completion, checking, correction: Automated generation, or completion, or checking of source code is described whereby a probabilistic model having been trained using a corpus of natural source code examples is used. In various examples the probabilistic model comprises probability distributions describing belief about structure of natural source code and takes into account source... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150135167 - Dynamic per-method probing during runtime: A system, method, and techniques for dynamically probing a method are provided. An example method includes identifying a target method to probe in an application. The method also includes modifying the target method to include a call to a helper method that passes a rulename to a native method in... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20150135168 - Software metrics assessment system: An apparatus of one embodiment evaluates a software change and includes an interface, a memory, and a processor. The interface is operable to communicate through a network with a mainframe and a database. The memory is operable to store metrics information. The processor is operable to determine that a job... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150135169 - Testing device and testing method thereof: A testing device and a testing method thereof are provided. The testing device is connected to a terminal device running a graphical user interface (GUI). The testing device runs a testing program to start a recording procedure to execute the following steps: detecting a plurality of actions generated in response... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150135170 - Methods and systems for providing compatibility of applications with multiple versions of an operating system: Methods and systems for providing compatibility of applications with multiple versions of an operating system are provided. The method may comprise receiving, by a device, a request to perform a function-call of an application that references features of a first version of an operating system. The method also includes determining... Agent: Google Inc.

20150135171 - Information processing apparatus and compilation method: A storage unit stores source code including loop processing that is written with an array referenced by an index, a loop variable, and a parameter. A computing unit generates a conditional expression indicating that the index of the array satisfies a predetermined condition, using the loop variable and the parameter.... Agent:

20150135172 - Peripheral device detection with short-range communication: In general, embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to techniques for configuring a mobile device according to detection of one or more peripheral devices in an environment using short-range wireless communication. In one example, a method includes, receiving, by a computing device that communicates with a peripheral device using... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 27 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20150128103 - System and method for automating application programming interface integration: A system and method for providing an application programming interface (API) service platform that includes configuring an API interaction sequence with a set of template requests and template variables; initializing execution of the API interaction sequence; and processing the API interaction sequence comprising, for each selected template request from a... Agent:

20150128104 - Systems and methods for creating a playable video game from a three-dimensional model: Systems and methods for creating a playable video game, or playable video game levels, from a three-dimensional model comprising a plurality of various-colored blocks disposed on a grid. A set of software modules processes a digital image of the static model to translate its component elements into video game elements... Agent:

20150128105 - Dynamic containerization: In an example embodiment, a container is downloaded, the container being an application natively executable by a first operating system of the user device, the container including: a container service including one or more libraries of functions designed by a container designer to natively operate on the first operating system;... Agent: Sap Ag

20150128106 - Software builder: Concepts and technologies are described herein for a software builder. According to the concepts and technologies disclosed herein, a development platform can execute a software builder. The development system can receive input for creating a mobile application. In response to receiving the input, the development system can create build assets... Agent:

20150128107 - Compiler generation of thunking code: A computer system receives a source code comprising an annotation, wherein the annotation is associated with a portion of the source code and wherein the annotation indicates a first bit-width. The computer system identifies a first data type of the portion of the source code. The computer system receives compatibility... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150128108 - Compiler generation of thunking code: A computer system receives a source code comprising an annotation, wherein the annotation is associated with a portion of the source code and wherein the annotation indicates a first bit-width. The computer system identifies a first data type of the portion of the source code. The computer system receives compatibility... Agent:

20150128109 - Structure analysis device and program: A structure analysis device comprises a storage means wherein modules are stored, and an analysis means for carrying out a structural analysis of a prescribed subject module of the modules which are stored in the storage means. If a hierarchical structure of a first subject range and a hierarchical structure... Agent:

20150128111 - Devices and methods for acquiring abnormal information: Devices and methods are provided for acquiring abnormal information. For example, a test command line is generated using one or more data processors based on at least information associated with test demand information; the generated test command line is run using the data processors to send a test instruction to... Agent:

20150128110 - Mobile application development and deployment: Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for mobile application development and deployment. A method includes, in a server residing in a network, receiving an application description file from a design system communicatively linked to the server, the application description file capable of targeting multiple application platforms and representing a... Agent:

20150128113 - Allocate instruction and api call that contain a sybmol for a non-memory resource: A novel allocate instruction and a novel API call are received onto a compiler. The allocate instruction includes a symbol that identifies a non-memory resource instance. The API call is a call to perform an operation on a non-memory resource instance, where the particular instance is indicated by the symbol... Agent: Netronome Systems, Inc.

20150128112 - Automated build and deploy system: A system includes a memory and a processor communicatively coupled to the memory. The processor accesses a particular build schedule from one or more build schedules stored in the memory. The processor accesses, according to the particular build schedule, one or more artifacts and a label associated with the one... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20150128114 - Parser: A grammar of a first programming language is represented in member fields and data types of object-oriented classes of a second programming language as an empty program semantic tree. A parser builds a new program semantic tree that represents source code written in the first programming language. The new program... Agent:

20150128115 - Unifying static and dynamic compiler optimizations in source-code bases: Techniques are described for unifying static and dynamic compiler optimizations in source code bases. In an embodiment, a first compiler compiles source code of a target function to generate ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled machine code. A second compiler compiles the source code to generate an intermediate representation (IR) of the target... Agent:

20150128116 - Web-based scan-task enabled system and method of and apparatus for developing and deploying the same on a client-server network: An improved development and deployment environment and processes for developing and deploying object-oriented web-based scan-task enabled applications, wherein web-based scan-task enabled client computers use scan task specifications and task decoders to retrieve and decode a scan tasks encapsulated on each web page requested and received from a web server supported... Agent:

20150128118 - Hierarchical resource pools in a linker: A novel declare instruction can be used in source code to declare a sub-pool of resource instances to be taken from the resource instances of a larger declared pool. Using such declare instructions, a hierarchy of pools and sub-pools can be declared. A novel allocate instruction can then be used... Agent: Netronome Systems, Inc.

20150128117 - Linker that statically allocates non-memory resources at link time: A novel linker statically allocates resource instances of a non-memory resource at link time. In one example, a novel declare instruction in source code declares a pool of resource instances, where the resource instances are instances of the non-memory resource. A novel allocate instruction is then used to instruct the... Agent: Netronome Systems, Inc.

20150128119 - Resource allocation with hierarchical scope: A source code symbol can be declared to have a scope level indicative of a level in a hierarchy of scope levels, where the scope level indicates a circuit level or a sub-circuit level in the hierarchy. A novel instruction to the linker can define the symbol to be of... Agent: Netronome Systems, Inc.

20150128120 - Method for providing auto-run service and electronic device thereof: A method for providing an auto-run service in an electronic device includes identifying state information on the electronic device, performing a first function mapped to the state information on the electronic device based on the state information on the electronic device, determining an event characteristic for the first function, and... Agent:

20150128121 - Dynamic application version selection: It is to be understood that both the following general description and the following detailed description are exemplary and explanatory only and are not restrictive. In an aspect, the methods and systems of the present disclosure can relate to managing data via a network. As an example, the network can... Agent:

20150128122 - Systems and methods for updating software: Systems and methods are provided for software update. For example, first version information of one or more first software applications associated with a user identifier is received from a client; whether the first software applications associated with the user identifier are to be updated is determined according to the first... Agent:

20150128124 - Dynamically optimized content display: Provided are systems and methods for dynamic optimization of content on a client device. In one example, a method for dynamic optimization of content is based on receiving the content and parameters of a display area associated with the content from an enterprise system. The enterprise system is pre-configured based... Agent: Greyheller, LLC

20150128125 - Providing application and device management using entitlements: Methods and systems for providing virtual workspaces are provided. Example embodiments provide a Application Workspace System “AWS,” which enables users to access remote server-based applications (e.g., thin client applications, terminal server applications, applications on hosted operating systems, etc.) using the same interface that they use to access local applications, without... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150128123 - System and method for preparing vehicle for remote reflash event: Implementations of the present disclosure contemplate utilizing the communicative connections between a telematics service provider (TSP) and a telematics unit in a vehicle to schedule a remote reflash event, issue instructions to the vehicle to prepare for the remote reflash event, and to administer the remote reflash event. A TSP... Agent: General Motors LLC

20150128126 - System and method of dynamic configuration engine for electronic devices: A method is provided that uses a server to dynamically configure software applications on an electronic device. Information is received from the device about the device (e.g. device OS, firmware version, make and/or model, etc.). The server determines based on the device information a set of capabilities of the device.... Agent:

20150128127 - Method and device for application installation to multiple memory components: A method and device for installing an application to a device are provided. The method includes: receiving, at the device, application files associated with the application, the application files including computer readable instruction files and resource files; installing, by an installation manager, the computer readable instruction files to a first... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20150128128 - Software distribution architecture for hardware devices: A software distribution architecture includes cloud-based services and user devices that access those services. When a user purchases a new device, the cloud-based services identifies the user, associates the new device with the user, and determines whether the user has existing devices presently registered with the service. If an existing... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20150128129 - Method and device for installing application: A method for installing an application on a device, includes: when determining that a current processing request is an installation request of a downloaded application, determining an installation program object carried by an operating system itself as a process program object in response to the installation request; and starting up... Agent:

04/30/2015 > 33 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20150121332 - Software project estimation: A system and a method related to software project estimation. The method receives a value corresponding to at least one decision parameter including a project type, a technology, a software development life cycle (SDLC) type and a stage of the software project from user. The received value is mapped with... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20150121333 - Regression alerts: Embodiments of the present invention include a method, computer program product, and system for generating an alert as to a potential regression. In one embodiment, a server computer system receives an instruction from a first location to associate a first changeset with a record, wherein the first changeset has associated... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121334 - Regression alerts: Embodiments of the present invention include a method, a computer program product, and a computer system for generating an alert as to a potential regression. In one embodiment, a server computer system receives an instruction from a first location to associate a first changeset with a record, wherein the first... Agent:

20150121335 - Consolidating and reusing portal information: An approach for consolidating and reusing portal information within different web applications. The approach includes a method that includes retrieving, by at least one computing device, code from an application. The method includes deconstructing, by the at least one computing device, the code into code fragments. The method includes validating,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121336 - Screen-oriented computing program refactoring: Techniques for refactoring a screen-oriented computing program are described herein. The techniques include a method that identifies screens of the computing program, and determines a starting point of the computing program based on the identified screens. The techniques include refactoring the computing program based on the starting point and the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121337 - Regular expression support in instrumentation languages using kernel-mode executable code: Systems and methods are provided for regular expression support in instrumentation languages using kernel-mode executable code. An example system includes a translator module that receives an input source code including a regular expression in a first source code language, wherein the translator module further determines a matching function in kernel-mode... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20150121339 - Code stack management: Embodiments relate to code stack management. An aspect includes a processor configured to execute a software application. Another aspect includes a code stack memory area and a data stack memory area, the code stack memory area being separate from the data stack memory area. Another aspect includes maintaining a data... Agent:

20150121338 - Providing context in a swf file processor: A SWF processing tool, a computer-readable storage medium, and method are provided that give accurate feedback about processing of a SWF file. Discrepancies between the development environment that is used to create a SWF file and features of the SWF processing tool are notified by a warning system that provides... Agent:

20150121340 - Associating a visualization of user interface with source code: Visualizing user interfaces specified by source code includes executing, using a development application, source code including a segment of source code specifying a user interface and, responsive to executing the segment of source code, generating, using a processor, a first screenshot including the user interface. The first screenshot is correlated... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121341 - Associating a visualization of user interface with source code: Visualizing user interfaces specified by source code includes executing, using a development application, source code including a segment of source code specifying a user interface and, responsive to executing the segment of source code, generating, using a processor, a first screenshot including the user interface. The first screenshot is correlated... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121342 - Method of thread safety verification and feedback: A computer-implemented method, computer program product, and computer system for testing thread hazards in a multi-threaded software program. The present invention uses UML (Universal Modeling Language) models and system KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to check whether a multi-threaded software program is thread safe and within performance boundaries. The present invention... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121344 - Method, apparatus and computer readable medium for automatic debugging and error prevention: A method, an apparatus and a computer readable medium for debugging and error prevention are provided. In the method, a plurality of debug messages produced by the electronic apparatus in executing debugging is obtained. The debug messages are analyzed to find a plurality of operation procedures associated with each other... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20150121343 - Test impact analysis using cross reference data and metadata: When changes have been made to a given object in a computer system, a test impact analysis component accesses mappings between objects and test cases and identifies a subset of the test cases as those that are relevant to the changes made to the computer system. The relevant test cases... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150121346 - Method and apparatus for debugging hdl design code and test program code: Disclosed is a method of debugging a simulation system including design code representing a design of an electronic circuit and test program code configured to exercise the design code. The method includes using an interactive debugging tool to execute an interactive simulation of the test program code and the design... Agent:

20150121345 - System and method to facilitate a user interface enabled review of static analysis warnings: A system and method for facilitating verification of software code. A first program point is selected, from the software code, indicating static analysis warning to be reviewed. Further, review-assisting information including at least one of a set of modification points and a controlling condition are determined for the user to... Agent:

20150121347 - Platform framework for wireless media device simulation and design: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to electrical and electronic hardware, computer aided simulation and design, high-level language numerical computation, analysis, programming, and visualization of designs, target hardware compilers, assembly code, executable firmware, computer software, wired and wireless network communications, wearable, hand held, and portable computing devices for facilitating communication... Agent: Aliphcom

20150121348 - Method and device for analyzing application: A method and device for analyzing an application are provided. The method includes obtaining the application, obtaining at least one of environment information, which is information about an environment where the application is executed, and execution information, which is information about operations of components of the application, obtaining code data... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150121349 - Screen oriented data flow analysis: A method for performing data flow analysis of computer code, comprising: providing computer code of a computer program having a plurality of user interface screens; dividing the computer code to a plurality of portions such that each one of the portions includes code for inducing at least one of loading... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121350 - Virtual simulation device and virtual simulation system including the same, and virtual simulation method: Provided is a virtual simulation device including a simulator unit executing embedded software; an image implementing unit implementing an image corresponding to an embedded system in which the embedded software is installed; and a state managing unit, wherein the state managing unit receives a state message created by executing the... Agent:

20150121351 - Generating configuration data based on application definitions: Configuring a computer-based application on one or more computer systems includes compiling a configuration source to generate a compiled configuration file. Compiling the configuration source may also include accessing an application definition that includes a property definition, where the property definition includes a name attribute and a type attribute. Compiling... Agent:

20150121352 - Identification of code synchronization points: An illustrative embodiment of a computer-implemented method for identification of code synchronization points collects locking data for a set of locks in a managed runtime environment associated with the processor to form a set of contended metrics and analyzes the set of contended metrics using a set of predetermined event... Agent:

20150121353 - Performance monitoring of virtualized instructions: Systems and methods for monitoring performance of virtualized instructions are provided. One method includes, during emulated execution of non-native program code including non-native instructions, maintaining a program flow history in a computing system representing a flow of program execution of the non-native program code. The program flow history includes a... Agent:

20150121354 - Code stack management: Embodiments relate to code stack management. An aspect includes a processor configured to execute a software application. Another aspect includes a code stack memory area and a data stack memory area, the code stack memory area being separate from the data stack memory area. Another aspect includes maintaining a data... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121356 - Electronic device and method for upgrading operating system: In a method of upgrading an operating system of an electronic device, the electronic device sends an informing message to inform a basic input-output system (BIOS) of the electronic device, when the operating system is determined to be upgraded by the electronic device. Once the electronic device is wakened from... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (wuhan) Co., Ltd.

20150121357 - Method and apparatus for upgrading operating system of electronic device: An embodiment discloses an electronic device capable of performing an upgrade to an Operating System (OS) having enhanced security without deleting any user data in an electronic device having an OS and a method of operating the same. An embodiment discloses a method of upgrading an OS of an electronic... Agent:

20150121355 - Unified update tool for multi-protocol network adapter: A method and technique for updating firmware on a multi-protocol network adapter includes: reading parameter values for a firmware update to determine an update scope indicating one or more functions of the network adapter affected by the firmware update and a write scope indicating which of the one or more... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150121358 - Method and system for updating a medical device: The present disclosure includes methods, devices and systems for establishing a connection between a medical device and a remote computing device, receiving an upgrade command at the medical device, storing a current version of persistent data and a current version of executable code in a first storage area of the... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20150121360 - Apparatus and method of executing update, recording medium using the same, and server and method of providing update: Provided is an apparatus for executing an update, which executes an update of a specific application installed in a device, the apparatus including: a predetermined value receiving unit configured to receive information on a randomly selected value among values within a predetermined range from an update providing server; an open... Agent: Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.

20150121359 - Efficient firmware update in a narrow bandwidth system: An advanced metering infrastructure may be configured for automated meter reading, such as of utility (electric, natural gas, etc.) meters. Within a network, a data collector communicates with, and receives meter data from, a plurality of endpoints. Firmware on the endpoints may be updated by transmission, from the data collector,... Agent:

20150121361 - Software installation method, device and system: A software installation method, device and system. The method includes: downloading a software installation package; detecting type of the software installation package; installing the software installation package in a parallel software installation mode if the type of the software installation package is not Microsoft Installer (MSI) type; and installing the... Agent:

20150121362 - System and method for information handling system image network communication: A system and method for information handling system manufacture analyzes an image to determine a traits definition that identifies the operating system, applications and unique information of the image, such as in a XML file. The image traits definition may be communicated to a manufacture site over a network and... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20150121363 - Synchronized distributed networks with frictionless application installation: A node of a synchronized network can receive a triggering input. The triggering input can be an input related to: receiving a packet from the synchronized network, sending a packet using the synchronized network, utilizing an application of the node, a sensor associated with the node, a user interface associated... Agent:

20150121364 - Method, user equipment, and application server for downloading application: A method for downloading an application includes, after learning an application downloaded by a second user equipment, sending, by a first user equipment that has an association relationship with the second user equipment, a downloading request for the application downloaded by the second user equipment to an application server, where... Agent:

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