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Data processing: software development, installation, and management

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12/04/2014 > 55 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20140359552 - Computer platform for development and deployment of sensor data based applications and services: A method and system for real-time analytics of sensor-based data is disclosed. Also disclosed is a Cloud-based Paltform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering for sensor driven applications with services and features for their complete life-cycle management including prompt development, testing, deployment and so forth. The method of the present disclosure enables real-time tracking... Agent:

20140359553 - Apparatus and method for recommending software process improvement: An apparatus and method for recommending software process improvement are disclosed. The method includes generating improvement packages from correlated findings by analyzing correlations between findings identified from different processes, refining the improvement packages by performing an additional correlation analysis on the improvement packages, and providing an action plan for process... Agent:

20140359555 - Methods and systems for reporting on build runs in software development: A method for reporting build runs includes: obtaining code changes for a software product; identifying the code change as affecting a work item of a software product under development, the work item specifies a feature to be added to or a defect to be removed from the software product; generating... Agent:

20140359554 - Synchronizing real and virtual software development: Synchronizing real and virtual software environments. A first input of an entity identifier that identifies a software development entity and a second input of an operation identifier that identifies a software development operation that has been performed on the entity in a physical environment are received. The entity identifier and... Agent: Sap Ag

20140359556 - Unified datacenter storage model: Modeling an application deployed in a distributed system. The method includes accessing an infrastructure model of a distributed system. The infrastructure model includes a model of specific physical hardware including unique identifiers for each piece of hardware and an identification of interconnections of the physical hardware. The method further includes... Agent:

20140359559 - Automated graph-based programming: A method includes capturing an image of a scene that includes a diagram. The method further includes applying functional block recognition rules to image data of the image to recognize functional blocks of the diagram. The functional blocks include at least a first functional block associated with a first computer... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140359557 - Creating applications: Methods, computer systems, and computer-storage media are provided for creating applications. Entities may request that applications be generated by an application creator but still shipped and branded as that of the entity. A single code may be used to create one or more predefined templates used to create applications for... Agent:

20140359560 - Defining attributes of variables in a state chart of a technical computing environment: A device may receive a model generated via a technical computing environment, where the model included a state chart with one or more variables. The device may receive a selection of a particular variable from the state chart, and may provide, for display and based on the selection, a user... Agent: The Mathworks, Inc.

20140359561 - Implicit event broadcast in a state chart of a technical computing environment: A device may receive a state chart generated via a technical computing environment. The state chart may include a first state block and a second state block, and the second state block may include textual code understood by a textual engine of the technical computing environment. The device may receive,... Agent: The Mathworks, Inc.

20140359558 - System and methods for end-users to graphically program and manage computers and devices: A system that enables end-users who are not skilled in the art of traditional computer programming to intuitively program, configure and manage computers and devices and/or systems that contain many computers and devices. End-users connect graphical parts using graphical wires using a graphical user interface. The timing of the messages... Agent:

20140359563 - Efficient execution of graph-based programs: A method includes accessing, at a computing device, data descriptive of a graph representing a program. The graph includes multiple nodes representing execution steps of the program and includes multiple edges representing data transfer steps. The method also includes determining at least two heterogeneous hardware resources of the computing device... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140359565 - Embedded device application development: Virtual data objects of an electronic device may be represented as one or more resources. A connection independent protocol and implementation of the protocol may then be automatically generated from the resources. The syntax and/or semantics of the protocol may be derived from the defined resources, so that the protocol... Agent:

20140359564 - System for scheduling tasks to control the execution of warning procedures on an aircraft: The invention relates to onboard failure warning management systems on aircraft, or flight warning systems (FWS). Traditionally, the logic of these systems refers to procedures to be executed by the crew in response to warnings. Modifications, however minor, to the procedures involve a new development that can be installed on... Agent:

20140359562 - Using hardware transactional memory for implementation of queue operations: Using hardware transactional memory (HTM) for queue operations includes invoking a first operation for a concurrent linked queue of an interpretive program using a Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler of a virtual machine, wherein the first operation does not use HTM, determining whether a data processing system executing the virtual machine supports... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140359569 - Graphical function specialization: A device receives a state chart generated via a technical computing environment. The state chart includes a function block that includes a function that includes function input(s)/output(s). The state chart includes a state block that includes a function call to the function of the function block. The function call includes... Agent: The Mathworks, Inc.

20140359566 - Resolution of textual code in a graphical hierarchical model of a technical computing environment: A device may receive a chart generated via a technical computing environment, where the chart includes a textual portion and a graphical portion, and the graphical portion includes state information. The device may parse the chart into the textual portion and the graphical portion, and may process the textual portion... Agent: The Mathworks, Inc.

20140359570 - System and method for creating a graphical user interface within a manufacturing execution system: A graphical user interface for a manufacturing execution system (MES) wherein a client application builder tool (CAB) enables a user to display MES screens and customize MES applications and/or proprietary applications. A MES database contains required data stemming from a production process to be displayed on the MES screens. Specification... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140359567 - Textual code provided in temporal and change operators of a technical computing environment: A device may receive a state chart generated via a technical computing environment, where the state chart may include at least one state block. The device may receive a time-based or an event-based operator associated with the at least one state block. The time-based or the event-based operator may include... Agent: The Mathworks, Inc.

20140359568 - Time-based operations via textual code in a technical computing environment: A device may receive a state chart generated via a technical computing environment. The state chart may include a state block with a single section of textual code. The single section of textual code may include a time-based portion and an output portion. The device may initiate execution of the... Agent: The Mathworks, Inc.

20140359571 - Method and apparatus for dynamic document object model (dom) aware code editing: A computer implemented method and apparatus for dynamic Document Object Model (DOM) aware code editing. The method comprising storing, in a DOM model, a plurality of Document Object Model (DOM) elements in one or more HyperText Markup Language (HTML) files for a project; and storing, in the DOM model at... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140359572 - System and method for providing code completion features for code modules: Systems and methods are described for providing code completion features for code modules that have been incorporated into a source code document being edited by a user of a source code editor. Embodiment dynamically load and apply partial code evaluation to code modules referenced in the source code document (and... Agent:

20140359574 - Multi-step auto-completion model for software development environments: Systems and methods for providing auto-completion functionality in a source code editor are described. In accordance with the systems and methods, code entities that are candidates for auto-completion are presented to a user via multiple auto-completion menus that are accessed in steps rather than via a single auto-completion menu. The... Agent:

20140359573 - Troubleshooting visuals and transient expressions in executing applications: Tools and techniques support troubleshooting live application visuals, including transient markup expression issues in XAML or HTML. A LADRT module supports troubleshooting without pausing application execution to help inspect and modify visual construct properties, and to identify and alter source code pertaining to a selected visual construct. Changes are serialized... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140359575 - Adaptive contextual graphical representation of development entities: In some example implementations, there is provided a method. The method may include receiving, at an interface, a selection of one of a plurality of elements of a tool bar, the plurality of elements including an application structure element and a where-used element; obtaining, in response to the selected element,... Agent: Sap Ag

20140359576 - Application building blocks for on demand and on premise usage: The disclosure generally describes computer-implemented methods, software, and systems for enhancing visual applications. A computer-implemented method includes: identifying a map-based application for enhancement, identifying a configuration file defining one or more application parts for enhancing the map-based application, the one or more application parts associated with a second application, and... Agent: Sap Ag

20140359577 - Systems and methods for finding concurrency errors: Systems and methods for detecting concurrency bugs are provided. In some embodiments, context-aware communication graphs that represent inter-thread communication are collected during test runs, and may be labeled according to whether the test run was correct or failed. Graph edges that are likely to be associated with failed behavior are... Agent:

20140359579 - Combined data and instruction test content: A test can include a combination of data and instructions encoded in a programming-language source file. The data can embedded within one or more programming constructs that are not subject to execution such as comments. The instructions can operate on the data. Additionally, various metadata can be included within one... Agent:

20140359578 - Generating visually encoded dynamic codes for remote launching of applications: Users design and develop a current version of an application to be rendered on different devices. The application is configured and deployed with its current version on a platform server. The application can run on different servers provided from different platforms. A desktop browser displays the current version of the... Agent:

20140359580 - Code and model coverage as a time series: A device receives code that is an executable representation of a dynamic system that includes a behavior that changes over time, and executes one or more portions of the code. The device determines coverage information associated with the executing code, where the coverage information provides a measure of completeness associated... Agent:

20140359581 - Database code testing framework: The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer-implemented methods for providing an integrated testing framework within a database system for testing database code. An example method includes identifying a test script associated with a database, identifying an expected result to be produced by the test script, the expected result stored... Agent: Sap Ag

20140359582 - Runtime code hooking for print driver and functionality testing: Runtime code hooking techniques are described in which a place holder instruction within a compiled module is used as an entry point to enable code hooking. A hook function to modify a target function is developed. At runtime, the target function to be modified is located. A place holder instruction... Agent:

20140359583 - Thread serialization and disablement tool: A computer-implemented method of performing runtime analysis on and control of a multithreaded computer program. One embodiment of the present invention can include identifying threads of a computer program to be analyzed. With a supervisor thread, execution of the identified threads can be controlled and execution of the identified threads... Agent:

20140359584 - Application analytics reporting: Systems and methods for application analytics reporting include comparing metrics regarding the use of the application to a usage model for the application. The usage model indicates an expected set of states of the application and transitions between the states during execution of the application. A determined difference between the... Agent:

20140359585 - Method and device for compiling a source program: To compile a source program comprising first rule(s) not supported by a target environment and to enable the first rule(s) to be executed on the target environment, the method comprises generating a directed graph representative of the source program, generating a first data structure corresponding to a flat representation of... Agent:

20140359586 - Programming language with extensions using a strict meta-model: Systems and methods for extending a programming language with a set of extensions using a strict meta-model are disclosed. Embodiments provide a set of interfaces that allow a schema to be synthesized. Syntax is introduced into an existing programming language to allow the construction of schematized data objects. A schema... Agent:

20140359587 - Deeply parallel source code compilation: Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs) are generated using the source code of a programming language that include information relating to the structure of the program. The generation of the ASTs may be performed in parallel. The types are split into a number of modules (e.g. configurable) that form an assembly. During... Agent:

20140359588 - Systems and methods for remote analysis of software applications: A system for testing a software application receives one or more object spaces extracted from a development or runtime environment of the software application. The extracted object space includes information about various objects associated with the software application, its dependencies, and/or environment, and some of the objects may be dynamically... Agent:

20140359590 - Development and deployment of parallel floating-point math functionality on a system with heterogeneous hardware components: System and method for configuring a system of heterogeneous hardware components, including at least one: programmable hardware element (PHE), digital signal processor (DSP) core, and programmable communication element (PCE). A program, e.g., a graphical program (GP), which includes floating point math functionality and which is targeted for distributed deployment on... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20140359589 - Graphical development and deployment of parallel floating-point math functionality on a system with heterogeneous hardware components: System and method for configuring a system of heterogeneous hardware components, including at least one: programmable hardware element (PHE), digital signal processor (DSP) core, and programmable communication element (PCE). A program, e.g., a graphical program (GP), which includes floating point math functionality and which is targeted for distributed deployment on... Agent: National Instruments Corporation

20140359591 - Dynamic optimization of pipelined software: In an embodiment, a system includes a processor including at least one core to execute operations of a loop that includes S stages. The system also includes stage insertion means for adding a delay stage to the loop to increase a lifetime of a corresponding register associated with a first... Agent:

20140359592 - Driver installation for targeted and non-present devices: A computer-implemented method for managing device drivers includes requesting a device driver update set for a plurality of devices connectable to a computing device. The method also includes receiving the device driver update set, installing each driver of the device driver update set on the computing device. At least one... Agent:

20140359593 - Maintaining known dependencies for updates: A computer-implemented method for maintaining update dependencies includes receiving, at a computing device, an update set from an update service. The update set may include a dependent set including a first update having a dependency on a second update in the update set. The first and second updates are separated... Agent:

20140359594 - Repository layer strategy adaptation for software solution hosting: Upon an installation of a new software release at a multitenant computing system, a list of layers of a pre-existing layer strategy in use at the multitenant computing system can be read. As part of the installation of the new release, an updated bottom layer in a repository of the... Agent: Sap Ag

20140359595 - Surfacing cross platform applications: A utility application store may be configured to present an interface displaying multiple applications that are available from the utility application store. By accessing the interface of the utility application store, a utility supplier may, with a single request, initiate installation or activation of an application on multiple utility meters... Agent:

20140359596 - Updating software components through online stores: The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for updating software components through online stores. A computing device interacts with an online store to download applications and frameworks that are distributed from the online store. The computer system includes an operating system configured to keep distributed applications... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140359598 - Application installation from search results: A search management system receives at a computing device one or more search results from a search operation based on a search query. The search operation was performed a search on content in a datastore accessible through an application. At least one of the search results is associated with an... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140359600 - Dynamic image composition method employing fenced applications: The disclosed dynamic image composition method employs fenced applications. The method employs an information handling system (IHS) that may use an application fencing tool to generate a fenced application. The method may use the fenced imaging tool to dynamically modify images with fenced applications, statically modify images with fenced applications... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140359597 - Dynamic image composition system employing fenced applications: The disclosed dynamic image composition system employing fenced applications includes an information handling system (IHS) that may employ an application fencing tool to generate a fenced application. The IHS may also employ a fenced imaging tool to dynamically modify images with fenced applications, statically modify images with fenced applications and/or... Agent:

20140359599 - Operating system deployment method, server and electronic system: A method of operating system (OS) deployment for installing an OS on a plurality of electronic devices includes installing the OS on a sample electronic device; packing the OS in the sample electronic device into a prebuilt package; transmitting the prebuilt package to the plurality of electronic devices; and restoring... Agent: Wistron Corporation

20140359601 - Resource package indexing: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for generating a bundle package, digitally signing the bundle package, selectively disturbing the bundle package, and/or indexing one or more resource packages retrieved from the bundle package. That is, a bundle package (e.g., an application or game bundle package) comprises one or... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140359602 - Application install and layout syncing: Embodiments described herein relate to synchronizing configuration information between devices associated with a user. The synchronized configuration information can relate to application installations and uninstallations as well as to user modifications to user interfaces for managing and invoking the applications. For example, layouts of application representations provided by respective application... Agent: Microsoft

20140359604 - Bundle package generation: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for generating a bundle package, digitally signing the bundle package, selectively disturbing the bundle package, and/or indexing one or more resource packages retrieved from the bundle package. That is, a bundle package (e.g., an application or game bundle package) comprises one or... Agent:

20140359603 - Deployment of software across an enterprise system: Software is prepared for deployment across an enterprise system. The software initially included a base package and now includes an extended package. The extended package includes duplicate files and new files with respect to the base package. A method comprises using a computer to create indices of files for each... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140359606 - Bundle package retrieving: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for generating a bundle package, digitally signing the bundle package, selectively disturbing the bundle package, and/or indexing one or more resource packages retrieved from the bundle package. That is, a bundle package (e.g., an application or game bundle package) comprises one or... Agent:

20140359605 - Bundle package signing: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for generating a bundle package, digitally signing the bundle package, selectively disturbing the bundle package, and/or indexing one or more resource packages retrieved from the bundle package. That is, a bundle package (e.g., an application or game bundle package) comprises one or... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

11/27/2014 > 21 patent applications in 17 patent subcategories.

20140351787 - Decision service manager: The disclosure generally describes computer-implemented methods, software, and systems for modeling and deploying decision services. One computer-implemented method includes creating a connection between a decision service manager and a managed system, establishing a signature of a decision service, developing, using at least one computer, the decision service based upon the... Agent:

20140351788 - Renaming instances of an entity in a coding environment: Exemplary embodiments provide computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and systems for changing the identifier associated with an entity, such as a variable or function, in a portion of code. During editing, a reference may be maintained that identifies the location of each instance of the entity in the code. When the... Agent:

20140351790 - Internet of things (iot) application development: An application development system for development of Internet of Things (IoT) application includes a cataloging module to obtain an input from an application developer. The input comprises data related to the IoT application to be developed. The cataloging module further retrieves a plurality of reusable artefacts from a knowledge database... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140351789 - System and method for managing immutable objects: A system and method of managing immutable objects includes monitoring new object construction, detecting construction of an object, determining a key for the object, looking the key up in a persistent storage system, when the key is found in the persistent storage system, loading the object from the persistent storage... Agent: Red Hat, Inc

20140351791 - Configurable software application: A configurable software application is provided, where the software application may be designed on a platform including at least one configuration utility for enabling end users to customize various aspects of the application. For example, end users may use the configuration utility to customize one or more user interface elements,... Agent: Harmony Information Systems, Inc.

20140351792 - Version construction system and method: A version construction system and method are disclosed. The system includes: a master control server, configured to: generate a control command according to an obtained request, correspondingly send the control command to a version construction server, and generate receipt information according to construction information reported by the version construction server,... Agent: Zte Corporation

20140351793 - Prioritizing test cases using multiple variables: A computer identifies lines of code of a product program that have been modified after an initial test of the product program. The computer determines the overlap between lines of code that have been modified and a mapped test case. The computer determines a weighted value for the mapped test... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140351794 - Testing systems and methods for a resource constrained device: Systems and methods for providing symbolic information about fields, methods, and/or classes for a target device. A system and method may be used where the runtime processing is split between a host system and a target system. At the target device a test program uses a symbol not defined on... Agent:

20140351795 - Debugger graphical user interface system, method, and computer program product: A debugger graphical user interface (GUI) system, method, and computer program product are provided. In use, a list of constructs is displayed a first portion of the GUI of the debugger. Further, waveforms corresponding to the constructs or source code corresponding to the constructs is displayed in a second portion... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140351796 - Accessibility compliance testing using code injection: Web pages are automatically checked for compliance with specified accessibility rules. When accessibility compliance testing is enabled, code to check for accessibility compliance is automatically injected and run to test one or more elements of the web page for accessibility compliance. Once the code is injected, the code is executed... Agent:

20140351797 - Error injection into the leaf functions of call graphs: A computer identifies a target for an injection of an error. The computer monitors the call graph, of a program being tested, for instances of the target. The computer identifies an instance of the target in the call graph. The computer determines if the instance of the target satisfies two... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140351798 - Apparatus and method for managing software translation: An apparatus for use in developing a software application includes a translation manager for generating and maintaining a table comprising tokens, native language messages, and translated messages, a technical coordinator for verifying that the native language messages comply with at least one of policies, grammar rules, spelling rules, and duplication... Agent: Medidata Solutions, Inc.

20140351799 - Binary interface instrumentation: A system and methods for generating metadata based on source code are disclosed. In accordance with one embodiment, a computer system receives a command to compile source code, and in response to the command, generates an executable and a metadata file based on the source code, where the metadata file... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20140351800 - Establishing platform for if-this-than-that rule based application program used in mobile communication device: The present invention relates to an application program establishing platform and a system of performing the same. The application program establishing platform, which is configured to be implementable on a computer to provide a user with a user interface for establishing an application program based on a user-defined logical determining... Agent: Evermore Technology Inc.

20140351801 - Formal verification apparatus and method for software-defined networking: The present invention relates to a formal technique-based verification apparatus and method for verifying software-defined networking. In accordance with an embodiment, a formal verification apparatus for Software-Defined Networking (SDN), includes a formal language creation unit for collecting flow table information for an entire network topology in response to a request... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20140351802 - System and method for run time dependency resolution: A system and method of run time dependency resolution includes loading one or more dependency descriptors from an archive, determining that a class is to be loaded at run-time, selecting a first dependency descriptor from the one or more dependency descriptors based on information associated with the class, requesting the... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20140351803 - Module updating device: An automobile, vehicle, vessel or other device may include a plurality of modules, software applications, computer program products, controllers or other logically executing entities to facilitate controlling, implementing or otherwise enabling various operations according to computer-readable instructions, code or other information stored within a memory, such as within a file... Agent:

20140351804 - Generating and applying patches to computer program code concurrently with its execution: A method and data processing system are disclosed for concurrently loading a plurality of new modules while code of a plurality of modules of an original (i.e., currently running) computer program is loaded and executed on a computer system. The method may include allocating a module TLS block for each... Agent:

20140351805 - Distribution control apparatus, distribution control method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: A distribution control apparatus that controls distribution of firmware to be mounted on an image forming apparatus in a network, comprises: a storage control unit configured to cause a first storage unit installed in the network to store different versions of firmware; a control unit configured to control, based on... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140351806 - Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing service upgrades: System, methods, and computer program products are provided for managing service upgrades. A service upgrade procedure upgrades a service from a first version of the service installed on a secure element to a second version of the service. Thus, applets may be comprehensively managed post-issuance. User experience is improved.... Agent: Jvl Ventures, LLC

20140351807 - Method and communication device for updating web application: Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for updating a Web App. The method includes: when receiving an update request for updating a currently running Web application, continuing to run the Web application, and downloading an update package of a new version of the Web application; after the downloading... Agent: Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

11/20/2014 > 32 patent applications in 24 patent subcategories.

20140344773 - System and method for communicating between viewers of a hierarchical software design: A system and method for tagging objects in a software design space includes a visual representation generator that presents a visual representation of a software design to a user, and a tag manager that is operable to allow the user to create and manage tags of each object within the... Agent: Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc.

20140344775 - Project modeling using iterative variable defect forecasts: Project modeling is conducted using variable defect arrival rate or variable defect rate density parameters. These defect rates may be updated on an iteration by iteration basis and may be used to provide remediation and further project modeling, remediation, and prediction.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140344776 - Project modeling using iterative variable defect forecasts: Project modeling is conducted using variable defect arrival rate or variable defect rate density parameters. These defect rates may be updated on an iteration by iteration basis and may be used to provide remediation and further project modeling, remediation, and prediction.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140344774 - Software product consistency assessment: A consistency assessment system for assessment of consistency of a software product includes a mapping module to obtain a plurality of configuration elements associated with the software product being developed, where each of the plurality of configuration elements influence software product development. Each of the plurality of configuration elements pertains... Agent: Tata Consultancy Services Limited

20140344777 - Systems and methods for defining a simulated interactive web page: The system includes a novel software application interactive representation modeling language, a software application (82) operative to use the modeling language to create, read and modify interactive representation models of the proposed applications, a memory (86) to store requirement data and interactive representation model data, a software application (92) operative... Agent:

20140344778 - System and method for code generation from a directed acyclic graph using knowledge modules: In various embodiments, a data integration system is disclosed which enables users to create a logical design which is platform and technology independent. The user can create a logical design that defines, at a high level, how a user wants data to flow between sources and targets. The tool can... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140344779 - System and method for replacing java beans: A method and apparatus is provided for reconfiguring application comprising a plurality of base code components at startup. A control application first retrieves the plurality of base components responsive to receiving a command to execute the application program. Prior to beginning execution, however, the control application replaces a selected base... Agent: Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Holdings Corporation

20140344780 - Declarative configuration and execution of card content management operations for trusted service manager: A method for configuring and executing card content management (CCM) operations in a declarative manner includes composing a CCM operation declaration, wherein each CCM operation includes one or more CCM scripts and storing the CCM operation declaration in memory. When provisioning is needed, applicable scripts for the CCM operation declaration... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140344781 - Markup language integration at runtime: Methods and apparatus for marshalling markup language objects into programming language objects in a scripting language runtime environment. A markup language integration method may be implemented in scripting runtime environments that allows the use of simple and complex markup language structures in scripts. At runtime of a script, only classes... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140344782 - Conceptual services implementation platform: The present disclosure generally relates to computing methods and applications. A service platform includes standard functionalities that can be used in different applications, such as composite applications. The service platform includes a database that stores application specific information, which is mapped to the standard functionalities. To use these functionalities, different... Agent:

20140344783 - Systems and methods for finding project-related information by clustering applications into related concept categories: A system, method, and computer-readable medium, is described that finds similarities among programming applications based on semantic anchors found within the source code of such applications. The semantic anchors may be API calls, such as Java's package and class calls of the JDK. Latent Semantic Indexing may be used to... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20140344786 - Application testing using sandboxes: Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method and related network node including one or more of the following: determining, by the session establishment node, that a session should be established for the developer; transmitting, to a sandbox server, an instruction to establish a sandbox for the session; transmitting to the... Agent:

20140344785 - Automatic generation of a resource reconfiguring test: A test generator generating a test for a system having a plurality of executing entities that are capable of concurrent execution, the test comprises transactions that comprise one or more access transactions that are configured to access a shared resource and one or more reconfiguration transactions configured that are configured... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140344784 - Controlling access to variables protected by an alias during a debugging session: According to embodiments of the invention, methods, computer readable storage medium, and a computer system for controlling access to variables protected by an alias are disclosed. The method may include monitoring, during a debug session, each attempt by a debugger to apply an operator to one or more variables protected... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140344787 - Visualizing a computer program execution history: A software application profiling environment is provided, where the software application profiling environment monitors an execution of a software application, where a software application includes one or more computer programs. The software application profiling environment further stores execution history information for the one or more computer programs of the software... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140344788 - Logic validation and deployment: A method of implementing and validating business logic may include translating the business logic into an executable routine, and providing the executable routine to a logic interpreter. The logic interpreter may be configured to receive inputs from the user interface during live use, process the inputs according to the executable... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140344790 - Evaluation of statement-level breakpoints: A method for evaluating a breakpoint in a line of source code includes encountering the breakpoint and evaluating whether the breakpoint is at the start of the line. If the breakpoint is at the start of the line, then the debugger stops at the breakpoint and tracks the breakpoint. If... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140344789 - Step over operation for machine code function calls: A method for implementing a step over operation by a debugger for an instruction in a routine includes receiving a step over command for an instruction and determining whether the instruction is a branch used for a function call. If the instruction is not a branch used for a function... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140344791 - Method and apparatus for code size reduction: A method for code size reduction, which comprises determining basic blocks in an IR module; grouping the basic blocks having duplicate code into groups; providing weighting values corresponding to different instructions of the module, wherein the weighting values are determined based on a plurality of intermediate representation program codes; determining... Agent: National Tsing Hua University

20140344792 - Dynamic bytecode modification of classes and class hierarchies: Various systems and methods for dynamic bytecode modification of classes and class hierarchies are described herein. In various embodiments, a Java® agent is received at a launch of a Java® Virtual Machine (JVM®), the agent implementing a premain method, the premain method accepting a reference to an instrumentation instance. The... Agent: Sap Ag

20140344793 - Apparatus and method for executing code: An apparatus and method for executing code are provided. The apparatus includes a memory manager that allocates a stack in memory to store processed data that needs to be retained; a loop generator that divides program code programmed to be processed in parallel into regions based on a barrier function,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140344794 - Optimizing compiler performance by object collocation: A computer-implemented method, system, and computer program product for performing object collocation on a computer system are provided. The method includes analyzing a sequence of computer instructions for object allocations and uses of the allocated objects. The method further includes creating an allocation interference graph of object allocation nodes with... Agent:

20140344795 - Computer-readable recording medium, compiling method, and information processing apparatus: A compiler determines executability of loop fusion, for each of a plurality of loops existing in a code to be processed, based on performance information of a system where the code to be processed is executed and based on operands and number of data transfers executed inside each of the... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140344796 - Utility meter with utility-configurable sealed data: A system is provided with a utility meter. The utility meter includes a memory storing a table, wherein the table specifies modifiable data that may be modified when the utility meter is sealed and non-modifiable data that may not be modified when the utility meter is sealed. The utility meter... Agent: General Electric Company

20140344797 - Firmware updates for multiple product configurations: Techniques described herein relate to updating firmware of multiple non-volatile memory devices having diverse configurations using a common update file. The non-volatile memory device may include a flash memory device having a non-volatile memory array. Particular implementations described herein relate to circuits, devices, systems, and methods that update, with a... Agent: Sandisk Technologies Inc.

20140344798 - Selective software distribution for an industrial plant: A controller corresponding to production equipment, requiring upgrade can be selected automatically, thereby reduction in operating rate can be reduced. When software is upgraded, version upgrade software relating to a predetermined action description and version information are transferred to a controller management apparatus (S1). A version change determination unit selects... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140344800 - Device and method for device identification and file transfer to bacnet devices: A computerized service tool device and computer implemented method for performing an updating process for multiple unit controllers (UCs) of a HVAC system. The devices and methods include a graphical user interface (GUI) having one or more interactive elements for connecting to one or more devices of the HVAC system... Agent: Trane International Inc.

20140344799 - Relationship-based dynamic firmware management system: A system management information handling system (IHS) includes a processing system. A memory system is coupled to the processing system and includes instructions that, when executed by the processing system, cause the processing system to perform a method. The method includes discovering a plurality of components in a networked system... Agent: Dell Products L.p.

20140344801 - Integrating a web application into an operating system: The subject matter of this specification can be implemented in, among other things, a computer-implemented method for integrating web applications from a web browser into an operating system. The method includes monitoring web application installation in a web browser at a computing device. The method further includes determining that at... Agent: Google Inc.

20140344803 - Method, system and server for downloading installation package: A system, a method and a server for downloading installation package are provided. The method for downloading installation package comprises the steps of receiving request information for downloading installation package from a hardware client, acquiring the installation package and a dynamic link library related to the installation package upon the... Agent:

20140344802 - Shared application binary storage: Various embodiments include systems, methods, and software that leverage shared binary storage for several purposes. Such purposes, in some embodiments, include reduced deployment overhead in terms of data to transport, time to instantiate, and reduction, if not elimination, of redundancies and conflicts of and between software system components and configurations,... Agent: Sap Ag

20140344804 - System and method for providing application programs to devices: A system and method are provided for installing applications on a mobile device at first device initialization. An installation client communicates with a management server at an initial start-up state of a mobile device. The management server identifies a set of applications that are available for installation on the client... Agent:

11/13/2014 > 18 patent applications in 18 patent subcategories.

20140337814 - Rapid development of virtual personal assistant applications: A platform for developing a virtual personal assistant (“VPA”) application includes an ontology that defines a computerized structure for representing knowledge relating to one or more domains. A domain may refer to a category of information and/or activities in relation to which the VPA application may engage in a conversational... Agent:

20140337815 - Entity-based cross-application navigation: The present disclosure describes methods, systems, and computer program products for providing entity-based, cross-application navigation according to an implementation. One computer-implemented method includes receiving a request for data and callable entities associated with a provided entity context, transmitting the data and callable entities, receiving request for bootstrap code associated with... Agent: Sap Ag

20140337816 - Real software components for achieving real component-based design: A method and system for creating a software application code comprising multiple Replaceable Self-Contained Components (RSCCs) is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method includes creating each RSCC by instantiating and initializing an object instance of a Replaceable Component Class (RCC) that substantially encapsulates construction code of a Self-Contained Component (SCC).... Agent:

20140337817 - Object-oriented system for creating and managing websites and their content: The invention teaches a method for creating and managing a website as an object oriented system, comprising: providing on a system server a plurality of hierarchical classes of objects, each of the classes representing one aspect of the storage, presentation and logic of a website; providing on a web server... Agent:, Inc.

20140337818 - System and method for forwarding a command stream: A system and method for forwarding a command stream. A command API may receive a command stream where the command stream contains command information executable as a commands. The command API may process the received command stream to generate a processed command stream where the processed command stream contains equivalent... Agent: 2236008 Ontario Inc.

20140337819 - Semantic baselining: Described herein are technologies pertaining to semantic baselining. Correctness conditions of a baseline program are inferred based upon a first static analysis undertaken over the baseline program. The correctness conditions are subsequently inserted into a revision to the baseline program. When a second static analysis is undertaken over the revised... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140337820 - Source code flow analysis using information retrieval: According to an example, source code flow analysis may include receiving source code for an application, and identifying virtual flow documents for the application from the source code. The virtual flow documents may represent ordered sequences of method calls for the application. The source code flow analysis may further include... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20140337821 - Generating test scripts through application integration: This claimed subject matter relates to techniques for generating. a test script from a pre-existing script for testing a graphical user interlace (GUI) comprising: parsing a pre-existing test script; parsing the model associated with the GUI; identifying GUI actions that that are identified by keywords and associated parameters that exist... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140337822 - Storage of software execution data by behavioral identification: Methods and systems for analyzing software. For example, one method can include executing a software program including a function by a computer. The method also includes producing an execution sequence for the function when, during execution, the software program executes the function. The method further includes generating an identifier for... Agent:

20140337823 - Automatic generation of api classes: A compiler for compiling a server application is disclosed wherein the server is configured to automatically generate an API (Application Programing Interface) for use is a client device. The API allows communication between the client device and the compiled server application.... Agent: Limited

20140337824 - Out-of-band framework libraries within applications: An enhanced binder provides flexibility and certainty when selecting a version of a software library to load, and an enhanced loader prevents a library version vulnerable to a security flaw from being loaded. The binder can perform unification, implicit override, and/or redirection. Implicit override searches assembly-specific locations for an implicit_version,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140337825 - Enhanced upgrade path: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for establishing upgrade paths. In one aspect, a method includes establishing an interim environment and platform, migrating the data from the legacy environment and platform to the interim environment and platform, and migrating the data from the... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20140337826 - System and method having restore operation for updating a medical device: Embodiments described herein include methods and/or systems for updating a medical device. Embodiments include medical devices which are configured for updates in response to various events including connection of a peripheral device to the medical device, a user initiated event, or based on received recommendations.... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20140337827 - Method of reducing downtime of production controls during upgrades: An apparatus for updating the software in a subsea electronics module, the apparatus including a first data transmitting and receiving means, a second data transmitting and receiving means, and a transmission line between the first and the second data transmitting and receiving means, wherein packets of data from the first... Agent: Vetco Gray Controls Limited

20140337828 - Virtual software application deployment configurations: Configuration items for a software application can be automatically and/or manually discovered, and the application can be packaged to form a virtual application package. A deployment configuration can include settings for the configuration items. The deployment configuration can be set after packaging the software application. For example, a selected configuration... Agent:

20140337829 - Information processing apparatus, electronic control unit, information processing method, and program: A configuration information generation section 11 uses configuration information of an ECU 2 and configuration information of a new device 5 which is to be newly connected to the ECU 2, generates and outputs to the ECU 2, new configuration information after the new device 5 is connected to the... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140337830 - Automated template deployment to computing platforms: Various embodiments include at least one of systems, methods, and software for automated deployment of a deployment template to computing systems. Some embodiments include receiving a selection of a deployment template from an entity via a network, identifying platforms of the entity compatible with the compatibility information, receiving a selection... Agent: Sap Ag

20140337831 - Application system, application server, and program: A system includes a designation information transmitter and an application installer transmitter. The designation information transmitter is configured to transmit a designation information to a computer. The designation information includes an application identification information and a connection destination designation information. The application identification information identifies an application. The connection destination... Agent: Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

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