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Data processing: presentation processing of document

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20140337694 - Method for automatically optimizing the effectiveness of a website: A method of an evolutionary nature to automate the process of optimizing website elements, such as web page designs and/or colors and/or content and/or functionality, in order to optimize desired effectiveness and performance by dynamically monitoring performance and adjusting web page and/or website elements accordingly or randomly or as a... Agent:

20140337699 - Method and apparatus for extracting web page content: Methods and apparatus for extracting web page content are provided herein. An exemplary method can be implemented by a mobile terminal. A request command to open a first web page can be received. Whether a source code contains text content tags can be determined. When the source code corresponding to... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140337696 - Method and apparatus for obtaining web data: Various embodiments provide methods and apparatus for obtaining web data. An exemplary method includes receiving file information from a terminal and obtaining a web data link corresponding to the file information, and sending the web data link to the terminal for the terminal to obtain web data based on the... Agent:

20140337698 - Method, apparatus and mobile terminal for selecting hyperlinks: The invention can be applied to a field of mobile terminal and provides a method, apparatus and mobile terminal for selecting hyperlinks. The method can include the steps of: detecting a hyperlink selection instruction on a current page; obtaining all hyperlinks within a display region corresponding to the hyperlink selection... Agent:

20140337695 - Presenting a link label for multiple hyperlinks: Presenting a link label for multiple hyperlinks includes presenting a layered data element in an electronic message with a link label that represents multiple hyperlinks in a display, designating an active hyperlink from the multiple hyperlinks based on specific criteria associated with a recipient of the electronic message, and directing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140337697 - System and method for providing content to an apparatus based on location of the apparatus: Provided are a system, an apparatus, and a method for providing content, based on a location of the apparatus. An apparatus for receiving content associated with a second user of an external device includes a communicator configured to receive identifier (ID) information of the external device that is located within... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337700 - Terminal device, web server, and method: A terminal device (100) comprises a selected object designating part (122) for determining an object conjectured to be selected by a user from among objects in a second Web page linked to a first Web page by a selected link. Furthermore, the terminal device (100) comprises a display position determining... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20140337701 - Methods, devices, and computer program products for exchanging interactive map information: Map information is exchanged between communication devices. A map of a geographical area is received. The map includes embedded interactive links that graphically represent points of interest within the geographical area. An embedded interactive link that graphically represents at least one point of interest is highlighted within the map. Responsive... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20140337702 - Presenting a link label for multiple hyperlinks: Presenting a link label for multiple hyperlinks includes presenting a layered data element in an electronic message with a link label that represents multiple hyperlinks in a display, designating an active hyperlink from the multiple hyperlinks based on specific criteria associated with a recipient of the electronic message, and directing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140337703 - Identifying and abstracting the visualization point from an arbitrary two-dimensional dataset into a unified metadata for further consumption: A system and method for determining a set of visualization points from any given two-dimensional dataset to best describe a given visual analytic. A first user selection is received in a data processing apparatus for a chart. A chart type associated with the first user selection is identified for the... Agent:

20140337704 - System and method for converting between data formats: A system and a method for converting between data formats converts air flow data from a thermal simulation tool into a format readable by a DC power analyzing tool. Air flow data associated with the locations of certain points on a printed circuit board are taken and an EXCEL document... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140337705 - System and method for annotations: An annotation utility can be invoked to annotate an application GUI. The annotation utility can present predefined annotation graphics based on a user's graphical annotations. The annotation utility can include textual annotations from the user. The application GUI may be presented on a display device in an application layer and... Agent: Successfactors, Inc.

20140337713 - Application above-the-fold rendering measurements: Various embodiments include a method and system for application above-the-fold rendering measurements. A start time corresponding to a rendering operation of an application may be recorded. A series of bitmaps of a portion of a rendering canvas representing above-the-fold data for the application may be captured. The first of the... Agent:

20140337711 - Automatic website generation: Automatically generating a fully functional website from multiple different third-party websites associated with a common user may include receiving input identifying multiple third-party websites, establishing communication with the multiple third-party websites, aggregating existing digital content residing at each of the third-party websites, generating a new website based on at least... Agent:

20140337710 - Electronic device and method for processing data: Method of processing data includes acquiring data of flow nodes of a specified flow from the electronic device, when the specified flow is executed in the electronic device. Based on the acquired data of the flow nodes, graphics data is determined. A first display area on a display device is... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140337706 - Exporting responsive designs from a graphical design tool: Embodiments of the present invention provide tools and methods for the development and specification of a responsive graphical design. A graphical design environment allows a user to specify a design. The graphical design environment has a window for displaying a rendering of the design. A dimension specification interface allows the... Agent:

20140337707 - Method and apparatus for client to browse web page provided by server: A method and an apparatus for browsing a web page in a client are provided. A hybrid Document Object Model (DOM) expressing some nodes with a binary array in a conventional DOM is generated by a server and is transferred to a client. Accordingly, the client need not directly generate... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337709 - Method and apparatus for displaying web page: A method and an apparatus for displaying a web page are provided. The method of displaying a web page includes when a request for displaying a first web page is detected, extracting attribute information of the first web page, selecting a predetermined screen reconstruction filter corresponding to the attribute information,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337708 - Method and apparatus for providing web browsing service: A method of providing a web browsing service is provided. The method includes selecting an area of a web page that is requested by a client, converting Document Object Model (DOM) elements included in the area of the web page into an image, generating DOM data, the generated DOM data... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337714 - Method and device for generating a personalized navigation webpage: The present disclosure has disclosed a method, an apparatus, and a system of opening a web page and belongs to the technical field of the Internet. Said method comprises: A binding relationship among terminals stored in advance in a server; said server receives the web page information of a target... Agent:

20140337712 - Mobile communication device and method of controlling the same: Disclosed are a mobile communication device and a method of controlling the same in which an image of a web page is stored as a thumbnail image when the web page is added to a list of favorites. When the list of favorites is requested from the mobile communication device,... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140337715 - Computer language source code visualization: The present invention creates visual depiction of implied delineation within the source code of programming and markup languages for the purpose of simplifying visual and manual navigation. The present invention can easily identify where commands start and stop, making the writing and debugging process much easier. It clearly defines nested... Agent:

20140337716 - Displaying content on a mobile device: A method for facilitating the rendering of a web page on a mobile device includes providing an enhanced DOM tree for the web page that includes web page components and their display coordinates. A rule set is applied to the DOM tree, thereby selecting components for display on the mobile... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140337717 - Logic processing apparatus and logic processing method for composite graphs in fixed layout document: A logic process apparatus for composite graphs in a fixed layout document is provided in this invention, comprising: a composite graph block extraction unit, for extracting composite graph blocks from the fixed layout document; a document parsing unit, for parsing the fixed layout document to obtain text primitives contained therein;... Agent: Founder Apabi Technology Limited

20140337719 - Apparatus and a method for logically processing a composite graph in a formatted document: The present invention provides an apparatus for logically processing a composite graph in a formatted document, the apparatus comprising: a composite graph block extraction unit, used to extract a composite graph block in the formatted document; a document parsing unit, used to parse the formatted document to obtain a text... Agent: Founder Apabi Technology Limited

20140337718 - Graphical marking to indicate edited data: A method and system to indicate edited cells during an editing session are described. The method includes displaying a plurality of cells, of the plurality of cells being editable by a user. The method also includes identifying an edited cell of the plurality of cells as a cell in which... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140337720 - Apparatus and method of executing function related to user input on screen: An apparatus and method of executing a function related to a user input, and a computer-readable recording medium of recording the method are provided. The apparatus includes a touch screen configured to display data on a screen, and a controller configured to analyze handwritten text, when at least a part... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337721 - Content aware slideshows: A method, system, and computer-readable storage medium for performing content based transitions between images. Image content within each image of a set of images are analyzed to determine at least one respective characteristic metric for each image. A respective transition score for each pair of at least a subset of... Agent:

20140337722 - Computer readable recording medium, information processing terminal device, and control method of information processing terminal device: An information processing terminal device includes: an acquiring unit acquiring image data; a detecting unit detecting a posture of the information processing terminal device; a generating unit generating display image data based on the image data acquired in the acquiring unit according to the posture of the terminal device detected... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140337723 - Letterbox coloring with color detection: A system comprising a computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program, and a computer-implemented method for generating background for an image. A graphical interface module arranges an image in a display element. The arrangement of the image in the display element defines a space between the perimeters of image... Agent: Ebay, Inc.

20140337724 - Tactile feedback interface device: A system includes a host computer configured to generate a graphical interface that includes a graphical object, obtain at least one spoken utterance, control an interaction of the graphical object within the graphical interface based on the spoken utterance, and generate an activating signal based on the spoken utterance. An... Agent:

20140337726 - Multi-action rows with incremental gestures: Methods, computer systems, and computer storage media are provided for initiating clinical actions associated with a clinical object on a touch screen interface using incremental gestures. A clinical object is presented in an object row on the touch screen interface, and clinical actions associated with the clinical object are determined.... Agent:

20140337725 - Systems and methods for providing feedback cues for touch screen interface interaction with chemical and biological structure drawing applications: Creating a graphical representation of at least one of a chemical structure and a biological structure using a touch screen interface may include identifying connection location(s) of an in-progress structure and connection location(s) of a separate structure element, determine, upon receipt of a gesture input moving the structure element towards... Agent:

20140337727 - System and method for dynamic help content presentation: Systems and methods are disclosed herein to a method for presenting help content for a user interface comprising: displaying, by a computer, a user interface including a help tool window; receiving, by a computer, a request to display a first user interface page; referencing, by a computer, a first help... Agent: Unisys Corporation

20140337728 - Operating oracle forms using a web service: A method for operating an Oracle Forms application using an alternative GUI (Graphical User Interface), the method comprising: providing a scenario file comprising a previously-intercepted communication between an Oracle Forms client and an Oracle Forms server; obtaining, from the alternative GUI, one or more input parameters associated with at least... Agent: Auraplayer Ltd.

20140337731 - Method and apparatus for content channels using references: An apparatus and method for creating channels dedicated to a particular type of content. The method includes acquiring seed content and using the seed content in the creation or updating of a content list. Additional content for the channel is acquired based on the common features of the content list.... Agent:

20140337729 - Mobile terminal, controlling method thereof, and recording medium thereof: A touchscreen displays an edit region for writing a message to transmit to at least one counterpart and an attach region for displaying an attachment file attached to the message. While a multimedia file is displayed on the attach region by being set as the attachment file of the message,... Agent:

20140337732 - Music playback control with gesture detection using proximity or light sensors: Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed that may be utilized, in whole or in part, to facilitate or support one or more operations or techniques for music playback control with gesture detection using proximity or light sensors using, at least in part, output or measurement signals from... Agent:

20140337730 - User interface for presenting contextual information: Context information associated with a selected portion of a media item is presented to a user via a user client. The user client receives a selection of a portion of the media item being presented to the user by the user client. The user client determines context information based on... Agent: Google Inc.

20140337733 - Intuitive computing methods and systems: A smart phone senses audio, imagery, and/or other stimulus from a user's environment, and acts autonomously to fulfill inferred or anticipated user desires. In one aspect, the detailed technology concerns phone-based cognition of a scene viewed by the phone's camera. The image processing tasks applied to the scene can be... Agent:

20140337734 - Content management system for a 3d virtual world: The present invention is a content management system (“CMS”) for a 3D virtual world. In one or more embodiments, the CMS provides user interfaces that allow an instructor to create a course, add pre-programmed 3D scenes to the course, upload slideshow presentations, images, and/or videos (“content”) to the CMS, assemble... Agent:

20140337735 - Method and apparatus for generating and providing a shortcut: A media player appliance including a video output configured to connect to a display unit, and a controller configured to access a selected folder. The controller is further configured to receive one or more display preference settings for the selected folder, receive a request to generate a shortcut for the... Agent:

20140337737 - Method and system for automatically associating a cursor with a hotspot in a hypervideo stream using a visual indicator: Methods and systems are described for automatically linking a cursor to a hotspot in a hypervideo stream comprising a plurality of video frames that are associated with at least one user selectable hotspot. One method includes receiving information associating a cursor with a selectable hotspot in a first activation region... Agent:

20140337736 - Methods and systems for interactive user interface objects: Methods and systems for interactive user interface objects are provided. The user interface allows for users to manipulate different objects represented by icons within a user interface, such as that of an iPhone or iPad or other touch screen devices. Users may bump objects together, flick one object towards another,... Agent: Phunware, Inc.

20140337738 - System and method for enabling collaborative media stream editing: A system and method for editing multimedia content. A server transmits multimedia content to a plurality of electronic devices. Each of the plurality of electronic devices enables a user to perform at least one action in relation to the multimedia content. A a voting engine gathers information concerning the actions... Agent:

20140337739 - Method and mobile device for activating voice intercom function of instant messaging application software: A method and a mobile device are described for activating voice intercom function of instant messaging application software. In the method, a touch screen detects a touch action. The mobile device determines whether the touch point of the touch action is located in a preset location area and whether the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140337741 - Apparatus and method for audio reactive ui information and display: A method includes determining, using signals captured from two or more microphones (1A) configured to detect an acoustic signal from one or more sound sources, one or more prominent sound sources based on the one or more sound sources (1C-1D). The method further includes determining one or more directions relative... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140337740 - Method and apparatus for selecting object: Provided herein is a method for selecting an object. The method for selecting an object according to an exemplary embodiment includes displaying a plurality of objects on a screen, recognizing a voice uttered by a user and tracking an eye of the user with respect to the screen, and selecting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337742 - Method, an apparatus and a computer program for determination of an audio track: An audio processing apparatus is provided. The apparatus comprising an audio analysis unit configured to obtain a group of audio signals, each audio signal associated with an image of a group of images, the group of images being provided for a presentation having an assigned overall viewing time with each... Agent:

20140337743 - Context transfer from web page to application: Systems and methods are described for a web event framework. A computerized method includes receiving, at a framework plugin coupled to a web browser, a framework action from a framework server, the framework action including arguments specifying context data to retrieve from a web page loaded on the web browser;... Agent: Appsense Limited

20140337745 - Enhanced buddy list using mobile device identifiers: A graphical user interface on a display device of a computer enables communications using a computer service. The graphical user interface includes a list of potential message recipients selected by a user as significant to the user. The graphical user interface also includes a mobile device identifier associated with one... Agent:

20140337744 - Systems and methods for image file processing: Systems and methods are provided for processing image files. For example, an IP interface for image-file remote connections is searched for on a Local Area Network (LAN) based on at least information associated with one or more predetermined search operations on a user interface for image-file control; an image file... Agent:

20140337747 - Adaptive tile framework: The present disclosure includes an adaptive tile framework. In one embodiment, a method is disclosed comprising sending an access request from a mobile application operating on a mobile device to one or more remote systems, receiving a plurality of interactive features available on the remote systems based on a role... Agent: Successfactors, Inc.

20140337749 - Display apparatus and graphic user interface screen providing method thereof: A display apparatus includes a display configured to display a GUI screen including a plurality of regions, a user interface configured to receive a user interaction with respect to the GUI screen, and a controller configured to control the display to display a region corresponding to the user interaction among... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337746 - Dynamically grouping monitored resources in a cloud environment to collections representing a composite application: Provided are techniques for grouping resources based upon ownership in a cloud environment into a collection representing a composite application corresponding to a particular user; automatically monitoring the resources across two or more virtual machines and two or more physical computing devices; and displaying the monitored resources in a graphical... Agent:

20140337750 - Dynamically grouping monitored resources in a cloud environment to collections representing a composite application: Provided are techniques for grouping resources based upon ownership in a cloud environment into a collection representing a composite application corresponding to a particular user; automatically monitoring the resources across two or more virtual machines and two or more physical computing devices; and displaying the monitored resources in a graphical... Agent:

20140337748 - Method and apparatus for displaying user interface through sub device that is connectable with portable electronic device: A method and apparatus for displaying a User Interface (UI) in a portable electronic device through a sub device is provided. The method includes sensing, by the portable electronic device, an input corresponding to displaying of a popup menu, which is provided by an application, on the sub device, transmitting... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337751 - Automatic creation of calendar items: Techniques are described for automatically creating calendar items. For example, calendar-related activity can be detected within user-accessed content on a computing device. In response to the detected calendar-related activity, calendar information can be displayed to a user of the computing device that indicates availability of the user. The user can... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140337752 - Handling and configuration of a mobile communications terminal: A mobile communications terminal (200) comprising a memory (240) and a controller (210). The memory (240) is configured to store a plurality of applications, files and settings. The controller (210) is configured to receive commands originating from a remote user interface through a device communication interface (730, 830) for configuring... Agent:

20140337753 - System and method for editing the appearance of a user interface: A UI editing machine may edit a target UI. The machine may access an image that depicts a window of the target UI. The machine may access a theme configuration for the target UI. The machine may display the image and a color selector operable by a user to select... Agent:

20140337754 - Enablement of performance of a transaction: A method and system for enabling performance of a transaction. A client computer displays a first representation of a transaction policy depicting transaction policy options for fulfilling the transaction policy. After a user selects a first transaction policy option, the client computer displays a second representation of the transaction policy,... Agent:

20140337755 - Exchanging content and tools between users: There is disclosed a method for an interactive display surface adapted to detect multiple inputs, the method comprising: associating a plurality of displayed objects with a respective plurality of inputs; and selectively exchanging the objects between at least two inputs.... Agent: Promethean Limited

20140337757 - Presentation of messages in multi-sectioned views: Systems and methods for presenting electronic messages are provided. In some implementations, a method includes, at a computing device having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors, (A) causing to be concurrently displayed in an E-mail application (i)... Agent:

20140337756 - Systems and methods for user interaction based on license or other identification information: Methods and systems for facilitating user interaction are described. One such method includes receiving, from a first user device, identification information associated with a targeted user and retrieving, from a database, contact information associated with the identification information. The method may further include providing the contact information to the first... Agent:

20140337760 - Collaboration adapter to exploit single-user web applications for collaborative work: A framework-specific collaboration adapter (FCA) provides a lightweight transformation process capable of converting single-user Web applications into their collaborative counterparts. Thereby, a local data structure of a local document instance is transformed into a shared data structure with concurrency control support. The FCA replays local document changes at all remote... Agent:

20140337761 - Locating and sharing audio/visual content: A system and method are provided for locating and sharing audio/visual content. The method includes receiving a text-based search request for audio/visual content and searching a storage based on the text-based search request. A list of audio/visual content that is determined to be relevant to the text-based search request is... Agent: Bhg Ventures, LLC

20140337758 - Method of interacting with social media post using mobile electronic device: A mobile electronic device presents a social network user interface to the device's user. The social network user interface displays posts from other network members who are connected to the device's user in the social network. A social networking application highlights one of the posts on the display. If the... Agent:

20140337759 - Methods and systems to connect with others: A method and system to locate and/or create user events via a mapping application. The method and system include loading a software application onto a first user device, wherein the software application displays geographically related objects on a map. The first user may choose to join an event via the... Agent:

20140337764 - Online platform for design, creation, maintenance, and information sharing of a garden: The present disclosure describes an online platform for the design, creation, maintenance, and information sharing of a garden by a user. The online platform is an online environment where users (gardeners) go to plan, create, grow and/or share gardens with other users. A set of garden specific feature tools track... Agent:

20140337766 - System and method for a messaging interface: Computer-implemented systems and methods for a simplified messaging interface are provided for allowing users to initiate and engage in messaging conversations. In various embodiments, the systems and methods reduce the overhead involved in initiating and/or engaging in messaging conversations. In some embodiments, the messaging interface allows users to initiate and/or... Agent: Aol Inc.

20140337762 - System and methods for improved social networking: A system and methods for implementing a social network includes customizable operations including custom expression buttons implemented by a user. Comments posting operation allows a user to move around within the comments area for and a user may move within a specific user's posts and move around within that user's... Agent:

20140337763 - System, method and interface for presenting event coverage using plural concurrent interface portions: A system, method and interface for presenting event coverage using plural concurrent interface portions is provided including concurrent interface portions, each interface portion including different classes of event information.... Agent:

20140337765 - Systems and methods to provide multiple connections for anonymous communication in a virtual environment: Systems and methods to provide anonymous connections for a remote interaction system, such as a virtual classroom, which may allow a remote teacher and a group of remote students to have a sidebar discussion/presentation, for instance, to individually tutor the student as needed. In addition to telephonic connection, optional video/chat... Agent: Yp Interactive LLC

20140337767 - Design environment for responsive graphical designs: Embodiments of the present invention provide tools and methods for the development and specification of a responsive graphical design. A graphical user interface allows a user to specify a design. The graphical user interface has a area for displaying a rendering of the design according to a first dimension specification.... Agent:

20140337768 - Variable dimension version editing for graphical designs: Computer-implemented methods for allowing users to specify interactive graphical designs are provided. The graphical designs can comprise multiple dimension versions—such as a tablet dimension version or a phone dimension version. Some of the methods involve an inheritance structure that defines a first dimension version of the design as a child... Agent: Axure Software Solutions, Inc.

20140337769 - Method and apparatus for using electronic device: A method of using an electronic device is provided. The method includes receiving a request for a screen share mode in which to share a screen of a running application, transmitting display data resulting from running the application to a predetermined external output device, displaying a predetermined input interface on... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337770 - Generating a user interface for activating multiple applications: An apparatus generates a user interface for activating a plurality of applications. The apparatus comprises: a hardware storage unit adapted to store therein an operation history on a plurality of applications; a generating unit adapted to generate first degree-of-association information indicating a degree of association in a first period among... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140337771 - Display apparatus and user interface screen displaying method using the same: A display apparatus includes an input unit receiving a user command for configuring a main user interface (UI) screen for controlling content reproduction, and a controller configuring the main UI screen including at least one UI element selected by the user command and display the main UI screen configured according... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337772 - Interactive data object map: An interactive data object map system is disclosed in which large amounts of geographical, geospatial, and other types of data, geodata, objects, features, and/or metadata are efficiently presented to a user on a map interface. The interactive data object map system allows for rapid and deep analysis of various objects,... Agent:

20140337773 - Display apparatus and display method for displaying a polyhedral graphical user interface: A display apparatus for displaying content-related information as a polyhedral graphical user interface (GUI) is provided. The display apparatus includes a display configured to display a plurality of polyhedral GUIs on a screen, and a controller configured to control the display to display at least one of a size of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337774 - Proxy for sorting and navigating cards: A user interface includes one display area in which a set of cards is displayed and another display area in which a set of proxies is displayed. Each card includes content that can be displayed, although not all of the cards can be displayed concurrently. Each proxy in the set... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140337775 - Machine vision system program editing environment including operating context aware copy and paste feature: A method is provided for copying and pasting a set of machine vision part program operations when editing a part program in a machine vision inspection system. The method includes: a) selecting at least a first instruction representation at a copy location in a displayed part program representation; b) performing... Agent: Mitutoyo Corporation

20140337779 - Interactive design variations interface: One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for generating design variations. The technique involves identifying a first design variable and a second design variable associated with a first design. The technique further involves generating a first plurality of design variations based on the first design. Each design... Agent: Autodesk, Inc

20140337783 - Methods and apparatus for providing partial modification of a digital illustration: A graphical user interface (GUI) including an illustration can be rendered. In response to receiving a signal from an input device indicating a location within the illustration, a layer can be defined. When the layer is applied to the illustration, the GUI can be updated such that a portion of... Agent: Fiftythree, Inc.

20140337778 - Navigation framework for visual analytic displays: Systems and methods for model based creation and editing of visual analytic dashboards are disclosed. A dashboard manager receives a dashboard model that defines the specification of a particular dashboard. In particular, the dashboard model can include description of the visual analytics to be rendered in the dashboard. The dashboard... Agent: Sap Ag

20140337781 - Optimized non-grid based navigation: An optimized content navigation system includes a display device including a touch screen user interface and a navigation adjustor engine coupled to the display device. The navigation adjustor engine is configured to display navigable content on the touch screen user interface. The navigation adjustor engine is further configured to determine... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140337784 - Portable device, method of detecting operation, and computer-readable storage medium storing program for detecting operation: A mobile telephone includes a touch panel, an acceleration sensor which detects an acceleration, and an operation detection unit which detects a predetermined operation in accordance with the acceleration detected by the acceleration sensor while an instruction made by the touch panel is being detected. For this, it is possible... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140337782 - Representation and control of the scope of impact in inherited settings: A value inheritance widget system includes a display device including a user interface, and a value impact engine coupled to the display device. The value impact engine is configured to display at least one widget on a user interface. The widget includes a value. The value comprises an inherited value.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140337777 - Shop order status visualization system: A method and apparatus for visualizing an assembly of parts for an aircraft. A shop order instance is identified for the assembly of parts for the aircraft. A volume is identified for the shop order instance. The assembly of parts is displayed within the volume in context with a number... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140337776 - System and method for managing user e-book collections: Examples described herein enable a user to organize and manage e-books on a computing device that utilizes a network-based e-book service. According to some examples, a user e-book collection can be organized so that it can be displayed when archived, as well as in accordance with user-defined lists.... Agent: Kobo Inc.

20140337780 - System, gui and method for editing step and repeat operation instructions in a machine vision inspection system: A system, a GUI and a method are provided that allow intuitive, flexible and robust editing of individually editable instructions generated by conversion operations applied to a defined step-and-repeat programming element in a machine vision inspection system. The method includes: a) Converting a defined step-and-repeat programming element to generate N... Agent:

20140337785 - Analytic process design: Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a method and system for developing an analytic process. The method includes displaying, within an electronic system, a plurality of components operable to be used for designing a data analysis process. A user makes a selection of a data access component from... Agent:

20140337786 - Method for controlling a virtual keyboard from a touchpad of a computerized device: A method for controlling a virtual keyboard on a display screen of a computerized system includes obtaining data from a touchpad. The data is associated with the location and movement of a finger and/or hand of a user when the user operates the computerized system using the touchpad. The method... Agent:

20140337787 - Transitioning pages of paginated content displayed by a computing device: A given page of an e-book is displayed when an input is detected that is sustained for an amount of time that exceeds a threshold. After the amount of time exceeding the threshold, the pages of the e-book are transitioned by clusters or chapters. The transitioning by clusters or chapters... Agent:

20140337788 - Method and device for text message input: A method for text message input is provided. The method includes the following steps. Firstly, a text-editing box is generated while a text input in a text input region is detected, wherein an input area of the text-editing box is larger than that of the text input region. Then, a... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140337789 - Display processing apparatus, system and storage medium storing display processing program: A display processing apparatus includes a reception unit configured to receive an input of a symbol when each of a plurality of data is disposed and displayed on a different area among display areas by a display device; a registration unit configured to register a group of data according to... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20140337790 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same: A mobile terminal and a control method thereof are provided. When a pre-set input with respect to an object is received, the mobile terminal selects the object, and searches and displays at least one application associated with the selected object, and when an input with respect to a specific application,... Agent:

20140337792 - Display apparatus and user interface screen providing method thereof: A display apparatus and a method of providing a user interface screen on a display apparatus are provided. The display apparatus includes: a display configured to display a polyhedral graphic user interface (GUI) on a screen; a user interface unit configured to receive a user interaction with the displayed polyhedral... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140337791 - Mobile device interfaces: Electronic devices, interfaces for electronic devices, and techniques for interacting with such interfaces and electronic devices are described. For instance, this disclosure describes an example electronic device that includes sensors, such as multiple front-facing cameras to detect orientation and/or location of the electronic device relative to an object and one... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140337793 - Mobile device and method for operating the same: There are provided a mobile device and a method for operating changing the shapes of a plurality of windows displayed in a display unit through a simple gesture. The mobile device includes a display unit, a touch screen panel and a processor. The display unit displays a plurality of windows.... Agent: Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

20140337794 - Smart insertion of applications into layouts: Embodiments described herein relate to maintaining a tiled arrangement of application windows as a user inserts application windows into a managed display region. A tiled arrangement is an arrangement where windows do not overlap each other and substantially maximize window occupation of the display region. Generally, when a user inserts... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140337795 - Beverage dispensing device with graphical representation of customized beverage selection: Systems and methods for dispensing compositions, such as beverages, are provided. A beverage dispenser may be configured to receive input corresponding to a selection of a beverage, and in response, a graphical representation of the beverage at a display device. The beverage dispenser may receive additional input corresponding to an... Agent:

20140337797 - Method and assembly for displaying menu options: An interactive ordering apparatus includes a processor and a memory. The memory is configured to store instructions and data. The processor is configured to execute the instructions to (i) produce a display in a viewable area of a touchscreen and to (ii) receive input from a user via the touchscreen.... Agent: Nextep Systems, Inc.

20140337796 - Methods and systems for selecting a displayed aircraft approach or departure: A system and method are provided for highlighting and selecting one of a plurality of graphical IFR procedure depiction on an aircraft display. A displayed legend includes a plurality of textual procedure identifications, one each for each of the graphical IFR procedure depictions. Movement of a cursor over either a... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20140337798 - Speed dependent displaying of information items in a graphical user interface: An apparatus with a graphical user interface includes a processor, a display screen coupled to said processor, and a navigational input device coupled to said processor. The processor is configured to display a plurality of information items on the display screen, position the information items on the display screen as... Agent:

20140337799 - Method, apparatus and terminal for selecting content: A method, an apparatus, and a terminal for selecting content. The method includes displaying a rail and a slider on the rail in a predetermined region of a display screen, the rail including at least one rail segment and each rail segment corresponding to one list content; receiving a first... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140337801 - Methods and systems for displaying icons on a user interface: A method and system for displaying icons on a user interface of a smart device are disclosed. The method includes obtaining a webpage address and checking security of the webpage linked to the webpage address. Further, the method includes displaying a first icon at a pre-determined position, the first icon... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140337800 - Recognition interfaces for computing devices: A computing device can utilize a recognition mode wherein an interface utilizes graphical elements, such as virtual fireflies or other such elements, to indicate objects that are recognized or identified. As objects are recognized, fireflies perform one or more specified actions to indicate recognition. A ribbon or other user-selectable icon... Agent: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

20140337802 - Intuitive gesture control: In an embodiment, the computing unit determines a spherical volume region corresponding to a sphere and lying in front of a display device and the midpoint of the volume region. Furthermore, the computing unit inserts manipulation possibilities related to the output image into image regions of the output image. An... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20140337803 - Interactive control of the curvature of links: A link curvature processing module enables a user with the ability to control the curvature of links in a node-link diagram. As a node-link diagram is displayed to a user, the user may interact with the diagram and adjust the curvature of one or more links in the diagram to... Agent:

20140337807 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and recording medium: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a processing unit configured to control combining of a captured image and an operation target image so as to generate a combined image for feeding back gesture recognition to a user. A degree of visualization of the captured image appears to be... Agent:

20140337805 - Information processor and computer program product: According to one embodiment, an information processor includes a detector and a controller. The detector is configured to detect position coordinates on a display screen specified with an object. The controller is configured to perform disabling based on the position coordinates detected by the detector. When a predetermined gesture operation... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140337806 - Interfacing with a computing application using a multi-digit sensor: A technology is described for interfacing with a computing application using a multi-digit sensor. A method may include obtaining an initial stroke using a single digit of a user on the multi-digit sensor. A direction change point for the initial stroke can be identified. At the direction change point for... Agent:

20140337804 - Symbol-based digital ink analysis: Techniques are described for automatically performing application-specific actions based on global pre-defined symbols entered using digital ink. For example, a computing device supporting digital ink input can receive digital ink content from a user (e.g., via a digitizer and/or touchscreen), process the digital ink input to recognize text and/or graphical... Agent:

20140337808 - Space constrained small format visual analytic labeling: Systems and methods for automated rule-based labeling of space constrained small format visual analytics are disclosed. A label engine receives visual analytic data and metadata. Using default or specific rules, the label engine analyzes the metadata to determine a number of measures and dimensions of the visual analytic data. The... Agent:

11/06/2014 > 78 patent applications in 47 patent subcategories.

20140331113 - System and method for producing complex multimedia contents by an author and for using such complex multimedia contents by a user: A system (100) produces complex multimedia contents by an author for a user. The contents include a base content and additional content associated and synchronised with the base content. An editing subsystem (101) includes a software platform and hardware supporting the software platform. An event editor allows selecting additional content... Agent: Hyper Tv S.r.l.

20140331116 - Link expansion service: Various embodiments enable an application to obtain information associated with a link to content without navigating to the link. The application can be configured to identify a link, receive input to attain information associated with the link, and send a request to a service for the information. In one or... Agent:

20140331115 - Methods and apparatus for providing map locations in user applications using url strings: Techniques for use in a wireless communication device for displaying a map are described. The device receives via a user interface a selection of a hypertext link object in an electronic file or message. The object is associated with a URL string which includes a server address and location data... Agent:

20140331114 - Methods and apparatuses for obtaining and sharing partial content of a webpage: A method and apparatus for obtaining partial content of a webpage and a method and apparatus for sharing partial content of a webpage. An image of an area on the webpage selected by a user is captured. Linkable elements existing in the area and positions of respective linkable elements in... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331117 - Application-based dependency graph: A computing device comprising a dependency graph creation portion adapted to create a dependency graph for identified content. At least a portion of the identified content comprises at least one of remotely-based content and one or more JavaScripts. A first resource tracker is adapted to provide the dependency graph creation... Agent:

20140331120 - Document order management via binary tree projection: An illustrative embodiment includes processing parse tree data. A parse tree data structure that is representative of a document object model (DOM) tree data structure is received. The parse tree data structure is projected onto a data structure that includes a binary tree. The projecting includes storing a projection that... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140331119 - Indicating website reputations during user interactions: An aspect of the present invention relates to methods and systems involving receiving an indicator of an attempted interaction of a user with an item of website content and presenting one or more indicia of a website's reputation to the user attempting to interact with the website content. The act... Agent: Mcafee, Inc.

20140331123 - Method and apparatus for extending page tag, and computer storage medium: A method and apparatus for extending a page tag and a computer storage medium are provided to implement interaction between a page tag and an operating system function, and improve user experiences. The method includes: parsing a page; determining whether the page comprises an identifiable comment tag; parsing the identifiable... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140331122 - Methods and systems for providing web pages to web browsers: Methods and systems described herein can allow for a service provider, such as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide Web pages to users' Web browsers at periodic intervals. The content can include graphics, text, audio and video clips. In contrast to the traditional banner or pop-up advertisements available today,... Agent:

20140331118 - Persisting objects in a single data table: Disclosed is a system and method for persisting software objects. An object may be scanned to identify the members of the object. The members are transformed into an intermediate data structure. The intermediate data structure may be persisted in a single data table. Subsequent objects may be similarly scanned into... Agent: Sap Ag

20140331121 - Web page display method and system: Disclosed is a web page display method and system. The method includes: saving for a web page display parameters corresponding to time periods, each display parameter corresponding to one time parameter; receiving a request for accessing the web page, searching for, from the display parameters saved, a display parameter of... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140331124 - Method for maintaining common data across multiple platforms: Systems and methods are described for maintaining a user's common data across multiple platforms. The common data is information about the user and graphical and design elements of publications that should be consistently presented across online, other electronic, and non-electronic platforms, such as websites, social networking profiles, electronic and printed... Agent:

20140331125 - Methods, systems, and media for guiding user reading on a screen: In some embodiments, a method for guiding user reading on a screen is provided, the method comprising: determining a reading speed of a user; receiving a selection of a document having an original layout to be read; setting a reading speed for the document; formatting the selected document for presentation... Agent: The Speed Reading Group, Chamber Of Commerce Number: 60482605

20140331126 - Animating edits to documents: A notes system is presented with a content management system. The notes system manages creation and distribution of edits to notes to users sharing the notes. The notes are stored as a series of edits at the notes system. When an edit to a note is received, the edit is... Agent: Dropbox, Inc.

20140331127 - Template based copy and paste function: The computer transforms text by receiving a command to insert text into a user interface of an application. The computer extracts one or more words from the text, wherein each of the one or more words is associated with a category relevant to the application. The computer transforms the text... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140331128 - Systems and methods for providing electronic document services: A system facilitates the procurement of one or more document services for a document directly from a document preparation software application used to create the document. The system activates a graphical user interface within the document preparation software application, contacts a server to identify available document services, and configures the... Agent: Intellectual Ventures Fund 3, LLC

20140331129 - Mobile terminal device: A mobile terminal device includes a main body and a touch panel, formed on the main body, on which an operating button is provided, the mobile terminal device being characterized in that when a specific condition which will cause the main body to vibrate is established, at least one of... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331130 - Dynamic moveable interface elements on a touch screen device: Systems and methods for displaying a moveable interactive element that can display information about control elements are provided. A system and method can include displaying one or more control elements of a user interface, and receiving initial touch input. In response to the initial touch input, the interactive element can... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140331131 - Accessible self-service kiosk: Accessible self-service kiosks are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for interacting with an accessible self-service kiosk may include (1) receiving, from a user, identifying information; (2) retrieving information about the user based on the identifying information; (3) receiving an instruction from the user to enter an accessibility mode; and... Agent:

20140331132 - Display control apparatus, display control method, and storage medium: An apparatus includes: a receiving unit configured to receive an input operation from a user performed on an accepting unit displayed on a display unit; a determination unit configured to determine whether or not detailed information set in the accepting unit is displayed on the display unit in accordance with... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140331133 - Policies for media playback: Embodiments are described herein that help allow for applying policies during playback of media. In one aspect, a method is provided that involves a computing device of a media playback system (a) receiving a request to playback one or more media items that are from a playlist associated with a... Agent:

20140331134 - System, a processor apparatus and a method for modification of control signals: A system, a processor apparatus and a method for modification of control signals. The apparatus can include a processor and a control portion. The processor can be coupled to the control portion. The processor can be configured to receive and process input signals in a manner so as to produce... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20140331135 - Digital content connectivity and control via a plurality of controllers that are treated as a single controller: Managing the separation and distribution of digital content and associated controls in a network system includes receiving a request from any of a set of control devices within the same active session, to which a host server provides a response that is suitable for all control devices. The control devices... Agent: Sookbox LLC

20140331137 - Method and apparatus for annotating video content with metadata generated using speech recognition technology: A method and apparatus is provided for annotating video content with metadata generated using speech recognition technology. The method begins by rendering video content on a display device. A segment of speech is received from a user such that the speech segment annotates a portion of the video content currently... Agent:

20140331136 - Video data sharing and geographic data synchronzation and sharing: Implementations described and claimed herein provide a system and methods for synchronizing video data and geographic data, and providing the synchronized data to other user's or device over a network.... Agent: Sarl Excelleance

20140331138 - Sending application input commands over a network: Disclosed are various embodiments that facilitate sending input commands to an application over a network that may have variable latency characteristics. An input command may be obtained from a client over a network. The obtained input command is then provided to the application that is executed in a hosted environment.... Agent:

20140331139 - Media clip management: Some embodiments provide a method for editing a composite presentation in a media-editing application. The method receives a media file to import into the media-editing application from an external device. The method creates a set of media clip data structures to represent the media file. At least one of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140331140 - Method and system for managing data: The present invention relates to a method and system for managing data. A computer-implemented method of managing data is disclosed. The method includes the steps of defining a plurality of nodes, at least some of the node including different data structures; defining connections between each of the nodes to one... Agent:

20140331141 - Context visual organizer for multi-screen display: In various example embodiments, a system and method for context visual organization for multi-screen display are provided. In example embodiments, assets are retrieved from one or more external sources. The assets are organized into containers that are viewable across multiple display devices that function as a single display. Each of... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140331142 - Method and system for recommending contents: A content recommendation method is provided for a terminal having a browser client. The method includes analyzing a webpage being browsed by a user and determining one or more TAGs corresponding to the webpage, obtaining a list of uniform resource locators (URLs) corresponding to the TAGs from a preconfigured TAG... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140331143 - Sharing annotations of digital items: A user may make a digital item available to other users of a computer network, such as an instant messaging system, a chat environment, or a subscription-based computer network. Examples of digital items that may be shared with other users include digital representations of graphic images, photographs, audio segments, songs,... Agent:

20140331144 - Method and system for providing nui: A method and system for providing a Network-based User Interface (NUI) is provided. The method for providing the NUI includes: selecting one from among devices connected to a network; acquiring a UI regarding the selected device through the network; and interacting with the device by using the acquired UI. Accordingly,... Agent:

20140331145 - Enhancing a remote desktop with meta-information: One embodiment of the present invention sets forth a technique for interacting with a graphical user interface. The technique involves generating a first image of a graphical user interface having a plurality of input fields and determining first input field information associated with a first input field included in the... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140331146 - User interface apparatus and associated methods: according to a particular determined volume characteristic of at least one stylus within a detection range of a user interface for an electronic device, enable the selection of a particular function of the electronic device selectable using the user interface, the particular function corresponding to the particular determined volumetric characteristic.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140331147 - Automatic user-based configuration of operating system shell: In one embodiment, a method performed by a computing device includes receiving one or more command-line options; determining a user associated with the computing device; accessing, based on the command-line options and the user, configuration file for configuration settings for one or more user interfaces with the operating system shell... Agent:

20140331148 - Method and apparatus for displaying e-mail messages: A method for displaying e-mail messages to a user of an e-mail message viewer comprises displaying a list of received e-mail messages with a list entry for each received email message and displaying binary information indicating the read/unread status of each received email message in the list. The read/unread status... Agent:

20140331149 - Communications interface and a communications method, a corresponding computer program, and a corresponding registration medium: The invention provides a communications interface for communications between participants, said interface including a virtual space (1) and graphical avatars (2, 3) that firstly represent respective ones of said participants and secondly are designed to move in said virtual space (1), said communications interface also including control means for controlling... Agent: Glowbl

20140331150 - Voice and text group chat display management techniques for wireless mobile terminals: A single content region in a chat history display is used to display entries representative of a plurality of messages corresponding to all chat histories for all of chat threads currently engaged in by a given mobile terminal. Additionally, a buddy list display supports management of chat buddies, a detail... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140331151 - Generating a user interface on a display: In order to generate a graphical user interface for a programme application on a display, multiple plug-ins for said programme application are registered in a plug-in catalogue. The plug-ins comprise a main window plug-in and multiple window area plug-ins. When the programme application is started, the main window plug-in is... Agent:

20140331153 - Electronic device: Disclosed is an electronic device. The electronic device can comprise a display device which displays a screen including a plurality of items; an input/output module which operates as a means for representing context information of the electronic device based on emission and composition of lights, or as a means for... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140331152 - Graphical planner: A graphical planner allows a user to create or select, and then display, images that represent tasks and events to be completed by the user, as well as corresponding images that represent tasks and events that the user has already completed. The graphical planner allows a user to plan and... Agent:

20140331156 - Exploring information by topic: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for exploring information by topic. One of the methods includes determining, from a user input, a topic; selecting a first node from a plurality of nodes, wherein the first node is a collection of data about the topic;... Agent: Google Inc.

20140331157 - Information processing device and an information processing method: An information processing device, and method use an attribute control unit to change an association between a detected object and an attribute stored in association with the detected object in response to a detected physical action between the detected object and another detected object. By changing an association of an... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140331154 - User defined interface system and a method for using the same: A user defined interface system including a processor; a memory; a touchscreen display; and executable software stored in the memory; wherein the executable software generates a plurality of graphical elements, on the display screen; wherein at least one graphical element comprises a data input graphical element and at least one... Agent: Carrier Corporation

20140331155 - Web service interface and querying: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are disclosed to generate an interface for a web service and to query the web service. A method includes generating a user interface associated with a web service. The user interface includes one or more input parameter options associated with the web service. The user... Agent:

20140331160 - Apparatus and method for generating message in portable terminal: An apparatus and a method for generating a message in a portable terminal are provided. The method includes displaying a touch area and a character area in a message display area such that the touch area and the character area intersect each other, and displaying different types of a plurality... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331159 - Methods and systems for generating and displaying data display elements: A method of generating and displaying data display elements in a computer system. A data display element comprises a standardised data set and a display configuration for the data set. The standardised data set comprises a set of data values, and the display configuration defines how the data values making... Agent:

20140331158 - Touch sensitive ui technique for duplicating content: Techniques are disclosed for providing a duplicate content mode in touch sensitive computing devices. The duplicate content mode can be used to copy content or objects to a target location using a multiple contact point drag and drop gesture. For example, the duplicate content mode may be used to copy... Agent: LLC

20140331163 - Method to mark user definable limits: A method of managing control of a drivetrain is provided. The method may include the steps of reading sensor data provided by one or more sensors configured to detect one or more operating parameters of the drivetrain, displaying one or more gauges on a touch screen device based on the... Agent: Caterpillar Inc.

20140331162 - Quick time-related data entry: Embodiments of the present disclosure provide systems and methods for entering time related data. The method may include receiving instructions to generate a user interface for entering time-related data. A first set of time values may be displayed in the user interface in a plurality of rows, the displayed first... Agent: Sap Ag

20140331161 - System and method for graphically displaying weather hazards in a perspective view: A system and method are provided for graphically displaying a weather hazard. The system is comprised of a display system coupled to a processor that is configured to retrieve weather information from a database and determine the severity of weather hazard present within a predetermined distance. The severity of the... Agent:

20140331164 - Terminal apparatus, reading processing system, and non-transitory computer readable medium: A terminal apparatus includes an acceptance unit, a memory, a display, and a transmitter. The acceptance unit accepts an operation. The memory stores a reading condition for executing a reading process. The display displays multiple icons for an individual reading condition, the multiple icons representing the individual reading condition. In... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20140331166 - Customize smartphone's system-wide progress bar with user-specified content: An apparatus and method for customizing an Operating System (OS) function of a mobile terminal are provided. The method includes determining content data to be displayed when the OS function is called by an application running on the mobile terminal, when the OS function is called by the application, displaying... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331165 - Generating graphical representations of data: Techniques for generating a data-based graphical representation include providing, to a user, a graphical user interface that comprises selectable attribute names; receiving a user selection of a first attribute name; in response to receiving the user selection, invoking a call to a back-end server that comprises a database, the database... Agent: Sap Ag

20140331167 - Method for dynamically displaying a personalized home screen on a user device: A method and system for dynamically generating and displaying a home screen on a display of a user device are provided. The method comprises determining at least one estimated user intent based in part on at least one input variable; selecting a plurality of resources of information respective of at... Agent: Doat Media Ltd.

20140331168 - Method for controlling display of a context toolbar: The present invention relates to a method for controlling display of a context toolbar, comprising the following steps: (1) receiving a screen touch signal for displaying the context toolbar; (2) determining a selected object according to the screen touch signal; (3) selecting function buttons corresponding to the selected object, and... Agent:

20140331169 - Content selection based on scroll pattern recognition: A method and apparatus for scroll pattern recognition is provided. First content is provided to an application with a scrolling interface and a display window. The application is configured to display a portion of the first content to a user based on a current display position, where the scrolling interface... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20140331170 - Method and apparatus of selecting item of portable terminal: An item selection method and an item selection apparatus of a portable terminal are provided. The item selection method in the portable terminal includes displaying one or more items in an arrangement according to a prescribed rule; receiving a start item setting input that sets a first item as a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331171 - Methods and apparatus for processing application windows: An apparatus may include one or more memories and one or more processors. The one or more processors may be configured to execute instructions to facilitate providing a first window for display while hiding from display one or more additional windows. The instructions may facilitate receiving a switching input. The... Agent:

20140331173 - Gui, classification apparatus, classification method, program, and storage medium storing the classification program: Provided is a GUI including: an unadded pane region that hierarchically displays folders which are sets of images having no class information added thereto; an image pane region that displays the images displayed in the unadded pane region, the displayed images having no classification added thereto; and a class pane... Agent:

20140331172 - Integrated planning environment for agile software development: Systems and method for presenting and enabling editing of project management data for agile software development are provided. In some implementations, a method includes, in a software development application: identifying a first plurality of assets associated with a software product being developed in the software development application in a first... Agent: Versionone, Inc.

20140331174 - Terminal device and method for displaying an associated window thereof: A method for displaying an associated window of a terminal device is provided. The method includes for a current window displayed, determining an associated window of the current window among at least a subset of all windows of the terminal device, and displaying the associated window together with the current... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331176 - Method and device for displaying detailed map information: A method displaying information is performed at a map display device. The method includes displaying the map on a graphical user interface of the device, the displayed map including a plurality of building icons each representing a respective building; detecting a pointing input at a respective position in the displayed... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140331175 - Swipe-based delete confirmation for touch sensitive devices: Techniques are disclosed for providing a swipe-based delete confirmation mode in electronic touch sensitive devices. The user can engage the delete confirmation mode by performing a delete command, which causes the device to display a delete confirmation swipe gesture prompt. The delete confirmation prompt may be included within a delete... Agent: LLC

20140331178 - Digital image tagging apparatuses, systems, and methods: In an exemplary embodiment, user input is received, a selected portion of a digital image is identified based on the user input, a data instance is selected, and a tag is applied to the selected portion of the digital image. The applied tag provides an association between the selected portion... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20140331177 - Graphical interactive visual response system and method: A communications system and method is provided for facilitating access to a service center resource. A request is received from a mobile device of a user to access a service center associated with a destination specific application on the mobile device. The request includes information entered by the user and... Agent:

20140331179 - Automated presentation of visualized data: A data visualization application provides an automated presentation of visualized data. A visualization of data is generated based on contextual information. Alternate visualizations displayed as actionable suggestions are also generated based on the contextual information. The application displays visualization and the actionable suggestions in proximity. The visualization is updated with... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140331180 - Graphical user interface that presents selectable items in a user-traversable passageway: A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided that presents selectable items for selection by a user. The GUI presents wall panels forming a graphical representation of a passageway appearing to extend away from the user. Each wall panel has a panel size commensurate with the apparent distance of that wall... Agent:

20140331181 - Item selection using enhanced control: An enhanced control, in which a guide line is defined relative to an object in a user interface, items aligned with the guide line are displayed without obscuring the object. A selected item is output based on receiving a selection of one of the displayed items.... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20140331182 - Method for entering a personal identification code in a device: The present invention relates to method (M) for entering a personal identification code composed of characters in a device comprising a user graphical interface. Said method is characterized in that it comprises the steps of: —displaying a plurality of reference elements on the device's user graphical interface; —displaying a plurality... Agent: Gemalto Sa

20140331184 - Image capture and identification system and process: A digital image of the object is captured and the object is recognized from plurality of objects in a database. An information address corresponding to the object is then used to access information and initiate communication pertinent to the object.... Agent: Nant Holdings Ip, LLC

20140331183 - Information display method and apparatus of mobile terminal: A method and apparatus for displaying a list of information items selected depending on whether each information item contains certain information is provided. An information display method of the present invention includes displaying a list having at least one information item; classifying, when a user command is input, the at... Agent:

20140331185 - Method and array for providing a graphical user interface, in particular in a vehicle: A method and an array for providing a user interface, in particular in a vehicle. In the method, at least one graphical object designated for interaction is depicted in a display area out of reach for the user. In a detection area that is spatially separated from the display area,... Agent: Volkswagen Ag

20140331186 - Display apparatus and controlling method thereof: A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus may include a non-linear navigation key having a plurality of direction buttons and configured to receive a user input, a controller configured to group some of a plurality of channels into at least one channel group and map the channel group to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140331187 - Grouping objects on a computing device: Techniques are disclosed for providing a group mode in a computing device to group objects (e.g., files, photos, etc.) displayed and/or stored on the computing device into a bundle. The group mode can be invoked in response to a swipe gesture, a press-and-hold gesture, and/or other user input indicative that... Agent: LLC

20140331189 - Accessible self-service kiosk with enhanced communication features: Accessible self-service kiosks with enhanced communication features are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a method for interacting with a user of an accessible self-service kiosk may include (1) an accessible self-service kiosk entering a hearing-impaired accessibility mode for interacting with a user; (2) receiving, using at least one imaging device,... Agent: Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

20140331188 - Multi touch combination for viewing sensitive information: A method at an electronic device including a user input device, the method comprising: receiving data comprising displayable content and data indicating that touch events corresponding to a pattern of multiple touches are to be detected in order to display the displayable content; upon detecting touch events corresponding to the... Agent:

20140331190 - Non-straight gesture recognition method for touch devices: A non-straight gesture recognition method is used for a touch device which includes a touch display panel and a data processing module. The method comprises: a user draws on the touch display panel to form a non-straight line locus; next, the data processing module registers a movement time from the... Agent: Well King Technology Co.,ltd

10/30/2014 > 137 patent applications in 68 patent subcategories.

20140325323 - Online video playing method and apparatus and computer readable medium: The disclosure relates to mobile terminal technology field, and in particular, to an online video playing method, apparatus and computer-readable medium, the method comprising in response to detecting an access instruction to a video link on a webpage, scanning codes of the webpage; determining whether the codes of the webpage... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140325324 - Electronic document: An electronic document includes header, view, data, and signature sections. The data section provides data typically processed in transactions involving the electronic document. The view section includes presentation formatting for displays corresponding to the data. Linking elements identify corresponding main data values and view data values respectively used to populate... Agent: Fannie Mae

20140325325 - System and method for linking an address: A method and a mobile device comprising an address linking module assess a segment of text as comprising an address and create a link. The method comprises: searching a text for a segment of text having at least two character strings satisfying a proximity constraint, each character string being of... Agent:

20140325326 - System and method for managing content on a network interface: The disclosed invention is a system and method (collectively the “system”) for the automated management of content on a network interface. The network interface can be a web site on the World Wide Web, an Internet location, an intranet location, an extranet location, or some other form of network interface... Agent:

20140325328 - Memory tag hybrid multidimensional bar-text code with social media platform: An apparatus and method for cloud-based storage, retrieval and sharing of files tagged with scannable tags and alphanumeric coding is provided. This application and method includes: either scanning a scannable tag by mobile device or inputting a code into a computer; decoding of the scannable tag or text provided, by... Agent:

20140325327 - Replacing problem web links using context information: Problem links (for example, links to web pages) are replaced by replacement resources (for example, web pages). A process for determining a replacement resource includes a collecting step and an identifying step. In the collecting step, in response to a determination that a problem link condition exists within the source... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325329 - Visual analytics of multivariate data using a cell based calendar matrix having a visual folding mechanism: Visual analytics of multivariate data using a cell based calendar matrix having a visual folding mechanism can include forming a time based layout that is divided into cells where the cells represent measurement intervals and a color of the cells represents a measurement value, folding the time based layout into... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325330 - Pedagogical system and method: A pedagogical system and method enables improved writing skills by assisting in the generation of a document. The system includes a server having a data interface for receiving a question to be answered in the document. A data store associated with the server includes a plurality of directive words and... Agent:

20140325331 - Form-based user-configurable process information system and method: A machine-implemented system and method for defining process information is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system or method allows a user to list processes, define processes using an input form, list process parameters, list sampling points, define sampling points using an input form, and list sampling point parameters for a... Agent:

20140325332 - Managing annotation-based item descriptions: Example systems and methods that provide annotations of item descriptions are described. In one implementation, a method receives a request to display an item attribute associated with an item. The method accesses an annotated description associated with the item and identifies a rule associated with the item. The rule is... Agent: Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

20140325333 - System and method for managing reactions to annotations: Methods, apparatuses, and/or systems are provided for enabling a time-shifted, on-demand social network for watching, creating, and/or sharing time-shifted annotation datasets (e.g., commentary tracks) synced to any on-demand programming, and for managing reactions to annotations (e.g., comments).... Agent:, Inc.

20140325334 - Active overlay system and method for accessing and manipulating imaging displays: The present invention is directed in general to imaging technologies and more particularly to medical imaging and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) having an image display wherein system features and functions are provided to a user via active overlays located over displayed images. A system and method are provided... Agent: Fujifilm Medical Systems Usa, Inc.

20140325337 - Content request with http request-header rendering template that is independent of content storage location: Techniques are disclosed for managing page state and interaction between a client and server. One embodiment provides a server that is configured to serve webpages having code therein that is executable within the client browser. The code is invoked upon user input indicative of a content request and is configured... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140325338 - Displayable content insertion system: A system for inserting displayable content into a web page for displaying on a communication device is described. The system includes a displayable content provider in communication with the communication device over a communication network and operable to adjust a display format of the displayable content responsive to a call... Agent:

20140325340 - Information recording method, apparatus, browser and electronic device: The present application provides an information recording method, apparatus, browser and electronic device. The method includes: displaying a quick navigation item on the browser; receiving a trigger signal acting on the quick navigation item; after receiving the trigger signal, opening the preset webpage file according to the file save path... Agent:

20140325339 - Method, apparatus, and mobile device for viewing pictures in mobile phone browser: Disclosed are a method, apparatus, and mobile device for viewing a picture in a mobile phone browser. The method for viewing a picture includes: invoking a picture viewing window to display a picture when a user performs an operation on a webpage for viewing the picture; caching all pictures and... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140325336 - Social coding extensions: In some example implementations, there is provided a method. The method may include generating a first page for presentation at a user interface, wherein the first page further comprises a first portion presenting one or more lines of code being developed and a toolbar portion, wherein the toolbar portion includes... Agent: Sap Ag

20140325341 - Social data overlay: In particular embodiments, a method comprising, by one or more computing devices, identifying, at a client device, one or more objects or references to the one or more objects embedded in a structured document displayed to a first user, accessing a social graph to determine if one or more second... Agent:

20140325342 - System for assisting in modifying websites: A system that allows for persons having a disability or other illness which produces visual impairment or that impairs a person's fluency or comprehension or accuracy in being able to read comprising an HTML code in “clean” form and as opposed to existing “unclean” code. The use of the clean... Agent:

20140325335 - System for generating meaningful topic labels and improving automatic topic segmentation: In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining a text representation, and identifying a current topic structure for the text representation. The first topic structure is initially identified as an initial first topic structure. The method also includes identifying at least a first document that has a first document topic structure... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20140325343 - Systems and methods for processing web page data: Described herein are systems and methods for processing web page data. In overview, these make use of a downloadable API thereby to allow client-side processing of web page data (for example HTML data) in a manner that facilitates efficient generation of a web page, with the capability to execute scripts... Agent:

20140325344 - Systems and methods for hosted applications: In one embodiment, a computing device configured to execute a hosted application includes a processor and storage, where an operating system is installed on the computing device, an application platform application including a rendering engine process including a virtual machine and an integration process, at least one hosted application comprising... Agent: Sweetlabs, Inc.

20140325345 - Consistent scaling of web-based content across devices having different screen metrics: Concepts and technologies are described herein for consistent scaling of web content across devices having different screen metrics. According to some of the concepts and technologies disclosed herein, a computing device may receive web content and select a scaling factor for scaling the web content for presentation on a screen... Agent:

20140325346 - Shortened network address linking to image representation of web page: An image representation (204) of a portion of a web page (202) accessible at a network address is generated as one or more image files (226). The image representation is accessible at a shortened network address.... Agent:

20140325347 - Display of supplementary information on a graphical user interface: Disclosed are method and apparatus for displaying supplementary information on a graphical user interface. A request for supplementary information is received. The supplementary information is retrieved and displayed in a reserved display field in a graphical user interface. The reserved display field may be configured by a user to adapt... Agent:

20140325348 - Conversion of a document of captured images into a format for optimized display on a mobile device: Systems may be provided for recording a document with a camera-based mobile radio device and for converting textual information in the document into a format for suitable presentation on the mobile device. A document may be recorded by the mobile device in an image. A layout structure may be recognized... Agent:

20140325349 - Real-time representations of edited content: Real-time representations of edited content are described. In one or more embodiments, a content editing application makes use of a generator module to convert content files substantially in real-time between a input format used for design and an output format used to represent content. The generator module is operable to... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140325350 - Target area estimation apparatus, method and program: According to one embodiment, a target area estimation apparatus includes a first acquisition unit, a second acquisition unit, a conversion unit and an estimation unit. The first acquisition unit is configured to acquire a document formed of a plurality of elements. The second acquisition unit is configured to acquire sampling... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140325351 - Electronic device and handwritten data processing method: According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a display processor, a determiner and a storage processor. The display processor displays on a screen a plurality of strokes input by handwriting. The determiner determines a top-and-bottom direction for each of the plurality of strokes. The storage processor is configured to... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140325352 - Management of context-sensitive help links: Systems, methods, and computer-readable and executable instructions are provided for management of context-sensitive help (CSH) links. Management of CSH links can include assigning a unique identifier to a CSH link in a program that links to a help system. Management of CSH links can include identifying a user interface resource... Agent:

20140325354 - Enabling an interactive program associated with a live broadcast on a mobile device: A method of providing an interactive content to a prospective user at a mobile device, the mobile device including a non-transitory computer readable medium including a computer executable program code and a processor for executing the computer executable program code is described. The method includes steps for initiating capture of... Agent:

20140325357 - Method, system and computer program product for navigating digital media content: The field of the invention relates to methods, systems and computer program products for navigating digital media content, in particular for navigating digital media content using an interface abstracted from that digital media content instead of, or as a supplement to, traditional user interface controls. There is provided a method... Agent:

20140325356 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing interactive control of radio and other media: A method for presenting content to a user through a content management device. The method includes receiving at a content management device content from a plurality of content providers. The content management device generates a supplemental programming data from the content providers. The content management device receives guide programming data... Agent:

20140325353 - Techniques to present a user interface for the visually impaired: Techniques to provide a user interface usable by anyone including the visually impaired are disclosed. Embodiments include dividing a display area of an electronic device into a workspace comprising a plurality of sections; associating each section with a different category; displaying a pane in a section including information for the... Agent: Microsoft Coprporation

20140325355 - User interface for audio video display device such as tv: A graphical user interface (GUI) for an audio video display device (AVDD) such as a TV includes content panels which can be selected for searching for additional information related to the content underlying the content panels. A history of previous searches is maintained in memory “stacked” notionally to the left... Agent:

20140325358 - Method for providing graphical user interface for changing reproducing time point and imaging apparatus therefor: A method for providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for changing a reproducing time point, and an imaging apparatus incorporating the same are provided. The GUI for changing a reproducing time point displays reduction images of specific time points within a time period including a specific time point selected by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325359 - Methods and apparatus for enhancing a digital content experience: Aspects of the present invention include methods and associated apparatuses that enhance a digital content experience. The methods and associated apparatuses may receive a selection of a video to view and determine a variety of content related to the selected video. The related content may be presented to a viewer... Agent:

20140325360 - Display apparatus and control method capable of performing an initial setting: A display apparatus which is capable of performing an initial setting and a controlling control method thereof are provided. The display apparatus includes an output unit configured to output a user interface (UI) which is controllable by a plurality of input modes, and a controller configured to set an input... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325361 - Method and apparatus for controlling presentation slides: A method and an apparatus are provided for controlling presentation slides. At least one first terminal is connected to a second terminal. The first terminal controls execution of a presentation file in the second terminal. The first terminal controls the second terminal to switch from a current slide page of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325362 - System and method for mobile presentation processing: The invention comprises a system and method using a software application (“app”) running on portable computing devices to download presentations from a central server as thumbnails and manipulate the presentations in thumbnail format. The thumbnails can provide a storybook-type presentation that takes much less memory on a portable device than... Agent: Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

20140325364 - Alert dashboard system and method from event clustering: A computer-implemented method is provided that is stored on computer readable non-transitory media. One or more data fields are accessed within a file. Accessed data field, are mapped mapping on a display computer system. The accessed one or more data fields are from one or more data sources that relate... Agent: Moogsoft, Inc.

20140325363 - Proactive monitoring tree with node pinning: In some embodiments, in response to the user selecting a first node in the tree to be pinned, the system displays a first detail panel for the first node, wherein the first detail panel displays state information for the first node, wherein the state information is frozen at the time... Agent: Splunk Inc.

20140325365 - Summarizing portlet usage in a portal page: A portal summary controller stores detected usage of at least one instance of at least one portlet application within at least one portal page at each of a plurality of different times. Responsive to a trigger to generate a summary portal page, the portal summary controller dynamically creates a summary... Agent:

20140325368 - Accessible chart navigation using object neighborhood: A method, system, and computer program product for accessible chart navigation using object neighborhood are provided. An input is received to navigate a focus away in a direction from a first object, the first object being a member of a set of objects depicted in a graphical visual chart. A... Agent:

20140325366 - Data integration: Systems, methods and apparatuses of integrating data from a variety of sources are provided. In some examples, the data integration system may receive data from multiple systems and integrate it. The system may include one or more user interfaces that present the integrated data in a simplified manner and allow... Agent: Bank Of America Corporation

20140325367 - Graphics processor and method of scaling user interface elements for smaller displays: A graphics processor and a method of scaling user interface (UI) elements for smaller displays. One embodiment of the graphics processor includes: (1) a scene renderer configured to render a scene from scene data generated by a graphics application, (2) a user interface (UI) renderer configured to render a UI... Agent: Nvidia Corporation

20140325369 - Method, apparatus and system for management of information content for enhanced accessibility over wireless communication networks: A method comprises providing an interface permitting a first user to control activation of a mobile information channel through which the first user can share access to content with a plurality of additional users, activating the mobile information channel responsive to input received from the first user via the interface,... Agent:

20140325370 - Systems and methods for identifying objects and providing information related to identified objects: Systems and methods for identifying an object and presenting additional information about the identified object are provided. The techniques of the present invention can allow the user to specify modes to help with identifying objects. Furthermore, the additional information can be provided with different levels of detail depending on user... Agent:

20140325371 - Media hand-off with graphical device selection: A wireless user device has a first antenna operable within a first wireless function frequency band and a second antenna operable within a second wireless function frequency band different than the first operable within a first wireless function frequency band. Circuitry configured to process signals received by the first antenna... Agent:

20140325373 - Operating environment with gestural control and multiple client devices, displays, and users: Embodiments described herein includes a system comprising a processor coupled to display devices, sensors, remote client devices, and computer applications. The computer applications orchestrate content of the remote client devices simultaneously across the display devices and the remote client devices, and allow simultaneous control of the display devices. The simultaneous... Agent:

20140325372 - Virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi) caching using context: In one embodiment a method for storing a remote desktop GUI image block in a cache including a plurality of persistence levels is described. The method is comprised of maintaining each persistence level in the plurality of persistence levels; identifying an event associated with an update to the remote desktop... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20140325374 - Cross-device user interface selection: Computer-readable media, methods, and systems for generating user interfaces across multiple form factor devices are provided. A server is configured to group a plurality of templates into one or more sets having a different layout for categories of devices or applications. The server receives a request from a device for... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325376 - Interactive labeling system: A method and system for organizing, labeling and displaying activity listings is described. The method and system includes associating each type of activity/event with a shared title—a “label.” The method system may further include linking these labels to an ID, category, tags and frequency of usage. The method and system... Agent:

20140325377 - Management of multiple instances of legacy application tasks: Methods, systems, and techniques for supporting access to multiple copies of a legacy task are provided. When there are multiple copies of a task present, then instead of showing the output from a single task, the task workspace area displays task representation pictograms that represent the state and inform the... Agent: Advanced Businesslink Corporation

20140325375 - Method, device, and system for network communication: The present application discloses methods, devices and systems for networking communication and information display. Based on a predefined layout provided by a server, service providers may customize the predefined layout by designating/designing actionable options that may be used in the layout to generate user interfaces. Due to the dual sources... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140325378 - Method and apparatus for generating a personalized page: A method for generating a personalized page is provided, in which: various characteristic behaviours of a user when the user visits a website are recorded, and for each of the characteristic behaviours, information of a subject matter corresponding to the characteristic behaviour is recorded, a page request is received from... Agent:

20140325379 - Preventing sync interruptions: Described herein are techniques performed by an application executing on a computing device. The application may have a graphical user interface (GUI) comprised of graphic objects displayed on a display of the computing device. The application may also have state data managed and stored by the application. The state data... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325380 - File access with different file hosts: A file access request is received from an application. One or more file types for the file access request are identified, and one or more file hosts supporting files of the identified one or more file types are also identified. A user interface is displayed, the user interface including a... Agent:

20140325381 - Indicating a content preference: Recording a user's preference for content is disclosed. A first indication that a user has a first preference for the content is received. In response to receiving the first indication, the content is associated with the first preference. A second indication that the user has a second preference for the... Agent:

20140325382 - Device, system and method for processing character data: A method is described. The method comprising: receiving character data from the remote device in response to a user applying the character data to a displayed target; and supplying the character data to one of a plurality of components executable on a processor of a device based on one or... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140325383 - Device, system and method for processing character data: A method is described. The method comprising the steps of receiving character data from the remote device following a selection of character data for application to a target; and determining, based on one or more characters in the character data, one or more components executable on the processor for supplying... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20140325384 - Wireless communication device and information communication method: A wireless communication device, system and methods are presented. The wireless communication device includes a display unit, a transmitting unit, a touch input, a storage unit and an execution unit. The display unit displays screens comprising display objects related to one or more applications. The touch input acceptance unit accepts... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140325386 - Information processing apparatus, information processing apparatus control method and storage medium: An information processing apparatus is provided that inputs a plurality of mail files generated by a mail application, displays a mail body text and an attached file included in the respective mail files, selects at least one of the mail body text and the attached file that is to be... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140325387 - Method and device to simplify message composition: A method and device to simplify message reply composition on a communications device, using a partially transparent overlay to allow a user to freely scroll and move around to other sections of a message or message chain while still being able to see and edit the reply being composed. When... Agent:

20140325388 - Method and system for providing personalized network based dialogues: Systems and methods for personalizing dialogues are disclosed. A dialog system can provide a user interface to allow a first user to specify a second user to participate in an automated dialog, a specific response option, and a maximum time period for responding. The dialog system can send a message... Agent:

20140325385 - Methods and instant messaging client devices for performing im using menu option: This disclosure provides an IM method and an IM client device. In the method, menu options are deployed on a session interface displayed on a viewing screen of an IM client device. The method includes generating, by an IM client device, a first event request when a user clicks on... Agent:

20140325393 - Accelerated instant replay for co-present and distributed meetings: Techniques for recording and replay of a live conference while still attending the live conference are described. A conferencing system includes a user interface generator, a live conference processing module, and a replay processing module. The user interface generator is configured to generate a user interface that includes a replay... Agent:

20140325394 - Interactive tracking virtual world system: An Interactive Tracking Virtual World (ITVW) system, may be utilized with other systems accessible through the Internet and/or a communications network. The ITVW system may be operable as an online game and/or to provide a virtual environment. ITVW system users (i.e., ITVW users) may be individuals or groups, such as... Agent:

20140325389 - Object sharing: In one example in accordance with the present disclosure, a system is provided. The system includes a display and a sharing module. The sharing module is to detect that an object is moved and released such that a portion of the released object overlaps at least a portion of a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325392 - Social aspects of media guides: A computer-implemented method, including receiving, at a computing device, a request from a user to display descriptors of media programming content for a time period; identifying people associated with the user employing information stored in a computer database, and identifying time-associated media programs electronically scheduled on behalf of the identified... Agent:

20140325391 - System and method for updating information in an instant messaging application: A method is performed by a mobile device having one or more processors and memory for updating information in an instant messenger application installed on the mobile device. The method includes: receiving an instant message from a remote server, the instant message including a first user actionable item; displaying the... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140325390 - Systems and methods to communicate a selected message: A system may detect multiple accesses of an engagement interface from a user. The multiple accesses may include a first group of accesses performed by a first device and a second group of accesses performed by a second device. Both the first device and the second device may correspond to... Agent:

20140325395 - Voice link system: Provided is an audio version social network service system specialized for voice, through which conversations can be enjoyed in spaces on the Web. In the system, a plurality of client terminals and at least one server are connected over a network. The server sorts voice data received from virtual room... Agent:

20140325396 - Methods and systems for simultaneous display of multimedia during a video communication: A method and system for simultaneous display of a multimedia background is disclosed. In some embodiments the system and method includes conducting a video call from a first caller on a first terminal to a second caller on a second terminal and substituting a multimedia content for at least a... Agent: Vonage Network LLC

20140325397 - Multi-conversation instant messaging: A method for facilitating multiple simultaneous instant messaging conversations includes: receiving a first online instant message from a first instant messaging conversation, where the user is a participant in the first instant messaging conversation; receiving a second online instant message from a second instant messaging conversation, in which the user... Agent: Marengo Intellectual Property Ltd.

20140325399 - Front-end tool for displaying diagnostic information to facilitate web page development: The disclosed embodiments relate to a system that displays diagnostic information to facilitate web page development. While a web page is being assembled at a front-end system using data gathered from one or more back-end systems, the system accumulates metadata associated with the assembly process. Next, the system renders the... Agent: Linkedin Corporation

20140325401 - Identifying viral videos: The present invention enables methods and systems that identify viral videos. A viral video is a video which received a percentage of its views from one person sharing the video with another person. That is, a viral video received most of its views from person to person sharing. A video... Agent:

20140325400 - Multi-panel view interface for a browser operating on a computing device: A method for operating a computing device is provided. One or more processors determines a plurality of web pages that are concurrently opened in a browser. At least a first group of web pages and a second group of web pages are determined. On the browser, a mufti-panel view interface... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325398 - Personalized webpage feature touring system: Techniques for generating and providing personalized interactive tours of various features of a webpage are described. According to various embodiments, it may be determined that a device associated with a user is accessing a webpage including various webpage features. Personalized experience scores corresponding to the webpage features may be calculated.... Agent: Linkedln Corporation

20140325403 - Device and method for processing three-dimensional lighting: A three-dimensional (3D) lighting processing device and method that apply a partial 3D lighting effect to a two-dimensional (2D) image is provided. The 3D lighting processing device includes a first information providing unit that provides a first image including normal direction information for a shade effect and a second image... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325404 - Generating screen data: Disclosed herein is a computer implemented method for generating transition data for displaying on a screen at least one transition image between a source image and a destination image. The method comprising accessing a source set of element identifiers. The element identifiers define static elements in a source image and... Agent:

20140325402 - User terminal device with pen and controlling method thereof: A user terminal device capable of attaching and detaching a pen is provided. The device includes a detector configured to detect a user manipulation regarding a screen, and a controller configured to change a layout of the screen to correspond to a pen use mode in response to the pen... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325405 - Auto-completion of partial line pattern: Auto-completion of an input partial line pattern. Upon detecting that the user has input the partial line pattern, the scope of the input partial line pattern is matched against corresponding line patterns from a collection of line pattern representations to form a scoped match set of line pattern representations. For... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325409 - Active & efficient monitoring of a graphical user interface: Machines, systems and methods for recognizing visual change in a graphical user interface (GUI) environment, the method comprising determining position of an active GUI object in the GUI environment based on known attributes of the active GUI object; monitoring a focus area in the active GUI object to detect visual... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325408 - Apparatus and method for providing musical content based on graphical user inputs: Mechanisms are provided for receiving a graphical input from a user, such as a sketch, determining at least one musical element represented by the graphical input, identifying at least one item of musical content including the musical element(s), and providing for presentation of the at least one item of musical... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20140325407 - Collection, tracking and presentation of reading content: Reading material is presented according to a given format. A user can interact with a user input mechanisms to change the format and text the reading material is automatically reflowed to the changed format.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325406 - Enhanced system and method for dynamically connecting virtual space entities: A system and method for connecting virtual space entities are disclosed. Information regarding virtual space entities may be obtained. The obtained information may include information indicating one or more actions and/or effects associated with the virtual space entities. The associated effects may indicate the associated actions may be caused in... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140325411 - Manipulation of overlapping objects displayed on a multi-touch device: A multi-touch display device that is configured to display multiple objects concurrently and that provides multi-touch controls for manipulating multiple of the displayed objects with multiple degrees of freedom concurrently but independently is configured to reduce the degrees of freedom provided by the manipulation controls for at least two of... Agent:

20140325412 - Method for automated application interface change: A method for automated application interface change. The method enhances a set of technological tools and allows setting up an application interface in a flexible manner at a stage of implementation and execution. The method comprises: creating a separate system element preliminarily at the development stage; specifying its composing dependent... Agent: Limited Liability Company "1c"

20140325410 - User terminal device and controlling method thereof: A user terminal device is provided. The device includes a display configured to display a screen including an object, a detector configured to detect a user drawing input which is input on the object or in an area surrounding the object, a controller configured to, in response to the user... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325413 - Computer-implemented method for manipulating three-dimensional modeled objects of an assembly in a three-dimensional scene: if at least one face of the surface of the bounding box (BB) is displayed such that its interactive surfaces are not accessible for the pointing means (PM), displaying a wider surface (WS) that allows accessibility of said interactive surfaces.... Agent: Dassault Systemes

20140325415 - Input device of display system and input method thereof: A display system input device includes a touchpad including a touch surface; a direction key divided into a plurality of sections on the touch surface, and a switch installed on a bottom surface of the touchpad. At least one among a drag signal, a tap signal, and a click signal... Agent: Intellectual Discovery Co., Ltd.

20140325416 - Mobile terminal having multi-function executing capability and executing method thereof: A mobile terminal having a touch function is provided. The mobile terminal includes a display module and a controller. The display module displays content lists in a content list screen. The controller is configured to divide a predetermined region of the content list screen into a first region and a... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140325414 - Three-dimensional (3d) building information providing device and method: Provided is a three-dimensional (3D) information providing device which reads values of sensors provided in equipment in a building, displays the sensor values on a 3D graphic monitoring screen, and controls the actual equipment in the building by using output values or control values of 3D device images corresponding to... Agent: Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd.

20140325418 - Automatically manipulating visualized data based on interactivity: A data visualization application automatically manipulates visualized data based on interactivity. Detected gestures such as touch actions, visual and audio commands, and eye-tracking are matched to an associated operation to be applied to data of the visualization. The operations include expansion, reduction, merge, split, zoom in, zoom out, style change,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325421 - Novel single custom control to set various waveform parameters for generating waveforms in awg: An aspect of the invention includes a computer with a processor and a memory. The processor can generate a control for an Arbitrary Waveform Generator. The control includes various buttons, a drop-down list, and a text box. Upon selection of a button, the control is automatically updated to update the... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20140325422 - Operating system for and method of operating a controllable transfer device for harvested goods: An operating system operates a controllable transfer device for harvested goods of an agricultural vehicle embodying a self-propelled harvester. The operating system includes a three-dimensional imaging device for capturing a real object and for deriving a three-dimensional data set for the real object and a touch-sensitive display unit for displaying... Agent: Claas Agrosystems Kgaa Mbh & Co Kg

20140325420 - Virtual smart phone: In embodiments of the present invention, a virtual phone is provided which includes a touch screen mounted on an enclosure that includes a processor, memory, wireless communication port, and a power port. The virtual phone further includes a software application executing on the processor to control image display on the... Agent:

20140325419 - Virtual terminal display for a vehicle: A system and method for displaying data associated with an embedded system is provided that may include a vehicle data bus, an electronic control unit, and a display unit. The display unit may be configured to render a graphical user interface for the electronic control unit. Data may be exchanged... Agent: Deere & Company

20140325417 - Visual analytics using multivariate concentric rings with a visual start time mechanism: Visual analytics using multivariate concentric rings with a visual start time mechanism includes displaying an interactive graph where the interactive graph has multiple concentric rings that have multiple cells that represent sequential time periods. The concentric rings form a time unit that starts at an origin and ends at a... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140325424 - Audio playing device and method for adjusting progress bar: A method for adjusting a progress bar includes steps: detecting whether the progress bar is touched by a touch operation, if yes, detecting whether duration of the touch operation on the progress bar exceeds a predetermined time, if yes, determining a first time point, hiding the progress bar, displaying a... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140325423 - Showing relationships between tasks in a gantt chart: A system for showing a dependency relationship between a first task and a second task in a Gantt chart. The system displays the first task. The system also displays at least one selector. The at least one selector is associated with the first task. Tasks dependent upon the first task... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140325425 - Applying contextual function to a graphical user interface using peripheral menu tabs: A computing device displays a set of graphical user interface (GUI) elements each having a respective transparent portion positioned over all or part of an underlying GUI element, which displays underlying content. Each set of GUI elements includes a respective set of peripherally located menu tabs and each menu tab... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140325426 - Apparatii and methods for providing texting services to voice grade telephone numbers: Apparatii to facilitate texting to both textable and non-textable telephone numbers may include a user interface module, a destination verification module, a destination selection module and a routing module. The user interface module may render a map or a list on an electronic display that includes contact information for one... Agent:

20140325427 - Electronic device and method of adjusting display scale of images: An electronic device of adjusting a display scale of images is provided. The electronic device includes a storage unit, a display unit, and a processing unit. The storage unit stores a plurality of images. The display unit receives user operations and displays the images from the storage unit. The processing... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140325428 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal: Provided is a mobile terminal including a display unit on which multiple divisional screen regions are output, and a controller that, when receiving an input for a division mode in which the display unit is divided into the multiple screen regions, generates a list region including an icon corresponding to... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140325429 - Method for controlling the display of a document shown on a touch device: A method for controlling the display of a document shown on a touch device has the steps of recognizing a triggering gesture performed on a touch device, displaying a control object on the touch device when the triggering gesture is recognized, and changing a displaying level of detail of a... Agent:

20140325431 - Auto-grouping of application windows: Described herein are techniques for automatically forming groups of application windows. The techniques may be performed with a computing device executing a windowing system, the windowing system having a user interface element that can be interacted with by a user to manage applications executing on the computing device. Each application... Agent:

20140325430 - Content-based directional placement application launch: A user can select content on an interface screen and provide an associated directional placement instruction to launch a new application window that displays the selected content or information associated with the selected content. The directional placement instruction may indicate an area of the screen where the user prefers to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325432 - Second screen view with multitasking: Described herein are embodiments performed by a computing device capable of having a first display and a second display. The device may also execute a windowing system. Arbitrary applications execute on the computing device. Each such application has a corresponding application window managed by the windowing system. A start-projecting request... Agent: Microsoft

20140325433 - Information processing device, display control method, and computer program recording medium: An information processing device facilitating easy specification of a display position of an operation screen of each software application when a plurality of software applications are executed at a same time. The device includes a display control unit configured to display a plurality of arranged icons on a display screen;... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140325434 - Electronic apparatus controlling method: An electronic apparatus controlling method, applied to an electronic apparatus displaying a first window and second window thereon. The electronic apparatus controlling method comprises: (a) determining one of the first window and the second window as a target window; and (b) displaying an input window on the electronic apparatus if... Agent: Mediatek Inc.

20140325436 - Mobile communication terminal for displaying event-handling view on split screen and method for controlling the same: Provided is a mobile communication terminal for displaying an event-handling view. The mobile communication terminal includes a touch screen, and a controller configured to generate, if an event requiring display on the touch screen occurs while a first window in which a first application is executed is displayed on the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325435 - User terminal device and display method thereof: A user terminal device is disclosed. The user terminal device includes a display, an inputter configured to receive a user drawing manipulation, a storage configured to store an image generated by the user drawing manipulation and information of a control operation matched with at least one part of the image,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325437 - Content delivery system with user interface mechanism and method of operation thereof: A content delivery system includes: a background provider configured to provide a background interface; a pane provider module, coupled to the background provider module, configured to provide a pane interface having a non-horizontal slant side overlapping the background interface; and a menu provider module, coupled to the pane provider module,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325438 - Screen control method and electronic device thereof: A method and apparatus for controlling a screen in an electronic device are provided. The method includes displaying a pop-up window in a display area, disposed over another application displayed in the display area. If a movement of the pop-up window is detected, and a portion of the pop-up window... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325439 - Method for outputting image and electronic device thereof: An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a display and a processor. The processor is configured to output a first synthesized image expressing a state of an object via the display, to output preview information of an object used for the first synthesized image, to select at least... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325440 - Mobile electronic device: A mobile electronic device and methods are presented. A display unit displays a screen comprising objects, and an input unit covers the display unit and receives input from a user. A position judgment unit determines if an input position of the input is in a particular region in response to... Agent: Kyocera Corporation

20140325442 - Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus: In the present invention, a plurality of functions are allocated to respective rotary encoders (RE1 to RE5) from among numerous functions involved in ultrasonic diagnosis, and each of the rotary encoders selectively targets for operation each of the allocated plurality of functions. Names for the plurality of functions allocated to... Agent: Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

20140325441 - User interface: A non-transitory computer readable medium storing instructions which, when executed by a processor of an electronic device having a touch-sensitive display, cause the processor to enable a user interface of the device, including presenting a list of items on the display, each item having content associated therewith, highlighting an item... Agent:

20140325444 - Graphical display for sorting and filtering a list in a space-constrained view: Techniques for sorting and filtering a list in a space-constrained viewing area are described. A filter widget and a list of items are displayed in a view of an electronic display screen. In response to user input selecting the filter widget, and without changing to a different view, a filter... Agent:

20140325443 - Method and apparatus for operating menu in electronic device including touch screen: There is provided a method of operating a menu in an electronic device, including displaying the execution screen of a specific function on a touch screen, detecting a touch gesture having an arc trajectory in the state in which the execution screen is displayed, and displaying an arc trajectory menu... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325445 - Visual indication for facilitating scrolling: A method and device for enhancing scrolling operations in a display of a device is disclosed. The method includes detecting a scrolling operation on a list of objects in a linear direction. During the scrolling operation, it is determined whether the list of objects is reaching an end and at... Agent:

20140325446 - Information processing device: An information processing device 10 is provided with a first option group area where a slide operation of options of a first search criterion can be performed and a second option group area where a slide operation of options of a second search criterion can be performed, a slide operation... Agent: Panasonic Corporation

20140325448 - Electronic system with interface modification mechanism and method of operation thereof: An electronic system includes: a control unit, configured to: provide an iconic content; generate a user interface type for the iconic content; generate a device formatted content from the iconic content for conforming with a device capability factor of a presentation device; and a communication unit, coupled to the control... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140325447 - Method for displaying an icon and terminal device thereof: The present disclosure discloses a method for displaying an icon in a terminal device and the terminal device thereof. The method includes monitoring an implementation of an event which controls a display of the icon; determining animation display parameters according to properties of the icon, if the implementation of the... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20140325449 - Method, device and storage medium for starting application in electronic apparatus: Provided is a method and a device for starting application in an electronic apparatus. The method includes: displaying a contact list; detecting a first input operation associated with a target contact in the contact list; displaying an operation menu in response to the first input operation, wherein the operation menu... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140325451 - Icon change method and apparatus: The present invention discloses an icon change method and apparatus, which belong to the field of computer technologies. The icon change method comprises: detecting a user's operation of clicking a preset button, and acquiring a picture; generating a thumbnail of the picture; and changing an icon of the preset button... Agent:

20140325450 - Method for executing application, terminal and server thereof: The present invention is related to a method for executing an application at a terminal such as a portable phone. The method for executing an application comprises capturing a screen being executed on an application, registering the captured screen together with user input information and displaying the captured screen as... Agent: Infobank Corp.

20140325452 - Smart electronic device showing virtual three-dimensional user interface and method and system for creating virtual three-dimensional user interface: A method for creating a virtual three-dimensional user interface is provided. The method includes the steps. A virtual three-dimensional user interfaces is obtained and displayed. A list of the icons is obtained from the storage unit and displayed on the three-dimensional user interface. The icon displayed on the three-dimensional user... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20140325453 - Method and apparatus for facilitating user selection of an item category in an online auction: A method and apparatus are disclosed for facilitating category selection by a user in a computerized auction. A category field is provided, containing a plurality of category entries used to categorize an item in the auction. One category entry is selected in the category field and at least one subcategory... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20140325454 - System and method for exploring 3d scenes by pointing at a reference object: The system and method are described for enhancing location-based services by enabling spatial database systems to respond to or answer spatial queries that use a reference object to identify objects or features of interest in environmental scene before a system user. The system and method present invention enhances pointing technology... Agent: Ipointer, Inc.

20140325455 - Visual 3d interactive interface: Techniques for generating and displaying a visual three-dimensional (3D) interactive interface are described. According to an exemplary embodiment, a 3D perspective view of a user-selectable user interface element is displayed on display screen of a device. The 3D perspective view of the element may have an apparent position that extends... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20140325456 - Graphical user control for multidimensional datasets: A user control is provided for use with a multidimensional dataset that allows a user to graphically set the bounds for one or more of the dimensions of data selected from the dataset. The graphical user control includes a wireframe cube representing the extent of data in the dataset and... Agent: The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

20140325459 - Gesture control system: A control system is provided based on the use of gestures and functioning especially in mobile terminals. The gesture control system is provided with a general purpose interface with its commands for applications to be controlled. The processing software of the gesture signals includes a training program trained free-form gestures... Agent:

20140325457 - Searching of line pattern representations using gestures: The gesture-based searching of a line pattern representation amongst a collection of line pattern representations. Upon detecting an input gesture, a computing system matches the input gesture against each of multiple pattern representations. Each line pattern representation represents a line pattern having a changing value in a first dimension as... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140325458 - Touch inputs interacting with user interface items: Techniques for managing user interactions with items on a user interface are disclosed. In one aspect, a representation of an opening is presented in response to touch input. A display object is moved over the opening, and the display object is processed in response to the moving. In another aspect,... Agent:

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