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Data processing: presentation processing of document

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05/21/2015 > 95 patent applications in 55 patent subcategories.

20150143210 - Content stitching templates: Content stitching techniques are described in which templates may be created to define a structure for a presentation. Each template may stitch together building blocks associated with different types of content to specify a pre-arranged sequence for content items. Additionally, the templates may include timing data, transitions, and control data... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143209 - System and method for personalizing digital content: A system and method for generating a personalized electronic book (e-book) include receiving a digital user visual content object from a user, obtaining a template e-book, the template e-book including at least one digital e-book content object and generating a personalized e-book by replacing at least a portion of the... Agent: Playmebook Ltd.

20150143211 - Link insertion and link preview features: Embodiments encompass linking features that enable creation, insertion, and/or modification of links and/or link previews, but the embodiments are not so limited. A computer-implemented method of an embodiment operates to provide a link tool interface that can be used to generate link previews that may be inserted as part of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143213 - Method and apparatus for animating transitions between search results: The technology described relates to animated transitions between consecutive sets of search engine results.... Agent:

20150143215 - Method and system for accessing audio/video community virtual rooms: A method is provided for accessing an audio/video community virtual room. The method includes receiving a trigger request on a link address corresponding to a visual room identifier displayed on a group webpage. A corresponding relationship exists between the visual room identifier and a group identifier. The method also includes... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150143212 - Method and system for obtaining content from texts: Systems and methods provide content to customers and other users of communication devices, such as mobile devices, including smart phones and other cellular telephones and the like. The content is selected and delivered, or made accessible, to customers by, the system. The content is based on words, word fragments, phrases,... Agent:

20150143214 - Processing page: Example methods and devices for processing a page are described. One or more pages of a designated website are acquired. The one or more pages are clustered to obtain one or more classes in accordance with page features of the pages. At least one class is selected as a list... Agent:

20150143217 - Method and system of a user associating a first webpage web link and second webpage link and viewing of the contents of the webpage links by the selection of the first webpage link: A link association method and system. The method includes receiving by a computer processor from a user, a first link for a first Webpage and a second link for a second Webpage. The user determines that the first Webpage is related to the second Webpage. The computer processor receives a... Agent:

20150143216 - Method, device, and system for accessing third party platforms via a messaging application: Provided herein are methods, devices, and systems for use in social networking and messaging applications. In particular, methods, devices, and systems for providing a user with access to a third party platform (e.g., a Public Number) in a messaging application are disclosed. Provided herein is a “My Apps” feature providing... Agent:

20150143218 - Web-based electronically signed documents: Techniques for electronic signature process management are described. Some embodiments provide an electronic signature service (“ESS”) configured to manage electronic signature processes represented by way of templates. In some embodiments, the ESS transmits a URL or other identifier of a template that specifies required electronic signature data, such as a... Agent:

20150143219 - Systems and methods for distributed electronic signature documents including version control: Systems and methods for facilitating version control over an electronic document, the electronic document being subject to a distribution sequence among at least first and second reviewing parties over a network. The method includes receiving an instruction set from a source client. Based on the instruction set, at least one... Agent:

20150143220 - Previewing an extraction rule for raw machine data and modifying the rule through counter-example: Embodiments are directed towards real time display of event records and extracted values based on at least one extraction rule, such as a regular expression. A user interface may be employed to enable a user to have an extraction rule automatically generate and/or to manually enter an extraction rule. The... Agent: Splunk Inc.

20150143222 - Method for handling objects representing annotations on an interactive input system and interactive input system executing the method: An interactive input system, method and computer readable medium for handling objects representing annotations on an interactive input system are disclosed. The method includes creating an annotation on the interactive input system, associating the annotation with a temporary grouping region, and in the event that a threshold amount of time... Agent:

20150143221 - Systems and methods for providing fused images to remote recipients for descrambling and interpretation: Disclosed are systems and methods for using a hands free computing device. The device includes a processor, a head movement measuring component, screen, camera, microphone, and memory. Responsive to sensing an instruction by a user, an image is captured by the camera and displayed on the screen. There is recorded,... Agent: Glu Mobile Inc.

20150143229 - Advanced urls for web navigation: A method, computer program product, and system for providing advanced downloading of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) for a WEB browser running on a computer. The system is capable of providing a WEB browser with Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). The system comprises a client computer and a server. The client computer... Agent:

20150143227 - Enhanced event handler attachment: Systems, software, and methods are disclosed herein for implementing a template rendering engine that facilities enhanced event handler attachment when executed by a processing system in the context of a browser application. The template rendering engine examines hypertext markup language (HTML) code downloaded to the browser for templates encoded in... Agent:

20150143225 - Handling timer-based resizing events based on activity detection: Computer-implemented methods, media, and systems implemented to handling timer-based resizing events based on activity detection can trigger a start of a resize timer. The resize timer can periodically provide a notification to check for resize activity in a user interface displayed on a display device. In response to the notification,... Agent:

20150143230 - Method and device for displaying webpage contents in browser: Examples of the present disclosure provide a method and device for displaying webpage contents in a browser. The method includes: obtaining a webpage requested to be read by a user; determining whether the webpage is a content-based webpage; when determining the webpage is the content-based webpage, extracting a title and... Agent:

20150143223 - Method to enable cross-origin resource sharing from a webpage inside a private network: A method of delivering content of a webpage to a web browser on a device communicating with a network through a proxy server includes embedding a first nested browsing context in a parent browsing context of the web browser where the parent browsing context is associated with a first domain... Agent:

20150143224 - Partial website optimization for a web publisher: A method of delivering webpages to a browser includes delivering a first webpage using a streaming protocol that optimizes delivery of content of the first webpage where the first webpage includes information that may persist in a browser cache; delivering a second webpage without using the streaming protocol where the... Agent:

20150143228 - Speeding up document loading: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for speeding up document loading. In some implementations, a resource of a document is requested from a first source, and metadata for the document is requested from a second source that is different from the first source.... Agent:

20150143226 - Website creation using content and product codes associated with keywords: The present disclosure describes techniques to facilitate the creation of an affiliate website, where the creating of the affiliate website involves (i) identifying at least one keyword, (ii) conducting a first keyword-based search to generate a set of product codes, (iii) conducting a second keyword-based search of at least one... Agent:

20150143231 - Systems and methods for adaptive content distribution: An application displaying primary content, such as a webpage, may include unused space. The unused space may exist within the application displaying the primary content (e.g., within the browser window) or on other portions of the display (e.g., outside of the browser window). The unused space is identified and leveraged... Agent:

20150143232 - Tailoring specification information to user needs: A new system for, first, creating a cross-reference between user characteristics and applicable portions of platform requirement documents; and, second, displaying on a case by case basis, only portions of platform requirement documents applicable to those user characteristics, starts with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) creating, from the platform requirement... Agent:

20150143234 - Ergonomic micro user interface display and editing: A method and apparatus is disclosed for more efficient editing and reading comprehension of text and other content on a computer screen with a virtual keyboard and limited space, such as would be found on a mobile device such as smartphone, tablet, handheld computer or an automobile dashboard, or an... Agent:

20150143233 - Simultaneous data copy operation: An apparatus for inserting selected data from a source electronic document to a target electronic document includes a location tracking module and a data module. The location tracking module stores a location of a data insertion point within the target document. The data module inserts selected data from the source... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20150143235 - Electronic reading environment enhancement method and apparatus: An apparatus, method and article of manufacture of the present invention provide an enhanced user interface for a computer system that maximizes a reader's ability to rapidly comprehend a text. The invention provides a dynamically presented outline of the text, such that the reader maintains a sense of location within... Agent:

20150143236 - Generating photo albums from unsorted collections of images: Techniques for generating a photo album are described. Embodiments analyze a plurality of photo albums to determine photo album characteristics, where each of the plurality of photo albums comprises a respective plurality of digital photographs arranged in a respective order. Here, the plurality of photo albums relate to one or... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20150143237 - Image processing apparatus, image processing method and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An image processing apparatus comprises: a first calculation unit which calculates a first parameter for performing distortion correction from a plurality of points located on edges of an object region included in an image; a first correction unit which performs distortion correction of the object region by using the first... Agent:

20150143238 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same: The present disclosure may provide a mobile terminal including a body having a front surface, a rear surface and a lateral surface thereof, a display unit disposed on the front surface to display first screen information, a lateral touch sensing unit formed on the lateral surface adjacent to both edges... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150143239 - Multi-view audio and video interactive playback: An interactive multi-view module identifies a plurality of media items associated with a real-world event, each of the plurality of media items comprising a video portion and an audio portion. The interactive multi-view module synchronizes the audio portions of each of the plurality of media items according to a common... Agent:

20150143240 - System for presenting media programs: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure may use, for example, a method for sending a set-top box an identification of the media player, receiving operational instructions from the set-top box according to the emulator executed by the set-top box that emulates a user interface of the media player by... Agent:

20150143242 - Mobile communication terminal and method thereof: A method for providing a user interface of a communication apparatus comprises switching from a low power mode to a working mode upon receiving a stream of audio data; and upon switching from the low power mode to the working mode: extracting at least one audio feature from said stream... Agent:

20150143241 - Website navigation via a voice user interface: A system and method are disclosed for navigation on the World Wide Web using voice commands. The name of a website may be called out by users several different ways. A user may speak the entire URL, a portion of the URL, or a name of the website which may... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143243 - Hierarchical presentation editor: In a method for editing slide arrangement within a hierarchical slide presentation, a processor displays a holistic view of a plurality of slides including a first slide and a second slide, wherein the second slide is associated with the first slide in a first parent-child relationship. A processor receives an... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150143244 - Activation of dormant features in native applications: A native application can be deployed that obtains configuration information for the native application at run-time. Digital marketing users or other marketing users can view or control the behavior of the native application by displaying or setting the configuration information of the native application. The native application can report tracked... Agent:

20150143245 - Tracking content through serial presentation: Computer-implemented methods, computer program products, and systems are disclosed for tracking content use, the content including textual content that is displayable using RSVP. A particular embodiment identifies content, including textual content, to be displayed using RSVP on an electronic device to a user, displays that content to the user using... Agent: Spritz Technology, Inc.

20150143246 - System, method and non-transitory computer readable medium for embedding behavior collection component into application of mobile device automatically: A system for automatically embedding behavior collection components into a mobile device application; the system includes a user interface module, a recording module, a marking module, and an embedding module. The user interface module provides an operation interface which includes tracking items. The tracking items correspond to behavior collection components.... Agent: Institute For Information Industry

20150143248 - Apparatus and methods for performing an action on a database record: Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and computer program products for performing an action on a database record in an on-demand database service. What actions are presented to a user interface of a mobile device can depend on attributes of the database record, such as metadata stored in association with the... Agent:

20150143247 - Visually modeling screen-flows in component-oriented web-based system: A method includes selecting portal resources of a portal system within a graphical modeling tool. Data fields of the selected portal resources are mapped to each other using the graphical modeling tool to generate an execution flow path of the selected portal resources. The execution flow path is stored as... Agent:

20150143250 - Display apparatus, remote control apparatus, and method for providing user interface using the same: A display apparatus which is controllable by a remote control apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes: a communicator which communicates with the remote control apparatus, a storage which stores user interface (UI) screen information which is mapped to each application executable in the display apparatus, and a controller which,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150143249 - Method for controlling information apparatus and computer-readable recording medium: In the case where selection of an icon representing an air conditioner is sensed in a region corresponding to a first room on the floor plan that is larger than a predetermined area, the region corresponding to the first room is switched to an adjustment region for changing the set... Agent: Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

20150143252 - Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for an interactive experience: Various methods, apparatuses, and computer program products are provided. For example, a processing apparatus may be configured to determine whether to initiate a data session with a user equipment (UE) based on information provided by the UE, determine whether one or more input signals provided by the UE during the... Agent: Studio 9 Labs, Inc.

20150143251 - Personalization of map content via an application programming interface: A mapping API provides a digital map via a user interface of a computing device. When invoked by a software application, the mapping API is configured to receive an identifier of a user operating the software application, provide a first interactive digital map including a representation of a certain geographic... Agent: Google Inc.

20150143253 - Information processing device, control method therefor, and program: An information processing device that is equipped with a plurality of applications and includes: a display unit that displays a menu screen for selecting an application from among the plurality of applications; and a control unit that detects the frequency of use of each of the plurality of applications, generates... Agent:

20150143254 - Displaying context-related business objects together with received electronic mail (e-mail) messages: When an E-mail message is transmitted to receiving display terminals, there is provided a set of suggested business objects developed by a method comprising profiling the person sending the E-mail message and the person receiving the E-mail message, extracting key words from E-mail message content, performing a semantic analysis of... Agent:

20150143258 - Email and task management services and user interface: A system, method, service, user interface, and computer readable medium to integrate email and task management is disclosed. Users are provided with options to convert an email into a task, including one-click command options. Efficient triaging of incoming emails is supported. Integration with different email systems and third party services... Agent:

20150143256 - Interface for interaction with a compendium by members of a group: A system, method, and user interface for interacting with digital yearbooks, memory books, or other types of photo books via a smartphone or tablet (device). Electronic books can be viewed easily on the user's device. Signatures for the book can be requested from other members of the group, and signatures... Agent:

20150143255 - Name composition assistance in messaging applications: A method includes identifying, at an electronic device (100) a candidate name responsive to user input (110) indicating a salutational trigger (130) during composition of a body (122, 222, 322, 422) of a message of a messaging application (102). Identifying the candidate name including at least one of: parsing a... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20150143259 - System and method for a messaging interface: Computer-implemented systems and methods for a simplified messaging interface are provided for allowing users to initiate and engage in messaging conversations. In some embodiments, the systems and methods reduce the overhead involved in initiating and/or engaging in messaging conversations. In addition, the messaging interface may allow users to initiate and/or... Agent: Aol Inc.

20150143257 - Workflow and in-context e-mail recipient handling: Various technologies and techniques are disclosed that improve the workflow process for resolving data elements, such as email addresses. These technologies and techniques allow the user to perform such tasks in the same context as the activity or message. In addition, user can start and stop the resolution process at... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143261 - Information processing terminal, information processing method, and information processing system: Multiple information processing terminals, among which display data to be displayed on a display screen of one of the information processing terminals can be shared, are disclosed. The information processing terminal includes a rendering unit which renders information on the display data of the information processing terminal based on an... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150143263 - Integrated collaborative user interface for a document editor program: An integrated collaborative user interface for a document editor is provided. The integrated collaborative user interface includes a document pane, document details pane and a section details pane. Document details and section details are obtained and provided to authors. A collaborative author views the document details, section details and provides... Agent: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC.

20150143260 - State-machine-driven user-interface interactions: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, by a client computing device, an input associated with a user interface of an application. The user interface may include multiple elements. The client computing device may transition from a first state of the application to a second state of the application based... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20150143262 - System and method for viewers to comment on television programs for display on remote websites using mobile applications: A software system, method, application that allows television and cinema viewers to create, store, and display on remote websites comments pertaining to viewed content (e.g. programs, streaming movies, advertisements). The viewer utilizes an electronic computing device (e.g. smartphone, television with Internet connectivity, etc.) and comprising an application (e.g. mobile app,... Agent: Social Commenting, LLC

20150143264 - Chat interface and computer program product for comparing free time between instant message chat members: Under the present disclosure, a chat interface and computer program product for comparing free time between instant message chat members in order to schedule an upcoming event are provided. One approach includes: storing individual calendars corresponding to each member of the chat; initiating a free time comparison; and combining the... Agent:

20150143265 - Multi-source, multi-destination data transfers: A system and method for transferring data or an image. A user-selected image or user-generated text within a word processing document is received. Displayed are: a graphic object representing a web page, and a first and second destination point within the graphic object. A user mouse selection of one of... Agent:

20150143266 - Multiple display management: A method and system for managing multiple displays, including receiving a first indication to allow movement of an object between a first display and a second display, allowing movement of the object between the first display and the second display in view of the first indication, receiving a second indication... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20150143267 - System and method for developing a rule-based event-driven multi-layered frontend for business services and rendering the guis on multiple client devices: The various embodiments herein provide a method and system for building a Graphical User Interface (GUI) based front-end for a business service. The method comprises of selecting a user interface (UI) theme for a business solution, selecting a business service contract to be exposed through the GUI, identifying a page... Agent: Nuwafin Holdings Ltd

20150143270 - Comment system for interactive graphical designs: Various methods and systems for collaborating on the specification of an interactive graphical design are provided. An exemplary system comprises a graphical design environment. The system also comprises a note interface in the graphical design environment that displays a note field for accepting a text string from the user. The... Agent:

20150143269 - Method for adjusting input-method keyboard and mobile terminal thereof: A method for adjusting an input-method keyboard includes: recording the sliding trajectories of a user's two fingers, and the trajectories include two starting contact points and two ending contact points of the two-finger sliding gesture; calculating an adjustment ratio according to the sliding trajectories; obtaining the current state of the... Agent:

20150143268 - System status visualization method and system: Embodiments of the present invention relate to a system and method for system status visualization. In one embodiment, an operating system may comprise an expandable component tree graphic, comprising a plurality of parent icons and a plurality of child icons. In some embodiments of the present techniques, a plurality of... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20150143272 - Method for performing batch management on desktop icon and digital mobile device: A method for performing batch management on desktop icons and a digital mobile device are provided. The method is applied to the digital mobile device, including: when confirming that a user selects a desktop edition function, setting each icon on a current display interface to be in a check state;... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150143271 - Remote control for displaying application data on dissimilar screens: A remote control service on a mobile device interrogates a program on another computing device to obtain metadata describing the structure of information being displayed on the computing device. The remote control service then calculates a different data structure that is used to display a subset of the data on... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143273 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for determining whether to scroll or select content: An electronic device with a display, a touch-sensitive surface and one or more intensity sensors displays content. While a focus selector is over the content, the device detects a gesture on the touch-sensitive surface, the gesture including a first contact on the touch-sensitive surface and movement of the first contact... Agent:

20150143274 - Method to be carried out when operating a microscope and microscope: A method for execution upon operation of a microscope or for depiction of an object, or a part thereof, imaged with the microscope includes depicting a proxy of the object on a display of the microscope or on a further display. At least one manipulation is performed on the proxy,... Agent:

20150143275 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same: The method of controlling the mobile terminal according to one embodiment of the present invention includes the steps of activating a memo mode while a first application is executing, receiving a first touch input of a specific pattern in the memo mode, displaying first GUIs respectively corresponding to at least... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150143278 - Interface for processing of an alternate symbol in a computer device: Described herein is a computer-implemented system and method for processing one or more alternate symbols associated or linked to a base symbol. A base symbol is a symbol to which at least one alternate symbol is linked. A base symbol commonly appears on a key of a keyboard or a... Agent:

20150143277 - Method for changing an input mode in an electronic device: A method in an electronic device is provided. The method includes detecting a number of input tools on a touch screen, switching into one input mode among at least two set input modes according to the number of the detected input tools, and receiving a set content or changing a... Agent:

20150143276 - Method for controlling a control region of a computerized device from a touchpad: A method for controlling a control region on a display screen of a computerized system is presented. The method includes obtaining data from a touchpad. The data is associated with a position of a portion of the hand of a user when the user operates the touchpad. The method includes... Agent:

20150143279 - Methods and systems for optimizing user interfacescreen space and content: The current disclosure is directed to a graphical user interface (“GUIs”) that displays an optimized arrangement of hierarchical content using an expandable grid. Each item of the content may represent textual information or a numerical value. The expandable grid provides an overview of top-level content by displaying rows on contextually... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150143280 - Method for entering, recording, distributing and reporting data: An improved method for efficiently and accurately entering detailed data by yes/no entries so that the data is automatically recorded, optionally automatically distributed and optionally transformed into a readable prose report of the data, which is entered by yes/no markings.... Agent:

20150143281 - Notifications and reminders based on user states: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for deferring a first reminder notification by, in one or more embodiments, displaying a reminder deferral user interface in response to the first reminder notification, the reminder deferral user interface specifying deferral options, including at least one deferral trigger condition, receiving a request to defer... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150143283 - Information processing device, display control method, and program: An apparatus includes a display control circuit configured to control a display to display content; and a user input circuit configured to receive a command from the user. The display control circuit is configured to modify scrolling of the content being automatically scrolled in a first direction based on the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20150143282 - Method and apparatus for diagonal scrolling in a user interface: A method and apparatus includes a user interface of a computing device for diagonal scrolling in a two-step selection process. The method includes presenting a main list and a sub-list substantially orthogonal to the main list, wherein the sub-list comprises elements associated with each element in the main list; receiving... Agent: Motorola Solutions, Inc

20150143284 - Navigable layering of viewable areas for hierarchical content: Exemplary embodiments are generally directed to navigable layering of viewable areas corresponding to a hierarchical structure of computer-readable content. In exemplary embodiments, a stack of viewable areas including a first viewable area and a second viewable area can be rendered on a display within a footprint area. An order of... Agent:

20150143286 - Method and terminal for responding to sliding operation: There is provided a method for responding to a sliding operation for use in a terminal having a touch screen and operating on an operating system including a system process, an application process, and an interface delivery process, wherein the application process is configured to draw a display content in... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20150143285 - Method for controlling position of floating window and terminal: The terminal includes: a display screen, a user operation receiving module, an event distributing module, a floating window control module and a display control module. The user operation receiving module is configured to receive an operation event of user and send it to the event distributing module; the event distributing... Agent:

20150143287 - Resizing technique for display content: Systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for resizing content to be rendered to a display are described. In accordance with embodiments, content items such as text items and images are enlarged based on an original size associated therewith and a scale factor. The enlargement is carried out in a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150143288 - System and method for scaling digital images: Methods, computer devices, and computer readable media containing instructions for executing such methods are provided for the modification of digital images having a plurality of visual elements.... Agent: Rational Intellectual Holdings Limited

20150143289 - Automatic check box interaction: In a method for automatically interacting with one or more check boxes in relation to another check box of a plurality of displayed check boxes, one or more processors receive an indication of an interaction with a check box of a plurality of displayed check boxes in a user interface.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150143290 - Communication session indexing: A method includes: displaying information from at least one communication session on a user's device; providing at least one interface on the user's device to select at least one portion of the displayed information from the at least one communication session; associating the at least one portion of the at... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150143291 - System and method for controlling data items displayed on a user interface: The present application discloses a method for controlling data items displayed on a touch-sensitive display of a computing device. The method includes, at the computing device, displaying a plurality of data items on a graphical user interface of the touch display, and detecting a sequence of finger gestures on the... Agent:

20150143292 - Method and device for processing application of mobile terminal: A method and a device for processing an application of a mobile terminal are provided. The method for processing the application of the mobile terminal includes: generating a display interface, where the display interface includes a user habit list, the user habit list includes at least one user habit option,... Agent:

20150143293 - Component determination and gaze provoked interaction: According to the invention, a method for selecting a program from a list of programs is disclosed. The method may include receiving an indication that a first non-gaze input has been received. The method may also include causing a list of programs to be shown on a display. The method... Agent:

20150143294 - System and method for presenting a responsive multi-layered ordered set of elements: A system and method for presenting a scrollable-list interface comprising defining an ordered set of elements which includes elements classified into at least two layers; rendering a set of first layer elements of the ordered set in a navigable interface, the set of first layer elements ordered according to the... Agent:

20150143295 - Method, apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for displaying and executing functions of portable device: A portable device and method of selecting an executable function of the portable device are provided. The method includes receiving grip information regarding a gripping state of the portable device; determining whether the portable device is in a function list display request state according to the grip information; receiving swipe... Agent:

20150143296 - Method and apparatus for operating graphic menu bar and recording medium using the same: A method and an apparatus for operating a graphic menu bar and a recording medium using the same, suitable for a portable electronic device having a touch screen, are provided. First, a graphic menu bar is provided, which includes M graphic items arranged in sequence, where M is a positive... Agent:

20150143298 - Control system for governing and/or monitoring how an image data-stack is viewed: Image analysis systems components, devices, and methods are provided for viewing the image data stack in less time with less effort and less repetitive motions. The navigation device, for example, can include: (i) an indexing state selector for independently selecting a desired subset within the independently viewable subsets, the desired... Agent:

20150143297 - Input detection for a head mounted device: Methods and devices for providing a user-interface are disclosed. In one aspect, a head-mounted-device system includes a processor data storage comprising user-interface logic executable by the at least one processor to receive data corresponding to first position of a head-mounted display (HMD) and responsively cause the HMD to display a... Agent: Google Inc.

20150143299 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: The mobile terminal according to the present invention includes a display, and a controller configured to cause the display to display an object related to content, a menu icon for processing the content in response to a first touch input applied to the object, a submenu associated with the menu... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150143300 - Conjunctive menu organization: Systems and methods are provided for displaying content items to a user. The user is allowed to select a plural, proper subset of a first set of categories, and a proper subset of a first set of subordinate items is displayed according to the selected plural, proper subset of the... Agent:

20150143301 - Evaluating three-dimensional geographical environments using a divided bounding area: Embodiments relate to evaluating structures located in a geographic area that is divided into divided bounding areas using a three-dimensional environment representing the structures. In an embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes a method for dividing a three-dimensional environment depicting the structures into the divided bounding areas where each divided bounding... Agent: Google Inc.

20150143302 - Method of providing virtual reality based three-dimensional interface for web object searches and real-time metadata representations and web search system using the three-dimensional interface: A method of providing a virtual reality-based three-dimensional interface for a web object search and a real time metadata representations and a web search system using the three-dimensional interface thereof are provided. In this method, a plurality of nodes each in which a node identification label string to which an... Agent:

20150143303 - Methods and apparatus for the management and viewing of calendar event information: The present document describes methods and apparatuses for managing and viewing calendar event items in an electronic calendaring application. For example, calendar event items may be viewed in an “agenda” view. A calendar event item may have a date and include any information relating to a corresponding calendar event. According... Agent: Blackberry Limited

05/14/2015 > 103 patent applications in 53 patent subcategories.

20150135044 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, computer program, and recording medium: Disclosed herein is an information processing apparatus including: a native processing section adapted to perform processing based on a program stored therein so as to generate a native image as a processing result; a web processing section adapted to generate a web image based on data requested to a server;... Agent:

20150135045 - Method and system for creation and/or publication of collaborative multi-source media presentations: A method implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code tangibly embodied on a computer readable medium, including recording at least one of audio, video, still image, text and other data representations; and creating a multi-source media presentation, including the one or more of the audio, video, still image,... Agent: Tutti Dynamics, Inc.

20150135043 - Method and system for generating and modifying electronic organizational charts: A method for generating an electronic organizational chart for an organization, comprising: receiving information from a data source relating to the organization; using the information, selecting a template for the organization chart from a template store, wherein the template represents a type of organization; populating the template with the information... Agent:

20150135046 - Systems and methods for managing notes: A mobile device comprises a sensor to produce image data containing a visual representation of a plurality of physical notes, each of the physical notes comprising separate physical objects, a processor, and at least one module. The module can process the image data to determine boundaries for each of the... Agent:

20150135047 - Vector graphics classification engine: A vector graphics classification engine and associated method for classifying vector graphics in a fixed format document is described herein and illustrated in the accompanying figures. The vector graphics classification engine defines a pipeline for categorizing vector graphics parsed from the fixed format document as font, text, paragraph, table, and... Agent: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC.

20150135049 - Dynamic multimedia pairing: The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for producing mixed media. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention are configured to provide users the ability to play one or more multimedia files and mix the files in real time (live) according to user manipulation of system controls and or... Agent:

20150135048 - Methods, apparatus, and systems for visually representing a relative relevance of content elements to an attractor: Relationships between content elements and an attractor may be visually displayed on a page. More specifically, the relevance of one or more characteristics of the content elements to one or more attributes of the attractor may be depicted by organizing the attractor and the content elements on a page so... Agent: Panafold

20150135050 - Form field creation systems and methods: A method for creating a field for a database object in a database system includes displaying, via a user interface, a page associated with the database object, and receiving via the user interface, a request to create a field for the database object. A plurality of field creation options for... Agent:

20150135051 - Method for automatically generating documents and corresponding generator: The present disclosure relates to a method for automatically generating documents having parameterized content, and a corresponding generator. It can be applied, in particular, to the automatic generation of proxies or powers intended to authorize a proxy to perform an action on behalf of a principal. Document contains a plurality... Agent:

20150135052 - Space-optimized display of multi-column tables: The display of a multi-column table can be optimized. For example, a container, such as a multi-column table, can have a first container width. The container includes first text, second text, and a divider, such as an icon, whitespace, or text, between the first text and the second text. The... Agent:

20150135054 - Comments on named objects: Associating comments with named objects is provided. A document may include a comment attached to a named object (e.g., a chart, a named range, a table, a pivot table, a piece of data in a pivot table, a shape, a picture, a graphic, clip art, an object within an object,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150135053 - Computer-program products and methods for annotating ambiguous terms of electronic text documents: Computer-program products and methods for automatically annotating terms, such as ambiguous terms, in an electronic text document are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of annotating a text document includes determining, by a computing device, a term of interest within the text document. The method further includes searching a data... Agent: Elsevier B.v.

20150135055 - Rib labeling for 2d images: In at least one embodiment of the invention, a method of rib labeling for 2D images is disclosed. In at least one embodiment a corresponding computation unit, a system including a computation unit and a displaying unit, a medical imaging device, and a computer program are also disclosed. According to... Agent: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

20150135060 - Automated content update notification: Features are disclosed for detecting meaningful updates to network accessible content, including but not limited to web pages. The portion or portions of content that are meaningful can be automatically determined based on a previously defined content profile, an analysis of user interactions with the content, algorithms and automated content... Agent:

20150135058 - Media forums for managing mobile generated user content and associations to articles: Methods, systems and computer readable media are provided for managing user generated content in relation to content. One example method includes receiving content from a mobile device. The received content is associated to one or more entities. The method associates the received content to a media forum. The association of... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150135057 - Media forums for presenting and managing user generated content regarding articles presented on websites: Methods, systems and computer readable media are provided for managing user generated content in relation to content. One example method includes receiving a request to access an article having descriptive content that includes one or more entities. Each entity in the article has an assigned prominence score, and the request... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20150135059 - Method for learning using linked devices: This invention include embodiments for using a second device as a companion device to a first device to provide or enhance functions that are better supported using two or more display areas and/or I/O interface concurrently, comprising using a companion device with a first processor and local memory for running... Agent:

20150135056 - Techniques for creating dynamic interactive infographics: A computer implemented system comprises one or more computer processors and a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium. The non-transitory computer-readable storage medium comprises instructions, that when executed, control the one or more computer processors to be configured for receiving a first input representative of associating the text object and the graphical... Agent: Business Objects Software Ltd.

20150135061 - Systems and methods for parallel traversal of document object model tree: Systems and methods are disclosed for traversing a DOM tree in parallel by utilizing a multi-core processor to expedite webpage layout process. The contents of an HTML webpage may be parsed into a Document Object Model (DOM) tree including nodes representing the contents of the HTML webpage. A Cascade Style... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20150135062 - Displaying a folding document: A technique for displaying a folding document can include connecting an edge of a first panel to an edge of a second panel to create a shared edge representing a fold of a folding document. The first panel and second panel can form a first area of the folding document,... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20150135063 - Systems, computer-program products and methods for annotating documents by expanding abbreviated text: Systems, computer-program products and methods for annotating electronic text documents by resolving abbreviated text of concepts defined in a controlled vocabulary. In one embodiment, a method of annotating an electronic text document includes evaluating, by a computer, the electronic text document for one or more multi-word expressions having a first... Agent: Elsevier B.v.

20150135064 - Method and system for creating temporary visual indicia: The present invention relates to new and improved embodiments of systems and methods for using a “pen” input as a temporary pointer to highlight a portion of a document and having the “ink” disappear. In embodiments, a method and system for temporarily marking a portion of a document comprises sending... Agent: Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC

20150135065 - Electronic apparatus and method: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a display processor. The display processor is configured to display one or more first strokes on a screen. The display processor is configured to display a plurality of candidates each indicative of one or more handwritten characters in a handwritten document, the... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20150135066 - Dual text and drawing input: An embodiment provides a method, including: receiving handwriting input at a user input interface; rendering the handwriting input on a display device; after rendering the handwriting input, determining a user selection of a format for entering the handwriting input into an application; and entering the handwriting input into the application... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150135067 - Intelligent data presentation: One or more embodiments of techniques or systems for intelligent data presentation are provided herein. Data can be presented on similar devices having different characteristics in different manners. For example, data may be rendered in a first manner on a first device having one monitor, the same data may be... Agent: Wells Fargo Bank, N.a.

20150135074 - Adaptive intervals in navigating content and/or media: The present embodiments provide methods and apparatuses for use in navigating through content. Some embodiments provide methods for use in navigating through content that receive an initial first directional control command, activate a seek mode upon receipt of the initial first directional control command comprising advancing over a first amount... Agent:

20150135070 - Display apparatus, server apparatus and user interface screen providing method thereof: A display apparatus is disclosed. The display apparatus includes a display to display contents on a screen and a controller to control the display to display a feedback user interface (UI) on the screen which is generated based on a user preference of the contents, and the feedback UI may... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150135072 - Media playback control through remote device control: Methods and systems are provided for establishing a connection with a first processor-based device at a second processor-based device, receiving through the connection a control command from the first processor-based device implemented according to a first protocol, wherein the command corresponds to a remote control command received through a remote... Agent:

20150135071 - Method and apparatus for distribution and presentation of audio visual data enhancements: A method, apparatus, article of manufacture, and system for the distribution and presentation of audio visual data enhancements is disclosed. Media content includes primary and secondary assets which can be presented and navigated therebetween, via widgets and asset maps that can be remotely authenticated and updated.... Agent: Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc.

20150135068 - Method for performing multimedia management utilizing tags, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product: A method and apparatus for performing multimedia management utilizing tags and an associated computer program product are provided, where the method is applied to an electronic device. The method includes the steps of: providing a user interface to allow a user to add at least one tag corresponding to at... Agent: Htc Corporation

20150135075 - Select drag and drop operations on video thumbnails across clip boundaries: A computer-implemented method includes displaying, within a user interface in a digital media system, a media pane, and a project pane, displaying, within the media pane, a thumbnail group representing a media item, the thumbnail group comprising one or more thumbnails, enabling a user to select, from the thumbnail group,... Agent:

20150135069 - Semi-automatic organic layout for media streams: In order to display a set of media items in a visually pleasing manner, the relationship between the set of media items and a plurality of predefined media arrangements may be determined. A score corresponding to the set of media items may be compared to a score corresponding to each... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150135073 - Systems and methods of selection, characterization and automated sequencing of media content: In a computer system having at least one output device, a set of media programs is accessed. A playlist first portion including a first plurality of the media programs of the set is created. The programs of the first portion are arranged with respect to one another according to a... Agent:

20150135076 - Embeddable media upload object: A user device's browser receives a page from a publishing system and presents content of the page within a window. Instructions from a media hosting system cause a frame to be created within the window. The frame includes a media upload object from a media hosting system that has a... Agent:

20150135077 - Systems and methods for creating, searching, organizing, selecting and distributing video content based on mood: Systems and methods for content creation, selection, organization and distribution are described. Video content of varying lengths is created based on one or more moods conveyed by the video content to viewers. The content can be searched based on those moods using ranges or sensory moods. Range searches are performed... Agent:

20150135079 - Blind control system for a vehicle: A blind control system for a vehicle includes a touch screen configured to detect an input operation of a user and a position of the input, output a corresponding signal, and display an operated menu item, an accelerator pedal sensor configured to detect an operation of an accelerator pedal and... Agent:

20150135078 - User interface control in portable system: This document discloses a portable system comprising a physical activity monitoring device comprising: a wireless proximity detection module configured to detect a proximity of an input control entity with respect to the physical activity monitoring device and output a control signal as a response to the detection, wherein the proximity... Agent: Polar Electro Oy

20150135080 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to provide wireless communication; a touch screen; and a controller configured to receive a plurality of taps applied to the touch screen, and display at least one function executable by the mobile terminal on the touch screen based the received plurality... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150135081 - Document sharing through browser: Presenters are enabled to broadcast a document to remote viewers from one browser to another. While viewing a document in the web browser, a user can share the document out to remote viewers by providing them with a link that when selected, opens the document synchronously with the presenter in... Agent:

20150135083 - Communication system, electronic device and communication method: A communication system is provided. The communication system includes a main electronic device and an auxiliary electronic device. The auxiliary electronic device would send a connection sound wave signal. When the main electronic device receives the connection sound wave signal, the main electronic device sends a positioning signal. When the... Agent:

20150135082 - Method and apparatus for providing shared user interface view: An approach for providing a shared user interface view is described. A user interface view sharing platform may present a user interface view at a first device for interacting with a second device, wherein the first device has an interface to the second device. The user interface view sharing platform... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

20150135084 - Cloud visualization and management systems and methods: Cloud visualization and management systems and methods are described.... Agent:

20150135086 - Method and apparatus for providing application information: A method for providing application information in an electronic device includes providing at least one application item including information regarding a corresponding application, by using a first specified area of a display operatively coupled to an electronic device, identifying or selecting at least one item from the at least one... Agent:

20150135085 - System and method for activity management presentation: A system, computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program, and computer-implemented method for presenting a set of intention objects arranged by coarse time windows is disclosed. In example embodiments, the method may include accessing a set of intention objects belonging to a user. Each of the intention objects may... Agent: Kavaanu, Inc.

20150135089 - Adjustment of user interface elements based on user accuracy and content consumption: Systems and methods for adjusting user interface elements based on user accuracy and content consumption are disclosed. According to an aspect, a method includes receiving user input for interacting with one or more elements presented by a user interface. The method also includes determining an estimate of user accuracy for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150135088 - Aggregating and presenting event information: Embodiments of the disclosure aggregate and present event information relating to a calendar event associated with an application executing on a computing device. In some embodiments, data relating to the calendar event is obtained from a content source that is outside an execution context of the application. The data relating... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150135091 - Display apparatus and controlling method thereof: A display apparatus is disclosed. The display apparatus includes a display which displays a content, a user interface which receives user interaction regarding a content, and a controller which assigns at least one symbol item to the content based on the user interaction and provides the content from among a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150135090 - User adaptive interface providing system and method: Provided are a system and a method that analyze a use environment of a user to provide a user adaptive interface suitable for the user. The system acquires an image of a user by using a camera built/equipped in a display displaying an interface, analyzes a physical use environment of... Agent: Sigongmedia Co., Ltd

20150135087 - User interface for sensor system: A method, an apparatus, and a computer program for displaying application data associated with a sensor apparatus. The method includes: acquiring, by a user interface apparatus from a sensor apparatus, an identifier as a result of wireless communication between the user interface apparatus and the sensor apparatus; transmitting, by the... Agent: Ceruus Oy

20150135092 - Apparatus and method for exchanging data: Provided are an apparatus and method for exchanging data. The data exchanging device includes an exchange data storage part configured to store exchange data acquired from a first terminal and transmitted to a second terminal, an exchange data communication part configured to connect communication to the first terminal or the... Agent: Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

20150135093 - Transferring information among devices using sensors: Data provided on a first computing device is represented by a graphical object displayed on a screen. A user can initiate an “attach event” with a gesture to enable the graphical object to be associated and/or virtually attached to the user and/or a user's hand/fingers. An image capture component can... Agent:

20150135094 - Collaborative platform for teams with messaging and learning across groups: The present disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for providing collaboration among users within a group for improved communication and scheduling.... Agent: Tempo Ai, Inc.

20150135097 - File-level commenting: Various embodiments provide a commenting system for multiple users to provide and share comments to shared content items. For example, users can share a web link to a collection of content items, such as documents, spreadsheets, photos, and any other media, with other users stored in an online content management... Agent: Dropbox, Inc.

20150135095 - Smart scheduling and reporting for teams: The present disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for providing collaboration among users within a group and to provide improved scheduling and reports based on group characteristics.... Agent: Tempo Al, Inc.

20150135096 - System and method for displaying context-aware contact details: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for displaying context-aware contact details. An example system gathers information associated with behavior of a first user, wherein a list of contacts on a communication system for a second user contains the first user. The system can select, from the information,... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150135098 - System and method for mode-neutral communications with a widget-based communications metaphor: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for managing communications mode neutrally using widgets. The method includes presenting via a graphical user interface (GUI) a set of connected graphical elements representing a communication session comprising at least two communicating users, wherein each graphical element representing a user... Agent:

20150135099 - System and method for virtual environment preservation based on automated item reduction: A method implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code, includes detecting one of an absence of a virtual universe (VU) occurrence in a VU within a predetermined time period, a special event in the VU and a change of real world status from a previous real world status.... Agent:

20150135100 - Visual state comparator: In various example embodiments, systems and methods for providing visual state comparisons is provided. In example embodiments, parameters are received from a user device of a user. The parameters indicate different browser/operating system combinations for a visual comparison of screenshots of a state for the different browser/operating system combinations. Based... Agent:

20150135101 - Function based interface: One or more embodiments of techniques or systems for intelligent data presentation are provided herein. Data can be presented on similar devices having different characteristics in different manners. For example, data may be rendered in a first manner on a first device having one monitor, the same data may be... Agent: Wells Fargo Bank, N.a.

20150135102 - Method of managing digital image, computer readable storage medium recording the method, and digital image managing electronic apparatus: A method of managing digital images is disclosed. The method includes displaying images that a user may select; setting, by selection from images displayed on a display unit, a representative image and subsidiary images based on user input; creating a file including the representative image and the subsidiary images; and... Agent:

20150135104 - Grid designer for multiple contexts: The disclosure generally describes computer-implemented methods, software, and systems for interacting with a UI design in a first context and automatically performing and previewing related interactions with the UI design in at least one other context. A computer-implemented method includes, in one example, presenting a user interface (UI) layout for... Agent:

20150135105 - Interacting with an application: The embodiments herein provide a method and system for interacting with an application icon of an electronic device. Further, the method includes associating an interaction of the application icon with an activity to be performed in the application. Furthermore, the method includes executing the activity defined by the interaction without... Agent:

20150135107 - Notification area that persistently rearranges elements: Embodiments described herein are directed to managing elements within a notification area of a graphical operating system. The elements may include any graphic, logo, or image associated with running software. A user indicates which elements can be displayed in the notification area, consequently creating a list of potentially displayable elements.... Agent:

20150135106 - Radiation imaging apparatus, display processing method of the same, and computer-readable storage medium: A radiation imaging apparatus for imaging a radiation image inputs an operation instruction from a user and performs display control of a screen that has an input region in which one or more information input regions for having various types of information input thereto are disposed, and a workflow region... Agent:

20150135103 - Two step content selection with auto content categorization: In a first step of a two step content selection operation, initial content can be selected by detecting movement of a content selection object with respect to a computing device. The selection area can be calculated based on the object movement that is detected. The content within the selection area... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150135109 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying user interface objects corresponding to an application: An electronic device with a touch-sensitive surface and a display, that includes one or more sensors to detect intensity of contacts with the touch-sensitive surface, displays a plurality of application icons, where the plurality of application icons include a respective application icon corresponding to a respective application. While a focus... Agent:

20150135108 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating user interfaces based on fingerprint sensor inputs: Devices, methods and graphical user interfaces for manipulating user interfaces based on fingerprint sensor inputs are provided. While a display of an electronic device with a fingerprint sensor displays a first user interface, the device may detect movement of a fingerprint on the fingerprint sensor. In accordance with a determination... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150135110 - Utilizing object cloning to enable nested drag and drop: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for nested object drag and drop enablement utilizing object cloning. In an embodiment of the invention, a method of nested object drag and drop enablement utilizing object cloning includes the detection of a drag event in a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150135111 - Utilizing object cloning to enable nested drag and drop: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for nested object drag and drop enablement utilizing object cloning. In an embodiment of the invention, a method of nested object drag and drop enablement utilizing object cloning includes the detection of a drag event in a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150135112 - Two step content selection: In a first step of a two step content selection operation, initial content can be selected by detecting movement of a content selection object with respect to a computing device. The selection area can be calculated based on the object movement that is detected. The content within the selection area... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150135117 - Apparatus and method for providing customized viewing and control of field devices through custom groups and actions in a process control system: A method includes generating a graphical display associated with an industrial process control system having multiple field devices. The graphical display includes a custom group of field devices, where the custom group includes a user-defined subset of the field devices. The method also includes presenting the graphical display. The method... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150135116 - Control user interface element for continuous variable: One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for providing a control user interface (UI) element. The control UI element, associated with a continuous variable, may be displayed, such as in association with a user interface (e.g., the control UI element may correspond to a view rotation variable of a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150135114 - Distinguishable geographic area presentation: A method and apparatus for rendering geographic areas involves presenting at least part of the geographic area in a distinctive fashion. An area of interest is identified. A location of the area of interest as a geographic sub-area within a geographic area is determined. A representation of the area of... Agent: Here Global B.v.

20150135113 - Gestures for manipulating tables, charts, and graphs: Gestures are described for manipulating tables, charts and graphs. For tables, a swipe gesture is described that deletes a column from a table when the gesture is detected on a column of the table. A pinch gesture is also described that combines two or more columns or rows of a... Agent: Business Objects Software Ltd.

20150135119 - Graphical user interface for analysis and comparison of location-specific multiparameter data sets: A graphical user interface on a computer provides for the analysis of location specific data and the presentation of analysis results for visual comparison by a user. Results of the analysis are visually presented as icons subdivided into regions and arranged in such a way that the user is able... Agent: Emd Millipore Corporation

20150135118 - Indicator and analytics for sensor insertion in a continuous analyte monitoring system and related methods: The present embodiments provide systems and methods for, among others, tracking sensor insertion locations in a continuous analyte monitoring system. Data gathered from sensor sessions can be used in different ways, such as providing a user with a suggested rotation of insertion locations, correlating data from a given sensor session... Agent:

20150135115 - Multi-touch input for changing text and image attributes: An embodiment provides a method, including: accepting, at a touch input component, touch input; rendering, on a display device, the touch input in a touch input interface; determining, using a processor, multi-touch input for modifying an attribute of the touch input rendering; modifying, using the processor, the attribute of the... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150135122 - Assignment of multiple letters, characters, numbers, strokes and symbols to an individual key on a virtual/soft keyboard displayed on a viewing screen of an electronic device: g. said first software program causes the insertion into said designated data input area of said display screen of the data character that is in focus at the time said continuous touch or press of said individual key is terminated by said user and if said user has not terminated... Agent:

20150135123 - Cursor-based character input interface: A cursor-based character input interface inputs a character selected by a cursor. A character prediction unit is adapted to predict one or more next characters based on a current input character, wherein the input interface is adapted to present the one or more predicted next characters as a supplementary interface... Agent:

20150135120 - Touch panel input device, and image formation device: In a touch panel input device, in cases when display and input functions fail in one area, touch keys can be displayed without modifying the normal touch-key-image layout, while retaining the normal touch-key-image layout relationship. When a touch panel input device fails, a designation for an alternative display area (51)... Agent:

20150135121 - User-interface for entering alphanumerical characters: An information processing system has a display monitor and a user-interface for text entry. The display monitor presents the set of alphanumerical characters in a spatial configuration of three parallel horizontal rows or three parallel vertical columns. The “left”-button and the “right” button of the directional buttons of the user-interface... Agent:

20150135124 - Multi-zone interface switching method and device: Disclosed is a multi-zone interface switching device, comprising: a special-effect adding module configured for establishing a special effect information list using a plurality of set special effect zones, a special effect style and a special effect frame number of each special effect zone, and providing the special effect information list... Agent: Zte Corporation

20150135126 - Automated touch screen zoom: Systems and techniques are described for automated zoom and selection of content on a touch screen device. A described technique includes receiving a first touch input contacting a touch screen display of a user device at a first position in a user interface presented at a first magnification, while continuing... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150135125 - Bubble loupes: Bubble loupes may be displayed over a portion of a display screen to magnify a region of the display screen. Users may select a region of an image to be displayed as a magnified view on the display screen as a bubble loupe, which automatically resizes and repositions as size... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150135130 - Console windowing systems and methods: A method for accessing a database system includes displaying, on a first display, a main workspace user interface including a plurality of components associated with the database system. A request to create a pop-out representation of a selected component is received via the main workspace user interface. The pop-out representation... Agent:

20150135129 - Electronic device having touchscreen and input processing method thereof: A method and an apparatus are provided for performing a function corresponding to a recognized user input through a touch screen. The method includes displaying a window of an application; displaying a setting menu of the application; receiving a selection for at least one item in the setting menu; recognizing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150135128 - Method and device for clicking and selecting object in three-dimensional virtual reality scene: A method for clicking and selecting an object in a three-dimensional virtual reality scene is provided. The method includes: receiving a positioning signal of a target object in a three-dimensional virtual reality scene; projecting the target object to a set position in a display window according to the positioning signal;... Agent:

20150135127 - Vendor website gui for marketing greeting cards: A system stores, in a database, different stock templates and also, for each stock template, a stock image to be displayed with the template. The system receives a user-designated image. The system then displays items simultaneously. Each item incorporates a different one of the stock templates along with the respective... Agent: Minted LLC

20150135131 - Temporally adjusted application window drop shadows: A method and system for determining a first local time of day for a user device, and determining a first value of a visual aspect of a drop shadow associated with an application window on the display based on of the first local time of day. The drop shadow is... Agent: Red Hat, Inc.

20150135132 - Selection attractive interfaces, systems and apparatuses including such interfaces, methods for making and using same: Systems, interfaces, and methods for implementing the systems and interfaces includes selection attractive movement as the selection protocol, where a selection object is used to discriminate between selectable objects and attract a target object toward the selection objects, where the direction and speed of the motion controls, discriminates, attracts, and... Agent:

20150135133 - Adjustable smooth scrolling: An embodiment provides a method, including: scrolling content rendered in a display device at a first positive speed; receiving, at an optical sensor, image information of a user of an information handling device; determining, using a processor, a focal point of user gaze with respect to the content rendered in... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20150135134 - Viewable frame identification: A set of media items may be matched with a media arrangement that displays the media items in the set in a group of frames. The media arrangement may extend across an area larger than a viewable area of a display device. In order to determine the media items that... Agent: Apple Inc.

20150135135 - Method for image controlling and portable electronic apparatus using the same: A method for image controlling is disclosed. The method is applied in a portable electronic device, wherein the portable electronic device comprises a touch display module. The method comprises: defining a signal input area on the touch display module; detecting input signal on the signal input area; and displaying a... Agent: Acer Inc.

20150135136 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a determination unit configured to determine, for each window, whether time decided by a certain method has elapsed since a last operation performed on a window in a display screen, and a control unit configured to shut down an application of a... Agent:

20150135137 - User experience for processing and cropping images: A user experience for processing and cropping images is provided. A menu of image processing modes may be displayed by a computing device. A selection of one of the image processing modes from the menu may then be received. An image may then be received by the computing device. The... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150135139 - Method for realizing user interface using camera and mobile communication terminal for the same: A method for realizing a user interface using a camera module and a mobile communication terminal for the same. If a user makes a predetermined motion in a state in which the camera module of the mobile communication terminal is activated, the mobile communication terminal performs a predetermined action according... Agent:

20150135138 - Rating an item with a communication device: An icon for rating an item, the icon including a graduated indication of a degree of liking or disliking the item.... Agent:

20150135140 - Microscope-image display control method, computer-readable recording medium storing microscope-image display control program, and microscope-image display device: A microscope image desired for observation is specified in a shorter time while playing back microscope images. Provided is a microscope-image display control method including a displaying step of displaying, of a plurality of microscope images acquired by moving a focal position of an objective optical system of a microscope... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20150135141 - Method and apparatus for creating a control interface of a peripheral device: The present disclosure discloses a method and apparatus for creating a control interface of a peripheral device, which pertains to the art of computer. The method includes: when the peripheral device is connected to a terminal, generating ingress of the peripheral device on an interface of the terminal; receiving a... Agent:

20150135142 - Electronic medical system touch phrase technology: Electronic medical system touch phrase technology includes a method comprising initializing a touch phrase button by a processor such that the initializing associates a first text with the touch phrase button; receiving an input associated with the touch phrase button; updating a state of the touch phrase button based upon... Agent:

20150135143 - Systems and methods for speed-adjustable model navigation: Systems and methods for speed-adjustable model navigation are provided. In aspects, a model platform includes a model engine and a speed tool that operates with the model engine to generate a graphical view of a geological model. Various features of the geological object may be encoded or reflected in the... Agent:

20150135144 - Apparatus for obtaining virtual 3d object information without requiring pointer: Disclosed is an apparatus for obtaining 3D virtual object information which includes a 3D coordinates calculation portion for calculating 3D coordinates data for a body of a user to extract first space coordinates and second space coordinates from the calculated 3D coordinates data, a touch location calculation portion for calculating... Agent:

20150135145 - Electronic device: There is provided a user-friendly electronic device including: touch sensors provided on a first surface and at least a second surface other than the first surface; a processor that displays application information based on a way of holding the electronic device by a user, the processor detecting the way of... Agent:

05/07/2015 > 84 patent applications in 50 patent subcategories.

20150128016 - Assistive technology for the visually impaired: Disclosed are methods and apparatus for generating accessible documents. In one embodiment, an initial document in a print format is obtained. The print format of the initial document is identified as one of a plurality of print formats. A parser corresponding to the one of the plurality of print formats... Agent:

20150128015 - Browsing system, terminal, image server, program, computer-readable recording medium storing program, and method: A browsing system (1) comprises a terminal (100) for extracting additional information specifying characters or character strings that should be added to an image, from a document or text character strings that are to be transformed contained in a program specified by that document. In addition, the browsing system (1)... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20150128014 - Systems, methods, and media for content management and sharing: Methods, systems, and media for creating a layout of digital content are provided. In some embodiments, the method comprises: presenting a layout of digital content, wherein the layout of digital content includes a plurality of elements, and each element can be associated with a piece of digital content; receiving a... Agent:

20150128017 - Enabling interactive screenshots within collaborative applications: A resource link within a selected portion of an interface can be identified. The link can include a visible interface element and a non-visible reference to a resource. The reference can be a Uniform Resource Identifier. The identity of an application associated with the interface can be established. The identity... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150128018 - Method and system for formatting data from one software application source into a format compatible for importing into another software application: A method and system electronically pull, using an extension of a launched program, accounting data from a launched accounting software application. The pulled data is converted, by the extension, into a format compatible with a second accounting software application. The converted data is written into the launched application associated with... Agent:

20150128019 - Electronic apparatus, method and storage medium: According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a receiver and a display controller. The receiver is configured to receive information of a handwritten document including a hand-written table, the hand-written table including a plurality of cells, a first cell including at least one first object. The display controller is... Agent:

20150128020 - System and method for collaboration based on geographical location: A system and method for collaboration based on geographical location are disclosed. A particular embodiment includes: generating, by execution of a data processor, a user interface for creating and viewing notes, the user interface including a digital map and a console; creating, by use of tools provided by the console,... Agent:

20150128022 - Electronic document retrieval and reporting: An approach is provided for retrieving electronic documents. The approach provides a Web-based graphical user interface that allows users to construct complex queries that include Boolean clauses, proximity clauses and/or keyword phrases, without requiring the users to have a working knowledge of query languages. The Web-based graphical user interface also... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20150128023 - Graphical user interface machine to present a window: Within a graphical user interface, a window may be spawned at one point in time and then populated with content at a later point in time. By execution of browser-executable code by a user's device and corresponding server-side code by a machine, a pop-under window may be spawned by the... Agent:

20150128021 - Heads-up display for improving on-line efficiency with a browser: Embodiments are directed to a heads-up display for improving efficiency for displaying information using a web browser. Content-of-interest may be determined in web documents based in part on content profiles corresponding to the web documents. The determined content-of-interest may be compared with other information stored separately from the web browser.... Agent: Dataspher Technologies, Inc.

20150128026 - Markup assistance apparatus, method and program: According to one embodiment, a markup assistance apparatus includes an acquisition unit, a first calculation unit, a detection unit and a presentation unit. The acquisition unit acquires a feature amount for respective tags, each of the tags being used to control text-to-speech processing of a markup text. The first calculation... Agent:

20150128025 - Method and system for customizing multimedia content of webpages: A method and system for customizing a webpage for display on a user device are provided. The system includes receiving a request to display the webpage on the user device; generating at least one signature for each multimedia content data element (MMDE) of a plurality of MMDEs associated with the... Agent: Cortica, Ltd.

20150128024 - System and method for matching content to multimedia content respective of analysis of user variables: A system and method for matching content to a multimedia content element are provide. The method includes receiving a request to display a webpage on a user node; receiving at least one personal variable related to a user of the user node; extracting at least one multimedia content element from... Agent: Cortica, Ltd.

20150128027 - Preparation of textual content: The invention relates to solution of preparing font information related to textual content of a document. Within the solution a document file is received as an input and the content of at least the received document file is parsed, the parsing comprising determination of font information related to textual content... Agent:

20150128029 - Method and apparatus for rendering data of web application and recording medium thereof: A method of rendering data of an application is provided. A source code of the application is acquired to extract attribute information of data displayed on an execution screen of the application from the acquired source code and render data based on the extracted attribute information. Therefore, a speed and... Agent:

20150128028 - Methods for extending a selector application programming interface and devices thereof: A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and web content management server device that receives a cascading style sheet (CSS) selector expression comprising a plurality of expression components. Whether an equivalent XML path language (XPath) expression can be generated for each of the expression components is determined. Each of the expression... Agent: Usablenet Inc.

20150128031 - Contents display method and electronic device implementing the same: A method for displaying an electronic document in an electronic device is provided. The method for displaying the electronic document in the electronic device having a touch panel installed on a screen includes recognizing, by the electronic device, a main area in the electronic document, adjusting a width of the... Agent:

20150128030 - Method for inline image resizing: The present invention provides a computer implemented method for resizing an inline image on a server. The method includes generating a Hyper-text markup language (here in after HTML) image template, receiving a request for the inline image from a mobile device by the transceiver, retrieving the image by the one... Agent: M/s. Mobilemotion Technologies Private Limited

20150128032 - Generating canonical representations of json documents: Systems and techniques are described for generating canonical representations of JSON documents. One of the techniques includes receiving a first JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document, wherein the first document includes one or more JSON objects, and wherein each JSON object includes one or more name-value pairs; generating a first canonical... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20150128033 - Method and apparatus for webpage browsing: A webpage browsing method is provided. The method includes receiving a web address entered by a user for a webpage to be displayed on a terminal device and sending webpage request information containing the received web address to a server based on the received web address. The method also includes... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150128034 - Achieving better case outcomes through the use of aggregate case histories: A method of case management includes receiving a plurality of previously executed case instances, receiving a selection of current case attributes and at least one candidate case outcome during runtime of a currently executing case instance, and generating a visual representation of case distributions using the previously executed case instances.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150128036 - Method, apparatus and electronic device for moving target element: Methods, apparatus and electronic devices for moving a target element are provided herein. An exemplary method can be implemented on an electronic device having a display unit. The display unit can display a display interface. A selection signal can be received. A state of a target element on the display... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20150128035 - User interface, information display method, and computer readable medium: An information processing device includes processing circuitry that receives slide information from an operation unit regarding a slide operation performed on a displayed time that is slid across at least a portion of a display. The processing circuitry also changes a displayed image in accordance with time information associated with... Agent:

20150128037 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same terminal: Provided is a mobile terminal including: a display unit on which screen information is output; a translation function unit that translates a translation-source information portion of the screen information that is output to the display unit; and a controller that outputs translation-target information into which the translation-source information portion is... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150128038 - Guided profile editing system: According to various exemplary embodiments, it is determined that a particular user is associated with a particular member segment of a networking website. Further, a task prioritization list associated with the particular member segment is accessed. The task prioritization list may include a prioritized list of profile update tasks associated... Agent:

20150128041 - Devices and methods for displaying interface elements of media players: Devices and methods are provided for displaying interface elements of a player. For example, whether an interface cursor moves is detected; a detection result is generated; in response to the detection result indicating that the interface cursor moves, a starting time of a movement of the interface cursor and one... Agent:

20150128040 - Generating custom sequences of video streams: Custom sequences of video streams are generated and stored. These video streams can be of the same event and can be presented to the user to allow the user to select to view a particular stream at any given time during playback of the event or occurrence. The sequence in... Agent:

20150128039 - Newness control of a personalized music and/or entertainment sequence: Apparatus and method for Newness Control of a Personalized Music and/or Entertainment Sequence. Apparatus for personalized music or entertainment may include a newness control, configured to be adjustable by a user, to indicate an amount or portion of new compositions that the user desires to experience. A processor or processors... Agent:

20150128042 - Multitasking experiences with interactive picture-in-picture: A user interface (“UI”) includes a personalized home screen that can be brought up at any time from any experience provided by applications, games, movies, television, and other content that is available on a computing platform such as a multimedia console using a single button press on a controller, using... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20150128043 - Apparatus, method and system for managing avn: An apparatus, a method, and a system for managing an audio video navigation (AVN) are provided. The method includes collecting, by a processor, status information related to a vehicle and a surrounding environment of the vehicle and providing the collected information to a download server to store a plurality of... Agent: Hyundai Motor Company

20150128044 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: A mobile terminal and a method for controlling the same are disclosed. The mobile terminal includes a display and a controller configured to display at least one piece of video content on the display, to extract at least one text from at least one of an image and sound included... Agent:

20150128045 - E-map based intuitive video searching system and method for surveillance systems: An e-map based intuitive video searching system and method for surveillance systems is provided. Methods include displaying an electronic map of a monitored region on a user interface device, receiving user input for selecting an area in the monitored region, and responsive to the received user input, displaying information related... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20150128046 - Interactive contextual panels for navigating a content stream: Displaying a graphical user interface on a second-screen device. The graphical user interface can include a partial video stream displayed in a video display area on a touchscreen of the second-screen device and a contextual panel in an active display area on the touchscreen. The contextual panel can include content... Agent:

20150128047 - Method and apparatus for preparing video assets for processing: A method and an apparatus for preparing video assets for processing are described. Via an input (21) a list of video assets required for processing is retrieved (10). A source locator (23) determines (11) source locations of the required video assets. A data handling unit (26) then makes (12) the... Agent:

20150128048 - Automated multimedia content editing: Disclosed is a method for editing multimedia content, the multimedia content comprising a demonstration of actions performed in utilizing a computer application, the computer application having an “undo” history, the method comprising the steps of: receiving an “undo” history from the computer application; detecting an indication of an action being... Agent:

20150128049 - Advanced user interface: An advanced user interface includes a display device and a processing unit. The processing unit causes the display device to display a dynamic user interface containing a plurality of input areas in an adaptive graphical arrangement, detect user in puts on the dynamic user interface, and record the user inputs... Agent:

20150128050 - User interface for internet of everything environment: A graphical user interface is provided that intuitively presents a collection of icons, with each icon representing one or more networked appliances in an environment. The interface allows selection of an appliance(s) and presentation of an interface for interacting with the selected appliance(s).... Agent:

20150128052 - Systems and methods for protecting virtualized assets: According to various aspects and embodiments, a power management system configured to protect a plurality of information technology (IT) assets is provided. The system includes a migration component executable by the at least one processor and configured to identify the plurality of IT assets, the plurality of IT assets including... Agent:

20150128051 - User-configurable delivery of informational events: A computer-implemented method for delivering informational events to a user of a computing device includes a processor and a memory. The method includes receiving, into the memory from the user of the computing device, content configuration information defining a first informational element. The method also includes receiving, into the memory... Agent: Google Inc.

20150128054 - Electronic device and electronic device control program: An electronic device that requires setup of plural setting items upon initial startup operations includes a storage unit that stores designated setting information and setting status information indicating whether the setting items have been set up, which designated setting information and setting status information are stored and updated each time... Agent:

20150128055 - Improved status notification for a mobile communications terminal: A mobile communications terminal (200) comprising a memory (240), a display (120, 220) and a controller (210). The controller (210) is configured to display at least one smaller icon (510) for indicating a status and to receive a selection of a status menu option. The apparatus is further configured to... Agent: Doro Ab

20150128053 - Resizing resource allocation in a computing environment: Resizing resource allocation in a computing environment, including: displaying, within a graphical user interface, a graphical element representing allocation parameters, the allocation parameters indicating a user's current allocation of one or more resources of the computing environment; displaying, within the graphical user interface, a graphical element representing utilization parameters, the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150128056 - Techniques for providing visualization and analysis of performance data: Techniques for providing visualization and analysis of performance data are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a system for providing visualization and analysis of performance data. The system may comprise one or more processors communicatively coupled to a mobile communications network. The one or... Agent:

20150128057 - Remote monitoring an individual's adherence to a personalized schedule: A computer-implemented method for remotely monitoring an individuals adherence to a personalised schedule includes receiving primary data inputs associated with an individual from a client device and generating a schedule based on the primary data inputs. The method also includes inputting secondary data inputs to the client device which provides... Agent:

20150128060 - Method and apparatus of providing application program information in mobile terminal device: A method and an apparatus for providing application program information in a mobile terminal device are provided. The method includes: providing a first operation entrance for selecting a concerned application program to a user in a user interface; determining the concerned application program based on a selection operation received via... Agent:

20150128059 - System and method for displaying a timeline associated with a plurality of applications: Methods and systems are provided for providing an improved three-dimensional graphical user interface. In one embodiment, the method generally comprises: receiving an input from an end user, and capturing computing output from at least one computer source in response to the received end-user input. The computing output can be presented... Agent:

20150128058 - System and method for predictive actions based on user communication patterns: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for identifying, providing, and launching predictive actions, as well as remote device based predictive actions. An example system identifies a communication event such as a calendar event, an incoming communication, an outgoing communication, or a scheduled communication. The system identifies a... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20150128061 - Remote control of a desktop application via a mobile device: One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for using a mobile device to remotely control a desktop application that was configured for use with a pointing device. During operation, the system receives at a mobile device, from a user, a connection request to connect to a desktop application... Agent: Intuit Inc.

20150128062 - System and method for group control in a metaverse application: A metaverse system includes a client computer coupled to a network, a metaverse server coupled to the client computer, the metaverse server to host a metaverse application, and a group link engine coupled to the server. The engine opens a group link connection in response to a request from a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20150128063 - Aggregated information access and control using a personal unifying taxonomy: Techniques are described for providing users with aggregate access to and control over information from multiple storing applications and information services, and for enabling developers to integrate such aggregate access and control into applications. Textual markup language may represent the structure of grouping items. Examples using XML and XooML (“Cross... Agent:

20150128064 - Intelligent rendering of information in a limited display environment: A method and related system are provided. The method includes processing one or more inputs by a computing device that are received from one or more input sources to determine a command that corresponds to the one or more inputs and exposing the command to one or more controls that... Agent:

20150128065 - Information processing apparatus and control method: There is provided an information processing apparatus including an extraction part configured to extract, when an output destination is changed to a recipient candidate device, a change in a screen layout determined in accordance with an output environment of the recipient candidate device, and a notification controller configured to perform... Agent:

20150128066 - System and method for customizing a display of a user device: A system and method for adaptively customizing a display of a user device. The method comprises receiving, from the user device, at least one variable; analyzing the at least one variable; generating a current user profile based on at least the analysis of the at least one variable; searching for... Agent: Doat Media Ltd.

20150128067 - System and method for wirelessly sharing data amongst user devices: A system and method for sharing data between devices are provided. A source device detects one or more receiving devices that are operated in a mode to receive data from the source device. The source device detects a user action that signifies intent of a user to transmit data to... Agent:

20150128068 - Method for operating message application and electronic device implementing the same: A message application operating method for promptly transmitting a message to a user without switching a screen, and an electronic device for implementing the method are provided. The method includes executing an application including a schema; recognizing an execution request for a message composing window while the application is executed;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150128070 - Additional service executing apparatus included in user terminal to provide additional service, and method for providing additional service using same: The present invention relates to an additional service executing apparatus included in a user terminal to provide an additional service, and to a method for providing an additional service using the apparatus. Provided is an additional service executing apparatus having a display unit, included in a user terminal to provide... Agent:

20150128072 - Feedback mechanism: A feedback application may be executing on a data processing system to transmit a screen update to at least two computers. The feedback application receives an indication of completion from a first computer, in response to transmitting the screen update. The feedback application updates a completion gauge to indicate a... Agent:

20150128071 - System and method for providing social network service: A method for providing a social network service (SNS) to share predetermined data between users who are acquaintances of each other includes transmitting music-matched photo data from one or more user terminals and registering the photo data in the service providing server. The music-matched photo data includes one or more... Agent:

20150128069 - Viewing full screen applications in a sharing session: An attendee device in an online conference session views a shared application window in a full screen mode. The attendee device receives data for content being shared by a host device, including at least one application window at a first resolution. The attendee device receives an input to enter a... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20150128073 - Method for sharing contents and electronic device thereof: A method of sharing contents and an electronic device thereof are provided. The method includes displaying a shared screen including one or more pages, each of the one or more pages including contents, transmitting the shared screen to a server, and receiving an update shared screen including update contents for... Agent:

20150128074 - System and method for browser side colorizing of icon images: A computer system and computer-implemented method colorizes a UI component image on the browser side. A data provider in the system encodes the UI component image into a Base64 character sequence which includes a header part and an image data part; generates Base64 header parts for specified colored versions of... Agent: Software Ag

20150128075 - Gaze-based automatic scrolling: Embodiments of the invention may include a method of scrolling content on an electronic display upon detection that a gaze of a user is pointed to a pre-defined area of the display, such as for example an edge of the display. A scroll may be triggered by the gaze point... Agent:

20150128077 - Method and apparatus for editing touch display: A method and an apparatus are provided for editing a display of a touch display apparatus. A first screen including at least one object is displayed. An object on the first screen is designated. The touch display apparatus is converted to an edit mode for editing the display, when the... Agent:

20150128076 - Techniques for generating electronic menu graphical user interface layouts for use in connection with electronic devices: Certain exemplary embodiments relate to techniques for generating electronic menu (eMenu) graphical user interface layouts for use in connection with electronic devices (e.g., tablets, phablets, smart phones, etc.). A virtual grid-based layout including rows and columns that together constitute regularly sized and shaped grid cells is defined. Input identifying items... Agent:

20150128078 - Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same: A mobile terminal including a display unit arranged on the front surface so multiple pieces of visual information corresponding to multiple layers, respectively; and a front-surface input unit so a control command is input into the front-surface input unit and a rear input unit arranged on the rear surface so... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150128079 - Method for executing function in response to touch input and electronic device implementing the same: A method of executing a function in response to a touch input and an electronic device implementing the same are provided. The method includes determining, by the electronic device, a first priority application among applications installed in the electronic device, mapping a function of the first priority application to a... Agent:

20150128080 - Method and terminal for determining operation object: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and terminal for operating through a touch screen. The method includes: after a transparent virtual keyboard is displayed, receiving a first operation for a display area of the transparent virtual keyboard through a touch screen; determining, according to the first operation, that... Agent: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

20150128081 - Customized smart phone buttons: Presented herein are techniques to enable a user of an electronic device having a display and touch screen to customize the size and location of a displayed keypad or keyboard such that the user can more easily hold the electronic device and operate the keypad or keyboard using a single... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20150128082 - Multi-language input method and multi-language input apparatus using the same: A multi-language input method is provided. The method includes sensing a touch input for a letter entry, sensing a touch gesture consecutive to the touch input, and displaying a letter corresponding to the touch input and a symbol corresponding to the touch gesture.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150128084 - Systems, devices and methods for a calculator user interface: A software calculator is provided herein that includes an art object displayed along with the calculator as part of the calculator. The art object may be displayed as a background image, a portion of which is shown behind the controls and input/output display area of the calculator. The user may... Agent:

20150128083 - Virtual keyboard with adaptive character recognition zones: A virtual keyboard with dynamically adjusted recognition zones for predicted user-intended characters. When a user interaction with the virtual keyboard is received on the virtual keyboard, a character in a recognition zone encompassing the detected interaction location is selected as the current input character. Characters likely to be the next... Agent:

20150128085 - Method, device and computer storage medium for controlling desktop: Provided are method, device and computer storage medium for controlling desktop. The method includes: creating a first interface as a sub-window of a desktop container according to a creating instruction; and embedding the first interface created as the sub-window into the desktop container. The device includes: a sub-window creating module,... Agent:

20150128086 - Intervention conditions: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a touch input within a particular region of a display area of the computing device. The display area presents a user interface (UI) including a number of views organized in a hierarchy. One or more of the views has a gesture recognizer configured... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20150128087 - Method and apparatus for displaying page in terminal: A method of displaying a page is provided, which includes sensing an input for moving a page; determining an available scroll distance according to the sensed input; and displaying a Graphic User Interface (GUI) based on the available scroll distance and a currently displayed position of the page.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20150128088 - Method, apparatus and system for controlling size or position of display window: The present invention is related to a method, an apparatus and a system for controlling a size or a position of a display window. The method for controlling a display window displayed on a display device, the method comprising: receiving a signal to select a certain position on a display... Agent:

20150128090 - Rendering map images using modifications of non-raster map data: First map data is generated in a vector format for displaying a first map image at a client device. The first map image corresponds to a perspective of a camera panned to a certain location at a certain zoom level. The first map data is provided to the client device... Agent:

20150128089 - Scale sensitive treatment of features in a geographic information system: Systems and methods for presenting information in response to a user interaction with a geographic image at a point of query in a geographic information system are provided. A user can request information at point of query in the geographic image. Responsive to the user request, the geographic information system... Agent:

20150128091 - Relative touch user interface enhancements: Some embodiments provide a meta touch interface (MTI) with multiple position indicators with each position indicator operating as a separate pointing tool that can be activated (i) using taps on a touchpad or other touch sensitive surface or (ii) by pressing certain keyboard keys. The MT pointer allows for adjacent... Agent:

20150128092 - Mobile terminal and control method thereof: A mobile terminal and a touchscreen and a method of controlling the mobile terminal may be provided. The mobile terminal may cause the touchscreen to display a first item; cause the touchscreen to display a first indicator on at least part area of the first item upon receiving a first... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20150128094 - Gesture-based controls via bone conduction: Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for utilizing bone conduction to detect gestures. According to one aspect, a device can generate a signal and send the signal to a sensor network that is connected to a user. The device can receive a modified signal from the sensor network. The modified... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

20150128097 - Method and electronic device for user interface: A method for operating an electronic device includes detecting a touch input by an external object on a first part of a display, determining whether the touch input is accompanied by and adjacent input, and processing a function corresponding to a second part of the display when the touch input... Agent:

20150128095 - Method, device and computer system for performing operations on objects in an object list: The present application discloses methods, devices and computer systems for performing operations on objects in an object list. After detecting a swipe gesture on the touch screen, a computer system, e.g. a smart phone, can identify a target object of the swipe gesture. The computer system can also determine the... Agent:

20150128096 - System to facilitate and streamline communication and information-flow in health-care: Processes and systems for facilitating communications in a health care environment are provided. In one example, a process includes receiving a trigger from a wearable computer device to communicate with a medical application interface. The trigger may include detecting a hand gesture of a user of a wearable computer device... Agent:

20150128093 - Touch screen control for adjusting a numerical value: A method of operating a data processing system having a touch enabled display screen to alter the value of a specified variable in the data processing system is disclosed. A value control is provided on the display screen to alter the variable. The value control has an increment tap region,... Agent:

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