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Data processing: presentation processing of document

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10/02/2014 > 128 patent applications in 58 patent subcategories.

20140298149 - Hyperlink with graphical cue: A system, method, and computer program product are provided for causing display of a first set of representations of a first set of hyperlinks. In operation, a first input from a user is received indicating a selection of one of the first set of hyperlink representations and causes, in response... Agent: Boadin Technology, LLC

20140298150 - Systems and methods for managing features and attributes in a digital document: In many environments such as municipal, military and construction the use of digital and paper systems permits end users to create or modify features on digital document, attributes associated with those features, or attribute values associated with those features. The attribute value management system includes a digital pen, at least... Agent:

20140298151 - Creation and distribution of forms: A method may include: retrieving a particular blank universal form based on a universal form template, the particular blank universal form having a universal form identifier, and the particular blank universal form created by a universal form creator; providing the particular blank universal form to a universal form filler; receiving... Agent: Fitzform LLC

20140298152 - Intelligent bookmarks and information management system based on the same: An intelligent bookmark is a collection of information, including an address (e.g., a URL) for a document (e.g., web page) or other hyper-media enabled item bundled together with selected other information. The selected other information may be manually or automatically obtained from the document, the browser history leading up to... Agent: Unifi Scientific Advances, Inc

20140298153 - Image processing apparatus, control method for the same, image processing system, and program: An image processing apparatus includes an obtaining unit obtaining data of an image of an object and data of a plurality of annotations attached to the image, an input unit receiving a designation of a display magnification for enlarging or reducing the image, and a generation unit generating display data... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140298157 - Apparatus and method for presenting html page: A method for presenting a HTML page comprises determining whether a HTML file contains a reference to a CI document, fetching and processing the CI document describing a behavior of at least one HTML element, and presenting the HTML page by decoding the HTML file, based on the CI document.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

20140298162 - Calling scripts based tutorials: A method of creating a dynamically adaptable tutorial, comprising: selecting at least one web document having a plurality of separate objects; providing by a user a plurality of descriptive elements; separately associating between each of said plurality of descriptive elements and each of said plurality of separate objects according to... Agent:

20140298155 - Html tag for improving page navigation user experience: Various systems and methods for navigating paginated items results are described herein. A web browser receives, from a server, a markup language document including a subset of a plurality of item listings. The web browser detects a paging tag in the markup language document tags that identifies attributes identifying a... Agent:

20140298158 - Method and apparatus for text input protection: Methods and apparatus for text input protection are provided. Text content inputted in an input field can be saved, after the text content inputted by a user in the input field of a browser on a mobile terminal is detected. When the browser is abnormally terminated while the user inputting... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140298154 - Method and framework for content viewer integrations: A method and an architectural framework are revealed for content viewer integrations in content management systems and platforms that allow plug-and-play style content viewer deployment and switching, and simultaneous display of different viewers on the same page. By introducing the notion of viewer integration profiles and viewer bundles, and providing... Agent:

20140298159 - Method for controlling dynamically changing contents of web page and electronic device thereof: A method and electronic device for controlling dynamic content is disclosed, including: in response to detecting dynamic content in a web page, storing a portion of the dynamic content at a plurality of set time points, pausing updates of the dynamic content, and retrieving and displaying the portion of the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298161 - Method, apparatus, and terminal device for displaying multiple input boxes in a web page: A method, an apparatus, and a terminal device for displaying multiple input boxes in a web page are provided. The method includes: obtaining, by an obtaining unit using a processor, a focus input box in a web page currently displayed by a terminal device; searching, by a searching unit using... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140298156 - Methods and systems for adjusting webpage layout: A method and system for adjusting webpage layout are disclosed. The method includes calculating a width for displaying an image on a webpage; determining whether the image is inserted in a segment of text of the webpage; and adjusting the size of the image display based on a mobile terminal's... Agent: Guangzhou Ucweb Computer Technology Co., Ltd

20140298160 - System and method for facilitating posting of public and private user comments at a web site: A software system and method that allows web site operators to adapt web pages for posting of public and private user comments. An administrator accesses a web site to enter data for creating reader comment areas. HTML code for the reader comment areas is generated for insertion into web pages.... Agent:

20140298163 - Enabling absolute positioning with publishable html code: This document describes techniques and apparatuses that enable absolute positioning with publishable HTML code. These techniques permit a designer to place objects at absolute positions in a design interface and see how a webpage will actually look in response to that placement. A designer need not publish the design before... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140298164 - Electronic book production apparatus, electronic book system, electronic book production method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An electronic book production apparatus includes; an image obtaining unit; a character area detecting unit; a character recognizing unit; a character position information obtaining unit; a reading-order determining unit which determines a reading order among the character areas in the page image based on positions of the character areas in... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140298165 - Generation and data management of a medical study using instruments in an integrated media and medical system: In general, a computer-implemented method is described for receiving one or more requests to generate a medical study, retrieving from one or more data repositories one or more medical study instruments, receiving a selection of a particular medical study instrument to use in the medical study, generating by one or... Agent:

20140298166 - Data generation apparatus, data generation method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium: The invention displays virtual printed matter in a form close to an actual printed matter and an actual final product on a screen, and performs pagination work on the virtual printed matter, considering the form of the printed matter and the final product. A data generation apparatus includes a form... Agent: Fujifilm Corporation

20140298167 - Electronic book pagination: An electronic book can be paginated by reference to a print version of the same book. Pages of the print version are scanned to obtain text strings and page labels corresponding to each of the pages. The text strings are then compared to the electronic book to find the best... Agent:

20140298168 - System and method for spelling correction of misspelled keyword: A spelling correction system and method are provided. The system includes at least an input unit, a correct keyword candidate determining unit, and a misspelling correction unit. In the method, the input unit detects an input keyword entered by a user. If the input keyword is a misspelled keyword, the... Agent: Est Soft Corp.

20140298172 - Electronic device and method of displaying playlist thereof: A user interface method employed by an electronic device displays a folder playlist playable by an application, on a touch screen and detects a touch selecting one folder in the displayed folder playlist. A touch gesture is detected comprising a continuous movement of a touch and performs a sorting operation... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298170 - Media element transition electronic device, method and application: The present relates to a method, an electronic device and computer readable memory for incorporating a transition effect upon playing subsequent digital media elements. The method, device and computer readable memory concurrently manage a current and next media elements, and render the current and next media elements. The method, electronic... Agent: Broadsign International, LLC.

20140298171 - Methods and apparatus for medical device cursor control and touchpad-based navigation: The invention provides, in some aspects, medical apparatus with software-based cursor control and graphical user interface hotspot selection. This can be used, by way of non-limiting example, as part of a graphical user interface by which doctors, nurses, patient care technicians, other health care providers, and/or patients can enter data... Agent: Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.

20140298169 - Trip playlist management systems and methods: An exemplary method includes a computer-implemented trip playlist management system receiving data representative of a travel itinerary for a trip and generating, based on the data representative of the travel itinerary, a recommended trip playlist for the trip, the recommended trip playlist comprising a set of one or more media... Agent: Verizon And Redbox Digital Entertainment Services, LLC

20140298173 - Dynamic video scripting system and method: A system and method dynamically presenting video content based on a visually-defined scripting editor that defines a user presentation context (UPC) based on audio/video content, user query/responses, and one or more asynchronous event triggers (AETs) is disclosed. The system incorporates a graphical user interface (GUI) based scripting editor operating on... Agent:

20140298174 - Video-karaoke system: Devices and musical systems with video-imaging, such as video-karaoke systems which can be used by a large number of users simultaneously comprise a unified network such as the Internet, or another form of data-exchange network connected to at least one server and to a plurality of client user devices. Each... Agent:

20140298175 - Personalized timeline presentation: Described herein are techniques and mechanisms for personalized timeline presentation. Client devices may be presented with video content in association with a content management account. A video content item may be associated with more than one pause point, with each pause point indicating a time at which playback of the... Agent: Mobitv, Inc.

20140298176 - Scrolling techniques for user interfaces: Systems and methods for improving the scrolling of user interfaces of electronic devices are provided.... Agent: Apple Inc.

20140298177 - Methods, devices and systems for interacting with a computing device: Example embodiments relate to processing user interactions with a computing device, comprising receiving a user-initiated action performed on a character button, the character button representing a character; determining whether the user-initiated action is performed in a normal an abnormal operating manner. When a normal operating manner is determined, displaying the... Agent:

20140298180 - Display processing apparatus and method, and storage medium: A display processing apparatus acquires a plurality of images and time data corresponding to the respective images. The display processing apparatus selects, as the time interval at which the plurality of images are switched and displayed one by one, either a time interval based on the difference between time data... Agent:

20140298178 - Electronic presentation aid: An electronic presentation aid comprises for example a programmed tablet computer or electronic whiteboard. Presentation data defines the appearance and positions of presentation elements to be displayed in a presentation layout on a display screen. In a presentation mode, the elements are displayed in the presentation layout, with each element... Agent: Mid City Holdings LLC

20140298179 - Method and device for playback of presentation file: A method and a device for playback of a presentation slide are provided. The method may include receiving uploaded presentation slides to be played back, and converting the presentation slides into slides in video format. The conversion may be performed according to a preset order. Further, a user operation on... Agent:

20140298181 - Methods and systems for remotely viewing and auditing cell sites comprising a digital data structure comprising a substantially 360 degree digital representation of the site: Digital data structures of cell sites that can be reviewed, interrogated and manipulated so that users can investigate the cell site remotely. The digital data structures contain data for the elevated antenna holding structure and for each desired cell site component, such as the cellular antennas, microwave dishes. The digital... Agent:

20140298182 - Centralized administration tool for operating with existing host system having non-centralized administrative functions: A system, medium and method of providing a centralized host manager module configured to manage a software-based host system having a plurality of independent host platforms is disclosed. A user interface is displayed to provide administrative tools for performing corresponding administrative functions on the plurality of host platforms. A selection... Agent: Infosys Limited

20140298183 - Communication system management apparatus, methods, and interfaces: Communication system management apparatus, methods, and interfaces are disclosed. A group of objects that are associated with different types of communication system components in a representation of a communication system are configured in a group. A further representation of the objects of the group is provided, and includes an indication... Agent: Alcatel Lucent

20140298186 - Adjusting information prompting in input method: A computer-implemented method and apparatus for adjusting information prompting in an input method. The method includes: obtaining prompt information displayed in response to entering a word in an input box by a user; and adjusting the sequence of subsequent prompt words in a prompt box of the input method according... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140298184 - Computer-implemented system and method for integrating and managing product specific data: A computer-implemented method and system for integrating product data on a product website is provided. In exemplary embodiments, the method may comprise, at a client having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors, displaying a user interface on... Agent:

20140298185 - Dynamically enhancing user interface: An approach is provided for dynamically enhancing and visually synchronizing elements in a display on a computing device. The approach includes using a processor to obtain a change to a first file and data identifying a second file one or more characteristics from a source file. The processor determines if... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140298187 - Dialing method, dialing device, mobile terminal and storage medium: The present invention relates to instant communications and provides a dialing method, a dialing device, a mobile terminal and a storage medium, and the method comprises: drawing a slider on a main interface, which is a screen lock interface or any desktop interface; receiving a dialing startup instruction from the... Agent:

20140298189 - Information processing device, table, display control method, program, portable terminal, and information processing system: An information processing device includes a touch panel that detects a first user input, a communication unit that communicates with a portable terminal which detects a second user input, a data obtaining unit that obtains content data including an operable object, a display output unit that outputs a content image... Agent:

20140298188 - Remote operation method and system: A remote operation method includes the following steps: receiving a remote operation request; returning a webpage interface for remote operation according to the remote operation request; receiving an operation instruction sent via the webpage interface; responding to the operation instruction and returning information corresponding to the operation instruction. A remote... Agent:

20140298191 - Interactive elements in a user interface: In particular embodiments, a computing device provides for presentation to a user a first user interface, the first user interface including a plurality of interactive elements. The computing device receives first user input selecting one of the interactive elements. In response to the first user input, the computing device provides... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20140298190 - Systems and methods for performing actions for users from a locked device: Systems and methods for providing actions for users of a computer device from a lock screen interface are provided. A computing device may comprise a touch-sensitive display screen that may allow a user to scroll through a set of user int rfaces that may comprise a set of lock screen... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140298192 - Display system and method: A display system integrates a desktop application user interface into a web-based application. A first computing device includes a first processor and a first display device. A first server supports a web-based application having a first user interface. The first display device presents to a user a first user interface... Agent: General Electric Company

20140298193 - Method, system and computer program product for handling needs for, and delivery of customized and/or personalized user interface elements: Method, system and computer program product for supporting higher level customization and/or personalization of use of Communications Devices or Mobile Computing Devices.... Agent:

20140298195 - Presence-aware information system: A presence-aware information system (PAIS) can identify a user interacting with an end-user device, such as a computer, and can identify a device that is connected to the PAIS nearby the user. Additionally, the PAIS can identify the user and other people nearby the user. Using this information, the PAIS... Agent: Harman International Industries, Incorporated

20140298194 - Providing a personalized navigation experience in a mobile application: The disclosed embodiments relate to a system for presenting navigation options to a user of a mobile application. During operation, the system receives usage data comprising a record of actions performed while the user was interacting with the mobile application. Next, the system analyzes the usage data to identify areas... Agent: Linkedin Corporation

20140298196 - Information sharing system, information sharing method, and information storage medium: A generating unit of an information sharing system generates, in a case where one of a plurality of users enters a comment, notice information for notifying the other users of a notification of the comment. When the user who enters the comment specifies a destination of the comment, a destination... Agent:

20140298197 - Method for transmitting message and electronic device thereof: A method and an apparatus for transmitting a message in an electronic device are provided. The method for transmitting a hidden message includes displaying one or more hiding frames in an input message display area of a display, and transmitting a message including information on the hiding frame.... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298198 - Collaborative editing of electronic documents: Systems and methods for editing electronic documents in collaborative environment are described. In one implementation, a document collaboration system comprises a processor, and a scheduling module, coupled to the processor. The scheduling module receives request of a user for either one of collaborative editing and collaborative reviewing a section of... Agent: Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

20140298206 - Conference support system, conference support method, and storage medium: A medical conference support system includes a selection unit configured to select a conference from a plurality of conferences, and an obtaining unit configured to obtain medical information using a search condition determined based on a conference selected by the selection unit and information indicating a search condition associated with... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140298208 - Display of real time information for selected possibilities: One or more possibilities that are normally displayed in response to input from a user are augmented with real time information. Displaying real time information for one or more of the possibilities enables the user to take such information into account in deciding whether or not to continue with an... Agent:

20140298203 - Likelihood-based personalized navigation system and method: A system may be configured to provide a user interface on a mobile device for a social network having a plurality of functions. The system may include a display, configured to display a representation of each of a subset of the plurality of functions, wherein each function of the subset... Agent: Linkedln Corporation

20140298201 - Method for performing merging control of feeds on at least one social network, and associated apparatus and associated computer program product: A method for performing merging control of feeds on at least one social network and associated apparatus and computer program product are provided, where the method includes: collecting all feeds of at least one account of a user on the at least one social network, the feeds generated during a... Agent: Htc Corporation

20140298202 - Mobile user interface for personalized navigation: A system may include a user interface for a mobile device, the user interface configured to provide access to ones of a plurality of functions of a social network. The user interface may include a function selection screen configured to display a first representation of a first function of the... Agent:

20140298205 - Program, communication apparatus and control method: In a communication apparatus, a first portion of a shared material is displayed in a first display area within a remote conference screen which is displayed in a display connected to the communication apparatus. When the communication apparatus is in a state for receiving an input of an annotation to... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20140298200 - Providing user interface elements for interactive sessions: Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for providing user interface elements for interactive sessions. In one aspect, a method includes identifying prior session data, identifying prior configuration data associated with a set of user interface elements employed during prior interactive sessions, beginning a... Agent:

20140298204 - System and method for iteratively updating characteristics in a social network: A device, system, and method may include a network interface device configured to be coupled to a user interface. An electronic data storage may be configured to store social network data. A processor, coupled to the network interface device and the electronic data storage, may be configured to cause the... Agent: Linkedln Corporation

20140298207 - Systems and methods for managing documents and other electronic content: This disclosure relates to systems and methods for enabling collaboration and/or task management between one or more users. Certain embodiments facilitate task management in connection with secure, governed, and/or audited collaboration and/or document management services using an interface that includes social communication features. Further embodiments relate to search operations returning... Agent:

20140298199 - User collaboration for answer generation in question and answer system: Mechanisms are provided, in association with a question and answer system, for generating answers to an input question. An input question is received and processed to generate at least one query. The at least one query is applied to the corpus to generate a set of candidate answers and corresponding... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140298209 - Systems, devices and methods for an interactive art marketplace in a networked environment: Information related to art is provided in networked computing environments wherein users can participate in public or private online interactive video conferences, chat rooms and other online sessions led by art galleries or art gallery affiliates. User's may switch between public sessions and private sessions when ready to make a... Agent:

20140298210 - Apparatus and method for providing private chat in group chat: An apparatus and a method for providing a private chat in a group chat without having to switch between respective display screens. In the method, at least one group chat participant selected from group chat counterparts is designated as a private chat participant, identification information regarding the private chat participant... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298211 - Client side browser notification: Briefly, embodiments of methods or systems for client side browser notification are disclosed.... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20140298212 - Control and display system: The invention is a control and display system. A system can be controlled either by a user's gestures, a remote control or voice control. The image from a rear facing camera can be displayed either on a vehicle's windshield by using a head up display. Alternatively, an image from a... Agent:

20140298213 - Electronic device with gesture-based task management: An electronic device includes a display screen for displaying (302) an active first application, a movement sensing assembly for providing signals indicative of movement of an object with respect to the display screen, and a processor in electronic communication with the movement sensing assembly and the display screen. The processor... Agent: Motorola Mobility LLC

20140298215 - Method for generating media collections: A user interface is used for selecting a time duration for a media collection shelf. The media shelf can be populated with graphical elements corresponding to selected media assets, where the cumulative time duration of selected media assets should not exceed the time duration of the media collection shelf. When... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140298214 - Visual configuration and activation: Techniques for visual configuration and activation are described. Techniques discussed herein enable visuals to be presented to a user based on a user-specific visual configuration. The visuals are activated such that the visuals are selectable to access various functionalities. In at least some embodiments, a visualization that represents a user-specific... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140298216 - Visualization of an object using a visual query system: A computer-implemented method for visualizing an object. Instructions identifying a hierarchy of image blocks and an action scheme are received. An image block in the hierarchy of image blocks is loaded to display an image corresponding to the image block to a user through a graphical user interface displayed on... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140298218 - Automatic application of templates to content: An apparatus and method applying a layout template to content are disclosed herein. A plurality of content included in a visual workspace is automatically grouped into one or more clusters, one or more content of the plurality of content being at different spatial position from each other. At least one... Agent:

20140298220 - Interactive elements in a user interface: In particular embodiments, a computing device provides for presentation to a user a user interface, the user interface including a plurality of related interactive elements. The computing device may receive touch gesture input from the user selecting one of the plurality of related interactive elements. The touch gesture input may... Agent: Facebook, Inc.

20140298224 - Map display device and map display method: An object of the present invention is to provide a map display device and a map display method for simultaneously displaying a plurality of map drawing pictures so as to improve convenience for a user. The map display device includes an input unit that receives input of user operation related... Agent: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

20140298217 - Method and apparatus for providing a drawer-based user interface for content access or recommendation: An approach is provided for causing, at least in part, a generation of at least one representation of at least one building, wherein one or more floors of the at least one building are represented as one or more drawer user interface elements in the at least one representation. The... Agent:

20140298221 - Method and apparatus for restricting user operations when applied to cards or windows: A user interface that displays a number of cards or windows is described where a user can move the cards in a horizontal direction freely. When a card resides in a locked zone, as defined by a user, the card will be able to be manipulated in a vertical direction,... Agent: Thomson Licensing

20140298222 - Method, system and computer program product for dynamic user interface switching: The Applications may be distributed and installed to the Communications Devices or Mobile Computing Devices with a default set of User Interfaces. Different users of Communications Devices or Mobile Computing Devices may have different customization or personalization desires or requests for certain Applications they use on their Communications Devices or... Agent:

20140298223 - Systems and methods for drawing shapes and issuing gesture-based control commands on the same draw grid: The present invention improves upon the existing touch based systems by introducing new mechanisms of interaction with the user that can improve the productivity of users that are creating and modifying diagrams and figures on such touch based systems. More specifically, without leaving the draw grid, the invention allows the... Agent:

20140298219 - Visual selection and grouping: Techniques for visual selection and grouping are described. In at least some embodiments, multiple visuals can be selected and grouped such that visuals can be manipulated as a group and various actions can be applied to visuals as a group. For example, in response to a user placing a group... Agent:

20140298225 - Screen definition device for operating panel: A screen definition device includes a screen data generating unit that outputs screen data generated by combining model screen data in which section information is set, with screen definition tables for the model screen data; a screen data combining unit that combines the screen data with the other screen data... Agent: Jtekt Corporation

20140298226 - Display apparatus displaying user interface and method of providing the user interface: Provided are a display apparatus capable of manipulating user interface (UI) objects included in a UI, and a method of providing the UI. The display apparatus includes a touch screen which is configured to display the UI including a plurality of UI objects and receive a user input; and a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298234 - Image processing device, image processing method and program: There is provided an image processing device including a map screen generation portion that, based on image pickup position information indicating a plurality of image pickup positions of moving images picked up, generates a map screen including a map on which a trajectory line indicating a movement trajectory of the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140298227 - Locator system for three-dimensional visualization: A method and apparatus for locating a part in an aircraft. A part is identified in the aircraft. A series of views is generated from a model of the aircraft with graphical indicators in the series of views configured to provide guidance to a position of the part in the... Agent: The Boeing Company

20140298232 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for interacting simultaneously with multiple application programs: Methods, systems, and computer program products for interacting simultaneously with multiple application programs are disclosed. According to one aspect, a method includes allowing a first application program to be associated with a second application program. The first and second application programs are responsive to inputs received via a user interface... Agent:

20140298233 - Multichannel controller: Multichannel device controllers are disclosed. In one embodiment, a multichannel device controller includes a plurality of user selectable control modes for controlling a multichannel device and a plurality of user configurable settings for adjusting parameters associated with the plurality of user selectable control modes. A touchscreen displays a user interface... Agent:

20140298229 - Pattern-based design system: A system is provided for obtaining a landscape design pattern based on selected landscape design elements in a landscape design system having landscape design patterns comprised of at least two of said landscape design elements. The system stores multiple landscape design elements in a storage device, enables a user to... Agent:

20140298230 - Pattern-based design system: A system is provided for obtaining a landscape design pattern based on selected landscape design elements in a landscape design system having landscape design patterns comprised of at least two of said landscape design elements. The system stores multiple landscape design elements in a storage device, enables a user to... Agent:

20140298228 - Retracting shortcut bars, status shortcuts and edit run page sets: At least one example embodiment discloses a method for generating a touch screen display. The method includes establishing a run screen on the touch screen display, the run screen associated with a function of a work vehicle, configuring the run screen with a retractable toolbar, the retractable toolbar responsive to... Agent: Deere & Company

20140298231 - Task changing apparatus, task changing method, and task changing program: A task changing apparatus changes a task program executed by a robot. The task changing apparatus includes: a storage unit that stores a task program including a plurality of hierarchical levels arranged in a tree-like structure representing a plurality of pieces of task information executed by the robot and lower-order... Agent: Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

20140298235 - Meter for graphically representing relative status in a parent-child relationship and method for use thereof: A graphically depicted meter to show the status of a parent-child relationship.... Agent: Moneydesktop, Inc.

20140298236 - System and method for providing violation bar in a supply chain management environment: A system and method support a supply chain management platform for a supply chain management environment. A supply chain management platform can display the violation bar on a graphical user interface (GUI), wherein the violation bar operates to show one or more violations in a supply chain management environment. Furthermore,... Agent: M3 Technology, Inc.

20140298238 - Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium: The present invention enables a user to perform an operation of closing a software keyboard displayed on a display unit by an operation to a predetermined input item with use of a hardware keyboard. A method for controlling an information processing apparatus includes receiving an input to a predetermined input... Agent:

20140298237 - Radial based user interface on touch sensitive screen: A radial based user interface (UI) is provided for entering data into a computer device. The radial based UI has a central region with a plurality of radial regions. A location for the central region is defined on a touch sensitive display screen of the device and a value is... Agent: Texas Instruments Incorporated

20140298240 - Mega lens style tab management: The subject matter of this specification can be implemented in, among other things, a computer-implemented method for managing tabs in a graphical user interface. The method includes receiving a first user input that selects a first tab from among a plurality of tabs in a tab area of a tabbed... Agent: Google Inc.

20140298239 - Stack style tab management: The subject matter of this specification can be implemented in, among other things, a computer-implemented method for managing tabs in a graphical user interface. The method includes receiving a first user input that selects a first tab from among multiple collapsible tabs in a tab area of a tabbed interface.... Agent: Google Inc.

20140298242 - Method for controlling microblog display, microblog client and computer storage medium: A method for controlling microblog display, a microblog client and a computer storage medium are described, which pertain to microblog technology. A display interface of microblog consists of a main display area for displaying microblog messages and a promotion display area for displaying recommended messages. The method includes that: a... Agent:

20140298241 - Retracting shortcut bars, status shortcuts and edit run page sets: At least one example embodiment discloses a method for generating a touch screen display. The method includes establishing a run screen on the touch screen display, the run screen associated with a function of a work vehicle, configuring the run screen with a retractable toolbar, the retractable toolbar responsive to... Agent: Deere & Company

20140298243 - Adjustable gui for displaying information from a database: The system includes a memory and a processing system. The memory stores a GUI template, the GUI template including information identifying data fields and indicating locations for the data fields on a screen. The processing system is able to display the data fields identified by the GUI template on the... Agent: Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

20140298244 - Portable device using touch pen and application control method using the same: A method of controlling an application of a portable device using a touch pen and a device supporting the same is provided. The portable device includes a handwriting history list previously input by a user on a memo window provided to be superimposed on a running application. In addition, the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298246 - Automatic display partitioning based on user number and orientation: A method, program product, and apparatus are disclosed for automatic display partitioning based on user number and orientation. In one embodiment, the apparatus includes a detection module that detects a plurality of users, a partitioning module that creates a plurality of display-screen partitions on a display screen, and a positioning... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

20140298247 - Display device for executing plurality of applications and method of controlling the same: In one aspect, method is provided for controlling a display device, comprising: displaying, on a touchscreen display, a first window executing a first application and a second window executing a second application; receiving, at the touchscreen display, a first command input to the first window and a second command input... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298245 - Display instance management: Display instance management techniques are described. In one or more implementations, an application manager module of a computing device is executed that is configured to manage which display instances of the plurality of applications are made available via a user interface at a particular time. One or more application programming... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140298249 - Method and device for displaying service page for executing application: A method and device for displaying service pages for executing applications, the method performed by the device and including operations of generating a plurality of page groups by grouping the service pages including objects for executing functions of the applications; in response to a page group being selected from the... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298248 - Method and device for executing application: A method and device for executing an application include operations of displaying an interest object on a screen of the device, in response to selection of the interest object, obtaining metadata matched with the interest object, determining an associated application associated with the interest object, executing the associated application by... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298251 - Input control device, electronic instrument, input control method, program, and recording medium: A touch control section (5) includes: an operation accepting section (51) which accepts a touch operation conducted with respect to an icon or the like; and an accepting operation control section (52) which controls the operation accepting section (51) to forbid an accepting operation in a case where screen scroll... Agent:

20140298250 - Start and application navigation: Described herein are techniques to facilitate efficient application navigation by a user. In one embodiment, two or more scrollable surfaces contain application icons. One surface may have a first type of application icon and may be a user-customized surface akin to a desktop. Usually, only one of the surfaces is... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140298252 - Image display device and control method thereof: An image display device according to one embodiment of the present invention includes a touch sensing unit that senses a touch input, a display unit to which a window on which content is displayed is output, and a controller that, when the touch input for entering a division mode is... Agent:

20140298253 - Device and method for displaying execution result of application: Provided are a device and method for displaying an execution result of an application. A method of displaying an execution result of an application includes: in response to a user input, displaying execution results of a plurality of applications, which are being executed in the device, in a plurality of... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298254 - View mode switch of graphical user interface: A method for implementing a view mode switch of a graphical user interface (GUI) is provided. The method is performed at an electronic device with a touch screen display. In this method, a double-finger pinch gesture on a first sub-view object among a plurality of sub-view objects is detected, upon... Agent:

20140298255 - Map lens in a user interface: A map lens may take the form of a shape that may be superimposed on a map displayed in the user interface, moved around the map by the user, and activated by the user to select a region of the map bounded by the map lens. Activation of the map... Agent: Hipmunk, Inc.

20140298256 - Expanding button: Systems and methods for facilitating user action on a user device are described. The methods include presenting an expanding button or link on a display of the user device, receiving an input from a user on the expanding button or link, and expanding the expanding button or link to present... Agent:

20140298257 - User interfaces and associated processes for information resources: Methods and systems are disclosed for user interfaces and associated processes in computer applications and operating systems to provide an information resource area with information resources. In some embodiments, an information resource area is opened in response to detection of a user being idle for a predefined length of time... Agent: Cosmic Eagle, LLC

20140298261 - Information input device and information display method: An information input device including: an indicator detection unit (42); a pointer position setting unit (44) which sets a position of a pointer to be displayed on a display screen (52); a storage unit (46) which obtains and stores time-sequenced positional information which indicates the set position; a first passage... Agent:

20140298259 - Retracting shortcut bars, status shortcuts and edit run page sets: At least one example embodiment discloses a method for generating a touch screen display. The method includes establishing a first run screen associated with a first function of a work vehicle and establishing a second run screen associated with a second function of the work vehicle distinct from the first... Agent: Deere & Company

20140298258 - Switch list interactions: A graphical user interface for viewing and selecting from a list of available applications through an operating system of a computer includes a switch list. The displayed switch list can be either fully or partially displayed, or hidden. The switch list becomes partially displayed after a user selects an object... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140298260 - Systems and methods for utilizing micro-interaction events on computing devices to administer questions: Disclosed are systems and methods for facilitating the administration of questions to one or more intended responders. A grouping of questions is obtained. At least one graphical element is assigned to each of the questions within the grouping and a grouping of graphical elements is generated. Each of the graphical... Agent: L.s.q. LLC

20140298262 - Method for cancelling a user action to be applied to a digital object: A computer-implemented method for tracing a digital object on a user interface screen of an electronic system includes representing the digital object on the user interface screen by means of a first digital image, selecting the first digital image, starting a user action on the corresponding digital object, replacing the... Agent: Oce-technologies B.v.

20140298263 - Display device, user interface method, and program: To provide a user interface with high operability and high browsability. In a screen showing an overview of plural contents provided by applications, and receiving a selection by a user, an image of a bladed wheel is displayed. On each face of plural blades of the bladed wheel, a content... Agent: Ntt Docomo, Inc.

20140298264 - Gesture controlled user interface: A method, in a computer system including an interactive display surface, of controlling the display of a user interface menu, the method comprising: displaying a menu option in each of a plurality of active display positions, each display position being located at one of a respective plurality of active radial... Agent: Promethean Limited

20140298266 - Finger-mapped character entry systems: A finger-mapped gesture system is a user interface method and apparatus for rapid data input on a touch-sensitive surface. The user gestures by holding the hand stationary relative to the surface and moving the fingers primarily by extension and flexion on the surface. Each finger gestures on a gesturing area... Agent:

20140298265 - Photo-review creation: Photo-reviews provide an aesthetically pleasing and rich review experience resulting in greater comprehension and understanding of a reviewable item. In addition to providing a richer review format that is aesthetically pleasing, photo-reviews may be associated with a ranking provided by a user. Users that give particular items a particular ranking... Agent:

20140298268 - Method and device for providing menu interface: A method, performed by a device, of providing a menu interface on a lock screen of the device, includes receiving a touch input on the lock screen; displaying, on the lock screen, a first level of the menu interface, the first level comprising a first plurality of menu items; receiving... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298267 - Navigation of list items on portable electronic devices: Various techniques of navigation of messages or other items in a list are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a user navigation input to a list of messages displayed on the portable electronic device and detecting user intention to access additional messages in the list based on... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140298269 - Detecting, representing, and interpreting three-space input: gestural continuum subsuming freespace, proximal, and surface-contact modes: Systems and methods for detecting, representing, and interpreting three-space input are described. Embodiments of the system, in the context of an SOE, process low-level data from a plurality of sources of spatial tracking data and analyze these semantically uncorrelated spatiotemporal data and generate high-level gestural events according to dynamically configurable... Agent:

20140298270 - Workflow for ambiguity guided interactive segmentation of lung lobes: An apparatus and a method for post processing 2D image slices (110a-c) defining a 3D image volume. The apparatus comprises a graphical user interface controller (160), a 2D segmenter (170) and a 3D segmenter (180). The apparatus allows a user to effect calculation and display of a 2D segmentation of... Agent:

20140298271 - Electronic device including projector and method for controlling the electronic device: A method for controlling an electronic device that executes and displays an application is provided. The method includes displaying an execution screen of the application on a touch screen, projecting and displaying a projection image corresponding to the execution screen of the application, displaying a pointer on the projection image,... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298272 - Closing, starting, and restarting applications: Described herein are embodiments that relate to implementation of multi-stage gestures, using multi-stage gestures to control applications, and allowing, under certain conditions, invocation of an open operation (which would normally only open an application or bring an application to the fore) to cause a target application to terminate before being... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140298276 - Display control device, display control method, and display control program: This display control device can effectively reduce power consumption while assuring visibility of a display area. A display control device (400) carries out display control for a display panel with an integrated touch panel and has: a touch operation information acquisition unit (410) that acquires touch operation information from the... Agent:

20140298274 - Method and electronic device for processing data: An electronic device and method for not exposing a memo to the others when delivering a corresponding memo in the electronic device to a specific user are disclosed. An electronic device for processing data includes at least one processor, a memory, and at least one program stored in the memory... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140298275 - Method for recognizing input gestures: The present invention relates to methods, systems, and computer program products for recognizing input point gestures. The system recognizes a position of a cursor finger 17 on a multi-touch X-Y input surface 18 of a touch-sensor pad 19 and defines a position of a parting line 21 which is a... Agent:

20140298273 - Systems and methods for implementing three-dimensional (3d) gesture based graphical user interfaces (gui) that incorporate gesture reactive interface objects: Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention implement three-dimensional (3D) gesture based graphical user interfaces (GUI) using gesture reactive interface objects. One embodiment includes using a computing device to render an initial user interface comprising a set of interface objects, detect a targeting 3D gesture in captured... Agent: Imimtek, Inc.

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20140289593 - Apparatus & method for reviewing a written work using an electronic display: An apparatus and method for displaying a written work on an electronic display including using the electronic display to select a written work from a database; presenting the written work on a first screen of the electronic display in a three dimensional view; and using the electronic display to turn... Agent:

20140289595 - Method and system of performing electronic approval processes and computer-readable storage medium storing electronic approval program: A letter approval item including an approval document is created in an approval requester's PC and the approval document includes a signable region. An approval is requested by transmitting the letter approval item to a database server. A mobile-based approval item including the letter approval item is provided to a... Agent:

20140289594 - Methods and systems for trimming video footage: A media authoring application can be configured to use metadata associated with a media presentation to generate a score which serves to identify the interesting portions of the presentation and may thereby streamline the editing process. A method can comprise accessing metadata indicating at least one characteristic of a media... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289596 - Systems and methods for facilitating playback of media: A system facilitates the browsing of information of interest. The system obtains a transcription of the information and provides the transcription to a user. The system also retrieves the information in its original format and presents the information to the user in the original format. The system visually synchronizes the... Agent: Raytheon Bbn Technologies Corp.

20140289598 - Internet navigation: The invention provides for Internet navigation methods, systems, link structures and related tools and techniques which can enhance a user experience through at least one of speed of availability, relevance and range of reference information and data, one such method comprising the steps of: receiving a user via a link... Agent:

20140289597 - Method and device for displaying preview screen of hyperlink: A method and a device for displaying a preview screen of a hyperlink which can display a preview screen of a site connected to at least one hyperlink on a popup or a sub-frame according to a user input are provided. The method includes displaying a web page on a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140289599 - Electronic book: Electronic book device and method comprising: a screen for displaying an electronic book. A processor arranged to receive a signal defining a selected area within the electronic book, configure the selected area to launch a function, and execute the function when launched from the selected area.... Agent:

20140289600 - Manipulating of labelled data for data entry in management applications: A method and system for entry of data into content of cells belonging to an output field. Entered into cells of a multidimensional table located within a header record in the table are: input field labels respectively corresponding to input fields in the table entered into a respective unique cell... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289601 - Method for controlling electronic spreadsheet on handheld touch device: The present invention relates to a method for controlling an electronic spreadsheet on a handheld touch device, comprising an operation procedure, a display procedure and a recovery procedure. The operation procedure comprises: receiving a selection touch control signal for selecting cells, determining selected cells in an electronic spreadsheet according to... Agent: Zhuhai Kingsoft Office Software Co., Ltd

20140289602 - Apparatus and method for editing table in terminal: An apparatus and a method for editing a table in a terminal which can edit a table intuitively and easily are provided. The apparatus includes a display unit that simultaneously displays a row number adjusting UI and a column number adjusting UI in a table editing mode, and a controller... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140289603 - Annotating and linking media content data: A method of linking multiple media data using a time line for context and replay is disclosed. The method allows for various kinds of media to be linked and may use a time line to facilitate such linking, either from an existing media file, such as a video clip, or... Agent:

20140289604 - System and method for text translations and annotation in an instant messaging session: A system and method for translating received input from a sender to recipient in an instant messaging dialog is disclosed. The method comprises receiving instant messaging input from a sender for recipient, wherein the instant messaging input comprises at least one subculture specific term. A category is identified the defines... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

20140289605 - System and method for interactive image annotation: A system 100 for enabling interactive annotation of an image 102, comprising a user input 160 for receiving a placement command 162 from a user, the placement command being indicative of a first placement location of a marker 140 in the image 102, and a processor 180 arranged for (i)... Agent:

20140289607 - Apparatus and method providing augmented reality contents based on web information structure: There are provided an augmented reality contents providing apparatus based on a Web information structure including: an HTML document that includes a URI setting unit setting a uniform resource identifier (URI) corresponding to a point of interest (POI), a POI processing unit collecting attribute information from a target terminal and... Agent: Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

20140289610 - Determining and displaying a count of unread items in content feeds: Systems and methods for determining and displaying a count of unread items in content feeds are provided. In some implementations, a method includes determining a count of unread content items available from a media content source and causing the count to be displayed to the user. In some implementations, the... Agent:

20140289609 - Method for implementing off-line application and apparatus therefor: Provided is a method for implementing off-line application and an apparatus therefor. The method includes: sending, when a browser is in an off-line status, an Ajax request to a browser buffer according to an HTML5 application access request; obtaining data required for running the HTML5 application, returned from the browser... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140289611 - System and method for end users to comment on webpage content for display on remote websites: A webpage commenting solution that involves an end user operating an end user device to access a webpage on a first server. The webpage includes an end user comment submit function. The end user can submit a comment by actuating the end user comment submit function. The first server receives... Agent: Social Commenting, LLC

20140289606 - Systems and methods for attribute indication and accessibility in electronics documents: Systems and methods for attribute indication and accessibility in electronic documents are disclosed. For example, one disclosed method includes the steps of identifying a first characteristic associated with a first scene and a second scene in a script, the script comprising a plurality of scenes; associating a first indicator with... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289608 - Terminal device, display method, and server device: A terminal device includes an input receiving unit and a screen control unit. The input receiving unit receives input operation for inputting arbitrary information in an input field contained in an input screen. The screen control unit displays the input screen, as a confirmation screen, in which the input field... Agent: Yahoo Japan Corporation

20140289612 - Merging web page style addresses: Embodiments of the present application relate to a method for merging web page style addresses, a device for merging web page style addresses, and a computer program product for merging web page style addresses. A method for merging web page style addresses is provided. The method includes receiving a web... Agent: Alibaba Group Holding Limited

20140289613 - Reordering nodes in a hierarchical structure: This disclosure describes a user interface and methods for quickly and easily modifying graphical content. Specifically, content having a hierarchical format may be received in a content pane. The hierarchical format may include one or more hierarchical levels and a plurality of content portions occupying one or more hierarchical positions... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140289614 - Object resizing with content reflow: Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, content of a file such as text content may be reflowed in response to a resizing of an object also included in the file.... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289615 - Method and device for typesetting: A method for a device to perform typesetting on a document, including: paginating the document into a plurality of pages; determining that a page of the plurality of pages contains a blank area after the paginating; determining an adjustable element in the document that causes the blank area; and transposing... Agent: Xiaomi Inc.

20140289616 - Flexible pluralization of localized text: One embodiment provides machine-readable memory encoding a localization resource for a computer system. The resource comprises an array of delimited strings, each string including a range to be compared to a content limiter by the computer system. Associated with the range is text to be presented on a user interface... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140289617 - Tool support for content review: The present technique is a system and method that involves a review tool that supports manual and automated content review, defect log creation, and quantitative defect analysis. The present system supports a wide variety of defect categories that help reviewers to perform a comprehensive content review and provide real time... Agent: Infosys Limited

20140289618 - Character string replacement: In one example, a method includes outputting, for display at a presence-sensitive display, a graphical user interface including a text display region and a graphical keyboard. The method further includes receiving an indication of a first gesture detected at a location within the text display region, and selecting, based at... Agent:

20140289619 - Information display device: According to an embodiment, an information display device includes a receiving unit, a processor, a generating unit, an associating unit, and a controller. The receiving unit receives input of a stroke with respect to at least one of either a first document or a second document displayed on a display.... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140289620 - Method and device for triggering operations via interface components: The present disclosure discloses method and device for triggering operations via interface components. The method comprises: triggering movement of a floating window corresponding to an interface component by operating on the floating window; moving the floating window to a first region; triggering a release command to release the floating window... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20140289621 - Systems and methods for providing programmable macros: A system for providing improved efficiency in use of a mobile application can comprise a mobile application and a macro presenter on a mobile device, and a target platform the mobile application provides access to. The mobile application can comprise a front-end client and a user interface. The macro presenter... Agent:

20140289626 - Cloud based audio recording system: The present disclosure relates to a cloud based system for compiling a series of brief recordings made by a plurality of different users sequentially to form an aggregated audio presentation. The system stores a plurality of user audio files which corresponding to a single audio presentation such as a song,... Agent:

20140289623 - Methods and systems for using proxies to noninvasively alter media experiences: Embodiments include a computing system configured by a media player to access code defining a media presentation, identify a media element comprised in the media presentation, and determine a trait exposed by the media element. The code defining the media presentation may comprise a playlist declaring a plurality of elements... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289624 - Multimedia system and method for interfacing between multimedia unit and audio head unit: Provided are a multimedia system and a method of interfacing a multimedia unit and an audio head unit. The present invention relates to a method in which an audio front panel of a vehicle is detached from a center fascia of the vehicle to secure a free space, and then,... Agent: Hyundai Mobis Co.,ltd.

20140289625 - System to generate a mixed media experience: Segments of plural media expressions of a narrative are defined and linked by metadata enabling substitution of a segment of one medium expression of the narrative for a segment of another medium expression the narrative when requested by a user.... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140289622 - Systems and methods for programmatically interacting with a media player: A media player can comprise a playlist parsing module configured to parse a playlist comprising a plurality of nested elements of a media presentation and select an element of the media presentation for generating output. The playlist can comprise a nested structure of objects representative of the elements of the... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289627 - Multiple-mode system and method for providing user selectable video content: The method of providing audiovisual content to a client device configured to be coupled to a display. The method detects a selection of a graphical element corresponding to a video content item. In response to detecting the selection of the graphical element, a transmission mode is determined. The transmission mode... Agent:

20140289628 - Notification control apparatus for identifying predetermined frame in moving image: A notification control apparatus is provided with a moving image acquisition unit 41 that acquires a moving image, an identification unit 44 that identifies a frame according to forwarding operation, out of a plurality of frames constituting the moving image, a determination unit 46 that determines whether or not the... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140289629 - Rapid preview of remote video content: An internet client-server method to rapidly preview video files. Source video files are compressed into lower resolution preview video files, thumbnail image files, and stored on a preview internet server. Typically only a small fraction of the source video frames, such as 1 frame in 60, is used for the... Agent: Klip, Inc.

20140289631 - Input apparatus, input method, and input program: An operation input unit detects an operation position corresponding to an operation input; a display processing unit changes a display item to be displayed on a display unit of a plurality of items, depending on a change of the operation position; a processing control unit continues a process of changing... Agent: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

20140289630 - Systems and methods for semi-automatic audio problem detection and correction: One exemplary embodiment involves receiving identifications of audio problems in a segment of audio and identifications of corrections for applying to attempt to correct the audio problems, wherein the audio problems were identified by a device applying one or more audio problem detection algorithms to the segment of audio. The... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289633 - Method and electronic device for information processing: The present disclosure provides a method and an electronic device for information processing. The electronic device comprises a sensing unit and a display unit having a display area. The display unit displays a graphical interface. The display area displays a first part of the graphical interface. The method comprises: detecting... Agent: Beijing Lenovo Software Ltd.

20140289632 - Picture drawing support apparatus and method: According to an embodiment, a picture drawing support apparatus includes following components. The feature extractor extracts a feature amount from a picture drawn by a user. The speech recognition unit performs speech recognition on speech input by the user. The keyword extractor extracts at least one keyword from a result... Agent: Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

20140289634 - Extensible infrastructure for representing networks including virtual machines: One or more embodiments provide an extensible user interface for navigating a graph in a tabular format for which the extensible user interface is arranged in a hierarchy of views. The hierarchy includes an entry point level having at least one extension added by an application, wherein data is displayed... Agent:

20140289635 - Information processing apparatus and method therefor: An information processing apparatus capable of providing a first user interface (UI) environment and a second UI environment includes a determination unit configured to determine a UI environment that displays a message screen, and a control unit configured to, in a case where a message screen is required to be... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140289636 - Information displaying method and apparatus: A method of displaying information relating to one or more entities, the method including, in an electronic processing device, generating a network representation, the representation including a number of nodes, each node being indicative of a corresponding entity, and a number of connections between nodes, the connections being indicative of... Agent:

20140289638 - Business service management system: A Business Service Management system for controlling a layout of resources, the system comprising: a DBMS (Database Management System), being a database having manipulation tools thereof; at least two data items, stored in the DBMS, each encapsulated within an encapsulating data item, wherein each of the encapsulated data items being... Agent:

20140289637 - Remote visualization and control for virtual mobile infrastructure: A method for running application software for a mobile device by virtualizing a mobile device operating system (OS); running a virtual instance of the mobile device OS with the application software on a server on the cloud; and rendering on the server and sending a display image for the mobile... Agent: Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

20140289639 - Display of operating status information of a client in a remote desktop session: Example embodiments relate to the display of operating status information in a remote desktop session. In example embodiments, a client transmits operating status information to a server via a remote desktop session established with the server. In response, the client may receive graphics information including displayed status information inserted by... Agent:

20140289641 - Adaptive user interface: A system and method for issuing an instruction includes a parsed hierarchical list including a parent level with parent nodes, and a child level with child nodes. The child level is associated with at least one parent node, each parent node associated with a parent label, the child nodes being... Agent:

20140289640 - Layout for dynamic web content management: A request for content is sent via a client device. The client device negotiates with a server content provider regarding the layout of the content using a dynamically configurable content layout profile describing layout preferences for content. When the content is received from the server content provider, the content is... Agent:

20140289642 - Method of single-handed software operation of large form factor mobile electronic devices: A method of enabling single-handed user-software interactions in a large form-factor electronic device having a touch screen for receiving user thumb input actions via an operating system desktop, the method comprising the steps of: positioning a single-handed utilization zone on the mobile electronic device desktop at about a determined location... Agent:

20140289644 - Delivery and management of status notifications for group messaging: Communication devices, computer readable media and methods are provided for managing a group messaging session. A graphical user interface comprising a conversation window and a multiplicity of avatars is displayed. Each avatar represents one of a multiplicity of group members. Responsive to transmission of a multicast message from a sending... Agent: Blackberry Limited

20140289643 - Message preview control: Embodiments of the invention relate generally to computing devices and systems, as well as software, computer programs, applications, and user interfaces, and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods to facilitate message preview control. For example, the method may include generating representations for messages to present on an interface, and... Agent: Ring Central, Inc.

20140289646 - Cross-platform conferencing interface: A cross-platform conferencing interface includes a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays multiple conferencing options, including a web conferencing option. Beginning at a home screen of the conferencing interface, a user can connect a web conference call through one of multiple web conference applications, or providers, in as few as... Agent: Nzs Inc.

20140289647 - Interface overlay: A method and apparatus for providing a user interface overlay. In one embodiment, a toolbar remains visible and can be selected at any time to activate the interface overlay. The interface overlay provides an easily visible list computing options, such as contacts, that overlays the entire display area. The background... Agent: Yahoo! Inc.

20140289645 - Tracking changes in collaborative authoring environment: Change tracking and collaborative communication are provided in authoring content in a collaborative environment. Monitored changes, comments, and similar input by the collaborating authors may be presented on demand or automatically to each author based on changes and/or comments that affect a particular author, that author's portion of collaborated content,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140289649 - Cooperative 3d work station: A display apparatus for depicting a three-dimensional scenario includes a first and a second projection device, and a holographic display device having a first and a second holographic unit. A depiction apparatus includes a number of the display apparatuses for the depiction and cooperative processing of a three-dimensional scenario by... Agent: Eads Deutschland Gmbh

20140289648 - Dynamic modification of navigation maps: Objects in a virtual space may be non-traversable such that traversal by characters of the virtual space through such objects is not permitted by the physics of the virtual space. Objects may be relocated during interactive gameplay. A navigation map of the virtual space is updated interactively, e.g. after an... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20140289650 - Multi-layer computer application with a transparent portion: An application in which a portion of a layer is transparent. When the application is a first state (with a first layer on top), a transparent portion of that layer may make a portion of a second layer visible. The first layer may include various menus and the second layer... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289652 - Electronic device and method for activating application after unlocking: A method for activating applications of an electronic device by setting one or more time intervals and one or more applications of the electronic device to correspond to the one or more time intervals. When the electronic device is unlocked and the current time is located within one of the... Agent: Fu Tai Hua Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20140289651 - Methods and systems for defining slices: A web development, application development, or other tool can be enhanced by configuring the tool to support an overlay for defining a plurality of regions (i.e. slices) simultaneously. Embodiments include providing, via a computing apparatus, a graphical user interface comprising an overlay over the area of a visual element, the... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289653 - Systems and methods for managing transform points and effects in multi-state electronic content: One exemplary embodiment involves receiving input editing electronic content being edited in the electronic content creation application and identifying changes to the electronic content being edited that are required based on the input. The exemplary embodiment further involves determining one or more of the changes to be hidden effects and... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289654 - Interactive method and apparatus for mixed media interactive method and apparatus for mixed media: An interactive interface for a computing device enables a user to select the medium of expression in which a segment of a narrative will be presented.... Agent: General Instrument Corporation

20140289655 - Method and apparatus for displaying graphical user interface depending on a user's contact pattern: A graphical user interface (GUI) may be displayed on a display unit in an apparatus which may include a tactile sensor unit. When a contact by a user is detected at the tactile sensor unit, a control unit may receive a contact detection signal therefrom. Based on the contact detection... Agent:

20140289660 - Method and apparatus for converting object in portable terminal: A method of converting an object in a portable terminal is provided. The method includes displaying a first object corresponding to an application on a standby screen of the portable terminal, detecting a first touch input of a user selecting the first object, changing an operating mode of the portable... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140289659 - Method and system for activating different interactive functions using different types of finger contacts: A method activates different interactive functions based on a classification of vibro-acoustic signals resulting from touch events with finger parts of a user. A primary function is trigger when an interactive element on a touch screen is touched with a finger tip of the user. An auxiliary function is launched... Agent: Qeexo, Co.

20140289658 - Methods, systems and apparatuses for managing the presentation of information: Index entries may be generated for incoming items of information and may include timestamps associated with an identification of the relevant item. Timestamps may be reassigned in response to user commands or according to preconfigured instructions. Items may be output, visually or aurally, according to their associated timestamps. Items may... Agent:

20140289657 - System and method for real-time adaptation of a gui application for left-hand users: A method for the adaptation of a graphic user interface (GUI) designed for right-hand users, for the use of left-hand users, comprises the steps of: a) for the application running on a tablet, identifying the controls that make a difference from the perspective of right/left handed users; b) suggesting new... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140289656 - Systems and methods for creating and using electronic content with displayed objects having enhanced features: Systems and methods create and use electronic content that provides objects with capabilities extended beyond those provided by traditional infrastructures. For example, if a tag-based infrastructure does not allow creating an object prior to the object being displayed, a content creator or other user may be able to define or... Agent:

20140289662 - Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and non-transitory computer-readable medium: An information processing apparatus comprises: a status change unit configured to change, if a drag operation required to drag an object is made by bringing an instruction member into contact with a screen which is configured to accept a multi-touch instruction, an object, for which the drag operation is made,... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20140289661 - Methods and systems for combined management of multiple servers: A method can comprise accessing data identifying instances of an application server such as a group of server instances that are administered together. The method can comprise presenting a user interface including a visual element corresponding to each instance of the application server. The interface may include a server settings... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20140289663 - Producing artwork based on an imported image: A painting system is described herein for producing artwork. In one implementation, the painting system operates by receiving an input image of any type from any source. The painting system then imports the input image into a painting mechanism. Thereafter, the painting system allows a user to produce artwork by... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20140289664 - Portable terminal device, non-transitory storage medium and method for suppressing implementation: A cellular phone includes a display surface, a touch sensor configured to accept an input with respect to the display surface and a CPU. The CPU displays a keyboard for inputting characters, an input text and a send button for executing a function for sending the input text as a... Agent:

20140289665 - Device and method for determining gesture, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program: A device for determining a gesture includes a display portion for selectively displaying one of screens; a storage portion for storing, for each of the screens, a rule used for distinguishing between gestures; a detection portion for detecting a motion made by a user; and a determination portion for identifying,... Agent: Konica Minolta, Inc.

20140289668 - Electronic display with a virtual bezel: An electronic device with a touchscreen display is provided comprising an active touchscreen region and a virtual bezel area, the active touchscreen region functioning to process a first set of touch-based inputs from a user of the electronic device according to a first mode of operation, and the virtual bezel... Agent:

20140289666 - Information browsing on an electronic device: A method, system and/or computer program product for information browsing comprises: obtaining screen partition information of an electronic device; obtaining a position of a user's current input on the screen; obtaining file segmentation information describing a mapping relationship between file segments and screen partitions; determining a file segment corresponding to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20140289667 - Method for performing a user action upon a digital item: A method is disclosed for performing a user action to be applied on a digital item represented by a digital object displayable on a user interface touch screen of an electronic system. The electronic system is configured to apply the user action upon the digital item by means of an... Agent: Oce-technologies B.v.

20140289669 - User interface icon management method and touch device: A user interface icon management method and a touch device to enhance user experience are provided. The method includes: receiving a state activation instruction based on an icon by using a screen of a touch device, so as to activate the icon into a movable state; receiving, by the touch... Agent:

20140289670 - Display device capturing digital content and method of controlling therefor: A method of controlling a display device according to one embodiment of the present specification includes the steps of displaying a digital content, displaying a capturing window in a manner of overlapping the digital content, wherein the capturing window captures an inside area of the capturing window, detecting a first... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20140289673 - Eager block fetching for web-based data grids: Techniques for improving scrolling performance in a web-based data grid. In one set of embodiments, when a user scrolls through a data grid rendered in a viewport of the user's web browser, client-side code executing in the web browser can detect whether a scroll event has occurred that requires a... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20140289672 - Graph display apparatus, graph display method and storage medium having stored thereon graph display program: A graph display apparatus includes a display device, a graph display control unit, a scroll direction setting unit and a scroll control unit. The graph display control unit sets a coordinate system to a display area of the display device and displays a graph in the coordinate system. The scroll... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140289671 - Information terminal, information presentation method for an information terminal, and information presentation program: Information storages store a plurality of different types of information. An update information storage stores a part of information updated in the information storages as update information associated with the respective types. An update information manager monitors an information update in the information storages and stores, when an information update... Agent: Sony Mobile Communications Ab

20140289674 - Apparatus and method for managing shortcut menu of applications: An apparatus and method for managing shortcut menus of applications are provided. The method includes determining whether an event for an application is generated, calculating accumulation points for the application based on a type of the event that is generated when the event is generated, and applying a first visual... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20140289675 - System and method of mapping products to patents: A data storage device includes instructions that, when executed by a processor, cause the processor to generate a graphical user interface (GUI) including one or more bidirectional mappings between patents and products. The GUI further includes a plurality of user-selectable elements including at least one element selectable by a user... Agent:

20140289676 - Imaging apparatus and user interface: A screen ST1 of an LCD with which a digital camera is provided displays an icon of a folder F1 indicating that the folder F1 has been selected. Image files P11 and P12 are captured reproduced images. A display frame SC displays a currently captured picture of an object, files... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140289677 - Touch screen input method and device: A touch panel is constructed by a display/sensor unit which is slightly larger than a display screen of an LCD and a sensor unit which is projected to the outside from one side, for example, from one side on the right. A finger of the user is touched to a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20140289679 - Relative item of interest explorer interface: Devices are disclosed for providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for representing a reference item and a number of items of interest. In one embodiment, each item of interest is assigned to one of a number of concentric regions in a two-dimensional geographic space based on the location and one... Agent:

20140289678 - Sprocket shaped user interface for navigating a dynamic collection of information: The sprocket shaped menu accepts except selections of information from the menu, where selecting an item in the menu causes other parts of the look of the menu to change. In one embodiment, this can cause a break in the menu which shows a preview. In another embodiment, touching an... Agent:

20140289680 - Image processing apparatus that processes a group consisting of a plurality of images, image processing method, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus 1 includes: an image selection unit, a thumbnail generation unit, an association unit, and an execution unit. The image selection unit selects a group consisting of a plurality of images as targets for predetermined processing. The thumbnail generation unit generates a thumbnail that can identify the... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20140289681 - Method and system for generating a graphical user interface menu: A system and a computer-implemented method for generating a graphical user interface menu comprising the steps of awaiting a first triggering event; displaying a menu, having at least two menu items, in response to the triggering event; focusing on a menu item of the menu; awaiting a second event; inserting... Agent: Advanced Digital Broadcast S.a.

20140289682 - Equivalent gesture and soft button configuration for touch screen enabled device: Methods and systems for configuring on touch screen enabled devices custom gestures and custom soft buttons that are equivalent to default gestures configured on such devices allow equivalent custom gestures and soft buttons to be configured seamlessly on such devices without invoking a configuration tool or widget, enable multiple custom... Agent: Sharp Laboratories Of America, Inc.

20140289683 - Method and apparatus for calculating channel quality adaptively in mobile communication system: A method and apparatus for a configurable screen lock are disclosed herein, including receiving a request to release the screen lock while the electronic device is in a screen lock state, and in response to the request, displaying on a display a screen lock setting screen enabling adjustment of at... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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