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Data processing: presentation processing of document December patent applications/inventions, industry category 12/12

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12/27/2012 > 54 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120331371 - System and method for yearbook creation: A yearbook system may include a server having computer-implemented instructions stored thereon and the instructions may include a user component through which a yearbook staff user may design and create a yearbook and may also include an image share component in communication with the user component and accessible by yearbook... Agent:

20120331372 - Methods for making ajax web applications bookmarkable and crawlable and devices thereof: Methods, devices, and computer-readable storage media that make an asynchronous JavaScript and extensible mark-up language (AJAX) application content state bookmarkable and crawlable include receiving a HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request is received. The HTTP request includes an HTTP request uniform resource locator (URL) representing a current application state. When the... Agent: Usablenet Inc.

20120331373 - Asynchronous redrawing in online document processors: An online document processor can redraw a document asynchronously upon receiving a download or edit command. After receiving a download command, the document processor downloads a portion of the document to user equipment, redraws the portion, downloads another portion, and determines whether a new edit command has been received. The... Agent: Google, Inc.

20120331377 - Content rendering on a computer: Portions of content are transformed into portions of rendered content. While the portions of the content are being transformed into portions of the rendered content, each discrete portion of the rendered content can be provided to the application program after that portion is completed.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120331375 - Dynamically updating a running page: A method includes parsing a text source document to construct a document node tree such that the document node tree includes text offsets indicating the location of the text within the text source document corresponding to each node of the document node tree. The method includes constructing, from the document... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120331376 - Inserting content in association with a web page that is transmitted to a computing device: Web pages delivered to a mobile device having viewport functionality and modified to include toolbars that are automatically adjusted to conform to the characteristics of the mobile device and browser operating on the mobile device. As a ML file is transferred to the mobile device, the characteristics of the mobile... Agent: Flash Networks, Ltd

20120331374 - Linking source code to running element: A method includes parsing a text source document to construct a document node tree such that the document node tree includes text offsets indicating the location of the text within the text source document corresponding to each node of the document node tree. The method includes constructing, from the document... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120331379 - Linking sources to copied text: A method and system for processing electronic documents. A temporary computer object is created. An address of a first electronic document is obtained. A first tag, a second tag, and the address of the first electronic document are copied into a header of the created temporary computer object. Selected text... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120331378 - System and method for timeline visualization and interaction: A system and method for visualizing and displaying calendar and timeline data in an intuitive and easily-manipulated manner. In an embodiment, a computer system application may implement a method for reading data from a data store of timeline elements wherein each timeline elements having associated data and an associated context.... Agent: Digitalviews, Inc.

20120331380 - System for preparing and managing service manual, and method and record medium for preparing or managing service manual: The present invention discloses a method for preparing a service manual using a computer, the service manual being used for maintenance or repair of a product on the basis of production work information that has been prepared, including production information and an assembling procedure of the product, the method comprising:... Agent: Olympus Corporation

20120331382 - Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and storage medium: When a document processing program constituting a workflow system includes a user interface and a plurality of types of editing processing can be executed by a user's operation, an erroneous operation is executed, so that a mismatch may occur in a workflow. When a selected document is transmitted to a... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120331381 - Systems and methods for communicating information: Methods and systems for communicating information are disclosed, including creating sequence instructions configured to define a set of permitted sequences for a plurality of documents. The sequence instructions may be sent to a user and interpreted using an active user interface for the user to select one or more sequences... Agent: Virsycom, Inc.

20120331383 - Apparatus and method for input of korean characters: A method is for input of Korean characters into an electronic device having a gesture input component. The method includes displaying a minimal set of consonant candidates for a starting or trailing consonant of a Korean character, and selecting character elements based on the gesture detected from a gesture input... Agent:

20120331385 - Asynchronistic platform for real time collaboration and connection: A method of authoring a multimedia presentation includes: receiving a command, over a network connection, to add a first media object having a first start time to the presentation, the first media object being stored in a data store; storing a first start time and an identifier of the first... Agent:

20120331384 - Determining an option based on a reaction to visual media content: Implementations disclosed herein relate to determining an option based on a reaction to visual media content. In one implementation, a processor determines a user's degree of preference for visual media content and selects an option based on the determined degree of preference. The processor may provide the determined degree of... Agent:

20120331386 - System and method for providing acoustic analysis data: A music recommendation system receives a user selection of desired music, retrieves analysis data associated with the selected music, and generates a playlist of songs based on the analysis data. The analysis data is generated based on a processing of one or more audio signals associated with the selected music.... Agent: Gracenote, Inc.

20120331387 - Method and system for providing gathering experience: The present disclosure relates to the use of gestures and feedback to facilitate gathering experiences and/or applause events with natural, social ambience. For example, audio feedback responsive to participant action may swell and diminish in response to intensity and social aspects of participant participation. Each participant can have unique sounds... Agent: Net Power And Light, Inc.

20120331388 - Discovering, defining, and implementing computer application topologies: A method and system for discovering, defining, and implementing an application topology through the user of a graphical user interface is provided. A topology system may analyze the topology of an enterprise and provide a graphical representation of the application topology. The topology system may discover the application topology of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120331389 - Download area management: Methods for managing a download area of a browser are provided. A method includes determining whether a user has performed an action on an icon, representing a downloaded object, displayed within the download area in a primary window of the browser. The download area is configured to be active when... Agent: Google Inc.

20120331392 - System and method for data-driven web page navigation control: A system and method for web application navigation control includes updating navigation data models used in navigation constraints with received data from an end-user or system. Without needing a centralized application-specific controller, from a collection of extensible navigation rules associated with each page of a plurality of pages, the extensible... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120331390 - User interface for managing questions and answers across multiple social media data sources: A method for managing user-generated questions and answers across multiple social media data sources can begin with the receiving of query parameters, including a user-entered question, via the user interface of a social media Q&A manage. Social media data sources can be queried for knowledge related to the user-entered question.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120331391 - User interface for managing questions and answers across multiple social media data sources: A method for managing user-generated questions and answers across multiple social media data sources can begin with the receiving of query parameters, including a user-entered question, via the user interface of a social media Q&A manage. Social media data sources can be queried for knowledge related to the user-entered question.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120331393 - Method and system for providing themes for software applications: A method includes separately executing a plurality of different applications, each application executing a corresponding query to at least one database to generate results of its query; storing, for each application, a plurality of service parameters that control a makeup of a navigation sequence provided to the user to execute... Agent: Sap Ag

20120331394 - Batch uploading of content to a web-based collaboration environment: Systems and methods of batch uploading of content to a web-based collaboration environment are disclosed. In one aspect, embodiments of the present disclosure include a method, which may be implemented on a system, for receiving an upload request from a user through a user interface to upload multiple items and... Agent:

20120331395 - Systems and methods for collaborative interaction: A method for allowing multiple users to interact utilising a common user interface, the method comprising the steps of: for each user, receiving input data from said user and displaying said input in a user interface portion associated with the user, and, on receiving an instruction from the user, transferring... Agent: Smart Internet Technology Crc Pty. Ltd.

20120331396 - Automated privacy level suggestions for social networking: Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for the automated suggestion of a privacy level setting for a new connection in a social network. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for automated suggestions of privacy level settings for a new connection in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120331397 - Graphical user interface display which differentiates among participants in a group conversation: A system and machine-implemented method for differentiating participants in a group conversation within a graphical user interface of an electronic device of a user, via displaying a collection of contact icons on the graphical user interface, each contact icon respectively corresponding to one of a plurality of participants in a... Agent: Google Inc.

20120331398 - Mechanism for indicating unread emails in a container: A mechanism is disclosed for generating a composite email for an email conversation. The composite email includes content automatically extracted from a plurality of the emails in the email conversation, and may be generated in response to a user accessing just one of the emails in the email conversation. A... Agent:

20120331400 - Authentication score quantifing similarity between a user's online persona versus that user's physical characteristics: A visual representation of a human user for display within one or more graphical user interfaces to others interacting with the human user over a network can be identified. An authenticity score defining a degree of resemblance between the visual representation of the human user and physical characteristics of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120331399 - Graphical user interface which displays profile information associated with a selected contact: A system and machine-implemented method for presenting profile information on an electronic device of a user, the profile information being associated with a contact of the user, via displaying a contact icon on a graphical user interface of the electronic device, the contact icon corresponding to a contact of the... Agent: Google Inc.

20120331401 - Virtual meeting place system and method: A virtual meeting place system is disclosed. The online virtual meeting place facilitates initiating, scheduling, or spontaneously organizing an online discussion or meeting, organizing the discussion into active and passive participants, limiting or eliminate participation of selected participants and soliciting, receiving and answering questions. The system is configurable to allow... Agent: Voispot, LLC

20120331402 - System and method to create a collaborative web-based multimedia contextual document: The present invention relates a method and system for creating a collaborative book in a shared network space including the steps of: logging in from one or more user computers to a shared space in the network from a user application to a host, wherein the shared space is created... Agent: Simulat, Inc.

20120331403 - Customized rule application as function of avatar data: An avatar behavior rule is customized within a virtual universe environment as a function of individual avatar data. It is determined whether the activity of an avatar is relevant to a behavior rule for a virtual universe. If the activity is determined to be relevant to the rule, the rule... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120331404 - System and method for multi-model, context-aware visualization, notification, aggregation and formation: Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for context-aware visualization, notification, aggregation, and formation in a multi-model collaboration space. The system first finds contextually related content from a multi-model collaboration space, wherein the multi-model collaboration space includes disjoint collaboration tools. The system then generates a unified content view of the... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120331405 - Group conversation between a plurality of participants: A system and method for presenting a group conversation on an electronic device of a user, via displaying, on a graphical user interface of the device, a group of contacts with which the user can communicate, the group of contacts comprising one or more individual contacts and one or more... Agent: Google Inc.

20120331406 - Survivable browsing in virtualized desktop environment when host connectivity is lost: Techniques are provided herein for providing survivable browsing when a client endpoint device loses contact with its host server. A Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) draws and communicates an HVD display image comprising a HVD browser window to the client endpoint device for display, via a virtual desktop interface (VDI) protocol.... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120331409 - System and method for selecting and displaying webpages: A server having one or more processors and memory associates one or more link categories with a first user and receives a request from the browser on the client device to display a new webpage in the browser. In response to the request, the server accesses a list of one... Agent:

20120331407 - Temporal task-based tab management: Systems and methods for managing tabs, such as tabs used for accessing web pages. Such systems and methods may also provide, arrange and identify the tabs based on tasks to be performed using resources accessed via the web pages. A method for task-based web page tab management may include determining... Agent: Google Inc.

20120331408 - Temporal task-based tab management: Systems and methods for managing tabs, such as tabs used for accessing web pages. Such systems and methods may also provide, arrange and identify the tabs based on tasks to be performed using resources accessed via the web pages. A method for task-based web page tab management may include determining... Agent: Google Inc.

20120331410 - Methods and systems for designing it services: At least one service product to be provided by a designed IT service is selected using a graphical user interface. Mandatory service elements required for the at least one service product are added automatically and displayed. A configuration of the designed IT service is output.... Agent: Fujitsu Technology Solutions Intellectual Property Gmbh

20120331411 - Cross process accessibility: Various representations of a graphical user interface are disclosed. In one aspect, a user interface associated with a first application can include user interface elements associated with a second application and be represented as a data structure (e.g., a tree). In another aspect, an accessibility client can traverse the data... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120331412 - Dynamic grouping of domain objects via smart groups: A method of organizing a first group of domain objects relating to hydrocarbon management is disclosed. User-defined logic conditions are established. A plurality of the domain objects in the first group of domain objects are selected. It is determined whether any of the selected plurality of domain objects satisfies the... Agent:

20120331413 - Method for managing treatment of a particular health condition that includes graphing accumulated data: A method for managing treatment of a particular health condition afflicting a patient through associating subjective patient symptoms with analyte levels, which includes storing a health management program in a nonvolatile memory, which when run, prompts a user for entry of health condition data, including patient physiological data, subjective patient... Agent: Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

20120331414 - Arrangements of text type-ahead: A method and system of text entry. An attribute of text entered by a user into an application is determined. The entered text is matched to a single portion of each attribute segment of one or more indexed segments of text, based upon a determined attribute of each attribute segment... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120331415 - Touch driven method and apparatus to integrate and display multiple image layers forming alternate depictions of same subject matter: An interactive display system, including a touch sensitive display, establishes a first image and at least one secondary image, each image representing various spatial coordinates, the spatial coordinates overlapping at least in part such that each image comprises an alternate depiction of subject matter common to all of the images.... Agent:

20120331416 - Touring in a geographic information system: The present invention relates to navigating in a geographic information system. In an embodiment, a method tours geographic information in a geographic information system. A set of actions for a tour is received. Each action includes a tour time. A tour time of at least one of the actions is... Agent: Google Inc.

20120331418 - Presenting favorite contacts information to a user of a computing device: Systems and methods to present information to a user regarding favorite contacts of the user. In one embodiment, a method includes: storing a plurality of person profiles for persons referenced in communications received by a user of a computing device; selecting, using at least one processor, a set of contacts... Agent: Xobni, Inc.

20120331417 - Terminal and method for displaying data thereof: A method for displaying tag information in a region that matches with the data displayed in another region on the screen includes displaying at least one tag information item in a list navigation region and a data item in a data display region on a screen in a data display... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120331419 - Menu promotions user interface: A system includes a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory includes instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to perform a method that includes displaying a plurality of menu items (each associated with one of a plurality of media content items) in a... Agent: At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp.

20120331420 - System and method for searching for documents: A computer system is disclosed. The computer system includes one or more processors, and a memory storage storing one or more instructions for implementing a search tool. The instructions, when executed, instruct the computer system to perform a set of steps. The steps include receiving a search query from a... Agent: Lexisnexis Group

20120331421 - Core services platform for wireless voice, data and messaging network services: A system and method for managing wireless devices in a wireless network that performs operation comprising: receiving a diagnostic request to analyze a problem associated with a wireless device operating in the wireless network; retrieving contextual information associated with the wireless device from a database of the wireless network; determining... Agent:

20120331422 - Custom jewelry configurator: A jewelry configurator is disclosed which permits a consumer or end user to begin with a catalog of jewelry pieces that he is able to then customize and alter in various ways to tailor the piece to his taste, view a rendering of said piece, get a price quote for... Agent: Gemvision Corporation, LLC

20120331423 - Method for navigating a structure of data using a graphical user interface having a looped history chain: An improved navigation method implemented as a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI has navigation tools to allow a user to navigate to different locations of a structure of data. The GUI stores a history chain containing a sequence of nodes including a first node and a last node, each... Agent: Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

20120331424 - Electronic device and method of displaying information in response to input: A method includes displaying, in a window or field, first information associated with a first source running on a portable electronic device and detecting an input to display second information associated with a second source. After the detecting, second information associated with the second source and the first information in... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

12/20/2012 > 82 patent applications in 51 patent subcategories.

20120324323 - Enhanced capture, management and distribution of live presentations: Techniques are provided for converting live presentations into electronic media and managing captured media assets for distribution. An exemplary system includes capture devices that capture media assets of live presentations comprising a session, including image data of sequentially presented visual aids accompanying the live presentations and audio data. Each capture... Agent: Astute Technology, LLC

20120324324 - Synchronizing recorded audio content and companion content: Aspects of the present disclosure relate to synchronously presenting companion content, such as text content of an electronic book, while recording or presenting narration audio content spoken by a narrator. For example, recorded audio content may be received that corresponds to words of the companion content as spoken by a... Agent:

20120324326 - Method and apparatus for outputting a multimedia file of a web page: A method and apparatus for playing back a multimedia file of a web page containing link codes. The apparatus comprises: a media information setup unit which matches link codes contained in the web page to multimedia files, and sets up the matched link codes and multimedia files; a link address... Agent:

20120324325 - Patent prosecution accelerator package: A package of digital files for patent prosecution contains an office action (OA) dedicated to a specific case in examination by a patent examination authority, the OA displayable in a display window coupled to a computerized appliance, and a first reference document also displayable in the same or a separate... Agent:

20120324327 - Integrated adaptive url-shortening functionality: To provide a shortened version of a link that conveys useful information about the link's associated content, embodiments of the invention generate a shortened version of the link that comprises meaningful information about the original link. For example, in some embodiments such information includes portions of the link itself, such... Agent: Rockmelt, Inc.

20120324328 - Variable formatting of values: Variable formatting for cells in computer spreadsheets, tables, and other documents is provided. For a selected range of cells, cell formats vary with the value in each cell (or an associated value). Formats can include color-scale backgrounds, in-cell elements (e.g., icons and data bars), and other cell formats that can... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324329 - Presentation of tabular information: An apparatus and method of presenting tabular data. A list of received data tables is displayed allowing a user to select a table. In response to selecting a table, a significant column for the selected table is presented so as to span across parallel edges of a display. A divider... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120324330 - Information sharing support system, information processing device, computer readable recording medium, and computer controlling method: An information sharing support system includes a first information processor connected to a projector that projects an image on a projection area including an object, and to an image pick-up device for picking up an image of the projection area; an inputting unit that inputs an event in a first... Agent: Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

20120324335 - Apparatus and method for providing editable flash file: A method for storing and managing a content-editable Flash file is provided, in which a Flash file is loaded to be edited, data of a predetermined size is loaded from the Flash file, it is determined based on the loaded data whether the Flash file is editable, and editable data... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120324334 - Collecting user feedback about web pages: A user may desire to provide feedback on a web page displayed at a client. To collect feedback, a feedback module is provided to and executed at the client to provide feedback functionality. The feedback module creates a mask to prevent interaction with the original web page, clones the original... Agent: Google Inc.

20120324336 - Computer and computer-readable storage medium for computer program: A terminal is provided which displays, on a display, specific web pages with the web pages customized based on cookies that are provided for the web pages and stored in a cookie storage portion, the web pages being provided for processing devices for performing specific processing. The terminal includes a... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120324331 - Mapping selections between a browser and the original file fetched from a web server: A selection in a browser in an integrated development environment can be mapped back to the original document that was fetched from a web server by uniquely identifying elements in the original document. A DOM can be created from the original document where the DOM retains the unique identifiers associated... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324333 - Parsing an image of a visually structured document: A method for automated semantic parsing of an image of a structured document includes acquiring the image of the structured document. The image of the structured document is lexed so as to associate each image element of a plurality of image elements of the image with a predefined token. A... Agent:

20120324339 - Rendering sections of content in a document: Systems, methods and articles of manufacture are disclosed for rendering a document having collapsible sections of content. In one embodiment, the document may be received and rendered for display. Rendering the document for display may include collapsing all but a first section of the collapsible sections of content. Rendering the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120324337 - Shared definition and explanation system and method: A system and method is presented for contributing explanations for words and phrases found in web-based books and text documents. Data is maintained in a database relating to books, chapters, pages, and page portions. Through the use of a user interface, users can select a text portion and submit an... Agent: Sumbola, Inc.

20120324338 - System and methods for integration of an application runtime environment into a user computing environment: Systems and methods for creating application runtime environments or application environments that can be downloaded and integrated into the computing environment of a computing device are disclosed. One embodiment of the invention includes a computing device on which an operating system is installed that creates a computing environment, an Application... Agent: Sweetlabs, Inc.

20120324332 - Using gestures to generate code, including for text flow: The subject disclosure is directed towards using gesture input to position content elements (e.g., flow text) around an object such as an irregularly shaped image. The gesture input may be used to generate markup language code, which when processed by a renderer, automatically positions the elements based upon the markup... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324340 - Incrementally tokenizing and/or parsing a style sheet: Techniques are described herein that are capable of incrementally tokenizing and/or parsing a style sheet. For example, tokens may be created to represent respective sequences of characters in a style sheet. A token that includes a change (a.k.a. a changed token) and other token(s) that follow the changed token may... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324341 - Detection and extraction of elements constituting images in unstructured document files: A method and a system for detecting and extracting images in an electronic document are disclosed. The method includes receiving an electronic document comprising a plurality of pages and, for each of at least one of the pages of the document, identifying elements of the page. The identified elements include... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120324342 - Methods, systems, and computer program products for generating a media presentation for digital signage: A method of generating a media presentation includes receiving a request to create a template, the template comprising a page, receiving a selection of a layout from a plurality of layouts for the page, the layout specifying positions of display windows on the page, and saving the template.... Agent: Mediplay, Inc.

20120324343 - Multi-element image templates: A system for making an image product includes a computer including a processor and a memory, a template stored in the memory, the template including a template graphic and a plurality of openings in the template graphic, an image stored in the memory, and the processor compositing the image into... Agent:

20120324344 - Display apparatus, display method, and storage medium: A display apparatus includes a designation unit configured to designate a number of pages, a calculation unit configured to calculate an enlargement ratio based on original data, the number of pages designated by the designation unit, and an area of a display unit, a size change unit configured to change... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120324347 - Method for parsing, searching and formatting of text input for visual mapping of knowledge information: A method for performing relational analysis of parsed input is employed to create a visual map of knowledge information. A title, header or subject line for an input item of information is parsed into syntactical components of at least a subject component and any predicate component(s) relationally linked as topic... Agent:

20120324346 - Method for relational analysis of parsed input for visual mapping of knowledge information: A method for performing relational analysis of parsed input is employed to create a visual map of knowledge information. A title, header or subject line for an input item of information is parsed into syntactical components of at least a subject component and any predicate component(s) relationally linked as topic... Agent:

20120324345 - Transitioning between an editing view and a backstage view of an electronic document: Transitioning between an editing view and a backstage view of an electronic document may be provided. A user interface may be displayed on a computer which includes an editing view of the electronic document. The computer may then receive an input in the editing view for transitioning from the editing... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324350 - Document assembly systems and methods: Embodiments of the present invention relate to devices, systems, and methods for assembling and/or creating documents with the aid of a computer system. One or more embodiments provide document assembly systems and methods. More specifically, the document assembly system may allow the user to retrieve relevant texts or text segments,... Agent:

20120324348 - Reading ease of text on a device: One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for improving reading ease of text displayed by a device. Reading-related feedback, such as feedback that indicates user reading speed and/or user reading comprehension, can be received for a user of the device. One or more display-related characteristics, such as characteristics that... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324349 - System and method for citation processing, presentation and transport: The present invention comprises a system and method for automatically processing one or more citations contained within a document while the document is presented by a document rendering application. The method of the present invention comprises scanning the document to identify an unformatted citation and parsing the unformatted citation to... Agent:

20120324351 - System and method for recommending fonts: Recommending fonts includes obtaining a product category and determining whether a font recommendation should be made. In the event that the font recommendation should be made, the technique further includes determining a recommended font that corresponds to the product category, the determination being based at least in part on a... Agent: Alibaba Group Holding Limited

20120324352 - Client server system and client device of client server system: A server 2 is stored with a print setting program D which takes a form of a Rich Internet Application including an image edit section D6 for generating an image data (post-change image data) in which a change instruction at the time of print setting by a web application A... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120324353 - System and method for building and managing user experience for computer software interfaces: Several computerized tools, methodologies and data structures, according to embodiments of the present invention, are disclosed for collecting data for UX research and development directed to a product, process, and system and for developing personas and scenarios from the data for designing and for measuring the effectiveness of the product,... Agent: Tandemseven, Inc.

20120324354 - Computer system: A method includes displaying, to a user via an electronic device, a graphic user interface (GUI) comprising at least two display regions to display representations of digital objects. The GUI is capable of displaying the display regions simultaneously. The display regions include a resource display region and a selection display... Agent:

20120324355 - Synchronized reading in a web-based reading system: A system and method is presented for the creating a synchronized reading session in a web based reading environment. Data is maintained in a database relating to books, chapters, pages. Through a speaker interface, one user operating a speaker computer controls the pages that appear on the interfaces of all... Agent: Sumbola, Inc.

20120324356 - User driven audio content navigation: Systems and associated methods configured to provide user-driven audio content navigation for the spoken web are described. Embodiments allow users to skim audio for content that seems to be of relevance to the user, similar to visual skimming of standard web pages, and mark point of interest within the audio.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120324357 - Hierarchical, zoomable presentations of media sets: Media sets may be presented as a media presentation (e.g., a slideshow or a thumbnail set), but many such presentations exhaust the attention of a user, particularly for large media sets. Instead, ratings may be identified that represents the relevance or interest of respective media objects of the media set... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324358 - Delivery of a user interface using hypertext transfer protocol: A method is provided to remotely access an application hosted by a server and having a corresponding application graphical user interface (GUI) represented on the server, the method comprising: a client automatically sending GUI display update requests to the server throughout a duration of the access, the requests being HTTP... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20120324359 - Systems and methods for monitoring and enhancing software applications: Systems and methods for monitoring computer and/or software usage and enhancing functionality of target software applications are provided. In some aspects, the systems and methods may identify user activity with sufficient depth for meaningful analysis, even when the target application restricts access to, for example, its user-interface object model or... Agent: Sa Ignite, Inc.

20120324360 - System and method for hierarchical visualization of data: A system and method for monitoring IP flows in a network is disclosed. A plurality of monitor probes are coupled to links in the network, the monitor probes capture data packets from the links and determine protocols in OSI Layers 3, 4, and 5/7 of the packets. A user interface... Agent: Tektronix, Inc.

20120324363 - Consumer-generated media influence and sentiment determination: A method implementable in at least one electronic device coupled to a network and a display device, includes receiving, over the network, a data set, receiving, from a user, a selection of a first topic, determining, based on the data set, a plurality of network sites hosting commentary of the... Agent: Visible Technologies Inc.

20120324362 - Electronic device and operating method of the same: The present invention relates to an electronic device and an operating method of the same. The electronic device and the operating method configure and manage a network more effectively by providing information related to the network to an electronic device newly connected to the network.... Agent:

20120324361 - Information processing apparatus, information management method and computer readable information recording medium: An information processing apparatus is connected with electronic apparatuses storing user information concerning users of the electronic apparatuses. The information processing apparatus receives an operation to designate an electronic apparatus, out of the electronic apparatuses, on which a setting is to be carried out concerning the user information, via a... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120324365 - Reverse seamless integration between local and remote computing environments: Methods and systems for transparent user interface integration between remote (“published”) applications and their local counterparts are described, providing a seamless, unified user experience, and allowing integration of a start menu, dock, taskbar, desktop shortcuts, windows, window and application switching, system tray elements, client-to-host and host-to-client file type association, URL... Agent: Citrix Systems, Inc.

20120324364 - System and method for community centric resource sharing based on a publishing subscription model: The invention provides a Web service which enables a publisher to share his digital resources such as an address card or a calendar with a number of subscribers based on different sharing relationships. The Web service includes a host-based interface called “My Community”, for example, with which the publisher manages... Agent:

20120324366 - System and a method for remotely using electrical devices: A controller device (209) is enabled to provide a virtual user interface of an electrical device (201) to be remotely used and to generate control messages (241) for controlling the electrical device by providing the controller device with a proxy (211) of the electrical device. The proxy is a movable... Agent: Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt

20120324367 - System and method for obtaining preferences with a user interface: Techniques for obtaining user preferences. The techniques include receiving user context information associated with at least one user; identifying, based at least in part on the received user context information, a plurality of attributes of items in a plurality of items; obtaining, using at least one processor, at least one... Agent: Primal Fusion Inc.

20120324368 - Object transfer method using gesture-based computing device: A file transfer method is operative in a mobile computing device having a display interface that supports gesture-based control operations. The mobile computing device includes a remote access client. One or more other computers associated with the user each maintain connections to a Web-based remote access service. The user desires... Agent: Logmein, Inc.

20120324369 - Method and system for shared document approval: This invention discloses a novel system and method for displaying electronic documents that are subject to approval by multiple parties. The invention presents approval by person as a separate indication on the original document. The system automatically reviews the document to determine its type and then using the type, looks... Agent: Workshare, Ltd.

20120324370 - Apparatus, and associated method, for locating a message using graphical interface: An apparatus, and an associated method, facilitates searching for a message of interest from amongst a plurality of stored messages, such as email messages received at, or sent by, a wireless device and for organizing the stored messages. A plot is generated and displayed. The plot is a representation of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120324371 - Methods and apparatus for efficiently managing the storage of e-mail message information for a mobile station: A mobile device stores message information for a plurality of messages in memory. Each message includes at least one correspondent address and conversation text with the at least one correspondent address, as well as metadata comprising an identifier for uniquely identifying the message at a server. When a size of... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120324372 - Systems and methods for augmenting physical media from multiple locations: The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods including providing a data structure stored in computer-readable memory at a first location, monitoring a first work surface provided at the first location, determining that a first physical medium has been manipulated on the first work surface, and, in response, generating... Agent: Sap Ag

20120324373 - Graphical user interfaces for supporting collaborative generation of life stories: Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) support the collaborative generation of life stories by helping the user view the development of the life stories of other users and facilitating interaction with them through these GUIs. A GUI according to a first type helps the user keep track of recent life stories and... Agent: Google Inc.

20120324374 - Movie discovery system: A movie browsing system may use a combination of long term and session based preferences to help a user browse movies using microcategories. The user preferences may be stored as microcategory weights, where the session based weights may change during a session as the system learns the types of movies... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324375 - Web-based user support system and method: Disclosed, in one general aspect, is a method of interacting with website users that includes serving website pages during a first web browsing session, and tracking a users' interactions with these pages. A verbal communication session, such as a phone call, is initiated from the user's location to a user... Agent:

20120324376 - Apparatus for implementing web-based user interface for communication terminal and method thereof: Provided are an apparatus for implementing a web-based user interface for a communication terminal connected to a communication network and a method thereof. The apparatus includes a script execution layer included in the communication terminal, for receiving a script program from a program server and executing the script program together... Agent:

20120324377 - User interface extensibility for web application development tool: Methods, systems, and computer program products are provided that enable a user interface of a web development tool to be customized for a web application. A plurality of objects that define a web application is received. The objects are determined to include a customization file that includes a definition for... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324379 - Generating information on application tasks for component objects grouped in a composite object: Provided are a method, system, and article of manufacture for generating information on application tasks for component objects grouped in a composite object. A composite object in a computer readable medium is comprised of component objects, wherein different application tasks are used to process the component objects. Metadata associates the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120324378 - Virtual systems for spatial organization, navigation, and presentation of information: Organizing information around a specific spatial domain facilitates managing objects presented in visualization layers of the spatial domain. A first portion of a first program for organizing and mapping information around a specific spatial domain is executed by a first virtual system that is created in a program execution environment... Agent:

20120324381 - Graphical icon presentation: Aspects of this disclosure may be directed to one or more techniques for a mobile device to present a graphical user-interface with different graphical user-interface layouts. The mobile device may present the different graphical user-interface layouts based on whether the mobile device is resting or not resting against a surface.... Agent: Google Inc.

20120324384 - Graphical icon presentation: Aspects of this disclosure may be directed to one or more techniques for a mobile device to present a graphical user-interface with different graphical user-interface layouts. The mobile device may present the different graphical user-interface layouts based on whether the mobile device is resting or not resting against a surface.... Agent: Google Inc.

20120324380 - Method and apparatus for controlling a spatial relationship between at least two groups of content during movement of the content: A method is provided for causing a display of content with the content that is displayed being divided into at least two groups having a predefined spatial relationship therebetween. The method also enabling movement of the content and causes the spatial relationship of the at least two groups of content... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120324385 - Methods and/or systems for designing virtual environments: In an editor a plurality of valid start points are determined. Based on the plurality of start points a user may select one of the points. When a user selects one of the points, the editor determines at least one valid end point. The user may then draw a line... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20120324383 - Multi-page sorting for menu items on a handheld: For a user interface, sorts are performed not just on the items currently visible, but across multiple pages or parts of pages some of which may not be currently visible. In one exemplary illustrative non-limiting implementation, all pages are virtually joined in the same data storage “bucket.” Sorts performed by... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20120324382 - User interface adjusting method and electronic device using the same: A user interface adjusting method for an electronic device is disclosed. The electronic device is capable of displaying a user interface including a plurality of selecting objects. The user interface adjusting method includes calculating amounts of the plurality of selecting objects being selected, and adjusting locations of the plurality of... Agent:

20120324386 - Mobile communication terminal and method of selecting menu and item: A mobile terminal including a wireless communication unit configured to wirelessly communicate with at least one other terminal, a touch screen display configured to display a plurality of independent first objects and a controller configured to receive a selection signal indicating a touching of one of the first objects, control... Agent:

20120324387 - Computer-implemented systems and methods for extract, transform, and load user interface processing: Computer-implemented systems and methods are disclosed for specifying an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process. For example, systems and methods are provided for specifying the ETL process through ETL diagrams, and allowing ETL diagrams with different components to be easily traversed. Behaviors of underlying engine technology of the ETL process may... Agent:

20120324388 - Pie chart graphical user interface: A pie chart comprising a pie having at least two slices and a selector head is displayed in a graphical user interface. The selector head is rotatable around a circular selection assist track having a center point corresponding to a center point of the pie. In addition, the graphical user... Agent: Business Objects Software Limited

20120324389 - Storage medium storing computer readable program, computer program product, navigation apparatus and control method thereof: A storage medium storing computer readable program, a computer program product, a navigation apparatus and a control method thereof are disclosed. The navigation apparatus comprises a display unit, an input unit and a control unit. The display unit displays an electronic map and a point of interest (POI) cluster, the... Agent: Mitac International Corp.

20120324390 - Systems and methods for a virtual watch: The present application generally relates to a virtual watch having a processing device and an input device. In particular, the present application relates to virtual watch system and method that enables users to access and modify pre-set watch designs stored on the virtual watch and add custom watch designs. Additionally,... Agent:

20120324391 - Predictive word completion: This document describes predictive word completion. By predicting complete words after each user input on an input device, e.g., a virtual keyboard, a user may readily receive computer aid when inputting characters to increase accuracy and speed of the user's typing.... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324393 - Network based electronic book usage tracking system and method: A system and method is presented for the web-based reading of books. Users of the system access books page-by-page through a computerized web server, with a social community oriented around each book being presented in conjunction with the book. Data is maintained in a database relating to user, author, and... Agent: Lightcode, Inc.

20120324392 - Page-based electronic book reading with community interaction system and method: A system and method is presented for the web-based reading of books. Users of the system access books page-by-page through a computerized web server, with a social community oriented around each book being presented in conjunction with the book. Data is maintained in a database relating to user, author, and... Agent: Lightcode, Inc.

20120324394 - Command user interface for displaying selectable software functionality controls: An improved user interface is provided for displaying selectable software functionality controls and for presenting logical groupings of particular functionality controls associated with a selected top-level functionality. Underneath a row of top-level functionality tabs, functionalities controls associated with a given top-level functionality tab are presented in logical groupings. Selection of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120324395 - Method for generating a search query: A method and an electronic device (10) for generating a search query using a graphical user interface are provided. The method comprises providing (111) a graphical representation of a search input field (20) comprising at least two domain icons (21-25, 91-97), each domain icon (21-25, 91-97) representing a search domain,... Agent:

20120324396 - Method for quick application attribute transfer by user interface instance proximity: Techniques are described for allowing a user to designate one of the windows on a display device (e.g., computer monitor) as a model window. Doing so permits the user to transfer the settings of an attribute (e.g., a font, color scheme, security setting, display of a toolbar, a user-defined attribute... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120324397 - System and method for wireless interaction with medical image data: A system and method includes transmission of a request over a wireless network for a first image having a first resolution from a server coupled to a medical image database, display of the first image on a GUI of a personal device, receipt of a command to modify the first... Agent:

20120324399 - Display apparatus, image forming apparatus, customizing method, and program: A display apparatus which displays an operation screen of one or more function-setting components including setting information of a function of an application. The apparatus includes a function list display unit which displays a list of functions for each application software; layout specifying information specifying a layout of the function-setting... Agent:

20120324398 - Method and apparatus for multimedia content playback: A method and apparatus for multimedia content playback are disclosed. Upon detecting user entry of a content selection command, the apparatus randomly selects a number of multimedia content items from an entire list of stored multimedia content. A playlist is created containing the selected multimedia content items as entries, and... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120324400 - Rotation of multi-workspace environment containing tiles: According to one disclosed embodiment, an approach is provided to rotate a workspace displayed on a display screen. The workspace includes visual tiles displayed in a grid layout of columns and rows. A current aspect ratio of the display screen is identified. A current row value and a current column... Agent:

20120324401 - Methods and system for three dimensional time and spacial user interface: A three dimensional graphical user interface module operating within a computing system in a manner to display information retrieved from a database within or operatively connected to the computing system that stores a plurality of data files. The graphical user interface is configured as a plurality of viewable surfaces, wherein... Agent:

20120324402 - Vascular assessment system: Systems and methods for aiding treatment of a medical condition are described. One such method includes: displaying at an interface (i) a graphical representation of at least a portion of an anatomic area, and (ii) regions of interest at locations in the representation, each of the regions representing an anatomic... Agent: Tyco Healthcare Group Lp

20120324403 - Method of inferring navigational intent in gestural input systems: In a processing system having a touch screen display, a method of inferring navigational intent by a user in a gestural input system of the processing system is disclosed. A graphical user interface may receive current gestural input data for an application of the processing system from the touch screen... Agent:

20120324404 - System and method for rendering a remote view at a client device: Examples of systems and methods are provided for facilitating rendering at a local client device a remote view associated with a remote application on a remote server. A method may comprise generating the remote view of the remote application based on display output data of the remote application, wherein a... Agent: Wyse Technology Inc.

12/13/2012 > 56 patent applications in 40 patent subcategories.

20120317467 - Identifying url target hostnames: Techniques are provided for displaying a uniform resource locator (URL) to assist a user in determining whether a URL destination is what the user expects. A link is presented for selection to a user, and a URL corresponding to the link is accessed. A portion of the URL that corresponds... Agent: Aol Inc.

20120317468 - Navigating through cross-referenced documents: An instruction is received to display a section of a referencing document on a screen. The section has at least one referencing link referencing a different section. The section of the referencing document is displayed on the screen. A selection of a referencing link is received. The different section referenced... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120317469 - Device, method, and computer readable medium for providing forms: There is provided a form providing device comprising: a template storage unit that stores a template of a form; an edited information storage unit that stores information about edit processing on the template selected by a user in condition where it is correlated with the selected template; and a form... Agent: Pfu Limited

20120317470 - Generate-and-test method for column segmentation: A system, method, and computer program product for segmenting a document are disclosed. The method considers a zone of a document, such as a page frame or other zone which is a predetermined ratio thereof, and while there are remaining elements in the zone, iteratively tests different segmentations of the... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120317471 - Method for making mark in electronic book and mobile terminal: The disclosure provides a method for making a mark in an electronic book and a mobile terminal. In the method, coordinates of a starting point and an ending point that a user has intended to mark are obtained; the coordinates of the starting point and the ending point are transformed... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120317472 - Creation of data extraction rules to facilitate web scraping of unstructured data from web pages: The present invention provides a method, system, and computer program to help a user without any programming knowledge create data extraction rules for collecting data from websites at scale. A user only needs to provide a web page Universal Resource Locator (URL), then mark and assign the needed data to... Agent: Profitero Ltd

20120317473 - Media player web service: Methods for configuring playback for local or remote rendering in an HTML5 UI. The methods include determining a client type, transmitting a request to a content management server (CMS) for Get media metadata, receiving Get media metadata from the CMS, determining video format for a client, constructing a media URL,... Agent:

20120317474 - Methods and systems for real-time web content publishing: At least one embodiment of this invention pertains to a method for publishing real-time content on a website hosted by a web server. The method comprises inserting a real-time markup language tag in an HTML web page hosted by the web server; connecting, by an Open Real-Time Connectivity (ORTC) interface... Agent: Ibt - Internet Business Technologies

20120317475 - Concurrent parsing and processing of serial languages: The aspects enable a processor to concurrently execute a first serial language code (e.g., HTML) embedding a second serial language code (e.g., JavaScript®) during a page load operation by a browser. A parser parses the first serial language code until a segment of the embedded second serial language code is... Agent: Qualcomm Incorporated

20120317476 - Digital content enhancement platform: A computer-based system provides a user interface for displaying hyperlinked content (such as web content) and for enabling users to navigate the hyperlinks contained within such content. One benefit of various embodiments of the present invention is that they enable primary hyperlinked content to be rendered, and for associated content... Agent:

20120317477 - Display processor, method of display processing, and nontransitory storage medium storing program: A display processor for controlling a display to display thereon an operation screen on which a plurality of icons are arranged, the display processor including: a classifier configured to classify a plurality of image files stored in a storage medium accessible by the display processor, into a plurality of categories... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120317478 - Prospect assessment and play chance mapping tools: Prospect assessment and play chance mapping tools are provided. For assessing potential resources, example systems provide dynamically linked chance maps, transformed in real time from geological properties. Input geological maps or other data are dynamically linked to resulting chance maps, so that changes in the input maps automatically update the... Agent:

20120317479 - Method and system for shared document editing on a mobile device: This invention discloses a novel system and method for displaying electronic documents that have been edited by multiple authors. The invention presents edits of each author as a separate overlay on the original document. The display is more convenient and readable for users using mobile devices or tablets to view... Agent: Workshare Ltd.

20120317480 - Information display system and information display method: An image forming apparatus specifies, if a trouble occurs, a corresponding trouble code, generates a command including area specifying information corresponding to the trouble code, and transmits the command. A portable terminal receives the command and obtains the area specifying information therefrom, and displays a range of a manual specified... Agent:

20120317481 - Application documentation effectiveness monitoring and feedback: A user access to help content of an application executed by a computing device is detected. The help content includes at least one configured projected user interaction with the application. At least one subsequent detected user interaction with the application is recorded. A key pair that correlates the accessed help... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120317482 - Media content device, system and method: Access is provided for different types of media content provided by disparate publishers, and in formats corresponding to operating characteristics of respective user devices. As consistent with one or more example embodiments herein, media content access is filtered for users requesting access via different user devices, based upon characteristics of... Agent:

20120317484 - Multimode input field for a head-mounted display: Exemplary methods and systems relate to a multimode input field for a head-mountable display (HMD). An exemplary multimode input field is operable to display content based on a number of modalities of input data, which may be received from a number of different input sources. Further, the input sources and/or... Agent: Google Inc.

20120317483 - Systems and methods for improved interactive content sharing in video communication systems: Systems and methods for interactively sharing and annotating visual information over a communication network between at least a first and a second endpoint are disclosed. The system includes a display coupled to the first endpoint and a user interaction device coupled to the first endpoint and associated with the display,... Agent:

20120317485 - Virtual meeting video sharing: A method is provided in one particular example that includes identifying an attempt by a first communications device to play video data within a virtual meeting session using a first media player. The first communications device can be sharing at least a portion of a desktop presented on the first... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120317486 - Embedded web viewer for presentation applications: Presentation content is embedded within a Web page utilizing a presentation Web Part. The presentation Web Part is configured to create a Web element, such as an inline frame (“iFrame”) within which the presentation content can be displayed. The presentation Web Part is configured with an outer application programming interface... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120317487 - Method and system for browser-based control of a remote computer: A method and system for remote control of a presenter's computer screen using only web browsers is described. Viewers are able to view representation of a presenter's screen on a screen of the viewer's device and remotely control the presenter's screen directly from a web browser, without any downloads, plugins,... Agent: Clearslide, Inc.

20120317490 - Central system based user interface resource management: A processing device includes a user interface module, the user interface module to connect the processing device with a user interface. A communication module connects the processing device with a mobile device. A communication link is established between the processing device and the mobile device. The communication module receives a... Agent: Broadcom Corporation

20120317489 - Method and apparatus providing for transmission of a content package: An apparatus for providing for improved transmission of a content package may include a gesture recognizer configured to recognize gesture inputs on a touch screen which select content for transmission. A communication interface may search for signals from accessible devices, and a received signal strength meter may determine corresponding received... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120317488 - Techniques for adapting an interpretive run time application to multiple clients: Techniques to adapt an interpretive runtime engine to multiple clients are described. An apparatus may comprise a logic device arranged to execute a web client. The web client may comprise, among other elements, a client adapter operative to detect a user event for a client user interface, send changes to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120317491 - Network connectivity and security visualization: A method for displaying a graphical user interface for a computing environment including computing resources that are provided to a plurality of organizations over one or more external networks includes displaying representations of the one or more external networks. The method further includes displaying a first node in the graphical... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20120317493 - Methods and system for locally generated gesture and transition graphics interaction with terminal control services: Methods and system for enabling locally generated transition graphics interaction with virtualized host computer service includes receiving a control command issued by a user to control screen data currently being rendered at the display device, at a display device of a client device. The control command is transmitted to the... Agent: Framehawk, LLC

20120317492 - Providing interactive and personalized multimedia content from remote servers: An interactive media platform enables users to access a range of media experiences on demand. Each experience is interactive and tailored to the user while the presentation is under way. A client device has a dialog manager that receives input from the user, evaluates the input according to a configuration... Agent: Telefon Projekt LLC

20120317494 - User interface (ui) control for attestation process: Methods and apparatus involve attestation of items, such as user profiles, roles, assets, etc. In a computing environment, a compliance administrator initiates an attestation process, including specifying particular attributes of a user that require attestation. A workflow is launched to present the user with a workflow form in a browser... Agent:

20120317495 - Method and system for customizing a user interface to an on-demand database service: In embodiments, methods and systems for customizing a user interface to an on-demand database service. These mechanisms and methods for customizing a user interface to an on-demand database service can enable embodiments to provide a user interface designed by a tenant of the on-demand database service. The customization can include... Agent:, Inc.

20120317496 - Website object-request method and system: A mobile computing device adapted to request to receive a plurality of objects comprising a website in a new order, the new order being different than an original order, wherein, at least a portion of the original order comprises an order provided from a base level website object. The new... Agent: Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

20120317497 - Collaborative cax apparatus and method: A method for collaborative editing an electronic model of a CAx object may include providing access to an electronic model that is spatially decomposed into a plurality of editing regions, enabling a user to make changes to an editable feature corresponding to a particular editing region and blocking the user... Agent:

20120317498 - Electronic communication device and method for displaying icons: An electronic communication device includes an input interface for receiving input, a display for displaying output, and a processor. The processor is in communication with the input interface and the display. When the processor determines that a new notification event for an application has occurred, the processor causes an icon... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120317499 - Instant messaging system that facilitates better knowledge and task management: This invention discloses a novel system that is tuned for people to exchange information effectively and manage the domain knowledge and tasks productively. With a WYSIWYG-like user interface, message encapsulation into individual objects, and multithreading message flow handling, this new system is able to bring forth revolutionary features that break... Agent:

20120317501 - Communication & collaboration method for multiple simultaneous users: The invention is a computerized process for online communication and collaboration between multiple remotely located users. All input by users is handled within a Spatial Environment containing multiple real-time applications. All users are able to visualize and identify the exact nature of each other's input actions (e.g. tapping, clicking, dragging... Agent:

20120317500 - System and method for data visualization and user collaboration: A non-transitory computer-readable medium stores a program for visualizing data. The program includes code for visualizing data, and code for enabling communication between users of the program.... Agent: At&t Mobility Ii LLC

20120317503 - Apparatus and method for providing web browser interface using gesture in device: An apparatus and method provide a web browser interface in a device. A method for providing a web browser interface in a device includes recognizing a gesture motion on an address window region of a web browser, determining a page switch-related function mapped to the recognized gesture motion, and performing... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120317502 - System and method for dynamically changing the content of an internet web page: A host Web page includes an evolving interactive dialog box wherein an Internet user may enter user data to be processed. When the user completes entering user data in a first revolution of the interactive dialog box, the first revolution is replaced with a second revolution of the evolving interactive... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20120317504 - Automated user interface object transformation and code generation: Techniques for automated user interface object transformation and code generation are described. An apparatus may comprise a logic device arranged to execute a server application. The server application may comprise, among other elements, an interpretive runtime engine to generate a graphical user interface (GUI) independent object from a set of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120317506 - Method and system for executing a graphics application: A system, program product and method of executing a predefined graphics application on objects belonging to a rendered image. The method comprises receiving an array of properties representing properties of the image objects and a mapping data structure. The mapping data structure maps pixel locations in the rendered image to... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120317505 - System and method for publishing recipes on an online medium: Embodiments described herein enable recipe authors to create enhanced and functional recipe content which can be published in an online medium or environment of their specification.... Agent:

20120317507 - Method and database to provide a security technology and management portal: A method and database are provided to facilitate management of surveillance devices that are distributed over a monitored region, through a geographic information (GI) portal, having GI storage to store map data defining a geographic map of the monitored region. The method and database record, in the GI storage, asset... Agent: Adt Security Services Inc.

20120317508 - Three-dimensional visualization of status and progress of a process: A method of tracking status and progress of a process is presented and described herein. The method provides a plurality of markers that can be visualized in three dimensions, where each of the plurality of markers represents a respective trackable event. The markers are arranged in a three-dimensional configuration that... Agent: Gm Global Technology Operations LLC

20120317509 - Interactive wysiwyg control of mathematical and statistical plots and representational graphics for analysis and data visualization: The invention provides interactive adjustment of plot and data visualization through clicks, rollovers, menus, and other familiar types of rapid user-machine interaction. In an implementation, such interactive adjustments also modify associated software code used to generate the underlying plot or data visualization. In some implementations this feature may be always... Agent:

20120317511 - Display with built in 3d sensing capability and gesture control of tv: Information from execution of a vision processing module may be used to control a 3D vision system.... Agent: Intellectual Ventures Holding 67 LLC

20120317510 - Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program: There is provided an information processing apparatus including a detecting unit that detects a pinch operation of a user, and a control unit that determines a stereoscopic object as an object to be selected, when a pinch position by the detected pinch operation corresponds to a perceived position of the... Agent:

20120317512 - Custom ordering of an article: A manufacturer or other retailer provides a consumer with a graphical user interface for customizing an article. The graphical user interface includes an analog-style selection control that allows a user to select at least one characteristic of a feature of the article. With this type of selection control, a consumer... Agent: Nike, Inc.

20120317513 - List display apparatus: Provided is a list display apparatus configured to: arrange, from a list including a plurality of item images arranged in order, item images included in a partial range of the list in a predetermined scroll direction, and display the item images in the partial range on a screen; and move... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20120317514 - Systems and methods for digital images utilizing an infinite cylinder user interface: Systems and methods presenting digital images utilizing an infinite cylinder user interface that includes a plurality of modes of movement to variously display the digital images in an efficient and convenient manner. An image viewing system utilizing an infinite cylinder user interface includes a data store storing a plurality of... Agent: Beyondvia Technologies

20120317515 - User interface: An apparatus, a method, a computer program and a graphical user interface is provided. The apparatus comprises at least one processor; and at least one memory storing computer program instructions, the at least one processor being configured to execute the computer program instructions to cause the apparatus at least to... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120317516 - Information processing device, information processing method, and recording medium: An information processing device includes an input operation acceptance unit, distance specification unit, and control unit. The input operation acceptance unit accepts movement of a body substantially parallel to a display surface (two-dimensional plane) of a display unit in which touch panels are laminated, as a touch operation to the... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

20120317517 - Virtual universe avatar activities review: A proximity threshold of an avatar is defined with respect to proximity to an artifact located within a virtual universe domain. Activity by the avatar within the virtual universe domain is tracked, with activity data generated from the tracking. The activity data is analyzed to determine proximity of the avatar... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120317518 - Generating treemaps based on graphical selections: Various example embodiments are disclosed. According to an example embodiment, non-transitory, computer-readable medium comprising instructions stored thereon. When executed by at least one processor, the instructions may be configured to cause the at least one processor to provide a treemap module and a tile module. The treemap module may be... Agent: Sap Ag

20120317519 - Hierarchy tree movement using multiple display areas: Systems and methods for display of hierarchy tree movement using multiple display areas are presented. In an example method, nodes in one or more levels of a first hierarchy tree are displayed in a first area on a display. User input is received of a selected node of the nodes... Agent: Sap Ag

20120317520 - Apparatus and method for providing a dynamic user interface in consideration of physical characteristics of a user: Provided are an apparatus and method for providing a user interface and a terminal employing the same. The apparatus is capable of dynamically changing a graphical object according to the physical characteristics of a user or in an effort to prevent muscle stress to the user.... Agent:

20120317522 - Computing device and method for selecting display regions responsive to non-discrete directional input actions and intelligent content analysis: A computing device includes a display surface, a human interface feature, and processing resources. The human interface features enables a user of the computing device to enter a non-discrete directional input action. The processing resources execute to: (i) provide content on the display surface; (ii) detect the user performing the... Agent:

20120317521 - General user interface gesture lexicon and grammar frameworks for multi-touch, high dimensional touch pad (hdtp), free-space camera, and other user interfaces: A method for a multi-touch gesture-based user interface wherein a plurality of gestemes are defined as functions of abstract space and time and further being primitive gesture segments that can be concatenated over time and space to construct gestures. Various distinct subset of the gestemes can be concatenated in space... Agent:

12/06/2012 > 94 patent applications in 54 patent subcategories.

20120311417 - Attaching audio generated scripts to graphical representations of applications: A computer implemented method, a computer program product, and a data processing system attach audio generated scripts to graphical representations of applications. A mobile device records an audio instruction. The mobile device then converts the audio instruction into a command script and associates the command script with a document identifier.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120311416 - Integrated hazard mapping system: Systems, methods, and apparatus are disclosed for providing natural hazard information associated with a piece of property. In one aspect, a method is provided for providing natural hazard data. The method includes receiving geographic location information associated with a property. The method further includes retrieving natural hazard information associated with... Agent:

20120311418 - Media file format, system, and method: Digital content encoded in a media file format may be presented by accessing the media file, reading parameters that describe the content, and processing the media file using the encoded parameters to “play” or generate output. Although the media file format may have multiple optional extensions, the media file generally... Agent: Aol Inc.

20120311420 - Method and system for selecting and delivering media content via the internet: A system and method for selecting portions of content, and media content sets to be delivered over a packet based network is provided. The selected portions of content (such as a web page) may be keywords such as a word or a group of words. The media content sets may... Agent: Heavy Inc.

20120311419 - System for displaying cached webpages, a server therefor, a terminal therefor, a method therefor and a computer-readable recording medium on which the method is recorded: The present invention relates to a system, a server, a terminal and method for displaying cached webpages and to a computer-readable recoding medium on which the method is recorded. The system comprises a Web service server which stores at least one webpage; a caching server which collects links to webpages... Agent: Sk Planet Co., Ltd.

20120311421 - Server device and method: A server device includes: a number-of-instructions counting unit to count a number of instructions of a user for a link of a web page; an instruction rate predicted value calculating unit to calculate a predicted value of a rate of the instructions; a link attention specifying unit to specify an... Agent: Fujitsu Limited

20120311422 - Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for document manipulation: An electronic device displays at least a portion of an electronic document with a predefined page layout at a first magnification level on a display; detects a first input indicating a first insertion point in the document, where the first insertion point is proximate to a first portion of text... Agent:

20120311423 - Dynamically controlling collisions of form controls in an electronic document: Collisions resulting from the movement of form controls in an electronic document may be dynamically controlled. A user interface may be displayed on a computer which includes a design surface for manipulating the form controls in the electronic document. A selection of one or more form controls in the electronic... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120311424 - System and method for managing web-based forms and dynamic content of website: Managing dynamic content of a website, including creating static content assigned to dynamic content of the website, with unmodifiable scripts; creating an active content for processing dynamic content, with hidden elements and elements with only visual marks representation; transmitting the static content to a user; selecting references to the active... Agent: ParallelsIPHoldings Gmbh

20120311425 - Method and system of fulfilling requests for information from a network client: Disclosed herein are a computer program product and a system of fulfilling requests for information data from a network client in a client-server environment. The system and computer program product include receiving a hypertext document and a program component and displaying the hypertext document, the hypertext document having initially no... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120311426 - Analysis of documents using rules: One or more computers receive input indicative of multiple files to be analyzed together, by performing one or more predetermined actions, using the contents (e.g. strings of text) of a corresponding one or more structures. The one or more structures are identified by the presence in each file, of corresponding... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120311430 - Apparatus and method for performing web browsing using remote controller: A method for web browsing in a remote controller including a touch screen includes sending a browser execution command at a device capable of web browsing; receiving a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) file corresponding to a webpage to be displayed in the device, from the device capable of web browsing;... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120311432 - Apparatus and method of composing web document and apparatus of setting web document arrangement: An apparatus and method of composing a web document and an apparatus to set a web document arrangement are provided. The apparatus to compose a web document includes a generation module which generates a plurality of frames by analyzing a source of a web document, a composition module which arranges... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltc.

20120311428 - Document generation based on referral: A document machine may detect a request for provision of a document while that document is available for provisioning. The document machine may update a count of referrals to the document and, based on the count of referrals transgressing a threshold value, generate a substitute document based on the original... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20120311427 - Inserting a benign tag in an unclosed fragment: A device receives data to be rendered. A fragment in the data that is unclosed is detected, and a benign tag is inserted in the unclosed fragment to cause a rendering engine to render the unclosed fragment.... Agent:

20120311433 - Payment mechanism integration wizard: Provided is a method and a web-site integration system to integrate payment mechanisms into a commercial website that offers online merchants a flexible, user-friendly and customizable wizard to integrate payment mechanisms into their online commercial websites without having to understand the detailed intricacies of an API or other computer code.... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20120311431 - System and method for automatically generating a single property website: A computer-implemented method, a computer system, or a tangible computer-readable medium storing a set of instructions for execution on a processor may operate to automatically generate and update a single property website by aggregating MLS and other real estate listing data corresponding to a property listed within the MLS. The... Agent:, LLC

20120311434 - System and method for automating categorization and aggregation of content from network sites: A plurality of content items are retrieved from multiple network sites. Content from each content item is programmatically analyzed in order to associate that content item with one or more categories. The one or more categories may be part of a larger set of predefined categories. A network page is... Agent:

20120311429 - Techniques for use of snapshots with browsing transitions: A snapshot of a page is stored in response to navigation away from the page. When the user navigates back to the page, the snapshot is displayed while the page is loaded. When the page is sufficiently loaded, the snapshot is replaced by the (fully or partially) loaded page. Determining... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120311435 - Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for document manipulation: An electronic device displays at least a portion of an electronic document with a predefined page layout at a first magnification level on a display; detects a first input indicating a first insertion point in the document, where the first insertion point is proximate to a first portion of text... Agent:

20120311436 - Dynamic display of content using an electronic device: A device, system and method are provided for processing and displaying content received in a content feed. Dimensions of a page layout area available to display a articles are determined, and a page layout is generated with a first layout region whose size is based at least in part on... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120311437 - Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for document manipulation: An electronic device displays at least a portion of an electronic document with a predefined page layout at a first magnification level on a display; detects a first input indicating a first insertion point in the document, where the first insertion point is proximate to a first portion of text... Agent:

20120311438 - Electronic text manipulation and display: Information is presented to a user by accessing a library of electronic publications that includes a first publication, generating a representation of the first publication in an electronic bookshelf, determining a state for the first publication and modifying the representation of the first publication to reflect the state of the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120311439 - Method and device for facilitating text editing and related computer program product and computer readable medium: The present invention provides a solution for facilitating text editing in a device. According to the solution of the present invention, the language unit that has been already deleted is prompted to the user for his/her selection. According to the present invention, if the user makes a mistake, he has... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120311446 - Content recording device, content recording method, content recording program, recording medium, integrated circuit and content recording and reproduction system: A content recording device includes: an input/output unit 201 that reads, from a first recording medium, content and default playback auxiliary information used to generate a default menu screen for playing back the content; a playback unit 203 that includes a first display mechanism for generating the default menu screen... Agent:

20120311443 - Displaying menu options for media items: A graphical user interface is presented on a display of a system showing a list of media item descriptions. The system can receive a first input from a user selecting a media item description from the displayed list. Responsive to receiving the first input, the system can display a menu... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120311445 - Enhanced media recordings and playback: Enhanced features are provided by enhanced feature data stored with an enhanced media file in a conventional media container format. The enhanced feature data is not recognized by a conventional playback application, which produces the conventional playback experience of the media file for a user who lacks a suitably configured... Agent: Museami, Inc.

20120311444 - Portable multifunction device, method, and graphical user interface for controlling media playback using gestures: A collection of media tiles associated with a currently playing playlist can be displayed for a user on the screen of an electronic device. Browsing through the media tiles can require a user to perform one or more quick view gestures, including swiping, dragging, or walking. As long as a... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120311440 - System and method for carousel context switching: In a method and system for navigating content, a plurality of content filter panels are provided in a user interface of an application for browsing and viewing media content. The content filter panels each contain at least one selectable filter for filtering media content items. A direction of movement of... Agent: Fanhattan LLC

20120311441 - System and method for power browsing of content: In a system and method for navigating content, a user interface panel is generated in a user interface for an application for browsing and viewing media content. The user interface panel includes a first sub-panel and a second sub-panel. The first sub-panel includes a plurality of filter categories, while the... Agent: Fanhattan LLC

20120311442 - User interfaces and systems and methods for user interfaces: Various user interface systems and methods are disclosed. A primary software application has one or more primary user interfaces that include a data output region. Some primary user interfaces may also have primary input regions. A control application has one or more control interfaces in which control regions are provided.... Agent:

20120311447 - Collecting, aggregating, and presenting activity data: Activity data generated during a day or other time period on one or more computing devices is collected and aggregated. The aggregated data is then presented through an activity review user interface. The activity review user interface can be presented on a large format display device, such as a projector... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120311448 - System and methods for collaborative online multimedia production: A digital multimedia platform available to a plurality of collaborators of a video project through a networked computing system maps script information to a timeline, allowing contributions to be mapped to the timeline for inclusion in the project. One embodiment includes a tools module, an authentication module, a compilation module,... Agent:

20120311449 - International business management system: A user interface to an application is used to manage a collection of data associated with a plurality of business management functions of a multi-national entity. The user interface includes a set of presentation objects, at least some of the presentation objects being operable to control a presentation of information... Agent: High Street Partners, Inc.

20120311450 - Mechanism for customizing an operating system installer via a web-based interface: A mechanism for customizing an operating system installer via a web-based interface is disclosed. A method of the invention includes providing a web-based interface that enables an end user to customize a kickstart file to install an operating system (OS) on a computing machine of the end user, identifying a... Agent:

20120311451 - System and method for collaborative communications and information sharing: A system facilitates collaborative communications and information sharing in a network defined by a model. The model and a portion of the system are stored on a storage component coupled to a terminal. The system captures context information and user-defined data, the user-defined data provided during user interaction of the... Agent: Virtualagility Inc.

20120311454 - Health and safety data management system: A health and safety data management system allowing quick and easy storage and organization of a company's health and safety information, as well as user-friendly and computerized employee access to this health and safety information from the shop floor. All the information is entered into the system via a web-based... Agent: Hazmat Systems Inc.

20120311455 - Method and device for accessing information sources and services on the web: A communication device and method for selectively accessing remote sources of information and services on the Web through a communication network.... Agent:

20120311452 - Server apparatus that makes it possible to effectively utilize driver function, information processing apparatus, method of controlling the apparatuses, and storage medium: An arrangement for making effective use of driver functions available in an information processing apparatus when using an image input service provided by a server apparatus on a network. A server apparatus which is capable of communicating with an information processing apparatus creates a list of image input apparatuses, and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120311456 - Supplementing user web-browsing: An apparatus and method of providing a user with a web-browser supplement is disclosed. One method includes providing access to a focal group, wherein the focal group includes at least one member having at least one association with the user. Access is provided to information associated with the at least... Agent:

20120311453 - System and method for browsing and accessing media content: A first selection of an aggregated content category is received from a plurality of aggregated content categories provided in a first portion of a user interface for an application for browsing and viewing media content. A second portion of the user interface is populated with media content items categorized in... Agent: Fanhattan LLC

20120311457 - Merging remote and local interfaces for application integration: According to one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a network interface configured to enable communications over a network, and at least one processor. The apparatus creates a remote interface within a remote environment. The remote interface includes an area for receiving a local interface created within a local environment. The local... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120311458 - System and method for distributing user interface device configurations: A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a computing device including a memory, a display device and a controller. The controller is programmed to provide to a first server a request for User Interface (UI) device configurations, provide to the first server configuration criteria... Agent: Steelseries Aps

20120311459 - Facilitated content item transfer: Embodiments of methods, systems, and storage medium associated with content transfer between computing devices are disclosed herein. In one instance, the method may include a computing device providing a first session identifier to a first computing device; receiving a second session identifier from a second computing device; determining whether to... Agent: Dashwire Inc.

20120311460 - Computer-based methods for arranging meetings and systems for performing the same: Methods and systems for assisting individuals arrange meetings such as networking meetings with other individuals at a specified time (or within a specified time range) and at a specified place (or within a specified geographic region). More specifically, methods and systems for allowing individuals to post an invitation to for... Agent:

20120311461 - Metaphor elicitation tool: Participants in a metaphor elicitation study may be remotely queried to select images which they associate with a prescribed topic of inquiry, and then asked to textually input responses to one or more questions relating to the selected images and/or the topic of inquiry. The group of images from which... Agent: Protobrand Sciences, LLC

20120311462 - System and method for an interactive mobile-optimized icon-based professional profile display and associated search, matching and social network: An icon-based interactive professional profile, search and matching system configured within professional network platforms and technologies enabling a user to generate a personalized interactive icon-based business or resume profile representing icon profile elements optimized for display and functionality on mobile devices. The icon profile system utilizes and integrates selected personalized... Agent:

20120311463 - Providing a single instance of a virtual space represented in either two dimensions or three dimensions via separate client computing devices: A single instance of a virtual space may be provided that can be simultaneously represented in at least two dimensions or three dimensions on separate client computing devices. Virtual space information used to facilitate presentation of the virtual space may be agnostic as to whether the virtual space will be... Agent: Disney Enterprises, Inc.

20120311464 - System and method for virtual environment preservation based on automated item reduction: A method implemented in a computer infrastructure having computer executable code, includes detecting one of an absence of a virtual universe (VU) occurrence in a VU within a predetermined time period, a special event in the VU and a change of real world status from a previous real world status.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120311465 - Accessing web content based on mobile contextual data: Available web content is filtered based on context data available on a mobile device. Access to the filtered web content is then made available through an infotainment user interface. Context data may be based on a variety of data including, but not limited to, location information, recent communications, scheduled appointments,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120311467 - Computer-implemented method, system and computer program product for displaying a user interface component: A computer-implemented method, a computer system and a computer program product are for displaying a user interface component according to an implementation language independent description of the user interface component are provided. The method may comprise selecting, based on a characteristic of the implementation language independent description, a description parser... Agent: Accenture Global Services Limited

20120311466 - Homepage re-assignment: Systems, methods and products are described that provide homepage re-assignment. One aspect includes displaying a default homepage desktop view from among a plurality of scrollable desktop views; receiving user input via a user input device; opening a homepage re-assignment utility responsive to receiving said user input, said homepage re-assignment utility... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120311468 - Dynamic interface component control support: A system, computer program and method for developing a graphical user interface (GUI) in a computer program. The invention allows developers to control the properties of interface components according to the state of a program during execution. According to the invention, a GUI development environment may be configured to provide... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120311469 - Image processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium: An image processing apparatus which makes it possible to realize easy accessing of registered information of any function and provide a user interface having high operability. The image processing apparatus stores setting information configured via an operating section and access information for use in accessing the setting information in association... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120311470 - Systems and methods for providing a tailored user interface associated with a web page: Exemplary systems and methods for providing a tailored user interface associated with a web page are disclosed. An exemplary method includes a user interface computing system identifying, from computing code representative of a web page and based on a predefined element selection heuristic, one or more select elements of the... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20120311472 - Apparatus and method for providing graphical user interface: An apparatus and method for providing a graphical user interface (GUI) provide a GUI based on a shelf region that allows one or more graphical objects to be selected or executed on the same display level as one or more graphical objects that are displayed on a background screen. The... Agent: Pantech Co., Ltd.

20120311471 - Automatic generation of user interfaces: Embodiments of the invention relate automatically generating and positioning user interface elements. In one embodiment, user interface elements are automatically generated and positioned on a user interface. At least one test script associated with a user interface is received as an input. The test script includes a set of test... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120311473 - Alert event notification: Alert event notifications may be provided by: displaying a first user interface layer including at least one user interface element configured to provide an alert event notification; displaying a second user interface layer such that at least a portion of the second user interface layer overlays the at least one... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120311474 - Map-based methods of visualizing relational databases: Technologies are described herein for generating and manipulating visual maps of relational databases. A list of data tables is retrieved from the database and ordered according to the number of relationships for each data table. A database map is generated containing tiles corresponding to each data table in the list,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120311475 - User interface for managing a virtual computing environment: A graphical user interface for monitoring a status of objects included in a virtualized computing environment including a plurality of host computers, each having one or more virtual machines running therein, includes a first second and a second section. The first section displays a first graph depicting utilization during a... Agent: Vmware, Inc.

20120311476 - System and method for providing an adaptive touch screen keyboard: A method for providing a touch screen keyboard according to one example embodiment includes detecting the presence of a user's fingers on a touch screen display. A set of home keys of a keyboard are associated with the detected fingers. The keyboard is displayed on the touch screen display with... Agent:

20120311477 - Predictive scrolling: A system and a method are disclosed for effectively displaying database records on a device having a display area that is small compared to the underlying data being represented. A simulated catalogue is displayed with cards associated with database records. Detailed information is presented for a record on a card... Agent:

20120311478 - Methods and graphical user interfaces for conducting searches on a portable multifunction device: In accordance with some embodiments, a graphical user interface on a portable multifunction device with a touch screen display includes: an application interface of an application that includes an application interface region with an edge; and a search input area for entering a search query for the application. In response... Agent:

20120311480 - Type and select data input field: A method is provided for selecting a string (52, 82, 97, 125) from a large amount of selectable strings. The method comprises providing a graphical representation of a data entry field (20, 90), receiving at least one input character (33, 43, 53) entered by a user, based on the at... Agent:

20120311479 - User interface and geo-parsing data structure: A method to allocate memory, in response to application requests, for a compact data structure having location data and a trailer section is provided. The trailer section of the compact data structure is checked to determine an offset for listings and indices representing the location data. Upon determining the offset,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120311482 - Apparatus and method for browsing a map displayed on a touch screen: A method and apparatus for browsing a map displayed on a device including a touch screen display. The method includes displaying the map on a full screen of the touch screen display; receiving a user input for setting a variation axis on the map; setting the variation axis according to... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120311483 - Imaging apparatus: An imaging apparatus generates a GUI screen image for operating the imaging apparatus. A controller controls the generation of the GUI screen image upon detecting a predetermined operation.... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120311481 - System and method for pivot navigation of content: In a method and system for navigating content, a selection of a content item is received in an application for browsing and viewing media content. Metadata related to the selected content item is retrieved. A plurality of user interface panels is generated in a user interface, with each user interface... Agent: Fanhattan LLC

20120311484 - Storage medium having stored therein an image generation program, image generation method, image generation apparatus and image generation system: In an exemplary image generation system, a virtual camera is set in accordance with a position and an orientation of an object in a virtual space. While a predetermined operation is being performed, an orientation of a display device is detected by using an angular velocity sensor provided in the... Agent: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

20120311485 - Moving a tile across multiple workspaces: According to one disclosed embodiment, an approach is provided in which a multi-workspace request is received at a machine while the machine is operating in a single workspace mode and while the machine is displaying a first single workspace on a display screen accessible by the machine. The machine includes... Agent:

20120311486 - System and method for carousel context switching: In a method and system for navigating content, a plurality of content panels are provided for display in a user interface region of a display area. User input corresponding to a direction of navigation within the first user interface is received. A first direction of navigation causes a movement in... Agent: Fanhattan LLC

20120311488 - Asynchronous handling of a user interface manipulation: This document describes techniques and apparatuses for asynchronous handling of a user interface manipulation. These techniques handle a user interface manipulation with two or more asynchronous processes. One asynchronous process, for example, may determine a position responsive to the user interface manipulation while another asynchronous process determines the pixels to... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120311487 - Automatically wrapping zoomed content: An electronic device receives a request to zoom content displayed in a display screen. A width corresponding to the display screen is determined. The zoomed content is wrapped to cause the zoomed content to fit within the determined width.... Agent:

20120311489 - Target element zoom: Various embodiments provide a target element zoom component that is configured to perform a focal point zoom operation on a target element using an appropriate zoom factor. In at least some embodiments, the target element zoom component receives a request to perform a zoom operation at a focal point of... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120311492 - Automated method of capturing, preserving and organizing thoughts and ideas: A computer program product and method is provided for capturing and organizing thoughts and ideas of a user. A user enters into a user interface display screen one or more thought-line headers and a thought-line for each thought-line header. Initial priority information and organizational headers may also be entered. Each... Agent: Memory On Demand, LLC

20120311491 - Method for presenting documents using a reading list panel: A reading list panel is displayed as a sidebar window with respect to a main window of a content viewing application. In response to a first input, a first article representation of a first article associated with a presentation page displayed in the main window is listed in the reading... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120311490 - Methods for launching applications with efficient user impression: According to one embodiment, a first window is generated based on window metadata obtained from a snapshot of a second window while an application is starting, where the second window was presented by the application and the snapshot was captured during a previous execution of the application. The ownership of... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120311493 - Method and apparatus for spatially indicating notifications: An apparatus, method, and computer program product are provided for spatially indicating notifications to a user via display regions that are arranged (e.g., perimeterally) about the display of an apparatus. The apparatus may include a processor and a memory including computer program code which provide for the presentation, in a... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120311495 - Continuum-based selection of product choice: Systems, methods and computer program products for facilitating searching, obtaining and displaying product choice recommendations using inputs, including continuum-based inputs, and variable-sized visual representations are disclosed. In an embodiment, a user is presented with at least one continuum-based selector and at least one product choice visual representation. At least one... Agent:

20120311494 - Persistently displaying transient content: In some implementations, a transient user interface is transformed into a persistent user interface in response to receiving a selection of a graphical object displayed on the transient user interface. In some implementations, in response to receiving the selection, content displayed on the transient user interface is displayed on the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120311496 - Visual analysis of multidimensional clusters: Visualization techniques are provided for a clustered multidimensional dataset. A data set is visualized by obtaining a clustering of a multidimensional dataset comprising a plurality of entities, wherein the entities are instances of a particular concept and wherein each entity comprises a plurality of features; and generating an icon for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120311497 - System for business portfolio modeling and analysis: A system and method for facilitating integrating enterprise data from multiple sources for display via in a common interface. An example method includes displaying, via a first user interface display screen, a first set of one or more personnel icons representative of one or more enterprise personnel, and providing a... Agent: Oracle Interntional Corporation

20120311498 - Dock for favorite applications: Systems, methods and products are described that provide a dock for favorite applications. One aspect includes providing a dock point on a display device of an information handling device; responsive to user input associated with said dock point, launching a utility organizing a sub-set of user applications installed on said... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

20120311499 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for accessing an application in a locked device: While an electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface is in a locked, passcode-protected state, the device displays a lock screen user interface on the display. The lock screen user interface includes a plurality of restricted application launch icons, each restricted application launch icon corresponding to an application.... Agent:

20120311500 - Graphical user interfaces for displaying media items: Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for a digital media player application are disclosed. In one aspect, a GUI is generated that presents a “histogram view” of digital media items of a digital media source. The histogram view associates visual representations of the digital media items with a media attribute, such as... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120311501 - Displaying graphical object relationships in a workspace: Exemplary embodiments provide methods and systems performed by a software component executing on at least one processor for displaying graphical objects in a workspace. Aspects of the exemplary embodiment include displaying on a display screen a view showing a portion of graphical objects comprising the workspace; indicating a relationship in... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120311502 - System and method for pyramidal navigation: In a system and method for navigating content, a first selection of an aggregated content category is received from a plurality of aggregated content categories provided in a first portion of a user interface for an application for browsing and viewing media content. A second portion of the user interface... Agent: Fanhattan LLC

20120311503 - Gesture to trigger application-pertinent information: A system is disclosed for interpreting a gesture which triggers application-pertinent information, such as altering a display to bring objects which are farther away into larger and clearer view. In one example, the application is a golfing game in which a user may perform a peer gesture which, when identified... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120311505 - Document management system and program for the system: Provided is a document management system to be used in research institutes or similar organizations to utilize various data (documents) as intellectual properties, in which users can browse and locate documents from any desired point of view on a tree view showing folders with documents stored therein. The system allows... Agent: Shimadzu Corporation

20120311504 - Extensible architecture for navigating a hierarchy: Described herein are methods and systems for providing an extensible architecture for navigating a data hierarchy. For example, in at least certain embodiments, a module on a system provides a hub architecture for navigation. One or more selections can navigate within a hub and also between hubs with each hub... Agent:

20120311506 - Selector: Sectors including selection elements are scaled (405) according to the location of a selector pointer so that a selector comprising several selector elements can also be implemented on a small screen and that the selection element is sufficiently large before selection.... Agent:

20120311507 - Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for navigating and editing text: An electronic device displays text of an electronic document on a display; displays an insertion marker at a first position in the text of the electronic document; detects a first horizontal gesture on a touch-sensitive surface; in response to a determination that the first horizontal gesture satisfies a first set... Agent:

20120311508 - Devices, methods, and graphical user interfaces for providing accessibility using a touch-sensitive surface: An electronic device presents a first user interface element of a first type and a second user interface element of a second type. In a sighted mode, the device detects a first interaction with the first user interface element, and performs an operation in accordance with sighted-mode gesture responses for... Agent:

20120311509 - Reader with enhanced user functionality: A bookmarking system including a reader interface configured to cause content to be displayed on an electronic device having a touch-sensitive screen. The system includes a bookmark module configured to add a bookmark when a user swipes downwardly on the screen, wherein the bookmark is a record relating to the... Agent: Zinio, LLC

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