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Data processing: presentation processing of document September class, title,number 09/12

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09/27/2012 > 52 patent applications in 34 patent subcategories.

20120246549 - Automated configuration of location-specific page anchors: A request is received via an input device of a computing device for a hypertext link to an item of web content rendered on a display of the computing device. It is determined whether a markup language (ML) document used to render the web content includes an existing page anchor... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120246550 - Method of inputting information into an electronic form: Described is a method to communicate to a third party information for part of an electronic form that cannot be competed and then to incorporate returned information into the electronic form. In various embodiments, while filling in an electronic form, a requestor requests assistance in the form of information from... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120246551 - Updating serialized objects: A method of updating serialized objects is described. The method comprises: loading a file containing at least one serialized object; identifying classes within the loaded file; ascertaining one or more properties associated with each identified class; and ascertaining for each of the one or more ascertained properties (i) any defined... Agent: Ncr Corporation

20120246556 - Data-type definition driven dynamic business component instantiation and execution framework and system and method for managing knowledge information: In a complex workflow environment, a data-type-definition (DTD) schema drives a dynamic business component instantiation and execution framework that integrates documents with data and information created by various applications, potentially operating on several different platforms, enabling complex workflow and collaboration to occur over a communication network such as the Internet.... Agent:

20120246553 - Method of causing a client device to display a designated web page and captive portal server thereof: A method of causing a client device to display a designated web page includes receiving from the client device a request for a connection to a first web server, accepting the connection with the client device by pretending to be the first web server, and receiving via the connection a... Agent:

20120246554 - Performing binary composition of images onto an html canvas element: A computer draws an image by issuing an instruction to create a target HTML5 canvas, issuing an instruction to perform binary composition of a color of each pixel of at least a first portion of the target canvas and a color obtained from a color source such as a corresponding... Agent: Ericom Software Ltd.

20120246552 - Providing a particular type of uniform resource locator: Examples disclosed herein are example systems and methods to provide a particular type of uniform resource locator. In one example, a processor identifies webpage source code associated with a list of text associated with the type of uniform resource locator. The processor may identify a uniform resource locator within the... Agent:

20120246558 - Social bookmarking of resources exposed in web pages: A system for social bookmarking of a resource provided through a Web application that doesn't follow the representational state transfer architectural style (REST). When processing a request for a social bookmarking operation, the system searches for a URL and potentially other resource information within the document object model of a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120246557 - System and method for transcoding web content adaptable to multiple client devices: System and Method for processing and transmitting web site content to a class of client devices are described. The web page content is configured to make it compatible or adaptable to a class of client devices and is stored. As per the type of the client device issuing a request... Agent: Hcl Technologies Limited

20120246555 - Systems and methods for submitting a request for goods, services, and/or information, such as goods, services, or information related to healthcare: Methods and systems are described for submitting a request for goods, services, and/or information to a third party. Using a computing device, a first user submits information associated with the request for goods, services, and/or information. The first user submits the information using input fields displayed on a user interface... Agent:

20120246559 - Method and system for estimating variable data document conversion time: A method and system for automatically estimating a conversion time of a complex variable data document. A static document that is to be converted to a variable data document can be provided and each variable data object for example, an object number, an object type, and a number of object... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120246560 - Method and system of identifying textual passages that affect document length: The system relates to identifying critical textual passages that influence the pagination of electronic documents such that the addition or removal of text to these critical passages will have the effect of shortening or lengthening the document... Agent: Write Brothers, Inc.

20120246561 - Systems and methods for extended content harvesting for contextualizing: The solution described herein provides augmented content to keywords on a page based on deeper contextualization of the current page. Embodiments of systems and methods extend the scope of content harvesting to cover a wider range of page elements that are harvested for determining keywords and content to augment the... Agent:

20120246562 - Building a customized story: Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for a method of building a customized story are provided. A user may select the story topic (e.g., grandparent memories, parent memories, vacation memories) they would like to use to build the story. The user selects story elements (chapters/subheadings) that are applicable to their personal... Agent:

20120246563 - Word processing system and method with automatic undo operation monitoring and analysis: A word processing system includes an undo function monitor that monitors the history of a user's use of the undo operation. Depending upon the pattern detected, the system disables the particular auto-formatting feature that triggered the undesired automatic operation. In an illustrative embodiment, the system tracks whether a number of... Agent:

20120246564 - Methods and systems for automated language identification: The invention is to system and methods for automatically identifying the language(s) contained in text. The system comprises two language classifiers, one that classifies the text based on the latters present, and a second classifier that classifies the text based on the words present. Each classifier produces a list of... Agent:

20120246565 - Graphical user interface for displaying thumbnail images with filtering and editing functions: An enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) for displaying a main document image and multiple thumbnail images, with filtering functions to allow the user to display selected pages as thumbnail images. In particular, the GUI is implemented in a Make Ready program used in a print shop to manipulate documents before... Agent: Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.

20120246566 - Computer readable recording medium, information processing apparatus, and information processing method: An information processing apparatus includes: a reception unit receiving whether to print a first-kind data item or a second-kind data item; a storing unit storing a plurality of the first-kind data items in association with a data name; an acquiring unit acquiring the first-kind data item from the storing unit;... Agent: Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

20120246567 - Logging events in media files: Logging events in a media file, including: providing a logger tool to allow a user to view media in multiple ways and to capture and validate key events within the media file; and tracking and logging events in the media file by adding information to the media file including locations... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120246568 - Real-time graphical user interface movie generator: An apparatus able to deliver a custom-made compressed movie stream updated in real time in response to user interaction, through a single standard interface (e.g. Universal Serial Bus (USB) or IEEE1394).... Agent:

20120246569 - Generating a personal topology during inductive charging and data transfer: Illustrated is a system and method to detect an inductively received electrical charge, the electrical charge received from a form factor capable of inductively charging and exchanging data with a mobile computing device. The system and method also includes displaying a user interface (UI) on the mobile computing device, the... Agent:

20120246570 - Managing a portal application: A mobile device includes a processor that executes a portal application to implement a plurality of portlet modules; and a user interface that allows a user to establish a trigger for reducing power consumption in the mobile device. The processor is configured to pause operations in a number of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120246571 - System and method of creating and rating items for social interactions: A system and method for providing items to users and, more particularly, a system and method for rating items and placing such items into a queued list. The method includes providing an item from a web browser to a recipient on a preferred list and placing the item into a... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120246572 - System and method for changing interface skin: The embodiments of the present invention provide a system and a method for changing interface skin. The system includes: a skin package server, configured to store skin package data; and a client, configured to send a query request to the skin package server periodically, obtain information related to a newly... Agent: Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

20120246573 - Systems and methods of copying data: A particular method includes detecting a context switch to a first interface. In response to the context switch, data values from a plurality of data fields of the first interface may automatically be copied to a shared storage location.... Agent: Ameriprise Financial

20120246575 - Presenting question and answer data in a social networking system: A social networking system includes a question and answer system that displays to a viewing user questions and answers provides by other users of the social networking system. The question and answer system may display answers to a particular question in a way that visually indicates both the global answer... Agent:

20120246576 - Presenting question and answer data in a social networking system: A social networking system includes a question and answer system that displays to a viewing user questions and answers provides by other users of the social networking system. The question and answer system may display answers to a particular question in a way that visually indicates both the global answer... Agent:

20120246574 - Utilizing social relationship information to discover a relevant active meeting: An active meeting can be identified that occurs in a collaborative environment that is an electronic meeting system. The meeting can be associated with a meeting identifier, a ranking value, and/or a plurality of participants. Relationship information of the participants with regard to a specified entity can be determined. Relationship... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120246577 - Previewing a new event on a small screen device: Method and apparatus for previewing new events in a computing device having a plurality of applications for managing respective events are described. Individual applications are each represented by an application icon on a screen of a graphical user interface for the device. In response to a new event of a... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120246582 - Interfacing with a spatial virtual communications environment: In a network communications environment supporting realtime communications between respective network nodes of a user and other communicants in virtual areas associated with respective sets of communicant members, a graphical user interface (GUI) is provided in connection with the user's network node. The GUI includes controls for establishing presence in... Agent: Social Communications Company

20120246581 - Mechanisms to share opinions about products: A method includes reading data from a tag of a physical item over a short range communication connection, using the data read from the tag to obtain information associated with the physical item, displaying to a user the obtained information associated with the physical item, receiving from the user a... Agent: Thinglink Oy

20120246578 - Presenting question and answer data in a social networking system: A social networking system includes a question and answer system that displays to a viewing user questions and answers provides by other users of the social networking system. The question and answer system may display answers to a particular question in a way that visually indicates both the global answer... Agent:

20120246579 - Social choice engine: A social choice engine is disclosed for eliciting and receiving responses to questions or issues and ranking the responses using the Borda ranking system. The social choice engine provides a user interface to a survey administrator that allows for the defining of the social choice survey. The social choice engine... Agent:, Inc.

20120246580 - Social polling: There is disclosed a system and method for social polling. The method comprises accepting input of a poll comprising a query and a plurality of responses to the query and obtaining a listing of contacts from a social network. The method further comprising accepting a selection of a subset of... Agent: Gether, LLC

20120246583 - Temporal control of a virtual environment: Temporal control of a virtual environment may be provided. Content may be provided for presentation to a user. The content may be provided in a forward sequence. The content may include views of the virtual environment. A signal may be received from a user input device responsive to a manipulation... Agent: Don't Nod Entertainment

20120246584 - Website, user interfaces, and applications facilitating improved media search capability: A method for improving media search capability includes providing a user with access to an interface that allows the user to provide one or more inputs relating to an item of media (such as an audio or video recording of a song or a cover song), performing a media search... Agent:

20120246585 - System for editing an avatar: Systems, methods and computer readable media are disclosed for updating the appearance of an avatar that exists across an online multi-player gaming system, including an executing video game. In addition to the general system, systems, methods and computer readable media for updating the avatar, techniques are disclosed for prompting networked... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120246587 - Display control apparatus, method for controlling display, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium: A display control apparatus according to the present invention sequentially displays each of a predetermined number of display-target images out of a plurality of image candidates to be displayed on a display screen so that the display-target images are arranged in the display screen in order of arrangement according to... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120246586 - Mobile terminal and object change support method for the same: A mobile terminal and a method of supporting an object change for the same are provided. The mobile terminal includes a display unit for outputting at least one object, and a control unit for controlling at least one of directly displaying, in response to a signal for changing the output... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120246588 - Cross marketing tool: The technology features a method and computer program product that can be used to provide a system and interface for generating a graphical representation on a mobile device such that consumers can view advertisements interspersed with other applications in a visually appealing fashion.... Agent: Viacom International, Inc.

20120246589 - Computer user interface having selectable historical and default values: Providing input data in a user interface includes presenting previous data states of the user interface. One or more selections of input controls from previous data states of the user interface can be received. Data associated to those selections of input controls can be associated with corresponding input controls in... Agent: Business Objects Software Limited, An Irish Corporation

20120246590 - Configurable hvac controller terminal labeling: A configuration tool for a programmable HVAC controller is provided. The configuration tool may accept user input, and may generate a corresponding configuration profile based on the user input. The configuration profile may be downloaded to a programmable HVAC controller, which may, among other things, reconfigure the I/O terminals of... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120246591 - Process and apparatus for selecting an item from a database: The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for selecting database items from a database, where the database items are indexed by a list of item identifiers. The item identifiers may be in the form of text. An initial display is generated which includes one or more parts of... Agent: Kannuu Pty Ltd

20120246592 - Method for customizing user interface and electronic device thereof: A method for customizing a user interface and an electronic device thereof are provided. In the present method, if a first input signal is detected when an active window corresponding to an application program is displayed on a screen of the electronic device, an operating screen of the active window... Agent: Acer Incorporated

20120246593 - Sliding stacks: A method generating section dividers that remain visible when the section to which they correspond has been scrolled off the display is provided. In a region displaying scrollable content, section dividers scroll with their corresponding section until the section divider reaches an edge of the display region. The section divider... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120246594 - Method and apparatus of managing items on clipboard of portable terminal: A portable terminal and a method for managing items on a clipboard of the portable terminal are provided for a user to copy text and data items simultaneously onto the clipboard and paste the copied items individually where the user desires. The portable terminal of the present invention includes a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

20120246596 - Managing workspaces in a user interface: In some implementations, a method for managing virtual workspaces is described. In some implementations, workspace images corresponding to different virtual workspaces can be displayed on a user interface of a computing device. When an application window is moved onto one of the workspace images, the window can be scaled down... Agent:

20120246595 - Method for moving a chinese input candidate word box and mobile terminal: The disclosure provides a method for moving a Chinese input candidate word box and a mobile terminal, wherein the method includes: creating a candidate word box and drawing the candidate word box in a position within the range of a screen; analyzing and calculating a moving distance after generating an... Agent: Zte Corporation

20120246597 - System and method for configuring a configurable product: Product configuration selections automatically cross-over between plural product types based upon end user component selections. If end user component selections initiate a cross-over trigger, the end user is presented with an option to cross over from an initially-selected product type to a product type associated with the cross-over trigger. Upon... Agent:

20120246598 - Systems and methods for displaying trustworthiness classifications for files as visually overlaid icons: A computer-implemented method for displaying trustworthiness classifications for files as visually overlaid icons may include (1) identifying a file, (2) identifying a file icon that graphically represents the file within a file manager interface on a computing device, (3) obtaining a trustworthiness classification assigned to the file that identifies the... Agent: Symantec Corporation

20120246599 - Intuitive data visualization method: A computer software program, method and system has a data visualization scheme in the form of plural identifiable virtual characters in a familiar virtual environment that is relevant for the characters and in which the characters act in the context of the environment and in a manner that is indicative... Agent:

20120246600 - Information display apparatus and recording medium: An apparatus comprises a module which stores document information to which content that includes link character strings linked to other items on an item basis is caused to correspond, a first display control module which displays content on an arbitrary item stored as first content according to a user operation,... Agent: Casio Computer Co., Ltd.

09/20/2012 > 68 patent applications in 44 patent subcategories.

20120240018 - Method of collecting photographs for a picture portion of a commemorative publication with a plurality of digital photo-enabled electronic devices: A publishing company follows a process to collect photographs for a picture portion of a commemorative publication with a plurality of digital photo-enabled electronic devices. First, the publishing company should provide a website for an event coordinator to view their photo collecting service. Once the event coordinator agrees to the... Agent:

20120240021 - Content management and delivery system: A content management and delivery system that works with a publisher website to deliver access to advertising content within Microsites relevant to content accessed by the user on the publisher website. The system includes a computer program product for determining relevance of the advertising content with regard to a selected... Agent: Vertical Search Works, Inc.

20120240019 - Method and system for tracking web link usage: A method and system for tracking web link usage is provided. An example system includes a request detector, a click history module, a link presentation generator, and a serving module. The request detector may be configured to receive a request for a web page comprising a web link. The click... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20120240020 - System and method for document collection, grouping and summarization: Computer-based method of generating a summary of one or more documents comprises identifying content including text having a measurable quality from a predetermined location, evaluating the content, using a computer processor, to determine whether the content represents a document of interest, and preparing a summary of the content if the... Agent:

20120240022 - Apparatus and method for circuit design: A word processing or spreadsheet application is augmented by a plug-in and templates for computer aided design of electronic hardware entities. The plug-in utilizes the application programming interface to provide a menu system and executable code which inserts templates, reads and validates data entered into the template, computes addresses, annotates... Agent: Agnisys, Inc.

20120240023 - Display device, display system, and computer program product: A display device is capable of connecting to an information processing apparatus through a network, generates data for display based on electronic data of a document, and performs image display using the generated data for display. The display device includes a Web server unit that publishes Web content; a document... Agent: Ricoh Company, Limited

20120240024 - System and method for drafting documents using an outline table: A system and method for drafting documents using an outline table is provided. A database of outlines is maintained. Each outline includes an organizational framework into which document clauses are inserted to form a document. A request for one or more of the outlines is received from a user. The... Agent:

20120240025 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for automatically generating supplemental content: An electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface displays a portion of a document in a primary user interface for the document. The portion of the document includes a respective author-specified term. The respective author-specified term is associated with corresponding additional information supplied by an author of the... Agent:

20120240026 - Method and system for related art citation management: Example embodiments relate to related art citation management. One example embodiment includes a method of automating related art citation generation. The method includes reading a citation status of a related art reference for a patent document. The method further includes generating a related art reference list document. Additionally, in response... Agent: Anaqua, Inc.

20120240029 - Image processing apparatus, image processing system, and recording medium: An image processing apparatus can conduct communication with a terminal through a network, and includes a storage, a communication unit, and a changing unit. The storage stores a setting Web page which is of a Web page used to change a setting of the image processing apparatus. The communication unit... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120240031 - Mechanism for facilitating navigation of a webpage on computer device: A method of Webpage navigation can include a computer device loading a Webpage having at least a first portion and a second portion, arranging the Webpage in order to present the first portion in the display area of the computer device and to place the second portion out of the... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120240027 - System and method for displaying a document: Data defining a document comprising a plurality of elements is received from an online document processing service. First layout data is generated for the plurality of elements occurring at or before a specified location of the document. A segment comprising a reduced portion of a particular element located at the... Agent:

20120240032 - System and method for document collection, grouping and summarization: System for generating a summary of a plurality of documents is provided. The system includes a computer readable document collection containing a plurality of related documents stored in electronic form therein, a plurality of forms of multiple document summarization engines, and a router for determining a temporal relationship of at... Agent:

20120240030 - System and method for transmitting a feed related to a first user to a second user: Disclosed is a server computer and method that provides a first user interface to a first client computer operated by a first user for display by a first web browser. The first web browser displays web content to the first user. The server computer provides a second user interface to... Agent: Slangwho, Inc.

20120240028 - System, method, and architecture for displaying a document: Data defining a document is received from an online document processing service, and a plurality of elements within the document is identified. The plurality of elements may comprise paragraphs, lines of text, images, tables, headers, footers, footnotes, footnote reference information, etc. For each of the plurality of elements, a respective... Agent:

20120240033 - On-demand image spriting: A system receives a page request for a requested document, where the requested document specifies a set of first images as being presentable within the requested document. In response to the received page request, the system modifies the requested document and generates a modified document. The modified document specifies a... Agent: Ebay Inc.

20120240034 - Systems and methods for accelerated playback of rich internet applications: Embodiments of systems and methods for accelerated playback of rich internet applications are disclosed. For example, one embodiment of the present invention includes a method having the steps of determining a frame rate associated with a rich internet application, the rich internet application comprising a plurality of frames; determining at... Agent: Adobe Systems Incorporated

20120240035 - System and method for creating variable data print samples for campaigns: Methods and systems herein receive a selection of at least one variable data printing (VDP) pattern from a first user to compose an initial sample design. The methods receive image, text, and graphics into the initial sample design from the first user and the user tags such image, text and... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120240036 - E-book reading location indicator: To help a reader of an electronic document, e.g., an eBook, find his or her reading location following a repagination event, an electronic reader application executing on an electronic device displays a first portion of content of the electronic document, detects that the reader has performed a predetermined action that... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120240037 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying additional snippet content: An electronic device concurrently displays snippets including a first snippet and a second snippet. The first snippet includes first displayed snippet content corresponding to a first portion of content from a document associated with the first snippet. The second snippet includes second displayed snippet content corresponding to a second portion... Agent:

20120240038 - Methods and systems for identification and transcription of individual ancestral records and family: A method of extracting information from a document and creating a record may include providing a document comprising text. The method may also include converting the text into a machine readable format. The method may further include displaying the document with the text in the machine readable format and displaying... Agent: Operations Inc.

20120240039 - Systems and methods for facilitating translation of documents: In accordance with some embodiments, processes and systems are provided for facilitating mass translations of documents by translators (e.g., freelance translators) via an online system which provides an interface for facilitating such translation. In accordance with one embodiments, the processes and systems provide for receiving an original document which includes... Agent: Walker Digital, LLC

20120240040 - Document display system, document display device, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program: A document display system is provided which includes a first document display device, and a second document display device. The first document display device includes a display processing portion configured to display an electronic document, a settings update portion configured to update display settings information indicating latest display settings in... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120240042 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for establishing an impromptu network: An electronic device with a touch-sensitive surface and a device motion sensor detects a predefined gesture on the touch-sensitive surface. The predefined gesture has one or more gesture components. The device detects a predefined movement of the electronic device with the device motion sensor. The predefined movement has one or... Agent:

20120240041 - Touch gesture indicating a scroll on a touch-sensitive display in a single direction: A method of operating a device having a touch-sensitive display includes displaying scrollable information elements on the touch-sensitive display and detecting a touch gesture from an input device on the touch-sensitive display. The touch gesture is classified as a flick gesture. If the flick gesture satisfies at least a first... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120240043 - Self-revelation aids for interfaces: Systems and/or methods are provided that facilitates revealing assistance information associated with a user interface. An interface can obtain input information related to interactions between the interface and a user. In addition, the interface can output assistance information in situ with the user interface. Further, a decision component that determines... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120240047 - Reproduction device and display control method: A reproduction device including a reproduction unit configured to reproduce content data including at least one of audio, video, and text for which attribute data is assigned for each of a different plurality of attributes; a display unit; and a control unit configured to make the display unit display a... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120240045 - System and method for audio content management: Audio files representing files intended primarily for viewing (e.g., by sighted users) are created and organized into hierarchies that mimic those of the original files as instantiated at original websites incorporating such files. Thus, visually impaired users are provided access to and navigation of the audio files in a way... Agent:

20120240046 - System and method for listening to audio content: A method including selecting a presentation content group, displaying content identifiers corresponding to the presentation content group, selecting a content identifier, and instantly presenting a substantially live presentation content from a media provider corresponding to the selected content identifier to a user.... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120240044 - System and method for summoning user interface objects: Provided is a system and method for summoning user interface object(s) of a display to a gesture position of a user of that display. In a pressure sensitive display embodiment, a user maintains a convenient touch position to the display, performs a summon gesture, and user interface object(s) are automatically... Agent:

20120240048 - Imaging extensibility for device management platforms: Techniques for managing a variety of types of client devices from a device management platform are provided herein. At least one client device is selected to have a management task performed, such as an imaging task. The client device(s) is/are coupled to a client administration system that administers the client... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120240049 - Abstracted display building method and system: A technique is provided for configuring and interface device. The interface device includes a plurality of device elements, each having visual representation and a state engine defining a functionality. A server module in the interface device receives a query from a user viewable screen that includes the visual representations. The... Agent: Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

20120240051 - Graphical objects bonding society system and method of operation: The present inventions relates to an Internet service based on two fundamental beliefs, first that identity on the Internet and in real life is substantially based on a individual's or organization's relationship to other people, objects, places, spaces, and organizations and second that individuals or organizations themselves should create, manage... Agent: Mygobs Oy

20120240050 - Internet privacy user interface: A method and system that provide an intuitive user interface and related components for making Internet users aware of Internet cookie-related privacy issues, and enabling users to control Internet privacy through automatic cookie handling. Default privacy settings for handling cookies are provided, and through the user interface, the privacy settings... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120240052 - Methods and systems for use in customizing displayed content associated with a portable storage medium: The present embodiments provide methods and systems to playback and customize the playback of content relative to the portable storage medium. Some of these methods identify content to be rendered, through a playback device, in association with a first portable storage medium; identify one or more customizable display parameters to... Agent: Deluxe Digital Studios, Inc.

20120240053 - Systems and methods for enabling a user to operate on displayed web content via a web browser plug-in: A method and apparatus is disclosed that transmits a plug-in module to a web browser of a client computer. The web browser displays web content in a main window. The plug-in module, when activated, causes the web browser to display a user interface to a user of the client computer.... Agent: Slangwho, Inc.

20120240054 - Email client display transition: Methods and devices for selectively presenting a user interface for an email application are provided. More particularly, a change in the operating mode of a multiple screen device from a multiple screen operating mode to a single screen operating mode, or from a single screen operating mode to a multiple... Agent:

20120240055 - Email client display transitions between portrait and landscape: Methods and devices for selectively presenting a user interface for an email application are provided. More particularly, a change in the operating mode of a multiple screen device from a multiple screen operating mode in portrait orientation to a multiple screen operating mode in a landscape orientation, or vice versa,... Agent:

20120240056 - Email client mode transitions in a smartpad device: Methods and devices for selectively presenting a user interface for an email application are provided. More particularly, a change in the operating mode of a multiple virtual display smartpad device from a multiple virtual display operating mode to a single virtual display operating mode, or from a single virtual display... Agent:

20120240057 - Instant messaging with browser collaboration: The invention enables collaboration between first and second users at first and second workstations having first and second browsers, respectively. A page is loaded into the first browser. An instant messaging connection is established between the first workstation and the second workstation. Then an address of the page loaded at... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120240058 - Detecting and displaying user status: A method, computer program product, and system for detecting and displaying user status is described. A method may comprise receiving activity data from at least one of an audio input device, a video input device, and a command input device. The method may further comprise calculating a text availability index... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120240060 - Method and apparatus for public computing: Provided are systems and methods for configuring a portable computer for transient use by a plurality of guests at a selected location. According to some embodiments, the system and methods include displaying a first selection of content on a display screen of the portable computer, initiating a first session responsive... Agent:

20120240059 - Method and system for renewing screen: A screen update method includes identifying image resource data associated with a first image update event from a basic recording space in case that the first image update event occurs; loading the identified image resource data in a buffer space including a plurality of buffers, in which the image resource... Agent: Nhn Corporation

20120240061 - Methods and systems for sharing content items relating to multimedia captured and/or direct observations of persons performing a task for evaluation: In one embodiment, a computer implemented method for use in evaluating performance of one or more observed persons, the method comprises: providing a comment field on a display device for a first user to enter free-form comments related to an observation of one or more observed persons performing a task... Agent: Teachscape, Inc.

20120240062 - Text-based messaging application cloud: This disclosure relates to systems and methods for providing an application services cloud based on text-based messaging that hosts a plurality of application services that enables applications to be designed and delivered in a simple, productive, and extensible user experience. The present disclosure transforms any device equipped with text-based messaging... Agent: Celly, Inc.

20120240063 - Web site sectioning for mobile web browser usability: A method of displaying web page information. The method includes dividing a web page into sections, displaying on a mobile device having a web browser the web page having the sections, panning to a web page section of interest, and zooming-in to the web page section of interest to enlarge... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120240065 - Dynamically configured graphical user interface for a software application: A Graphical User Interface (GUI) Customization System provides users with applications that feature customized GUI configurations by applying one or more configuration parameters to common codebases in the applications without user intervention. Various embodiments of the GUI Customization System can provide different methods of acquiring, customizing, and providing applications and... Agent: Clear Channel Management Services, Inc.

20120240066 - Method and apparatus for efficient customization of a user interface library: A method comprises applying a set of common device-specific definitions for a user interface of a device; using application-specific definitions to over-ride select common definitions, the application-specific definitions being applicable to one or more applications on the device; and applying widget-type-specific definitions, each of the widget-type-specific definitions being applicable to... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120240064 - Visualization and interaction with financial data using sunburst visualization: A system and method for illustrating and interacting with data. An example method includes grouping data according to two or more user-specified dimensions and determining one or more hierarchical relationships between the two or more user-specified dimensions. Plural bands are depicted in a first order based on the one or... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120240067 - Non-dicom object attachment method and system: Provided is a method and apparatus for storing content on a portable computer-readable medium. A computer system receives a request to store a medical image and additional data in a different format on the portable computer-readable medium. The medical image and the additional data to be stored are received in... Agent: Codonics, Inc.

20120240068 - Assigning labels to desktop items: A method and system for assigning labels to desktop items is described.... Agent:

20120240069 - Method for enlarging characters displayed on an adaptive touch screen key pad: Selected adaptive touch screen key pad characters not existing in a list of possible available character strings are removed from the touch screen key pad and the space occupied by the remaining characters on the key pad and their character size (font) are enlarged, making their recognition and selection by... Agent: Honeywell International Inc.

20120240070 - Methods for showing user interface elements in an application: In one embodiment, a method comprises receiving user input requesting emphasis of user interface elements displayed on a page; analyzing the page for determining the user interface elements; and visually emphasizing at least some of the user interface elements displayed on the page. Additional systems, methods, and computer program products... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120240071 - Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof: A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed. The mobile terminal comprising a touchscreen configured to display a 1st region that comprises a 1st icon and one or more other icons and a controller configured to control the touchscreen to shift the 1st region in a 1st direction when... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120240072 - Intensity transform systems and methods: A computer-implemented method for collecting, analyzing and displaying energy consumption data associated with a facility includes collecting operational data corresponding to building equipment from the facility. The operational data is fed into a cell among a matrix of cells for intensity transform analysis. The operational data may be ascribed a... Agent: Serious Materials, Inc.

20120240073 - Time-based organization of desktop items: A method and system for time-based organization of desktop items is described.... Agent:

20120240074 - Device, method, and graphical user interface for navigating between document sections: An electronic device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface displays a page of a first multi-page section of a document and a navigation bar configured to navigate through only pages in the first multi-page section of the document. The device detects a predefined gesture at a location on the... Agent:

20120240075 - Mobile terminal and method for controlling the mobile terminal: A mobile terminal is provided that includes a touch screen configured to display an e-book including one or more pages. The mobile terminal further includes a controller configured to set a bookmark on a selected page of the one or more pages when a touch input applied in a touch... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120240077 - Method and apparatus for displaying interactive preview information in a location-based user interface: An approach is provided for displaying interactive preview information in a location-based user interface. A content mapping platform determines to render, at a device, a user interface for a location-based service based, at least in part, on a field of view. The content mapping platform determines one or more items... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120240076 - Method and system for notification management: A system and method for notification management includes collecting information for a number of objects within a management tool for security assets. The display of the information is displayed on a window of a graphical user interface of the management tool. In response to user interaction with the graphical user... Agent: Symantec Corporation

20120240078 - Synchronization method between two electronic devices installed on the same operation system: An embodiment of the invention provides a synchronization method between a first portable device and a second portable device. The synchronization method comprises determining whether a first operating system of the first portable device is the same as a second operating system of the second portable device. When the first... Agent: I O Interconnect, Ltd.

20120240079 - Information processing apparatus, terminal apparatus, content of interest determination method, content of interest determination program, terminal program , recording medium on which program is recorded, and information provision system: Content is displayed in an active display region of a terminal apparatus, and information relating to the display of said content when the content scrolls in accordance with a scrolling operation performed by a user and content identifying information for identifying the content are obtained from the terminal apparatus and... Agent: Rakuten, Inc.

20120240080 - Profile based searching and targeting: A system and a method of segmenting information, is provided where a user may select a topic from a displayed topic list, including a question indicative of the topic and a response which then displays correlated content to the response. Another option is for the user to select a pre-generated... Agent:

20120240081 - Method for managing a plurality of electronic books on a computing device: There is provided a method for managing a plurality of electronic books on a computing device. The electronic books may be stored in a plurality of storage sources, the plurality of storage sources being selected from, for example, local storage on the computing device, network-linked storage, network-linked electronic book retailers,... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

20120240082 - Operation method of interactive service system and menu thereof: An operation method of an interactive service system is disclosed. The method includes the following steps: (1) providing a first menu, wherein the first menu has a plurality of first options arranged in a first array marked by a label selected from the group consisting of a numeral, icon, word... Agent: Chunghwa Wideband Best Network

20120240083 - Electronic device and navigation display method: An electronic device includes an input unit receiving operations of a users and generates input signals based on the operations of the user. A display unit displaying an interface with a content display area and an address display area under a current file path. The current file path presented by... Agent: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

20120240084 - Graphic user interface for interactions with datasets and databases and a method to manage information units: The methods facilitate the maintenance and processing of complex data sets within operating systems, server and client applications on smart phones, portable computers, workstations, servers, mainframes and other computing devices using intuitive and appealing (two-dimensional and three-dimensional) visualisations of data. The benefits of using the methods described herein include increased... Agent:

20120240085 - Electronic book reader: An electronic book reader, the electronic book reader comprising: a reading interface for accessing an electronic book; a display for displaying the electronic book; a network interface for forming a communication connection between the electronic book reader and a device through a server, the server being connected to data storage... Agent: Creative Technology Ltd

09/13/2012 > 46 patent applications in 28 patent subcategories.

20120233531 - Method, apparatus or system for image processing: A method, apparatus, system for image processing is provided that creates an object note for a picture. The method, apparatus or system includes: automatically obtaining picture description information from a picture source, wherein the picture description information at least partly have been formed automatically; obtaining annotation information from at least... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120233530 - Systems and methods for processing inoperative document links: A client computer having one or more processors and memory, while displaying a browser application having a displayed address field, receives a user-identified document link. The client computer submits the user-identified document link to a server remotely located from the client computer. In response to a determination that the user-identified... Agent:

20120233528 - Time-based viewing of electronic documents: Various embodiments provide techniques for time-based viewing of electronic documents. Examples of electronic documents include websites, webpages, text documents, web-based documents, and so on. In at least some embodiments, a time-based viewer is provided that enables a user to select a particular date and/or time for which to view an... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120233529 - User interface for presenting and searching relationships between document objects located on a network: A user interface for presenting and searching relationships between document objects located on a network is described. The user interface may include a first portion of a screen display for displaying one or more link relationship attributes and a second portion of the screen display for displaying one or more... Agent:

20120233532 - Apparatus, system and method for a vector-based form field document: An apparatus for a vector-based form field document includes a reference module referencing document content for a vector-based document and referencing form field information corresponding to the document content. A loading module loads the document content in a vector-based document viewer. An insertion module inserts one or more form fields... Agent:

20120233533 - Constructing and applying a constraint-choice-action matrix for decision making: The present invention is an apparatus and method for constructing a Constraint-Choice-Action Matrix for making decisions based on constraints. Columns (in one matrix orientation) state conditions. The column header presents a partial boolean expression. Such variable expression may be any object or type, e.g., a number, string, or list. An... Agent:

20120233534 - Validation, rejection, and modification of automatically generated document annotations: A mixed-initiative annotation framework is described herein. A document that includes several sentences is presented to a user, and an extractor module analyzes at least one sentence and automatically extracts a subject, predicate, object triple therefrom. The subject, predicate, object triple is displayed in graphical relation with the sentence as... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120233538 - Edition control system, image processing apparatus, and recording medium: An edition control system includes a screen manager managing UI part information indicating a UI part displayable on a UI screen; a user information manager managing screen configuration information of the UI screen for each of users; an edition controller, when receiving a display request, generating screen information of the... Agent:

20120233539 - Electronic book reader: An electronic book reader has an electronic book loaded in memory. The electronic book includes text, as well as markup tags around certain text portions. The markup tags indicate the availability of and link to supplemental content. A touch screen display allows a user to select a category of supplemental... Agent:

20120233535 - Generating page and document logs for electronic documents: A method and system for generating page and document logs for electronic documents. The system includes a plurality of portable electronic devices and a workflow server. The portable electronic devices display a document that receives stroke input and images. A stroke capture device and module generates a log of segments... Agent: Ricoh Co., Ltd.

20120233537 - Image forming apparatus for being able to utilize application in which web browser is used: An image forming apparatus accesses a server that provides a Web application to enable Web application to be utilized. The image forming apparatus receives an instruction to utilize the Web application, and acquires a document expressing a Web page of the Web application in response to the received instruction. The... Agent: Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.

20120233540 - Method and system of generating digital content on a user interface: There is revealed a progressive and conditional delivery of digital contents. A given master digital content is previously divided in content blocks, each content block being associated with related content blocks presenting particular hierarchical and dependency characteristics. Responsive to user selection of the master digital content, for each selected content... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120233541 - Rendering a web page comprising plug-in content: A method and system are described of rendering a web page comprising plug-in content. A predetermined operation is performed for only the visible plug-in content and the non-visible plug-in content is ignored. The predetermined operation is either the step of enabling a user to select the plug-in content (130) or... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120233536 - Web display program conversion system, web display program conversion method and program for converting web display program: A system which converts a first Web display program designed for a first communication terminal apparatus to a second Web display program for a second communication terminal apparatus. The system of the present invention stores a segment list created by dividing the first Web display program into segments, assigning identification... Agent:

20120233542 - Defect review support device, defect review device and inspection support device: To reduce the time taken to prepare a defect review report and to thereby improve the convenience of a defect review device or for an inspection system user. The above object is attained by implementing a review report preparation tool having a function to edit the layout of a review... Agent: Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

20120233543 - Collaborative electronic document editing: A collaborative editing environment is configured to display a modification to a document made by a user in a first user-style. The style of the modification is gradually transformed from the first user-style to a document-style, such that the style in which the modification is displayed provides an indication as... Agent: Google, Inc.

20120233544 - Document sharing network: The application discloses systems and methods for physically sharing a hard copy of a document. The systems and methods include presenting to a user a graphical user interface having printing options for printing the document, where the graphical user interface has an input for receiving an indication by the user... Agent: Xerox Corporation

20120233545 - Detection of a held touch on a touch-sensitive display: Example embodiments relate to detection of a held touch on a touch-sensitive display. In some embodiments, a touch held at a given position of a touch-sensitive display is detected. Movement of the touch is then tracked while the touch remains held on the touch-sensitive display. Finally, upon release of the... Agent:

20120233546 - System and method for providing voice, chat, and short message service applications usable in social media to service personal orders and requests by at least one agent: An application that provides voice, chat, or short message services on a social media site to present a data field in a user interface for a person to enter information to request support, make a purchase, or seek information; presents an option to a person that allows the person to... Agent: 3clogic

20120233548 - Method and device for scheduling follow-up events: A device and method for scheduling follow-up events in relation to an existing event record. The device receives an input follow-up request associated with the existing event record and automatically generates a follow-up event record having information in its field populated using the information contained in the existing event record.... Agent: Research In Motion Limited

20120233547 - Platform for rapid development of applications: Various embodiments are directed towards a platform for rapid development of applications. A data processing application may be generated by applying templates, work streams, change entries, and user modifications to generate data processing applications. In at least one of the various embodiments, the applications may be generated based project initial... Agent: Apptio, Inc.

20120233549 - Virtual desktop integration based on proximity and context: A flexible Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is disclosed. In particular, mechanisms for determining location information for a client device and/or a usage context for the client device are provided. Based on the determined location and/or usage context a desktop profile may be selected from a plurality of desktop profiles mapped to... Agent: Avaya Inc.

20120233551 - System of spatial enterprise solution: Disclosed is a system defined, designed and implemented to provide the platform for the spatial solutions of the enterprise business workflows. In this system, the spatial solutions can be configured into the different models, which include the data source model, the virtual data model, the rendering model, the user access... Agent:

20120233550 - Tools to convey media content and cost information: In accordance with one aspect of the present disclosure, apparatus are provided, including a media submitter user interface, media stored data, a media receiver, and a layout adjuster. The media submitter user interface presents information to prompt a media submitter to enter given media content and parameters of the media... Agent: Wave2 Media Solutions, LLC

20120233552 - Personalizing the user experience: A database device generates a personalized remote user interface corresponding to a user. The database device discovers devices in a network and receives device information and user information from the devices. The database device generates a profile based on the device information and the user information. Using the profile, the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120233554 - Collaborative electronic document editing: A collaborative editing environment is configured to display a modification to a document made by a user in a first user-style. The style of the modification is gradually transformed from the first user-style to a document-style, such that the style in which the modification is displayed provides an indication as... Agent: Google, Inc.

20120233553 - Providing position information in a collaborative environment: In systems that enable collaboration, techniques are provided for communicating and displaying positional information with respect to these systems so as to enhance the collaborative experience. The systems may include interactive whiteboard (IWB) systems participating in a collaborative session. The position of an object (e.g., a user) at a first... Agent: Ricoh Company, Ltd.

20120233555 - Real-time multi-user collaborative editing in 3d authoring system: The present disclosure is directed to improved techniques for real-time collaborative editing in a 3D authoring system. In an exemplary embodiment, collaborative editing involves (i) loading 3D resources as virtual files in memory of a host device (ii) establishing a communication session between the host device and a client device... Agent: Eyelead Sa

20120233556 - Selecting viewports in a messaging application with multiple viewports for presenting messages in different orders: In a method for displaying messages, a system displays messages from a single user account in multiple viewports. Each viewport orders messages based on an importance score that is calculated based on the user's prior interactions with messages in his user account through that viewport. Each viewport associated with the... Agent:

20120233557 - Graphical user interface for social and professional networking and business transactions: The present invention provides tools for efficient networking and is specially targeted to frequent travelers and others active in social networking. It enables users to squeeze in meet ups with their contacts when they happen to be or expect to be in the vicinity of those contacts. The invention envisions... Agent:

20120233558 - Graphical user interface that supports document annotation: A graphical user interface that facilitates annotating documents is described herein. The graphical user interface includes a first field that displays a document to a user. The graphical user interface includes a second field that displays an annotation that has been assigned to a portion of the document, wherein the... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120233559 - Method and apparatus for interworking application and web browser: A method of interworking an application and a browser in a terminal by receiving a user input through the browser, determining whether an application related to the user input is registered in an external device, determining, if the application is registered in the external device, whether the registered application is... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120233560 - Method for managing widgets in an electronic device to improve the user experience of the device: A method for managing widgets in an electronic processing device. The widgets are organized in widget packages or suites, where one of the widget in each suite is identified as the suite main widget, where each widget can be launched through different entry points and where each widget has a... Agent: Telefonica, S.a.

20120233561 - Mobile communication terminal having multiple displays and a data processing method thereof: A mobile communication terminal includes a display unit comprising a plurality of displays, one of which being formed as a touch panel, and a controller for analyzing a signal inputted through the touch panel to determine whether movement distance of data satisfies pre-set conditions, and outputting a control signal for... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120233562 - Comprehensibility of flowcharts: Various arrangements for simplifying a display of a flowchart are presented. A flowchart may include a plurality of elements, including a plurality of vertices and a plurality of edges. A selection of an element of the plurality of elements may be received. A logical distance for each element of the... Agent: Oracle International Corporation

20120233563 - Acclimatizing a user to a scheduling pattern change: Acclimatizing a user to a scheduling pattern change includes: in a calendar system implemented by at least one processor, determining an anticipated scheduling pattern change for the user; establishing with the calendar system an acclimatization period to transition the user to the scheduling pattern change; receiving in the calendar system... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120233564 - Information processing apparatus: A mode setting unit sets either a first mode or a second mode. When the first mode is set, the item information acquiring unit acquires item acquisition information stored in an external server via a communication unit. On the other hand, when the second mode is set, the item information... Agent: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

20120233565 - System and method for displaying content: In order to render content in a manner most responsive to a user's interest, a computer system (e.g., an eBook reader device) is configured to render content. Specifically, the computer system is configured to receive a request to display a page of displayable content that includes at least one displayable... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120233566 - Task-based address bar and tabs scaling: Various embodiments provide a Web browser that includes an address bar and functionality that distributes one or more tabs along a line that is common to both the tabs and address bar. In at least some embodiments, one or more of the address bar or the tabs are dynamically resized... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120233568 - Data communication network for processing data transactions: A data transaction processing system in which transaction data is entered by the user in response to prompts in a template which is tailored to each user application. The template and entered data are accumulated into data transactions which are immediately transmitted upon completion to an external database server for... Agent:

20120233569 - Managing user interface control panels: A computer-implemented method includes displaying a user interface on a display device, the user interface displaying a content item, in response to receiving input, displaying a user interface control panel including a user interface control, the user interface control configured to enable modifying one or more attributes of the content... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120233567 - Providing item specific functionality via service-assisted applications: Embodiments extend functionality of a first application with actions from one or more second applications specifically applicable to a content item selected by a user. The selected content item belongs to a category. A description of the selected content item distinguishes the selected content item from other content items in... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120233570 - Border menu for context dependent actions within a graphical user interface: A border menu can be presented on four sides of an outer border of a graphical user interface. The border menu can be presented at the top of a stack of a graphical user interface. The border menu can include a set of user-selectable options, each selectable via a pointing... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120233571 - Method and apparatus for providing quick access to media functions from a locked screen: A method for providing quick access to functions from a locked screen may include receiving an indication of entry of an activation input at a user terminal while the user terminal is displaying a locked screen, causing a launch of an application associated with performance of a function associated with... Agent: Nokia Corporation

20120233572 - Mobile communication terminal having multiple displays and a data processing method thereof: A mobile communication terminal includes a display unit comprising a plurality of displays, one of which being formed as a touch panel, and a controller for analyzing a signal inputted through the touch panel to determine whether movement distance of data satisfies pre-set conditions, and outputting a control signal for... Agent: Lg Electronics Inc.

20120233573 - Techniques to present hierarchical information using orthographic projections: Techniques to present hierarchical information as orthographic projections are described. An apparatus may comprise an orthographic projection application arranged to manage a three dimensional orthographic projection of hierarchical information. The orthographic projection application may comprise a hierarchical information component operative to receive hierarchical information representing multiple nodes at different hierarchical... Agent: Sas Institute Inc.

09/06/2012 > 46 patent applications in 31 patent subcategories.

20120226968 - Enhanced browser navigation: A method is provided for processing a Web page for display on a device in communication with a server when the Web page is selected by a user clicking on a hyperlink. The method comprises the following steps. Text associated with a link label of the hyperlink is stored. The... Agent:

20120226967 - Spreadsheet-based graphical user interface for modeling of products using the systems engineering process: A spreadsheet environment is used as a graphical user interface for depicting and interacting with the various aspects of a system. In particular, the spreadsheet environment supports using OMG SysML to model a system and to execute tasks associated with the systems engineering process.... Agent:

20120226969 - System for automatically filling in paper forms with electronic data: Embodiments of the disclosed technology provide a system and method for automatically filling paper form with electronic data. The system receives from a user a scanned image of a paper form that includes a plurality of fields. The system then retrieves a schema map that maps the plurality of fields... Agent: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

20120226971 - System and method for harmonious tiling search and publishing: A new approach is proposed that contemplates systems and methods to provide harmonious tiling layout for a single heterogeneous data feed with a unique and brief syntax. The approach provides solutions to fit shapes into a container without having any holes by automatically providing the most optimum harmonious layout and... Agent:

20120226970 - System, method and computer program product for generating browser-executable software program to present web page as mobile application: A browser-executable software program for presenting a web page that provides the “look and feel” and functionality of a mobile application can be automatically generated from a mobile application specification. The mobile application specification identifies one or more predetermined content component types and one or more associated content sources. For... Agent: Weever Apps Inc.

20120226972 - Systems and methods thereto for acceleration of web pages access using next page optimization, caching and pre-fetching technique: A method and system for acceleration of access to a web page using next page optimization, caching and pre-fetching techniques. The method comprises receiving a web page responsive to a request by a user; analyzing the received web page for possible acceleration improvements of the web page access; generating a... Agent: Limelight Networks, Inc.

20120226973 - Method and system for intelligently truncating character strings in a service registry computing environment: A method and system for truncating character strings in a computing environment. One implementation involves receiving a list including plural character strings, truncating one or more of the character strings to generate a display list of unique character strings based on determining a truncation location within each string by: for... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120226974 - Concepts and link discovery system: In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a first selection, from a user, indicative of a first concept, the first concept being defined by the presence or absence of a text string in an unstructured data object or a data code stored in a structured data object. The method further... Agent: Ixreveal, Inc.

20120226975 - Object placeholders in electronic documents: An electronic book (“eBook”) reader application executing on an electronic device conserves non-volatile, random access memory by reading from non-volatile memory an electronic document page that includes text and at least one non-textual object (e.g., an image), storing the read electronic document page in volatile memory such that the at... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120226976 - Scroll-based serialized book reader: A method and a device are disclosed for a reader application configured to run on a computing device. The scrolling reader application, when run on the computing device, causes the computing device to display a scrolling text stream field, a control panel configured to control the scrolling of the text... Agent:

20120226978 - Graphical user interface having an orbital menu system: A graphical user interface for display on a touchscreen display of an electronic user device includes an orbital menu that has a plurality of displayed selectable icons arranged in a first essentially circular pattern, wherein the selectable icons are a predetermined number of otherwise available icons for a current menu... Agent: Leica Camera Ag

20120226979 - Navigation of a graphical user interface using multi-dimensional menus and modes: A graphical user interface for display on a touchscreen display of an electronic user device includes operating modes arranged along at least a two dimensional plane of the graphical user interface, where the operating modes include at least a media play mode and a media capture mode. The graphical user... Agent: Leica Camera Ag

20120226977 - System and method for touchscreen knob control: Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for controlling a user interface. A system configured to practice the method displays a user interface element, such as a knob, on a touch-sensitive display. The system receives input from a user associated with the user interface element via the... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120226980 - Rendering a web page comprising plug-in content: A method and system are described of rendering a web page comprising plug-in content at one or more locations in the web page. Not all plug-in content of the web page is automatically played. Instead, the user is enabled to select the plug-in content at a location for playing (130)... Agent: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.v.

20120226981 - Controlling electronic devices in a multimedia system through a natural user interface: Technology is provided for controlling one or more electronic devices networked in a multimedia system using a natural user interface. Some examples of devices in the multimedia system are audio and visual devices for outputting multimedia content to a user like a television, a video player, a stereo, speakers, a... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120226982 - Video display device and menu screen display method: According to one embodiment, a video display device includes a menu screen display module. The menu screen display module displays a menu screen. The menu screen includes at least two hierarchical levels. A higher hierarchical level includes a first group formed by arranging select elements representing classifications of various functions... Agent:

20120226983 - Copying an object in an animation creation application: A first input is received in an animation creation application having a user interface showing a virtual-space area for first objects, and a timeline area for second objects representing events. To generate the first input, a user presses and holds an input control while a cursor is over one of... Agent: Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd.

20120226984 - Computer method and system automatically providing context to a participant's question in a web conference: Computer method and system provides context in an online meeting, a web conference or other shared slides application. A person (attendee or participant) asking a question does so in the specific section (slide) of the shared application. Screen images of these specific slides are captured and coupled to respective questions.... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120226985 - Hosted virtual desktop dynamic configuration based on end point characteristics: In accordance with an example embodiment, there is disclosed herein an apparatus comprising a communication interface configured to receive data representative of a virtual desktop, a user interface, and virtual desktop logic coupled with the communication interface and the user interface. The virtual desktop logic determines capabilities of the user... Agent:

20120226987 - Realtime communications and network browsing client: A graphical user interface is displayed. The graphical user interface includes at least one communication control for managing communications with other network nodes and at least one browser control for navigating to different network resource addresses. Human perceptible realtime output is generated from realtime communication data relating to a realtime... Agent: Social Communications Company

20120226986 - Systems and methods for displaying blade chassis data: Systems and methods for displaying blade chassis data are provided. One system includes a memory for storing computer code comprising a blade chassis information module and a processor capable of being in communication with a blade chassis. The processor, when executing the computer code comprising the blade chassis information module,... Agent: International Business Machines Corporation

20120226990 - Information processing apparatus, information processing system, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and storage medium: An information processing apparatus includes a web browser configured to receive screen data from a web server on a network and display a screen based on the screen data. The information processing apparatus stores a script to be used in rewriting the screen data received by the web browser, and... Agent: Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

20120226989 - Poly vectoral reverse navigation: This disclosure relates to navigation and display of information. A plurality of contexts may each include one or more nodes. A first visual display (e.g., presented to a user) may include representations of a first node, a first context and/or two other contexts. The first visual display may be directly... Agent: Blue Dolphin Solutions LLC

20120226991 - System and method for providing enhanced matching based on question responses: In one example embodiment, an apparatus is provided that includes a central website that interfaces with one or more end users to establish a profile for each of the end users to be used in matching the end users to each other for a potential relationship. Information is provided in... Agent: , L.L.C.,a Delaware Limited Liability Company

20120226988 - System for information collation and display: A system and a method for collating and displaying information, the system comprising display creation means; template creation means; interactive means; editing means; browsing means; and multi-platform deployment means. The system can be used with multiple platforms including web based social networking, mobile based social networking, advertising, enterprise management, and... Agent:

20120226992 - Remote user interface media adapter in network bridge: A bridge including an adapter is able to transcode or translate different graphics languages to permit a variety of networked, dissimilar devices, to communicate. The bridge translates an existing application device's graphics/images into a Remote User Interface (Remote UI or RUI) graphics protocol of a rendering device and transmits the... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120226993 - Quantifying frustration via a user interface: Implementations and techniques for quantifying frustration via a user interface are generally disclosed.... Agent: Empire Technology Development LLC

20120226994 - User terminal apparatus, display apparatus, user interface providing method and controlling method thereof: A user terminal apparatus is provided. The user terminal apparatus includes a communication interface unit which receives user interface (UI) information data regarding a UI screen corresponding to at least one application displayed on an external apparatus in communication with the external apparatus, a storage unit which stores a UI... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120226995 - Content customization with security for client preferences: Techniques for content customization with security for client preferences are described herein. The techniques describe the customization of content provided by websites according to preferences, such as the interests, “likes” and demographic and/or geographic information of users. Additional techniques describe aspects of keeping the users' preferences secure from the website,... Agent: Microsoft Corporation

20120226996 - Apparatus and method for sharing comment in mobile communication terminal: An apparatus and a method share a comment related to contents in a mobile communication terminal. In the method, a comment regarding a contents file that is being reproduced is received. A comment Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is read from a metadata storage space of the contents file. The comment... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120226997 - System and method for managing conversations for a meeting session in a network environment: An example method is provided and includes establishing a communication session involving a first endpoint and a second endpoint associated with a meeting in a network environment. The first endpoint is associated with a first identifier and the second endpoint being associated with a second identifier. The method also includes... Agent: Cisco Technology, Inc.

20120226999 - Browsing method, device, and computer-readable storage medium: A browsing method and an electronic device for performing the method are provided. The method includes transmitting, to an external device having a browser engine, a first request for data based upon a first output of the browser engine; receiving, from the external device, the requested data; and displaying a... Agent: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

20120226998 - Providing hosted virtual desktop infrastructure services: In an example embodiment, a device provides a connection to an endpoint coupled with a first network to a virtual desktop client coupled with a second network. The device obtains data from the virtual desktop client which client which includes at least one link to data available from an external... Agent:

20120227000 - Methods and systems for use in providing customized system menus: Some embodiments provide methods of distributing system menus, comprising: receiving a request, from over a distributed network, to communicate a system menu to a requesting consumer electronic (CE) device; identifying the CE device; identifying a user interface corresponding to the CE device; identifying a system menu intended to be utilized... Agent: Sony Corporation

20120227001 - Methods and systems for managing an e-reader interface: Exemplary methods and systems for managing an e-reader interface are disclosed herein. An exemplary method includes an e-reader interface management system directing an e-reader device to display a plurality of graphical objects representative of a plurality of segments of an e-publication and arranged in a plurality of overlapping rows, detecting... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20120227003 - Electronic device with function of distinguishing working state of option menus and method thereof: An electronic device with a function of distinguishing working state of option menus includes an input unit, a display unit, and a processing unit. The processing unit includes a display control module. The display control module displays a function setting interface. The function setting interface includes a first display area... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120227002 - Methods and systems for managing an e-reader interface: Exemplary methods and systems for managing an e-reader interface are disclosed herein. An exemplary method includes an e-reader interface management system directing an e-reader device to display a plurality of graphical objects representative of a plurality of segments of an e-publication, detecting a user interaction with a graphical object within... Agent: Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

20120227004 - Form-based user-configurable processing plant management system and method: A computer-implemented system and method for defining the processes in a processing plant are disclosed. In one embodiment, the system uses input forms to allow a user to define the processes, chemicals, process streams, and sampling points in the plant in a way that requires no programming code to be... Agent:

20120227005 - Time-driven event scheduling systems and methods: Systems and methods described provide a mobile application or web-browser application that enables users to schedule personal activities through functionality that takes into account a user's calendar. The list of available events or activities may include a collection of events or activities that are available to the user within a... Agent: Utemporis, Inc.

20120227006 - Configurable input device: There are provided methods and systems related to having an input device configured according to a position of a user's hand relative to the input device. In particular, in some embodiments, a method of operating a computing system is provided that includes determining an operational context of the computing system... Agent: Apple Inc.

20120227007 - Automatic taskbar grouping by user tasks: Systems, methods and products are described that provide taskbar grouping by user task. One aspect includes identifying a plurality of applications open on a computing device; identifying one or more objects open in said plurality of applications; determining one or more objective measures of said one or more objects belonging... Agent: Lenovo (singapore) Pte.

20120227009 - Navigable text user interface: A user interface method that presents data to a user, for both inspection and modification, in the context of navigable natural-language text, providing for validation, confirmation and execution of user actions as well as integration of graphic controls.... Agent: Recent Memory Incorporated

20120227008 - System and method for receiving batch input: A system and method for receiving contact information is disclosed. According to one example method, an administrative window is employed to define the input mode and a pop-up form is employed to receive input from a user.... Agent:

20120227010 - Electronic device and method for presenting files: An electronic device includes a touch-sensitive display; a storing module, an accessing module, a display controller, a sensing module, and a file operating module. The accessing module obtains a folder representative icon from the storage module. The display controller displays the folder representative icon on the touch-sensitive display. The sensing... Agent: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

20120227012 - Graphical user interface for large-scale, multi-user, multi-touch systems: A method implemented on the graphical user interface device to invoke an independent, user-localized menu in an application environment, by making a predetermined gesture with a pointing device on an arbitrary part of a display screen or surface, especially when applied in a multi-touch, multi-user environment, and in environments where... Agent: Perceptive Pixel Inc.

20120227011 - Method and apparatus for providing customized menus: A method and apparatus for customizing menus on a consumer electronic device, such as a television, based on, for example, the region where the device is located when it is connected to the network. Although the available network content and services differ by region, a single device may be manufactured... Agent: Sony Corporation

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